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BIG LOTS Behavioral health Pavilion Transforming Children’s Mental Health Through an Unprecedented Community Commitment

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2/5/20 4:10 PM

Welcome to the Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion Young people in central Ohio and across the country face a behavioral health crisis. There is an extraordinary need for not only adding more services, but for modeling an innovative system of care and research to help these children and adolescents. The Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion at Nationwide Children’s Hospital represents an extraordinary effort to address those needs. Because of the Pavilion’s purpose-driven, stigma-breaking architecture and design, there is no other facility in the world quite like it.

“Because of the Pavilion’s purpose-driven, stigmabreaking architecture and design, there is no other facility in the world quite like it.”

The Pavilion is only possible because of the visionary support of the Nationwide Children’s board of directors, this community and the company whose name it bears. The transformative generosity of Big Lots and the Big Lots Foundation will impact the lives of children in our region and all over the United States. The Pavilion also exists because of organizations, agencies and mental health professionals throughout central Ohio that have already formed a strong system of care for these youth. A building of this scope can be created only in a community with such dedication and commitment. Nationwide Children’s is proud to introduce the Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion, another first for Columbus, and we are grateful to all who have made our vision of better childhood mental health care a reality. Thank you for your support.

- Tim Robinson, CEO Nationwide Children’s Hospital


Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion Guide

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2/5/20 4:10 PM

The Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion is America’s largest center dedicated exclusively to child and adolescent behavioral and mental health on a pediatric medical campus.

1 in 5 children

is living with a significantly impairing mental illness

Most children and teens don’t receive mental health treatment or care until 8 to 10 years

after they begin experiencing symptoms


of all lifetime mental illnesses start by age 14

Suicide is the

2nd leading cause of death in 10 to 19 year olds


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2/5/20 4:09 PM

A Big Difference for a Better Life Every day across America, more than 35,000 Big Lots associates show up ready to serve our customers. They represent stores, distribution centers and our corporate office, all with a common purpose to deliver unmatched surprise and delight. Our focus is the home. It’s where we build our lives. We bring everyone together with solutions in entertainment, food, furniture and décor. And not only do our associates show up for our customers, they show up for each other and for our communities. Our mission is to be the big difference for a better life, and we believe in doing good. That’s why we’ve “stacked hands” and are committed to breaking the stigmas around children’s mental health. This work is at the heart of who we are.

“What is happening here will inspire others and has the potential to be a catalyst for better lives everywhere.”

The hard work of our associates, the generosity of our customers and the partnership of our vendors has created a culture of philanthropy that makes this dream a reality. The Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion is a critical resource for our communities built by our communities. As a center for mental health research, the Pavilion will help young people wherever they are. What is happening here will inspire others and has the potential to be a catalyst for better lives everywhere. Big Lots is honored to be a part of it.

- Bruce Thorn, President & CEO Big Lots


Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion Guide

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2/5/20 4:33 PM

The Big Lots and Big Lots Foundation $50 million transformational gift is one of the largest corporate donations ever specifically devoted to a pediatric and adolescent behavioral health program.

Patient Champion, Laith, enjoys a shopping spree at his local Big Lots during last year’s point of sale donation campaign benefitting Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

“It’s amazing to help break stigmas and bring the issue of mental health out of the dark. We’re changing the world one child at a time. I love what we do.” – Geri Themar, District Team Leader Big Lots


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2/5/20 4:33 PM

The Journey to the Big Lots

Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Board of Directors recognizes there is a pediatric behavioral health crisis in America and begins creating a vision for addressing the need for more access to pediatric mental health care in central Ohio.

Big Lots and Big Lots Foundation announce a $50 million transformational gift to Nationwide Children’s – to support the hospital’s announcement of a behavioral health expansion.

Construction of a full-scale mock space is complete that allows patients, patient families, staff and security to extensively test all features of the Pavilion and run scenarios to ensure best operations.

