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July 14, 2011

Zupnick to seek city council seat By JEFF DONAHUE ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Jan W. Zupnick, 61, has become the fourth person to formally announce his candidacy for a seat on Bexley City Council. Zupnick joins incumbent Mark Masser and challengers Steve Keyes and Tim Madison on the November ballot. Four seats on city council will be decided in the November election. While Masser has announced he will seek reelection, council member Jed Morison says he will not. Council president Jeff

McClelland and member Ben Kessler have yet to declare their intentions. The filing deadline with the Franklin County Board of Elections for the NovemJan ber ballot is 5 p.m. Zupnick Aug. 10. Zupnick is president of the Entrepreneurship Institute, a national, nonprofit, private corporation that provides learning, problem-solving and networking opportunities to small and mid-sized com-

panies. Zupnick has been married to his wife, Linda Zupnick, for 45 years. They have two sons, Daniel and Andrew, and four grandchildren. The Zupnicks have lived in Bexley for 33 years. He graduated from Plainedge High School on Long Island, N.Y., earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Hofstra University and earned his master’s degree and Ph.D. in economics and community resource development from Michigan State University. “I have always been actively involved and participative in city/public service

wherever we live,” Zupnick said. “We believe in service to community and service beyond self.” Zupnick has served as a member of the Bexley Charter Review Commission, the Southwest Bexley Master Plan Committee and the Bexley Zoning Commission. He is currently a member of the Planning (Main Street) Commission. He also served as chairman of the search committee for Bexley development director and is a member of a number of Bexley Public Schools’ task forces, including those relating to financial accountability. He was co-chair of the com-

munications committee for the recently passed Bexley school levy. Zupnick said he is “politically affiliated with whoever can best serve, although most would say I’m financially conservative and socially not so much.” He said the decision to run was an easy one. “I decided to run for city council because I care about Bexley,” he said. “It faces some difficult short-term deficit problems that must be resolved now. It also must deal with longer-term fiscal See ZUPNICK, page A2

Foer chosen as club’s ‘selected author’ for 2012 Internationally celebrated writer will visit city in April

By Lorrie Cecil/ThisWeek

Later this month, Bexley City Council will hear an appeal of a Board of Zoning Appeals decision dealing with this property at 2325 Bryden Road. The owners want to demolish the home and build a new $400,000 home in its place.

City council to hear BZA appeal By JEFF DONAHUE ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Bexley City Council members anticipate a big turnout for their July 27 meeting, when they will hear an appeal of a controversial Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA ) decision. John Behal of Behal Sampson Deitz is seeking approval of a plan to demolish an existing single-family structure and garage at 2325 Bryden Road, along with architectural review for a new single-family home to be built on the site. The property is owned by Sarah and Moshe Frank. After discussing the plan at three meetings this spring, BZA members denied the Franks’ application by a 5-2 vote. Bill Jones, Tom Lewis, Steve Kuss, Sheila Straub, and Joe Kuspan voted against the application while Don Brosius and Peter Bardwell supported it. After hearing the appeal, city council

members may choose to let the BZA decision stand or override it with a simple majority vote, according to law director Lou Chodosh. He said that while council members will hear arguments July 27, they may take additional time to reach their decision. The Franks contend that the existing home is “dilapidated” and that remodeling it instead of replacing it would create a “substantial economic hardship.” While some neighbors welcome the demolition and construction of a new home on the site, others think the home could be saved. BZA members are appointed by the mayor and are responsible for reviewing all major changes and additions to homes as well as new builds in Bexley, according to Kathy Rose, Bexley Building Department manager and zoning officer. “The city strives to maintain our housing stock through our property maintenance code and/or by allowing the appli-

cants a process to apply for improvements, additions and requests to demolish,” Rose said. “All of these proposed changes are carefully critiqued by not only the design consultant, but also by our board members in order to make sure that the quality of the neighborhood is maintained and further issue a certificate of appropriateness.” Rose added that the board is “neither anti or pro demo; however, they do have the authority … to allow for demolition and further ensure that replacement structures are appropriate in design and scale for a neighborhood, with final approval subject to a majority vote of board members.” Rose said city code specifically addresses the demolition issue. “Bexley Code Section 1223.01 gives reason for the process we have in place for architectural review when a demoli-

A closer look The contest was established as a spinoff of the America in Bloom (AIB) Contest, a national awards program that recognizes communities that emphasize and promote urban beautification.

plays, heritage preservation, environmental awareness, tidiness, landscaped areas, urban forestry, and turf and groundcover areas. Two gardens each from north, central, and south Bexley were

awarded, with one overall winner selected from the six.  North Bexley winners were Kara and Scott Razek at 245 N. Drexel Avenue and Joyce and Alan Hersh at 140 N. Cassady Ave.  Central Bexley winners were Kathi and Barry Wolinetz at 2785 Powell Ave. and Sheila and Ed Straub at 76 S. Standwood Ave.  South Bexley winners were Donni and Bill Woods at 967 College Ave. and Lesa and John Gruesen at 1013 S. Cassingham St. All gardens nominated are selfmaintained and were judged on diversity of trees and plant material, cleanliness, vibrancy and or-

received similar accolades when released in 2009. It was an instant New York Times and international bestseller. “Each year, we try to bring in new and exciting literary voices to our community,” said Bexley Community Book Club chair Linda Kass. “The range of Jonathan Safran Foer’s works and his unique approach to crafting a novel make him a compelling addition to our program. We are thrilled to have him as our fifth selected author.” BCBC is a community-based vehicle for promoting lifelong learning and reading. Launched in 2007 by the Bexley Education Foundation, it was conceived as a yearlong community read examining a number of works by a selected author. BCBC leaders aimed to involve the community in reading by hosting a series of book-related events, culminating in the author’s visit to Bexley. Previous selected authors have been journalist and novelist Pete Hamill; short story writer and Stanford professor Tobias Wolff; novelist Ann Patchett; and former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins. Proceeds of Bexley Community Book Club, derived from sponsorships, ticket sales and book sales, are used by the Bexley Education Foundation to support projects and programs in the Bexley City School District. BCBC community partners include The Ohio State University Creative Writing Program, Bexley Public Library and WBNS-10TV, among others.

See APPEAL, page A2

AIB beautification committee recognizes Bexley’s best gardens Bexley’s America in Bloom Committee announced award winners for the Bexley Beautification Contest at the Bexley Fourth of July celebration. The contest highlighted the best residential gardens in the area. The contest was established as a spinoff of the America in Bloom (AIB) Contest, a national awards program that recognizes communities that emphasize and promote urban beautification. Bexley entered the national contest and AIB judges visited the city in July to review and score the community in several areas, including community involvement, floral dis-

The Bexley Community Book Club has announced that author Jonathan Safran Foer has been chosen as the group’s 2012 selected author. Foer, who has been called one of the most influential writers of the last decade, will appear in Bexley on April 18, 2012, where he will spend the day working with students, attending a VIP dinner with patrons, and presenting a public lecture. A number of events in the months leading up to Jonathan Foer’s arrival Safran Foer are in the works and will be announced in September. Foer is the author of the international bestseller, “Everything Is Illuminated,” which was published when he was 25. Hailed as the “debut of the decade,” it was named Book of the Year by The Los Angeles Times and won numerous awards. It was made into a 2005 movie directed by Liev Schreiber and starring Elijah Wood. His second novel, “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close,” published in 2005, was a national and international bestseller. Published in 2005, it was also a winner of multiple awards. A movie version will be released in 2012. Foer’s nonfiction book, “Eating Animals,” an exploration of the folkloric, practical and moral implications in consuming meat,

ganization. “All of the gardens were lovely but the Razeks were chosen as the overall winners,” said Mary Greenman,AIB committee member. “Their garden was an especially marvelous blend of form, function, and beauty — incorporating a sizable edible garden within the overall design which also included a wide variety of perennials, shrubs, trees, and ground cover.” Bexley’s America in Bloom Committee is comprised of citizens and representatives from various civic and social organizations that support Bexley.

Radio Café to close temporarily for reno By JEFF DONAHUE ThisWeek Community Newspapers

The Drexel Theatre’s Radio Café, 2254 E. Main St., will close Monday, July 18, for renovation as part of an overall re-evaluation of how the space should best be used, according to Richard Stoff, chairman of the Friends of the Drexel Inc. “Our community and the movie industry have undergone significant changes during the 15 years that the Radio Café has been in operation,” Stoff said. “In addition to some basic TLC, we want to reevaluate the space to make sure we’re serving the needs of our patrons, and providing a quality experience for them, as effectively and efficiently as possible.” While the Café is closed, concessions will still be available for purchase in the theatre. Some items will move to the theatre concession stand. Beer and wine selections will expand and a coffee service will also be available. Movie showings will continue as scheduled. A reopening date for the Radio Café has not yet been determined.

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Bexley

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July 14, 2011


Continued from page A1 and quality-of-life issues as we all assess what services we want and what we are willing to pay for them.” Zupnick said he thinks Bexley has great potential to develop and thrive by taking advantage of its best assets — “location, a community of residents that love being here, terrific schools, quality housing, safety, beauty” — to compete with other communities for people and businesses. “I want to help solve problems and participate in the future of Bexley,” he said. “Most importantly, I believe my experience and knowledge will let me represent Bexley’s best interests immediately. “Bexley needs to take immediate action to close its budget gap and, at the same time, initiate a longer-term strategy that produces financial stability,” he said. “We are being asked: What do you want in services and how much are you willing to pay for them? “The answer requires an immediate plan that brings in new revenue, but not all from a new income tax levy. The answer requires restraining costs, but being careful not to cut so much that it reduces the quality and levels of important services or people needed to perform them. “An increase in the income tax seems inevitable, so one should be on the ballot in November,” he said. “Reducing the costs of government is also inevitable and will require transparency and cooperation between the city administration and its union and non-union personnel. Without increased revenue and cost reductions, a levy’s passage is in doubt.” Over the longer term, Zupnick said Bexley residents must understand that, “We cannot tax ourselves to prosperity. The only source of new revenue is growth of the tax base (property tax and income tax) through commercial development. We’ve had so many studies and plans already that it’s time to pull together the develop-

ers, property owners and city stakeholders to find out what the impediments to development are in Bexley.” Zupnick’s specific suggestions include: • More aggressively promoting Bexley as a great place for professionals and high-wage earners to live and work. • A targeted business strategy led by the mayor and development director. • Determining what to do with the Jeffrey Mansion and Park. His ideas included consideration of third-party management of the facility. • Coming to a definitive resolution regarding the location of City Hall and the service area behind it. Zupnick says the city needs to assemble a large enough parcel of land so it can attract developers (and build the tax base) for the site stretching from City Hall to the Gateway. He said City Hall can be incorporated into the redevelopment (second floor) or moved to the north as suggested by the Fisher School of Business study. • Establishing a standing committee to coordinate resource requirements and strengthen cooperation among the key institutions in Bexley. Zupnick also wants to revisit the Main Street Guidelines and other regulations that affect commercial development, making high-wage job creation a higher priority in approving projects. He also favors change in zoning codes to require tax-paying commercial development in the key developable areas remaining along Main Street, southwest Bexley and North Cassady. He said his goals for the city include expanding the tax base by strengthening development efforts, focused on recruiting high wage/professional businesses; resolving the short-term budget crisis now while implementing a longer-term plan for financial sustainability; and filling up Main Street with restaurants, arts and entertainment venues so it be-

comes “the place” for the community to gather. He says his vision for the city is simple. “What I see for Bexley is more of what we have,” he said. “ My vision is a safe, friendly and developed city with a thriving commercial district on Main featuring performance arts, entertainment and pedestrian-friendly access. I see business being attracted along a developed Alum Creek/Ferndale which also preserves environmental and recreational amenities. “I see the mansion and park area serving as it has for community gatherings, but also refurbished and maintained properly because it generates revenue from its ability to offer new programs and services in conjunction with the recreation department; and I see the potential for consolidating government buildings in the north or within a new Main Street development that results from freeing up prime real estate along Main.” Zupnick said his experience qualifies him as a capable city council member. “I understand small business/professional firms and job creation,” he said. “I have understanding and practical experience in the operations of government as a result of my service to the city and prior work a director of the Bureau for Policy Planning and Development for the Michigan Department of Commerce. “I have led my nonprofit company successfully for 33 years with a vision for growth and understand what it takes to deliver quality services,” Zupnick said. “I know how to cooperate and support but also how and when to take the right stand. Finally, I am determined to set aside the time and certainly have the desire to get things done.”

Continued from page A1 tion is requested,” Rose said. “It requires us to recognize the need to balance the benefits of preserving the city’s existing quality and character against the benefits of responsible renewal and redevelopment of the city’s aging housing stock.” Behal presented drawings for the new home that would replace the existing house. The April 14 meeting was the third presentation in front of the board and the Franks hoped to get the project approved that night so they could move ahead. After the first meeting, board members asked if the existing building had to be demolished and requested a report from a professional engineer. They also said they wanted to visit the property. During the second meeting, the board heard a presentation and saw photographs that detailed the defects of the present home. An engineer visited the home and compiled a report detailing the defects he had found. When the board visited the home, board member Joe Kuspan was able to pull out loose bricks from the front facade. The professional engineer’s report was found to be in full agreement with statements made by the remodeler that it would be more be more economical to raze the building than to attempt to restore it. The original concept for the new home showed a Hardi Plank exterior, which is featured in several homes in Bexley. There were concerns, however, about losing a brick home in the city, so the final design has been revised to make the main structure



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brick. The applicants contend the existing home is in “extremely dilapidated condition” and it would create a “substantial economic burden” to make needed repairs. Behal said the previous owners let the house fall into disrepair and the Franks now have a house that creates a substantial economic burden to renovate. According to city code, the replacement plan must be superior to the existing structure. Behal said the value of the existing home deteriorated to the point where it sold for only $209,000. He noted the new house will be one of the most expensive in that part of central Bexley. He estimated the proposed value of the replacement structure at approximately $405,000. By combining the purchase price and the cost of the replacement structure, he estimated the total future value at about $614,000.

