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CHIEF EXECUTIVE’S WELCOME Welcome to The Cam Academy Trust and to our Academies. We are delighted that you are interested in us and the highquality education that our Academies seek to provide. It is my privilege to oversee the work of our Academies and report to our trustees regarding this. Further details about our trustees are available via our website, Every Academy has its own Principal, Headteacher or Head of School who report to me and work to ensure the highest quality education in their own Academy. They work both with our central Trust staff and their own team of high-quality staff to ensure the best possible education for all pupils. Staff across our different Academies also work with each other to enable all pupils in all of our Academies to achieve the highest of standards. Further details about the provision in each Academy is available in their prospectus and on their website. Our over-arching purpose is simple: we want to secure educational excellence for all, with our Academies working at the heart of and serving their local communities.

Stephen Munday CBE Chief Executive of The Cam Academy Trust


Stephen Munday CBE

Every single pupil is supported to achieve his or her very best and to be well prepared for the future.


Excellence for all is our mission. We want to serve our local communities and help them to thrive.


THE CAM ACADEMY TRUST The Cam Academy Trust was named as such from 2016, taking over from the previously named ‘Comberton Academy Trust’. The current name clearly reflects what we are: a strong, locally-based group of Academies in the Cambridge area providing high-quality education for children and young people, serving the communities in which they are located. We have both Secondary and Primary Academies in our Trust, working effectively together across the local area to secure the best and broadest possible education for all. Increasingly, we seek to work between school phases to provide a seamless education throughout a young person’s school years. Our Academies are noted for the high quality of their education and for working with others to support staff and schools to continue to develop and improve their practice. Both Comberton and Cambourne Village Colleges are designated as ‘Teaching Schools’ and all of our Academies are involved in the crucial areas of Initial Teacher Training and staff professional development associated with Teaching School Alliances. This enables us to ensure that the highest quality of staff work in all of our Academies and are strongly supported to continue to develop their practice to secure excellent education for all pupils. As of Autumn 2019, the Academies that are part of The Cam Academy Trust (listed in chronological order of when they joined) are as follows: · Comberton Village College · Cambourne Village College · Melbourn Village College · Gamlingay Village Primary (formerly Gamlingay First School) · St Peter’s Secondary School, Huntingdon · Hartford Infant and Hartford Junior Schools · Jeavons Wood Primary School · Everton Heath Primary School · Thongsley Fields Nursery and Primary School · Offord Primary School


THE FIVE CORE PRINCIPLES At the heart of our work lie the five core principles of The Cam Academy Trust. These drive everything that we do:



The excellence principle. Education must be of the very highest standard.

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The comprehensive principle. Education must be for all types and abilities of pupils.


The partnership principle. Each Academy must seek to work positively in partnership with others for mutual benefit.


The international principle. The curriculum inside and outside the classroom must have a clear international dimension.

The community principle. Every Academy must be at the heart of its local community and serve it well.

It is clear that pupils enjoy school and enjoy learning in lessons. They relish the challenges presented by teachers in the work they are set.


Excellent teaching is a hallmark of our Academies. Top-quality staff work in the partnership with each other to share ideas and develop their professional practice. This helps to ensure that teaching is as good as it can be and all our pupils learn powerfully.


AIMS AND VALUES The fundamental principles of the Trust guide the aims and values of all of its Academies. We want to ensure that every individual pupil achieves his or her full, positive potential through a broad and high-quality education. All of our Academies’ pupils will be helped to become: • Capable. Through skills developed, attributes nurtured and qualifications gained, our pupils will be able to take a full, positive role in society. • Confident. Having had their abilities confirmed and seen them flourish, our pupils are confident to be able to make the most of their talents and contribute to their communities. • Caring. An emphasis on working with each other and recognising the position of other people throughout the world helps our pupils to develop a proper caring attitude.


WORKING TOGETHER FOR EXCELLENCE Central to the operation of The Cam Academy Trust is the way that our Academies work together to ensure: • The very highest quality of staff. Effective recruitment of very able professionals, coupled with powerful professional development, is key to our approach in ensuring the very best staff oversee the education of all pupils in our Academies. • The highest possible quality of education through the sharing of ideas, resources and successful ways of working. • The best and broadest possible range of educational opportunities for all of our pupils. This is secured through sharing curriculum, mutual extra-curricular activities and joint trips and visits.


The Cam Academy Trust fully recognises the responsibility it has under section 157 of the Education Act 2002 to have arrangements in place to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. Our safeguarding policy is available on the Trust website and sets out how the Trustees discharge their statutory responsibilities relating to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children who are pupils at the Academies within the Trust. The policy applies to all staff, paid and unpaid, working in all the schools, including governors. Support staff as well as teachers can be the first point of disclosure for a child. Concerned parents/carers may also contact the relevant Academy and its governors.



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