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May 19, 2011

Budget discussion

District to parents: Get involved in talks By JENNIFER NOBLIT ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Coffman High School hosted a packed house last week as Dublin City Schools officials and local legislators met to discuss state funding. The message from Superintendent David Axner and treasurer Stephen Osborne to the parents and community members gathered was clear: Get involved

and contact your local legislator about the budget. The district held the May 11 meeting to educate residents on how the state budget could affect funding Stephen for Dublin City Osborne Schools. Local legislators also were invited to give their take

on the two-year state budget (see relatMay told the crowd. ed story below). House Bill 66 was The major problem the district has with approved in 2005 and the budget that recently was passed by called for the elimithe Ohio House of Representatives and nation of the TPPT, moved on to the Ohio Senate was the which taxes businesssudden loss in tangible-personal-propes on inventory and erty-tax reimbursements. equipment. School Lynn May “As recently as 10 years ago, local districts were to be businesses contributed 40 percent of our held harmless by the state through 2013, revenue,” school board president Lynn with the reimbursements slowly phased

out by 2020. The two-year state budget proposed by Gov. John Kasich, however, starts the phase-out next year. The Dublin school district receives $10 million annually in TPPT reimbursements, accounting for about 8 percent of its total revenue, Osborne said. The district initially expected to lose See DISTRICT, page A2

Legislators weigh in on budget, effect on schools By JENNIFER NOBLIT ThisWeek Community Newspapers

By Adam Cairns/ThisWeek

Not unlike the residents they represent, local legislators hold various opinions on the proposed two-year state budget and its possible effects on Dublin City Schools. During the May 11 public forum at Coffman High School, state representatives and senators discussed the budget that is set to cut $13.7 million in state funding to Dublin City Schools. The cut would be spread over the next two years; the district expects to lose $6.1 million next year and $7.6 million in 2013.

According to its five-year forecast, the district was expected to take in $162 million for the 201112 fiscal year and $164 million in the following year. Expenditures were set at $172 million for the next fiscal year and $182 for 2012-13. Superintendent David Axner has said the state funding cuts could mean larger class sizes and a reduction in David Axner programs. Before the legislators spoke, See LEGISLATORS, page A2

Artist Andrea Myers and her husband, Adam Roelle, install her riverbox titled, “Fissures and Fractures,” inside Homestead Park on May 16. With this and two other other installations, there are now 10 riverboxes in the Dublin Art Council’s public-art Ripple Effect program. Myer’s riverbox is the first to be installed away from the Scioto River, but it sits near a body of water that flows into Hayden Run, which empties into the Scioto.

Mixed-use historic development Three works added to Riverbox collection seeks council input By JENNIFER NOBLIT

ThisWeek Community Newspapers

With more than 6,000 visits logged to riverboxes around Dublin last year, three more will be unveiled this weekend. The Dublin Arts Council has added three public art pieces to its collection of riverboxes that take visitors on a tour of Dublin’s parks through letterboxing or geocaching. The riverbox project began in 2007 as part of the DAC’s “Ripple Effect: Artistic Impact of the Scioto River” and makes participants use maps or GPS coordinates along with clues to find riverboxes placed in Dublin’s riverfront parks. The three added to the DAC’s collection, however, have to do with tributaries to the Scioto River in Washington Township parks.

About the riverboxes

By JENNIFER NOBLIT ThisWeek Community Newspapers

The Dublin Arts Council commissioned innovative and environmentally sensitive artists in 2007 to create riverboxes, public artworks that contain a unique, artistmade stamp, journal and information for Dublin residents and visitors to discover in parks along the banks of the Scioto River, according to the DAC’s website. The selected artists created their riverboxes in response to artistic, environmental and historical information provided about the six river access sites in Dublin.

