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Many an artist in St. Louis is proficient in drawing shoes. At left, a spread from a brochure for the Brown Shoe Company's Roblee shoes. AD, Russell Grindon. Designer, Jim Cunningham. Artists, Bob Whitesitt, Bob Blair and Esquire art department. One color, on colored stock. Swatch is mounted. Below, a four-color magazine ad for the Roberts, Johnson and Rand Division of International Shoe Company. AD, Bill Quade. Art and photography by Bob Ruther & Associates and Shegata Wright. Agency, Krupnick and Associates. Drawings shown are from the many comprehensive dealer mat books produced by the art department of International Shoe.


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for g i rls who know fash i on Smart .tylc . .. 1mart price ... 1m1rl going 1nywhere ! You'll like the way mart Srt shoH ptck up the fuhion mood of your dothn ... bright and lively. or pluuntly toh lp(>ken. Pick mart ~ Mon, the pk:k of •mart ~irk n erywhere.

15.95 ,. 18.95 • -

CA, August '60

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As bread is to butter, so artists are to calendars . Obviously, calendars go on walls-precisely where arti sts brag work would like to be. Here's a monthly reminder from a Houston group known as 4916 Kelvin. The cover, left, accurately indicates that it is for the last half of' 60. Harrison Allen did the flag . Fred DuBose is anything but ''September Morn'' in his bright autumnal vest. His, too, the cover design. Final page contains photographs of their elaborate new studio building. Also, an invitation to a Christmas party. December 22 at 6: 30 p. m., in case you're in the area. CA, August '60

Purpose: Stimulate travel on JAL jets. Problem: "Relate the actual materials used in the plane interiors back to their point of origin, e.g., carpets reminiscent of raked sand gardens.'' All patterns in the interiors have their reference point in objects that are almost Japanese national traditions- the chrysanthemum, pine tree, tatami mat, shoji screens, bamboo, etc. AD was Jerry Huff of Botsford Constantine and Gardner; Designer, Don McKee of Landphere Associates; artwork for cover and inside spread below, Earl Thollander, Sa.n Francisco free-lance artist. Printed in full color. The off-center fold makes five smaller pages. JAL's logo at right was originally designed by Huff. revised by Mia, a JAL associate AD in Tokyo, finished by Sashi Tani, San Francisco artist/designer. 43

CA, August '60

Layout, art and copy are tightly wed to make a forceful statement. These three pieces, 81f2x11, were used as direct mailers to announce and sell the varied services of a Connecticut testing laboratory. "Each piece symbolizes one aspect of the company's wide range of services in order to obtain maximum visual impact, '' says Designer Ted Trinkaus of Trinkaus, Aron & Wayman, South Norwalk graphic designers.

CA, August '60



12) Art Director: Dick Naugler Illustrator: Robert W. Addison Agency: N. W. Ayer Double page, color, newspaper 13) Art Director: Martin Stevens Illustrator: Al Munchen Agency: BBDO Magazine


-____ .. - ..............._.,___ , . , ... C-...0·--·--.--.. ____,. ...... . .-.--.----Olooo

United Air Lines now brings you Boeing's newest, fastest jet ...the 720 Jet Mainliner!

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14) Art Director: Earl Soto Agency: BBDO Full page, color, newspaper

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DIRECT ,JET SERVICE _SAN FRANCISCO. PARIS. FRAl~ICHJRT at.rtl ,.gonM•y 14thLu lthe.,._Ger onanAlrU,...ofte..

IM l!~t In )et • lr tf•v•I from lh41W•.t C.O-t le IEutetM oe.peed - Boelng J e t lnt.rcontlne,.tal• w ith Roll•·Flo)>c:e


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16 15) Art Director: John Van Zwienen Illustrator: Jack Woolhiser Agency: Chas. W. Hoyt Full page, newspaper


16) Art Director: William House Illustrator: Joseph Kotula Agency: J. Walter Thompson Co. Double page, color, magazine 17) Art Director: Emil Gargana Agency: Campbell-Ewald Double page, newspaper and magazine


·--~ I




CA, August '60

18) Art Director: William Free Agency: McCann-Marschalk Color, magazine



5) Artist: Charles Coppock 6) Artist: Neil Boyle 7) Artist: Bob Poole Art Director: Joe Forrester Agency : Donahue & Coe , Inc. Client: Milani's 1890 Dressing 8) Artist: Bob Totten

8 CA, A u gust '60


On this page are a few of the over three thousand alphabets created by Photolettering, Inc. Below is a portion of a hymn as it appeared in Life Magazine. The lettering is Photolettering's "Daisy Alcock Versal" and "Daisy Alcock Roman" designed by the well-known British calligrapher.


VOUJ:t BAfaEL.? Davison Spencerian by M. M. Davison

"Interlock" alphabet recently designed by Ed Benquiat

Governale Renaissance script

quote= Ther nys no werkman whatsoever

he be, That may both werke wel &hastily; This wol be doon at leyser parfltly. unqoote ! 6BOlll¥1yC.~l39B'l' l~RY· -UU IJ

"Hal Fiedler Gothic" was inspired by tabloid headlines and the Italian no-letter-space manner


0 LITTL£ TOWN OF BETHLtHEM Lewis H. Redner ( 1831-1908)

Phillips Brooks <1835-1893>

CA, August '60