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"View 1 is the first in a series of special publications prepared by Champion Papers of Hamilton, Ohio. This is a publication with two purposes and two dedications.


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It is, and in subsequent issues will continue to be, devoted to views of subjects that are basic to our times. "Its purpose also is to range freely through possibilities of design and printing. It is dedicated therefore, both to ~Ma++++~r++++++t·+++·H++++tttttttttttttt

those involved in the creation of impression on paper

~1- +++·+++++++-l~+++·t+++++tttttttttttttt

and to all men of good will whose honest debate will chart the future's best course." (Preface to View 1) This publication is everything that could be anticipated from the above quotation. View 1 is a significant and outstanding work-both for its content and for the excellent typography and design of Noel Martin. The subject, "The War We Are In," is handled maturely and skillfully by Karl Hess, Director of Information Services for Champion. Previous to his present position, Editor Hess was Associate Editor of Newsweek Magazine, author of five books, Capitol Hill news correspondent, editor for McGraw-Hill.

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The book is 11 x 13, thirty-two pages plus cover. The 36

cover and two spreads are shown here at 35% of actual size. Paper stock: cover-12 pt. Colorcast Drum Finished Cover, coated one side, yellow; text-70# Garamond Wove Text, white, and 60# Refold Coated Cover, India; flyleaf-30# Colorcast Drum Finished Label, blue. Heads are set in Schadow semi-bold. Outline letters on

The war we are in has been characterized as a protracted con-

flict. The man who has best described it is one of the most remarkable political and military strategists of all time- Mao Tse-Tung, designer of the Red Chinese colossus and the most

the cover are Forum 1. Text is in 10 pt. Melior and

formidable of living Marxist-Leninist theoreticians. It is his

Melior Italic. Picture captions are 7 pt. Melior Italic.

thesis that war and peace are not now separable conditions.

The inside covers, halftone reproductions of an 18th

This protracted conflict is simple in concept, immensely diffi-

Century Chinese battle scene, are printed in silver ink only.

cult in execution- involving every sector of human activity,

Better than our summarizing or describing the editorial

political, economic, psychological, cultural, technological, and

content, we have reproduced the introduction-beginning

military. There is about it one reasonably sure thing- it may

on this page and continued on page 38. This is the typography (slightly reduced) is it appeared in the book.

most swiftly be lost by the side unaware that it is fighting it. Most simply stated, here are the basic guidelines of protracted

The record speaks more effectively than any compliment we might pay this outstanding publication. The first

conflict: (1) Knock off your enemies one by one, as they become

printing was 25M, distributed primarily to art directors

exposed. This applies to jungle warfare and it applies to inter-

and designers. Demand was so great that a second

national political warfare. Kill the straggler in a group of men.

printing of 25M was made, offered at cost for 55 cents. This printing exhausted, a third printing of 10M is

Penetrate the straggler in a group of nations. (2) Keep the enemy

now on the presses.

off balance. Again, it applies to jungle warfare or to the inter-

The next issue will be titled "Freedom: The Real

national thrusts and feints that have become a familiar Soviet

Revolution" and is in preparation now. Noel Martin will

tactic. (3) Sap the enemy's will to resist. This includes propa-

again design. To receive this publication, write to Karl Hess, Director of Information Services, Champion Paper and Fibre Company, Hamilton, Ohio.

ganda and cultural warfare and extends everywhere from convincing the enemy that you are technically superior- through CA, April '61

The War in Words ... Friendship "Tbe rotten apitalUt world it colltpa;inJ. Frie.ndt, let's drink, let'tltuah.let'snjolcel" - Khrvthcheo, Statement at o reception for amboJtodon of the

An:tb tlotn durin& the oitil to Mo.coro of Prench PremJer Guy MoUet. PopuJcdredePoria, }une2tl,l958.

Morality " When people talk to us about morality we Hy, For the Com· munbt. morality cooalatl entirely of compect united cliaclpllne and consdout man atrugle aa•hut the exploiters. We do not

International Cooperation "A real internationalist is one who brinl' his sympathy and recoanJtionuptothepolntofpraclicalandmaxlmalhelptothe

be.Ueve In eternal morality, and w~ expose tll ftblel tbout

U.S.S.R. In support and defense of the U.S.S.R. by every means


and in every po11lble form. Actual cooperation with the U.S.S.R.,

-Lenin, Tcu:kt of tht Youth Leque, October 20, 1820. Selected

Works, International PubUthen, Nero York, Jt43, ooJ. IX. pp.

tharudineJJofthe workenofanycounlrytosubJectalJtbeir ailM to tbebaslc problemofatrenatheningtheU.S.S.R.In ita

alrugle-thiJia the ma.nifeatatlon of revolution•ry proletariJn lnternatlonaliamonthepartofworkenlnforetancountriea ..


