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2011 CotY Awards Undercover Kitchens a guide to remodeling right


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a guide to remodeling right

Experience the difference with NARI During the past 26 years, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) has been connecting central Ohio consumers with top remodeling professionals. NARI has grown to more than 250 trusted professional members since it was founded as a not-for-profit trade association in 1985. We invite homeowners to see for themselves why consumers say NARI members are making the difference in their remodeling experiences. For those who have had

difficulty locating a skilled contractor, NARI is the best resource in which to turn. NARI contractors undergo a thorough background check and are screened using stringent criteria for experience and craftsmanship. NARI contractors also must display a commitment to the NARI code of ethics. By reading this and future issues of NARI TODAY, homeowners can learn more about locating and working with the most trusted professionals in the remodeling industry.

Without fail, this special feature introduces homeowners to the professional members of NARI and serves as a guide to remodeling right. In this issue, homeowners will find tools to help them feel comfortable with making decisions about their remodeling projects. Using these guides will give peace of mind and help produce winning results with your home-remodeling project. Hire a NARI professional and experience the best. We hope you enjoy the content of NARI TODAY. Experience the difference a NARI

member can make. If you have questions about NARI or how to locate a NARI member who can help with your remodeling needs, visit to get started. We look forward to serving you. Todd Schmidt, CR, UDCP

President, NARI of Central Ohio Owner, Renovations Unlimited

Ourintegrity, Valuesfamily, honesty, respect, education

This is Chuck He shows up late, leaves early, doesn’t return your calls, and is hard to contact. Chuck isn’t a NARI Contractor. NARI contractors undergo a thorough background check and are screened using stringent criteria for experience and workmanship, and must display a commitment to the NARI Code of Ethics. For more information on NARI or a referral to a NARI remodeler in Central Ohio, visit or call 614-895-3080.

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Residential exterior over $100,000 finish line building

CotY Awards 2011

The Contractor of the Year Awards (CotY®) recognize extraordinary design and craftsmanship in remodeling projects completed during the preceding year. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) Contractor of the Year (CotY) awards are the most prestigious awards given in the remodeling industry. Contractors from around the country vie for the awards on an annual basis. Winners are recognized for excellent workmanship and professional achievements. The competition enables NARI members to compete in 27 different categories locally, regionally and nationally. A panel of impartial judges who are experts in the remodeling industry and related fields selects the winners. nari of central ohio

Entries are judged on problem solving, functionality, aesthetics, craftsmanship, innovation, degree of difficulty and entry presentation. NARI of Central Ohio presented 19 local Contractor of the Year awards in December at its annual awards gala. Selecting the right remodeler is the most important decision homeowners will make in a remodeling project. Choosing a contractor who has entered professional award competitions such as NARI’s Contractor of the Year is a good starting place. These award entries require a lot of

planning and expense to enter, and being able to show the quality of their work is what winning is all about. These entries are a combination of a true team effort of the contractors’ employees, subcontractors as well as the homeowner. Winning a CotY award means that their efforts were successful and the homeowners’ requests and needs were met. Isn’t that a combination you would like for your next project? The following members (and the one featured above) received the prestigious Contractor of the Year Award from NARI of Central Ohio in their respective categories. a guide to remodeling right

30 Y

ears of remodeling excellence 1982 - 2012

“We’ve done four projects with Dave Fox in three years and their team continues to hit home runs. Our quality of life has improved because of what they bring to the table and our home has become more enjoyable.” ~ John and Betsy S.


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nari of central ohio


a guide to remodeling right




a guide to remodeling right

Residential BATH $30,000-$60,000 KRESGE CONTRACTING

Residential addition over $250,000 nicholson builders


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a guide to remodeling right

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a guide to remodeling right

kitchen residential $80,000- $100,000 js brown & co.

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Residential addition under $100,000 njw construction

ENTIRE HOUSE $250,000- $500,000 JS BROWN & CO.

nari of central ohio


a guide to remodeling right

Residential addition $100,000-$250,000 renovations unlimited


a guide to remodeling right

Residential BATH under $30,000 KEEFER CONTRACTORS

Don’t be stumped by hardwood flooring

Know the basics before you consider resurfacing the floors in your home. PHOTO COURTESY DiYanni Remodeling

Cozy oak, durable hickory, modern cork and exotic bamboo — what flooring do you envision when considering a home remodel? Often this important surface material nari of central ohio

stumps homeowners, and sometimes ends up as a confusing afterthought. Flooring covers a vast amount of your home’s square footage, so choosing the right

product can truly make or break a room’s design. And with so many quality natural products from which to choose — varying from classic to modern — picking the

right flooring for your home can be a challenge. A little direction can help make your home uniquely yours. Hardwoods comprise a large portion of popular floora guide to remodeling right

The most beautiful spaces embrace the way you live.

