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Autumn 2017

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Mandarin Excellence Programme MELBOURN VILLAGE COLLEGE

Melbourn Village College has been accepted on to the national Mandarin Excellence Programme. It means that each year a group of Year 7 students will start on an accelerated programme of learning the world’s most spoken language with a view to taking a GCSE up to two years early. In September 2016, the school became the first in Cambridgeshire to offer the language as part of the Key Stage 3 curriculum. While their peers study the language for two hours a week, from this September the first cohort of 29 Year 7 volunteers will dedicate two additional hours to being taught Mandarin by specialist teacher Frank Fan. The Mandarin Excellence Programme is run by the Department for Education, University College London and the British Council and aims to have at least 5000 students nationally on track to fluency in Mandarin by 2020. It is only open to schools rated ‘outstanding’ or ‘good’ by Ofsted and who have shown a strong curriculum presence of Mandarin as well as having a minimum of two languages taught at the school. Students will be tested annually and will be expected to complete a variety of homework tasks in addition to the enhanced number of hour-long lessons, one of which will take place during Melbourn’s after-school enrichment programme. However, there are also rewards, with a heavily-subsidised two-week educational and cultural trip to China taking place at the end of Year 8. Melbourn Principal Simon Holmes said: “This is a recognition of the success of our first year of teaching Mandarin. “This was an intrinsic part of our original plan in developing Mandarin. We are delighted that we are one of the small number of schools that has been accepted on to this exciting programme.”

Raising awarness... raising funds

Arts & Minds

Students marked National Eye Health Week by raising money for Cam Sight, a charity which works with people living with low vision and blindness in Cambridgeshire. The school held a non-uniform day last Friday and raised close to £400 for the charity. Students also heard from Cam Sight spokesman Warren Wilson, a 21-year-old student at Anglia Ruskin University, who talked in assemblies about his own sight loss, which occurred suddenly from a genetic condition while he was at a Sixth Form college in Cambridge. Principal Simon Holmes said: “It’s not about people (with sight loss) not doing things. It’s about putting in the correct support so they can – that’s why we’re raising money.” Cam Sight aims to support local people of all ages with low vision and blindness to live the lives they choose by ensuring they have the information, support and technology to be independent and valued members of their communities. In the pink....staff baked or brought cakes to sell and raised £35 for the Wear it Pink campaign for breast cancer.

We are lucky to have be given the opportunity to participate in the “Arts & Minds” project, which is being led by Anglia Ruskin University. This allows small groups of selected students the opportunity to explore their creativity while improving their mental health and wellbeing. The 10-week programme is led by an artist and Frogs were the hopping across the classroom when 30 primary school pupils spent the day at their MVC– but the students taking part have been very enthusiastic and making the most of this valuable only metaphorically. opportunity. The Year 6 youngsters from seven schools were at Melbourn to experience a Maths Gifted and Talented Day. The session focused on how many hops it would take an army of frogs to swap from one side of the class to another. The students learned how to form algebraic rules and spot patterns through experimentation. Towards the end of the session, they created a web animation to show others how to do it themselves. Maths teacher Liz Neville said: “I was impressed with all the students and how quickly they spotted the patterns throughout. There are some excellent mathematicians in the group.” James Richardson, who teaches computing and led the animation section said: “It is always great to see enthusiastic students engaged in challenging tasks. I’m looking forward to seeing them at Melbourn next year.”

How did the frog cross the road?


Recent Ofsted report highlights innovative curriculum


An innovative curriculum that meets the needs of students has been praised by Ofsted inspectors after they visited Melbourn Village College last month.

Confirming a ‘good’ grading, the team made many positive comments whilst noting that the college had continued to improve the quality of education since the previous good judgement in 2013. The report said: “Leaders, including governors, have worked hard to create an innovative curriculum that truly meets the needs of pupils. Your vision is clear and parents value the ways in which the school offers their children a broad and rich curriculum alongside strong pastoral support.” Pupil behaviour and learning was highlighted as another strength. “Pupils’ conduct is exemplary. They are kind, respectful and welcoming of each other and staff. They respond well to teachers’ high expectations and speak positively of the support that they receive.” The teaching of Mandarin alongside Spanish in key stage 3 was also well received with acknowledgement that expertise on the governing body facilitated its introduction. Students told the inspectors they “felt privileged to study Mandarin”, and “decisive action to strengthen the quality of teaching and learning in modern foreign languages” has seen pupils in all year groups make significantly better progress. One of the key lines of inquiry for inspectors was about the progress of disadvantaged pupils, including the most able, and those with special educational needs and/or disabilities. The report confirmed “the school’s inclusive ethos is enacted in every area of the curriculum. The school’s ethos, ‘everybody is somebody’, is evident in the highly tailored provision for pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities”. The focus on literacy and numeracy skills for SEND pupils was also highlighted with the report noting: “Pupils make good progress in line with other pupils nationally in all areas of the Head prefects discuss the report with Principal Simon Holmes and Deputy curriculum.” Principal Reginal Lawrence Another area of interest for inspectors was how leaders are sustaining strong pupil progress in English and maths and they reported progress in both subjects was significantly above average in 2016, noting “strong teaching in both areas.” They also praised the effective use of teaching assistants who adapted work in both subjects to match the needs of the pupils they help. Principal Simon Holmes said: “We were delighted to see so many positive comments. As with any school, there are areas which we would want to improve and we will continue to focus on these. In the meantime it is heartening to see the positive aspects of the school highlighted and the students and staff given the credit they deserve.”

