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Letter From the Editor communiqué Magazine is an international publication that celebrates people from around the world. Everyone has a story. communiqué Magazine takes the message out of the story to deliver quality, relatable articles that inspire, teach, and encourage all readers, including children. This is a Special Holiday Edition. The Holiday season continues, and many people are celebrating around the world with great anticipation for the turn of the calendar year to 2021. Our final regular issue for 2020 was released earlier this month. We will release one additional Special Edition for New Year’s Eve. That will be the last magazine we publish for 2020. Darlene Love is our featured Cover story, and we could not be prouder of the inspiration and lessons of perseverance and longevity that this amazing living legend shares with our readers. Darlene Love’s candor and her inimitable spirit — the product of her roots as a minister’s daughter — have enhanced the lives of music, stage and film fans for 50+ years and will continue to do so for many years to come. She is a film and stage actress, too, most notably starring as Motormouth Maybelle in Hairspray on Broadway and touring with the Australian production of Fame in the lead as Miss Sherman.  Darlene also played the role of Trish Murtaugh, the wife of Danny Glover’s character, in all four Lethal Weapon movies. The New York Times describes Darlene as having a voice “embedded in the history of rock and roll as Eric Clapton’s guitar and Bob Dylan’s lyrics,”  and fans rejoice-she has no plans to retire anytime soon. 79 years old NEVER looked so good! We have a collection of heartwarming holiday stories that includes some delicious recipes! Thank you for taking time to read communiqué Magazine. This edition is dedicated to my family.

With appreciation, C.

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Recipes from C. NaTasha Richburg


Success with Adult ADD


The Rebirth of Phoenix


The Most Wonderful Time of The Year



TINU: Fashionably Addicted


Love For The Holidays


Searching for Soul


Beauty is Always Custom Designed


Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number!


Meet CoreyBe

Story Version of Mac n Cheese


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Ella Pri t s ker COUTURE Creating a Couture blueprint to fit all women

written by C. NaTasha Richburg Many years ago, before the launch of communiqué magazine this interviewer attended a fashion show at Loyola College in Baltimore, Maryland, where many outstanding fashions were presented. The show’s fashions that stood out most on the runway were those of Ella Pritsker Couture. The beautiful details in Ella’s artistry were exceptional. The incredible handcrafted workmanship consisted of hand-sewn pearls with jewels that glittered off the runway’s bright lights to reveal patterns of love throughout each design. The coats revealed an element of uniqueness coupled with the limitless timeliness of couture fashion. The rules for the design nobly arose from the exceptionally positive mind of Ella Pritsker. Ella is happily married and blessed to have three boys and one grandchild born February 2020 whom Ella sweetly refers to as the “new little one.” With their youngest son in high school, Ella and her husband Eric “are excitedly looking forward to having a few more years of study and activities ahead with him!” The love of family

and clothing emerge through Ella’s work to reveal the authentic and unique DNA of her designs. When asked to describe her design aesthetic, Ella revealed, “Couture is an art form and I am its servant.” Every design made by Ella Pritsker Couture evolves “with the women’s body and style in mind. We take 40 measurements and start creating your very own blueprint for the garments to follow. No need to worry about losing or gaining weight, we are able to make all adjustments as we go on with the process.” Ella’s designs facilitate a sense of pride for the wearer. What is your design specialty? The team and I love making beautiful things, that’s our specialty! I love jackets, coats and outerwear, gorgeously unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. Intricate wedding gowns coupled with particularly beautiful dresses for the mothers of the bride and groom are especially exciting to make. Ella is continually inspired by designing beautiful garments: “It’s the perfect little stitches all in one row,

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precisely spaced, meticulously executed in that form, design and drape of the cloth, embellishments and finishing touches. I like to be surrounded by beauty, excite my spirit by glorious colors and shapes that rest my eyes with quiet hues accented by gorgeous drapes of cloth.” COVID -19 caused Ella to pivot “to help America go back to work safely by designing [thousands of] stylish PPE for the corporate world and created a motto for her new venture—‘Life happens, Face It With Style.’” Corporate staff members are now wearing masks beautifully designed by Ella Pritsker Couture. Regardless of the client, Ella says “there’s no more gratifying feeling than seeing a client beaming with satisfaction and happiness, seeing her beautiful reflection in the mirror and the feeling of confidence this allows us both.” For the designer, it is the “epitome of joy” to create art in the form of couture garments; whether it is a trench coat, wedding gown or PPE, the most important attribute for Ella is that the garment brings so much “joy to both me as the creator


and to the recipient.” To relax, Ella likes to play golf, take long walks on the beach, and watch sunsets and sunrises. In other words, she loves to see beauty. “Creating beauty is a job that comes from the heart that brings tears for joy to my clients; I enjoy the grace of being blessed by it. I am a big advocate of self-education and reading and listening to books, podcasts, etc. I enjoy learning and always work on my self-improvement, as well as implementing new ideas in my business.” Describe how someone can get your services. When you have a special occasion or a need for an entire wardrobe, my team and I are here to help. We will be happy to hear from you and schedule a private appointment to assess your needs and style to begin the process of designing your look for the occasion. Visit Ella’s Website at

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With Adult Attention

DEFICIT DISORDER Written By Dr. KaNisha L. Hall, M.D.

Attention deficit disorder is associated with three primary characteristics: inattention, hypersensitivity, and impulsivity. Having attention deficit disorder (ADD) is nothing to be ashamed of at any age, but it can be hard to adjust to the diagnoses as an adult. At first glance, the hyperactivity, poor concentration, and lack of self-regulation associated with ADD make for a good recipe for failure. However, several successful entrepreneurs have ADD. There are many overachieving celebs like Salma Hayek, Howie Mandel, and Ty Pennington who have openly shared their struggles and triumphs to inspire us all. Personally, my struggles with this disorder have forced me, many times over, to reimagine my portrait of success. From the beginning, I refused to let my diagnoses limit my professional progress or overwhelm my life. I was not in denial. I was actually relieved to put a name on my waxing and waning ability to focus and impulsiveness. I was diagnosed at 26 years of age. I had already managed to obtain three degrees, each time graduating with honors. My diagnosis had not deterred my success, and I saw no reason to allow it to start derailing my plans for a very bright future. Generally, people diagnosed with ADD are quick to lose patience and I have not been the exception. I am quickly bored and frustrated with repetitive tasks. So I have learned to keep challenging myself. This process has resulted in my many titles. I am a chemist, author, musician, anesthesiologist, entrepreneur, and mom. I have adapted to embrace new experiences and exhibit passion and persistence. I used my intuitive decision-making power in circumstances involving uncertainty to make the best decision to elevate and hurdle the many obstacles life presents, including managing my ADD.

