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2020 Report to the Community

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction and Looking Back at 2020


Keeping the Doors Open, Putting Food on the Table During the Pandemic


Life Stories Live on Through the Work of The Community Foundation


Power of Endowment/Working with Advisors


Making a Difference for 25 Years: Scholarships at CFMT


ChildcareTennessee, State Ensure Child Care Programs Stay Afloat During Pandemic


Give Black, Give Back Initiative Celebrates Black Philanthropy, Connects with Area Nonprofit Organizations


20 Years of Employee Care at CFMT


CFMT Initiative Highlights




The Big Payback




Who We Are


2020 at a Glance


Letter from the President


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A leveled building on Jefferson Street in North Nashville overlooking downtown.

Caring Middle Tennessee residents volunteer with the Community Resource Center, a valued organization that continues to provide resources to survivors, from toilet paper to food to household goods. Photo courtesy Community Resource Center

Through multiple disasters, Middle Tennessee survives, thanks to nonprofits, donors More appropriately, we’re pushing through it in Middle Tennessee, past, present and future tense. Through devastating and deadly tornadoes. Through an even more deadly worldwide pandemic and resulting economic turmoil. Through weeks-long civil unrest and demonstrations caused by long-festering racial equity and equality issues, interrupted by outsiders who set fire to our majestic downtown courthouse. Through some rare straight-line wind weather phenomenon called a derecho, which for a time crippled our electric power grid even more severely than the tornadoes. And, as the year lurched to a close on a quiet Christmas morning, Historic Second Avenue in Downtown Nashville, due to a lone attacker, was bombed. A significant chunk of the city block was decimated and our power grid again was crippled for days. We pushed through all of it. It was that kind of a year, across the globe and, in particular, close to home … to the point that you wonder: Just what did we do to deserve all of this? The tale of 2020 — and here’s your hat and here’s your coat and what’s your hurry getting down the road, you scoundrel of a year — can be told through survivors, and those who helped us survive. Modern American treasure Fred Rogers of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” fame, once shared, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’” This quote rang so true for Middle Tennessee in 2020.

The pandemic made things more challenging, but Project Connect staff became trained in COVID safety measures and began implementing them proactively. The Nashville-based nonprofit has served many thousands of meals in North and East Nashville since March 2020. Many of those were delivered by volunteers to elderly and disabled residents.

We found an extraordinary number of helpers, young and old, rich and poor, black and brown and white, stepping in at a time when we needed them the most.


Two pedestrians embrace after surveying damage at the East Nashville Smoke Shop and Lee Nails, on the corner of 9th and Main streets.

Thousands of those helpers showed up for our region through generous gifts of money donated to The Community Foundation, as the institution to distribute donations to the organizations with boots on the ground, helping survivors make the journey back to pre-disaster wholeness. CFMT has been responding to disaster since 1993, just two short years after the organization was founded. In its longtime role in emergency management, our team helps bring calm to the chaos. It’s a significant part of what we do. Emergency response funds have been established to address natural and man-made disasters in our 40-county service area, across the state of Tennessee, and beyond. For Nashville and Davidson County, CFMT also works alongside the city as lead agency for monetary donations; as named in the Nashville Office of Emergency Management’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP). Due to this designation in the CEMP, the year 2020 saw us partner with more than 100 area nonprofits and religious institutions to help survivors — residents, employees and businesses alike — in need due to the tornadoes and the Christmas bombing, as well as worked with individual donors and corporations with the desire to help financially throughout the pandemic. In the aftermath of the March 2020 tornadoes, recovery efforts would not have been possible without the direct service organizations that received funding through CFMT’s Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund, which was established just moments after the funnels swept through the area, leaving more than two dozen dead and thousands of homes and businesses damaged or destroyed. The Fund has raised more than $12.5 million, with donations coming from every state in the United States as well as internationally.

CFMT has remained there, connecting generosity with need through the four R’s of post-disaster: relief, response, recovery, and resilience. The way this works: Grants from our disaster response funds are made to nonprofits providing vital services both immediate and long term. CFMT’s work helps free up nonprofits to concentrate on delivering services, and the community sets out to rebuild lives. “We know when disasters strike, there are no quick fixes,” said Ellen Lehman, president of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. “We work very hard to support the affected communities and the nonprofits on the ground helping survivors and addressing their needs, from Day One and for as long as recovery needs remain.”


Volunteer Sumant Joshi (second photo from top) clears debris in front of East End United Methodist Church. Only a fitting room mirror (third photo from top) remains of the family owned business, Molly Green, on Main Street in East Nashville. High winds knocked a tree onto a parked car in East Nashville (fourth photo from top).

Hopewell Baptist Church, a longtime North Nashville landmark, received heavy damage from the tornado.

Early on, in the aftermath of the tornadoes, the relief work was spent on the bare necessities of life: food, clothing, toiletries, and shelter. We found the helpers in tornado-ravaged North Nashville, where those aiding survivors included the very students from Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary whose school was severely damaged by the high winds. Churchwell students, who would spend the rest of the school year transplanted to a nearby school, helped sort hundreds of boxes of clothing, toiletry and food items. They then packed them into residents’ cars at the school in a relief effort led by Hands on Nashville and the Community Resource Center, two organizations that, like CFMT, seemed to be omnipresent throughout the disasters of 2020. “I just love helping people,” 10-year-old Churchwell School student Joshua Murray told The Tennessean. “It’s a blessing to be able to help my community.” We found helpers in the entertainment industry, their nightclubs and sound stages ravaged by the tornadoes and soon to be gut-punched by the pandemic. Within a week of the tornadoes, in what turned out to be one of the last major live concert events for nearly a year in what is known the world over as Music City, Marathon Music Works concert hall hosted “To Nashville With Love.”

Each located in one of Germantown’s most historic buildings and owned by entrepreneur Joshua Mundy, the businesses Music City Cleaners (top photo), The Lab, and Events 624 were all lost to tornado damage. The tornado heavily damaged Mount Bethel Baptist Church in North Nashville (middle photo). The Community Foundation’s To Nashville, With Love Fund (photo right) was created by a group of music industry professionals to help raise funds after the devastating March 2020 tornadoes hit Middle Tennessee. The sold-out benefit concert at Marathon Music Works raised more than $500,000 for tornado relief.

The star-studded, sold-out event was organized by William Morris Endeavor Agency executive Jay Williams, who is both a CFMT and Country Music Association board member. It raised more than $500,000 for tornado recovery through the To Nashville, With Love Fund at The Community Foundation and benefited 16 Middle Tennessee organizations providing immediate and long-term relief. And when the live music temporarily stopped, long-time music staples thought creatively, such as the Grateful Dead-now Dead & Company’s guitarist Bob Weir auctioning off a guitar to continue and raise funds.

All told, hundreds of entertainment individuals and organizations gifted millions of dollars to tornado relief, ranging from $1 million donations from superstar Taylor Swift and the Tennessee Titans organization to nightclub shows netting a few hundred dollars. Regardless of the amount gifted, the sentiment always rings true: Indeed, every gift always matters.


The Community Foundation’s tornado recovery work continued as funding shifted toward rebuilding efforts. This is expected to move onward at least through the remainder of 2021 and into 2022 as insurance and other federal, state and local funding gets sorted out, lumber prices rise, and building contractors and subcontractors continue to work throughout the region to rebuild homes. “Although the impact on our community is far-reaching, we have been encouraged in the face of this overwhelming tragedy to see so many people and organizations working together to help hundreds of residents affected by the storm,” said John Bell, executive director of the Cookeville Regional Charitable Foundation, whose city was struck with the last and the most destructive of the tornadoes, killing 19 and damaging more than 250 buildings.

Collaboration has been key in our region’s recovery efforts. A meeting called by CFMT’s Lehman just days prior to the March 2020 tornadoes had been called to reconvene the Nashville Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster — better known as Nashville VOAD — and to work on its mission to provide knowledge and resources throughout the disaster cycle of preparation, mitigation, response and recovery. A goal also was to have a system in place for first responders, area nonprofits, and city officials to provide an organized relief and response effort for those impacted by a disaster. Imagine that fortuitous timing. VOAD has led critical information gathering by canvassing in the hard-hit neighborhoods in North Nashville, East Nashville, Hermitage and Donelson. It established and operated the Tornado Recovery Connection — (now known as the Disaster Recovery Connection, three disasters later) — which provides callers with resources for immediate relief and helps identify those with long-term needs. The calls and canvassing helped build a valuable database for the Davidson County Long-Term Recovery Group, which includes representatives from several agencies named in the city’s CEMP: The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, Community Resource Center, Hands on Nashville, and United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), among others.

Ms. Carol Wilson’s daughter, LaToria, and son, Kevin, (top photo) stand in front of her new home with a delivery from the Community Resource Center. Joe Gaines (middle photo) leads Westminster Home Connection volunteers in replacing weather-worn tarps in North Nashville. Home repairs and rebuilding (photo above) begin in earnest in East Nashville.


We are still finding helpers. CFMT, in partnership with WTVF-NewsChannel 5, established the Nashville Neighbors Fund just hours after the Christmas Day bombing injured at least three people, damaged dozens of downtown buildings, and hampered telecommunications systems throughout the Southeast for several days. We found helpers in the tense moments before the explosion.

Six Nashville police officers — officers Brenna Hosey, Richard Luellen, Michael Sipos, Amanda Topping, James Wells, and Sergeant Timothy Miller — went door to door to alert residents and businesses about the impending blast. When Officer Hosey knocked on the door of the Callen family on Christmas morning, she had to explain the urgency, and work with Traci Callen to get her and her four children to safety.

Warehouses on Historic Second Avenue received extensive damage after a Christmas Day bombing. Photo credit: Ray Di Pietro

Traci would later send this message to the MNPD: “Dear Nashville PD, Here is our family, here are some of the faces you saved Christmas morning. I still feel a lump in my throat when I think of you. I remember gathering my family and waiting to board the elevator that would take us to our minivan. Before we entered the elevator, I said, ‘Thank you for your service.’ I knew you didn’t know how big that bomb was and yet you were still standing there just trying to assist my family, to make sure we made it to safety. You wanted to protect us and it seemed you had never even thought about yourself. You and the other five officers did such selfless, wonderful things that day. You saved lives. We love you, we pray for you and we will never forget you. I will try to raise my children to be more like you. Thank you for your service. Hugs, Traci Callen and the rest of the Callen bunch.” On Jan. 10, the so-called “Nashville 6” officers were honored as the collective 12th Titan just before the Tennessee Titans playoff game, but the real surprise came at the beginning of the second quarter. The Callen family presented Officer Hosey with a $100,000 check for the Nashville Police Support Fund, housed within The Community Foundation, in honor of her and her MNPD colleagues.

Nashville’s Office of Emergency Management ultimately estimated the downtown explosion affected about 1,200 employees, 400 residents, at least 45 businesses, and 46 parcels of land, some with multiple structures. The Metro Nashville Codes Department deemed 10 buildings unsafe.

Metro Nashville Police officers, from left: Brenna Hosey, Amanda Topping, James Wells, Sgt. Timothy Miller, Michael Sipos, and Richard Luellen gather with Titans mascot T-Rac. Photo credit: Metro Nashville Police Department

More helpers, many of whom have been involved in tornado relief and recovery efforts are also assisting bombing survivors. The local arm of Catholic Charities is handling survivor case management and Tennessee Voices for Victims is leading the Nashville VOAD’s Christmas Day Bombing Long-Term Recovery Group. With rebuilding efforts underway, some businesses have moved to new neighborhoods. Others are working to reopen in the original spaces on Nashville’s Historic Second Avenue. Repairing and rebuilding homes and businesses takes time. While projected completion of tornado recovery is headed into 2022, authorities estimate it will be years before Second Avenue rebuilding efforts are completed. Yes, we’re pushing through it. Thanks to the helpers.


Keeping the Doors Open, Putting Food on the Table During the Pandemic

While food insecurity affects millions of Americans every year, the worldwide coronavirus pandemic has made hunger go from bad to worse. Nearly 1 million Tennesseans — 237,100 of them children — were food insecure in 2019, according to Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. Meanwhile, the Tennessee Justice Center reports that during the pandemic, food insecurity increased 31% for families, with the percentage even higher for Hispanic and Black families. Omelia Isabell prepares food at United Ministries Food Bank of Robertson County in Springfield, Tennessee.

“It wasn’t good in 2020, that’s for sure,” said Donna Davaloz, executive director of the Harvest Share Food Pantry in Columbia. “People were coming in — people we’d never seen,” Davaloz continued. “People were calling me from different [Tennessee] counties, and even a few from Kentucky and Alabama, to see if we had food in our pantry. They were desperate. “Some people said we should close, but I couldn’t do that. … People need food!”

There was no escaping the crisis: Food insecurity didn’t recognize the difference between urban and rural communities. “Hunger doesn’t pick a color, a nationality — anything. It can happen to anyone,” said Sherry Martell, executive director at United Ministries of Robertson County. “It doesn’t matter what your background is.” “We have a lot of working poor people in rural areas,” Martell continued. “Industries don’t pay a living wage for a family of four to live on anymore.” 7

You don’t have to search far for evidence. According to Harvest Share’s Donna Davaloz, people were living out of their cars with no way to even cook the food made available to them. “I told one lady that I’d give her and her brother some pop-tops [canned food] after I’d dropped them off at the shelter,” said Davaloz. “She burst into tears but tried to hide her face so I didn’t see.” “I know when people do that, they really are hurting,” she continued. “And I understand the humiliation.” That’s because, 34 years ago, she was an original client of the organization. Davaloz had three children, and she and her husband were mowing lawns to scrape by. One of their clients informed her that Harvest Share, then known as Neighbors Concerned, needed to hire someone for two weeks. Davaloz was interested in the temporary position and didn’t have child care, but the organization said she could bring her children with her. It was settled, and for the next two weeks, Davaloz finally had a job. Then the woman for whom she was filling in, who was ill with cancer, needed another two weeks away. That turned into a couple of months. Eventually, she replaced her and worked her way up to executive director, a post she has served for 20 years. “We depend on grants, churches, individual donations — that’s the only way we work,” Davaloz said. “When we get money in, we always use it to purchase food.”

That’s the reality of operating a food bank in a rural community. “When I became director six years ago, I went around to all of our community organizations to explain our reality,” said United Ministries of Robertson County’s Martell. “People don’t realize that we still have about $2,500 in monthly operating expenses and buy supplemental food to round out what is donated.” CFMT grant funding, made available by its generous donors, went directly to United Ministries of Robertson County’s operating expenses and food.

“Because of The Community Foundation’s grant, we were able to maintain a good inventory in our pantry,” Martell said. “That translated to more food received by the families we serve.” She also emphasized how instrumental the Robertson County community was through the pandemic, as well. “I think it goes back to the old ways,” Martell said. “There are a lot of farmers here. Industry folks. Everyone stepped up — community members and businesses. “We never ran out of food.” Such has been the history of The Foundation. “The Community Foundation is known as a disaster partner and community leader,” said Amy Fair, CFMT’s vice president of donor services. “We knew food security was an issue, so we married our experience with the moment.” Statewide, Tennessee’s community foundations banded together to help feed the hungry. The East Tennessee Foundation (ETF), a community foundation serving the Eastern region, spearheaded the #COVIDfeedTN fundraiser, a partnership with major retailers statewide, as well as ETF’s sister community foundations the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, The Community Foundation of Greater Memphis and The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

Wanda Fisher (above photo) dispatches food at United Ministries Food Bank of Robertson County. Photo right, Ginny Schwarz (left) and Paulette Cowan prepare meals.

Tennesseans could purchase a #COVIDfeedTN T-shirt at a participating retailer or through the fundraisers’ websites and all the proceeds were donated based on the regional area where the purchase was made. Because of these efforts and additional donations made to provide COVID-19 related support, a total of $104,802.50 was distributed to Middle Tennessee nonprofits in 2020 to address the increased food insecurity caused by the economic shutdowns during the pandemic. Since 2006, the Fund for Food Security has distributed $240,702.50 to organizations that support Middle Tennesseans struggling with food insecurity. “I always tell new volunteers, ‘Just be glad you’re on this side of the counter, instead of the other one.’” United Ministries of Robertson County’s Martell said. “You never know what life will throw your way.” 8

Life Stories Live On Through the Work of The Community Foundation

We do what we promise we’ll do. That’s at the heart of the hundreds and hundreds of philanthropic funds established at The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee through the years. Many donors who find their way to The Community Foundation to connect generosity with need do so in order to leave a legacy for themselves or for family members. This can be done through the different types of funds offered by community foundations. For instance, philanthropists can establish their giving mechanism to come to fruition now, or plan for future giving upon their death. In both instances, donors’ stories can live on, and their support for the community can continue generation after generation. This is like others who, having heard of CFMT through word of mouth or other ways, will relax as other friends express their own goals and success in getting done just what they wanted.

Top Photo: Dan Berry Photo above: U.S. Secretary of State Cordell Hull (left), alongside his wife, Rose Frances, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1945 for his role in establishing the United Nations.


Planned giving counts for many such funds, and they can come in many shapes and sizes. The beauty lies in this: It’s relatively easy to create a fund and to take the time to ensure it achieves the charitable goals close to the donor’s heart. Dedicated members of our Donor Services team work with donors, attorneys, trust officers, and other financial advisors to tailor a giving vehicle to best suit the donors’ needs. Donors’ charitable goals may be realized with several giving options: estate planning, wills, IRAs and life insurance are a few examples. Legacy gifts often reflect support for organizations or issues in which the donor has had a long

and meaningful history, while at the same time taking care of existing family members. An example of planned giving through estate planning is the Dan and Mimi Berry Fund. Its genesis dates years ago to when Dan Berry was still alive, but the planned gift eventually was established as a Designated Fund in 2017 upon the death of Berry’s last direct heir. Some background: Dan McIntyre Berry Jr. was the longtime head of the Nashville branch of the Better Business Bureau. He passed away in 2013 at age 87 and was preceded in death by his wife, Mimi, and their son, the Rev. Dan Berry III. The elder Berry was brought to the city with the charge of ridding a growing Nashville business community of scammers and swindlers. “We intend to create a better climate for the legitimate business operations here,” Berry was quoted in the Sept. 21, 1961, edition of The Tennessean after speaking at a luncheon meeting at the Hermitage Hotel not long after being named BBB chief. (Interestingly, Berry’s first board president was Nelson Andrews, then an executive at McClure’s Department Stores and later a key supporter and board chair of The Community Foundation.) Small wonder that a by-the-book businessman such as Dan Berry had very specific ideas about where his money should go after his death. So one day, in late 2007, Berry worked with The Foundation to create a document. It began: “Upon my demise, my will makes specific bequests. After these bequests have been honored, The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee will receive the remainder.”

After Berry’s heirs passed away, the remainder of the trust was to be added to the Dan and Mimi Berry Fund, which benefits six organizations:

• Hillwood Presbyterian Church in Nashville, where Dan was the longtime choir director; • Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center in Nashville; • The Salvation Army – Nashville Area Command; • American Red Cross of Nashville Area; • Fannie Battle Day Home for Children in Nashville; • American Foundation for the Blind in New York City.

These organizations now receive gifts each year from the Dan and Mimi Berry Fund — a lasting legacy indeed. Another example of setting up a fund that The Foundation honors in perpetuity comes from the late Elias Skovron, who established two Designated Funds at The Community Foundation. The story of Elias Skovron is amazing in and of itself. Up until the time of his death in January 2007 at age 92, Skovron remained eternally grateful. Grateful to all those who helped arrange his departure as a man of Jewish descent from his native Poland in the summer of 1938 — mere months before Nazi Germany invaded his homeland and World War II began. And grateful to those who helped him once he emigrated to America with the help of his great-uncle Dave Bogatsky and wife Lillian, who lived in Nashville.

The Cordell Hull Birthplace and Museum, located near Byrdstown, Tennessee, north of Cookeville, includes a representation of Hull’s log cabin birthplace and period gardens.

It was granted immediately, one of just 250 visas granted that year. Elias left the country in the nick of time. Besides himself and a brother, who emigrated to France to escape the war, the rest of the Skovron family perished. All told, the Polish government estimates nearly 6 million citizens — more than 3 million of them of Jewish descent — died at the hands of the occupying Nazi Germany and Allied Soviet Union forces in World War II.

They helped save his life, after all.

Skip forward several decades.

Skovron, then age 24, had met his relatives more than a decade earlier when they visited Poland. Early in 1938, he wrote to them asking for their help in fleeing the country.

In 2004, now a U.S. Citizen, U.S. Army veteran and having enjoyed a long life and successful business career in Nashville as a furrier, Elias Skovron visited The Community Foundation one day to set up a pair of Designated Funds to honor those who helped save his life.

Lillian “Aunt Lil” Bogatsky wrote back to inform that her husband had died, but that she would agree to help the great-nephew’s cause. Aunt Lil then petitioned U.S. District Judge John Gore, a family friend, for help. The judge, in turn, reached out to his friend and former law partner Cordell Hull, then U.S. Secretary of State under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Hull, born in a log cabin in Pickett County, Tennessee, and the longest-serving Secretary of State in history, subsequently wrote to the American Ambassador in Poland asking that Skovron receive a visa.

One is the Elias Skovron Fund Designated to Benefit Jackson County Historical Society and the Memory of Judge John Gore. The other is the Elias Skovron Fund Designated to Benefit the Cordell Hull Museum and the Friends of Cordell Hull in Byrdstown, about 100 miles east of Nashville in Pickett County. Thanks to these gifts, each year these organizations receive noteworthy gifts to carry on the legacy of Elias Skovron, a man forever grateful.

It is stories such as Elias Skovron and Dan and Mimi Berry that showcase the power in establishing a fund at The Community Foundation. Our dedicated staff is here to talk about planned giving and legacy building. Please call us at 615-321-4939 to learn more about the charitable options available today, so that together we can continue to build a stronger community for tomorrow.


POWER OF ENDOWMENT The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee is honored to show how we help donors grow and preserve permanent endowment funds established for their most beloved issues and organizations. Here we highlight two of our oldest endowment funds established by early champions of The Community Foundation and the role it could play in advancing and supporting philanthropy. We believe this is our most important work.


WORKING WITH ADVISORS For many prospective donors who are exploring charitable giving options, their first introduction to The Community Foundation is through their professional advisor. This may be a trusted friend, lawyer, accountant, investment representative, or wealth management professional. The charitable giving goals of the prospective donors are always central to the conversation and any actions taken. It’s the resources and tools that differ based on whether the donor sought advice from a lawyer to assist with estate planning, an accountant to determine tax strategies related to the sale of a company, or a wealth management professional to help put together a plan for retirement. Cheekwood Botanical Gardens is an example of an arts organization that has received support from the Ida F. Cooney Fund for the Arts.

The Community Foundation has experience working with advisors of all types and has the goal of working alongside these professionals as partners in supporting the charitable goals of an individual or family.

If you are an individual or a professional advisor helping a client interested in structuring a way to support charitable opportunities or community needs, let us be your partner.


Making a Difference for 25 Years: Scholarships at CFMT

Going to college costs money, and lots of it. For the past quarter-century, thousands of students have had their educational dreams become reality, thanks to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee’s scholarship program. CFMT has awarded $27.7 million in scholarships to 10,450 students since 1995. “We feel honored to help students receive a quality education, made possible by donors who wish to make a difference,” said CFMT President Ellen Lehman. “It is a privilege to connect generosity with need in this way.” Whether a student is studying law or horticulture, planning a career in criminal justice or teaching, or studying at a technical school or four-year university, The Foundation’s scholarship program administers more than 125 individual scholarship funds that help support individuals from various backgrounds and communities. Pat Cole, senior coordinator of scholarships at The Community Foundation, began overseeing the program in 2005 after a long and successful career with Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS). “Ellen had asked me to join The Foundation three times,” Pat recalled. “I said I’d do it for a little while after I retired from MNPS, and I’m still here.” She fully realizes the impact of the program. “Scholarships change lives,” Pat said. “Often, students would not be able to attend college without them.”

Students benefiting from The Community Foundation’s scholarship program through the years include Muna Muday (top photo), Rachel Lawrence (middle), and Jeremiah Cooper (above).


Emily Green, a CFMT scholarship recipient, funded her education through two different scholarships, each focused on a different field of study. A harpist, she pursued a music major at Vanderbilt University, and received the Teddy Wilburn Scholarship. The estate of Wilburn, a Grand Ole Opry star singer, songwriter and producer, established the scholarship fund — designed for Tennessee State and Vanderbilt University students — after his death in 2003. With his singing career beginning at age 9, he

never had the chance to attend college and wanted to help eager students in need of financial aid. “I was really fortunate to run across CFMT while researching financial assistance,” Emily said. “I was on scholarship with Vanderbilt, as they have a lot of scholarships and grants available as well. But even with that, there are still extra expenses, and as a young person getting started, every little bit helps. “It can be the difference between needing a loan,” she said, “and not needing a loan.” After completing her undergraduate education, Emily decided to pursue law school, again at Vanderbilt. She applied for and received CFMT’s William McHugh and Lou Gower McHugh Scholarship for law school students. A few years after graduation, she went on to co-found her own law practice –Jones, Green & Tackett Law – in Springfield, Tennessee. “With the student debt crisis, these scholarships can keep you from graduating with debt or with less debt,” Emily said. “They can be a huge benefit to people. “This makes a huge difference to kids.” “Throughout the process, I couldn’t have had more encouragement and support than I did from Pat,” Emily said. “The Community Foundation as a whole makes a student believe they can do anything.” That’s music to Pat Cole’s ears. “For me,” Pat said, “I love working with students and hearing their stories.” Like Emily Green, Cole continues to stay in touch with scores of students who have benefited from CFMT’s scholarship program. Trehon Cockrell-Coleman wanted to attend college but avoid accruing a lot of debt. His hard work and diligence paid off when he was awarded a CFMT scholarship award. Trehon moved forward to graduate with a degree in computer engineering from Tennessee State University in 2010 and continues to thrive in the field today as a production test engineer for Raytheon Technologies.

“People say that they want a scholarship, and they receive one and they think it stops there,” Trehon said. “I did receive a scholarship from CFMT, but more than that, Pat Cole and The Foundation have stayed in contact with me. “Every time I visit Nashville, I try to get on Pat’s calendar.”

Brothers Justin (left) and Jeremyck Smith of the popular Nashville band Roots of the Rebellion were helped by Tapping Individual Potential (TIP) Scholarships.

The Community Foundation offers multiple categories of scholarships ranging from attending a specific university or studying a specific major to being an employee or child of an employee of a company or attending college as an adult. In addition to donor scholarships, The Community Foundation manages scholarships for companies. By setting up a scholarship fund through The Community Foundation, companies don’t have to burden their Human Resources department with the management of the scholarship but still get to offer a scholarship program as a benefit to their employees.

Honoring the Memory of a Loved One There are many reasons people are interested in starting a scholarship fund, but one of the most common ones is in memory of a loved one. Such was the case for the family and friends of Cameron Black Parnell. Country music singer-songwriter and Grand Ole Opry star Teddy Wilburn established a scholarship through his estate that has benefited students. Trehon Cockrill-Coleman continues to keep in touch with Pat Cole, longtime Senior Coordinator of Scholarships at The Community Foundation.

Anyone who knew Cameron would describe him as a rock, a gentle giant. With a smile that could light up any room, Cam truly had the gift of joy; he loved life and all it had to offer. During his 31 years, he was a beloved member of his family, a loyal friend, a world traveler, and an adventurer. In the fifth grade, Cam declared he’d be a pilot when he grew up and actually followed that dream, graduating from Middle Tennessee State University with a BS in Aerospace Administration with a professional pilot emphasis, and holding a successful career as a pilot. Notably, Cameron served as President of the Moosemen Rugby Club at MTSU, where his rugby teammates became his lifelong brothers. With the loss of Cam, the establishment of the Cameron Black Memorial Scholarship Fund can work to continue and share Cam’s spirit and legacy. Pat Cole explained how the work of CFMT scholarships can prove helpful during an uneasy and emotional time, “We hold the hands of donors during these emotional experiences. Our 25 years of experience [administering scholarships] sets us apart.”

Helping Children Reach Their Potential The Community Foundation’s scholarship program doesn’t just help advance college education. Tapping Individual Potential (TIP) is The Foundation’s scholarship that helps rising fifth- through-eighth-grade Metro Nashville public school students pursue interests and skills that may be out of reach because of limiting financial or other circumstances. By receiving a TIP Scholarship, brothers Jeremyck and Justin Smith were able to lay the early groundwork to pursue their dream of becoming professional musicians. Today, the brothers are members of Roots of a Rebellion, a Billboard chart-topping, reggae jam band. “To a kid, just hearing, ‘Yeah, you can do this’ — that goes a long way,” Jeremyck Smith said. “The Tapping Individual Potential program looks for individual children who have a particular dream, who have a particular talent,” CFMT’s Lehman explained. “And where the application of a little bit of money would be able to get them over the speed bump, and make it possible for them to recognize and realize their dream, then why hold them up?”

Starting a Scholarship By starting a scholarship fund, donors can create a lasting legacy and helping Middle Tennessee students achieve their educational goals. To learn more about CFMT’s scholarship program, please www.cfmt.org/scholarship or call (615) 321-4939. 14

ChildcareTennessee, State Ensure Child Care Programs Stay Afloat During Pandemic

A child draws at Wartrace Wee Champs in Wartrace, Tennessee.

In 2020, child care went from backburner issue to front and center. The turbulent year served as a painful reminder that there is no CEO of child care, no one entity in charge of making the system work. A patchwork of family and group home programs, child care centers and Head Start programs — constructed to help keep working families working and the economy pushing forward — started to strain and crack.


Children gather at Wartrace Wee Champs, a family group home child care program (top photo).

In early March, the worldwide coronavirus pandemic knocked on Tennessee’s door and overstayed its welcome, as stay-at-home orders quickly were issued in metropolitan areas and lasted for months.

Vivian Bynum, owner of Wartrace Wee Champs, received appliances during the second year of ChildcareTennessee’s Support and Enhancement Grant (above).

As fears of the virus spread, families pulled their children out of child care and began to care for their children at home. Lower enrollments led to dwindling revenues, and child care programs began to shutter one by one.

of Middle Tennessee — and the Tennessee Department of Human Services (TDHS) expanded their partnership in 2020 through Disaster and Emergency Grants. These grants provided income and operational support to child care programs affected by the pandemic throughout the state. This included a separate set of recovery grants for programs also impacted by the March 3 tornadoes that struck Nashville and the surrounding Middle Tennessee area. Initially, $8 million was committed to assisting child care programs. As the pandemic deepened, more money was added, eventually making available nearly $61 million in grant funding to more than 2,500 child care programs statewide. The grants helped child care programs buy PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for their staff, pay for sanitizing services and provide back pay for staff during shutdowns.

Child care centers and the families they serve were in crisis, particularly working mothers who so often shouldered the brunt of the child care burden.

No one could predict how long programs would need to stay shuttered. Many programs had to close for much longer than originally anticipated.

To help both working families and child care providers, ChildcareTennessee — an initiative of The Community Foundation

ChildcareTennessee eventually processed 5,400 applications from 2,065 agencies across Tennessee over the course of 15 months.

The relief money proved to be a safety net. A classroom features items purchased with Support and Enhancement Grant funds in 2020.

“This grant was everything to us,” said Amber Collins, director of Colonial Heights United Methodist Church Preschool in Kingsport. “We feared we would not make it out of this pandemic. “We serve 70-plus children and were so afraid our doors would permanently close,” Collins continued. “The grant also allowed us to back pay employees who had gone several weeks without pay.” Other child care centers remained open but suffered lower enrollment due to parents working from home and fears about the virus.

Disaster and Emergency Grant funds distributed from March 2020 to June 2021: Total number of funds distributed





“Without these grants, I-Rise Christian Academy would not have been able to keep our doors open,” said the Memphis organization’s executive director, Sebrina Denton. “ChildcareTennessee and TDHS have been instrumental in providing job security for our staff.” For essential workers keeping Tennessee running — from law enforcement officials to bus drivers to grocery store clerks — open child care programs remained a must. “We [care for] a tremendous amount of essential workers’ children,” Denton said. “Because we were able to stay open, their children could remain in care, and they could work.” To perform the important grantmaking task, ChildcareTennessee hired two additional team members and pulled in other Foundation staff to assist with the grant process throughout the year. “During a tumultuous time, ChildcareTennessee provided stability by working with TDHS to support our child care agencies through these grants,” said Gina Tek, senior manager of ChildcareTennessee. “Programs were determined to stay open, and we were determined to help.” “Through this partnership, we were able to help keep child care programs afloat during the pandemic,” Tek continued. “It meant families could take a deep breath and continue to rely on their child care programs.”


Give Black, Give Back Initiative Celebrates Black Philanthropy, Connects with Area Nonprofit Organizations

Give Black, Give Back Co-Chairs Kia Jarmon (left) and Lisa Swift-Young.

On a sunny late afternoon in August 2019, the idea for The Community Foundation’s newest initiative began at an invitationonly mixer hosted at the Nashville Business Incubation Center in Germantown. Our guests gathered to celebrate Black Philanthropy Month — a global recognition and concerted campaign to elevate African-descent giving. The ingredients for any successful mixer — food and drink, donors and community leaders, staff members, name tags to help facilitate conversation amid the mingling, and inspirational speakers to cap the event — were present. The consensus afterward: THAT went well. Followed quickly by: We need to build from this.

Through the years, CFMT has been a valuable resource to celebrate Black philanthropists and connect with nonprofit organizations that are led by and serve the Black community, as well as those organizations that serve to advance the Black experience in the broader community. Thus, the Give Black, Give Back initiative was formed to engage and encourage Black philanthropists to continue enhancing the vibrancy of our community.


We do this by: • Helping to establish strategies for collaboration between fundholders affiliated with CFMT; • Helping foster new partnerships among Black philanthropists and nonprofit organizations with similar aspirations for serving the community; • Seeking collaborations with corporate, civic/social organizations for greater visibility and awareness of funds established by Black philanthropists for the Black community. Give Black, Give Back has had a fruitful beginning, led by Audra Cox, CFMT’s development manager for donor services, co-chairs Lisa Swift-Young and Kia Jarmon, and its founding advisory committee that is comprised of some of the most dedicated people who have a heart and passion to do the necessary work as ambassadors for “sage wisdom” and “new ideas.” Founding advisory members include Eric Brown, Ron Corbin, Barbara Gray, Brandon Hill, Jennifer Oldham, and Antonio Young. Since its establishment, Give Black, Give Back has already succeeded at using its platform to lift up Black-led funds at the Foundation.

Tia Barbour-Hale

One example is the Tia Barbour-Hale OGOT Legacy Fund that was established in 2020 to honor the life of Tia Barbour-Hale, a 2006 graduate of Tennessee State University’s Occupational Therapy Program. Professionally, Tia was an occupational therapist dedicated to empowering Nashville’s exceptional needs students — and their families — to excel personally and intellectually both independently and through nonprofits offering customized educational programs ensuring long-term success in life. This memorial fund allows Tia’s husband and Black philanthropist, Courtney Hale, and their daughter, Ever Grey, to provide grant funding to support the hiring of additional occupational therapists serving special education students in Metro Nashville Public Schools. In addition to supporting MNPS occupational therapists, Courtney continues the work he and Tia once dreamed of pursuing by educating elementary and middle school-aged children through the family’s nonprofit, knowledgeBANK, and its Super Money Kids Co. and kBCoins programs. The curriculum is designed to improve the financial literacy of youth by utilizing a home bank that is divided into three parts — saving, spending and sharing.

CFMT’s Change We Seek Advised Fund, established in 2017 by Give Black, Give Back co-founder Lisa Swift-Young and husband Antonio Young, has also been highlighted as the Fund offers grants to nonprofits assisting underserved urban communities by working on community improvement, housing and shelter, and human services needs. Change We Seek is also involved in a partnership with Urban League of Middle Tennessee under the leadership of President and CEO Clifton Harris, with the goal to fund “micro-grants” made to minority-led nonprofits and community-based organizations. Amid the worldwide pandemic and civil unrest in 2020, Give Black, Give Back hosted a number of live-stream video conversations with powerful guest panelists through CFMT’s social media platforms, published several stories about past and present Black philanthropists who have made a significant impact in the Nashville community, and celebrated the globally-recognized Black Philanthropy Month, receiving a Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County Mayoral Proclamation declaring August 13 as Give Black, Give Back Day.

Volunteers with the Urban League of Middle Tennessee assist with a drive-through event — in partnership with Patterson Park Community Center, First Baptist Murfreesboro and Amazon— that provided free hot meals, voter registration and goodie bags filled with books for kids.

As advisory committee member Eric Brown aptly summarized to conclude one video conversation, “Keep on giving. That’s what Black people do. That’s what Black people continue to do.” Stories, videos, and additional information can be found at www.BlackGivingBack.com


Cal Turner Sr., the founder of Dollar General.

20 Years of Employee Care at CFMT

The most precious resource of a business, any business, is its employees.

his father, J.L. Turner, converted a department store in Springfield, Kentucky, to the first Dollar General Store. No item cost more than $1.

Whether hunkered over a computer keyboard, swinging a pick ax, waiting on a customer at a restaurant or pushing a mop and broom, individual workers provide the labor in any labor force.

“The best price point God ever made,” Cal was fond of saying.

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee has served workers and their employers through its employee care funds for more than 20 years. The first such fund opened May 3, 2000, as Dollar General co-founder Cal Turner Sr. established the Turner Family Disaster Relief Fund, which offers one-time financial assistance to Dollar General employees recovering from a recent natural disaster.

Cal Turner Sr. (left) walks with son Cal Turner Jr., his successor as president and CEO of Dollar General. Photos courtesy of Dollar General


At the same time Turner, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Dollar General, established the Turner Family Scholarships at CFMT to benefit the company’s thousands of employees spread across 44 states and more than 4,300 stores at the time. They would be two of Cal Turner Sr.’s last philanthropic acts. He passed away on Nov. 20, 2000, in his hometown of Scottsville, Kentucky. He was 85. The idea for the company came to him from the success of major department stores’ frequent ‘’Dollar Day’’ sales. So, in 1955, he and

The company eventually moved its headquarters to Goodlettsville, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville, where his son, Cal Turner Jr., led the company from 1977 until his retirement in 2003. Under Cal Jr.’s leadership, the company grew to more than 6,000 stores and $6 billion in sales. Today Dollar General, now a publicly-traded company, is the country’s leading discount retailer with more than 17,000 stores in 46 states and over 143,000 employees. Cal Turner Jr., in his 2018 autobiography “My Father’s Business,” recalled that his father worried that, in such a large organization, management risked losing touch with life in the stores. He lived just a block away from a store in Scottsville, after all, and would often stop by to check on his managers and to shake the hands and thank each and every customer. The elder Turner, lauded as a retail genius of the 20th Century, recognized, his son related:

“The real genius in the company,” Cal Sr. said, “lay with the employees.”

For businesses and companies big and small, employee care funds allow compassionate employers to support their valued workforce with a tax-deductible solution that can provide emergency assistance to employees when they need it most. The administrative burden is handled by The Community Foundation by taking care of the entire application process, from accepting, reviewing, and verifying applications. Once applications are approved, financial assistance for employees is provided through payments to vendors. Employees covered by CFMT’s 80 or so employee care funds qualify to receive help in one of four ways: • Natural disaster. This includes a situation such as a flood, hurricane, tornado, wildfire, severe storms or earthquake, which has damaged or destroyed a primary residence. • Life-threatening illness or injury. This includes the employee, spouse and eligible dependent(s). Employees do not automatically qualify for assistance when they, or their dependents, are diagnosed, and assistance from a Fund cannot be a substitute for medical insurance. Applicants must demonstrate resulting financial need, including an inability to pay basic living expenses. • Death. This includes both death of the employee or of eligible dependent(s). A fund cannot pay for travel to funerals or other funeral expense, but can help when the loss of income or the cost of funeral expenses or medical bills prevent an employee or the employee’s family from affording basic living expenses. • Other catastrophic or extreme circumstances. These may be but are not limited to: house fire; major home damage that an employee could not avoid or prevent; serious crime against an employee such as robbery, arson, assault, domestic abuse; or another reportable crime that impacts the ability to afford basic living expenses.

As Middle Tennesseans are well aware, 2020 was an unforgiving year, from early March tornadoes to an ongoing worldwide COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, capped by a downtown bombing on Christmas morning. The tale of 2020 can be told through CFMT’s employee care and disaster response applications and grants. Our employee care funds awarded more than $7.4 million in grants from nearly 7,700 applications from across the country. COVID-19 prompted the lion’s share of these applications — more than 5,900 of them — followed by natural disasters at more than 800 applications, from Middle Tennessee’s tornadoes to flooding in Mississippi and Louisiana, and an ice storm in Texas and Oklahoma. As you’d expect, the biggest volume occurred in April 2020, with more than 2,000 applicants, as the pandemic began to spike. Three full-time CFMT staffers spend much of their workdays on their computers and telephones patiently leading applicants through the process. Meanwhile, the frequency of calls from businesses and corporations inquiring about establishing an employee care fund has almost tripled in the past year or so.

Corporations, small and large, are concerned about their No. 1 asset, and that is always their employees.

If you are interested in learning more about Employee Care Funds or Corporate Charitable Funds, please contact Belinda Dinwiddie Havron at 615-321-4939.


During a time of uncertainty in 2020, NowPlayingNashville continued to be a resource for the community for What to Do at Home including: creating new content such as Live Music to Stream Right Now, Online + Streaming Events, Online Resources for Children, Postponed and Rescheduled Events, and Restaurant Reopenings. Also, NowPlayingNashville adapted its program, Artober Nashville, to bring more creativity to communities. Held from Sept. 28-Oct. 31, Artober Nashville emphasized both in-person and virtual experiences to celebrate the annual month-long celebration of the arts in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

Omari Booker’s “Blueprint II,” one in a series of paintings, served as the official backdrop for Artober Nashville 2020.



$4,347,441 Total Dollars Raised 2.1%




8.5% Generosity continues to help define Middle Tennessee. The Big Payback, an annual 24-hour online giving day held just weeks after deadly tornadoes and amid a worldwide pandemic and economic turmoil in early May 2020, raised more than $4.3 million in funds from more than 31,000 total gifts to help area nonprofits. The total set a record for the initiative, first held in 2014 by The Community Foundation, and pushed giving to more than $20 million in cumulative donations through its first seven years. Nearly 1,000 Middle Tennessee nonprofits, including schools and religious institutions, from 34 counties participated in the event.



7.2% 10%

12.7% 12.2%

34 Participating Counties

988 Participating Local Nonprofits

$274,720 in Prizes

$131.44 Average Gift Amount

$10 - $100,000 Range of Gifts Made

10,027 Gifts were made by first time donors to an organization

The hardships of 2020 didn’t stop Middle Tennesseans from supporting our local nonprofits, and GivingMatters.com was proud to be a resource for these donors. GivingMatters.com processed $289,323 in donations during 2020. These gifts came from 1,356 unique donors and benefited 446 organizations. This was a 133% increase in donations over the previous year. We are thrilled to offer a modern, trustworthy giving platform — with minimal fees, paired with information on nearly 2,000 nonprofits — to the generous donors in our community.

31,694 Total Gifts





Our vision is to help people feel good about giving. We enable people to give according to their passion and their goals through our remarkable flexibility to serve nearly any charitable purpose.

The Community Foundation improves our community through strategic grantmaking to nonprofits. Carrying out the wishes of donors and providing expertise in local philanthropy, The Community Foundation works to identify opportunities and help address emerging and evolving critical needs.

It is simple to establish a fund within The Community Foundation, whether you want to create an endowment for a favorite nonprofit or craft an entrepreneurial solution to address a pressing need. A fund is created with a minimum contribution of $5,000 ($10,000 for scholarships). There is no cost to set up a fund, and they are established by individuals, families, companies, civic groups, and nonprofit organizations. Contributions of any size are welcome to existing funds, at any time, from any source. Donors may elect to create a fund with contributions of cash, publicly-traded or closely-held securities, real estate, personal property, or by the use of planned giving vehicles such as charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, life insurance policies, and bequests.

The Community Foundation puts resources to work where they are needed most through a competitive grant process. Our discretionary grant program supports local nonprofits that apply for this source of annual funding. We receive hundreds of applications seeking funding to enhance the programs serving Middle Tennessee.

In 2020, we funded 350 nonprofit organizations through our discretionary grantmaking totaling more than $2.43 million. We respect the work and mission of our nonprofit partners and are particularly interested in collaboration and innovative ideas that provide long-term solutions for community needs.




$1,112,868,883 26

2020 AT A GLANCE As we watch our community evolve, we see growing needs. We are well-positioned to understand issues and identify opportunities to help our community through our unique lens and the ability to scan the forty counties of Middle Tennessee and the three counties in Southern Kentucky that we serve.














Generous people from across the community and the country are donors to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

The Community Foundation offers flexible fund options to help donors based on their charitable priorities and goals.







DESIGNATED FUNDS + AGENCY ENDOWMENT FUNDS These figures represent numbers which have not yet been audited and are subject to change pending an audit for the year ended December 31, 2020.


Letter from the President

I love it when a plan comes together. Through the storms, the sickness and the sadness that was the year 2020 and beyond, I can only look back at the silver linings that have originated with help from ongoing efforts at The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee during these most tumultuous of times.

Tuck-Hinton Architecture & Design artist’s rendering of the future home of CFMT.

We planned for these times, whether or not we were fully aware of it. Were it not for deadly March tornadoes, the essential efforts of the VOAD — Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster — would not have kicked into high gear and remained so as an organizational framework to help our communities better cope with natural and unnatural disasters now and going forward. Were it not for the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, our longtime ChildcareTennessee initiative, working in partnership with the Tennessee Department of Human Services, would not have been able to get millions of dollars of much-needed grant money into the hands of more than 2,500 struggling child care centers across the state in 2020, and we continue to do so.


Were it not for the devoted efforts of our Board of Directors through many years, including a doggedly determined building committee team led by Susan Simons and Bert Mathews — we would not have been able to purchase the land for the future new home of The Community Foundation at the corner of Belmont and Woodmont Boulevards. Were it not for the hard-working, incredibly talented staff members at The Community Foundation and their ability to perform at such a high level — despite everything nature and other uncontrollable forces threw their way as we worked and met either remotely or with staggered office hours — we couldn’t have accomplished what we’ve accomplished. No two days here are the same, as we’re each reminded. What does remain the same is that we thank you for being part of connecting generosity with need and acknowledging that Giving Always Matters. That’s always the plan. And always will be. — Ellen Lehman President, The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee 2020-2021 Board

Message from the Chair

Officers Decosta E. Jenkins, Chairman Jack B. Turner, Secretary Lyle Beasley, Treasurer Ellen E. Lehman, President

Natural disasters were not the only challenges we faced as a community. In mid-March, Middle Tennesseans and the world began the fight against our toughest foe to date — a pandemic. That fight continues today. But as we mourned the loss of loved ones, learned new terms such as “vector” and, “You’re on mute,” and made face masks fashion statements, we found a way to move on, to be creative and adapt, to learn new things.

Board of Directors Will Alexander Hugh Atkinson Jamie Cheek Waverly D. Crenshaw, Jr. Beth DeBauche Shari Dennis Sara Finley Julie Frist Herb Fritch Eddie George Jim Gingrich Max Goldberg Ray Guzman

Christine Karbowiak Cary Mack Andy May Will Morrow Turner Nashe, Jr. Larry Papel Dee Patel Wayne Smith Paul Stumb Holly Sullivan Gail Williams Jay Williams Alan Young

Board of Trustees Judy Liff Barker Jack O. Bovender, Jr. Charles W. Cook, Jr. Ronald L. Corbin Bob Corker Jana Davis Mark Emkes Richard J. Eskind Farzin Ferdowsi John D. Ferguson Stephen F. Flatt Ben G. Freeland Thomas F. Frist, Jr. Alberto R. Gonzales Jose D. Gonzalez Joel C. Gordon Kerry Graham

Carl T. Haley Aubrey B. Harwell, Jr. Carol O. Hudler Catherine Jackson William C. Koch, Jr. Kevin P. Lavender Robert S. Lipman Bert Matthews Ralph W. Mosley Donna D. Nicely Susan Simons Deborah Taylor Tate Charles A. Trost Deborah F. Turner Steve Underwood Betsy Walkup Jerry B. Williams

2020. What a year. A year that will go down in history for many reasons. In fact, some of those historical moments were too big to be contained in one year and have carried over into 2021. But let’s take a minute to look back at 2020. If asked to use one word to sum up 2020 it would be Resilient. Middle Tennesseans faced challenges head-on like never before. And if we were frightened, knocked down or battered, we got back up. Not just as individuals, but as a community. And we battled back. In the face of unimaginable loss of loved ones and friends, loss of jobs and property, we worked together to overcome. Resilient. The challenges began in earnest on March 3 when a series of tornadoes hit Middle Tennessee. The damage was widespread and severe. Together, we rebuilt. Together, we repaired. House by house, street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood. Collecting food, water, clothing and other essentials. While in the midst of that recovery in early May, we were hit by another storm, a derecho, that pounded Middle Tennessee with hurricane-force wind and rain, leaving more damage. Again, in the face of monumental circumstances, we banded together as a community. Working hand-in-hand to get things done.

During the summer, our souls and spirits were ignited by social injustice and civil unrest. As a community, we were forced to see things that made us uncomfortable. That made us angry. That made us want to do more and do better. And as a community, we did and continue to do so. You would think that a tornado, a derecho, a pandemic and civil unrest would be more than anyone could or should have to manage. But there was more. Many of us awoke on Christmas morning to reports of a bombing downtown. Once again, the community was rocked. Downtown Nashville looked like a war zone. But once again, as a community, we came together. As Chairman, I am proud that in every instance that our community needed help, support or encouragement, The Community Foundation was there. Raising funds and providing assistance to those in need — be it shelter, utility assistance, or food, we were there. That is our purpose and our mission. The year 2020 was unlike any other. But as a community, we have been poised and ready to take on 2021 and beyond. Because we, as a community, remain resilient. Nashville native Decosta E. Jenkins started working at Nashville Electric Service in 1991 and has been its President and CEO since 2004. He joined The Community Foundation board in 2010, has served as its treasurer, and has been its Board Chair since August 2020.



The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Staff Row One:

Row Four:

Melissa Anderson, Staff Accountant

Jana L. Laiolo, Staff Accountant

Kathryn Bennett, GivingMatters.com Manager

Pat Lawson, ChildcareTennessee Shared Services Coordinator

Daphne Billingsley, ChildcareTennessee Regional Coordinator West

Ellen Lehman, President

Debbie Bone, Grants Associate

Laundrea Lewis, Vice President of Grants

Thomas Buford, Program Director, Delek Fund for Hope

Paola Lezcano, ChildcareTennessee Program Services Coordinator

Julia Clark, ChildcareTennessee Regional Coordinator East

Jessye Malone, Financial Assistant

Anne Clem, ChildcareTennessee Financial Coordinator

Deborah McClellan, Receptionist

Pat Cole, Senior Coordinator, Scholarships

Michael McDaniel, Senior Nonprofit and Endowment Liaison

Row Two:

Row Five:

Cynthia Copeland, Senior Accounting Manager

Jenni Moscardelli, The Women’s Fund Coordinator

Audra Cox, Development Manager, Donor Services

Scott O’Neal, Chief Operating Officer

Melisa Currey, Chief Financial Officer

Tina Randolph, Content Associate, NowPlayingNashville.com®

Isabella Day, Financial Analyst

Rondal Richardson, Senior Entertainment and Donor Services Liasion

Shirley Dunn, Staff Accountant

Nicole Rose, Donor Services Coordinator, Project Manager

Pat Embry, Director, Media and Community Relations

Emily Rutzky, Creative Services Manager

Amy Fair, Vice President, Donor Services

Sarah Sanderlin, ChildcareTennessee Associate

Whit Gardner, ChildcareTennessee and Communications

Chris Stowe, Associate, Employee Care Funds

Marketing Coordinator

Row Three:

Porter Haile, Technology Systems Administrator Stephanie Hamburger, Childcare Substitute Service Coordinator Mandy Hart, ChildcareTennessee Regional Coordinator Middle and Southeast Dalton Hawk, ChildcareTennessee Finance Associate Belinda Dinwiddie Havron, Director, Donor Engagement Jeff Hoffman, Program Manager, Delek Fund for Hope Erin Holcomb, NowPlayingNashville.com® Manager Benja Hutchens, Vice President of Employee Care Programs

Row Six:

Hayley Sulfridge, Content Associate, NowPlayingNashville.com® Gina Tek, ChildcareTennessee Senior Manager Patricia Thompson, ChildcareTennessee Grant Coordinator Kelly Walberg, Vice President of Communications Shemika Walker, Associate, Employee Care Programs Kristen Worsham, Events & Community Engagement Manager,

Delek Fund for Hope

Morgan Yingling, Communications Associate Valentina Yiborku, ChildcareTennessee Financial Associate


Charitable dreams are realized at The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Whether it’s a Scholarship Fund created in honor of a loved one or an organization starting an Employee Assistance Fund, The Community Foundation works with donors to establish funds tailored to their specific interests. Through The Community Foundation’s customized philanthropic services, there are many ways to contribute and accomplish your charitable goals. You can create a fund; select a broad charitable purpose to benefit from your fund; or advise The Community Foundation as to which charitable organizations could receive grants, among other options.



These are established by nonprofits as a means of building charitable dollars for the future of their mission and work.

These allow donors to target support to broad areas of concern, such as education, the arts, the environment, youth services, the disabled or geographic areas they choose.

127 $12.39 million FUND VALUE RANGE: $5,000 - $1.79 million NEW FUNDS:




EMPLOYEE CARE FUNDS These funds are charitable vehicles through which employees of participating companies who need assistance when facing serious personal financial hardship can apply for help.