Which career?

Students from Melbourn Village College spent time considering their future options during a PSHE Careers Day at the college. The event, for Year 9 and 11 students, was organised with the help of Form the Future ( It brought together a wide range of local businesses enabling students to ask lots of questions and broaden their options about their futures. Year 11 were able find out about the wide variety of post-16 apprenticeships available, including degree level apprenticeships, in which students are sponsored to get their degree while working. Year 9 students all took part in a careers carousel, where they could talk to local employers about the employability skills and qualities they need to develop and the qualifications needed for different careers. The companies who took part included local solicitors, an accountancy firm and Melbourn-based TTP, who recently pledged £100,000 over the next two years to the college’s science department. Deputy Principal Regina Lawrence also stepped in to enlighten students about a possible career in teaching when one company couldn’t make it. Mrs Lawrence said: “At Melbourn Village College, we have a full careers programme and an integral part of this is offering all our students a chance to talk to employers. Thank you to all our visitors for taking time out of their day to support us. Everyone commented on how attentive our students were.”

Local companyTTP contributing to the careers carousel




Let the battle commence

The Battle of Hastings was replayed on the fields of Melbourn Village College as Year 7 students marked the anniversary of the 1066 event. It was the culmination of a study of the roles of William of Normandy and Harold Godwinson, their famous clash at Hastings, their personalities and suitability for kingship. Students also studied the events leading up to the famous battle, the night before the fight and the events of the day itself. Armed with swords and shields made at home, students then participated in a sequence of clashes between the English and the Normans to mirror what happened on the day. Senior prefects helps direct the Year 7s to keep them in formation and oversee safety, as well as informing the participants what was happening and the role of their section as the event followed a script based on the original battle plans, which eventually saw the Normans victorious History teacher George Tobutt said: “Students really enjoyed making their swords and shields at home before the re-enactment and we were really pleased to see 113 Year 7s take part in this enriching activity. “I strongly believe in taking the learning outside the classroom; this has been a firm commitment over the years by running trips to battlefields, the Rhineland, Paris, Rome and this year, in conjunction with other departments, we will be running trips to the Cern Super collider and next year to Iceland. “The students loved the battle recreation and learnt a good deal from it, the memories of being part of it will last a very long time.” The battle re-enactment came just a week after Ofsted praised Mebourn, part of The Cam Academy Trust, for its “innovative curriculum that truly meets the needs of pupils.”

Students at Melbourn Village College have been immersing themselves in battlefield trenches as part of their history studies on the causes and events of the First World War.

The Year 9 students have not only learned about the mental and physical challenges of trench warfare that reduced even officers to tears, but have been researching trench conditions and recreating the trench networks they have investigated. This resulted in a creative homework and a ‘Trench of the Year’ competition, which was won by Gabrielle Phillips. She spent six days researching, planning and creating such a meticulously detailed piece of work that showed outstanding historical detail and a clear love of the subject. Gabrielle hand knitted the sandbags on top of her trench, she used hundreds of lollypop sticks for the ladders, sides and even built a German and British dug-out on either side. History teacher George Tobutt said: “We’ve had so many fantastic designs made by talented and enthusiastic Year 9 students who have not only put a great deal of effort into the design process but also found out a great deal about life in the First World War as part of their research. “As the nation focuses on our national day of remembrance it is also important to remember the individuals who made up our forces and the stories they have passed down to us which tell us so much about our national story as well as our local community.” Principal Simon Holmes added: “It is the love of learning that inspires students to work towards reaching their potential and I am so pleased that students spend so much of their own time wanting to continue their studies after being inspired in class.”

Year 8 saving lives

Year 8 have enjoyed a First Aid taster session with Jackie from St Johns Ambulance. They have been taught about primary assessment for a casualty and have placed each other in the recovery position – enabling excellent life skills for their future. Students also took part in Operation Smokestorm which is aimed at improving students’ understanding of key smoking issues including, information about some of the chemicals used in cigarettes and the effects smoking can have. It also highlighted the tobacco industry’s approach and strategies to luring young people into smoking.




