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BIGArt When Artwork Dominates a Room

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Editor/Designer Rebecca Walters

Staff Writer JEFF THITOFF Contributing Writer

From the Editor

Michael Leach

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Forget New Year’s resolutions. For me, spring has always represented a time for fresh starts, changes, new opportunities. Looking back over the years, I’ve noticed a pattern. Really great stuff — both personally and professionally — has come my way in the spring, like finding out I was going to have a baby to landing an awesome job, thankfully on different occasions. Years ago, a friend told me my good fortune during this time of year had something to do with the month I was born (April) and the way the stars and the planets were aligned. I’m not sure whether that has anything to do with anything, but I’ll take it any way I can get it. In keeping with the theme of fresh starts, beginning with this issue, you’ll notice some changes to the magazine. The design is cleaner, sleeker and there’s more white space. As always, we have some great features. Our cover story, titled BIG Art, has some fantastic examples of how to display big, bold artwork without overpowering a room. In At Home With, we get to see the personal side of 10TV morning news anchor Jeff Hogan. And our Great Outdoors feature pays tribute to some of central Ohio’s public gardens. Whether you are a regular reader or this is the first time you’ve picked up a copy of the magazine, I hope you enjoy it. Please e-mail me with your thoughts on our new look.

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Spring 2012



Great Outdoors 37 Our Backyard 50 features Things We Love 48



On the Cover

BIGArt When Artwork Dominates a Room Story by

jeff thitoff

8 Central Ohio Home & Garden SPRING 2012

Photos by john


Clocks are experiencing a resurgence in popularity as pieces of artwork. This one was featured in Fischer Homes’ 2011 BIA Parade of Homes entry.


ig, beautiful art is a welcome sight, but the placement and selection of such large pieces of art can be challenging — unless you can tap into the expertise of those who know a little something about it. You want to express your personal artistic style, but it’s critical that your selections don’t suffocate the rest of the space in the room, advise professional interior designers, homeowners who have done it and an owner of an art gallery. So much depends on someone’s décor, says Kim Pheiffer of Kim Pheiffer Designs and Associates. If you’re going with very neutral colors with a some-

Central Ohio Home & Garden SPRING 2012


On the Cover

Sharon Weiss’ Worthington cottage features hundreds of pieces of art, both large and small. Every time you enter a room, a different painting or sculpture catches your eye. what organic palette, make sure you aren’t selecting large artwork with a great deal of color and texture, for instance. “But it will all depend on your personal taste. For instance, some people like to have a minimalist look everywhere, except when it comes to the art — they want bold artwork that pops,” she says That is both the interesting and enjoyable part of the process for Pheiffer. “Artwork doesn’t have to match the room complete-

10 Central Ohio Home & Garden SPRING 2012

ly, and part of my job as the designer is to show clients different perspectives and different art and how it can work in a room,” Pheiffer says. “If I am working with someone who is extremely traditional, I might have them consider putting a large piece of contemporary abstract art in an area — and nine times out of 10, they love it.” “That’s the best way to tell if the large art works in a room — if the homeowner loves it,” she says. Sharon Weiss, owner of the Sharon Weiss Gallery

Three bold medallions hang over the fireplace in Crystal Nelson’s Powell home.

Central Ohio Home & Garden SPRING 2012 11

Choosing art and selecting how to display art is, well, an art.

From top to bottom – Fischer Homes, a participant in the 2011 BIA Parade of Homes, displays a large theater reel in the basement. – Crystal Nelson’s family photos come to life with unique floor-to-ceiling wall treatments. – Faux tiles and floor-length mirrors give Laura Watson’s basement more depth and style.