Prof. Holger Patzelt of the Entrepreneurship Research Institute at the Technical University of Munich says “Sometimes the symptoms of ADD resemble behaviors that are commonly linked with entrepreneurship -- in a positive way." I would like to share an affirmation that I often use before embarking on a new venture. “ The Creator only made one me. I am unique. I was created to be awesome and designed to conquer the day in my own unique way. I am a fighter, and I fight to win.” I fight my flight of ideas with hyperfocus. When I launched my hair care line, I blocked out the rest of the world around me and challenged myself to launch a brand new business from my kitchen in 6 months. As crazy as it sounds, it has been such a rewarding experience. I even learned from my failure. I failed a lot during those months of hyperfocusing on one project because so many other aspects of my personal and professional life were neglected. I had to make adjustments. I learned to put time limits on my hyperfocus to accommodate multitasking. I taught myself to use project management software and be very vigilant with my time management. Every task has a due date. My diagnosis taught me how to live better. I don’t manage my ADD alone. I have an entire team, my doctors, counselor, mentor, and tribe are essential for my continued success. My great support system, personally and professionally, holds me accountable for being present in life. I have looked at pictures taken of me before my diagnosis with only a vague recollection of being at the location but not remember being present in that moment. Now, just like I hyperfocus to accomplish my goals, I am just as diligent about enjoying those I care about most and cherishing everyday life.

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The most

WRITTEN By Wendy L. Harvey Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year where the young waits exuberantly and the young at heart remise on childhood memories in lieu of creating new family traditions. Families across the globe carry customs, traditions, religious rituals and wise folklore that have been shared among origins and cultures. The classic of all traditions is tree decorating originally started in the 17th century in Germany. In every home sits the red and green plant called the Pointsettia that was founded in Mexico. Love sealed with a kiss under the mistletoe commonly hung in Celtic and Teutonic homes for healing wounds and fertility. Once a year mailboxes are filled with pre-written cards that were created in Germany. English and American children hang stockings from their bedpost or fireplace waiting to be filled with goodies from Santa’s sled. But one adult tradition is getting a sippy sip of eggnog topped with a shot of rum first made in 1607 in Jamestown, Virginia. As I remise on my childhood memories being the only child, I always received an abundantly amount of gifts from friends and family. My grandparents pulled out the same collection of Christmas decorations year after year and displayed in the same manner, as well, unless something was broken or blew out. My Mother was the perfectionist of gift wrapping and when I became a teenager, I became her apprentice in her gift-wrapping school of hard knocks. The paper cut precisely to the size of the package, the ends on the corners folded with no bulks on the ends and every package had a bow created by a bow making gadget. My grandmother, mother and I spent hours of the day in search for that unique gift for family members and friends…. always in the midst of the hustle and bustle of being pushed and shoved around by grown folks. I always wonder why we always waited until the

time of the year…

last minute to shop as most of us do. One funny thing though as I became a teenager the baton of Christmas decorating and gift wrapping on my grandmother’s behalf was passed on to me; even my gifts sealed with layers of tape which then I knew were mine. Smile. Traditions changed when I became a parent, the kickoff of the marathon of Christmas movies on cable networks and the sultry sounding voice of Donny Hathaway’s song “This Christmas” was my que to go into complete Christmas foolery for my family. Trimming the tree with hot cocoa filled to the top with marshmallows and Christmas music playing in the background was our foundation the day after Thanksgiving. I remember allowing the children to put the ornaments on the tree only to removed them when they went to sleep for, I became the perfectionist of decorating the Christmas trees. I became the perfectionist of gift wrapping and taught my children well. I got a little wiser throughout the years by utilizing gift bags and creating special gift baskets with magazines of interest, games, toys, and socks and underwear for my children. On Christmas morning we went one by one in a circle to unwrap our gifts. There is nothing like hearing laughter of joy, smiling faces and the pure excitement of love exchange from a family. Let us not forget the real meaning of Christmas the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was born. The voices of singing Christmas songs in church in honor of him. The Christmas eve gatherings fellowshipping in church in honor of him.

Isaiah 7:14 “Therefore, the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel.” communiqué Magazine



Mango Tea


Tropical Mango Tea by C. NaTasha Richburg

1 fresh pineapple (exterior minus the top and bottom + the core) 4 lemons cut in half 3 limes cut in half 4 oranges cut in half 3 inches of fresh ginger sliced Honey (sweeten to taste) 4 tbsp. Maya loose tea leafs (Mango) Get 1 ½ Gallon pot and bring the above to a boil for 10 minutes. Simmer for 30 additional minutes and let it stay in pot until cool (approximately 4 hours). Remove one cup of the hot fruit liquid into a Loose Leaf Tea infuser and put the Mango tea into the infuser. Once, the fruit liquid has cooled, remove the fruit from the pot. Now, place the Mango tea into the pot with the fruit liquid and add honey. Strain the tea into a pitcher. Serve as iced tea.

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Lemon Fish Salad By C. NaTasha Richburg

2 Fish fillets (Tilapia) 1 cup Lettuce (chopped) 1 small Tomato (diced) Pickled vegetables (See Quick Pickle receipt) ½ Lemon (Sliced) 2 tbsp. of Olive Oil 1 tbsp. of butter 1 tbsp. of Old Bay Seasoning 1 tbsp. Dry Dill Dash of Sea Salt Cracked whole black pepper to taste


In an iron skillet sauté lemon slices in olive oil. When the slices are brown on one side, flip to the other side and move to the side of the skillet. Place the uncooked fish fillets into the skillet; season the top of the fish with Old Bay Seasoning, sauté for 3 minutes. Once cooked, flip and add the butter into the skillet. Add dry dill to the top of the fish. Let the fish cook until it’s done. Salt and pepper to taste. Place the fish on a bed of lettuce. Place the tomato and pickled vegetable around the fish. Place the sauté lemon on the top of the fish.

Quick Pickled Vegetables By C. NaTasha Richburg


2 cups of apple cider vinegar 1 cup of water 3 tbsp. of Agave 1 tbsp. Sea Salt Cracked whole back pepper

Bring the cooked ingredients to a boil. Add the vegetables to a cleaned glass container. Pour the cooked ingredients into the container filled with vegetables. Let cool. Place in the refrigerator and serve after 48 hours.