• Well done to Jessica Taylor and Rebecca Taylor in Year 10 who gained silver and gold awards respectively for the Education Perfect Science Championships over the summer. They were competing with students from around the world, so this is a fantastic achievement. Jessica was in the top 5% of all the competitors and Rebecca in the top 2%. Darcy Canning Year 8 exhibited her amazing art at the Foxton Art Gallery on the 17th, 18th and • 19th November. Darcy’s artwork was snapped up and she sold all of her pieces along with cards produced for the day. Her entry was sponsored by The MindEd Trust and all monies raised will go back to the charity to further assist others. Darcy will also be exhibiting at The Plough in Shepreth early next year. Look out for further details. • Well done to all our year 9 students on the Northern Hemisphere Languages Perfect competition. Between them, they answered 53,000 questions and came 4th in England for schools of our size. Great achievement. Congratulations go to Ben Nicholls – Silver, Emily Walter, Victoria Kay and Grace Martin – Bronze, James Leech, Molly Beasley, Isabel Taylor, Alfie Pearl, Gabrielle Phillips, Caitlin McFarlane and Alice Darcy’s Artwork Frewin – Credit. year. Look out for further details. • Congratulations to three of our fabulous Teaching Assistants Nicky Patel, Becky Jackson and Katharine Rolt, for completing and passing their level 4 advanced skills for TAs with SEN focus and to Craig Telford our ICT technician, who recently passed his apprenticeship Level 4 Foundation Degree. We're very proud of them all

Sporting Achievements

• On Tuesday 14th November, the A team High 5 netball competition took place led by MVC sports leaders. The primary schools competing were Harston, Foxton, Thriplow, Melbourn, Guilden Morden and Meldreth. They played in 2 pools and the winners and runners-up played each other at the end. Final positions were:- Harston, Meldreth, Foxton, Melbourn, Guilden Morden & Thriplow. Thank you to the sports leaders for umpiring and scoring the event. Round 2 is next term. • Congratulations to Mikaela Foumaki who has been selected for the cadet’s regional hockey team. • Congratulations to Daisy King, Rebecca Frisby and Daniel Frisby who all won gold medals at the Eastern Area Schools Judo championships. Daisy and Rebecca were in the Year 6/7 age band and Daniel in the Year 8/9. They are all doing brilliantly in the sport and have entered many competitions. Daisy, in particular, was so close to medalling at the British Championships for 10 & 11 year olds last year and is one of 2 Melbourn JC players selected to compete in the pre-Cadet Nationals in December. Sophie Willis took part in the Veteran Horse Society National Championships three day show at Grantham, with her pony TJ. Although they did not get • through to the Supreme Final, Sophie won the Young Handler Championship and Challenge Cup. Altogether the pair went on to win 13 rosettes. Sophie and TJ have also qualified for next year’s Championships. The 3 days were a very exciting and most enjoyable experience for them both. We are very proud of Sophie’s achievements. Many congratulations. • On Monday 16th October, the U14XI travelled to Cambridge to play the first round of the district hockey tournament. The team played Netherhall School first and won 2-1 with goals from Alice Frewin and Emily Haydock. They then went on to win against Cambourne beating them 1-0 with a goal from Lily Smith. Many thanks to Caitlin McFarlane who volunteered to be the goalkeeper at last minute. Player of the tournament goes to Emily Haydock for her skilful play in attack.This means they go onto the finals on 6th November at Abbey astro, Cambridge.

TTP investing in the future

Melbourn Village College has teamed up with leading technology and product development consultancy TTP to enhance teaching at the college.

TTP, based at Melbourn Science Park, have pledged £50,000 a year for the next two years to further help develop the school’s high-quality science teaching, both within the curriculum and outside it. The partnership, brokered by Melbourn governor Brian Clarkstone, comes as the college marks the dawn of a new era in their science department with a new head, Simon Callow, starting this term and leading a team in which the majority joined the school during 2017. Simon Holmes, Principal, said “This is a fantastic opportunity to boost the science experience of our students, both inside and outside lessons. Once we knew the money was confirmed our challenge was to recruit the highest calibre of Science teachers to join our existing staff and move things forwards. With Mr Callow and Dr Wilson, who arrived in January, I am confident we have the leadership in Science to do just Showing the way at the recent open evening that and to ensure the funding has a lasting legacy.” Peter Taylor, Group Chairman, The Science Team: Nayim Rahman, Tracey Mayhead, Head TTP Group said: ”We are delighted to be able to support Melbourn Village College on their mission to of Science Simon Callow, Dr. David Wilson, David Essien improve science services to all students. Science is such an important part of a child’s education and I believe, as a science employer and local business, that we should support the local community where we can.” Details of how the money will be spent are still being finalised but a bigger and better Science Week and a trip to CERN in Switzerland as well as new resources for day-to-day teaching are all under consideration.



The enrichment programme goes from strength to strength with students enjoying a wide variety of activities and lessons that they may otherwise not get a chance to experience. The running club grows almost weekly and with their own distinctive running shirts they definitely can’t be missed.