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Bexley

July 14, 2011

Page A3

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July 14, 2011

Benefits Fashion show benefit slated for Aug. 5


booth, a silent auction and a cash bar. The fashion show begins at 7 p.m., and will take participants from the roaring ’20s all the way up to today’s trends. To purchase tickets, make a donation or for more information, visit

Nellie’s Catwalk for Kids fashion show will be held Friday,Aug. 5, at Ohio Dominican University. This year’s event is dedicated to Faith Pruden, Sam Bish and Violet Baier, all of whom lost their battle to childhood cancer this past CHA shelter plans year. Proceeds support families at Nationwide Children’s Hospital Picnic with Pups CHA Animal Shelter will host Oncology Unit and raise awareits annual “Picnic with the Pups” ness of pediatric cancer. A pre-party will begin at 6 p.m., fundraiser and adoption celebraand will include live music, a photo tion from 4 to 8:30 p.m. Saturday,

July 16, at the shelter, 3765 Cor- Student completes porate Drive. The day will include a mi- leadership program crochip clinic ($25) and adoption Emily Rapport, a student at Bexspecials ($25 for dogs and $5 for ley High School, is one of 34 area cats). Rescue groups, vendors and residents who attended the Cenother animal shelters will be on site. Food and beverages will be available for purchase. Live music will be provided by 70 West, Fresh Wreckage and the Neil Hotel Band. The shelter will be open for adoptions from 1 to 8 p.m. For more information, visit

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City urged to list goals, save jobs To the editor: I’d like to comment on the upcoming vote to place a Bexley income tax increase on the November ballot. I have two suggestions: 1 — City council should pass a resolution/letter of expected outcomes to accompany its vote to place an income tax increase on the November ballot. Language from the “letter” should be incorporated into the explanation of income tax issue to be voted on in November. I’m suggesting that council detail the outcome(s) to be achieved if the issue passes. It should summarize the projected amount of new revenue inflow over a fixed time, the amount of cost cuts to be achieved from salary and benefit negotiations and other savings. Commitment to a specific result over a specified time period: “closing the budget gap by 2013(?) ...” Or “closing the gap by ….and adding to the rainy day fund to cushion Bexley against greater financial hardship” is needed as we ask the voters for additional funds. This will establish accountability and confidence. It will build support for the levy. We will have a benchmark with which to gauge the city’s performance during this crisis and to make reasonable decisions in the future. 2 — “Since cuts (I believe 5percent was mentioned) must be part of the overall solution and, by necessity, entail employee concessions,” (Kessler, This Week), I’d encourage the city to adopt this principle: Minimize job loses wherever possible. Much has been debated about the need for the increase in income tax rate. Little has been offered on how to save 5 percent of salary and benefit costs other than by cutting “jobs” or “making concessions”. I believe council indicated that 5 percent cuts in salary and benefits would save up to $400,000. No one wants to lose their job. No employer wants to lose their people. Indeed, there is a link between the quality and delivery of city services and the quality and productivity of the city employees delivering the services. Make job loss to save 5 percent the last resort. Besides, the economy will recover; and when it does, we’ll avoid the heavy costs of recruiting, hiring and training new employees to fill vacancies we recently cut. Making job loss a last resort principle, doesn’t mean we can’t cut labor expenses: Here’s a way to save about 5

percent in salary and benefit costs without losing a single job. There are about 1,900 work hours in a work year. There are 8 hours in a work day. One work day is about 0.42 percent of a work year. There are 12 months in a work year. 12 x 0.42 = 5 percent. Negotiate (union and non-union must both agree) that all employees take one unpaid flex day off each month. It doesn’t need be the same day for everyone (it can’t be the same day for patrol police) and the decision on allocation of manpower can be handled by those in a supervisory role anyway. One day a month. My experience is that this approach would be preferred by the employees to losing jobs. It’s a winwin that supports closing the budget gap now and can remain in place until the economy recovers and uncertainty over revenue-negative impacts clarifies. Jan Zupnick Bexley

Many helped aid house, garden tour To the editor: On behalf of the Bexley Women’s Club, we thank the many individuals and businesses who made the fourth Annual Bexley House and Garden Tour a success. Without that support, we would not be able to continue to offer more than 20 college scholarships each year or offer an event that continues to expand and improve. First, sincere thanks to the generous homeowners who so graciously offered their homes and gardens to be toured by nearly 800 visitors. We fully realize and


appreciate the extra effort that is put forth to make the tour pleasurable for those guests. We also received outstanding support from local businesses and individuals who participated either as a sponsor for the tour or provided tasty bites for the Preview Celebration and at homes during the tour. That participation is essential to the success of the tour. Heartfelt thanks to our dedicated committee who spent many months to plan and prepare the innumerable details involved with such an event, as well as the hundreds of volunteers who willingly stepped forward to donate several hours of their time to welcome and inform the visitors who arrived from across Ohio and neighboring states. It truly takes the Bexley “village” to make it all happen. We invite you to mark your calendar for the fifth annual “There’s no place like home” House and Garden Tour on June 9 and 10, 2012. We hope you, too, may want to become involved in this worthwhile effort to showcase the varied homes of Bexley as we continue to provide essential scholarship support for college students. We also invite interested individuals to visit our website,, for information about joining the Bexley Women’s Club. When women unite, great things happen. Please consider joining and making a difference in the community through a variety of civic, social and intellectual activities. Jennifer Ritchey and Bev Sapienza 2011 Bexley House and Garden Tour co-chairs


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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Bexley

July 14, 2011

Bexley students visit Italy on CISV trips Several Bexley students are currently traveling as part of the Children’s International School Village (CISV) programs. CISV provides travel opportunities and local programs to help young people grow through international experiences. The organization’s website,, describes it as “a charitable, independent, nonpolitical, volunteer organization promoting peace education and cross-cultural friendship.” Amanda Kaiser, an American Sign Language interpreter at Cassingham, and Bexley High School grad Gina Vottero are accompanying a group of students who are in Padova, Italy through CISV’s summer Interchange program. They include:Addison Torrence, Riley Hayden, Maddie Marsh, Megan Jaffy, Grace Maley, Grant Robinson, Caleb Oglesby and Cameron Hall. A second group is currently in Florence, Italy. That group is made up of: Keiser Beachler, Isabelle Burgdoff, Bess Greenberg, Sarah Gundy, Elizabeth Jaffy, Caroline Shapiro

and Exer Thurston. Both contingents returned to the U.S. on Monday, July 11. Upon arrival, the Padova group attended a three-day minicamp in the mountains, described by Kaiser as a “town tucked into the mountains” “The food is fantastic,” she added. “You think you’re done and you have another course, and you get another spoonful — sometimes by request, and sometimes just because we look like we’ll eat it, I suppose.” She said the students have played a lot of soccer and other games and taken hikes. Designed for students ages 12-15, the Interchange is a family-centered, international exchange involving back-to-back visits by delegations from two different countries. Contingents of Italian students from both cities will be in Bexley later this month, starting July 13 and 14. Bexley students first attended CISV programs in 2004 and, since that time, the numbers of students participating has gradually expanded. The Columbus Chapter of the organization was formally established in 2007.


Home sales Bexley/Berwick/ Columbus 43209

828 Vernon Rd, 43209, George F. Tabit and Suellen E. Bennett, $220,000. 49 S Parkview Ave, 43209, 1395 Millerdale Rd, 43209, Leonardo Jose Lozada and Peggy Nancy A. Bare, $87,500. Kerres Leonard, $633,500. 2674 Bryden Rd, 43209, Columbus/43227 Stephanie R. Goldberg, 3742 E Deshler Ave, 43227, $455,000. Fannie Mae, $119,658. 1495 Roads End Pl, 43209, 4143 Colby Ave, 43227, Fifth Thomas P. Anderson and Kather- Third Mortgage Co., $70,000. ine H. Anderson, $265,000. 1207 Gertrude Dr, 43227, US


Bank, N.A., Trustee, $64,000. 1339 Bermhard Rd, 43227, Flagstar Bank, FSB, $60,000. 4919 Teddy Dr, 43227, PHH Mortgage Corp., $60,000. 1147 Pierce Ave, 43227, Ellen Foster, $60,000. 1584 Shady Lane Rd, 43227, Cindy L. Dearth and David E. Priest, $57,000. 3113 Clermont Rd, 43227, James Morrow, $56,900.

HER President’s Club CBR Lifetime Achievement Award 2005 Capital University ’68 Bexley/East Office Leader 20+ years. Thinking of buying or selling a home? You need and deserve a successful, experienced Realtor for your real estate needs. CALL PAUL.

6975 Morse Rd, 43054, Walter J. Novembre and Barbara J. Novembre, $432,000. 5500 Steele Ct, 43054, Fannie Mae, $385,000.



New Albany

To see recent home sales in other central Ohio neighborhoods, go to Click on “Real Estate” at the top of the page and then scroll down to “Recent Home Sales.”

Please join us at one of our FREE OPEN HOUSES, where students and parents can observe and participate in classes and demonstrations.


IT’S CHRISTMAS IN JULY! Special buy-one-get-one ticket offer available for select performances of The Nutcracker when you purchase tickets at one of the Dance Academy open houses!



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Faith and Fellowship

German Village

German Village

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dance academy

FREE Admission July and August

July 15 – Magic Around the World with Jim Kleefeld (3-4 p.m.) Prepare to be amazed and bedazzled by the wonderful storytelling and mind-bending magic of Jim Kleefeld at Bexley Public Library on Friday, July 15 from 3-40 p.m. Magic Around the World is a fascinating look at world culture. Audience members will learn how to perform an amazing magic trick using Australian boomerangs. July 16 – Sign Language Storytime (11-11:45 a.m.) Children ages 0-4 and parents are invited to a special sign language storytime at Bexley Public Library on July 16 from 11-11:45 a.m. Participants will learn basic signs. July 17 – David E. Horton Art Opening (2-4 p.m.) David E. Horton will be at Bexley Public Library on July 17 from 2-4 p.m. for an opening reception to celebrate his recent works on display at the library from July 4 to August 28.

The Worship Directory is your weekly listing for religious events in your community. Weekly prices vary by the amount of space occupied and the number of areas in which it appears. We welcome information about your services, special holy days, informative or inspirational programs. For more information or to place your worship directory listing please call 740-888-5003 or email Proof deadline is Thursdays at 3pm for the following Thursday.

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German Village

on Macon Alley (between Frankfort & Whittier)

on Macon Alley (between Frankfort & Whittier) Saturday, July 23, 2011 Saturday evening, July 24, 2010 6-10PM • Rain or shine! 6-10PM • Rain or shine

Tickets $20 in advance • $25 at the gate Or buy ONLINE at!


Helen Ricaurte Helen Ricaurte, ABR, SFR (Short Sale & Foreclosure Certified) 614-324-4355 Direct 614-738-2123 Text/Call PM 1-3 day n u nS Ope

261 S. Parkview Ave. Prestigious Parkview Avenue in Central Bexley, built by Bob Webb, 4 bedrooms 3 full baths 3 half baths, 6,394 sq.ft including finished lower level with full kitchen, abundant natural light, new renovated kitchen with formaldehyde free wood cabinets ‘10. $999,000.

60 E. Spring St.#223 Highly Desirable 60 E. Spring Condominium - Corporate Owned Condo - 2 bedrooms 2 baths corner unit - 2nd floor loft, 2 full baths w/granite counters & industrial style fixtures. Enjoy gorgeous views of downtown, abundant natural light. $215,000.

850 College Ave. Highly desireable South Bexley 2 story w/inviting front porch 3 bedrooms 2 updated full baths; 1,696 sq.ft., exposed hardwood floors (refinished ‘04), new insulated windows ‘05, new vinyl siding ‘05, natural woodwork, new renovated kitchen ‘03. All new SS kitchen appliances, washer & dryer remain. $199,900.

t Jus

1666 Foxchase Rd. Highly desirable Reynoldsburg 1 floor plan, perfect for the empty nester or 1st time home buyer, 3 bedrooms 2 full updated baths, all new insulated windows, new California berber carpet & new laminate tile floors 2011. Steps to Huber park. $115,899.

110 E. Mound St. #3 Highly Desirable 3rd Floor Corner Unit located in The Renaissance Building. Prime location downtown. Natural abundant light. French Doors off the Dining Area overlooking downtown Columbus. Includes a 1 Car Attached Garage. $115,000.

125 E. Noble St. #1 Highly Desirable 1st Floor Corner Unit of The Renaissance Building. All Kitchen appliances remain along with washer & dryer. Tax abatement through 2012. Abundant Natural Light - Beautiful Hardwood Floors, surround sound, 1 car attached garage. $160,000.

2830 Bryden Rd. Central Eastmoor ranch, 3 bedrooms 1 full baths, 1104 sq.ft., new laminate hardwood floors, new insulated windows, new renovated kitchen 2007, freshly painted throughout home, entire home insulated 2011, all new appliances 2010. $135,000.



1328 Tessier Drive 2-yr.-old 5-level split in the Lakes of Worthington loaded with upgrades -- shows like a model home! Gorgeous hardwood flrs, 9’ ceilings, deep crown moldings, 2700 sq. ft. of living space! A dream kitchen with granite ctrs open to a Great Rm w/fplc, luxury master suite, family rm, bonus rm & more. An exquisite home! $294,900

Land Available Gibson Road in Ashville, Ohio Highly Desireable Lot - Excellent Location - Build the home of your dreams on this 5 Acre country lot located close to West Ford Road. Easy Access to Columbus and Circleville and Route 23 and Route 104. $59,000.

5837 Red Apple Rdg 1 Bedroom ,1 Bath Condo . Perfect for the Empty Nester or 1st time home buyer. All kitchen appliances remain. Condo Fee includes water, sewer, exterior maintenance, ext. insurance, lawn care & snow removal. Large utility/storage room with washer & dryer hook-ups. $28,000. Possibly rent to own

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Bexley

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Just Announced! 0% for 60 mos or 1.9% for 72 mos on All Jeep Wranglers!

$0 DnUinEg!

at s4 ig"  "1

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So I heard Bob Caldwell made a HUGE mistake with their New Car inventory...

July 14, 2011



During Sign & Drive! They ordered too many vehicles...

What did they do?

A sales manager said they HAVE TO SELL 60 CARS this month or they will run out of room!




n o r a e Y als of the

Best De

Liberty Patriot Wrangler Grand Cherokee 2011 Chrysler Town & Country Touring

2011 Chrysler 200 Touring Imported from Detroit. Absolutely loaded including 8-way power drivers seat, Sirius satellite radio, 17� alloy wheels, bluetooth and a 30 GB hard drive w/ 6,700 song capacity and 6/5� touch screen display! Stk #211338

Totally Loaded! Rear DVD System. Also includes Stow-n-Go seating, Sirius Satellite Radio, Supplemental Side Curtain airbags in all rows, power sliding doors and lift gate! Stk #211143 1.9%

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2011 Dodge Caliber Mainstreet

All power, Keyless remote, 17� wheels, supplemental side-curtain front and rear airbags. Stk#211130

Loaded! Automatic transmission, 17� wheels, fog lights, all power, keyless remote entry and GREAT on gas...A great overall deal! Stk #211463

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2011 Dodge Aveng Avenger Mainstreet

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MSRP - $19,370 Bob Caldwell Discounts and Rebates - (-$2,371) 27 HWY MPG

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*All leases based on 39 months, $0 due at signing, plus tax. First payment and lease aquisition fee included. Leases based on 10,000 miles per year, except Chrysler 200 based on 12,000 miles per year. All leases with approved credit. All retail purchases based on 72 mos at 2.99% APR, with approved credit. All discounts may include rebates. All rebates to dealer. All lease payments include Conquest lease bonus cash. See dealer for details. Offers absolutely expires 7/19/11

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Bexley

July 14, 2011

Page A7

The Beat Arts, eats and fun in central Ohio


For more than 30 years, the 5 unspoken fourth (or fifth) mem-

By Jim Fischer The Columbus Jazz

1 Orchestra welcomes back

favorite Helen Welch — a jazz siren who’s a treat for the eyes and the ears — for its Friday, July 15, JazZoo concert. The evening’s theme is “Broadway Meets Hollywood,” so expect to hear your favorites from the Great White Way and the silver screen. Good stuff. Tickets are $27-$15, and include zoo admission. Call the zoo at (614) 724-3485 or call the Ludo Jazz Arts Group about table St. Louis quartet Ludo reservations at (614) 294-5200. 3 offers up a nutty-but-sadlynot-funny take on modern The Beat admits, de- power-pop and brings that same 2 spite the fact that we have approach to tour naming with this a ’tween daughter, we have a summer’s Space Dracula’s Bashard time keeping Selena ketball Expo Tour. Yep. Gomez, Demi Lovato, MiranTheir new record is titled Preda Cosgrove and the rest apart. The one that plays iCarly (we pare the Preparations, the single kid, we kid — it’s Cosgrove) is Whipped Cream and tour mates plays Lifestyle Communities include Sparks the Rescue, Pavilion Friday, July 15. Tommy High Pilots and Stamps. Tickets for the Saturday, July Greyson Chance opens. Cosgrove’s tuneage leans to- 16, tour stop at The Basement are ward power-pop — great fun, $12/$14. Call 1-800-745-3000. bubbly stuff, perfect for the mall If it’s possible to be both (no joke). 4 underground and a star, rapTickets are $20/$35. Call 1per Tech N9ne fits the bill. 800-745-3000.

