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December 16, 2010

Board begrudgingly OKs OAPSE contract Drivers voted to forgo base-pay raise but wouldn’t budge on step increases By MARLA K. KUHLMAN ThisWeek Community Newspapers

The Gahanna-Jefferson Board of Education approved a contract with its bus drivers Dec. 9, but the OK didn’t come without comments from a frustrated superintendent and board members. The district’s bus drivers, who are members of the Ohio Association of Public School Employees (OAPSE) Local 249, are taking no increase to their base pay, but they will continue to receive step increases based on years of experience. Considering the district is facing $6million in cuts for next school year after two failed levy attempts, Superintendent Mark White said he finds the step increase

step increases, but it decided to take them anyway. “I support the laws in Ohio, but that Oddly enough, in ... collective part of the contract I find troubling,” he said. bargaining, this board is Kathy Nicely, representing OAPSE, defenseless in light of state said the group voted to waive the 3-perlaw and court-case cent base-pay increase because of the levy failure. precedents that argue that “We tried to be on board to a point, ” this group is entitled she told ThisWeek. “We didn’t want to to these raises. freeze our step increases.” She said the step increase affects 34 of JILL SCHULER the 44 contracted drivers. G-J school board member The one-year contract extension is effective Jan. 1, 2011, through Dec. 31, in the contract “troubling.” He said the 2011, and it consists of terms of the agreedistrict had asked the union to forfeit the ment in effect from April 1, 2008, through

Dec. 31, 2010. Board member Jill Schuler, who cast the lone no vote, expressed sadness at the board’s inability to manage its district and finances as Ohio laws currently are written. “Oddly enough, in a situation called collective bargaining, this board is defenseless in light of state law and courtcase precedents that argue that this group is entitled to these raises,” she said. “Regardless of our financial situation, our attorney has advised us that these terms will go into effect no matter the actions of this board.” She said its “unfathomable” to be asked to take dollars out of the classrooms,especially considering that $6-million will

need to be cut in the near future. “School districts are held hostage,” Schuler said. “This affects every board and every unit that deals with collective bargaining. We are required to spend money that we don’t have.” Board member ClaireYoder said she’s uncomfortable with the situation. “These are wonderful folks that do things for our kids,” she said. “Bus drivers are the first friendly faces our kids see. We have one goal in mind — to protect kids and give them a quality education.” Yoder said she hopes there’s a time when the board could ask OAPSE to “reSee OAPSE CONTRACT, page A2

income-tax increase

Council members question CFAC’s recommendations By MARLA K. KUHLMAN ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Gahanna City Council prodded the Citizens Financial Advisory Committee (CFAC) Dec. 13 on issues ranging from how to sell a recommended income-tax increase of 1 percentage point next year to ideas on attracting and retaining small business. One of the recommendations by CFAC is to raise the city’s income tax from 1.5 percent to 2.5 percent, saying the increase would allow Gahanna to continue providing services that residents have come to expect. The group suggested that the issue be placed on the November 2011 ballot. Council president Tom Kneeland questioned the recommended modification of the tax credit from 83.3 percent to 85 percent paid by residents who live in the city but work in another jurisdiction. “That’s council actionable,” he said, meaning the issue wouldn’t have to go to the voters for approval. He also asked if the tax credit and income-tax increase should be acted on concurrently. Jerry Isler, CFAC member and former city finance director, said

City works to self-insure for workers’ compensation Gahanna plans to become self-insured for workers’compensation benefits come February or March. Human-resources director Kristen Treadway told Gahanna City Council members Dec. 13 that the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation has approved the city for becoming self-insured (SI). “It’s a move many entities are doing to save money,” Treadway said. “Westerville was also approved. I’ve been pushing hard to get this apSee SELF-INSURE, page A2 the tax credit should be acted on by council only if residents approve the tax increase. The committee’s report to council noted that because of the makeup of the city’s tax base, the parSee CFAC IDEAS, page A2

City prioritizes its plowing schedule By MARLA K. KUHLMAN ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Gahanna residents shouldn’t expect residential streets and courts to be cleared by city street plows following a few inches of snow this winter, but they won’t be stuck after heavy snowfalls either. Service director Terry Emery told ThisWeek new procedures are in place for the city’s street clearing program that prioritizes what roads will be cleared and when. No overtime will be spent by the city to clear residential streets and courts after two-inches of snow or less, or even several inches of snow, according to Emery. But if Gahanna experiences a snowfall of six inches or more, crews will work around the clock to clear residential streets including Academy Circle, arterial streets

such as Hamilton and Granville and collector streets like Academy Woods. Arterial and collector roadways will also be cleared and overtime will be allowed for more than two inches of snow. Those same streets will be plowed for snows of two inches or less but only during regular hours, with no overtime. “What I want people to understand is that we can’t afford to spend the amount of money we spent during last year’s winter,” Emery said. “We had to modify our procedures to establish thresholds of doing certain things.We’re trying to modify operations to reduce costs associated with overtime and still keep streets safe and clear.” Last winter Gahanna experienced multiple ice and snow events

By Adam Cairns/ThisWeek

Lions roar past Eagles Brandon Staneluis of the Gahanna Lincoln High School hockey team controls the puck in front of Watterson’s Denis McPhillips during the Lions’ 13-1 rout of the Eagles last Saturday at Chiller Easton. See Sports, page D1.

See PLOWING, page A2


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SELF-INSURE Continued from page A1 proval.” The city is expected to save $1million over five years by becoming SI, according to Treadway. “It’s a different way of doing business,” she told ThisWeek. Instead of paying state-fund premiums, Treadway said, the city will pay its claims “dollar for dollar.” The administration recommended the change as a cost-savings measure because the city faced a 67-percent increase in 2011 based on injuries experienced in recent years. SI is an alternative rating plan offered by the BWC for large employers who want to take on the responsibility of paying all com-

pensation and medical payments for their injured workers, Treadway said. Although the city would be required to set aside a reserve amount to cover potential future expenses from an injury, she said, the approach has two benefits. First, the city would maintain control of the reserve, not paying anything out unless expenses were incurred. Second, any amount that isn’t needed would remain with Gahanna, Treadway said. In other discussion Monday, Treadway asked council members to consider approving a proposed Steelworkers Health & Wellness agreement, involving 32 employees, for 2011. Overall, she said, the rates increased 9 percent. Treadway has met with the labor-management team regard-

ing the increases, and both sides will review them further during negotiations. Treadway also requested a waiver and emergency for annual salary ordinances for part-time, classified supervisor, unclassified and command staff, effective Jan. 2. Citing the economic climate, she’s making no recommendation for a market adjustment to the salary scales. In addition,although performance appraisals were completed in the appropriate time period, Treadway said, no money is allocated or being requested in the 2011 budget for salary increases; therefore, no raises are reflected in the ordinances, except for employees below market who are on a set plan.

CFAC IDEAS Continued from page A1 tial credit would provide additional revenue and ensure that all residents are paying some income tax to the city. Even with the increase in the credit, the result would be a net increase in taxes paid to the city from a resident who works outside the community. Council member David Samuel asked if CFAC had addressed the attraction and retention of business to Gahanna. Eric Troy, CFAC member, said Gahanna has to find the needs of small business and look at growth opportunity for the entrepreneur. He said the city should be more aggressive in marketing its attributes, including its proximity to the airport, Easton and golf course. In making the suggestion for the income-tax increase, CFAC member Matt Monell said it was based on Gahanna’s services and such attributes as the parks that attract people. “If we allow the infrastructure to wane and fall in disrepair, it makes it less attractive to come here,” he said. Mayor Becky Stinchcomb said she greatly appreciates all of the time CFAC members have spent. “My challenge is that we’re in a community that didn’t pass a school levy or township (issues),” she said. “The challenge is how to get the citizens to see what you see.” She said the report suggests going on the ballot in November, when every Gahanna official is up for re-election. “It will take some guts,” Stinchcomb said. “I will ask council early next year if they will vote to put it on the ballot.” Although council might not agree with the recommendation, she hopes members would sup-

December 16, 2010

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Rocky Fork Enterprise

port placing it on the ballot to get people talking. “I think going on the ballot starts the conversation,” she said. “I think we have to do that.” Stinchcomb said administrative staff would have a Jan. 21 “visioning” meeting to look at what’s mandatory according to Ohio Revised Code and city charter, as well as the city’s core functions and what’s secondary. The report from CFAC will be

a good place to start, she said. Though the CFAC recommendations involved consensus of the 15-member group, Monell said, some thought the income-tax increase was too high. The proposed rate hike would amount to a 67percent increase. “Let’s go out there and have those difficult discussions,” he said. “It’s up to you what type of community you want to live in.” — Marla Kuhlman



Continued from page A1

Continued from page A1 that cost the city $400,000 for street clearing, Emery said. “Last year was an unusual year,” he said. “We almost had circumstances occurring every day from ice to snow falls. Most winters you have sporadic stuff.” The service department has overtime designated in two areas of the budget that can be used during the snow season. For 2011, Emery said $65,000 has been b udgeted that could be used for snow removal, but that overtime could also be needed for other circumstances such as the clearing of trees or debris from high winds. “We get a wide range of circumstances to address, ” he said. “The other account we use is for materials. Our different materials include gravel or stone, anything we purchase for the year to do patch work for the streets. That’s also where we pull (funds) for our salt.” The service department has about $140,000 in the materials budget for calendar year 2011. “What we’re using now is from the 2010 budget,” Emery said. He noted that the city has always received accolades for its aggressiveness in snow and ice clearing, but the city previously plowed all streets after two inches of snow. “We will continue, hopefully, to be effective,” Emery said. “Hopefully people will still be able to navigate our streets and get out. We’re attempting to modifying things to come in line with what the budget allows and initiate a program that’s still effective.” Gahanna police notify the service department of dangerous areas and crews will respond accordingly, according to Emery. The city has as many as 20 personnel who can w ork around the clock for large snowfalls with as many pieces of equipment, including tractors, loaders, two-ton and one-ton vehicles as well as pick-up trucks. “When we’re full bore, that’s what we’re pulling from to get it done,” Emery said. “We’re trying to be cognizant of the smaller snowfalls and when we get into big snowfalls with 6 to 8 inches of snow, people won’t be trapped. Any snowfall of six inches or more, we’ll have 24-7 operations so they can get in or out of neighborhoods.”

think” its decision. “We need to work better together to resolve our financial issues,” she said. Board member Scott Mounts said it comes down to the fundamental question of “What’s the right thing to do?” Board members Windy McKenna, Mounts, Yoder and Charley Wise voted for the agreement. In his report,White said G-J is in the process of planning b udget reductions for next school year. “I’m working with groups at this time,” he said. White said he expects to provide specifics in February regarding personnel cuts,class sizes and pay-to-participate fees. “We’re looking to see what the state will do,” he said. “They’ve said to expect significant reductions. I imagine we’ll be back on the ballot in 2011.” If the district doesn’t pass an operating levy sometime in 2011, White said, G-J will have to cut another $10- to $16-million from its budget for the following year. “We’re looking at streamlining our operations,” White said. “People are still focused on the students. I’m proud how the staff is handling the adversity.” The Gahanna schools’6.8-mill operating levy failed in the November election by 96 votes.

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December 16, 2010

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Rocky Fork Enterprise

Gahanna boy wins ‘Me and My Pal’ contest By MARLA K. KUHLMAN ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Franklin County dog owners will see the artwork of Gahanna fifth-grader Harley Wheaton when they purchase their 2011 dog licenses. Wheaton, 11, is the winner of the “Me and My Pal” drawing contest that was created by the Franklin County Auditor’s Office to help promote responsible pet care and ownership. “This is a great opportunity to engage our young people early and ensure they take ownership of responsible pet care,” said Clarence Mingo, auditor. “It gives the kids who participate an idea of the importance of being responsible.” From among 350 entries Wheaton won the top prize, including hundreds of dollars in gifts. His artwork will be displayed everywhere in Franklin County where dog licenses are sold. In 2009, Wheaton won the same contest in the fourth-grade division. He is the son of Teri MechenBy Tim Norman/ThisWeek bier of Gahanna and Chris Wheaton of Galena. Gahanna fifth-grader Harley Wheaton holds his dog, Bailey, next “I like to draw,” Wheaton told to his winning entry in the Franklin County Auditor’s Office “Me and My Pal” drawing contest for 2010 prior to a ceremony at the ThisWeek. “I do a lot of drawing when I come home (from Capital Area Humane Society on Dec. 11. Wheaton’s drawing school).” was selected from more than 300 entries.

The Jefferson Elementary student’s winning entry features himself and his dog Bailey, a 3-yearold Shih Tzu, lying near a fireplace. “They say that a dog is a man’s best friend,” Mingo said. “Looking at Harley’s drawing, the special bond that exists between a pet and its o wner is clearly evident in the picture’s warmth.” Wheaton, who said he would like to become a veterinarian, has taught Bailey basic commands including “sit” and “speak.” “I won a free dog license,food and treats for Bailey and different coupons and other tickets for places like Magic Mountain and Co-Co Key,” he said. Wheaton also recently won a free grooming session for Bailey through a silent auction at Creekside. He planned to use that before taking Bailey to the Dec. 11 “Me and My Pal” awards ceremony at the Capital Area Humane Society in Hilliard, where the kids were given prizes and licenses for their dogs. In addition to Wheaton, High Point Elementary second-grader Samantha Van Hoose, of New Albany, won in the non-dog owner category. A panel of Franklin County art teachers chose the contest

winners in two categories, dog owner and non-dog owner, from each grade level. Other winners are Aaliyah Banks (Avalon Elementary); Isabella Bibart (Maryland Elementary); Ryley Burns (Cranbrook Elementary); Alice Congelio (Indianola Elementary); Paravi Das (Bluf fsview Elementary); Hunter Fortin (Genoa Elementary); Kira Hardy (Westgate Elementary); Evan Hoke (Wilson Hill); John Laing (Montrose Elementary); Alexander Lebron (Wickliffe Progressive Community School); Elia Mild (Worthington Estates); and Cheney Owens (Park Street Intermediate).

Franklin County residents can license their dogs now through Jan. 31, 2011. “There’s really benefit to the public because the tag pro vides great information about that dog,” Mingo said. The auditor’s office this past year licensed more than 105,000 dogs, with about 45 percent of those purchases coming online. For more information and to license your dog, visit or contact the dog license section at 614462-3260.

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ALL “U” CAN EAT SPAGHETTI DINNER FRIDAY, DEC. 17, 2010 • 5 PM - 7:30 pm $7 Per Person • $3.50 Children under 12 ALL “U” CAN EAT! Spaghetti and Meatballs, Salad, Italian Bread and Dessert

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Gahanna Parks & Recreation 614-342-4250

Friday 4pm-7pm Saturday 12-6pm Sunday 1pm-5pm

Rink is near the Rotary Stage & open during park hours - skate FREE with your own skates! 00



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This home has 3 spacious BR, large family rm w/ fireplace, full finished bsmt & attached garage. Kitchen has ceramic title, newer appliances & the entire home has fresh paint. Enjoy the deck w/ attached sun room that leads to the fenced yard. Updates include new roof, remodeled baths, new paint & basement has been waterproofed w/ transferable warranty. 291ARR Call Melissa Roush at 614-729-6936.

Sit on your back screen porch & look out to your wooded park like back yard. This 3 BR, 2 BA, ranch home w/first floor laundry & master w/walk-in closet and private bath, is move-in ready. Great room w/fireplace & cathedral ceiling. Large eat-in kitchen w/pantry, professionally finished basement, insulated windows, and insulated 2-car garage w/built in cabinets. 36AST

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Very well maintained & updated 3 BR, 2 BA ranch home on over a half acre features new kitchen cabinets & appliances, 2-car heated garage, full bsmt, fenced yard, new roof & more! 4903HAY Call Tammy @ 614-554-7837



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Spacious 2-story home features 2,264 SF, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, great room w/cathedral ceilings & fireplace, island kitchen, loft, 1st floor laundry and a 1st flr master suite w/walk-in closet, double vanities, shower and Jacuzzi tub! Priced to sell! Won’t last long! 670MAN

Shows like new in lovely established neighborhood. This 4 BR, 3 BA, home offers a first flr mother-in-law ste, 3-car side load gar, nearly 1/2 acre corner lot & over 3,000 SF. Open flr plan w/soaring ceilings, transom windows, gleaming hdwd flrs, solid 6-panel wood drs, columned DR, central vac, master w/whirlpool tub & much more! New roof, carpet & H2O tank too. 1310WELL

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December 16, 2010

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Rocky Fork Enterprise

Commentary and opinion

Opening April 2011 … Central Ohio’s Newest Golf Facility

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Driving Range • Largest practice tee in central Ohio • 5 target greens • Great views of Columbus skyline

Par 3 Golf Course • Championship design by Hurdzan Fry • Bentgrass tees and greens

As it were

By the 1850s, railroads were opening up America’s ‘west’ Today we take railroads pretty much for granted. The network of rails across the state is not as extensive as it once was and passenger service is simply not available in many of Ohio’s cities and towns. But for all of that,the railroads serving Ohio still carry an immense amount of freight and raw materials. And they do it without being paid much heed by the people of the state. Such was not always the case. By the end of the 19th century, Ohio had become the thriving center of an industrial belt that stretched from Pittsb urgh to Chicago and produced more steel, refined more oil and slaughtered more livestock than just about any place else on Earth.To serve those ne w large b usinesses and the cities around them, Ohio and other Midwestern states in the years after the ED Civil War had LENTZ constructed a transportation system lik e no other. While many people still used roads, canals and river boats to move both themselves and their goods, most people traveled by rail. It was a phenomenal change in how we lived and how we got around and it had happened in a few short decades. But even 50 years earlier, when railroads were in their infancy, some people recognized that these large noisy, smoky machines were the wave of the future. When the first train arrived in Columbus in 1850 on the newly completed Columbus and Xenia Railroad, most people treated the arrival of the locomotive at the new railroad station — where the Hyatt Regency is today — as a moment deserving cheers, speeches and a cessation of work. In fact, to mark the event, a special train of dignitaries made the journey to Xenia and back. Like the opening of the National Road and the Ohio Canal many years earlier, and the opening of the Port Columbus many years later, a change for the better in how we traveled was a cause

for celebration. ing a wagon on rails with a steam We should note in passing that engine had been under way in the opening day of rail traffic in Europe and America since the Columbus had been a long time coming. Experiments in powerSee AS IT WERE, page A5

Putting Course • 18 holes on bentgrass • One-of-a-kind in central Ohio

Short Course ~ Short Game Practice Area

(opening summer 2011)

• Short course holes 30 to 60 yards • Patterned after course at Turnberry, Scotland • Complete short game practice area

811 Science Blvd., Gahanna, Ohio 43230

Call (614) 792-9121 Credit Cards Welcome

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PROFESSIONAL DIRECTOR Y Courtesy of Columbus Metropolitan Library

Downtown Columbus in 1854


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5965 E Broad St, Suite 320 Mt Carmel East Campus 864-6649 • 1-800-864-1077

Robert B. Lowe D.D.S.

James T. Hutta, D.D.S.

General Dentistry. Early morning and evening hours available.

Specialist in Orthodontics. Adults & children.

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December 16, 2010

Page A5

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Rocky Fork Enterprise

AS IT WERE Continued from page A4 1820s. Successful experimental trains had been running since the 1830s and by the 1840s, short line railroads were operating between many of America’s larger towns. Indeed, if one wonders why Columbus built its first railroad to Xenia, it was not because the town is a pleasant and prosperous place — which of course it is. It was because one could catch the Little Miami Railroad in Xenia and travel to Cincinnati, then the largest city in the state. And people did just that. It should not be too surprising to find that by 1854, one entrepreneur or another would try to make a little money off the rise of the railroad. Within only a few years, a railroad train had come to be viewed less as a moving bomb waiting to explode than as a quick and pleasant way to travel. As they did, people were often curious as to what they were seeing as they rocketed through the countryside at the unheard of speed of 15 miles an hour. To meet that need, “The Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland and Erie Railroad Guide” was published by the Ohio State Journal company in Columb us in 1854. It is interesting to note that while the newspaper promoted itself on the title page of the book as “chromeographic and ornamental printers,” the author of the guide chose to remain anonymous. An apparently articulate

and well-educated person, the author perhaps felt a literary career might be ruined by identification with something as mundane as a railroad guide. The author had no reason to worry. The guide reads quite well to this day and gives the modern reader a wonderful glimpse of central Ohio more than 150 years ago. On the one hand the book is a traveler’s guide to the world passing by. “The Scioto River is one of the principal rivers of the state, and interlocks near the border of Logan County with the headwaters of the Little Miami,up which we ascended by the Little Miami Railroad 60 miles. Since then we have passed over the elevated plain, which divides the valleys of these streams. We came onto the waters of the Scioto 40 miles west of Columbus, and have since been in what geologists call the Valley of the Scioto.” But more than a description of local scenery, the Guide is a traveler’s introduction to the towns and cities along the w ay. While modern guides offer advice as to places to dine, rest and refuel, the Railroad Guide assume that one would be doing all of those things on the train. So much of the Guide describes what we today w ould call “Points of Interest.” It says something about the people of that time and ours as to how differently we def ine the major points of interest in our city. A few examples should suffice. “There are not more than thir-

ty cities and towns in the United States, larger than Columbus…The causes of its growth are various. The erection of many great public buildings; and the expenditure of large sums of public money is one cause. Manufactories, of which there are several large establishments, is another. The great fertility of the surrounding country, adds also largely to its resources. The number of persons in public institutions and in public employment here, cannot be less than 1,000. At the present time,Columbus is likely to be the centre of numerous railways crossing the state in various directions.” “The public buildings are so numerous and remarkable, as to be worthy of special note….” Noting that the current traveler may have other Columbus attractions closer to the top of his list of places to see,it is still hard to disagree with our anonymous guide as he leaves Columbus for Delaware and points north. “When we reflect that it is only 40 years since the town was laid out in a wilderness, this must be regarded as one of the most striking evidences of the rapid growth and prosperity of the Western people.” As “Western people,” we were not quite the Midwest yet. But because of the railroad, that is who we were about to be. Ed Lentz writes a history column for ThisWeek.