By Appointment: 614.582.5821 a guide to remodeling right

Design.Build.Project Management.3DDesign Plans.

ing, and it’s easy to see why — it is durable, timeless and matches nearly every design taste. But each type of wood offers its own unique trait. Hickory, a durable choice that is easily stained, is one of the strongest options. This wood’s tough, hard and stiff characteristics are unmatched by other hardwoods. With a moderate open in its grain, it has fewer designs, providing a more seamless appearance. Maple comes in hard and soft varieties, soft being more reasonably priced. However, when considering the wear and tear your floors receive, hard maple is a more practical long-term choice. It is a strong wood that withstands abrasive use. Maple is available in a variety of patterns, as it is a very diverse wood family. However, it can be difficult to stain, so it is ideal in its natural finish. Oak, most commonly available in red or white, is the most common wood flooring. It is very resistant to its environment and is offered in an assortment of stains and finishes. Because of the wood’s broad designs in its grains, it has a very distinct appearance, a characteristic popular with homeowners and designers. Cork is a natural product produced from cork trees. Unlike hardwoods, cork is harvested without cutting down the trees, as the mature trees naturally shed the product without harming its core structure. This makes cork a greener option than hardwoods. However, because cork is not a structured product by itself, some man-made materials nari of central ohio

PHOTO COURTESY DiYanni Remodeling


are added to create each slab of flooring. Cork is durable and gives a modern look to your home. It also provides more control over the space’s acoustics and is easier on the joints and body than other products. Bamboo is another green option. Although bamboo is harvested, the natural product grows so quickly that cutting it down does little harm to the environment — a replace-

ment rapidly regrows where the harvesting took place. Strand bamboo flooring is the most popular, as it has a strong surface and is resistant to scratches and dents. It also comes in dynamic designs. When it comes time to choosing your home’s floors, it’s important to decide what characteristics, both practically and physically, are important to you. Do you want a

floor that can withstand harsh wear? Or are you more concerned with environmentally friendly flooring? Each wood has distinct characteristics, and the variety helps provide every homeowner with their ideal natural flooring choice. By NARI member Annie Coleman, Kresge Contracting Inc. a guide to remodeling right




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nari of central ohio


a guide to remodeling right

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National winner


a guide to remodeling right

BIA 2010

Remodeling Project of the Year

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Undercover kitchens

Modern conveniences found under traditional wraps Today’s homeowners have a variety of modern conveniences available to them when remodeling their kitchen. Most homeowners incorporate luxury conveniences from the outset of the remodel. The kitchen design is as much about aesthetic as functionality allowing families to enjoy spending time together while preparing meals and entertaining guests. Appliances that offer ease of use for the entire family, including the children, are sought after in many kitchen nari of central ohio

projects. One example is microwaves designed for use in the base cabinetry. A drawerstyle microwave allows easy access for children and helps to avert spills. A lock is available to prevent the smallest of hands from operating when necessary. There are endless options available for the interior design of cabinetry. We have all seen the pullout shelves for base cabinets that eliminate the need to dig through the cabinet on hands and knees. This is just one of many develop-

ments that help us create a highly functional, yet beautiful, kitchen. Other cabinet inserts include tray dividers made of wood or metal, pullout trashcans and rotating, pullout recycling centers. But there are a few newer items taking design up a notch, which add luxury and convenience.

The Curve A marvelous way to utilize a blind corner cabinet is to incorporate “The Curve� from Rev-a-Shelf. The sophisti-

cated pullout made of chrome and glass adds unexpected elegance. Shelves mount to drawer fronts and allow complete access to the cabinet eliminating any dead space. The Curve can be used within any style cabinet from modern and sleek to traditional.

Heavy-Duty Mixer Lift Bakers no longer have to lift heavy mixers from the lower cabinetry to the countertop to make cookies thanks to an invention called the heavy a guide to remodeling right

duty mixer lift. This mixer lift can be attached to any size base cabinet and holds mixers up to 60 pounds. It lifts up to become almost level with the countertop and never has to be moved from the shelf.