N9ne boasts a delivery that’s as concussive as his beats, partnered with a deftness of vocabulary and dexterity of delivery — dig his new track Worldwide Choppers: Dude is fast. His new CD, All 6’s and 7’s, features guest turns from, among others, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Twista, T-Pain (of course) and Lil Wayne. He’s bringing a crew that includes Jay Rock, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Big Scoob, Stevie Slone and Mayday out on tour with him this summer. And said tour includes a stop at the Alrosa Villa on Monday, July 18. Tickets are $28.50. Call (614) 885-9125.

Helen Welch

Tech N9ne

ber of Genesis, guitarist Daryl Stuermer, has had a pretty good handle on the “Genesis Experience.” So when he decided to create an orchestral show of the music of Genesis featuring his own band, it was with the full blessing of Messrs. Rutherford, Banks and Collins. “I always wished they’d have done it,” Stuermer told The Beat of combining Genesis and a full orchestra. With Genesis in at least semi-retirement, Stuermer figured it was time to see what they thought of his idea. “Mike (Rutherford) immediately said, ‘I’d love to hear it,’” Stuermer said. “When I played some of it for the guys, they were all happy to hear what we’d done.” Stuermer, a Milwaukee native and resident, joined Genesis as the touring replacement for founding member Steve Hackett in 1978, coming off a threeyear stint playing guitar in jazz violinist Jean-Luc Ponty’s band. He’s been with the band in that ca- Daryl Stuermer pacity ever since and has been the primary guitarist (in studio and on tour) Guitarist Daryl Stuermer and his band join the for Phil Collins’ solo projects as well, Columbus Symphony Orchestra for a Picnic co-writing several of Collins’ hit songs. with the Pops concert Saturday, July 16, on “They never seemed or acted like the lawn at Chemical Abstracts Service. Tickrock stars,” Stuermer said of joining a ets are $20 for adults and $8 for children long-established and successful band, ages 3-14. For tickets or other information, and added, “It wouldn’t have worked call (614) 228-8600. if we didn’t all like each other — despite the economics. tunes like Throwing It All Away and the Collins “When I joined the band, I told myself, ‘This tune Something Happened on the Way to Heavis their group,’ but of course, as you’re in the en, but also less “obvious” songs, “deep cuts band longer, that feeling changes and you start that Genesis fans will remember but which are to put your own spin on things to the point more challenging, more interesting from an where you don’t know what’s yours,” he ex- arrangement standpoint.” plained, citing his solo on the popular concert Stuermer said the show offers altered arrangetrack Firth of Fifth, which he said he plays to- ments of several well-known tunes as well, intally differently now than how Hackett played cluding a samba rendering of Follow You Folit. low Me and a heavier version of Land of ConStuermer said touring drummer Chester fusion. Thompson has always been treated the same “We’re not really changing the band parts, way. but adding that overlay of the orchestra on top “It’s been a nice career for me,” he admit- of it,” he said. “Whether it’s the pop stuff or ted, adding that his Genesis/Phil Collins work some of the longer instrumentals, I always has allowed him time to record some modern heard brass and strings in there.” jazz instrumental stuff with his Daryl Stuermer Band. ■ For more from The Beat’s interview with The material for the orchestral show, Stuer- guitarist Daryl Stuermer, read the BeatBlog at mer said, includes commercially successful

Weenies serves a variety of ‘super tasty’ hot dogs Weenies has tons of potential. It has the gourmet hot dog market on campus cornered and it serves super tasty madein-Ohio meats grilled to order. Plus, it has a name that’s irresistible to dirty-minded college kids. Indeed, the Weenies owners reported more than a dozen of their signs were stolen — likely by dorm dwellers looking for free decorations — before the restaurant even opened its doors. So if the eatery can work out a few assembly-line kinks and simplify the menu a bit, I’m predicting a success. Weenies is right to be proud of its Ohio meats. They’re a noticeable step up, tastewise, from standard brand-name wieners. And they’re boiled, then grilled, lending a smoky, charbroiled flavor. You pick your choice of dog: all-beef Classic ($3), pork and beef Hottie ($3.65), all-beef Classic Brat ($3.65), all-beef Cheese Brat ($3.85), Chicken Dog ($3.25), Veggie Dog ($3.25) or the Big Weenie one-pounder ($10).


Weenie’s Address: 1644 N. High St., campus Phone: (614) 754-1427 Web: by SHELLEY MANN Hours: 10:30 a.m.-12 a.m. Monday-Wednesday, 10:30 a.m.-3 a.m. Thursday-Saturday, The Hottie is well worth the upgrade. It’s 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Sunday

not only heftier but also has a more complex, spicy flavor profile than a classic dog. You then choose from more than 40 toppings, which is where things get complicated. Forty options sounds like a good thing, but it’s actually kind of paralyzing when you’re standing there, trying to decide which toppings would work best together. It’d be great to see a few Weenies signature dogs on the menu for folks who like having their decisions made for them. There are some nice, unexpected topping options, like a spicy, colorful red-pepper relish, avocados and pineapple salsa. But it starts to get ridiculous — five different mustards, four salsas and dried cranberries? Another concern that will surely

be remedied soon: On our first visit, the menu didn’t indicate that some toppings are free while others cost 35 cents or 75 cents extra. On the side, sweet potato fries ($3) are crunchy and good, but ask for some spicy mayo for dipping rather than the provided ketchup. The Grilled Peanut Butter & Jelly ($2.75), basically a hybrid PB & J and grilled cheese — sans cheese — would taste fantastic at about 2:30 a.m. … and luckily, Weenies is open till 3 a.m. Thursday through Saturday. Shelley Mann is the editor of Crave, Columbus’new dining magazine. Keep up with her at

By Eric Wagner/ThisWeek

Classic all-beef hot dog with Coney sauce and cheddar cheese (left in back) and Hottie spicy pork and beef dog with red pepper relish and a dill pickle spear (right).

Popular Lindey’s bartender opens own place in the Brewery District Tony Murray was a bartender at a popular restaurant, had scores of adoring customers and a bevy of friendly co-workers, whom he called family. But with the dream of one day opening his own place, the longtime bartender at Lindey’s left his comfortable surroundings for something less certain but with amazing potential — a restaurant of his own. On Monday, he opened T. Murray’s Bar and Kitchen, an ode to the

bygone days of the Rat Pack, classic cocktails and personalized service. He said he can’t emphasize his attachment to Lindey’s enough. He started bartending at the German Village institution in 1989 and said leaving was difficult. “You’ve been in this comfort zone for so long,” he said. “I was just waiting for the right opportunity and it came along.” Yet, he has lofty ambitions for T. Murray’s. The restaurant takes over the for-

mer Barrister Hall location at 560 S. High St. in the Brewery District, which has a reemerging entertainment and restaurant scene. Murray and partners Steve Bagley and Maryanne Testa have spent the past year completely refurbishing the interior of the two-story building, which flaunts a custom-built bar on each floor, wooden floors complemented by darker wood accents and exposed brick for a traditional American look. Murray also is behind the bar, happy to pour traditional drinks such as the OldFashioned, Rusty Nail, Rob Roy and Sidecar. He also plans to dust off the cocktail recipes that date back to the speakeasies of Prohibition-era Chicago. Murray said he wanted a strong emphasis on food and service, a casual ambience with upscale menu. For starters, patrons get a choice of three breads — sourdough, multi-grain and crusty white — all baked locally at Eleni-Christina Bakery. Testa developed the dishes, which she calls upscale comfort food, and chef Christine Remley is responsible for their execution. The menu has a solid American-tavBy Eric George/ThisWeek ern foundation with many modern touchTony Murray and two investors have opened T. Murray’s Bar and Kitchen at es, Testa said. The filet mignon, for ex560 S. High St. Murray was a longtime bartender at Lindey’s and left to create ample, gets a touch of non-spicy red pepa restaurant of his own. per sauce and is paired with a fried round

of goat cheese and a potato and roasted-fennel gratin. Murray said his favorite is the chicken Milanese topped with an arugula and tomato salad. The lunch menu has a strong salad, Recipe of the week soup and sandwich lineup, with most prices in the $7 to $9 range. The halfpound burgers, made with freshly ground beef, are crowned with pancetta and cheddar. Most desserts, save for Graeter’s ice cream, are made on premises. They include a lemon tart, chocolate crème brulee and cheesecake. The partnership scouted locations for months before settling on the Brewery District site, which had Crab cakes, courtesy of Brian McCafferty been vacant for several years. The of Matt the Miller’s. once-popular — and later sleepy — neighborhood appears to be on the re- doing well for 30 years.” T. Murray’s is open for lunch Monday bound. Shadowbox Live will relocate there and newcomer World of Beer is on through Friday and dinner Monday its way, both of which will open later this through Saturday, closed Sunday. For year in the Worly Building, not to men- more information, call (614) 824-2301. tion the recent openings of Via Vecchia It’s that time of year again: Vote in the and Zydeco on High. “It’s coming back,” Murray said of the 11th annual Readers Poll: Columbus area. “It’s going to be bigger and better.” Dining, which gets posted online today Sue Doody, owner of Lindey’s, said at foodandMurray was a notable employee who had wine. Rules are pretty much the same. The poll will close Aug. 5, with results an impressive following. “We’ll miss Tony but I wish him the being posted online and in the paper Aug. best of luck,” she said. “He’s just one of 18. Three lucky participants will each many who have helped keep this place win a $25 gift card from Bravo.

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Bexley

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July 14, 2011


We know that life can get messy but your floors don’t have to be. Spills and Stains have met their match with a tile service from Stanely Steemer.®


• Reach where mopping misses with our high pressure Tile Cleaning process. • Add protection with our Clear Seal application. • Our Color Seal service returns your grout to one unified color and even makes it waterproof!

$25 OFF any tile service

Promo Code: TNP25


Trust your tile to Stanley Steemer- the professionals America has trusted for over 60 years.

614-875-7500 ®

Minimum charges apply after all discounts. Must present coupon at time of service. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Certain restrictions may apply. Residential Only. Call for details. Certain types of tiles may incur additional charges. Offer not applicable on natural stone flooring. Offer expires 8/31/11.

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Bexley

July 14, 2011

CALL 740-888-6054


Page B1

FAX 740-888-6006


Ohio Elite squad earns tournament title By FRANK DiRENNA ThisWeek Community Newspapers

The ceremonial drenching — and the victory — must have been quite refreshing for Ohio Elite 14-and-under baseball coach David Lee. Ohio Elite beat the Ohio Force of Cincinnati 7-1 in the Buckeye Elite Showcase Tournament 14-and-under championship game on July 10 at Olentangy High School. As the team celebrated in the outfield on a hot afternoon, players poured a cooler of water over Lee.

Ohio Elite improved to 41-9 this season. Pitcher Brad Wilson, who will attend Northridge, pitched a complete game. He allowed six hits, struck out eight and walked one. “We’re starting to come together as a team,” Wilson said. “We’ve been having trouble the first couple of weeks, but everybody is starting to hit at the same time, everybody is fielding, all of our pitching is coming together. We’re coming together very well.” Cameron Comer’s RBI single scored Kyle Galyk with the game’s first run in

the fifth inning. “We just came out and hit the ball like we knew how to, played like we knew how to and we knew we’d win,” said Comer, who attends Olentangy Liberty. Ohio Elite added three runs in the sixth, highlighted by Tyrell Harris’two-run single, and three runs in the seventh, with Comer delivering a two-run single. Second baseman Evan Lee, the coach’s son, made a key defensive play when he caught a line drive and doubled off Force leadoff batter Jordan Ramey at third base in the fourth inning to keep the game scoreless.

Ohio Elite advanced to the title game by beating the East Side Irish 18-5 in six innings, the Great Lakes Giants 10-2, the Academy Stars of Buffalo 3-2 and Team New Era of Buffalo 16-5 in five innings. Ohio Elite received a championship T-shirt, plaque and commemorative bat. “We’ve really peaked the last couple of weeks,” coach Lee said. “Brad pitched a complete game. We knew coming in he was one of our top pitchers. ... The best thing with our staff is we’re eight, nine deep and they all throw.” •The Columbus Cobras 18-and-under team reached a semifinal but lost to the

Lookouts of Alliance 4-1 on July 10 at Dublin Jerome. The Cobras advanced to the semifinal round with a come-from-behind 5-4 win over Steve’s Sports of Mayfield. Trailing 4-2 with two outs in the seventh inning, the Cobras’ Kendall Johnson hit a routine fly ball to left fielder Drew Teller, who dropped it, allowing the tying runs to score. Gahanna graduate Josh Bokor, who recently completed his freshman season at Ohio State, singled to score Johnson See BASEBALL, page B3


Athletes describe ideal coach One of the most critical aspects in the development of a young person comes when an older individual provides a model on how to grow and be successful. While parents set the standard for influencing their daughters and sons, coaches can have an enormous impact on how student-athletes LARRY perceive themLARSON selves, how hard they want to work to get better and how they make adjustments when things go right or wrong. This week, the high school student-athletes writing in my summer series detail the qualities they like best in their coaches. Napoleon Bell, Hartley, football and wrestling: “I like a coach whose top goals are not only the success of the team but also are geared towards the betterment of the athletes and people around him.” Morgan Ransom, Columbus Academy, golf: “I love having a coach who wants what is best for me and is willing to push me to be the best. It is also important that a coach is there for you on a bad day.” Mary Wells, Westerville Central, bowling: “To me, the key things for being a successful coach is knowledge of the sport and being patient with the athlete.” Michela Paradiso, Upper Arlington, soccer and basketball: “I like an intense coach who coaches me to improve every day and who knows the potential of his or her players and refuses to let them fall short.” Jimmy Gammill, New Albany, football: “I like coaches who have a sense of humor and who are relaxed, but at the same time with that coach, you know you can’t slack off and always have to work hard.” Jake Blankenship, Gahanna, pole vault: “What is important to me is that a coach has experience in pole vaulting and has had multiple different inputs from other coaches and how to be successful in vaulting.” Austin Cuervo, St. Charles, golf: “I like a coach that is laid back and easy going, but is always confident in their team and always wants to compete at the highest level of play.” Chase Delande, Hilliard Davidson, football and wrestling: “What is important to me is that a coach is willing to get you to be the best and puts time into your effort. Also, I like coaches who will help you prepare for the next level of your sport.” Faith Washington, Reynoldsburg, track: “I like to see motivation and sometimes frustration from a coach because it shows that they care about their athletes and want to bring out the best in them.” Next week, the student-athletes will write about one of the vital crossroads in their careers: how to handle defeat and disappointment. I’ll see you at a game.