1 Sliced Red pepper 1 Sliced Yellow pepper 2 English Cucumbers 4 whole garlic cloves

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Rebirth of the

PHOENIX Written By Trenace K. Carter

Known for having soft white sand, Clearwater Beach, Florida, draws visitors year-round for jet-skiing, parasailing, and stand-up paddleboarding in calm waters. This tourist town has shown a slowdown since COVID-19. At this moment, this small coastal tourist town is waking from the slumber of the Pandemic with stipulations. The clubs and restaurants are open, yet there is no dancing or singing, a far cry from months before COVID-19. Insert Carl Tigner of Clearwater Beach, Florida by way of Chicago. Carl is The Pet Chef and Owner/Operator of Romeo and Juliet Canine Cuisines. He got into the business of pet cuisine after his canine son, Romeo, was viciously attacked by an American Bulldog. He started preparing food to nurse Romeo back to health. His business was thriving before COVID-19. Since COVID-19, Carl's business has dropped. Everything has been on the downturn since the start of this deadly virus. Who knew that it would impact pet food sales? On April 19, 2020, THE C.R.O.W. (Candidly Right or Wrong) SHOW PODCAST was born hosted by Torch the Poet. When asked why now? He says, "for years I had been thinking about doing a podcast, this was just a good time. I just needed something to do." This podcast is something that is indeed needed. Torch talks about hard and taboo topics that are necessary conversations for the community at large. Torch holds hard-hitting, thought-provoking, meaningful conversations with men and women about life, trauma, and sometimes shares some laughs. The episodes are pre-recorded. His guests


are on various days throughout the week. He sometimes records solo episodes whenever the mood strikes him. Carl is no stranger to rebirth. There have been many times that his life seemed to be in flames right before his eyes, yet he rose from the ashes. Carl used to be in a gang and deal with drugs. On March 23, 2003, Carl was shot in the back. It was in that same year he created a charitable foundation-Leaning Shoulder Charitable Foundation. He has spent the last six years informing the younger generation, not to follow in his footsteps when it comes to gang affiliations and selling illegal pharmaceuticals. In one of his episodes, Carl shared being detained by U.S. Customs on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship when it pulled back into the port in Ft. Lauderdale. THE C.R.O.W. SHOW PODCAST is an extension of his outreach in the community and his reach within the international community. Carl makes a point to be transparent and relatable. It is because of his candor, there have been a few young men in a Department of Youth Services in Massachusetts that have reached out to share that they are inspired to go forward. Carl is happy and excited about the inspiration and impact that he has made within the community. Carl believes his show allows others to 'see light at the end of the tunnel.' The Phoenix rises again as it begins to shake the ashes from his wings of COVID-19. Carl sees THE C.R.O.W. SHOW PODCAST as the trunk to his visionary tree. As his podcast continues growing and gaining momentum to take the number one spot, currently, The Michelle Obama Podcast is the global #1 podcast based on listeners. Carl intends to use the show's momentum and capital to grow other branches of his businesses and philanthropic ventures. Be sure to follow on all social media platforms and listen to THE C.R.O.W. SHOW PODCAST currently streaming on multiple platforms. Instagram Twitter @TorchthePoet Website Facebook @TorchthePoet

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24 communiquĂŠ Magazine




Fashionably Addicted:

Written by Alesha Brown She may be simply known as Tinu, but there is nothing simple about this woman. The New York City based former singer/ songwriter/international fashion model, and infamous shoeholic is as diverse as her background. After more than 20 years of recordbreaking success, this mother of two shares her success secrets and why motherhood is her most cherished accomplishment. Tinu spent most of her formative years in Nigeria, West Africa before attending Stern School of Business at New York University. If she had to do it over again, she would choose the same upbringing. Tinu credits her disciplined and structured childhood for shaping her into the person she is today. She also notes the changing times and freedoms of yesteryears that today’s youth will never know. She recalls being able to walk for miles from her home to school or travel as a single young woman with no fear. She would never do that today with the rampant pedophiles, kidnappers, and safety concerns that exist. Culturally speaking, she should have never been an international model. Her African parents wanted her to be a doctor, lawyer, or professional on that level. Being a New York fashion model was not only perceived negatively (unlike today) but was the equivalent of a prostitute in her culture. So how did Tinu garner the high level of success that included an international Guinness campaign alongside Michael Powers as well as being the first model from her country? By accident. She was shopping with a friend in New York City when a guy approached her with a business card and asked if she thought about modeling. When she returned home and shared the information with her Uncle, he immediately said no. With time, her family changed their minds, especially after seeing her face on billboards worldwide. She used that income to pay for her college education at the prestigious Stern School of Business at NYU. What advice would she give to those looking to break into the modeling industry today? • Go with your heart. If an opportunity falls in your lap, take it. Don’t fight it, even if your family wants you to be something else. You only have one life to live. • Don’t reveal too much about yourself. She remembers divulging a lot of information about a major ad campaign that she had just finished for a major cosmetic brand in Paris and, when the two had a dispute, he went to the head of the company and said she was a prostitute. She and three other models lost the job and she even got the FBI involved. Regardless of how close you think you are to someone, do not give away too much information about yourself, personally and professionally. Life would continue to be Tinu’s best teacher including her first job after college as an investment banker. Although she did extremely well, she learned investment banking was not the professional for her as a young black girl on Wall Street. Professionally, she did

everything she wanted to do, made her money, wore haute couture, was at every top couture show in Paris, etc., but she knew there was more. And then her love and obsession became her brand− Shoeholic. I am not a shoeholic in any sense of the word nor do I wear high heels, but even I wanted to go out and buy some red bottoms after watching her video! The track was from her sophomore album, Addicted, which highlights her shoe addiction. It was birthed when she was singing to her shoes and decided to record the experience. The rest is history and her spur of the moment decision was a Billboard chart success, with her debut hit landing just two or three places below Beyoncé’s at one time. Next would follow the book which has been described as a highfashion Sex and The City meets Confessions of a Shopaholic. Its 190 pages are full of images of well-crafted shoes and the stories behind the shoeholics that love them. Next came Shoeholics Magazine, an international lifestyle magazine that takes you into the homes of other shoeholics and features their fabulous shoe collections. Interestingly, the magazine was birthed by a statement. Tinu had created another magazine at that time, Pole Spin Magazine, that resulted from another video she had done. There was a song where she did while pole dancing in a fabulous pair of heels, of course. Someone made the statement, “If anyone’s going to have a magazine about shoes, it’s going to be you. So Tinu decided to create one and called it Shoeholics Magazine. Shoeholics Magazine is a print publication, the only one of its kind that is made for consumers versus existing as a trade magazine. Even Barnes & Nobles approached her to carry the magazine in its stores. Celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg have donned the cover and helped to garner its more than 200,000 subscribers worldwide. Out of all the things she has accomplished, I asked Tinu which one does she want to be known for. “My children.” She shared that she had reached a “So now what?” point in her life. She looked at all her experiences, hard work, accomplishments, and possessions and asked, “What do I have to show for it? Everything was material stuff.” This “aha moment” was a wake-up call for her. Marriage and kids were once not a part of the future she envisioned for herself, but she had a change of heart. She checked in with her doctor to assess her overall health and received the report that she had the reproduction organs of an 18-year-old! Tinu credits this to her lifestyle−she is a vegetarian, she doesn’t drink much, never did drugs, she does Pilates & yoga, did not use birth control, chemicals, or anything unhealthy for her body. She was and is in great physical shape. Today, Tinu is married with two children, a boy and a girl, and she desires to have a good impact and leave a legacy for her children regardless of what she accomplishes in life. “When you have kids,