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Lauren Polk 614-506-6795

Teresa Polk 614-560-9795

Courtney Polk 614-633-8114

Blacklick Ridge/ Gahanna Schools

Harrison Pond

Waggoner Park

Gahanna Schools! Beautifully landscaped cul-de-sac lot with a paver patio! Gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances and recessed lighting! Finished lower level with office space and media room! Hardwood flooring, surround sound, newer roof and carpeting are some of the additional upgrades! Don’t miss this one! $194,900

Updates include bamboo hardwood flooring on the first level, a finished lower level with a gym, granite counter tops, a stamped concrete patio and a fenced in yard! The master bathroom has a separate tub and shower and a custom closet! Den/4th bedroom! 2nd floor loft! Community pool and clubhouse! $299,900

This Waggoner Park condo has it all! The fabulous kitchen has white cabinetry, a breakfast bar and all of the appliances stay! The master bedroom has a private bath and double closets! There is no shortage of storage space here! The washer and dryer stay too! There are 2 community pools, 2 clubhouses and 2 gyms. $74,900

Blacklick Ridge/ Gahanna Schools

Waggoner Trace

Hampsted Green

Well maintained condo

3% in closing costs thru MI Homes! Upgrades galore! Granite counter tops and high end stainless steel appliances make this a kitchen! Entertain in style in the finished lower level with a custom bar, or take the party outside on the deck to the wooded lot! Master retreat will not disappoint! $219,900

Waggoner Trace Beauty! Features include a fabulous, fully applianced kitchen w/a serving bar and rounded wall, 3 sided fireplace, 3 full BA, a HUGE master suite w/2 sink vanity and separate tub/shower and a den/4th bedroom! The fenced-in patio area makes this perfect for entertaining in the warmer months! $153,000

Large foyer leads to open floor plan. Features include neutral decor, hardwood floors, formal Dining and Living rooms, vaulted Great room with fireplace. Finished Bonus room or 4th bedroom. Paver patio with beautiful landscaping. Shows Great! $304,000

w/1st floor master suite. Spacious open floor plan includes a living room w/ gas log fireplace, dining room, kitchen w/breakfast bar & Florida room. Private Guest suite on 2nd floor w/full bath. Oversized garage w/storage. 1st floor laundry w/washer & dryer. Secluded com includes pool & clubhouse. $137,900

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December 16, 2010

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Rocky Fork Enterprise

Community briefs Public invited to ‘Project Cygnus’ Gahanna Lincoln High School is inviting residents to tak e a proverbial trip to Mars on Thursday, Dec. 16. Students in a spacetechnology class will take guests to Mars via “Project Cygnus”beginning at 9 a.m. in the high school’s Room A-293 and continuing until 4:30 p.m. Sophomore A.j. Quiero told ThisWeek that Project Cygnus is the longest-running space simulation in the world, and the public is invited to take a tour on the site from inside the high school classroom. Teacher Fred Donelson said the project consists of designing, building, testing and then using a Mars rover to explore a simulated Mars landing site. “We will use robots that we have built to explore the site, collect data and samples, and record our data,” Quiero said. “The robots will be equipped with cameras, different types of sensors (bump, light, temperature, etc.) to fully explore the site.” Three different Project Cygnus groups have been working on documentaries with pictures and videos as part of the project.

Speech-debate team heading to Wauseon Gahanna Lincoln High School’s speech and debate team will participate in its last tournament before the winter break Saturday, Dec. 18, at Wauseon, following a second-place finish at its own invitational. During the 11th annual Rotary Club tournament Dec. 11, Gahanna placed second overall from among 26 schools and almost 500 competitors. The top six teams and their scores were Howland (110.6), Gahanna (90.2), Maumee (88.2), Boardman (77.6), Mason (68.8) and Centerville (66.6). Individual winners in student congress were junior Alex Howell, first; senior Matthew Bruns, second; and sophomore Jenny Huynh, sixth. Juniors Graham Arledge and

Nicole George placed third in duo interpretation, and Louis Naiman placed fourth in United States extemporaneous speaking. Placing fourth were seniors Jacob Hunter and Derek Cox in impromptu speaking and Lincoln Douglas debate, respectively. Thirteen additional students placed in the top 10 of their respective events, contributing to the second-place finish. Head coach Lyle Linerode said schools from three of Ohio’s six speech districts were represented, including Youngstown, Greater Miami Valley and Tarhe Trails. Rotary representative Chris Angellata welcomed the students, and Rotary president John Cafaro presented the awards. Schools attending the tournament were Beavercreek, Bexley, Bishop-Ready, Boardman, Canal Winchester, Centerville, Dublin Jerome, Gahanna, Howland, Kettering-Fairmont, Liberty Benton, Lima Central Catholic, Marburn Academy, Mason, Maumee, Mount Vernon, Northeastern, Notre Dame Academy, Olentangy Liberty, Princeton, Sylvania Northview, Sylvania Southview, Upper Arlington, Wauseon, Whitmer and Worthington Christian. Gahanna’s team is coached by Linerode and assistants Kristen Juth and Tammy Grieco.

an online reservation form. Prices Her winning entry illustrated are $7 for adults and $5 for stu - how to be safe on a bik e, walkdents. Senior citizens age 65 and ing in the neighborhood and playolder will be admitted for free. ing on a playground. Her prize included a gift card and a new bike helmet. Columbus Academy to Kohl’s For more information about to hear Nobel nominee the KISSYour Kids program, visit Nobel Peace Prize nominee the Nationwide Children’s HosSheila Watt-Cloutier, a voice of pital website at http://www.nathe Inuit people and a world leader global climate change and kids human rights, will give a free public lecture at 7:30 p.m. on Tues- Development dept. day, Jan. 11 in Columbus Acadreceives two awards emy’s Schoedinger Theatre. Watt-Cloutier is in the business Gahanna’s Department of Planof changing public opinion into ning & Development was honpublic policy. She is an officer of ored Dec. 6 to receive awards for the Order of Canada and the re- the best annual report and best cipient of many awards, includ- special event (Groundhog Day ing the Aboriginal Achievement Economic Forecast Breakfast) at Award, the U.N. Champion of the the 2010 Mid-America CompetEarth Award and the Norwegian itiveness Conference & Site SeSophie Prize. lector Forum in Chicago. Leah Evans, economic develmanager, was on hand to Fourth-grader places opment accept the awards on behalf of 2nd in coloring contest the city. The program recognizes Melanie Whalen, a fourth-grad- outstanding efforts in developer and Girl Scout at Lincoln El- ment of marketing materials, marementary, recently won second keting events and economic deplace in the Kohl’s Is Sold on velopment efforts in 10 MidSafety (KISS) Coloring Contest western states. put on by Nationwide Children’s — Marla Kuhlman Hospital and Kohl’s.

Congratulations to Lin Rice and Jim Fischer, who were awarded first place for their feature “Weathering the economic storm” in the community/ local coverage category.

Lin Rice

Jim Fischer

Read Lin and Jim every week in ThisWeek Community Newspapers and online at


SINCE 1964

Gahanna Animal Hospital

High-schoolers will perform Requiem Mass Lincoln High School’s Chamber Orchestra and Chorale will present Gabriel Faure’s Requiem Mass on Monday, Jan. 17 under the direction of music teachers Jeremy Lahman (v ocal) and Kevin Dengel (instrumental). The student performance will take place at 7 p.m. in the sanctuary of Peace Lutheran Church, 455 Clark State Road in Gahanna. All proceeds from the event will be directed to Gahanna Residents In Need (GRIN) a local faith-based organization helping families within the Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools. Ticket reservations are available by calling Kevin Dengel at 614-478-5519 or by filling out

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December 16, 2010

Page A7

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Rocky Fork Enterprise

100â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lined up Yesterday at the Holiday Inn for the Vintage Guitar Show. By Bryan Durbin STAFF WRITER

The International Vintage Guitar Collectors Association will be placing ads in newspapers, radio and running television spots this week asking people to bring in any and all guitars. Those that do bring in their guitars will be able to speak with collectors one on one and have their items looked at with an expert set of eyes. With the help of these IVGCA members, offers will be made to those that have vintage and modern guitars. Highest prices are paid for those made before 1970. All guitars will be examined and purchased including vintage guitars, acoustic guitars, banjos, any and all other types of musical instruments. Those that decide to sell their items will be paid on the spot. If you are like a lot of people you might have an old Vintage Guitar lying around. If you have ever wondered what itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s worth, now might be your chance to find out and even sell it, if you choose. Vintage guitars could be worth a lot according to the International Vintage Guitar Collectors Association also known as IVGCA. Collectors will pay a fortune for Vintage Guitars, Banjos, Acoustic Guitars and even Drum Sets for their collections. If they are rare enough, one could be worth over $100,000 according to David Mcintosh, Vintage Guitar Collector and IVGCA member. One 1960 Gibson Les Paul went for $100,000 to a collector in July of 2007. While that is an extreme example, many rare and valuable guitars are stashed away in attics, closets, basements, or in a garage around the country. The IVGCA and its collectors have organized a traveling event in search of all types of Vintage Guitars and Instruments. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Even common guitars can be worth a significant amount due to high collector demands,â&#x20AC;? says Mcintosh. The rarest guitars these collectors are looking for include: Martin, Gibson, Gretsch and Rickenbacker. These guitars always bring big premiums according to the IVGCA.

IVGCA says â&#x20AC;&#x153;You never really know what you have until your item is evaluated by experts. Whatever kind of instrument you may have, bring it in to our experts. Think about it. You could walk away $100,000 richer!â&#x20AC;? So, whether you have one instrument you think might be valuable or a large collection you recently inherited, you can talk to these collectors for free. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re lucky, you may have a rarity worth thousands. Either way, there is nothing to lose and it sounds like fun.

FREE &'())* 


Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s How It Works:       instruments there is not limit to the amount of items you can bring.                       ourcollectorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;sdatabasetoseeifabuyer exists.90%ofallitemshaveoffersinour database             of our collectors making the offer             pay you on the spot!     ""#   

with no hidden fees


TUESDAY-FRIDAY 9AM-6 PM SATURDAY 9AM-4 PM 3*<'&  =""=  33 )/>>

+*/3* *3 ?@"KN '/>Q*)X Z[ ?\ ?@[]"="" )3*+ ^*X Z_ =\ N_@]?__N

While the IVGCAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s specialty is guitars, they are also examining other instruments, including drum sets, banjos, flutes, clarinets, etc. The



Recent Finds:

All Years of Guitars Will be Purchased


What We Buy:            





 St. Catharinesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Jean-Claude Mallais brought in his rare 1956 Hofner Custom Special Deluxe guitar to see what kind of offer he could get for the instrument he purchased for about $700 at a flea market 10 years ago. Jean-Claude walked away $2500 richer.

WE BUY Auto ographed Guitars

Page A8

December 16, 2010

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Rocky Fork Enterprise

RE/MAX Consultant Group 614-855-2822

New Albany’s O N LY RE/MAX Office D





Jaime Lemon & Jason Davis 614-855-2822 614-582-3698







Just steps from New Albany Country Club & Golf course, Custom built by Sutlif Bldrs. Hard to find private 3/4 acre lot backing to stream. Walk-out LL, King size first floor master suite, gourmet kitchen w/granite counters, built-in convection oven,& wrap around cabinets, freshly painted interior, pre wired surround sound, irrigation system, & many custom finishes. $599,000

Totally updated! Refinished hardwood floors, new carpet, fresh paint, new stainless appliances, new light fixtures, lovely all brick home 4 BR up with finished lower level, Over 3,600 SF deep backyard, beautiful patio & landscaping, open family room w/built-in cabinets, marble surround fireplace, nothing to do but move in! $429,900

Beautifully updated home,totally renovated kitchen with all new cabinets, granite, & top of the line appliances, rebuilt staircases, gorgeous hardwood & tile flooring, finished lower level with full bath, wet bar, large spacious lot,new stamped concrete patio, New furnace and A/C in 2007. New price at. $429,900.





Immaculate! Custom built on one of the best lots in North of Woods, 3-car garage, beautiful screened patio viewing wooded backyard, finished lower level w/home theatre area & full bath, 4 bedrooms all upstairs, a must see at $599,000!








ACKERMANN & ASSOCIATES Mara Ackermann Marty Ackermann Matt Ackermann 614.855.2822



















Completely renovated stunning Georgian Masterpiece. MR Ste hosts all new BA w/ heated floors, closet prof fin w/granite island & crystal chandlr. BR provides 20’ beamed ceiling w/2 addt’l walk-in closets. MR sitting rm complete w/granite bev station. All new light fixtures, ref hdwd floors, int & ext paint. CALL MARA for Details 595-0654

Absolutely stunning rare 3 BR end unit condo in the desirable New Albany area. Oversized BR, fin basement, 2-car gar, and patio are just some of this properties best features. Moreover, the owner’s are meticulous in the overall care of the unit. Walk to grocery store and local restaurants. CALL MATT for Details 595-0653

Open floor plan w/vaulted great rm to 2nd story. Stone FP, new granite in kit, new roof, some newer appl’s, covered deck w/paver patio, very private yard w/ trees, separate mud room entrance for family, some new carpet, freshly painted, basement rec room. Home is beautiful w/ large bedrooms/foyer. A 10! Call Marty for details 614-855-2822

Gourmet kitchen over looking great room. Open floor plan - lg bedrooms. Customized woodwork, den, stainless steel appl’s. Granite kitchen-updates galore. Outside great for entertainment. Private woods, paver patio 1/2 acre w/trees, separate pool area “much more” one owner special CV perry built! Wow - this is the best! Call Marty for details 614-595-0652





Fabulous Truberry home in prestigious Stepping Stone backing to wooded Reserve. Amazing 2-story great room boasts walls of glass, soaring fireplace and view of private yard. Elegant dining room, spacious kitchen features hardwood firs, custom cabinets, huge center island, granite, wine cooler, SS appls and butlers pantry. Delightfully decadent Owner’s suite w/fireplace & sitting room.

Executive home ideal for entertaining! Soaring 2-story GR w/window wall. New dream kitchen w/SS appls & granite. Vaulted owner ste offers NEW spa-like bath w/walk-in dual head shower. New TEC deck & paver patio. NEW hdwd, fixtures & paint. 3,600+ SF & shows like a model! 1st flr den. $299,900

Neutral & immaculate home designed for elegant entertaining and casual fam fun w/a combination of soft liv & classic elegance. Located on a quiet court- private bkyd w/ mature trees & patio. Over 4,500 SF. Spacious gourmet kit, SS appl’s & granite. Bonus media/theater room. Hdwd floors. 1st floor den w/custom built-ins. Fin LL rec room & 5th BR w/full BA. 3-car garage!

Spectacular Romanelli & Hughes home on serene lot w/ wooded views in Jefferson Meadows. Immaculate and neutral, this exceptional executive home is ideal for entertaining and gracious living. The 2-sty GR is sunny and bright from walls of glass. Impressive gourmet kitchen w/granite, SS appls & huge pantry. Formal dining is just right for candlelight or crowd. Luxurious bath & amazing closet matches the Owner’s BR. Incredible finished lower level w/wet bar and full bath!

Happy Holidays! RE/MAX Consultant Group 614-855-2822

December 16, 2010

Page B1

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Rocky Fork Enterprise

Pipe collecting ‘a hobby and an obsession for many’ By KEVIN PARKS ThisWeek Community Newspapers

A good cigar is just a cigar, but a fine pipe is a thing of beauty forever. Those are words to live by as far as Northland resident Bill Unger is concerned. He’s the longtime secretary-treasurer and newsletter editor for the NorthAmerican Society of Pipe Collectors. “I guess I started smoking a pipe when I started graduate school (in English at Ohio State University) in 1965,” Unger said last week. “It seemed like the thing to do.” Of course. Crooner Bing Crosby was still in his heyday. Uncle Joe on “Petticoat Junction” often puffed away, as did amiable Fred MacMurray on “My Three Sons.” If smoking much of anything is hardly the thing to do any longer, the craft and artistry that went into crafting pipes remains,for Unger and others like him, a draw, so to speak. “It’s a hobby and an obsession for many,” he said. The society – it’s not a club, Unger pointed out, because they don’t have meetings – was creat-

By Adam Cairns/ThisWeek

Northland resident Bill Unger began his pipe collection in 1964.

ed by Columbus area residents Regis McCafferty and Phil Bradford as the Ohio Pipe Collectors in 1994 “with a goal of producing a newsletter and an annual show,” according to the website, “The club had good support from the local smoke shops,” the site states.

Bradford, since deceased, was a travel agent and McCafferty, who now resides in the Akron area, worked for American Electric Power. They came up with the idea in 1993, the website says, “after a long evening spent over a pot of good coffee and more than a bowl or two of good tobacco.” McCafferty was the original ed-

itor of the society’s newsletter, but Unger took over when he moved out of the area,and has been doing it ever since. The December issue went out to 1,124 members, who live in every state save South Dakota. Washington, D.C., likewise doesn’t have any members, but about 20 reside in Canada and a similar

number live in Australia, Europe and England, according to Unger, a semi-retired freelance writer. The question is obvious: Why pipes? “The thing about pipes versus cigars, when you smoke a $10 cigar, at the end you’ve got a little butt,” Unger said. A pipe, once smoked, remains a pipe, and in fact gets better over time, developing a patina and a character all its own. The old pipe makers, of which the United States had hundreds over the centuries, are all gone now, and only a handful still remain around the world, principally in Italy, England, Denmark and Sweden, according to Unger. The United States does have about 50 craftspeople who make pipes by hand out of briar, a hardy shrub that grows in semi-arid countries. Algerian, Corsican and Spanish briar produce a dense ball of very hard wood at the root, and someone, somewhere, somehow discovered this was the perfect material for withstanding the heat of having tobacco leaves inserted and set aflame. “The fewer pipe smokers there

are, the more pipe makers there seem to be,” Unger said. The society commissions a pipe from one of these artisans e very year that is sold exclusively to members. Some collectors adhere to one of the famous brands, such as Dunhill or GBD or Sheridan. “Then there are the shapes,” Unger said, including ones known as “billiards,” “bulldogs” and “pots.” “There’s history there and things to argue about,” the newsletter editor said. “There are always things to argue about.” While some “museum-piece” pipes might be valued at thousands of dollars, and an Italian maker recently held a contest in which first prize was a pipe valued at $12,000, Unger said none of the 60 to 70 in his collection is worth much monetarily. He smokes 30 to 40 of them,in rotation, he said. “I’m pretty eclectic in terms of shapes, maker; all of that,” Unger said. “I don’t have any one focus.” The society puts on an annual show in late August at the Ramada Hotel on Sinclair Road not far from Unger’s home.



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Page B2

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Rocky Fork Enterprise

December 16, 2010

Skin cancer early diagnosis & treatment:

Be proactive! (614) 585-9900

By Larisa Ravitskiy, MD

id you know that 90% of skin cancers are associated with exposure to radiation from the sun? Have you or your loved one had one or more blistering sunburns? Do you spend significant time outdoors golfing, fishing, or gardening? Have you noticed a spot that comes and goes but fails to disappear completely? If you have answered ìYes ” to any of the questions, then you are at risk for the development of skin cancer.

In the United States alone more than 3.5 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed every year, making skin cancer the most common form of cancer. Simply put, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer during their lifetime. Melanoma, one of the deadliest cancers, is most often diagnosed in white men over 50. However, until the age of 39, women are twice as likely to develop melanoma than men.

Just what is your risk of developing melanoma over the lifetime? It may be higher than you suspected: one in 39 men and one in 58 women will be diagnosed with melanoma. The risk for melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers skyrockets if an individual ever used a tanning bed. Despite claims of safety, tanning beds use powerful sunlamps that produce nearly 12 times the ultraviolet radiation compared to the dose from regular sun exposure. The majority of skin cancers are diagnosed in persons with light hair and eyes and light skin marked by the inability to tan. The remaining significant minority of diagnoses is made in persons who tan easily or have very dark skin, including Hispanic, African American, and Asian populations. In persons with darker skin tones, both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers often are diagnosed in advanced stages because low suspicion leads to decreased cancer surveillance.

While the statistics are scary, awareness of your risk is the first step towards early diagnosis and appropriate management of a skin cancer. Often skin cancer presents itself as a new or changing growth. It may bleed, ooze, or crust and remain open for a few days or weeks, then heal and begin to bleed again. It may itch, burn, or hurt. It may change color, shape, and/ or size.

There are many treatment options available for the eradication of skin cancers. These treatments range from minimally invasive, such as chemotherapy applied to skin or destruction with liquid nitrogen, to surgical removal with a margin of healthy skin, followed by reconstruction with stitches.

However, there is only one treatment that may cure as high as 99% in previously untreated tumors. It is a special technique called Mohs micrographic surgery. Mohs surgery is performed in stages with immediate pathology confirmation. Only the smallest rim of normal tissue is taken given the technique precision and tissue conservation to remove the cancer completely and result in the smallest defect possible. Smaller defects, in turn, result in a simpler reconstruction. It is important to note that this list of treatment options is by no means complete and should be discussed in detail with your health care provider, once the diagnosis is established to see what treatment is appropriate for you.

At the Ohio Skin Cancer Institute, our mission is to provide you with the highest level of individualized skin cancer care, using the most sophisticated resources and cutting-edge techniques. Founded by Dr. Larisa Ravitskiy, OSCI is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of skin cancers, including basal and squamous cell carcinomas, melanoma, and other tumors of the skin. Our warm and knowledgeable staff strives to make you feel comfortable and confident during your visits. The OSCI is housed in a state-of-theart facility designed for your comfort, while allowing us to deliver consistently outstanding results. From performing surgeries on the most challenging tumors, to employing special stains for the detection of even the smallest remaining cancerous cells, to soothing surroundings — we are committed to making your concerns our concerns. Dr. Ravitskiy is an American Board of Dermatology certified physician specializing in the surgical treatment of skin cancers. She is also proficient in reconstruction of complex facial and non-facial defects subsequent to cancer removal. Dr. Ravitskiy graduated Cum Laude in Biochemistry from Barnard College at Columbia University. She was awarded a Medical Doctorate degree by NewYork University School of Medicine. She completed her dermatology residency and was the Chief resident at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. She also completed Advanced Clinical Dermatology fellowship at the Mayo Clinic and an additional year-long fellowship in Mohs Micrographic and Reconstructive Surgery with world renowned Drs. Zitelli and Broadland in Pittsburgh, PA. She has presented at national and international meetings on a variety of dermatologic surgery topics, and has authored book chapters and original research papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Dr. Ravitskiy served as the Assistant Professor and Director of Mohs & Dermatologic surgery at The Ohio State University before founding the Ohio Skin Cancer Institute.

The Ohio Skin Cancer Institute accepts Medicare and most commercial insurances. Call our office today at (614) 595-9900 to find out if we are in your network. Dr. Larisa Ravitskiy

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December 16, 2010

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December 16, 2010

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In brief


Cookie sale to aid CHA animal shelter CHA Animal Shelter will host its annual Cookie Walk from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 18, at 3765 Corporate Drive in northeast Columbus. Boxes will be available for $12, and may be filled with an assortment of homemade cookies and candies. Fleshman Photography will be on site from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to take professional, holiday-themed portraits of pets and their families. The cost is $25 for a package of photos. Proceeds will benefit the animals of CHA. For more information, visit, or call (614) 890-5280.

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Gahanna residents (front) Jamila Ife Johnson, Julia Byers, Sarah M. Beravers, (back) Kendall Chapple, Ginriche (Shay) Aleshire and Lydia Wolfe are among the approximately 130 BalletMet Dance Academy students who will perform in the company’s production of “The Nutcracker,” running through Dec. 26 at the Ohio Theatre. Call (614) 469-0939 for tickets or for additional information.