78 MARKET VALUE OF FUND TYPE: $7.97 million FUND VALUE RANGE: $5,000 - $2.55 million NEW FUNDS:



157 MARKET VALUE OF FUND TYPE: $86.97 million FUND VALUE RANGE: $5,000 - $14.04 million NEW FUNDS:



SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS These provide help to further the education of students who are selected based on criteria donors outline, whether a student is from a particular geographic area, attending a certain school, or planning a career in a specific field.

144 MARKET VALUE OF FUND TYPE: $20.91 million FUND VALUE RANGE: $10,000 - $3.8 million




DESIGNATED FUNDS These ensure regular, endowed support in the form of a steady stream of income is provided to specific charitable organizations the donors select.

183 MARKET VALUE OF FUND TYPE: $42.09 million FUND VALUE RANGE: $5,000 - $4.59 million NEW FUNDS:



DONOR-ADVISED FUNDS These allow donors to set aside charitable dollars when it is best for them, then over time make recommendations about the distribution of grants.

639 MARKET VALUE OF FUND TYPE: $289.71 million FUND VALUE RANGE: $5,000 - $88.93 million NEW FUNDS:




UNRESTRICTED IMPACT FUNDS These funds provide the greatest flexibility, allowing The Community Foundation to respond to changing need and circumstance.

19 MARKET VALUE OF FUND TYPE: $6.75 million FUND VALUE RANGE: $5,000 - $2.17 million NEW FUNDS:



UNRESTRICTED IMPACT FUNDS The Unrestricted Impact Endowment Fund Established 1991

Unrestricted Funds are the most flexible and allow The Community Foundation to respond to emerging needs, new programs and innovative solutions that might not be started, or might not continue. Each year, hundreds of nonprofits receive grants from the Unrestricted Impact Endowment Fund to support programs that shed new light on the needs and aspirations of Middle Tennesseans. Arthur J. Dyer-Nashville Bridge Company Fund Established 2015

Author Bill Carey has written much about Nashville and Tennessee history. In a 2001 Nashville Scene article, he wrote “of all of Nashville’s industrial companies, none were as ubiquitous and as important as the Nashville Bridge Co., a business started over a century ago by a man named Arthur J. Dyer. When you look at the history of Nashville’s business community, there are only a handful of people who had a real impact on this city's landscape. Dyer was one of those.” He established a private foundation in 1953. Mr. Dyer’s descendants made a final distribution from this foundation to The Community Foundation in 2015. This Fund is our effort to preserve not only the charitable legacy of Mr. Dyer, but his importance in our community’s history. Ruthe D. Creighton Unrestricted Fund Established 2013

Ruthe Creighton spent her career counseling people in need. In honor of her dedication to the homeless populations and those fighting drug addictions, a friend set up this Fund to give her another mechanism through which to help. Upon her death, this Donor-Advised Fund converted to an Unrestricted Fund, allowing The Community Foundation to continue making grants in her memory. Celia and Harold Edwards Unrestricted Fund Established 2017

Celia and Harold Edwards enjoyed a 64-year marriage and a life surrounded by children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. They also enjoyed supporting the community with a Donor-Advised Fund they established in 1996, early in the life of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. The Foundation will continue their legacy of giving through this Unrestricted Fund. The Kitty and Pat Emery Fund for Nashville Established 2016

The Kitty and Pat Emery Fund for Nashville, an

Unrestricted Fund within The Community Foundation, was established on November 22, 2016. It happened the day after their 19th wedding anniversary and in anticipation of Kitty’s passing as a result of the cancer she had fought and survived for many months. It stemmed, however, from a happier place, the deep and abiding love Kitty and Pat have had for each other and for their community. The goal of the Fund is to ensure that The Community Foundation has resources to address the needs of the community they chose to call home as those needs emerge and evolve. The Fund will be Nashville-centric, but the causes to which the money may be applied are unlimited because Kitty and Pat believed Nashville’s opportunities to be unlimited as well. Jane and Richard Eskind Endowed Unrestricted Fund Established 2009

As contributors to the original Fund that laid the cornerstone for The Community Foundation’s grantmaking, the Eskinds believe firmly in the vital role a community foundation plays in identifying and supporting critical needs for its community. Over the years, they have seen the impact of annual grant awards to local nonprofits improving quality of life in Middle Tennessee. This Fund ensures that every year, for generations to come, there will be funds available for The Community Foundation to address pressing needs and opportunities in our community. Founders’ Fund Established 1993

The Founders’ Fund was created by individuals interested in helping The Community Foundation build a pool of unrestricted endowment funds for future grantmaking. To participate, donors contributed $25,000 to the Fund and laid the cornerstone for The Community Foundation’s grantmaking — now and always. Founders include:

Betty M. and Martin S. Brown Jane G. and Richard J. Eskind LifeWorks Foundation Mrs. Jack C. Massey William W. McInnes Elizabeth M. Queener Barbara and Lester D. Speyer Anne H. and Robert K. Zelle Peter and Lois Fyfe Community Fund Established 2016

Those familiar with Peter Fyfe, who died in 2016, and his wife, Lois, who died in 2014, knew how generous they were as artists and champions of liturgical music. While alive, they both established endowments — Peter at The Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University, and Lois at The Ohio State University. The Fyfes also created a trust that was to be divided among 10 organizations following Peter’s death, with

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee as one of the benefiting organizations. Gilbert Unrestricted Fund Established 2003

Grateful Daniel Fund Established 2016

Daniel Liff was a gentle soul. Born in Nashville in 1959, he was the elder son of Nina and Noah Liff, one of the founders of Steiner-Liff. In his estate plans, Daniel asked that a portion of his estate be used to create an Unrestricted Fund within The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Daniel had a heart for the environment, for the protection of green spaces, and for the “underdog.” He was a chef who worked at several establishments in the decades before Nashville was on any culinary map. Following in the footsteps of both of his parents, Daniel was an avid fan of the arts and music, hence the name of this Fund. Sadly, Daniel died June 27, 2015, at the young age of 56, after suffering from the complications of diabetes. Adelaide H. Hohanness Unrestricted Fund Established 2009

Adelaide Hohanness, a Gallatin native, was an active member of Westminster Presbyterian Church and an employee with Vanderbilt’s social service department for 20 years. As she planned her estate, Adelaide included the creation of an Unrestricted Fund within The Community Foundation that would not only serve as her legacy but would enable her to perpetuate support for Middle Tennessee for generations to come. Thanks to Adelaide, through changing time and circumstance, there will always be more money to invest in the needs and opportunities of this place we all call home. Joan Hornig Fund Established 2007

Having successfully merged her vocation and her avocation, philanthropist Joan Hornig was introduced to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee when she was the keynote speaker at the 2007 Power of the Purse® Luncheon benefiting The Women’s Fund. On that occasion, she shared the story of following her dream to create beautiful jewelry and use the sales thereof to generate philanthropic dollars. One hundred percent of Joan’s profits on her jewelry sales are channeled through the Joan B. Hornig Foundation to reach a host of nonprofit organizations, each selected by her customers. To commemorate the occasion of her address to many of the philanthropists of Middle Tennessee, her family created this Unrestricted Fund in her name. Mamie S. and Thomas B. Houser Unrestricted Fund Established 1997

Noah Liff Unrestricted Fund Established 1993

During his lifetime, Noah was a generous supporter of all the traditional charities, helping everything from health-related agencies to the arts. But he also was pleased to step in to fulfill an unusual need or to address an emergency situation. Now, when The Community Foundation is approached with a new solution to a problem, the board of directors can use monies from Noah’s Unrestricted Fund to do just what Noah would have done — jump in to help. Michael D. and Lisa J. Shmerling Charitable Giving Fund Established 1996

Mike and Lisa Shmerling understand that a board of charitably-inclined civic leaders and a professional staff that is in contact with many hundreds of local nonprofit groups can more effectively identify need — and act quickly to provide support. As a result, Mike and Lisa chose to create this Unrestricted Fund and to ask The Foundation’s board to provide support to programs addressing needs that may have heretofore been left unmet. The Shmerlings have created a mechanism to ensure that, every year hereafter, grants benefiting our community will be made in their name, and someday, in the name of their descendants. The Wayne T. and Cheryl G. Smith Unrestricted Fund Established 2016

An Unrestricted Fund offers the greatest flexibility in responding to the community’s changing needs and opportunities, allowing The Foundation to address our community’s issues as they emerge. By creating an Unrestricted Fund, donors, like Cheryl and Wayne, create a legacy that will grow and change as our community does. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Future generations will be better off because the Smiths cared. The Tricentennial Fund Established 1996

The essence of an Unrestricted Fund is appreciating that individuals living in a community are the people best equipped to make effective grant decisions. It is also realizing that those of us living now cannot predict the future needs of the community we love. The Tricentennial Fund is an opportunity to invest in these truths. Grants will be made by the board of The Community Foundation to address pressing needs in the future. Anne and Bob Zelle Unrestricted Fund Established 2016

Betty Brown introduced Bob Zelle to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, and together they served as board co-chairs from 19961998. These leadership roles helped Bob understand the important role Unrestricted Funds play in a community foundation’s leadership and ability to respond to changing community needs and opportunities.

Noah Liff, quite simply, loved to help people.



The Cheatham County Community Foundation Established 1998

The Cheatham County Community Foundation is a pool of charitable resources dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the county’s residents, now and always. In 1998, a group of Cheatham County citizens was looking for a way to serve both current and future generations. Acknowledging that education is key to the development of both individuals and the community, they sought to provide scholarships for local residents. Created through affiliation with The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, The Cheatham County Community Foundation established a vehicle for providing scholarships. Later, it began providing permanent funding to support local nonprofits addressing unmet needs of the county. The leadership of The Foundation is particularly interested in ideas that will enrich the quality of life for all citizens in Cheatham County. The Community Foundation of Christian, Todd and Trigg Counties Established 2003

In 2003, The Community Foundation’s board agreed to extend its boundaries to take these three Southern Kentucky counties “under its wing.” The philanthropic angels of Christian, Todd and Trigg counties will be able to 1) educate their friends and neighbors about the ways a community foundation can help provide permanent funding to support local nonprofits, and 2) oversee a grantmaking process when such funds become available. In this way, these individuals most knowledgeable about Christian, Todd and Trigg counties can focus on how to best prepare for the continued prosperity of all who live in the area. The Community Foundation of Clarksville/Montgomery County Established 2007

In Clarksville and Montgomery County, the future is bright. That’s why Clarksville native and The Community Foundation board member Jack Turner recognized the opportunity to encourage folks to donate money to build a lasting stream of support for its nonprofit organizations. To do so, he spearheaded the creation of The Community Foundation of Clarksville/Montgomery County as a “charitable savings account” for Clarksville, Fort Campbell and Montgomery County. As funds become available, an advisory board of local leaders determines how best to invest in the quality of life of all the citizens in Montgomery County.


The Community Foundation for Dickson County

The Cumberland Plateau Community Foundation

Years ago, the Leadership Dickson County Alumni Association began investigating the idea of starting a community foundation. As a matter of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, The Community Foundation for Dickson County chose to affiliate with The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. This allows them to utilize the services of The Foundation, enabling them to have their own community foundation without duplicating all of the costs and reinventing systems and procedures. At the onset, The Community Foundation for Dickson County selected three categories to address: improved education, invigorated leadership and enhanced quality of life. Now, with their Foundation in place, the citizens are combining vision with capital, as a foundation for the future.

The Cumberland Plateau Community Foundation supports broad philanthropic purposes within the Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee, area. It is the goal of this Fund to ensure that charitable needs and organizations of the Cumberland Plateau are endowed for the benefit of future generations.

Middle Tennessee. Shirley’s lifelong ability to fight for what she believed in was inspired by her grandmother, Ma May, who raised the money for the Peace Monument that now stands at I-440 and Granny White Pike. Shirley wrote, “To consider what she accomplished makes me grateful for the pattern she set — not just for the adage ‘to whom much is given, much is expected,’ but the joy, the fun of getting things done that need doing — things of more import than self.”

The Goodlettsville Area Community Foundation

Humane Association of Wilson County Agency Endowment Fund

Designed to make a positive difference far into the future for Goodlettsville’s citizens, this Fund was established by The Goodlettsville Chamber of Commerce to provide support to local philanthropic endeavors. The Foundation invests its donations to serve as “a permanent charitable savings account,” with proceeds available for grantmaking purposes in the community.

The Humane Association of Wilson County — better known as New Leash on Life — is dedicated to improving the welfare of companion animals in our community through shelter, placement, spay/neuter, education and awareness. This Fund will support that work.

Established 1999

The Community Foundation of Robertson County Established 2019

The Community Foundation of Robertson County is dedicated to providing both the vehicle and the vision for residents to leverage their accumulated assets and charitable hearts to make the county a better place to live for generations to come. Together, we promote and advocate philanthropy, build and maintain endowment funds, serve as a community partner and leader, and lead and shape effective responses.

Established 1999

Established 1999

The Tullahoma Community Foundation Established 1999

The Tullahoma Community Foundation was formed to provide financial support to nonprofit organizations and charitable purposes within the Tullahoma, Tennessee area. Tullahoma is a community that values the arts, quality education, the environment, and the health and human services agencies that mitigate the hardships of people in need.

The Community Foundation of Rutherford County Established 2017

The Community Foundation of Rutherford County promotes the betterment of Rutherford County and provides a way for citizens to make lasting gifts for the improvement and benefit of future generations. Its mission is to assist Rutherford County nonprofit organizations that help build and benefit the community. The Community Foundation of Williamson County Established 2019

We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a lasting pool of resources forever dedicated to the emerging and evolving needs of Williamson County. With the population of the county skyrocketing and needs growing commensurately, this is an opportunity to help this community prepare for success. The most wonderful aspect of creating The Community Foundation of Williamson County is that its goal will be to build an endowment for the county’s present and future.

Ingram Fund to benefit The Nashville Humane Association Established 1999

The Nashville Humane Association’s roots can be traced to a society founded in 1887 to protect children from inhumane working conditions and draft horses from mistreatment. Incorporated in 1946 to protect the well-being of animals in Davidson County, the organization continues to promote education and the humane treatment of animals through animal adoptions, injured animal rescue, pet therapy programs, lost and found services, and free spay/neuter programs for low-income families. Patricia and Edward J. McGavock Humane Treatment of Animals Fund

ANIMAL WELFARE FUNDS The Animal Welfare Fund Established 2005

The Animal Welfare Fund was created by a group of community leaders concerned about the growing inability of our community to provide sufficient charitable resources to care for animals. This endowment focuses its annual grantmaking on supporting: the health and welfare of all animals in Middle Tennessee; the control of the population of animals; and the training of animals for use in aiding people with disabilities and assisting in both crime prevention and search and rescue.

The Community Foundation of Wilson County

Shirley Caldwell-Patterson Wildlife Fund

The Community Foundation of Wilson County promotes the betterment of Wilson County and provides a way for citizens to make lasting gifts for the improvement and benefit of future generations.

Shirley Caldwell-Patterson was a Nashville icon, and to honor her life and legendary achievements, the Shirley Caldwell-Patterson Wildlife Fund was established within The Community Foundation of

Established 2014

Established 2019

Established 2016

Established 1998

Merle’s Angels Advised Fund Established 2011

Established to honor the donor’s beloved dog, Merle, this Fund provides specialized surgical care to homeless animals with reparable injuries. The idea is to take these homeless animals with no chance, and give them every chance. The hope is that such treatment will enable these animals to be adopted rather than euthanized. Prince Nickolai Spay and Neuter Fund Established 2006

Prince Nickolai has a good home. He’s lucky. But not every puppy born here is destined to be wanted or to survive. Prince Nickolai’s owner, Beverly Small, created this Fund to address issues of animal welfare and, in particular, to invest in spaying and neutering programs to help ensure that fewer unwanted puppies and kittens are euthanized each year. St. Francis Fund for Animals Established 1995

This Fund was established to permanently endow animal rights and causes in Middle Tennessee. The underlying principle is that “We should be

stewards of all God’s creations and live in harmony with nature.” Grants have supported the Maury County Animal Shelter, Lawrence County Humane Association, Walden’s Puddle, People for Animals, Buffalo River Services, and many others. The founder asks all those interested in animal welfare to join in supporting this Fund. Tennessee Walking Horse Foundation Agency Endowment Fund Established 2002

The Tennessee Walking Horse Foundation encourages support of charitable, scientific and educational projects for the welfare of the Tennessee Walking Horse. This Fund will assist in the support of such programs as Second Careers Adopt-a-Horse and Youth and Therapeutic Riding and Driving.


The Arts Center of Cannon County Endowment Fund Established 2016

Tennessee Wildlife Federation’s mission is to lead the conservation, sound management and wise use of Tennessee’s wildlife and great outdoors. This Endowment Fund will provide resources for them to do so for generations to come.

Founded in 1979 in the basement of an old high school gym in Woodbury, Tennessee, the Arts Center of Cannon County has grown into an award-winning regional arts center with more than 100 theater performances annually, six weeks of Summer Youth Conservatory per year, 12 nights of concerts, a visual arts gallery with five annual shows, a craft shop representing 40-plus area artists, an outdoor craft show with 75-plus craft artists, home to a permanent collection of work by self-taught artists, and a commercial kitchen with tenants making kombucha and tempeh for sale to regional restaurants. This Fund is an investment in its future.

Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue Fund

Chet Atkins Music Education Fund

Tennessee Wildlife Federation Endowment Fund Established 2013

Established 2007

Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, with a presence across the United States. President and Founder MaryElizabeth Dugmore had a desire to help the growing population of lost and abandoned Yorkies and other small breeds that were falling into the hands of puppy mills, backyard breeders and for-profit breeding operations. She also launched PuppyMills.com, a website to educate and inform the public of the horrors of the conditions in these operations, in the hopes of stopping the sale of puppies in pet shops and online predators. This Agency Endowment Fund supports the work of the organization and its network of volunteers who share the passionate commitment to rescue, foster, rehabilitate and rehome neglected and abandoned Yorkshire terriers. Anne and Robert K. Zelle Designated Fund to benefit the Nashville Humane Association Established 2016

Anne and Robert K. Zelle Designated Fund to benefit Walden’s Puddle Established 2016

Established 1997

Chet Atkins traded an old pistol for a guitar at the age of 9 and set in motion a career that would bring joy and meaning as it touched people the world over. The Chet Atkins Music Education Fund is dedicated to ensuring that there are always funds available to encourage promising students as they pursue musical training. The Fund supports programs that provide the earliest education for youngsters in Middle Tennessee and added enrichment for those wishing to pursue music as a career. Ann and Monroe Carell Jr. Family Fund to benefit the Nashville Symphony Association’s Children’s Education Program Established 2000

Through this gift and many others, the late Ann and Monroe Carell demonstrated their commitment to enriching the lives of children. This Fund to support the Nashville Symphony Association’s Children’s Education Program helps ensure that generations of children are exposed to the symphonic experience. Circle Players’, Inc. Endowment Fund Established 1995

Circle Players has provided a unique window on the human condition by way of insightful, talent-filled theatrical performances throughout its long history. Like every other arts organization serving Nashville, early in that history Circle Players had to work hard to pay its bills. This Endowment Fund is evidence both of its fiscal responsibility and the broad and deep support bestowed upon it by the community.

Ida F. Cooney Fund for the Arts

Fisk Jubilee Singers’ Fund for the Future

Friends created this Fund in honor of Ida F. Cooney. Ida’s belief in and support of the artistic community — both personally and professionally — never faltered. As the first executive director of The HCA Foundation (now The Frist Foundation), Ida played a key role in building and improving the arts. As a tribute to her vision, grants are awarded to provide a source of much-needed funding to ensure the future she worked so hard to make possible.

Bill Friskics-Warren wrote, “No single group has given African-American spirituals greater exposure in this country or around the world than the Jubilee Singers of Fisk University.” The original Jubilee Singers began singing “slave songs” in 1871, breaking down racial barriers and preserving this unique American musical tradition known today as Negro spirituals. Today, the Fisk Jubilee Singers continue sharing this rich cultural tradition globally. As musical director Paul Kwami noted on the occasion of their induction in the first class of those honored on Music City’s Walk of Fame, “Historically, through their world travels, the Singers helped put Nashville on the world map ... this becomes another great source of encouragement to them ... knowing ... that there are people in the world who realize what their position means, not just to Fisk, but to Nashville.” This Fund is designated to support this community treasure in perpetuity.

Established 1991

Paula and Bob Covington Quality of Life Fund Established 2007

Paula and Bob Covington believe the arts are a vital and enriching part of this community, contributing to the quality of life we all enjoy in Middle Tennessee. To help ensure this community continues to enjoy these cultural treasures, this Fund benefits Cheekwood Estate & Gardens, Frist Art Museum, Nashville Ballet, Nashville Opera, and Nashville Symphony. Pearl Creswell Fund for the Alfred Stieglitz Collection at Fisk University Established 2010

Pearl Creswell, the first curator of the Stieglitz Collection at Fisk University, is the inspiration for an endowed, designated fund to benefit, in perpetuity, the display and care of the Collection at the Carl Van Vechten Gallery where it is presently housed. The Fund was established in an effort to ensure the placement and annual upkeep of the art will not cause a continued financial burden to the University. Annette and Irwin Eskind Fund to benefit the Nashville Symphony Association Established 1997

The Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Fund for the Nashville Symphony Association Established 1997

What would Music City be without a symphony? Not so long ago, Nashville was called upon to answer that question. Out of its answer came a newfound appreciation of and respect for the role of a symphony in this community. As a direct result, a new push to endow the Symphony’s future began. The Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Endowment Fund for the benefit of Nashville Children’s Theatre Established 2014

The Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Endowment Fund for the benefit of The National Museum of African American Music Established 2014

Established 2007

Siddy Foote Fund Designated for Scholarships to Cheekwood Established 1993

Siddy Foote was blessed with a wide circle of friends who created this Fund to provide financial aid so that underprivileged children wishing to develop their interest and talent in art might take advantage of Cheekwood’s unique opportunities for children. The Sally Ann Forrester College Scholarship Fund Established 2020

A strong future for these seven organizations is the goal of Patricia and Tommy Frist. As a result, they created Funds within The Community Foundation to endow their support for these nonprofits and the work they do. In return, we, as a community, will benefit as these Funds and these organizations prosper. Established 1995

Patricia C. and Thomas F. Frist Jr. Fund for Cheekwood

Patricia C. and Thomas F. Frist Jr. Fund for Nashville Symphony Association

Patricia C. and Thomas F. Frist Jr. Fund for Nashville Ballet Patricia C. and Thomas F. Frist Jr. Fund for Nashville Institute for the Arts Patricia C. and Thomas F. Frist Jr. Fund for Nashville Opera Association


Patricia C. and Thomas F. Frist Jr. Fund for Tennessee Performing Arts Center

Patricia C. and Thomas F. Frist Jr. Fund for Tennessee Repertory Theatre

Coleman Billings Harwell Endowment Fund to benefit the Art Department of Ensworth School Established 1995

C.B. Harwell, a former student at Ensworth School, was born in 1973 and graduated from the College of Charleston, majoring in Fine Arts. In 1994, he moved to Arizona, where he was building his own house and increasing his portfolio in preparation for earning a graduate degree, prior to his untimely death. This Fund, created in his memory by friends and family, will support the art department of Ensworth School. Coleman Billings Harwell Endowment Fund for Visiting Visual Artists at Ensworth School Established 1996

Children learn by example, and, thanks to Coleman Harwell II, the children of Ensworth School will always have examples to follow. Created in memory of his son, C.B. Harwell, who derived much of the inspiration for his own budding artistic career from the talented faculty of Ensworth, this Fund brings visiting visual artists to the school to complement the resources already present there. Ann Gadsey Horan Fund for Centennial Arts Center Established 2003

Ann Gadsey Horan was a lifetime supporter of the arts, a passion that began with her study of art at Peabody College and culminated in 30 years of service as Director of the Centennial Arts Center. To honor her lifetime advocacy of all things artistic, her daughter and son-in-law, Jill and John Landess, created this Fund to purchase art supplies and equipment and to provide support for a guest artist series at the Centennial Arts Center. The IBMA Foundation Endowment Fund Established 2018

The board of the IBMA Foundation (formerly the Foundation for Bluegrass Music) voted to move some of their undesignated funds into a new endowment managed by The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Income earned by this endowment will return to the IBMA Foundation in perpetuity to help fund grants for educational programs and events that support the future of bluegrass music by introducing the music to upcoming generations of musicians and fans. “The IBMA Foundation is delighted to be entering into this partnership,” said former IBMA Foundation Board Chair Fred Bartenstein. “Together, we are helping bluegrass music to live forever!”


Martha Rivers Ingram Fund to Benefit Children’s Educational Programs at TPAC

Middle Tennessee Opera Support Fund

This Fund honors Martha Ingram, who led the effort to build the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC), and her vision that all children should have the opportunity to experience the transforming power of live performance. Educators and underserved students attend TPAC Education performances, supported by ticket subsidies, transportation assistance, and resources that encourage artsintegrated instruction in the classroom.

Middle Tennessee Performing Arts H.O.T. Support Fund

Pamela Johnson Fund for the Arts

Established 2012

Pamela Johnson spent four decades as an arts administrator locally, nationally, and internationally. Her work was also her passion and her philanthropy. This Fund continues the giving Pamela began with a Donor-Advised Fund she opened at the suggestion of a professional advisor to help organize her annual gifts, nearly all of which were to arts organizations. The Pamela Johnson Fund for the Arts will be a permanent source of grantmaking dollars available for arts organizations in Middle Tennessee.

Nashville Ballet Scholarship Fund

Established 2005

Established 2018

Liff Designated Fund for The Nashville Symphony Established 1994

Judy and Noah Liff were early and earnest supporters of The Community Foundation concept. Long committed to philanthropy, they had seen and studied the benefits of similar foundations across the country. This Fund combines their support for the Symphony with their belief in The Foundation. Donald M. and Florence E. Maillie Fund to endow the Nashville Chamber Orchestra and the Frist Center for the Visual Arts Established 1996

The Fund was established by Donald Maillie in remembrance of his wife, Florence, to return a portion of the wealth they were fortunate enough to establish to those charitable causes in which they participated or supported over the years. Since Mr. Maillie’s death, his children have asked that this become a Fund to endow the Nashville Chamber Orchestra and the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. V.R. Mason Fund to Benefit the City/Cultural Arts Center Established 1996

V.R. (Pete) Mason died in 1995 at his home in La Vergne, Tennessee. A Rutherford County native, he was a graduate of Smyrna High School and spent most of his 70 years as a farmer. Created after Pete’s death by Richard F. LaRoche Jr., this Fund is designated to benefit the City/Cultural Arts Center in Murfreesboro. Middle Tennessee Ballet Support Fund Established 2012

Established 2012

Established 2012

Middle Tennessee Repertory Theatre Support Fund Established 2012

Middle Tennessee Symphonic Music Support Fund

Established 1994

The School of Nashville Ballet is committed to training the dancers of tomorrow. The progressive curriculum taught at the school supports both the serious student who aspires to achieve professional goals, as well as the student who elects to dance for enjoyment, recreation and exercise. Exclusively affiliated with Nashville Ballet, the school maintains an atmosphere of professionalism and allows students to dwell among professional dancers, choreographers, costumers, and renowned teachers. Nashville Beta Sigma Phi Torch Fund Established 1998

Throughout the art and literature of many cultures, the torch serves as a beacon for learning and a symbol of wisdom. It is also the emblem of the Beta Sigma Phi Sorority, which has created this Fund to lift up gifted young women seeking to express themselves through the performing and fine arts. Support may be configured according to need and may come through the provision of music lessons, tutoring, musical instruments, art supplies, dance lessons, and the like. Nashville Children’s Theatre Agency Endowment Fund Established 1996

Each year, more than 80,000 children and adults experience Nashville Children’s Theatre’s productions and outreach programs. Founded in 1931, the company is the oldest continuing children’s theater in the United States and the oldest professional theater in Nashville. This endowment helps ensure that Nashville Children’s Theatre will be here for many generations. Nashville Symphony Association Endowment Fund Established 1997

Since its founding in 1945, the Nashville Symphony has established itself as one of the country’s leading symphony orchestras, reaching more than 360,000 people in and around Middle Tennessee through hundreds of annual performances. The Nashville Symphony’s music education and community outreach programs together serve more than 80,000 children annually, at no charge to the schools or to the

students. The Nashville Symphony’s growing national and international reputation led to the building of a world-class concert hall, Schermerhorn Symphony Center, which opened in September 2006. Mary Cortner Ragland Designated Fund for Nashville Opera Established 2000

More than 30 years ago, Mary Ragland almost single-handedly brought opera to our community through her extraordinary efforts as founder and first president of Nashville Opera. With degrees from the Newcomb and Juilliard Schools of Music, a professional career as a soprano, and membership on both the Board and National Council of the Metropolitan Opera, Mary’s dream is being realized, as the Nashville Opera Association is one of the fastest-growing opera companies in the United States. Today, it offers four professional mainstage productions and tours a fully staged children’s opera to area schools each year. Mary, who died in 1999, left a bequest from her estate to set up this Fund, which ensures that her vision of opera in Music City is sustained. William N. Rollins Fund for the Arts Established 2002

Bill Rollins’ passion was the breathtaking and intricate collages he created from origami paper. A Nashville native, Bill graduated from University School, attended college in Massachusetts, and then lived in Boston working in art galleries, staging art shows and painting. After returning to Nashville to further pursue his artistic dream, he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. He worked with his family and advisors to create a legacy for himself and a continuing source of funding for the arts he loved. Anne & Charles Roos Fund for Nashville Opera Established 2019

Anne & Charles Roos Fund for The Nashville Shakespeare Festival Established 2018

This Fund was established to commemorate the 30th anniversary of The Nashville Shakespeare Festival and to honor the dedication of Denice Hicks since its inception. The Festival has grown and flourished under Denice’s leadership, and this Fund will provide ongoing resources for the future of Shakespeare in Nashville. Ernest and Selma Rosenblum Fund for the Performing Arts Established 2008

Dr. Marvin J. Rosenblum established this Fund in honor of his parents, Ernest and Selma Rosenblum, who always valued music and the performing arts. Born in Chausy, Russia, in the late 1800s, Ernest and Selma immigrated to Nashville, Tennessee, in the early 1900s. They had eight children together and

often filled their house with music, song and dance. Ernest was an accomplished violinist, and Selma played the piano. Ernest and Selma supported music and the performing arts and considered them to be a vital part of life and of every person’s education. This Fund will carry on their tradition of support for nonprofits providing operatic and symphonic performances of the highest quality so that others may be enriched as they were. W.O. Smith Music School Agency Fund Established 1993

The W.O. Smith/Nashville Community Music School provides music instruction to children from low-income families for 50 cents a lesson. The students are taught by an all-volunteer faculty of 100 musicians and teachers, drawn from every segment of the Nashville community. Instruments and music materials are loaned to students at no additional cost. This scholarship endowment aids talented W.O. Smith students who choose music as a college major. Craig Spain Fund for the Performing Arts Established 1996

Artist and scenic designer Craig Spain was a native Nashvillian whose drive and creative passion touched the hundreds of thousands who witnessed his work. Craig’s skill and vision came to fruition as he served as set designer for the most reputable performing arts organizations, including professional theater, ballet, opera and community theater. This Fund was established to keep Craig’s enthusiasm alive and is intended to assist designers and production teams mounting new productions to take that extra step to convert their dreams into images that will touch, move and inspire. Fund for the Care of the Alfred Stieglitz Collection at Fisk University Established 2012

The Fund for the Care of the Alfred Stieglitz Collection at Fisk University was established solely for the purpose of supporting the cost of the display, maintenance, care and protection of the works of art at the Carl Van Vechten Gallery at Fisk University, so that many more generations may be introduced to its treasures.

Whitelaw has always had the ability to take that blank canvas and imbue it with meaning and life. She knows how to get the most from every brushstroke and every millimeter. Dawn’s friends and family set up this Fund to create another blank canvas with which to work her magic: the opportunity to give back. The David R. Williams Music Fund Established 2019

Brentwood High School Band alumnus David Richard Williams, a longtime Brentwood resident, 1987 graduate of Brentwood High School, and 1991 alumnus of the University of Tennessee, passed away in December 2008 at the age of 39. David was the BHS Band President during his senior year and exhibited exceptional leadership skills. Months before David’s death, he contacted several former band member friends about forming a BHS Band Alumni Association with the purpose of reconnecting old members, engaging in some fundraising activity, and raising enough to give a gift, perhaps a scholarship, to their former alma mater’s marching band. A group of BHS alumni from several graduating classes took the initiative to honor and remember their fallen friend. The Fund has been providing grants to support marching band students lacking financial resources since 2009 and was moved to The Community Foundation in 2019. The purpose of The David R. Williams Music Fund is to alleviate financial strain of participating in marching band due to the costs associated for students, such as purchasing or renting instruments, expense of band uniforms, and supporting travel to competitions. Robert K. and Anne H. Zelle Fund for Fine and Performing Arts Established 2015

Robert K. Zelle Fund to support Children’s Educational Programs Associated with Symphonic Music Established 2011

A founder of The Community Foundation, the late Bob Zelle wished to support causes important to him beyond his lifetime, and through a bequest to create this Fund, entrusted The Community Foundation to carry on his legacy.

Established 1993

Dawn Elrod Whitelaw Fund for the Arts Established 2006

Though perhaps a truism, an artist sees the world as it is AND as it might be. That blank canvas really does hold infinite possibility and potential. Dawn Elrod

Becky Darby Award Fund Established 2000

At Becky’s retirement, the board of United Way of Williamson County looked for a way to honor her and to create something special that captured her leadership and dedication. The award recognizes and encourages outstanding nonprofit leadership in Williamson County through the annual award of a grant to support the personal development of one or more health and human services nonprofit executives. The Carol Fay Ellison “The Biscuit Lady” Award Fund Established 2010

Carol Fay Ellison, the woman whose famous biscuits and work ethic launched her from a teenage dishwasher at Loveless Cafe, onto the national stage as its famed “Biscuit Lady,” always dreamt big. It is in that spirit this legacy was established to honor her memory. Through the Fund, an annual award will be given to help people over an obstacle in their lives, enabling them to move to the next step through support of their personal development. It is intended to change lives by addressing issues of health and well-being, self-improvement and the like. The Dickson County High School Fine Arts Award Established 2019

The Award was established in recognition of the dedication and devotion to art education of the first four art teachers at Dickson County High School: Mary Cowan Boone, Peggy Cunningham, Patricia Hudson, and Kay Welton. The awardee will be chosen by the current fine arts department faculty each school year. The money shall be used to help defray the costs of continuing education in the area of fine arts. The Dickson County High School Wendell Hudson Memorial Award Fund

Tennessee Dance Theatre Agency Fund For years, Tennessee Dance Theatre created modern dance works capturing the unique flavor of the South. Sadly, the company closed. But as its legacy, the Fund continues to support what the original donors intended: the excellent performance of dance in Middle Tennessee.

organization. American Legion Boys State was established in 1937 as a summer leadership and citizenship program for high school juniors. This Fund will ensure that one or more high school juniors from Cheatham County have the opportunity to attend the Tennessee American Legion Boys State at Tennessee Tech University each summer.

Established 2018


American Legion Post 40 Tennessee Boys State Fund Established 2013

The American Legion was chartered by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic, mutual-help, wartime veterans

This Award Fund was created in memory of Wendell Hudson as recognition of his love of history and his desire to encourage Dickson County High School students to love history, as well. The Wendell Hudson American History Award will be awarded annually and will go to the outstanding college-bound history student selected by the Dickson County High School faculty and will be used for college textbooks, supplies, and other expenses.

Lynn McKee Erwin Memorial Endowment Fund Established 2019

Judith Lynn McKee Erwin was born at The King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Maury County, Tennessee, and enjoyed a family and school life that was filled with many activities for a student who excelled in both academic and extracurricular pursuits. Lynn attended Columbia Central High School, where she was active as a member of the Junior Classical League, Y-Teens, a cheerleader, a homecoming attendant, a member of the Student Council, a Tennessee Girls’ State Representative, Secretary of the Student Body and Student Council, Guidance Department Secretary and the Senior Superlative “Miss Personality.” She was a member of the Class of 1964. The first in her family to attend college, Lynn chose Martin College and later received a Bachelor of Science degree from Middle Tennessee State University. She became an elementary school teacher, and while this career blossomed, she also helped her husband obtain his college degrees. In setting up this Fund, Ronnie Erwin, Lynn’s husband of more than 50 years, found a way to honor the love and enthusiasm his wife demonstrated throughout her lifetime through annual recognition of an award to a cheerleader from Columbia Central High School. George Fox Membership Award to benefit the Kiwanis Club of Nashville Fund Established 2005

George Fox was tireless in his efforts to grow the Kiwanis Club. He believed that in recruiting members, he was sharing a wonderful gift with them: the ability to help others. Each year, in George’s memory, an award will be given to a Kiwanis Club member who does the most to recruit and retain members of the Club. Winners of the award will recommend that a gift from the Fund be made in their name to their favorite nonprofit serving children. The Lelia Martin Gilchrist Architecture Award Fund Established 2017

When Lelia Gilchrist graduated from Auburn University in 1970, she was one of only 17 women to have graduated from its School of Architecture. Her talent in architecture was displayed throughout an award-winning career both in New York City and Nashville, where she and husband Larry founded Woodson Gilchrist Architects in 1997. In loving memory, Larry honored Lelia’s legacy by creating The Lelia Martin Gilchrist Architecture Award, which will be awarded annually to a young woman at Auburn who demonstrates the same passion and talent for architecture. Hume-Fogg High School Outstanding Teacher Award Endowment Fund Established 1998

In 1998, in appreciation of the exceptional faculty at Hume-Fogg Academic High School, Kay and Keith Simmons created an award to recognize


outstanding dedication both in and out of the classroom in one of Nashville’s magnet high schools. In 2007, the Simmons family established a second award so one could be presented to a teacher who teaches freshmen and sophomores, and another award could be presented to a junior and senior teacher. The awards are presented annually based solely on the votes of Hume-Fogg students. Joe Kraft Humanitarian Award Fund Established 1993

The Joe Kraft Humanitarian Award perpetuates the memory of a very special person who made Middle Tennessee a better place to live through his dedication to community, home and hearth, and to individuals in need. The committee choosing the recipient is particularly interested in nominations of community leaders who, like Joe, sometimes function behind the scenes. The person(s) named as the recipient of this annual award receives the opportunity to recommend that grants from this Fund be distributed to charities in which he or she believes. Previous Joe Kraft Humanitarian Award Honorees:

2020 Luke and Susan Simons 2019 Clare Armistead, Janet Ayers, Inez Crutchfield, Annette Eskind, Carrie Gentry, Rosetta Miller-Perry, and Colleen Conway-Welch 2018 Charles Strobel 2017 Jerry B. Williams 2016 Jack B. Turner 2015 Jim Haslam II 2014 Mayor Karl Dean 2013 Francis Guess 2012 John Seigenthaler 2011 Amy Grant and Vince Gill 2010 Governor Winfield Dunn 2009 R. Clayton McWhorter 2008 Cal Turner Jr. and Steve Turner 2007 Nelson Andrews 2006 Martha Ingram 2005 Joel Gordon 2004 Governor Ned Ray McWherter 2003 Jim Ayers 2002 Jamye and McDonald Williams 2001 The Founders of The Community Foundation 2000 Irwin Eskind and Noah Liff 1999 Monroe J. Carell Jr. 1998 Pauline Gore 1997 Chet Atkins and Owen Bradley 1996 Mayor Phillip Bredesen and Andrea Conte 1995 Aubrey B. Harwell Jr. 1994 Elizabeth Jacobs and Mary Jane Werthan


Lauren McCathren Translator Award Designated Fund Established 2006

Lauren McCathren was drawn to the Spanish culture and traveled to Ecuador and other South and Central American countries. She loved the gentle spirits of the people she met and was especially moved by the gratitude and contentment she experienced in these people who seemingly had so little. In honor of Lauren’s memory, this Fund is designated to help a Belmont University Spanish major travel to Ecuador each spring with other students on St. Augustine’s annual spring trip to work in support of the Escuela Anne Stevens school. Nashville Area Music Teacher AssociationYoung Artists Achievement Awards Fund Established 2017

NAMTA established the Young Artist Achievement Awards in 1986 for the purpose of inspiring highachieving music students in the Nashville area and to give them recognition. Each Spring NAMTA hosts an audition/competition for K-12 students, who perform either strings or piano. The event culminates with an announcement of recipients of the Young Artists Achievement Awards and a Winners Concert.

Tennessee Music Teachers Association – Carrie E. Warrick Memorial Scholarship Awards Endowment Fund Established 2007

Seeking to raise standards of music teaching and performance in the state and to support students from elementary through college levels, through this Fund the Tennessee Music Teachers Association (TMTA) awards scholarships to accomplished and deserving music students who rank highest in the annual auditions. The Carrie E. Warrick Memorial Scholarship Awards Endowment Fund benefits the winners of the Music Teachers National Association Junior Piano Performance competition and the TMTA Ninth Grade Piano competition. TMTA Elizabeth Lovell Reed Memorial Scholarship Award Fund Established 1997

Established in memory of a child who never had the opportunity to explore music or her musical potential, this Fund is to endow the Tennessee Music Teachers Association’s collegiate piano category of the aforementioned competitions.

Nashville Fashion Forward Fund

Tennessee Music Teachers Association Scholarship Awards Endowment Fund

The Nashville Fashion Forward Fund is dedicated to supporting the next generation of fashion industry professionals with ties to Middle Tennessee. It presents an annual award to advance the career of select talent with demonstrated experience in a fashion-related field. Moneys are raised for the Nashville Fashion Forward Fund primarily through Nashville Fashion Week.

Since 1991, hundreds of state winners of annual auditions have received awards from this Endowment Fund created to assist students with the considerable expense of study, competition and travel required to achieve success in music. TMTA continues efforts to increase the amount of support given to these very talented students.

Established 2011

Established 1996

The Theodore Roosevelt Association Police Award Fund for Nashville and Middle Tennessee Established 2016

Kay E. Subhawong Memorial Mathematics Award Fund


Robert D. Tanner Fund Established 2005

Robert D. Tanner, emeritus and active professor at Vanderbilt University, has created the Robert D. Tanner Undergraduate Research Award in Chemical Engineering at Vanderbilt University School of Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering.

Established 2009

Longtime Woodbury, Tennessee, residents Dr. and Mrs. J.F. Adams are memorialized through a public library building located on their former property, built through the leadership of the Woodbury Lions Club and other community members, and through funds raised from the public. The Fund exists to endow support permanently for this community institution. African Methodist Episcopal Church Endowment Fund Established 1999

As support for the African Methodist Episcopal Church’s commitment to education, this Endowment Fund provides financial assistance to young men and women who are training for the ministry in the A.M.E. Church. Lillian Ashley Fund Established 2002

Lillian Ashley was born in Manchester, Tennessee, attended Ward-Belmont in Nashville and graduated from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville with a degree in elementary education. Following a wonderful life filled with extensive travel, Lillian wanted to give back to her community. She specified her estate be used to benefit the children, animals and environment of Coffee County. The Banner Fund Established 2019

This Fund will provide a source of funding aligned with the goal of fostering the growth of nonprofit journalism in Nashville, Tennessee, and the mission of educating the public on topics that are important to the residents of the city of Nashville and the state of Tennessee through the use of nonpartisan, in-depth news coverage and publication of opinions on these issues from experts on all sides of the issue in a format that is accessible and interactive. Bellevue Community Fund

Established 2019

Kay’s sons, Ty and Aryn, established this Fund to honor their mother’s commitment to her profession and the students she challenged to excel in mathematics during her many years in the classroom. This award will honor Clarksville High School students for excellence and achievement in math during their senior year. In addition to the recognition for this graduating senior, the Fund will also provide a scholarship for their post-high school education.

Dr. and Mrs. J.F. Adams Memorial Library Association Fund

Established 2007

260 Change Fund Established 2017

The mission of the 260 Change Fund is to enhance and improve the lives of underrepresented people and families who live and work in the Middle Tennessee area. The 260 Change Fund will accomplish this mission through the support of individuals and community partners that are willing to invest time, talent, treasure and testimony for the benefit of communities of color. The name “260” was derived from the February 1960 Nashville lunch counter sit-ins that transformed the segregation of businesses during the Jim Crow era. To honor the efforts of the 1960 change-agents, the name “260” was chosen to serve as a new synonym for change, as a 260-degree turn represents movement in a new direction.

Caring community members in Bellevue, led by Councilman Charlie Tygard, stepped in many years ago to help a family in trouble, and the wheels were set in motion to help many more. Through creation of the Bellevue Community Fund and the guidance of the committee of Bellevue residents that oversee its work, there is now a dedicated pool of charitable dollars available to support programs serving Bellevue’s community. The Big Payback Established 2013

The Big Payback is an annual, 24-hour online giving day hosted by The Community Foundation and occurring in the spring. This exciting fundraiser helps hundreds of Middle Tennessee nonprofits raise much-needed funds and bring awareness to pressing

needs in our communities. Donors can make gifts to participating nonprofits that are located in or that provide services in the 40 counties of Middle Tennessee. Donations are also amplified by incentives, bonuses and prizes made possible by corporate sponsorships. Julie G. Boehm Designated Fund to benefit The Women’s Fund Established 2014

The H. Franklin Brooks Philanthropic Fund Established 1995

The Brooks Fund’s mission is to encourage the inclusion, acceptance and recognition of Middle Tennessee’s gay and lesbian citizens, and to protect their dignity, their safety and their health. By supporting and encouraging the development of programs to enhance the quality of life for gays and lesbians in Middle Tennessee, The Brooks Fund hopes to raise philanthropic awareness within the LGBT community. For 25 years, H. Franklin Brooks was one of the most beloved figures on the Vanderbilt University campus. As an associate professor in the Departments of French and Italian, he was repeatedly recognized for his work in the classroom -— as much for his creative teaching technique as for his natural friendliness and his personal integrity. The Brooks Fund was created to perpetuate another avenue of Franklin’s work: his forthright championing of human rights. Center for Nonprofit Management Endowment Fund Established 2009

The Center for Nonprofit Management helps nonprofits improve their services to the community. It provides training, consulting, and evaluation programs for its 700-member nonprofit agencies throughout Middle Tennessee. It also recognizes excellence in the nonprofit community and serves as an advocate for the nonprofit sector in the Nashville area. This Fund enables the Center to work toward its vision of enhancing our community through extraordinary nonprofit services. Cordie Cheek Memorial Fund for the Advancement of African American History in Maury County Established 2019

Cordie Cheek was a 17-year-old African American young man born and raised in Maury County who was falsely accused of a crime and turned over to a lynch mob in 1933 after being abducted from his aunt and uncle’s home near Fisk University. Cordie’s lynching was the subject of essays, books, and plays in the years following his death, including those that made connections between his lynching and the Columbia Race Riot of 1946. This Fund will advance the history of African Americans in Maury County that extends beyond the dark past and into the historic achievements and contributions of local community members, much like the African American Heritage Society of Maury County has been doing since it was established in 2012.

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Agency Fund Established 1995

Through The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, each of us can be empowered to help define and realize our own unique vision of the opportunities which will shape the next century of life in our community. The Community Foundation brings good people and good causes together to help ensure both the excellent stewardship of donor Funds and the wise investment of grants in the counties it serves. Davis-Kidd Booksellers Fund Established 2010

For 30 years, Davis-Kidd Booksellers was a home to people in Nashville who loved not only books, but also learning and sharing ideas. At the closing of this beloved community institution, its founders, Karen Davis and Thelma Kidd, created a way to ensure its spirit lives on. Through this Fund, there will always be charitable resources available to support nonprofit programs in Middle Tennessee dedicated to instilling a love of learning and reading in our community. This Fund carries on the memory of the bookstore, which instilled that same love in so many of us. Wauline A. Duggin Memorial Fund to benefit Woodbury Church of Christ Established 2004

Wauline A. Duggin was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Wauline’s love for her family, and her church family, prompted her husband of almost 59 years and her daughters to set up this Fund. The Fund is designed to support a range of religious, educational and charitable programs serving the youth at the Woodbury Church of Christ. The Jane G. Eskind Endowment for The Women’s Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

The Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Endowment Fund for the benefit of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, Inc. Established 2013

The Ballal/Reddy Girl Power Fund

Established 2018

The Banker Charitable Fund

Established 2017

The Mary and Molly Bronaugh Charitable Fund Established 2019

The Mary Moorman Ryan Caldwell, Daughters and Grandaughters Fund

Established 2018

The Mary Lindley Carswell and Patricia Morgan Carswell Endowment Fund

Established 2014

Established 2017

The Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Fund to benefit Congregation Micah

The Cato Ladies Fund Established 2019

Congregation Micah was founded in 1992 as an addition to the three other synagogues serving Middle Tennessee. Since then, it has welcomed some 600 families as members, built a permanent home, created a cemetery, and begun an endowment to help ensure its ability to serve the generations to come.

The Chadwick Girls Fund Established 2019

The CIT Fund Established 2020

The Caroline A. Davis, Lucy Davis Haynes, and Caroline Davis Haynes Fund

Established 2018

The Emily Christina Davis Fund Established 2019

The Missy and Meredith Eason Endowment Fund

Established 2017

The Caroline and Annabel Frist Endowment Fund Established 2019

The Karlen and Frances Garrard Fund Established 2019

The Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Endowment Fund for the benefit of CommunityNashville Established 2014

The Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Endowment Fund for the benefit of The League of Women Voters of Tennessee Education Fund Programming in Nashville and Tennessee

Established 1997

Fund for Strategic Opportunities Established 1999

In these tough times, it is the goal of The Community Foundation to help preserve the vital services nonprofits provide to our community. The Fund for Strategic Opportunities, established by The United Way of Metropolitan Nashville in 1999, serves to help nonprofits work together to increase efficiency and maximize outcome. Through the Fund, nonprofits are encouraged to transform their organizations to maximize services to clients while minimizing overhead. It offers one-time funding to support not only collaborations and mergers, but also “right-sizing” efforts to generate new revenue sources, outsourcing, and even shutting down.

Established 2011

Jane Eskind was a pioneer since long before The Women’s Fund or The Community Foundation existed. Elected as the first woman to hold a statewide office in Tennessee, Jane dedicated much of her life to public service. In 1994, she helped co-found The Women’s Fund, continuing her tireless efforts to champion women building a better future for themselves. In fact, the Fund’s ideals — to promote economic self-sufficiency, prevention of violence, and promotion of health and talent for women and girls — were cornerstones of Jane’s life. Through this generous endowment gift, her intent was to nurture hope in the hearts of Middle Tennessee’s women and women-to-be, and to ensure that strides made toward self-reliance and self-respect are never subject to backsliding. Through this Fund, Jane committed to the work of The Women’s Fund, in perpetuity.

The ECCE Fund


Established 2018

Girls Give is an initiative of The Women’s Fund that brings together girls and young women — with the support of their mothers, grandmothers and other loving female relationships — to inspire a love of giving, volunteering and being part of a connected community. Each Fund established under the Girls Give initiative is designated to support the grantmaking of The Women’s Fund. These are the current funds:

The Ellie & Anna’s Fund Established 2020

Francie and Carolyn Fisher Fund

Girls Just Want to Have Funds Fund

Established 2018

The Marissa Victoria Houff Endowment Fund

Established 2017

Established 2017

Sue G. Atkinson and Amy Atkinson Fund

Established 2018

The Bailey Girls Endowment Fund

Established 2017

Established 2017

The Mayden Girls Fund Established 2019


The Mertz Girls Fund Designated for The Women’s Fund Established 2020

The Ava Julia Grace McKamey Fund Established 2019

The Norton Family Fund Established 2019

Established 2017

Simons Family Giving Fund

Established 2018

Sissy’s Fund

Established 2018

The Dorothy Bell Orr and Nancy Bell Slaughter Endowed Fund Designated for The Women’s Fund

Sweet Caroline 03 Fund Established 2018

The Weaver Giving Fund

Established 2018

Give Black, Give Back Fund Established 2020

Initiated following a gathering for Black Philanthropy Month, the Give Black, Give Back Fund and Initiative was formed. The words of the prolific first African American Nobel Prize-winning author, the late Toni Morrison, “If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else,” inspire the work of highlighting and supporting Black Philanthropists and Black-led nonprofit organizations. GivingMatters.com Established 2004

GivingMatters.com, an initiative of The Community Foundation, provides detailed information about more than 1,900 Middle Tennessee nonprofits to help donors give with meaning, confidence and ease. GivingMatters.com is an important resource to promote and facilitate philanthropy, providing in-depth information about nonprofits. Visitors can learn about issues facing Middle Tennessee, find organizations addressing community needs, and give directly to organizations through the website. The William C. Gray Fund Established 2019

The Francis S. Guess Bridge to Equality Fund Established 2015

The Francis S. Guess Bridge to Equality Fund aims to enhance dialogue, align resources and build


strategic partnerships by convening individuals, nonprofits, governmental agencies, for profits, and the religious community to spur innovation which will lead to equality across Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Such collaboration will build on the work already being done daily by people throughout this community. Our city is large, and our problems are complicated. This Fund will work to create the change we need to reset the trajectory to achieve a culture of equality. Hands On Nashville/Hal Cato Endowment Fund Established 1996

Hands On Nashville volunteers meet critical needs facing the Middle Tennessee community like hunger, homelessness, and environmental protection. Each year, it connects more than 100,000 volunteers to service, making it one of the largest volunteer resource centers of its kind in the world. Offering more than 300 volunteer opportunities to the community every month at HON.org, Hands On Nashville invites everyone to Be the Change … Volunteer. As a way of recognizing founder Hal Cato’s invaluable leadership in creating Hands On Nashville, the board of directors established this Fund in his name. Lewis Lavine Strategic Nonprofit Opportunities Fund Established 2018

In the death of Lewis Lavine, we lost a great friend and an irreplaceable resource for the community-at-large and the nonprofit community specifically. His family asked that gifts in his memory be made to a Fund that continues his work. Called the Lewis Lavine Strategic Nonprofit Opportunities Fund, it will serve to encourage and support the efforts of nonprofit organizations to achieve efficiency and effectiveness. The Fund’s goal is to help nonprofits rethink “business as usual” and work to reduce duplication of effort and expense, thereby freeing up assets to enhance provision of services to their clients. The Leadership Franklin Endowment Fund Established 2015

In 1996, two groups of Franklin residents had the same idea independent of each other: “Form an organization to enhance the leadership in citizens who are positioned to make a difference for Franklin.” The result, Leadership Franklin, focuses on educating, informing and empowering leaders to improve the quality of life in Franklin and Williamson County. To help succeed in their mission, they turned to The Community Foundation to establish a fund that ensures their commitment would continue well into the future. The Leadership Franklin Endowment Fund supports the goal of funding annual scholarships for Williamson County students who display both academic achievement and community service.