The defenae of the U.S.S.R., 11 of the aoclaJiat motherland of the world proletarlat.ia the holy duty of every honeat maq

.. Every peace prosrom it 1 decaption of the people tnd • piece or hypocrby unleh It• prindpal object is to expltln to the mutettheneedfortrevolutJon, andtotupport, tldandde-



and not only of the

of the U.S.S.R."

- Vyshinaky, Communiam ond the Motherland, Voproal Piloaofii,ProblemtofPhiJoaophy,no. 2,J9•4.

velopthe-reVolutionarystruggleofthemttletthttlattl.rtina everywhere (ferment amona the maJJH, proteata, fratemlu·

tionl.nthetre.nches, atrikes, demoutratJonJ .,,)"

Change from Stalin

-Lenin. General Commi«H PropoaaJa Submiltecf to SocloJial

"He had m.ny defectJ but Stalin waa a devoted Mandai·

Conferenc., Apl\11118, Selected Worb, lntemotionaJ Publish-

LeninJat. a devoted and ateadfaat

en, Nero York, 21H3, ool. V, p. 237.

mlttedmanymlatakeslnthelaterperiodofhlsactlvltybu t he alao did much that was useful (or our country. for our party,


Stalin com·

for all the lnternaUonaJ workers' movement. Our p,arty, the Soviet people wiU remember Stalin a.nd give him hia due." - Khruahcheo, For a CJoae Tie of Uteroture and Art 10ith the Life of the People, Kommuniat, no. 12, 21158. p. 11.

(7) Supportlna the propoted Freedom A~de!Dy through

Businessmen and the Strate&Y of Survival



and endowment lunda;

(8) Attendinl the FreedOm A~demy


students, to develop

the knowledge and sld.llt required for succ..aful strugle aaainat the Communlltenterpriaa; Tba Strategy of Survival ia a tuk for the entire nation, not

{9) Cooperatina with aovemment uenciu and with each

merely for aonmment and the military. Tba followtna are

other lJl ~uue•tina a.nd plannlna u well u coaductina effec-

10111e of the ways in which buti..neumea-in their corporate u well u individual cap,adty-ea.n belp achieve it. victory:

tive economic warfan~ operationa; (10) Seek:lna new method• for lncreued inveatmanta in and

(2) Rxplaialna the challenp of the Communbt enterpriae and what mUJt be dona to meet it, to dvlc oraanlutiont, trade auoc:iatiolll, and tha community In aene:ral ; (2) Urainl the need for a strategy of •urvtval on public ofR-

trade with tha underdeveloped nation•: {21) Jolnlna with other bualne11men ~ere and In Europe to bulld the Free World EconomJc Development Contortlum.; (12} Formlna and • public committee• to pt volun-

dab at alllevelt of aovemmant;

tary fundi. medical aid and other msterlaJ help for auch 1trua·

(3) Publi•hlna kay points lJl lnJtJtutJonal advertitina. brochuru, pampbleta, etc.;

glet of freedom ftshtert aaa1n•t Communi•m out in Hunaary. 'nbet, lndoneala, etc.;

(f) Subsldizina the praparetlon and dlltribution of boob.


9Java broken

moDOp'lphl and pamphleta on the protncted con.Aict a.nd on

{23) lnltiatlna a IUBe-.cale permanent public Committee for National SuroioaJ, to alert the n1Uon about the n1t01e of the

conaldaratloa. of a atntqy of aurvival;

protracted conftlct and the meant for meeting Ill challenge,

(5) Urging th.t courset on the protracted confllct and ita prob-

and to preaent to public opinion 1peclftc propo1al1 for meetlna

lemabetiiU,t.tla.aliHCOndaryandhiaharJChooltandcollepa, and, where aeceuary, ncb COW'Mt ud related raearchlnthaunJvenltles:

apeciftc crins aa tbeae arlae. (tf) To contlder, In the application of all these polnta, the formulation and 1t1tement of a ltrateJY beyond turvival-a

(e) Rafuaina: all polite IOdaJ coatact with visitint enemy

dear aounding not only in reaard to the Communist tyranny

qeats, auch u Mikoyan, Kodov and Khruahcbev. who thould

we are ftahtina agalnat but alao of the human condition of



This Is the Challenge ...