August 31, 2016

August 2017

October 23, 2015

June 10, 2016 Nationwide Children’s announces a $730 million campus expansion, to include a freestanding facility fully dedicated to children and adolescents with behavioral health conditions.

June 16, 2017 Ground is broken on the Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion.

Future Pavilion Site


Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion Guide

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2/5/20 4:11 PM



Behavioral Health Pavilion

mock ows staff test all d run rations.

On World Mental Health Day, Nationwide Children’s launches On Our SleevesTM, a movement to start conversations and break stigmas around children’s mental health.

The Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion opens. This nine-story, 386,000-square-foot building is the largest behavioral health treatment and research center on a pediatric medical campus in the United States.

October 10, 2018

March 2020

May 10, 2018

May 9, 2019

The final beams are raised on the Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion. Beams are signed by hundreds of people from across America who provided messages of strength and support for families who will receive treatment at the Pavilion.

On Our Sleeves takes to the national stage on National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day with patient advocate Julia Paxton sharing her inspiring story of hope with the TODAY show.

On Our Sleeve

The Move me Mental He nt to Transform alth for Ch Teens an ildren, d Young Adults


On Our Sleeves

| 1


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2/5/20 4:33 PM

An Unprecedented Community Commitment Network of Care

The Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion was made possible through a collaborative effort with community-based providers. We’ve come together to find innovative new ways to help meet a growing demand for behavioral health services. Collectively, our community has made great strides in expanding inpatient and outpatient services.


The Pavilion is a great leap forward, but it couldn’t have been done without the leadership and forethought of our partners. Primary Care Providers


Community Mental Health Partners


Inside the New Psychiatric Crisis Department: Messages of Support From Across America

10,000 people from across the country contributed their creativity for a mosaic mural that offers messages of hope and support to patients and families awaiting care at the Psychiatric Crisis Department. Learn more at NationwideChildrens.org/BLBHPmural. Close-up of messages


Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion Guide

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2/5/20 4:11 PM

Central Ohio Partners Joining Together to Transform Children’s Mental Health Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board of Franklin County (ADAMH) (614) 224-1057 www.adamhfranklin.org

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Ohio (800) 686-2646 www.namiohio.org

Boundless (614) 844-3800 www.iamboundless.org

National Alliance on Mental Illness for Franklin County (NAMI) (614) 501-6264 www.namifranklincounty.org

Concord Counseling Services (614) 882-9338 www.concordcounseling.org Directions for Youth & Families (614) 294-2661 www.dfyf.org Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities (614) 475-6440 www.fcbdd.org Franklin County Children’s Services (614) 229-7100 childrenservices.franklincountyohio.gov Franklin County Family and Children First Council (614) 407-9040 www.helpmykid.org

Ohio State University Harding Hospital (614) 293-8000 wexnermedical.osu.edu/mental-behavioral/ child-adolescent-care Pomegranate Health Systems (614) 223-1650 www.sequel-pomegranatehealthsystems.com Providers for Healthy Living (614) 664-3595 www.providersforhealthyliving.com St. Vincent Family Center (614) 824-KIDS (5437) www.svfc.org

Hittle House (614) 443-5454 www.hittlehouse.com

Syntero (614) 889-5722 (Dublin) (614) 457-7876 (Mill Run) (740) 428-0428 (Lewis Center) (614) 600-2708 (Northeast) www.syntero.org

Integrated Services for Behavioral Health (800) 321-8293 www.integratedservice.org Maryhaven (614) 445-8131 www.maryhaven.com Mental Health America of Franklin County (614) 221-1441 www.mhafc.org

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North Community Counseling Centers (614) 261-3196 www.northcommunity.com

OhioGuidestone (888) 522-9174 www.ohioguidestone.org

Huckleberry House (614) 294-5553 www.huckhouse.org


National Youth Advocate Program (877) 692-7226 www.nyap.org

The Buckeye Ranch (614) 384-7798 www.buckeyeranch.org United Methodist Children’s Home (614) 885-5020 www.umchohio.org



2/5/20 4:11 PM

School and Community Prevention Efforts We are proud to partner with local schools and communities across the region to offer innovative prevention programs that help break stigmas and reduce barriers to care. Positive Parenting Program The Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) is for parents and caregivers of children 0 to 8 years old. It helps parents manage behavior and address problem behaviors. Classes are offered throughout the central Ohio region. Ohio Preschool Expulsion Prevention Partnership The Ohio Preschool Expulsion Prevention Partnership is a free, statewide program that aims to reduce the rate of expulsions in preschool age children. Early childhood programs can call (844) 678-2227 for a free consultation.

