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Summer 2017

The News Magazine of Melbourn Village College, an Academy of The Cam Academy Trust

Primary Pupils’ Celebration Evening — Page 7

Mind-Bending science MVC News

Eyeball dissection, ‘playing with fire’, fizzing, energy, landing a lunar module and all manner of mind-bending challenges were among the activities on offer as Melbourn Village College students enjoyed their annual science week. The week, which is part of British Science Week 2017 and also gives students the chance to enter a national competition, is designed to allow youngsters to explore and investigate science outside their usual curriculum. So as well as watching demonstrations on combustion and signing up for the chance to dissect an eyeball at lunchtime, each KS3 year group had a different focus with Year 7 looking at fizzing, Year 8 at energy and Year 9 attempting to land a lunar module! During lunchtimes, KS4 students were given a range of challenges to stretch them scientifically. At either end of the week, pupils from Melbourn’s partner primary schools were given a taste of secondary school life. Firstly Year 4 youngsters from six schools had a science taster day which involved a range of experiments and investigations led by Melbourn Year 10 students. The eight and nine-year-olds were extremely enthusiastic and willing scientists as they made optical illusion spinners, took part in an unusual hearing test, investigated indicators, had fun with static and tested out what causes different flame colours among other interesting activities. Then at the end of the week 40 Year 5 students from partner primary schools spent a Humanities Morning at Melbourn. They spent time travelling into space and convincing aliens not to eat them, finding out about how life was for the Aztecs and investigating some of the river processes using the River Mel. Another group of students from the other catchment primaries will participate in a second Humanities morning next term.

Pupils shine at Swavesey Science Challenge On the afternoon of Monday 10th July we took six KS3 pupils, from years7, 8 and 9, to the annual Swavesey Village College Science Challenge. These top pupils behaved impeccably and they worked so diligently on the Science problems from the world of colour presented to them. Ben and Logan were working on the Clock Experiment in Chemistry, whilst Rosie and Isabel were making natural indicators from plants in Biology. Matt and Stephanie however pulled the team together and they focussed on the Physics. The whole team secured answers for the quiz up in the PC room. We will find out at the end of the week’s competition where we placed but we hope for a top place. Well done team. For Science! Dr Wilson

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The Road to Rome

MVC News

Year 10 students taking History, RE or philosophy for GCSE at Melbourn Village College enjoyed an amazing walking tour of Rome to enhance their studies. The group of 34 wasted no time in getting started, heading straight from the airport to the Catacombs di St Sebastiano. Despite fears of getting lost within this labyrinth, the tour guide led the group through with no problem, introducing memorials both Christian and older – a pair of pagan mausoleums that were only found when the foundations were being worked upon for the church of St Sebastian above. A second walk took in the Spanish Steps and on to Piazza Navona and, after dinner, the Trevi Fountain, which was lit up and busy but stunning. CULTURE CITY: taking in the sights and sounds of The Vatican was incredible – the Rome grounds and the museum –and the Sistine chapel is an amazing endeavour of art and was greatly appreciated by the Melbourn students who took time to look and wonder at the sheer size and detail that was involved. Then it was on to St Peter’s Basilica, which rightfully holds the title of the foremost (and largest) basilica in the world. In WHEN IN ROME: Mr Sunderland takes time comparing it to St Paul’s in London, students could see how Britain’s own feat of architecture could be seen to get to know the locals a little better! as a pale reflection. One of the day’s highlights was visiting the body of the mummified pope! By the third day of walking 10 miles-plus the pace was steadier en route to the Colosseum and Palatine Hill. The Hill itself gave a unique visage of the Forum, where the ruins themselves seemed unreal. Students learned much about social hierarchy at The Colosseum and the uses of the ruins. Being able to look into the tunnels below the arena where the animals and gladiators would have swarmed was amazing. After this we visited the Pantheon and explored the surrounding area The final day was dedicated to exploring some of the culture of Rome by visiting the Campo di Flores, a great example of Rome’s thriving market culture. Marta Gunner, Head of Humanities, said: “The students were exceptional and definitely made the experience a joy. It was certainly a high spot of this year.”

