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Year 9 Battlefields Activities Week Information Evening Monday 14th July – Wed 16th July on trip Thurs 17th – Fri 18th July in school

Presentation by Ian Coyne Commercial Manager, Anglia Tours Ltd

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Comberton Village College Ypres Salient and the Somme 14th – 16th July 2014

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The Ypres Salient “I should like to acquire the whole of the ruins of Ypres. A more sacred place for the British race does not exist in the world�. Winston Churchill

Bayernwald preserved trench system

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Langemark German Cemetery

The Brooding Comrades Anglia Tours Ltd | T: 01245 231991 | E:

German Bunkers Links to WWII & Hitler’s visit June 1940

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Tyne Cot CWGC

In Flanders Fields Museum

The Menin Gate

The Last Post Ceremony - since 1928

Every group lays a wreath

The Somme –1st July 1916 “If Hell is like a battlefield – then God help the sinner.” Survivor – Leeds Pals

Serre – Orientation to 1st July 1916

Map of Serre Map of British and German front lines in front of Serre village

“We were two years in the making and ten minutes in the destroying”. A “Kitchener” soldier 1968

Newfoundland Memorial Park

Lochnagar Crater – Mine Warfare

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Thiepval Memorial to the Missing

Arras – Wellington Quarry

Guided tour of tunnels dug by New Zealand miners in preparation for the Battle of Arras, April 1917

Vimy Ridge The Battle of Arras April 9th 1917


Altia Hotel 3* hotel on the outskirts of Lille


First meal provided is dinner on Day 1 Last meal provided is a packed lunch on Day 3 SO bring a small pack up breakfast if you want it and a pack up lunch for Day 1

Currency Easy – Euros!

Spending money - £10-15 / €10-15 per day should more than suffice, depending on…

There will not be much time for souvenir shopping (Please have in advance!)

Chocolate Shopping

Don’t’ forget Mobile Phones iPods / MP3 / games consoles Cameras Adapters Safety – listen to guide at all times Traffic!

Don't take too much!!

Rob Webb lives in Norfolk where he trained as a teacher and gained a Masters degree from the University of East Anglia. He has recently retired, having taught history at schools in England and New Zealand for 37 years. He is fascinated by modern European history and the history of Germany in particular. His interest in the Great War was sparked by a visit to Ypres on Armistice Day in 1984 where he had the opportunity to meet and talk with a few surviving veterans of that conflict. He has regularly taken groups of students on study visits to Ypres, the Somme, Normandy and Berlin. As an enthusiastic teacher Rob enjoys helping young people to engage with and gain a deeper understanding of some of the conflicts that have torn Europe apart over the past century.

Robert Webb

Groups • Each student will have a group leader as a first point of contact • The group leader will be responsible for registering them and overseeing any problems they have • This does not mean that students will not mix with students from other groups • During the day students will need to be in groups of 4-6

Group leaders will be the following staff: Ms Burton Dr Woodman Mrs Davidson Mr Broe Mrs Allard

Contact in an Emergency •

If you need to get in touch with us for whatever reason then please contact the school who will contact us

Food • Breakfast: 7 - 9 am depending on the day’s activities (bread, preserves, cereals & fruit juice) • Dinner: 6pm – 7pm (usually a buffet dinner with pasta/potato options, a meat option, a veggie option, vegetables. Fruit for desert.) • The hotel has our special dietary information • Our booking is full board – we will get a simple packed lunch for the days we need it.

Valuables and Passports • Students must bring their passports and EHIC cards to the meeting that will be called in the next few weeks so that we have them before the trip leaves. • Mobile phones to be brought at own risk • Ipods / MP3s useful for coach journeys, and camera for taking pictures, but carried at own risk


• Drinks each day (bottled water) • Souvenir / gift money • It is a good idea to have some spare euros for use of toilets at tourist sites

Items to pack • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

If you would like to bring WELLIES (for the trenches) in a SEPARATE named bag. Sensible shoes (there is lots of walking around) Sensible clothing (short skirts and t-shirts when it’s likely to be rainy = not a good idea) comfortable trousers/shorts and jumpers especially for the trenches. Suncream Alcohol gel, wet wipes and tissues Plasters in case of blisters and insect repellent Any medication A towel (the hotel does provide so not essential) Toiletries Bottle to fill each day (to save carrying large mineral water bottles) Waterproof (just because it is July doesn’t mean it won’t rain!) Sun shades and sun hat Travel adaptor (straighteners/hairdryers brought at own risk) Rucksack (not a tiny handbag!) to carry water, lunches, suncream… Only one luggage bag is allowed, and one carry-on-the-coach bag PACKED LUNCH (and breakfast if you need it) for Monday

DON’T pack your passport or ALL of your Euros in your hold bag

Accommodation • All students attending the trip will be allocated rooms in a meeting before the trip. • There will be NO SWAPPING once rooms are set.

