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organised by the Communist Party Saturday 26 November Sunday 27 November Bishopsgate Institute 230 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4QH

21st Century Marxism



21st Century Marxism Programme 14.45-15.45 Boardroom What is History Battle of Ideas Back 2 Basics Mike Schurer, Steven Martin 14.45-15.45 Great Hall Disunited Kingdom Revolutionary Politics workshop John Foster

Saturday 26 November 10.00-11.30 Great Hall Capitalism or Freedom Rally Liz Payne, Hans Modrow, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Bill Greenshields 11.30-12.30 Great Hall Capitalist Globalisation Political Economy seminar Prem Sikka, Cheng Enfu, Andrew Fisher 11.30-12.30 Upper Hall 1 Women & Class Battle of Ideas workshop Liz Payne, Louise Nousratpour 11.30-12.30 Upper Hall 2 Ruling Class Offensive Revolutionary Politics workshop Graham Stevenson 11.30-12.30 Upper Hall 3 Breaking the Chains the fight for Trade Union Freedom Revolutionary Politics workshop John Hendy, Carolyn Jones 11.30-12.30 Boardroom What's the point of Marxism? Back 2 Basics Bill Greenshields 12.30-13.30 Great Hall The Battle of Cable Street Film Steve Silver, Max Levitas

13.30-14.30 Great Hall Multi-Culturialism: the way forwards? Battle of Ideas seminar Nisar Ahmed, Matthew Collins, Tony O'Hara 13.30-14.30 Upper Hall 1 Exploitation in the public sector Political Economy workshop Robert Wilkinson, Lorraine Douglas 13.30-14.30 Upper Hall 2 The Mass Party of Labour Revolutionary Politics workshop Carolyn Jones 13.30-14.30 Upper Hall 3 From Charter to Movement Revolutionary Politics workshop Bill Greenshields, Sharon Allen 13.30-14.30 Boardroom Precarious Employment Political Economy Back 2 Basics Daoud Hamdani, Graham Stevenson 14.45-15.45 Upper Hall 1 Art & Revolution Battle of Ideas workshop Mike Quille, Christine Lindey 14.45-15.45 Upper Hall 2 Double-Dip Recession? Political Economy workshop Andrew Fisher, Martin Graham

14.45-15.45 Upper Hall 3 State & Local Government Revolutionary Politics workshop Peter Latham, Moz Greenshields 16.00-17.00 Upper Hall 1 The role of the media in manufacturing consent Battle of Ideas workshop Ben Chacko, Lynne Walsh 16.00-17.00 Great Hall Transitional Governments Revolutionary Politics seminar Prakash Karat, Alvaro Sanchez 16.00-17.00 Boardroom Riotous Youth? Battle of Ideas Back 2 Basics Luke Beesley 16.00-17.00 Upper Hall 2 After Capitalist Restoration Revolutionary Politics workshop Hans Modrow, Yuri Yemelianov 16.00-17.00 Upper Hall 3 State power & socialism Revolutionary Politics workshop Gawain Little 17.30-19.00 Great Hall Overthrowing Capitalism in the 21st Century Rally Prakash Karat, Navid Shomali, Eugene McCartan, Yuri Yemelianov, Moz Greenshields

Sunday 27 November 10.00-11.00 Courtyard The Unholy Trinity: Historical Revisionism, Holocaust Denial & AntiCommunism" Battle of Ideas workshop Phil Katz 10.00-11.00 Great Hall The EU - Financial Coup d'etat Political Economy seminar Eugene McCartan, Brian Denny, Christos Chatzispyrou, Carolyn Jones 10.00-11.00 Library China's Line of March Revolutionary Politics workshop Cheng Enfu, Jenny Clegg 10.00-11.00 Upper Hall 1 The Left in Africa Revolutionary Politics workshop Rashid El Sheikh 10.00-11.00 Upper Hall 2 State-Monopoly Capitalism Political Economy workshop John Foster 10.00-11.00 Boardroom Organising to Win Revolutionary Politics Back 2 Basics Erkan Ersoy, Julian Jones 11.15-12.15 Library Education: Socialisation or Liberation? Battle of Ideas workshop Bill Greenshields