By Eric George/ThisWeek

Ben Levey, a 2006 graduate of Bexley, is the chairman of the Likoni Community Football League, which grew from its original plan of 14 teams to 30. “It was hard to turn down anyone who wanted to be part of the league,” Levey said.


Levey making impact in Kenya By PAUL BATTERSON ThisWeek Community Newspapers

When he arrived in February in Likoni, a village of 100,000 people outside of Mombasa, Kenya, Ben Levey only knew how to count to 10 and say “hello” in Swahili. But the 2006 Bexley High School graduate quickly found a way to communicate with the children in the village — by playing soccer.

“The passion for soccer over there is incredible. I have never seen anything like it before,” said Levey, who played for the Lions’ 2003 and 2005 Division II state championship teams. “It was an easy way to connect with the kids. “Passing the ball back and forth was so natural. There’s some sort of connection there. You feel like you’re friends all of a sudden.” While serving as a volunteer with Hatua

Likoni, a community-based, non-government organization trying to alleviate poverty and promote education among the community’s youth, Levey became chairman of the Likoni Community Football League. The initial plan was to create a 14-team league, but the LCFL quickly grew to 20, 28 and then 30 teams. “Once coaches over there saw that I was serious and they saw the goalposts going up, they wanted to get involved,” Levey

said. “I wanted to keep it small because I wanted to make sure everything ran smoothly, but it grew to 600 kids before I knew it. It was hard to turn down anyone who wanted to be part of the league.” Levey will play host to a fundraiser called “Kick Back 4 Kids” at 6 p.m. Monday, July 18, at the Bexley-area Old Bag of Nails, 18 North Nelson Road. Money from See LEVEY, page B2

Top Individual Performances: No. 5

Backes powered Golden Bears to state title By PATRICK DOLAN ThisWeek Community Newspapers

In the days leading up to the 2000 Division I state championship game between the Upper Arlington High School football team and Solon, Golden Bears running back and safety Jeff Backes was named Ohio’s Mr. Football. More than 10 years later, Backes admits that he felt some additional pressure to play well because of the award. However, he didn’t let the pressure get the best of him as he rushed for 183 yards and two touchdowns on 32 carries and preserved a 15-9 victory on Dec. 2, 2000, at Fawcett Stadium in Canton with an interception with less than a minute remaining. UA finished 15-0 and became the first central Ohio team to win the big-school state title since the inception of the playoffs in 1972. “No other Mr. Football (honorees) had won the state championship, so in a way there was some added pressure,” said Backes, a 2001 UA graduate who went on to play for Northwestern University. “But I was confident in

testament to his toughness because he rose to that challenge. “It was a tremendous performance on his part. He had a great supporting cast, but nonetheless it was a great performance. Any time you rush for 180 yards in a Division I state championship game, I think that’s a superior performance.” Backes, who was 5-foot-9 and 180 pounds in his senior season at UA, opened the scoring in the championship game with a 15yard touchdown run with 8 minutes, 23 seconds left in the first quarter. The two-point conversion gave UA an 8-0 lead. On the touchdown run, Backes took the handoff from quarterback Brian Ramey on a draw play and broke a tackle by Solon safety Steve Watson at the 5-yard line. Solon, which finished 14-1, The Columbus Dispatch file photo reached the end zone in the second quarter but failed to convert Jeff Backes, who was named Mr. Football the week of the 2000 Division I state final, rushed for the two-point conversion and 183 yards and had a game-saving interception in a 15-9 win over Solon. trailed 8-6 at halftime. The my teammates and my own abil- nouncement to have been made a big game like that,” said Mayne, Comets got the ball to start the ities.” after the championship game. who coached the Bears from second half but went three-andDarrell Mayne, who was UA’s “As a coach, you don’t want 1998-2004. “That just adds to the out, and the ensuing punt gave coach at the time, would have one of your (players) to have that adrenaline flow of the opponent. See BACKES, page B2 preferred the Mr. Football an- honor bestowed on them before But what Jeff did that game is a

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July 14, 2011

Bernard Master Tennis Classic

Witsken, Schiller defeat OSU duo in open final By PAUL BATTERSON ThisWeek Community Newspapers

By Eric George/ThisWeek

Chuck Bolton of Westerville returns a shot July 9 during tournament play.

Eighteen years after he earned All-American honors for the University of Alabama men’s tennis team, Rick Witsken still is on top of his game. Witsken and Matt Schiller defeated 2011 Ohio State graduate Matt Allare and Buckeyes senior Steve Williams 6-4, 2-6, 6-3 in the men’s open final of the Bernard Master Tennis Classic on July 10. The two-day doubles tournament was held at the Wickertree Tennis Club in north Columbus. “I didn’t play for seven years. (Then two years ago) I played well in an individual tennis tournament,” said Witsken, who was one of four players who represented the United States in the Tony Trabert Cup in New Zealand last February. “All of a sudden it was like, ‘Wow, I think I can still do this.’ That kind of motivated me.” “Any time there’s a competitive tournament like this, you know you’re going to playing against

guys like these,” Schiller said. “It’s fun to see if I have any skills left. That’s the main reason I come.” Schiller, who lives in Carmel, Ind., and Witsken, who lives in Zionsville, Ind., also captured the men’s 35 title with a forfeit victory over Toledo’s James Kaser and Lima’s Jerome Moenter in the final. They received $800 apiece for winning the open title and an additional $200 each for winning the 35 championship. Witsken has played in the Bernard Master doubles tournament four times, winning the open division three times and finishing second the other time. Allare, who lives in Columbus, and Williams, of Manlius, N.Y., earned $400 each for reaching the open final while Moenter and Kaser each received $100 for finishing second in the 35 division. Allare and Williams struggled against the return game of Witsken and Schiller. “At Ohio State, we practice volleying quite a bit, but they knew how to volley as well,” said Al-

lare, who won two state doubles and two state singles titles for Kings Mills Kings High School from 2004-07. “They both have very good serves and return of serves. They knew what they were doing.” “They got the ball low at your toes consistently and put the pressure on,” Williams said. “The only thing you can do is serve better and not miss so many first serves. I missed too many first serves and that ended up being a big factor.” Because of low turnout, Wickertree canceled the women’s open in addition to the men’s 45 and men’s 55 divisions. That worked to the benefit of Witsken and Schiller. “We were glad that there weren’t that many teams because we are not young bucks anymore,” Witsken said. “It was 90 degrees and an on-court temperature of 120 degrees. That plays with your mind a little bit as well as your on-court abilities.”

Sports briefs Classes set for volleyball officials

Cross country run scheduled

Classes are being offered to those interested in becoming a high school volleyball referee. The classes, with instructors Steve and Barb Strome, are scheduled for 6 to 9 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays from Monday, July 18, through Aug. 15 at Westerville North High School. For more information, call (614) 901-8495 or email

A cross country 3K around the Granville Bryn Du Mansion, 537 Jones Road, is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. July 28. Registration is from 6 to 7 p.m. For more information, visit

Coach offering volleyball clinic Coach Steve Archual is offering a volleyball clinic on Sunday, July 17, for girls entering the seventh grade. Prior club volleyball experience is preferred. For more information on the clinic and registration, visit or email

Schools announce coaching vacancies The following schools are seeking coaches: Dublin Scioto — Girls lacrosse. Contact athletics director Kip Witchey at (614) 717-2468. Hilliard Darby — Junior varsity girls soccer. Send résumé to athletics director Chad Schulte at Hilliard Davidson — Assistant junior varsity softball. Send letter of interest and résumé to coach Angelo Forte at

Inaugural team The Bexley youth lacrosse team for third- and fourth-graders has completed its inaugural season. Team members are (first row, from left) Cade Pampush, Angus Zamensky, Drew Yaffe, Jake Brigdon, Tyler Lehman, Luke Pampush, Oscar Giller, Jack Dawson, Harrison Dupler, Noah Luehmann; (second row, from left) David Tugend, Alec Russo, Ella Hayden, Charlie Britt, Ryan Phillips, Max Lyski, Graham Anderson; (third row, from left) Andrew Cihon, Travis Miller, Colten Phay, Marco Giambrone, William Brotherton, Christian Roddy, Bo Collier, Teague Beachler, Nick Shamhart, Justin Lavelle, Luke Robinson; (fourth row) head coach Tom Pampush and assistant coach Patrick Hayden. Not pictured: Nicholas Hall, Drew Kauffman and William Rauschenberg.

Counting down to No. 1 ThisWeek Community Newspapers has been around for 22 years. That timeframe was used as the basis to compile a top-10 list of the top individual performances we’ve covered. Along with the experienced sports staff at ThisWeek and Steve Blackledge, high school reporter at The Columbus Dispatch, we arrived at a top-10 list. Below are Nos. 6-10. Check back next week for No. 4 and let us know your thoughts at NOS. 6-10: 10. MAURICE HALL, Brookhaven football (Oct. 27, 2000) — During a season in which he rushed for 3,057 yards to rank fifth on Ohio’s all-time list, Hall’s most memorable individual performance came during the final week of the regular season. The Bearcats beat Briggs 75-16 as Hall rushed for 411 yards and eight touch-

downs on 19 carries. 9. LATOYA TURNER, Pickerington girls basketball (March 19, 1999) — The 6-foot-4 senior helped the Tigers advance to the Division I state final with her 29-point performance in a 5135 win over Wadsworth. The Ohio State recruit made 12 of 14 shots from the floor and was 5-for-6 from the freethrow line while adding five rebounds, four steals and two assists. 8. DARCY FISHBACK, Upper Arlington girls swimming (Feb. 27-28, 2009) — During preliminaries Feb. 27, Fishback broke the state record in the 100-yard butterfly when she finished in 53.38 seconds. She won her fourth state title in the event the next day in 54.17 seconds. Fishback also swam on two state-record relays, the 200 medley (1:43.59) and the 200 freestyle (1:34.24). 7. CHARLES JOHNSON, Watkins Memorial boys basketball (Feb. 24,

1995) — There have been few more surprising performances than what this 5-8 senior guard accomplished in leading the Warriors to a 93-87 overtime upset of second-seeded and stateranked London in the second round of the Division II district tournament. Watkins Memorial was just 1-19 entering the matchup but got 57 points from Johnson, who made 19 of 34 from floor, including eight 3-pointers, and was 11-for-15 from the free-throw line. He added eight rebounds, six steals and five assists. 6. KHALILAH CARPENTER, Brookhaven girls track and field (June 2-3, 2000) — At the 2000 Division I state meet, the junior broke the meet and state records in the 100 meters with a time of 11.59 seconds on June 2. The next day, she won the 100 in 11.71 and the 200 title in 23.69, a time that lowered the state mark she already held.

in the game. The Comets needed just five plays to reach the UA 22. Then, after an incomplete pass on first down, Solon quarterback Jay Price tried to hit running back Scott Greenberg, who had lined up as a receiver, down the middle of the field in the end zone. However, Backes stepped in front of Greenberg and intercepted the pass at the goal line, returning the ball to the UA 11 with 46 seconds left. “They were in a four-receiver set and were trying to stretch the field and get one of the seams,” Mayne said. “The quarterback put a little bit of a loft on the ball and right away I thought, ‘Man, I think Jeff will pick this off.’ Of course, he did, and he had the presence of mind to not try to be a hero and try to return it (for a touchdown).” “Someone turned to me in the huddle and said, ‘Make a play, Jeff,’” Backes said, “and a couple plays later, I made a read on the ball and the rest is history.” UA’s offense came onto the field and, after two kneel-downs by Ramey, the game was over and the celebration began. “After Jeff scored (in the third quarter), from that point on, both sides couldn’t move the ball,” said Ramey, also a 2001 UA graduate. “Then, all of a sudden, (the

Comets) go to the no-huddle offense and start moving the ball. You start to get nervous, but then out of nowhere (Backes) makes the interception. It was pandemonium on the sidelines.” During the postgame celebration, a UA fan held a sign that read, “Backes is God.” “He’s been telling us all year that the offensive line is his savior,” Lisi said after the game. “Tonight ... he was our savior.” Backes finished the 2000 season with a then-state record 3,353 yards rushing and 44 touchdowns. According to the OHSAA, he now ranks third in state history in rushing yards in a season, behind Bedford Chanel’s Tony Franklin (3,439) and Williamsburg’s Jason Bainum (3,386), both of whom surpassed his total in 2001. “He just continued to produce over and over again,” Ramey said of Backes. “It’s pretty amazing what he did (in the championship game).” Backes now is 28 years old and a third-year medical resident in orthopedic surgery at Mount Carmel West. He and his wife, Marissa, have two daughters — Leighton, 23 months, and Brooklyn, 7 months.

BACKES Ben Levey gives soccer instruction to residents near Mombasa, Kenya.

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UA the ball on its own 38. On the Bears’ first offensive play of the second half, Backes took the handoff from Ramey and ran to the right behind left tackle Simon Fraser and left guard Matt Lisi, both of whom pulled on the play. Backes got to the outside and outraced Solon linebacker Marc Leighton and Comets cornerbacks J.T. Staiger and Justin Bitner down the right side to the end zone for a 62-yard touchdown. The extra point by John Tarpy gave UA a 15-6 lead with 10:53 left in the third quarter. “It was a beautiful lead block by Simon Fraser, and Jeff popped it and went down the sideline,” Mayne said. “They weren’t going to catch him.” “Two linemen were pulling on the play,” Backes said. “We had an athletic line, which allowed us to do a lot of counter plays. (The linemen) made their blocks, and it turned into a footrace (to the end zone).” Solon cut the deficit to 15-9 on a 36-yard field goal by Tim Echan with 4:18 left in the third quarter but wouldn’t cross into Bears territory again until its final possession, which started from its own 30 with 1:40 remaining

Continued from page B1 a silent auction as well as a portion of the proceeds from food and drink sales will go toward buying goalposts, nets, balls, jerseys and additional equipment for the LCFL. Bexley boys soccer coach Greg Kullman said he’s not surprised that Levey’s idea grew so quickly. “Even as a sophomore on the 2003 team, Ben was a natural leader,” said Kullman, who was an assistant coach on that team. “He’s a hard worker and he gets those people around him to work together. “Ben worked with our freshman coach last year and we were hoping to have him back this season, but he’s decided the work he’s doing in Kenya is much needed. I couldn’t argue with him.” Levey got involved with Hatua Likoni as a way of giving back. Hatua means “step forward” in Swahili, according to the organization’s website, “At the end of my senior year at the University of Wisconsin, I decided I wanted to do something

completely different,” Levey said. “I wanted to go to a foreign country and volunteer to do something before I started grad school.” Levey, who graduated from Wisconsin in spring 2010 with a degree in biology, planned to begin pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy at the University of Pittsburgh in August, but he has pushed that back to next June. Levey, who returned from Kenya on May 15, said he plans to go back on Aug. 18 and will be there for at least three months, although he might extend that. Levey said was taken aback by the poverty he saw in Kenya, which is located on Africa’s eastern coast. On the soccer field, many children would tie together trash bags and wrap them into a ball. “After growing up in Bexley, I realized I lived in a bubble. My friends who aren’t from here call Bexley ‘Pleasantville,’” Levey said. “Sometimes when I was coaching, I would have to step back and say, ‘Look at where you are. Look at the houses around you. Look at the environment you are in.’ “I was amazed by the amount

of poverty over there, but because of the friendliness of the people, they didn’t seem that different from me.” Interest in the LCFL grew quickly in an area that offers little extracurricular activities for youth. However, creating fields and organizing the league took longer than Levey anticipated. “Everything in Kenya runs a lot slower than the USA. After the first week there, I realized I could only pick one thing to do each day,” Levey said. “Something that would take 15 to 30 minutes here takes three to six hours over there for some reason. “The happiest moment (of my time in Kenya) was probably the first day the league started. I was sitting there watching the U-12 teams play. This kid scored and he was mobbed in the corner by his teammates and they were imitating the things they’ve seen from (England’s) Wayne Rooney and all the other soccer stars. It kind of brought of tears to my eyes. That made all the hard work worth it.”