The Dr. Frank G. McCampbell and Evelyn Holder McCampbell Helping Hands Fund Established 2017

Metropolitan Human Relations Commission Support Fund Established 2012

enable members to engage in hands-on professional development and leadership training experiences that are unparalleled. NAJCC Charities helps ensure that Nashville’s signature giving spirit continues with each new generation of young professionals dedicating themselves to community enhancement and civic engagement.

The Metropolitan Human Relations Commission (MHRC) is so important to this community that it was written into the Charter when Metropolitan Nashville was created. It exists to protect and promote the dignity of all people through a menu of services ensuring safety, health, security, peace and general welfare. This Fund focuses on the tools and training opportunities that all too often fall beyond the scope of budgetary allocations but enhance the ability of the MHRC to provide the best and most innovative programming to promote tolerance and understanding.

The Nashville Community Engagement Fund

Metropolitan Nashville Police Support Fund

The Nashville Digital Inclusion Fund

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Support Fund has been created to champion community support for the professional men and women who fulfill the public safety mission of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department. Established by a group of Nashville’s business, civic, religious and academic leaders, this Fund is designed to augment the Department’s ability to access the best in education, training, technology, communication, outreach and community partnership — on our behalf. Its goal is to make our lives and our community safe.

A community-wide effort is required so that thousands of Nashvillians can realize the full potential of the digital broadband age, and obtain this benefit through an efficient and well-run program respectful of user dignity and the public/private resources. Together, hardware and connectivity is the “great equalizer of our time,” as our society’s increasing dependence on the rapid exchange of information makes this essential for the average American to access education, employment opportunities, improved health care, civic engagement, communication and a host of other services. Making access more affordable and available for our community’s citizens is a fundamental tool in the fight to break the cycle of poverty.

Established 2009

Murfreesboro Tennis Association Fund Established 2019

This Fund will provide a long-term source of funding to support the Murfreesboro Tennessee Association’s work and its programs, events and services. Nashville Area Association of Family & Consumer Sciences Endowment Fund Established 2005

In 1948, Miss Lucy Fellis Dye founded the Nashville Area Home Economics Association for women with degrees in home economics. The association grew, and by 1976 it published “The Nashville Cookbook.” The proceeds from the cookbook are used to fund the organization, formerly the Lucy Fellis Dye Fund. It benefits several Tennessee counties by providing money for scholarships, grants, conferences, leadership development, and the like. Nashville Area Junior Chamber of Commerce Charities Endowment Fund Established 2009

In 1921, the Nashville Area Junior Chamber of Commerce (NAJCC) was founded to offer civic and social opportunities for young professionals in the Nashville area. Even through changing times, today a core tenet remains: NAJCC opportunities

Established 2015

The Nashville Community Engagement Fund is designed to assist Metro Nashville’s Mayor in providing the best available programs and the broadest range of civic engagement opportunities. The Fund serves as a long-term source of funding to support community-wide programs, events, planning or groups that enhance our community. The Nashville Community Engagement Fund is intended to support charitable projects and civic initiatives that fall outside Metropolitan Nashville’s budget. Established 2015

Nashville Poker Challenge Fund Established 2019

The Nashville Poker Charity Challenge is an event that uses poker games to earn money for nonprofits located and serving Middle Tennessee. Before playing, each participant will donate a set amount and share the name of the bonafide charity, which will ultimately receive the winnings should the participant win the tournament. The Nashville Project Fund Established 2017

The Nashville Project Fund was created to introduce the people of Nashville to each other. Its intent is to provide a snapshot of life as it actually and realistically exists in our city — the good, the bad, the rich, the poor, those who have grown up here, and those who have relocated here from foreign lands. We want to tell all their stories, not just tales of blight or impoverishment as seen from only a few chosen zip codes.

Nashville Rising Permanent Monument Designated Fund

The Robertson County Chamber of Commerce Fund

This Fund is to benefit creation and maintenance of a permanent monument to the spirit of the citizens of Nashville and Middle Tennessee, whose remarkable generosity and dedicated work allowed expeditious recovery in the wake of the disastrous Flood of May 2010.

This Fund will provide a long-term source of funding aligned with the goal of facilitating the charitable work of the Chamber and Leadership Robertson.

Established 2012

Nashville Unites Fund Established 2014

Nashville Unites, an idea conceived by Bishop Joseph Walker and Francis S. Guess, exists to ensure Nashville is prepared to respond to some of the racial, socioeconomic and neighborhood issues that have affected other cities recently by emphasizing civic responsibility, dialogue and participation. The Nashville Unites Fund will be integral to the execution of these efforts. Nicholson Fund for Coffee County Established 2019

Barbara Nicholson, a longtime resident of Tullahoma, Tennessee, passed away in Tucson, Arizona, at the age of 90. She left specific instructions in a trust that a Fund to benefit Coffee County be established. Grants from this Fund are made through The Community Foundation’s annual discretionary grant process. NowPlayingNashville.com® Established 2007

NowPlayingNashville.com®, an initiative of The Community Foundation, is Middle Tennessee’s comprehensive arts and entertainment calendar, with information about music, theater, sports, dance, museums, kids and family activities, dining and discount ticket offers. Since its launch, the website has collaborated with hundreds of community partners, providing one-stop shop information to support arts and entertainment organizations and enrich the Middle Tennessee community. Opportunity NOW Fund Established 2016

Opportunity NOW is Nashville’s youth employment initiative, working to provide young people in Davidson County access to employment. Opportunity NOW provides recruitment, training and placement, and is broad enough to be responsive to a variety of ages and skills levels, creating pathways to both subsidized and unsubsidized employment. Opportunity NOW’s goal is to empower the youth of Nashville, while providing real chances to learn real skills that will stimulate the next generation of growth in our economy — benefiting our youth, our businesses, and our city.

Established 2019

The South Cumberland Community Fund Established 2019

The South Cumberland Community Fund (SCCF) was created in January 2012 to raise the profile of the South Cumberland Plateau in rural Tennessee. The mission of SCCF is to improve the quality of life across the plateau by increasing philanthropic giving and providing community leadership. The Sports Fund Established 2011

The Sports Fund exists to help ensure that children across this community can become part of a team – rather than part of a gang; that children can have their lives enhanced by a caring but disciplined coach who demands their best rather than their worst; that the afternoon hours, when most teen pregnancies occur, are filled with other pursuits; and that “couch potatoes” become the exception rather than the expectation. Sports can promote and inspire active, healthy lifestyles and lifelong habits among people of all ages, all races, and all backgrounds. Sports and team membership provide: a sense of belonging, self-esteem, hope and the inspiration of coaches; a source of activity particularly in the critical after-school hours; and a “hook” to attract kids to nonprofit programs also offering tutoring. Through The Sports Fund of The Community Foundation, Middle Tennessee nonprofit organizations providing these opportunities will have a permanent endowed source of funding to ensure support. The Ed Temple/Tigerbelles Fund Established 2017

This Fund ensured the creation of “Ed Temple and the Tigerbelles,” a documentary that covers Temple and the Tigerbelles’ success during a time when the nation was embroiled in a civil rights crisis as African-Americans sought equality. The film also features testimonials from historians, writers and former Tigerbelles. The Tennessee 4-H Foundation Endowment Fund Established 2013

Tennessee 4-H encourages diverse groups of youth to develop their unique skills and talents to the fullest potential. This Agency Endowment Fund ensures there are permanent resources for this important work serving Tennessee’s youth.

The Tomorrow Fund Established 1999

The Tomorrow Fund was formed by several professionals in the Middle Tennessee community to foster civic leadership and community awareness among young adults in their 20s and 30s. Through both hands-on charitable service and committeebased grantmaking, the Fund provides a training ground for the future leaders of Middle Tennessee’s community outreach efforts. Tulip Street Church – Frances Southerland Legacy Fund Established 2016

The Marion Canale King Woodall Endowment for The Women’s Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Established 2017

“She went out of her way to help others,” is what was said about Marion Woodall at the end of her life. It can also be said of her daughter, Estie Woodall Harris, who established this Fund in honor of her mother. This Fund will support women helping women in their efforts to remain safe, maintain their health and well-being, and improve the economic standing for themselves and their families.

The congregation of Tulip Street United Methodist Church has a long history of community engagement. Since its founding in 1859, Tulip Street has been a constant community presence in East Nashville. The congregation has reached out into the neighborhood, the city, and our country time and again to offer aid to those in need. Frances Southerland (1926-2013) was a prominent fixture in the congregation at Tulip Street Church, and those who knew her were always impressed with her generosity of spirit. Her primary concern was always to ensure that Tulip Street remained able to help those within its immediate community, having a particular concern for the children of lower-income families. Her bequest is the seed of this Fund.

Youth Philanthropy Fund

Welcoming Nashville Fund

Anne and Robert K. Zelle Designated Fund to benefit St. George’s Episcopal Church of Nashville

Established 2015

The number of foreign-born residents in Nashville has more than doubled over the past decade. Nearly 12 percent of our population was born outside of the United States, and nearly half of those people are recent immigrants who entered the country since 2000. The Mayor’s Office of New Americans works to engage immigrants and empower them to participate in our government and our community. This Fund supports that work.

Established 2003

The Youth Innovation Project is designed to encourage young people to create new solutions to important community problems. The program, administered by the Oasis Center with support from The Community Foundation and the Mayor’s Office of Children and Youth, is one of only eight selected in the country to receive a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Youth board members investigate and learn about local concerns, resources, power structures, servicelearning and youth philanthropy, awarding grants to young people for innovative civic action projects of their own design.

Established 2016

Anne and Robert K. Zelle Designated Fund to benefit the United Way of Metropolitan Nashville, Inc. Established 2016

The Women’s Fund Established 1994

Begun in 1994 with the vision of improving the lives of women and girls in need throughout Middle Tennessee, The Women’s Fund has surpassed the $2 million mark as it builds an endowment to support nonprofits working to: encourage the achievement of self-sufficiency for women; promote the health and physical well-being of women and girls; and prevent violence against women and girls. Since its inception, The Women’s Fund has awarded more than $2.07 million in grants to nonprofits serving women and girls in Middle Tennessee.



Acadia Healthcare The Acadia Healthcare Employee Care Fund Established 2020

AegisScience Corporation The AegisHelp Fund Established 2017

Ace Hardware-Corporate and Franchise Locations Ace Helpful Fund Established 2019

Alive Hospice The Alive Hospice Employee Assistance Fund Established 2017

American General Life and Accident Insurance Company American General Life and Accident Insurance Company Employee Care Fund Established 2010

A.O. Smith Water Products Company A.O. Smith Corporation Employee Care Fund Established 2010

Autoloop The Autoloop Relief Fund Established 2017

Avenue Bank Avenue Bank Care Fund Established 2010

Belle Meade Country Club Belle Meade Country Club Employee Emergency Assistance Fund

Fannie Mae The Fannie Mae Employee Relief Fund

Ingram Industries The Ingram Emergency Assistance Fund

CGS Administrators, LLC CGS Employee Recovery Fund

Father Ryan High School Father Ryan Faculty and Staff Assistance Fund

Integra Integra Relief Fund

Established 2009

Established 2010

Community Health Systems The CHS Cares Fund Established 2017

Wilson Bank & Trust Randall Clemons Wilson Bank & Trust Employee Care Fund Established 2019

Country Music Association The CMA Employee Assistance Fund Established 2016

Comcast Comcast Cares Fund Established 2010

Established 2017

Established 2010

Fifth Third Bank The Fifth Third Cares Fund Established 2010

Force Management The Force Management Employee Assistance Fund Established 2020

Freeland Chevrolet Superstore The Freeland Cares Fund Established 2015

Front Burner Restaurants The Front Burner Restaurants Employee Assistance Fund

Cressey & Company The Cressey Cares Teammate Fund

Established 2020

Cumberland University Cumberland Compassion Fund

Established 2017

Established 2020

Established 2019

Curo Health Services Curo Employee Assistance Fund Established 2009

Correct Care Solutions, LLC Dare to Care Employee Assistance Fund Established 2010

Delek/US Holdings, Inc. Delek Employee Care Fund Established 2011

Designworks Collective and Co. DesignWorks Investments Care Fund

Established 2013

Established 2018

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee BlueCross Family Fund

Dorman Products The Dorman Contributor Relief Fund

Established 2014

Established 2020

Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) BMI Care and Assistance Fund

Ensworth School Ensworth Faculty Assistance Fund

Established 2010

Established 2010

Bongo Java The Bongo Employee Assistance Fund

Essendant Associate Essendant Associate Care Fund

Established 2012


Bretagne LLC Bretagne LLC Employee Assistance Fund

Established 2014

Frost-Arnett Company Frost-Arnett Helping Hands Fund

Genesco Inc. Genesco Employee Emergency Fund Established 2010

Greater Tennessee Valley Operators Association The GTVOA Employee Emergency Fund Established 2020

Grimco The Grimco Cares Fund Established 2015

HealthStream HealthStream Employee Assistance Fund Established 2015

Hereford Dooley Architects Hereford Dooley Architects Cares Fund Established 2020

Ingram Industries Ingram Catastrophic Loss Fund Established 2010

Ingram Industries Ingram Disaster Fund Established 2005

Established 2016

Established 2012

KLX, Inc. KLX Disaster Relief Fund Established 2017

Kraft CPAs, PLLC KraftCPAs Care Fund Established 2010

LifePoint Health The LifeCare Disaster Recovery Fund Established 2010

LKQ Corporation LKQ Corporation Employee Assistance Fund Established 2018

LP LP Cares Fund Established 2014

Landscape Services, Inc. The LSI Employee Assistance Fund/LEAF Established 2017

Magazines.com Magazines.com Associate Care Fund Established 2012

MAPCO MAPCO Employee Care Fund Established 2017

MasterCorp Inc. MasterCorp People Proud Associate Assistance Fund Established 2018

Medalogix The 360 Fund

Established 2015

Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County The Metropolitan Government Employee Emergency Support Fund Established 2012

Nashville Soccer Club The Nashville SC Employee Emergency Assistance Fund Established 2020

NewsChannel 5 NewsChannel 5 Crisis Care Fund Established 2009

Centuri Construction Group, Inc. NPL Employee Care Fund Established 2015

PathGroup The PathGroup Employee Crisis Care Fund Established 2020

Parking Management Company PMC Care Employee Assistance Fund Established 2019

Quiet Logistics The Quiet Cares Fund Established 2020

Relias Healthcare The Relias Healthcare Team Assistance Fund Established 2020

The Saint Paul Senior Living Community The John Rochford Employee Assistance Fund for Saint Paul in Memory of Richard Johnston Established 2016

Scripps Networks Interactive The Scripps Networks Interactive Employee Relief Fund Established 2012

Studio Movie Grill SMG One Story Fund Established 2018

Smith Seckman Reid Inc. The SSR Disaster Relief Cares Fund Established 2010

The Special Kids, Inc. The Hebrews HALO Fund For Special Kids, Inc. Employees Established 2016

Tennessee Action for Hospitality The Tennessee Action for Hospitality Assistance Fund Established 2020

Touchstone Medical Imaging, LLC The Touchstone Employee Assistance Program Fund Established 2017

Tractor Supply Company Tractor Supply Company Employee Assistance Fund Established 2010

Truform Manufacturing LLC Truform Manufacturing We Care Fund

Cressey Cares Charitable Fund


Established 2013

Truxton Trust Truxton Trust Employee Assistance Fund Established 2012

Dollar General Turner Family Disaster Relief Fund Established 2000

UC Health The UC Health Cares Fund Established 2020

Uncle Classic Barbershop The Uncle Classic Barbershop Employee Assistance Fund Established 2020

Watterson Brands Watterson Brands Employee Assistance Fund Established 2019

Wearwell, Inc. The Wearwell Employee Care Fund Established 2015

Caring for Those Who Care Employee Emergency Assistance Fund Established 2011

Established 2015

Cressey & Company strategically invests in businesses to accelerate growth and enhance quality and outcomes. By creating the Cressey Cares Charitable Fund, the company applies the same principles to nonprofits that have a positive impact on the community. Curo Charitable Fund

Barge Design Solutions Community Fund Established 2014

Barge, Waggoner, Sumner, and Cannon, Inc., is an engineering and architecture services firm consistently ranked in the top 500 engineering firms in the United States. In an effort to give back to the community in which it is deeply involved, BWSC created this Fund to support charitable causes throughout Middle Tennessee. BCA Charitable Funds Established 2017

When Brentwood Capital Advisors was looking for a way to enhance its community giving, Senior Partner Tom Wylly turned to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Tom was familiar with the versatility of The Foundation based on his own experience with a Donor-Advised Fund he and his wife, Pam, established in 2002. CHS-IT Fund

Established 2020

The Comfort Supply Charitable Fund Established 2017

Founded in 1971, Comfort Supply is a company with a core set of values that focuses on respect and goodwill for its customers and employees. Through their Corporate Advised Fund, The Comfort Supply Charitable Fund will support community nonprofit organizations with the same set of values.

Established 2009

Dedicated to providing caring and compassionate service to patients and their families with the highest-quality end-of-life care, Curo Health Services respects those it serves and the communities that support them through all of life’s stages. Wanting to share the compassion and spirit of giving so often witnessed in the homes of patients, Curo has partnered with The Community Foundation to create a vehicle to give back to the communities in which it serves. The Curo Charitable Fund provides hospice patients and their families ongoing opportunities for giving and will support charitable efforts in the communities it serves. Delek Fund for Hope Established 2008

The Delek Fund for Hope was established to support charities in the communities in which Delek employees and customers live and work. These communities include those served by each of Delek Corporation’s business interests. Hereford Dooley Architects Advised Fund Established 2020

Hereford Dooley Architects deliver exceptional designs that foster a healthy environment for its team, clients and communities. Faith-based roots guide them to serve and share the expertise they have learned along the way to create a sustained and bright future for all. This Fund is an extension of this philosophy.

The Core Fund Established 2019

Core Development believes that they can use real estate to make social change. They recognize that real estate is more than bricks and mortar; it’s about people, and the opportunity to improve people’s lives. Giving to causes which strengthen neighborhoods, the land and the local economy elevates our great city of Nashville. The greater our city can become, the more we will all benefit. Grants made through The Core Fund support the neighborhoods where Core Development staff work and live, and they believe that it is not just a good idea to do this, but a responsibility to help the community thrive.

The INSBANK Philanthropic Fund Established 2019

INSBANK believes Where Genuine Matters. They’ve found that they do their best work when they are being true to their genuine selves. This is true for their business of banking and their role in the community as they volunteer and provide philanthropic support through this corporate charitable fund. The Jeffco Charitable Fund Established 2017

The mission of the Jeffco Charitable Fund is to provide an outlet to which friends, customers, and suppliers can join us in donating in order to make a positive impact in our local communities as well as the communities in need across our great country.


The Kroger Community Advised Fund Established 2009

For as long as they have served Middle Tennessee, Kroger has been a great corporate citizen. To maximize its charitable efforts and community impact, Kroger has partnered with The Community Foundation by creating a corporate giving fund. MAPCO Gives Back Fund Established 2017

The MAPCO Gives Back Fund was established to raise funds to benefit local children’s nonprofits and charitable events within the MAPCO footprint. McNeely Pigott & Fox Advised Fund Established 2001

In addition to the numerous pro bono hours donated each year to causes important to partners and staff, MP&F is dedicated to providing ongoing opportunities for community giving. The McNeely Pigott & Fox Advised Fund was created with the belief that the firm can make a difference in the lives of others ... even those who don’t need PR.

Trust within The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee since it is uniquely positioned to help the Fund identify and meet needs in the Nashville area. The Tennessee Farm Bureau Philanthropic Fund Established 2010

The Tennessee Farm Bureau Philanthropic Fund awards grants to nonprofit organizations to support programs assisting individual farmers and farming families in need with basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter. The Village Real Estate Advised Fund Established 2011

Village Real Estate Services does much more than buy and sell homes. It is committed to the ideal that businesses need to reinvest continually in the communities that sustain them to make Nashville’s neighborhoods better places for everyone to live. Through this Fund, it has the opportunity to support nonprofit causes that promote the growth of healthy, thriving communities.

redpepper’s Land of Cause Fund Established 2009

Through its CreateAthon, a 24-hour work-aroundthe-clock blitz, redpepper provides nonprofits in Nashville and Atlanta with pro bono marketing and creative services, formulating plans they need but could not otherwise afford. But redpepper realizes that all too often, even great plans lie idle. So, redpepper established the Land of Cause Fund to provide funding to assist in implementing these marketing solutions. Scripps Network Emergency Relief Fund Established 2016

Speyer/Tennsco Donor Advised Fund Established 2000

Les Speyer and his family have achieved financial success through their Dickson-based company, Tennsco, a manufacturer of steel filing and storage systems. This Fund was established for corporate giving to support charitable efforts in both Dickson and Nashville. The Tennessean’s 21st Century Trust Advised Fund Established 1999

The 21st Century Trust was started to expand The Tennessean’s role in promoting and facilitating philanthropy throughout Middle Tennessee. The Trust has focused on charitable programs that meet immediate needs of local citizens, particularly children. The effort has included not only raising funds, but also leveraging The Tennessean’s wide reach to cover community needs, the organizations that help meet them, and to encourage further participation by others. The Tennessean chose to create the 21st Century



Weichert Realtors-The Andrews Group Advised Fund Established 2004

Tom Andrews believes that corporate citizenship includes giving back, and he encourages this belief in others. When Tom wanted to put in place a permanent giving vehicle for Weichert Realtors-The Andrews Group, he turned to The Community Foundation to assist in that endeavor. The Working 4 You Fund Established 2011

For generations, since the beginning of the broadcast era, WSMV has been working for this community. Now it has added to the ways it can invest in Middle Tennessee’s needs and opportunities by creating The Working 4 You Fund within The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

The Asurion Disaster Relief Fund Established 2004

Asurion strives to be a good friend both to the communities in which it operates and to those who’ve chosen to work for them. To accomplish this goal efficiently and effectively, the leadership of Asurion turned to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to build a strategy of community partnerships. This Fund was established to provide financial support to nonprofits willing to assist employees who have lost their homes due to a natural disaster. The Cheatham County Disaster Response Fund Established 2010

Thanks to the leadership of the Cheatham County Community Foundation, the Cheatham County Disaster Response Fund was established after the May 2010 flood to provide grants to nonprofit organizations offering Cheatham County residents assistance with food, shelter and clothing. The Fund will continue to serve as a resource to help Cheatham Countians whose lives are impacted by natural disaster. The David Cain Volunteer Emergency Responder Support Fund Established 2020

David Cain had a professional career in technology, but he also had a calling and a commitment to using his swimming and diving skills as a volunteer to save and help people who found themselves in harm’s way in Nashville. This Fund was established by David’s friends and fellow volunteers in the Office of Emergency Management to honor his efforts and his memory. The LifePoint Hospitals Disaster Response Fund Established 2010

It must be great to be part of the LifePoint Family, a company that has repeatedly risen to help in time of crisis and make a difference for people in need. As Bill Carpenter, LifePoint Chairman and CEO, noted after natural disaster rocked Haiti in January 2010, “In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, one thing is clear — the Haitian people are going to need help, not just now, but for the long-term as they begin to recover and rebuild lives ... the Fund will allow us to help them in the recovery and rebuilding process.” With this Fund in place, LifePoint has the

opportunity to help in future disasters that affect any part of the world, and to act expeditiously to meet needs as it did in Haiti. Metro Nashville Disaster Response Fund Established 2002

When Oklahoma City’s Murrah Federal Building was bombed in April 1995, the country had never experienced such a disaster and was unprepared in many ways. Although the first response teams did an excellent job, just how to prepare for long-term needs was a puzzle. Generous people from across the world contributed financially to the cause, but many didn’t know where to send the money, and as a result, more than 80 charities handled donations, creating confusion, duplication of effort and inefficiency. In an effort to be prepared if disaster strikes, The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee established this vehicle in 2002, which has since become an integrated part of Nashville’s official disaster manual created by the Office of Emergency Management. The Fund has been designated by the city of Nashville as the central repository for giving at the time of disaster. Music City Way Fund Established 2019

In times of a disaster, Nashville and Middle Tennessee residents have exhibited a strong desire to lend a helping hand to our friends, neighbors, and often times strangers. To connect the outpouring of generosity to those impacted by disaster, The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee established the Music City Way Fund to support affected communities, victims and their ongoing needs. Nashville Neighbors Fund Established 2020

The Nashville Neighbors Fund was established on Christmas Day 2020 to help those impacted by the significant explosion from a bomb that detonated inside an RV parked in front of the AT&T Transmission Building, located at 166 2nd Avenue North in Downtown Nashville. Grants from this Fund will be made to nonprofits providing assistance that is both immediate and long-term. Tennessee Emergency Response Fund Established 2008

The size and scope and circumstance of every disaster is different. The Tennessee Emergency Response Fund has been created so that our community will be prepared to handle a disaster. Through this Fund, The Community Foundation makes grants to nonprofit organizations providing vital services. Our work will, we know, free nonprofits up to concentrate on delivering vital services while we “connect generosity with need” and our community sets out to rebuild lives.

The River Fund 2020 Established 2020

The proceeds of the Fund will build the resources of the school’s library, for both teachers and students, furthering the opportunity for education.

in the traditional school environment. Offering small class sizes and individual attention, Benton Hall is located in the Grassland community near Franklin.

Andrea Morrison Baker Fund

Book’em! Agency Endowment Fund

Andrea Morrison Baker loved working with her students as a counselor and teacher at Eakin Elementary in Nashville. Her sensitive, caring demeanor was a perfect match for the role of shaping young minds. Her peers recognized the bright star for her efforts, too. After serving as president of the Middle Tennessee Counselor Association from 2004-2007, Andrea was one of the two finalists for Metro Nashville’s Teacher of the Year in 2010. Unexpectedly, Andrea passed away in September 2010 at the age of 37. Though she left too soon, the Andrea Morrison Baker Fund will continue her passion of helping at-risk youth learn to believe in themselves and realize their extraordinary potential. Created by her parents, Bob and Barbara, and her sister, Wendy, the Fund benefits the Tapping Individual Potential (TIP) program through The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, which provides enrichment experiences for talented middle school students in Metro Nashville Public Schools.

Book’em and Reading Is Fundamental Nashville share the desire to inspire a love of books and reading in all children by providing reading volunteers to schools, preschools and library story times, and books to children who may not have books of their own, in order to send the message that reading is important and fun. The two organizations merged in 2006 under the name of Book’em in order to enhance and expand services. This Fund was created to help ensure the future growth and stability of Book’em.

Tennessee Farm Disaster Response Fund Established 2008

Disaster can strike anywhere at any time. To be prepared to respond when farm communities are hit, the Tennessee Farm Bureau established this Fund. When disaster strikes, grants from this Fund are directed to farm and rural communities to help families rebuild the agricultural infrastructure and are intended to help those who have incurred substantial damage to their homes, farms and/or personal property. Those living in Tennessee counties that earn presidentially-declared disaster status will be eligible for help.


Established 2010

Barton-Landers Theological Fund Abelman Charitable Fund for the Joseph and Esther Cheskis Scholarship Fund at Brandeis University Established 2017

Dr. and Mrs. J.F. Adams Memorial Library Association Fund Established 2009

Longtime Woodbury, Tennessee, residents Dr. and Mrs. J.F. Adams are memorialized through a public library building located on their former property, built through the leadership of the Woodbury Lions Club and other community members, and through funds raised from the public. The Fund exists to endow support permanently for this community institution. Alliance Française Cultural & Educational Agency Endowment Fund Established 2007

The Alliance Française Cultural and Educational Fund increases the appreciation and knowledge of the French language and francophone cultures by providing French classes, scholarships for area French teachers, and cultural events. This Endowment Fund ensures the future of Alliance Française’s mission to offer opportunities that enrich the lives of Middle Tennessee residents.

Established 2008

The necessity for an educated ministry for the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church was first articulated by Bishop Daniel Alexander Payne at the AME General Conference of 1844 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The contemporary continuance of this need is evidenced by the late Reverends D.B. Barton and John Landers, whose gift and bequest, respectively, have made possible the establishment of this Theological Fund by the Board of Trustees of the AME Church. The proceeds of this Fund will provide one or more annual scholarships to a theological student who has been admitted to an accredited seminary to study for the Master of Divinity degree, has a strong academic record, demonstrates a financial need and is committed to a ministerial career in the AME Church. Bonnie R. Bashford Fund Established 2008

According to her friends and family, Nashvillian Bonnie Bashford loved life and lived every moment to its fullest. Bonnie, an employee of Social Security Administration, appreciated the value of giving back and believed in sharing the bounty of her life. So, in her Will, she left The Community Foundation her home and much of her estate to create the Bonnie R. Bashford Fund to assist underprivileged people working to obtain an education and/or housing.

Coach Joe Gwynne Atkinson Fund to benefit Lebanon High School Library

Benton Hall School Endowment Fund

This Fund perpetuates the memory of a man who taught Lebanon High School students the importance of education during and beyond high school.

Benton Hall, established in 1977, is a private school that serves students in grades 1-12 who have learning differences or who have not performed successfully

Established 2001

Established 1997

Established 1997

Ann and Monroe Carell Jr. Family Fund to benefit Aquinas College’s Undergraduate Degree in Education Established 2001

The Ann and Monroe Carell Jr. Family Fund was established to provide Aquinas College the resources to train teachers. Through this Fund, young women who wish to dedicate their lives to God as religious sisters and teach as members of the Dominican Sisters of the St. Cecilia Congregation are supported as they earn their teaching certificates at Aquinas.

Cheatham County Public Library Endowment Fund Established 1998

Established by John Mayfield, this Fund enables the library to purchase reading materials so that all of its current and future patrons will be well-informed and up-to-date. Child Care Alliance of Middle Tennessee Fund Established 2020

ChildcareTennessee Established 2013

ChildcareTennessee is an initiative of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Launched by its sister initiative, ChildcareNashville, ChildcareTennessee is an efficient alternative to the heavy paperwork that dominates the childcare industry. Childcare DHS Grant Established 2019

Childcare DHS Grant T Expenses Established 2020

Childcare DHS Grant V-Tornado and COVID Grants Established 2020

Judy Jean and John E. Chapman, M.D. Designated Fund

Childcare Enhancement Grant

Dr. John E. Chapman served Vanderbilt University’s School of Medicine for more than a quarter of a century. During his career, which culminated as dean of the school, Dr. Chapman’s priority was the students. He focused on students individually, and he championed their access to faculty as a means to improving the quality of the education those students received, earning him the distinctive title: “Dean of Deans.” Dr. Chapman and his wife, Judy Jean, planned this Fund together before his death. Their goal: to benefit medical schools teaching as Dr. Chapman always did, helping well-rounded, deserving students attend schools that make them a priority, treat students as individuals and valued colleagues, and emphasize quality education.

The Clarksville-Montgomery County Education Foundation Endowment Fund

Established 2006

Cheatham County Imagination Library Endowment Fund Established 2010

What better way to grow a child’s imagination than exposure to books, which have the power to teach, inspire and make us dream? The Cheatham County Imagination Library does just that, sending an age-appropriate free book monthly to every newborn to 5-year-old child living in Cheatham County. This Endowment Fund was created as a source of funding to ensure the future of this free book program, so that children in the area can continue learning the joy of reading with books of their own.

Established 2019

Established 2014

The Clarksville-Montgomery County Education Foundation exists to support the improvement of public education in Clarksville-Montgomery County School System by providing additional funding for the support of programs and initiatives that contribute to student achievement and improve teacher quality. The College Trust, Inc. Agency Endowment Fund Established 1999

In 1983, Marcel Kellar, Kelly Miller Smith, Andrew White, John Corry, and Norman Reed set up The College Trust to invest in the futures of the local historically African-American colleges and universities and the students who attend them. Led by the Interdenominational Ministerial Fellowship, many of the churches in the Nashville community contribute to The College Trust on a regular basis. In addition, they support the Fund in order to build the endowment to ensure that students of American Baptist College, Fisk University, Meharry Medical College, and Tennessee State University have financial help in the years to come.


The Colonel John P. Geraci Educational Assistance Fund Established 2015

John P. Geraci was born in Brooklyn in 1925, the son of immigrant Italian parents. He joined the Marine Corps 10 days after graduating from high school. He went to St. John’s College in New York for two years after serving in the Marine Corps during World War II but left college to join the Army as a second lieutenant. He earned two Silver Stars, a Bronze Star with Valor device, and a Purple Heart for his Korean War service as an Army lieutenant. He attended Ranger school as a captain and went on to serve three tours in Vietnam, earning two more Silver Stars, among other honors. He is the second-most-decorated Ranger in the history of the unit, having served 36 years—16 overseas—and in three wars. Hard work, reading and continuous learning, and service to others are the three primary things he instilled in his children. Because of this, his family wishes to honor his memory with a fund that focuses support on programs that support education. The Community Education Fund Established 1996

The board of The Community Foundation created this Fund to serve as a vehicle for building a pool of philanthropic venture capital available to support the present and future of education within our community. Rascoe B. Davis Family Fund Established 2005

Delta C. Davis chose to honor her husband and his passion for education with a Designated Fund to benefit several educational institutions in perpetuity. Notre Dame High School, The Girls Preparatory School, Montgomery Bell Academy, Meharry Medical College and Harpeth Hall School will receive annual distributions from the Fund. The Dell Nashville STEAM Innovation Fund Established 2017

The Fund is intended to support charitable initiatives to provide STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) resources and support for teachers, students and faculty in Metro Nashville Public Schools. The fund will be utilized to award MNPS middle schools much-needed dollars in order to enhance STEAM education in the classroom. This Fund will provide a long-term source of funding to support STEAM education within MNPS, which has agreed to use their expertise to support these educational efforts. Dickson County Public Library Endowment Fund Established 2002

In 2002, the Dickson County Public Library moved into a new building that houses 75,000 books and much more. Dollars from this Fund are dedicated to specific children and adult programs throughout each year, which range from pre-school literacy to computer classes for seniors. The library’s board has big plans


for the future, and its members hope that residents of Dickson will continue to contribute to this Fund to support this wonderful community asset. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring Endowment Fund Established 1998

The Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, established in 1987 in Murfreesboro, is dedicated to providing a warm environment where families can explore together and learn from discovery. Hands-on exhibits and programs in art, social studies and science help to increase self-esteem, encourage critical thinking and questioning, strengthen family bonds, and stimulate creativity. Friends of the Stewart Home & School Fund Established 2020

Located six miles south of Frankfort, Kentucky, the Stewart Home & School was founded in 1893 by Dr. John Q. A. Stewart. Established on the site of the former Kentucky Military Institute, the school is the nation’s fifth-oldest institution of its kind and has been privately operated for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Stewart’s mission was to bring self-sufficiency and education to those with mental disabilities who could not be taught in a traditional school setting. The School community serves approximately 330 students living on the 100+ acre campus. This Fund supports the important work of this longstanding educational institution. The Enoch Fuzz Legacy Fund Established 2020

The Friends of Edgehill Early Learning Center Fund Established 2019

A pilot “mother’s day out” program was initiated by Judy Lewis in partnership with the Edgehill United Methodist Church (UMC) in 2018 to help and create an educational opportunity for infant and preschool age children living in the Edgehill community to experience a one-day, four-hour, classroom-based learning environment. The interest from the community in this program was very strong, thanks in large part to the outreach of Nancy Crutcher of Edgehill UMC. The excitement and demand not only led the pilot program to become an official ministry of the church, it also motivated the plans for a second day to be added. Children welcomed into the Edgehill Early Learning Program are provided with enrichment opportunities in both the classroom and on the playground. Grace M. Eaton Day Home Endowment Fund Established 1998

Founded in 1926, Grace M. Eaton Childcare and Parent Resource Center was the first nonprofit childcare organization in Nashville, established for the express purpose of serving Black, low-income,

inner-city children. The mission of the program flows from the philosophy that Grace M. Eaton provides quality childcare for children of working parents, or those who are preparing for productive employment by completing educational programs or employment training. The Center works with parents and the community to prepare children for a healthy and successful future. This endowment is a component of that commitment to nurturing young lives.

Blind. This Endowment ensures funds will always be available for continued support for the school, which has served children with visual impairment since 1844.

Annette and Irwin Eskind Fund for Public Education

Established 2007

Established 2013

In 1997, Annette and Irwin Eskind helped the Metropolitan Nashville Public Education Foundation establish an endowment. Since they had established the Metropolitan Nashville Public Education Foundation itself, it was both a logical and thoughtful additional gift. In the intervening years, The Community Foundation’s investments allowed the Fund to more than double. With the passage of time and the closing of the MNPEF, The Community Foundation asked to slightly alter the Fund to ensure it would always be used to support public education in Nashville and, to reflect that fact, the name was changed to the Annette and Irwin Eskind Fund for Public Education. Each year when The Foundation receives grant requests, The Foundation’s Board will use five percent of the money in the Fund to make grants to public education in Nashville in the Eskinds’ name. The Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Endowment Fund to benefit Ensworth School Established 2014

The Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Endowment Fund to benefit Nashville Public Library Foundation Established 2013

The Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Endowment Fund to benefit Nashville Public Radio Established 2013

The Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Endowment Fund to benefit Nashville Public Television Council, Inc. Established 2013

The Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Endowment Fund to benefit University School of Nashville Established 2014

Friends of Tennessee School for the Blind, Inc. Established 2011

The mission of Friends of Tennessee School for the Blind is to enhance and enrich the educational, vocational, special skills, and social development of students enrolled in the Tennessee School for the

Matthew & Anne Gamble Kennedy Designated Fund for Fisk University Established 2014

Margaret North Gessler Fund to benefit The Susan Gray School of Vanderbilt University Margaret North Gessler passed away in January 2007 after a long illness. Her extraordinary life was filled with family, art, friendship and learning. Margaret Gessler was a respected Nashville artist whose career began with her apprenticeship in the Medical Illustration Department at Vanderbilt University in 1935. There she met her husband, Carl, and they settled in Donelson and had four children. Their youngest daughter, Cathy, was a child with Down syndrome. After Cathy’s death in 1974, Margaret championed children with disabilities. Another of Margaret’s daughters earned her doctorate in Special Education, making it her career focus. This Fund benefits the Susan Gray School’s work to serve young children with developmental disabilities and those at risk for developmental delay. Miss Julia Green Fund for Public Education Established 1999

For the majority of her 88 years, Julia McClung Green worked to improve education for public school children in Davidson County as a teacher and as the first elementary education supervisor. Established by the PTA of Julia Green School in her honor and supported by the community-at-large, this Fund supports programs designed to encourage parental and community involvement, to enhance educational opportunities, and to upgrade facilities and equipment. Hands-On-Science Center, Inc. Endowment Fund Established 2004

Hands-On-Science Center in Tullahoma, Tennessee, saw the need to provide children with an understanding of science and math. This Endowment Fund is intended to ensure the future of the Center, as well as the ongoing efforts to increase participation at the Center. Cynthia J. Hardy Memorial Designated Fund benefiting the Tapping Individual Potential Program Established 2005

Nurse Cynthia Hardy died in an unfortunate circumstance — at the very top of the liver transplant list. Through an ill-fated accident she contracted hepatitis, which led to her passing. Rather than focus solely on her death, in her memory friends and family created this Fund to capture the best in her life — her personal passion for art — in hopes of passing it on to others through The Foundation’s Tapping Individual Potential Program.

Bob and Lois Holmes Memorial Fund Established 2017

The Holmes family honors the legacy of Robert L. “Bob” and Lois Holmes by establishing this Fund to support continuing arts education of public school students through support of the Tapping Individual Potential (TIP) Program. Bob was the creator and director of Cremona Strings, the first Black youth string ensemble in Nashville. Lois served as a schoolteacher and consultant, as well as a docent for Cheekwood. Both were proud educators, lovers of the arts, and pillars in the Nashville community.

and economic development expert Dr. Kamal Saggi, and death penalty abolitionist Sister Helen Prejean. Imagination Library of Middle Tennessee Agency Endowment Fund Established 1997

Imagination Library of Middle Tennessee, operated in partnership with the Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation and facilitated by the United Way, recognizes the benefits of an endowment partnership with The Community Foundation to provide giving options for all of Nashville interested in supporting literacy efforts.

David William Howard Memorial Fund Established 2004

David Howard was a model student and athlete at Clarksville High School. He worked hard on the field to become the best athlete he could be, and his dedication, work ethic and talent always helped him to rise above challenges. David demonstrated these characteristics throughout his life, and it surprised no one when David reacted instantly to help someone in trouble — even though the act of heroism brought about his own death. David was nearby the chief of maintenance at the plant at which he was working when he ran into trouble. To save a worker from electrical shock, David pushed the man aside, paying the ultimate price by saving someone else. Through the Fund, an award will be given each fall to a senior on the Clarksville High School football team to assist with upcoming college tuition and fees. Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet Endowment Fund Established 2002

Even the most highly acclaimed schools in Metro Nashville struggle to make ends meet. So began the list of reasons behind the effort of three Hume-Fogg seniors to endow the future of the school they love. Heather McClure, Sarah Hymes and Anne Gooch were the ambitious young women who made this vision a reality. They worked at Titans games and put what they earned in the Fund. They approached corporations, foundations and individuals for contributions and passed out fliers explaining the need and their plans. Sarah, Heather and Anne have now all graduated from college, leaving other students in charge, but Hume-Fogg’s future will be better off because they cared. Hume-Fogg Scholar-in-Residence Fund Established 2014

Class gifts represent an important tradition in philanthropy. The Hume-Fogg Scholar-in-Residence Program was born from a class gift campaign, and the result has been the creation of a permanent Fund to support visiting scholars and accompanying lectures and activities for the entire Hume-Fogg High School community. Past scholars have included classics author Susan Ford Wiltshire, economics professor

League of Women Voters of Tennessee Education Endowment Fund Established 1996

body and spirit through residential independent living programs for older adolescents as well as non-residential programming. A foundation of education, vocation and life-skills training provides a bridge to independence and success. Montgomery Bell Academy Scholarship Endowment Fund Established 2001

Founded in 1867 as a scholarship school for young men, Montgomery Bell Academy is a 7-12 grade allboys school. The MBA Scholarship Endowment Fund was established by the school’s trustees to ensure that scholarships and financial aid will always be available to guarantee that able students from different cultural and economic backgrounds can attend.

Who does the public turn to for information on the election process or government in general? The League of Women Voters. Where does the League turn for the resources to provide this information? The LWV of Tennessee Education Fund. The League’s Education Fund is its research and education arm, which provides impartial information about government and the election process. The League’s Education Fund established an endowment with The Community Foundation to help create an assured source of funding for the future.

Nashville Chapter of The Recording Academy Designated Fund

The Madison Campus Elementary Endowment Fund

Nashville Public Library Permanent Endowment Fund

Madison Campus Elementary (MCE) is a Seventh-day Adventist school open to all students from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade that is successfully educating today’s child with eternal principles and academic excellence. MCE has been providing quality Christian education since 1906 and is accredited by AdvancED/SACS. Caring faculty and staff strive to create a safe and positive learning environment for each child. In addition to rigorous academics, students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of extracurricular activities that further develop mind and body.

A great city has a great library! The Main Library Building, which opened in 2001, is making a significant impact on life in our city. Systemwide, the library offers high-tech informational systems, thousands of books and significant outreach programs. This Endowment Fund provides much-needed funding to expand the library’s collections and to keep the services up-to-date and state-of-the-art.

Established 2014

Micah Children’s Academy Endowment Fund Established 2012

Jewish tradition elevates the education of children to the highest level of a community’s priorities. That is why Congregation Micah in Brentwood, Tennessee, created a program to provide children from the area and from the congregation with care and education from 6 weeks old until they enter kindergarten. This endowment will help supply the funds necessary to ensure its availability to this and future generations. Monroe Harding Children’s Home Endowment Fund Established 1999

Monroe Harding partners with at-risk youth and their families to foster a transformation of the mind,

Established 2006

The Recording Academy’s signature awards, The Grammys, bring out the best in people and encourage them to reach higher and dream bigger. Now, The Recording Academy is encouraging the students of Metro Nashville Public Schools to do the same, providing annual support to the Nashville Alliance for Public Education to build and enhance music education in the schools of Music City.

Established 2001

Nashville Public Television Endowment Fund Established 2003

Nashville Public Television provides thought-provoking, educational, informative, and entertaining television to our community in a commercial-free environment. NPT offers some of the most respected programs in the areas of education, history, drama, performance and finance, as well as a wealth of educational resources for teachers. The money from the endowment will help this Middle Tennessee treasure continue to serve our citizens for years to come. PENCIL Foundation Agency Endowment Fund Established 2006

PENCIL Foundation plays an essential role in Nashville by linking community resources of both volunteers and materials with Metro Nashville Public Schools. PENCIL responds to the needs of Metro Schools, matching over 500 businesses and service

organizations with individual schools as PENCIL Partners, collecting donated school supplies for teachers, and training volunteer tutors to work with at-risk students. This Endowment Fund was created to ensure the growth of PENCIL’s programs as it serves at-risk youth. Project Reflect Agency Endowment Fund Established 2007

Project Reflect serves children at high risk of school failure through education in academics, positive behavior and spirituality. It operates Smithson Craighead Academy charter school for children in grades K-8, and after-school and summer school programs; advocates for education reform at state and local levels; and promotes choice for parents in public school education. This Fund helps to build a brighter future for at-risk children as they transform from a culture of poverty to a culture of learning and caring about others. The Public Schools Forum Fund Established 2009

Often, the best economic development tool is an educated workforce, one ready to step in and equipped to succeed. The earmarks of such a workforce are people trained to problem-solve, to think creatively, to rise to the level of high expectations, and to seize opportunities. The Public Schools Forum Fund is intended to create a facile and agile supply of philanthropic dollars dedicated to supporting charitable projects and initiatives to improve, enhance and sustain education in Tennessee. The Fund is poised to identify opportunities, and to make strategic investments. Richards Fund to support the Study of Latin and the Classics at Harpeth Hall School Established 1999

Latin shows up every day in the English language, and the study of Latin helps students perfect their grasp of English, as well as other romance languages. In addition, study of Latin and the Classics makes one a better-rounded person. To that end, this Fund provides an annual contribution to Harpeth Hall School. Lucy and Wilbur Sensing Fund to benefit The Bootstraps Foundation Established 2011

The Bootstraps Foundation exists to assist persevering young men and women across Middle Tennessee who have, despite severe obstacles and hardships in life, placed themselves in a position to attend college. Conceived in 1986 by Irby Simpkins, publisher of the Nashville Banner, and Ray Danner, chairman of Shoney’s, Inc., the organization was established as a way to give college scholarships to young people who had “pulled themselves up by their bootstraps” and managed to continue and pursue their education.


South Cheatham Library Endowment Fund Established 1998

The South Cheatham Library is in a quaint log cabin building in Kingston Springs, Tennessee. This Fund was established by John E. Mayfield, and it was his hope others would donate to this Fund to ensure current and future generations of Cheatham Countians will continue to enjoy strong libraries. The Springfield High School Athletic Association Facilities Fund Established 2019

This Fund will provide a long-term source of funding aligned with the goal of assisting in the maintenance and improvement of athletic facilities at Springfield High School. Escuela Anne Stevens in Ecuador Fund Established 2006

There is a beautiful school in the lowlands of Ecuador, opened in 1998, called the Escuela Anne Stevens. It is named after Anne Stevens, the former director of St. Luke’s Community House. It serves grades K-8 and has 125 students. This Fund will provide the school a steady stream of income now and in the years ahead. Richie Stevenson Scholarship Fund for Benton Hall School Established 2000

When Richie Stevenson was born in 1979 at Vanderbilt Hospital, he was three months early, weighed two pounds, and was 12 inches in length. Today, Richie is a successful graduate of Benton Hall. To mark their son’s successes, Jimmy and Donna Stevenson decided several years ago that, when they were able, they would make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. The proceeds of this Fund provide tuition assistance to graduating seniors at Benton Hall School. Student Educational Loan Fund for Gays and Lesbians Established 1997

Sometimes parents and children need time and space to bridge a gap that has developed between them because the children are gay or lesbian. The Student Education Loan Fund can buy students and parents a chance to work things out between them by providing emergency loans to young men or women whose parents have discontinued financial support for their education because they are lesbian or gay. Tapping Individual Potential (TIP) Fund Established 1998

The Tapping Individual Potential (TIP) Program works with Metro Nashville Public School children who have extraordinary talent or potential. Identified by a teacher or guidance counselor, the student’s skill is highlighted and an enrichment experience — tailored to the child — is developed. It may be art classes, science camps, a visit with someone with a


similar interest, or a visit to an archeological dig. This Fund helps promote talents or interests for students who may not otherwise have these extracurricular opportunities. Coach Edward S. Temple Fund for New Hope Academy Established 2018

New Hope Academy was established in 1996 as an independent Christian-centered school serving families in Williamson County that didn’t have the financial means to send their children to a private school. It was New Hope’s focus on diversity that resulted in the school developing an unusual but binding relationship with the late Ed Temple, the legendary Tennessee State University track coach. Temple’s message to New Hope students was often about the importance of education. An anonymous donor established the Coach Edward S. Temple Fund for New Hope Academy. This Fund is one of four established between 2014-2018 to honor Coach Temple and his legacy and commitment to education. Tennessee Foreign Language Institute Endowment Fund Established 2000

The Tennessee Foreign Language Institute Endowment Fund was created to support the goals and activities of the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute, a state agency established to promote, encourage, enhance, and facilitate the learning and teaching of foreign languages and cultures. The Fund allows for such initiatives as foreign language pilot programs in local elementary schools and promotion of foreign language education for children. Tennessee Holocaust Commission Endowment Fund Established 1995

This Fund was established to endow the activities of the Tennessee Holocaust Commission, Inc., which develops and implements programs in Holocaust education for Tennessee’s public and private secondary schools, colleges, universities and citizens of all ages. Edna S. Thomas Fund Established 2000

Judy and Tommy Lewis came to The Community Foundation in July 2000, armed with a vision and the idea of creating a legacy for Judy’s mother, Edna Thomas. Edna had been an outstanding parent and, as a result, Judy felt a fitting tribute would be a Fund to endow an annual fall lecture series focusing on raising healthy children and giving parents the tools to succeed. The annual fall lecture series continued for 14 years, serving an average of 225 parents each year. In 2014, Judy chose a new focus for the Fund, aiming to serve mothers and children in the Edgehill community of Nashville, Tennessee. Edgehill is an area which currently has no daycare or child development

programs available for children ages 0-4 and in great need. The Edna Thomas Fund has been serving in the Edgehill area in conjunction with Edgehill UMC’s Director of Neighborhood Ministries, Nancy Crutcher, since 2015, offering a monthly gathering that includes lunch, grocery gift cards, programs for mothers and grandmothers on topics ranging from self-care to early childhood development, and parenting. The infants/toddlers have healthy developmentally appropriate play time while the moms and grandmothers are learning.

Theological Seminary. The Williamses, who serve on the boards of each of these esteemed educational institutions, wanted to endow their support. In perpetuity, payments from this Fund will be issued to these schools annually. We are honored by their tireless support and by their decision to entrust this legacy to The Community Foundation.

Mary P. Thompson Fund for Ministry, Education and Rehabilitation for Women in Prison

Anne and Robert K. Zelle Designated Fund to benefit the Adventure Science Center of Nashville

Established 2001

This Fund seeks to provide healing for women in prison, generally victims of poverty, abuse and neglect in the developmental years. It further seeks to provide opportunities for them to learn how to survive in the free world upon release and to take care of their children in a healthy, productive way. Marguerite Miller Trost Memorial Fund for the Advancement of the Teaching of American History Established 2010

Marguerite Miller Trost was born in 1901 in Alabama, where she lived most of her life. She was unusual for her time and place in that when she graduated from Judson College in 1920, she was following in the tradition of her mother, a graduate of the University of North Alabama, and her grandmother, who attended Queens College before the Civil War. She was an intellectual who continued her education throughout life, ultimately receiving a master’s degree in History. For Marguerite, history was her vocation and avocation. She taught in Alabama public schools for more than 30 years. Her son, Charles Trost, and his wife, Annie, established this Fund to advance the teaching of American History in public education through the Tennessee Historical Society. Pauline and Julius Weil Fund Established 1997

Peggy Weil Steine had a lifelong interest in Peabody Demonstration School (now University School of Nashville, or USN). Peggy attended the school for 12 years and graduated in 1937. Subsequently, her three children graduated from USN, and three of her grandchildren also attended the school. When Peggy wanted to make sure the support she had given USN through the years would continue after her death, she set up this Fund named for her parents, Pauline and Julius Weil, who helped establish the school. Williams Designated Fund Established 1992

Jamye Coleman and McDonald Williams, recipients of the 2002 Joe Kraft Humanitarian Award, established this Fund to benefit Wilberforce University and Payne

Anne and Robert K. Zelle Designated Fund to benefit University School of Nashville Established 2016

Established 2016

Robert K. and Anne H. Zelle Fund for Education Established 2015

Robert K. Zelle Fund to benefit Junior Achievement in Nashville, Tennessee Established 2011

A founder of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, Bob Zelle wished to support causes important to him beyond his lifetime — including Junior Achievement — and through a bequest to create this Fund, entrusted The Community Foundation to carry on his legacy.