Definitely being seen....our running club

MVC Dancers using enrichment time to rehearse for the Christmas Concert 6

Why PE really matters


More than 70 leaders from primary and secondary schools across Cambridgeshire including Melbourn Assistant Principal John Barnes, attended an event at Comberton Village College to consider the purpose of education and the importance of physical activity in schools in developing well-rounded young people who are physically and emotionally well. As members of the Youth Sport Trust Headteacher Alliance, the event, called Every Great School, was hosted by Stephen Munday, Chief Executive of The Cam Academy Trust and Lesley Birch, Executive Principal of Cambridge Primary Education Trust. Mr Munday said: “We were delighted to be able to host this event. It was on a topic that really matters a lot: what is great education and why does PE and sport matter so much in that? “We had two of the top speakers in the country giving keynote addresses together with some great workshops put on by local practitioners. “The overall message was very clear. We need top quality PE and Sport in all of our schools for all of our pupils. There are many great local examples of how this is happening really well and making a major positive difference to the lives of young people.” Supported by the South Cambs School Sports Partnership, Cambridgeshire & Peterborough County Sports Partnership (Living Sport), The Youth Sport Trust and Cambridgeshire County Council, the event sought to make schools reflect on the type of young people we are trying to develop, how schools might do that and the crucial role that physical education can play. Delegates heard from two high profile keynote speakers, Geoff Barton, General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders and Alison Oliver, Chief Executive of the Youth Sport Trust. Geoff Barton was elected General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders in February 2017 and represents around 19,000 leaders of state and independent schools/colleges across the UK. Before this, for 15 years Geoff was head at King Edward VI School in Bury St Edmunds, a comprehensive school of 1650 students aged 11-18. Ali Oliver is the Chief Executive at the Youth Sport Trust, an independent charity devoted to changing young people’s lives through sport. Ali was previously Deputy Director of Sport at the University of Bath and Director of Netball, having started her career as a PE teacher. Geoff got participants thinking about what education is really for and the kind of young people we are trying to develop in our schools and got the message across that education has to be about more than just results and exam grades but developing well rounded young people with the necessary life skills to ensure they are happy, healthy and successful in school and their futures. Throughout he gave examples from his time as a headteacher of how high quality physical education and sport can play a crucial role in this and how he sees PE as an essential ingredient in a school’s success. He went on to urge other heads in the room to be strong in their leadership and back what they believed in. Ali then spoke to delegates about the value of physical education and physical activity and the impact it can have on young people’s physical, emotional and social wellbeing and ultimately the attainment and achievement of pupils and schools. Ali urged atendees to understand that PE isn’t just about teaching people sport skills and how to play sport, it’s about helping them to develop life skills such as resilience, empathy and teamwork, which, in turn, improve children’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Ali then went on to ask schools to consider if PE in their schools was fit for purpose or did it perhaps need repositioning a bit to make it more relevant. Participants at the event attended workshops on active classrooms, the daily mile, the relationship between mental health and physical health, active form times and the wellbeing of the whole child. One head said: “The guest speakers were really inspirational, it was a thought-provoking morning with some great workshops.” The morning concluded with a call for schools to pledge what they were going to do following the event to make a difference and increase the physical activity levels of their pupils, to help improve their overall health, well-being and attainment.

Sports plays a big part in the enrichment programme


Funding a transformation Round-up of the latest news from the South Cambs SSP

Primary school PE could be ‘transformed for a generation’ by new funding.

enhance current opportunities l Introduce new sports, dance or physical activities l Provide targeted activities to support and involve

staff in teaching PE and sport n broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils n increased participation in Training for teachers, more varied competitive sport activities, and new equipment to Ali Oliver, Chief Executive of get classes moving are helping to the Youth Sport Trust, said: usher in a ‘once in a generation’ “There is so much potential transformation of PE in primary for what schools can achieve schools. with this extra funding – it Every primary school is set to have presents the best chance we its Primary PE and School Sport have in a generation to really Premium funding doubled by transform PE and harness its government, with the money set to potential to improve be received this term. This funding children’s wellbeing. is ring-fenced for Physical “This generation is facing a Education, School Sport & Physical ENTER MORE COMPETITIONS: One use for the additional funding. health crisis as it experiences Activity and is allocated to head the lowest levels of physical, teachers and governors to decide how best to use the least active children social and emotional wellbeing on record. So we the money to address the needs of their school and must be ambitious. l Enter more sports competitions young people. “By 2020, we want to see every primary school l Provide additional swimming provision The average state-funded primary school now has teacher professionally developed to help teach lEncouraging physical activity into the school day 275 pupils on its role according to the Department of physical literacy with the same skill and passion as through initiatives like active playgrounds and Education’s latest ‘Schools, pupils and their language literacy and numeracy. We know that for all Balanceability training characteristics report’ - this means the average the training a primary school teacher receives, they There are 5 key indicators that schools should school could see up to £18,750 extra funding to help often get very little guidance on how to educate their expect to see improvement across: make PE fit for the 21st Century. pupils in and through movement, exercise and n the engagement of all pupils in regular physical The School Sports Partnership works with 47 primary physical activity. activity – the Chief Medical Officer guidelines schools across South Cambs and is supporting them “Children’s first formative experiences of PE at recommend that all children and young people aged to use the funding wisely and help ensure the primary school has an impact which can last a 5 to 18 engage in at least 60 minutes of physical funding boost has the maximum long-term impact. lifetime. Get it right and we will transform the life activity a day, of which 30 minutes should be in Schools locally have been using the funding to: chances of a generation. Get it wrong and too many school l Provide staff training children will continue to miss out on the benefits that n the profile of PE and sport is raised across the l Hire one of our PE specialists to work with physical activity brings to their health, happiness and school as a tool for whole-school improvement teachers to provide training and mentoring and help wellbeing.” n increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all