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Bexley

July 14, 2011

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Sports briefs Soccer camps set at Wolfe Park

Seven receive OHSAA scholarships

Hartley High School girls soccer coach Scott Dempsey will direct camps at Wolfe Park. A camp for boys and girls ages 5-12 will be held from 9 to 11:30 a.m. July 25-29. In addition, a program for girls players and a goalkeeper academy for boys and girls will be held from 9 to 11:30 a.m. July 25-29. Those programs are open to players entering grades 5-8 in the fall. For more information, contact Dempsey at or (614) 231-3594.

Seven students from the Central District were selected to receive Ohio High School Athletic Association scholarships at the 19th annual OHSAA scholar-athlete banquet held June 17 in Columbus. The recipients were Robert Daulton (Dublin Coffman; cross country, swimming and diving, track and field), Sean Hughes, (Newark Catholic; football, basketball, baseball), Brady Hutchins (Canal Winchester; golf, wrestling), Graham Johnston, (Jonathan Alder; football, basketball, baseball),

Junior Cup champs The Phoenix Crew Juniors U10 Boys Black soccer team won the U10 Boys First Division in the Junior Cup tournament held May 7-8 in New Albany. Team members are (from left) Trevor Binau, Trevor Mrochek, Evan Shook, DeWayne Carter, coach Steve Kreiner, Dylan Gary, Karson Stanley and Murphy Weller. Not pictured: Aaron Meyer and Tyler Sullivan.

Sports Shorts

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play,” coach Chris Huesman said. “You have to win them to move on. We didn’t get that done.” Ohio Elite rebounded to beat the JBR Rays of Green Bay (Wis.) 8-0. Hilliard Davidson’s Mike Scaglione allowed two hits, struck out five and walked one in a complete-game effort. Ohio Elite and the Columbus Cobras 17-and-under team were tied at 10 on July 9 at Granville when the game was suspended because of darkness. Ohio Elite opted not to return to Granville on July 10 to complete the game in the silver championship bracket. Huesman not only was able to give his team valuable experience during the tournament, he also was able to showcase his complex at Jerome, where he is coach. “We have teams from all over the state, contiguous states and Canada coming over, and it’s always nice for them to see our facilities and what we have to offer,” Huesman said. Other champions were the Stark County Terriers in the 18-andunder division, the North Georgia Barons in the 16-and-under division and the North Coast Vipers in the 15-and-under division.

with the winning run. Teller’s two-run double helped Steve’s Sports take a 3-0 lead in the fourth. Grove City graduate T.J. DeVore’s pinch-hit triple in the sixth scored Johnson and closed the Cobras to 3-2. Russ Hogue earned the win in relief. He then pitched a complete game against the Lookouts. “We were flat all day, even the first game, and then we put it together at the end,” Cobras coach Harry Huskey said. “We got our emotional high and then we sit around for 45 minutes and we came out and didn’t play real well again. The other team took advantage of our three errors and we only had four hits, so we didn’t deserve to win that game.” The Cobras are 35-6 heading into the Pastime Best of the Midwest Tournament at Wright State and the University of Dayton on Thursday, July 14. •The Ohio Elite 17-and-under team finished 2-1-1 in the 18-andunder division. Ohio Elite opened the tournament with a 5-1 win over the Ohio Orioles Black before losing to North Canton 3-2. “It’s unfortunate that we didn’t get it done against North Canton, but that’s the nature of tournament




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Sign-ups • Leagues • Clinics • Camps

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The Columbus Crew’s fifth annual 5K race and 1-mile family fun walk are scheduled for 8 a.m. Aug. 13 at Crew Stadium. The event benefits the Crew Soccer Foundation. For more information, visit

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The Columbus Sharks won the Wellington Memorial Baseball Tournament. Team members are (first row, from left) Shane Bell, Conner Ayers, Vince Kerr, Kalob Salinas, Ryan Keel; (second row, from left) coach Todd Herd, Michael Flynn, Seth Paszke, Derrick Herd, Joshua Shapiro, coach Nathan Bell, Nate Kriss, Evan Young, Cameron Macioce and head coach Mick Shapiro.


Crew to hold charity run


Tournament champions


Channing McNeal (DeSales; football, track and field), Allyssa Neer (Galion Northmor; cross country, track and field) and Chris Quinn (St. Charles; cross country, track and field).

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Drivers Road & Yard Drivers


Star Transportation, Nashville has immediate openings in Columbus for TWO local Class A drivers with Hazardous Endorsements. CPC Logistics, a national organization headquartered in St. Louis, MO has a need Full benefits package including subsidized health ins for CDL-A drivers in East Liberty, OH. in 60 days, paid holidays and paid vacation after a year. Drivers start at $15.00 per HIRING DRIVERS TO HAUL hour. OTR positions also available up to .38 AUTO PARTS CPM µ Home Daily Call to speak with a re µ Paid Holidays & Vacations cruiter µ Benefits with Medical, 800-416-5912 Dental & Life Insurance µ 401K µ No touch freight


Road Jobs require Class A CDL with two years verifiable OTR exp. Must have clean MVR with no DUI/DWI. HazMat preferred, but not required.

**$2,500 Sign-On Bonus!**

Get Home Daily!

- All Miles Paid the Same - Loaded or Empty - 5900+ Miles Per Week! Leading Fuel Surcharge Paid 100%

Call CPC Logistics at 800-274-3721 & check us out online at Application can be completed at our East Liberty office, 11590 Township Rd. 298

Daycare providers and preschools Take advantage of our special childcare ratess! (740) 888-5003

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We offer: • $14.25 / hour Base Pay • Free Training Leading to a • No nights, holidays or weekends required CDL To qualify, you must be at least 25 years of age, have a valid OH Driver’s license, safe driving record and be able to pass a background check and drug test.

Apply in person Monday-Friday, from 10am – 1pm at: FIRST STUDENT 1799 Frebis Avenue Columbus, OH 43206

Equal Opportunity Employer

SYGMA, a Division of SYSCO, is looking for experienced

Tractor Trailer Drivers SYGMA OFFERS:

ACE HARDWARE MANAGER SALARIED Immediate opportunity for a qualified professional seeking a challenging career in Ace Hardware in the Cleveland and Columbus areas with a respected area retailer that is family owned. We are looking for firnedly, energetic, motivated individuals with a positive attitude. Must possess a strong knowledge and desire for outstanding customer service. 2-5 years experience as a Store or Assistant Manager in the hardware business. Ace Hardware experience preferred. Benefits package available. For confidential consideration, mail resume to: Ace Hardware Manager position, P.O. Box 196, Wooster, OH 44691. EOE


∂ Average Driver Salary over $65K. ∂ Weekly Pay and Quarterly Bonus Potential. ∂ Paid Vacations and Personal Days. ∂ Complete Family Insurance: Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, STD, and LTD (for a weekly contribution). ¶ Retirement Benefits: Pension Plan, 401(K), and Stock Purchase Plan. REQUIREMENTS: ∂ A valid Ohio CDL & Class A. ∂Experience Driving Tractor Trailer (1 year or more). ∂ Food Service Delivery Experience Preferred. ∂Experience unloading product using a two-wheeler dolly and ramp. ∂Able to lift 50 lbs. frequently and 75 lbs. occasionally. ∂ Must be able to work nights and weekends (days off during the week / two-day runs required). If you are qualified & interested in this position, please apply on-line at

SYGMA 4630 Journal Street Columbus, OH 43228 EOE M/F/V/D



You know how to work a roomeven if it’s a living room

National distribution com pany looking for outside sales person in Ohio, por tions of PA and northern Indiana areas to bolster existing business with min ing and industrial custom ers. Candidate will have working knowledge of safety, communications & electronics. Underground experience or purchasing a plus. Clean driving record required. P.O. Box 185 Beaver, WV 25813 Attn: President & CEO


You know how to work a room— even if it’s a living room The door opens, and you have them at Hello. As a Time Warner Cable Sales Representative, you’ll get the training that makes you an expert on why our service is superior to our competition. You’ll then be assigned to an exclusive and expanding territory. Plus, you’ll enjoy the freedom to work it as you see fit.

A growing team in need of a licensed agent. Contact Robyn Prewitt at 614.563.0224 or email Sales

To qualify, you’ll need to demonstrate that you can think on your feet, prove Call Today! you’re hungry, and that (866) 733-2902 you know how to make things happen to generate sales. A valid driver’s liDRIVERS Pohl #1 SALES cense (with good record) Transportation, OPPORTUNITY plus a personal vehicle for Vitran Express, Inc. LTL transportation is also reregional trucking has $80,000 PLUS Inc. quired. In return, you’ll enopenings for F/T Class A We are looking for drivers 1ST YEAR joy a robust benefits packroad drivers with hazmat who want a place to call age including medical, and twin endorsements, home while making the Check out what could be 2 yrs safe driving. Full miles to keep you happy! the best Sales Opportunity dental, vision, pension, matched 401(k) plan and time includes: in America today! tuition reimbursement. ∂1-2 day dispatches, No @ Up to 39 cpm w/ Per Time Warner Cable is a sleepers, home every formance Bonus ∂ Call on our existing company that recognizes weekend @ $1500 Sign On Bonus customers respects and richly re∂Blue Cross / Blue @ Pay Thru Home on ∂ Provide return of wards exceptional salesShield medical coverage Wknds premium options people like you. Apply on∂Fully Paid life/long term @ Safety/Referral bonus ∂ Show how to use return line to our Direct Sales disability @1 yr OTR - CDL A to fund other products Representative position @ ∂ 401(k) ∂ Ask for referrals timewarnercable. ∂Paid holidays, vaca Call for more info com/careers. tions, and personal 1-800-672-8498 or visit: If not already licensed, we days will help you obtain an insurance license. We will HELP WANTED HELP WANTED Applications accepted provide in-depth class7/11/11-7/15/11 9:00 AM RETAIL POSITIONS SALES/MARKETING room training along with - 6:00 PM extensive field training. Apply in person to: You will have lots of opporRetail Sales Vitran Express, Inc. 5075 tunities to win incentives Krieger Ct. Columbus, Associate and awards while earning OH 43228 E.O.E. exceptional income. Don’t If you are looking for a fastdelay - call now! We are paced, growing retail and DRIVERS WANTED seeking only 2 individuals e-commerce organization, then stop looking! for this area. HOME DAILY FootSourceMD (FSMD) is ACT FAST! …and start a rewarding ca seeking a high-energy, ∂ Dedicated account reer with Pepsi-Cola Bot - To schedule a confidential customer centric retail one-on-one interview in ∂ Home Daily tling Company - North Divi sales associate. Responsi Columbus, ∂ $50K/year potential sion, the Central Ohio bev bilities include: Interacting contact John Clementi at ∂ Health + 401K erage industry leader. Our with customers, giving 972-742-6812 or email Requires CDL A and 6 Columbus Sales Team is them product presentation, your resume to months OTR experience. currently looking for taking phone orders and mandy.thompson@ Must live within 40 miles of Sales & Delivery Driv answering questions from Delaware, OH. patients. er Trainees and PartDon’t miss out .Call today! SALES REPS WANTED Must possess and demon time Merchandisers. Two Weeks of Professional 866-475-3621 strate excellent written as For more information visit Training. Absolutely No well as verbal communica our website at www.gjpeps Cold Calls! tion skills, be a team player Click on Unlimited Earning & with 3 to 4 years of experi "Careers" to learn more Potential. Call Scott at ence in retail sales. Con about our current openings (614) 975-3768 tact Kathy at and for information on how 1-800-HANSONS to join the winning team. or fax a resume to 614Sales EOE M/F/D/V 882-6503 to apply.


At First Student, our Bus Drivers are an integral part of the communities they serve. They are committed to safety, customer service and have genuine, caring attitudes for children. We are your friends, family, and neighbors!



WORKSITE SALES PROFESSIONAL National Marketing organization seeking a Life Insurance sales professional for immediate management opportunity. For the right experienced salesperson we offer: ∂ Proven sales system marketing to existing clients ∂ Field and classroom training ∂ Immediate management opportunity ∂ Competitive products and compensation ∂ Conventions, bonuses and awards ∂ Six figure earnings potential Please call Tom Blackburn for a personal interview in your area at 913-302-2970 or send your resume to to There’s never been a better time to take control of your future by starting a great career at WOW!

Direct Sales Representatives ∂ Salary + Commission! Are you dynamic and self-motivated? Join the WOW! Direct Sales team in marketing our full line of bundled data, vid eo and phone services door-to-door to residen tial customers. ∂ Vacation, Personal + Sick Time ∂ 401(k) ∂ Profit Sharing Plan ∂Excellent Benefits ∂Training Provided For complete job descrip tions and to apply, visit us at: www.WOWway .com. EOE



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HELP WANTED COMPUTERS/ INFORMATION SERVICES APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT MANAGER The Franklin County Data Center has an immediate opening for: Application Development Division Manager: Experienced in manage ment and application de velopment. Strong team building, leadership, com munication skills. Manage 20 developers writing and maintaining business code in iSeries, Windows, and Web environments. Re sponsible for Systems De velopment Life Cycle and maintenance of business applications software. Ex perience in application pro gramming, systems analy sis, project management, and strong "people skills". Must embrace new tech nologies and have working knowledge of Web devel opment, COBOL, .Net, Java, VB. Education and Experience: Bachelor’s or associate de gree in computer science or related field; or 10 years related experience and/or training; or equivalent com bination of education and experience. Franklin County offers an excellent benefits package. Visit: www.franklincountyo Center/Employment to AP PLY Send resume, references, and salary requirements to: FRANKLIN COUNTY DATA CENTER Deborah Townsend Office Administrator 373 S. High St. 9th Floor Columbus, OH 43215-4599 (614) 525-5664 fcdcjobs@franklincountyo No Fees EOE To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call (740) 888-5003 (local call)

Sports Shorts

Thursday, July 21, 2011 • 10AM-3PM Located at Huntington Bank 7 Easton Oval • Columbus, OH 43219

Sign-ups • Leagues • Clinics • Camps

You must apply at before attending the job fair. Use IRC121944 in the Keyword section. BRING A COPY OF YOUR RESUME TO THE JOB FAIR!

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Huntington is looking for high energy and passionate individuals with exceptional sales and customer service skills to take inbound calls, assist customers with account questions, and suggest additional financial products and services!