PAX Good Behavior Game The PAX Good Behavior Game gives teachers tools to help prevent behavioral health concerns and promote positive relationships in schools. It is targeted to elementary school children in kindergarten through fifth grade. Signs of Suicide Prevention Program Signs of Suicide (SOS) is a nationally recognized suicide prevention program offered by Nationwide Children’s through the Center for Suicide Prevention and Research. It has been used: • At 142 schools • In 2,020 classrooms • With 43,227 students The goal of SOS is to reduce youth suicides by teaching students and staff to recognize the signs and symptoms of suicide and depression in themselves and others.

For more information, visit NationwideChildrens.org/Behavioral-Health

In controlled studies, the SOS program has shown a decrease of 40 to 64% in self-reported suicide attempts by students. Schools that have implemented SOS report they feel safer and more prepared.

“All children deserve the chance to reach their full potential. The prevention and treatment resources provided by Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s new Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion will give Ohio’s young people the support they need to overcome obstacles and live healthy, productive lives.” - Ohio Governor Mike DeWine

10 Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion Guide

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2/5/20 4:11 PM

Transformational Research Decades of research into pediatric illnesses, such as prematurity and leukemia, have shown us that science has the power to truly transform lives. Now is the time for behavioral health research to make the same kind of impact. The Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion is now home to the Center for Suicide Prevention and Research. The Pavilion allows us to expand our research mission to continue to break stigmas. As part of the Pavilion, researchers can study patients and move their findings from the lab to the bedside faster and easier. Additionally, everything we learn, we share - for the good of children everywhere.

Researchers in the Center for Suicide Prevention and Research recently found a narrowing gender gap in youth suicides. Youth suicide rates in females have significantly increased relative to males, particularly in younger youth ages 10 to 14. Nationwide Children’s and the Central Ohio Poison Center found rates of suicide attempts by self-poisoning have more than doubled in the last decade in the U.S., and more than tripled for girls and young women. A recent study found that Black youth are attempting suicide more often than all other racial and ethnic groups. Nationwide Children’s researchers found a strong association between Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and suicide rates among 10 to 17 year olds. As a result, Netflix removed lead character Hannah’s suicide scene from the streaming site. Research suggests that when media follow best practices for reporting on celebrity suicide, the risk for contagion decreases.

“The epidemiology of suicide has changed over time, and rates are increasing. Research allows us to identify some of the factors that might have changed and are driving these increases in suicidal behavior.” - Dr. Arielle Sheftall, Principal Investigator Center for Suicide Prevention and Research Abigail Wexner Research Institute Nationwide Children’s Hospital NationwideChildrens.org/Pavilion 11

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2/5/20 4:11 PM

On Our Sleeves : The Movement to Break Stigmas TM

It’s Time to Break the Silence About Children’s Mental Health

One in five children is living with a mental illness. But kids don’t wear their thoughts on their sleeves, so it’s time to give them a voice. It’s time to transform children’s mental health. It’s time to join the movement. For more information, resources and ways you can help, visit OnOurSleeves.org.

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2/5/20 4:12 PM

The Harlem Globetrotters are known for championing issues that impact children and families. They are extending that commitment through The Globetrotters Fund at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. In collaboration with Big Lots Behavioral Health Services at Nationwide Children’s, the Globetrotters created the “Shake Your Feelings” program for grades 3 to 5 to support children’s mental health. Christina and Ryan Day made a bold commitment to help transform mental health for students. Through the Christina and Ryan Day Fund for Pediatric and Adolescent Mental Wellness, a mental health wellness toolkit called the “Day Time Break” has been shared in more than 200 middle and high schools.