Same again as Meldreth bag title hat-trick

Meldreth Primary School completed a hat-trick of victories in the South Cambs round of the English Schools Football Association competition. And for the third time in a row it was Harston & Newton on the losing side as two of Melbourn Village College’s partner primaries battled for the small schools title (for schools with fewer than 120 pupils in Key Stage 2). The eventual runners-up held Meldreth to a 1-1 draw but then missed out in the penalty shoot-out. However, both schools qualified for the county finals after a day of intense under-11 seven-a-side competition in three categories. There was victory for Waterbeach over Hatton Park (Longstanton) in the large schools contest while Swavesey upset Histon & Impington Juniors, winners for the previous four years, to take the girls’ title in a penalty shoot-out. All four teams also go on to the county finals. Also in the girls’ competition, the Spirit of the Games Award, for team spirit and respect of the referees went to Melbourn. THE TOP TWO: Meldreth (left) and runners-up Harston & Newton Of the other feeder schools partnered with colleges in The Cam Academy Trust there were top-five finishes for Haslingfield and Year 3 pupils from Cambourne Village Barnabas Oley (Gt College’s partner schools recently enjoyed a Gransden), who were morning of sport as they took part in a multithird and fifth skills festival at the college. respectively in the Thankfully the weather held out as 120 girls’ competition, The youngsters took part in a series of different Vine and Jeavons activity stations, which developed their sporting Wood (both skills as well as encouraged teamwork, honesty Cambourne), who were and determination. joint third and fifth in The Year 10 and 11 sports leaders from the large schools Cambourne VC did a fantastic job in organising section, while and leading the activities and it is hoped the Haslingfield were also event will now become a permanent fixture in fifth in the girls’ event. NEW: Youngsters enjoy the first Multi-Skills Event at Cambourne. the calendar.

Skills on show at new event


New challenge

Round-up of the latest news from the South Cambs SSP

SPIRITED: Haslingfield’s orienteeers.

Commitment to sport A record number of 37 South Cambs Schools have recently secured a School Games Mark for 2016-17 in recognition of their commitment to the development of Physical Education, school sport and competition across their school and into the community. Partnership Manager, Claire McDonnell said, “I am delighted with the number of schools gaining an award this year. It really is great to see local schools being recognised and rewarded for their hard work and commitment to provide the very best opportunities for their pupils.” In all 71% of South Cambs schools achieved an award, with six schools gaining a School Games Mark – part of a Governmentled scheme - for the first time and 13 schools achieving Gold. Schools achieving the Gold award demonstrate a whole school approach to PE and sport, they have the wholehearted support from their headteacher and provide opportunities for all pupils at all levels. As well as this they are a community hub for sport, encouraging involvement from parents and community groups.” Among The Cam Academy Trust schools and their partner primaries there was gold for Comberton Village College plus Haslingfield, Harston & Newton, Meldreth and Coton Primary Schools. Silver went to Melbourn and Cambourne Village Colleges along with Jeavons Wood (Cambourne), Melbourn, Thriplow, Foxton, Barnabas Oley (Gt Gransden) and Dry Drayton Primary Schools. Schools achieving bronze include Hauxton, The Vine (Cambourne), Barton and Meridian Primary Schools.