in the Short North, has been collecting Ohio art for more than 40 years. She has one critical piece of advice for potential buyers when trying to decide on which art to purchase, no matter the size of the piece. “You have to love it, because you are going to live with it,” Weiss says. “When someone sees something they like, I tell them to come back and look at it again and see if they have the same reaction.” Once you’ve fallen in love with the art, Weiss says you will find a way to fit it into your space. But how do you make sure your large art is a complementary piece to your room and not overpowering? Choosing art and selecting how to display art is, well, an art. In Crystal Nelson’s previous two homes, she had a large medallion mounted over her fireplace. When she enlisted the help of Pheiffer and Shanna Young on her Powell home, Young suggested adding two large mirrored medallions — and having the three pieces lined up above the fireplace. “It is something different, and I thought it was a great idea by Shanna,” Nelson says. “It doesn’t overpower the room because we have a tall ceiling, and it gives a defined look with a little more pop to it.” Mirrors are an unconventional display of art, but are starting to emerge as large pieces that are friendly to the eye. Pheiffer used mirrors in Dublin resident Laura Watson’s basement. “We took floor-to-ceiling mirrors with smoky glass, so you couldn’t get a perfect

reflection, and dressed them up with window treatments,” Pheiffer says. “It’s become a unique piece of large art work.” Watson says when people enter her basement, they often mistake the mirrors for windows. Pheiffer says the mirrors give the wall texture and dimension. Adding texture, instead of color, is another way to display big art without overtaking the room. In the Watson home, Pheiffer added huge, wood panels to a wall and also surrounded a flat-screen television with tiles. Once it was framed out, Pheiffer says it looked like artwork. Another unconventional type of large art enjoying a surge in popularity is clocks. “They are very practical, but if you notice the framing and the detail on the clock, you can see how it’s art,” Pheiffer says. “We recently put a clock up in a client’s house that was 60 inches in diameter.” “For the last couple of years, if you go into stores or look at catalogs there are huge sections of clocks — they’re metal, wood, iron; sometimes they have glass on the back. It’s amazing with what they’ve come up with in terms of clocks.” “It’s a different form of art, instead of doing just your typical framed or canvassed art,” Pheiffer says. Michelle Ethridge-Craycraft of InStyle Interiors recently worked with a client who changed her dining room into a lounge area. There was a big painting in the room, and Ethridge-Craycraft decided not to hang the piece. “It looked so good just leaning against the wall,” she says. “It’s a large piece, but it’s not overpowering because it matches the décor so well.” Matching the décor in the room is a surefire way to make sure your art doesn’t completely dominate the space, says Ethridge-Craycraft. Weiss’ Worthington cottage features hundreds of pieces of art, both large and small. No one piece is overpowering, yet every time you enter one of the rooms a new painting or sculpture seems to catch your attention. “It took quite a while to place everything, and I’m sure I’ll keep adding pieces as I fall in love with them,” Weiss says. “Like I said, if it’s a piece you love – you’ll find room for it.” •

At Home With

Jeff Hogan ‘Salmon rice asparagus was a big hit

– I baked it in

parchment paper all

– so when it came out, it was this restaurantquality meal.’ together

Story by

rebecca walters

Photos by james

d. decamp

WBNS-10TV morning news anchor Jeff Hogan is a man on the go. He covers breaking news in central Ohio, and has competed in more than 25 triathlons and marathons. Hogan loves all aspects of sports — watching, reporting and competing. He covered sports for 11 years before switching to news. News had always been in the back of his mind, so when the opportunity presented itself, he took it. “It was about time I got a big-boy job,” jokes Hogan. But, if given the opportunity, Hogan also could be a professional napper. He can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. Jeanne, his wife of 14 years, will attest to it. 16 Central Ohio Home & Garden SPRING 2012

Central Ohio Home & Garden magazine sat down with the couple to find out what happens when the cameras aren’t rolling and it’s just time ‘at home with’ the family. H&G: Describe a typical day for you. Jeff: Half my day is done before people shower. It is pretty fast paced until mid-morning. We are on the air for two hours and 35 minutes, so I pick my bathroom breaks wisely. The days are long and the hours are odd, but that was part of the whole switch (from sports to news). In hindsight now, it’s perfect so I can

Hogan clips recipes by The Columbus Dispatch food writer Robin Davis.

spend time with my kids. I enjoy being a part of the way people start their day. People come up to me and say ‘I woke up with you this morning,’ or ‘You were in my bedroom this morning,’ and I say ‘Don’t tell my wife.’ H&G: After a busy day, what’s your favorite room in your house to relax?