A Welcome Return to Spain By Ella Pankhurst and Hattie Walker - Year 8

On 18 May 30 Year 9 students from Melbourn Village College went on an amazing immersion trip to Comillas in Cantabria, Spain. It was a great trip, one of the best we have ever been on. Our flight left at 6.30 pm and it was a 2 hour flight. Once we landed and had some sandwiches at Bilbao Airport, we then made our way to Abba Golf Hotel and went straight to bed. Every day we woke up at 0700 and had breakfast – a good choice of cereal, toast and cake. It was great! We then headed out and walked to our Spanish lesson in a historic building. We learnt about all sorts of things from our native-speaker teachers. One of the lessons was a quiz, which we really enjoyed as it was fun, but quite difficult. The first day we then went to El Soplao cave where we had a traditional local stew for lunch and then visited the cave where we saw the most beautiful mineral formations. After this we did a treasure hunt in the local town. We had to use our Spanish to find information from local people. Sadly we were defeated by another team, who won ice creams. The next day we visited Altamira, a cave where prehistoric people lived and painted amazing cave art. For lunch we had a traditional paella, which we all loved. The afternoon was spent at a shopping centre near Santander and then we swam in the hotel pool. It was a great day. The following day we visited the beautiful beach at Comillas AIMING HIGH: Trying their hands at spear throwing as the Medieval Spaniards and then went to see El Capricho, a beautiful house designed would have done. by Gaudí. The outside of the house was covered with sunflower tiles and we learnt about how it was designed to represent the movement of the sun and its owner’s love of music. We really enjoyed meeting students from a Spanish school the next morning. We were put into groups with them and had to ask and answer questions in Spanish and English. Then we split into two groups and either played a football tournament or learnt some Flamenco dancing with the Spanish students. After lunch we worked in teams to write and present information about Cantabria in two languages. Finally we went to the beach with them until it was time to say goodbye. In the evening we learnt how prehistoric people made fire and practised throwing spears. This was followed by some more time in the hotel pool. On the final day we went to Cabárceno National Park where we saw an amazing birds of prey show and a sea lion show, as well as going for a ride in a cable car over the whole park. We were very sad to have to go back to the airport and return home – this was the best trip ever and we would do it all over again if we could!


Postcards from our Travels MVC News

The Spanish Crew


The Roman Crew

DofE head for the hills

MVC News

A group of Melbourn Village College students rose to the Duke of Edinburgh challenge as they embraced their bronze award practice expedition in the Chilterns. The 22 Year 10 students camped for two nights and spent the Saturday learning map-reading and compass skills on a long hike, walking in small groups with supervising adults, who included Melbourn staff and qualified assessors. The Sunday hike was much more challenging as students were monitored at a distance only. They also carried their full packs, as they will have to do on the Assessed Expedition at the end of September when the weather is likely to be more variable than the warm, dry days and cold windy nights they experienced this time. They practised their cooking skills on trangias, and in some cases learnt how to put up a tent and sleep in one, for the first time! Melbourn teachers James Richardson and Frank Fan said: “We are proud to say that the MVC students were all praised for good behaviour and a great attitude.”

Learning new skills. Outdoor never know when it will come in handy.

On Sunday 11th June, members from the MVC Running club took part in the Toms Trust fun run in Thriplow. The event was a fundraiser for the Toms Trust charity who pay for clinical psychologists to work with children suffering with brain tumours.Everyone completed the 5k run with good times even in the very hot conditions.


Talent Abounds at GCSE Art Exhibition MVC News

Students’ work has again been on display at The Plough in Shepreth which over the past few years has grown in its reputation for showcasing local talent. The exhibition ran from 16th June to 23rd July and proved popular amongst the many visitors. Students were invited to a special preview evening along with their families to see their work expertly displayed in the upstairs gallery area. The standard of work produced was extremely high again this year and there are sure to be A* amongst them.


Poetry from the heart

MVC News

WISE WORDS: tamsin says “Poetry is everything a film couldn’t say or a book couldn’t write.”

