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Clerkenwell Green, London EC1 2nd - 3rd November 2013


politics, ideas, discussion, debate, culture, learning

A political festival of ideas, discussion, debate, learning, music, poetry and more

Austerity is working for the bankers & bureaucrats who run Britain! Now is the time for us to fight back! The burden of this capitalist crisis falls on the working class with the poorer half of the population receiving just 12p of every pound of GDP - a 25 per cent fall since the late 1970s. Austerity isn't working for workers. Adjusted for inflation, the real value of pay has fallen by 7% since the start of 2008 costing the average worker ÂŁ7000. But super rich incomes soar. The proportion of GDP going to profits has soared by 4%. Since the 1980s, top bosses have seen pay rises as high as 4,000%. The average chief executive now earns 145 times more than the average worker's wage. At the end of 2012, the real value of wages was more than ÂŁ50 billion a year lower than in 2008. The ConDem government is using the crisis of their system to enforce permanent austerity, slash public services break with the welfare state and roll back every advance made by workers since 1945.

Austerity policies shift wealth directly and indirectly from the people to the big monopolies and to the rich. The masters of the capitalist system buttressed by the World Bank, the IMF and the European Union - want the people to pay for the crisis. At the same time we face a crisis of political representation with Miliband's attack on the working class character of the Labour Party and the failure to offer a real policy alternative to attacks on working class livings standards. But the fightback is growing. The People's Assembly is gathering wide support with four thousand delegates from trade unions and community campaigns attended the assembly in June and local groups are springing up in every town and city across the country. Unions are preparing strike action for jobs and pay and to defend the NHS, education and public services. The Communist Party is one of many at the heart of this fightback. The party _ and the Morning Star - play a key role in

21st Century Marxism programme [!1]

working with others to initiate and sustain the People's Assembly movement and in the unions and peace and solidarity movements.

What is 21st Century Marxism? The successor event to the annual Communist University (re-established back in 2006), it’s a vibrant weekend of politics & culture.


Unlike previous events held under one roof, this years 21st Century Marxism will be taking place in multiple venues in and around Clerkenwell Green. The focal point will undoubtedly be the historic Marx Memorial Library and

work. The Marx Memorial Library and Workers School (as it was then known) was established at 37a Clerkenwell Green holding study classes for workers in science, history and political economy.

there could not be a more fitting venue

In 1934 Viscount Hastings, who had

for a political festival celebrating the role

studied under the great Mexican artists

and ideas of Marxism.

Diego Rivera, executed a large fresco

The MML was originally established In 1933 on the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Karl Marx. At a delegate meeting comprising trade unionists, veteran


establishing a library to celebrate his

socialists belonging to the Labour Party and Communist Party, and

style mural on the wall of the first-floor reading room. Titled, the Worker of the Future Clearing away the Chaos of Capitalism, it illustrates events and leading thinkers in the history of British Labour.

representatives of the Labour Research

Since its establishment the Marx

Department and Martin Lawrence

Memorial Library has been the

Publishers Ltd., set up a permanent

intellectual home of generations of

memorial to the life and ideas of Karl

scholars interested in studying Marx and

Marx. Whilst the Nazis were busy

Marxism The Library is home to an

burning books by Marx and others,

impressive number and variety of

communists and socialists in Britain were

archives and collections including the full run of the Daily Worker and Morning


PUBS OF CLERKENWELL Whilst the pubs in and around Clerkenwell will no doubt play host to some of the ‘unofficial’ post event debates, the City Pride, the Green and the Crown Tavern will host some of the programmed workshops and sessions during 21st Century Marxism.

Marx Library is the focal point for C21 Marxism, hosting stalls and sessions

21st Century Marxism [!2]

Bernal Peace Library, Klugnmann

covering a range of subjects including

Collection and an extensive Photograph

Marx, Engels, Lenin, the Spanish Civil War

Library. Â It continues to rely on the

and the History of Socialism and the

support of socialists, communists and

British Labour Movement.