Jeanne: It’s Jeanne time. Jeff: After work it’s some kind of physical activity — running, biking, golf or something around the house. Home is a weigh station — I’m here changing gear, grabbing golf clubs or getting some shorts to go running, swimming, biking. I enjoy doing things around the house, mowing the grass. H&G: You still haven’t told readers what you do to relax. Jeff: All that doesn’t sound relaxing? Honestly, my relaxing time is between dinner and bedtime, and spending time with my girls and whatever they want to do. We played shoe hockey on the hardwood floors last night. That was fun. H&G: A favorite spot in the house? Jeanne: If he sits down, he falls asleep. Jeff: Yes, if I sit down, I fall asleep. Jeanne: He has two speeds — stop and go — he’s either asleep or training for a marathon. Jeff: She’s right — I work hard, play hard. But, to relax, I cook. So it’s the kitchen, and the best part would be making something to eat that my girls like. H&G: Do you enjoy gardening, cooking, working on things around the house? Jeff: I consider myself the Schneider (the ‘super’ on One Day at a Time) — to a fault. I refuse to call a handyman until something gets out of control. I (we) painted almost the whole

Central Ohio Home & Garden SPRING 2012 17

The Hogan family from left to right — Jeff, Skyler, Kate and Jeanne.

56 Central Ohio Home & Garden SPRING 2012

‘It was about time I got a bigboy job,’ jokes Hogan, who has kept all of his press passes. house. It was brutal, but it was better than paying someone else to do it. Gardening, not so much, I leave that to Jeanne. Cooking relaxes me, and I love making new creations. I will try anything, but my girls will not. (The Columbus Dispatch’s) Robin Davis is my inspiration. I clip recipes. Jeanne: It’s true. They are all in our pantry. H&G: Do you cook together, or do you kick Jeanne out of the kitchen? Jeff: Jeanne is in charge of the vegetables and the fresh ingredients. I’m in charge of the hearty main course. I don’t measure anything, either. Salmon rice asparagus was a big hit – I baked it in parchment paper all together – so when it came out, it was this restaurant-quality meal. Jeanne: It was off the charts. He really shocked me with that one, and the girls liked it. Other meals (the girls) enjoy are his waffles and sweet potato pancakes. Nine times out of 10, the dishes are to die for; they are extraordinarily creative.

Jeff: Sometimes I’ve gone into the pantry when seemingly we have nothing for dinner and come up with some pretty awesome stuff, just concocting. H&G: Tell readers something they don’t know about Jeff Hogan. Jeff: I can juggle, have a black belt in napping and drive a 12-year-old car that has a coat hanger holding up the tailpipe. (He drives a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo that the family has nicknamed ‘Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang’ and the ‘Toilet Bowl.’) I have delivered doughnuts, paved driveways, installed satellite dishes and worked in construction with my dad. I have kept every single press pass I ever used. I am an ordinary person with an extraordinary job. Jeanne: He’s a great snow skier. He has snowboarded in Canada over undetonated explosives. He looks for hills and mountains that say ‘Do not go beyond this point.’ He also donates a lot of his time for good causes. It makes me feel good that he’s out there. •

Central Ohio Home & Garden SPRING 2012 19

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NARI member can make. If you have questions about NARI or how to locate a NARI member who can help with your remodeling needs, visit to get started. We look forward to serving you.

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tyle trends and design in general have moved away from the fussy and elaborate. Instead of enormous homes with extravagant kitchens, homeowners are living in smaller, yet more efficient urban dwellings. There is a renewed interest in tak-

nari of central ohio

ing what is already built and making it work for today’s family. Although people are turning away from styles that speak of the days of consumerism and excess, they are still making monetary investments in their homes. As such, quality and a sense of time-

lessness continue to be top priorities. Homeowners are also making design choices with function in mind — more time is being spent on planning spaces that will work for the family. A modern kitchen is truly a reflection of the modern family’s priorities, where quality,

Dave Fox Design-Build Remodelers, with the help of their clients, have supported Habitat for Humanity since its inception in Columbus 25 years ago. In fact, Dave Fox himself drew up design plans for the very first Habitat home in Columbus! Habitat has improved the quality of life for more than 250 Central Ohio families, and we’re proud to have supported them over the years.

a guide to remodeling right


function and a sense of organization and cleanliness are important.