Required: • 1 year of sales & customer service experience • HS Diploma/GED • Must be able to work weekends/holidays • Call Center experience preferred Full-time, 1st, 2nd & 3rd shifts open. Limited availability for 1st shift. Shifts are subject to change. Weekends required. Minimum starting pay is $11.00/hr. An E.O.E M/F/D/V

Guarantee placement of your event in the sports section by calling Paul Krupa (740) 888-5000 (local call)


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July 14, 2011




Physical Therapist Free Standing Outpatient Clinic

Facility Director

Network Systems Administrator

Exceptional Salary Day One Benefits Excellent Compensation Package Columbus, OH Contact Russ Delaney at 1-800-223-9519 rdelaney@

Accountant 1 Fiscal and Compliance Services Columbus State Com munity College seeks an experienced professional for a full-time Accountant 1 position within the Fis cal and Compliance Serv ices Department, in the Business & Administra tive Services Division. Specifically, the appli cant will be responsible for fiscal management of Federal grants including accounts payable, budg ets, and accounts .

The Ohio State University is accepting online applica- Marden abides by the OCR tions for a Network Sys- Act of 1964, Section 504 of tems Administrator. Suc- the Rehabilitation Act and cessful candidate will have the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience. For a complete position description and application instructions please visit ww and search by requisition number 356925. Application deadline: July 17, 2011. To build a diverse workforce Ohio State encourages applications from individuals with disabilities, veterans and women. EEO/AA employer.

PROGRAMMING OPPORTUNITIES: Franklin County Data Cen ter has an immediate opening for:

Registered Nurse & Physical and Occupational Therapist

Local Home Health Agen cy is seeking a full time Registered Nurse/Case Manager to work with cli ents in their homes, inde pendent living facilities or assisted living facilities. This position will involve di rect patient care, involve ment in wellness programs at various facilities, as well as case management du ties. Home care experi ence and knowledge of oa sis required. Previous case management experi ence preferred. Excellent wage and benefits includ ed. Please fax resume to (614) 485-2561

Web Developer 3 : Experienced in web design and development. This individ ual should have a solid un derstanding of XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and dem onstrate a thorough knowl - Registered Nurse edge of dynamic web de - Summit’s Trace Healthcare Center is seeking Regis velopment programming languages. Good commu - tered Nurses for our transi nication skills are a neces - tional care unit. Prior longterm care experience pre sity. Work in a team envi ferred. For confidential ronment. 120-day proba consideration email re tionary period. sume to, fax to Education and/or experi 614-252-5952, or apply in ence: Bachelor’s or asso person at: 935 N. Cassady ciate degree in computer Ave., science, or a related field Columbus, OH 43219 of study, or a combination of education and experi ence.

Send resume, references, and salary requirements to: FRANKLIN COUNTY DATA CENTER Deborah L. Townsend Office Administrator 373 S. High St. 9th Floor Columbus, OH 43215-4599 (614) 525-5664 fcdcjobs@franklincountyo No Fees EOE


Immediate Openings Must be up to date on latest computer hardware and software applications. Will be handling inbound calls and assisting customers with a variety of tech support issues. 2nd shift hours and must be able to work weekends. Pay is $11.50/hr. Call 841-2500 for details or visit 1125 Georgesville Rd to apply. EOE MORTGAGE LOAN OFFICER Strategic Mortgage Company Is hiring seasoned FHA loan officers. Top pay for top talent. All programs offered and supported. In-house processing, UW, closing, and funding. Located in Short North or work from home. Email resume to INFO@444LOAN.COM Strategic Mortgage Co. 40 West 3rd Avenue Columbus, OH 43201 MB# 803180.000 EEO

Classifieds sell

Franklin County Data Cen ter offers an excellent ben efit package. Visit: www.franklincountyo Center/Employment to AP PLY

Qualified candidates must have an Asso ciate’s Degree, one to three years experience in Accounting, Business Ad ministration, Finance or a closely related field. Can didates must have excel lent written and oral com munication skills as well as analytical skills. Expe rience with understand ing Federal regulations is a strong plus. Interested applicants should apply on-line to:





Account Clerk Purchasing all current & recently discontinued items including purchase order generation, D deck forecasting, System Integrity and delivering information detailing logistics in terms of Ship and In Warehouse dates. Send resumes to


Coordinator of Athletics Events & Recreation

General Merchandise Manager

Immediate Openings Reynoldsburg Area Assembly, Welding, Material Services


Need home improvement help?

WANTED FT RN AND OPTIONAL RN’S, LPN’S AND HOME HEALTH AIDES YOU CAN APPLY ON LINE AT www.americannursingcar Or call Beth at (614) 847-0555

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weekly. (5 line minimum) (740) 888-5003

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Milwaukee Capital University, a midsize, comprehensive, private university whose community values of diversity and free inquiry are strongly promoted within the Lutheran tradition of higher education is seeking candidates for the Coordinator of Athletics Events & Recreation. This position is responsible for the day to day operation of all athletic events, equipment and athletics facility issues. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree from four-year college or university; or one to two years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. A motor vehicle license is required. For a full job description, please visit: http:/ / ent. Please send a cover letter and resume electroni cally to: Athletics Department, capathletics2@capit Capital University offers a rich benefits package that includes medical, dental, retirement, family education benefits, longterm disability, life insurance and free parking. Capital University is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified minorities, women, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Our job requirements: Part rebel, freedom seeker, adventurer and trendsetter needed. Join the Harley brotherhood and sisterhood and lead the product development/product management process from concept to liquidation. You’ll handle strategic planning; manage revenue and category financial growth; and oversee inventory and support merchandising/marketing activities. Plus, interaction with development teams and suppliers. Here’s what else we expect: Five+ years of experience in apparel product development; Bachelor’s degree in Business or Fashion Merchandising; assess market opportunities and determine market needs; knowledge of apparel manufac turing and sourcing; andproven experience creating and implementing profitable project plans. Send resumes to:

CSR/Retention Reps Energetic reps needed for an Inbound call center in Westerville. $10/hr + un limited bonuses! Full time hours between 11a-10p, M-F, some Sat. shifts. Email resumes to hober@i, or call 614-775-1400.

Custodial Supervisor 12:30pm-9pm, M-F, down town Columbus. Must have custodial supervisory exp in the last 4 out of 5 yrs. in approx 225,000 sqft build ing. Supervise 7 employ ees. Administer custodial operations, maintain & re pair equipment, must be knowledgable in all types of floor work. Clean back ground check is required. Send cover letter and re sume to: VGS, Inc. 1260 N. High Street Columbus, OH 43201 Fax (614) 421-6871 Email: VGS is an AA/EOE M/F/D/V


Geriatric Social Worker Full-Time: LISW prefer red; LSW considered. Di rect service with elderly, including home visits with case management, emotional support/ coun seling. Some office coun seling may take place de pending on professio nal’s experience and cli ent need. Heavy empha sis on relationshipbuilding, case manage ment and aging suppor tive services along with mental health interven tion. To be considered, please send a cover let ter and resume to shunt@northwestcouns or fax to: S. Hunt at (614) 457-7896

GROUNDSKEEPING FT &/or PT grounds needed at large E. Cols apts. Competitive pay! Benefits (FT only). Drug test req. Please apply in person at Williamsburg Sq., 1863 Bairsford Dr. or fax resumes to 614-866-3920. No phone calls. We are a smoke-free company.

Flexible Hours PRN, Part-time or Full-time Skilled Nursing Facility Columbus, Ohio Call Russ Delaney at 1-800-223-9519 Or email to: rdelaney@ Marden abides by the OCR Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975

Phlebotomist Large Primary Care Group of Physicians is hiring full and part time Phlebotomist. Will be re quired to travel to differ ent nursing homes to do blood draws. Phleboto my experience is a must 2-3 yrs minimum. Pt posi tion is 4am-8am M-F. FT position is M-F 8am-5pm. Qualified candidates email resumes to

Call 740-788-9055

LEASING FT Exp. leasing/sales person needed at large E. Cols apts. Competitive pay, bonuses & benefits. Drug test req. Please apply in person at Williamsburg Sq.,1863 Bairsford Dr. or fax resume to 866-3920. No phone calls. We are a smoke-free company.

LEASING/SOCIAL DIR. Plan & coordinate resident events. $11-13/hr, benefits & bonuses. Must be able to work some late evenings & weekends. Customer service or sales background req. Outgoing personality. Fax 614-7612411 or apply in person at Asherton of Dublin Apts., 5400 Asherton Blvd., Dublin. We are a smoke-free company. Cert. tech needed at Marysville apts. Competitive pay & benefits. Drug test req. Apply in person at Arbors of Marysville, 436 W. 3rd.

MAINTENANCE FT Exp. tech needed for scattered locations in E Cols. Must be Universal HVAC cert., have plumbing/ electrical exp. general knowledge of appliance repairs & be extremely organized. Emergency rotating on-call & drug test req. Please fax resume to 866-2511. We are a smoke-free company.

MAINTENANCE / SUPERVISOR Experienced supervisor & maintenance/ punch out person needed for large, busy, luxury apts. Supervisor must be HVAC & EPA certified & exp. supervising large staff. All positions must have own tools, reliable transportation, valid drivers license. Call 614761-0222 or apply in person at Asherton of Dublin Apts., 5400 Asherton Blvd., Dublin. We are a smokefree company.

Parks Positions (part-time)

Patrol Officer


Judgmental Credit Analysts We are looking for individuals with:

• Call Center Experience • Credit Lending decision experience • Proven ability to provide excellent customer service to both internal and external customers • We offer full-time positions working 12:30pm-9:00pm Please apply online at


Occupational Therapist

$9/hr 1st shift $9.50/hr 2nd shift

City of Gahanna –Seeking candidates for janitorial work or candidates with previous arbor or horticul ture exp. $9.50/hr. Apply at EOE.


Busy practice is a seeking a full time Endoscopy Cen ter Technician. Prefer a certified MA or strong medical/clinical experi ence. Will ensure proper care of equipment, prepare/clean rooms, & provide assistance to pa tients, physicians, & nurses. Some clerical du ties. Serious applicants should be dependable, professional, & a team player. Send resumes to t, in clude salary request.

Temp to hire, Fastpaced, stand 8 hrs, lift 50 lbs. HS diploma/ GED, drug screen, bkgd check and steel toed boots required. 1st & 2nd shift, must be flexible to work either shift.


HELP WANTED MEDICAL/DENTAL Contract position in com munity mental health agen cy as a consulting dieti cian. Must be licensed in the State of Ohio. Will pro vide dietary services in ac cordance with laws, regula tions and/or local health departments. Duties in clude menu planning for residential consumers to ensure nutritional needs as outlined by the Academy of Science are met. Maxi mum of 20 hours a month. $35/hr. Resumes accepted at NCMHS, 1301 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio 43201, e-mail or fax to 614-298-2227. EOE

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Capital University, a midsize, comprehensive, private university whose community values of diversity and free inquiry are strongly promoted within the Lutheran tradition of higher education, is looking for an energetic, friendly and outgoing cashier to join the Finance Office. The Cashier serves as the first point of contact for students and inquiring about stuCABLE INSTAL - parents dent accounts and is reLATION TECHS sponsible for processing Employee based company all cash receipts for the with benefits hiring full time University. Qualifications cable installers. No Exp include one year of office needed. Will train. Apply experience or training and At excellent abilities in using Microsoft Office Suite, inWord and Excel. CANVASSERS cluding Previous cashiering experience is preferred and canWANTED didates must have ability to Walk door-to-door to handle currency with accuSet Appointments for our racy and attention to detail. Sales Team Capital University offers a Base Pay in Addition to rich benefits package that Weekly includes medical, dental, Bonus program. retirement, family educaENJOY THE SUMMER WEATHER AND GET PAID tion benefits, long-term disability, life insurance and AT THE SAME TIME $ free parking. 37.5 hr/wk. 1-800-HANSONS Competitive hourly rate. "Get It Done!" Please send a cover letter Call Scott at and resume electronically (614) 975-3768 to For a position description, go CASE MANAGER full Full-time entry level posi - to ment. Capital University is tion in community mental an equal opportunity emhealth center. Willing to ployer. Qualified minorities, train. Degree required. women, and persons with Knowledge of community resources and experience disabilities are encouraged to apply. with SMD clients. Must have Ohio driver’s Childcare/Preschool license/auto. Work primari - Reynoldsburg area, on bus ly in the community. Mile line needs Teachers, age reimbursement. Sal Floaters & Subs. Retired ary: $11hr., Monday thru teachers, nurses & other Friday, 8am-4:30 pm. Op - professionals encouraged tion of four 10-hour work to apply. Competitive pay days after 6 months & benefits. Send resume & available. cover letter to Director, PO Applications/resumes ac - BOX 547 Brice, OH 43109. cepted at NCMHS, 1301 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio Advertise 43201, fax to your service! 614-298-2227, e-mail to $26 gets you any 5 papers EOE

(740) 888-5003 (local call)





Want to talk to people all over the world? Want great benefits? Contact HR to Apply:

ALSO HIRING Chief Marketing Officer Marketing Coordinator Senior Account Executive (Inside Sales) Senior Financial Analyst Senior Systems Administrator Systems Administrator and more… Convenient Westside Location * is an Equal Opportunity Employer

WE WANT TO TALK WITH YOU! Would you like to work for a family owned company whose growth has come from providing excellent customer service and quality products to its customers? Kittle’s Furniture, is currently seeking:

FACS collections System Analyst Opening in the IT department for candidates who have worked on the FACS system! Professional Recovery Services is looking for a FACS collections system analyst to join our winning team! Main job responsibilities include: • Upload/download files using the Ontario FACS system • Create and Maintain Enable Formats • Develop reports in report writers,Access, and SQL for managers and clients • Provide Help-Desk support to multiple offices

Requirements for the position are: • Ontario FACS system knowledge • Predictive Dialer experience a plus • Five years experience as a systems analyst • Knowledge of FDCPA • Knowledge of Encryption technologies

Sales Consultants: The ideal full time candidates will be self-motivated, professional, high-energy people who enjoy the creative world of home furnishings, and the desire to DETERMINE THEIR OWN INCOME! Previous SALES experience is helpful! Warehouse helper: This full time associate is responsible for receiving and movement of heavy merchandise to the sales floor and general building maintenance. Schedule would include primarily day hours but would need flexibility on weekend and evening hours. Client Services – clerical support: Support our sales team and our customers, processing sales tickets and various reports, data entry and phone work. This full time or part time position requires day, evening and weekend availability. A competitive compensation and benefits package awaits these successful candidates, including a liberal merchandise discount program. Candidates with a proven job history and a high energy level may apply at our Easton location in the Business Office (3740 Easton Market, Columbus, Oh. 43219).


The City of Athens is now accepting applications for patrol officer, to establish an eligibility list. The starting pay is $20.33 per hour, plus shift differential and education incentives. Extensive testing process including physical abilities test, complete background investigation, post-offer medical, psychological and polygraph exams are required. Preference may be given to applicants who have a current OPOTA certification and/or college degree in police science, criminal justice, psycholo gy, sociology, public administration or business administration. Excellent driving record is mandato ry. Interested applicants may obtain an application packet at the Mayor’s Office, City Bldg., 8 E. Washington St., Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. General inquiries may be sent to the Personnel Director via e-mail: creagan@ci.ath Completed applications must be received in the Mayor’s Office by 4;00 pm, Friday, July 15, 2011. The City reserves the right to recruit additional applicants if an insufficient number are received. The City of Athens encourages applications from women and minorities. EEO/ADA

Police Sargent Otterbein University has a full-time opening for a Police Sergeant. For job description and application instructions, please visit our website at HR/jobs.asp

RECEPTIONIST Position availablepart-time. Experience preferred. Must be available for eve ning and weekend hours. Animal Care Center at Cherry Way, Gahanna Fax resume 614-475-7337 or email to: No phone calls please.

