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How will the Exterior and Interior of my new Commodore Home look?

How will my new home be constructed? (specific to manufactured homes built to federal HUD code)

Feature: All homes are built flat and square on a level “table”. Benefit: Building a home flat and square on a level “table” helps insure the home will set level on either a foundation or basement.

Double Rim Joists Stamped Graded Lumber

6” Insulated Perimeter Duct Feature: 6” Insulated ducts (with an R-Value of 4.2) carry air to

the perimeter of the home. Feature: All homes are built with DOUBLE RIM JOISTS around the entire floor which creates (4) JOISTS Benefit: Insulated ducts carry air from the main duct to the sidewall registers. R-4.2 helps eliminate heat loss. Perimeter registers at the center line. Double Rim Joists are glued and eliminate registers in the center of the floor. nailed together for extra strength and the floor is built using GRADED LUMBER. Benefit: Double Rim Joists create a much stronger floor system that is superior to a single rim joist system with only (2) center line joists.

Graded lumber is important because it has a lower moisture content and fewer knots than non-graded lumber. Lower moisture helps eliminate warping and fewer knots create stronger lumber. Feature: Aluminum heat ducts are wrapped in fiberglass insulation. Benefit: Wrapping in insulation helps eliminate radiant heat loss and creates a Whisper Quiet air flow.

2x6 Wall

3/4” Tongue and Groove O.S.B. Floor

Feature: 3/4” tongue and groove O.S.B. floor with sanded seams Benefit: A 3/4” tongue and groove O.S.B. floor is one of the strongest, most durable decking materials available.

R-19 Insulation (R-21 Optional) Feature: 2x6 sidewalls with R-19 insulation. (Opt. R-21) Benefit: 2x6 sidewalls have more depth than 2x4 walls and add strength. They allow the use of R-19 or R-21 insulation instead of R-11.

Feature: 2x4 center walls and interior walls Benefit: Superior to 2x3 studs because 2x4 lumber adds an extra inch of support to the home.

Feature: Triple headers over all patio doors and large windows. Benefit: Creates a very strong support header and an extra strong window or patio door opening.


Feature: Laminated Veneer Lumber at ceiling spans Benefit: L.V.L. beams at ceiling spans help insure “Rock Solid� openings with great stability. L.V..L. beams are 2.5 times stronger than conventional lumber.

Feature: All walls wrapped in O.S.B.-glued & nailed Benefit: O.S.B. increases sidewall strength and helps create a very sturdy home. Our homes often weigh over 80,000 pounds

Feature: Optional Weather wrap on all exterior walls Benefit: Weather wrap helps eliminate air infiltration and saves energy.

Feature: Optional 2x4 hinged, truss rafters w/ blown insulation and attic baffles. (2x3 non-hinge rafter is standard) Benefit: Very strong rafter that has either a 5/12 or 7/12 roof pitch. Blown insulation eliminates gaps in insulation & reduces energy costs. Baffles create air flow that cools the roof and helps eliminate potential ice build up. (Baffles are standard in all roofs.)

Full Length Ridge Vent

Feature O.S.B. roof decking Benefit: Very strong and durable decking. A solid foundation for a quality roof system.

Feature: Optional 30 Year Dimensional Shingles with Full Length Ridge Vent. (25 yr. shingle w/ridge vent is standard) Benefit: Gives a Dimensional appearance to the roof and is very dependable. The full length ridge vent creates a superior flow of air into the roof cavity.

Why should I buy a Factory Built Home Instead of a Site Built Home. Site Built Construction

Factory Built Construction Where do you want the materials for your new home to be stored?

What quality lumber do you expect and is Wet Wood acceptable?

Is standing water and soaked floor decking something you want? Which environment is perfect for the construction of your new home?

Commodore Homes of Indiana All descriptive representations of the products on this brochure are believed to be correct at the time of publication. However, due to continued product improvement accuracy can not be guaranteed and is subject to change without notice.

Construction Flyer-HUD  

Construction Flyer-HUD

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