Cabinets More simple cabinet, appliance and even tile choices allow the family to take center stage within the home. Cabinet manufacturers have introduced understated colors and naturalistic materials — think earth tones such as blues, grays, browns and greens. Cabinet-door styles, too, are more simplistic with variations of flat panel and slab. Bold paint colors and busy schemes have been replaced by single-statement pieces to add contrast and style without being fussy. Wood-grain cabinets are even getting a modern makeover. Many

nari of central ohio

contemporary cabinet companies are offering thermo-foil and laminate slab-door cabinet styles that have the graining and appearance of exotic wood species. These faux-wood options offer a luxurious look without the hefty price tag. Pairing traditional rich wood tones with modern-day materials also provides a kitchen with visual interest. Stainless steel is not just for appliances, and it fits in with the modern family’s lifestyle because of its durability and neutrality. Stainless-steel cabinets, countertops and shelves are all products that consumers are utilizing within their spaces to create a modern appearance.

Functionality Time away from daily responsibilities is a huge commodity in just about every family. A kitchen serves many purposes for homeowners: preparing food, doing homework, paying bills, entertaining and coordinating family life in general. A kitchen can look great, but it should also serve the needs of its household. In fact, a well-functioning kitchen can cut down on time spent on daily tasks, which creates more time for leisure.

storage Most cabinet manufacturers offer an assortment of interior cabinet accessories to provide storage for anything from spices to canned goods. When selecting interior

accessories, homeowners should make a list of their problem areas within their kitchen. Typically, the under-sink area poses organizational problems as the plumbing hangs low, creating an awkward space for storage. I recommend an undersink organizer as it offers racks that are attached to the under-sink cabinet doors, and they can be used for storing anything from plastic grocery bags to spray bottles and dish soap. Many of these also offer a removable basket for storing various household cleaners. If considering a contemporary kitchen, a client should also consider a frameless cabinet. Frameless cabinets are constructed without face frames, giving the client more usable space within their cabinets and offers easier access to the interior of the cabinet. Frameless cabinets are often used in more contemporary kitchen designs — frameless manufacturers often have cabinet styles that lend themselves to the more simplistic and modern. Other design options that create a more functional space include utilizing open shelves. A homeowner who bakes regularly would benefit from having the mixing bowls readily available on an open shelf. Or for those who entertain often — 13”-deep cabinets work better at storing over-sized dinner plates. These are all storage options that the consumer should consider when working on their kitchen design. Inventorying the positives and negatives of your existing kitchen and having an open mind to creative storage solutions will leave homeowners very pleased with their space. Each family has different needs when remodeling their kitchen — it is important for homeowners to reflect on their individual tastes and uses for their kitchen before investing in an overhaul. I recommend seeking out a professional before completing a large-scale project. A kitchen designer can be a great source of information to assist a homeowner in making the best choices for their modern family. By NARI Member Andrea Park, AKBD, The Cabinet Shop Distribution & Design

a guide to remodeling right

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2012 Lighting Trends:


It’s All About Design


he National Lighting Show, which showcases lighting manufacturers and attracts more than 3,000 buyers from around the world, was recently held in Dallas. This convention and trade show features the latest trends in lighting for today’s homeowners. Here are some trends to watch for in 2012. It’s all about design and fashion. Brown hues are still very popular among fixtures. Light and shiny metallic finishes with clean lines are becoming increasingly popular. Decorative and accessory finishes in shades of silver, black and white are also emerging. Clean lines and transitional style were predominant in both indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as with fans and accessories.

variety of shades and portables used to complete a look. Glass accents are being added to everything to create a bubble look, as well as the use of K9 crystals, which are high-quality crystals with up to 30 percent lead that come in a variety of colors, to dress up an otherwise simple fixture. New fabrics and linear designs combine to create an updated look for drum pendants, which also were very popular last year.


