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Illustrator: Ben Shahn

Illustrator: Rudolph Charles von Ripper


"THE SECRET LIFE OF DANNY KAYE" io an unforgettable experience marking a moot unuaual television debut in behalf of the United NatiODB International Children's Emergency Fund. Today you will follow tlie joyful trail rL Danny Kaye at his beet as he entert.aina the children rL

Italy, Greece, \'Ugoelavia, Switzerland, Turkey, Nigeria. Spain. Morocco, France, England and Iarael at the requeot of


For an hour and a balf through the cameras o£ "SEE IT NOW," produced by EDWARD R. MURROW and

FRED W. FRIENDLY, you will -


A popular novel· ist fears he is losing his talent and his sanity and nearly ends up losing his wife in an en· grossing tale starring Pamela and James Mason. Don't miss "The Questioning Note," the first presentation of the season's new series.


the upturned faces of these children tranaligured with delight as Danny c1awna

his way into their hearts on this unique program TODAY AT 5 on CBS TELEVISION



ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS-9:30 Tonight Jessica Tandy stars in the strange role of a girl who loves a ventriloquist in "The Glass Key," a deft, droll drama of deception and skulduggery. Don't miss the first in an all·new series of brilliant mystery episodes brought to you by the master himself.


mustrator: David Stone Martin

CA, June '60

Art Director: T. E. Mergendahl, Jr. Designer: Sydney Butchkes Publisher: George Braziller, Inc.

Art Director: R. A. Freiman Designer: Sam Marsh Publisher: Random House, Inc.


Going for a walk with a line

Across the Threshold A Guide for the Jewish Homemaker SHONIE B . LEVI & SYLVIA R . KAPLAN

a step into the world of modern art BY DouGLAS AND ELIZ.UETH MAoAGY

Art Director: B. Van Buren Designer: Leo Lionni Publisher: Doubleday & Co.

Art Director: H. D. Vursell Designer: Guy Fleming Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Cudahy

CA, June '60



are cordially i:a.vited

to atte:a.d a r ceptio:a. a:ive:a. by

the Museu"' Assaciatio:a. ÂŁor Dl.eDI.ber



&Dd aru.ests during the


an ezb.ibition




the 38th A:a.:a.ual Bzh:lb:ltio:a. o~

the Cali:fornia Water Color Society on



., ••• •• • -------

• • • • • •

-- -- --

The April Company, stage and screen productions

Lighting Dynamics, "lighting for tomorrow's man"

Ajax Hardware Manufacturing Corporatiqn

• • •


• • • • •

The Democratic Club of the Motion Picture Industry


A family affair; Norm designed, Pat GoUin illustrated this party invitation for UPA Pictures, Inc.

For Playhouse Pictures and AD Chris Jenkyns, this 17x22 Christmas greeting. CA, June '60

CHICAGO TYPOGRAPHIC SHOW "This he swiped from Mr. Bass." "The only reason I didn't vote for it was because I couldn't read it, but it certainly is beautiful." "Some of these were so jazzy, they had to do it twice and explain the jazz to you." The Society of Typographic Arts' 33rd Annual Design in Chicago Exhibition brought the quotes above. CA shows 14 of the 121 accepted pieces. There were 18 categories. There were five judges-Frank Johnson, AD for Needham, Louis & Brorby; Charles Walz, AD for Abbott Laboratories; Gordon Martin, designer and teacher; Frank McMahon, artist and illustrator; and Rhodes Patterson. writer and art director.

There were no awards other than acceptance and hanging. And considerable exposure. Last year 11,000 viewed the show at the Chicago Art Institute. This year's exhibition will hang there until June 20th. John Weber was Exhibition Chairman, James Logan designed the exhibition, Ken Rang created the symbol shown above. The show is available in 125 slides to students or any graphics group for a nominal rental fee via Lute Wassman, 26 West Chestnut. The show catalogue can be obtained from S T A, 6 East Lake Street, Chicago.


37 tl•f11.J lf'llttjlll, t• •'" clr'mtt , . ,.,.-c/;,,11 '117-'•titJI Ill tAl

1t11rt till """ J14" ...... 111/'fHf'l "'•




Ill 11'-r.JI M

Hlr IHJ,

Art Director: John Averill Designer: John Averill · Illustrator: John Averill Composition: J. M. Bundscho, Inc. Client: Collins, Miller & Hutchings, Inc. Title: 2 little Birds This Christmas


asked our


directors' children to wish you, for us, the happiest season ever.

th~ pictures above they wish you in things about Christmas that only childrm can

So hue in

th~ir f~l

Art Director: Thomas R. Gorey Designer: Thomas R. Gorey Illustrator: Children of Art Directors Composition: Runkle-Thompson-Kovats, Inc. Client: Needham, Louis and Brorby, Inc. Title: Christmas Card

own subtl~ way all those wonderful real so d~ly. They wish you a happy day

- with snow md sunshin~. with friends md fun, with talk md laught~r. with stars at night ~nd ~warm cozy fir~ in th~ grate. They wish you good sledding and snowballs md a big turkey. >80 >80 >80 >80 We can add only one adult id~a. md that is .. a Very Prosperous New Y~ar. Needham, Louis



CA, June '60

Art Director : Paul Sieber Designer : Don Walkoe Photographer: Rose & Mayer Composition : Bundscho Client : Armour Pharmaceutical Co. Title : Chymar Buccal Detail Piece

<In I •tnLAttt

c:•• ••'"''""" .., •.:c:rtr uno"'«., . . .