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your whole life will change, your entire purpose will change.” Compared to her prior accomplishments, “it all means nothing.” And her daughter has birthed another business brand for her, The Dollicious Life. Tinu has over 300 dolls, most of them vintage and in mint condition. She has been collecting dolls since childhood and once dreamed that she would have a mansion to house her extensive collection. (She may now need that for her dolls and shoes.) Now here is where the testament to how motherhood has changed her comes in. Tinu laughed as she remembers that, as a child, you could not touch her dolls, come near her dolls, their accessories, or ANYTHING pertaining to them. She even made their clothes from scratch and everything had to be in its place. Now that she has a daughter, she wants to play dolls with her. Tradition says that collector items should never be removed from their boxes and must be preserved. Tinu decided that making memories with her daughter was far more important than tradition. Dollicious Life allows her to share her precious doll collection with doll lovers everywhere while teaching valuable life and multicultural lessons, current events, and having real talk discussions. Tinu calls this her “happy place” that helps her maintain her mental health. With an Instagram and YouTube presence, Dollicious Life is making an impact and Tinu enjoys watching how it boosts her daughter’s confidence. “You can learn about life through the entertainment of dolls.” Make sure you follow this phenomenal woman and have your own Tinu experience via the following media streams: • @TinuOnline: Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube • @Shoeholics: Instagram and Facebook • @PersonalTinu: YouTube • @DolliciousLife: Instagram and Facebook •


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Mallory Ivy


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For the Holidays Written by Corretta Doctor


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2020 has been a year to remember. No matter how much we want to forget about everything that happened in the calendar space of 2020, we can never escape the reality that every occurrence is a part of our individual history forever. I have decided to speak in a more positive way about the year 2020 in an effort to influence positive energy as I move into 2021. One amazing woman has shown us that no matter what, life is to be celebrated and cherished. Darlene Love makes no excuses for being amazing, fabulous, relevant, and downright beautiful – inside and out! She lives a very healthy spiritual life, and it shows. Darlene Love is the epitome of success. Darlene is the second child and the first daughter born to her parents. Her Mother was a Missionary from Little Rock, Arkansas and her Father was a Minister from Port Arthur, Texas. Darlene says, “I come from good genes, my mom and dad were both good looking”! With over 50 years in the entertainment and music industries, Darlene set a firm set of standards: she consistently puts God first, then family, and then business. Starting in 1958, Darlene has received many accolades, recognitions, and awards, to include accepting the Academy Award for ‘20 Feet From Stardom’, and the Grammy for its soundtrack, and being inducted into the Rock &


Roll Hall of Fame. Darlene Love was officially inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame by one of her longtime friends, Bette Midler. Darlene says, “This business is tough. There are a whole lot of roads I could have taken, but I didn’t.” Darlene shares that her greatest career moment - not what the world sees or can read about on the web- but her personal heartfelt greatest moment of her entire career was singing for President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in the White House. Darlene performed in 2015, as a part of the series, "In Performance at the White House". Darlene is also famous for singing backup for artists like Sam Cooke, Elvis Presley, Cher, and Aretha Franklin, as chronicled in 2013’s ‘20 Feet From Stardom’. She grew up singing in her father’s church. It was a sensitive move for her Father when she began to sing mainstream Rock &Roll and secular music. Due to the global pandemic, all of Darlene’s performances were cancelled in 2020 thru 2021. Among many bookings, she was supposed to share the stage with Carly Simon at Carnegie Hall earlier this year and also perform with her dear friend Patti LaBelle in June. This will also be the first year in decades that Darlene will not be performing her annual Christmas shows nationwide. For 29 years, Darlene performed her signature song, ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’. The song was included on the 1963 seasonal

compilation album, ‘A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector’. The song was written by Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry with Phil Spector. Darlene performed that song for 29 consecutive years of the David Letterman show. After so many cancellations, social distance restrictions and closures around the world it was a phenomenal treat to see Darlene Love perform live this year at the 94th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade held in New York. Thankfully, Darlene had filmed her feature role as Grace in the comedy/adventure movie ‘The Christmas Chronicles 2’ in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada back in February before the pandemic. The film stars Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn along with Julian Dennison, Tyrese Gibson, Darby Camp, Lamorne Morris, and Judah Lewis to name a few. The movie is directed by Chris Columbus and tells the story of a teenager, Kate Pierce, that is reunited with Santa Claus when a troublemaker threatens to cancel Christmas forever. Be sure to check it out on Netflix from the comfort and safety of your home! Reflecting back to one of my favorite movies, Darlene Love portrayed ‘Trish Murtaugh’ in the 4-part franchise of Lethal Weapon opposite Danny Glover and Mel Gibson. Darlene tells us, “I was performing on stage and after the show the casting director came up to me and asked me if I wanted the role. I had never acted before and this was my first role as an actress. Two months later I was filming, and the rest is history. When you are taping you don’t know how big things are going to be and this turned out to be a long running movie franchise”. Darlene is a film and stage actress, too, most notably co-starring as Motormouth Maybelle in Hairspray on Broadway and touring with the Australian production of Fame in the lead as Miss Sherman. Widely known as Ms. Christmas, Darlene tells us, “Christmas is always about family”. She is happily married to her husband of 36 years, Mr. Alton Allison. She says, “While on stage I am Ms. Love but when I step down I am MRS. Allison. Everybody needs a rock, and my husband is the wind beneath my wings.” Darlene and Alton are the parents to three sons, ages 45, 56, and 59, that they raised to be great, great citizens and family men. She has eight grandsons, and finally the family has one great grandchild – a beautiful little four year old girl. Of course, since she is the only girl, she is ‘spoiled rotten’ as we affectionately say when a child is given an abundance of everything and anything! “We grew up poor, but we never missed anything. We didn’t even know we were poor.” Darlene speaks candidly about her relationship with God. “I exist for the love of Jesus. I really started reading and understanding the Bible. I always go to the Bible to get through the day.” Before moving to New York from California, Darlene attended ‘Redeeming Love Christian Center’ under the leadership of Bishop Joseph Wright. Christmas dinner is a tradition with Darlene and her family. Darlene always makes her famous collard greens and a must-have at the dinner table is the lemon cake! Many families won’t be able to congregate this year, but the important lesson for all of us is to cherish every moment because we never know when life will change, and opportunities can be lost in a blink of an eye.