Melbourn Village College student Tamsin Dobb was one of the youngest finalists at the national Poetry By Heart Recitation Competition at the British Library Conference Centre in London. And although the Year 10 student did not win, she more than held her own against students up to Year 13 at the prestigious event held over the weekend. Tamsin, along with all the other regional finalists, performed two poems of their own choice, the only criteria being one was pre-1914 and the other post1914. She chose ‘Slavery’ by Hannah Moore and ‘Lights Out’ by Edward Thomas to compete against the Essex, Hertfordshire and Norfolk winners in the third heat of the day. Caroline Deadman, part of Melbourn’s pastoral team who accompanied Tamsin, said: “Although she was one of the youngest there you would not have known it. “After the morning workshop where poet Julie Bird gave competitors tips for relaxation, as well as facial and vocal exercises, Tamsin didn’t want to see the heats before hers so to keep nerves at bay we visited the British Library, viewing ancient manuscripts, Jane Austen’s glasses and original Beatles manuscripts. “But she was really looking forward to performing and

when it was her turn she was amazing – clear, wonderful presentation with some great dramatic pauses. All four girls in the region performed brilliantly and being a judge would have been no mean feat.” After performing, all the competitors enjoyed a threecourse ‘Winners Dinner’ followed by poetry recitals by several of the judges. After spending the night in London university accommodation, the competitors returned to the British Library where actor Freddie Fox talked about what poetry means to him before the grand final for all the regional winners. Tamsin said: “Poetry is everything a film couldn’t say and a book couldn’t write and it was such a great opportunity to meet people who share the same passion. “As well as a recital competition, I felt it was more of a celebration of poetry and something I am proud to have been part of. “I would encourage everyone to have a go – even if you’re shy – it’s such a great chance to open your mind to poetry.” Without the help and support of Nina Bailey, English teacher at Melbourn Village College, who arranged and supported the poetry preparation with Tamsin – she would not have had access to this great opportunity – so we would like to say a big thank you to Nina.

Primary pupils’ awards

Primary pupils’ achievements were celebrated at Melbourn Village College last week with the second annual Celebration Evening. Guest speaker and former world-ranked tennis player Jade Windley told youngsters, their families and teachers about her life as a professional on the circuit as well as congratulating them on their hard work and achievements. The Celebration Evening is part of Melbourn’s primary liaison programme and pupils from the catchment primaries of all ages collected awards from events ranging from the Year 4 and 5 science

and humanities days, gift and talented maths sessions as well as netball, football and swimming. It came in the middle of a busy few days for primary pupils. Earlier in the day the Year 6 students who will be joining Melbourn in September spent the day at the college, making new friends and experiencing secondary school life. Then at the end of the week Year 5 students from Harston & Newton, Hauxton, Foxton and Barrington spent the second of the college’s two Humanities Days undertaking geography, history and RE projects, including a river investigation, studying aspects of Aztec life as well as looking at some topical ethical and moral issues.

River investigation...using dog biscuits to log the speed of the water flow


Renowned journalist tells of Chinese legends MVC News

Xue Xinran:

Telling tales of China

Year 7 students at Melbourn Village College experienced some Chinese celebrity culture with the visit of Xue Xinran. Xinran, as she is known in the UK, is a renowned British-Chinese journalist, author, speaker and the founder of a successful charity 'The Mothers' Bridge of Love (MBL)'. The 100 students, who have all been studying Mandarin as part of the curriculum since they joined the college last September, were inspired by tales of China and the Chinese indomitable spirit. They learned about two ancient Chinese legends - ‘Houyi Shoots the Sun’ (Houyi is sometimes portrayed as a god of archery descended from heaven to aid mankind) and ‘Jingwei Tries to fill the Sea’ (Jingwei is a little bird that was transformed by a drowned girl and is determined to fill up the sea by carrying a pebble or twig in her mouth in order to protect other children from the sea). The Mothers’ Bridge of Love (MBL) reaches out to Chinese children in all corners of the world – those adopted by Western families, those living abroad and in China, often in destitute conditions, to help bridge the poverty gap. Xinran also told the stories of triumph in adversity. One was a lady who lived in a factory toilet and repaired shoes on the street for a living but supported her son and daughter to get PHD and Masters degrees without government or other help. The other was about an amputee girl who was disappointed about her life, but achieved Paralympic swimming gold with the help of the MBL

charity. For their teacher, Frank Fan, the visit was a trip down memory lane. “I regularly used to listen to Xinran on the radio when I lived in China and we were delighted to welcome her to MVC,” he said. Principal Simon Holmes said: “This was a fantastic opportunity to help build bridges and understanding with other cultures and expand our students’ horizons.” In addition, to her talk yesterday, Xinran also left the college signed copies of all or A trip down memory lane: Mandarin teacher Frank Fan some of her books, which will be available for students to borrow from the library. tells how he used to listen to Xinran when he lived in China Melbourn, part of The Cam Academy Trust, is the first secondary school in Cambridgeshire to offer Mandarin as part of the curriculum.