The new riverboxes were placed in Homestead and Kaltenbach parks. According to DAC executive director David Guion, the parks both have tributaries that feed into the Scioto River via Hayden Run Falls. Janet Cooper, the DAC’s marketing and

public-relations manager, said the three additions mean 10 riverboxes have been placed around Dublin and Washington Township for hunting. One of the riverboxes placed earlier this See THREE WORKS, page A7

The mixed-used development as proposed has 22,830 square feet of office space, 5,680 square feet of retail, 6,000 square feet of restaurant space with a 1,500square-foot patio, 31 residential condominiums and 126 parking spaces. A three-story building with space for a restaurant, office, retail and residential is planned for the southern three parcels between Bridge Street and Wing Hill. The building would be connected to a four-story building between Wing Hill and North Street and would

A mixed-used development proposed to span six parcels along North Riverview Street in Historic Dublin drew excitement and concern from city council members. A concept plan for the Riverview development that includes retail, office, commercial and residential space in two buildings went before council last week to gauge opinion. The concept plan has gone before the architectural review board and the planning and zoning commission for preliminary review. See COUNCIL INPUT, page A2

Clean diesel test gets state attention By JENNIFER NOBLIT ThisWeek Community Newspapers

By Jennifer Noblit/ThisWeek

Pete Hamer, of High Performance Clean Diesel creator EcoChem, shows a comparison of fuel emissions from Dublin City School buses.

A month into testing a new environmentfriendly fuel, Dublin has seen favorable results. Through a partnership with Washington Township, Dublin City Schools and central Ohio farmers co-op Marion Oil, Dublin is testing a highperformance clean diesel fuel that claims to boost mileage and decrease emissions. The city last week invited Ohio Environmental Protection Agency director Scott Nally and others to check out the testing of the fuel created by Dublin Entrepreneurial Center business EcoChem Alternative Fuels. EcoChem approached Dublin about a year ago regarding testing the fuel on the city’s fleet, said Michelle Crandall, Dublin’s director of administrative services. Dublin will use it in city

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The Bogey is back

By Chris Parker/ThisWeek

Executive chef Chris Hamilton, operations manager Greg Bertison and general manager Chris Parker stand in the newly remodel bar of The Bogey Bar and Grill. The Bogey has slated its grand opening for June 13 but will be open for the Memorial Tournament. See story, page A3.


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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

Page A2

May 19, 2011

District to parents: Get involved in budget talks Continued from page A1 $14.5 million over the course of the twoyear state budget, but amendments approved in the House of Representatives have reduced that figure to $13.7 million. According to Osborne, the district will lose $6.1 million next year and $7.6 million in 2013. Those reductions include a loss in foundation funding, which accounts for 9 percent of the district’s revenue. According to Osborne, the district received $13 million in foundation fund-

ing this year and anticipated $11.8 million next year. Osborne said the district had anticipated a 10-percent cut in foundation funding but instead received an 18-percent cut. “To see over 400 school districts in the state see an increase in state funding while we get an 18-percent decrease is just wrong to me,” he said. Some districts are seeing an increase in foundation funding in the state budget. The approach, dubbed by some leg-

islators as a “Robin Hood budget,” decreases state foundation funding to higher-wealth districts and gives it to lowperforming, low-wealth districts. “We were bracing for what was coming. We knew it was a $6-, $7-, $8 billion funding gap,” Axner said. “When we looked at about 400 districts, they’re getting more money. … Maybe our hit has to be a little bigger, but why are some districts getting more?” With 90 percent of the district’s expenditures spent on staff, Axner said,

class sizes will increase and services will be reduced with the state cuts. “Across the board, we’ll be very challenged to keep all those on track,” he said. According to Osborne, the district would need a levy of more than 4 mills to make up for the loss in state funding. The district does not plan to ask voters to make up for the loss with a levy issue, though. Axner said the district would not begin collecting for a new levy until 2013, but discussion on whether to ask voters for

a new operating levy in 2011 or 2012 currently is in the works. Regardless, Axner said, Dublin City Schools “will continue to be one of the best districts in Ohio” and will continue to “work as hard as we can.” Axner asked community members in attendance to contact local legislators to let them know their opinions of the budget. “Let’s lock arms in Dublin and get this done,” he said, “and get some of this funding back for our district.”