ABLE Wheelchair Sports Fund for Children Established 1999

As part of his estate planning, John Mayfield started an endowment as a surprise for his good friend, Rick Slaughter. Rick, who uses a wheelchair, founded ABLE (Athletes Building Life Experiences), which introduces children in wheelchairs to all types of sports, such as basketball, tennis and skiing. The program helps children become independent in all of their daily activities. A Cause for Celebration Fund Established 1998

The A Cause for Celebration Fund wants to ensure that every child, even those living in difficult circumstances, knows that they are celebrated. Currently, the Fund provides birthday parties for mothers and children living at the YWCA’s Domestic Violence Shelter. Contributions of any size are welcome to perpetuate the joy that this Fund supplies.

Alive Hospice Endowment Fund Established 1992

Alive Hospice has been offering physical, psychological and spiritual support to people with life-threatening illnesses and to their families since 1975. It is the oldest and largest nonprofit, community-based hospice in Middle Tennessee. As a nonprofit agency, Alive Hospice provides end-of-life care to anyone from any socioeconomic, ethnic, racial and religious background regardless of ability to pay. Angel Fund

Established 2007

The Angel Fund enables some incredible public servants, or “angels,” working in the nonprofit sector to help people in need. These “angels” invest in critical intervention points in the lives of people they serve. For example, a woman secures a job as a waitress as she reenters the workforce, but lacks the $75 to buy the uniform she needs. Whether it is eyeglasses for a family who cannot afford them or bus passes for the man trying to get to work, the Angel Fund seeks to give people a hand up. Gifts to this Fund of any amount succeed in helping people over a hump in their lives. The Ark Community Resource and Assistance Center Agency Endowment Fund Established 2015

The idea for The Ark originated from Missions Committee meetings at Kingston Springs United Methodist Church. In 2002 the stand-alone nonprofit organization was established to help families stay afloat in South Cheatham County. The Ark’s programs range from Meals on Wheels Senior Dining to Disaster Relief Recovery Services to School Supply Giveaway and everything in between. This Fund will provide a permanent stream of income to support The Ark’s efforts to support its neighbors. Hunter Armistead Fund to Inspire Joy and Laughter Established 1999

The Hunter Armistead Fund to Inspire Joy and Laughter supports programs and projects that allow members of the community to remember their own zest for living amid the struggles of life. Grants from this Fund include support of “laughter classes” for those confronting cancer the provision of birthday parties to children whose parents cannot afford them, the staging of plays or performances for children/adults affected by natural disasters, and the creation of whimsical/light-hearted art or exhibits in public places, to name a few. Ashland City Ministerial Alliance Designated Fund/The Bethesda Center Established 1999

The Ashland City Ministerial Alliance of Churches in Cheatham County supervises the ministry of the Bethesda Center. Established in 1999 by

John E. Mayfield, this Fund serves the needy in Cheatham County by providing a thrift store, a food bank and financial assistance. The Bethesda Center encourages others to donate to this Fund to ensure that their essential services can continue for future generations. The Andrew John Ballinger Memorial Warrior Fund Established 2015

Andrew “Drew” John Ballinger died peacefully in his parents’ arms at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in July 2013. In Drew’s 7 ½ months of life, he touched more lives than most people do in their entire lifetime. The name Andrew means “warrior,” and that he was. Drew was a fighter, and he won many battles against some very difficult odds. This Fund, named to celebrate Drew’s short life, is designed to provide support to families in need that come to the Junior League Fetal Center at Vanderbilt both before and after their babies are born. Susan Warner Batt Fund for Breast Cancer Established 2003

Susan Warner Batt died in 2002 at age 45 after a two-year battle with breast cancer. During Susan’s battle, her husband, Charles Batt, and their children, Derek, Lizzy and Janie, were blessed with such overwhelming acts of thoughtfulness and kindness that they wanted, in their own way, to help others with this disease. So they established the Susan Warner Batt Fund for Breast Cancer to help and support breast cancer patients, awareness and research. Dan and Mimi Berry Fund Established 2017

Many donors are introduced to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee through referral and word of mouth. In the Berrys’ case, it was Nelson Andrews who made the introduction. Through an estate gift, Dan and Mimi ensured a permanent source of support for a handful of favorite nonprofit organizations. Bethlehem Centers of Nashville Endowment Fund Established 2007

Bethlehem Centers of Nashville serves more than 6,000 people each year, delivering quality programs and services that promote self-reliance and positive life choices for children, youth, senior adults and families in Middle Tennessee. Founded in 1894, Bethlehem Centers now has facilities in North, South and downtown Nashville and in Cheatham County at Camp Dogwood. This Fund exists to help protect a rich tradition and the bright future of those it serves.

The Bill Burleigh Endowment Fund for Operation Stand Down Tennessee Established 2016

This Fund is named in honor of Bill Burleigh, former CEO and executive director of Operation Stand Down Tennessee, a nonprofit that assists veterans and their families so that they can be self-sustaining and better connected to the community. The Fund supports the work of this organization. Lillian G. and Dave Bogatzky Fund Established 2003

When Lillian Bogatzky fought for a visa, she literally saved the life of her late husband’s nephew trapped in war-torn Poland during World War II. Records show he was one of only 250 people from Poland to enter the United States in 1938. In thanksgiving for the love he received from his Aunt Lil and Uncle Dave, he established a Fund to perpetuate the spirit of making someone’s life possible. The proceeds from the Fund will be used to serve disadvantaged children and seniors, populations he sees as society’s most vulnerable, just as he was when Aunt Lil stepped in. Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee, Inc. Endowment Fund Established 2001

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee has positively impacted the lives of thousands of Nashville’s youth for more than 100 years. Its various sites serve a culturally and economically diverse youth population, ages 6-18. They are open to the public, and no one is ever turned away because of an inability to pay. The Clubs give kids a safe place to learn and grow, with life-enhancing programs and character development. Breast Cancer Research Fund Established 2000

A survivor of breast cancer for over 25 years, the donor who created this Fund stipulated that the proceeds be used to support breast cancer research conducted at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Remembering when breast cancer was not discussed, she hopes there again will be a day when no one talks about the illness because a cure has been found. Brett Kilroe Fund for Pediatric Cancer Established 2016

CASA of Nashville Endowment Fund Established 2000

CASA, Inc., established in Nashville in 1984, provides trained community volunteers to advocate for abused, neglected or abandoned children, with no place to call home, who find themselves lost in never-ending court battles. Court Appointed Special Advocates provide a voice in court for these vulnerable children and help them find safe, permanent homes. This Fund helps ensure the agency’s ability to continue providing volunteers until child abuse no longer exists.

The Center of Hope Endowment Fund Established 2014

Center of Hope is a refuge of peaceful existence, providing innovative and compassionate direct advocacy, therapeutic counseling, and residential services to victims of domestic violence and abuse. As a leading resource for systemic change, Center of Hope’s goal is to provide meaningful and effective support while addressing the attitudes and behaviors that allow violence to continue in our community. Its comprehensive program ensures that the needs of the victims it serves are met in a holistic and compassionate manner by equipping and empowering them with the skills they need to move beyond the abuse and onto the fulfilling lives they deserve. The David C. Guth, Jr. Fund for Centerstone Established 2005

Centerstone, Tennessee’s leading provider of behavioral health services, has taken a major step to ensure the future of community behavioral health care throughout its service area by establishing this Fund. The Fund will support the research and infrastructure necessary to bring new treatments to clients and to provide universal access to those in the community who cannot afford behavioral health care. Centerstone Military Services Designated Fund Established 2008

Sometimes the scars of war are visible. Sometimes they are not. Sometimes the war ends on the battlefield, but sometimes it continues even after our military comes home. This Fund was created to help address the emotional and psychological aftermath of war — for the combat warriors and for the people who support them at home and in the field. The Fund will sponsor research, curriculum design and innovative delivery mechanisms to provide aid for those affected, in ways that work best for them. After all these men and women have done for our country, the least we can do is stand beside them as they battle Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other consequences of combat stress. Clarksville Montgomery County Ajax Turner Senior Citizen Center, Inc. Endowment Fund Established 2004

The senior center, created in 1963, has grown from just a location for recreation to one of Middle Tennessee’s largest and most complete centers. Thousands of annual participants enjoy daily breakfasts and lunches, a wide range of educational classes including a large computer lab, physical activities, homebound services, an on-site adult day care center, and weekend live-band dances. This Fund will help ensure the continuation of the center for future generations.


Clarksville/Montgomery County Crisis Intervention Center Agency Endowment Fund Established 2017

Now more than ever, crisis intervention services, including an anonymous and confidential 24/7 hotline, are needed. This Fund will support the important services the Clarksville/Montgomery County Crisis Intervention Services Center has been providing since 1987. The Charles Cooper Memorial Endowment Fund for Progress Inc. Established 2003

Progress Inc. was founded by two families as they sought independent living arrangements for their young adult sons with developmental disabilities. In 1971, as Billy Goodman and Tommy Powelson were reaching adulthood, they expressed their desire to live independently in the community and to have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and reach their goals just like anyone else. The Goodmans and the Powelsons realized these desires couldn’t be accomplished in a state institution, so they bought a house for Billy and Tommy to share, hired support staff, and created what ultimately became the largest residential-support provider in Middle Tennessee. Tommy Cooper Fund for Veterans and Military Personnel Established 2013

Tommy Cooper was one of those guys that never met a stranger; his zest for living was infectious. In fact, during the last weeks of his life, his wife, Pat, found herself having to discourage the crowd of people anxious to come by and visit. On November 7, 2013, Tommy lost his long and challenging battle with cancer, and Pat asked that gifts in Tommy’s memory help others navigate their own challenges and their own journey. The Fund is intended to support nonprofits making the path easier for veterans, military personnel, and their families. It may support numerous programs, including: those that help veterans with job training as they reenter the civilian workforce, supporting families managing long deployments, and helping warriors understand that they are not alone as they battle the invisible wounds of traumatic brain injury and PTSD. Council on Aging of Greater Nashville Endowment Fund Established 2013

Council on Aging of Greater Nashville addresses the unmet needs of older adults and caregivers through information, advocacy, and education and by being a catalyst for comprehensive solutions. This Agency Endowment Fund ensures there are permanent resources for this important work serving our community’s eldest members.


Crisis Intervention Center Agency Endowment Fund Established 1999

Since 1968, Crisis Intervention Center has worked to prevent suicide, to empower individuals to face life challenges and to meet basic and emergency needs. The Crisis Intervention Center (now part of Family & Children’s Service) provides skilled, compassionate crisis intervention and outreach that includes support groups for those whose loved ones have died by suicide; direct advocacy; and information and referral for thousands of social and other community services through the 2-1-1 Information and Referral Service. Crittenton Fund Established 2001

For 127 years, the Florence Crittenton Home for Unwed Mothers helped teen mothers and their babies and provided teen pregnancy prevention services. In 2001, the board of directors, aware that there were duplicative providers for their services, made the difficult decision to find “adoptive parents” for their programs and to close the agency’s doors. They established the Crittenton Fund at The Community Foundation in order to make grants to programs providing services to pregnant, parenting and at-risk youth, and to ensure that the gifts given in support of the agency remained dedicated to the causes to which donors were committed. Cumberland County Cardiac-Pulmonary Rehabilitation Alumni Endowment Fund Established 1999

Cumberland County Cardiac-Pulmonary Rehabilitation Alumni, Inc. provides assistance in covering the cost of cardiac or pulmonary rehabilitation for those who do not have insurance or those who need help paying deductibles or co-payments. The Cumberland County Cardiac-Pulmonary Rehabilitation Alumni have generated money through fundraisers since 1997, but an Endowment Fund was established to ensure the future and meet the demands of a growing population. Cumberland Heights Agency Endowment Fund Established 2004

Cumberland Heights is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of those facing addictions by providing in-patient and outpatient rehabilitation. This Endowment Fund was made possible by a grateful Cumberland Heights donor who faced personal challenges and, with the agency’s assistance, was able to overcome addiction. Sister Patrick Curren Designated Fund for St. Anthony’s Mission in San Francisco Established 2007

Sister Patrick Curren dedicated her life to working tirelessly for the poor. Working through the St. Anthony’s Foundation, she helped men, women, children, the hungry and homeless who came to St. Anthony’s to be fed, sheltered, clothed and healed in a community of

hope. From a dining room and free medical clinic, to social services and justice education, St. Anthony’s programs not only feed and clothe people, but also work to change the deeper structural causes of poverty. Now each year, in Sister Patrick’s name, St. Anthony’s will receive a contribution toward its good work. Lisa DeFrancis Memorial Nurses’ Fund Established 2007

Lisa DeFrancis was an artist. As a graphic designer, she cared about the construction and the look of everything around her, but most of all she cared about her family. She got to see her youngest turn 6, but not 7. She got to see her oldest daughter go to college, but not graduate. She turned 46, but not 47 years old. What she noticed was caring. And because of the great care she received from nurses as a cancer patient, she established the Lisa DeFrancis Memorial Nurses’ Fund, which provides annual grants through The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to support nurses needing respite and rejuvenation. Clarise Ann DeQuasie Fund Established 2003

The stereotypical person we presume works in libraries would never ride a motorcycle to work each day or charm her way into an abiding friendship with a celebrity — but Clarise DeQuasie was not easily pigeonholed. She had a passion for life, for animals, for people in pain, and for Luciano Pavarotti. Clarise became ill and died at age 63 in 2001. In her Will, she bequeathed her Pavarotti collection to Vanderbilt, and she established a Fund within The Community Foundation to benefit Alive Hospice and Walden’s Puddle. Each year, because Clarise cared, orphaned and injured wild animals will be rehabilitated through Walden’s Puddle, and the dying and their families will receive support through the staff of Alive Hospice. Discovery Place Agency Endowment Fund Established 2008

Alcoholism and drug addiction are challenges that confront this community today and are likely to for years to come. Discovery Place is a residential program in Burns, Tennessee, that offers the means and environment for men to refocus their lives on a path of recovery, spirituality and productivity through the methods outlined in the long-established Twelve Step tradition. In so doing, it draws on the talents of a staff who all have quality sobriety time and share their experiences, strength and hope with the men in the program. This Fund exists so that Discovery Place will always be able to offer its treatment services to men taking positive steps for an improved quality of life. The Dogwood Fund Established 2012

The Dogwood Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee supports opportunities to help children who have lost a parent or a close relative get through the grieving process.

Domestic Violence Program Inc. Endowment Fund Established 2007

Rutherford County is committed to ending violence and discrimination in the lives of victims suffering the pain, fear and shame of domestic abuse. The Domestic Violence Program is a key part of those efforts, providing programs such as emergency shelter, legal advocacy, children’s and elders’ services, counseling services, and rape and sexual assault programs. This Fund is designed to ensure that as long as these challenges exist, funds will be available. Martha Jean Dorris Helping Hand Fund Established 2006

Martha Jean Dorris’ motivations were pure; she simply wanted to help, to reach out to those in need of a hand. And so she created this Fund to endow support for nonprofits that help individuals of all ages and from all backgrounds who are living in impoverished conditions and who demonstrate a desire to strive for a better, more meaningful life. Down Syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee Agency Endowment Fund Established 2004

The mission of the Down Syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee is to enhance the lives of individuals with Down syndrome by providing support, information and education to them and their families. This Fund creates a permanent endowment to ensure programs and services. Lillian Dunn Thomas Designated Fund for March of Dimes Established 2016

“Doing service for people is the most important thing to me,” Miss Lillian once told The Community Foundation staff. She was especially fond of helping Nashville’s youth and particularly children with physical disabilities. In 2000, Miss Lillian created a Donor-Advised Fund to help facilitate her philanthropic work, work that through her 80-plus years kept her young at heart. After her death, The Foundation made sure that what had been her Donor-Advised Fund would be used to extend Miss Lillian’s legacy by supporting an organization she benefited during her lifetime, dedicated to the well-being of children. Easter Seals Society of Tennessee Endowment Fund Established 1997

Creating solutions that change the lives of children and adults with disabilities or other special needs and their families, Easter Seals provides a network of services throughout Tennessee, including health and fitness; camping and recreation; job training and employment; and physical, occupational and speech therapy. Easter Seals’ programs provide opportunities for children and adults with disabilities to engage as fully as possible in family and community life, education, work and recreation.

Elizabeth Jonas Jacobs Fund For Women, Elderly and To Encourage Nonprofit Planning Established 2016

The Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Endowment Fund for the benefit of Family & Children’s Service

Elizabeth Jonas Jacobs died at the age of 101 in 2007 after spending decades in service to her community in a number of public roles. During the Second World War, Mrs. Jacobs volunteered with Travelers’ Aid, assisting soldiers and others passing through Nashville’s busy bus and train stations. Her efforts with that group brought her into contact with Davidson County Judge Beverly Briley in the late 1940s, and she signed on enthusiastically to Judge Briley’s pet cause of Metro Government for Nashville and Davidson County. In the years that followed, Elizabeth served a host of nonprofit boards, including those that helped women, the elderly, and enhanced the capacity of nonprofits to serve the community. She also became the first woman to head the Grand Jury for Davidson County. This Fund is dedicated to continuing her work.

Established 2013

The Mary Elizabeth “Molly” English Fund

Exchange Club Family Center Endowment Fund

Established 2015

The Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Endowment Fund for the benefit of Jewish Federation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee Established 2013

The Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Endowment Fund for the benefit of Planned Parenthood of Middle & East Tennessee Established 2013

Coach Bill Etheridge Memorial Fund to benefit The Sports Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Established 2012

Molly suffered through many challenges during her seven years of life, but she always had an angel’s face and an angel’s heart. As a special tribute to Molly, her mother, Sandra English, established this Fund. The Fund is intended to bring some comfort to the families of special-needs children through support of nonprofits that provide services such as therapeutic activities, respite care, schools, camps, and adaptive technology. May we always remember the special angels among us.

Established 1996

The Annette Eskind Fund Designated to Support The Angel Fund

Exchange Club/Stephens Center Child Abuse Prevention Endowment Fund

Metro Nashville Public Schools students and families have been among the many recipients of resources from The Angel Fund. This reality was a definite draw and reason Annette Eskind began supporting The Angel Fund. Always a champion for students, Mrs. Eskind made this gift to create a Designated Fund to ensure her kindness and concern for Metro Public School students can live on in perpetuity.

The Exchange Club/Stephens Center was established in 1988 with the mission of preventing child abuse and neglect in the Upper Cumberland area. The Center identifies families who are at-risk of child abuse or neglect and then offers appropriate services, including home-visitation programs, parent education classes, community education activities, a community resource closet, and 24-hour on-call access for families needing support or assistance. The Fund will help ensure the continued availability of caring, responsive, community-based efforts for child abuse prevention.

Established 2018

The Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Endowment Fund for the benefit of ACLU Established 2013

The Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Endowment Fund for the benefit of Alive Hospice Established 2014

The Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Endowment Fund for the benefit of Anti-Defamation League Foundation Established 2013

The Exchange Club Family Center, Inc. was established in 1985 to prevent child abuse and to improve the lives of families in Middle Tennessee. The Center’s services include parent education, in-home case management, safe exchanges and supervised visitation, education and awareness. This endowment ensures the children of tomorrow will be protected from abuse and neglect, and families will be strengthened for generations to come.

Established 2000

Family & Children’s Service Endowment Fund Established 1996

The mission of Family & Children’s Service is to give real help for real hurt right now. Since 1943, it has provided trauma counseling for children and adolescents who are witnesses or victims of violence; Crisis Center counseling; clinical assessments; consultation and training for foster and adoptive parents to help special needs children find loving homes; and free-and-sliding scale counseling for at-risk youth, welfare-to-work families, and those who could not otherwise afford mental health care.

FiftyForward/Senior Citizens, Inc. Endowment Fund Established 1999

FiftyForward (formerly Senior Citizens, Inc.) is Middle Tennessee’s leading agency providing comprehensive services focused on helping older adults remain active, independent and living at home as long as possible. Through a network of senior activity centers and community-based programs, FiftyForward serves more than 20,000 older adults, their families and children each year. First Steps, Inc. Agency Endowment Fund Established 2005

The mission of First Steps, Inc. is to educate and care for infant to kindergarten-age children with special needs and medical conditions alongside their typically developing peers in an inclusive environment. With this Fund, First Steps can continue its more than 50-year history in the Nashville community of serving children and their families, many of whom are often turned away from other programs because of the severity of their health issues and/or limited resources. Fitz Family Fund for Brain Cancer Awareness and Research Established 2009

Since Earl and Julianne Fitz’s oldest son, Ezra, was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2006, at age 28, the Fitz family has embraced a long-term commitment to a charitable legacy through the Fitz Family Fund for Brain Cancer Awareness and Research. Through the Fund, the entire family, including Earl and Julianne’s four adult children and their partners, are dedicated to supporting research, education and awareness for brain cancer, providing funding to organizations such as Gilda’s Club and Vanderbilt University, until a cure for brain cancer is found and other cancers are eradicated. Dr. Henry Foster Endowment Fund to benefit I Have a Future Established 1999

I Have a Future is a comprehensive teenage pregnancy prevention program that works with male and female youth, 10 to 18 years of age, who reside primarily in the inner-city community houses of Davidson County. The program motivates by preparing youth for college, vocational careers and the immediate job market. Integral to this mission is an increase in their awareness of social and health issues and family values that strengthen the self-esteem necessary to avoid teen pregnancy and other destructive behaviors. Charlotte and George Fox Designated Fund Established 2004

With their lives touched by Parkinson’s disease, Charlotte and George Fox worked in many ways to bolster efforts to find and fund a cure. This Endowment Fund will benefit the Middle Tennessee Chapter of the American Parkinson’s Disease Association and its work to find a cure.

Friends of Juvenile Court Fund Established 2019

This Fund is intended to support charitable projects and civic initiatives that fall outside the budget of Davidson County Juvenile Court. It is designed to empower Juvenile Court to provide the best available programs and services to the public. Friends of Tennessee School for the Blind, Inc. Endowment Fund Established 2011

The mission of Friends of Tennessee School for the Blind is to enhance and enrich the educational, vocational, special skills, and social development of students enrolled in the Tennessee School for the Blind. This Endowment ensures there will always be funds available for continued support for the school, which has served children with visual impairment since 1844. Patricia C. and Thomas F. Frist, Jr. Fund for United Way of America Established 1996

United Way brings people and organizations together to create communities where individuals, families and neighborhoods thrive. This Fund is a vehicle for Dr. and Mrs. Frist to perpetuate their support of the United Way’s charitable goals on a national level. The Fund for Food Security Established 2006

Issues of hunger are broader than the next meal or the next food basket. Those harsh realities are critical and must be addressed, but they are the “symptoms,” not the “disease.” The Fund for Food Security is about the bigger issues, about working toward a community in which people need no longer fear or worry about where their next meal is coming from. It’s about feeling secure enough that you don’t have to worry about food; you can worry about your job and your life. The Fund supports organizations actively addressing foodrelated efforts, including educating the public about the relationship between food, nutrition and health; encouraging proper food distribution; and addressing the root causes of hunger and food insecurity. Gilda’s Club Middle Tennessee Agency Endowment Fund Established 1998

Free of charge to everyone, Gilda’s Club Middle Tennessee provides a gathering place where men, women and children with cancer, and their families and friends, can join with others to actively involve themselves in building social and emotional support as a supplement to regular medical care. Its purpose is to offer members lectures, workshops, classes, support groups, and social activities in a non-residential, home-like setting.


Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee Endowment Fund

serving children in hopes that through these activities, their lives may be made easier, if even for a moment.

The Hospital Hospitality House Agency Endowment Fund

their successful participation in our economy, with an emphasis placed on at-risk children.

Through this Fund, the board of directors of the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee wishes to permanently endow its organization to continue its mission to help girls find courage by exploring new adventures, confidence by discovering their abilities, character by shaping their values, and connections by forming friendships with other girls.

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Settlement Fund

Founded in 1974, the Hospital Hospitality House (HHH) provides a “home away from home” for families and patients facing a medical crisis. HHH provides a vital retreat from the stress of keeping a constant vigil at the side of a loved one, by offering guests lodging, meals and supportive services. It is helping to ensure its future and expand its ability to serve through this Endowment Fund.

Legal Aid Society Agency Endowment Fund

Established 2005

Anne and Steve Goodhue Fund for Child Abuse Prevention and Healing Established 2011

Anne’s more than 25 years of volunteer work at domestic violence shelters, in roles such as therapeutic play facilitator, and with other related programs, has fueled the couple’s desire to invest in long-term solutions to prevent abuse. Anne and Steve note, “The invaluable experience Anne received from her work with children, teens and women of all ages helped us realize not only the severity of the harm and dysfunction that abuse, particularly sexual abuse, creates but also how the cycle is perpetuated. Addictions, behavior issues, emotional/psychological trauma and low self-esteem usually result and can continue if untreated. Secrecy and denial give great power to the immensity of the problem.” Through this Fund, Anne and Steve intend to endow support for children who need healing as a result of child abuse, and in particular, sexual abuse, and to support education related to prevention of such abuse.

Created through court settlement of a class action lawsuit, this Fund serves to channel money intended as restitution for people of Tennessee who have used High Pressure Laminate products. As such, it will support grants to nonprofits for which the use of High Pressure Laminate products are vital to their ability to fulfill their charitable mission, such as domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, nonprofit day care centers, those preparing Meals on Wheels, and more. The Hilltoppers Agency Endowment Fund Established 1999

Hilltoppers, Inc., is a community provider of day and residential services and support for adults with mental disabilities in Crossville and Cumberland County, Tennessee. Carroll Hines Fund for Medical Needs of Children Established 2001

With great compassion and concern for the welfare of children, the Hines family set up this Fund to endow support for programs addressing their health and medical needs. The Hope Fund Established 2000

The Gordon Jewish Community Center is the center of Jewish life in Nashville, providing recreational, educational, social, and cultural programs and services to thousands of member families. The GJCC proudly reaches out to its non-Jewish neighbors, inviting everyone in the community to join, play and learn together, regardless of religious affiliation. Its purpose has changed little in the over 100 years since its founding: to enrich lives and strengthen community.

Carlene Hunt, an avid and talented photographer, sees beauty in the mothers and children at Renewal House and the SISTER program at Meharry Medical College as the women work to overcome addiction. Carlene volunteers to take family pictures so they can see just how good recovery looks on them. Those images have helped strengthen the vision and value of family for many women. As an extension of her work with these programs, Carlene created The Hope Fund to help benefit a variety of programs that promote recovery from addiction — especially those efforts that address the stigma of addiction, a major barrier to women receiving the proper treatment.

The Healthier Robertson County Fund

Cora Mathews Horn Fund for Families

This Fund will provide a long-term source of funding aligned with the goal of promoting the state’s Healthier Tennessee initiatives in Robertson County.

Cora Horn, widowed at age 25 with two children, benefited greatly from the generosity of Nashvillians during the 1930s and strongly believed in returning that generosity to others in need. As a result of Cora’s enormous personal resourcefulness and the welltimed help of others, she was able to see her children and grandchildren succeed far beyond her means. So that other families might experience the same compassion and helping hands, Cora’s grandchildren established this Fund to endow The Angel Fund of The Community Foundation and its work to do what others did for Cora: give people a hand during critical times of need to help them overcome life’s hurdles.

Gordon Jewish Community Center Endowment Fund Established 1994

Established 2020

Helping Children Heal: A Fund for the Healing Arts Established 2004

Wendy Kanter, Marna McKinney and Garth Whitcombe developed this Fund so that sick children might take part in a wide range of healing, including massage, arts and crafts, music, play therapy, laughter, and reading/storytelling. Grants are made to institutions


Established 2007

Established 2008

Established 1996

Humanities Tennessee Endowment Fund Established 1999

Founded in 1973, Humanities Tennessee has been a leader in creating civic dialogue and public programming in the humanities across the state. Among its initiatives are grants in support of humanities programs; Teacher Awards for outstanding teachers of the humanities; Museums on Main Street, which promotes a broader and deeper understanding of Tennessee’s history and cultural life; the Southern Festival of Books; a family literacy program; and a week-long summer program at Austin Peay State University. Humanities Tennessee also makes grants for film, video and radio programs on Southern history and culture. Interfaith Dental Clinic Agency Endowment Fund Established 2001

Established 1998

Founded in 1968, Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands has provided free legal representation and education for lowincome citizens in our community to obtain necessities such as health care, housing, income, protection from family violence, and access to basic goods and services. The benefits of Legal Aid Society’s work reach beyond individual clients. By ensuring equal justice for low-income people, the whole community is strengthened. Dr. John J. Lentz Memorial Fund Established 2013

Dr. John Lentz was often referred to as Dr. Public Health during his 44-year tenure as Director of Health for Nashville’s Lentz Public Health Center. This Fund memorializes Dr. Lentz, a native of Shelbyville and 1906 graduate of Vanderbilt School of Medicine, who dedicated his life to the health and well-being of this community and advocated for programs and services that saved many lives. Alice and John Lindahl Jr. Fund for Youth Programs at Bethel Freewill Baptist Church (Ashland City, TN)

The Interfaith Dental Clinic makes smiles bright by providing affordable dental care for low-income working families without dental insurance and by allowing them to pay on a sliding scale. Interfaith treats more than 1,100 patients each year, restoring their oral health and teaching them the hygiene skills needed to maintain a happy smile. Establishment of the Interfaith Dental Clinic Endowment Fund ensures that patients will continue to leave the program with enhanced physical health, improved employability and, best of all, the self-esteem that a beautiful smile affords.

Established 2005

Mary Jones Memorial Fund to benefit the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition

Lupus Foundation Endowment Fund

Established 2000

When Mary Jones died of breast cancer, her friends honored her memory by creating a Fund to benefit the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition (TBCC). The coalition’s mission is to provide assistance and education to Tennesseans facing breast cancer and to advocate for advancements in medical research and legislative action regarding breast cancer. Mary’s Fund will provide an ongoing source of much-needed support to help TBCC achieve its goal of saving lives as quickly as possible. Junior Achievement Agency Fund Established 1995

Junior Achievement offers students in Middle Tennessee programs to help them understand the relationship between what they learn in school and

Loaves and Fishes of Clarksville, TN Agency Endowment Fund Established 2006

Hot meals for Clarksville, Tennessee’s homeless, six days a week, is the mission of Loaves and Fishes of Clarksville. To ensure it can always live up to this commitment, Loaves and Fishes established this Agency Endowment Fund to provide it a steady stream of income over time. Established 1998

The Lupus Foundation promotes research and provides information, education and support for patients with Lupus Erythematosus, an autoimmune disease causing chronic inflammation affecting various parts of the body. Since one in every 185 Americans is diagnosed with Lupus each year, this Fund was created to ensure compassionate support of Middle Tennesseans living with this disease. Martin Fund for At-Risk Children Established 2014

The Martin Fund for At-Risk Children was established to support the extraordinary work being done by the Village of Hope in Zimbabwe and, should it cease to exist, the Fund will support small, grassroots nonprofits uniquely serving the at-risk kids of Middle Tennessee or elsewhere.

John E. Mayfield Fund Established 2017

William Thomas McHugh Fund to benefit the Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and The Cumberlands Established 2008

Bill McHugh was a “lawyer’s lawyer” who practiced his noble profession with skill and integrity for more than 55 years. To honor her late husband’s legacy of dedication to the legal profession, Lou McHugh used proceeds from the sale of the McHugh’s family property in Robertson County, Tennessee, to establish this Fund. It supports a series of “walk-in” pro bono clinics, named for Mr. McHugh, within the Legal Aid Society to provide free legal services to low-income individuals and families. McNeilly Center for Children Endowment Fund Established 2008

Founded in 1916, the McNeilly Center for Children has nurtured children’s development and helped families thrive. Providing quality, affordable child care to Nashville families with parents who are working, in job training, or in school, McNeilly promotes the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of young children during crucial developmental years, while supporting families with parenting education and social services. The Fund will help ensure McNeilly can continue this work for years to come. McWherter Fund for Basic Human Needs Established 2004

Governor Ned Ray McWherter could have easily continued down the path of civic leader and businessman, multiplying his personal and financial success manyfold. Instead, he decided to give back to his community and to people in need by dedicating his career to public service. This Fund was created upon Governor McWherter’s acceptance of the 2004 Joe Kraft Humanitarian Award and supports nonprofit organizations serving our neighbors in need. Food, shelter, clothing and a wide range of other basic needs are provided as a result of his kindness. Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency Endowment Fund Established 1999

The Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency was chartered in 1971 to respond to the pressing problems faced by low-income people, while seeking new and effective ways to combat the causes and effects of poverty. Through the years, numerous initiatives have been added, such as Head Start, Nutrition Self-Help, Senior Companionship, and others.

Middle Tennessee Lions Sight Services Endowment Fund Established 2016

Middle Tennessee Lions Sight Services is an initiative of the Lion’s Clubs, District 12-I and 12-S. Its purpose is to help citizens of Middle Tennessee obtain visionrelated medical treatment in designated hospitals by providing financial assistance to those who do not qualify for public or other non-public resources and who would otherwise have to do without necessary treatment. Miriam F. Moore Fund to benefit Compassion International Established 2005

Mrs. Eula Moore spent half her life caring for her only daughter, Miriam, who was diagnosed with polio in 1955. Miriam made a recovery, but the polio paralyzed her from the waist down. Eula worked diligently to ensure her daughter received the best care and education. Miriam studied at Vanderbilt and went on to earn a Ph.D. and teach foreign language at McGavock High School. In 2005, Miriam Moore passed away at the age of 63. Eula set up the Fund so that her daughter’s memory and legacy would live on in perpetuity. The Fund benefits Compassion International, an organization benefiting the well-being of children throughout the world, a cause near and dear to Miriam’s heart. Nacarato Family Fund Established 2000

This Fund is intended to permanently endow assistance for families and children in need, such as those who are without food, clothing, medical assistance or shelter. It will also benefit children who have lost their parents. NAMI Tennessee Endowment Fund Established 2016

NAMI Tennessee is a grassroots, self-help organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with mental illness, their families, and communities through support, education, and advocacy. NAMI educates those affected by mental illness with courses on mental illness, treatment, and coping skills. The NAMI Davidson County/Eddie Flynn Memorial Endowment Fund Established 1999

One in five families in the United States is affected by brain disorders (mental illness). NAMI Nashville is dedicated to improving the quality of life for an estimated 30,000 people in the Nashville area with these disorders. NAMI Nashville provides emotional support and education to families, mental health consumers and the public. Nashville Area Chapter of the American Red Cross Designated Fund Established 2001

Every day, the Red Cross provides relief to victims of disasters and helps people prevent, prepare for, and

respond to emergencies. Although a nongovernmental agency, the Red Cross continually steps in as a part of federal, state and local disaster plans. Among its many contributions to our community are teaching skills such as CPR and first aid, providing vision and hearing screenings, and the vital collection and distribution of blood and blood products. Nashville Area Childhood Immunization Fund Established 1994

The Nashville Area Childhood Immunization Fund supports organizations committed to promoting the value of timely childhood immunizations, in keeping with the original tenets of the Nashville Immunization Coalition. Nashville Area Habitat for Humanity Fund Established 2004

The Nashville Area Habitat for Humanity was created in 1985 with a mission to provide families in need with the life-changing opportunity of buying a decent, affordable home. The organization created this Endowment Fund as a way to continue to build singlefamily homes in partnership with low-income families. Nashville CARES Agency Endowment Fund Established 1999

Nashville CARES has been meeting the challenges of AIDS in Middle Tennessee since 1985, educating youth and adults about how to prevent HIV infection, as well as providing services to support the continued independence and self-sufficiency of those infected. CARES services are provided free of charge, and this Fund helps ensure that programs will continue to be available to any Middle Tennessean in need until a cure is found.

Margaret and Victor Nielsen Fund Established 2003

For school-age children, there are few experiences more memorable than summer camp. Margaret and Victor Nielsen hoped that all children could participate in this rite of summer and made a bequest through their wills to create this Fund, which provides underprivileged children with the summer camp experience. Nonprofit Insurance Fund Established 1995

To nonprofit organizations, the horrors of an emergency such as fire or theft are made all the worse if the work they do and the people they serve are made to suffer. The Nonprofit Insurance Fund provides interim funding to a nonprofit agency temporarily put out of business by theft or fire. Once the regular insurance policy payment arrives, the beneficiary repays the amount loaned so the Fund is replenished, and money is available for other organizations in crisis. Oasis Center Endowment Fund Established 1997

Oasis Center is Middle Tennessee’s only community-based organization dedicated to working exclusively with teenagers and their families. Since 1970, Oasis has provided youth with services such as Middle Tennessee’s only emergency shelter, street outreach, educational support, Project Safe Place, individual and family counseling, and opportunities to contribute back to the community through service and leadership development. This Fund helps ensure Oasis Center will remain a place where youth succeed for years to come. Martha O’Bryan Foundation Fund

NashvilleHealth Fund Established 2015

The NashvilleHealth Fund was established to ensure that every Nashvillian has the skills and tools to improve their health which will, in turn, improve the overall health of Davidson County and ultimately Middle Tennessee. The NashvilleHealth Fund: 1) works to decrease the rates of preventable disease such as diabetes, hypertension, etc.; 2) supports and advance policy decisions that promote the health and well-being by making healthy choices easy; and, 3) initiates programs to engage and empower individuals and their families to improve their health in realistic and sustainable ways. The NashvilleHealth Fund aims to enhance dialogue, align resources, and build strategic partnerships by convening individuals, nonprofits, governmental agencies, for-profits, and the religious community to facilitate the development and scaling of health-promoting solutions.

Established 1997

For more than a century, the Martha O’Bryan Center has been dedicated to helping individuals and families living in poverty. Today, through child care, youth education, adult basic education, job skills training, an emergency food bank, Meals on Wheels, and other programs, the Center empowers people to become self-sufficient and independent. 100 Black Men of Middle Tennessee Endowment Fund Established 1997

100 Black Men of Middle Tennessee, established in 1991, charged itself with the mission “to nurture and enhance the growth, development and opportunities for young black males of Middle Tennessee.” The organization is composed of local business leaders who invest both time and resources in activities that benefit inner-city youth. This Endowment serves to perpetuate the long-term commitment of the organization to the youth of Middle Tennessee by helping fund its annual programs and by making scholarships available.


The One Voice Nashville RJA Endowed Fund

The James K. (Jim) Patterson Fund

As the Board of Directors of One Voice Nashville, led by Mary Margaret Randall, were winding down the operations of their nonprofit organization, they contacted The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. The result of the conversations led to the creation of this permanent Fund, which will provide support for nonprofits committed to working with youth in restorative justice and the arts.

James Patterson has a history of charitable giving, but he knew he always wanted to do more. In his heart, he wanted to help those nonprofits that might be small in size but large in impact. Through this Fund, he hopes to support organizations providing crisis intervention or solving immediate needs focused on children, those who are homeless due to circumstances beyond their control, and seniors lacking basic resources.

Established 2020

Operation Warm Homes Designated Fund Established 2005

This Fund benefits 19 community agencies across Tennessee working to provide heating bill assistance to needy and underprivileged people.

Established 2020

Penuel Ridge Contemplative Retreat Center Fund in Memory of Joyce Beisswenger Established 2007

OUR KIDS provides expert medical and psychosocial services for children who may have experienced sexual abuse. Each year, about 1,000 children and their families receive services from the OUR KIDS team, which stands ready 24 hours each day to help children deal with abuse. This Fund helps ensure OUR KIDS is available to give compassionate care whenever concerns about child sexual abuse arise.

In memory of Joyce Beisswenger, this Fund provides lasting support for the Penuel Ridge Retreat Center in Cheatham County, Tennessee. A contemplative interfaith retreat center, Penuel Ridge was the realization of a dream for the late Don and Joyce Beisswenger. The Center is a place for personal spiritual renewal, nurturing the journey inward to strengthen the journey outward. Homeless men and women are invited monthly for retreat, where healing, hope and wisdom are nurtured through silence, safe space and the beauty of creation, as well as community, contemplation and meaningful work, which provides dignity.

The Ovarian Cancer Awareness Fund

Planned Parenthood Agency Fund

The Ovarian Cancer Awareness Fund is intended to permanently endow efforts to help promote awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms.

Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee proudly provides access to reproductive, sexual and complementary health care services; information in settings that preserve and protect the right to privacy; and educational programs that enhance understanding of human sexuality.

OUR KIDS, Inc., Endowment Fund Established 1999

Established 2014

Park Center Endowment Fund Established 2004

Park Center serves individuals with mental illness through integrative services that focus on needs, choices and strength. Park Center provides: employment training and placement; housing, including safe havens; homeless outreach services; case management; co-occurring disorders program; and support services to adults and mentally ill youth transitioning out of foster care. This Endowment Fund provides a permanent source of funding for Park Center’s programs and services. Pastoral Counseling Centers Fund Established 1997

With several centers in Middle Tennessee, since 1985 Insight Counseling Centers, formerly known as Pastoral Counseling Centers of Tennessee, Inc., has been providing clinical psychotherapy and counseling for individuals, couples and families; life enrichment education for organizations; training for clergy and pastoral caregivers; and staff consultation, assessment and crisis intervention. The Endowment Fund was created to ensure the growth of the centers and the future care of those with mental health care needs.

Established 1994

The Presbyterian Latinx Ministry Fund Established 2020

This Fund will be used to provide grants to churches and nonprofit organizationxws that are affiliated and partnering with the Presbytery of Middle Tennessee PC (USA) to provide services to the Latinx communities within the Presbytery. Prevent Blindness Tennessee Agency Endowment Fund Established 1995

The mission of Prevent Blindness Tennessee is to keep the SEE in TennesSEE with screenings, eye exams and education. The organization works to prevent blindness and to preserve sight through a wide variety of hands-on services to the community, including vision screening for both children and adults; free eye exams and free/low-cost glasses for those in need; public and professional education; and information, referral and research. Reed Family Fund for Family Planning Established 2007

Before her death in early 2008, Cecy Reed created this Fund to endow support for nonprofits that provide


family planning services. Her concern was with the plight of children born of unwanted pregnancies. Her goal was to provide birth control options and opportunities for Middle Tennesseans, thereby reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies. Renewal House Endowment Fund Established 2000

In 1996, Renewal House was founded as a long-term residential program for mothers and children in order to preserve families affected by addiction. On a daily basis, Renewal House provides safe and drug-free housing along with therapeutic services, so that mothers can focus on recovery from addiction while improving their parenting and vocational skills. In 2003, Renewal House opened a licensed Intensive Outpatient Treatment program for chemically dependent women, especially those without insurance. The Renewal House Endowment Fund is a source of hope for women and children until the disease of addiction no longer devastates the Nashville community. John and Mary Alice Richmond Designated Fund Established 2019

This Fund was established to endow the good work of each of these three nonprofits located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee: First Presbyterian Church, Special Kids, and Doors of Hope. W.R. Rochelle Agency Endowment Fund Established 2007

The Rochelle Center serves persons with developmental disabilities and their families, creating opportunities to build new skills, enhance independence, and increase acceptance as valued members of our community. Rochelle Center has established this Endowment to continue their work to support personal outcomes for adults with developmental disabilities. Room in the Inn Agency Fund Established 1998

Through the power of spirituality and the practice of love, the Campus for Human Development provides hospitality, with a respect that offers hope in a community of non-violence. Its mission is to provide programs that emphasize human development and recovery for those who call the streets of Nashville, Tennessee, home. Anne & Charles Roos Fund for Planned Parenthood

welfare needs of children and families. Jane and Dick Wildeman, who established this Fund, have seen the good work being done and have made a dear friend in Father Tijwa, who Jane affectionately calls “Haiti’s goodwill ambassador.” It is Father Tijwa’s parish work that makes the Haiti Student Sponsor Program (an initiative of the St. Joseph Worker Foundation, Inc. for Children and Families of Haiti Agency Endowment Fund) possible. The SETH Fund Established 2017

The SETH Fund is named to honor the memory of J. Seth Stephens, who died October 27, 2017, of an opioid overdose. A graduate of the Webb School who was born and raised in Lynchburg, Tennessee, and a resident of Murfreesboro for most of his adulthood, Seth was an avid sports fan with encyclopedic knowledge; a lover of media, music, and literature; and beloved by a large circle of family and friends. The goal Seth’s family has in creating the Fund is to help prevent another life being lost to an opioid overdose. Sexual Assault Center Endowment Fund Established 1998

Since 1978, the Sexual Assault Center has been the only agency in Middle Tennessee specializing in the support and treatment of survivors of sexual assault. Annually, the center provides individual and group counseling to 700 or more adults and children, and prevention-education curriculum for 80,000 school students. To support its philosophy of always being there when needed, and never turning anyone away for lack of ability to pay, the center established this Endowment. The Shepherd’s Center Fund for Senior Adults Established 2000

As a nonprofit interfaith organization run by senior adults for senior adults, The Shepherd’s Center worked for 10 years to improve the quality of life of those ages 55 and over in the West End area of Nashville. When it closed in 1999, its absence left a void for many senior adults. With limited funds remaining, the leadership opted to create The Shepherd’s Center Field-of-Interest Fund, which gives grants to nonprofits serving senior adults in Middle Tennessee. As a result, the mission of The Shepherd’s Center and its proud history will continue in perpetuity.

Established 2019

The Sole4Soles, Inc. Endowment Fund

St. Joseph Worker Foundation, Inc., for Children and Families of Haiti Agency Endowment Fund

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Soles4Souls, Inc., exists to alleviate poverty in Middle Tennessee, the United States, and around the world via the direct distribution of shoes and clothing, and by supplying quality shoe and clothing products to qualified micro-enterprise programs designed to

Established 2008

In a country where extreme poverty and chaotic government have become a way of life, the St. Joseph Worker Foundation was established to benefit the people of Haiti by providing for the education, health and

Established 2014

create jobs in poor and disadvantaged communities. This Fund helps ensure the agency’s ability to fight the devastating impact and perpetuation of poverty. The Special Kids Endowment Fund Established 2016

Special Kids is based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee but has served more than 4,500 children in 19 counties since its founding in 1998. It is a nonprofit Christian corporation providing outpatient pediatric therapy (including occupational, physical and recreation therapies and speech language pathology), social services, and skilled nursing for children with special needs. Establishing this Fund reflects Special Kids long-term commitment to supporting the healthcare needs of the children it has served for more than 20 years. Special Olympics Tennessee Agency Fund Established 1992

Special Olympics Tennessee provides year-round sports training and athletic competition activities for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Programs are community-based, serving 18,000 athletes statewide and involving 4,700 volunteers. Special Olympics’ goal is to develop individual skills, physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship. The Fund was established to ensure the organization can meet the needs and desires of an ever growing and expanding program. The Michael Stanley Fund for Children’s Hospital Established 2010

In April 2005, Cindy and Tony Stanley were devastated by the news that their son, Michael, had cancer. After surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and over 100 days in the hospital, Michael was officially in remission. The Stanley family partnered with The Community Foundation to help ensure there are always funds to support the Child Life Services at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. These services were a godsend to Michael and his family, and they want to do what they can to ensure others confronting ill health receive similar help. STARS Agency Endowment Fund Established 1997

This Fund was established to support substance abuse treatment and prevention, violence prevention, and intervention services for Middle Tennessee students. Elise Steiner Fund to benefit the Nashville Area Chapter of the American Red Cross and FiftyForward Established 2012

Although this Fund was officially established in 2012, it really dates to 1994 when Elise Steiner established a Donor-Advised Fund with The Community Foundation

and asked that we use what remained in the Fund after her death to endow her support of two of her favorite organizations, Red Cross and Senior Citizens (since renamed FiftyForward). Elise passed away after a long illness, and thus we fulfilled her wishes and honored her intentions by moving the balance in her Fund to this endowment. Each year Elise’s favorite charities receive a contribution in her name, and her legacy of caring will live on in perpetuity. Stewart Family Fund Established 2000

The Stewart family was composed of four unique individuals who shared only a few years together as a nuclear family. Despite the 13-year age difference between the two sons and Loura and William Stewart’s divorce after 28 years of marriage, Phillip and Billy were raised with a strong sense of family roots and an interest in family history. To celebrate the importance of family ties, Phillip Stewart created this Fund to honor the memory of his mother, father and brother. The Fund will permanently endow support for nontraditional families, including grandparents who raise grandchildren, children facing the divorce of their parents, single parents, and families who do not fit traditional stereotypes.

the Girl Scout with her box of cookies. As the Girl Scouts continue to make a positive difference in the lives and futures of numerous young women, this Fund will endow the future of the organization it is designated to support. Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition Endowment Fund Established 2000

Rare is the family left unaffected by breast cancer. As long as it continues to endanger our friends and family, the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition (TBCC) will be there actively supporting community efforts to provide education, research and outreach. This Fund allows TBCC to continue serving Tennesseans living with breast cancer until this disease is eradicated. Tennessee Breast Cancer Fund Established 2000

The Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition actively supports community efforts for breast cancer education, research and outreach. The Tennessee Breast Cancer Fund was established to provide funding to organizations supporting individuals and families living with breast cancer, to keep research and advocacy in the eyes and ears of those who can implement change, and to assist grassroots organizations in efforts to educate us all.

Jean G. Stumpf Fund for the Aging Established 1999

More and more of the citizens of Middle Tennessee are living longer and consequently require more services. The Jean G. Stumpf Fund for the Aging has been created to help with the unique needs of this segment of our society. The Fund provides a charitable vehicle to enhance the lifestyles of active seniors and to support those for whom remaining independent and in good health is a challenge. Preston Taylor Boys & Girls Club/YMCA Center Permanent Endowment Fund Established 2002

Rather than build and operate separate facilities, Boys & Girls Clubs, the YMCA, MDHA and Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools created a national model of true partnership and located the Preston Taylor Boys & Girls Clubs/YMCA in the remodeled McKissack Middle School. The Center serves the Preston Taylor Homes area with programs for youth in grades 1-12. Programming includes education, sports, fine arts, leadership development and wellness. TASP Fund to benefit the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee Established 1997

The decision of the Tennessee Association of Sales Professionals (TASP) to grace the Girl Scouts with a Fund for its benefit is quite fitting. Not only are the members of the TASP all women who believe in service and responsibility, but there is no paragon of virtue in the annals of salesmanship that can equal

Tennessee Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics Endowment Fund Established 2020

Tennessee Children’s Home Fund Established 2000

Happy Hills Youth Ranch was founded in 1970 to provide homes for neglected, dependent and abused school-age children. Happy Hills offers educational opportunities, a family-centered approach to personal and group counseling, recreation, and spiritual training. A team approach for each child specifies ways that staff, parents or guardians, and the child can work together toward the common goals of reuniting the family and preparing the child for adulthood. In 2000, Happy Hills merged with Tennessee Children’s Home, strengthening its work to serve children. This Fund will produce revenue to support important services to disadvantaged youth. Tennessee Conference on Social Welfare Endowment Fund Established 1999

Since its founding in 1913, the Tennessee Conference on Social Welfare (TCSW) has provided advocacy and service to thousands of Tennesseans, especially low-income and vulnerable citizens. TCSW acts on behalf of 160 nonprofit agencies and 1,500 individual citizens to ensure the availability, coordination, quality, and effectiveness in human services, from adoption to aging.

Tennessee Lions Charities, Inc., Endowment Fund Established 2010

Tennessee Lions Charities, Inc., is committed to enhancing the vision of young children and, in turn, their lives. This Endowment was created to ensure Tennessee Lions Charities’ ability to continue humanitarian projects and its work to improve quality of life for children throughout Tennessee. Tennessee Local Food Fund Established 2016

Established by The Barefoot Farmer, this Fund supports local food for Tennessee by recognizing the connection between healthy farms, healthy food, healthy people, and a healthy economy. The goal is to offer opportunities for the education, training, and practical experiences necessary for revitalizing Tennessee’s tradition of diversified family farms and its rural economies while also providing healthful, nutritious food to Middle Tennesseans. Thistle Farms Agency Endowment Fund Established 2005

Thistle Farms’ mission is to HEAL, EMPOWER, AND EMPLOY women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. Thistle Farms does this by providing safe and supportive housing, the opportunity for economic independence, and a strong community of advocates and partners. Thistle Farms believes that in the end, love is the most powerful force for change in the world. TKALS – Tennessee NARAL Fund for Women’s Reproductive Freedom Established 1998

To its founders, the key word in the name of this Fund is “freedom” — the freedom of a woman to choose to have a child, the freedom of a woman to remain childless. This Fund will be used to benefit a wide range of causes surrounding the issue of reproductive freedom. United Neighborhood Health Services, Inc., Agency Endowment Fund Established 2007

Dedicated to building a community guaranteeing that everyone, regardless of income or insurance, has quality health care that meets their needs, United Neighborhood Health Services serves anyone with TennCare, Medicare or other health insurance. It offers patients without insurance the opportunity to apply for reduced costs of visits, labs and medications. This Fund helps ensure United Neighborhood’s ability to provide vital services to improve the health of underprivileged, vulnerable and minority infants, children, teens, adults and seniors in our community.


United Way of Metropolitan Nashville Endowment Fund

would grow both in size and in its ability to show victimized members of our community that we care.

Anne and Robert K. Zelle Fund for the benefit for United Way

United Way of Metropolitan Nashville invests in proven agency programs that show measurable and lasting results. The organization develops strategies to tackle the problems, investing dollars in programs to create a community where individuals, families and neighborhoods thrive. Donor gifts improve lives and also impact the community long term by creating happy, healthy, informed people.

Joni Werthan Fund to Erase the Stigma of Suicide

Mildred B. Zindler Fund for Children

Established 2001

United Way of Rutherford County Agency Endowment Fund Established 1999

The United Way of Rutherford County offers venture grants to nonprofits and one-time grants for human and health care agencies in Rutherford and Cannon counties. The Fund is intended to cover administrative costs of the United Way, so that all money given by donors will go to help those in need. United Way for Williamson County Agency Fund Established 1998

An autonomous, nonprofit organization, United Way of Williamson County touches the senior citizen living alone, the single mother struggling to make ends meet, or the child with disabilities whose parents need a helping hand. It helps the helpers who are there to offer that “hand up,” ensuring that our communities remain safe and healthy. This endowment is critical to the organization’s ability to continue to serve in the future.

