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QUESTIONNAIRE Bala Kishan Company: IBM GD & PI •

What is the dress code for GD/PI?

Generally formals

What is the importance of body language in a GD/PI?

Very important

Personal Interview •

Do you think one must be completely honest in a PI?

Should be honest. If u are confident you can fake but not advisable

What are the basic dos and don’ts in a PI?

• • •

Should speak in such a way that you are fluent in the topic they question you but not over confident. Should answer in such a way that you quote your interests How important in a PI is maintaining eye contact? Very important How must one respond if the interviewer hints that your performance is not satisfactory?

Should take an initiative to answer in a more innovative way showing him more alternatives for a given problem statement like this

What should be done if one realizes that the interviewer has misunderstood his statement?

No problem in giving a second try

How do you convince the interviewer that you are fit for the job if he speaks of another interviewee with better credentials?

Quote your previous experience Does taking time to answer a question go against you even if the answer is a good one?

• •

They usually expect quick answer but see it doesn’t repeat more times Should one admit his mistake if pointed out or justify what he has said?

• •

If confident enough can covience but don’t commit another mistake to make an excuse to the previous one

Were you asked any technical questions (related to academics) in your interview? What were those questions (Please provide their answers too)?

Yes on programming, networks and written test CS DEP related

Other related questions:

What should we focus more on pi/gd?

Equally important

Is there any advantage of applying early?


Clothing to be worn, body language for specific interviews.

Formals and be confident

What to do if you are caught in a trap:1)accept fault and give a clean chit excuses.

Accept and try to say that u have learnt from it.

How to approach the matter of intern compensation.

Generally through T n P it is decided before the interview. if not ask it when the interviewer asks any question at the end of PI

What was the Selection Procedure like? How many rounds of interviews and what was each round about?

or 2)try to make up

•Written test related to academics and logical and aptitude in 3 rounds and a Personal Interview •

What do you think the company was looking for in each of its candidates?

Sound academic background and enthusiasm for learning or to work in that company

What courses did you have to revise, what books/ online material did you consult while preparing for the interview?

My academic text books

How should the following Questions be answered? •

What do you know about our organization?

See companies site and praise it

Why do you want to work for us?

Praise company

What do you find most promising about this position?

Good company

What is the toughest decision you have ever had to make?

Anything not specifically related

How sensitive are you to criticism?

I accept it and see to what extent it is correct and come up with changes if necessary

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