Recreation Specialist City of Gahanna

Please send your resume to or call 800-972-7984 ext 1077

is accepting applications for Recreation Specialist. Candidates must complete online application at www. Deadline for applying is July 22, 2011. EOE

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Bexley









Directions for Youth & Cadillac Coffee Company Families provides com is seeking energetic, re munity based treatment sponsible candidate for and prevention services for Route Supervisor position the Franklin County area, in Columbus and surround - emphasizing commitment ing area. Ideal candidate to family, school, and would have route, work. beverage/food service and The following opportunity sales background, knowl exists for Social Workers edge of hospitality industry who are interested in being a plus. Must have with part of our dynamic results good driving record, be oriented team. able to lift up to 50 lbs, and have excellent manage Outreach Counseling. ment skills. Competitive Looking for energetic, base salary and bonus op - dedicated persons to pro portunities with full benefit vide assessment and coun package. Submit resume seling services to youth in to a Central Ohio school dis trict. Minimum require ments are a Bachelor’s de Scheduling gree in social work or relat ed field and current licen Coordinator sure as a social worker or $2400/Monthly counselor. Two years expe rience working with youth Growing Security Compa and their families ny in need of Scheduling preferred. (Job Code LS) Coordinator in Columbus! Qualified candidate must Interested applicants may have multi-facility schedul - submit their resume to: Diing & administrative experi - rections For Youth & Fami ence. Proficiency in Micro - lies, Attn: Human Resour soft Office programs and ces, 1515 Indianola Ave., scheduling/payroll soft Cols, OH 43201, fax: 614ware experience required. 294-3247, email: hr@dfyf.o Excellent rg. No phone calls please. communication/customer service skills and professio Directions for Youth & nal demeanor are essen Families is an EOE tial. Duties include schedul M/F/D/V ing for 200+ employees at multiple sites and adminis trative office duties. We of NOTICE fer medical, dental, life & What happens when disability insurance as well you use as vacation and 401(k) benefits. Interested candi BOLD TYPE? dates should forward re Bold type attracts sume with salary history to: scheduling_coordinator@ attention. Use it to make your ad STAND OUT. SECURITY CALL ARMED OFFICERS OPOTA 20 hr CERT. (740) 888-5003 and tell Please call 614-884-0177 your customer service representative to use BIG TYPE bold in your ad! Makes you look twice!



Right Job! Right Now! We’re Now Hiring for

Warehouse Order Selectors

Directions for Youth & CLINICIAN Families provides com Full-time position in com munity based treatment munity mental health cen and prevention services for ter. Must be LSW/PC. Ex the Franklin County area, perience with diagnostic emphasizing commitment assessment and/or sub to family, school, and stance abuse preferred. work. Use of DSM IV and writing The following opportunity of psycho-social histories exists for Social Workers required. Experience with who are interested in being individuals with mental ill part of our dynamic results ness and substance abuse oriented team. required. Ohio drivers Intake Specialist - Respon license/auto. sibilities of this Resumes/applications ac school/community-based cepted at NCMHS, 1301 N. position include diagnostic High St., Cols., Ohio assessments, education/ 43201, e-mail to consultation, and linking or fax to clients with community re 614-298-2227. EEO sources. This is a 10 month position with summ ers off. Experience working PROFESSIONAL with at risk youth and their EMPLOYMENT families is required. SERVICES LSW/LPC required, Mas ter’s preferred. (Job Code LS) Interested applicants may submit their resume to: Directions For Youth & Fami lies, Attn: Human Resour ces, 1515 Indianola Ave., Cols, OH 43201, fax: 614294-3247, email: hr@dfyf.o rg. No phone calls please. Directions for Youth & Families is an EOE M/F/D/V Social Work

Substance Abuse Mid-Manager Supervisory Positions Behavioral health agency has two mid-manager supervisory positions to fill. One position will be to assume management responsibilities of an AOD residential treatment facility. The second position will assume supervisory responsibilities of outpatient treatment services and specialized treatment programs. Both positions will also include some direct care clinical services. Applicants should have a master’s degree and be dually independently licensed in substance abuse and mental health. Send resume to: C. Knapp, Marion Area Counseling Center, Inc. 320 Executive Dr. Marion, Ohio 43302 fax 740-382-3713 or email EOE/AA

Full-time, Weekend & Summer Help Available

Great Pay:


• $11.50/hr to start &

earn up to $21.72/hr

• 6 months increases &

$5,000 bonus potential

• Plus earn up to $5.75/hr extra with Incentive Pay Bonus

Benefiting you: • Medical/Dental/Prescription • Paid Vacations • Discount on Kroger Brand Products

• & SO MUCH MORE! Must be able to work NIGHTS and WEEKENDS! Apply online today at: Or, Visit our facility 24 hours a day/7 days a week, just 1 mile east of Delaware off Rt. 36: Kroger Distribution Center 2000 Nutter Farms Lane • Delaware, OH 43015

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Resp. for planning, imple menting, and supervising all classroom activities. AA degree in ECE & 1 year exp. teaching preschoolage children required. BA/BS Deg. in ECD/Ed. or related fields & Head Start exp. pref. Bilingual skills a plus

Assistant Teacher Under the direct supervi sion of the Classroom Teacher, work as part of a classroom teaching team. ECD/Ed. certificate req’d; AA in ECE & Head Start exp. pref. Bilingual skills a plus.

Cook Resp. for the ordering, pre paring, serving and docu mentation of meals & snacks for pre-school chil dren. HS diploma/GED req’d. 1yr. exp. as a cook or 2 yrs. training in Culina ry Sc. Exp. in menu planning. All candidates are req’d to have a valid Ohio DL & submit to a background check and drug screen. Submit resume & cover let ter via e-mail to HR@cul.or g. Application Deadline: July 15, 2011. No phone calls please.

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July 14, 2011





Time Is Wasting! Immediate need for exp’d Warehouse Workers and Forklift Drivers. Must have min.2 years recent exp. and references. Bkgd check req’d. Call 841-2500 for details.

Coalition Coordinator

Communication Coordinator

Marketer Community news Sports Videos Contests PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT SERVICES


The Daniel Henry Group

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Community-based sub stance abuse services agency seeks Coalition Co ordinator for Drug-Free Delaware coalition.Knowl edge or experience in alcohol/drug prevention, community organization and public policy develop ment. Must be able to work with diverse groups including law enforcement, schools, social service or ganizations, healthcare providers, faith community, parents and youth to re duce negative consequen ces of alcohol/drug use. Skills must include plan ning, implementation, facili tation, project manage ment, ability to work inde pendently and manage multiple priorities. Excel lent public speaking and written communication skills required. OCPS Cer tification or related degree/licensure and eligi bility for certification. Send resume with salary history and three referen ces to: Chief Executive Officer Recovery & Prevention Re sources of Delaware and MorrowCounties 118 Stover Drive Delaware, Ohio 430158601

Limited Seating - Call to Reserve Yours

Interested parties may also apply online at www.rprdm .org


Deadline for application: July 21, 2011



EOE/Affirmative Action Em ployer

Rhodes State College is West Central Ohio’s largest two-year college with nearly 4300 students, and more than 100 Associate degrees, majors and certification programs. The College’s campus, on-line instruction and off-campus learning centers serve 33 Ohio counties and the College is the region’s leading workforce development trainer. The following positions are available:

Vice President Student Affairs Associate Vice President Academic Affairs Dean, Division of Information Technology and Engineering Technology Director of Advising & Counseling Director of Public Safety and Security Supervisor of Public Safety & Security Restricted Fund Accountant Assistant Registrar Full Time 9 month Accounting Instructor Instructor for Arts & Sciences (Mathematics) For a listing of duties, qualifications and the application process see the position posting on our website. Check the “Employment Opportunities” at the bottom of the home page of AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY/ADA EMPLOYER, M/F, V/D

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4X4 By Julian Lim

Rapidly growing home health agency has an im mediate opening for a The Ohio School Boards Community Relations Man Association is seeking a ager. This position pro communication coordina motes use of our agency tor whose primary respon sibilities include contribu - with medical professionals, the elderly and the com ting to association publica munity. If you have experi tions and coordinating ence in Home Health and website content. The ideal Marketing and would like candidate must have a to become a member of strong background in writ our team, please contact: ing and editing; creating Anchor Home Health, 99 and maintaining web pa N. Brice Rd Suite 350A, ges; graphic design and Columbus or 614-759-2273 photography. Candidates ask for Jennifer Badia. should have a degree in Equal Opportunity journalism, communica Employer. tion, public relations or re lated field with a minimum Project Manager of 2 years of experience. ASK Chemicals seeks for Evening and weekend Dublin, OH location. Duties work along with travel re incl: Design, develop, test quired. Send resume, writ - & eval integrated systems ing samples and salary ex - for managing metal-casting pectations to Communica - production processing, incl tion Coordinator Search, quality control, logistics & OSBA, 8050 N High St Ste materials flow, cost analy 100, Columbus, OH 43235. sis, & productions coordi Application deadline is July nation w/i foundry industry. 15. Electronic applications Reqs incl: Bach deg in will not be accepted. EOE MechEng or relevant tech nical discipline such as IndEng or MfgEng Tech + 3 yrs exp (in lieu of a de gree will accept 2 addl yrs exp in the metal-casting in dustry). Occasional US travel may be required on ELECTRIC a quarterly basis to meet BASELOAD w/customers. To apply: pls email resume w/ job title CASE MANAGER "Project Manager" in Sub (PART-TIME) ject Line to: askrecruiting1 The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission HELP WANTED (MORPC) is seeking a relia CLERICAL/ ble, hardworking individual SECRETARIAL to fill the position of resi dential energy electric Job Searching baseload case manager. Stressing You Out? This is a part-time technical Let ACT-1 Staffing look for you! We have exciting opportunities in position working 20 hours reception, administrative and per week, which requires customer service. Call 841-2500 analysis of qualified cus today! tomers’ electric usage. This position will evaluate Announcements electric bills, meter applian ces, discuss lighting usage for the household, and ed ucate the customers on techniques to save energy. MORPC is an EOE/AAP employer. For detail infor mation on the position, vis it our website at www.morp or visit our office at: MORPC, 111 Liberty St, Suite 100, Columbus, OH 43215, Attn: CEE-7-11. For immediate consideration fax resume to 614-2334206. No phone calls.

Fleet Manager

ADOPTION- A loving alternative to unplanned pregnancy. You choose the family for your child. Receive pictures/info of waiting/ approved couples. Living expense assistance. 1-866-236-7638

Instruction Crete Carrier has an excep tional career opportunity in our Columbus, OH termi nal. Duties consist of daily supervision (no dispatch) of fleet of 200+ drivers and some office staff, man agement of daily equip ment productivity and re cruitment of drivers. Requirements include: ∂Bachelor’s Degree or AIRLINES ARE HIRINGequivalent experience Train for high paying Avia ∂People management/ hu - tion Maintenance Career. man resources experience FAA approved program. preferred Financial aid if qualified∂Strong verbal, written, in Housing available. CALL terpersonal and organiza - Aviation Institute of Mainte tional skills nance (877)818-0783 ∂Experience in a truck ALLIED HEALTH CAREER transportation environment TRAINING- Attend college a plus 100% online. Job place ment assistance. Comput Apply Online: er available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. EOE Call 800-481-9409 Attend College Online from Home. *Medical, *Business, *Paralegal, *Computers, *Criminal Justice. Job Foster Care placement assistance. Computer available. Recruiter Financial Aid if qualified. SAFY, a national private Call 800-488-0386 treatment foster care agen cy, is searching for a foster parent recruiter. Responsi Merchandise bilities include planning and implementing strat egies to recruit new foster families, including sales, marketing, and recruitment activities. Excellent writing and presentation skills re quired, along with a BA/BS (Master’s preferred) with experience in recruitment. SAFY offers an excellent benefits package. Visit our BEXLEY YARD SALE website at 950 Vernon Rd. for more Sat. 7/16, 8 am - 4 pm. information and to apply. Video games/acc., kids, EOE. HH, vintage beer cans, clothes, misc. DAYCARE PROVIDERS & PRESCHOOLS Apartment rental

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Bexley

July 14, 2011

Estate Sale. 50+ years worth of stuff!!! 4373 Chandler Dr. in Whitehall. July 15-16 from 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Lots of housewares, furni ture, collectibles, antiques, and holiday items.

Old Berwick Garage Sale 2616 Brookwood Rd. corner of Brookwood and Dover. Saturday All Day July 16th from 8am-6pm. B/B shoes, T-shirts, H/H items & some elec. items.

Woods of Olentangy Com munity Sale July 15&16 8am-1pm. Neighborhood sale in Lewis Center on Olenbrook, Holly Grove, Amber Wood, Meadow Ash, and Woodwind Drives. Furniture, baby items and more! Woods of Olentangy is located off of 23 and Lazelle Rd.

SINCE 1974

CHILDREN’S ACADEMY 100 Obetz Rd., Columbus, OH 43207 ST



Honest Gold Buyer 14KT. $19/GRAM 10 KT. $14/GRAM Broken ok. I come to you! Sterling Silver Cert. Scales P&L COIN & COLL. 614-404-9679 To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call

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100% Guaranteed Omaha Steaks - SAVE 64% on the Family Value Collection. NOW ONLY $49.99 Plus 3 FREE GIFTS & right-to-thedoor delivery in a reusable cooler, ORDER Today. 1888-543-7297 and mention code 45069SKS or www. DIRECTV DEALS! FREE Movie Channels for 3 mos - starting at $29.99 for 24 mos -210+ Channels+FREE DIRECTV CINEMA plus, Free Installa tion! Limited time only. New Cust only. 1-866-528-5002 promo code 34933 Local STD/HIV Testing Did you know you can have an STD and show no symptoms? Early detection and treatment can prevent permanent damage? Highest levels of privacy and discretion. Call 1-888-737-4941 DAYCARE PROVIDERS & PRESCHOOLS

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MANTIS TILLER. Buy DIRECT from Mantis and we‘ll include Border Edger attachment & kickstand! Lightweight, Powerful! Call for a FREE DVD and Information Kit 888-479-2028

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Pets & Livestock

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25 19



English Mastiff Pups AKC, champion lines, 2 year health guaranteed $700-$1000. VISA/MC. 740-343-3808

IN 4 COMMUNITIES OF YOUR CHOICE 5-line ad to grab shoppers’ attention

Maltese & Pootese pups. $700 & $600. www.hockinghillsmaltese. com Call 740-654-3323 or 740-503-2436.

Flat rate. Non-commercial advertisers only. Add lines or communities for a nominal charge.

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Sheltie For Sale. Small shetland sheepdog for sale, black, white and tan, 15 pounds, one yr old, great with kids and other pets, due to work sched ules needs to go ASAP, $250/OBO. michele10286

local call TOLL FREE (866) 790-4502

Must love sports. A lot. Read the 1812 Nut on and get all the central Ohio sports your pretty little head can handle.


"LET THE EXPERT DO IT" STEVE’S BASEMENT AND DRAIN TILE REPAIR Downspout Drain Lines Sump Pumps French Drains Basement Repair Waterproofing 34 Years Journeyman Pipe Filter FREE ESTIMATES! (614)352-1075

A JOB WELL DONE AGAIN Custom Carpentry/Repairs

614-235-1819 Not sure what to put in an ad? Ask one of our experts!