Established 2004

Joni Werthan knows the trauma that suicide of a loved one brings. She has survived the shock and the pain, the guilt and the “what ifs.” She has also come to understand firsthand the enormous stigma such a loss leaves in its wake. This Fund will benefit the organizations that help people contemplating suicide and the survivors of loved ones who chose this path. Lorene White Organ Transplantation Fund Established 1997

Lorene Sharp White passed away in 1983 after years of ill health because a suitable organ donor could not be found in time. During the course of Lorene’s illness, her family met others in need of life-saving organ transplants, and they saw firsthand the financial and emotional challenges that accompanied such illnesses. Lorene’s husband, Raymond, established Transplants, Inc., following her death to provide nonprofit financial assistance for medical costs to those in need of organ transplants. In 1997, the Board of Transplants, Inc., decided to assure the continuity of its work by establishing this Fund through which the message and encouragement of organ donation and transplantation could spread.

The Warriors’ Legacy Fund will support organizations helping service men and women. Bill Weaver Fund to benefit the Time to Rise Program Established 2002

Founded in 1992, Time to Rise gives at-risk students the chance to discover their potential and excel during structured summer and year-round academic programs. The program targets fifth-and-sixth grade boys and girls attending Metro Nashville Public Schools, living in impoverished conditions, and demonstrating academic potential. These are students who could conceivably fall through the cracks without intervention.

The Wilson County CASA Agency Endowment Fund Established 2020


Workforce Readiness Fund Established 2008

As it concluded the provision of direct service to our community, the Dress for Success Nashville Board of Directors used the nonprofit’s remaining assets to create the Workforce Readiness Fund. This Fund will continue Dress For Success’ tradition of helping people prepare for economic self-sufficiency as they join or rejoin the workforce. Anne and Robert K. Zelle Designated Fund for the benefit of First Steps, Inc. Established 2016

Anne and Robert K. Zelle Designated Fund for the benefit of the Cumberland Heights Foundation

Carolyn Smith Wendrich Fund for Victims

Established 2016

Before her death, Carolyn Wendrich established a Fund at The Community Foundation to benefit programs serving victims of crime. She worried over stories about neighbors — whom she likened to playful, trusting otters — as she watched them make themselves vulnerable and saw them get preyed upon all too often. It was her hope that over time, this Fund

Anne and Robert K. Zelle Fund for Health

Established 1996

Established 1994

Mildred Zindler, a Winchester native, was a woman who simply wanted to give something back. To ensure that her spirit of charitable concern would continue after her passing, Mildred and her advisors turned to The Community Foundation to endow her generosity through this Fund. A bequest in her Will asks that the proceeds from this Fund be directed toward the care, shelter, education, and maintenance in health of needy children, guaranteeing that Mildred Zindler’s legacy of kindness would continue long after her death in 1994.

Established 2015

Anne and Robert K. Zelle Fund for the benefit of Alive Hospice of Nashville Established 2015

BlueCross Healthy Places The BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Foundation wanted to provide its Tennessee neighbors with places that help them get to know one another, form new connections and enjoy healthy activity. That’s why they are building BlueCross Healthy Places, including parks with fitness elements and playgrounds, across the state. These Funds created within The Community Foundation will help maintain the Healthy Places in Middle Tennessee. BlueCross Healthy Place at Baxter Seminary Park Established 2020


The Warriors’ Legacy Fund Established 2008

Established 2015

made to this effort. She knew replanting would span years, and she wanted to ensure the funds would, too. This Fund will carry on Betty’s work, forever. Nashville will remain better off because she cared.

Established 2010

The past informs the future, and this Fund will assist the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum in protecting the treasures of its growing collection. Grant distributions from the Fund support efforts to perpetuate and grow the Hall of Fame’s ability to preserve the history of Music City and country music’s legends, now and as technological innovations evolve over time. Betty Brown Fund to benefit the Nashville Tree Foundation Established 2012

Betty Brown never thought that a communal need or opportunity was someone else’s responsibility. She was one of those invaluable people that wanted to help when she saw a need. Since her move here from Kentucky decades ago, she advocated for protecting the environment and its green spaces, long before that was a popular cause. Having seen the good done by the community foundation in Louisville, she helped found our community foundation to serve Middle Tennessee. But she will be forever associated with The Nashville Tree Foundation, which she created in the 1980s and which rose to prominence in the wake of Nashville’s 1998 tornadoes, by creating a program called “Releaf Nashville” to replace the 20,000 trees lost in the storms. To ensure the sanctity of the gifts given to restore our trees, she turned to The Community Foundation to collect and protect the contributions

BlueCross Healthy Place at Barfield Cresent Park Established 2020

BlueCross Healthy Place at Henry Horton Established 2019

BlueCross Healthy Place at Northwest Family YMCA Established 2020

BlueCross Healthy Place at Woodlawn Established 2020

The Bob Brown Fund for Beaman Park Established 2018

The Friends of Beaman Park created this Fund to benefit Beaman Park and the Board’s three priorities: removing exotic plants, native landscaping, and nature center programming. The Fund is named in memory of Bob Brown, a longtime friend of Metro Parks and a self-described volunteer naturalist. It was once said of Bob and his beloved dog, Trouble, that “together the two of them have been instrumental in preserving land, creating trails, and exemplifying what a naturalist does best: sharing a love for the great outdoors.” Lucius Burch Jr. Wildlife Habitat Fund Established 1996

Lucius Burch Jr. helped improve the quality of life in this state for all its citizens. At Burch, Porter and Johnson law firm in Memphis, he argued landmark cases, defending Martin Luther King Jr. among others. In addition to his love for the law, Lucius was “mindful of the generations that follow us and their just claim upon this good earth that is our heritage,” as he put it. This Fund was established in his memory by Shirley Caldwell-Patterson to ensure that his

lifelong commitment to the earth became a portion of his legacy. The Clement Railroad Hotel Museum Endowment Fund Established 2010

In downtown Dickson, Tennessee, the Clement Railroad Hotel Museum, previously known as the Hotel Halbrook, is one of the very few examples of a railroad hotel in the state. The museum’s historical display panels tell stories about railroad construction during the Civil War, the history of local industries, and other area community histories, such as Promise Land, which was founded by freed Black residents. Governor Frank Clement was born in the hotel while his parents lived there and managed its operations. Items belonging to his family and artifacts from Mr. Clement’s life are on display in exhibit rooms. This endowment will ensure the future funding of the Clement Railroad Hotel Museum. The Columbia Firefighters Park Fund Established 2018

This new community park serves as a dedication to the Columbia Fire and Rescue Department as well as a gathering place for the community. Firefighters Park is adjacent to Fire Station 1 and the Columbia Fire Mural, which has become a prominent icon for the city, sitting at the gateway to the Columbia Arts District. Both the park and the mural were commemorated on Sept. 11, 2018, marking the Sesquicentennial celebration of the Columbia Fire and Rescue Department. Firefighters Park has completed Phase One that includes a new plaza with benches, flagpoles and landscaping. Phase Two is underway with the addition of a pavilion donated by Leadership Maury’s Class of 2019. When construction is complete, the Fund will terminate into an endowed source of funding to support future upkeep and maintenance of Columbia Firefighters Park, in perpetuity.

integrity of St. John’s Church and Cemetery and to commemorate the life of their sister, Lucille Courtney. The cemetery, known as The Bishop’s Graveyard, is the final resting place of many noted Episcopal bishops. Founded in the 1840s by the family of Leonidas Polk, the Bishop of Louisiana, the church is remarkable for its Gothic structure. Following the Battle of Franklin, five Confederate Generals were buried there. The Fund for Crofton Kentucky’s Gordon Park Established 2019

Gordon Park, located in Christian County, Kentucky, is dedicated to the memory of Ben and Tillie Gordon, residents of Crofton from 1912 to 1960. This Fund supports the park for maintenance and programs that are outside of the scope of the City of Crofton budget. The Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Endowment Fund for the benefit of The Conservancy for the Parthenon and Centennial Park Established 2014

The Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Endowment Fund for the benefit of Land Trust for Tennessee Established 2013

Fort Campbell Historical Foundation, Inc. Endowment Fund Established 2007

Drawing on the legendary heritage of the 101st Airborne, Special Operations soldiers, and Fort Campbell, The Fort Campbell Historical Foundation supports the “Wings of Liberty” Museum in Clarksville. The museum is a tribute to the traditions of soldier patriots, preserving their history and reminding each visitor that these heroes are not just soldiers, they are sons, daughters, husbands and wives who have served to protect Americans’ freedom. The Foundation seeks to educate young and old, inspire patriotism, and build a bridge between the military and civilian communities. This Fund exists to ensure that it always can.

LifeWorks Foundation and Elizabeth Queener to endow environmental enrichment of the Middle Tennessee area. Named for Mother Earth, this Fund has initiated several seminars and educational fora. Historic Johnson Church Cemetery Fund Established 2019

The Fund was established to maintain and preserve the Historic Johnson Church Cemetery in Putnam County on Highway 84 between Monterey and Sparta.

Make Your Community Flower Fund Historic Mansker’s Station Agency Endowment Fund Established 2000

Mansker’s Station Historic Site is a staffed, livinghistory locale maintained by the city of Goodlettsville. The site is a reproduction, built at one-third scale, of the station developed by Kasper Mansker in the late 18th century as a respite for weary pioneers traveling west. To make sure this educational site is maintained for all time, the Historic Mansker’s Station Endowment Fund was established. Historic Nashville City Cemetery Endowment Fund Established 2007

This Fund was established to preserve the past for the future. Opened in 1822, the City Cemetery is the oldest ontinuously operated public cemetery in Nashville. The stories of 20,000 individuals and families from the 1820s to the present day, including city mayors and some of Nashville’s founders, are told through the gravestones­— both simple and ornate. The City Cemetery is listed in the National Register of Historic Places for its historical and architectural significance, and this Fund will help maintain its grandeur for future generations. Historic Zion Cemetery and Church Preservation Fund Established 1994

The Friends of Warner Parks was organized to preserve, protect and exercise stewardship over Percy and Edwin Warner Parks. It advocates protection of the natural integrity of the Parks; promotes educational programs; provides a wide range of recreational programs consistent with the Parks’ natural and historical integrity; and maintains and enhances the beauty of the Parks and their historic structures.

Alyne Massey established this Fund to ensure the ongoing architectural and historic integrity of Zion Presbyterian Church. The property, established in 1802 by rice and indigo planters from South Carolina, includes the church, the cemetery, an outbuilding used originally as a school, and a slave cemetery. Among the boxwoods are the remains of 11 Revolutionary War veterans, 11 from the War of 1812, and 107 from the War Between the States. In addition, a monument marks the grave of Ben, an African prince and colonial slave who, although he was hanged three times by the British, lived to be almost 100 years old. For his loyalty in not betraying the Colonials, he was awarded a gold doubloon by the British and is included in the Maury County Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers.

Lucille Courtney Memorial Fund for St. John’s Church

GAIA Community Fund

Robert M. Jones Designated Fund

Alyne Massey and Elizabeth Queener established this Fund to ensure the ongoing architectural and historic

The GAIA Fund is a Field-of-Interest Fund established by Shirley Caldwell-Patterson, the

Robert Jones was born and reared in Fentress County, but like several of his brothers, he ended up in Toledo,

The Conservancy for the Parthenon and Centennial Park Endowment Fund Established 2009

Begun as the Athena Fund in 1985, when nickels and dimes were collected by schoolchildren and adult visitors to pay for the creation of the statue Athena, The Conservancy for the Parthenon and Centennial Park today is a moving community force in Nashville’s premier urban park. The scope of the organization now includes stewardship of the Parthenon, its programs, and the park surrounding it. In conjunction with Metro Parks and Recreation, The Conservancy seeks to strengthen, enhance, restore and preserve these outstanding Nashville landmarks.

Established 1995

Friends of Warner Parks Endowment Fund Established 1994

Established 1992

Ohio, where he was a successful carpenter and builder. When Robert died in 1998, as he wished, he was laid to rest in the beautiful countryside near Jamestown in the Range Cemetery, along with many of his ancestors and a host of Fentress Countians. Prior to his death, Robert provided in his will for the establishment of this Fund, which finances the upkeep of the Range Cemetery, so it will always be a beautiful place and a testament to rich tradition.

Established 2000

Established 2001

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Community Foundation, and to give back to the generous people of Middle Tennessee, the Make Your Community Flower Fund was established in 2001. This Fund truly makes Middle Tennessee flourish by providing the means to plant flowers and to beautify the place we all call home. Gifts of any size are welcome. Nashville Music Garden Fund Established 2009

The Nashville Music Garden, located in the Walk of Fame Park in downtown Nashville, is a 2,700square-foot, one-of-a-kind, public flower garden. The idea for this garden evolved when country music legend Barbara Mandrell gave her namesake rose to her friend, Pat Bullard, who recognized it as a way to acknowledge the music and artists synonymous with Nashville and also to beautify Music City. This Fund was created to endow the future care and support of the garden. National Museum of African American Music Endowment Fund Established 2007

Recognizing the need for long-term financial sustainability, the National Museum of African American Music Endowment Fund will secure future acquisitions, collection care, temporary exhibitions, educational programs and general operations. The endowment will allow the Museum to maintain the relevance and strength of collections, offering of exhibitions and educational platforms for the preservation of one of America’s most cherished pastimes — music! Oral History Fund Established 1995

This Fund was established by the board of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to collaborate with agencies and individuals in Nashville and Middle Tennessee to preserve the past and present for the future. One critical aspect of life here is our rich historical tradition and the tapestry of personal contributions that have given it strength, complexity and meaning. Copies of the individual oral histories are shared with the public through the Nashville Room at the Public Library and the Tennessee State Archives.


Pitcher Spring Fund to Benefit The Land Trust of Tennessee Established 2002

The very reason many people live in Tennessee — its rich history, green rolling hills, scenic landscapes, open farmland, and rural back roads — must now actively be preserved or these precious characteristics will be lost. The Land Trust works with willing landowners to find ways to preserve the scenic and natural value of their land. The Land Trust allows a landowner to achieve three important goals: retain ownership of the land, preserve the important assets of the land through customized restrictions on future development, and obtain certain tax advantages. planetFISH Ocean Fund Established 2010

For the Franck family, a love of fishing has led to an even deeper love of the waterways — be it ocean, lake or stream — that support so many kinds of life and allow us all to enjoy the great outdoors. It was this love that led to the publication of “Fish – A Fishing Journal for the Waters We Love,” proceeds of which will be used in part to support this Fund. The Fund primarily supports marine awareness programs and efforts to preserve healthy coastal, ocean and related habitats. Red Caboose Park Rebuild Fund Established 2018

The Red Caboose Park Rebuild Fund was established by The Bellevue Community Fund, in partnership with the Metropolitan Board of Parks and Recreation, to raise private funds for the Red Caboose Park Rebuild Project. Anne & Charles Roos Fund for the Fannie Mae Dees Park Dragon Established 2018

This Fund benefits the Hillsboro West End Neighborhood Association and is restricted to the maintenance and restoration of the Fannie Mae Dees Park Dragon. It was established to honor Jan Bushing and her leadership as Chair of the “Save the Dragon Campaign” and the countless hours she dedicated to restoring the Dragon’s mosaic vignettes. Anne & Charles Roos Fund for the Southern Environmental Law Center Established 2020

This Fund benefits the Nashville office of the Southern Environmental Law Center, which brings the expertise, power, and resources of this regional organization to the service of Tennessee. Shofner Chapel and Grounds Fund Established 2010

In 1808, Martin Shofner migrated with his family from the state of North Carolina to settle a tract of land, given to him for services rendered in the American Revolutionary War. Being a devout German Lutheran, Martin dedicated an acre of this land for a church


constructed of logs, with a cemetery beside it. It became the first Lutheran church in Tennessee and the “Mother Church” of the denomination in the area west of the Great Smoky Mountains. This Fund was established to ensure it will be around to serve successive generations of the Shofner family, by endowing annual support for the maintenance of the historic building and grounds. The Elias Skovron Fund Designated to benefit The Cordell Hull Museum and The Friends of Cordell Hull Established 2004

Through the intervention of Secretary of State Cordell Hull, Elias Skovron was one of 250 people from Poland to enter the United States in 1938. Hull, at the request of his personal friend Judge John Gore, wrote to the American Ambassador in Poland asking that Skovron receive a visa, which was granted immediately. This Fund is a lasting tribute to the intercession of Cordell Hull and benefits the people of Pickett County, Tennessee. The Elias Skovron Fund Designated to benefit Jackson County Historical Society and the Memory of Judge John Gore Established 2004

As a personal friend of Lillian Glean Bogatzky, the donor’s aunt, Judge John Gore played an integral role in the immigration of Elias Skovron from Poland to the United States on the brink of World War II. This Fund was established to honor Judge Gore as one of the benefactors who helped this man escape the realities of wartime Poland and enjoy a very long and happy life in Nashville, Tennessee. The Solar Angel Fund Established 2018

Nashville Electric Service (NES) has committed to sustainability by partnering with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Metro Nashville and The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to launch Music City Solar, the city’s first community solar program. Through The Solar Angel Fund at The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, individuals, business, and Foundations can make tax-deductible donations to provide energy assistance through energy efficiency, weatherization or a solar credit for low-income customers. Tennessee Beautification Fund Established 1999

We Tennesseans spend a lot of time extolling the virtues of our state and the quality of life we enjoy here, and former Governor Don and Martha Sundquist wanted to help ensure that we always have those same bragging rights. The goal of the Tennessee Beautification Fund, which they established, is to create a mechanism to encourage and enhance protection of our environment. Projects may include the planting of wildflowers, the collection of litter, the beautification of town squares, the involvement of

civic clubs and schoolchildren, and the planting of trees to shade future generations. Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation Endowment Fund Established 1999

The Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving Tennessee’s natural treasures. The Foundation believes the identification, preservation, and protection of the most ecologically rich, historically significant, and incredibly beautiful places in Tennessee are vital to protecting wildlife, improving water and air quality, providing close-to-home recreation opportunities, and creating sustainable communities and regions. Tennessee Wildlife Federation Endowment Fund Established 2013

Tennessee Wildlife Federation’s mission is to lead the conservation, sound management and wise use of Tennessee’s wildlife and great outdoors. This Endowment Fund will provide resources for them to do so for generations to come.

her husband, Will Wemyss, gave their home, Fairvue, resulted in its National Landmark recognition. Established in fond memory of a remarkable and inspiring woman, this Fund provides promotion and continuation of historic preservation. M.C. Whitworth III Endowment Fund for the Buchanan Log House Established 2017

M.C. “Whit” Whitworth III was a descendant of James Buchanan and Christopher Columbus Castleman, pioneers who played a part in the development of the city of Nashville. Between 1807-1808, James Buchanan built a log house on 310 acres located at Elm Hill Pike, which became the home for his wife, Lucinda, and their family, which eventually grew to include 16 children. Today the Buchanan Log House is the property of the Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiquities (APTA) and is operated by the Buchanan Log House Chapter, APTA. This Fund will provide support to the APTA and its Buchanan Log House Chapter for the care and upkeep of the Buchanan Log House.

The TN Fund for Sustainability Established 2006

As Middle Tennessee expands and Nashville increasingly earns recognition as one of the most desirable places to live, no one questions that the region is well-positioned for continued prosperity. This Fund was established by a group of people who believe that sustainable design principles will help this region continue to thrive. The Tennessee Fund for Sustainability promotes the advancement of sustainable design principles and technologies that deliver greener-built environments, more effective manufacturing processes, and more equitable community development initiatives. The Watkins Family Cemetery Designated Fund Established 2010

In an effort to preserve and perpetuate the Watkins Family Cemetery in Loudon, Tennessee, William Watkins established this Fund to serve as a permanent endowment. By working to ensure the cemetery is available for generations to come, William also hopes to teach the younger Watkins generation the importance of preserving the rich family heritage. Ellen Stokes More Wemyss Fund Established 2001

During her very long and happy life, Ellen Wemyss (1895-2000), beloved Nashville native and Sumner County resident, rallied forces to preserve many irreplaceable architectural treasures. These included President Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, Gen. James Winchester’s Cragfont in Sumner County, and the preservation of properties in rural historic Smith and Trousdale counties. The loving care she and


Lt. Holly Adams Memorial Scholarship Fund Established 2006

The Lt. Holly Adams Memorial Scholarship Fund is intended to endow permanently one or more scholarships benefiting students from the Page High School area in Williamson County who not only achieve, but also possess the integrity, courage and caring spirit to help others achieve, as Holly did. Scholarships in her memory have been awarded annually since 2002. Holly graduated from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and was the first female class president in the history of the Air Force Academy. One of four sisters, Holly was killed in a car accident in 2002 on her way to celebrate Christmas with loved ones. The Air Force’s Commendation Medal was awarded posthumously. The ideal recipient of this award should be the student who, like Holly, best exemplifies a combination of integrity, courage and selflessness and is academically qualified for college but needs financial assistance in taking that step. The David Anderson Scholarship Fund Established 2015

The David Anderson Scholarship Fund was established in memory of David Anderson, a member of the Coffee County High School Class of 1988 and an avid sports fan. Over the years, he coached many ball players and

was often seen at sporting events all over the county. He was known to all for his devotion to the University of Alabama football team. David passed away in 2015, and he would be proud to be helping students in Coffee County continue their scholastic endeavors. The scholarship will benefit seniors at Coffee County High School in Manchester, Tennessee. Applicants must have shown a willingness to work hard, positive work ethic and a sense of TEAM, and plan to attend an accredited college or university, starting the academic year immediately following high school. Kathy D. and Stephen J. Anderson Scholarship Fund Established 2005

Kathy D. and Stephen J. Anderson have a strong belief in the value of a college/university education. They believe there are high school graduates who, without financial assistance, would have significant difficulty obtaining a college/university degree. The Andersons established this Fund for students graduating from or having graduated from Williamson County public high schools. The Ayers Foundation Scholarship Fund Established 1999

Entrepreneur Jim Ayers is now in the business of making dreams come true. Jim gives credit for his personal success to the early expectation that by furthering his education, he would create more opportunities for himself. Now through The Ayers Foundation Scholars Program, he provides both encouragement and resources for students from Decatur, Henderson and Perry counties by providing college counselors and renewable, last-dollar scholarships. Barry H. Baker Scholarship for Students of Career and Technical Education Fund Established 2020

Barry H. Baker, originally from Dickson, came to Robertson County Schools in 1993 as an East Robertson High School agricultural teacher, where he remained until becoming the Robertson County School District’s career and technical education supervisor in 2005. After Mr. Baker’s death in 2008, many in the Robertson County community have found ways to honor his memory and the impact he had on students. Cyndy and Al Baran Fine Arts and Music Scholarship Fund Established 2004

Cynthia and Alan Baran have a great passion for the arts. After 25 years in the corporate world, Cynthia followed her passion for the arts and enrolled in fine art classes at two local universities. Alan’s interest in music, specifically the mandolin and guitar, has provided him with a creative outlet from his work in the nonprofit sector. This Fund was established to help provide an opportunity for young people to pursue their passion early in life in the areas of visual arts and music.

Mick Gray Barnes Memorial Scholarship Fund Established 2016

The Mick Gray Barnes Memorial Scholarship has been established in memory of Mick Gray Barnes, a native of Overton County, who passed away from complications of ALS on January 1, 2016. She was a 1974 graduate of Livingston Academy and a beloved teacher, friend, and mentor to kids. Mick taught art at Livingston Academy and the Livingston campus of Volunteer State Community College. Mick enjoyed traveling across America with her husband, and loved the outdoors, especially pontooning on Dale Hollow Lake. Barnes, as her students called her, was one-ofa-kind, and she lived life to the fullest with her huge smile and laughter. Because Mick shaped everyone she has come in contact with, this scholarship will be a memorial to her — to encourage and support students from Livingston Academy in their pursuit of higher education in the arts. Tommy Bateman Memorial Scholarship Fund Established 2014

Leadership was a characteristic of Thomas “Tommy” Edward Bateman, Jr. who passed away suddenly in November of 2013. Tommy was a leader on and off the football field/wrestling mat. Through his inspiration and determination, he mentored and coached many students, friends and family members. The legacy of Tommy Bateman will continue through the Tommy Bateman Memorial Scholarship Fund, which will provide need-based tuition assistance to a Father Ryan student personifying his fighting spirit. The J. Vernon Beall and Pat Beall Scholarship Fund Established 2014

This Scholarship Fund is for students attending Nashville State Community College or Northeast State Community College in Blountville, Tennessee. The recipients may use the funds awarded to pay all or part of the cost of tuition, books, commuting, and other academic-related expenses. Belle Meade Country Club Employee Scholarship Fund Established 2013

The Belle Meade Country Club intends to provide more scholarships benefiting employees (who work 30 hours per week and who have worked there for three years or more) and their children. Students may receive help once; there is no opportunity for renewal of support in subsequent years. Students may be those attending accredited colleges (twoor four-year), vocational and/or technical school. Belmont University Commercial Music Scholarship Fund Established 1998

The Commercial Music Department of the School of Music at Belmont University educates and trains people who work to perform, compose and arrange, produce and sell Nashville’s signature product. This

Fund was established by the LifeWorks Foundation to endow scholarships for Belmont University students working toward commercial music degrees. George Oliver Benton Memorial Scholarship Fund Established 2001

George Oliver Benton, who died in 2001 at age 86, led a rich and varied life, often spent in service to the community. An attorney from Jackson, Tennessee, George was elected Lieutenant Governor of Tennessee on his first day in the Senate and served for two years. He then began a career as a lobbyist, which lasted until the year before his death. Known as the dean of the state’s lobbyist corps, colleagues sought him out for his wisdom and experience. This Scholarship Fund is designed to benefit Tennessee’s legislative interns. Blakeford Scholarship Fund Established 2017

The residents of Blakeford established this scholarship for team members and their dependents to honor their dedication and commitment at Blakeford, Inc. and to its residents. Residents appreciate the employees’ work and want to provide opportunities to assist employees in continuing their training or education. B’nai B’rith Maimonides Lodge #46 Scholarship Fund Established 2011

As the oldest Jewish service organization in Nashville, B’nai B’rith Maimonides Lodge #46 has a long tradition of community service. This includes 38 years of hosting an annual summer camp for visually-impaired children of Middle Tennessee. In commemoration of the camp, B’nai B’rith Maimonides Lodge has established this Fund to provide assistance to students who are legally blind and plan to attend a post-secondary educational program. Dody Boyd Scholarship Fund Established 2006

Dody Boyd was a Cheatham County Central High School graduate and remained dedicated to her alma mater throughout her life. Ms. Dody drove Bus #13 for Cheatham County, but her influence went far beyond her driving. She impressed everyone with whom she came in contact. Young people knew if they ever needed anything, they could come to her and, if at all possible, Dody would make it happen. Instilling an appreciation of the importance of good grades and successful graduation was just part of the encouragement. This Fund benefits graduating seniors from Cheatham County Central High School wishing to attend a two-year community college/technical school or four-year university. Brown Center for Autism: Benjamin M. Liske Scholarship Fund Established 2018

significant sensory processing disorder” on April 23, 2002. On April 23, 2016, 15-year-old Ben was preparing to graduate, two full years early, from University School of Nashville as a National Merit Scholar Finalist with a multitude of scholarship offers to pursue his two passions: mathematics and music. The Brown Center for Autism, a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization, opened in Nashville on August 4, 2008. The Brown Center’s mission and model almost identically mirrored the early intervention program developed for Ben by his mother in rural Eastern Kentucky out of sheer desperation and a profound lack of financial and therapeutic resources. From 2008-2017, families from all over Middle Tennessee, 14 U.S. states, and three foreign countries received comprehensive, wraparound services through the Brown Center. In August 2017, the Brown Center Board of Directors unanimously voted to establish a Scholarship Fund to carry on the legacy of the Brown Center for Autism, the vision of its founder, Juli C. Liske, and its ultimate inspiration, Ben Liske. JoAhn Brown-Nash Scholarship Fund Established 2002

JoAhn Brown-Nash’s major focus and passion throughout her entire professional career was education. She committed herself to using her talents in every way she could to fulfill the hopes and dreams of young people. JoAhn served as national vice president of Links, Inc., from 1996-1997 and Central Area director from 1992-1996. Because of her vision to enrich the lives of children and her exemplary service to Links, Inc., the Central Area Links, Inc., honors her memory with this Fund. William and Clara Bryan Scholarship Fund Established 1994

William and Clara Bryan were natives of Giles County who believed in the power of education. Their son, Bill Bryan, established this Fund in their memory to assist Giles County students in realizing their dreams of attending four-year colleges and universities. The Bryan Scholarships are awarded to high school seniors and/or college underclassmen demonstrating academic merit and financial need. Ann Buchanan Scholarship Fund Established 2012

The Patricia Hart Society, the Women’s Initiative of United Way of Williamson County, chose to establish the Ann Buchanan Scholarship Fund because of her history in Williamson County and the communityat-large. Ann has been instrumental in addressing problems and solutions that improve the lives of Williamson Countians. Under her leadership at United Way, health and human services were made available in rural parts of the county, pre-K classrooms were expanded throughout the state, and initiatives were put into place to more adequately address the needs of the working poor.

Benjamin (Ben) MacArthur Liske was diagnosed with “severe autism, probable cognitive deficits, and


The Brad Butkiewicz Memorial Scholarship Fund

J.Y. Carter Excellence in the Arts Scholarship Fund

Brad Butkiewicz was a young man who loved football and H.O.S.A. (Health Occupation Students of America). Tragically, Brad lost his life in June 2004 on his way home from an early morning football workout program. According to his father, Jim, “He was a simple kid that listened to Mom and Dad, and always tried to do the right thing.” Thanks to Brad’s family, friends and community, they established this Fund in honor of Brad to help young people coming up who have a need. Scholarships are awarded annually to graduating students of the Stewart County (Tennessee) High School. Consistent with Brad’s legacy, the Donor’s preference is that recipients be involved in football or in the H.O.S.A. program.

The J.Y. Carter Excellence in the Arts Scholarship Fund was established in memory of J.Y. Carter, a long-time teacher at Macon County High School. His love of the performing arts led his family to create this scholarship to encourage young people who have participated in the performing arts in high school to pursue the college/university experience.

Established 2012

Dariana Marie Byone Memorial Scholarship Fund Established 2017

This scholarship was established to honor the memory of Dariana Marie Byone who, at a very early age, expressed a love for dance. Dariana was a good student and was very proud of her Choctaw Indian heritage. She was accepted to Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts of Dallas, Texas, in 2012. She was accepted by the Dance Cluster for her amazing dance skills as well as her excellence in academics. Dariana was an honor roll student, and she had received scholarship offers from many universities her senior year. She chose the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, where she began her freshman year in September 2016. Dariana passed away on Thanksgiving Day, 2016, one day short of her 19th birthday. Cadiz Rotary Club Risë Carol Thompson Memorial Scholarship Fund Established 2009

The Risë Carol Thompson Memorial Scholarship was established originally through the Rotary Club of Cadiz, Ky., by Brent and Dot Thompson in memory of their daughter, Risë Carol, a student at Vanderbilt University at the time she was killed in an automobile accident. At the time of her death in 1977, her father, Brent Thompson, was president of a local bank and a Rotarian, so the Club established this scholarship. Brent and Dot Thompson have continued to make contributions and have worked with the Cadiz Rotary Club to create this Fund to assure the scholarship in their daughter’s name will exist in perpetuity. Issac Wilson Carney II Scholarship Fund Established 2017

Issac Carney lived in Louisville, Kentucky, when he died in 2013, but his home was Ashland City, Tennessee. He left a gift through his estate to establish a Scholarship Fund to support students from his hometown who aspired to further their education beyond high school, just as he had. Isaac was a 1962 graduate of the University of Tennessee.


Established 2015

Leigh Carter Scholarship Fund Established 2001

This memorial Fund, established by the Tennessee Chiropractic Association, honors Leigh Carter and her passion for learning. The Leigh Carter Scholarship provides financial support to students who wish to attend chiropractic college upon completion of their undergraduate degree programs. Rachel Allison Cate Scholarship Fund Established 2008

Rachel Cate knew she wanted to teach from the time she was a little girl. Talkative, lively, and usually in charge, she was active in drama, student government, and church youth group. She worked with children in numerous settings and “mothered” everyone she loved, including her brothers, cousins and friends. Known for her welcoming spirit and love of people, Rachel never met a stranger and touched the lives of countless individuals in her 18 years on earth. A graduate of Overton High School, Rachel was studying elementary/special education at Western Kentucky University when she was tragically killed in an automobile accident. This Fund was established by her family to aid those pursuing a career in education. Their wish: for Rachel’s passion and genuine love for children to be carried on. Cheatham County Community Foundation Scholarship Fund Established 1998

A group of concerned Cheatham County citizens was looking for a way to serve current and future generations. Based on their sense of county priorities, they opted to create a Scholarship Fund that supports not only the “A” student, but also the “B” and “C” students. Choose Your Future Scholarship Fund Established 2007

This anonymous donor believes passionately in the value of education for a life of choice and opportunity. She also believes no one should be denied the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential due to financial constraints. A native Nashvillian, the donor has established this mechanism for helping the students of Davidson County achieve their educational goals.

Robert Churchwell, Sr. Scholarship Fund Established 2010

Hired by the Nashville Banner in 1950, Robert Churchwell became the first black full-time reporter at a prominent daily Southern newspaper. Although he didn’t initially receive a desk in the newsroom, writing stories from his dining room, Mr. Churchwell excelled in the field of journalism and garnered the respect of his colleagues. Retiring after 31 years at the Banner, as one of the most revered “alumni” of that institution, he went on to work as an editorial writer at the R.H. Boyd Publishing House for 25 years. This Scholarship Fund, created in his memory, underscores Mr. Churchwell’s belief in the importance of people of all races, genders and generations participating in the journalism profession. Howard A. Clark Horticulture Scholarship Fund Established 2008

The Howard A. Clark Horticulture Scholarship was created by Howard’s family as a testament to a man who spent almost five decades cultivating the earth, learning the lay of it, and growing shrubs and trees of remarkable quality. Howard Clark loved nature and loved the land. In return, the land provided his livelihood for over 40 years. Working from the age of 12, Howard taught himself everything he needed to succeed in the nursery business in Avery County, North Carolina. He often said, however, that he would have jumped at the chance for an education to help him along his path to success. The Howard A. Clark Horticulture Scholarship was created to give someone else the educational opportunity he never received. John A. Cloud Memorial Scholarship Fund Established 2019

The John A. Cloud Memorial Scholarship honors the life of John Cloud, who was born and grew up in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. He attended Harvard University, where he graduated magna cum laude and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. As a Rhodes Scholar, he studied in Oxford, England, for two years. He began his career as a journalist with the Washington City Paper, worked for Time magazine and wrote countless articles as a freelance writer. The CoreCivic Scholarship Fund Established 2014

CoreCivic recognizes the potential of its employees and their families, and the company is dedicated to supporting their efforts at personal development. The CoreCivic Scholarship benefits the employees of CoreCivic as they expand their skill set and further their education. The selection process will balance merit and financial need with an emphasis on financial need. A history of extracurricular and civic participation will be considered. Preference will be given to CoreCivic employees with a record of prior military service.

Davidson County Democratic Women/Shannon Wood Scholarship Fund Established 2008

Shannon Wood helped start The Davidson County Democratic Women’s Scholarship in 2001 with a dual intention: to help defray the cost of college tuition and to encourage young women to be politically active. Shannon has run for office, campaigned for others, and participated in grassroots efforts to achieve peace, universal health care, and fair elections. Shannon would not have been able to attend Antioch College without financial assistance and, in turn, she is committed to repaying the kindness that was shown her. Shannon and her husband, Peter Kurland, turned to The Community Foundation to ensure the DCDW Scholarship will continue in perpetuity. Scholarship winners will be recognized at the annual DCDW picnic and their essays may be published by the Davidson County Democratic Women. In addition to receiving the scholarship, winners will have the opportunity to work as an intern for a week during the summer at the Tennessee Democratic Party Headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. Colonel Richard M. Dawson Highway Patrol Scholarship Fund Established 2004

Colonel Richard Dawson was to many a leader, a mentor and a significant asset to the Tennessee Highway Patrol. He had the unique ability to listen and to form an opinion based on merit and facts. The Colonel Richard M. Dawson Scholarship was established by friends and co-workers to honor his dedication to family, friends and the Tennessee Highway Patrol. It benefits students who are pursuing an education for a career in criminal justice. DBI Scholarship Fund Established 2003

David Ingram established this Fund to benefit children of the employees of Ingram Entertainment Inc., and DBI Beverage Inc. B.J. Runnels Dean Scholarship Fund Established 1995

B.J. Runnels Dean touched thousands of lives through her service to churches and Baptist state conventions throughout the United States as a consultant, teacher, writer, chorister, and minister. B.J. was keenly interested in advancing the cause of women in ministry, and the intention of this Scholarship Fund, established by Myrte Veach and the many friends of B.J. Dean, is to endow one or more interdenominational scholarships for women entering the ministry. The Dedication, Service and Thanks Scholarship Fund Established 2016

Chartered March 13, 1926, the Alpha Beta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. was established at Fisk University. To carry on the outstanding

legacy of this sorority, the Dedication, Service, and Thanks Scholarship was established to benefit achieving Fisk University students. The timing of the establishment of this Fund is to honor Fisk University’s 150th anniversary, the 90th anniversary of Fisk University’s Alpha Beta Chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and the 30th anniversary of the Exquisite 3x5 Pledge Line (1985) of the Alpha Beta Chapter. Dr. K. B.(Krish) Deshpande Family Scholarship Fund Established 2020

The Family of Dr. K.B. (Krish) Deshpande established this Scholarship Fund to honor Krish’s core values of the promise of academic excellence, scientific inquiry, and evidence-based educational programs to lift up entire communities cast aside by society, regardless of race. Dr. Deshpande was named a Fulbright Scholar in 1957, which brought him to the United States for a post-doctoral fellowship. After his first few years in academia, he was recruited by physicist and future Fisk University President James Lawson to become a Professor of Chemistry. Dr. Deshpande spent a career of scholarship and leadership at Fisk from 1965 until his retirement in 2002. Dickson County Retired Teachers Association Scholarship Fund Established 2004

This Fund is intended to permanently endow scholarships benefiting graduating seniors and/or adults in Dickson County. The scholarships will be awarded to students attending an accredited college or university who are pursuing or furthering studies in the field of education. Early Childhood Scholarship Fund Established 2007

The goal of this initiative is to transform the lives of children who risk entering the public school system with an avoidable early learning deficit that will forever hamper their ability to learn and to succeed in school and in life. This Fund benefits the working poor, who often face the difficult choice of quitting school or leaving a job to care for a child due to the rising cost of day care, thus perpetuating the cycle of poverty. Recipients are selected from applications submitted jointly by the parents and one of the many accredited Three Star-rated nonprofit centers offering early childhood education of the highest caliber. “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” —Frederick Douglass

Jimmy Edwards Scholarship Fund Established 2001

Former Donelson High School principal Jimmy Edwards earned the respect of the students, faculty, parents, and the community by being open and having a good rapport with students. Out of that

same respect, and the love he inspired, former students set up the Jimmy Edwards Scholarship Fund within The Community Foundation to help fund college educations for descendants of those who attended the original Donelson High.

until his retirement in 2004. Family and friends established this Fund to provide scholarships to Tennessee students pursuing a degree in journalism as a tribute to Flanagan’s lifelong career as a journalist. Follow Your Heart Scholarship Fund

Tiffany Paige Ferguson Memorial Scholarship Fund Established 2017

The Tiffany Paige Ferguson Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to support students from the Loretto High School area in Lawrence County, Tennessee. Recipients are anticipated to achieve and possess the nurturing, selfless qualities as Tiffany did. Tiffany graduated in December 2015 from the University of North Alabama with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, traveled to Guatemala for a mission trip that introduced her to her true love of nursing, and loved Nashville and her St. Thomas West Hospital career as a trauma ICU nurse. Fentress County Dual Credit Scholarship Fund Established 2003

The Fentress County Scholarship Fund was established by the Fentress County Chamber of Commerce to encourage adults to retrain or return to school for technical training or college/university courses. The scholarship will recognize adults who are returning to post-secondary education or training. Applicants must be residents of Fentress County. First Cumberland Properties Scholarship Fund Established 2017

Phil Owen and Robert Trent founded First Cumberland Properties in 1991 with a commitment to provide working families with extraordinary housing. Today, First Cumberland Properties manages over 2,800 affordable and workforce units. This scholarship was established to support students living in six affordable housing communities, owned by First Cumberland Properties, with their educational opportunities following high school. The Kent Flanagan Memorial Scholarship Fund Established 2015

Kent Flanagan was a respected member of the Associated Press “family” and a longtime open government advocate before his death in 2015. He dedicated his adult life to the journalistic pursuit of truth through fair, accurate, and unbiased reporting. After graduating with a double major in journalism and English Literature, Flanagan served four years in the Army as a public information officer, including a year in Vietnam. Early in his reporting career, he made stops at the Fort Lauderdale News and Sun-Sentinel and San Antonio Express-News before joining the AP in 1979. Flanagan eventually was named Chief of Bureau for Tennessee in 1983, a post he held

Established 2016

When Charlie Worsham was in his early 20s, his parents surprised him with an autographed book of photography by Marty Stuart. Charlie’s parents asked Marty to sign the book, “To Charlie, follow your dreams.” Marty grinned and scribbled something down. When Mr. and Mrs. Worsham opened the book to the autographed page, they discovered that Marty had written “To Charlie, follow your heart.” Charlie has said, “If we are to continue to have great artists from Mississippi succeed in today’s world, we have to invest in their hopes and dreams.” He wants the next John Grisham or Marty Stuart to come from Grenada, Mississippi. To help this become a reality, he created the Follow Your Heart Scholarship Fund. This scholarship will support the youth of Grenada, Mississippi — Charlie’s hometown — who possess uncommon talent and desire to achieve great things in the arts, just like he has had the opportunity to do. Albert E. Folsom, Elizabeth Givens Folsom, Claude Preston Givens and Lena Brashear Givens Scholarship Fund Established 2005

Elizabeth Givens Folsom established this Scholarship Fund to honor her husband, Albert, and her parents’ passion for Vanderbilt University and commitment to the religious leadership of the Methodist Church. The Fund will permanently endow one or more scholarships benefiting a Methodist student attending Vanderbilt Divinity School. Elizabeth’s father, Claude, was a revered and respected Methodist minister, and his wife, Lena, was a vital part of his ministry. Wilson Waters Forrester Memorial Scholarship Fund Established 2014

The Wilson Waters Forrester Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by the Forrester family in memory of Wilson to create awareness about the growing tragedy of accidental drug/alcohol overdose that are claiming the lives of bright young men and women as their lives are just beginning. It is the family’s hope that this Fund will provide scholarship assistance and meaning for the tragic and senseless loss of their loved one, Wilson Waters Forrester. Wilson was a 2009 graduate of Hume-Fogg High School and an avid soccer play who helped lead Hume-Fogg to the State Championship Finals in 2007 and the State Championship Tournament in 2009, where he scored the winning goal to win the Regional Tournament and advance to the State Championship Tournament. The Fund will provide scholarships for Hume-Fogg graduating seniors.

Jay Frank Memorial Musical Scholarship Established 2019

Jay Frank began his professional career in 1994 as label manager for Ignition Records, moved up to senior music director at the television channel The Box, and began a six-year stint at Yahoo Music in 2001, where he was vice president of programming and label relations. Jay moved to Nashville in 2007 to serve as senior vice president of music strategy for Country Music Television/MTV Networks. In honor of Jay’s immense musical legacy, friends and family established the Jay Frank Memorial Musical Scholarship. Franklin County Arts Guild Scholarship Fund Established 2017

The Franklin County Arts Guild was started in 1967 by a group of like-minded individuals who supported the arts in Franklin County. The Guild has followed its mission “to promote and support the arts and arts education in Franklin County” for many years. The goal of support of higher education has been achieved since 1986 through a scholarship awarded by the Franklin County Arts Guild and has become a major project of the Guild. The Guild decided to place the Scholarship Fund with The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to permanently continue that support. George E. French III Scholarship Fund Established 2018

George French III served as the Chief Executive Officer of Minden Medical Center from 1982 until his retirement in 2016. George is a servant leader for all those around him, both at work and in the community. One of George’s passions is the pursuit of lifelong learning, both for himself and those around him. His leadership and guidance has been invaluable at Minden Medical Center and the people in and around Minden, Louisiana. To honor George’s service to Minden Medical Center, the community, and George’s pursuit of learning, a scholarship has been established in his name to provide financial assistance to a graduating high school senior in Webster Parrish, Louisiana, who is planning to pursue a career as a registered nurse. The Reverend Lonnie and Patricia Gable, Jr. Scholarship Fund Established 2013

Rev. Lonnie Gable Jr. and his wife, Patricia, made many personal sacrifices as they championed Jesus Christ. While spreading the gospel and raising a family, they took on additional jobs to make sure ends were met, and at one time sold their home to purchase land to build a larger church facility. But what they may have lacked in material items, the Gables made up in fellowship and making a difference with each congregation they led. There are thousands of pastors and youth ministers, giving their all for the betterment of those around them while their own children often miss out on the opportunity to pursue a college education, because they simply cannot afford the


related expenses. This Fund is designated and intended to assist children whose parents work full-time in Christian ministry (including but not limited to those who are pastors, ministers of music, education or pastoral ministry or missionaries), and do not earn adequate income to meet the rising costs of a college education. Preference may be given to those interested in the field of engineering or related studies. Genesco Scholarship Fund Established 1999

In honor of its 75th anniversary, Genesco established a Scholarship Fund within The Community Foundation to provide employees with a token of the company’s appreciation. Since its creation, Genesco has contributed to the Fund’s growth and enhanced its capacity to benefit deserving students. This Fund is designed to assist children of Genesco employees, both fulland part-time, in realizing their dreams of attending post-secondary educational institutions. Pauline LaFon Gore Scholarship Fund Established 1998

As a woman who worked her way through school, Pauline Gore was always interested in easing the way for others with the desire to learn but with financial constraints. Her selection as the 1998 recipient of the Joe Kraft Humanitarian Award gave her the opportunity to address that concern by putting in place a Scholarship Fund for residents of her native Smith County. Her hope was to grow the Fund through additional gifts so that generations of students will be offered a helping hand. Dennis Greeno & Joan Signorille Scholarship Fund Established 2015

Dennis Greeno and Joan Signorille both benefited personally and professionally by having college educations. Dennis received his opportunity through the GI Bill, and Joan was fortunate to have parents able to fund her education, though she did have to work to help defray costs. They both want to make sure that students with academic potential are neither left behind due to a lack of finances nor burdened with crippling loan debt. One or more scholarships will be awarded to Davidson and Sumner County students who have academic merit and financial need. The Linda P. Hare Scholarship Fund Established 2011

This Fund was established in memory of Dr. Linda P. Hare, who contributed significantly to efforts to increase the diversity and support of underrepresented students at both the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and Meharry Medical College. This Fund benefits underrepresented medical, dental, graduate or nursing students from Meharry Medical College or Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.


Ben T. Harris Memorial Scholarship Fund Established 2018

The Ben T. Harris Memorial Scholarship Fund was created to honor the memory of Ben T. Harris, who found great joy in helping others. Born and raised in Logan County, Kentucky, Ben was a member of the 1961 graduating class of Lewisburg High School. Upon graduation he entered the workforce, followed by a tour in Vietnam. Ben worked hard and pursued excellence in every endeavor, always keeping an eye out for ways to further his education. He lived a life that made a difference, and it was with this in mind that his wife, Ruth Harris, and daughters, Allison Miller and Emily Parker, desired to continue his legacy by offering a scholarship as a springboard for graduating seniors from Logan and Muhlenburg counties in Kentucky. Ben left this world on November 29, 2016, but his legacy of caring, giving back, and making a difference continue through his family and this Scholarship Fund. Frank and Charlene Harris Scholarship Fund Established 2005

A teacher for more than 40 years, Charlene Harris’ primary focus was educating students of all ages. She and her husband, Frank, both lifelong residents of Claiborne County and alumni of Cumberland Gap High School, were advocates of education. This Fund was established by Beth and Greg Cashion, in their loving memory, to benefit a graduating senior of Cumberland Gap High School. Melissa Ann Haught Scholarship Fund Established 2019

Melissa Ann Haught was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and moved to Nashville with her parents and brother Alex. She attended David Lipscomb Elementary School and John Overton High School, where she graduated. She attended Aquinas College and Vanderbilt University. Melissa loved young children and volunteered as a reader in elementary and preschool classrooms and volunteered in the “preemie” department at Vanderbilt. She was gifted as a painter, loved music and wrote wonderful letters to her many friends. She was ill most of her life with depression, as well as other emotional illnesses, and was deeply interested in removing the stigma and educating all people about mental health. She felt that all people should have the opportunity to pursue an education, and it is intended that this scholarship help others make their education a reality. The John and Belinda Havron Scholarship Fund Established 2018

Belinda and John Havron are/were acutely aware that a postsecondary education has lasting and measurable impact on one’s earnings potential and affords families many more opportunities than would otherwise be available without further education. Not all students have ready access to necessary financial support, and for many students, additional education requires a

cobbling together of resources. Belinda and John enjoyed many blessings in their lives — family, friends, good health, and rewarding careers. They were pleased to establish this Fund and be able to contribute to the success of young students as they begin life’s journey on a path that begins with education. Paula Herring Memorial Scholarship Fund Established 2018

The Paula Herring Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Paula Herring, a 1963 graduate of John Overton High School. Paula made friends easily and is remembered as being a fun person to be around. She played basketball all four years and was captain of the team her senior year. She played tennis, was on the bowling team, and was in the “O” Club for athletes who lettered at Overton. Paula attended the University of Tennessee intent upon studying biology. On February 22, 1964, Paula was brutally murdered while back in Nashville for the weekend. Her story is the subject of a recently published book written by Michael Bishop: “A Murder in Music City.”

scientific and historical articles. As a native of Columbia, Tennessee, the doctor was drawn to the subject matter and wrote a book titled “No More Social Lynchings,” which delved into the Columbia Race Riot. This scholarship is established with the belief that all people should have the opportunity to pursue an education and in appreciation for the hard work of Dr. Ikard. Jennifer Ingrum Scholarship Fund Established 2005

A born educator, Jennifer Ingrum graduated from Gallatin High School, received a B.A. from the University of Virginia, and earned master’s degrees from Harvard and George Washington universities. Called to teach at-risk youth in the inner city of Washington, D.C., sadly her life’s work was cut short when she lost her battle with cancer. In her career as in her life, Jennifer gave of herself to help others. In her honor, the Jennifer Ingrum Scholarship Fund was created to continue her legacy of helping those less fortunate pursue a quality education. Thomas G. Isbell Music Scholarship Fund

A.D. and Peggy Hewlett and Colonel David R. Inman Medical Scholarship Fund Established 2007

To create a legacy for their parents and Colonel David R. Inman, Steve Hewlett, Pam Inman and Faye Houston established this Fund to honor their caring and compassionate concern for others, their belief in the importance of a good education, their commitment to nurturing the thirst for knowledge, and their dedication to providing a foundation on which others might build a career in health care. Those who will benefit are: students planning to enter the field of nursing as LPN, RN or Nurse Practitioner; pharmacy or physical therapy; and all those who will be comforted and cared for as a result. Regina Higdon Scholarship Fund Established 2003

Regina Higdon was an ordinary person with the extraordinary gift of being able to show those around her what it meant to love and be loved. For many years, she ran a day care center in her home, where she gave special care to the children of numerous families, just as if they were her own. Regina was a devout Catholic who believed strongly in the value of a Catholic education and made many sacrifices to ensure her children received that type of education. When she died in 2003, friends and family set up this Fund to help graduates of Christ the King School attend either Father Ryan High School or St. Cecilia Academy in Regina’s name. Dr. Robert W. Ikard Scholarship Fund Established 2019

Dr. Robert W. Ikard was a surgeon in Nashville since 1971, after he graduated from Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical School. He authored many nationally and regionally published

Established 2018

Thomas Gary Isbell’s musical story begins with him playing cornet in the boys’ locker room at Clark Memorial School, where Franklin County’s band director Ray Tanksley conducted class. Despite Tommy’s love and passion for music, he attended Tennessee Tech to pursue an engineering degree. After his first college marching band camp freshman year, Tommy’s musical calling became clear, and he changed his major to music. In 1976 a band directing position opened in his hometown, and Tommy and his wife, Gina, moved their young family back to Franklin County. His assignments included conducting the marching band and assisting his former mentor and band director, Ray Tanksley, with concert band at Franklin County High School. Thomas Gary Isbell would spend the next 42 years, tirelessly serving the students, parents and community. Together through the years, Thomas and Gina Isbell provided an exceptional quality of leadership and instruction, whether it be Concert Band, Marching Band, Jazz Ensemble, Pep Band, General Music, Music Theory, Choir, Show Choir, or Dinner Theater. They positively impacted the education of thousands of area students, many of them instrumental in establishing this Scholarship Fund in honor of Mr. Isbell’s retirement in 2018. Journeys Attitude That Cares Scholarship Established 2019

The Journeys Attitude That Cares Scholarship was created to provide financial assistance for employees of Journeys who wish to pursue continued education. As a way to live our core value of being a family with an attitude that cares, Journeys wishes to support employees and their futures by providing scholarships.