The South Cambs School Sports Partnership recently hosted its first ever orienteering competition and the event was a great success. 120 children from 11 schools took part in the competition, which was open to children in Years 3 and 4 and aimed at those that don’t normally get a chance to represent their school in sporting competitions. Mixed teams of 3 took part in three different challenges including a team score competition, netball numbers and find the school games sports. Each challenge involved teamwork and communication as well as running to find markers. Claire McDonnell, Partnership Manager said: “The idea behind introducing a new sport such as orienteering was to try and appeal to a different group of young people who, perhaps, don’t like your more traditional sports. “Orienteering is an active outdoor sport that challenges both the mind and body with children having to work together, devise a plan, find points and make decisions. “It was great to see a different group of young people getting the chance to represent their school, experience being part of a team and have fun and enjoy themselves!” The event was hosted at Comberton Village College and leaders on the school’s Performance Plus pathway in Year 10

supported the event and were involved with leading the activities, supporting the teams and timing and scoring the challenges. Comberton PE teacher Harriet Shipley said: “The leaders did a fantastic job and the feedback from pupils and teachers was very positive. Lauren Higgins was nominated as the leader of the day thanks to her fantastic support of a pupil with additional needs. Congratulations to all of the leaders involved with this competition.” One of the Linton Heights teams won the team score activity, finding the 10 check points located around the school field in a fantastic time of 16.18mins. Netball numbers was won by a Meridian team, who completed all six courses and got all their sums correct in a time of 10.13mins. Finally the school games challenge was won by a Bassingbourn team, who located all 12 pictures in a speedy time of 4.20mins. ‘Spirit of the Games’ awards were also given out on the day and went to Haslingfield and Bassingbourn. Haslingfield demonstrated great determination and teamwork throughout the competition and in particular in the netball numbers challenge when things didn’t go to plan initially. Bassingbourn stopped to help fix one of the control points during the competition despite knowing that it would affect their time.

Pupils race for glory through the mud

WORKING IT OUT: Melbourn Primary School pupils get to grips with the orienteering challenges.

Partner primary schools which work with the secondaries in The Cam Academy Trust were unable to make an impact at the annual SCSSP Cross-Country competition at Wimpole Hall. More than 800 runners in Years 3-6 took part on a sunny but cold day last month with the conditions proving somewhat muddy as each race was hotly contested

with the first three runners counting. After the success of last year’s Year 3 and 4 competition it was decided to run it again but this year, to reduce waiting time, girls and boys ran together. The year 5 & 6 competition was run as separate races for girls and boys over the 1,600m, one-lap course. The atmosphere was buzzing as all of the runners were cheered on at the start and finish of the course by fellow pupils, staff and parents that had come to spectate! Every race was very competitive with runners keen to achieve their personal best and do their bit for the school team in pursuit of either the Year 3-4 or Year 5-6 Team Trophy. Runners from Swavesey Primary dominated the Year 5-6 competition with the first and third-placed finisher in both the boys’ and girls’ Year 5 races. As in 2016, Histon and Impington Juniors were second with Cottenham third. Linton Heights, who had held the Year 5-6 title, took the honours in the younger competition this time with Histon and Impington again finishing as runners-up with Swavesey third. Monkfield Park, Cambourne, took seventh in the Year 3-4 team event, a place ahead of Caldecote with Jeavons Wood, also Cambourne, in 12th. In the Year 5-6 section, The Vine, Cambourne, Monkfield Park and Caldecote finished ninth, 10th and 11th respectively. AND THEY’RE OFF: The start of the Year 6 boys’ race at Wimpole Hall.



The vision takes shape 21ST CENTURY SCHOOL: An artist’s impression of how the revamped Village College buildings will look.

The schooling situation in Gamlingay continues to develop, moving towards its intended outcome in September 2018.

Gamlingay First School is now a Primary School with pupils up to and including Year 6 in the school. It is currently continuing to operate on its historic site with some capacity created to enable the additional pupils to be accommodated there at the moment. From September 2017, the Middle School of Gamlingay Village College joined the Trust. The

Trust has committed to continue education for a small number of pupils in the school in Years 6 and 8 for this year only to help with the transition arrangements. This school will then officially close in summer 2018. From January 2018, pupils currently at Gamlingay Village College will move from their current site into temporary accommodation on the First School site. This will allow them to access all appropriate services for the remainder of the school year. This timing is set to coincide with major building work that will take place on the Village College site. This

Schools consider their options

Following the appointment of our Primary Executive Leader, Chris Jukes, who started in January 2017, Primary schools have continued to join our Trust and there are now four Primary phase schools. They are all working hard as individual schools and collaboratively to improve further the standards of education for all their pupils. All are making really positive progress. Recent visits to two of the schools from an educational advisor working for the Regional Schools Commissioner’s Office have confirmed this. Several more primary schools in our local area have asked to discuss the possibilities of joining the Trust and what this might mean for them. We are engaging positively with these discussions as these possibilities strongly fit with the Trust’s stated aims of being both locally based and cross-phase. Everton Heath Primary School (formerly Everton Lower School), which is just over the border into Bedfordshire and located very close to Gamlingay, is most advanced with this process. This school is now set to embark upon a formal consultation regarding the possibility of joining the Trust.

will allow the premises to be converted into a highquality Primary School that will be a proper permanent base for Gamlingay Village Primary. This work is due to be completed ready for the Primary School to move in before the start of the new academic year in September 2018. We are very grateful to all those associated with education in Gamlingay for working hard to see through these major and exciting educational developments for the community. Stephen Munday, CEO

OTHER SIDE OF THE DESK: Staff at the after-school Spanish class.