12 W. Main St. Uptown Westerville 614-882-4401 Holiday Hours Monday-Saturday 10 - 6 • Sunday 12am - 5pm

Faith and Fellowship

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ALLSAINTS EPISCOPAL CHURCH Worship Services at 8:30am & 10:00am


5101 Johnstown Rd, New Albany (North of Morse) 614-855-8267

The Rev. Rick McCracken-Bennett, Pastor The Episcopal Church Welcomes You

425 South Hamilton Road, Gahanna • (614)471-3368

Experience the Difference this Holiday Season! Everyday People Loving God, Loving Others Sunday Worship 9:00 & 11:00 a.m.

CHRISTMAS EVE 11:00 - 10:30 CHRISTMAS DAY 11:00 - 9:00 (BUFFET TILL 8:00)

Advertising Information

NEW YEAR’S EVE 11:00 - 10:30

Havens Corners Church

NEW YEAR’S DAY 11:00 - 9:00

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service Dec. 24 6:30 pm Traditional Service • Sundays 9 a.m. Contemporary Service • Sundays 11 a.m.

Hunan • Szechwan • Mandarin NORTH 1930 E. Dublin-Granville Rd. 1 mile East of I-71

(614) 523-2008

6696 Havens Corners Road Blacklick 614-866-9476

The Worship Directory is your weekly listing for religious events in your community. Weekly prices vary by the amount of space occupied and the number of areas in which it appears. We welcome information about your services, special holy days, informative or inspirational programs. For more information or to place your worship directory listing please call 740-888-5003 or email Proof deadline is Thursdays at 3pm for the following Thursday.

Stonybrook United Methodist Church Christmas Eve Candlelight Services 5:00 pm Family Worship with Children’s Drama “Miracle at Midnight” “Simple Gift of Jesus” - Rev. Dr. Mike Bowie

7:00 pm Contemporary Worship “Simple Gift of Jesus” - Rev. Dr. Mike Bowie

9:00 pm Blended Worship “Simple Gift of Jesus” - Rev. Dr. Mike Bowie

10:30 pm Special Music 11:00 Traditional Late Worship “Simple Gift of Jesus” - Rev. Dr. Mike Bowie Childcare available at 5:00, 7:00 & 9:00 services. Stonybrook United Methodist Church 485 Cherry Bottom Rd., Gahanna

614-471-0252 •

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WINTER SPORTS Girls & Boys Basketball | Wrestling | Gymnastics Swimming & Diving | Ice Hockey | Bowling


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December 16, 2010

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December 16, 2010

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Coming up

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To add, remove or update a list- of the month at Mifflin Presby- ton Road. Gahanna Parks and Recreing in the Coming Up section, e- terian Church, 123 Granville St. mail For more information, e-mail ation Board meets at 7 p.m. the first Wednesday of the month at Gahanna City Hall, 200 S. HamilMeetings ton Road. Government Gahanna 9-12 Project, 10:00 Gahanna Planning ComGahanna City Council meets a.m. Saturday, Dec. 18, at Mifmission meets at 7 p.m. the secflin Township Hall, 155 Olde Ri- the first and third Mondays of the ond and fourth Wednesdays of denour Road. Meet other like- month at 7:30 p.m. at Gahanna the month at Gahanna City Hall, minded Americans looking to re- City Hall, 200 S. Hamilton Road. 200 S. Hamilton Road. Mifflin Township trustees store the foundation on which the Gahanna Landscaping Board meet the third Tuesday of the country was founded. meets at 6 p.m. the first WednesCommunity Bible Study, for month at 3:30 p.m. at the to wnday of the month at Gahanna City women and children through sixth ship meeting hall, 155 Olde RiHall, 200 S. Hamilton Road. grade, 9:30-11 a.m. Thursdays at denour Road. Jefferson Township trustees Peace Lutheran Gahanna, 455 Support groups Clark State Road. Visit colum- meet at 7 p.m. on the second and or call (614) fourth Tuesdays of the month at GriefShare a seminar and supthe township hall, 6545 Havens port group for people who are 855-9832. Sunrise Masonic Lodge 783 Road. grieving the death of someone Gahanna Civil Service Com- close, 7-8:30 p.m. Wednesdays meets at 7 p.m. the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 211W. mission meets at 6:30 p.m. on at the East Side Grace Brethren the first Tuesday of the month at Church, 7510 E. Broad St. Call Johnstown Road. Soroptimist International of Gahanna City Hall, 200 S. Hamil- 861-5810. Northeast Suburban Franklin County, 6:30 p.m. the second Monday of the month at the Mifflin Township Administrative Building, 155 Olde Ridenour Road. Celebrate Recovery, a Biblebased reco very program for adults, 6 p.m. Fridays at Reynoldsburg United Methodist Church, 1636 Graham Road. Dinner and childcare to age 11. Call 8665864, ext. 115. Kiwanis Club of Eastern Acupuncture Columbus, 7 p.m. Wednesdays of New Albany at the VFW, 4100 E. Main St. Now has 2 new locations Visit Olde Gahanna Community 39 E Main Street, Suite 114 Partnership, 8:15 a.m. the secNew Albany, OH 43054 ond Wednesday of the month at & 109 Commerce Park Drive the Olde Gahanna Sanctuary, 82 Westerville, OH 43082 N. High St. The group represents Please ask about our Gift Certificates. business and residents in the Olde Elizabeth Swanger, L.Ac. Gahanna area. For information, 614.933.0700 visit GRIN, (Gahanna Residents in Need), 7 p.m. the last Thursday Headaches/Joint Pain/Fertility/Sciatica/Depression/IBS/Anxiety

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New Listing

528 Haversham Dr.

Nearly 19 acres

MLS#210035058 $153,000 MLS#210028383 $179,900 MLS#210025192 $899,900 • 4 BR, 2.5 BA • Move-in cond • $847/Mo PI • 3 or 4 BR, 2.5 BA • Jefferson Township • Gas log FP • Lots of storage • 2-car garage • Finished bsmt • Pole barn • 3 BR, 2.5 BA • Fenced yard • Motivated Seller • Outdoor kitchen • Ranch • Finished bsmt Joanne Bango 614-273-6108 Rob Matney 614-418-7458 Dennis “Pickey” Hickey & Kelly Hickey-Ginn 614-418-7321

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Hoover Park

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$189,000 MLS#210022397 $149,900 MLS#210018886 $159,900 MLS#210026099 • 1st flr mstr • 3 BR, 3 BA • 3 BR, 2.5 BA • Big yard • 3 BR, 2.5 BA • Nearly ¾ ac • Bsmt rec rm • 2-car garage • Loft • Big kitchen • 2.5-car detached • Great loc! • Gahanna Schl • Finished bsmt • Make Offer • Wooded Raean Cavener 614-825-8850 Sheila Stevers 614-207-7735 Rob Matney 614-418-7458

Amberlea Cape Cod

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A Family Friend for Generations While all funeral homes offer“lower cost”packages, there are many important factors to consider. Reputation, experience, time serving the community, and the condition of their facility to name just a few. At Maeder-Quint-Tiberi, our experienced and compassionate family has had a consistent standard of service excellence since 1870.




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$229,900 $144,900 MLS#210020913 MLS#210003685 $183,900 MLS#210024280 • 3 1/2 BA • Newer roof • 3 BR, 1.5 BA • Screen porch • New brk condo • Upgraded cabs • Newer siding • Newer mstr BA • Hdwd floors • 2 -car gar • 3 BR, 3 BA • Gourmet kitchen • Finished bsmt • 1,684 SF • 3-season porch Terry Warren 418-7339 Claudia & Dick DeWitt 614-336-7546 Ken Snyder 614-395-8567

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December 16, 2010

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December 16, 2010

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Adorable, well cared-for and updated home in the country. This home has a lot of charm, featuring a wrap-around porch! Extra large detached garage, 20x30 barn and tool shed also on the property. Conveniently located close to Gahanna and New Albany! $224,900 RE1825

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Great floor plan featuring kitchen w/ planning center, breakfast bar and bay window, stairway off the kitchen leads to a bonus room/5th bedroom. Family room with fireplace and door to the deck and paver patio overlooking wooded lot. Owner’s suite with private bath w/shower, separate tub and WIC w/organizer. Professionally finished LL with media room and play room area. $249,900 BO890




Bright and pleasant home. Exceptionally cared for with neutral walls throughout. Nice size owner’s suite and 2 additional bedrooms. Inviting dining room with sliding door access to deck and private backyard; open to living room with cathedral ceiling. Welcoming lower level family room with access to 2-car oversized attached garage! $134,900 BE4025

Beautiful home features center island kitchen with breakfast bar, SS appliances, pantry and french door to the patio. Awesome upgrades including granite counters, six panel doors throughout and an incredible owner’s suite with vaulted ceiling, plant ledge, 2 walk-in-closets and private bath! $189,900 EN340

Spacious home with living room and dining room, kitchen with center island, large family room with access to three season room, finished lower level, large owner’s suite with walk-in closet and bath. Neutral decor, nice fenced yard, patio and shed. Convenient location to Easton, downtown, airport and freeways. $134,900 HO1776

December 16, 2010

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Columbus’ economic forecast shows limited job growth By JEFF DONAHUE ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Local economists are predicting a continued gradual recovery from the worst recession since the Great Depression. Columbus Chamber of Commerce economic analyst Bill LaFayette predicted continued growth in both the national and regional economies during a 30-minute presentation at the Columbus Athletic Club Friday morning. LaFayette’s 12th annual Columbus Blue Chip Economic Forecast included a review of the events of 2010, a discussion of trends that are likely to impact the region in 2011 and an employment forecast for the Columbus region’s key industry sectors.

“It wasn’t all that long ago that we were all braced with our heads down in crash position,” LaFayette said. “While I have to tell you that the news is not exactly good yet, it is indeed better. The U.S. economy has been in recovery since a year ago, summer. We now have five completed quarters of growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP),which is the total value of everything produced in the U.S.” LaFayette noted that while the recession cut the GDP by approximately 4.1percent, the economy has already added back 3.5-percent, or half a trillion dollars of gain after inflation, since the second quarter of 2009. “If the forecasts are right, next quarter’s GDP should erase the last of that loss and the GDP should be setting new

The Freshest Catch in Columbus! Our Seafood is flown in daily WE'VE ADDED A WINE ROOM Our 2nd location in the Finley market in Cincinnati... and 3rd location coming soon!

LAURELVILLE FIREWOOD, LLC 15952 State Route 56 East Laurelville, OH 43135








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THROUGH JANUARY 5, 2010 Thousands of twinkling lights, hundreds of poinsettias, gingerbread display, a fairy-tale model railway, programs and fun activities for all ages. FAMILY ACTIVITIES & ENTERTAINMENT Musical, Magical, and Theatrical Acts Children’s Crafts and Gift Making Kids-Only Cooking Classes CANDLELIGHT NIGHTS: WEDNESDAYS IN DECEMBER, 5 - 8 p.m. Musical entertainment, holiday cheer: December 15: Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus December 22: Opera Columbus December 29: The Magpie Consort Free with Conservatory admission Presented by :

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about this is the employment turned only six months after the economy turned.” LaFayette said an estimated 8.4-million jobs were lost during the recession and it could take years before a substantial number of those jobs come back. “Even if we get the kind of job growth that we saw in the 1990s, we will be adding only about 3-million jobs a year,” he said. “So it’s going to take at least several more years to dig ourselv es out of the hole that we dug ourselves into.” LaFayette’s presentation was a preliminary glance at his annual report,which will be released Jan. 5 at the Columb us Metropolitan Club luncheon.


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LaFayette noted that there is a silv er lining within those gloomy statistics. “The good news is that if you dig below the surface of those somewhat depressing numbers, you find really good news,” he said. “Most of the strong growth that we were seeing last year w as stimulus. Most of the recent growth has been driven by consumer spending and b usiness investment.” On the employment front, LaFayette said employment actually bottomed out in December 2009 and has been increasing in 2010. “Unless things turn out to be a whole lot worse than what we were e xpecting in 2010, that December 2009 number is going to be the bottom of employment,” he said. “The really remarkable thing


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record highs again,” he said. “But the GDP is going to be a whole lot less than it would have been had we not been through the biggest recession since the Great Depression.” However, LaFayette said a closer look at the most recent GDP f igures are less encouraging. “The bad news is that GDP growth is much slower now than it was earlier in the year,” he said. “The fourth quarter of 2009 gave us a 5-percent increase on an annualized basis, which was one of the largest quarterly increases in GDP of the decade. This year’s first quarter was a still respectful 3.7-percent. The second quarter…was a miniscule 1.7-percent and the third quarter was really not much better at 2-percent.”

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December 16, 2010

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This position provides executive leadership of the skilled tradeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s staff, heat plant, building maintenance staff, management of the maintenance programs for all Academic and General Facilities. This position is accountable for the morale and effectiveMERCEDES 02 CL 600 ness of the assigned work 5 passenger luxury coupe force and directly impacts Every conceivable the teaching, learning, and Mercedes living environment for stuoption available. Silver ex - dents, faculty and staff and terior w/ash leather, navi - has many other related dugation, sunroof, heated & ties. For a complete job demassage seats, park scription & instruction on censors, always garaged how to apply for this posiand not used in winter tion (J-61860) & all current months, non smoker, in ab - Administrative Staff solutely showroom quality vacancies please visit http: in & out without a doubt. // All original. Must see to be - r/employment/adm_staff/pa lieve. All service history ge11137.html or contact available. Looks & drives the Office of Human Relike brand new. Asking sources at (419) 372-8421 price $16,200. Call 614or 432-0968. BGSU is an AA/EO SUBARU 05 OUTBACK, employer/educator. 2.5i Ltd. 4 dr wagon, AWD. Fully loaded, excellent condition. Great Christmas gift! $14,125 OBO. 614-578-6125 Get the word out


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SERVICE TECH FIELD SERVICE 5 yrs field exp. Willing to TECHNICIANS Drivers work Friday through A Home Weatherization CONTRACT Tues weekly. Immediate Contractor is searching for opening! Email Field Service Technicians COURIERS that have: Willingness to Looking for Independent learn and work independ Contractor Drivers for partWELDING ently, general knowledge time dedicated route and FABRICATOR & ROOFER of home construction, stat work from the Colum Expâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d only. Email resume comfort working bus area. Evening hours or with hand held power are available. Perfect for call 740-412-9713. tools. Physical fitness a ne Retirees and students. You cessity: bending, stooping HELP WANTED must have a winning atti and lifting. Professional ap TRANSPORTATION/ tude, clean MVR, good ap pearance for direct cus pearance, and a reliable DRIVERS tomer contact. Consistent Mini-van. Call 800-818work history including a 7958 to get started! Attention Professional clean MVR &. valid driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Truck Drivers! license. Drug free / tobac Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s NOW TIME to co free lifestyle. Clean DRIVERS get back to work! background check. Wage DICK LAVY Increased Freight and range $9-$18 per hour TRUCKING Plenty of Miles! based on training level HIRING DRIVERS Enjoy TOP Earnings! achieved. Send a brief em Sign-on bonus Call Prime Inc. Today! ployment history or apply Rider program 1-800-249-9591 at: Edwards/Mooney and Holiday & vacation pay Moses, 1320 McKinley Paid all miles Attn CDL-Drivers: Ave, Suite B Home most weekends NTB MAKES YOUR Columbus, Ohio 43222 98 % no touch freight HOME TIME A PRIORITY 8848 SR 121, Bradford OH General Contracting 45308 Masonry & Concrete Now hiring for short haul Estimator regional runs 1-800-345-5289 Lang Masonry Contractors offering 5 days out / is seeking an expâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d estima 48 hours off, tor in the areas of general top pay & no East Coast! Drivers contracting, masonry and Must have: ~ OHIO DRIVERS ~ concrete. Qualified 6 months of experience candidates should have a .40¢/Mile CDL-A W/HazMat min. of 5 yrs estimating ex Home Most Weekends! Come see our Recruiter! perience, be proficient with Class A CDL + Location: Baymont Inn Microsoft Office, Microsoft 1 Yr. OTR Exp. 11431 Allen Rd Project, Tradesmen & NEW Lease Purchase Jeffersonville, OH Timberline (or similar pro Program Directions: I-71 to exit 65 gram). Interested candi NO MONEY DOWN! (US 35), dates please send re go east to Allen Rd and sumes & salary req. to go south to hotel on right. Attn: HR, 405 Watertown Date: Thursday, Rd, Waterford OH 45786 or 866-879-6592 December 16th to bhendershot@ Times: 12:00 & 3:00 & 6:00 Recent CDL School by Mon, Dec 27, 2010. Grads Welcome! EOE. Drivers For more info contact OWNER NTB today!!! Horizontal Directional OPERATORS Bore Operators & Locators 800-446-0682 $3,000 Sign-On for Vermeer Machine Serious Inquires Only. Our Bonus co. is part of the DFWP Highest Paid Dedicated BUS DRIVER Must have a clean driving Runs Senior Living Community record/valid DL. Contact seeks CDL Driver. Valid Van at 614-496-5541. CDL license with passen - â&#x2C6;&#x201A; $2,000 Sign-On Bonus ger endorsement required. â&#x2C6;&#x201A; Paid FSC - Loaded & Empty Submit resume to Careers â&#x2C6;&#x201A; 75% Drop & Hook or fax â&#x2C6;&#x201A; Home throughout the 614-322-8904. EOE Location Mgr week M/F/D/V â&#x2C6;&#x201A; Save up to $4k with fuel Driver We have an immediate discount program opening for an energetic, CDL-A 2 YEARS OTR â&#x2C6;&#x201A; Save up to 30% with Tire experienced business unit 877-628-3748 Discount Program leader. Specific industry â&#x2C6;&#x201A; 1 yr TT exp w/ CDL-A experience is not required. req. Success in a Job Shop en - Driver - CDL A New 2011 Freightliner vironment, Proven team 866-722-0291 Cascadias building and leadership are Excellent Performance the needed skills. Bonus Opportunity! Drivers High Miles at Great Pay w/ Apply Online at: Owner Dry Van Freight. Must Operators Have CDL-A, Good Driving $3,000 Sign-On Bonus Record, Hazmat Also Accepting applica Highest Paid Dedicated & TWIC Card Rewarded. tions for Damage Analysts Runs Hazmat Teams Needed. and Customer Service Western Express Professionals â&#x2C6;&#x201A; Steady Freight CALL TODAY! â&#x2C6;&#x201A; Paid FSC - Loaded & 888-858-3372 MECHANIC Empty Heavy duty Tractor/Trailer Driver CDL A â&#x2C6;&#x201A; 75% Drop & Hook Mechanic for mobil road ÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝ â&#x2C6;&#x201A; Home throughout the service. Call 937-754-0427, TEAMS & SINGLES week ask for Tom. WANTED â&#x2C6;&#x201A; Save up to $4k with Fuel Owner Operators & Discount Program Mechanic/ Shop Company Drivers â&#x2C6;&#x201A; Save up to 30% with Tire Dedicated Lanes Manager Discount Program $1,000 Sign-On Bonus Currently seeking a highly â&#x2C6;&#x201A; 1 yr TT exp w/CDL-A req. -Fuel Discount qualified Shop -Great Home Time Manager/Mechanic. Come 866-722-0291 -Super Pay Package grow with one of -Safety Bonus Program Columbusâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; top landscape -Excellent Fuel Surcharge companies. We offer year NOTICE 1 Yr. verifiable exp round employment, health Ask about our Car benefits, paid vacation, What happens when Hauling opportunities and a salary range of $15you use Call 800-599-0087 20/hour depending on ÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝ BOLD TYPE? experience. Applicants must have training or work Bold type attracts experience in maintenance attention. Use it to make and repair of all types of your ad STAND OUT. trucks, commercial mowers, snow plows, and CALL salt spreader The Shop Manager must (740) 888-5003 and tell Find what youÂ&#x2019;re be able to manage all your customer service looking for in the tasks and personnel representative to use ThisWeek Community related to running bold in your ad! operations on a daily Newspaper Classifieds! basis. If you have previous experience please e-mail     us at     "  or call 614-863-5400 and       ask for Clark.            Plumbers, Apprentices &

  Laborers         Immediate positions, light !   #$  commercial, drug free, de -   

 pendable, experienced, &'(      valid drivers license, cur rent auto insurance, great

    company to work for! Posi       tions in Columbus & Day  ton. 614-443-2718      BIG TYPE  !"#$"%



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! %   & '$( '$




Diesel Mechanic Tractor/Trailer Fleet Immediate opening for an experienced diesel mechanic. We offer great working conditions. Excellent sal ary ranges based on experience. At least 3 years heavy duty truck maintenance experi ence required. Must posses complete set of hand tools. Mack/Volvo experience preferred. CDL Class A a plus! Interested candidates please apply in person at: NEMF 1700 Georgesville Road Columbus, OH 43228 Or E-mail resume to: Daniel Carrano "Your future is our destina tion." EOE

MORE MILES MORE MONEY Hiring solos, teams & contractors â&#x2C6;&#x201A;$5,000 team sign-on bonus â&#x2C6;&#x201A;$1,000 Owner Operator sign-on bonus â&#x2C6;&#x201A;Great pay & Benefits â&#x2C6;&#x201A;The best equipment â&#x2C6;&#x201A;Lease/purchase program available â&#x2C6;&#x201A;Recent CDL grads welcome Requires CDL-A & 3 months OTR experience. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss out! Call today!


Now Hiring TEAMS for Dedicated Runs out of Columbus. OTR drivers also needed. 859-824-4050 OWNER-OPERATORS â&#x2C6;&#x201A; $1,500 Sign-on Bonus! â&#x2C6;&#x201A; GET HOME DAILY! â&#x2C6;&#x201A; Roundtrip Dedicated Freight â&#x2C6;&#x201A; All Miles Paid the Same, Loaded or Empty â&#x2C6;&#x201A; Leading Fuel Surcharge Paid 100% Call Today Company Drivers Needed Too!

866-733-2902 www.drivefor OWNER OPERATORS Up to a $2000 sign-on bonus. Teams / Singles. Must have 3 yrs experi ence, clean MVR & background. Health benefits. 614-538-0475.

POHL Transportation Inc â&#x2C6;&#x201A;Up to 39 cpm w/ Perform ance Bonus â&#x2C6;&#x201A;$1500 Sign On Bonus â&#x2C6;&#x201A;Pay Thru Home on Wknds â&#x2C6;&#x201A;Great Home Time â&#x2C6;&#x201A;No touch/No NYC/No Canada/ No HM â&#x2C6;&#x201A;Safety/Referral bonus â&#x2C6;&#x201A;Complete Benefits Pack age â&#x2C6;&#x201A;Late model eqpt/dry van â&#x2C6;&#x201A;1 yr OTR - CDL A

ROUTE DRIVERS Apollo Oil, LLC now Hiring Route Drivers - Class A CDL for local Daily Route positions. Home nights & weekends. Late model equipment with paperless log system. Must be able to work in any type of weather condi tions. Benefit package. Pay based on experience. Requirements: 1 year ex perience, CDL A with Hazmat & Tanker Endorsement. Clean MVR a must. Send resume to 1175 Early Drive Winchester, KY 40391. Attn: Carol or email Start the NEW YEARâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S Celebration EARLY with a NEW Career NOW!