21st Century Marxism Programme


14.30-16.15 Great Hall Closing Rally Britain Needs Socialism Rob Griffiths, John Foster, Steven Martin, Anita Wright, Liz Payne

11.15-12.15 Courtyard Sustainability vs Economic Growth? Political Economy seminar Derek Wall, Jerry Jones, 11.15-12.15 Upper Hall 1 Parliamentary or Popular Sovereignty Revolutionary Politics workshop Rob Griffiths, Jeremy Corbyn MP 11.15-12.15 Upper Hall 2 Neoliberalism and the movement of labour Political Economy workshop Linda Kaucher 11.15-12.15 Great Hall The Fightback in Latin America Revolutionary Politics seminar Calvin Tucker, Francisco Dominguez, Bernard Regan

13.15-14.15 Upper Hall 1 Anti-Monopoly Alliance Revolutionary Politics workshop Anita Wright 13.15-14.15 Upper Hall 2 Britain's Revolutionary Road and External Intervention Revolutionary Politics workshop John Foster 13.15-14.15 Great Hall For a Palestinian state? Revolutionary Politics seminar Bernard Regan 13.15-14.15 Boardroom Triple Jeapordy:Young, Female & Working Class Battle of Ideas Back 2 Basics Zoe Streatfield

Liz Payne is Women’s Organiser of the Communist Party

written more than 20 books and is a leading member of the CP China

Hans Modrow is honorary chair of the German Left party and the last communist premier of the German Democratic Republic

Andrew Fisher is co-ordinator of the Left Economic Advisory Panel and is joint secretary of the Labour Representation Committee

Jeremy Corbyn MP is chair of the Stop the war Coalition and the Labour member of parliament for Islington North

Louise Nousratpour is the Morning Star’s Equalities reporter and a member of the CP Executive

Carlos Camps is the political counsellor at the Cuban embassy Prem Sikka is Professor of Accounting at the University of Essex and author of All Offshore with Hugh Willmott 2009, The Pensions Crisis 2007 and Taming the Corporations with Austen Mitchell MP in 2005 Cheng Enfu is the director of the Shanghai University’s Institute of Marxism and Economic Research. He is the Chair of numerous Chinese and international academic societies. He has published more than 400 articles,

Grah am Stevenson is Unite the Union’s national organiser for transport, president of the European Transport Workers Federation and a member of the CP political committee. John Hendy QC is the leading advocate for trade unions and chairs the International Centre for Trade Union Rights Carolyn Jones is director of the Institute of Employment Rights, chair of the editorial board of International Union Rights, and a member of the CP executive commitee

11.15-12.15 Boardroom Why the Communist Party? Revolutionary Politics Back 2 Basics Gawain Little 12.15-13.15 Great Hall 90 years of Struggle Film Robert Griffiths 13.15-14.15 Courtyard Cyberspace: real or virtual democracy? Battle of Ideas workshop Ben Stevenson 13.15-14.15 Library The People's Charter Political Economy workshop Moz Greenshields


21st Century Marxism Programme

Bill Greenshields is chair of the Communist Party. Bill is a past president of the National Union of Teachers and a member of the People's Charter National Commission. Steve Silver is a former editor of Searchlight and secretary of Cable St 75 committee Max Levitas is a veteran of the Battle of Cable St and numerous antifascist struggles in the East End Nisar Ahmed is a researcher on economic development and urban planning, a campaigner in the Bangladeshi community in London and a representative of the CP Bangladesh Matthew Collins is Hope not Hate organiser and author of Hate my life in the British far-right

Professor Social Sciences University of the West of Scotland, author of Class Struggle and the Industrial Revolution and The Politics of the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders Work-In and CP pamphlets on the European Union, the National Question and the Economic Crisis in Britain.

Gawain Little is President of Oxford & District TUC and a member of the CP Executive Committee

Green politics and The Rise of the Green Left - inside the worldwide ecosocialist movement

Eugene McCartan is general secretary of the CP Ireland. Eugene has taken a leading role in the campaign against the Lisbon Treaty.