progressives to continue its work as one

The reference collection has an extensive

of the foremost institutions serving the

holding of journals dating from the

British Labour Movement and working

1850's. These include The Red Republican

people, in preserving their past and in

(published 1st English translation of Marx

providing practical education for the

and Engel's Communist Manifesto),Votes


for Women (the Suffragette Journal) and

The aim of the Marx Memorial Library is

Commonweal (William Morris);

the advancement of education,

approximately 43,000 pamphlets and

knowledge and learning by the provision

numerous original materials and books,

of a library of books, periodicals and

many of which are unavailable elsewhere.

manuscripts relating to all aspects of the

The Library's stocks are continuously

science of Marxism, the history of

updated and represent a unique resource

Socialism and the working class

under one roof.

movement. It is an independent organisation, and a registered charity, financed by its members and affiliates. It is not controlled by any political party or interest group. The Management Committee is elected from and by the membership. The Library has some


Tours of the MML will be available during 21st Century Marxism, for more info and to



Just round the corner from the Marx Library,on Clerkenwell Close, St James Church will host the major rallies on the Saturday of 21st Century Marxism

see some of the incredible items held in the collections at the MML visit:

40,000 volumes in the lending section

Clerkenwell Green also plays host to the annual London May Day march

21st Century Marxism [!3]


Lindsey German is convenor of Stop the War Coalition and a member of the People’s Assembly signatories group. She is also the author of numerous books on Women and Socialism as well as co-authoring a People’s History of London. Bill Greenshields is chair of the Communist Attila the Stockbroker is a renowned leftParty, Trade Union organiser for the People’s wing comedic political poet Charter. Bill is a past president of the National Union of Teachers and a member of Harsev Bains is general secretary of the the People's Charter National Commission. Association of Indian Communists Ben Chacko is deputy features editor of the Gasoub Ghadban is a leading member of the Palestinian People’s Party Morning Star and secretary of the William Rust branch of the CP Alex Gordon is past president of the Rail & Maritime Transport workers’ union (RMT) Andy Chaffer is a member of the Executive Committee of the Communist Party and the Robert Griffiths is general secretary of the LGBT commission PC, chair of Searchlight Cymru and the Bob Crow is general secretary of the Rail & author of SO Davies - a socialist faith, Driven by Ideals - a history of ASLEF and Granite & Maritime Transport workers’ union (RMT) Honey - the Phi Piratin Story. and a member of the TUC General Council. Tina Hogg is a co-founder of Disabled People Against the Jeremy Corbyn is the Labour Each year’s C21 Cuts MP for Islington North Marxism brings a Carolyn Jones is director of Tony Conway is a trade union fresh crop of speakers the Institute of Employment and community activist Rights. from Britain & Bob Crow is general secretary Jerry Jones is a member of the of the RMT union and a overseas! CP’s economic commission and member of the General Council the author of Land Value for Public of the TUC. Benefit. Prof Mary Davis is a past member of the Linda Kaucher is a campaigner on the EU's UCU Executive and the TUC Women’s Committee. Her books include Comrade or international trade agenda and will talk about the US/EU free trade agreement'. Brother a history of the British Labour Movement and Class and Gender in British Dr Shafee Khider is a leading member of the Labour History: Renewing the Debate (or central committee and the Political bureau Starting It?) of the Communist Party of Sudan. Ann Field is former national officer of the Mariela Kohon is the director of Justice for GPM sector of Unite Colombia John Foster is Secretary of the CP, Emeritus Chris Matlhako is international secretary of Professor Social Sciences University of the the South African Communist Party. West of Scotland, author of Class Struggle Erwin Marquit is the editor of Nature, and the Industrial Revolution (1974) and The Science & Thought Politics of the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders Paul Mezaros is from Hope not Hate. Work-In (jointly with Charles Woolfson 1986) and more recently pamphlets on the Tommy Morrison is Scottish Secretary of the European Union, the National Question and CP, secretary of Clydebank TUC and chair of the Crisis of the British Economy. West Dunbartonshire Unison

This years 21st Century Marxism features several leading international guest speakers from across the globe, as well those from the labour and progressive movement in Britain.