Actress, author, entrepreneur and On Our Sleeves champion Ashley Eckstein frequently shares “Mental Health Mondays” messaging with her legion of fans.

Achea Redd was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder in 2016. Through the sharing of her story, she amplifies the mission of On Our Sleeves and the importance of breaking stigmas surrounding children’s mental health.

How to Start the Convo Around Mental Health Help your child learn to talk about their thoughts, feelings and things that may be upsetting them using these conversation starters. The best setting for talking with your child is when they have your full attention. •

What makes you laugh?

What makes you angry?

When you feel sad, what do you think about to make yourself feel happy again?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

How would you use it?

Pick three words to describe yourself.

What do you think is the best thing about getting older?

Become an advocate! Join the On Our Sleeves movement at OnOurSleeves.org Begin important conversations with the kids in your life Donate to this vastly underfunded area of research NationwideChildrens.org/Pavilion 13

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2/5/20 4:36 PM

What You Made Possible The conventional wisdom in philanthropy was that you could not raise money for behavioral and mental health. The assumption was that donors did not want to be confronted with uncomfortable topics like teen suicide or self-harm. The advice was to stick to evergreen fundraising topics that are well understood and accepted by donors. But you proved the industry wrong. When we asked, you responded. You gave to support the creation of a suicide prevention research center. You gave to enhance our eating disorders program. You gave to examine how cancer patients can be bullied when they return to school. And you joined our partners at Big Lots by giving to the construction of the nation’s most comprehensive center dedicated exclusively to pediatric behavioral health.

“As we celebrate the grand opening of the Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion, we extend our gratitude for what you made possible.”

As we celebrate the grand opening of the Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion, we extend our gratitude for what you made possible. You have proven that behavioral health can be supported in the same way we gather around and nurture families with a cancer diagnosis or a premature birth. I hope that you take as much pride and joy in the Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion as we do. Because you made it possible. Thank you.

- Steve Testa, President Nationwide Children’s Hospital Foundation

Big Lots Lots Behavioral Behavioral Health Health Pavilion Pavilion Guide Guide 14 14 Big

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2/5/20 4:12 PM

Stories of Support Nationwide Foundation and the Pediatric Innovation Fund Nationwide created the Pediatric Innovation Fund at Nationwide Children’s Hospital to accelerate our most promising clinical and research advancements. In behavioral health this funding has brought prevention services to hundreds of Ohio classrooms and will help develop new workplace resources for companies who want to support and advocate for children’s mental health.

The Butterfly Run Presented by Big Lots Foundation In addition to making the Behavioral Health Pavilion possible, Big Lots mobilized The Butterfly Run. This family fitness event has been held in Columbus; Charlotte, N.C.; and Phoenix, Ariz., and supports the On Our Sleeves™ movement. With each iteration of the event, thousands of runners and spectators come together to raise awareness and funds for pediatric mental health. This type of community event helps to break stigmas and show that behavioral health should be treated no differently than physical health.

Fundraising Champions From Upper Arlington Youth Football Young people are often more open to discussing mental health than we might think. They know the challenges that their friends face and they’re ready to make a difference. No group exemplifies this more than the Upper Arlington Youth Football league. They wore On Our Sleeves items on the field and then they hit the streets to raise money for the cause. When these budding all stars were done, they had raised a phenomenal $50,000 for pediatric behavioral health.

The first recorded gift to what we would now call “behavioral health” was on October 25, 1985.

Donations to behavioral health at Nationwide Children’s Hospital have come from all 50 states, plus London, England; Gibsons, British Columbia; Maynooth, Ireland; and Glasgow, Scotland.