Some of the best products at the show were LED under-cabinet light-

Another notable trend is the

nari of central ohio

Finishes Subdued finishes like antique nickel, aged copper and antique brass are making a comeback. As is the use of vintage lamps (bulbs) in sconces, pendants and chandeliers, which are really adding to the industrial styles that are becoming popular.


ing by Maxim and Nora Lighting. New designer hugger fans by MinkaAire and Fanamation, as well as Progress’ bath lighting, match well with the styles and finishes of faucets and sinks, and come in new crystal colors. Fluorescent and Energy Star products continue to be a big focus and are popular among consumers. The key to any remodel is to find someone who specializes in this aspect of the project. Oftentimes, lighting retailers and wholesalers work hand-in-hand with remodelers, designers and homeowners to ensure the desired result is achieved. Visiting is a good first step in selecting a qualified and trusted home-remodeling company for your project. By NARI member Ron Sima, Ferguson Enterprises

Don’t settle for ordinary. Expect extraordinary.

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Green Living Take small steps to achieve a more eco-friendly lifestyle


t seems as though we all are becoming more aware of the need to be environmentally friendly. Each day, we see the adverse effects of global warming, the ever-increasing concern of plastics in landfills and the chemicals affecting

nari of central ohio

our fresh supply of water. Does this mean we should tan our own leather or cool our homes by connecting a fan to a bicycle and pedaling for six hours? Does it mean we should resort to grinding corn and cooking over an open fire to prepare

enchiladas? Or what about tending to a 16-acre plot of vegetables? Thankfully, no, we do not have to take such drastic measures to be more environmentally friendly. But there are steps each of us could take on an individual basis that, collectively, could make a big difference in the quality of future environmental resources. It could be as easy as taking measures such as not purchasing individual bottled-water containers, starting to recycle paper products and electrical and technical equipment, such as cell phones and computers, and keeping an eye on how much water we consume — taking showers, flushing the toilet, watering the garden. If you are inclined to make more of a drastic change, and perhaps, put some extra money in your pocket at the same time, consider using reclaimed and sustainable products when remodeling. Bamboo and cork are gorgeous, and LED lights last longer and save energy. If it’s time for a new washer, dryer or dishwasher, look into incorporating Energy Star appliances, which reduce energy consumption and environmental impact, and ultimately, save money over time. The ultimate would be to optimize your home’s energy efficiency by installing solar panels or purchasing a smaller, more affordable photovoltaic system. This system could provide your home with electricity and would greatly reduce your environmental footprint, putting you just one step closer to achieving a zero-energy use home. It’s a lot to consider and can be overwhelming, but in the meantime, try turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth … one step at a time. By NARI member Kathleen Horrigan, Change My Place

a guide to remodeling right

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Story by

Great Outdoors

michael leach

Public Gardens Central Ohio’s Best Kept Secrets

photo courtesy of franklin

park conservatory and Botanical Gardens

your mother-in-law or hard-to-impress visitor is coming to town. each dotes on gardening. what should you do? Central Ohio Home & Garden SPRING 2012 37

inniswood metro gardens photo courtesy of bryan


top fretting, fire up your GPS and tour central Ohio’s impressive public gardens, which are so rarely visited by some locals that they might as well be secrets. If German Village is a planned stop for indulging at one of the neighborhood’s restaurants, walk off a few calories in the Huntington Gardens Promenade on the west side of Schiller Park. This series of lavishly planted perennial flowerbeds runs from City Park Avenue at Stewart Avenue to the statue of Friedrick von Schiller, the park’s namesake. Along the way, read quotes from Schiller’s writings in the paving stones. Want to seem like a Village insider? Visit Frank Fetch Memorial Park nearby. Just try to resist drooling over the window boxes of the houses across the street — and the floral wonders in the pocket park, named after the man who helped launch the trans-