No other event in Britain brings speakers from so many different corners of the globe not just from Western Europe & the US

All of our speakers are steeped in the traditions and experience of struggle through the labour and progressive movement in their country 

The CP is the main organiser of C21 Marxism but most of our speakers from Britain are progressives from other parties and traditions


21st Century Marxism programme [!4]


GASOUB GADBAN This year’s international guests feature speakers involved in leading struggles across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East Romaine Phoenix is the chair of the Coalition of Resistance, a Navid Shomali is secretary of the international department of spokesperson for the Green Party Trade Union Group and a the Tudeh Party of Iran and secretary of the Co-ordinating member of the People’s Assembly signatories committee. Committee of Communist Parties in Britain. Vera Polycarpou is a member of the Central Graham Stevenson is the convenor of the CP History Committee of AKEL (Progressive Party of Working Group, a member of the CP Political and Executive People in Cyprus) and is a member of the Foreign Committees and formerly Unite national Read and Affairs committee on the European Parliament organiser & president of the European Transport follow for the European United Left. Workers Federation discussions Jane Powell is the librarian of the Marx Memorial Peter Tatchell is a veteran campaigner for LGBT Library. rights in Britain and internationally. online. Details Louise Raw is the author of Striking a Light-The Jonathan White is the editor of Building an on p8 Bryant & May Matchwomen and their place in Economy for the People - An alternative economic History and political strategy for 21st Century Britain Alvaro Sanchez is a counsellor at the Venezuelan embassy in London.






Sit back and listen to leading speakers from the labour & progressive movement in Britain and special guest speakers from overseas

Panel discussions plus a Q&A session from the floor

Attendees get involved in smaller, detailed, collective debate

Come along and learn a new skill or sharpen your understanding of Marxism

Hear, see, participate in politics through music, film, poetry & art

21st Century Marxism programme [!5]

21st Century Marxism programme [6]


PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLY, WHERE NEXT? Romayne Phoenix, Lindsey German, Rachel Newton, Bill Greenshields (Chair) Rally, THE CRYPT

PEACE & JUSTICE IN THE MIDDLE EAST Ghasoub Ghadban, Navid Shomali Workshop, MML - Library

FOR WORKING CLASS INTERNATIONALISM! Ghasoub Ghadban, John Foster, Chris Matlhako, Vera Polycarpou, Navid Shomali (Chair) Rally, THE CRYPT




Watch new documentaries, never before seen archival footage and old classics. Pop by for a break from the debates or sit in on the packed programme put together by progressive film makers Platform FIlms. SEE PAGE 8 FOR FULL DETAILS

Pop along to buy or just browse through some of the latest books, pamphlets and quality merchandise from some of Britain’s progressive organisations.

LATIN AMERICA IN THE FIRING LINE Alvaro Sanchez, Mariela Kohon Workshop, THE GREEN


CHINA’S GLOBAL ROLE Ben Chacko Workshop MML - Main


RED STAR RISING OVER AFRICA Chris Matlhako, Shafee Khider Workshop, THE CRYPT

AGAINST CUTS, FOR WHAT? Jeremy Corbyn MP, Lindsey German, Bill Greenshields, Jonathan White (Chair) Seminar THE WELL


ON TO A GENERAL STRIKE? Graham Stevenson, Tony Conway, Carolyn Jones Seminar MML - Main




WOMEN IN STRUGGLE: YESTERDAY & TODAY Louise Raw, Liz Payne Workshop MML - Main





Saturday 2nd November - Rallies, seminars and workshops

21st Century Marxism programme [7]

DEFEATING THE FASCISTS Paul Mezaros Workshop, MML - Library

SOCIALISM YESTERDAY & TOMORROW Alex Gordon, Erwin Marquit, Robert Griffiths Seminar, MML - Main



SHOULD BRITAIN BREAK UP? John Foster Workshop MML - Upstairs

WHAT DOES UKiP STAND FOR? Robert Griffiths Workshop, MML - Upstairs

BACK 2 BASICS @ MML SATURDAY & SUNDAY Are you new to Marxism or just want to sharpen up your understanding? All weekend we’ll be running educational sessions to help you get to grips with key concepts See Page 8 for signup

Have you ever wanted to learn how to write a leaflet, canvass effectively, set up a blog or give a speech? All weekend you can learn skills from experienced professionals. See Page 8 for signup

SOCIALISM, WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? Erwin Marquit, Ann Field Workshop, MML - Main

LGBT STRUGGLE - PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE Peter Tatchell, Andy Chaffer Workshop, MML - Main

THE EU - EXIT LEFT Bob Crow, Linda Kaucher, Alex Gordon (Chair) Seminar, THE GREEN



THE GREEN Open mic session, bring along a poem, song etc.