CA. April '61

The Caldecott Medal for the year's "most distinguished American picture book" was awarded to Nicolas Sidjakov, San Francisco designer, for his illustration of' 'Baboushka and the Three Kings.,. The medal is given by the Children's Services Division of the American Library Association. Two spreads from the book are shown at one-half of actual size, the title block is same size. Nick made his illustrations with a felt-tip pen on rice paper. The absorbent quality of the paper cause the ink to soften and spread. He further developed the effect with a coating of rubber cement on the back ofthe paper. The black plate was shot as bleed halftone to hold this effect. Colors were painted on acetate overlays and also shot as halftone. Hogan-Kaus Lithographers of San Francisco are the printers. The type face is Invitation Roman. Parnassus Press published and Ruth Robbins, art director and co-founder of the firm with her husband, Herman Schein, is the author. This is Sidjakov 's second children's book. His first, "The Friendly Beasts" also published by Parnassus Press, was selected by the New York Times as one ofthe ten best illustrated children's books ofthe year in 1958.


In October 1959, CA featured Eugene de Christopher and his unique felt shapes called Chris-Cuts. Though they were packaged as a children's educational toy, Chris utilized these shapes as a design and illustration tool for national ads, other proJ"ects. CA readers will recognize the illustrations from that article on this new packaging for Chris-Cuts. Structural design and production of the package is by Container Corp. Chris' company is launching full national distribution this Fall with Chris-Cuts as one of a line of educational toys. Chris-Cubes is shown in the lower illustration. Another product is a block-printing set utilizing Chris' shapes. This, too, offers interesting possibilities for artists .. we've tried it. Presently, Chris is preparing a 39-week TV show on art for children that will be taped at KCOP, Los Angeles, syndicated and released nationally. CA, April '61


BABOUSHKA AND THE THREE KINGS *illustrated ** b9 Ruth Robbins * * * b9 Nicolas Sidjakov Adapted From A Russian Folk Tale Parnossus Press Berkeleg, California

**************** *************************

In the sleigh rode three men, splendid figures,

A train of travelers was approaching. Leading

wearing jeweled crowns and cloaks of crimson

the procession was a magnificent sleigh drawn

and ermine. Men on horseback followed the

hg three white horses.

sleigh and behind them trudged men on foot.


*** ((Ther~ is no time to linger, Baboushka," answered the strangers.

((If . gou

cannot come

with us now, we must continue our journeg." The9 turned and disappeared into the storm.

CA, April '61

The l i ght of development is as a series of values. The efforts to obtain the proper relationship of these values create the desire for identity.

Booklets and Direct Mail Designerj artistj exhibitor: William Gravitt

51 Trademark Design Art Director: A. R. DeNatale • Designer: George Woltz • Exhibitor: Reynolds Metals Company Booklets and Direct Mail Art Director: Milton Hull • Designer / artist: Byron Lawrence • Exhibitor: Baughman Company

where you find one . ... . you'll find tl)e other It yuu' rc h av ing tro u!Jic umlcnt•ndin g wh a t a ll thctc ;:o ing&-on have to do with yo u, plcaae unde rta m! the diHicult y we had tryin K to rclate thi ob urc jungle oddit y to th e printin g CrJuipm c nt at the Ba ughm a n Co mJ)a ny. The onl y po iLic co nnection, re mote, a t heat, i the diHcrc nce in s ize l.,etwccn these etra ngc Afri can COmJJanion , a nd the fa ct tlu•t our CtJUiJIIUl' nt vari c& con itlc ra hl y in , izc, , .. from our OOZEL a i~c lcllcrprcAI to our Hllli\0 izc fo ur.r~ol o r ofrk't prcue . ne w i\1icldc fo urcolor oHsc t pre , a ne w two-color off c t pre , a ne w ain gle color oU~ t pre , and anothe r la rge lcllc rJlrCU, all added rece ntly, prompted thi pi ece or %oologie lite ra ture.

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I CA , April '61