Three months ago we came to Melbourn for the first time. This is a big, beautiful school in my eyes. Having lessons in English school was challenging for me because we had lessons in different classrooms. We haven’t ever had lessons like that in China. Fortunately, I had a friendly buddy. She took me to all the classrooms. This made me not worried anymore. Everyone knows Chinese students are good at Maths. We did very well in Maths lessons because it’s a piece of cake for us. We finished the questions fast and accurately. All the Chinese students were proud of themselves because they were not very good at Maths in Chinese teachers’ eyes, but they became top students here! Although we did well in Maths, we still faced some challenges here besides finding the way to the classrooms. This was the first time that we had lessons in English all day and some teachers spoke very fast so at first we couldn’t understand everything that the teacher said. However, our buddies always explained what the teachers said for us patiently. Thanks to them for helping. By the end I could almost understand everything in the lessons (expect Spanish). There are some subjects we don’t have in China such as Drama, DT and Spanish. We were curious about new subjects. English school is very different from Chinese schools. Memories: Chinese students and their ‘buddies’ were issued with We have cold faces in most of the certificates to commemorate the visit Chinese lessons because we should be very quiet, but there’s a lively atmosphere in English lessons. We tried our best to adapt to the lessons. Our classmates helped us a lot. We made some good friends here. Time goes fast and all too soon our school life at Melbourn ended. Thanks to Melbourn Village College for giving us a chance to enjoy English education. The life here is a piece of unforgettable memory in my life. Farewell: Dance performed by one of the Chinese Students


Moving on up MVC News

Leading the way

A record number of prospective Year 12 students, including nine from Melbourn VC, joined Comberton Sixth Form for their welcome event earlier this month. With sixth form numbers increasing considerably this year the event was large in scale and gave the new students, nearly 200 from more than 24 different schools, the opportunity to meet each other and forge new friendships before starting their courses in September. During the day the students also had to opportunity to ask any questions, meet their future teachers and collect the pre-course reading. They also attended two mini-lessons in the subjects they are planning to study in September and learnt more about the style of teaching in the sixth form. The presentations from the Head and Deputy Heads of sixth form gave the students a better idea of what it is like to be a sixth form student, studying in a more independent environment. The day ended with a welcome barbecue where new friends chatted over a hot dog and looked forward to starting their A-Level and BTEC courses in September.

Four students from Melbourn Village College have just completed their Language Leaders award. The Year 9 students, Penny Lowe, Lucy Dickinson, Jacob Daniels and Libby Mott, have just completed the year-long programme by teaching their final lessons to primary pupils. The award, supported by Routes into Languages East, started with a training day at the University of Cambridge where the students received training to help them teach two lessons each in their chosen language. All the Melbourn students chose Spanish and spent one lunchtime a week developing the skills required to effectively communicate with the primary pupils, direct and manage activities, plan activities and take the initiative. They then went to Fowlmere Primary School to deliver their lessons and afterwards received certificates and pin badges which they can now wear on their uniform through Years 10 and 11. Penny Lowe said: “It was a really good experience but the preparation was actually the hardest part; delivering the lessons was easier because we had done the preparation so we knew what we wanted to say. “None of the children had done Spanish before, only French. We worked with Years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6 and taught them different things. With Years 3 and 4 we did numbers and simple phrases and with the older ones we did food. “It was a fun and I would recommend it. We did work hard throughout the year but we enjoyed it. “It helped with teamwork as we were with the same friends during the whole time and had to continue working with them. “It also helped with confidence as we had to stand up in front of a whole class and give them instructions and get them to listen to us.”


Class of 2017 scrub up well

MVC News


Schools in the spotlight THE CAM ACADEMY TRUST NEWS

Two schools in The Cam Academy Trust have been nationally recognised for their exceptional 2016 performances by the Schools, Students and Teachers network (SSAT).