JubiLee Scholarship Fund Established 2005

Diane Lee made it her life’s work to help underprivileged school children. Her concern for others and commitment to volunteering her time to those less fortunate was a philosophy and a way of life. She taught her daughters, Amy and Allison, to embrace that way of life as their own. Diane and her two daughters tragically died when their plane crashed in 2005. In their memory, friends and family created the JubiLee Scholarship Fund at The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to perpetuate their legacy. The Fund benefits public school children as they pursue an education. Maude E. Keisling/Cumberland County Extension Homemakers Scholarship Fund Established 2000

This Fund was established in memory of Maude E. Keisling, former University of Tennessee Extension Agent in Cumberland County, and in honor of all the extension homemaker members who worked so diligently for many years to make this possible. Following Maude’s death in 1967, club members established a Scholarship Fund to assist students majoring in home economics who pursue degrees in fields of study that will prepare them to work directly with families and children. Brandon Key Scholarship Fund Established 2016

The Brandon Key Scholarship Fund was established in memory of a young man best known for his commitment to his community, volunteering for causes that were most important to him, and interest in human and civil rights. In addition to serving others, Brandon was a terrific athlete and thespian. During his high school years at Montgomery Bell Academy, he was involved with a variety of teams, clubs, and activities — namely football, wrestling, lacrosse, debate, and theater. The scholarship will benefit Middle Tennessee students who embody the life-loving characteristics that Brandon possessed. Knox Hume Scholarship Fund Established 2007

Now, many decades after her death, Sarah Foard Hume Lewis’ legacy continues through the creation of this Fund for graduates of Hume-Fogg High School, thanks to SunTrust Bank and The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. In her Will dated October 9, 1937, Sarah outlined her desire to help Hume-Fogg students through scholarship awards. While the selection process includes a component of financial need, it is clear Sarah intended this Fund to be based on academic merit. The Community Foundation is honored to carry out her wishes. Senator Carl O. Koella Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund Established 1999

A Maryville, Tennessee-native, State Senator Carl Koella served 25 years in the state Senate. In 1999,

upon his death at 64, the Tennessee Lobbyist Association sought a way to honor their friend. Senator Koella was an advocate of bright young people becoming involved in the political process, thus the association decided that a fitting legacy would be to establish the Senator Carl O. Koella Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund within The Community Foundation. Mike and Mary Jean Kruse Scholarship Fund Established 2003

for both the institution and, more importantly, the students that matriculated and that she could watch blossom year after year into successful leaders. She was also very active in her church, and religion was a cornerstone of strength in her life. She ultimately succumbed to the ALS disease, but through this endowed Scholarship Fund her legacy will live on and honor her wish to see students at Fisk University in the Arts, Healthcare and Religion continually benefit.

Friends and colleagues at Kruse & Associates joined together to create a scholarship to honor the company founder, Mike Kruse, and to show how much they respect and admire him for his personal and professional accomplishments. Kruse & Associates was one of the fastest-growing regional public accounting and consulting firms in the Southeast prior to merging with Crowe Chizek. For the 10th anniversary of the company, in 2003, staff members raised the money for this Fund, which as Mike requested, benefits married students majoring in accounting with the goal of becoming Certified Public Accountants.

Lebanon High School Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund

Heloise Werthan Kuhn Scholarship Fund

Diane G. Lowe and John Gomez IV Scholarship Fund

Established 2001

As a mother, grandmother and community volunteer in Nashville, Heloise Werthan Kuhn is an ardent supporter of the Crittenton mission of preventing both first and repeat teen pregnancies. Mrs. Kuhn’s Fund originally was created within Crittenton Services, but when that organization closed in 2001 and set up a Fund with The Community Foundation, she asked that this Fund be transferred as well. Mrs. Kuhn believes education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty that often accompanies teen pregnancy. She established this Fund to help teen parents develop self-esteem through education or technical training in order to qualify for better jobs. The LadyAID Scholarship Fund Established 2020

The LadyAID Scholarship Fund was established by the GRAMMY Award-winning trio Lady A to support students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in hopes of helping relieve financial barriers to higher education and empower Black communities around the country. In an effort to honor the members’ home states, the scholarship will be eligible for students residing in Tennessee and Georgia and attending any HBCU across the country and/or students attending an HBCU within Tennessee or Georgia. The Dr. Emma Jean Lambert Memorial Scholarship Fund Established 2020

Dr. E. Jean Lambert was a lifelong educator who was passionate about communications, religion and, later in life, health. She retired from Fisk University after having taught there in the communications department. She held a special place in her heart

Established 2011

Lebanon High School is a community-based high school that graduated its first class in 1919. Many alumni have settled in the broader Lebanon area and have continued to support the programs and goals of the school. The Lebanon High School Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund provides scholarships to LHS graduates who demonstrate academic achievement and the need for financial assistance in the pursuit of undergraduate degrees.

Established 2006

Established to honor Diane G. Lowe and in memory of John Gomez IV, this Fund benefits intellectually gifted students with financial need in grades 6 through 12 who reside in Rutherford, Cannon, DeKalb or Wilson counties. The Fund provides financial assistance for students to take qualifying entrance exams to institutions of higher learning, such as the SAT and ACT exams, and to attend academic programs that offer special challenges or accelerated content. Both Diane and John were intellectually and spiritually curious children with a natural inclination to discover new ideas and knowledge. Diane was drawn to the arts and literature, while John was mechanically gifted and excelled in engineering activities. Both students were educated in the public schools and at various universities in Middle Tennessee, and by their mother, a retired school psychologist and advocate for intellectually gifted children for more than 30 years. Dr. Mac Scholarship Fund Established 2004

Dr. James W. McPherson Jr., “Dr. Mac,” believed in hard work and education. He had the innate ability to make people smile through his generosity and his contagious love for life. Throughout his life, Dr. Mac made many sacrifices in order to educate his three children. In addition to assisting his children with educations, he loved to assist young aspiring dental students. The Dr. Mac Scholarship will allow a dental student to meet his or her educational goals without having to worry about financial barriers. Dr. Mac’s children hope that the dental student receiving this award will share the same love of dentistry and the ability to make others smile as their father did.

Edna L. Martin Scholarship Fund Established 2004

Edna Martin was a dedicated English teacher for 45 years in Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools and had a passion for English literature and poetry. Ms. Martin touched the lives of so many students during her years of teaching. She was an avid traveler and a member of the Nashville Woman’s Club, the Retired Teachers’ Association and many other educationrelated organizations. Through her estate, she wanted to make scholarships available to young people who plan to follow her career choice of teaching. This Fund benefits academically deserving and financially needy students of Davidson County. Katie Rose Martin Scholarship Fund Established 2010

This Scholarship Fund honors the giving nature and loving heart of Katie Rose, a lifelong resident of Rutherford County, who attended Middle Tennessee Christian School, Riverdale High School and MTSU. A competitive cheerleader, loving daughter, adorable little sister, and friend to everyone, Katie had an insatiable work ethic and determination that made all things seem possible. Her dream to become a professional hair stylist and eventually own her own salons was cut short after a tragic automobile accident two weeks into her cosmetology training. This Fund will support young women seeking to start a career by attending a professional, accredited cosmetology school. The Juliann King Maxwell Scholarship Fund for Students in White County, Arkansas Established 2006

White County, Arkansas, students have a chance to further their education and create better lives for themselves, thanks to the late Juliann King Maxwell of Nashville, Tennessee. Though she hadn’t lived in Arkansas for years, Juliann created the Fund in honor of her parents, whose families moved to White County as early as 1803. It benefits students who might not otherwise get to attend college and is available to students who want to pursue vocational training as well as those pursuing a college degree. Juliann and Joe Maxwell Scholarship Fund for Employees of Tractor Supply Established 2006

Joe Maxwell worked with Tractor Supply Company for 16 years. He came to appreciate his colleagues as individuals and as an extraordinary team. He also realized that, for many, the price of educating their children, post-high school, was a daunting challenge. Upon retiring, Joe and his wife, Juliann, searched for a way to help. This Fund embodies their charitable dreams, the dreams of Tractor Supply’s employees AND the dreams of their children eager to attend college.


John E. Mayfield ABLE Scholarship Fund Established 2002

Participants in the Athletes Build Life Experiences (ABLE) program play sports at the highest levels for their age group, but unlike many other children, they do it from the seats of wheelchairs. Through sports and recreational activities, the children in ABLE build strength, confidence and social skills and, through the process, learn that no barrier should prevent them from achieving their goals, especially educational goals. John Mayfield created this Fund to encourage not only participants in ABLE, but also individuals with disabilities to pursue their dreams of postsecondary education, thereby giving them the tools needed to become productive and independent citizens in our communities.

John E. Mayfield Scholarship Funds Established 2000 and 2001

The late John Mayfield did not always live a moral and spiritual life. His battles with alcoholism and drug addiction often led him into dangerous situations. He rarely took advantage of positive opportunities available to him, yet through the grace of God, he survived. John showed his gratitude for being able to turn his life around by assisting his fellow Cheatham Countians in their journey to create opportunities through postsecondary education. The following Scholarship Funds were established to do just that. John added to these Funds through his estate plans with The Community Foundation and hoped that others will contribute as well, to better the lives of eager young scholars.

John E. Mayfield Scholarship Fund for Cheatham County Central High School

John E. Mayfield Scholarship Fund for Harpeth High School

John E. Mayfield Scholarship Fund for Pleasant View Christian High School

John E. Mayfield Scholarship Fund for Sycamore High School

John E. Mayfield Kiwanis Club of Cheatham County Scholarship Fund Established 2017

The Kiwanis Club of Cheatham County established the John E. Mayfield Kiwanis Club of Cheatham County Scholarship to honor John’s dedication and leadership to the club, from its inception on June 6, 2007, as its charter president to his installation as President of the Kiwanis International Children’s Fund in October 2017. Any resident of Cheatham County regardless of where they went to school — even homeschooled and adult learners — with a preference given to those who will participate in public service work, are eligible.


Eunice Lou Gower McHugh Scholarship Fund Established 2008

Growing up on a farm in Robertson County, Tennessee, Eunice Lou Gower McHugh lived in a community of hard-working people. On the family farm lived her mother and father, Elsie Dame Murphey and Joseph Franklin Gower. The Gowers weren’t wealthy, but they constantly served the community by offering to help those in need. “They were always doing for other people,” Lou said, from serving the community church to sacrificing to send her to music lessons. When it came time to sell the farm in Robertson County, it made perfect sense for Lou to donate the land to The Community Foundation so that the proceeds could establish two scholarships. This one is in her parents’ memory and benefits students graduating from high schools in Robertson County who are working or know they will need to work to pay for college. Students must be preparing for a career serving others, including but not limited to teaching, nursing, law enforcement or ministry. William Thomas McHugh and Lou Gower McHugh Scholarship Fund Established 2008

Bill McHugh was a “lawyer’s lawyer.” He practiced his noble profession with skill and integrity for more than 55 years. After serving in the U. S. Air Force during World War II, he returned to Nashville and enrolled at Cumberland School of Law. “Bill loved the law and his many friends and clients loved him deeply. I want his record of service to our system of justice to endure, as well as his legacy as a ‘lawyer’s lawyer.’ What better way to honor the memory of this modest but accomplished attorney than to help others who seek to serve our legal system,” said his devoted wife of 57 years, Lou Gower McHugh. As a result, students from Middle Tennessee who are working their way through law school and who plan to enroll in any accredited school of Law, or any school of Law approved by the Tennessee Supreme Court, with preference given to those attending Cumberland School of Law of Samford University, are eligible to apply.

team, where he wore #18. Mitchell had been selected as a member of the Nashville Junior Predators U-16 team the day before entering the hospital, suddenly critically ill with a previously undiagnosed heart condition. Mitchell spent nearly a month in Vanderbilt University Medical Center and underwent several heart surgeries while awaiting a heart transplant. That day would never come. Mitchell passed away on June 30, 2015. By establishing this scholarship fund, Mitchell’s family and friends wish to honor and remember his life and love of hockey, and to assist other scholastic hockey players (or student-athletes) who demonstrate integrity in athletics, academics, and their personal lives. #18foreverstrong

Archie Hartwell Nash Memorial Scholarship Fund

Walter Reece (Walt) Montgomery Scholarship Fund

Established 2014

Established 2009

Walter Reece (Walt) Montgomery was born in Carroll County (McKenzie), Tennessee, in 1924, and grew up on a cotton farm, where his father was a sharecropper. As a child, Walt’s love of flying was born the day he saw a biplane land in a field near where he was plowing, and the pilot offered him a ride. He later went into the Army Air Corp and became a pilot, flying B-17 Flying Fortresses over Europe. He returned home after World War II and became the first member of his family to graduate from college. This Fund was created by his sons in Walt’s memory to help West Tennessee youth attend college and pursue a career in aviation. Carolyn Morrison Scholarship Fund Established 2009

During her life, Carolyn Morrison was a highly regarded math and economics teacher at Upperman High School, served as a member of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and successfully began and ran a business with State Farm Insurance. One friend characterized her by saying, “She lived to make a difference, was faithful to her commitments, and intensely thoughtful about the actions required.” Another noted, “This County has lost a great citizen. She loved Cookeville and she loved life.” A third noted, “If Carolyn is for you, who can be against you.” At her death, on June 22, 2009, Carolyn’s family created this Fund in her memory.

Mitchell Patrick Mielnik Scholarship Fund

Motherless Queen Scholarship Fund

The word “integrity” has often been used to describe the short life of Mitchell Patrick Mielnik. Born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, on January 18, 1999, Mitchell grew up in Old Hickory, Tennessee. He attended Metro Nashville Public Schools and was proud to be a student at Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet High School. A talented student and devoted friend, Mitchell’s passion was hockey. He was a defenseman for the Nashville Youth Hockey League, the A-Game Storm, the Nashville Junior Predators, and for the Hume-Fogg/Page High School PatriKnight Hockey

The Motherless Queen Scholarship Fund was established by Linda Hope who shared this: “I’d like to establish this scholarship to honor my mother’s value for education and to offer financial support to students that have experienced the loss of their mother. As a first-generation college graduate, it is important to me to help those who have experienced such a detrimental loss pursue higher education without the worry of additional debt. My hope is that the recipient of this scholarship feels the love and support from someone that has genuinely walked in their shoes.”

Established 2015

Established 2020

Established 1997

Archie Nash always knew he would rise above the poverty in which he was raised, no matter what it took. By sheer determination and tenacity, Archie worked his way through college and later became the owner of Overton Produce Co. and several related companies. His wife, Carolyn, established this Fund in Archie’s memory to benefit Middle Tennessee State University students who embody his work ethic and commitment to education. Nashville Academy of Medicine Alliance Scholarship Fund for Nursing The Nashville Academy of Medicine Alliance (NAMA) was a group of physician spouses who volunteered their time to improve the health of the people of Nashville from 1927-2014. Early members furnished a chapel for General Hospital, rolled bandages during World War II, and promoted the Salk polio vaccine. As the decades passed, NAMA continued to play a vital role in keeping Nashville “well.” Members taught thousands of school children the importance of good health, built handicapped-accessible homes for Habitat for Humanity, and furnished playrooms at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and Nashville’s Ronald McDonald House. NAMA worked to end domestic violence, bullying, smoking, and AIDS, and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for medical education. Clay Neiderheiser Scholarship Fund for Fairview High School Established 2016

Carla Lankford established a Donor-Advised Fund in 2001 in honor of her late son, Clay Neiderheiser, who died in a motorcycle accident at age 21. In 2015, Carla accepted The Foundation’s suggestion that this Fund transition to a scholarship: the Clay Neiderheiser Scholarship Fund for Fairview High School. Clay had a love of all things musical and participated in both the concert and marching bands at Fairview High School until his graduation in 1998. The scholarship is open to graduating seniors of Fairview High School who have participated in the Fairview High School Band program. The Arthur E. Newman Scholarship Fund Established 2015

The Arthur E. Newman Scholarship Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee is intended to endow permanently one or more scholarships benefiting full-time employees of HealthStream who have been employed for at least one year and who have embarked on a personal journey to improve their skills and further their education in person or online. The Arthur E. Newman Scholarship Fund will recognize the potential of HealthStream’s employees as they expand their skill set and further their education.

Jerry Newson Scholarship Fund Established 1997

Jerry Newson Jr. believed in the possibilities that education offers the mind, body and spirit at any age. This scholarship was established as a fitting testimonial to the man who lost his life in the line of duty as a deputy of the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department. The Fund is designed to help Davidson County residents realize their dreams of attending a four-year accredited college or university, especially those who intend to major in the social sciences or other areas where they will give back to the community from which they came. Nicholson Scholarship Fund Established 2019

Barbara Nicholson, a longtime resident of Tullahoma, Tennessee, passed away in Tucson, Arizona, at the age of 90. She had left specific instructions in a trust that a scholarship was to be established for graduating seniors at Tullahoma High School who had achieved academic success with a minimum 3.5 GPA. Pat Parker Memorial Scholarship Fund Established 2015

This scholarship is named in memory of Pat Parker, a Macon County High School graduate who excelled in varsity athletics. After graduation, Mr. Parker served in the United States Marine Corps and was killed serving his country in Okinawa, Japan, in 1944. The scholarship is for seniors at Macon County High School (Lafayette, Tennessee) who have evidenced high academic achievement, financial need, and a strong moral character. Preference should be given for a student, male or female, who has lettered in at least two varsity sports during their senior year in high school. Cameron Blake Parnell Scholarship Fund Established 2015

Anyone who knew Cameron would describe him as a rock, a gentle giant. With a smile that could light up any room, Cam truly had the gift of joy; he loved life and all it had to offer. During his 31 years, he was a beloved member of his family, a loyal friend, a world traveler, and an adventurer. In the fifth grade, Cam declared he would be a pilot when he grew up and actually followed that dream, graduating from Middle Tennessee State University with a B.S. in Aerospace Administration/Professional Pilot Emphasis, and holding a successful career as a pilot. Notably, Cameron served as President of the Moosemen Rugby Club at MTSU, where his rugby teammates became his lifelong brothers. The Cameron Blake Parnell Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established by his family and friends in order to share Cam’s spirit and legacy. Buddy Pierce and Maggie P. Speight Scholarship Fund for the Arts Established 2014

Siblings Buddy Pierce and Maggie Pierce Speight were born in Fulton, Mississippi. Their path from

Fulton took them to different locations — for Buddy it was to Mississippi State University, and for Maggie it was Nashville, Tennessee, to start a job as bookkeeper for the Nashville Gas Company. Buddy traveled the world working for oil companies, and in his spare time he visited music halls, museums and art exhibits. Maggie attributes her love of the arts as being born at a 1946 performance of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra. With the establishment of this Fund, their hope was to help those with a love for the arts educate themselves and continue to make the world a more artistic place. Eloise Pitts O’More Scholarship Fund Established 2001

Trained at both Parsons and in Europe, distinguished interior designer and artist, Eloise O’More, at age 64, fulfilled her lifelong dream in 1970 by opening O’More College of Design in her home in Franklin, Tennessee. Today it is nationally known for its accredited bachelor’s degree programs in interior design, fashion design and merchandising, and graphic design and advertising. Shortly before her death in 2002, the O’More College student chapters of the American Society of Interior Designers and International Interior Design Association established this Scholarship Fund in Mrs. O’More’s honor. PMC Cares: Scholarship Fund Established 2018

Parking Management Company believes in investing in their employees and their employees’ children by offering scholarship opportunities to help further their education and help to reduce the financial burden felt by local high school graduates and their families. PMC Cares’ purpose is to show appreciation for the hard work of their employees and provide opportunities to mold employees into the strong leaders that will define the company’s future. Buster Pool Memorial Scholarship Fund Established 2002

develop their artistic ability. Her passion for art and its creation permeated all she did. In true Southern fashion, Laurie took time to write handwritten notes of thanks and encouragement. To continue Laurie’s efforts, Patricia and Al Poole established this Fund in remembrance of her and to carry on her good work. PRSA Nashville Scholarship Fund Established 2012

The Nashville Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) has a history of supporting student development and aims to invest in deserving public relations students. PRSA Nashville created this endowed Scholarship Fund as a testament to the chapter’s commitment to the future of public relations in Middle Tennessee. Brian Ralls Memorial Scholarship Fund Established 2010

The Brian Ralls Memorial Scholarship Fund is intended to benefit graduates of Brentwood Academy who have demonstrated excellence in academics, as well as athletic prowess and leadership. Brian Ralls graduated from Brentwood Academy in 2005 and matriculated at the University of Florida, where he graduated with a B.A. in economics in 2009. While at Brentwood Academy, Brian was a member of the National Honor Society, the Spanish National Honor Society, two state championship basketball teams, three state championship track and field teams, and he played in three straight state football championship games. In addition, Brian was the individual state champion in the discus throw in 2005. On October 28, 2009, Brian was tragically struck and killed by a driver distracted on a cellphone. This Fund was established by Brian’s family and friends to honor his memory and his love for Brentwood Academy, which enabled him to learn who he was and to learn who HE is. Barbara Hagan Richards Scholarship Fund

Buster Pool died unexpectedly of a heart attack in April of 1999 when he was only 56. Buster had an innate ability to laugh through life’s challenges, and both he and his infectious sense of humor were beloved by all who knew him. As a lasting legacy to Buster’s memory, his widow, Babs Weaver Pool, created this Fund to benefit graduating seniors of his alma mater, Meridian High School, in his hometown of Meridian, Mississippi.

Established 2001

Laurie P. Poole Scholarship for the Visual Arts Fund

James Edward “Bill” Richards Scholarship Fund

Laurie served as head of the art department at Nashville School of the Arts, where she had a profound influence on her students. Prior to NSA, she taught at the School of Discovery in Selma, Alabama, and Internationale Schule in Hamburg, Germany. Laurie, a devoted educator, saw potential in her students and held dear her efforts to help them

Barbara Richards grew up in beautiful, rural Giles County, Tennessee, where life was tranquil and neighbors cared about each other. James Richards was reared in the more urban East Nashville, but the important values of friendship and neighborliness were still the same. When the Richards’ children, Barbara Haugen and Jay Richards, sought a way to honor their mother

Established 2013

Barbara Hagan Richards grew up in Pulaski, Tennessee, where her father had the drugstore on the square. After studying library science at Peabody College, she raised her family in Nashville, but always maintained her ties with Giles County, Tennessee. She and her family established this Fund to encourage young people to pursue an education, just as she encouraged her own children.

Established 2001

and father, they decided to set up a Scholarship Fund bearing their parents’ names to aid the communities in which each was raised. Ken Shipp Scholarship Fund Established 2009

Coach Ken Shipp was born and raised in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He had a distinguished coaching career, including stints at several colleges, both as a head coach and as an offensive coordinator, before he moved to the National Football League. During his time in the NFL, Coach Shipp was offensive coordinator with the Houston Oilers, New Orleans Saints, Detroit Lions, and the New York Jets, where he was appointed head coach during the storied Joe Namath years. Coach Shipp credited his success to his Rutherford County roots and the fine education he received at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). He was always interested in furthering the education of potential high school graduates and in continuing his support of MTSU. For this reason, he established this Fund for students from Rutherford County schools planning to attend MTSU. The Shoot For The Future Scholarship Fund Established 2014

The Shoot For The Future Scholarship Fund was established to honor persons with spinal cord injuries who have overcome obstacles while displaying enthusiasm and perseverance. Most spinal cord injuries (60%) happen in young adults who are in the career development stage of life. Studies show that working after an injury improves quality of life, life satisfaction and adjustment, and educational attainment are the strongest predictors of returning to work. Meyer D. and Dorothy C. Silverman Scholarship Fund Established 2007

Mike and Dottie Silverman helped settle the city of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, in the early years of World War II. Very active in all aspects of community life and accomplished musicians, the Silvermans were among the original founders of the Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra. Their dedication to and sincere love of music and the arts was a central theme of their lives. As part of their legacy, this Fund provides scholarships benefiting string students in grades 7-12 in Oak Ridge Public Schools who are committed to developing their talent as string instrument players but who otherwise would be financially unable to take private string instruction. Drue Smith/Society of Professional Journalists’ Scholarship Fund Established 2004

Drue Smith was the first woman to join the Middle Tennessee Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and was the first woman to become its chapter president. Drue was considered the queen of Tennessee’s legislative press corps and was the first woman to cover Nashville’s Capitol Hill as well as


being the first honorary member of the Tennessee General Assembly. She was colorful in many ways, from her clothes to her style. Asking her famous question, “What’s the bottom line?” she reported for print, radio, television, and United Press International in her 50-year career. This Fund was established in memory of Drue upon her death in 2001 by the members and board of the Middle Tennessee Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

prayed not only for his healing but for the healing of the children who were his neighbors in the hospital. On January 18, 2014, he received a donor heart. On January 21, 2014, three days post-transplant, he died from a ruptured aorta. He never gave up, remained always faithful, and never cried a tear during his six-months-plus ordeal. Jacob was only capable of loving people and had a genuine caring spirit for all around him.

Jayme Johnson Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Naveen and Suma Srinivas Family Scholarship Fund

The GFWC Woman’s Club of Hendersonville and Dr. Peter Smith established the Jayme Johnson Smith Memorial Scholarship to honor the memory of Jayme Johnson Smith. Mrs. Smith’s father was a physician. Her stepfather was a veterinarian. While in nursing school she met her husband, Peter, a surgeon. She often joked that she knew no other topic than medicine. Mrs. Smith was a nurse and held a master’s degree in public health. Her love of nursing was a natural result of her innate desire to care for others. When her responsibilities as a mother and her illness prevented her from practicing nursing, she continued to care for others through volunteer work. Among others, she volunteered at Hendersonville Medical Center, Pope John Paul II High School, The Samaritan Association, and through her membership in GFWC Woman’s Club of Hendersonville. While not all of her volunteer work was centered on raising money for scholarships, the majority of it was. It is the hope of the GFWC Woman’s Club of Hendersonville that by creating this scholarship for nursing students, Jayme Johnson Smith’s work on earth will continue for many years to come.

Naveen and Suma were born and educated in a small town Dodballapur near Bangalore in South India. Naveen graduated from Bangalore Medical College, and Suma has a bachelor’s degree in Commerce. They emigrated to America to begin internship and Residency training in OB/GYN in Baltimore. Naveen and Suma moved to Nashville in 1982 to set up a private practice in OB/GYN in the Donelson/Hermitage, area. Dr. Naveen Srinivas retired in 2018 after a successful and rewarding practice of delivering babies and caring for women. Naveen and Suma have four adult children: of three daughters, Roopa graduated from University School of Nashville, and Pooja, Archana and their son, Harsha, graduated from Hume-Fogg as did Pooja’s husband, Eric Lind. This is a family that values education and wanted to do something for students in Metro Nashville Public Schools high schools where financial needs are the greatest.

Established 2016

The Sponsors Scholarship Fund Established 2016

George Langstaff founded The Sponsors Scholarship Program in 1995 to address a challenging American problem of how to encourage students to obtain an adequate post-high school education, improve their long-term economic prospects, and strengthen the overall economic environment in our community. Jacob Sprinkle Memorial Scholarship Fund Established 2014

Jacob Tyler Sprinkle, age 13, beloved son of Monique and Rick Sprinkle, was born November 10, 2000. Jacob was born with severe congenital heart defects, which were surgically corrected and closely monitored throughout his life. At age 12, Jacob underwent surgery at Monroe Carell, Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt to replace an aortic valve. After the surgery, Jacob’s heart would not restart the way it should have, and he was diagnosed with full failure of his left ventricle. Jacob was placed on an artificial heart to sustain him until he could receive a heart transplant. He suffered through multiple near-death experiences while in the hospital. He fought his way back each time and refused to give up. He kept his faith and


Established 2020

Rex and Karla Stannard Scholarship for Overton and Clay Counties in Tennessee Established 2020

Rex and Karla Stannard were drawn to establish this Fund in a powerful way: “We were pleased with the warm welcome from the people we met yearly in Clay and Overton counties when we visited Dale Hollow Lake. Eventually, we moved from northern Indiana to beautiful Tennessee. Since we lived on the Overton-Clay county line, we became active in both counties. We volunteered first, and then worked at Maple Grove School, the smallest public elementary school in Tennessee. That school, under the leadership of Principal Jerry Collins, was a special place. Every child was encouraged to be the best he or she could be. Sadly, it closed in May 2013. Interacting with the students and their families led us to establish this Scholarship Fund. We value all education and want to contribute to the success of students from this area.” Richie Stevenson Scholarship Fund Established 2000

Richie Stevenson is grateful for the excellent education he received at Benton Hall. His parents, Jimmy and Donna Stevenson, created this scholarship in Richie’s honor to acknowledge that appreciation by giving something back to the school and the fellow students who helped craft such a positive experience.

Catie Summers Scholarship Fund Established 2008

Catie Summers was a daughter, a sister, a friend and a cancer warrior. She was born at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, on July 3, 1991, and grew up in Clarksville, Tennessee. Catie loved school, played softball, and was a black belt in karate. In April of 2004, at age of 12, she was diagnosed with a rare type of osteosarcoma, a bone cancer. While undergoing cancer chemotherapy and multiple surgeries, she maintained straight A’s in middle school and high school and was twice named to the Mid-State Band as a baritone player. The Clarksville High School HOPE Club raised money in her name through sales of ‘Viva Catie’ bracelets and donated the proceeds to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Because of their efforts, she was able to ride alongside fellow cancer survivor Lance Armstrong at the 2005 Ride for the Roses. A few months later, the cancer metastasized to her spine, eventually paralyzing her. Catie fought valiantly to the end, dying at home on December 16, 2007. She touched the lives of many people with her humor and courage. To honor her love of learning, her family established this Scholarship for a graduating senior in Middle Tennessee with preference for the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System who has also battled cancer. Viva Catie! Technology Scholarship Fund Established 2009

The Technology Scholarship Fund was established by the board of the Nashville Technology Council, an organization devoted to helping the Middle Tennessee technology community succeed by leading in education, innovation, exposure and connections. The Fund will endow permanently one or more scholarships benefiting Nashville high school seniors entering two- or four-year degree programs in pursuit of an education in fields related to the creation, innovation, installation or maintenance of technology. The Ed and Charlie B. Temple Scholarship Fund Established 2016

Coach Ed Temple was a Nashville and American legend, the embodiment of perserverance, determination, and success. As women’s track coach at Tennessee State University from 1953 to 1994, and coach of the U.S. Women’s Olympic track team in 1960 and 1964, Coach Temple ranks among the most impressive leaders in the history of sports, both nationally and internationally. Behind his success was his wife, Charlie B. He proudly noted that without her willingness for him to “spend his time with fast women,” he could not have accomplished as much. But Coach Temple may be best remembered not just for the fact that each of his 40 Olympians could compete, but that each of them earned her diploma and each of them learned how to comport themselves in a competitive

world. To do so, Coach and Charlie B. often bought their athletes’ clothes and Coach would say that he wanted his athletes to go out into the world “looking like foxes rather than oxes.” The success the TSU Tigerbelles achieved in the Deep South during the days of Jim Crow is as much a testament to Coach Temple’s strength and determination and Charlie B.’s steadfast support as any records they set on the track. Tennessee Trucking Foundation Scholarship Fund Established 2003

The directors of the Tennessee Trucking Foundation believe in the power and possibilities of education, and therefore have given the money to set up this Fund to help children, spouses or employees who are members in good standing of the Tennessee Trucking Association. The scholarships will help juniors and seniors attending an accredited university or college to have even brighter futures. The Steve Thompson Scholarship Fund Established 2016

Stephen Meek Thompson was remembered in 2007 by his classmates on the occasion of the 50th Reunion of the Class of 1957 Hillsboro High School with the establishment of a scholarship in his memory. In October 1955 at age 17, Steve’s junior year, he died of a head injury sustained during a football game. The Steve Thompson Scholarship will provide scholarships to graduates of Hillsboro High School to attend a public or private college, university or technical school of their choice. Charlene (Charlie) Jane Toomey Memorial Scholarship Fund Established 2017

The Charlene (Charlie) Jane Toomey Scholarship was established in memory of Charlene (Charlie) Jane Toomey, who was raised in Moody and Leeds, Alabama, and graduated from Moody High School. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce and Business Administration from the University of Alabama and an MBA from Baker University. Charlie believed that education was critical to the success of personal and economic achievement. After college, Charlie went on to have a very successful career with UPS and H&R Block. The scholarship will benefit one or more female college-bound seniors from Moody High School. Turner Family Scholarship Fund Established 2000

Personal development has long been a core value among Dollar General employees. This is a reflection of the values of the Turner Family, who began the company in 1939 — a company that has grown to more than 17,000 stores spanning 46 states. To mark the 60th anniversary of Dollar General’s founding and to honor his four children, Cal Turner Sr. established the Turner Family Scholarship Fund to benefit his extended family, Dollar General’s employees.

Emmett H. Turner Scholarship Fund

Watertown High School Scholarship Fund

Emmett Turner ably served the Davidson County police for 34 years, culminating in the rank of Chief. Upon his retirement, friends and admirers wanted something meaningful for which to show him their appreciation for his hard work. So they contributed to a Fund at The Community Foundation to endow a scholarship in the chief’s name. Students who attend Tennessee State University’s criminal justice program are eligible to apply for financial assistance through the Scholarship. It is fitting that from now on, with the aid of the Emmett H. Turner Scholarship, TSU will be graduating students who will follow in his footsteps, making life safer for us all.

The Watertown High School Scholarship Fund will provide scholarships in support of WHS graduating seniors beginning in 2015 who demonstrate academic achievement and extracurricular and community (volunteer) activities. The Fund was created by Watertown Community Volunteers by the sale of bricks to be displayed in the new high school building.

Established 2003

Josh Turner Scholarship Fund Established 2009

In keeping with Josh Turner’s journey to a successful career in the music industry in spite of having grown up without the benefit of a comprehensive arts program in his high school, he established a Scholarship Fund at The Community Foundation to support students from primarily rural areas wishing to enter the music business or undertake a career in the arts. “Growing up in rural South Carolina, I attended a small school,” says Turner. “In fact, there were only 75 people in my graduating class. And that translated into ‘not a lot of opportunities’ when it came to music.” The Josh Turner Scholarship Fund supports students planning a career that will introduce them to various opportunities in the music business, from performing, writing, or publishing to managing or producing, or some discipline of the arts, such as graphic design, photography or painting. The Dr. Diane Greer Walker Memorial Scholarship Fund Established 2014

The Dr. Diane Greer Walker Memorial Scholarship Fund benefits African-American dental students attending Meharry Medical College. Preference will be given to students from Dr. Greer’s hometown of Jackson, Mississippi, or who attended Dr. Greer’s college of Tougaloo. Other recipients should be residents of Middle Tennessee for a minimum of at least a year and in their second, third or fourth years of study at Meharry. Bishop Joseph and Stephaine Walker Scholarship Fund Established 2014

Bishop Joseph and Stephaine Walker Scholarship Fund benefits African-American students from Middle Tennessee (having lived here no less than one year), with a GPA of no less than 2.5, and with a history of community service. Each year, no more than two to five Scholarships can go to graduate students pursuing advanced degrees.

Established 2013

Megan Whaley Scholarship Fund Established 2003

Megan Whaley was an outstanding 16-year-old sophomore at St. Cecilia Academy when she was tragically killed in a one-car accident on April 22, 2002. An exceptional athlete, Megan loved basketball, soccer and softball, and served as an excellent role model for many of the other students. In Megan’s memory, her father, Steve Whaley, and other family members and friends established the Megan E. Whaley Fund for St. Cecilia Academy within The Community Foundation to provide tuition assistance for girls who wish to attend this excellent school. Each year in the spring, a softball tournament named for Megan is held to raise additional dollars so the Fund will continue to grow and help even more girls in the future.

The Woman’s Club of Nashville Scholarship Endowment Fund

The 2001 Tennessee Trust Advised Fund

A vital part of The Woman’s Club mission is to help young women further their education. The organization has offered scholarships for many years, and in 2001 members decided to set up a permanent Scholarship Endowment Fund through The Community Foundation. Qualities of particular interest to the members of The Woman’s Club when choosing recipients are leadership, achievement, community involvement, poise, personality, and a sense of personal goals.

Abe’s Garden Advised Fund

Established 2001

John W. Work III Memorial Foundation Scholarship Fund Established 2002

John W. Work was an inspiring teacher at Fisk University for 39 years, head of the Music Department for a number of years, director of the famous Jubilee Singers, and an internationally known composer and arranger. The John Work Foundation was established by the Nashville Chapter of The Links to honor his extraordinary contributions. In 2002, representatives of the Work Foundation turned to The Community Foundation to perpetuate the awarding of scholarships to worthy students of music and composition.

Established 2005

David Williams II Scholarship Fund Established 2019

David Williams died at age 71 on Feb. 8, 2019, just days after retiring from his 18-year tenure as a Vanderbilt University vice chancellor. He had returned to being a full-time tenured professor at Vanderbilt Law School. Even with his large responsibilities, he remained connected to students and looked forward to opportunities to engage with them. This scholarship will honor David’s commitment to students’ academic opportunities and achievements. The Scott Wolf Scholarship Fund Established 2012

To acknowledge Scott Wolf’s love and dedication to the associates of Averitt Express, his family established this Scholarship Fund. Scott became an Averitt associate in 1989, and his 23-year career there was a tapestry of his dedication, character and respect for his fellow associates. Establishing this Fund is exactly what Scott would have wanted to help the ones he loved so much further their education.

Established 2006

Dr. Abram Shmerling was a great dad, a committed and caring physician and someone who invested of himself in the people and community he loved. After a career of more than 45 years serving the medical needs of the Woodbine and Southern Hills Hospital area and after his children were grown, Alzheimer’s began to rob Abe of who he was. The disease is progressive, taking something, however small, day by day, week by week, year after year. At his passing, his family decided that a fitting legacy to this man, who cared so deeply about the health and well-being of others, would be a fund to assist people suffering from the ravages of Alzheimer’s. And, so, this Fund named for Abe’s Garden was created. Steve and Ellen Adams Advised Fund Established 2004

Adams Family Foundation II Fund Established 2019

ADIAD Advised Fund Established 1998

Steve Hough established this Fund as a way to facilitate a range of future charitable gifts.

Teddy Wilburn Scholarship Fund Country music singer, Grand Ole Opry star, songwriter, and manager Teddy Wilburn established this Fund through his estate to help others enjoy the opportunities made available by a college education. With his singing career beginning at age 9, Teddy never had the chance to attend college and wanted to help eager students in need of financial aid. The Fund benefits college students at Tennessee State University and Vanderbilt University.

Established 2001


The Will and Louise Alexander Family Fund Established 2019

Greg and Jane Allen Family Advised Fund Established 2014

Mary Lauren and Lawson Allen Family Fund The 10Penny Fund

Established 2011

The 10Penny Fund was created by Mitchell Tenpenny from personal experience and a sincere desire to provide inspiration and support to cancer patients beyond traditional medical treatment. Determined to make change, the Fund invests in sustainable and meaningful programs that motivate patients, encourage healing, and build a community of support.

Phyllis and Ben J. Alper Advised Fund

Established 2018

4 Yellow Labs Fund

Established 2019

Keith Merrill has been a longtime friend of The Community Foundation, both as a donor and as a volunteer. This relationship helped him know right where to turn when he started to think about how to encourage others to join him in giving back to Nashville causes and organizations. Keith opted to name his Fund not for himself but for some important loved ones. The 4 Yellow Labs Fund is named for Stella, Lucy, Oski, and Emmy, four sweet pups who have brought him joy, love and a lifetime of good memories.

Established 1995

Phyllis and Ben Alper established this Fund to enlarge and enhance their charitable objectives and to participate in important community entities as well. Denise Alper Family Advised Fund Established 2001

Alpha Psi of Nashville Fund Established 2018

The purpose of the Alpha Psi Fund is to support Sigma Chi’s mission in Nashville as volunteers dedicated to improving the cultivation, maintenance and accomplishment of the ideals of friendship, justice and learning within its members. Through the Fund, the Fraternity will create opportunities to foster leadership, build character, and strengthen relationships. James D. Amos Advised Fund Established 2003


Paul and Nancy Anderson Family Advised Fund Established 2001

Paul and Nancy Anderson set up their Family Advised Fund to support a variety of interests, including families at-risk, youth, and environmental concerns. It is their wish that the Fund eventually be overseen by their children, so they can continue the family pattern of support for these causes. Doug Andrews Advised Fund Established 2015

Long before Doug Andrews created his Fund at The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, he supported a number of different funds at The Foundation, including many permanent endowment funds, providing for organizations now and in the future. Andrews Family Advised Fund Established 2008

You’d be hard pressed to name people who’ve contributed more time, talent and treasure to enhance this community than Sue and Nelson Andrews. Together they have given decades of support to untold numbers of nonprofit organizations. But their greatest gift to Middle Tennessee has been their work to inculcate their five extraordinary children (and 21 grandchildren) with the importance of giving back. In 2008, Sue gave creation of this Fund to Nelson as a Christmas gift. He was delighted by the prospect that their children would forever have a vehicle for efficient and effective giving.

Beth Baker Fund

Barry Family Charitable Fund

Beth Baker knows firsthand the impact giving to your community can have. Beth set up this Fund as a vehicle to give back to the community and to the causes about which she cares most.

When Kats and Mark Barry opened their Donor Advised Fund, they originally went with the straightforward name identifying them as the two donors. But, like so many parents with Donor-Advised Funds, they wanted to involve their son in a shared family experience, and the new name is reflective of this goal.

Established 2015

Philip Andrew Baker Memorial Advised Fund Established 2010

Philip Baker will always be remembered for his radiant smile, his adventurous spirit and his wonderful ability to befriend others. Phil would have graduated from Hillsboro High School in 2005, following his brother Adam, but was killed in an automobile accident in July 2004. This Fund established in his memory may be used to support Hillsboro High School in providing scholarships to one or more outstanding seniors who exemplify the same positive qualities for which Phil will be remembered. Those students should have had a positive impact on students, faculty and the school. Bale Family Advised Fund Established 2018

BAMM Huggett Family Fund Established 2017

The BAMM Huggett Family Fund was developed to foster the philanthropic spirit of the next generation. Parents of the siblings and cousins have helped create the Fund to give the children the opportunity to research and learn about the needs of the community, present their findings, and make recommendations for support to organizations.

Anonymous Advised Fund “C” Established 1993

The Tia Barbour-Hale OGOT Legacy Fund

Clare and Hunter Armistead Advised Fund

This Fund honors the life of Tia Barbour-Hale, a 2006 graduate of Tennessee State University’s Occupational Therapy Program. Professionally, Tia was an occupational therapist dedicated to empowering Nashville’s exceptional-needs students and their families to excel personally and intellectually through nonprofits offering customized educational programs and independently ensuring long-term success in life. Courtney Hale and their daughter, Ever Grey Hale, plan to make grants that support the work of occupational therapists serving special education students in Metro Nashville Public Schools.

Established 1995

The Randy and Judy Arnold Charitable Fund Established 2012

Atticus Trust Advised Fund Established 1992

This Fund was established by the Atticus Trust, a private foundation overseen by the family of Betty and Martin Brown, to facilitate giving to a broad array of charitable purposes. The Browns had long been active and instrumental leaders in our community, and Betty was a much-loved past chair of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee’s board.

Established 2020

Christen and Cole Barfield Family Fund Established 2011

Mary Frist and H. Lee Barfield II Fund Ayers Advised Fund

Established 2012

Bailey Advised Fund

Judy and Joe Barker Donor-Advised Fund for the Arts, Environmental and Conservation Purposes

Established 1997

Established 2007

The Baileys established this Fund as a conduit to achieve their philanthropic objectives.


Established 2011

Established 2019

E. Warner Bass Family Advised Fund Established 2000

Francis M. Bass II Family Advised Fund Established 2000

James O. Bass Jr. Family Advised Fund Established 2000

in 2015. If they’ve learned anything through this baseball journey so far, it’s how their journey is, can be and will be bigger than baseball. They’ve always wanted to have something of their own to help people and communities. They felt this Fund was a good place to start and a perfect way to give back to the youth in the community they grew up in. Dr. Luthur A. Beazley Advised Fund Established 2003

Many people in our country probably owe their lives to Dr. Luthur Beazley, who championed groundbreaking legislation that required children to ride in car seats. His Tennessee program became a national model, leading to child safety restraint laws that protect all children today. When Dr. Beazley died in 2003, his family set up a Memorial Fund with The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to benefit the children about whom he cared so deeply.

Griffin Kempf Bauer Memorial Fund Established 2018

Griffin was an extraordinarily talented young man with a passion for computers, music, languages, and a love of animals, especially his dogs. Quiet by nature, he was also very analytical in thought and independent in his views. Griffin attended Christ the King Elementary School, Father Ryan High School, and MTSU. He was a Renaissance man: he played trumpet in the school band and was later a member of the marching band, played on his school’s golf team, and became a skilled chess player. He also achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Griffin had a strong interest in languages and studied Latin, French, and Chinese during his high school years and Japanese afterward. He learned to play the mandolin, guitar, and developed an interest in creating digital music. Griffin’s father established this Fund in his memory with a goal to grow it and ultimately become a Scholarship to benefit other talented students. Be A Craig Donor-Advised Fund Established 2018

The Be A Craig Fund was established by Walker Hayes as a tribute to a man named Craig, who gave the Hayes family a van when they were struggling. His kindness meant that the family would have a vehicle big enough for all of the Hayes children to have a seat belt. In keeping with the sentiment of paying it forward, and through gifts to support nonprofits that empower others to make the path easier, Walker wants to encourage individuals to seek out opportunities to help others. The Matt Beaty Fund Established 2019

Matt and Jesica Beaty graduated from Dresden High School. The Weakley County community will always hold a special place in their hearts. They’ve seen the support from Weakley County starting in Dresden, following to Nashville when Matt played at Belmont University, and now following along all the places Matt has played since being drafted by the Dodgers

Belk Family Advised Fund Established 2014

Sam and Fabra Belk wanted a way to direct their charitable giving. Creating a Donor-Advised Fund at The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee allows them the opportunity to continue to give to a variety of causes, including education and their church. Leslie Bethea Advised Fund Established 1998

Bibb-White Bluff Legacy Fund Established 2019

Richard Bibb has been an invaluable resource to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee for several years, beginning with his service and leadership with the Community Foundation for Dickson County. We have been honored to partner with Richard and his wife, Patricia, over the years to support their charitable giving to organizations that have great meaning and importance in their lives. Big & Rich Charitable Fund Established 2008

The enormous success of multi-platinum and Grammy Award-nominated country artists Big & Rich has not stopped the dynamic duo from doing their part to give back to the community. The Big & Rich Charitable Fund was created to connect generosity with need in Middle Tennessee. Bhikha Family Fund Established 2016

A college friend whose mother worked at Vanderbilt helped encourage Kirrit Bhikha to join him in Nashville more than 30 years ago. He and his, wife, Lata, have raised two children and started a few businesses in the Nashville community. This Fund will allow the Bhikhas the opportunity to support the community together as a family.

Bird Family Advised Fund Established 1995

Julia Crowder Bishop and Budd Harris Bishop Advised Fund Established 2001

Tom Black Advised Fund Established 1998

Cheryl Blackburn Advised Fund Established 2004

The Anne Brown Lee Blackwell Fund Established 2018

Anne Blackwell was born on March 27, 1920, in Pacolet, South Carolina, and passed away on January 18, 2018, in Nashville. Throughout her 97 years of life, Anne approached each day as an opportunity to care for others with an unselfish spirit. The Anne Brown Lee Blackwell Fund enables friends and family to continue her work to extend love, compassion and understanding in ways that are most responsive to the needs around us. Blevins Family Advised Fund Established 2010

Jim Blevins, who founded the Blevins Popcorn Company in Nashville in 1945 and grew a successful business operation in Tennessee and beyond, started a tradition of giving back to the community through a private family foundation. When his son, Bill, wanted to continue that tradition and considered how to establish a giving vehicle for himself and his family, he understood the unique benefits and tailor-made services The Community Foundation offers. Bill opted to create a Donor-Advised Fund and partner with The Community Foundation to carry on the Blevins family tradition of giving. Block Family Fund Established 2019

Julie G. and Frank H. Boehm Advised Fund Established 1994

Julie and Frank Boehm know a lot about charitable giving through their generous and thoughtful support of many worthy causes. “People have the illusion that unless you have a lot of money, you can’t participate in helping charities,” Julie said. “The Community Foundation makes it very easy to set up a Fund, and it only takes a minimum of $5,000 to start. When we combine our resources with others through The Community Foundation, we can help make a real difference, and that makes us feel good.”

generations of the Bone family’s contributions to the quality of life we all enjoy in Tennessee. We are honored to work with Charles and Baylor Bone and their children, Charles Robert and Baylor Bone Swindell, by helping them help others.

families who reside in the state of Tennessee. Because we believe that education is the key to preventing second-generation crime, we award scholarships to help children of inmates “turn the page” on the past, and secure a brighter and more prosperous future.

The Bryant Family Advised Fund

The Bongo Advised Fund

The Bridge Resource Partnership Fund

Edwin and Rosaline’s Second-Generation Fund

The Bongo Advised Fund contributes to education programs and initiatives in the Nashville area and in coffee-growing communities.

Turner and Phylanice Nashe established this Fund to partner and support nonprofit organizations with funding to help them support entrepreneurs — ideally ‘Main Street’ entrepreneurs — to generate income, build assets, create jobs, and attain financial success.

Established 2012

Bonick Charitable Giving Fund Established 2016

Marty and Lisa Bonick have always supported the community in which they live, whether it has been in Louisville, Kentucky, or Brentwood, Tennessee, which they now call home. They created the Bonick Charitable Giving Fund to support a variety of charitable causes in which they believe. Bonnaroo Works Fund Established 2014

The Bonnaroo Works Fund supports regional and national organizations with a mission of making communities healthy in areas of the arts, education and environmental sustainability, with the goal of local reinvestment and asset building for the communities where they live, work and play. In 2014, Bonnaroo Works Fund partnered with The Community Foundation, an organization with a shared commitment to Middle Tennessee, including Manchester and Coffee County. The Fund is just one aspect of Bonnaroo’s commitment to the community, the environment, and the people it has been a part of since 2002. Susan Bass Bowen Family Advised Fund Established 2000

Richard M. and Judith K. Bracken Family Advised Fund Established 2010

Richard Bracken is the retired Chairman and CEO of HCA. We were delighted to have Richard on The Foundation’s Board and are grateful that he and Judith have chosen to create this Fund to facilitate their family’s present and future giving. Branstetter, Stranch & Jennings Advised Fund Established 2012

To maximize their charitable efforts and community impact, Branstetter, Stranch & Jennings has partnered with The Community Foundation to create this Corporate Giving Fund.

Bone Family Fund Established 2015

The family that plays together and works together and gives together makes a tremendous difference to a community! Such has been the case with many

Established 2018

Cathy and Martin Brown Advised Fund Established 2014

Darby and Vivian Brown Family Advised Fund Established 2009

This Fund was created to further the Brown Family’s charitable efforts in the community. Elizabeth M. Brown Advised Fund Established 2017

Martin S. Brown, Jr. Donor-Advised Fund Established 2017

Nancy J. Brown and Andrew May Donor-Advised Fund

The Bryant Family I Peter 4:10 Advised Fund Established 2015 Established 2015

Alice Hooker Buchtel Family Advised Fund Established 2005

Teenie Buchtel was one-of-a-kind. A civic treasure … a gem. Her life was cut short, but in her estate plans she chose to create a legacy of giving through this Fund, which is by her son, John Jay. Through him and through her foresight, nonprofits doing good work throughout the country and the region will benefit. The Buddy Fund Established 2019

Julie and Dale Allen began introducing their son, Jack, to the idea of giving back through their JDA Family Advised Fund. In 2019, they took things a step further by establishing a Donor-Advised Fund of his own. Buhl Family Advised Fund

Established 1995

Established 1998

William R. and Rita G. Bruce Advised Fund

May and John Bumpus Advised Fund

Bill and Rita Bruce, who lived in Tennessee for many years but who now reside in St. Marys, Georgia, established this Fund to facilitate their charitable giving. Although now mostly retired, Bill is Special Counsel to the law firm Adams and Reese LLP, where he maintains an office in Nashville, Tennessee.

Rebecca and Stan Burcham Advised Fund

Married for 62 years, Edwin and Rosaline Bryant lived and raised their family in Springfield. Mr. Bryant worked his entire career at First National Bank of Springfield, Tennessee, serving as its president before his retirement. The Community Foundation received proceeds from a trust established by the Bryants in 2015, which created charitable funds for the next generation of their family.

Keith Burns Fund

Established 1995

The Bryant-Blount Charitable Advised Fund

The Break the Cycle Foundation Fund

Established 2015

The Break the Cycle Foundation Fund exists to support children of incarcerated persons and their

The Bryant-Onstott Charitable Advised Fund

Established 2017

Established 2015

Established 2012

Established 2009

Rebecca and Stan Burcham have dedicated their careers to health care. Now they are turning a large portion of their attention to the health of their community, especially to its often most helpless and vulnerable members, animals. The Burchams established this Fund to support animal rescue and other favorite causes and nonprofits with comfort, convenience and cost-effectiveness. Established 2005

The power of celebrity can often make really important things happen, and it is our pleasure to be making Keith Burns’ charitable goals a reality. Keith, perhaps most widely known as part of the Grammy-nominated group Trick Pony, has established this Fund to accommodate a range of charitable objectives. One of his beneficiaries has been the Arthritis Foundation — a disease from which his mother suffers. Others will no doubt follow as he realizes how many options he has to help people in need through this Fund.

Established 2015


Ellen and Roger Burrus Endowed Advised Fund

Raymond Carroll Advised Fund

Barbara Howard became Mrs. George Burrus on June 8, 1953, the Monday after she graduated from Peabody College. The bride watched her husband, George, graduate from Vanderbilt University College of Medicine in 1955. What soon followed was the beginning of a new family and a lifetime of adventure and service. The young Burrus Family boarded the Queen Elizabeth I in July 1962 to travel to India for five years of medical mission work. Subsequently, the family moved to Africa. This life abroad in service to others serves as a touchstone for three generations of family members who recommend grants from the Ellen and Roger Burrus Endowed Advised Fund. Giving is done in memory of Ellen and Roger Burrus, for whom the Fund is named, and Dr. George Burrus, whose charitable nature has been passed down to his children and grandchildren.

