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VALUES TO 17.98 SIZES 5-15, 8-20, 12Yt-24Yt

For Cox's, two ads by Arnold Varga, Creative Art Supervisor, BBDO. The store gave him his start when he was 18. He's more than repaid the favor. The ads have won gold medals. The store has garnered its share of gold too-recently opened its fifth branch. ''The ads are presented to the client in groups offive to six in each group. This is done about once every two months when I personally meet with the store president. One ad is selected from each group." Whether working with Cox's or U.S. Steel, "I have found there is one factor that exists, and that is that creative people must always be critical of themselves, before being critical of the client.'' Varga does his drawings over and over until they can't be simpler, works until he feels it's the best he can do. Rejects the idea of group creativity. CA, July '60


clogg•d up· oy •


Two ads and a package design from Klein/Wassman, graphic and industrial design firm of Chicago. With the Mallinckrodt ad (agency, Jordan, Sieber & Corbett, Inc.) there's a singleness in forward thrust and power which is repeated in the copy. Nuclear-Chicago's arrows (agency, Don Colvin & Co . Inc.) suggest the varied aspects of radiation in medicine, industry, research.


Design coordination and impact is clean and powerful in this point-of-purchase display carton, bottle and package. Client: Pitman Moore Company, a division of Allied Laboratories, Inc.

Nuclear training in our academic lnsti· tu t1onslsamajorfactorinthedynamlc growtholrad1ationinindustry,medicine, and b1ologlcal research. Development ofrad1oact1v1tydetectionandmeesuring instruments tor nuclear training has been a specialty at Nuclear-Chicago for more than twelve years lfyourrespons ibihtyls toeducetlon or the practical application of radiation toindustrial,medical,orresearchproblems we wilt be glad lo show you how our instruments can ba used in your

CA, July '60


l\ Above. Letterheads designed by senior advertising design students at Pratt in cooperation with the Parsons Paper company. They are one part of a Pratt project - ''the creation of a visual corporate image for a theoretical company. '' l tor, the symbols represent Business Machines Incorporated, Maryland Tobacco Corporation, Owens Indiana Glass, Fission Motors, American Film Institute. Parsons is presenting the designs in their advertising and in a well-designed brochure that includes wise words on the creation of a letterhead. below, a four-color spread for Fluor-o-Scope, the consistently well-done house organ published quarterly by The Fluor Corporation of Los Angeles. AD is Conrad Capune. The designer is Ken Parkhurst who has wedded idea to design so that the impact is impressive.


CA, July '60

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CA, July '60


House Screen Sponge



Metaloid Plywood

Small Thai boys thrust rubbings of temple friezes at Bangkok tourists. The thin English sun often shines on Britishers engaged in a gentle sport, making rubbings of ancient headstones, doorplates, etc. This same technique can make (commercial) art easier.


Radio Panel

Want to make a brick house? A wood house?. Pick your surface, make your rubbing, draw your outline, fill in your details - and you've got it. To get the textures shown here, all it took was a light tracing vellum, a soft black pencil and some common sur,faces readily available in/around the office. Variations? Endless. And by reducing, reversing, enlarging, the p9ssibilities are indeed infinite.

End Grain, 2 x 4,

CA, July '60

Roll of Paper Tape

Card Table Watercolor Paper

U.S. Mail Sack 41

Corrugated Oval Template

Corrugated Enlarged

Combed Plywood

CA, July '60

8th Annual Western States Photographic Exhibition Screening was done on the basis of technical excellence by Bay Area photographers. Judges gave awards where they saw imagination, freshness. Here, 11 pieces from the show that was on view in San Francisco in June, will travel this summer to Los Angeles., Chicago. There were 1000 entries, 270 were hung, 8 trophies were awarded. Judges were George Culler, Director, Museum of Art; Wayne Mayfield, President Art Directors and Artists Club; Nell Sinton, Art Commission; George B. Leonard, Jr., Editor for Lookall from San Francisco. Gran d A w ard W inner Photogra pher: J ames H ailey Category : Commercial P ictorial ( Color)


Photogra pher : Rober t T or en Category : Commercial Advertising ( B & W )

Photographer: Carl Har leen Category: Commercial Adver tising fllustration ( Color)

CA, J u ly '60

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