Educational Outcomes data analysis from SSAT has shown that both Comberton Village College and Melbourn Village College are in the top 10% of schools nationally for progress at Key Stage 4. Additionally Comberton, where a Sixth Form opened in 2011, was in the top 4% for progress at Key Stage 5. SSAT Educational Outcomes awards were presented at a regional celebration event later tin late May, which is held annually to draw attention to the work of high-achieving, improving and innovating schools and teachers. Sue Williamson, Chief Executive of SSAT, said: “It’s my great pleasure to commend Comberton Village College and Melbourn Village College on their

excellent 2016 performance, and to have the opportunity to highlight and share their great work at an SSAT Educational Outcomes celebration event. “We know how hard teachers work to ensure the success of every child. “SSAT’s Educational Outcomes award recognises the professionalism, commitment and hard work of the leaders, teachers and students at both Colleges. A big thank you and well done to the pupils, staff and governors.” St Peter’s, the newest secondary school in the Trust after joining last September, has been shortlisted for a prestigious award for exceptional progress in the past year. This is in recognition of the school’s remarkable achievement in moving from a ‘Special Measures’ judgement by Ofsted last summer through to a ‘Good’ judgement by March this year. The school has been invited to a special awards event in London when the category winners will be announced.

All change in Gamlingay

RECOGNITION: Melbourn Principal Simon Holmes (left) and Comberton Deputy

New IT strategy to help fulfill aim Head Sean Sycamore with SSAT Chief Executive Sue Williamson.

Work is currently under way to move forward with a significant new IT strategy across all the schools in our Trust. Final decisions have to be made regarding which particular organisation and devices we will seek to use across all of our schools, but we are committed to a more significant use of IT in all schools by September 2018. It is hoped this will involve moving to a model of individual devices for all of our secondary pupils and strong access to devices for our primary pupils. Staff will also have access to the same devices. The coming year will see significant piloting of this

approach, coupled with appropriate staff professional development. The essence of our approach and the reason for seeking to move forward is summed up with some simple aims the Trust has stated for our use of technology. We aim for technology to help us to: l Learn powerfully l Learn from each other l Learn for life Through this, the Trust intends to pursue its aim of ‘Excellence for All’ even more effectively.

New school joins Trust

After much hard work and organisation behind the scenes, Jeavons Wood Primary School in Cambourne converted to Academy status as part of The Cam Academy Trust on 1 July. It is great to have Jeavons Wood formally on board, having worked in increasingly strong partnership in recent months. The school became the fourth primary

phase school in our Trust, joining Gamlingay First School, Hartford Infant and Junior Schools alongside the secondary schools of Comberton, Melbourn and Cambourne Village Colleges and St Peter’s School in Huntingdon. Chief Executive Stephen Munday said: “We very much look forward to the benefit of being a truly cross-phase Trust as we move forward.”

The Trust continues to press ahead with the reorganisation of schooling and the school structure in Gamlingay to ensure excellent and sustainable schooling for the community. The proposal for the First School to become a full Primary School was formally accepted by the Regional School Commissioner’s office on 20 April. This will apply from September 2017 when the school will also formally join the catchment area of Comberton Village College. Accommodation will be secured on the current site to enable this to happen. In the meantime, the current Middle School (Gamlingay Village College) is due to transfer to our Trust from Stratton Education Trust in September 2017. We will then oversee the school in the coming year for a small number of pupils to enable transition to their future educational route. During this time, very significant building work will take place at the Village College site to convert it to a high-quality Primary facility, suitable for 3 to 11-year olds. In summer 2018 the Middle School will then be formally closed and the First (now Primary) School will relocate to a new permanent base on the Village College site. There is a lot of work in all this, but the prize at the end of it is a great one. It will be an excellent school facility, providing great primary education for the Gamlingay community.

Ensuring places for all

The Cam Academy Trust is totally committed to ensuring that there is excellent school education available to all in the community of Cambourne. It was for this reason that we submitted Free School applications earlier this year to open the new schools that will be required due to the proposed expansion of Cambourne West. We now know that the Department for Education was not prepared to grant these new schools to us because they did not believe that they were required as soon as Cambridgeshire Local Authority believed to be the case. Given this, we are now working with the Local Authority to ensure that there will be quality school places available to all Cambourne young people when they are needed. What this means most immediately is seeking now to develop a second secondary campus of Cambourne Village College ready for September 2019 when further secondary school places will clearly be needed. The Trust is consulting on this proposal and is seeking to gain formal approval for this development as soon as possible so the places are available when needed.

For job vacancies across the Trust, visit the CAT website at


Sporting fun in the sun

Round-up of the latest news from the South Cambs SSP

There was plenty of sporting talent and Olympic spirit displayed as youngsters demonstrated their athletic prowess in blistering heat at the Cambridge University sports ground on Wilberforce Road, Cambridge.

