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Five Fashion Forward Trends You Need Right Now

When it comes to fashion, what is hot and what is not fluctuates with such regularity it’s no wonder many men opt to ignore fashion trends and stick with what they are comfortable with. Whether you consider yourself a fashion forward gentleman with his finger on the pulse of the latest trends or a regular blue jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, here are the five spring and summer fashion trends that you need to know right now.

Monochromatic Matching Monochromes may sound boring, but they are anything but. Thematic styling — think color family — is this spring and summer’s go to look. The versatility of this style extends itself to any kind of event or scenario you can think of. For a perfect office wear look, go for rich navy tones. Attending a weekend wedding? Dove grey is a striking choice. The color palettes are as varied as you could wish. As we move into warmer summer weather, why not strike out and try softer pastel colors or more neutral tans and ecrus. Just remember not to go overboard with one color family; no more than three tonal items per outfit is the rule.

Vertical Stripes and Checks If you look in your closet right now you will probably find a plethora of stripes and checks, so how can they be on trend right now? If you take a closer look at what is coming down the runway this season, you may find that your closet needs a little updating. Stripes are nothing new in fashion, but there is a fine line between stylish and dowdy. The key to staying on the right side of fashionable is the size of your

stripes. Look for straight, narrow, and simple stripes. Always remember that less is more and stick with one striped piece at a time. Checks are nothing new in fashion, but choose the wrong pattern and your outfit may seem a little dated. This season, opt for larger patterns like windowpane or heritage. When wearing checks make sure to keep the rest of your outfit toned down in order to avoid being an eyesore.

Side-Striped Trousers Side-striped pants are not just for track suits and the “athleisure” look anymore. With some of the biggest names in fashion sending them down the runway this season, the side stripe is utterly on trend this season. To avoid looking like you are on your way to the gym make sure you pair your side-striped look with a more refined top — think slim-fit or a simple button down shirt.

Tropical Print Shirts Usually gaudy, over the top, and never subtle — in other words, everything fashion is not — tropical print shirts are one of the summer’s hottest trends this year. To pull off this look, pair the shirt with dark-colored pants or jeans. Make sure to choose a subtle pattern with a simple design and color palette— otherwise, you may end up looking like the fun uncle at the family barbecue.

Technical Jackets It is time to put away your bomber jackets and embrace the technical jacket. Do not let the name put you off your fashionable feed. The windbreakers and anoraks of past years are not what we are talking about here. This season, the technical jackets pack all the weather-fighting punch of their more drab cousins but are designed to offer stylish options no matter what you are wearing underneath. Opting for a technical jacket serves double duty; you can have both style and practicality in one simple piece.

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Five fashion forward trends you need right now  
Five fashion forward trends you need right now