CHIMNEY REPAIR SPECIALISTS DM Thompson Masonry TUCKPOINTING, Liners Rebuilds, Sweeping Call 614-263-1272

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A Division of Benchmark Contractors

Not sure if you have damage... We offer a FREE, NO OBLIGATION inspection • Award winning Co. w/a large referral base • 15 Yr Workmanship Warranty • GAF Master Elite Installer • Licensed, BBB member, Insured, & Bonded • Insurance Repair Experts



HAHN’S ELECTRIC Quality work & materials at affordable prices. OH LIC 20240, Insured, 614-237-3524

Bobcat & Backhoe Service Free Estimates µ Footers Trenching µ Post holes Final grades µ Reseeding Good concr ete finish work! Call Gil: (740) 467-3939

Accurate Garage Doors Honest, dependable woman will do residential and commercial cleaning. 20 years experience. Call 614-772-1962 Need your business or house cleaned? What about your carpets & floors? Call 614-632-9500 or 614-207-2492

Hastings Construction CONCRETE WORK DRIVEWAYS 18X40, $3500 PATIOS 16 X 20, $1750 FREE ESTIMATES Lowest Price! No Deposit! Call Shawn 614-516-8398 www.hastings RONNIE (614)870-9228 GALLION CUSTOM CONCRETE LLC Decorative concrete, drives, patios, remove & repair. 30+ yrs exp.Lic/Ins. Member BBB. Reputation built on qual. www.gallion DAN FEW CONCRETE 38 Years in Central Ohio. Drives, Walks, Pole Bldg, BB courts. Lic/Bond/Ins. Call 614-575-8561

Reliable Seal Coating & Paving

Service call only $25 Broken spring? Problem with Openers? 24/7 Svc µ 614-888-8008 $10 Off Svc call w/ ad

Investigate before you in PAID IN ADVANCE! vest. Call the Ohio Division Make $1000 Weekly of Securities BEFORE pur Mailing Brochures from chasing an investment. Home. Income is guaran Call the Division’s Investor teed! No experience Protection Hotline at 800788-1194 to learn if the in - required. Enroll Today! vestment is properly regis - tered and if the seller is **2011 POSTAL JOBS!** properly licensed. (This no $14 to $59 hour + Full tice is a public service of Federal Benefits. No Expe ThisWeek Newspapers) rience Required. NOW HIR ING! Green Card OK. 1-866-477-4953 ext. 95


Publisher’s Notice

All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise "any preference, limitation or discrimina tion." Familial status inEarn up to $150 per day cludes children under the Flexible, Easy and Fun! Undercover Shoppers age of 18 living with pa$10 Business Start-Up! Needed to Judge Retail & rents or legal custodians, Call, Anita, Sr. Exec.,ISR Dining Establishments pregnant women and peo614-837-6883 Experience Not Required ple securing custody of 12 years Exp. Leading Call Now 1-877-737-7565 children under 18. This Others to Success! newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertisHelp Wanted!!! ing for real estate which is Lending Opportunities Make $1000 a Week in violation of the law. Our *******NOTICE******* processing our mail! readers are hereby inBorrow Smart. Contact the FREE Supplies! Helping formed that all dwellings Ohio Division of Financial advertised in this newspa- Home-Workers since 2001! Institutions’ Office of per are available on an Genuine Opportunity! No Consumer Affairs BEFORE experience required. equal opportunity basis. To you refinance your home Start Immediately! complain of discrimination or obtain a loan. BEWARE call HUD toll-free at 1-800- of requests for any large 669-9777. The toll-free teleadvance payment of fees HELP WANTED!!!!! phone number for the hearor insurance. Call the Over 5100 Companies ing impaired is 1-800-927-9275. Office of Consumer Affairs Hiring Now!! toll free at 1-866-278-0003 No experience required. to learn if the mortgage For more info, rush $4 & a broker or lender is properly self-addressed stamped licensed. (This is a public envelope to PMM Enterprise, P.O. Box 573, service announcement of Colmar, PA 18915 ThisWeek Newspapers.) REYNOLDSBURG AREA BRICK RANCH û û 4 BR, 3 BA û û Pool, fin bsmt, lrg kit, all Sign-ups • Leagues • Clinics • Camps appl incl, new rf/hting/AC, Clbs Schls. 614-314-2195 or 915-6396 appt only


Sports Shorts

ThisWeek’s Sports Shorts is your COMMUNITY MVP! $389/mo. 1 BR $499/mo. 2 BR

Guarantee placement of your event in the sports section by calling Paul Krupa (740) 888-5000 (local call)

REYNOLDSBURG SCHLS Ê$150 Sign-on bonus

È 614-868-8650 East Cols -Apartment for Rent. 2BR, 1BA, On Busline, Completely re model., Off St. Prkg, Beau tiful just refinished HW flrs. New kitch. cab./fixtures & new bathrm fixtures, New Ceramic Tile $200 deposit, $460 mo. 937-536-9256

EXPIRES 8/31/11 ReferenceCode: HandymanTW

Insured • Licensed

ûRepairs Unlimited û Plumbing, Electric, Paint, Kitchens, Baths, Flooring, Basements and More Call Greg (614) 296-4232

BUDGET PRO Cleanups, Mulching, Pruning, Shrub Removal, Pavers, Retaining Walls All landscaping needs. 614-237-4187 "CLASSIC LANDSCAPES " Spring Clean Up, Pruning, Mulch, Paver Brick Patios /Walkways, Design/Install, FREE EST,614-332-1498

Aaron Allen Moving Owned by Military Veteran Bonded & Insured PUCO #158-044-HG (614) 299-6683 & 263-0649

Paige Gutters/ Drains $10 off with ad 5% Senior Discount Seamless Gutters: Installed, screened, Cleaned

Underground Drains: Snaked, Repaired, Replaced

5542019 AFFORDABLE HAULING Trash, Brush, Junk Dumpsters Available Call today! Haul 2 -Day! 614-471-6444 John’s Dumpster Hauling Best Rates in Town Trash Outs & Dumpster Rental Avail. Cash Special È 614-774-0302

Driveway and Parking lot maintenance-


Call 740-361-9919

Basement finishing, Bathroom remolding, All Drywall needs & Painting Call Shane: (614)735-3173

Drywall & Plaster Repair Textured Ceilings. Affordable Prices. Call 614-551-6963. ûûûûûûûûûûûûû


Make Up To $2,000.00+ Per Week! New Credit Card Ready Drink-Snack Vending Machines. Mini mum $3K to $30K+ Invest ment Required. Locations Available. BBB Accredited Business. (800) 962-9189



CARPET 3 ROOMS $599 INSTALLED For details 614-365-9603

Real Estate

ACTORS/MOVIE EXTRAS Needed Immediately for upcoming roles $150-$300 per day depending on job requirements. No experi ence, All looks needed. 1-800-951-3584 A-105. For casting times /locations:

25 OFF

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Advantage Paving New or recap blacktop, Driveways, parking lots, save your drive & seal it. free est. Call 614-832-6700

SE: One Month Free Rent ! Minutes from Downtown on the Southeast side of Columbus, 2BR TH, hdwd floors, washer/dryer hkup. $510/mo for rent, water, sewer & trash. Deposit as low as $100. 1220 Lockhurst Rd, Colum bus 43207. 614-395-3401

Page B7


CALL ME FIRST! 7 days a week. CASH for your CARS $250-1000!!! Running or Not. Pay top $DOLLAR$ 614-778-5660

REPTILE SALE & SHOW Buy, Sell, Trade. Sat. July 16, 9am - 3pm Moose Lodge #11 1500 Demorest Rd, Cols, 43228 614-459-4261, 614-457-4433

PROFLOWERS. Send Flowers for Every Occa sion! Anniversary, Birth day, Just Because. Start ing at just $19.99. Go to w to receive an extra 20% off your order or Call 1-866-684-6172 READERS & MUSIC LOVERS. 100 Greatest Novels (audio books) ONLY $99.00 (plus s h.) Includes MP3 Player & Accessories. BONUS: 50 Classical Music Works & Money Back Guarantee. Call Today! 1-888-799-3451

BOB TEAGUE Ceiling fans, Electrical, Phone & Cable Jacks, 30+Yrs., 614-478-2100

CHUCK CONKLE DECORATIVE PAINTING Interior & Exterior Painting Wallpaper Removal Plaster & Drywall Repair Wall Coverings High Pressure Cleaning Complete Deck Refinishing Since 1984 Insured µ Free Estimates

614-239-6671 CUSTOM COLORS 4-YEAR WARRANTY FREE Gutter Cleaning & Powerwash with an Exterior Contract. Angie’s List , BBB,

614-394-4499 A Budget Priced Company with Professional Quality. BUDGET PRO SIGN-UP today & get a FREE POWERWASH w/whole house paint job. Ins/Free Est, 614-237-4187 A Job Well Done Again Painting, Powerwashing, Stucco & Drywall Repair, Gutter Cleaning, Carpentry. Need some thing done? Just ask! (614) 235-1819 Call Today! To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call (740) 888-5003 (local call) BBB & Angie’s List Approved

MAKE YOUR HOUSE LOOK NEW & SAVE $$$ CP QUALITY PAINTING Quality Int/Ext Painting at an affordable price. Call Paul, 614-426-3555 " FREE ESTIMATES "

24-Hour Emergency Service

BENCHMARK ROOFING Roofing, Siding, Gutters FREE INSPECTIONS Licensed, Insured, Bonded


PRECISION 1 Serving Central Ohio Since 1986! Exterior trim, stucco, siding, paint, power wash ing & deck restoration. 614-833-6000 BOSS MAN’S PAINTING BWC - Insured - 30 Yrs Exp Interior/Exterior Painting Powerwashing, Decks FREE EST, 614-483-6268

Alexander Hauling Topsoil, Mulch, Limestone Gravel, Sand, Comtil Spreading Available Bobcat Services & Patio Excavations-(614)491-5460 PRECISION 1 Roofing, Siding, Gutters, Windows, Insulation. www.precision1home 614-578-3026 HUGHES Roofing/Siding/Gutters Lic.-bonded-insured. BBB. Serving Central Oh for 30 yrs. 614-882-0811

All In One Plumbing "One Call Does It ALL" $25 off labor with ad CC Accepted (614)801-1508

MATHEW’S TREE SERVICE ∂ Tree removal ∂ Stump grinding ∂ Topping Call: 614-704-2181

A-Accurate Tree FREE EST. Insured

614-261-7190 Rich’s Tree 65’ Bucket Srv. Stump removal, Lic. & Ins. Free Estimates Call: 614-394-2367

BIG TYPE Makes you look twice!



Handley Plumbing Snake Drains, Outdoor Spigots, Downspouts 614-622-7352, 876-9681

Clean, Oil, Adjust $29.95 Repair/Service, Guarant’d 614-890-7362

Madison Plumbing Licensed & Insured ûFree Ests. û Call Today! Karl (614) 313-7806

BUDGET PRO Budget Priced, Prof Quality $139-1 sty, $239-2 sty, 614-237-4187

Stucco Repair Specialist Free Est, Prompt Service Call Rob: (614)-436-8364 Visit our website: AllSeasonsWallSystems

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Classifieds sell (740) 888-5003 (local call)

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250 OFF





OH LIC 24238

Roofing • Room Addition

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Bexley

Page B8

July 14, 2011

THOUSANDS OF HOMES AT ONE ADDRESS: BEXLEY OFFICE (614) 239-0808 “Bexley is a special place to live!” SO


Stately stone & stucco 2.5 sty w/slate roof-5 BR, 6.2 ba-approx 5483 sq ft incl fin 3rd flr-architectural integrity throughout-Lg proportion rms-Library, den & lg fam rm-30’ fam rm overlooking patio & poolAbundant natural light. $1,085,000..


Beautiful Architectural Detail 2441 Bexley Park Rd.

English Tudor! 2547 Bexley Park Rd.





Renovation with Perfection! 2355 Bryden Rd.

Charm of German Village w/Handsome Updates! 2334 Sherwood Rd.


$465,000 IN



Street presence!Stately brick&stucco 2.5 sty w/slate roof-2 sty add by John Behal-5 BR,3.5ba-approx.4637 sq ft incl fin 3rd fl-new kit 03 w/gran cntrtops & island-new bkfst rm 03-new fam rm add 03-new lib/office add 03 $775,000.

Charming, Quaint and Close to the Buzz on Main St.! 492 S. Drexel

North Bexley Ranch! 496 N. Drexel Ave.





Mike Carruthers

View these homes and more at 74 Properties Sold in 2010/2011 6 Properties Currently in Contract

Top Selling, Listing and Closing Team in Bexley

Mary Kay Calhoun, CRS, GRI Charter Member Columbus Board of Realtors, Lifetime Achievement Award



Craig Tuckerman Built in 1993! 2575 E. Broad St.

Stone Central Bexley Ranch 46 S. Roosevelt Ave.






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The Most Amazing Lot in Central Bexley! 2834 Powell Ave.

South Bexley Gem 1010 Vernon Rd.



South Bexley Value! 1045 S. Remington Rd.

Sweet Home Waiting for You! 831 Chelsea Ave.



Doll House! 2650 E. Livingston Ave.

Trouville Value! 5779 Bastille Pl.



NEW LISTING! Darling Cape with 3 bedrooms Close to OSU & Riverside! 2 bed, 1 ½ bath Quality built ranch with nearly 2,000 SF! on bus line. New kitchen, siding, carpet, paint, condo with basement, garage & private patio. 2 ½ bath, lg basement & 1st floor laundry updated bath. Great patio. $80’s. $110,000. $124,900.

Gahanna brick & stucco 3 bedroom, 3 bath Just sold! Fabulous R&H 4 bedroom home on Just closed! Executive home with over 5,600 SF ranch with 1st flr laundry, lg family rm, the golf course in New Albany Links. 6955 in Fenway. 4 bedrooms, 3 ½ baths at $675,000. screened porch & 2-car heated garage. $150’s. Kindler Dr. @ $343,000.




Cute as could be Cape! Nicely updated kit & BA. Newer windows, roof & doors. Beautiful hardwood flrs throughout w/ceramic tile in kit. $141,000.



2825 ELM





Elegant & classic contemporary ranch w/ excellent street presence! Prof updated eat-in kit opens to fam rm w/FPL, inviting scr porch & formal din rm. $199,000.




Classic, charming & neutral w/sunny Kit/Fam Rm addn. XLarge eat-in Kit w/new SS appl, island & great storage. Desirable 1st fl home office. $209,000.




Excellent Central Bexley location among Charming Central Eastmoor home w/rare 1st homes of greater value! Classic center hall flr flr BR w/full BA that can also be used as a plan w/formal liv & din rms. $344,000. study. Lg liv rm/din rm combination + fam rm & mudroom next to kit. $204,000.




Classic architecture & prime N. Bexley location! Elegant home w/welcoming center hall flr plan. Handsome living, dining & fam rms,warm cook’s kitchen. $669,000.

Jan Kanas

Arts & Crafts Ranch! 12 137 N. Chesterfield Rd. pending


Gahanna Value! 161 Scottsbury Ct.


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2770 BRYDEN GREAT BUY! $315,000

Rose Copp Jackie Groom Direct 324-4308 Direct 324-4314 Office 239-0808


BEAUTIFUL! $147,500


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