Spanish teaching project

Thanks to British Council funding as part of the Europe-wide initiative Erasmus+, staff at Cambourne and Comberton Village Colleges and some of their primary schools are learning Spanish. The LOT project (Learning – Observing – Teaching) aims for most pupils at primary level to reach A1 competence in Spanish by the end of KS2. At secondary level, the FLAME project (Foreign Language as a Medium of Education) aims for all KS3 students to have at least one half-term of learning another curriculum subject through Spanish by 2020. Some of our European counterparts have bilingual sections in schools in which students have 70% their curriculum taught in English. However, these initiatives are usually only for a small, identified cohort of students. It is our intention to build a modest, but significant, FLAME component into the curriculum experience for all of our students, in accordance with our overarching Trust principle of providing a broad, balanced curriculum and delivering high quality education to all of our their families soon. Jeavons Wood Primary School students. will be running a pilot with Year 4 pupils. We have 10 teachers officially involved in the project The purpose of this major development is to and their first priority is to develop their Spanish strengthen further the quality of teaching and knowledge. Project funding supports two intensive study learning that we are able to offer. visits, and in February staff will spend a first week in a If used well and partner school in Zaragoza. appropriately in the Teachers there are also upskilling to teach their learning process, such subjects in English and will visit during 2018. devices can strengthen To support the development of Spanish within the Trust, our education provision. Comberton Spanish teacher Paula Vázquez-Valero For staff using such devices, they can also be an effective way launched an after-school adult Spanish class, attended by several LOT and FLAME project teachers. The class of sharing more ideas and resources across the has also attracted many additional staff, who are not Trust and so improving further the education we part of the project. can provide all pupils. Up to 20 staff spend a fun hour a week learning Sean Sumner, Cambourne’s Deputy Principal, will Spanish at whatever level they are comfortable with, be seconded to the Trust two days a week for 2018 from complete beginners to the fluent. to take strategic leadership for the IT strategy.

Pushing ahead with IT plan

The Trust is working with all its schools to push ahead with our agreed IT strategy to be implemented in September 2018. The first phase is intended to introduce personal iPad devices for all Year 8 pupils in secondary schools in September 2018 and to look to roll out further from there. Details about what will be needed to enable this will be provided in due course. These devices will also be introduced for use in the Trust’s Primary schools but not with the model of one device per pupil in a whole year group. A crucial next step in this will be to run pilot groups in each secondary school with current Year 7 pupils. Details will be given to relevant pupils and

For job vacancies across the Trust, visit the CAT website at



ADULT EDUCATION AT COMBERTON, CAMBOURNE & MELBOURN 2018 Please see below some of our courses for the spring term, as advertised on To enrol please either ring 01223 264721 or email Most courses start week commencing 15th January 2018 but please check when booking. COMBERTON VILLAGE COLLEGE

TITLE Ballroom and Latin Dancing, beginners Ballroom and Latin Dancing, improvers Calligraphy, beginners NEW Photography, Digital Improvers NEW Spanish Language, Intermediate US & Australian 20th Century Art NEW

DAY Mon Mon Tue Wed Fri Mon

TIME 19:00 ʹ 20:00 20:05 ʹ 21:35 11:25 ʹ 13:25 19:00 ʹ 21:00 09:30 ʹ 11:30 13:00 or 19:00

WEEKS Weekly Weekly 9 8 9 9 x 2hrs

COST £4/wk £6/wk £79 £70 £79 £79


Cookery ʹ Dim Sum Glass Jewellery Making Life Drawing, beginners Southern French Winter Gastro Cookery Stained Glass Wired Sugar Flowers ʹ a bouquet Woodwork for Beginners (incl materials)

Sat 27th Jan Sat 27th Jan Sat 27th Jan Sat 27th Jan Sat 27th Jan Sat 27th Jan Sat 27th Jan

10:00 ʹ 16:00 10:00 ʹ 16:00 10:00 ʹ 13:30 10:00 ʹ 16:00 10:00 ʹ 16:00 10:00 ʹ 16:00 10:00 ʹ 16:00

£30 £35 £21 £40 £35 £35 £35


Basic Life Support, CPR & AED (27th Feb) Breadmaking, beginners Breadmaking, specialist breads (26th Feb) NEW Curry House Favourites NEW English Conversation for non-native speakers IT Skills for Work, improvers Painting and Drawing for beginners/intermediates Play Therapy NEW Sign Language (British Sign Language) NEW Woodwork for beginners NEW

Tue Mon Mon Tue Tue Tue Tue Mon Tue Tue

18:30 ʹ 21:30 18:45 ʹ 21:15 18:45 ʹ 21:15 19:00 ʹ 21:00 19:00 ʹ 20:30 19:00 ʹ 21:00 19:00 ʹ 21:00 19:00 ʹ 21:00 19:00 ʹ 21:00 19:00 ʹ 21:00