And remember those ‘good genes’ Darlene told us about? Yes, her beautiful skin is always aglow and here are some of her secrets: • Drink 8-10 glasses of water each day • Use an iced-water facial bath to close pores • Apply baby oil to remove makeup • Always add a moisturizer to your face. Thinking of better days ahead, I asked Darlene about her favorite vacation destination. She quickly responded, without hesitation, “Jamaica! Each year my husband and I spend two weeks there because we love the warm weather. My husband is originally from Jamaica”. Reflecting on one of her favorite performances, Darlene says, “It was in Monte Carlo with Dionne Warwick!” She adds, “although it was 30 or 40 years ago, it was very memorable”. Darlene is now on Cameo. Cameo is a video sharing website that features personalized videos of your favorite stars. She has been receiving a ton of requests which is great because it is keeping her busy. Darlene is very active on social media and posts daily on Instagram and Facebook where she can connect directly with her fans. Be sure to visit www.darleneloveworld. com to stay connected with Darlene.

This 79 year old actress, singer, and superstar has graced many stages, many pages, and leaves a lot to be desired by generations to come! We wanted to get a bit in depth with Darlene and learn some of her fashion and beauty secrets! Still wearing a four-inch heel, Darlene tells us that her favorite shoe designer is Christian Louboutin, a French Egyptian fashion designer whose high-end stiletto footwear incorporates shiny, red-lacquered soles that have become his signature. She loves the shoes so much that she has found a way to have the higher heels shortened without losing the integrity or design of the shoe.


Life is short, so they say. Darlene Love, and many other phenomenal women in the industry, teaches us that there is no specific definition of ‘short’ or ‘long’ when it comes to your life. You must make the best out of each moment and show kindness along the way. Your steps are ordered, and you have a destiny mapped out for you, it is up to you to make the best of each thing you endeavor and let the ‘thing’ become a legacy filled with beautiful memories for you, your family, and those that cheer you on in all that you do! Congratulations Darlene for a life filled with beautiful music, movies, accolades, and awards. Your smile is the light that will lead others to living their best life!

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Shaving corn off the cob to make my sweet corn chowder. A family favorite.


Searching for soul And the land that bore me. SHERYL SIMMONS:

Big Mama’s Kitchen was comparatively small compared to granny’s, but she made magic happen there anyway. Her pantry shelves were lined with mason jars of canned peaches, preserves, even green beans, and peas for something savory. She had homemade tomato jelly, when put on biscuits with butter made me want to do a little happy dance. I didn’t realize how lucky (blessed) I was then or how rare it would be to carry those experiences and memories with me into this generation. I wish my daughters and granddaughters could wake up just one morning and smell the dew filled air on that farm. Sit with me on those back steps where I fed the chickens. Too afraid to step down on the ground where they all gathered and scattered to grab the kernels from the ground.

they could show you better than they could tell you. I remembered most and I called a couple of times. When I was older. Living in New York. “Mama why won’t my chicken get done in the center” “Girl turn your eye down and put a lid on it when you turn it over. Then when it browns take the lid off and turn it once for a few minutes to crisp’. That was easy. Life is not always that simple. If you think about it, I am sure you have a cherished memory to get you through.

Bid Daddy’s orchards, had fruit and nut trees which I climbed liberly. My aboslute favorite was the peach tree behind the house. Out of site from big Mama who would sutely get a switch to me if she knew.

Sit just once with Joyce, my older sister and I, on the front lawn picnic and eat the sweet fruits of our labor. Family dinners, Fish fry’s, reunions, was the center of our world. We sat or stood and cut and chopped and plucked and kneaded, with the generations of strong women that came before us. Where coffee brewed, and chicken fried, and dressing baked, and mama stood. They did more than just stand or cook or bake. They taught, Male or female, they taught you about life and gave you the ‘Talk’, about how to always have your hands on 10 and 2 if you get pulled over, and yes sir and no sir. They explained endurance and hardship and how to survive. How take nothing and make something out of it. Something that would last so you can have something to show for it. For all the years, tears and struggle. Something to leave your children, and your children’s children. No recipes were ever written you watched, and you weighed. You paid attention to how many pinches of this or that. Because

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Beauty: a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. True beauty cannot be duplicated or fabricated; it must be tailored to the individual. Clothing designer Anna Battle knows this all too well as she daily makes it her business to make every customer feel his or her absolute best. One of the ways she achieves this is by the initial questions she asks every client. Anna wants to know: • What do you want people to see when they walk into the door of your event and see you? • How do you want them to respond? Important questions since Anna Battle reminds us that “there is nothing like walking into a place with your head held high and knowing that you look good.” Regardless of your shape or size, she tailors things to you so it feels like your skin and it’s comfortable so you do not need to tug and pull. The designer compares it to a good pair of shoes: “If they are comfortable on your feet and stylish, you can’t tell a woman nothing.” When I asked Anna what differentiates her and her style offerings from other designers, boutiques, and online retailers, she shared that she doesn’t push what she believes works for the client, but teaches him or her how to dress according to his or her silhouette. Anna teaches clients how to build a collection and the quality of her designs is something that will last a lifetime, not just for a season or the moment. She explained how she takes great care in the choices of fabrics and materials that she uses, even traveling from Georgia to Los Angeles for the best choices. I had to ask her what fashion designers inspired her the most and why. Her list was quite impressive as it was diverse: •Tracy Reese, Michigan Detroit: She loves her designs and how she designs for a woman’s curves. Tracy inspired her and made her aware that there was a place for African American women in the fashion industry. Watching Tracy Reese lit a fire in her to keep going on and made her aware of the possibilities, especially when she saw Michelle Obama wearing a dress from her collection. • Oscar de la Renta®: she loved him because he understood a woman’s body and how to design for them including being one of the first to have women show their shoulders.