38 Central Ohio Home & Garden SPRING 2012


formation of German Village into a world-class community. Then make your way Downtown to The Topiary Park on Town Street. A British friend was delighted with this horticultural interpretation of Georges Seurat’s painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of La Grande Jatte. This is no small thing considering the menagerie of primly clipped topiary figures to be found in some venerable English gardens. Do your visitors crave color? Head north. Beds of jaw-dropping color grow every summer at the corner of Woody Hayes Drive and Fyffe Court. The flowers are annuals evaluated at Chadwick Arboretum & Learning Gardens on The Ohio State University campus. Feed a parking meter and wander around Howlett Hall to view the rest of the plantings or walk the labyrinth near Lane Avenue. Several blocks north of OSU lies a vast, colorful,

Central Ohio Home & Garden SPRING 2012 39

photo courtesy of Columbus

Parks & recreation

The Topiary Park, above, is located in Downtown Columbus on Town Street. fragrant treasure — Columbus’ Park of Roses. It’s one of the nation’s largest public rose gardens — 11,000 roses encompassing 13 acres. No wonder the park is the scene of numerous weddings. The park also features perennial and herb gardens and the Whetstone Prairie, a re-created stretch of wilderness. Color begins appearing in May when the heritage roses blossom and continues until the first frost and sometimes beyond. About two miles east of Downtown is Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens (admission required). The iconic 1895 conservatory is anything but dowdy. The glass houses feature a quick tour of several climates, from tropical to desert, plus several pieces by glass artist Dale Chihuly. In the evening, James Turrell’s light installation silently transforms the elegant Palm House into an ever-changing rainbow. Meander the grounds outside and head to the southeast corner of Franklin Park to visit the Scotts Miracle-Gro Community Garden Campus. It could serve as a set for any HGTV or Martha Stewart program. A short drive from the conservatory is the Ohio

40 Central Ohio Home & Garden SPRING 2012

photo courtesy of dawes


Dawes Arboretum near Newark is the former country estate of the Dawes family. You won’t see any ‘Keep off the grass’ signs here.

Where each home is part of a bigger picture.

We invite you to visit our Welcome Center.

Open Houses take place on select Sundays 1-4pm s

Visit for Open House dates. 7920 Brock Road, Plain City, OH 43064


ocated within Dublin City Schools, Jerome Village

will be an accessible and modern community that will remain rural and naturally beautiful with recreational areas including parks, ponds, tree-lined parkways, extensive nature trails and so much more.

Scan to sign up for email updates and news from Jerome Village.Visit Central Ohio Home & Garden SPRING 2012 41 to find out when future open houses will take place.

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park conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Governor’s Residence and Heritage Garden, showcasing flora native to Ohio and mini representations of the state’s major ecological regions. (Advance tour reservations are required.) Further afield, more gardens tempt. In suburban Grove City is the Gardens at Gantz Farm, where a vast family of herbs stars, and a labyrinth beckons for a contemplative walk. Westerville is home to Inniswood Metro Gardens, a 123-acre park and a home gardener’s dream come true with special gardens for herbs, roses and children — plus nature trails. If time allows, a must-see is about 40 miles east of Downtown — Dawes Arboretum near Newark. The former country estate of the Dawes family has 42 Central Ohio Home & Garden SPRING 2012

eight miles of hiking trails and a four-mile auto tour. You won’t see “Keep off the grass” signs, so prepare to get out and wander. Collections include hollies, crab apples, conifers — even a mini-cypress swamp — planted in a gently rolling, parklike setting. A personal favorite is the ethereal Japanese Garden. The still waters of the large pond soothe. The meditation house makes a fine place to sit and gaze, while sheltered from sun, rain or snow. But be careful out there. If you make too much of an impression, the out-of-town guest might return frequently — or you might even get hooked on gardening. •

