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On this page, the direct-mail brochure that was awarded one of the three Gold Medals given at the Dallas-Fort Worth Art Directors Show. AD/ Designer Robert K. Halladay with Photographer Fred B. Shelton showed high imagination and humor in their placement and photography of the Tarascan figures and objects. Client, The Gallery of Modern Art in Fort Worth. Shown above-the ochre cover, two inside pages.


CA, May '60

Left. Of ladies in floppy pants Ogden Nash, commented, ''You look divine as you advance, have you seen yourself retreating?'' Comments on ladies in Pantino's?! i The campaign is a deft, delightful blend of sex and high fashion. AD Joseph Nissen of -Altman-Stoller, Inc., says, "it was a natural, it was a delight; management was enthusiastic." Purpose of the four-color ads running in Vogue and The New

York Times was ''to create a memo'rable image for the manufacturer of women's pants-to emphasize exceptional fit and styling." Wingate Paine was the photographer. Below. Joseph Magnin approaches the ladies differently in a seven-column-full ad that groups color, pattern, figures for startling impact.


CA, May '60











CA, May '60

typo g;raphic j june 1960


Battlt of 1M Mononralula, Robut Orme







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I7S5 W hen the men had fired away all their ammunition and th~ General and most of the officers were wounded, '•

they by one common consent running off with the

left the field, greatest precipitation.







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' great doubt-deep wisdom • , • small doubts-little wisdom ••• Japan ~1..0



tor y ou ... the best: o f Ne w Y ea.J?!

CA , M ay '60

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'110., .... .,... ....

t ., . . . ao.,


May 6, 1960


with suit prices Luria's does the dirty work MEN'S TERRilLY EXPENSIVE CLOTHING, CUT TILL IT HURTS Who's rocking the bo:~t? Us, we hope . Anybody con buy cheap suits from discounters. Anybody con buy medium-price su its from discounters. But whot about expensive suits, ore they socred, or something? All right, Luria 's is doing the dirty work. This involves you, you know. Are we simply big talkers? We hove put the facts in this ad you might like to study. Particularly if you ore now paying over $100 each for your suits. We soy every statement is true . Every comp:1rotive price is accurate ond provable. Of course, our tla ims deserve o little investigation around town on your port, too.

As for the moral Issue, you be the judge of thot. Is it fair for ony one store to toke expensive merchandise and offer it to the public at the very lowest prices the store can set them at and still stay in business? Another thing is the humor of our ods: Humor is interesting. People will read it even if it is quite lengthy. And maybe you never thought of this, -but humor makes you concentrate to get the point. If we can just make people read our ods ond think about whot they're reading, we simply ho.,. to do a tremendous business. Read on, please. We' ll leave it entirely up to you . ·


men'• 1ulb SIZES: Regular 3~- 52; longs 3752; Extra Longs ~0- ~8; St>orts 35- ~~; St>ort-shorts 36~~ ; Stouts 39-52; and Short-Stouts 39~6 . The extra si:r:es cost us o little more . 5I) that' s whv they cost

~~.....~~'!,::~, t:=;. kand

toil· ored turkish mohairs, fine WtH' · steds imported fobrk:s . Tr iple pock • t s, perspiration guards

hand ta ilored top and bottom o#


$120 suits .................... $ Mohelr oftd wom..l ..,Its. Latest

Con ANYBODY sove money at

Lur ia 's? Yes, an ybody. W ide, narrow, low, h igh, round , long or what kind of shape : ore YOU in?