LOCAL REGIONAL DEDICATED â&#x20AC;Śthese Positions await the RIGHT DRIVER! Great Pay & Benefits. Class A Drivers, call: HOGAN TODAY! 800-444-6042 We are GR OWING again! Prestige Delivery Sys tems, one of the largest courier companies in the Midwest continues to grow. We are looking for

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS with Mini Vans or Cargo Vans and small box trucks Weekly earning potential of $300-$1100 depending on distance and abilities. Must have a basic knowl edge of Columbus and surrounding areas. For more information please apply in person at: 4279 Directors Blvd, Groveport, OH 43125 614-836-8980 or visit Community news Sports Videos Contests

HELP WANTED SALES/MARKETING BEST PART TIME JOB IN COLUMBUS! Bring your excellent communication skills And join our team!

TOP AGENTS EARN $13-16/HR Come Enjoy: @ Flexible AM/PM Hours @ Paid Training @ Earn cash for the holi days! @ Work 25-34 Hours a Week

614-985-3005 Must be at least 18. EOE APPLY ONLINE TODAY columbus

Direct Sales Representatives Join the expansion of our Residential Sales Team in Columbus and Central Ohio selling our cable, high-speed Internet and award-winning Digital Phone service. If you have previous sales experience, a positive attitude, asser tive selling skills and ability to work nights and week ends, HS diploma or equivalent, reliable trans portation, valid Ohio driv erâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s license w/ good driv ing record, we want to talk to you. Inbound Sales Representatives Hours: 12pm - 9pm includ ing one weekend dayJoin our Inbound Sales Center and respond to customer calls by answering inqui ries on cable, high speed data and digital phone. If you have a HS Diploma or Equivalent, minimum of 1 yr salesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; experience, solid telephone/communication skills, are self-motivated with a proven track record in sales along with comput er skills, we want to talk to you. Time Warner Cable offers a comprehensive benefits package including courtesy cable in Time Warner Cableâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s serv ice area. We invite you to explore career opportunities and to learn more about Time Warner Cable www.timewarnercabl EOE To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call (740) 888-5003 (local call)

Fix it Build it Improve it ThisWeek is your community source. DAYCARE PROVIDERS & PRESCHOOLS Take advantage of our great childcare rates! (740) 888-5003

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IN-HOME CHILDCARE in Blacklick. Mon - Fri. 7am - 5:30 pm. Learning environment. Great Refs. Reasonable Rates. Ă&#x2C6; 614-577-9682

IN-HOME PROVIDER Loving environment with activities & 14 yrs exp. Certified in all areas. All meals included. Soundra, 614-496-2356

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December 16, 2010


INSIDE SALES Due to continued growth, GFS Chemicals, a stable, leading manufacturer of fine specialty chemicals for over 80 years, is looking for energetic outgoing individuals to join our growing Customer Service/Inside Sales team. Must be able and willing to make outbound calls to service existing accounts as well as focus on business development. Successful candidates must be willing and able to make outbound business to business sales calls, detail oriented, excel in customer service, organized, motivated and enjoy a fast paced environment. A chemical background would be helpful but not required. Please visit our web site: Please send responses to: or Fax to: 614-225-1173 or Mail to: 800 Kaderly Ave, Columbus, 43222. No agencies or phone calls. Drug-Free workplace E/O/E SALES - CALL CENTER

40 PHONE REPS NEEDED! 24+ year established company is growing and needs 40 reps. Up to $25 p/h your first year. • Career advancement • Paid training • no evenings or weekends • Competitive Benefits Package

Ask for: RECRUITING AT: 614-436-9300

x 1715 Must pass background check

Sales MAKE YOUR MOVE to a Rewarding Sales Career Division of a national sales organization is expanding. Representatives $80,000 - $106,000 1st year potential Managers $100,000 - $125,000 1st year potential Great Training Program Unusual Marketing This is a ground floor op portunity with rapid ad vancement from within. We have one of the top train ing programs in the nation. Call Paul Amrein at 708567-6935 to schedule a confidential interview. Stat Modeling Analyst (AVP) - Columbus, OH. Lead several stat projects respons. for design/analysis of Mktg Campaigns, incl Direct Mail, Media Advertising, & Field Mktg. Ph.D. in Stats or Math plus 1 yr exp in Mortgage Banking Analytics, Mktg Analytics or rel. exp. Expertise in S-Plus, SAS &other data mining tools such as Mathematica, SAS Enterprise Miner, & SQL; stat methods; Stat Experimental Design, Response Surface Methods, Stat Modeling (incl Generalized Linear Models), Data Mining, Time Series Analysis & Optimization techniques; demonstrated written/oral communication skills. To apply, visit http:// c a r e e r s . & apply to job # 100087853. EOE, AAE, M/F/D/V. J.P. Morgan Chase is a marketing name of JPMorgan Chase & Co. The Chase Manhattan Bank is a subsidiary of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (c) 2003 J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. All rights reserved.

WAREHOUSE MANAGER KAUFFMAN TIRE has a great oppty for a WARE HOUSE MANAGER at their NEW distribution cen ter at 2315 Creekside Pkwy Suite 200 in Lockbourne. Exc comp, benefits & stability for high energy pro with a passion for great cus svc. EOE Apply in person or online at:

WEB MARKETING Must have knowledge of CRM and databases for a biotech company. Send resume to personnel@

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CIS Programmer Analyst For cent OH systems consulting co. Duties: analyze problems to develop solutions involving computer hardware & software in finance, investment management, investment accounting, financial risk models, securities operations & senior investment professionals; consult with users to determine computing needs, requirements & problems; conduct logical analyses of business problems, formulating mathematical models of problems for solution by computers; schedule tasks in order to meet work priorities & goals; work with SQL, Informatica, XML, RUP, & ETL; evaluate project plans & proposals; create SDLC (software/system development lifecycle) worksheets; create & document logical data models based on business requirements. Requirements include master’s degree in business administration & 3 yrs exp in/with/using SQL, XML, RUP and SDLC. Qualified applicants send résumés to ICC, attn: B. Thomas 2500 Corporate Exchange Dr. 320 Columbus, OH 43231. Dvlpmt Mgr, Data Warehouse Appls - Columbus, OH. Assist w/appl design, data warehouse dvlpmt, & report testing req’d for Business Reporting. Bachelor’s or equiv in CS, Eng’g (any) or rel. plus 5 yrs relevant exp. Strong knowl of key processes in Data Warehouse lifecycle; exp working as sr member of ETL team w/exp in mid to complex level MIS initiatives; extensive exp in Bus. Intelligence/ Data Warehousing space in multiple roles (bus. & tech) in Finance Industry; ETL dvlpmt using Informatics Powercenter 8.1; Oracle 10g/11g, PL/SQL; design reviews & tech design docs; delivering operation al & analytical reporting needs; code reviews & UAT resolution of ETL issues; coord. activities w/bus. & tech teams w/proven delivery record; Microsoft Office products especially Excel; knowl of mortgage industry & rel. finance/bus. aspects. To apply, visit http://careers.j & apply to job # 100087957. EOE, AAE, M/F/D/V. J.P. Morgan Chase is a marketing name of JPMorgan Chase & Co. The Chase Manhattan Bank is a subsidiary of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (c) 2003 J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. All rights reserved. ww Halcyon Solutions , Inc. seeks applicants for multi ple Programmer Analyst positions to work in Dublin OH. Duties include ana lyze, define and document requirements for data, workflow, logical process es, hardware and operat ing system environments. Must possess relevant edu cation and experience Send 2 resumes & cover letter to 5880 Innovation Drive, Dublin, OH 43016 REF# 8246

IS COORDINATOR OHP is currently seeking an IS Coordinator, please see our display ad in the Medical section of today’s classifieds. EOE Community news Sports Videos Contests


IT As the largest state pension fund, Ohio Public Employees Retirement System serves more than 175,000 retirees and beneficiaries nationwide. Make a difference in the lives of those who have devoted their careers to Ohio. We currently seek a:

LEAD IT AUDITOR In this role, you will execute audit plans by independently planning IT audit assignments by working directly with IT management, appraising, reporting, recommending and assisting in the development of the organizational system of Information Technology controls. This position is accountable for performing IT reviews as well as overseeing and monitoring IT technical reviews completed by 3rd parties. Position objectives also include evaluating the current IT control network and programs, ensuring that overall IT security is risk appropriate, evaluating organizational compliance with IT policies and reliable accounting and reporting systems are provided. Requirements include a Bachelor’s degree in IT Business Information Systems, with 5-8 years experi ence with IT auditing and SQL/ACL/VBA software programming analytics; or some combination of experience and demonstrated ability. Auditing experience must include extensive IT system audits and reviews (e.g. Windows, z/OS, DB2, SQL Server, Java and COBOL applications, and Unix) and familiarity with audit software packages (e.g. ACL). Solid familiarity with management control systems, organizational structures, IT control frameworks (e.g. COBIT), state and federal information protection and controlrelated legislation, and emerging information technology issues. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package. To view the full job description and apply online, visit our Careers site at: www.o OPERS is strongly committed to diversity in the workplace. EOE

IT Manager Growing manufacturer/ dis tributor in Hilliard area seeks results-oriented indi vidual to manage IT depart ment Responsibilities in clude supervising staff, maintaining WAN/LAN, managing projects, EDI and supporting the IT needs of all departments within the organization. Ex perience in Microsoft Net work and SQL, integrated accounting, hardware and EDI a plus. Email resume and salary requirements to:

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Systems Specialist The Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University is currently accepting applications for a Systems Specialist. The successful candidate will manage instructional technolo gy in computer labs and classrooms, including preparing and deploying software images; provides support for video conferencing. This position will have standard working hours of 11:00AM - 8:00PM but may fluctuate due to departmental needs. Required: Bachelor’s degree in an information technology related field or an equivalent combination of education and experience; experience in desktop imaging. For a complete position description and application instructions please visit ww and search by requisition number 354638. Application deadline: December 19, 2010.

HELP WANTED ENGINEERING/ TECHNICAL UNICON International , Inc. is looking for a Software Engineer to work in Colum bus, OH. Some duties in clude: analysis, design, de velopment, customization and implementation of SAP-ERP, and implement ing programs for client soft ware applications. Must have BS Deg in Mech Engr, or Comp Sci & 5 yrs experience in job offered or as SAP Retail Tech Cons, Tech Cons or Prgrmr. 3 yrs experience to include: 1) IDOC, BAPI, ALE, ABAP, BADI, Interfa ces; 2) SAP and with analy sis, design, development, customization and imple mentation of SAP-ERP. Send Resume & cover let ter to Box # 1055 The Columbus Dispatch 34 S. Third Street Columbus, OH 43215-4241 REF# 7310.103.


Anatomical Sciences Instructorship Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine Athens, Ohio

The Department of Biomedical Sciences seeks to fill a non-tenure track Instructor position in cadaver-based Human Gross Anatomy. This 11month position, with the possibility of annual renewal, begins on July 1, 2011. HELP WANTED Primary teaching responsibilities are in the human ENGINEERING/ anatomical sciences laboTECHNICAL ratories for first and second year medical students, Advanced Engineering although lecture opportuni Consultants is looking for ties also exist. Minimum an Electrical Engineer to requirements include an work in Columbus, OH. Some duties include: as - advanced degree in biosist in the design of lighting medical sciences or a closely related field and systems, power systems, previous anatomy teaching power distribution sys Preference tems, fire protection sys - experience. tems, and design of public will be given to the candidate with a medicallyaddress/access control and control circuit televi - oriented anatomical science background. Collabsion systems. Must have orative research with existBS Deg in Elec Engr & 2 ing faculty members is enyears experience to in clude: 1) Short Circuit Cal - couraged. For more information on the Department culations with EasyPower and SKM software; 2) Gen - and areas of research emphasis, visit our website: ht erator Sizing; 3) Writing construction specification, tp:// /dbms/index.htm. To apshop drawing, cost esti mating and Autocad/MEP; ply, a CV and statement of 4) construction administra - teaching philosophy and research interests must be tion attend construction submitted online at www.o meetings, tracking con struction documents and icants/Central?quickFind= code analysis. Send Re sume & cover letter to Box 57468. Applications accepted until position is fil# 1032The Columbus Dispatch.34 S. Third Street led; for full consideration Columbus, OH 43215-4241 apply by February 15, 2011. Questions may be _____ REF# 8330.001 addressed to Joe Eastman Qwest Corporation seeks a ( e a s t m a n @ o h i o . e d u ) . Lead Software Develop Ohio University is an affirment Engineer to work in mative action, equal opporColumbus, OH. Duties in - tunity employer with a Dual clude support the develop - Career Network (http://ww ment activities in the LATIS High priInvoicing applications in IT ority is placed on the creaBilling. Must have MS in tion of an environment supCS or Info Tech & 6 mo portive of women, minoriexp in job offered or as ties, veterans, and persons manager or tech lead to in - with disabilities. clude 6 mo exp in: (1) Languages: C, C++, Proc*, JAVA, XML, Shell Script, Perl, ANT; (2)Operation Systems: UNIX, LINUX; (3) Applica Assistant Business tion User interfaces: JSP, SERVLET, SWING; (4) Da Office Manager tabases : Oracle , PL/SQL; and (5) Protocols and Columbus Rehab and Technologies: SOAP, Subacute Institute, a CMM, VoiP, MS Visio, 120-bed skilled nursing UML. Send resume & cov - facility, has a great opporer letter to Box # tunity for an individual 1055The Columbus with experience in health Dispatch care billing services. 34 S. Third Street Responsibilities include: Columbus, OH 43215-4241 ∂Patient billing, A/R and REF 7289.577 collection functions ∂Must have previous exBoost your perience with Medicaid, home improvement Medicare, and managed care insurance payers business ∂Must be proficient in the use of computers Advertise in our Call ∂Previous experience in long term care is preferthe Experts section! red

To build a diverse workforce Ohio State encourages applications from individuals with disabilities, minorities, veterans and women. EEO/AA employer.

(740) 888-5003



Please fax or email resumes to: Andi Ayres, Recruiter E-Mail: aayres@ Fax: 414-908-7204

HELP US BUILD OUR TEAM The OHIO University Office of Information Technology has the following positions available for immediate hire:


Location: OHIO University Main Campus, Athens, OH For more information please visit Email questions to Ohio University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer



DIRECTOR OF NURSING Medical Secretary Central Ohio home health Grove City, Primary Care agency seeking a qualified Practice seeking a Medical DON. Responsibilities incl. Secretary, FT day position coordinating patient care with 1 eve per week, tele delivery, management communication, customer of clinical staff, leading service, computer & EMR care conferences and nurs - skills required to perform ing team activities, assist scheduling & clerical ing w/compliance duties, experience pref. programs, coordinating Fax resume to 539-4610 with intake and Attn: Administrator. preauthorization departments and ensuring Medical Services growthand profitability for Assistant - PT the agency. Interested Wanted to provide after candidates must possess a hours (nights and week minimum BSN, exceptional ends) on-call telephone communication coverage for guardian skills & minimum 2-4 yrs in agency. Knowledge of a HHC setting. Email re medical terminology/ pro sume to COHHC1@Gmail cedures and experience in .com the field of developmental disabilities highly prefer FRONT DESK red. Must be able to pro RECEPTIONIST vide informed consent for Full-time front desk medical treatment of agen position in cardiology cy clients and demonstrate practice. Minimum 1 year ability to prioritize and deal experience in medical with multiple crises. Bach office. NextGen experience elor’s degree or nursing a plus. Scheduling, checkdegree is required. in, check-out, excellent Please respond to customer service, and APSI, Human Resources ability to travel to satellite 4110 N High St. Cols, OH offices. For consideration 43214. send resume to To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event or fax resume to 614-722-7922. call (740) 888-5003 (local call) Hospitalist Physician Need to make Sound Inpatient Physicians, Tacoma, WA some dough? seeks a Hospitalist Physician to wrk at Mount Carmel East Hospital, Co lumbus, OH. Req: MD w/3 yrs residency training in Internal Medicine. Board eligibility/certification in In ternal Medicine. Email CV Sell your unwanted plus 3 references to hospitalists@ items in the

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MEDICAL ASSISTANT Physician’s office seeks medical assistant for PT duties, including assisting with patients, ordering tests, scheduling appoint ments. To arrange a confi dential interview, email or phone 614-563-3855.

MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST Our steady growth into the Grove City area has creat ed the need for a full time Receptionist. Candidate will be responsible for di recting incoming calls in a courteous manner, greet ing patients, obtaining new patient information, sched uling appointments and as sisting with other clerical support duties. May re quire working a flexible schedule, and participation in the company’s Saturday/holiday rotations. Position requires a high school diploma or equiva lent. Our company offers a competitive compensation and benefit package to those who share our high organizational values and believe productive work should be fun. Qualified applicants should submit resume and salary history to: Stacie McKinney 1010 Monarch St, Ste 150 Lexington, KY 40513 Fax: (859) 219-0241 Equal Opportunity Employer

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Needed: Caring nurses to ease our growing pains. Quantum Health is an award-winning com pany that’s experienc ing explosive growth! As one of the Best Places to Work in Co lumbus, we’re look ing for some of the best nurses in (or around) Columbus. Right now, we need nurses with experi ence in Case Manage ment, Pre-certification and Utilization Re view. Beyond that we’re looking for nurses who have hearts of gold and nerves of steel. Nurses who have a knack for solv ing problems with a smile and doling out tough love with genu ine tenderness. If you’re an exception al care-giver who’s looking to work for a company that will take exceptional care of you, then please email your resume to Stat! Note: You must hold a current RN license in Ohio. A minimum of 3 years experience is preferred. No phone calls please.

Nurse/Surgical Scrub/Sterile Processing

Must love sports. A lot. Read the 1812 Nut on and get all the central Ohio sports your pretty little head can handle.


Freestanding Ambulatory Surgery Center Circleville FT position in a flexible scheduling environment available Qualified applicants are required to have Surgical Technician and Sterile Processing experience. Interested applicants should fax their resume to (740) 420-6470

Classifieds sell (740) 888-5003 (local call)

CHARGE NURSE - MED/SURG Excellent leadership opportunity for a Registered Nurse to facilitate patient care delivery on the Med/Surg unit during evenings and/or nights. Selected individual will provide supervision and management for a group of very dedicated healthcare professionals, ensuring that they are able to provide the highest quality of care for our patients. Requirements include current Ohio RN licensure, a minimum of 3 years clinical experience and previous charge experience strongly preferred. To find out more about this position and other openings, interested individuals may contact Human Resources at 740-420-8352 or apply online at

(local call)

(740) 888-5003

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Extendicare Health Services, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer that encourages workplace diversity.


Madison County Hospital is looking for a full-time Director to oversee the day-to-day operations of our Obstetrics Unit. This position would be responsible for direct patient care, supervising and directing nursing care and all related activities for OB patients. Qualified candidates will possess current RN licensure in the State of Ohio, BSN preferred; and five years experience in obstetrics including management experience. Interested applicants should apply on-line at www.madisoncounty EOE M/F/D/H/V MCH is a non-smoking facility. We no longer hire individuals that smoke or use tobacco products.

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Optical Tech Experience preferred, will train right individual. Must beprofessional, good ap pearance & positive atti tude. Email resume to: optech01@

PHARMACY TECH Retail Experience required. Top Dollars! No evenings or weekends. PT or FT. Email resume to

Physical Therapist



Part-time Administrative Medical Assistant Franklin County Public Health is now accepting applications for a part-time Administrative Medical Assistant. For more information on this position and instructions on how to apply, please visit our website at: PHARMACY TECHNICIAN Growing LTC pharmacy seeks full-time PTCB CER TIFIED techs. Stable work ing environment, good benefits, conveniently lo cated. Mail, fax or e-mail resume to: 757 Brooksedge Plaza Drive Westerville, Ohio 43081 Fax: 614-818-3906 E-mail: tinneyd@ NO CALLS OR DROP-INS PLEASE


December 16, 2010

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Rocky Fork Enterprise

PICKAWAY COUNTY BOARD OF DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES Individual to serve as part of a transdisciplinary team serving children with devel opmental disabilities birth through age 2. Responsibilities incl.ude home visits to support fam ilies with promoting child development, conducting joint visits with other team members, regular attend ance at team meetings. Minimum Qualifications: Valid OH Physical Therapy License, Acceptable Crimi nal Background Check, Valid Ohio Driver’s Li cense, Pre-employment drug and alcohol screen ing required, pediatric experience preferred Send resume to: Personnel Office Pickaway County Board of Developmental Disabilities 200 East High St. Circleville, OH 43113

Expert Care, Close to Home. As the largest medical community between Cleveland and Columbus, MedCentral provides a comprehensive array of health care services typically found only in major metropolitan areas. We take great pride in the difference we make in the communities we serve—and are confident you will too.

Occupational Therapist – Hand In this position, you will provide the occupational therapy component for the MedCentral Health System Occupational Medicine and Hand Center Therapies Team, meeting the direct patient and indirect client care needs of both internal and external clients; meeting the mission of the department and evaluate and develop the treatment plan for hand patients. Success requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy from an accredited school; BLS and experience equivalent to ability to successfully evaluate, treat, and educate industrial medicine clients, both as part of an interdisciplinary team and independently. Industrial Medicine / Ergonomic Continuing Education or certification; OT with C.H.T. designation and previous experience in industrial medicine / ergonomic environment preferred.

We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package. Please apply online at


Are you looking for Stability? Mansfield, Ohio. EXCEPTIONAL HOURLY RATE PRN, Part-time and Full-time Positions Skilled Nursing Call Russ Delaney 1-800-223-9519 or e-mail: rdelaney@

PHYSICIANS Ohio Valley Physicians is looking for Physicians to work Urgent Care at 2 fa cilities in Ohio First location is in Ironton. Open 7 days a week. M-F 4-12, Sat and Sun 10-10 Holidays 2-10 Second location is in Portsmouth. Need staff ing for weekends 10-10 and Holidays 2-10 We are looking for physi cians to work full time, part time or even occa sional at only 1 or 2 days a month. If interested call Stacey Shy at 304-634-5999 o r Brenda Landaeta at 740418-1200

PHYSICIANS WANTED NO OFFICE STRESS Operate free of start-up costs, equip. expenses, insurance fees and mgmt of staff. See 9-10 patients per day for highquality one-on-one care with NO NIGHTS, NO WEEKENDS and excellent BENEFITS! Practice located in Columbus.