For more information

• Chadwick Arboretum & Learning Gardens, 2001 Fyffe Court on The Ohio State University Campus, just south of the Schottenstein Center • Park of Roses, 3923 N. High St., (614) 645-3300 or • Dawes Arboretum, 7770 Jacksontown Rd., Newark, (800) 443-2937 or • Frank Fetch Memorial Park, 228 E. Beck St., (614) 645-3300 or • Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, 1777 E. Broad St., (614) 645-8733 or • Gardens at Gantz Farm, 2255 Home Rd., Grove City, (614) 277-3050 or • Inniswood Metro Gardens, 940 S. Hempstead Rd., Westerville, (614) 895-6216 or • Ohio Governor’s Residence and Heritage Garden, 358 N. Parkview Ave., Bexley, (614) 644-7644, ext. 1, or governorsresidence. Advance reservations required • Schiller Park, 1069 Jaeger St., (614) 645-3300, or • The Topiary Park, 480 E. Town St., (614) 645-0197, or

Home and garden tours

Get a peak inside and outside on house and garden tours offered during the summer. Among those planned are: • Bexley House & Garden Tour, June 10, • German Village Haus und Garten Tour, June 24, • Olde Towne East Summer Tour of Historic Homes, July 8, • WesterFlora, July 22, • Worthington Historical Home & Garden Tour, July 8, Check Sunday’s Columbus Dispatch Home & Garden section for weekly tour listings.

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COLUMBUS: 2433 E. Dublin-Granville Road, 614-794-9330  COLUMBUS: 4117 W. Broad St, 614-274-9842 REYNOLDSBURG: 1881 Brice Road, 614-367-1290  NEWARK: 1680 North 21st Street, 740-366-1355

Dedicated and Proven

US-23/Powell 6673 U.S. Rt. 23 South Lewis Center, OH 43015 740-548-6242 Mon-Sat 8-7 Sun 10-5

Frost Road 6300 Frost Road Westerville, OH 43082 614-568-0222 Mon-Sat 8-7 Sun 10-5

Westerville 4665 Westerville Rd. Columbus, OH 43229 614-891-3242 Mon-Sat 7-7 Sun 10-5

Industrial Park 7320 Industrial Park Plain City, OH 43064 614-733-3944 Mon-Sat 7-7 Sun 10-5

Riverside 5380 Riverside Dr. Columbus, OH 43220 614-764-0712 Mon-Sat 8-7 Sun 10-5

Roberts Road 4120 Roberts Rd. Columbus, OH 43228 614-921-9330 Mon-Sat 7-7 Sun 10-5

Blacklick 537 ReynolodsburgNew Albany Rd Blacklick, OH 43004 614-863-0445 Mon-Sat 8-7 Sun 10-5 Grove City 2541 Harrisburg Pike Grove City, OH 43123 614-594-0270 Mon-Sat 8-7 Sun 10-5

Universal Road 1600 Universal Rd Columbus, OH 43207 614-586-4588 Mon-Fri 8-5 Sat 8-2 Sun Closed Pickerington 7765 Refugee Rd. Pickerington, OH 43147 614-833-6160 Mon-Sat 8-7 Sun 10-5

Carroll 3755 ColumbusLancaster Rd Carroll, Oh 43112 740-756-7900 Mon-Sat 8-7 Sun 10-5 Lancaster 840 S. Columbus Street Lancaster, OH 43130 740-689-1120 Mon-Sat 7-7 Sun 10-5

Delaware 883 U.S. RT. 42 Delaware, OH 43015 740-363-8496 Mon-Sat 7-7 Sun 10-5 Pataskala Pataskala, OH 43062 740-919-0277 Mon-Sat 8-7 Sun 10-5

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Our Backyard Get out and visit Columbus’ public gardens this spring and summer. Each offers a unique experience to visitors of all ages. Inniswood Metro Gardens, located in Westerville, is a 123-acre park that boasts more than 2,000 species of plants, specialty collections of hostas and several theme gardens including the rose, herb and woodland rock garden, as well as three miles of trails and paved pathways.

inniswood metro gardens photo courtesy of bryan

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