Joanne G. and Thomas H. Cato Family Advised Fund

Established 2012

Diane and Kyle Callahan Advised Fund Established 2007

Tawnie and Victor Campbell Family Fund Established 2012

The Sarah Cannon Fund at The Community Foundation Established 2018

The Sarah Cannon Fund has been established to support people living with cancer through community-based programs and resources. The Fund supports our collective goal to help those affected by cancer navigate the journey from diagnosis through survivorship. Through the Fund, you can help support local cancer programs, support services, and cutting-edge research initiatives that are leading advancements across the cancer continuum to improve outcomes and experiences for patients.

Established 2013

Centerfire Fund Established 2017

Geoffrey and Victoria Botkin have a large family in rural Tennessee. They believe strongly in the bond of family and are led by their faith. They created a Donor-Advised Fund to provide an avenue for charitable giving. Established 2007

Scott Chambers is in the business of Nashville’s growth and development through his work with Germantown Partners. Scott knows that changing communities also have changing needs, and he does his work with an eye toward sustainability and eco-friendly innovation. Similarly through this Fund, Scott invests in causes improving the health and future of the Nashville community and beyond. Change We Seek Fund Established 2017

The Change We Seek Fund offers grants to support economic empowerment of families with children who live in urban communities. Its mission is to fund programs that help families gain more control over their economic status while simultaneously enabling them to build a sustainable future. Doug and Erica Chappell Advised Fund Established 2006

Established 2014

Bill and Trudy Carpenter Advised Fund

Beth and Randy Chase Family Fund

John and Sandra Carpenter Advised Fund

Barbara and Eric Chazen Family Advised Fund

Established 2014

Larry M. and Wendy M. Carlton Charitable Fund

Established 2004 Established 2007

John Carpenter is an engineer professionally trained to examine both the form and the function of things. When their financial planner suggested that he and his wife, Sandra, establish a giving vehicle that could include their three daughters, he visited with several members of The Community Foundation team to understand how it would really work. The Foundation helps connect their family’s generosity with need.

the very first meeting to discuss the possibility of creating what is now The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and served as the inaugural chair of The Women’s Fund. Today, Barbara continues to lead through her work with various arts organizations, and Eric continues to care for the health of children through his work in training medical students at Vanderbilt. They established this Fund as an extension of their charitable giving.

Katherine and Chris Cigarran Charitable Fund

Donna and Pickslay Cheek, Jr. Advised Fund

Anne Campbell Clay Advised Fund

Established 2003

Frances S. Cheek and Family Advised Fund Established 2003

Scott C. Chambers Advised Fund

Erica and Doug Chappell haven’t been Middle Tennesseans forever, but they certainly seem to have adopted much of what makes this community great. Doug, a health care entrepreneur, has recently embarked on a new venture, having served prior to that as the General Counsel of Renal Care. And both Erica and Doug have fully embraced the concept and practice of giving back and investing so that their children, and all of ours, will still want to call this community home for decades to come.

The Carlton Advised Fund


Established 2001

Established 2017

Established 2007

Their careers had Barbara and Eric Chazen caring for this community almost since their arrival some 50 years ago. Eric (better known as Dr. Chazen) led one of the preeminent pediatric practices. Barbara led Commerce Union’s and Bank of America’s efforts to invest wisely and well in community relations and in the arts. In fact, in that capacity Barbara hosted

Nancy C. Cheek Advised Fund Established 2003

Chief Cares Fund Established 2014

The Chief Cares Fund, established by Eric and Katherine Church, is impacting lives around the globe and in our own neighborhoods. Eric and Katherine’s charitable efforts have helped a Nepal orphanage get beds, clothing, and offer schooling to children that would otherwise never get the chance, delivered bibles and aid to Haiti, and helped fund Humane Society’s no-kill animal shelters with funds that go toward operational costs. The Children of Zimbabwe Advised Fund Established 2004

A staggering number of children — throughout Africa broadly and in Zimbabwe specifically — have been orphaned by AIDS and other diseases. Their tragedy has touched the hearts of millions throughout the world. This Fund exists to provide support for the children of Zimbabwe by giving them shelter, food, an opportunity for academic education, and training toward self-sufficiency in adulthood. The Christopher Family Advised Fund

Established 2014

Civitts Family Charitable Advised Fund Established 2005

Steve and Lisa Clark Memorial Fund Established 2012

Established 2000

Mr. & Mrs. John Clay, Jr. Advised Fund Established 1997

Patricia L. and Edward H. Cole Family Advised Fund Established 2015

Colton Family Advised Fund Established 1994

Patricia Colton and her family established a DonorAdvised Fund to facilitate their charitable giving. The John Overton Colton Jr. and Family Donor-Advised Fund Established 2016

This Fund was established to honor all members and descendants of the Champion, Colton, Overton, Trice, and Williams families. Charles W. Cook Jr. Advised Fund Established 2000

William C. Cook Advised Fund Established 2000

Kenneth F. Cooper Philanthropic Advised Fund Established 1998

Established 2013

The Cowboys and Angels Fund

The Clearview Fund

Dustin Lynch, a Tullahoma, Tennessee native, moved to Nashville to be a songwriter. The first single released from his self-titled debut album in 2012 was “Cowboys and Angels,” a song inspired by his grandparents’ story. The title is a meaningful one for Dustin, which turns up again as the name for his charitable Fund with The Community Foundation.

Established 2018

Cigarran Family Advised Fund Established 2004

Connie and Tom Cigarran are two well-known and much-appreciated donors to a wide range of nonprofit organizations. Connie has devoted her time, talent and treasure to create and nurture some of the bestloved events, such as the Antiques and Garden Show. Tom has dedicated much of his time and talent to leading the creative thinking of our community on topics such as improving public and private education. The creation of this Fund within The Community Foundation will further enable Connie and Tom to give with focus, understanding and convenience.

Established 2018

The Crewse Family Advised Fund Established 2013

The Lassie McDonald Crowder Advised Fund Established 2019

Curby Family Advised Fund Established 2019

William and Nancy Dale Advised Fund Established 2013

The Dales are residents of Columbia, Tennessee, and plan to use this Fund to coordinate their charitable giving activities. Solomon Asher Danford Advised Fund Established 2007

With dual passions for caring and for building, Jill and Jared Danford approached The Foundation about creating a mechanism for the orderly work of supporting the needs of the community they chose to call home. The Foundation was honored to set in motion the wheels that will help them help others. J.S. “Steve” Daniel Family Charitable Fund Established 2017

children, including but not limited to youth-oriented activities, child development and safety, and educational and experiential opportunities for young people. Margaretha K. Davis Memorial Advised Fund Established 2006

The Margaretha K. Davis Memorial Advised Fund was established in memory of Mrs. Davis, an active community volunteer in her adopted hometown of Clarksville, Tennessee. Funded by memorial gifts from family and friends, future gifts will honor Mrs. Davis’ indefatigable spirit and her legacy of community improvement. Margaret Brown de Clercq Donor-Advised Fund

Judy and Ray Danner have left an indelible mark on this community through their business and their charitable investments. Ray was at the forefront of creating affordable and accessible dining experiences for this community for decades. Judy was right by his side, and together they created the Danner Foundation to facilitate investments in affordable and accessible services for their neighbors in need. Davidson Family Advised Fund Established 2007

Microsoft employee Kirk Davidson is one of a select group of compassionate and visionary folks who call Nashville and Middle Tennessee home. When he and his wife decided to establish a vehicle for charitable giving, they also hoped to create a tradition of philanthropy for their children. The Community Foundation was honored to help. Anne Davis and Karl Dean Advised Fund Established 1998

Established 2017

Father Steve, brother Stephen, and sisters Callie and Kaitlyn established the Andrew Marshall Dorff Memorial Fund to honor the memory of his son, Andrew, a talented Nashville songwriter who died unexpectedly in 2016. Andrew’s songwriting was recognized and respected, but he had many other gifts that were admired and loved by his family and wide circle of friends. Through this Fund, Andrew’s family will make contributions to support nonprofit organizations that celebrate his life and talents, and honor his memory.

The Sarah Louise Elliott Fun and Games For Fitness Fund Established 2013

Believing in fitness and involvement, 17-year-old Sarah created this Fund to help underprivileged kids participate in sports by sponsoring sport camps at nonprofit organizations. She wants to be actively involved from a hands-on approach and supply sports equipment as needed. The Tate Elliott Literacy and Language Fund Established 2016

DeFrance Family Advised Fund

The donors who created this Fund want to help but prefer to do so anonymously. We are honored to help them accomplish this goal. Part of the service that The Community Foundation can provide is the ability for people to give some or all of their gifts anonymously.

Tate joined her sister and parents on a mission trip to Costa Rica. While there, she started a lending library in a town. That experience led her to understand the importance of the ability to read and write. Without those skills, people are handicapped in exceling in school, work and everyday life. Tate’s Fund will support nonprofit organizations that increase literacy or help with language skills.

Dickson High Noon Rotary Club Advised Fund

Marilyn and Jim Doucette Charitable Fund

The Encouragement Advised Fund

Civic clubs are important components of a healthy community, offering educational programs for members, social outlets, business contacts, and opportunities for charitable service. The work of the Dickson High Noon Rotary Club is a shining example of how meaningful such contributions can be. Its members have long been concerned with helping worthy students pursue a college education, and the club has awarded scholarships for a number of years. To maximize the ability of the club to invest in the present and future of Dickson County, the members decided to establish this Fund.

Driving Global Awareness Fund

Established 2006

Del Favero Family Advised Fund Established 1996

Established 2001

Daniel and Lisa Diehl Advised Fund Established 2005

Established 2005

Established 2014 Established 1996

Dundon Family Advised Fund Established 2010

When Dr. Mary Catherine Dundon explored a way to give to the causes she cares about, and also plan for the future and leave a legacy, The Community Foundation was the right place to accomplish both goals. Now, through this Fund, the Nashville pediatrician extends her everyday commitment to the well-being of children through support for worthy causes promoting healthy children and communities here and around the world. Mr. & Mrs. John W. Eakin Jr. Advised Fund

Matthew N. and Karla N. Diehl Advised Fund

Established 1997

Established 2005

This Fund was established by Cheryl and Shane Davis to honor the memory of their daughter, who passed away in 1994 after having lived only 10 days. During Katherine Rose’s short life, her will to live was remarkable and inspiring, and made a positive impact, directly and indirectly, on many lives. This Fund celebrates her brief but priceless life and will grow to become a Scholarship Fund.

The Dinker Family Fund

Established 1998

Bill and Jeanne Dinker wanted to create an avenue to facilitate their charitable giving. They also wanted to encourage their three sons to understand the importance of giving back to the community. In 2016, they created the Dinker Family Fund.

Celia and Harold Edwards Advised Fund

Little Dugan Coughlan Davis Advised Fund

Established 1996

This Fund distributes grants to benefit charitable causes that uplift the memory and celebrate the spirit of little Dugan and are generally of interest to young

Donnelly Family Fund

Established 2012

Established 2012

Double A Advised Fund

Katherine Rose Davis Memorial Fund Established 2012

Charles and Patricia Frist Elcan Charitable Fund

Established 2017

Danner Advised Fund Established 2006

Established 2019

Andrew Marshall Dorff Memorial Fund

Jackie and John Danieley Advised Fund Established 2000

Dee Doochin Advised Fund

Edmunds Advised Fund Established 2016

Dobie Advised Fund

Established 2017

Established 1996

PaPa and Mema Edwards Advised Fund Established 2010

This Fund was established in memory of Richard M. “PaPa” Edwards and in honor of Barbara “Mema” Edwards, who treasured their family throughout their lives. The Fund recognizes the example they set for their children and grandchildren, and the children of communities they called home.

Established 2009

Established by a couple who would rather the spotlight be on giving, this Fund is a new charitable giving vehicle for folks long steeped in philanthropy. While they wish to remain anonymous, they deserve our thanks for what they have done, are doing and will do for this community. Kaaren Hirschowitz Engel Advised Fund Established 2019

Epley Advised Fund Established 2016

Eppley Family Advised Fund Established 2007

Karen Carothers and Robert Eppley are doctors in the San Francisco area who rely upon a financial and investment advisor located in Middle Tennessee. When it came time for them to create a vehicle for charitable giving they decided to use The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee for the convenience it offered. Amy S. Eskind Advised Fund Established 2009

Annette and Irwin Eskind Advised Fund Established 1998

Although most closely linked to a passion for the present and future of the students in the Metro Nashville Public School system and Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Annette and Irwin Eskind support a range of charitable organizations


spanning the cradle to the grave. Through word and deed, they have become inspiring role models for all of us, a fact that contributed to Irwin’s recognition as a 2000 recipient of the Joe Kraft Humanitarian Award. Donna and Jeffrey Eskind Advised Fund Established 1995

The Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Fund Established 1992

Established 2016

When the Ascend Amphitheater opened in 2015, two charitable streams of money were created. One provided support to the Metro Parks Department. The other, the Ever Green Fund, was created to support broader efforts to protect and sustain green spaces in Davidson County. This Fund is funded in part by a mechanism detailed in the management contract between the City of Nashville, which owns the amphitheater, and entertainment giant Live Nation, which operates the venue. Under the agreement, the Fund receives 50 cents from the sale of each ticket sold for shows at Ascend.

Fisher Family Fund Established 2014

Folger Advised Fund

Mary Freeland Memorial Fund

Mary (Midge) and John Folger are both interested in strengthening families, neighborhoods and our community. This Fund is designed to facilitate their charitable giving.

The Community Foundation Board Member Ben Freeland established this Fund so that friends and family could make memorial contributions to honor his mother’s life. A native of Lafayette, Indiana, Mary Eilene Freeland most recently lived in Fort Myers, Florida. Her lifetime achievements included being the valedictorian of her high school and being recognized as the first female Nissan dealer in the U.S. Distributions from this Fund will include support for ALS research.

The Steve and Patsi Flatt Charitable Fund

Established 1997

Most funds are established by an individual, a family or a company … but from time to time, Donor-Advised Funds are established by friends searching for an ideal gift for people who are already blessed with much and who are dedicated philanthropists. The Mark and Martha Ezell Family Advised Fund is such an example.

Established 2014

Alec Joseph Eskind Advised Fund Established 2000

Ron and Laurie Farris Family Advised Fund

Rufus E. Fort Family Advised Fund

Isaac Samuel Eskind Advised Fund Established 2000

The Imogene and Henry Forte Memorial Advised Fund

Madeline Doni Eskind Advised Fund Established 2000

Ron and Laurie Farris are passionate about a broad range of charitable organizations and came to The Community Foundation to most effectively give to the causes for which they care deeply.

Doni Lee Lehman Advised Fund Established 2000

Jeremy Eskind Lehman Advised Fund Established 2000

Jude Malcolm Eskind Advised Fund Established 2014

Mark and Martha Ezell Family Advised Fund Established 2016

Established 2006

Hill Ferguson Family Advised Fund Established 2006

Established 1995

Hill Ferguson and his family are proud, devoted residents of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, with long, deep ties to Middle Tennessee and Middle Tennesseans. So when he considered establishing a giving vehicle for himself and his family, Hill followed the path charted both by his neighbors, who partnered with The Community Foundation to found The Community Foundation for Christian, Todd and Trigg counties, and by his college roommate, Bill Weaver. Over time, Hill will be supporting a range of charitable organizations, and that list will certainly include the Hopkinsville Community College where he served on the board of the College Foundation.

William H. Eskind Advised Fund

John and Carole Ferguson Advised Fund

Laurie and Steven Eskind Advised Fund

Established 2009

Sara Evans Fund Established 2005

Sara Evans, country music star and Middle Tennessee resident, was born February 5, 1971, and raised on a farm in rural Missouri. She moved to Nashville and became a No. 1-selling country artist. Sara Evans, a mother of three, established this Fund to support a wide variety of issues important to her.

Followill Charitable Fund Established 2015

Food for Thought Advised Fund Molly and Tony Fort Advised Fund Established 2006

The Forts have established this Fund as a simple, flexible means to give to the causes they care about and support the community that has enriched their lives. Established 1993

Established 2006

Henry Seibert Forte was born in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1922, attended Father Ryan, and then graduated from the Vanderbilt School of Engineering. In 1976, he changed careers, and for the next 30 years, Imogene and Henry Forte owned and operated an educational publishing company, publishing books by educatorauthors dedicated to research, practical classroom know-how, and building lifelong learners. Created by their estate plans and by their daughter, Cherrie Forte Farnette, in honor of their memory, the Forte Fund will benefit organizations helping to make this community a better place, like Vanderbilt’s Peabody College’s creation of the Imogene Forte Youth Collection Reading Room. Tom and Jackie Frazier Charitable Fund Established 2015

Established 2005

The Free The Music U.S.A. Fund

Betsy and Greg Ferrell Advised Fund

Free The Music U.S.A. recognizes that music expresses many things and has many effects: It can be a refuge, a healer, a gift, a friend, a passion, a tear, a smile, and more. Music belongs to everyone, and Free The Music U.S.A. believes every child should have the opportunity to explore the music inside oneself and helps put instruments in the hands of those who cannot afford them on their own.

Established 2000

Sara J. Finley Advised Fund Established 2014

Don and Sally Fish Family Fund Established 2017

Established 2016

Established 2012

Established 2002

Cyril and Nell Evers Advised Fund Established 1998

The Freedman Family Fund The Freedman Family Fund was established to invest in charities with revenue models that generate enough revenue to ultimately become self-funded and whose mission is to help others become self-reliant. “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Foley Family Advised Fund

Jane and Dick Eskind taught their children about the importance of philanthropy by example. To help instill those same values in their six grandchildren, they set up a Fund for each grandchild, in addition to their own Fund, to educate the next generation of the family about philanthropy and the needs of the Middle Tennessee community. Until the grandchildren reach a certain age, their parents or guardians will help them submit recommendations for charitable grants. Afterward, each child will be able to make his or her own requests regarding grant distributions from these charitable nest eggs.


Ever Green Fund

Established 2017

Established 2015

The Gloria and Darrell Freeman Advised Fund Established 2010

Darrell Freeman is known for his intellect, energy and creativity. In addition, it is his hard work that has allowed him to accomplish so much. While leading his own business, Zycron, Darrell has also lent his leadership to the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, The Community Foundation and dozens of other worthy causes in the past few years. All this while learning to fly and traveling the world, hobbies most would find more than daunting. With Gloria and their children by his side, as grateful as this community already is, it seems the best is yet to come. The Community Foundation is honored to be able to play a part in the Freeman family’s good works. Jerry & Barbara Fridrich Charitable Advised Fund Established 2008

At her passing, friends of Barbara White Fridrich wanted to create a memorial for her to benefit the legacy of compassion and kindness she left. They turned to The Community Foundation to create a charitable fund capable of supporting important causes in the community she called home. Barbara’s four children — Steven G. Fridrich, Howard Fridrich, Chip Fridrich and Lisa Fridrich Grayson — work with The Foundation to make grants that will keep her memory alive. Upon the passing of their father in 2013, the children changed the name of the Fund to include the memory of Jerry Fridrich and honor their commitment as a loving couple to charitable causes in Middle Tennessee that they both shared. Steve and Phyllis Fridrich Family Advised Fund Established 2017

Shortly before their deaths in 1998, Dorothy Cate and Thomas F. Frist Sr., began the process of establishing funds to create a lasting charitable legacy involving their children and grandchildren. In their words, “We hope that this foundation will be an important and permanent source of support for charities in which our family is interested and that our descendants take an active interest in the foundation and guide its activities wisely. We therefore encourage our children to look for ways that their own children ... and their families can always continue our tradition of being generous and responsible supporters of worthy charities.” These Funds empower three generations of the Frist Family to perpetuate and grow the tradition of thoughtful and meaningful generosity exemplified by the lives and values of Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Frist, Sr.

Dorothy (Dottie) Cate Frist Foundation Advised Fund Established 1998

The Frist Foundation Advised Fund Established 1995

Commemorating a birth or a milestone event becomes easy with the advent of our Grandkids Funds. A grandparent can establish a Donor-Advised Fund, which serves as a nest egg for the child’s future participation in the charitable work prized by the generations that preceded him or her. Grandparents determine at what age the child can begin to use the proceeds of the Fund to make gifts to charity, and in the meantime the initial gift grows through investment and additional gifts. And the best part is that the grandparents are asked to provide a letter to the child, communicating their appreciation of why charitable giving is important and the reason they made this gift.

The Amelia Fearn Frist Advised Fund Established 2016

Bryan Edward Frist, Jr. Advised Fund Established 2017

Campbell Ashton Frist Advised Fund Established 2016

form of charitable acts. Too many times we have good intentions and don’t know how to implement them. This Fund will list specific charities/foundations and information about them.

Gilbert Family Fund

The Fulcher Family Fund

Following a family tradition of community responsibility, service and support, Danielle and Harris Gilbert created a family fund to support the causes they believe in. They plan to carry forward this tradition with their children.

Established 2016

Edgar and Rebecca have been involved in their community in many different ways. They created The Fulcher Family Fund to give them a way to facilitate their charitable giving. Established 2002

The Mary and Tom Gambill Family Fund Established 2012

Trevor Garrett Advised Fund Established 2017

With a knack for data and penchant for seeing a good deal, Trevor Garrett has used his natural talents and passions to have early success in the real estate world as an entrepreneur and advisor. He has used some of his financial gains in real estate to establish a charitable fund to support organizations in the community that are most important to him.

Grayson McLaughlin Frist Advised Fund Established 2019

Woodrow and Rosemary Geier Family Fund

Carol K. and Robert A. Frist M.D. Fund Established 1998

The Hunter Adams Frist Advised Fund Established 2016

The Tracy and Bill Frist Fund Established 2012

Kathryn Selous Frist Advised Fund Established 2018

After the death of their mother, sisters Janet Jernigan and Dr. Gail McRae, along with brother, Dr. Carl Geier, wanted a way to honor their parents. Together they created the Woodrow and Rosemary Geier Family Fund to support their charitable giving.

The Mr. and Mrs. W. Harrison Frist, Jr. Fund Established 2006

Jackson Boone Frist Advised Fund

Established 2020

The Margaret and Jonathan M. Frist Fund Established 2006

The Elizabeth and Bryan E. Frist Fund Established 2006 William Harrison Frist III Advised Fund Established 2012 Warner McLaughlin Frist Advised Fund Established 2014

James K. Frist Fund Established 2015

Karyn McLaughlin Frist Fund Established 2012

Robert and Melissa Frist Family Fund Established 2012

Thomas F. Frist, Jr. Advised Fund Established 2001

This Fund was set up by HCA at the time of Thomas Frist, Jr.’s retirement to recognize his incredible contributions to HCA and Nashville since he co-founded the company in 1968. This Donor-Advised Fund gives him the ability to recommend grants in support of various charities. The Fruition Fund Established 2014

Singing star Kelly Clarkson’s Fruition Fund is all about making dreams, ideas, and/or goals come to life in the

Danielle and Harris Gilbert Family Fund Established 2015

Harris Gilbert Family Advised Fund Gallivan Family Advised Fund

Established 2003

Established 2016

Established 2006

Harris Gilbert has lived on the same street for more than 70 years. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t gone anywhere or accomplished anything. It just means he has deep roots, a keen sense of place. Harris is, in fact, one of the most respected legal practitioners in the community. He and his late wife, Dianne, shared an acute sense of social justice and civic responsibility, which they in turn have passed on to their children, Jennifer and Harris. We are grateful they’ve chosen to use our services. Letty-Lou and Joe Gilbert, Jr. Advised Fund Established 1997

Gay Openness & Leadership (GOAL) Advised Fund Established 1994

Phillip Rush renamed his Values in Action Fund in 2006 to focus attention on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues in Middle Tennessee and to appreciate the donors who respond to them. Generations of Giving Fund

The Tamara and Edward George Legacy Fund Established 2019

Charlie & Hayley Gerber Advised Fund Established 2017

Mike Gibbs Charitable Fund Established 2016

Mike Gibbs ran Gibbs Lumber Company, Ashland City’s oldest family-owned business still in operation, which began in 1934. This is where he grew up, attended school and played basketball at Cheatham County High School, and where he raised his three sons with his wife, René. Mike’s family created this Fund as a memorial to him and as an opportunity to come together to give back to the community in his name. Gifts From God Advised Fund Established 2007

This donor is grateful for the opportunities he feels God has provided him to help others, and he chooses to remain anonymous to ensure that any gratitude reflects on God and not on himself.

Established 2012

Allen and Kathy Tack believe the things we do today impact future generations. They established the Generations of Giving Fund to make a difference for those who will follow us through giving and community involvement. Leading by example, the Tacks are very involved and committed to their church and community, and through this Fund they have a vehicle to support their charitable interests. Ghertner Family Advised Fund Established 2014

Go Further Fund Established 2013

The Go Further Fund (GFF) has a wide range in the causes it supports but will typically aim to help small organizations that focus on quality of life issues. GFF helps organizations by funding an event or awareness campaign, and in some cases by providing assistance with planning and executing fundraisers. As the name indicates, the Go Further Fund was created to help organizations do more with the money they are granted by using it for a fundraising event. The


Fund’s goal is to help double or even triple an organization’s fundraising goal, essentially helping the organization to “go further” than they could have with an amount granted from the GFF.

Michael & Donna Grainger Advised Fund

The Goat Hill Kitchen Fund

Lucas Botkin follows in his parents’ footsteps by honoring the bonds of family based on strong Christian principles. He created a Donor-Advised Fund to assist him with his charitable goals.

North Carolinian Nancy Ham was referred to The Community Foundation by her financial advisor, who knew she needed a repository for charitable funds with which she could support favorite charities. We were — and are — honored that she chose to use our services and grateful for the opportunity to help her help others.

Grohovsky Family Advised Fund

Cherie and Dan Hammond Advised Fund

Bob Grohovsky and Tanzy Wallace were searching for a way to streamline their giving and to substantially increase their giving level in the community by accessing matching grants supplied by Bob’s employer, Microsoft.

Entrepreneurs are as creative and thoughtful in their giving as they are in their businesses, and there are few more entrepreneurial communities in the world than Middle Tennessee. Local entrepreneur Dan Hammond and his wife, Cherie, are no exception. Through their dedicated business vision, they have reshaped community newspapers nationwide. With spiritual tithing at the heart of their accomplishment, and through this Fund, Cherie and Dan and their family have the opportunity to give creatively as well.

Established 2020

The Goat Hill Kitchen Fund supports a variety of causes, including food insecurity, homelessness and immigration issues through partnership with ‘’bonafide” nonprofits with special focus on, but not limited to, those serving Middle Tennessee. The Michael and Cindee Gold Family Fund Established 2020

James C. Gooch and Jennie P. Smith Advised Fund Established 1999

Joel C. and Bernice W. Gordon Family Advised Fund Established 1998

Joel and Bernice Gordon are committed to family, friends, and the idea of giving back to the community that has given so much to them. The Governors’ Advised Fund Established 2000

When John Swigart graduated from Austin Peay State University (APSU) in December 2000, he gave his alma mater a gift — a Fund to benefit APSU’s men’s golf team, providing money for scholarships, travel and equipment. John played on the golf team while in school, and he calls it “the best experience I’ve had. Now, this is a way to give back to it.” Gowda Family “Glow of Hope” Advised Fund Established 2006

Dr. C.K. Hiranya Gowda was born in 1934 in Chamaraddahally, India. One hundred sixty-two people lived in his village, and the children walked three miles (one way) to school every day. Dr. Gowda excelled at school, and in December 1960, he graduated from Government Medical College in Mysore, India. For the next three years he interned in India before coming to St. Louis, Missouri, for his residency in General Practice and Otolaryngology and moving to Nashville, Tennessee, in 1970. In the years since, Dr. Gowda taught otorhinolaryngology at Meharry for 29 years and at Vanderbilt University Medical School for 25 years. A co-founder of the Sri Ganesha Temple and the Hindu Cultural Center of Tennessee in 1980, Dr. Gowda notes that his other most-meaningful philanthropic project was the 1985 completion of a water supply system for his village, which vastly improved the health and welfare of the 500 villagers living there. Now retired, Dr. Gowda and his family have created this Fund to give back to the community that has given so very much to them.


Established 2018

Greenwood Valley Fund Established 2017

Established 2006

The Grove Family Advised Fund Established 2017

Karen and Gregory Grove care about their Nashville community. They also have an interest in the larger world around them and look for ways to have an impact. They turned to The Community Foundation to help support their giving.

Nancy T. Ham Advised Fund Established 2007

Established 2007

Kevin and Darla Hammons Charitable Advised Fund

Growing The Circle Fund

Established 2015

This Fund seeks to encourage high-level philanthropy in the Greater Nashville area. The Fund orchestrates direct outreach to corporations and individuals with potential to further nurture and shape a robust nonprofit community.

Harnisch Family Advised Fund

Barbara W. Grubbs and Ronald Lee Grubbs, Jr. Advised Fund

Paul Harr Memorial Fund

Established 2017

Established 2002

The Manci Guffy Donor-Advised Fund Established 2011

When given the opportunity to support a charity of her choice, through a designation from a charitable lead annuity trust established by her mother, Rosemary Manci Guffy opted to designate resources to a Donor-Advised Fund with The Community Foundation. Now through the Fund, Rosemary has the flexibility to support multiple charities. James and Claire Gulmi Advised Fund Established 2012

Kathryn and Gary Gutow Advised Fund Established 1998

Hall Family Advised Fund Established 2007

Carolyn Griffin Hall and T. Hartley Hall V were eager to establish this Fund as a vehicle for family giving in their Middle Tennessee community that has been so good to them. They also hope to instill in their daughter, Grace, the habit and joy of sharing and giving. The Community Foundation is honored they chose to use our services.

Established 1995

Ruth Ann and William F. Harnisch contribute to causes that encourage empowerment, leadership, education, and philanthropy. Established 2018

Paul Harr passed away unexpectedly — you never know what life will bring. He was intelligent and generous with his time. Paul was an avid cyclist and had a love of travel. In honor of his caring, generous nature, this Fund was created to honor him. The memorial funds are used to help nonprofit organizations improve educational programs and other ways to mentor those in need. Kent & Becky Harrell Advised Fund Established 1994

Becky and the late Kent Harrell were members of Kraft CPAs, PLLC. Both Becky and Kent have served their profession and the community on numerous committees and boards, and their establishment of this Fund has been a natural extension of their professional goals. Ruth and Ben Harris Family Advised Fund Established 2001

“The Community Foundation’s Donor-Advised Fund provided a solution for our family’s philanthropic giving,” Ben said. “It enables us to effectively and efficiently give back to the community and establishes our family with a foundation for future giving.”

Joseph and Madelon Harrison Family Advised Fund Established 2007

Madelon and Joseph Harrison didn’t start with much, but through decades of hard work they took what they had and created a wonderful life for themselves and their children. Residents of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, they were and are stalwarts on the town square and pillars of the community who have chosen to create a vehicle to continue to be exemplary citizens and philanthropists in the truest sense. The Community Foundation is honored to help connect their generosity with need. Harwell Family Advised Fund Established 2013

Aubrey and Carlana Harwell Advised Fund Established 2002

When Carlana and Aubrey Harwell married, long-time friends struggled with the age-old problem: what they could give to those blessed with so much. They opted to give a gift which would keep on giving — literally — and established this Fund as a wedding present. Longtime supporters of The Foundation, Carlana and Aubrey support charities in their name through this Fund. The Coleman Billings Harwell Memorial Advised Fund Established 1998

C.B. Harwell was much beloved prior to his untimely death at age 22 in a car accident in Arizona. Coleman Harwell II established this Fund to perpetuate the memory of his son, as he continues his history of support to his favorite charitable organizations. The Victoria and David K. Haspel Fund Established 2020

HCA Executives Advised Fund Established 1993

This innovative program, designed to facilitate and encourage enhanced charitable giving, was the vision of Thomas F. Frist Jr., M.D., chairman and chief executive officer of HCA – Hospital Corporation of America. Twenty-one Donor-Advised Funds were established within The Community Foundation on behalf of senior executives leading HCA in the early ’90s. Participants in these Funds may ask that a portion of the proceeds be used to match charitable contributions they have already made to eligible 501(c)(3) organizations. Their recommendations for distributions are a valuable source of information to the board of The Community Foundation and are greatly appreciated.

Batalden Advised Fund

George and Judith Bone Advised Fund

Bovender Family Advised Fund

Victor and Tawnie Campbell Advised Fund

giving opportunities, Donald opted to donate a life insurance policy to provide the corpus of this Fund.

Tom Cato Family Advised Fund

The HEROES’ Fund

John and Julie Colton Advised Fund

Helen and Harvey Cummings Advised Fund

Deaton Family Advised Fund

Joe DiLorenzo Family Advised Fund

Drennan Family Advised Fund

Sally and Don Fish Advised Fund

Don Israel Family Advised Fund

Patricia B. and David J. Malone Advised Fund

McInnes Family Advised Fund

Established 2017

Maren Morris established the HEROES’ Fund to support fine arts programs and music education in public schools.

Paul McKnight Family Advised Fund

Scott Mercy Family Advised Fund

Bruce and Karen Moore Family Advised Fund

Philip and Susan Patton Family Advised Fund

Soltman/Cram Family Advised Fund

Joseph and Jeanne Moore Advised Fund

Sally and Edward Stack Family Advised Fund

Victoria Heil and Eric Raefsky Advised Fund Established 1997

Have Faith Advised Fund Established 2020

Help the Good Guys Charitable Fund Established 2012

Retired Metro Nashville Police Officer Mickey Milam established this Fund to benefit nonprofit organizations that help firefighters and police officers injured in the line of duty and/or other victims of serious or life-threatening illness or injury such as children who have suffered severe burns. Help the Good Guys Charitable Fund complements the purpose of BLEVE Entertainment, which raises awareness and financial aid for firefighters who are experiencing financial crisis due to work-related injuries. Donald Wayne Henderson Advised Fund Established 1993

This Fund was established to facilitate charitable giving by Donald and his family. In planning future

The Hickman Holler Appalachian Relief Fund was established by Senora May and Tyler Childers to bring awareness and financial support for philanthropic efforts in the Appalachian Region and other communities in their home state of Kentucky. Hidden Lake Charitable Fund Established 2012

When Grooms Herron passed away, he provided the spark that grew into the Grooms Herron Foundation. In 2006, his son, Senator Roy Herron, a Dresden, Tennessee attorney, approached The Community Foundation about whether we might help expand its capacity to give. We could, and we are honored to have this opportunity to make even more good things happen in the Herron family’s name.

Beth Higham Memorial Fund

Established 2006

Established 2019

Beth Higham had many friends across Nashville who wished to find a way to honor and remember her, and their memorial gifts made through The Community Foundation created this Fund, which will allow her family to continue her legacy of giving to organizations she supported during her lifetime. High Five Squad Fund

Established 2013

Angela Helbig, Dana Moore and George Stadler, the founding principles of HMS Investment Advisors, have each been personally involved in this community as members of civic organizations and board members or volunteers for a range of nonprofits. By establishing a Donor-Advised Fund at The Community Foundation, they’ve combined their experience of giving and service for the community in much the same way they’ve combined their investment skills for clients. Hick-Hop Humanitarian Advised Fund

Established 2020

Grooms Herron Advised Fund

HMS Advised Fund

The Hickman Holler Appalachian Relief Fund

Established 2007

With his blend of country, rap and rock ’n’ roll, Cowboy Troy dubbed the style “hick-hop,” carrying it from his hometown of Dallas, Texas, to the Nashville, Tennessee, music scene and beyond with success on the Billboard Country Albums chart. At six feet, five inches tall, Troy Coleman stands out not only for his physical presence but also for his humanitarian spirit. This Fund allows Troy and his wife, Laura, to support the charities in which they believe. The Hickman Holler Appalachian Endowed College Fund Established 2020

The Hickman Holler Appalachian Endowed College Fund was established in 2020 by Senora May and Tyler Childers to support Higher Education in the Appalachian regions of Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio, with particular emphasis on race and financial need for students in these communities. We are thrilled to join with Senora May and Tyler Childers in supporting higher education in the Appalachian regions. The initial round of recipient colleges includes Berea College, Marshall University, Morehead State University and Ohio University.

Established 2019

Founded by the band Judah & the Lion, the mission of The High Five Squad is to encourage the expression of kindness and goodness to everyone, through the process of random acts of kindness. The charity seeks to remind every human, from every walk of life, that they are worthy of love and worthy of giving love to others. Hilton Family Advised Fund Established 2011

In order to better accomplish his goals, Robert Hilton closed the private foundation he established years ago and transferred the assets to this Fund within The Community Foundation, continuing a long-standing tradition of giving in the community.

AIDs crisis in Zimbabwe and the large number of children who had no place to live after their parents died. Joan, who is from South Africa, came to be known among the street children as “The Tea and Bread Lady.” Her simple acts of kindness caught the attention of a group visiting from a Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Church members decided to help Joan take her ministry further. Home of Hope provides Joan with a place for the orphans to come and get food, basic medical supplies and love. These children would have no hope without the care that Joan provides. It is our honor to support her work through this Fund. The Hunt Michael Hollis Fund Established 2012

The Hunt Michael Hollis Fund supports families who have loved ones with mitochondrial disease through raising awareness and money to help find a cure. Ellen and Michael Hollis established Team Hunt in January 2011 to create an opportunity for friends, family, and community to swim, bike, and run to honor children who experience challenges growing, both mentally and physically. Together, Team Hunt and The Hunt Michael Hollis Fund honor their son, Hunt. Hunt Michael Hollis has mitochondrial disease, which is a chronic, genetic disorder that occurs when the mitochondria of the cell fails to produce enough energy for cell or organ function. This is associated with slow growth and developmental delays. Though Hunt receives feeding, speech, occupational, and physical therapy, he is a happy, lovable curly-headed child, and full of life. Inspired by Hunt, Ellen and Michael are working to improve the quality of life for children who have special needs. Rob and Megan Horrar Advised Fund Established 2015

Hingtgen Family Charitable Fund Established 2018

Fanny May Hite Charitable Fund Established 2001

Fanny May Hite bequeathed a portion of her estate to The Community Foundation for the creation of a Fund in her memory. At her death in 2000, this money was transferred to The Foundation so that causes about which she cared could continue to receive support. Fanny May, who was educated at Vanderbilt University, spent her 98 years living in Boston, Massachusetts, and Nashville, Tennessee. She performed numerous volunteer jobs to help the community, and among her favorite charities were Senior Citizens, Inc., and the Arthritis Association. Home of Hope, Zimbabwe Advised Fund Established 2009

One woman, who wanted to do something for orphans on the streets of Zimbabwe’s capital city, for years quietly served tea and bread to children at the same spot in Harare. She was overwhelmed by the growing

The Ella Hubbard Type 1 Diabetes Charitable Fund Established 2016

Janie Hubbard was inspired by her sister — Ella Hubbard —to establish this Fund. Gifts made will help educate those impacted by Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), particularly those from low-income families who might not otherwise be able to afford this education. The Fund will complement the work of the Middle Tennessee chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in their mission to treat, prevent and cure T1D. Bryan and Stacy Huddleston Advised Fund Established 2008

Bryan and Stacy Huddleston of Nashville, Tennessee, are interested in making sure they have a charitable nest egg now and in the future. Through a matching gift program at Microsoft Corporation, they are able to enhance their charitable giving to the nonprofits they care about.


Hudler Family Fund Established 2019

Carol Hudler put in many hours in service to The Community Foundation as a member of its Board of Directors and its grant committee. When it came time to establish a Fund for her family’s own charitable giving, she knew exactly where to turn.

Martha and Bronson Ingram Foundation Advised Fund Established 2000

Orrin H. Ingram Advised Fund Established 2002

i take CONTROL Fund Hughes Charitable Fund Established 2014

Established 2015

Established 2015

The Mission: i take CONTROL Fund will support, educate and promote individual access to care; and improving health and well-being through community and grassroots initiatives.


The Jacob and Joy Charitable Fund

Chris Hope knows, firsthand, that a person can be or achieve whatever they want to do in life if they keep God first, honor their mother and father, get a great education, and work hard at whatever they want to become. Chris believes that God made this world without a roof, so the “Sky is the Limit!” He and his lovely wife, Linda, established the iCHOPE Fund within The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to support nonprofit organizations that help children and families have more faith and more belief in their dreams than they have in their doubts.

Instead of gifts and a traditional wedding registry, Jacob and Joy asked for help to raise $10,000 in order to create a grant with the goal of ending hunger in Nashville. The newlyweds established the Jacob and Joy Charitable Fund, administered through The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, to provide grants to nonprofits and social entrepreneurs for innovative pilot projects that address hunger, food insecurity, food deserts, community gardens, health, and nutrition.

Hutton Family Fund

Established 2012

Established 2016

Elizabeth Jonas Jacobs Advised Fund

Kazimi Advised Fund

Ben Jones’ childhood adversity planted the seeds of a strong and still-growing passion for helping kids in need. He strives daily to be a role model and show children experiencing hardship that anything is possible through hard work, determination, and prayer. The Jones Mission provides at-risk youth with opportunities they might otherwise not have through grants, additional resources, and educational opportunities.

All too often people think that charitable giving can only be done by writing a check or by donating publicly traded securities. Fortunately, Kathleen and A.J. Kazimi knew better. The creation of this Fund sets a wonderful example for all who hold closely held stock; it is a story of charitable and tax planning rolled advantageously into one. And, it is a story of how planning means that good things will happen in this community during A.J. and Kathleen’s lifetimes and during their kids’ lifetimes as well.

Established 2017

Established 2011

Beth and Brad Jones established this Fund as a vehicle for family giving, a concept Beth knows well thanks to her leadership role in raising funds for the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center. The Joneses have been able to increase their giving capacity by accessing matching grants supplied by Brad’s employer, Dell. Barbara Ann Jordan Jones Advised Fund Established 1995

This Fund was established by her family to commemorate the life of Barbara Ann Jordan Jones, who brought so much joy to those who knew her. Barbara, a native of Louisiana, resided in Nashville with her husband, Gary, and her children Greg, Christopher, and Jordan Elizabeth, from 1986 until her death in 1995. She was a graduate of Louisiana State University; a member of Delta Delta Delta Sorority and the Junior League; a Sunday school teacher at Westminster Presbyterian Church; and a loving wife, mother, daughter, and sister. Special interests include religion, education and health care.

Established 1997

Mary Phil and Ralph Illges have been longtime givers in Springfield and all of Robertson County for many years, supporting their church, the local community and beyond. Ralph was a member of the Board of the Robertson County Community Foundation that determined a partnership with The Community Foundation as an Affiliate Fund made great sense. We couldn’t agree more, and believe the decision was a win-win for both organizations.

The JDA Family Advised Fund

Established 2011

Jordan Family Wilderness Advised Fund

The Tess H. and Madison H. Illges Fund

Doran and Amanda Johnson Advised Fund

Naomi Judd Memorial Fund

Established 2019

Ingram Charitable Fund Advised Fund Established 1999

David B. Ingram Advised Fund Established 2002

John R. Ingram Advised Fund Established 2002

Martha Rivers Ingram Advised Fund Established 2010

This Fund provides one of the most generous individuals from one of the most generous families with an additional tool to accomplish her philanthropic goals.

Established 2010

Julie and Dale Allen are committed to giving back. And they have already embarked on teaching their son to do the same. The creation of this Fund provides a vehicle to assure that they will always have resources available to enhance this community. Alice and Brad Jensen Advised Fund

Established 2009

Doran and Amanda Johnson of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, set up this Fund as a vehicle to give back to the community and the causes about which they care most. We are honored to have the opportunity to help them help others. R. Milton and Denice Johnson Family Advised Fund Established 2010

Milt Johnson has been a bulwark of HCA’s success for years. He has served on the financial management team and has added the title of President of HCA to his list of achievements. Over the years, Milt has assisted with many of the charitable undertakings of this extremely generous company, in addition to the work he and Denice have done personally for nonprofits around this community.

Established 2006

The Beth and Brad Jones Fund

Mary Phil H. and Ralph W. Illges Fund Established 2019


The Jones Mission

Established 2010 Established 2017

Naomi Judd is a country music singer and songwriter, best known as half of The Judds singing duo with her daughter, Wynonna. Naomi Judd is also the mother of actress Ashley Judd. The term memorial is a misnomer, since Naomi is alive and well and busy spreading awareness and encouraging others with depression following the 2016 release of her book “River of Time: My Descent into Depression and How I Emerged with Hope.” Kane Family Donor-Advised Fund Established 2003

Rabbi Kenneth A. Kanter Philanthropic Fund Established 2020

The Kelley Family Fund Established 2014

The River Kelly Fund Established 2019

The River Kelly Fund is founded on one of the simplest, yet most impactful, purposes in life: illuminating love and joy in this present moment. We hope to shine our light on those that provide support and bring awareness to causes including children in need, arts and education, wildlife preservation, military, veteran and first-responder assistance, donor affiliations and many more organizations close to our hearts. The objective of the Fund is to seek out and determine areas of need and invest in those most affected. We have one life to live, and we hope to live it with purpose, gratitude and compassion. Grace Kerrigan Memorial Fund Established 2015

After graduating from the University of Houston in 2014, Grace Kerrigan moved to Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, to teach English to children and adults. This was just one of her many adventures, but one that would be cut short by her death in early 2015. Among her travels were trips to Manchester, Tennessee, for the annual Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. The Fund will make grants that celebrate the memory of Grace and the spirit of Bonnaroo, which inspired her. The Kharis Foundation Advised Fund Established 2014

Corinne and H.D. Brockwell Kidd Family Fund Established 2011

King Family Advised Fund Established 1998

D.J. King Advised Fund Established 2015

Kip’s Kids Advised Fund Established 2015

Kip Moore has been drawn to the outdoors and alternative sports for much of his life as an avid rock climber, surfer, skateboarder, and outdoor enthusiast. He also has a heart for small town and inner city kids growing up with too few options. As a result, the Kip’s Kids Fund provides alternative outlets for youth to engage in healthy habits and physical activities like skateboarding, in addition to the traditional sports offerings where they live. The Fund’s first project was the Comeback Kid Skate Spots which creates customized skate spots to make the most of the size and space available. Most range from 1,500 to 3,000 square feet. Skate spot designs include elements such as quarter pipe, bank-to-curb, hubba ledges, hand rail and step up; suited for anyone of any age that wants to learn how to skate. Leslie and Howard Kirshner Family Philanthropic Fund Established 2011

The Kiwanis Club of Cheatham County Advised Fund Established 2014

The Kiwanis of Nashville Foundation Endowment Advised Fund Established 2014

According to Kiwanis International, service is at the heart of every club, no matter where in the world it’s located. Luckily for Middle Tennessee, we have many Kiwanis clubs that provide services across the community. In 2014, three local clubs established permanent funds to continue their longstanding charitable giving to support children.

Carolyn Kulkin Fund for Education & Community

LaRoche Charitable Advised Fund

Dr. Alan Kulkin came to The Community Foundation in early 2018 to discuss the possibility of establishing a fund in memory of his late wife, Carolyn. Both Alan and Carolyn spent their careers as educators in the New York City area. It was family, including two young grandchildren, who drew Alan to move to his current home of Ashland City. He has embraced Tennessee as his home and speaks fondly of the entire Southeast. Alan will use this Fund to make grants that honor Carolyn’s memory and to celebrate an engaged and connected community life in Middle Tennessee.

The Lowry Lee Fund

Kyle Family Donor-Advised Fund

Lehman Family Advised Fund

Established 2018

Established 2017

The Kyles used the sale of a business as a way to enhance their charitable giving. They turned to The Community Foundation to assist with the conversion of a gift of business interests into cash to fund a new Family-Advised Fund. The LadyAid Advised Fund Established 2012

The LadyAid Fund, is a charitable effort founded by the members of Lady A – Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott – to bring awareness to and generate support for the plight of children locally, nationally and globally who cannot otherwise help themselves. The multi-level campaign focuses primarily on children’s hospitals in the United States and Canada, and the overall betterment of children’s lives around the world. This effort partners with organizations to aggregate their collective resources and form a global alliance to promote treatment and research of child-related illness, disease and disability. Lynda Lacher Advised Fund

Walter and Sarah Knestrick Advised Fund

Established 2013

The Knott Family Fund

Established 1997

Stan and Cindy Knott are very interested in philanthropy, which is what inspired them to create a family Donor-Advised Fund. A Donor-Advised Fund allows them to support organizations they care about today, while their ultimate goal is to create an Education Fund.

Landman Family Advised Fund

Established 2004 Established 2017

The Kovick Family Fund Established 2016

The Kovick Family Fund was created in 2016 by Renee and Tim Kovick to continue their family’s philanthropic legacy.

Randolph M. and Janice M. LaGasse Advised Fund

Established 2013

Established 1996

Established 2017

Jim and Page Leftwich Family Fund Established 2012

The Leftwich family created this Donor-Advised Fund at The Community Foundation so they can help support charitable causes in their community. Through this Fund, their children will also be able to continue the family’s philanthropic efforts in the future. Established 1994

Ted and Anne Lenz Advised Fund Established 2016

Ted and Anne Lenz started down a path of giving long before they established their Fund. Like many donors, they arrived at The Community Foundation when they felt it was time to start the Fund to help organize and facilitate their philanthropy. Millard Leonard Advised Fund Established 2008

Alex LeVasseur Memorial Fund Established 2007

Alex LeVasseur, a Franklin, Tennessee, 13-year-old, was full of life, a friend to everyone he met, and an example to his peers to include everyone and make the most of each moment. Alex passed away in early 2007 in a tragic ATV accident. To permanently memorialize Alex and share his passion for skating with other teenagers, his parents, Stephanie LeVasseur and Jeffrey Steele, established the Fund, which helps motivate kids in school and life by providing incentives and mentors to kids with a passion for skateboarding in Nashville. Brianna and Patrick D. Lewis Advised Fund Established 2019

Lewis Family Advised Fund

Over decades, Mary and Jeff Landman have been quiet but steady donors to a variety of Nashville’s causes. Their sons, David Landman, Daniel Landman and Erik Landman, have joined them in their giving. In 2013, The Landman Family Fund was created to streamline their giving and make their charitable gifts go farther.

Established 2012

Elise Foster Langley Advised Fund

The Lily Fund

Elise Foster Langley was known for her intelligence, wit and generosity. Roger Conner and his wife Margaret Blair, dear friends of Elise for many years, established this Fund so that other people could continue to benefit from Elise’s legacy.

Lily Shaw faced countless obstacles in her life that threatened her with marginalization. She relied on her intellect, courage and ferocious will to attack and overcome any and all barriers she faced. Lily was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy; in spite of

Established 2004

The Lewis Family Advised Fund supports the church and mission activities that help those who are less fortunate. Adam J. Liff Advised Fund Established 2001

Established 2020

this diagnosis, Lily graduated from Hume-Fogg Class of 2016 and UCLA Class of 2020, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts and Political Science degree with a double minor in Labor Studies and Disability Studies. The purpose of this Fund is to continue Lily’s work — to empower and assist college-bound students, attending Hume-Fogg High School, who are also facing barriers so that they may overcome them just as she did. While Lily is no longer here to do so, the endeavor to bridge the gap for all who may be facing marginalization remains critical. Limbird Advised Fund Established 1995

Drs. Thomas J. and Lee E. Limbird, faculty members at Meharry Medical College and Vanderbilt University, established their Donor-Advised Fund to enable them to support charities undertaking new endeavors. Alice and John Lindahl Family Advised Fund Established 2011

Over the years, Alice and John Lindahl have been involved in many different charitable organizations and are valued members of the Cheatham County community. They established this Fund to facilitate their philanthropic efforts. Through this Fund’s creation, they hope to set an example of giving for their children so that they will understand the power of giving in the future. Link Family Advised Fund Established 2007

The Littrell Blessing Fund Established 2013

Brian Littrell, a member of the Backstreet Boys, has enjoyed great success as a performer. But he has not forgotten that he faced health problems as a child. From his own challenges, Brian and his wife, Leighanne, have great hearts for helping children in need. They created this Fund to support the causes they believe in. The Love Anchors Fund Established 2018

Anita Cochran’s The Love Anchors Fund benefits breast cancer charities and research organizations as well as charities that give support to those unable to work due to illness. Cochran is a breast cancer survivor who found help among many charities herself and is now focused on paying it forward. Love Everybody Fund Established 2009

The admonition to Love Everybody provides the perfect name for this philanthropic fund. The Fund’s creator, Kenny Alphin, better known as Big Kenny from the country duo Big & Rich, has a special way of getting people to help others. In early 2009, he held a star-studded concert, Nashville4Africa, at which stars like Keith Urban, Faith Hill and Dierks Bentley came out to support Kenny’s efforts to help


those in need in Africa. Through this Fund, Big Kenny continues his humanitarian efforts at home and in Africa, which have included missions in Uganda and in Sudan to start a medical clinic, build a school for girls and transport much-needed medical and educational supplies. Love This Town Fund Established 2017

The Love This Town Fund was established by singersongwriter Lionel Cartwright to support nonprofit organizations serving small communities, where resources may be scarce and needs may go unmet. The Lucas Family Fund Established 2016

Michael and Kelly Lynd Family Fund Established 2014

Maddox Foundation Advised Fund Established 2002

The Maddox Foundation serves as a catalyst for building strong and viable communities that meet the needs of their citizens through collaborative action and service. Established by philanthropists Margaret and Dan Maddox, their legacy lives today in the Maddox Foundation and its commitment to the excellence that was characteristic of Margaret and Dan at work and play. This Maddox Foundation Advised Fund provides support to nonprofits in the Middle Tennessee area, and since its establishment in 2002, has made millions in grants to nonprofit organizations in Middle Tennessee. Maddox Foundation also donated the building which houses The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee’s offices at 3833 Cleghorn Avenue in Nashville and for which we are enormously grateful. MAFIAoZA’S Godfather Fund Established 2012

Since opening its doors in 2003, MAFIAoZA’s Pizzeria and Neighborhood Pub has become a fixture in Nashville’s 12South community thanks to its authentic Italian menu, welcoming ambiance and patron support. To give back to the community that has enabled them to achieve their success, the restaurant established the MAFIAoZA’s Godfather Fund. The Fund allows MAFIAoZa’s to support the many community initiatives important to them.