Legislators weigh in on budget, effect on schools COUNCIL INPUT not going to raise taxes.” Jordan acknowledged that the budget takes a “Robin Hood” approach to school funding and said it should be stopped. “We’ve got to stop at the state level awarding failure,” he said. “We’ve got to stop punishing people who do the right thing. … It’s irresponsible to reward failures. We’re going to continue working on that.” State Sen. Karen Gillmor (RTiffin) said a meeting with the principal and a few teachers at Jerome High School showed her that educators are frustrated and worried that a cut in funding could undo hard work and high performance among students. “We pay for 89 percent of the funding for 14,000 students (at Dublin City Schools),” she said. “If we pay 100 percent, we might as well call it Dublin Academy and make it a private school.” The budget has passed through the Ohio House and is in the Senate. Gillmor said she wants to find ways to get Dublin more funding. People in the school district have saved and sacrificed to live there, she said, and teachers have worked hard. State Sen. Jim Hughes (R-Columbus) said he wants to work to increase funding for high-performing schools Jim Hughes like Dublin. “I have met with (Superintendent) David Axner and (treasurer) Stephen Osborne more than five times on this issue,” he said. “We’re looking at trying to find

funds to help you out of this. … It is important to reward those that succeed.” Hughes also mentioned federal American Recovery & Reinvestment Act money the Dublin school district has not yet claimed. According to Osborne, the district received a little more than $700,000 from President Barack Obama’s Education Jobs Fund, and it may be used this year or next. “We’re waiting to spend that until next year,” he told ThisWeek. The district will use the money to help cover some of the loss in state funds, he said. After the Senate committees are finished with the budget, it will be sent to the Senate for a vote and then back to the House for concurrence. If the House of Representatives does not concur, it will go to a joint Senate and House committee before it is passed to the governor. The state budget must be approved by June 30. The state’s new fiscal year begins July 1.

of office space on the southern building could be eliminated. Council member Cathy Boring said she was “not enamored” with the proposed architecture, and Mayor Tim Lecklider agreed. “In my view, I would have the architecture complement the river more than BriHi Square,” he said. Some feedback was positive. “I love the project,” Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher said. “It’s exactly what I would have anticipated years ago when these homes were bought up.” “I think it will be a pretty neat project,” council member John Reiner said, adding that his primary concerns were over parking and the development’s height. With preliminary comments from the ARB, P&Z and council, the next step for the development will be to submit a rezoning and preliminary plan.

Continued from page A1 host only residential space. Council members’ concerns were similar to those of other boards. With only one- and two-story buildings around the historic district, council members expressed concern about the scale of the proposed mixed-use development. “The view is kind of disturbing,” Michael Keenan said of a scale drawing. “I have concern with height, parking and the scale of the buildings,” vice mayor Amy Salay said. Council member Richard Gerber said he was concerned about parking. The development is planning 74 public spaces and 52 private spaces, but the city requires 358. Gerry Bird, developer representative, said angled parking could add up to 140 spaces along Blacksmith Lane and the top floor


Sawmill Rd.

school board president Lynn May reminded the large crowd of parents, educators and community members in attendance that the $13.7 million cut expected over the next two years wouldn’t come from local school levies but instead from state funds. “The state expects us to make up for the money with local funding,” she said. State Rep. Mike Duffey (R-Worthington) spoke first, saying the state is in a difficult position as it tries to fill Mike Duffey an $8 billion hole in the budget. “If cuts were made in the past, we wouldn’t be in this position now,” the freshman representative said. “The only other option is a statewide tax increase. … It’s in your best interest not to have a statewide tax increase. It’s easier for you to raise taxes here. Money taken by the state will not come back.” According to Duffey, the Dublin school district is in the fifth-best position in Franklin County to address the state funding cuts because it could cover the lost revenue more easily via a levy. “There is no good solution,” he said, reminding the crowd that Dublin is in a better position than many other districts in the state. Freshman state Rep. Andrew Brenner (R-Powell) was stuck in an education committee meeting and sent legislative aide Josh Brown in his stead. Brown said Brenner is against

raising taxes but was “not happy” with the budget. “He did not think good schools should have to take this,” Brown said. Citing Senate Bill 5, which limits union bargaining as a tool to help the district save money, Brown said Brenner would work to “reverse the Robin Hood budget.” Rep. John Patrick Carney (D-Clintonville) received applause for his “no” vote on the budget and his idea of putJohn Patrick ting excess Carney money the state receives into education. “We’re getting more tax revenue than we thought,” he said. “I suggest that all those dollars should be given back to local schools.” With a shortfall in the state budget, Carney said, he understands difficult decisions must be made, but funding should go to K-12 education, which he considers economic development. “We’re selling off a lot of assets of the state,” Carney said, citing Gov. John Kasich’s plan to sell five prisons and the state liquor agency. “If we’re going to sell that off, shouldn’t we give the money to what we know works?” For freshman state Sen. Kris Jordan (R-Powell), the proposed budget is challenging. “This year Kris Jordan may be painful for some,” he said. “It may not be what everyone wants to hear, but we need an adult budget. We’re

