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CA, January '61



CA, January '61

Two promotion pieces designed by Arnaud Maggs, Don Mills, Ontario. Left, for the Commercial Art Center, Montreal. Gaston Parent, Art Director. Above, for himself. These are both 15x20, silk-screened on colored tissue.

CA. Janua¡ry '61

Aquarius the Water Carrier Born January 20-February 18

Pisces the Fish Born February 19-March 20

Aries the Lamb Born March 21-April19

Taurus the Bull Born April 20-May 20

Gemini the Twins Born May 21-June 20

Cancer the Crab Born June 21-July 22

39 Leo the Lion Born July 23-August 22

Virgo the Virgin Born August 23-September 22

Libra the Scales Born September 23-0ctober 22

Scorpio the Scorpion Born October 23-November 22

Sagittarius the Archer Born November 23-December 21

Capricornus the Goat Born December 22-January 19

-CA, January '61


The fuh sign is a symbol used from the very earliest days of Christendom. The letters


forming the word "fish" in Greek, are the initial letters ofjive Greek words meaning:

'J~us Chn;t, Son of God, S.v;olff."

W~a and Cri.Jtos G;anakor.

Cristos Gianakos, New York. The type at bottom was in red, fish symbol in green.

BiLL GoRMJIN• · CA, January '61




This gt!fne b1.1t un.tttraetlva II•Hish {2 lbs.),

commonly served •• filet ol sole.


t4 lbs.J.


hu both eyes 011 t•ft side of h••d.


fish 12 lbs l c•ught In vast numb•,• off flo1ida, ll

has blu• stripes on he•d.

Maynard Reece , a native Iowan, specializes in wildlife paintings. He has had assignments from many of the major publications including Life , Post, Sports Illustrated and Sports Afield. Shown here is one of the pages from a Life series on salt water fish. For this series he traveled for two years working from live or justcaught specimens . Sometimes his stud ios were primitive, e. g., this Canadian trapper's cabin where he was working on Life 's fresh -water series.

CA, January '61




i' Is a nuisance. biting

too ,udUy 41'1d hard to 1.1nhook.

w y is a rose, or any flower, lovely?

Promotion piece for selling ad space in BH&G's Garden Ideas Annual.

23A " x8Y2", two colors, red and black. Cover and first spread are shown.

A sculpture, "Wooden Coaster Bird," by George Bacon won the special merit award, experimental division, in the 3rd annual AD Club exhibition .

The use of Whiting Plover pink cockle finish onion skin as alternating pages gave a rich, expensive look to a low budget production. Art director, R. R. Ramsell. Designer and illustrator, Don Pulver.

Profitable Brands Start Ulitlt Cherry-Burrell Smooth, pink and delicious. Sprinlf and cherry ice cream 10 together. And con1umen i'O for the brand that'a rich and finn with lu11Ciou1 bita of cherry in every bite.

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Profltlhltproduetioll, tao."Vogt" Freeun aredesirned to meet the variable capacity, hieh vol· ume production Supermarketa demand. "Vo(t" profitably handles anY job ~ bulk, packages, noveltie1, alices- hi1h production runa or low capacity lpeciala. The small volume of product in the freezinrcylinderleta you switch flavors without stoppiniJ. Combined flavor dischariJe i1 only a IJ&llon and a half. Re-runs are reduced toaalittleuthree1Jallona.

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aervloe end auppllea ~ Bel•• and ••rvlo• In 118 oltlea .

CA, January '61

Spread ad for Cherry-Burrell Corporation. Art Director, Lloyd Crider. Photographer, Tony Ficalora. Agency, W. D. Lyon Company.