More than 1,500 seven and eight-year-olds took part in the South Cambs School Sports Partnership’s Year 4 Mini Olympics, an event that featured 44 primary schools from across the area. During the day the athletes had the chance to try out a range of different sports, all with an Olympic and Paralympic theme. Among the 14 different activities

on offer were shot putt, long jump, hurdles, hockey, tennis, tri-golf and boccia. In keeping with the Olympic theme, there was a colourful opening ceremony, complete with flags and banners made by the children. These all tied in with the theme of this year’s event which was the World Athletics Championships with schools asked to represent one of the nations competing in the event being hosted in London later this summer. A mass warm-up was led by dance leaders from Comberton Village College followed by the opening ceremony, welcoming the children and challenging them to try and achieve their personal best. Two pupils from Harston & Newton Primary School read out the Mini Olympics Oath, a promise to take part in the games fairly and with good sportsmanship. The event was supported by Total Clothing who provided all of the children with brightly coloured tshirts in the colours of the Olympic rings, the Rotary Club of Cambridge South, who helped with traffic

flow and parking, and South Cambs District Council, who helped to fund the event. Councillor Sue Ellington, portfolio holder for Health and Wellbeing, attended the event and commented: “This event is really important to us and we are delighted to provide funding to make it happen. “Making sure young people have the chance to be active and healthy is vitally important. This event gives them a chance for competition, but in a fun environment where they can meet new people and enjoy sport together. Having more than 1,500 young people taking part is fabulous and I look forward to many more years of the event.” Partnership manager Claire McDonnell was delighted and said: “Yet again, it was a fantastic day and the children and sports leaders coped amazingly in very hot temperatures. “The children really enjoyed themselves and loved having a go at all the different sports. As usual the long jump and tug of war were the firm favourites!”

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: Youngsters, helped by secondary school sports

Runners-up storm to county glory leaders, tried out a variety of sporting activities.

Meldreth and Coton Primary Schools both cumulative score. qualified for the County School Games Finals There were also some great individual after an exciting Quadkids competition for pupils performances at the South Cambs round, with in Years 5 and 6. the top three boys being Hugo Wells, from Meldreth took the ‘South Cambs Champions’ title Steeple Morden, on 246 points, followed by Max off last year’s winners, Coton, in the ‘Small Ramsden from Thriplow, whose team were third Schools’ competition for those with fewer than in the small schools event, on 237 and Morgan 120 pupils in Key Stage 2. Their opponents Head (Bassingbourn) on 234. included teams from Thriplow, Harston & In the girls competition Olivia Welham, from Newton, Fowlmere, Barrington and Barton. Coton, took third with 204 points behind Bar However, both qualified for the county showdown Hill’s Nicole Kitooke and Anna Bain (Histon and at St Ives, where Coton turned in an amazing Impington Juniors) with 205. performance to take the county title against the The special ‘Spirit of the Games’ award which is odds. to support the work being done in schools to They were joined by Histon and Impington and encourage children to think about the lessons Steeple Morden who topped the ‘Big Schools’ event, which ran concurrently at the Cambridge University Sports Ground on Wilberforce Road, Cambridge. Quadkids is a team competition with five boys and five girls each competing in a 75m sprint, a 600m run, a long jump and vortex howler throw. Individual performances are scored using a points table and the winners are the team with the highest CHAMPIONS: Coton lift the county ‘Small Schools’ trophy.


that can be learned through sport and the importance of values such as respect, determination, teamwork, honesty, passion and self-belief; not only in sport but everyday life, was awarded to Kristen Barry, from Meadow School, who stopped mid race to help another runner, forfeiting her own position, and Alex Coleridge, from Haslingfield, for his enthusiasm in all events and his positive attitude. The Meadow team was also given an award for showing great determination and cheering everyone on even people they didn’t know. The event was supported by leaders from the SCSSP Leadership Academy and included students from Cambourne and Comberton Village Colleges. Claire McDonnell, Partnership Manager said: “It was a great event and fantastic for the children to get to compete at the athletics track and use such lovely facilities, I hope it will have inspired some of them to get more involved in athletics. There were some excellent performances on the day so congratulations to all of our winners and well done to everyone who took part. As always we have to thank the amazing sports leaders who organised and scored the events for us, they did a great job and the staff and parents were full of praise for them. ”

Round-up of the latest news from the South Cambs SSP

Coton clinch it! Four teams battled through to represent South Cambs at the County Finals after topping their divisions at the High Fives Netball League’s annual ‘A’ finals.

