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Mohd. Jawaid Iqbal Dept. of CSE Intern in Google - Bengaluru Selection Process - 3 rounds of telephonic interviews CG cut off - 8. People after 8.5 were considered equal.

1.How many questions were asked to you? Ans. Only two technical questions were asked. They were based on Algorithms, and weren't bookish. In fact, they were application - based. The interview went for an hour. (An average of 30 min. for 1 question) 2. So can one really try to search the internet for answering technical questions in telephonic interviews? Ans. No. One must not do that. First, because the questions are such that you won't find their answers on the net so easily. Actually, they know what are the first web search results for their questions, and they might actually catch you trying this approach. 3. Basic dos and don't' of such interviews? Ans. Don't be quiet for too long. Try to tell them what you are thinking. Be clear while speaking. It's basically a peaceful and light conversation, so don't be panicked. For answering Algo's, you should not give the brute force methods. They will hint that they want an 'efficient' way, if you do that. 4. Do they tell you that you are going wrong? Ans. Absolutely. They won't tell you directly, but they will give you hints, and you must recognize them. 5. Should we be always honest? Ans. Yes. Honesty should be maintained. 6. What if they point out that you made a mistake? Ans. Accept your mistake. 7. How to approach the matter of intern compensation?

Ans. Since the company came through our ‘TnP’ its offer was fixed for all the students. 8. Did you take any courses, or referred to any books? Ans. Yes, I used ‘Corman’ for algorithms. It made me familiar to the kind of difficulty of the questions asked. 9. What mistakes did you make, which you wish you didn’t? Ans. I don’t recall of anything very wrong in the selection process, but I think I should have been more innovative while I was an intern. 10. How did you answer this- ‘What kind of work culture are you expecting?’ Ans. ‘A healthy one’. And let me assure you, there had a real healthy work culture. People were good and supportive, and we could work for as much as we wanted. They just demanded completion of our work on time. I enjoyed the work environment there.

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