Call 877-531-9955

Classifieds sell

To oversee and manage clinical services in a dynamic community mental health organization. The successful candidate will serve as member of the senior management team, reporting to the CEO. Duties include administrative oversight of outpatient, crisis intervention, and children’s mental health programs; chairing the Quality Assurance Committee; overseeing outcomes assessment projects; consulting with community groups; and serving as Chief Clinical Officer for the local public mental health system. Doctoral degree, Ohio psychology license, and experience in both clinical and management positions required. Competitive salary and fringe benefit package including retirement plan and reimbursement for approved continuing education costs. Opportunities for additional compensation through an affiliated private practice. Send resume including salary requirements to: Susan Buchwalter, Ph.D., CEO The Counseling Center 2285 Benden Drive Wooster, OH 44691 EOE

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(740) 888-5003 (local call)

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REFERRAL AND INTAKE MANAGER HOME HEALTH Interim HealthCare of Columbus has a great opportunity with our Medicare certified home health agency serving patients in multiple locations in Central Ohio. The Referral and Intake Manager is responsible for the overall management, coordination, and oversight of all referral and intake processes and operations and ensures a smooth transition from payers and referral sources to staffing and care management. The Manager speaks knowledgeably of the scope of services that are available through Interim HealthCare and supports the execution and management of all agreements and contracts by directly overseeing intake practices and patterns. Ideal candidate will have at least two years experience in a supervisory or coordinator role in a home health intake department or in managing home health care staff. Current Ohio RN license. Bachelors Degree preferred. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Good understanding of OASISC documentation. We offer the security of working for an established company with great benefits. Salaried position with paid time off and insurance coverage. Qualified applicants should e-mail their resumes to or call Sharon Gross at 614-880-2939.


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RN On Call, Quality Assurance Performance Improvement RN, & Clinical Team Manager ACCLAIM Hospice Care, Central Ohio’s fastest growing hospice program, is hiring! Terrific benefits Supportive work environment - Lots of paid time off! Please email your resume to sharon.rollins@ or fax to 614-890-1725. EOE

VET TECH Registered or experienced. FT/PT. Benefits. North Cols small animal hospital. Call 614-436-9922

HELP WANTED FINANCIAL/BANKING DIRECTOR, NON-PROFIT ACCOUNTING Finance and Administration Bowling Green State University The purpose of this position is to lead, guide and direct all aspects of the primary business functions, financial oversight and associated accounting and tax related activities for the University’s wholly owned non-profit development corporation, Centennial Falcon Properties, Inc. ("Falcon"). This position will serve as the day to day "CFO" for Falcon - under the direction of the controller and the University’s CFO (who serves as the Vice President of Falcon). For a complete job description & instruction on how to apply for this position (L-61840) visit http://w mployment/adm_staff/page 11137.html or contact the Office of Human Resources at (419) 372-8421 or BGSU is an AA/EO employer/educator.

Full time position in com munity mental health cen ter. Must be licensed in State of Ohio with one year TAX PREPARER of nursing. Experience in - SEASONAL community mental health CPA has an opening for or psychiatric setting pre - seasonal Tax Preparer with ferred. Crisis intervention min. 3 yrs 1040 experi and institutionalized patient ence. Excellent hourly rate experience helpful. Will with paid OT. Grandview work primarily in the com location with parking. munity where you will eval - Lacerte tax software experi uate, monitor and treat cli - ence a plus. Send resume ents. Mileage reimburse & salary req. to: Laubie, ment. Must have Ohio Driv - Karling & Associates, LLC er’s license/auto. Salary: 1041 Dublin Rd, Cols, OH $55K. Hours: Monday thru 43215. Attn: Kevin Karling Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. or email Kevin@ Applications/resumes ac cepted at NCMHS, 1301 N. High St., Cols., OH 43201, or fax to 614-298-2227 or e-mail EOE

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Apartment/Home Rental Package 10 lines or 5 lines with photo, 4 weeks, any 4 markets for $75 (each additional line $7.50) Call today and rent your apartment THIS WEEK! (740) 888-5003

Community news Sports Videos Contests

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HELP WANTED GENERAL Apartment Management Positions Available Now!


Hiring couples to co-manage apartment communities as well as individuals for punch-out & apartment maintenance, leasing, cleaning & building maintenance, to fill various positions in the , Columbus, Pataskala and Newark areas. Compensation based on ability/ experience and housing is provided. Mail resume or letter of inquiry to: M. Oglesbee 45 N. 4th St., Columbus, Ohio 43215; fax to 614-4872579; or email to EEOC

Loeb Electric is almost 100 yrs. strong and looking for driven, career-minded peo ple for several positions. Our full-time positions offer great medical benefits, a matching 401k program and more. All positions of - APT SERVICE TECH F/T experienced HVAC cer fer competitive wages. If tified service tech to han you are excited about working hard to establish a dle all phases of apartment maintenance. The suc career and not just get a cessful candidate will be "job" then look to a solid able to trouble shoot and company that’s been around for almost a centu - make repairs while provid ing great customer service. ry and offers stability and Must provide own tools & security. vehicle and be available for on-call rotation. Drug and Service Coordinator (F/T) background check re Responsible for answering quired. We offer excellent incoming calls, emails and faxes for requests for serv - company benefits, profes sional work environment ice and following through and an opportunity to learn the work order through and grow. Qualified candi completion. Must be a dates should fax resume to self-starter with ability to Job #0651FTST at 614communicate clearly and 781-0832. concisely, both written and verbally, with strong atten tion to detail. Must have Bilingual strong organizational skills Spanish/English including ability to plan and manage multiple priori CSR ties simultaneously. Work Dublin/Plain City area co. ing knowledge of MS Of needs 1 F/T and 1 P/T fice (word, excel) and ex Spanish/English bilingual cellent customer service CSR for skills are a must. outbound calls. $9.50$10.00/hr Order Puller/Stock Crew: Call 614-841-2500 (F/T) 10am - 7 pm Responsible for selecting Block Clerks material from shelves in Part Time the appropriate quantities Want to get out of the to complete orders and re house for a day, get away plenish stock in a timely, from the hum drum of organized fashion. Must be keeping house, or if you a team player with atten just want to earn some tion to detail and problem extra cash. We are solving skills. Must be seeking individuals with physically fit and able to lift computer & data entry up to 70 lbs. Must have a abilities, and able to work high school diploma or at a fast pace. This position GED. is for "Wednesday" only each week. You could Counter Sales (P/T) make up to $90 for the Responsible for providing day, and earn an added assistance to customers bonus at the end of each during the sales/purchase month. process and responding to customer inquiries in a pro To apply, call Rosemarie fessional, timely and cour Kesselring @ teous manner. Strong cus 614/497-5453 tomer service skills, some or send resume to: college or equivalent coun Columbus Fair Auto ter sales experience, and Auction, Inc. MS Office (word, excel) 4700 Groveport Rd. software knowledge neces Columbus, Ohio 43207 sary. Ability to lift and carry E-Mail up to 70 lbs. Appropriate transportation is CARPET CLEANERS necessary. Accepting applications for Helpers & Technicians. Please submit resume or Must have clean police re completed application to port & driving record. Call 614-586-1777. Job applications are available at CASE MANAGER http://www.loeb Full time entry level posi tion in community mental employment.cfm. health center. Degree re No phone calls or walk-ins quired. LSW/PC/CCC/ accepted. Drug testing and CDCA preferred. Knowl a background check will edge of community resour be required before ces and experience with employment. SMD clients with sub Equal Opportunity stance abuse problems a Employer. plus. Willing to train. Must have Ohio driver’s All Students license/auto. Work primari HOLIDAY HELP! ly in the community. Mile 1-5 wk. work program, flex. age reimbursement. Sal hours, $16.25 base-appt., ary: $11/hr., Monday thru customer sales/service, will Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm. train, all ages 17+, call Option of four 10-hour 614-485-9443 work days after 6 months of employment available. Applications/resumes ac APARTMENT cepted at NCMHS, 1301 N. MANAGEMENT High St., Cols., OH 43201, NOW HIRING! or fax to 614-298-2227 or Resident Manager Cou e-mail EOE ples in Central Ohio. Du ties include renting and light maintenance. Sal ary, 2 BR apt. with washer/dryer, 3 week va cation and holidays. Pleasant working environ ment. Send resume or letter of inquiry to Miss Windy at: recruitingoh@ Must love sports. or fax to 614-863-3006 A lot. EEOC

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(local call)




Expert Care, Close to Home. As the largest medical community between Cleveland and Columbus, MedCentral provides a comprehensive array of health care services typically found only in major metropolitan areas. We take great pride in the difference we make in the communities we serve—and are confident you will too.

Speech Language Pathologist – Pediatric Therapy

Registered Respiratory Therapist


All shifts

RN - Ambulatory Care (oncology exp required)


1st shift

RN - Emergency Department


All shifts

Radiology Technologist


1st and 3rd shift

PC Support Technician


1st and 2nd shift

Surgical Scrub Technician


1st shift

ED Financial Counselor


2nd shift

In this role, you will facilitate the development and remediation of communication, cognition, and swallowing disorders with co-treatment in a team environment. Further duties include parent education and treatment of pediatric dysphagia, apraxia, articulation, language disorders and delays, fluency/ stuttering and hearing impairment and development of individual home programs and coordination with school based services. Success requires a Master’s degree in Speech/ Language Pathology; State of Ohio Speech/Language Pathology Licensure, American Speech/Language, Hearing Association; developed pediatric treatment skills with a variety of diagnoses with all ages and current State of Ohio Drivers License. Certification of Clinical Competency (CCC); strong CFY candidate would be considered; previous interdisciplinary team treatment experience and experience with pediatric dysphasia preferred.

We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package. Please apply online at


CLAIM YOUR CAREER Chase the Global Financial leader is looking for talented people to join our team of approximately 15,000 employees in the columbus area. Join our team in Westerville! We are currently hiring in many different areas. Log on today to see all the exciting opportunities available!

Explore new career opportunities online at: Keyword: CMH

December 16, 2010

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Rocky Fork Enterprise


COMMUNICATIONS ASSISTANT Will work closely with the Community Relations team to coordinate daily activities associated with communications including publications, public relations, social media and other related activities Apply online at or by sending resume to: Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Human Resources Dept. 9990 Riverside Dr, PO Box 400 Powell, OH 43065 EOE



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Service Advisor

Light industrial and clerical positions available in and Candidate should have around the Grove City area strong Section 8/Tax Credit as well as all over town. experience, be organized Special recruiting in Grove and thorough, have certifi City for long term, short cation for Section 8 and term and temp to hire posi Tax Credit (emphasis on tions! Our recruiter will be Section 8), a leader, excel at the lent people skills, can en LAQUINTA INN force policies with diploma 3962 JACKPOT RD cy. Please fax resumes to MONDAY 865.244.4314. 9A-2P Many positions require CSR - Part/Full time clean background check & Saturdays required drug test. Bring your valid Bilingual skills a plus picture ID and a sscard or Accepting applications birth certificate with you. weekdays from CROWN SERVICES, INC. 8:00-3:00 at 276-9696 Kiwanis License Agency 4740 Cemetery Road Hilliard, OH 43026 HOUSEKEEPER Dancers and Models FLOOR TECH Paid Daily. No touch Full Time. Must be able to service. Call 614-818-0771. work a flexible schedule $1500-$2000 + /wk. covering all shifts. STOP IN - 5385 Sinclair Rd. Worthington Christian Village ENTRY LEVEL RETAIL/NO D2D/B2B Worthington Christian Vil FULL PAID TRAINING lage is a great place to CALL CHRIS work offering a total minis 614-441-1329. try to the senior adults of Central Ohio. To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call (740) 888-5003 (local call)

Right Job! Right Now!

Warehouse Order Selectors Great Pay:

• $11.50/hr to start &

Fill out an application on line at or fax your resume to (614) 842-9541 INSURANCE CUSTOMER SERVICE 2 FT positions at a fastpaced high volume agen cy. 1 PERSONAL LINES ACCOUNT MANAGER & 1 COMMERICIAL LINES AC COUNT MANAGER open ing. Must have specific in surance exp. Current P&C license required. I-270 & Sawmill area. Fax resume to: 614-889-5377 or email to LANDSCAPE LABORER (temporary 4/1/1111/15/11) 10 jobs w/ Helmlinger Company in Columbus. Use hand/power tools/equip. Lay sod,mulch, mow/trim, plant, water, fertilize, dig/rake, assist w/ install of mortarless masonry pavers. Entry level/req’s supervision; no exp req’d/will train. Lift/carry 50 lbs. when nec. Sat work req’d when nec. 40hr/wk, 7:30am–4pm. M-F, $8.39/hr, OT varies @ $12.59/hr. Employer pro vides daily transportation to/from jobsites in Franklin, Delaware, & Union/OH counties from central loc. To apply, fax resume to (614) 876-0858

earn up to $21.72/hr • 6 months increases & $5,000 bonus potential • Plus earn up to $5.75/hr extra with Incentive Pay Bonus

Benefiting you: • Medical/Dental/Prescription • PaidVacations • Discount on Kroger Brand Products • & SO MUCH MORE! Must be able to work NIGHTS and WEEKENDS! Apply online today at: Or,Visitourfacility24hoursaday/7daysaweek, just1mileeastofDelawareoffRt.36: KrogerDistributionCenter 2000NutterFarmsLane•Delaware,OH43015

Slitter Operators

Provide individual, family & group counseling at Cross Creek Intensive Day Treatment, a schoolbased partial hospitalization program in the Buckeye Ranch continuum of care for adolescents. Creativity, client involvement, and excellent counseling skills are needed in this challenging position. Master’s degree in human services and State of Ohio LPC, LSW, LPCC or LISW licensure required. Mon. - Fri. Excellent benefits! EEO AA Employer. Diverse applicants sought to work with a diverse population. Submit resume to: Only if necessary, mail to: HR, The Buckeye Ranch, 5665 Hoover Rd, Grove City, OH 43123

SOCIAL SERVICES SOCIAL WORK Le gusta ayudar a las familias? Licensed Social Seeking a Help Me Grow Worker Service Coordinator to join Needed for Licensing a dynamic and diverse Specialist position. Must team. FT 40 hr/wk position be certified Adoption with benefits. Job responsi Assessor, have licensing bilities include assisting women & families with chil - experience and be familiar with ODJFS rules that dren who are at risk or governor foster care have been diagnosed with practices. Because our developmental delays. agency specializes in Qualifications include: bilin serving children with gual Spanish/English, 2 years experience with chil - developmental disabilities and extensive medical dren birth to 3, minimum of needs, considerable Associates degree in field knowledge in these areas of study related to early are highly recommended. childhood. Learn more at Quali - Candidates should display excellent organization fied candidates email re skills; coordinate agency sume to humanresources and community resources; @ communicate effectively both orally and in writing; complete homestudys and other assessments to license foster home, implement appropriate interventions and corrective actions, when necessary; and to work effectively to solve problems. Consistently demonstrating a positive EED and proactive manner of approaching tasks and SOMETHING working with colleagues and external stakeholders Check out the is a must. Interested applicants can complete classified section. an application on our website at You may also send resumes to: Social Work Manager, Life Start Inc., 142 N. High Get the word out to more Street, Gahanna Ohio than a quarter million 43230 or fax to the readers with ThisWeek attention of the Social Community Newspapers! Work Manager at 614-4716912.



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FT positions HS diploma or equiv., must be me chanically inclined with stable work history. 12 hr shift, 3 on 3 off, wknds & holidays required. $10.50/hr + benefits. Email resume to: whitney@ or by fax to 6144718011

Apartment/Home Rental Package 10 lines or 5 lines with photo, 4 weeks, any 4 markets for $75 (each additional line $7.50)

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(740) 888-5003 (local call) New advertiser incentives Call (740) 888-5003


To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call (740) 888-5003 (local call)

TEACHER Longterm Sub


PRODUCTION SUPERVISORINVENTORY/ WAREHOUSE Grove City, OH Mon-Fri, 10am-7pm Must be flexible At CuraScript, an Express Script company, dedicated to the delivery of extraordi nary care, one patient at a time. We are committed to our core values of compassion, integrity and quality. We measure our success through our satisfied clients. Ideal candidate will be responsible for managing performance of assigned employees against performance metrics established by our clients. Operational activities include supervising receiving, nightly cycle counts of inventory, order processing and shipping of pharmaceutical product. Requirements: ∂ H.S. Diploma or equivalent required ∂ Minimum 5 years of experience in a distribution setting with 1-2 years experience in a leadership role ∂ Must have general office and computer skills ∂ Familiar with FDA, DEA and state board of pharmacy regulations for shipping pharmaceutical products. ∂ Customer Service background Please complete online application at: w w w . e x p r e s s Job ID # 12590 EOE

A private charter school in Hilliard is searching for a LT Substitute Teacher for 4th grade math & science. Assignment will start Jan. 10, 2011 and go through March 25, 2011. Must have Bachelors in Education, Ohio license & experience teaching 4th grade math & science. Email resume to

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Now Hiring!

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We have immediate openings for full-time:

(740) 888-5003

∂Sales Reps ∂Canvassing

(local call)


Growing Cols GM dealer ship seeks exp. Service Ad Local firm operating apart visor. Excellent customer ments and office properties service skills a must. Previ looking for Maint. Tech. ous dealership exp. prefer Applicants should have 3 red. ADP helpful. Paid yrs exp. in maintaining leave, health ins., 401K, rental properties & skills drug free EOE. incl. general maint., plumb Email resume to ing, drywall, electrical, car pentry, heating & cooling & Shift Supervisor be EPA certified. Must Full-time position in com have tools & truck/van. munity mental health Fax resume to center-residential program. 614-224-4338 BA degree with group Management Trainee home, mental health resi I’M SWAMPED! dential, hotel/motel opera tions experience preferred. Need 7 sharp people to Good supervisory, man help run offices in the Cols. agement, communication area. Earn while you learn skills required. Current $400-500/per week while in Ohio driver’s license/auto training. required-have ability to NO EXPERIENCE drive pick-up truck. Good NEC. driving record a must. Will Call Cindy for personal work Sunday thru Satur interview 614-791-3301. day, 2nd & 3rd shifts as For further information scheduled. Responsible for check out our website at supervision of staff at multi www. ple facilities. May require columbusartconnection mandatory overtime. Holi .com day hours required. Applications/resumes ac MEDICAL TRAINEE cepted at NCMHS, 1301 N. Paid training in medical/dental field. No ex - High St., Cols., OH 43201, e-mail or perience required for H.S fax to 614-298-2227. EEO diploma grads 17-34. Ex cellent salary and benefits. Paid relocation Call 1-800282-1384. M-F, 8a to 5:30p.

Mental Health Day Treatment Clinician


Place your ad today! (740) 888-5003


Call today for an immediate interview! 1-800-Hansons Ex 4103 Or send your resume to co lumbuscareers@

Parlez-vous français....

Find great employees with an ad in the Employment Extra Jan. 16. What’s in it for you? To place your ad, call 614.675.4679.

Nous avons des ouvertures immédiate pour des représentants bilingue anglais/français! dans le service à la clientelle! Vous devez possèder d’ex ellentes compétences en services à la clientelle ainsi qu’être habile en informatique. SVP appelez au 841-2500 PRODUCTION Aramark Uniform Services, the leading garment textile company in America has job openings for Produc tion Workers. Our facility has immediate opportuni ties for hardworking, ener getic and dependable indi viduals in our uniform and linen services. We offer competitive starting pay, an insurance benefit pack age, paid vacation, 401K and more. Applications accepted Mon–Fri, 9A-1P ONLY at: Aramark Uniform Services, Inc. 1900 Progress Ave. 43207. No phone calls please. Aramark Uniform Services is an EOE.

A New Career For A New Year! We’re currently seeking:

• Inbound Call Center Representatives • Bilingual Representatives Full & Part-Time Schedules OPEN INTERVIEWS

OPEN INTERVIEWS Monday-Thursday, 9:00am-6:00pm

Production Manager/ Estimator

Meeting New Challenges Together

Candle-lite benefits Include • Salary commensurate with experience and results • 40lK • 10 paid Holidays a year • Tuition Reimbursement • Health / Disability/ Life Insurance • Prorated Vacation in the year 2011 then 2 weeks Qualified candidates please forward a resume with salary history to (No phone calls & recruiters pleased) Candle lite P.O. Box 385 Leesburg, Ohio 45135 Attn: HR/EJP Fax 937-780-9920 E-mail to: Subject: your name - PIC Manager Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V

Production Inventory Control Manager Candle-lite a world leader in the candle manufacturing industry is seeking a Production Inventory Control Manager for its plant in Leesburg, Ohio. The qualified candidate will have • Bachelor degree in a related field • Five years experience in a Production Inventory Control department • Must be able to lift 25 pounds without assistance, move about the factory freely to include navigating steps, work in a typical manufacturing environment with exposure to varying degrees of heat, cold, noise, scents and dust. • Prefer APICS certification or membership

A Lancaster Colony Company

Growing Cols GM dealer ship seeks a Collision Cen ter Production Manager/Estimator. Exp. necessary. CCC, Ultramate, ABSe, ADP ex perience helpful. Salary plus commission. Paid leave, health ins., 401K, drug free, EOE. Email resume to

QUALITY IMPROVEMENT ASSISTANT Full-time position in com munity mental health cen ter. Must have Bachelors degree with clinical back ground or prior QA/QI ex perience in a behavioral health setting. Must be flex ible, organized and detail oriented. Will participate on QA teams and other agen cy projects/activities. Hours: Monday thru Fri day, 8 A.M. - 5 P.M. May in clude weekends and after hours. Resumes accepted at NCMHS, 1301 N. High St., Cols., OH 43201, fax to 614-298-2227 e-mail EEO DAYCARE PROVIDERS & PRESCHOOLS

Take advantage of our great childcare rates! (740) 888-5003

300 West Schrock Road, Westerville, OH Please come prepared to speak with a recruiter. Business casual attire is required.