All 16 schools had won through two divisional rounds at their local secondary school to reach the showdown at Impington Village College. Coton, who won all their pool matches, found themselves up against Linton Heights, Steeple Morden and Pendragon, Papworth, in the battle for the South Cambs title although all four Division One sides played at the County Finals, which took place after this magazine had gone to print. The title showdown was a close-fought affair with

three teams collecting two wins from three games. Coton finished with one additional point and a superior goal difference to take the crown. The ‘A’ team plate final for teams finishing in the lower half of their local league also went down to goal difference in the competition at Comberton Village College. Meldreth edged out The Vine, from Cambourne, with Melbourn and Burrough Green the other teams in the top section. Barton won Division One of the B competition to take the title ahead of Swavesey. Partnership Manager, Claire McDonnell said: “Our annual High 5 Netball League is our most popular competition of the year with a record 57 teams from 32 schools taking part in the league rounds.

Schools secure spring medals

Just before Easter 49 schools from across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough competed in the School Games Level 3 Spring Festival. An exciting competition ensued as children aged 7 to 16 battled it out to become county champions. Following the Opening Ceremony schools dispersed to the respective venues for their events. Each venue came alive with the sound of cheering and camaraderie as the schools battled it out to become champions. Each school represented one of the five School Sports Partnerships — South Cambs, Cambridge, Hunts, Peterborough or Witchford. South Cambs schools had a number of successes with Comberton Village College taking top spot in the KS4 Aspire Indoor Rowing and third place in both the Year 9 event and the Year 7 table tennis competition. Meridian Primary, also from Comberton, were second in the Year 3/4 Gymnastics competition.

WINNERS: Coton (far left), Meldreth (centre) and Barton all won netball titles.

“The standard of netball in the A team shield finals this year was exceptional, I don’t think I have seen primary school netball played to such a high standard. “The children really enjoy the opportunity to represent their school in inter-school competition and it is nice for them to get the chance to play in the league rounds before experiencing one of the finals nights which are played in a friendly yet competitive spirit. “There is a nice atmosphere and a real sense of occasion as parents gather to cheer on their children. “I must thank Impington and Comberton Village Colleges for hosting the finals nights and of course our amazing sports leaders who gave up their time to help umpire all of the matches and manage the score table. They really did an outstanding job this year. ”

Title chase goes down to the wire

SILVER TEAM: Meridian’s gymnasts.

The top four primary schools from South Cambs came together for the SSP Year standard of tennis on display and some really close scores. 3/4 Tennis Finals night at Comberton Village College. The final round of matches were tense with three teams still in with a chance of The teams of two boys and two girls from Swavesey, Haslingfield, Linton and claiming the title of SSP Champions. Harston & Newton made it to the finals as the top teams from the qualification Harston & Newton could only manage a 2-2 draw with Swavesey, which meant rounds. All four teams had they finished with seven done extremely well to singles wins compared to make it to the finals in a the Swavesey team’s eight competition involving more wins. This earned than 30 teams. Swavesey the winners As defending county shield for the first time as champions, Haslingfield Harston & Newton finished went into the competition as runners up for the as favourites alongside second year running. Harston & Newton, who Haslingfield finished third had won the qualification with six wins and Linton round at Melbourn VC the fourth. previous month. Swavesey Swavesey and Harston & had qualified for the finals Newton went on to for the first time. represent SCSSP at the The finals were played in a County School Games round robin format with Summer Festival where each team playing the other Harston & Newton turned three in timed singles the tables after both teams matches. As expected the again reached the final. MAKING A RACKET: County champions Harston & Newton (above) and SCSSP matches were extremely They beat Swavesey 3-1 to third-placed team Haslingfield (left). competitive with a great clinch the county crown.