stvle1. Continental, sl im line

lapels. $95 suits

Toke o look at our suit price

....... $

lis t i ngs. R i ght there under " men's suits." Studv those sizes elox o second. Do you know of any Welh Oftd WHr polilhed cotton other men 's shop that con "how slax. Block, Olive, Tan and An· you so many d ifferent sizes? 0 . . . .. $2.99 Dacron oftd Wool lite we ight slax. Finest creose· holdino pro. pens it les. $12 .95 slox $1.99 tropical• and Dacron and CoMIIM Febric slox to keep you cool ond content. wash 'n' wear suits Ivy or Continental styles. Troplcah and oll · yeor - rnu..,d $ 10.95 slox $6.99 su its. $79 .50 su its c;,' 5.00 Wash o"d wear cord alex. All Troplcals. All shades, o., K or colors. Sizes 28·-42. light. lr ideKent finishes. Two, $~ . 95 slox .. .. . $J .49 three button continental . Notu· IMportool Prleotloy mol>air slox. rol shoulder. Reoulors, Lonos and Shorts.

~~~h~~oy~~oc~ ~o~~~.~~~~~~h? ~1~fo'·slox



$65 suits

is on

Standard tice for men's stores selling expensive suits is a profit margin of 50% or more. But we work on a 25% margin . You con easily tell how much we paid the manufacturer for any suit in our stock by dividing our price by four . The balance is what we actually paid out. Toke our suits of mohair . These ore $120 or more in any store in America . We get $79.99. Divide our price by four and you get $20.00, our total profit. The rest, '59.99, is exactly how much we paid the manufacturer. Other stores pay from $60 to $6'2 each, but by ordering i.n substantial quantities we con 9et them for $59.99 each . If you multiply $59.99 by two, you get $120, the price these suits sell for in any store that carries them. Yes we break every rule in the book!


~:•rr Mondayl~r.

llai. IO:OO A.M.




$39,99 suits



30 - ~6 .

Block, Navy, Grey,


$25 .00 slox

Donon on4 cotton cord wash ard wear suits.



. ..

Woth o"d wear su its. All colors and sizes.


$30.00 suits

Only The Name Has Been Changed

i Colors:


$5 .95 shirts Short ol••• collar sport Var iety of des;Qns, patterns. Small, med;um, lortle. $~ . 9S


$2.St or 2 for $J

Von H•uMn cotton short siHve sport shirts.


::.t~·ftr~bi. $~. ~~.. ISO~

. ... $ to 13. A ll colri~oo hose $.St An hoftot.,.,..., ..._. heRA.,. chiefs. White only, 4 for $1

men'• underwear

to cnoose from . $22 .50 st>lrts ...... ... . $ Cotollne Bonlon sport sh ir ts. $9,95 s~irts $ IMported IRtlloh 2x2 Broadcloth.

loaor oherto. 2x2 Imparted FoMOotl ~Nftol ""'"' tnoRkl. broadcloth, jacquard weave, $3 .95 trunks $2.79 white-on-white and tone-on-tone. 1-porto4 ltelloR otretch Mils. ~:.:; ~tsotlllotlc 'ihiPts. $~·:; $2.50 .. . 7tc -avo . $1.95 shirts $1 .U Loothor laelto. hqu illtol>; de-

Short siHVI dress shirts.

$2 .95 shirts .. $1 .tt Feotllenroleht 65% Dacron, 50%

Cotton, Short sleeve dress shirts.

As.-r~Y·~~~ Lord 50% o!~:, 50% Carton sport shirts. Regular pla ids . $6.95 shirts . . .. ........ $4.99

~~n~~9;•r=• ....._ 1s~:i

:'J. 1~1~n '~.'~;or~:.e~:l",'~ ~i&,~· .!~:! ~~t ...... .. $!." 3 for $3 .00 shorts J for $2.J7 ~.c,/,-:"..!~a:ii.. · · J for $1 W"oo"'~::r ........ ~~~. .c~":;•. ::.:: ~:::r=! ,.,,;. ....~·~

100<11, sanforiz.ed cotton. $~ . 95 shorts $1.19 C.tteft .... ,...... $3 .95 pann .... .

.... sa.n





CA. May '60

H .95 pajamas .

Gold. Block, All cotton.

$2 .95 shirts ..... ...... $2.2t PriRco Iter, Olot Cootlt1l, De·

sig,..,. sport shirts. Vast variety

Th is is the notorious Ma in line milliona ire, Qu idlip R. S. Thrugger, Ill. He is stand ing on h is soap box thwack ing his palm, admon ish ing you to purchase your cloth ing ot Luria 's. The mon wonts you. We ore simply unable to get his eyes off you . It will do you good to move your head to one side, or jiggle the paper. So you m ight os well drive on over ond buy something from us .


DvftMer cettetl ,...., wat.h and

i'::% ~;: r~•r"iooijj lt...o. Pla ids. All oiz.os. ' ' ' 9~ robes



'* a. hltltf 'lttmtf

WED., MAR. 18, 1959-P_, 1)3

with suit prices

dorman's does the dirty work

MEN'S TERRIBLY EXPENSIVE CLOTHING, CUT TILL IT HURTS Who's rocking the boat! U1, we hope. Anybody can buy cheap auita from diocounters. Anybody can buy medium-price suita from diacounten. But what about expeMive auita, are they aacred or aomethingT We don't know ot one other store in the U.S.A. that is selling $100 to $175 suita tor less than the full rerular price. Somebody bas to bust tho j.>~y~~~~ ~~a~~rk~at it ia. All right, Dorman'â&#x20AC;˘ This invoivea fOil, you know. Probably the ftrat