WE’VE GOT IT ALL! Affinion careers will have you celebrating with things like:

• • • • • • • •

Flexible schedules 401(k) match Tuition reimbursement Health/dental/vision Casual, friendly environment 24 paid days off Real advancement opportunities Great bonus potential

We want to hear from you! Visit us at the address above or apply online at We conduct drug and background screenings. EOE

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Assistant Director, Alumni Relations and Annual Funds


Capital University, a midsize, comprehensive, private university whose community values of diversity and free inquiry are strongly promoted within the Lutheran tradition of higher education is seeking an Assistant Director who will work collaboratively with the Alumni Relations and Annual Funds departments to promote and advance Capital University in regard to volunteerism, communi cation, campus engagement, fund-raising and education. Bachelor’s degree and two years related experience preferred. For a detailed description of the position visit www.capit Capital University offers a rich benefits package that includes medical, dental, retirement, family education benefits, long-term disability, life insurance and free parking. Please send a cover letter and resume to: Alumni Relations and Annual Funds Assistant Director Search Committee, University Advancement, Capi tal University, 1 College and Main, Columbus, OH 43209 or electronically to a Capital University is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified minorities, women, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

GFS Chemicals a stable, leading manufac turer of fine specialty chemicals for over 80 years, is looking for Chemical Technician to join our growing team. The successful individual will perform pilot scale chemistry to satisfy small volume sales orders and to help develop process scale up procedures for chemical production on a larger scale as necessary. This is a hands on, production position. Prior chemistry experience preferred, an associate or bachelor degree helpful. Please visit our web site: If interested, please send resume and salary requirements to No phone calls or agen cies. E/O/E, Drug Free Work Place

Classifieds sell (740) 888-5003 (local call)

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December 16, 2010

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Rocky Fork Enterprise


Call 614-374-2311 ADOPTION- A loving alternative to unplanned pregnancy. You choose the family for your child. Receive pictures/info of waiting/ approved couples. Living expense assistance. 1-866-236-7638 Donate Your Car Civilian Veterans & Soldiers Help Support Our U.S. Military Troops 100% Volunteer Free same Day Towing. Tax Deductible. Call and Donate Today! 1-800-404-3413


Grove City Coins & Currency - New shop needs inventory! Free appraisals on coin collections. Will beat anyone’s price. US silver dollars $19+.

614-946-3846 BUYING GOLD/ SILVER JEWELRY Broken ok. State cert. scale. Safe Grove City location.

SUBWAY Hiring Manager Trainees & Assistant Managers. $8$11/HR. Exp. preferred. Call Tim 614-973-8743.


Get the word out with ThisWeek’s classifieds. (740) 888-5003

$25: Girls 26" Mtn Bike, Chiminea, Chair, Mini-Fridge, 27" TV, $50: Cheryl & Co. OSU Cookie Jar, Double Bed Frame, 614-746-3412 Sofa - Antique, floral pattern,

$250, 614-577-1585 Washer, Whirlpool front load, $330. Dryer, Whirl pool, $140. Lift chair, elec, orig $900, asking $180. Beds, folding (2) $50 ea. Desk $70. Couch $60. Most like new, must sell. 614-235-0558 /707-3028.

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December 16, 2010

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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU The Gahanna Area Realty Association would like to thank everyone who donated gifts or services to our Silent Auction on December 3. 100% of the proceeds go to needy families in Gahanna. The names are supplied to us from GRIN. We were able to help 19 Gahanna families with a total of 74 children this Holiday Season. The Gahanna Area Realty Association helps families throughout the year. This year we raised over $9,400 Danny Ackerman, General Manager, Longaberger Golf Club Jeannie Acri, First Impressions Staging Joy Adkins, M/I Homes Bev Adler, Re/Max Town Center, LLC New Albany Links Golf Club Duane Anderson, Anderson Home Inspections, LLC Benchmark Bank

Asian Gourmet & Sushi Honey Grove Botanicals Harley Haas, Real Living HER Phio Hake Hake Construction Lisa Helms-Miller, The Guernsey Bank Craig Holman Advanta Clean Phyllis Jensen, M/l Homes

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December 16, 2010

December 16, 2010

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Rocky Fork Enterprise


FAX 740-888-6006


Depth aids boys team in solid start to year By FRANK DiRENNA ThisWeek Community Newspapers The Gahanna Lincoln High School boys and girls bo wling teams have their sights set on earning the program’s first state tournament berth. The boys team won two of its first three matches, including a 2,153-2,150 victory over Westerville North last Friday at Capri Lanes. Freshman Shane Hull led the Lions with a 420 series, followed by senior Jacob Reed with a 374. Gahanna opened the season with a

2,227-1,930 win over Briggs on Nov. 30 and rolled a 2,770 at the Kick off Tournament on Dec. 4, placing 16th out of 34 teams. Senior Brad Granville led the Lions at the Kick off Tournament with a 616 series. The Lions then lost to Big Walnut 2,224-2,099 in their OCC-Cardinal Division opener on Dec. 9 before beating Westerville North to impro ve to 1-1 in the league. “We’re looking pretty good so far,” said senior Ryan Arras, the Lions’ captain who will not be a vailable to compete until at least late January as

he recovers from a dislocated kneecap sustained during a preseason practice. “We’ve been working on our spares. We just had a tough loss (against Big Walnut), but we came back to win by three pins after being do wn by 130 (against North).” Also on the team are senior Jordan Zink, junior Christopher Bucklad, junior Aaron May, junior Ryan Rudd and sophomore Zak Fenneken. “We have good depth,” fourth-year coach Bruce Zink said. “ Any of the guys can roll a 200 or better game. They all work well together and when

one has a down day, the rest of them look to pick him up.” In addition to Big Walnut and Westerville North, joining Gahanna in the OCC-Cardinal are Delaware, Westerville Central and Westerville South. The Lions also are in the Central Ohio High School Bowling ConferenceNorth Di vision with Big Walnut, Hilliard Bradle y, Hilliard Darby , Hilliard Davidson, Jonathan Alder, Olentangy Liberty, Olentangy Orange, Thomas Worthington, Westerville Central, Westerville North, Westerville South, Worthington Christian and Wor-

thington Kilbourne. Last season, the Lions placed fifth (3,875) at the sectional tournament at Rainbow Lanes, behind first-place Zanesville (4,022), and 11th (3,978) at district, behind champion Jonathan Alder (4,464). The top three teams at district advanced to state. Gahanna hopes to better those efforts this season. “I think we have a real good chance of doing that,” coach Zink said. “I’d like to get better . We’d like to have See BOWLING, page D2


Boys lineup is work in progress By JARROD ULREY ThisWeek Community Newspapers

By Adam Cairns/ThisWeek

Quentin Holmes of Gahanna races toward the goal with the puck ahead of Watterson’s Grant Stover during the Lions’ 13-1 victory last Saturday at Chiller Easton.


Lions finally get offense going By KURTIS ADAMS ThisWeek Community Newspapers

The Gahanna Lincoln High School hockey team needed a game lik e the one it had last Saturday against Watterson. Playing with confidence at both ends of the ice, the Lions seemingly unleashed two weeks of frustration while skating to a 13-1 victory at Chiller Easton and their first win of the season. It didn’ t matter to Gahanna that the Eagles are only a second-year member of the Capital Hockey Conference. “Obviously, going in we expected to do well,” senior defenseman Alex Barok said. “Coach Dante (Scuderi) told us to just work our system, work our offensive schemes. We played hard and gained a lot we can use when we play some of

the tougher teams in our league.” Sam Derlis, a sophomore forward, At a glance scored three goals to lead the Lions. The Below are the recent results and coming sched13-goal outburst equaled their scoring ule for the Gahanna Lincoln hockey team: production from the pre vious eight Dec. 3-5 — F inished 0-2-1 in the Worthington games. Kilbourne Tournament at Chiller Nor th. The “We were playing one of the slo wer Lions tied Troy at 3 and Beavercreek at 4, and teams in our league, but we were able to lost to St. Char les 8-1. work some things out with our offense,” *Dec. 9 — Lost to Thomas W orthington 3-0 CHC opener Scuderi said. “Their goalk eeper was in *Last Saturday — Defeated W atterson 13-1 pretty good, actually, but we moved the *Last Monday — Lost to Olentang y Liberty 4-1 puck up the ice and scored some off re- *Friday — Olentang y at Chiller Nor th Sunday — Cincinnati Sycamore at Spor ts Plus bounds. — T roy at Hobar t Arena “It was definitely a game we can build Tuesday Of note: The Lions w ere 1-7-2 overall and 1-2 on. We’re healthy now, too, so we’re in the CHC before last Monda y. *Capital Hockey Conference game hoping we’ve got things going in the right direction.” The team’s defenders joined the of“We’re pinching up and not staying fensive push last Saturday , as well. back,” Barok said. “We’re cycling up to Barok, who plays in the top pairing, the point and getting the puck to the net and capitalizing on rebounds quite a bit. scored two goals.

“The first pass in any offensive rush is pretty important, so we’re definitely trying to bring the defensemen into the mix.” After being outscored by a combined 39-5 while losing all four games at the season-opening Midwest Thanksgiving Hockey Classic, the Lions went 1-2-2 in their next five games while totaling eight goals. That stretch also included ties against Troy (3-all) and Beavercreek (4-all) during the Worthington Kilbourne Tournament on Dec. 3-5 at Chiller North. “We’ve seen both ends of the spectrum so far,” Scuderi said. “We’ve played some strong teams and some struggling teams. I think right no w we’re somewhere in between.”


Gahanna Christian boys emphasize defense By FRANK DiRENNA ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Gahanna Christian Academy boys basketball coach Roger Edw ards has put an emphasis on defense in the early part of the season. It will remain a focus during the holiday break. “We want to be a great defensi ve team,” Edwards said. “We know that sometimes offense can leave briefly, but we never want our defense to leave. That’s what we work on constantly. You can be offensively challenged, but we never want to be defensively challenged.” The Eagles, 1-1 overall before playing host to Wellington last Tuesday, face Liberty Christian at home today in their final game of the calendar year. After losing to Cincinnati Landmark Christian 45-42 in its opener on Dec. 3, Gahanna Christian bounced back to win at Delaware Christian 74-66 last Saturday. The Eagles committed 19 turnovers in the first half but just two in the second half. Keegan Parsons, who was held to six points in the loss to Landmark Christian, led the Eagles with 23 points and

By Steve Friend/ThisWeek

The Gahanna Lincoln High School boys basketball team is doing its best to stay le velheaded. Heading into their final two OCC-Ohio Division games of the 2010 portion of their schedule, the defending conference champions already defeated Newark (62-38 on Dec. 7) and Lancaster (71-34 last Friday). That’s not unlike the domination Gahanna showed against the league last year when it outscored opponents by an a verage of 28.6 points. While it might not be surprising that a senior-laden, athletic roster quickly has settled into the defensi ve system, a Lions’ lineup that has only one key player back from a year ago remains at least somewhat of a work in progress. “It’s still early,” coach Tony Staib said. “We still have a lot of things to w ork on. I’m just happy with the ef fort we’ re showing in terms of going out from the opening tip. The first three games we’ve made an effort. I think a lot of (our defensive success) comes because we have some very good athletes who are playing hard. When you have guys who are committed, good things happen.” Last season, Gahanna won all but one of its games o ver conference opponents by double digits while winning its f irst league title since 2005. Two of those victories came by scores of 78-51 and 84-56 over Pickerington North, a team that could be poised to provide a tougher challenge this season. The Panthers went 17-6 and were Division I district semifinalists a year ago. North is headed by veteran coach Pete Liptrap and has a lineup that boasts five returning senior starters led by 6foot-4 wing player Trent Waybright. The Lions travel to Pickerington Central and North plays host to Reynoldsburg on Friday before Gahanna plays host to North on Wednesday. The Panthers finished second at 10-4 in the OCC-Ohio last year, behind the champion Lions (14-0) and ahead of Central (8-6), Reynoldsburg (8-6), Grove City (7-7), Newark (7-7), Lancaster (2-12) and Groveport (0-14). “It’s a little bit harder because you know that you’ve got to perform or you could easily get beat,” senior guard Brien Winston said. “I guess the biggest team we’ve got to w orry about is Pickerington North. I expected (a strong start to the season) because we’ve got a whole bunch of experienced seniors. We’ve still got our good bench players from last year and that’s helped us a lot.” Last Friday against Lancaster, Gahanna built a 32-12 lead by halftime and then put together a 23-point third quarter. Seniors Jordan Martin, Jamel Morris and Stevie Taylor all made 3-point-

Gahanna Christian’s Cody Thomas (12) goes after a loose ball with Jeremy Glick of host Delaware Christian during a MOCAL

See EAGLES, page D3 game last Saturday. Gahanna Christian won 74-66.

See LIONS, page D3

Page D2

December 16, 2010

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Rocky Fork Enterprise


Teams travel near and far for holiday tourneys By JARROD ULREY

Hoops for the holidays

ThisWeek Community Newspapers

With only one senior back from its Division I state semifinalist team, the Reynoldsburg High School girls bask etball team expected to be a w ork in progress early this season. The addition of sophomore guard Shiloh Murphy, a transfer from Zanesville who has made an immediate contribution, is helping to aid the transition. Something else that Reynoldsburg hopes will help is a trip to Fort Myers, Fla., later this month for the Basketball Brothers Inc. Invitational. A 72-team event with eight brackets, the Raiders will be competing in the Sapphire Division from Dec. 28-30 along with six teams from Florida and one from Pennsylvania. They are the only central Ohio team expected to travel farther than one state away over the holiday break. “It gives us a chance to do some team building and a chance to see what else is out there, ” coach Jack Purtell said. “We’ve improved a lot. Right now we’re just getting to know each other. There’s some definite talent on this team, and hopefully (the tournament) will be a springboard for us.” When the Raiders traveled to the Ida S. Baker Holiday Tournament in Cape Coral, Fla., in 2008, they took a 17-hour b us ride. This time, the No. 3 team in the first 2010-11 Super 7 will be flying 10 varsity players to Fort Myers to play a group of schools that Purtell has been told should be comparable to his own. Tampa Jefferson, the Raiders’ first opponent, went 28-4 last season. “It will be a test for our kids,” Purtell said. “W e’ve been fundraising for the last year so that we could hold the cost down. For a lot of our kids, it’ll be an experience they won’t forget.” •ALSO OUT OF STATE — Other teams competing in tournaments outside Ohio include the boys teams from Upper Arlington, Westerville North and Worthington Kilbourne. UA will travel more than three hours to the Girard (P a.) Holiday Tournament, a four-team

BOYS BOBCAT HOLIDAY CLASSIC •Where: Grandview •Schedule: Dec. 29 — 6 p.m.: Har tley vs. Nor thridge; 8 p.m.: Grandvie w vs. Wellington; Dec. 30 — 6 p.m.: Consolation; 8 p.m.: Championship CELINA HALLiday SHOOTOUT •Where: Celina •Schedule: Dec. 29 — 6 p.m.: Ready vs. Br yan; 8 p.m.: Celina vs. Green ville; Dec. 30 — 6 p.m.: Consolation; 8 p.m.: Championship CINCINNATI HUGHES HOLIDAY CLASSIC •Where: Cincinnati Hughes •Schedule: Dec. 29 — 6 p.m.: DeSales vs. W est Chester Lak ota West; 8 p.m.: Hughes vs. Cincinnati Clar k Montessori; Dec. 30 — 6 p.m.: Consolation; 8 p.m.: Championship GIRARD HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT •Where: Girard, Pa. •Schedule: Dec. 28 — 6 p.m.: Upper Arlington vs. Erie (P a.) Mercyhurst Prep; 8 p.m.: Girard (P a.) vs. Pittsburgh Canevin Catholic; Dec. 30 — 3 p.m.: Consolation; 5 p.m.: Championship GILEAD CHRISTIAN EAGLES HOLIDAY HOOPS CLASSIC •Where: Gilead Christian •Schedule: Dec. 27 — 2:30 p.m.: Grove City Christian vs. Middleburg Heights Midpar k; 8:30 p.m.: Williamstown (W .Va.) W ood County Christian vs. Gilead Christian; Dec. 28 — 12:30 p.m.: Cle veland Ne w Day Academy vs. Gro ve City Christian-Midpark loser ; 2:30 p.m.: Gro ve City Christian-Midpark winner vs. W ood County Christian-Gilead Christian winner ; 6:30 p.m.: Ne w Day Academy vs. Wood County Christian-Gilead Christian loser JACK STEPHENS MEMORIAL HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT •Where: Parkersburg, W.Va. •Schedule: Dec. 29 — 6 p.m.: W esterville North vs. Richmond (V a.) Southside Baptist; 7:45 p.m.: P arkersburg (W.Va.) vs. Morgantown (W .Va.); Dec. 30 — 6 p.m.: Consolation; 7:45 p.m.: Championship LARRY EBERST CLASSIC •Where: Olentangy Liber ty •Schedule: Dec. 29 — 1 p.m.: Dublin Scioto vs. Buck eye V alley; 3 p.m.: Dublin Jerome vs. Olentang y Orange; 5 p.m.: Big W alnut vs. Olentang y; 7 p.m.: Dela ware vs. Liber ty

event on Dec. 28 and 30 and includes two teams from that area and one from Pittsburgh. The Bears also hope to meet up with Oliver McGlade, a 2010 UA graduate who plays for Seton Hill University and will be in nearby Erie for a game Dec. 29 at Gannon University. In addition, they’d like to see the Erie Bayhawks of the NBA Developmental League.

BOWLING Continued from page D1 Ryan (Arras) with us going into the postseason.” Coach Zink said the team emphasized fundamentals as it prepared for the season. “We’re w orking on clean games,” he said. “We’re working on our spare game and our power ball, rolling the ball either to get strikes or to pick up the spare.” •The girls team returns a solid nucleus, led by senior captain Lindsey May. The Lions w on their f irst three matches, defeating Briggs 1,834-1,613 on Nov. 30, Big Walnut 1,880-1,028 on Dec. 9 in an OCC-Cardinal match and Westerville North 1,809-1,576 last Friday in a league match. Gahanna was 16th (2,359) out of 28 teams at the Kickoff Tournament, behind first-place Westerville Central (5,443). The Lions received a balanced effort. Sophomore Kelsey Ferguson led with a 499, followed by senior Elizabeth Robinson (492), junior Sarah Lebowitz (487) and May (446). Also on the team are senior

MUSTANG HOLIDAY CLASSIC •Where: Louisville (K y.) Moore •Schedule (local teams only): Dec. 28 — 4:30 p.m.: W orthington Kilbourne vs. Louisville (K y.) Valley; Dec. 29 — 4:30 p.m.: Kilbour ne vs. Louisville (K y.) Doss; Dec. 30 — 6 p.m.: Kilbour ne vs. Louisville (K y.) Souther n NEWARK CATHOLIC HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT •Where: Newark Catholic •Schedule: Dec. 29 — 6 p.m.: Zanesville Rosecrans vs. W orthington Christian; 7:45 p.m.: F isher Catholic vs. Newark Catholic; Dec. 30 — 6 p.m.: Consolation; 7:45 p.m.: Championship NORTHRIDGE VETERANS HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT •Where: Dayton Nor thridge •Schedule: Dec. 29 — 6 p.m.: Brookhaven vs. Whetstone; 7:30 p.m.: Cincinnati Wyoming vs. Da yton Nor thridge; Dec. 30 — 6 p.m.: Consolation; 7:30 p.m.: Championship SOUTH-WESTERN CITY SCHOOLS WINTER CLASSIC •Where: Central Crossing •Schedule: Dec. 27 — 6 p.m.: Gro ve City vs. W estland; 8 p.m.: Central Crossing vs. Franklin Heights; Dec. 29 — 6 p.m.: Franklin Heights vs. W estland; 8 p.m.: Gro ve City vs. Central Crossing

GIRLS BASKETBALL BROTHERS INC. INVITATIONAL •Where: Fort Myers, Fla. •Schedule (Sapphire Division): Dec. 28 — 1:30 p.m.: Sarasota (Fla.) vs. Gainesville (Fla.) Eastside; 5 p.m.: Reynoldsburg vs. T ampa (Fla.) Jefferson; 5 p.m.: F ort Myers (Fla.) Verot vs. Ardmore (Pa.) Lower Merion; 6:30 p.m.: Fort Pierce (Fla.) Lincoln P ark vs. Naples (Fla.); Dec. 29 — 10:30 a.m.: Re ynoldsburg-Jefferson loser vs. Lincoln P arkNaples loser ; 1:30 p.m.: SarasotaEastside loser vs. Low er Merion-Verot loser ; 5 p.m.: Re ynoldsburg-Jeffer son winner vs. Lincoln P ark-Naples winner ; 6:30 p.m.: Sarasota-Eastside winner vs. Low er Merion-Verot winner ; Dec. 30 — 1:30 p.m.: Se venth-place game; 1:30 p.m.: F ifth-place game; 1:30 p.m.: Consolation; 3:30 p.m.: Championship BRAGGIN’ RIGHTS CLASSIC •Where: Cincinnati McGhee Spor ts Complex •Schedule (area teams only): Dec. 28 — 6 p.m.: Marion-F ranklin vs. Da yton Meadowdale; 7:45 p.m.: Columbus

“We had a 17-day layoff over the holidays last year , so I didn’t think that was real good,” coach Tim Casey said. “This will give us an opportunity to play some games and we’ll be able to do some other things while we’re there.” Kilbourne plays three games Dec. 28-30 at Louisville (K y.) Moore’s Mustang Holiday Classic, a 10-team event.

Schedule Nov. 30 — Briggs at Hillcrest Lanes Dec. 4 — Kick off T ournament at Columbus Square Bowling P alace *Dec. 9 — Big W alnut at Capri Lanes *Dec. 10 — W esterville North at Capri Lanes Dec. 13 — Hilliard Darb y at Ten Pin Alley Dec. 15 — W orthington Christian at Capri Lanes *Dec. 17 — Dela ware Hayes at Colon y Lanes Dec. 18 — Holida y Baker Tournament at Palace Lanes Jan. 5 — Olentang y Liberty at Sawmill Lanes Jan. 6 — Thomas W orthington at Gahanna Lanes Jan. 8 — Buck eye High School Classic at HP Lanes *Jan. 13 — W ester ville South at Gahanna Lanes

Chelsea Wright, junior Harmony Kirtos, sophomore Amanda Paez, sophomore Morgan Wiles, freshman Erin Holt and freshman Nichole Kirk. “The girls are a strong team,” coach Zink said. “They have a desire to win. They work hard in practice. Again, we’re focusing on a clean game for the girls and improving their game throughout the year. “ Last season, Gahanna finished seventh (2,988) at sectional at Rainbow Lanes, be-

Jan. 12 — Jonathan Alder at Plain City Lanes Jan. 15 — District T ournament Preview at HP Lanes Jan. 18 — Hilliard Da vidson at T en Pin Alley Jan. 20 — W orthington Kilbour ne at Gahanna Lanes Jan. 24 — Jonathan Alder at Plain City Lanes Jan. 25 — Gro veport Madison at Eastland Lanes *Jan. 27 — W ester ville Central at Gahanna Lanes Jan. 31 — Olentang y Orange at Sequoia Pro Bowl Feb. 3 — Hilliard Bradle y at Gahanna Lanes Feb. 1 — Hilliard Bradle y at Palace Lanes Feb. 2 — W orthington Kilbour ne at Palace Lanes *OCC-Cardinal match

hind f irst-place Cardington (3,426), and 14th (3,159) at district, behind champion Westerville Central (4,145). Central went on to place second at state behind Boardman. “I just w ant the team to do their best,” May said. “I would like to get to states this year , but that is v ery hard to do. I think we can do it.” Like the boys team, the girls team is in the COHSBC-North.