• • •

Rooms are in 2s, 3s, 4s and 6s We will try to keep girls and boys on separate floors. Staff will be evenly spread across the floors.

Rules • No sharing mobile numbers with strangers • No fewer than 4 in a group at all times • No more than 6 in a group at any time • Follow all instructions • No entering rooms that are not your own (especially boys / girls into rooms of the opposite gender…) • Respect staff instructions • Be courteous at all times

Monday 14th July • •

We will meet at CVC at 5.45am to leave promptly at 6.15am We will collect our Anglia Tours Guide at Maidstone Services and then carry on to the Eurotunnel and beyond, our crossing will be at about 9.30am. • Approx 11.20am (local time) arrive in Calais, travel to Ypres Salient; • Bayernwald – German trench system The development of Trench warfare; use of ground, trench construction, daily routine, technology, problems with trench fighting. • Langemarck German Military Cemetery; German cemetery ethos: the role of the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgrӓberfürsorge (VDK), Slaughter of the Innocents, the significance of Hitler’s 1940 visit; links to the causes of WW2. Sassoon’s ‘Reconciliation’. • Tyne Cot CWGC CWGC ethos, young soldiers, VCs, Empire troops; 1917 – 3rd Ypres ‘the Battle of Passchendaele’; Battlefield conditions • 1630 In Flanders Fields’ museum • 1800 Dinner in Ypres Chocolate shopping • The Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing Briefing for the Last Post Ceremony • 2000 Last Post Ceremony • 2020 Depart for accommodation • 2100 Arrive accommodation:

Tuesday 15th July • 0900 Depart accommodation • 1000 Arrive Somme, to include: • Serre and Sheffield Memorial Park The Somme 1916; Kitchener's Army and the Pals Battalions; Recruitment; The Plan; Going over the top 1st July 1916. Visit Serre Road Cemetery No. 2 and site of Owen’s bunker to read ‘The Sentry’. • Collect packed lunches from Ocean Villas Tea Rooms • Newfoundland Park The Newfoundland Regiment on 1st July; Preserved trench system and an opportunity to walk across the battlefield • Mansel Copse - The Devonshire Cemetery Attack of the 8th & 9th Devons; Lieutenant W N Hodgson ‘Before Action’ • Lochnagar Crater The use of Mine warfare in the Great War; • Thiepval Memorial to the Missing The Somme – a British victory? The impact of the battle; A chance for reflection; • 1800 Evening meal on the Somme tbc • 2000 Bowling at Planet Bowling, Lomme Return to accommodation.

Wednesday 16th July • 0900 Depart accommodation with packed lunch • 1040 Wellington Quarry 1050 ‘The Underground War’ – guided tour of the tunnels used by the British Army in the 1100 lead up to the Arras Offensive of 1917 • Vimy Ridge Preserved trench system; the development of Trench warfare; use of ground, trench construction, daily routine. Canadian Memorial to the Missing • 1400 Depart Arras area • 1620 Inbound Shuttle • 1600 Arrive UK (local time) • 1900 Arrive school (approx).

We will hold a meeting in the next few weeks to decide the following things: 1.Rooms 2.Activities for Thurs/Fri in school 3.Collect Passports Activities could include students getting into groups to:

-Pick a number of graves in some of the cemeteries we visit to then research when we get back to create a presentation. -Create a photo collage from the trip with reflections on the experience -Complete a presentation that could be shown to lower school pupils about an aspect of WW1 -Ideas that pupils have‌

Thursday 17th July @ Comberton Non school uniform Cashless catering card needed for lunches Buses are on as normal so when the buzzer goes at P1 8.25am go to room tbc to register with Ms Burton. P2 Break P3 11.45am Warhorse - LT P4 Warhorse - LT Lunch P5 Warhorse - LT P6 Warhorse - LT

Friday 18th July @ Comberton P1 P2 Break P3 P4 Lunch – OPTIONAL BBQ £3.50 P5 Dance Showcase PH P6 Dance Showcase PH

Finally… • Check your passport is in date!! • Check your EHIC card is in date • Euros – we won’t spend lots of time buying souvenirs so you don’t need hundreds! • A meeting will be called in the next couple of weeks to set rooms and collect passports for the trip • For the days IN SCHOOL you need your normal cashless catering card for lunches and any notes/photographs you took on the trip.`

Battlefields year 9 2014  
Battlefields year 9 2014