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

May 19, 2011

Page A3

Bogey returns with new look, management By JENNIFER NOBLIT ThisWeek Community Newspapers

The Bogey will be back in time for the Memorial Tournament. The Bogey Bar and Grill has slated its grand opening for June 13 but plans to be open for the Memorial Tournament (May 30 to June 5). Its new owners hope to “wow” patrons with its new look. “My husband (Jeff) is from Dublin,” owner Tressa Parenteau said. “He went to Dublin Coffman High School. He always had a memory of this place, just like everyone else. He also has a passion for renovation and saw potential for his construction company to do something here.” The result is a higher ceiling in the bar, with lots of stucco and stone throughout the restaurant. “We still want the Bogey feel, but we’ve definitely renovated it and cleaned it up,” Parenteau said. The Parenteaus also brought in locals to help run the new Bogey. They recruited Chris Parker, who has worked at Brazenhead and Matt the Millers as general manager, and former Smith & Wollensky executive chef Chris Hamilton. “Because we are here in Dublin and Muirfield, we wanted to give (the Bogey) a neighborly feel,” Parenteau said. “That’s why we got Chris Parker. We wanted it to be somewhere that knows its customers, what they drink and eat.” The menu still will feature bar food, but Hamilton will add some entrees to the mix and serve seasonal fare. “We have homemade pizzas, no frozen dough,” Parenteau said. “We have sweet-potato fries, made in house.” Construction was ongoing last week, but the restaurant plans to be open when crowds gather at Muirfield for the Memorial Tournament. Parenteau said they used the experience of a former Bogey owner to help organize festivi-

ties at the restaurant. “We’ll do everything the same way for the tournament,” she said. The restaurant is offering VIP packages at the Bogey house, which sits on the 12th hole. Packages include parking, food, drinks, restrooms and other amenities. “It’s on the championship hole. You can see where they tee off,” Parenteau said. “You can watch it from start to finish.” The restaurant began hosting volleyball leagues on the patio last week and sees about 500 players a week. The restaurant wasn’t quite finished, but they were able to offer players a small menu and drinks. Operations manager and chief performance officer Greg Bertison said people often wander in, asking if the Bogey is open. “It’s encouraging. Every day people stop by,” he said. “They embrace this as part of the community.” Parenteau said the restaurant in turn plans to embrace the community by getting involved in charity work. A fundraiser for Pelatonia is planned, along with a few other events, she said. “Jeff grew up here, and when he heard this place was on the market, he started to call and call,” she said. “He was very persistent and passionate to see what we can do with this place.” After conducting employee interviews, Parker said, nearly everyone had a story about visiting the Bogey. “I was pleasantly surprised during a lot of the interviews,” he said. “So many people had been here with their family. They were brought here as kids. When they told their parents they were coming here, they were excited and wanted to hear all about it. … It’s impressive to see how many people have fond memories of this place.” Parenteau said they hope to make many new memories for customers and will offer live music, Family Fun Sundays and other events around Halloween and New Year’s.

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Leadership Dublin will hold its first golf challenge June 21 at Tartan Fields Golf Course. The golf event is open to Dublin residents and to alumni of the nine-month Leadership Dublin program that teaches leadership skills and ways to make positive changes in the community. Registration for the golf challenge will begin at 11 a.m., with


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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

Page A4

May 19, 2011

Commentary & opinion

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Community collaboration is invaluable in promoting Dublin Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Mr. Ford’s recipe for success isn’t applicable just to the automotive industry. Collaboration is critically important to the success of any organization, as we at the Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau have discovered through longtime partnerships with local organizations that have helped us to leverage marketing dollars, draw visitors to town and generate millions of dollars in revenue for the city. The CVB has no greater partner than the city of Dublin. Although the bureau is a separate nonprofit organization and is not affiliated with the city, we are always looking for opportunities to collaborate and maximize each other’s efforts. There are many examples of how the city and the bureau work collaboratively together — from creating marketing materials to sell the city of Dublin to attending trade shows to secure large conferences and conventions to Dublin. Combining marketing dollars enables us to advertise in a wide variety of publications. Another great benefit of our partnership with the city is our ability to attract events to the city, generating millions of dollars to the local economy. Past examples of these types of events include the Can-Am Police Fire Games, the U.S. Checkers Championship, the Ohio Conference on Tourism and many others. Presently, Dublin is a finalist to host the 2012 U.S. Australian Rules Football Na-