• Diane von Furstenberg®: she loves her simple wrap dresses. • Christian Siriano: Not only does she love how he designs for everyone, but she loves his caring heart, love for people, and passion to design for all. When asked who her ideal client was she responded “plus-size women.” Why? A lot of plus-size women feel insecure about their outerwear. A lot of clothing designs are not made to enhance the beauty of a plus-size woman’s curves. Your silhouette doesn’t matter, it’s what’s in your heart and how you present yourself. Anna Battle is so dedicated to plus-size women that she is rebranding and will focus more on her offerings for plus-size women in 2021. She even visits homes to take measurements for elderly, obese people, and those disabled who have challenges leaving their homes. She wants them to know that someone cares about them and loves them. She demonstrates that same kind of spirit and warm-heartedness with every person she comes in contact with. At Simply Anna’s Fashions and Creative Designs, it is a no-judgment zone with nothing but love. “We’re all behind a dressing room curtain and trying to get it right before we go on stage. Everything God created was beautiful. In spite of what you have gone through, God sees you as His.” Her advice to aspiring designers? She learned early on the importance of contracts. “You need to not be afraid to tell people that this is a contract they are entering and tell them what is expected from them upfront.” She informs her client of what is required to produce the designs they request. Continual education is important as well. You must educate and cultivate yourself by connecting with like-minded people. Be bold and ask them what they did to achieve their success and be open to learn what will help you in your business. Take online classes to educate yourself on the industry and even how to run your business. Above all, you have to show people how to respect you and what you do. If they want what you have to offer, teach them how to respect you and your offerings. So what vision for the future does Anna Battle have for Simply Anna's Fashions & Creative Designs LLC? She wants to produce a men’s line next year and to have a new physical location in the Atlanta area for both men and women outside of her current boutique. She also wants to do a fashion show for those with cerebral palsy to let them know that she designs clothes for them too and they deserve to feel beautiful. And then there are the big goals such as one day designing pieces for Monique, Oprah, Mary J. Blige, and Michelle Obama. If life teaches us anything it is never say never. Oh to them that dare to dream. You can follow Anna Battle, see her designs, and stay abreast of current events at any of the following points of contact: • Facebook: • Instagram: • Pinterest: • Website:

@simplyannafcd @simplyannafashions @simplyanna50

Simply Anna's Fashions & Creative Design 4333 Bemiss Rd, Valdosta, GA 31605, USA

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Davenport-King Advocate • Speaker Mentor • Coach Philanthropist

Chat with Dr. Ketra Email: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: @Author Dr. Ketra Instagram: author_dr.ketra Twitter: @DrKetra LinkedIn: Dr. Ketra L. Davenport-King

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Model: Diana Eneh Maurice Thompson Photography


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Model: Diana Eneh

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Age Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number!

Comedian Queen Cookie

Rocks the Mic

Written by JC Gardner Some people go into retirement with the mindset of just hand me my knitting needles, rocking chair and I’m set for life. Others may take a continuing education course, volunteer at their favorite organization, become more active in church or plan extensive vacations. And, of course, there are those who live just to be grandparents! Providing care to their grandchildren is the be all and end all – the icing on the cake and the best thing ever! Queen Cookie, also known as Earlean Mack Belcher, decided to put aside most of those stereotypical ideas and decided to embark on a career of stand-up comedy at the fabulous age of 63, and nearly 8 years later, she has no intention of slowing down. “In January 2013, I noticed that people thought I was funny; well, I’ve known that for quite some time. On my job or when I bowled, everyone would think I’m funny. I decided to see if other people thought I was funny because your friends and family are always going to be complimentary. I decided to go to a local comedy club called the Toledo Funny Bone in Ohio. It was me and 19 other people who signed up. I was scoping out everybody’s routine and only about 3 people got laughs. I thought I’ll go on up there with music,” and I chose the popular “Wobble” song by V.I.C. I spoke with the DJ, got on stage dancing and had 10 minutes. At the end, I got a standing ovation. That was my first ever standup routine on a comedy stage. I went back a few months later with the same results.” Queen Cookie, who has been married for 41 years to the love of her life, Dennis, where they have a blended family of kids and grandkids, has been invited to clubs, parties and other venues to share her hysterical brand of comedy, which is raw, honest and in your face. She even made it through successfully performing at a church function, which required some finessing, as her style of comedy is not for everyone. It’s definitely Rated R, but it’s who she is, unapologetically at that!


There is no doubt when the universe handed out gifts and talents, Queen Cookie was blessed with an extra dose of comical spice. Entertainment was part of her family’s tradition, and really prepared her to be fearless on stage. Her dad was a renowned musician and her mother was a singer, and these musical traits were passed down to Queen Cookie, who also sings and later in life started learning how to play the alto saxophone. But her mother was very religious. Queen Cookie’s gifts were suppressed and would not have been looked upon in a favorable light. “As a youngster, I used to be more on the quiet side, and mom had us in church – the Pentecostal Church. You had to be like Jesus. It felt like we went to church 8 days a week.” At the age of 23, she broke free from religious rules and governance, but even then, she remained on the reserved side. But all of that changed in her 50’s once menopause kicked in! Her tongue was set free, and she has been speaking her mind ever since! As a young adult, she attended business college and received a course certificate. She went on to work for the phone company for 19 years and then her last corporate job was at the local newspaper, where she worked for 7 years in the classified department processing all types of ads. She notes, “I got so good at doing obituaries, friends and family would ask me to do that for them also, even coming to the funeral to read them, where I add my own flair to the reading. Guess you could say I’ve become the official obituary composer and reader. You may look up and see me one day reading an obituary of someone I never met.” During her comedic debut in 2013, the famous comedian Mo'Nique came to her city to do a show, but Queen wasn’t feeling that $47 ticket fee, so her husband bought her a ticket and convinced her to go. She went to a 10:30 pm showing, where she sat in the front row. She reminisces on how during Mo'Nique’s set, she kept looking at her and staring at her, almost like cosmic kinship. After Mo'Nique was finished, she left the stage and immediately approached Queen Cookie, where she gave her a big old hug and remarked, “I had such a connection with you while on stage.” Queen Cookie thanked her and told her that the weight loss skit really resonated with her, as she herself had lost 55 pounds due to being diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Queen Cookie then asked if she would mind taking a picture with her. “She had Security bring me back to the green room, and I was telling her my story about being a comedian. Next thing I know, she asked me to open for her the next night. She gave me 8 minutes’ worth of stage time, and I

