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“About 25 years ago, I made a gift to the newly formed The Women’s Fund. That gift was to come through my estate plans...and fortunately, The Women’s Fund has not yet received it. But what I knew then, and know now, is the peace of mind that comes with making such a gift.

Colleen Conway Welch

“Like so many of my women friends — and, for that matter, male friends who have become widowers — several years ago, when I lost my husband I was left with a host of elephant statues, beautiful furniture, other possessions like insurance policies, and some jewelry. In my Will, I have the opportunity to leave my things to people or to charity and I have carried through with making sure the gift I made so long ago will help Tennessee women and girls in need, in perpetuity.

Recently, I discovered that The Women’s Fund and The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee can handle all of these potential gifts: real estate, cash, stock, and “stuff”, and I wanted to share the fact that it can make your life easier and more meaningful. I learned both these things from my late friend, Kitty Moon Emery, who proved that things you won’t be around to enjoy any more and your family don’t want or need are a wonderful way to make the path easier for women and girls or for any charitable endeavor.

I hope in your Will you will add The Women’s Fund to those who will benefit: the women and girls of Middle Tennessee. Their needs could have been ours, and we should never forget that “there but for the Grace of God go I.” But if The Women’s Fund isn’t your cup of tea, consider a scholarship or a fund to benefit a favorite charity or community or a charitable purpose...with The Community Foundation the options are endless and the opportunity to help even more so...

Colleen Conway Welch To learn more, feel free to call The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee at 615-321-4939 and ask for Amy Fair or Belinda Dinwiddie Havron or Scott O’Neal.

We need to amp up the awareness of our community’s needs as we increase our community’s support. And so we are embarking on an initiative called

WOMEN WILL The Community Foundation has been blessed and, in turn, has been able to bless others. But few remember how easy it is to give what you can, when you can, to help others. A gift through Women Will is easy to make, all you have to do is call and we will assist you in doing what you can and feeling great about it. For instance, did you know that gifts of jewelry you no longer wear can be given to The Community Foundation? So can antiques or other household items when you decide to downsize. One friend of the fund, recently gave us her mother’s china when her mother passed and no longer could use it. Another friend contributed her silver. And several others have included Women Will in their estate plans. 3

The truth is that no one has ever seen an armored car in a funeral procession. And no one was ever eulogized for being a great shopper; but many have been acknowledged for generations for their acts of kindness and charity.

I love you mom, but I don ’ t love your stuff! 4


Do you wonder what will happen to your possessions should something happen to you?

Do you have an up-to-date Will or Estate Plans?

Do you wonder what to do with that life insurance policy you no longer need instead of just letting it lapse?

Do you want to invest in solutions, not just put band-aids on problems?

All you need is great heart, not great wealth. 7

We encourage you to focus on Making a Difference during your life and Leaving a Legacy that matters – to you and to those who will benefit. The author of “Inspired Philanthropy” believes that too often charitable gifts are driven by things we get in the mail or a sense of obligation rather than being sure a gift will matter and provide solutions rather than putting band-aids on problems. To many people, the chance to be Inspired and use charitable dollars strategically to transform outcomes and create lasting change is appealing. EXAMPLE: Contributing to a daycare center might help for a day or two but investing in creating joint purchasing plans to reduce the expense of running a center can be transformative, for employees, parents, and children alike. To others, the chance to perpetuate the work and institutions they have long loved is what they most hope to accomplish. EXAMPLE: You may care about a cause — such as the evolving plight of women and girls in Middle Tennessee — or helping kids get an education, and we can make sure that your gifts will be relevant and helpful for generations to come.

EXAMPLE: You may care about an organization — your church or school or a city or county — that has come to mean so much to you and yours, and can help you protect them and help them retain the significance and stature you believe fitting.


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If you want to make a difference, there has never been a better time! NO ONE CAN DO EVERYTHING and we urge you to make gifts to causes that matter to you.

WOMEN WILL works to make it easier to help you help others. All you have to do is call Amy Fair, Belinda Dinwiddie Havron, or Scott O’Neal at 615-321-4939 and we will make sure your gifts make a difference and have an impact.

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee 3833 Cleghorn Avenue • Nashville, Tennessee 37215 - 2519 CFMT.ORG

Women Will  

The Community Foundation has been blessed and, in turn, has been able to bless others. But few remember how easy it is to give what you can,...

Women Will  

The Community Foundation has been blessed and, in turn, has been able to bless others. But few remember how easy it is to give what you can,...