Jerry Jones is a member of the CP’s economic committee and the author of several publications on economics, manufacturing and pensions

Peter Lath am is a sociologist and the author of The State & Local Government - towards a new basis for local democracy and the defeat of big business control.

Navid Shomali is secretary of the international department of the Tudeh Party of Iran and secretary of the Co-ordinating Committee of Communist Parties in Britain

Moz Greenshields is a member of Unison’s National Executive and the CP’s executive committee.

Phil Katz is author of Freedom from Tyranny - the fight against fascism and the falsification of history, Thinking Hands - the power of labour in William Morris and The Long Weekend - combatting unemployment between the wars

Ben Ch acko is a Morning Star sub-editor and secretary of the William Rust branch of the CP Lynne Walsh is a freelance jounalist, NUJ member & campaigner

Daoud Hamdani is a member of the YCL’s executive committee

Prakash Karat is General Secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). He studied for a Masters Degree in Edinburgh under Victor Kiernan and was a founder of the Student Federation of India in 1971. He was briefly imprisoned during the Indian Emergency in 1976-77 and became CPI(M) State Secretary for Delhi in 1982. His books include Politics and Policies, Subordinate Ally and a volume of essays in honour of Victor Kiernan.

Mike Quille is a poet and Arts editor for Communist Review

Alvaro Sanchez is a counsellor at the Venezuelan Embassy

Christine Lindey is an art historian and author of: Superrealist Painting and Sculpture; TwentiethCentury Paintings: Bonnard to Rothko; Art in the Cold War: from Vladivostok to Kalamazoo;

Ben Stevenson is editor of Communist News & Views, national secretary of the CP and a member of its executive committee

Tony O’Hara is secretary of the Anti-Racist Alliance Robert Wilkinson is secretary of ReadingTUC and Wokingham & District NUT Sh aron Allen is secretary of the Charter for Women and a development worker for the RMT

Mike Schurer is a member of the CP History group and catalogues editor for Oxbow books a soecialist History publisher Steven Martin is M-L Education Organiser of the YCL and a member of its Executive Committee John Foster is International Secretary of the CP, Emeritus

Luke Beesley is Midlands Regional organiser of the YCL Yuri Yemelianov is a social scientist who worked within the USSR Academy of Sciences in the Insitutes of the World Economy and the International Workers Movement. He has written over thirty books on problems of global economics and human development and is a member of the CP Russian Federation.

Christos Ch atzispyrou is a representative of the Communist Party of Greece Brian Denny is convenor of No2EU - Yes to Democracy and managing editor of RMT News Jenny Clegg author of Fu Manchu and the Myth of the ‘Yellow Peril’ and has published researchbased work on China’s rural development. Rashid Elsheikh is a leading member of the Sudanese Communist Party

Robert Griffiths is general secretary of the CP., Chair of Searchlight Cymru, and author of SO Davies - a socialist faith, Driven by Ideals - a history of ASLEF, and Killing No Murder - South Wales and the great railway strike of 1911 and a number of pamphlets. Linda Kaucher is a researcher on the Geography of International Trade at the London School of Economics and has numerous articles exposing Mode 4 and the EU-India Free Trade agreement Calvin Tucker is co-editor of web magazine and a freelance writer on Latin American politics Francisco Dominguez is secretary of Venezuela Solidarity Campaign and head of the centre for Brazilian and Latin American studies at Middlesex University

Julian Jones is student organiser of the YCL

Bernard Regan is national secretary of Cuba Solidarity Campaign and trade union liasion officer of Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Erkan Ersoy is Unite’s senior regional organiser for London & Eastern

Anita Wright is chair of Lambeth TUC and a member of the CP executive committee

Derek Wall is a former principle speaker of the Green Party and is author of the No Nonsense Guide to

Zoe Streatfield is Women’s Organiser of the YCL

Read articles from speakers, follow the festival as it happens, sign up to News & Views and much more: e: p: 02086861659 twitter: @communists1920

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21st Century Marxism Programme  

Programme of the 21st Century Marxism Festival

21st Century Marxism Programme  

Programme of the 21st Century Marxism Festival