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ConDem Con Trick

The Con-Dem government is telling a whole lot of whoppers as they slash public services, jobs and benefits

Whopper number 1

“Britain faces the largest debt crisis in it’s entire history”

The Truth

Britain’s National Debt is lower today than in 70 of the last 100 years. The United States and Japan have much higher levels of National Debt, while Britain’s is no higher than France or Germany.

Whopper number 2

“The only way to cut the deficit is to cut public spending”

The Truth

Economic growth means more work, more wages, more spending, more production – and more in taxes for the government. Slashing public spending means the opposite. Taxing the rich & big business would raise more than enough to balance the budget.

Whopper number 3

“We’re all in this together – it’s the Big Society”

The Truth Mass redundancies, benefit cuts, tax rises and worse public services for workers & their families – tax cuts and bonuses for big business & the bankers. Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ is the ‘Big Business’ society, where everything not owned by big business and the rich is dependent on them for donations and sponsorship. That’s why the Communist Party says:  defend jobs, services, wages and benefits  build broad-based campaigns against the cuts  all out for the TUC demonstration on March 26  unite behind coordinated strikes in the public sector, leading to general strike action and community solidarity

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What’s the alternative to ConDem cuts? The Con-Dems have added £73 billion to New Labour’s £130 billion cuts for 2011-15. The £203 billion total could be raised in ONE YEAR by taxing the rich & big business:

 A 2 per cent Wealth Tax on the richest 10% of the population = £78 billion in one year.  A 20 per cent windfall tax on monopoly profits in banking, energy, retail food, armaments and pharmaceuticals = £16 billion.  A ‘Robin Hood’ tax on City financial transactions = £20 billion a year.  Clamp down on British-ruled tax havens and rich and big business tax dodgers = £70 billion a year.  Repayment of money owed by bailed-out banks = £131 billion. Capitalist Crisis - the Communist Response public meetings 14th March 7pm Bridgwater rd 23 March 7.30pm Newcastle th 24 March 7pm Liverpool th 28 March 6.30pm Bradford th 29 March 7pm Newbattle Abbey College, Midlothian th 30 March 7pm Sheffield th 30 March 1pm Glasgow University th 30 March 7pm Glasgow st 1 April 7.45pm Cambridge th 5 April 7pm Brighton th 13 April 7pm Newham th 13 April 7.30pm Pontypridd th 18 April 7pm Manchester th 19 April 7.30pm Birmingham st 21 April 7.30pm Cardiff th 26 April 7.30pm Swansea th 28 April 7.30pm Oxford th 28 April 7pm Central London Visit or call 02086861659 for full details

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The Truth The Truth The Truth “The only way to cut the deficit is to cut public spending” The Con-Dem government is telling a whole lot of w...