East vs. T oledo Roger s; 8:30 p.m.: Harvest Prep vs. Baltimore St. F rances; Dec. 30 — 3:45 p.m.: Pick erington Central vs. Baltimore St. Anthon y’s GAHANNA CAGE CLASSIC •Where: Gahanna Lincoln •Schedule: Dec. 29 — 6 p.m.: Mifflin vs. Ne w Albany; 7:45 p.m.: Gahanna vs. Hilliard Da vidson; Dec. 30 — 6 p.m.: Consolation; 7:45 p.m.: Championship GILEAD CHRISTIAN HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT •Where: Gilead Christian •Schedule: Dec. 27 — 4:30 p.m.: Columbus Horizon Science vs. Cle veland Heights Lutheran East; 6:30 p.m.: Whetstone vs. Gilead Christian; Dec. 28 — 4:30 p.m.: Consolation; 8:30 p.m.: Championship KEY BANK HOLIDAY CLASSIC •Where: Pickerington Nor th •Schedule: Dec. 28 — 3 p.m.: Cuy ahoga Falls W alsh Jesuit vs. Lebanon (Ky.) Marion County; 4:45 p.m.: Mount Lebanon vs. T winsburg; 6:30 p.m.: Murfreesboro (Tenn.) Blackman vs. Da yton Chaminade Julienne; 8:15 p.m.: Pickerington Nor th vs. W arrensville Heights; Dec. 29 — 3 p.m.: W alsh Jesuit-Marion County loser vs. Mount Lebanon-Twinsburg loser ; 4:45 p.m.: Blackman-Chaminade Julienne loser vs. Pick erington Nor th-Warrensville Heights loser ; 6:30 p.m.: W alsh JesuitMarion County winner vs. Mount Lebanon-Twinsburg winner; 8:15 p.m.: Blackman-Chaminade-Julienne winner vs. Pick erington Nor th-Warrensville Heights winner ; Dec. 30 — 3 p.m.: Seventh-place game; 4:45 p.m.: F ifthplace game; 6:30 p.m.: Consolation; 8:15 p.m.: Championship LADY VIKES CLASSIC •Where: North Canton Hoo ver •Schedule (local teams only): Dec. 27 — 7:30 p.m.: Thomas W orthington vs. North Canton Hoo ver; Dec. 28 — 4 p.m.: Thomas W orthington vs. Medina LAKEWOOD HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT •Where: Lakewood •Schedule: Dec. 29 — 6 p.m.: F airfield Union vs. W atkins Memorial; 8 p.m.: Lak ewood vs. Thor nville Sheridan; Dec. 30 — 6 p.m.: Consolation; 8 p.m.: Championship LAKOTA EAST HOLIDAY HOOPS •Where: Liberty Township Lakota East •Schedule (local teams only): Dec. 29 — 6 p.m.: Olentang y vs. Cincinnati

Moore coach Larry Miller formerly coached at Cincinnati Woodward and is an acquaintance of Wolves coach Tom Souder. “I don’t know if I called Larry or he called me, but Larry needed a team and we needed some games,” Souder said. “It’s a good chance to give our kids a f irstclass experience. Louisville is a big basketball town. When

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Ursuline Academ y; Dec. 30 — 8 p.m.: Olentangy vs. Lak ota East LAKOTA WEST HOLIDAY HOOPS •Where: West Chester Lak ota West •Schedule: Dec. 29 — 5:30 p.m.: Newark vs. T oledo Central Catholic; 7:15 p.m.: Dublin Coffman vs. Lak ota West; Dec. 30 — 5:30 p.m.: Coffman vs. Toledo Central Catholic; 7:15 p.m.: Newark vs. Lak ota West MILLERSPORT HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT •Where: Millerspor t •Schedule: Dec. 27 — 2 p.m.: Gran ville Christian vs. Madison Christian; 3:45 p.m.: Miller spor t vs. Patriot Academy; 5 p.m.: F ranklin Heights vs. Nor thridge; 7:15 p.m.: Whitehall vs. Hamilton T ownship; Dec. 28 — 2 p.m.: F ranklin Heights-Nor thridge loser vs. WhitehallHamilton Township loser ; 3:45 p.m.: Granville Christian-Madison Christian loser vs. Miller spor t-Patriot Academ y loser; 5:30 p.m.: F ranklin Heights-Nor thridge winner vs. Whitehall-Hamilton Township winner ; 7:15 p.m.: Gran ville Christian-Madison Christian winner vs. Millerspor t-Patriot Academ y winner SHELLEY WHITED HOLIDAY CLASSIC •Where: Centerburg •Schedule: Dec. 29 — 6 p.m.: DeSales vs. Olentang y Orange; 7:45 p.m.: Centerburg vs. Har tley; Dec. 28 — 6 p.m.: Consolation; 7:45 p.m.: Championship VIKING HOLIDAY CLASSIC •Where: Teays Valley •Schedule: Dec. 28 — 6 p.m.: Nor thland vs. Jonathan Alder ; 7:45 p.m.: Grove City vs. Teays Valley; Dec. 29 — 6 p.m.: Consolation; 7:45 p.m.: Championship WATTERSON CLASSIC •Where: Watterson •Schedule: Dec. 28 — 2:30 p.m.: Dublin Jerome vs. Upper Ar lington; 4:15 p.m.: Ready vs. Cincinnati Mother of Mercy; 5:45 p.m.: Erie (P a.) Mercyhurst Prep vs. Rock y River Magnificat; 7:30 p.m.: Watterson vs. Hilliard Darb y; Dec. 29 — 2:30 p.m.: Hilliard Darb y vs. Mother of Mercy; 4:15 p.m.: Upper Arlington vs. Rock y River Magnificat; 5:45 p.m.: Ready vs. Dublin Jerome; 7:30 p.m.: W atterson vs. Mercyhur st Prep YULE CLASSIC •Where: Liberty Union •Schedule: Dec. 28 — 6 p.m.: Amanda-Clearcreek vs. Heath; 7:45 p.m.: Liberty Union vs. W estland; Dec. 29 — 6 p.m.: Consolation; 7:45 p.m.: Championship

be held at Central Crossing and Olentangy Liberty. The South-W estern City Schools Winter Classic features matchups between Franklin Heights, Grove City, Westland and the host Comets on Dec. 27 and 29. Because Central Crossing and Westland already are scheduled to play twice during their OCCCentral Division schedule, they won’t play each other at the Classic. “We all played each other at the end of last season, and I emailed all three coaches and asked them if we had done it (as one e vent) before, ” Comets coach Mike Cavey said. “We all just kind of got the ball rolling after that. “Because of the levy passing so late (last year) we all ended up playing each other because everybody needed games. I think it’s great for all of us because it will have that community feel to it.” The third annual Dela ware County Shootout/Larry Eberst Classic, has become more localized over the years. The event features Big Walnut, Buckeye Valley, Delaware, Olentangy, Olentangy Liberty and Olentangy Orange from Dela ware County and has f illed out the field with Dublin Scioto and Dublin Jerome. “It’s got a lot of local teams, so it draws a better f an base,” Liberty coach Greg Nossaman said. “A lot of the kids kno w each other, which is nice. “We usually ha ve a good crowd.” •SMALL-SCHOOL SHOWCASES — The Newark Catholic Holiday Tournament will pit three of central Ohio’ s smaller Catholic schools — Zanesville Rosecrans, Fisher Catholic and Newark Catholic — into a four -team championship format that also includes perennial small-school power Worthington Christian on Dec. 29-30. The Bobcat Holiday Classic at Grandview has the same teams as last season, with Hartley, Northridge, Wellington and the host squad vying for a title Dec. 29-30.

you go down there, they’re not going to give you any respect because they don’t know anything about you.” North competes in the Jack Stephens Memorial Holiday Tournament in P arkersburg, W.Va., on Dec. 29-30. •FOR LOCAL BRAGGING RIGHTS — Two events that will pit teams within close proximity of one another will

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December 16, 2010

LIONS Continued from page D1 ers during the third period. That trio, along with Winston and senior Brandon Smith, started but rested during the fourth quarter. Senior Trey Warr and sophomore Aaron Jackson were the first subs off the bench and juniors Daniel Moses, Aaron Roberson and Austin Rutherford also played in the first half. Taylor finished with a teamhigh 13 points as 13 players scored. Gahanna held Lancaster to 12 of 43 shooting. “We have a very deep team and we’re very deep at multiple positions, ” Staib said.


At a glance Below are the recent results and coming schedules for the Gahanna boys and girls basketball teams: BOYS BASKETBALL *Dec. 7 — Defeated Ne wark 62-38 *Last Friday — Def. Lancaster 71-34 *Friday — At Pick erington Central. Last season, Gahanna defeated the Tigers 66-39 and 60-37. Saturday — Home vs. Columbus East *Wednesday — Home vs. Pick erington Nor th. The Lions beat the Panthers 78-51 and 84-56 last season. Of note: The Lions are 3-0 o verall and 2-0 in the OCC-Ohio Division. GIRLS BASKETBALL *Dec. 7 — Def. Ne wark 50-42. Tiyona Mar shall scored 17 points in-

cluding making three 3-pointer s and Chrishna Butler added 14 for the Lions, who led 39-31 after three quarters. *Last Friday — Def. Lancaster 6449. Marshall had 20 points including making four 3-pointer s and Butler scored 12 to lead Gahanna, which outscored the Gales 26-12 during the third quarter. Last Tuesday — Pla yed Hilliard Darby *Friday — Home vs. Pick erington Central. Last season, Gahanna split with the Tiger s, winning 53-46 in the fir st round of league play but losing the rematch 48-42. *Tuesday — At Pick erington Nor th. The Lions were swept by the Panthers 49-46 and 51-50 last season. *OCC-Ohio game

“We’re trying to use our depth in a lot of bodies.” to go out and guard people. It’s something where it’s definite- ly an advantage of ours to throw

Sports briefs School, 8300 Hyland Croy Road, Dublin, 43016 or e-mail Johnstown-Monroe — Junior varsity softWatkins Memorial High School will be host ball, eighth-grade softball, seventh-grade softto a six-week spring training baseball program ball. Contact athletics department at (740) 967for players in grades 1-12 from Jan. 9 through 2721. Marysville — Varsity assistant baseball.ConFeb. 13. Adams at Watkins Memorial coach Don Schone will tact athletics director Cal direct the program with U.S. Baseball Acade- St. Charles — Varsity golf. Send résumé to my. Sessions are offered in advanced hitting, pitching and catching. Space is limited. Regis- athletics director Dave Lawler at tration is now under way. •To add to this list,contact ThisWeek at (740) For more information, visit www.USBase888-6069 or, or call (866) 622-4487.

Spring baseball training offered

Schools announce coaching vacancies

Volleyball camps, clinics scheduled

The following schools are seeking coaches: Dublin Jerome — Boys varsity golf, boys varsity track and field, girls varsity track and field, varsity assistant softball, junior varsity softball head coach. Send résumé to Nick Magistrale, athletics director, Dublin Jerome High

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Page D3

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Rocky Fork Enterprise

Continued from page D1 16 rebounds. Gershom Tadesse had 17 points and 10 assists. Joey Belczak (13 points) and Thomas Rebo vich (10) also scored in double f igures. Belczak made three 3-pointers. “We’re able to play at more than one speed,” Edwards said. “Delaware (Christian) decided they were going to press us. I told the guys I hoped they would do that, so it w as a track meet and we can play track meets. We don’t want to be a team that can just play just one speed. We played hard. We’re pretty wellconditioned, so that played right in our hands.” Edwards pointed to strong efforts by Belczak and Cody Thomas coming off the bench as keys in the Mid-Ohio Christian Athletic League win. Against Landmark Christian, Rebovich (15) and Tadesse (10) combined for 25 points. “That was a good learning experience for us,” Edwards said. “We’re just trying to keep things simple this year. It makes it easier, just bring the simplicity level down. The kids are catching onto that and they like it.” •The girls basketball team began the season with a tough road stretch and entered the week at 0-3. The Eagles visit Berne Union today before playing their f irst home game Friday against Fairfield Christian. “We’ve had three games on the road and we ha ve another one (today) at Berne Union, ” said coach John Grubich, whose team plays 12 road games and eight home games this season. “It’s tough to be young and go

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At a glance Below are the recent results and coming schedules for the Gahanna Christian boys and girls basketball teams: BOYS BASKETBALL Dec. 3 — Lost to Cincinnati Landmark Christian 45-42 *Last Saturday — Defeated Delaware Christian 74-66 Last Tuesday — Pla yed Wellington Today — Home vs. Liber ty Christian Of note: The Eagles w ere 1-1 o verall before last T uesday and are 1-0 in the Mid-Ohio Christian Athletic League. GIRLS BASKETBALL *Nov. 30 — Lost to T ree of Life 65-30 Dec. 4 — Lost to Marion Catholic 38-28 Last Saturday — Lost to Columbus Academy 54-25 Today — At Ber ne Union *Friday — Home vs. F airfield Christian Of note: The Eagles are 0-3 o verall and 0-1 in the MOCAL. *MOCAL game

on the road.” Fairfield Christian entered the week at 3-1 overall. Last season, Fairfield Christian won both meetings with Gahanna Christian 40-34 and 4237 on its w ay to its third consecutive MOCAL title. Tree of Life beat Gahanna Christian 65-30 on No v. 30 in the MOCAL opener. Erin Chatman scored 13 points to lead Gahanna Christian. “We’re still not out of it,” Grubich said. “We only have one loss in the league. We’re trying to get prepared for our league and go on from there.” The Eagles put up a fight in a 38-28 loss to Marion Catholic on Dec. 4. Christina Grubich led Gahanna Christian with 12 points.

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Grubich scored eight points in a 54-25 loss to Columb us Academy last Saturday. “Columbus Academy is a real nice team with a lot of juniors and seniors,” coach Grubich said. “Our freshmen and sophomores are still trying to figure out everything.” Coach Grubich pointed to subpar shooting as a k ey to the team’s struggles. The Eagles shot just 21 percent from the f ield in the f irst three games. “Our shooting percentage is down,” he said. “We’re just not playing very well. As coaches, we’re trying to figure out what’s going on and right the ship and get it sailing the right way.”

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Skeen, Mohler & Associates Pictured left to right: Ron McDaniel, Larry Mills, Rhonda McAtee, Sandy Mohler, Greg Mohler and Austin Mohler 12927 Stonecreek Drive, Pickerington, Ohio 43147


Contact your local independent Motorists agent today. Your agent chooses to represent Motorists because of our quality products, reasonable prices and decades-long track record of providing outstanding customer service.

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December 16, 2010

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Rocky Fork Enterprise

Top 100 Holiday Deals in Gahanna See details at:

Par t


Get Rest of Top 100 Holiday Deals As Released -- SignUp below or go to:

Buy One Entree, Get One Free (limit 1) 50% Off Any One Clothing Item, Newborn to 14 years

Purchase $25 Gift Card Get $10 Gift Card Free

-- 63 Mill Street --

Old Bag of Nails

-- 1319 Stoneridge Dr --

-- 1249 N. Hamilton --

Expressions Floral Design Studio

Belles & Beaux Children’s Boutique

65% - 30% Off Selected Items--Wide Variety, Prices

50% Off All Christmas Ornaments

Buy Any Signature Dish Get 2nd Half Off

-- 970 N. Hamilton --

Diamonds & Designs

-- 64 Granville Street --

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J. Gumbo’s Down Home Cajun Cooking

Casabella Accents & Design

25% Off Large Christmas Delicious Celebration

30% Off Cut & Color with Meredith

30% Off Any In-Stock Golf Equip (excl. Balls)

-- 330-B So. Hamilton Rd --

Edible Arrangements

-- 7271 JeĀerson Meadows Dr --

-- 939 E. Johnstown Rd --

Nail Addiction

$10 Off Check of $40 or more

40% Off First Diagnosis

Jefferson Country Club Pro Shop AT&T Communications Connection

-- 5030 Sawyer Rd --

94th Aero Squadron Restaurant


-- 171 N. High Street, Gahanna --

Local Deals You Want

Tilton’s Automotive

Free Sandwich Duo or Pa Pasta w/ $25 in Gift Cards 50% Off Princess Cut Diamond Earrings .25ctw

50%-80% Off 24 Hours to Buy, up to 6 Months to Use!

-- 5069 N. Hamilton Rd --

Noodles N oo and Company

-- 319 Stoneridge Lane --

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Q2 Jewelry & Services

2 Months Free + Free Move-In Truck (6 mo min)

$500 Off 1st Month Rent No Lease Required 33% Off : Waive Enrollment +1st Mo. Free ($34/mo)

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Emeritus Chestnut Hill Assisted Living

-- 5341 N. Hamilton --

-- 1020 No. Hamilton --

Cardinal Self Storage

Curves Fitness

65% Off Pet Care Complete Physical Exam -- 610 Morrison Rd --

25% Off Massage 1 hr or 30 Minutes

Custom Deluxe Facial $75 Value for $35

Animal Medical Center

-- 1251 N. Hamilton --

-- 4685 Morse Rd --

Premier Chiropractic Center

Merle Norman Cosmetics & Day Spa

25% Off 5 Polo Shirts with Custom Logo -- 4922 Morse Road --

25% Off Golf Lessons

20% Off All Loose Diamonds

Embroid Me

-- 137 N. Hamilton --

-- 7271 JeĀerson Meadows Dr --

Jefferson Golf & Country Club

Gold and Diamonds, Inc

25% Off Jewelry, Watches w/ Toys for Tots Donation -- 94 Granville St --

Buy Some of These Deals As Gift Vouchers At:

Jewelry From Kesser

Reserve Conference Rm for 1 Hour Get 2nd Hour Free -- 1000 Creekside Plaza -- Purchase $50 Gift Card Get $15 Gift Card Free 25% Off Full Set of Nails Solar Pink & White

-- 64 Granville Street --

J.Gumbo’s Down Home Cajun Cooking

-- 509 Creekside Plaza --

C|Suites Executive Offices

25% Off Interior Design Services -- 147 Mill Street --

Golden Nails & Salon

Casabella Accents & Design

Actively Working with the Gahanna Area Chamber of Commerce.

Please Add Me to Your Email List for Special Offers

We Urge You This Holiday to

Email: _______________________________________

Shop Local to support the local economy

† † † † † † † † † † † † †

50%-80% Off 24-hr Specials -- RedTag24 Belles & Beaux Children’s Boutique † † Casabella Accents & Design † Nail Addiction Tilton’s Automotive † Q2 Jewelry & Services † † Cardinal Self Storage † Premier Chiropractic Center Jefferson Golf & Country Club † Golden Nails & Salon † † Expressions Floral Design Studio † Curves Fitness Merle Norman Cosmetics & Day Spa †

Old Bag of Nails Diamonds & Designs Edible Arrangements 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant Noodles & Company Emeritus Chestnut Hill Assisted Living Animal Medical Center -- 610 Morrison Embroid Me Jewelry From Kesser J.Gumbo Down Home Cajun Cooking Gold and Diamonds C|Suites Executive Offices

Give this list to any participating business, or SignUp online at:

December 16, 2010

People in business Davis to serve on NDCC board Marie Davis of Blacklick has been elected to serve on the New Directions Career Center board of trustees. She is vice president of technical and quality operations for Tween Brands Inc. Davis previously worked for New York City manufacturers, and established a retail career as technical designer for Spiegel in Chicago. Davis is a founding member of the United Way Women’s Leadership Council, and also serves as a women’s advocate with other organizations. She has a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Phoenix and an &

associate’s degree in patternmaking technology from New York-based Fashion Institute of Technology.


2660 Darling Rd, 43004, Stephen A. and Jennifer Brown, $315,000. 6225 Havens Rd, 43004, Merle A. Maxwell and Jackie P . Maxwell, $215,000. 554 Cedar Run Dr , 43004, LaShaunna R. Griffin, $204,055. 7900 Headwater Dr, 43004, Harold E. Ivery, Jr. and Heather M. Ivery, $188,530. 377 Preswicke Mill, 43004, Michael L. Kreemer, $119,900.

The Gahanna-based People To My Site was ranked No. 91 on Lead411’s 2010 Technology 500 list of the fastest-growing private technology companies in the United States. The company was ranked No. 4 in Ohio.The list was ranked according to percentage revenue growth from 2007 to 2009. People To My Site specializes in search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaign management, web design and analytics.

6199 Karl Rd, 43229, Carla M. Sutton, $104,500. 4977 Shadycrest Rd, 43229, Tavia A. Laster and Glenn D. Collins, $87,000. 967 Joos Ave, 43229, Kathryn R. Eley, $49,500. 2921 Arendell Ct, 43231, Korine K. Tucker, $107,000. 3033 Bennington Ave, 43231, Michelle R. Phillips, $93,400. 2850 Blarefield Dr, 43231, Raul L. Aguilar, $75,000.

$805,000. 7360 Britts Bend, 43054, Douglas C. Albert and Sloan M. Albert, $405,000. 7656 New Albany Condit Rd, 43054, Donald T. McGowen and Zoe F. Guirlinger, $265,000. 3500 Willow Grove, 43054, James D. Collis and Rhonda M. Wilson, $208,400.

by Greg VanHorssen MP3 HEARING LOSS Users of MP3 players (and iPods) should note that listening to music on these devices for just an hour can cause temporary hearing loss. Using an objective measure, researchers recorded damage to the hair cells in the inner ear that was 4.70 times more likely after an hour of listening with earbuds (5.96 times more with headphones) than among non-users. While these hearing losses were temporary, and MP3 users seemed to recover their sound sensitivity between listening sessions, the study’s findings do show that MP3 players adversely affect hearing. Whether there are long-term consequences to listening to music pumped directly into the ears is an unanswered question as yet; MP3 users are urged to err on the side of caution. Discovering and acknowledging there is a hearing problem is the first step toward correcting it. The next step is turning to a hearing professional for comprehensive examination, evaluation, and determination of the best approach to the impairment. Are you thinking there might be a problem with your hearing? Would you like to learn more about today’s advanced technology in hearing instruments? We can help you address these issues and others at ABSOLUTE HEARING SOLUTIONS, 1000 Morrison Road, Suite H, Gahanna. We can be reached at 614-654-4309 We handle Starkey, Phonak, Siemens, Unitron, MicroTech, GN ReSound, Rexton, Oticon, and Widex. Plus, we have the same products as NU-Ear, Audibel, AudioSync, Miracle Ear, and Beltone, but you will save $1,000’s with us! We take a bite out of the cost of hearing aids!


7982 Ambrose Bend, 43068, Homewood Corp., $210,000. New Albany 8190 Rodebaugh Rd, 43068, 4250 Brompton Ct, 43054, Denise A. Mosier and Keith A. David and Deena Bo wers, Mosier, $172,000. 7818 Astra Cir, 43068, Kelli L. Whitley and Stephen C. Whitley, $158,000. 215 Spinosa St, 43068, Elaine Sartin, $138,411. 2289 Ayers Dr, 43068, Christopher B. and Elizabeth Gordon, $130,000. 2241 Pinion Place, 43068, Christopher B. and Elizabeth Gordon, $130,000.

Burning a lot of cash to stay warm? DON’T MISS OUT ON THESE END OF THE YEAR SAVINGS!