worked that crowd. When I finished, her security took me back to the green room and she was in tears. She said she was watching me and how I commanded the stage, and she had never seen a senior start out doing comedy at 63.” Because of that connection and Mo'Nique adopting her as “mom,” since 2013, she has appeared at the Apollo, in Las Vegas, and California sharing her hilarious adventures with menopause. “COVD-19 has me sidelined for a while, but I’ll be back out there whenever it’s safe!” She’ll always be grateful to Mo’Nique for allowing her to share the same stage with her. While her comedy brings many people joy, it has also been her saving grace. She tragically lost her grandson to suicide in 2017. “If It was not for stand-up, I would not have made it. I felt such guilt over his passing. For a time, he was in foster care and it turned out to be just too much for him to mentally overcome. A few years earlier, his mother also took her own life. I also lost two family members a day before Mother’s Day to brain aneurysms, my father and my sister, exactly 9 years apart. In a family of 8, she was my only sister, and we were inseparable. I’ve experienced a lot of tragedies, but losing my grandson, broke my heart.” In order to cope with his passing, Queen Cookie attends suicide support groups and even became an advocate for suicide prevention. “I’ve spoken with so many people who are hurting, and I try to make them see their life is worth living.” A year after her grandson’s passing, Queen Cookie traveled to where he died, which was out of state in Texas. She decided to take a videographer with her and 4 close girlfriends. What turned out to be a photo journal about her grandson in honor of his memory turned into a professionally produced documentary that is now streaming on many services including Amazon, iTunes, Apple TV, Vudu and other digital platforms entitled, “A Cry for Help, The Ajane’ Burt Story.” It is a sobering, poignant and moving film that raises awareness about mental health and shows that depression and mental illness can strike at any age. “My journey hasn’t all been peachy creamy, but it has been worth living, and I’m doing what I can to leave a legacy.” For aspiring comedians, she wants to encourage them to start looking out for open mics, where she still keeps honing her skills. At the end of every show, she tries to leave a message of hope: “I love myself, and I love ya’ll to life. Not love you to death, but to life. I adopted it from Mo’Nique. Love is the answer. I try to live my life one day at a time by love.”

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Model- Royan David (Amsterdam) Photographer- Guthrie Bonnétt (#ATOC) Photos By A Taste Of Chicago

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Let the Rest of Your Life BE the Best of Your Life Meet CoreyBe. Comedian CoreyBe was Born in Detroit, Michigan and currently lives in New York City. We were so impressed with CoreyBe’s tenacity and perseverance that we are sharing a part of his story with you. Whether you are a comedian or not, CoreyBe has some wisdom for you. communiqué Magazine: Which comedian inspires you to keep striving? CoreyBe: Truly a combination of the many greats we have been blessed to have from Richard Pryor to George Carlin to Bernie Mac, those are the ones who keep me striving. Also, guys like Chris Rock inspire my art. I am deeply inspired by each of their unique stories . communiqué Magazine: What is your mantra, what do you stand for? CoreyBe: My name is my mantra. Yup, CoreyBe. I added "Be" to the end of my name as a constant reminder to BE the best version of myself. It’s my personal version of Kobe's mamba mentality. communiqué Magazine:What is your success story? CoreyBe: I moved to New York City in 2017 in pursuit of being the number one comedian in the world . My goal is to heal the silent voices of so many small communities through laughter . Be it small children who I’ve entertained performing puppet shows I do with my friends over at Griot World in Harlem or if I’m hitting the stage at Rock Church in Harlem demonstrating the transparency that humor isn’t always derogatory and that we all can laugh at everyday type scenarios. Like when you misplace the television remote, can't find it for the life of you and swear maybe your friends who were visiting took it out of your house accidentally. Nothing is new under the sun. Universal laughter is always powerful. Trevor Noah does it best. I want to be able to see my success on the faces of my people around me. I would like my journey to be similar to Tyler Perry’s. I want to continue to rise and grow while holding the hands of others and open up creative doors for as many young artists as I can. communiqué Magazine: What was the absolute hardest part of life for you and how did you overcome it?


CoreyBe: The hardest time in my life was going to prison at the age of 17 for seven years for conspiracy to a robbery. Having to adapt to prison knowing that I had 7 years until my second chance at life again. During that time, I kept my eyes in a book. I relearned history. I read books to keep my mind healthy and always moving forward. communiqué Magazine: What was the biggest lesson you learned out of the hardest part of your life? CoreyBe: That there is a lesson behind every moment in life. To cherish every moment to let the rest of my life be the best of my life. communiqué Magazine: What was your childhood like? CoreyBe: Richard Pryor and I have a very similar background. My mother was a drug addict as well as a prostitute. Witnessing so much from an early age, all I had was my imagination that allowed me to not feel alone. My imaginative nature taught me to love to make other people happy, and laugh in an effort to hide my pain. communiqué Magazine: Did you ever think life was over for you? When and why? CoreyBe: My first real test of survival was on my 18th birthday in Level 4 max getting into a fist fight. I can tell you a prison fist fight is nothing like a school yard fist fight where I should have been. My already tested instincts and desire to survive enabled me to be brave and show that I wasn’t going to be broken by anyone. After that, I gained much respect from many lifers and was able to feel a little safer and more looked after. Kendal - Bey, a Moorish American guy and a brother by the name of Henry X often come to mind. They saw something in me to become big brothers to me. They went in very young and unlike me they didn’t have another chance at society. These men taught me a lot. About how I should take my newfound approach to life once I was free. communiqué Magazine:What makes you proudest? CoreyBe: My most proud role in this life is being a "girl-dad". One of my favorite quotes is, "A child is as perfect as the source which it comes from". My daughter Kaylee is every bit of a reflection of me and my energy I put into life. Loving her and being a great

example for her isn’t just the only proud aspect of being a Dad . I also hope she naturally grows to share my positive spirit and philanthropic ways. communiquĂŠ Magazine: What are you doing for the next generation that needs to know some of the things that you eventually learned? CoreyBe: In partnership with Griot World, I hold group discussions with young men where I talk to them about decision making. communiquĂŠ Magazine:What is your biggest accomplishment in the comedy industry? CoreyBe:Working on the set of Tracey Morgan’s TV Series, The Last OG. Being able to soak in that experience watching him and Tiffany Haddish work. That was definitely one of my most memorable moments in comedy. I remember it like it was yesterday I couldn’t sleep that entire night. As I lay awake I was imagining 3 things that could happen on set tomorrow. Tracey Morgan takes a liking to my shit talking. Tiffany Haddish falls for my charm (hahahahah). Method Man was also a part of the cast which was so dope. I saw us ending up in a long dice game on set and Method Man and I becoming the best of homies. Yup I wanted something special to happen that day, like a sign so I tried smooth attempts at gaining the attention of my future comedian family. On set we all know you aren’t supposed to speak to the principal actors. Unless they say something to you first. Tracey was walking towards me; this was my moment. So close to letting him just walk by me, I locked eyes with Tracey, and I said to him, "man you and Akon y’all hair used to look shiny.â€? Then I asked him what new wave grease is he using. (lol). He passed me, stopped and looked back at me and said, "Too much information for 2 <blank blank> dollars". Classic Tracey Morgan moment, so sarcastically funny . After receiving this comedy high from Tracey, I now had all the confidence to speak to Tiffany . Her energy was so inspiring. The director put me right near Tiffany for the final scene of Episode 10 which was the food truck scene. She was so nice she said hi first which threw me off, I was like "dang" on the inside đ&#x;˜‚.I replied I’ve been liking you for a long time đ&#x;˜Š as I held my breath to suffocate myself out of embarrassment. Her reply was priceless, she said, "Boy I just got on TV." For real đ&#x;¤Ł, I was stuck in my tracks but with a comedy story for a lifetime . CoreyBe created his own scenario and it played out perfectly. That is what you call a dreamer in motion! CoreyBe has one daughter, 6 year old Kaylee. He has one Brother named Ari. CoreyBe wraps up our interview with these words of advice for you, whether you are a comedian or not: Proper preparation prevents poor performance!