Venk and Usha Mani Family Advised Fund Established 2005

Dr. Venk Mani has been widely involved in civic and community projects for years. He and his wife, Usha, are described as being integral to the construction and ongoing leadership of the Sri Ganesha Temple, which serves the Hindu community living in several states. David and Sarah Mansouri Advised Fund Established 2018

Established 2006

The Make You Movement Fund Established 2020

Make You Movement is Lindsay Ell’s charitable Fund that supports a variety of causes and organizations, with special focus on disenfranchised youth and survivors of sexual trauma and domestic abuse.


Established 2016

This Fund was established as a special way to honor and celebrate the life of Marguerite, who was described as a loving and charitable mother, grandmother, wife and friend. It serves as a way for the family to direct financial aid to organizations that were meaningful to Marguerite in Pulaski and beyond. Donors also may make gifts to the Fund in memory or honor of a loved one. Together we can say, “Thank you, MAM” to Marguerite as we keep her loving spirit alive.

April and Robert Marbury Family Fund Established 2014

Matthews Mission Fund

Dan J. and Fran F. Marcum Family Advised Fund

The Matthews Mission Fund, established in 2016 by Jordan Matthews, NFL wide receiver and former Vanderbilt star, works with communities to FEED: Feed the hungry, Educate the children, Empower the family, and Donate to those in need.

Established 2000

Long-time Tullahoma, Tennessee, residents, Fran and Dan Marcum are active in their community serving on several local, state and national boards. While supporting a broad array of educational, civic and charitable organizations, Dan and Fran are best known for their philanthropic focus on science and technology. The Marlette Family Advised Fund Established 2014

Ellen Martin Advised Fund Established 1996

Mark Martin Advised Fund Established 2007

Raised by the son of a mail carrier in Miami, Florida, Mark Martin was taught to be charitable by the example his father set. After graduating from Vanderbilt with a degree in Political Science and working for 20 years as an automotive engineer, Mark decided to give back not just with his resources but with his time as well. Thanks to the Governor’s Teach Tennessee program, he received a teaching degree in short order and finished his transition from Ford and Johnson Controls to Wilson Central High School to teach history. The Community Foundation is honored to welcome him to our family. The Martin-Donaldson Family Advised Fund Established 2015

The Marymont Fund Mahanes Family Charitable Advised Fund

The Marguerite Abernathy Massey Memorial Fund ‘Thank You, MAM’

Established 2005

As Mary Anne Harwell expanded her community service commitment, she wanted to honor her grandmother, Mary R. Donnell and her mother, Dorothy Donnell Eanes. Therefore, she appropriately named this Fund after the historic family home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Mary Anne grew up with strong women role models who gave back to their community in many ways — a tradition she has passed down to her daughters, Emma and Katie Harwell.

Established 2016

Virgil J. Maupin Memorial Advised Fund Established 2006

From a very early age, Virgil Maupin wanted to help others. He knew that hope, dreams and aspirations are what propel any individual to imagine and attain a better future. Virgil Maupin’s life was cut short in a tragic accident on April 13, 2006. A passionate and idealistic young man, when he died he was in the process of establishing a nonprofit organization, Dreams4Youth, to help disadvantaged youth. His hope was to enhance the activities of groups like the YMCA or 100 Black Men by supplementing their programs. This Fund was created in Virgil’s name to give money to nonprofit organizations that help young people advance themselves and, may one day, establish a scholarship to a trade school — because Virgil knew not every student is suited for college. Juliann K. and Joseph D. Maxwell Advised Fund Established 2005

Juliann and Joe Maxwell feel that they have reached a time in their lives when they can concentrate on giving back. Juliann, a former school teacher, is passionate about providing access to education and the tools to succeed. Joe, who spent the years working at Tractor Supply Company, shares that passion and also has a strong interest in helping keep people healthy. They have established this Fund to most effectively and efficiently accomplish their charitable goals. Joseph L. May Family Advised Fund Established 2005

Jack May’s family has been making this community stronger since the mid-19th century. Their collective and individual support for causes that matter, and their dedication to making the path easier for others, are strands woven into the history of this city.

Rosemary Cremer May Family Advised Funds Established 1999

While living, Rosemary May shaped a legacy by instilling in all whom she met an appreciation for life, freedom, tolerance and understanding by sharing the lessons she learned as a survivor of the Holocaust. Through her daily efforts, she sought to preserve the memory of Holocaust victims, including many family members and friends who did not survive. At her death, Rosemary created a different legacy by establishing these Funds to give her children, Rick and Emily, the wherewithal to continue her acts of charity and righteousness. Syd Mayberry Advised Fund Established 2015

Syd Mayberry is a special woman, always willing to help those in need. Volunteering for Alive Hospice for many years, she also has a special concern for women and children in need. She knows that a little help can go a long way in helping low-income single mothers by giving them an extra hand up, not a handout. To honor her mother’s special birthday, this Fund was created by her daughter, Dana. The Robert P. Maynard Fund Established 2020

Martina McBride’s Music Is Love Fund Established 2017

Through her Team Music Is Love charity initiative, Martina McBride invites fans to join her in making the world a better place, both out on tour and in their own hometowns. It’s all about bringing people together to do good through the power of music. Martina and fans have partnered together on several successful fundraising and volunteer projects for causes ranging from hunger relief to cancer research, combating domestic violence, and helping children in need. The McCampbell Helping Hands Donor-Advised Fund Established 2010

The Elizabeth McCarter Advised Fund Established 2016

McCathren Family Advised Fund Established 2006

These three Funds were established in the estate plans of Sarah (“Sally”) Flanary McClellan to ensure that the McClellan family’s rich tradition of charitable giving would continue unabated. The Community Foundation is grateful to be able to help Mrs. McClellan’s family connect her generosity with need. David G. and Mary Catherine McClellan Advised Fund

needs community in Davidson and Williamson counties. These programs enriched Sam’s life, as well as that of his family, and provided him access to and acceptance in the community. His family will remember Sam as a boy who loved life and who made friends with everyone he met. In his brief lifetime, Sam impacted so many people and enriched the lives of all who knew him. The Sam McGahren Memorial Fund was established to benefit children and young adults living with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Established 2008

Jim and Louise McKee Advised Fund

John W. and Jo Ella McClellan Advised Fund

To create a legacy for lives well-lived, Louise McKee Swain and her sister, Anne McKee Petrucelli, have each established a Fund in memory of their parents.

Established 2008

Established 2005

Robin and John McClellan Charitable Fund Established 2016

Peg and Al McCree Advised Fund Established 2011

McDonald Association Collective Collaboration-Light Into Darkness Fund (MACC-LID) Established 2015

Denver Broncos defensive tackle Clinton McDonald played college football at The University of Memphis. Clinton started McDonald Association Collective Collaboration Light Into Darkness (MACC-LID) to share God’s blessing and message. The Fund supports programs that positively impact the educational, emotional and physical health of children and families. McDonald Boersma Hanley Giving Fund Advised Fund Established 2004

Giving back takes many forms and, at its best, is a creative and passionate experience. This Fund serves as a way to channel that energy and expertise for a very caring family that supports a broad range of charitable causes. McDow Family Advised Fund Established 1992

The Sam McGahren Memorial Fund Established 2014

Sam McGahren, son of Shannon and David McGahren, died suddenly on July 1, 2014, at 18 years of age. Sam was the triplet sibling of Charlie and Maggie McGahren. Sam suffered significant effects of prematurity, resulting in Cerebral Palsy, debilitating migraine headaches, and many other intellectual, health and developmental issues. Despite his disabilities, Sam participated in many activities provided to the special

Scott Borchetta, Big Machine Label Group President/ CEO, and implemented by Sandi Spika Borchetta, BMLG EVP-Creative.

The Molette Family Impact Advised Fund

MuzikMafia Advised Fund

In honor of Lee Molette’s 40th birthday, friends and family rallied to establish the Molette Family Impact Advised Fund. Through a multitude of donations, this Fund serves to strengthen and improve quality of life in the Middle Tennessee and beyond.

MuzikMafia is a group of friends whose passion in life is to make and inspire others to make music. Founded by recording artists John Rich, Big Kenny, Jon Nicholson and music publisher and industry exec, Cory Gierman, the Mafia started with the simple, yet powerful idea of bringing a group of artists together, regardless of race, religion, background, or musical genre, to make music. This Fund extends the MuzikMafia’s mission to give back to the community where they live.

Established 2008

Chris and Mary Suzanne Moore Advised Fund Established 2016

Established 2007

Debra K. Moore Advised Fund

Robert Trigg McClellan Advised Fund Established 2008

growth, Tom and Mary now have a convenient, cost-effective vehicle in place to facilitate their charitable giving now and in the future.

Louise Sykes McKee Advised Fund

Established 1994

My Kinda People Advised Fund

To create a legacy for lives well-lived, Louise McKee Swain and her sister, Anne McKee Petrucelli, have each established a Fund in memory of their parents.

Morrow Family Advised Fund When Lise Morrow, principal and founder of Clear Diligence LLC, decided to sell her company in 2017, she knew she wanted to do something to support the community. Before the sale, she donated a membership interest in her company to The Community Foundation to form a Donor-Advised Fund. With the Fund, the Morrow family can support the causes they believe in.

Georgia native Lauren Alaina established the My Kinda People Fund. In a message to fans, she shares the inspiration for the Fund: “Your stories and my stories; We are all in it together. I wanted to find a way to help where I can, so I formed “My Kinda People.” It’s a way we can all come together and donate to those causes that mean something to you and to me. We can each help in our own way. You are all “My Kinda People,” and I am blessed to be on this journey with you.”

Mosley Family Advised Fund

My Love Gives Back Fund

Juli and Ralph Mosley are active participants and supporters of charitable causes in Middle Tennessee. They established this Donor-Advised Fund to supplement their other charitable activities and as an important tool to achieve their goal of giving back to the community.

For farming families in our community who work as hard as they can yet have trouble making ends meet, the My Love Gives Back Fund helps in crucial ways. By covering basic living expenses such as paying for housing, utilities or farm supplies and equipment, this Fund will invest in nonprofits which help families and make a tough time a little easier.

Established 2005

Myra McWhorter Cancer Awareness Fund Established 2007

At the untimely death of Myra McWhorter, family and friends sought to spare others the agony they had experienced. They started this Fund from which grants will be used, first and foremost, to support programs providing education, awareness and screening focused on breast cancer, particularly for women who, due to a lack of resources, may not otherwise be able to access these services. And so, a fitting legacy for Myra McWhorter was born. McWhorter Foundation Advised Fund Established 1996

The McWhorter Foundation has particular interests in education, community health and human service. Merritt Family Advised Fund Established 2006

For years, Judge Gilbert Merritt has been a pillar of this community, most recently dedicating himself to protecting and enhancing our system of justice. All along, in addition to his public service on the bench, charitable giving has been a hallmark of his work. With this Fund, he has now created a giving vehicle that will enrich his giving and provide for that of his children. Margaret Miller Advised Fund Established 2000

Tom and Mary Miller Family Advised Fund Established 2010

As Tom Miller has advanced in his career and grown with his current company, success has led him, along with his wife, Mary, to want to give back to the community they call home. With plans to let their Fund mature over the years and to take advantage of a company matching gifts program to add to that

Established 2017

Established 1992

Established 2017

Established 2015

Linda Pargh Mossman Endowment Fund Established 2014

Linda Pargh Mossman comes from a family linked inextricably to Middle Tennessee’s philanthropic heartbeat for decades. This Fund was established to ensure that those charitable passions emanating from her parents and adopted by Linda are, in time, passed down to her four children, thereby continuing the tradition: “from generation to generation.”

Phillip C. and Dana T. Nappi Advised Fund Established 2008

Philip and Dana Nappi donated property to establish this Fund and facilitate charitable giving. Nashe Family Advised Fund Established 2017

Nashville’s Agenda Fund Mary Murphy Charitable Fund Established 2020

The Patrick H. & Catharine A. Murphy Family Giving Fund Established 2020

Music Has Value Fund Established 2016

The Music Has Value Fund provides funding to nonprofit organizations that support those who make music, aspire to make music, and access and appreciate music. Music Has Value is a movement started by

Established 2004

The Nashville’s Agenda Fund supports the work of the Action on Nashville’s Agenda Steering Committee. The Agenda is a set of 21 ambitious goals for Nashville’s future, created in 1993 in a citywide, goal-setting process that involved thousands of Nashvillians. The Steering Committee is an ongoing leadership initiative to facilitate community progress toward the 21 goals — ranging from education, housing and race relations to transportation, economic development and tourism. The Agenda project has led to the establishment of the Nashville Housing Fund, the Frist Art Museum, the Davidson Group, and other important community initiatives.


Nashville MLS Advised Fund

The Nowers Family Advised Fund

Owen Family Advised Fund

Petrey Family Fund

Major League Soccer arrived in Nashville in 2020, but the Nashville Soccer Club had already kicked off exciting play, engagement with fans, and support for community organizations. The Nashville MLS Fund complements those existing efforts.

This Fund was established by Burt and Lisa Nowers to support charitable giving by their family. It was established with funds from the sale of a privately held business.

The Monica Jicha/Denny Palamarchuck Spay and Neuter Assistance Fund

The Philip Family Advised Fund

Established 2018

Established 2009

O’Hara Family Advised Fund The Ruth and Bob Napier Fund Established 2018

The Neighbor’s Keeper Advised Fund Established 2009

Founded by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in 2004 out of their desire to help people in need and encourage the spirit of neighbors helping neighbors, Neighbor’s Keeper seeks to strengthen communities by contributing to diverse projects with primary emphasis on children’s initiatives.

Established 2011

Jodi and Kevin O’Hara established this Fund to allow their family to help support charitable organizations whose missions are dear to them, and to engage their children in the process of giving back to the community they all love. Oliver Family Advised Fund Established 2001

Because he’s “not that serious about life!” but wants to help the community, Dr. William Oliver says “It’s fun to have a Fund!”

The Prentiss and Joey Nelson Family Fund Established 2020

Will and Amber Newsom Advised Fund

Established 2018

One day Wilburn Newsom attended a presentation at the Crievewood United Methodist Church, where he heard his friend, Charles Frazier, talk about a new way to give called The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. A few years later, Will and his wife Amber were looking to start a giving vehicle that could include their daughter and might one day encompass a Scholarship Fund. He asked Mr. Frazier about The Foundation, and not long thereafter the Newsom Advised Fund was ready to make a difference.

Johnnie Sue O’Neill Memorial Advised Fund

Established 2007

Next Generation Fund Established 2016

Generous families often take the time to plan ahead as the transfer of business holdings and intergenerational wealth loom. Some are sparked by retirement; some by estate planning; and some by illness. But all are motivated by a continuous and continuing devotion to community and to leaving this world better than they found it.

Established 2000

Johnnie Sue O’Neill inspired strength, courage and love in every life she touched. Deaf since birth, she reveled in her special ability to communicate her determination and grace to those around her. Johnnie Sue did not wish to hear; she wished for the deaf to be heard. At age 15, she was stricken with bone cancer and seized the opportunity to inspire a new audience of people by enriching the lives of her caregivers and fellow patients. Her cancer in remission, Johnnie Sue returned to high school at the Kentucky School for the Deaf in Danville, KY, where she graduated valedictorian of her class in 1995. She continued her studies at Gallaudet University and Eastern Kentucky University before her passing in February 2000 at age 23. In honor of her faith and courage, Johnnie Sue O’Neill’s family established this Fund to benefit members of the deaf community.

The Nicholas Fund

The Robert H. and Lynn S. Ossoff Family Advised Fund

Charles and Linda Nichols Advised Fund

The Greg Oswald Charitable Fund

Established 2016 Established 1999

The Norris Family Fund Established 2011

Both professionals in the community, the Norris family created this Fund to assist in protecting nature and improving the environment in the Middle Tennessee area, and to improve the quality of life for persons living in Davidson County.


The Anna-Gene and Scott O’Neal Philanthropic Fund

Established 2013

Established 1996

Established 2011

This Fund supports nonprofit animal organizations with their spay/neuter programs. It is the donors’ intent to help reduce the number of unwanted puppies and kittens through spay/neuter programs, so fewer animals will face euthanization over time. Bob and Adrienne Parker Advised Fund Established 1997

Bob and Adrienne Parker established this Fund as an ongoing gift to the Nashville community and hope that its growth in the future will make a significant contribution to the community’s welfare.

Established 1995

The Pattersons understand the unique flexibility built into The Community Foundation model. As a result, they established this Donor-Advised Fund as a conduit to achieve their financial objectives and charitable goals. Allen and Cheryl Patton Advised Fund Established 2012

Established 2018

The Patton Advised Fund Established 2002

Theresa Godchaux Payne Advised Fund

Established 2019 Established 1999

Phillips Family Donor-Advised Fund Established 2005

The Jimmy Pilkerton Advised Fund Established 2016

The Jimmy Pilkerton Advised Fund was established by Pilkerton Realtors in memory of Jimmy Pilkerton. This Fund provides a way to support our community, with an emphasis on the issues surrounding affordable housing, health care, and human services. Carole Larkin Pipes Advised Fund Established 2017

Sam Pipes Advised Fund Established 2015

The Portis Family Fund

PB & JAM Family Fund

Carol Len, Scott and their three children are active and generous members of the community. The Portis Family Fund was created to give to charitable causes in our community.

Established 2011

When the opportunity arose, Brett and Jennifer Patterson converted some long-held shares of stock into charitable resources as they established this Fund within The Community Foundation. The first initial of each family member’s name created the perfect acronym — a representation of their playful young family — to be used as the name for the Fund.

Ivan and Michelle Pedigo live a busy family life in Barren County, Kentucky. They established this Fund to help organize their current giving to their church and community as well as to involve their four daughters more actively in the family giving.

Outlaw State of Kind is Chris and Morgane Stapleton’s charitable Fund that supports a variety of causes that are close to their heart.

Phillips Family Fund

Established 2005

The Gabe and Pam Ottinger Family Fund

Established 2016

Marian Ott and Craig Philip created this Fund as a means to facilitate their charitable giving now, and their estate planning for the future. Marian and Craig are fully aware our community will face needs in the years ahead they can not predict, and plan to distribute retirement funds to their Donor-Advised Fund to continue supporting charitable causes even after their death, with their children, Julia and Jennifer, serving as the Fund’s advisors.

Virginia Wylly Patton Donor-Advised Fund

Pedigo Family Advised Fund

The Outlaw State of Kind Fund

Established 2009

Eddie Phillips Advised Fund Libby and David G. Patterson Jr. Advised Fund

Established 2019

Established 2020

Established 2019

Established 2015

Established 2013

The G. Edward and Molly L. Powell Charitable Advised Fund Established 2007

Obviously tuned into how to get the most bang for their buck, Molly and Ed Powell began their Donor-Advised Fund with a year-end gift of closely held stock. They timed their deduction and had the opportunity to diminish their capital gains taxation later. Such a forward-thinking gift will enable them and their four children to make a bigger difference for decades to come. The Peter Pressman Run2Liv Fund

Julie and Andrew Peskoe Advised Fund Established 2001

Established 2018

The Peter Pressman Run2Liv Fund was established as a way to continue to support organizations that are passionate about running and making a positive

impact on the lives of others. Peter was actively involved with the Nashville Striders and Achilles International and are key areas of the fund’s focus. The Price Fund Established 2018

Growing up near New Orleans, Lauren Daigle quickly learned that no one is a stranger; her home has always had an open door. Her family would welcome in those in need and neighbors alike. For Lauren, this created a value of diversity and an understanding of humanity’s uniqueness. Because of this, she founded The Price Fund to honor and memorialize her grandfather, who taught her how to love the world one relationship at a time. Lauren’s mission for this Fund is to instill hope and love among all people, no matter their background. At its core, The Price Fund is designed to establish care for children, elderly, and those in need around the world through communal initiatives and outreach. Pat and Allyson Proctor Advised Fund Established 2003

Project Meet Me Halfway Fund Established 2010

We’ve all heard the admonition to “walk in someone else’s shoes.” Jimmy Wayne, now a successful country singer and songwriter, knows all too well what it’s like to be homeless. So in January 2010, he took that expression to heart, embarking on a 1,700-mile walk, from Nashville to Phoenix, “in the shoes” of homeless youth. He has called his effort “Meet Me Halfway,” the words uttered by the generous souls who adopted Jimmy from the streets when he was 17 years old. This Herculean effort is part of his overarching goal, for people to know what kids go through on the streets and in foster care programs, and to fund nonprofit programs serving homeless and other at-risk youth.

new Metro Courthouse and new public housing, but he also focused on the intangible, like restoring the self-esteem and “can do” attitude of a city. When Nashville was consistently rated at the top of the lists for livability and for corporate relocations, he had us wondering “what took them so long?” As his term ended, many of those who helped him lead this great city created this Fund to commemorate his work to better the Nashville community and to enable him to continue to invest in its present and future.

Queen City Advised Fund

Allison and Andrew Rappuhn Family Fund

Established 1998

What started years ago as an annual Christmas celebration turned into an opportunity to make a difference throughout the year. Jeff Pervis and Greg Guinn began the Queen City Fund to help people confronting disaster in Clarksville. Money from an annual Christmas party and the additional auction of Winston Cup Racing memorabilia will be the prime sources of gifts, but Jeff and Greg hope that this effort to benefit the people of Clarksville will gather speed and become a model for others. Elizabeth M. Queener Advised Fund Established 2005

Elizabeth Queener is a key reason that there is a community foundation to serve Middle Tennessee. She, her sister Alyne, and their dear friend Ida F. Cooney served as the inspiration for the effort and helped convene the Steering Committee, which became the initial Board of Directors. We are grateful for this Fund, for the others she has begun and for her multifaceted support of our efforts to promote and facilitate philanthropy. Established 2016

Dr. Terryl Propper is committed to the health and well-being of the Nashville community. She is an activist in enabling access to care for the low-income working poor for their medical and dental needs. With The Community Foundation, Dr. Propper has a way to give now to the causes close to her heart, and also a vehicle to continue funding worthy causes in the future through a planned legacy gift. The Pulles/McIlwain Donor-Advised Fund

Larry and Dana Ramsey Advised Fund

Established 2012

Bill Purcell Advised Fund Established 2007

During his tenure as Mayor of Nashville and Davidson County from 1999 to 2007, Bill Purcell worked hard to enhance and sustain a great community. He focused on the tangible, like a

Established 2007

Established 2002

Ann J. Pushin Advised Fund

Country singer RaeLynn was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 12. The excellent care she received from Texas Children’s Hospital, and the experience of her family throughout her initial diagnosis, empowered her and her family to begin living safely with Type 1 diabetes. Now as an adult, she safely manages her disease. The RaeLynn Diabetes Fund was created to offer support, empowerment, and a community, for all of those facing diabetes. The Fund’s mission is to raise funds to support those whose lives are impacted by Type 1, Type 2, and juvenile diabetes.

Established 2010

Raymond & Ruth Randolph Family Advised Fund Mr. and Mrs. Randolph are planning for the future by putting in place a charitable giving vehicle for their use and the use of their children, Marbut G. Gaston Jr. and W. Harper Gaston. This Fund is intended as a place for charitable bequests to be directed so that their giving can go farther.

The RaeLynn Diabetes Fund The Terryl Propper Caring Heart Advised Fund

Dana was also a founding contributor and continues her support of the Foundation and its work to improve the quality of life for the residents of Dickson County.

Established 2018

Celeste Reed Family Donor-Advised Fund Established 2010

James H. Reed IV Family Donor-Advised Fund Established 2010

Katha Raulston Advised Fund

John Clay Reed Family Advised Fund Established 2010

Thomas Daugherty Rayson Memorial Advised Fund

Mary Ann and Mac D. Reed Family Donor-Advised Fund Established 2010

Rebecca K. and Edwin B. Raskin Family Advised Fund Established 2005

Established 2006

Established 2001

Linda and Art Rebrovick Family Advised Fund Established 1999

Linda and Art Rebrovick have shared of themselves with many worthy nonprofits, and this Fund helps them continue their charitable works.

Richards Family Advised Fund

Rechter Family Fund

Jay and Donna Richards Advised Fund

Established 1998

Established 1995

Established 2008

Joan and Ben Rechter, well-known for their community activism and philanthropic endeavors, planned for the future by establishing a DonorAdvised Fund to enable their family to continue their philanthropic tradition.

The Jay and Donna Richards Advised Fund was created to carry on their capacity to invest in causes and organizations which they hold dear. The Community Foundation is honored to help them help others in this way.

Brenda and Colin Reed Advised Fund

Bill and Martha Richmond Donor-Advised Fund

Established 2015

Brenda and Colin Reed believe strongly in supporting a variety of nonprofits in the community. Having worked with The Community Foundation of Greater Memphis, they created the Brenda and Colin Reed Advised Fund with The Community oundation of Middle Tennessee as a way to support and impact their Middle Tennessee community, with sons Sam and Ed as participants.

Established 2010

Marcie Richmond Donor-Advised Fund Established 2010

Steve and Cindy Richmond Donor-Advised Fund Established 2010

The Riley Family Charities Fund Established 2020

Established 2000

Dana and Larry Ramsey established this Fund as an extension and continuation of their many years of support of worthwhile causes in the Dickson County community. Prior to his death in October 2007, Larry was instrumental in establishing The Community Foundation for Dickson County, an Affiliate Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

father, Jim Reed, Jr. in 1917, the first Jim Reed Chevrolet Group opened at 1223 Broadway and sold 500 cars in its first year of business. Jim Reed III joined the company after World War II and became its president in 1956. Now with his children involved in the company, it represents a family tradition that has lived for three generations. While running a successful family business, Jim and Cecy were always highly involved in the community, a joy and privilege they wanted to share with their five children. At their passing, a Fund within The Community Foundation was established for each of their children, giving them the opportunity to support the causes they care about through the flexibility of a Donor-Advised Fund.

Jim and Cecy Reed Community Service Fund Established 2010

Longtime Nashville residents Jim and Cecy Reed’s names are synonymous with what’s become a local institution – Jim Reed Automotive. Founded by Jim’s

Rippee Family Advised Fund Established 2005

Virginia and Doyle Rippee established this Fund upon their return to Nashville to support worthy Nashville community organizations, particularly those in which they are active.


The Riverside House Fund

The Check Sadler Advised Fund

The Ann Roberts Fund

Gracie and Chenault Sanders Donor-Advised Fund

Established 2020

Established 2008

Ann Roberts has worked since 1976 to preserve the historic resources and character of Nashville. When she retired, friends and colleagues joined to create this Fund in her name. Through the Ann Roberts Fund, Ann will be able to preserve the richness of the past and to invest in enriching the present and the future. This Fund allows Ann to request gifts to charitable organizations in which she believes, and it is her intention that it be used to carry on her work to preserve Nashville’s history and historic resources. Current and future generations will be better for it. The Rochford Family Advised Fund Established 2014

The Rodes Family Advised Fund Established 2013

David and Mary Rollins Advised Fund Established 2013

Anne and Charles Roos Advised Fund Established 1998

Dr. Carlton F. Roos Advised Fund Established 2011

Charles D. Roos and Alisa Lepselter Advised Fund Established 2011

Louis Rosenfeld, M.D. Family Advised Fund Established 1999

Louis Rosenfeld was a gentle and caring physician; a patient and respectful teacher; a gentleman and scholar; and a devoted family man. He seemed always to have time for whoever was with him. In 1999, he established this Fund to allow his sons to carry on his legacy of compassion.

Established 2020

Mrs. Shank provided the gift of friendship, kindness and love to many throughout their lives. The Guptons intend to use this fund to continue the spirit in which Robert and Barbara lived their lives and ensure the positive influences they provided through support of those in need. Their hope is that the Shank’s legacy will touch lives for eternity.

Anne L. Sanford Advised Fund Established 2013

Elizabeth Shapiro Family Advised Fund

Helen T. and Cooper M. Schley Sr. Advised Fund

Elizabeth Shapiro was raised with both a belief in the dignity of all people and a sense of duty to help those less fortunate than she. She gave generously of her time, her energies and her talents to a variety of organizations. Her commitment to others was also evident in her monetary donations to many of these same causes, as well as to others with which she was not personally involved. Her children established this Fund in her memory and with the spirit of giving she had instilled in them.

Established 2004

Susannah Brown Scott-Barnes Donor-Advised Fund Established 2017

Susannah Brown Scott-Barnes Donor-Advised Fund II Established 2020

Joseph & Gail Seay Family Fund Established 2015

Thomas P. Seigenthaler Fund for Creativity Established 2008

Thomas P. Seigenthaler lived his life using immense creativity in a wide array of pursuits. He was a family man, a businessman, a novelist, a visual artist, a poet, and an active community leader and volunteer. He was always thinking, and never at a loss for a creative solution to whatever obstacle lay before him. The Thomas P. Seigenthaler Fund for Creativity has been established to foster and support the creativity of artists and arts organizations, as well as any individual or organization that has developed creative solutions to problems facing our community.

Established 2004

Established 2016

Manish and Alpa Shah wanted to create a DonorAdvised Fund to facilitate their charitable giving and to share their passion for “Shiksha,” which translates as “Education.” Taking advantage of his company’s matching gift program was a way to add resources to increase their generosity to the community. Dene and William A. Shipp, Jr. Advised Fund Established 2004

Dorothy and Clay Sifford Family Fund

Rothberg Family Advised Fund

Cindy Shafer created this Fund to honor the memory of her husband, Shelby, who was known as a leader, mentor and friend to his colleagues at Construction Enterprises, where he served as president prior to his death. Through this Fund’s creation, Cindy will support nonprofit organizations meaningful to her family.

Dorothy S. Rowe Advised Fund

The Robert H. and Barbara A. Shank Charitable Fund

Established 2004

Established 1996

Elizabeth Smith and Bill Mueller Advised Fund Established 2005

When Elizabeth and Bill moved to Nashville from St. Louis, high on their “to-do” list was a call to The Community Foundation to establish this Donor-Advised Fund. They had already experienced the ease such a giving vehicle could provide in other places they had lived. The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee is grateful for their call.

Although it is hard to imagine how Gary Smith could have filled his 52 years with any more than he did, it’s also hard to imagine how much more good might have happened had his life not been cut short so tragically. Through the Gary W. Smith Memorial Fund, his family, Sherri, Tyler and Tanner, is able to invest in charitable causes and concerns that fit Gary’s passions and Middle Tennessee’s opportunities.

Established 2003

This Fund was established in 1993 with The Community Foundation of Greater Memphis and became a part of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee in 2008.

John and Carol Russell Advised Fund

Established 2016

Helen Thomas Siler Advised Fund

Gary, his wife Gail, and daughter Arielle, live in Norcross, Georgia. His advisors recommended The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee as a place to create a legacy for their daughter to make gifts to worthwhile organizations through the generations.

This Fund was established by Kathy (Shank) Gupton, her husband, Scott, and their children, Jackson and Madison, to honor the memory and lives of beloved parents, parents-in-law and grandparents. Mr. and

Smallwood Family Fund

Gary W. Smith Memorial Fund

Shelby Shafer Family Fund

Established 2013

What a profile in courage Bill Sims was. At a time when he could have been focused solely on his own journey with ALS, Bill instead chose to focus his time and energy on providing funding to support vital research into the cause and treatment of this disease. In this he always had the abiding support and encouragement of his wife, Tara, his two children, and an extended circle of family and friends. We’re honored that during his life, he chose to partner with The Community Foundation to create a better future for all who are affected by this disease.

Established 2011

The Sara Rosson and Nancy Menke Fund

Established 2018

Established 2005

Bob Dudley Smith and Jeanne Evans Smith Advised Fund

Silvers Advised Fund

Established 2015

Sims Family ALS Research Advised Fund

Shiksha Charitable Fund

Established 2018

Ron and Diane Shafer Charitable Fund

Established 2011

Established 1996

The Blake Shelton Charity Fund

Lucy and Wilbur Sensing Advised Fund Established 1995

Lucien and Patricia Simpson Advised Fund

Smallwood Family Fund was created in 2016 by Patti and Brian Smallwood to continue their family’s philanthropic legacy.

Established 2011

Established 2008


Established 2017

Established 1994

Adele Conner Simons Advised Fund Established 2018

Susan and Luke Simons Advised Fund Established 2001

Susan W. Simons, Jr. Advised Fund Established 2018

Established 2008

J. Smith Family Advised Fund Established 1998

Jane and Tom Smith Advised Fund Established 1996

The Timothy and Nutcha Smith Family Fund Established 2019

The Wayne T. and Cheryl G. Smith Charitable Fund Established 2018

Leah and Jim Sohr Family Advised Fund

The Steele Advised Fund

Somayaji Family Advised Fund

Peggy and Carter Steele Advised Fund

Established 2009

Established 2004

Dr. Buntwal Somayaji served on the Board of The Community Foundation for six years, and that’s just one example of his leadership contributions. Previously he had shared graciously of his time and expertise with the National Conference of Community and Justice and the Sri Ganesha Temple. His efforts to build community and to bring people together have been paramount. The creation of the Somayaji Fund is an extension of his efforts. April Speyer Advised Fund Established 2012

Max Speyer Advised Fund Established 2012

Robert Speyer Advised Fund Established 2012

Shirley and Stuart Speyer Family Fund Established 2012

The Spickard Family Advised Fund Established 2012

Sue and Andy Spickard wish to continue their support of those philanthropies that are devoted to the general welfare of the community in the areas of health and welfare, education, and the arts. To facilitate their charitable giving, they turned to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

Established 2012

Established 2006

The Shawn Stewart Superhero Tribute Fund for Autism Support Established 2020

The Stewart-Beavers family honors the legacy of Dr. Shawn Stewart with the establishment of the Shawn Stewart Superhero Tribute Fund for Autism Support to continue his passionate legacy of love, service, advocacy and support of those who walk the journey of the autism spectrum. Dr. Stewart worked with children, adolescents and adults on the spectrum, teaching his clients and students that they were gifted with superpowers and amazing abilities. This Fund will provide support for local organizations dedicated to development and implementation of programming that supports the needs of individuals on the autism spectrum.

Established 2014

Kathleen Starnes Memorial Fund Established 2017

Kathleen Starnes’ final wishes were that donations be made in her memory to continue her brave mission of advocating for justice and for the prevention of violence. The Kathleen Starnes Memorial Fund was established to engage and empower victims and citizens in efforts to reduce violent crime. Starr Hill/Red Light Fund Established 2015

Grant Everett Starrett Fund Established 2014

Established 2009

Joe and Brenda Steakley Family Advised Fund Established 2007

Established 2015

Deborah Taylor Tate Fund Ron & Teresa Suedekum Advised Fund Established 2019

Established 2016

Established 2000

In celebration of her birthday, Debi Tate created the Deborah Taylor Tate Fund to support a wide variety of charitable causes, but particularly organizations empowering girls and women to help build strong families and healthy, resilient communities.

Victoria Elisabeth Surratt Advised Fund

The McLean and James Tate Memorial Fund

Timothy C. and Wendy M. Surratt Advised Fund

Established 2000

In order to ensure their daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter are able to continue Dan and Fran Marcum’s tradition of good works, the Marcums set up Donor-Advised Funds for them, so the younger family members may make their own grants to charities about which they care deeply. Natilee Duning/Frank Sutherland Advised Fund Established 2002

Ryan and Baylor Swindell Fund

Carl and Connie Haley established the Stillhouse Advised Fund to support Christian-based charities, preservation and historical organizations, as well as organizations focused on supporting and developing our youth and those in need.

Established 2019

The Donald and Elizabeth Stinnett Advised Fund

Established 2010

Established 2012

Established 2001

The John R. Story Memorial Advised Fund was created to recognize the life of Charles Story’s father. Though not highly educated, John was a voracious reader and student of language. Charles honors his father’s legacy through this Fund, proceeds of which support literacy efforts in the greater Nashville community. Hope and Howard Stringer Advised Fund Established 2003

Hope and Howard’s Advised Fund at The Community Foundation provides them with what they term “a skillfully managed, easily accessed savings account rather than checking account approach” for their philanthropic contributions to the full range of causes they choose to support, from the arts to public education; from social justice to daycare centers.

The Steadfast Fund Established 2018

The Tarkington Family Fund

Established 2019

On Monday, August 5, after two weeks in the hospital, we were very hopeful that our two little babies were coming into the clear and we might be headed home, but into the night God had other plans. Our hope is to honor the memory of both Baby Boy McLean and Baby Girl James via this charitable fund designed to show appreciation to our caregivers at Saint Thomas Hospital, Christ the King Catholic Church and beyond by helping provide comfort for future families that may encounter this type of incredible loss.

Stillhouse Advised Fund

John R. Story Memorial Advised Fund Staler Family Advised Fund

Tennessee to look at options. They decided that a Donor-Advised Fund was the way for their family to plan charitable goals for the future.

The Nathan and Briana Succop Family Advised Fund Established 2017

When exploring ways to create an avenue for charitable giving, Nathan and Briana sought the advice of The Community Foundation of Middle

Charles Swift Advised Fund Established 2003

The Taylor Swift Charitable Fund In the early hours of May 2010, flooding struck Middle Tennessee, leaving unprecedented destruction in its wake. As Taylor Swift watched her beloved Music City suffer the ravages of the flood waters, she immediately knew she wanted to help. She joined her neighbors in supporting flood response and relief, then created this Fund to continue that work and to serve as a vehicle for future giving opportunities. William R. Taber Jr. Advised Fund Established 2013

Mr. Taber’s financial advisor recommended he establish this fund as a strategy to help streamline his active annual giving. Taggie-Big Pig Advised Fund Established 2007

Taggie and Big Pig are more than stuffed animals. They’re the constant companions for Rylie and Connor O’Neil, Heidi and Michael O’Neil’s two young children. They are also reminders of what it means to see and respond to the needs of others as simply and as honestly as children do. By following Rylie and Connor’s example — along with Taggie and Big Pig — the O’Neil Family will support charitable causes important to them through this Fund.

Team Mica Fund: In Memory of Mica Breeden Martin Established 2012

Team Mica Fund creates awareness of suicide prevention by collaborating with area organizations in Tennessee that support and educate individuals on suicide intervention and by restoring hope in the lives of those that suffer from mental health disorders. On December 16, 2011, Mica took her own life after suffering from a mental illness. While her death was sudden, her life is what we want to remember through the Team Mica Fund, restoring hope one person at a time. The Tennessee Trust Advised Fund Established 1997

This Fund has been established anonymously as a commitment to service agencies in the state of Tennessee and to assist in their effectiveness in future generations. The Think Pink TN Fund Established 2020

The Think Pink TN Fund was established by Blair Steakley Lund, a breast cancer survivor, to support a variety of causes with special focus on the range of needs tied to cancer patients and survivors being cared for by the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center. Neal B. Thomason Donor-Advised Fund Established 2017

The Ednearl and Jim Thomasson Charitable Fund Established 2020

Judy and Raymond Thomasson Advised Fund Established 2003


Thornton Charitable Fund No. 1 Established 2016

Mr. G. Edgar Thornton is supportive of the community and wanted to encourage his children to support nonprofits in the community. He created a fund for his son, Wade Thornton. Thornton Charitable Fund No. 2 Established 2016

Mr. G. Edgar Thornton is supportive of the community and wanted to encourage his children to support nonprofits in the community. He created a fund for his daughter, Deborah Thornton Stegall. Greg Thurman Family Advised Fund Established 1998

This Fund was established to enhance and support charitable objectives. Tiny But Mighty Fund Established 2013

The Tiny But Mighty Fund was created to celebrate the unbreakable bonds between animals and their companions while also raising awareness and funding for animal welfare and rescue groups in the Middle Tennessee community. It honors the spirit of Chico, a miniature Chihuahua who passed away in 2013 from congestive heart failure, and is named for the inspiration he provided his owner and to serve as a reminder that even the tiniest acts of kindness can make a mighty big difference. To Nashville, With Love Fund Established 2020

The To Nashville, With Love Fund was created by a group of music industry professionals to help raise vital funds after the devastating March 2020 tornadoes that struck Middle Tennessee. Funds raised will be disbursed between organizations helping with disaster relief and mental health after tragedy. Byron and Aleta Trauger Advised Fund Established 2006

D. Scott and Meg Turner Advised Fund

Keith Urban Just Cause Fund

Jeff and Susan Turner Advised Fund

The Vacek Family Advised Fund

Victoria Pierce Turner Charitable Fund

Vance Family Fund

Established 2000 Established 2000 Established 2019

Victoria Pierce Turner, known to friends as Vicki Turner, hasn’t met a tree she doesn’t love. Her passion and service to organizations like the Nashville Tree Foundation, The American Chesnut Foundation, the Land Trust for Tennessee, and many other environmental organizations are reflected in her charitable giving through this Fund. Two Old Hippies Fund Established 2012

In the spirit of peace, love & rock ’n’ roll, Molly and Tom Bedell created Two Old Hippies, a lifestyle and guitar shop in the heart of Music City that vividly reflects their desire to celebrate living. As hippies at heart, the store was a connection to their roots – a time in the ‘60s when they were inspired by music and moved to change the world. It also embraced their vision for a world community, where generosity, compassion and equality are a way of life. In their words, “If you look at what makes you happy in life, it’s what you give to others, and not what you try to get back.” Through the Two Old Hippies Fund of The Community Foundation, the Bedells can connect with multiple causes close to their hearts and grow their philanthropy in Middle Tennessee. Charlie and Judy Tygard Fund for Bellevue Established 2017

Charlie and Judy Tygard are committed to Bellevue like few others have been. Longtime residents of the Poplar Creek subdivision, they raised two daughters and owned a business in the community. This Fund represents the Tygards’ continuing commitment to Bellevue and the many organizations that have worked hard to create a strong and family-oriented sense of community.

Trial Lawyers’ Community Relief Fund Established 2020

This Fund will be used to provide emergency assistance through established community nonprofit organizations in the wake of catastrophes that impact Tennesseans, such as severe weather events. Jack and Margie Turner Advised Fund Established 1992

Jack and Margie Turner established this Fund and others for their children to facilitate their charitable giving. As residents of Clarksville, they have found The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee’s geographic area to be a perfect fit for their regional philanthropic interests.


The Tyrrell Family Fund Established 2012

Uncle Tanksley Advised Fund Established 2018

Uncle is the most important relative to Kirk and Amy Tanksley. He is their baby … and the business they started in 2008. Uncle Classic Barbershop has grown from an idea into multiple locations across Middle Tennessee during the past decade. This Fund allows Kirk and Amy to give back to the community that has been good to them both personally and professionally.

Established 2019 Established 2019 Established 2017

Village Hope, Zimbabwe Advised Fund Established 2009

Village Hope, a farm located in troubled Zimbabwe, provides a loving home to AIDS orphans. Education is a top priority, and serving others is a way of life. From a simple beginning ... “let’s save a couple of kids” ... this project has grown to include 18 children of various ages in residence. The goal is to make a college education available to each of them. Village Hope also reaches out into the community, organizing programs that feed lunch to 900 hungry school children while also providing broader community feedings for over 400 people from surrounding villages. Village Hope also supports a “seed to sadza” project that provides seed corn for planting and enough mielie-meal to get households by until their crops come in. Most recently, Village Hope conducted its own habitat project called “pass it on,” providing animals to neighbors in deep need. Imagine this ... children once homeless living in hope and passing hope onto neighbors in need. The Randy and Davonna Wachtler Family Charitable Fund Established 2012

A Waffle Can Change The World Fund Established 2020

A Waffle Can Change The World Fund is a charitable endeavor inspired by and established to honor associates of Waffle House #473, located in Nashville. A tribute to their effervescent kindness and heartfelt generosity seen through the eyes of an impressionable 6-year-old, their unknowing impact now carries forward through philanthropic influence and active giving. Coupled with the children’s book “How a Waffle can Change the World,” the Fund aims to empower and pass on their contagious spirit of love for the betterment of humankind by supporting nonprofit organizations engaged in youth enrichment services and education on a local and national level in an effort to positively impact our future generations. Kent M. and Karen H. Weeks Advised Fund Established 2013

Chad Welch Memorial Fund Established 2007

Chad Welch was diagnosed with Acute Mylogenous Leukemia on April 26, 2005. After 26 months, he lost

his courageous battle with cancer. Throughout his illness, Chad not only fought his own disease, but he also became an advocate for the greater fight against leukemia by raising money for related charities and challenging his family and friends to join the fight against leukemia. Inspired by Chad’s courage and selfless nature, this Fund continues the fight against leukemia in Chad’s name. The Lamar and LuLu Westcott Advised Fund Established 2004

Al W. Wettstein Advised Fund Established 2008

The Al W. Wettstein Advised Fund was established by Wynn and Linda Radford of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, specifically to foster youth development and leadership programs offered through nonprofits in Christian County, Kentucky. The Fund honors Al W. Wettstein, a family member whose leadership potential was never fulfilled due to his untimely death within a week of his high school graduation. The Whip Crackin’ Rodeo Fund Established 2017

The Whip Crackin’ Rodeo has provided Wilson County charities with more than $250,000 in support since 2009. The rodeo also includes a day for our special-needs children filled with fun, games and a sample of what a real rodeo is all about. The Whip Crackin’ Rodeo Fund formalizes the Rodeo’s commitment to continuing charitable community support. DeLois Jackson Wilkinson Community Advised Fund Established 2005

DeLois Wilkinson knew the “ins and outs” and the “ups and downs” of community and community building. She loved this community and was a vocal advocate for the changes she thought would make it better. She invested deeply in solutions to its ills. How fitting that, at her passing, her five children established this Fund to support the nonprofits and charitable causes she held dear. Brandon and Alyssa Williams Community Fund Established 2019

Brandon and Alyssa Williams met during college when they were both attending Missouri Southern State University. Today they can be found in Baltimore, where Brandon is a member of the Baltimore Ravens pro football team. Their charitable giving is a family effort, whether it is supporting organizations in Baltimore, including the Maryland Food Bank or the Westport Boys & Girls Club, or back in their hometowns.

David and Gail Williams Family Advised Fund

Andy and Cherry Womack Family Fund

While Gail Williams had been chairing the Metropolitan Transit Authority and the Community Outreach committee of The Women’s Fund, among other activities, David Williams, as Vice Chancellor for Athletics and University Affairs and Athletics Director of Vanderbilt University, had been re-engineering a host of things at Vanderbilt and serving organizations from the Nashville Symphony to The Community Foundation. Along the way, they established this Fund within The Community Foundation to make their charitable giving easier now, and for their children.

Wooten Family Charitable Donor-Advised Fund

Established 2009

Jerry B. Williams and Ernest Williams III Advised Fund Established 1996

William Hanson Williams Advised Fund Established 2005

Tracey Williams and her son, Hanson, have been integral parts of the Hopkinsville, Kentucky, community. Tracey served as the head of the Chamber of Commerce, as interim head of United Way during a transition and in the leadership of several nonprofit organizations before her move to Nashville. Hanson moved to Nashville following college. Together they are committed to improving their community — no matter where they choose to call home.

Established 2018

Established 2015

Linda Wooten Highers created the Fund as an avenue to support her favorite charities. Looking ahead, she has crafted an advisory committee that will eventually continue the good work she has begun. Worker Access to Justice Fund Established 2008

Unlawful employment practices are common, but often go unchecked because many workers lack access to affordable legal assistance. This Fund was designed to help workers challenge exploitative and unfair labor practices, especially when retaining a private attorney is not economically feasible. Challenging these types of workplace violations helps workers maintain their dignity as equals in our community, regardless of their income.

Established 2015

Established 2009

As a child, Zoë was full of life and quick to share her infectious laugh. From the outset, she was a “charmer,” always able to get her point across. At the tender age of 7 months, Zoë was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive tumor found in the cerebellum and spinal areas of children younger than 3 years old. Marie and Daniel Maggipinto, Zoë’s parents, knew from the beginning there was only a 20-25% chance their little girl would survive, but they threw themselves into the fight with the help of St. Jude Hospital. Even with that powerful team, Zoë passed away just after Thanksgiving in 2002. The Zoë Marie Brain Tumor Research Advised Fund was created to continue the fight against childhood illness so that other families may have greater hope.

Established 2007

Mary Brette and Cook Wylly Donor-Advised Fund

Yochem Family Fund

Vernice McGregor Bryan Iris Buhl David Cain Carol Caldwell David Callahan Martha Locke Cammack Pat Carney Betsy Castagna William Dalton Castleman Rachel Cate Mary Churchwell Robert Churchwell


Mertie Lou Clemons Beverly Cook

Established 2018

Established 2000

Franklin Brooks

Al” Poonie” Chiles II

Matthew W. Wyatt Advised Fund

Pam and Tom Wylly Advised Fund The Willis Family Advised Fund

Zoë Marie Brain Tumor Research Advised Fund

Bob Covington The Foundation is grateful for contributions made

Felicia Dalton

in memory of friends and loved ones who have

Rick Davidson

passed away. Remembrances contributed to Funds

Esther Benton Davis

Wilson Family Advised Fund

Established 2014

The Louis S. Yuhasz, Jr. Memorial Health Fund

who have enriched our lives and our community.

Dr. K.B. “Krish” Deshpande

Sally Holland Wilson Advised Fund

These are truly gifts that keep on giving.

Cora Calvin Dickson

Throughout her life, Sally Wilson was active in her community, trying to make it a better place in which to live. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she set up a Fund with The Community Foundation to provide her two young daughters with the opportunity to learn how to make charitable giving decisions.

Louis Yuhasz established this Fund in memory of his father — “Big Louie” — who weighed 550 pounds at the time of his death in 2001. This Fund supports organizations in the Middle Tennessee community committed to combating the childhood obesity epidemic.

Those honored in 2020 include:

Andrew Dorff

The Zibart Family Fund

Established 2005 Established 2001

James R. and Sandra J. Wiseman Advised Fund Established 2019

Chad Wohlers Advised Fund Established 2010

As a realtor, Chad serves clients throughout the buying and selling process. Consequently, this Fund builds homes, families and neighborhoods. Chad believes continual reinvestment in the community will ensure Nashville remains a great place to live, today and tomorrow. Through this Fund, he supports charitable opportunities throughout the community, with a particular focus on local nonprofits serving disadvantaged children and animals.

Established 2013

Established 2015

Margaret and Michael Zibart have a family history of giving back to the community. They also have a family history of giving through The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. In 2015, Margaret and Michael continued that tradition by establishing the Zibart Family Fund. Alan W. Zibart Fund for Arts and Letters Established 1995

Paul J. and Sarah R. Zimmerman Advised Fund

within the Foundation are a fitting tribute to those

Marynell Driscoll Lt. Holly Adams

Olga Dunbar

Chet Akins

Mike Dunn

Rev. Joachim Anantua

Lawrence Dunton

Patricia Anthony

David Charles Earheart

Barry H. Baker

Marc Earp

Bob Baldwin

Robert Edwards

Tia Barbour-Hale

Kathy Elam

Charlie Bednarik

Roswell Embry

Travis Brannon

Jane Eskind

Danny Brazzell

George Floyd

Established 2001



Charles H. Forrester

Hayes Ledford

Benjamin Nunn Robbins

Mrs. Francis A. Watson

Sally Ann Forrester

Alex LeVasseur

Genevieve Roberts

Raymond Weeks

Daisy Oline Foster

Craig Lindsey

Victoria Roberts

Chad Welch

Jay Frank

Davis Loftin

Tate Rogers

Cecil Whaley

Spencer Gaylor

Anita Luther

Eric Sandstrom

Miss Anne D. White

Jeremy Gerloff

Betty Ray Marks

Alison Scheublein

Doug Whiteaker

Warren Glover

Barbara Martin

Anderson Butler Scott

David Williams

Eleanor Granstaff

Harry B. Mathews III

Barry Scott

Evelyn Grace Wlodarczyk

Jennifer Grissom

Lauren McCathren

Lily Shaw

Scott Wolf

Francis Guess

Margaret McCreery

Joe Simpkins

Mary Wood

Col. Jim Hallums

Sam McGahren

Bill Sims Jr.

Charles Woodard

Dot Hamblen

Vernice McGregor Bryan

Darrell Sloan

Jimmy Wyatt

Kelly Harris

Josephine Merlo

Drue Smith

Cindy Young

Joy Haught

Barbara Modder

Evelyn Smith

Susan Johnson Yount

Vivian Reed Hayes

Cole Molina

Pamela Kaye Smith

Allen Zoellick

Phil Henderson

Dr. Roger Montgomery

Bonnie Snyder

Paula Herring

Barbara Nelson

Jacob Sprinkle

Mary Hibbett

Lonnie Norman

Seth Stephens

Doris Hight

Doris R. O’Neil

Issac Sterett

Memarie Jobe

Doug O’Rear

Shawn Stewart

Curtis Jones

Michael Pantori Jr.

Kay and Foo Subhawong

Steve Jones

Jane Pappas

Hilda Sullivan

Susan Keel

Cameron Blake Parnell

McLean and James Tate

Brandon Key

Mike Pigott

Ronald E. Taylor

Mira Kimmelman

Andrew Piliponis

Arline Teal

Billy Ray King

Dr. Richard Pillsbury

J. Fred Terry

Glenda and Larry King

Jimmy, Freddie, and Mary Knox Pinkerton

Ed Thomas

Monty Knight

Alfred Poole

Lydia Touchton

Wayne Knisley

Laurie Poole

Irene Tyler

Joe Kraft

Patsy Poole

Jeffrey Vasilinda

Mike Kruse

Jackie Neal “Bud” Reed

Liam Vogel

Dr. Emma Jean Lambert

Rick Regen

Joan Vollmer

Greg Lampley

Tom Ridenour

Melissa Wadley

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