~~~n:;yy~~vt..~.~~:~:~:~~tta~~i~~ ~hr.~~

you might like to study. Particularly it you are now paying over $100 oac:h tor your auita. We aay every statement ia true. Every comparative price is accurate and provable. Ot course, our claims deserve a little inv11tigation aroun4 town on your part, too.

As tor the moral isaue, you be the judge ot that. Is it fair tor one store to break the prices on luxury clothing and ret the whole market up in armaT Or put it a different way. Is it fair tor any store to take expensive merchandise and otter it to the public at tho very loweat prices the store can set them at and atiil atay in buaineasT Another thing is the humor in our ada. Because we don't take ourselves seriously, aome readers don't take ua seriously either. That is a calculated risk on our part. Humor is interesting. People will read it even it it Ia quite lengthy. And maybe you never thought ot this, but humor makes you concentrate to get the point. It's about that simple. It we can just make people read Gllr ads and think about what they're reading, we simply have to do a tremendous business. Read on, please. We'll leave it entirely up to you.



On this page is the medal-winning ad Gene Holt~n and Phil Lansdale created for Dorman's. It ran in the Los Angeles Times on March 18th of last year. C]f On the left is an ad that ran on May 6th of this year in a Philadelphia weekly, the Jewish Exponent. C]f CA agrees with the sub-head, ''Luria's does the dirty work." C]f Something stronger than words are needed to end this practice. CA will explore the possibilities .



Mml. t~nt.fri

/ rttMitol Ja t.ltol

''"""'"' /rflff41J 10 I

CA, May'60

Designer: R. E. Brickner Art Director: R. E. Brickner Client; Agency : System Development Corp. Typographer: Advertising Composition Co. Designer: Joseph L. Baum Art Director: Joseph L. Baum Client/ Agency: Joseph L. Baum Typographer: New England Typographic Service

Joseph L. &.urn

17 Haynes Street

Hartford 3 Connec.ttc~o~t


l'lrapl'tlc Art • O.slgn


ThtmUJ.J Edward FitzGerald


June 4, 1959


7 pounds 6 ounces


~-------------------------------------) Designer: Allan R. Fleming Art Director: Allan R. Fleming Client/ Agency: Tom Davenport Typographer: Cooper & Beatty, Inc.

Ahead. Rainy days. Shudder. No fun. Plastic raincoat ripped.

Designer: James Fitzgerald Art Director: James Fitzgerald Client/ Agency: Shirley Fitzgerald Typographer: James Fitzgerald, Creative Printing

No umbrella. New toupee shrinks. Horrors ! Umbrella in box. Delivered. Day saved! Dandy umbrella. Get it up. Only problem.

Designer: Ed Gold Art Director: Ed Gold Client/ Agency: Family & Children's Society Typography: Baltimore Type Modern Linotype

Tricky. let's see.

CA, May '60

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