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The PE Department definitely know how to keep busy and this term has been no exception. Aside from all the normal summer sporting fixtures such as rounders, tennis and athletics where great things have been achieve, our Sports Leaders have been working hard with Years 4, 5 and 6 from our Primary Schools. They have organised and overseen the Year 4 mini Olympics as well as the multi-skills festival when over 100 year 5/6 year olds turned up for fun in the sun. There has also been fun in the pool with the KS2 swimming gala. At the athletics meet held at St Bedes congratulations go to; Josh Biddlecombe 2nd in 800M, Matt Pinney 2nd in 1500M, Toby Jackson 1st in High Jump, Katie Foulger 1st in High Jump, Daisy Moxham 1st in Shot, Morgan Robson 3rd in 300M. There was also success at the Sawston meet and congratulations go to; Will Mallen 1st Javelin and 2nd in 100M, Hannah Smouton 1st in shot, Daisy Moxham 1st in the Year 8 girls 300M. Well done also to Dexter Todd, Gethin Rogers and Daisy Moxham

for competing up a year. Outside of MVC Sporting achievements students have been busy competing in other events. Jake Year 10 and Daisy Moxham Year 7 have both worked hard to progress in swimming and Daisy has been selected for The East Region talent camp and Jake has been selected for the England East team to swim at the national school games in Loughborough in August. Well done to them both. Dominic Clemons is excelling in the golfing world and played in the England regionals, the U18s in Blackpool as well as competing in the England v Spain under 16 match in May. We always love to hear of our students’ successes outside of the classroom so feel free to sing their praises and let us know. You can contact Alison Friday on

Dominic Clemons Year 10


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SPORTS CENTRE news )RUWKRVHRI\RXZKRGRQ¶WDOUHDG\NQRZZHKDYH A state of the art fitness suite offering a variety of membership schemes A 20 metre swimming pool (kept ever so slightly warmer than most!) A comprehensive swimming lesson programme, catering for all ages and abilities Upgraded multisports courts for hire including tennis, football and squash courts Water sports courses and activities Traditional and modern exercise classes Access to Melbourn Village College sports hall and gymnasium for activities such as trampolining, badminton and basketball ƒ Supervised sports and pool parties JULY / AUGUST / SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

We have loads on offer this Summer and early Autumn, with something for the whole community to get involved ZLWK«So why not come along and find out more about your local sports centre! KIDS ACTIVITIES With the summer holidays fast approachingLW¶VQRWWRRHDUO\RUWRRODWHWRVWDUWSODQQLQJ\RXUVXPPHUVSRUWV:HKDYHDYDULHW\RI activities to choose from, including our Ofsted Registered Playscheme (The Kidz Factor), Trampoline and Gymnastics Crash Course, Sport Taster Sessions and Swimming Crash Course. Also available are our ver\SRSXODU&KLOGUHQ¶V3HQWDWKORQDQG6SRUW Camps (Weekly Sports Camps), always a fun way to try out both mainstream and specialist activities.

GET FIT AND KEEP HEALTHY! With the summer fast approaching, why not let us help you shape up before your summer holidays? We have loads of classes to keep you fit and healthy, including Aerobics, Boot Camp and Body Sculpture. Or why not take advantage of one of our great membership schemes to our fitness suite, which houses the latest in gymnasium equipment, including C.V machines fitted with audio visual technology.


/RRNLQJIRUWKHSHUIHFWYHQXHWRKROG\RXUFKLOGUHQ¶VELUWKGD\SDUW\"7KHQ\RXUVHDUFKLVRYHU:HKave all the facilities here for a fun-packed event with a variety of activities for your guests to enjoy, including trampolining (always a popular choice), football and traditional pool parties.

SWIMMING LESSONS We still have plenty of spaces on our pre-school lessons and intermediate/advance lessons, so for more details or to book a place then please contact Toby or Graham on 01763 263313. Other activities on offer this Summer and Autumn include: ƒ A range of exercise classes including Pilates, Swim-Clinic (pool training session), Duathlon (triathlon training) and Boogie Bounce / Indoor and Outdoor Court Hire For further details on these or any other activities, please drop in, call 01763 263313 or go online at We look forward to seeing you soon.


TEEN TRAINING An hour fitness session using our fitness suite machines Age range: 14 years upwards Date: Monday ± Fridays / 15.30 ± 16.30 & Weekends /14.00 ± 15.00 / Price: £2.50 per session/10 sessions for £20.00 TRAMPOLINE COURSE This course is a great way to introduce your child into this fun and energetic sport. Start to learn all the basics including twists, shapes and drops!

Mondays 16.00 ± 17.00 (4 ½ - 7 years); 17.00 ± 18.00 (7-10 years); 18.00 ± 19.00 (10 ± 16 years); Price: £4.50 - £5.50 per session (booked on a term basis)


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