Pull-Down Shelving Vertically challenged people no longer need to drag a chair over to reach the items on the shelves of wall cabinets. A pull-down shelving system made of chrome, which is beautiful to look at when the cabinet is open, completely pulls out of the cabinet making it easy to reach items on the shelves. A good place to incorporate this shelving system is over a built-in coffee maker or baking area. Pantries are one of the most used spaces for storage in kitchens, which is why most homeowners wish to incorporate one in the kitchen when remodeling. Pantries can be part of the cabinetry instead of a separate closet of days past. Small kitchens often cannot accommodate a full-size pantry so a pullout pantry, 6 to 12 inches wide, works well. Larger kitchens that allow for an 18- to 36inch pantry might contain top-to-bottom, lazy-Susan shelving that rotates for easy access or a rollout pantry with door storage. Both options maximize the use of space while making it easier to access stored items. If you are looking for a pantry that is more modern and sleek, a rotating pullout a guide to remodeling right

glass pantry is both beautiful and highly functional. This pantry pulls out and spins 90 degrees in either direction to allow access to stored items. It is more expensive than some of the others, but the sheen of the chrome, combined with the champagneflute finish, speak to Italian design and is well worth the look for discerning homeowners. Two additional items worth mentioning include the undersink pullout and under-sink removable chrome basket. It can be frustrating to move bottles around under the sink to find one particular item. These two items help organize this area and create better access to stored items. An under-sink chrome basket can house cleaning products and is removable as a caddy to be carried to other parts of the house. The chrome finish adds style and looks tasteful. The under-sink pullout simply pulls out to bring all of those cleaning items to you. No more knocking over bottles to get to what you are looking for — it rolls out to you, nice and neat. Unlike kitchens of the past, today’s kitchens can take on many looks on the outside and contain endless organizational surprises on the inside. Cabinets can be as sleek and clean on the inside as they are outside. By NARI member Angela Bonfante, Angela Bonfante Kitchen Designs

ace award



hen a consumer is deciding on a contractor or service provider, oftentimes he or she wants to know what kind of experience other customers have had with a particular business. Through NARI’s Achievement in Consumer Excellence (ACE) Awards program, potential customers are

provided a way to hear about the experiences of consumers before they make the first call to any member business. The ACE Award recognizes NARI members who provide outstanding service. Consumers who have worked directly with professionals rate their provider sin several areas, including quality, responsiveness, profes-

sionalism and communication. The ACE Award recognizes those who receive an average score of 3.5 (out of 5) on these criteria. All members who provide products or services are eligible. Member companies of all types and sizes can be recognized as ACE Award recipients based on customer evaluations of their work.

The ACE Award is an achievement earned by providing superior service based on consumer ratings and represents a standard of excellence. Current members of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s Central Ohio chapter (NARI of Central Ohio) who received the ACE Award for 2011 are listed below:

1st Choice Glass Block Ace Fence & Deck B & T Roofing The Basement Doctor Bill Davis/Mr. Fix-it Blue Designs Buckeye Basements The Cabinet Shop Distribution & Design Campbell Builders The Cleary Company Columbus Garage Floor Coating Columbus Glass Block Custom Classic Renovations Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers Davidson Builders

Direct Home Improvements DiYanni Remodeling DMO Builders Ever-Dry of Columbus Ferguson Enterprises Fine Designs & Interiors Finish Line Building First Data Independent Sales Central Ohio FROG Hauling LLC Great Scott Kitchens & Remodeling Griffey Remodeling Hamilton Parker Company J.S. Brown & Company Keefer Contractors Kelly Cabinet Company Ketron Custom Builders

Kresge Contracting Kuhns Contracting Landa’s INTERDESIGN Marble and Granite Works Miller Troyer Custom Amish Cabinets & Remodeling MPGharrity Building Neverman Construction Nicholson Builders Nitro Restoration NJW Construction Northern Lighting Peter A. Robinson Remodeling ProXterior, Inc. Punch Out Plus Red’s Remodeling & Repair Regency Wallcraft, Inc.

Renovations Unlimited Residential Designed Solutions RH Homes Ltd. Rosati Windows R-Pro LLC Secret Doorways Select Services Property Solutions SGO Designer Glass of Columbus Space Transitions Swan Freedom The Design Center/JELD-WEN Thompson Building Associates WMB Builders, Inc.

For more information on the ACE Awards or NARI of Central Ohio, visit its Web site at, or call their offices at (614) 895-3080. nari of central ohio

a guide to remodeling right

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a guide to remodeling right

NARI TODAY - A Guide to Remodeling Right - Spring 2012  

NARI TODAY - A Guide to Remodeling Right - Spring 2012