•r~MA • r-lln••-.c •L •K••

u.uu ,.. ....-

......,, .,~... ...... llf((J


,....,., ........ ., c:•••• ............

·····~ ·c:••••

.,.,,..,,,.~.,,, "' "'"""""' '"''' rHnA• •• ro•• "~"'-"""''' .. ,._,.,,,.,...,c,•.....-'*•••• .•-.w. ..... .,.-.


because Neo-Polycln Ointment

helps clear topical infections promptly


pla ns, in fall ' leathers and suedes, in the Mannequin col· lection in Debutante Shoes -Fifth Floor, Middl e

Neo-Polydn provides neomycin, Ucltracin and polymyxin, the three antibiotics preferred for toplt:al use because this combination is effective acalnst ttte enflte ranae of bacteria causinc most topic~l infec.lions ••• hat a low inde1 of sensl· tlwlty .• • and anrts the risk of nnsftiulion to llfeuwlnc antUMotics, since these aaents are rarely used systemically. And Neo-Polycin prowides these three antibiotl« in the unique Fuzene base, which releases hl&her antibiotic con· centratlons tNn Is possi ble with arute·base ointments. ._.,..,.,..,..,.,.,......,... ti'"-"-...._.IMJ..,.. M .....m"'-'"·*-•b .. llo..w:.trMin-.1 , _ _ ,... , ,..trmrdn• -ttatetnthf_...,..

,n • ..,.


''u·""'" -·,.. ,...

auo LMOUitH.I

Art Director: W. Yale Wilson Designers: Ed and Jane Bed no Photographer: Rose & Mayer Composition: Service Typographers Client: Jordan, Seiber & Corbett Title: Preferred . . . Because

Art Director: Fran Foley Designer: Charlotte Schaeffer Illustrator: Dee Bjorklund Composition : Runkle-Thompson -Kovats, Inc. Client: Marshall Field & Co. Title: Mannequin Shoes

CA, June '60


, .,...,

. lfi!M'IIIM'OUS '~

Art Director: Charles Walz Jr. Designer : Norman Perman Illustrator: Norman Perman Composition: Runkle -Thompson-Kovats, Inc. Client: Abbott Laboratories Title: Compocillin-VK Package

Art Director : Ed Bed no Designers: Ed and Jane Bed no Photographer: Rose and Mayer Composition: Herman Typographers Client : American Osteopathic Assn. Title: You Can't Miss


BOTH BARRELS the Forum of Osteopathy

J ournal of the American Osteopathic Association


You can't mia when

rot• we both THr. JouaHAL oF

foauw OF Osn:orATHV


You cu' l mu1 the depth. the


and the

mus bccaUK TH& jOVIUIAL is the only official Kientific pubiM:nion and ~e





and THr.

offtted. Yo" c.n'l

the <»teoptthk phytkian'J fim rd-

and new devdopmenu in his Held. Anothnsure hit in thtJ ca1t't mwcomblnation is

THr. foauw b«aute this publication iJ hiJ contact with the Ktivitia ol the tp«ialty col lqu. tu.te I"J'Upl. other Olleopathic I"'OP' aM pott-paduate tninmc KMions. Abo, newt of tchoob, Mudenu. holpiul prosnm• and aus.ihary acuv•tia m THr. foauN captures the auention ol the ruden. THr: FoauM u the ofticial publication b- the affiliated lf'O\IJ» of the Ama-k:an Osteopathic Auoctation and racha all Ol(topathK physicians .. a 1\Ynnt«d orculation ol 15,800. THr. jooMAL rncha members ol the A. 0 . A. and tub... aruannt«dc•rculationoll2,000. In addiuon, yourecciveaddcdvaluefromthe:combiiUition ""'~;bbk Noo;ng~,,,.,..,,.,hkpublkot;on«croupoloot«> ~~L.::::::t

pouh.c pubhcationscanJivt:youbeuft"JUdtnhip, depthandrov- C4.~~




Art Director : John B. Goetz Designers: Sue Allen, Greer Allen Illustrator: Sue Allen Composition: University of Chicago Printing Dept. Client: The University of Chicago Press Title: The Complete Greek Tragedies

Art Director : Don Alden Designer: Don Alden Composition: Frederic Ryder Client: Ditto, Incorporated Title : Ditto

CA, June '60

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