CoreyBe gives Special Thanks to Comedian Ali Siddiq

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Model- Royan David (Amsterdam) Photographer- Guthrie BonnĂŠtt (#ATOC) Photos By A Taste Of Chicago


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Story Version of

Mac n Cheese (Recipe Only Down Below)

Written by JC Gardner Before we begin this section, I already know there are a gazillion macaroni and cheese recipes. Everyone has that family member that is known for their mac 'n cheese, and I'm sure it is ALL THAT and a bag of chips. I myself have 3 mac 'n cheese recipes in my stash, but this one I'm sharing today is affectionately called, "Mac 'n cheese in a pot." Yes, you will need the oven, but most of it is done in a pot. If you've always struggled with dry or non-creamy mac 'n cheese, it is probably because your egg to cheese/milk ratio is off. Eggs actually dry up the dish because eggs act as a binding agent. There is nothing wrong with the egg version but guess what? None of my recipes use eggs, including this pot version. I know. Shocking right? The other thing about this pot version is simple ingredients but the results are amazing, which can be made anytime. The type of cheese DOES make a difference, along with the quality of the cheese. Trust me on this one, but I defer to what your wallets can afford. I MUST HAVE seriously sharp Vermont white cheddar cheese. It's often sold in a block and I shred it myself. The other is sharp or extra sharp yellow cheddar. You can also use gouda cheese. (After you get this down to a science, feel free to experiment with other types of cheese.) For every one cup of elbow noodles, I have 3 cups of shredded cheese. I use a 1 - 3 ratio. So 2 cups of elbows is 6 cups of shredded cheese and so on. I normally make a roux, which can intimidate novice cooks but this requires no roux. Let's begin! Again, we'll start small. You'll need an 8X8 dish. Round, deep pie plate is acceptable. Here are your ingredients: 8 oz of elbow noodles, oil for the water, salt, pepper, paprika, dry mustard, 2 tblspoons of salted butter plus a little for greasing the dish, 3/4- 1 cup of half n half OR heavy cream. (I prefer half n half but have used both.) THAT'S IT! (Oh, I've used milk and even almond milk; results are still great.) Put the oven on 350 degrees. Have your baking dish greased with butter on standby. Boil the noodles according to the package. Add a little salt and a little oil (1 tblspoon) to the water to assist with the noodles not sticking to each other. Make sure you stir the noodles to aid in them not sticking either to the bottom or to each other. While that is boiling, shred your cheese or have it nearby ready to go. After the noodles have finished cooking, drain them well and return to the same pot. DO NOT RINSE. Turn the fire down to simmer. Stir in the butter; once blended, stir in one cup of the cheese, sprinkle in 1/4 tspoon of dry mustard. Salt and pepper to taste BUT be careful not to oversalt, as the cheese has salt too. Now stir in your 1/2 cup of half n half. It should have a nice creamy appearance and be

slightly loose. If not add a little more. Let the layering begin. Put half the noodles in the dish, and top with half of the remaining cheese. Sprinkle lightly with paprika. Add remaining noodles, top with last amount of cheese and sprinkle with paprika. Place in the middle of the oven -- not the top rack. Bake for 10-15 minutes or until cheese is melted. Keep in mind when you put it in the oven it has never stopped cooking on the stovetop, so it does not need a long time in the oven. Leaving it longer will dry it out. Once you remove it, let it sit for 10 - 15 minutes before serving. Can't wait to hear your results. Extra notes: We love cheese; you can opt to reduce the amount with still great results. Layering is optional. Everything can be made in the pot and eaten from that point or you can even put in a crockpot on high until bubbly. Recipe Only 8X8 dish. Round, deep pie plate is acceptable 8 oz of elbow noodles 3 cups of shredded cheese (Sharp white and Yellow cheddar and Gouda) 1 tblspoon of oil for the water + 2 tsp of salt 3/4- 1 cup of half n half OR heavy cream. (I prefer half n half but have used both.) THAT'S IT! (Oh, I've used milk and even almond milk; results are still great.) Put the oven on 350 degrees Pepper to taste Paprika Âź tsp dry mustard, 2 tblspoons of salted butter plus a little more for greasing the dish Put the oven on 350 degrees. Have your baking dish greased with butter on standby. Boil the noodles according to the package. Add salt and oil to the water to assist with the noodles not sticking to each other. Make sure you stir the noodles throughout to aid in them not sticking either to the bottom or to each other. While that is boiling, shred your cheese or have it nearby ready to go. After the noodles have finished cooking, drain them well and return to the same pot. DO NOT RINSE. Turn the fire down to simmer. Stir in the salted butter; once blended, stir in one cup of the cheese, sprinkle in dry mustard. Salt and pepper to taste BUT be careful not to over salt, as the cheese has salt too. Now stir in your 3/4 cup of half n half. Add one more cup of cheese. It should have a nice creamy appearance and be slightly loose. If not add a little more cream. Let the layering begin. Put half the noodles in the dish, and top with half of the remaining cheese. Sprinkle lightly with paprika. Add remaining noodles, top with last amount of cheese and sprinkle with paprika. Place in the middle of the oven -- not the top rack. Bake for 10-15 minutes or until cheese is melted. Enjoy!

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CREDITS Darlene Love Cover Image Pages 32-33 Page 35 Photography by: Christopher Logan Page 2 and Credits Page Watermark Model: Brittni A. J. Cowart Photography by A. Boss Table of Contents Image and Page 8 Ella Pritsker Photographer: Julie Andersen Page 10 Photographer: Helen Norman Page 11 Photographer: Aisha Butler Jazzy Studios Page 12 Photographer: DLacy Photography Pages 16-19 Photographer: C. NaTasha Richburg Pages 20, 70-71 Model: Tiara IG Photographer/Stylist: Jeffrey B. Martin Martin Studio Photography


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