CULTURAL CORNER Featuring Attila the Stockbroker

SOCIALISM, WHAT’S IN IT FOR WOMEN? Mary Davis Workshop, MML - Library


CHAVS, SPIVS & PROLES CLASS TODAY Tommy Morrison Workshop, MML - Library

BRICS - A NEW POLE FOR PROGRESSIVES? Chris Matlhako, Ben Chacko, Harsev Bains Seminar, MML - Main




!9.30-10.00AM ! !10.00-11.00AM !

Sunday 3rd November - Rallies, seminars and workshops

twitter: #21marxism

GET INVOLVED IN @communists1920 @communist_party AND FOLLOW THE @M_Star_Online DEBATE ONLINE AT: !

The CP site will carry reports of all C21 Marxism debates youtube: communistparty1920 PartyCommunist Back 2 Basics sign-up

Campaigning activist skills

What is Marxism? ! !! ! q Capitalism=exploitation! ! q The working class today! ! q What’s to learn from history?!q The State & revolution! ! q

How How How How How

Fill in and send to CP or hand in to the registration desk. You will be notified if/ when the session will take place.

Fill in and send to CP or hand in to the registration desk. You will be notified if/when the session will take place.

to to to to to

canvass! !! q write a speech! q design materials! q use the web!!! q use media release!q

FILM PLATFORM @ THE CROWN TAVERN SATURDAY 2ND NOVEMBER 10AM-4PM,r:24,s:0,i:172&iact=rc&page=2&tbnh=185&tbnw=248&start=8&ndsp=19&tx=149&ty=74 imgres?client=safari&sa=X&rls=en&biw=1095&bih=657&tbm=isch&tbnid=oc8r43CCUpWpOM:&imgrefurl=


10am Our History

A series of unseen clips & footage from the archives on: the Spanish Civil War; Lenin; CP Congress in Birmingham; Willie Gallagher; Tom Mann; Harry Pollitt; Hyde Park Anti-Fascist rally and more

The Real Story of the Thatcher Funeral A new short film from Platform Films

2.30pm The Miners’ Campaign Tapes  

In 1984 a group of independent film and video makers including Platform Films decided to show their support for the miners’ strike. A tribute to the journal ‘Labour Monthly’, documenting the struggles of On the picket lines, at the marches and in the soup kitchens, they the British Labour Movement from 1921-1971. Featuring Rajani recorded the testimonies of striking miners, their wives and Palme Dutt and R Page-Arnott supporters,in a fight against the anti-strike propaganda dominating the mainstream media. These are the videos The People’s Assembly they produced, a testimony to solidarity and activism, A new short promotional film from Platform Films tackling issues which continue to occupy us today: Films, the right to demonstrate, police tactics, political documentaries, 11.15am Justice for the double-speak and the role of the media. never before seen They document a cataclysmic episode of British history. Shrewsbury Pickets 

10.30am Fifty Fighting Years


archive footage A new film re-examining the political events 3pm The Miners film surrounding the arrest of 24 Shrewsbury building and more A documentary on the industrial action by miners in the workers and the shocking imprisonment of three winter of 1973-4 which helped to bring down Edward of them, six months after the successful 1972 building Heath’s Tory government. The film charts this crisis from workers’ strike. The film includes film material from inside the labour movement, but also reflects the miners’ the original campaign to free Des Warren and Ricky Tomlinson historical and political understanding of it, informed by memories of the (star of TVs Royle Family), jailed for three years and two years on 1926 General Strike and analysis of the failures of nationalisation, conspiracy charges after the original criminal charges were dropped. energy and employment policies.

12pm The People’s Flag

The first episode in the seminal documentary series charting the history of the British labour movement

1pm Strike

The legendary 1925 Sergei Eisenstein

Communist Party Ruskin House, 23 Coombe Rd Join Us,London Join Labour CR0 1BD A short film from the GMB union arguing for members to become 02086861659 politically involved NUT Rally For Education

21st Century Marxism programme [8]

Profile for Communist Party

21st Century Marxism brochure  

Full programme for this year's annual political and cultural festival

21st Century Marxism brochure  

Full programme for this year's annual political and cultural festival