The rise of online giving to behavioral health: 2004: 1 gift 2010: 8 gifts 2019: 1,416 gifts

NationwideChildrens.org/Pavilion 15

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2/5/20 4:36 PM

An Inside Look at the Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion The Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion is nine stories. 386,000 square feet. It uniquely integrates acute behavioral health services with intensive outpatient programs. The Pavilion prioritizes patient safety in a colorful, friendly environment for those dealing with severe behavioral health concerns.

It’s transformational. It’s innovative. It’s stigma-breaking. Conference rooms allow for expanded education and training for the next generation of mental health providers and hosting community events.

A sanctuary provides a comforting and quiet space for families. Quiet reflection is shown to reduce stress and anxiety.

Construction of the Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion required 22.5 million pounds of concrete - the equivalent of 540 fully loaded school buses.

SEVENTH Floor: • Inpatient Units

THIRD Floor: • Youth Crisis Stabilization Unit (YCSU) • Behavioral Health Administrative Offices • Faculty Offices

FIRST Floor: • Psychiatric Crisis Department with Extended Observation Suite • Critical Assessment and Treatment Clinic • Sanctuary

NCH_insert.indd 16

2/5/20 4:37 PM

Patients have access to outdoor space. Each inpatient unit has a screened porch. The 3,000-square-foot gym and multifunctional rooftop play deck are great spaces for patients to run and play. Because we know physical activity is crucial for maintaining mental well-being. The roof is designed with conservation in mind, holding a water reserve of 1,195,237 gallons. This measure is good for the environment, holding the equivalent of 10,865 bathtubs of water for landscape irrigation.

The Ronald McDonald Family Room is a respite for families with children receiving care. The room is a relaxed space for families to grab a snack or drink, take a shower, do a load of laundry or take a quick break just steps away from their child receiving inpatient care.

Ninth Floor: • Gym • Outdoor Play Deck

Eighth Floor: • Inpatient Units

FIFTH Floor: • Partial Hospitalization Program (opening late 2020) • Ronald McDonald Family Room • Courtyards

Second Floor: • Mood and Anxiety Program • Family Based Intensive Therapy (FBIT) • Center for Suicide Prevention and Research • Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic

Lower Floor: • Cafeteria • Gift Shop • Conference/Training Rooms

NCH_insert.indd 17

The Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion has 610 workstations.

2/5/20 4:37 PM

A Look Inside: Stigma-Breaking Features The goal of the design of the Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion is to offer an experience that breaks stigmas. The Pavilion’s look and feel mirrors that of the main hospital offering hope, optimism and ensuring a consistent experience for patients across their care journey. Placing the Pavilion centrally on our downtown campus speaks to Nationwide Children’s commitment to connecting mental and physical health, viewing them as equally important.

Because exercise is important for mental health, a gym, fitness room and rooftop play deck allow patients to run and play.

Family-centered care is a priority. Outdoor courtyards, a sanctuary and the Ronald McDonald Family Room offer respite to families.

“Nationwide Children’s is a critical asset in making our children and our city’s future healthier and stronger. The Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion takes this vital Columbus institution another step forward in its leadership role in taking care of our most treasured community members - our children.” - Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther

18 Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion Guide

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2/5/20 4:18 PM

Design Center In concert with Nationwide Children’s mission that Everything Matters, when it comes to patient comfort and safety, no detail is too big or too small. That’s why we built a full-scale design center, featuring multiple mockup spaces from the new Pavilion as part of the planning process. So we could analyze. Refine. And perfect. When we couldn’t find the right product, we designed it ourselves.

Early mock-up of a patient room.

Based on prototype testing, beds are in an L shape to provide patients a safe “nest.”

Several mock welcome desks were built to determine the best design for patients and staff.

The Pavilion is the only facility dedicated to mental health using wood accents. Wood is a warm, neutral material that creates a welcoming and stigma-breaking environment.

“From the outdoor space to designing the inpatient units around a community model, including home, work and leisure spaces, this is not your typical hospital. No one else is making this type of commitment to children’s mental health. The architecture, combined with the level of clinical care, will serve as a model for others.” -Frank Pitts, FAIA, FACHA, OAA Principal Architecture + Eight different bathroom door designs for the inpatient unit were tested – until we found one that provides the right combination of privacy and safety. The final design uses velcro to attach the door to the frame.