ACT NOW OFFERS E ! XP 12/31/20 IRE 10!


Real Living HER’s Top Selling Agent for 15 years based on # of homes sold

1992 E Cook e Rd, 43224, Jonathan W. Hillman, $60,745. 828 W eldon Ave, 43224, Michael S. Love, $57,000. 1689 N Peardale Rd, 43229, Colleen M. Souder, $125,000. 1349 Vinewood Dr, 43229, Alexander T. Burnett, $120,000. 1644 Gypsy Ln, 43229, Joyce A. Dobson, $115,500.

Have You Heard?

* 32 years of experience * Offering a full-time staff to assist your real estate needs 7 days a week * Providing personalized customer service using unique marketing techniques & state-of-the-art technology

Jill Rudler, GRI, RRS, CLHMS 413 N State St (614) 895-7400


10507 Cable Rd, 43062, David A. Brown and Michelle S. Brown, $670,000. 480 Warrenpoint Lane, 43062, William N. Winstead and Angelina C. Winstead, $200,000. 4637 Watkins Rd, 43062, Tony E. West and Jennifer P. West, $188,000. Check out recent home sales in other central Ohio neighborhoods at Click on Recent Home Sales.

Purchase a High Efficiency Furnace and A/C System and Receive $1,200 Factory Rebate + $1,200 Northland Matched Rebate + $1,500 Tax Credit + $ 500 Holiday Bonus

OH LIC #25292


686 Laurel Ridge Dr, 43230, Matthew Gama and Deborah L. Chitwood, $389,000. 6007 Bentgate Ln, 43230, Jewel Price Benson, $225,700. 4098 Asbury Ridge Dr, 43230, Michael J. Basford and Melissa B. Basford, $201,000. 4836 Twig Ct, 43230, Carmen F. Oli vieri and Elizabeth A. Olivieri, $182,500. 5079 Wild Cherry Ln, 43230, Drew M. Forehand, $106,200. 5863 Blendon Place Dr, 43230, Hawitha C. Richardson; Condo, $95,000.

Paid Advertisement

Gahanna company earns spot on Lead411 list

Home sales


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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Rocky Fork Enterprise

“For a comfortable way of life”


SAVE $4,400 OFF



12 months deferred • 24-hour service


2010 Winter Coloring Contest December 1–31, 2010

…when you K.I.S.S. Your Kids with Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Kohl’s Department Stores! K.I.S.S. (Kohl’s Is Sold on Safety) is a seasonal safety program that features Coloring Contests and FREE fun Safety Activity Booklets. HOW TO ENTER: The winter coloring contest runs December 1 – 31, 2010. 1. Color in the picture and neatly fill out the entry form. 2. Take your picture/entry form to any central Ohio Kohl’s Department Store Customer Service Counter by December 31. 4. You will be given a participation ribbon and a free, fun Activity Booklet at the Customer Service Counter, while supplies last! 5. Entries will be judged in the month following the contest deadline. Prizes will be awarded to entries from each store. Nationwide Children’s Hospital will notify award-winners. PRIZES: First: $25 Kohl’s Gift Card and a Free Bike Helmet. Second: $10 Kohl’s Gift Card and a Free Bike Helmet. Third: a Free Bike Helmet. Helmets must be picked up at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and fitted for safety. HOW TO GET A FREE ACTIVITY BOOKLET WITHOUT ENTERING: Activity Booklets will be available to anyone (regardless of entering) at Kohl’s Customer Service Counters throughout 2010, as well as at Nationwide Children’s Hospital Close to HomeSM Centers, while supplies last!



Name of Artist: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Age: _________

FOR MORE INFO: about safety, this contest, or to obtain an Activity Booklet in a foreign language translation, go to: or contact or call (614) 355-0679.

Parent or Guardian: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

City _________________________________________ State __________________________________________Zip Code _________________ Phone Number: ( ____ ) ____________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________________ ®

Disclaimer: All pictures become the property of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. We cannot be responsible for lost or illegible entry forms, so please write neatly!

Date_____________ Parent/Guardian Signature ____________________________________


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December 16, 2010

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Rocky Fork Enterprise

The Beat Arts, eats and fun in central Ohio

Signs of Christmas choir celebrates seasonal music

By Adam Cairns/ThisWeek

Signs of Christmas performs popular Christmas carols in American sign language for shoppers at Polaris Fashion Place on Dec. 10. The group, which has been around for 30 years, promotes deaf and hard of hearing awareness through several performances each Christmas season at malls, churches, nursing homes and schools.

■ The Jazz Arts Group’s upcoming “The Gospel According to Swing” program has its genesis (pun intended) in the predilections of Byron Stripling’s grandmother. Stripling told The Beat his grandmother only listened to gospel music on the radio,all-day every-day. And that she only watched one television show – The Lawrence Welk Show. And that she only had out one book – the Bible. “What I began to see as I was playing the blues was it was really the same as gospel,” he said. “I love gospel music so much. People really respond to it.” Perhaps Stripling sees a little bit of his grandmother’s singlemindedness in young singer Nia Allen. Allen is the daughter of OSU School of Music professor and choir leader Milt Ruffin and singer Merlyn Ruffin. She’s been singing in church – starting where her grandfather pastored – since she

The Jazz Arts Group’s Inside Track series will present “The Gospel According to Swing,” featuring singer Nia Allen, at the Lincoln Theatre Saturday, Dec. 18. Tickets are $30/$25. Call (614) 469-0939.

was a little girl. She is no w a Nashville resident and has cut a gospel record. She has also led worship on the national Women of Faith tour (a “great adventure,” according to Allen). “When I first heard Nia, I got chills,” Stripling said. “She is blessed with a gift of singing. It’s a religious thing for her. When she sings about God she means it,because it’s who and what she is.” “Both sides of my family are

musical, so I don’t think I ever had a choice,” Allen said, laughing. “When I got the call from Byron, I was excited, especially about singing at the Lincoln (Theatre),” Allen added. “The Gospel According to Swing” will include traditional gospel numbers, including a tribute to Mahalia Jackson, and holiday music. In addition to Allen and Stripling, the musicians will include Bobby Floyd on piano and Hammond organ, drummer Bob Breithaupt and bassist Larry Cook. The Milton Ruffin Gospel Choir will open the concert. Additionally, Allen and Ruffin will lead a holiday sing-along Saturday afternoon at the JAG Jazz Academy at the Lincoln Theatre. Visit for more information. For more from The Beat’s interviews with Nia Allen and Byron Stripling, read the BeatBlog at

Holiday Update • Irish folk music troupe Téada presents “Irish Christmas in America” Sunday, Dec. 19, at the Lincoln Theatre. Ballads, carols, jigs and dancing are the order of the evening, and done Yule-ish-ly. Tickets are $26-$11. Call

For 30 years, Signs of Christmas has been making sure folks don’t take the music of the holiday season for granted. “Our mission is to spread deaf and hard-of-hearing awareness and Christmas cheer through the beauty of sign language,” director Andrea Peters explained. In other words, Signs of Christmas performances are not intended exclusively for deaf or hearing audiences, but for all audiences. Member Vickie Walker said the all-volunteer group’s membership includes the hearing-impaired,licensed interpreters, volunteers who’ve been trained inAmerican Sign Language and even those who have no experience signing. She added that there are a few who have been with the group throughout its 30 years. The choir of sorts performs along with recorded Christmas music. (614) 469-0939. • The gold standard for modern Christmas music, Mannheim Steamroller, marks 25 years of holiday-season touring this year. Perhaps hard to recall now, as ingrained in the musical consciousness as these arrangements have become, but the Steamroller’s neo-

Peters said she begins planning the program during the summer, selecting numbers and preparing the sign translations. The group begins rehearsals in October (although in recent years it has added some non-Christmas season performances as well, including performing at the Ohio State Fair). The performances feature a certain amount of interpretation, Peters said. “You can’t really have a wordto-sign translation,” she said. “You have to match the music and the tempo. There’s some artistic license, but it’s as close to American Sign Language as possible.” The group rehearses at Westerville Church of the Nazarene. Signs of Christmas has a number of upcoming holiday-season performances. Check out the schedule at classical, post-Hooked on Classics fare, the creation of mastermind Chip Davis, surely signaled a new age. Mannheim Steamroller plays the Palace Theatre Sunday, Dec. 19. Tickets are $85-$35. Call 1-800-745-3000. • The Beat became a fan of Trans-Siberian Orchestra because we are enamored with power chords and sentiment. We have remained a fan because, when (we imagine) faced with a decision on whether to hold back or keep adding more (power chords, guitar solos, fireworks, lasers, you-nameit), the decision has always been to add more. Tickets for TSO’s Tuesday, Dec. 28, shows at Nationwide Arena are $57-$25. Call 1-800-7453000.


Uncommon dishes distinguish Polaris-area Chinese Bistro Startling and vivid green floorto-ceiling wallpaper depicting a near life-size bamboo forest lines a good portion of Q2 Bistro. Huge mirrors hemmed in by smooth blonde wooden frames filled in with large round stones face this wallpapered area. Tables are furnished with magic-trick-type candles that flicker with red light but aren’t lit by fire. If all this sounds like the setting of an eccentric restaurant, it is. Located in the Polaris neighborhood, the unique Q2 has lots of old warhorse Chinese takeoutstyle dishes on its menu for lessadventurous appetites. But barely scratch the surface, and you’ll find some fairly unusual (in a good way!) preparations. Like the Walnut Shrimp ($7). Good tasting and good-sized, shellfish served warm were glazed in

MENU by G.A. Benton a slightly sweet Asian mayonnaise. Providing extra interest and crunch were biggish chunks of walnuts. The foundation of this irresistible salad was a bed of chopped lettuce. Spicy Salted Calamari ($7) made every garnish count and didn’t need to rely on a thick or sticky sauce for flavor. Enticingly salty, crisply breaded and fried strips of super-tender squid arrived with bits of sliced scallion and rings of jalapeno. When stacked all together, this made for a kind of bar snack I wish every place would offer. Ditto for the “only at Q2”Black

shoots out quite quickly — I thought it was a plateful of gnocchi-like pasta. Atop a king-sized bed of healthy sauteed choi sum (like spiny, Chinese-style spinach) were clumps of blunt-cut whitefish dipped in a light flour, flashfried and doused in a zippy sauce of salty fermented black beans and ginger. With an extremely mild seafood flavor and a soothing texture like dumplings, this excellent dish would be just the ticket for carbo-eschewing carbo lovers. Another meal with Italian-style eye appeal but real Chinese flaBy Jodi Miller/ThisWeek vors was the unusual and unusuHoisin Duo with Tofu signature ally good Beijing Noodles ($12.75). Looking like a big bowl rice pot at Q2 Bistro. of linguine with Bolognese sauce, Bean Fish Filet dinner entree ($13). it was a large serving of thickish When the dish was first whisked pasta tossed in a lusty and spic y out to me — most of Q2’s food ground pork sauce. Tasting of chili

Q2 Bistro 472 Polaris Pkwy., Wester ville 614-898-1988 Web: Cuisine: Chinese & Asian Price: $$ ($10-$20 per per son) Patio: No Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Monda yFriday, 4-10 p.m. Saturda y, 4-9 p.m. Sunda y oil and ginger, its kicking heat was partially tamed by a topping of cooling cucumber batons. I’ll be back for this one. Q2’s menu touts its “Signature Rice Pots” and with good reason. Sided with a spring roll (crispy and cabbage-y if rather greasy), they’re stir fries ladled atop a mound of steamed rice rustically served in a metal pot with a wood-

en lid. From these quaint all-in-one dinners, the Hoisin Duo with Tofu showed off the restaurant’s facility for quick-cooking proteins. Super tender strands of chicken and beef joined deep-fried tofu triangles, broccoli, water chestnuts, mushrooms and bamboo shoots in a satisfyingly spicy, dark and perfectly salty sauce. Very nice and leftover-sized to boot. Named after sister owners Qina and Qini, whether you crave oldschool favorites like General Tso’s Chicken or prefer less familiar fare, Q2’s got something good for you to dig into. To read G.A. Benton’s blog visit

Chocolate shop forges relationship with caterer Sher-Bliss has the chocolate and wine covered. Bleu & Fig Catering favors the savory side of the aisle. Together, they’re a perfect fit, their owners say. Owner Cheryl Sher has struck a deal with the catering outfit, which is now operating out of the kitchen space. Bleu & Fig is now in the midst of preparing a take-away menu at the Gahanna store,

1394 Cherry Bottom Road. “We complement one another,” Sher said. Brooke Kinsey, chef of the catering company, said she has rolled out a fe w hors d’oeuvres, to be savored with carryout wine options at Sher-Bliss. After the first of the year, several meals will be

By Chris Parker/ThisWeek

Regina Prange, left, and Brook Kinsey of Bleu & Fig Catering have formed a relationship with Sher-Bliss, 1394 Cherry Bottom Road.

available daily. They will change according to whim and the season,Kinsey said. Tentative items include chick en Marsala, risotto-stuffed Portobello mushrooms and penne a la vodka. The caterer’s signature dish is a Maytag blue cheesestuffed fig wrapped in prosciutto,grilled and drizzled with a balsamic reduction. “We don’t own a freezer so nothing’s going to be frozen,” she said. “The menu’s going to be based on what’s fresh.” Bleu & Fig also will provide food for wine events at the store and offer cooking classes. The catering company got its start 2 1/2 years ago. Kinsey, who trained at Johnson & Wales University, said she was leasing corporate kitchen space in Dublin but financially it didn’t make sense. The new arrangement allows her to be a part of Sher-Bliss while focusing on the company’s chief mission: large, off-site catering. But food is only part of it. Bleu & Fig is also known for flowers and design. Kinsey’s partner is Regina Prange, a designer and florist with 30 years of experience. “We just felt there was a lack of design in catering,” Kinsey said.

“We’re trying to do more than just putting food on the table,” Prange added. Sher had attempted to introduce food services at her store a few years ago when she teamed up with Gift ofTime, another catering company that chose a different direction, so that relationship dissolved. Sher likes the idea of her store becoming a one-stop food destination. She said she chose Bleu & Fig because she wanted someone “who has the same belief in purity and high-quality products. “I really want this to be a real gourmet market,” she said. Sher-Bliss is open six days a week, closed Sunday. For more information, call 614-428-9463. Village Crepe in Pickerington offers a distinct recipe for its signature product, owner Wayne Moore said. “We have a few secrets in there that give it a different flavor,” he said of the shop, which recently opened at 21 N. Center St. in the town’s historic district. That’s not all. Moore said he mak es the preserves — peach pineapple, raspberry and strawberry and spicy blueberry — from scratch,too. Forget whipped cream out of a can: It also is fresh, he

said. Crepes aren’t the only thing the restaurant makes. The menu also features French toast, frittati, omelets, homemade soups, sandwiches and the like. Moore said the average check is around $12, with most crepes costing in the $3.50 range The 1,300-square-foot store seats 38. Village Crepe is open for breakfast and lunch hours daily. For more information, call 614-833-1111.

Recipe of the week

Jambalaya, courtesy of Jeff Burris of Polaris Grill. The recipe is available at

December 16, 2010

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Rocky Fork Enterprise

Real Estate Auction Saturday Jan. 22


Farm creek 1100 Ashmead Dr. in Gahanna, OH


suggested Opening Bid

Motivated Seller NOT BANK OWNED

Open House: Sunday, December 19, Noon-1pm Stunning 3500 sq ft. Home in Gahannaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Most Popular Farm Creek. Large deck and patio overlook a babbling brook, mature trees all nestled on a .25 acre lot! Wood Floors, Fireplace, Huge Kitchen, Great Views with a Large Rec/Media Room for entertaining and family fun. 4 Bedroom 2 Full Bath 2 Half Bath

More details at Cindi Schillig Auctioneer/Realtor Ohio Real Estate Auctions email with any questions!

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December 16, 2010

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Rocky Fork Enterprise

We have been here from the beginning. We know New Albany Best!

NEW ALBANY REALTY, LTD. 220 market Street Suite D • New Albany, Ohio 43054 Phone 614.939.8900 • Fax 614.939.8925





New Price on this amazing Fenway home! Wonderful home on private lot! Amazing & in immaculate condition! Gourmet kitchen w/ granite counters, sunroom, many windows & daylight windows in finished lower level w/ incredible views! Each BR has it’s own Bath!

Hard-to-find popular Berwick model with generous formal LR & DR, bright center island white kitchen w/stainless refrig, 2-story GR w/ FP, 1st flr study, large MBR, bonus room (or 4th bed). The large deck and backyard ar perfect for everyday living & entertaining.

Impeccably maintained Carlo Bitonni built home. Gracious room sizes, wonderful flow for entertaining, granite kitchen open to casual dining and vaulted great room, large lushly landscaped lot, finished lower level with full bath, oversized 3-car garage. Easy to Show!

Just North of New Albany. A beautiful lot for a wonderful home!

Offered at $789,000 M. Kate & Tony Thomas @ 939-1234

Offered at $359,900 M. Kate & Tony Thomas @ 939-1234

Offered at $329,900 M. Kate & Tony Thomas @ 939-1234

Offered at $159,900 M. Kate & Tony Thomas @ 939-1234





Must come take a look! Total renovation with all new stainless appl’s, granite surfaces, travertine in master bath, new hardwood flooring, 5 bedrooms, bonus room included w/full bath & closet! New carpet, fixtures, hardware, Finished lower level with half bath! Great lot!!

Great brick house with side load garage, side door entrance & patio, great light throughout, marble surround fireplace, and .439 acre lot! Recent exterior and interior repairs include roof, windows, brick work, landscaping and new carpet.

Historic Lucius D. Mower federal style home listed on the national registry restored and stunning! Dual stair case, builtin window seating, hardwood flooring, walk-out covered porch, 11’ceilings, modern kit w/viking range, granite, & fabulous lot & gardens. Must see!

Stately home with private backyard and golf course views. 1st flr master with sitting area and fireplace, dual WIC’s and large master bath, french doors leading to private back yard and patio. Dual staircase entering large kitchen with center island, SS appl’s family room with fireplace. Wood paneled den, finished LL.

Offered at $445,050 Jean Lesnick @ 537-5376

Offered at $413,000 Jean Lesnick @ 537-5376





Reduced $250,000! New Albany Farms, custom barn home on 1.5 ac lot w/stunning features that include vaulted owners suite w/sitting rm, gourmet kitchen w/ cherry cabinetry w/Viking & Thermadore appliances, vaulted family rm w/wall of windows, Finished LL w/ home theatre, carriage suite over 3-car garage

Authentic barn home on 2.2 AC w/vaulted open post & beam architecture. Slate & wood flooring, custom kitchen w/oversized copper island. 1st floor guest suite w/deluxe bath could be 2nd owners suite. Large guest bedrooms w/private baths, owners bedroom w/spa-like shower, custom cabinetry & bedroom sized closet.

This wooded and rolling 35.5 acre property sits in the heart of the horse country just minutes from Easton, New Albany and their amenities. A perfect weekend retreat or build your dream home. The property has a beautiful treed ravine that would give two homes perfect privacy if you preferred to split the parcel.

This Cul-de-Sac home is in ideal-neutral condition on a site that will take your breath away. The large rear yard has a perfect pool setting, 9" ceilings, and oak floors on the 1st & 2nd. New appliances, granite counters, very large morning room overlooking brick terrace & yard, screened porch too!

Offered at $998,800 Alan Hinson @ 348-8000

Offered at $1,225,800 Alan Hinson @ 348-8000

Offered at $475,800 Alan Hinson @ 348-8000

Offered at $729,800 Alan Hinson @ 348-8000





Incredible American farmhouse exterior with sharp urban interior features. 2010 Parade of homes entry by Dani homes. State-of-the-art technology package & extensive home entertainment system. First floor master plus 4 BR’s & computer/study rm up. Close stroll to market street, schools, parks, arts center, dining.

Incredible location nestled in around Million Dollar homes. Across from Fenway Park and close stroll to country club, leisure trails and market square. 1st floor mstr with adjoining den, all hardwood floors on first level, really nice kitchen w/granite stainless steel open 2 great rm and breakfast room. Gorgeous Yard

Gorgeous Georgian Dutch Colonial exterior, fresh, clean & classic, coastal themed interior. 2010 Parade entry by New England homes/Garth auctions, 2009 BIA people’s choice award winner! Great value, lots of bonus features & upgrades inc largest master closet you’ve ever seen! Well below price to construct!

Incredible perfect condition home located on excellent cul-de-sac location in Pembrooke. Close to trails and parks, This home offers neutral, clean, very well finished quality throughout every one of the three levels of this home. Great finished lower level with Irish Pub, wine cabinet, rec rm and media room. Look quick!

Offered at $855,540 Call Mark Neff @ 402-8929

Offered at $795,000 Call Mark Neff @ 402-8929

Offered at $899,000 Call Mark Neff @ 402-8929

Offered at $799,000 Call Mark Neff @ 402-8929





No detail overlooked in this complete 2001 renovation. Enjoy the character and detail of an old house with all of the technology of a new house. Breath-taking oversized lot with complete privacy. Potential live in apartment over detached garage and amazing master suite and upstairs study.

Exquisite Tuckerman-built w/ 7,000+ SF of b’fully fnshd living space! Stunning featrs inc. awesome granite/ stainless chef’s ktchn,4 FPs, lux MBR & BA & WOW 10x20 CLOSET, carrge ste w/LR & BR, incrdble LL w/bar, rec, media & FP, 1st & 2nd flr laundry, home generator, priv patios, lush gardens & huge bkyd! Close to NACC!

Enjoys premium site on NACC golf course nestled in quiet gated edge of woods enclave. Featurs inc 1st flr mstr BR, lovely formal DR w/butlr pantry, lg GR w/FP & wall of windows, 2 BRs up w/ private BAs, & finished LL. Oversized brick paver patio overlooking the fairway & lots of shade & privacy! Walk to dinner at NACC!

Enjoy the peace & tranquility of nature in this beautiful rural setting with woods, mature trees, meadow, stream, and gently rolling hills...but still close to town! Perfect for a dream home located in the renowned New Albany Plain Local School District. Drive by - it’s located between 7996 & 7896 Peter Hoover Road.

Offered at $2,900,000 Jane Kessler Lennox @ 939-8938

Offered at $1,675,000 Jane Kessler Lennox @ 939-8938

Offered at $1,195,000 Jane Kessler Lennox @ 939-8938

Offered at $315,000 Jane Kessler Lennox @ 939-8938

Alan Hinson

Laura Kohler




Offered at $898,000 Jean Lesnick @ 537-5376

Jane Kessler Lennox Jean Lesnick 614-537-5376

Offered at $999,000 Jean Lesnick @ 537-5376

Janice Moorehead

Mark Neff



M. Kate & Tony Thomas


ThisWeek Rocky Fork Enterprise 12-16-2010  

Dec. 16, 2010, edition of ThisWeek Community Newspapers Rocky Fork Enterprise in Gahanna

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