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October 2011 To the Secretaries of all Trades Union Councils From Bill Greenshields, Trade Union Officer, The People’s Charter Bob Crow, Chairman, Trades Union Councils Joint Consultative Committee

Dear Secretary, Invitation to the Trades Union Councils & People’s Charter planning meeting Sat. December 10th You will have recently received the TUC’s Trades Union Councils Programme of Work 2011-2012. This refers specifically to The People’s Charter, and encourages Trades Councils to work with together locally. The Charter is fully supported by the TUC as a result of a near unanimous vote at Congress in 2009. Sixteen individual national unions are now directly affiliated to the Charter, with more currently in the process of making such a decision. A number of Trades Councils have also directly affiliated. All affiliated organisations have the right to a place on the Charter Commission. We are writing to invite you, whether or not you are affiliated, to send a representative of your Trades Council to a special meeting of the Commission to discuss how we might “put flesh on the bones” of the TUCJCC recommendation, and co-ordinate our work. The Charter Commission will have some proposals – particularly on campaigning on jobs and industry, as well as against the public spending cuts. We would welcome any further proposals that you might wish to put forward. A Bombardier works committee representative is also invited. Saturday December 10th 1pm – 3pm The Waterfall Bar, Midland Railway Institute Building, Railway Terrace, Derby, DE1 2RU (directly opposite Derby Railway Station) Our current leaflet “The People’s Charter - How It Can Work” puts forward detailed, researched and costed proposals for an alternative to cuts and unemployment - based on using strong progressive taxation, public ownership and industrial policies to shift wealth and resources in favour of ordinary working people.. You can read it at . It’s not popular with the ConDem Coalition of millionaires – but it is very popular with ordinary people when they come to see that it is possible. The Charter’s job is to promote that alternative vision of Britain – a People’s Britain, not a Bankers’ Britain. The Trades Council movement is central to the success of the fight for jobs and services, linking the trade unions with campaigning groups and whole communities. That’s why your representation at this meeting is so important to us – and to the movement generally. We very much hope to see you there.

Bill Greenshields, Trade Union Officer of the People’s Charter

Bob Crow Chair, TUCJCC

Trades Council and People's Charter  
Trades Council and People's Charter  

Invite to joint planning meeting for affiliated trades councils and those planning to get involved in PC campaign.