1 5 5 4 9 10 9 10 10 10

£25 £55 £55 £35 £59 £88 £79 £88 £88 £88


Beaded Jewellery Buying and Selling Online NEW Creative Papercraft and Cards Felting a Purse Henna Art for hands and feet Indian Vegetarian Delights Life Drawing, mixed ability Paediatric First Aid L3 ʹ 2 days 24th & 25th Spreadsheets, intermediate/advanced Springtime flower arrangement (incl flowers)

Sun 25th Mar Sun 25th Mar Sun 25th Mar Sun 25th Mar Sun 25th Mar Sun 25th Mar Sun 25th Mar 24th & 25th Sun 25th Mar Sun 25th Mar

10:00 ʹ 14:00 10:00 ʹ 16:00 10:00 ʹ 16:00 10:00 ʹ 16:00 10:00 ʹ 14:00 10:00 ʹ 16:00 10:00 ʹ 15:30 09:30 ʹ 16:15 10:00 ʹ 16:00 10:00 ʹ 13:00

£23 £30 £35 £30 £23 £30 £33 £80 £30 £30


Chinese Cookery, Middle China NEW Crochet, improvers NEW DIY French Language, refresher level Indian Thali (20th Feb) Men in the Kitchen (20th Feb) Pet First Aid (13th March) Thailand dishes (cookery) (21st Feb) Yoga (2 classes)

Tue Tue Tue Tue Tue Tue Tue Wed Tue

19:00 ʹ 21:00 19:00 ʹ 21:00 19:00 ʹ 21:00 19:15 ʹ 21:15 19:00 ʹ 21:00 14:15 ʹ 16:15 18:30 ʹ 21:30 10:30 ʹ 13:30 18:30/19:45

4 6 6 10 4 3 1 3 9

£35 £53 £53 £88 £35 £26 £25 £40 £40

Please note that staff are entitled to a discount, teaching staff 25% all other members of staff 50%




For those of you who don’t already know, we have:

A state of the art fitness suite offering a variety of membership schemes A 20 metre swimming pool (kept ever so slightly warmer than most!) A comprehensive swimming lesson programme, catering for all ages and abilities Upgraded multisports courts for hire including tennis, football and squash courts Water sports courses and activities Traditional and modern exercise classes Access to Melbourn Village College sports hall and gymnasium for activities such as trampolining, badminton and basketball Supervised sports and pool parties


We have loads on offer this winter, with something for the whole community to get involved with…. So why not come along and find out more about your local sports



With Christmas fast approaching, why not book a place on our Christmas KidzFactor activity days or our popular Christmas party, with a very special visitor! Looking to book a birthday or Christmas party? How about bouncing those cares away with a trampolining party, or have a splashing time with a fun pool party! We also have the adjacent Community Centre available for booking.


We’re not going to let those long winter nights stop us from enjoying our exercise! As well as our indoor facilities like the swimming pool, squash courts and sports hall, we have loads of classes to keep you fit and healthy, including Swim Clinic, Boot Camp, Aqua Fit, Pilates and Body Workout. We also offer table tennis alongside our normal indoor racket sports of Badminton and Squash. And they’re all reasonably priced, so the one thing that will stay plump is your purse!


We offer a variety of lessons for all ages and abilities. We currently still have plenty of spaces on our pre-school lessons and intermediate/advance lessons, so for more details or to book a place then please contact Robbie or Graham on 01763 263313.


With Christmas just round the corner, keep your eye out for our gift promotion – a fun and fit idea if you’re looking for something different to buy a loved one or friend (or treat yourself!) Or why not take advantage of one of our great membership schemes to our fitness suite, which houses the latest in gymnasium equipment, including C.V machines fitted with audio visual technology, an ideal present for a love one! For further details on parties, gift memberships or any of our activities, please drop in, call 01763 263313 or go online at We look forward to seeing you this season!

ACTIVITIES FOR TEENAGERS AND YOUNG ADULTS TEEN TRAINING An hour fitness session using our fitness suite machines

Age range: 14 years upwards Date: Monday – Fridays / 15.30 – 16.30 & Weekends /14.00 – 15.00 / Price: £2.50 per session/10 sessions for £20.00

TRAMPOLINE COURSE This course is a great way to introduce your child into this fun and energetic sport. Start to learn all the basics including

twists, shapes and drops! Mondays 16.00 – 17.00 (4 ½ - 7 years); 17.00 – 18.00 (7-10 years); 18.00 – 19.00 (10 – 16 years); Price: £4.50 - £5.50 per session (booked on a term basis)


Melbourn Sports Centre, The Village College, The Moor, Melbourn, Royston, Hertfordshire, SG8 6EF 01763 263313 / /


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