NationwideChildrens.org/Pavilion 19

NCH_insert.indd 19

2/5/20 4:18 PM

The cornerstone of the Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion is the Psychiatric Crisis Department. Featuring 24/7 psychiatric crisis care, it’s like an emergency room, but for children experiencing a mental or behavioral health crisis. Every feature of the Psychiatric Crisis Department is specifically designed to help kids in a crisis. The Psychiatric Crisis Department has an Extended Observation Suite and other features that allow ample time for assessment. This ensures the best treatment plan is identified for each patient.

Comfort rooms spread throughout the Pavilion offer a calm, soothing environment where kids can calm down while their care team determines the next level of care. Comfort Room Extended Observation Suite Extended Observation Suite

The 10-bed Extended Observation Suite provides more time for the patient to be evaluated to determine if they should be admitted to a higher level of care.

Welcome Desk

Waiting Area

Patient Entrance

Welcome Desk

Consult Rooms


Vehicle Entrance

Nine consult rooms allow more time for patients and families to meet with their provider, offering a more conducive space than a typical emergency room.

Consult Rooms


20 Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion Guide

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2/5/20 4:37 PM


Psychiatric Crisis Department


Parent’s Guide How do I know when to use the Psychiatric Crisis Department? Go to the Psychiatric Crisis Department when your child has an urgent behavioral health concern that needs immediately addressed and your child has no medical concerns. You do not need to call ahead to come to the Psychiatric Crisis Department. If you have concerns about serious injury to your child or others, call 911.

If you live in Franklin County and your child is in crisis and you would like to talk to a mental health provider, call the Franklin County Youth Psychiatric Crisis Line at (614) 722-1800.

If you do not live in Franklin County but you are connected with a Nationwide Children’s Behavioral Health provider, call the Franklin County Youth Psychiatric Crisis Line at (614) 722-1800.

If you do not live in Franklin County and are not connected with a Nationwide Children’s Behavioral Health provider, please call your county psychiatric crisis line or current behavioral health care provider for help in determining the best response.

When to go to the Emergency Department: You should go to the Emergency Department when your child has:

• Injuries • Bleeding • Become unconscious

• Ingested something • Breathing difficulties

For more information, visit NationwideChildrens.org/Pavilion

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2/5/20 4:38 PM

For crisis situations that are not life-threatening, mental health and substance abuse crisis services are available for Franklin County, Ohio, residents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Need Help?

18 and older, call (614) 276-CARE (2273) or (888) 276-2273.

17 and under, call (614) 722-1800.

For people living outside Franklin County, please call your county’s psychiatric crisis line. If you or your child need immediate help due to having suicidal thoughts, go to your local emergency room, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or you can reach the Crisis Text Line by texting “START” to 741-741.

Directions Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion 444 Butterfly Gardens Drive Columbus, OH 43215 Park in the Yellow Garage

Look for the green signage directing you to Psychiatric Crisis

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2/5/20 4:38 PM


Take your next step in becoming an advocate for children’s behavioral and mental health like these incredible community groups!

Roochute helping us take a mental health moment while raising funds for pediatric mental health.

Kids creating their own masterpieces at Slice of Columbus for display in the Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion. Forever Unknown band rocks out in their Homage On Our Sleeves shirts while spreading the word about breaking stigmas around behavioral health.

Learn more about fundraising at OnOurSleeves.org/Fundraise

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2/5/20 4:39 PM

special advertising section

Together, we’re stacking hands to break the stigma around childhood mental health.


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2/5/20 4:21 PM

Profile for The Columbus Dispatch

Special Section: Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavillion  

This special insert introduces readers to Nationwide Children's Hospital's latest effort to transform youth mental health services.

Special Section: Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavillion  

This special insert introduces readers to Nationwide Children's Hospital's latest effort to transform youth mental health services.