tional Championship. The event would attract visitors from across the world and generate an estimated $900,000 economic impact. The selection committee will tour Dublin this week, and both the city and bureau will work together to showcase all SCOTT of the great assets of our city. The bureau not only works DRING closely with the city of Dublin to maximize its efforts but also collaborates with other community organizations. Some of these organizations include Dublin City Schools, Washington Township, Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Dublin Arts Council and others. We also work closely with the Historic Dublin Business Association to promote the great offerings in the BriHi District in Historic Dublin for our visitors. We help promote events like Slainte Thursdays, speak at employee training sessions and provide support in their marketing efforts. We encourage local organizations with visitorfriendly events to contact us to help promote these activities through our social-media efforts. As always, we would love to hear your feedback on this. “Like” us on Facebook ( Dublincvb) and tell us what you think.


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lution, he enlisted with several relatives in the “Eighth C o m p a n y, Fourth Battalion of Associators and Militia of Cumberland ED County, PennLENTZ sylvania” on July 31, 1777. On May 14, 1778, he was commissioned a captain after serving through the long winter at Valley Forge. In March 1779, David returned to his home and soon married Margaret Logan, a widow with two young sons. In addition to raising the two boys, David and Margaret had seven children of their own. The Nelsons lived in central Pennsylvania until 1798, when they decided to move west to the new and inexpensive lands in Ohio. A grandchild later wrote a description of David Nelson in those years. “He was generous but stern, with a strict sense of duty and very strong in his prejudices. He was a very handsome man, abovemedium height, a fine person, regular features, black curly hair, very dark brown, almost black eyes.” His wife, Margaret, once was

described as “the prettiest woman in the Lost Creek Valley” of Pennsylvania. “She had dark-brown hair, hazel eyes, regular features, fine complexion and was of a mild and kindly disposition.” Like many other people of their generation, the Nelsons came to believe that a better life awaited them in the new lands north and west of the Ohio River. They moved first to Chillicothe and lived there while David and his oldest son, Robert, looked for a new home in central Ohio. They found it along Alum Creek in what then was called the Refugee Tract. Set aside for people from Nova Scotia who had lost land because of their loyalty to the American Revolution, the tract began at the Scioto River and ran east between what is now Fifth Avenue and Refugee Road. After the claims of the refugees were settled, the balance of the tract was made available in open sale. David Nelson and his family acquired some of it. Arriving in central Ohio in 1800, the Nelsons built a log house that would serve as the family home for two decades. See AS IT WERE, page A6


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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

May 19, 2011

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

Page A6

May 19, 2011

Clean diesel test gets state attention Continued from page A1 fleet vehicles, and Washington Township is using it in fire trucks, but testing is going on with Dublin school buses. “The buses have consistent routes, which is good for testing,� city manager Marsha Grigsby said. Mike Long, an independent consultant performing the fuel study, said 12 buses began using an ultralow-sulfur diesel fuel in March for baseline testing. On April 12, nine buses began using the high-performance clean diesel, with the remaining buses sticking to the low-sulfur diesel. “If the fuel is working as claimed, we’ll see an increase in hydrocarbons� during the beginning cleansing period, Long said, and they did.“All but one bus showed a decrease in (nitrogen oxides).� As for mileage, Long said, test-

ing showed a “statistically significant increase.� The buses saw an average increase of 16 percent in mileage. “We’re seeing improvements in miles per gallon and a reduction in emissions,� said the EcoChem CEO and chairman, Josh Koch. “We’re able to deliver this technology to where it’s economically viable.� Along with a decrease in the city’s carbon footprint, Crandall said, the fuel could offer savings. “If we realize a 10-percent increase in fuel efficiency, we’ll see $135,000 to $150,000 per year in savings,� she said. The Dublin school district purchases diesel from the city, Crandall said, and the district could see an annual savings of $100,000 with the clean diesel. Nally applauded Dublin for organizing the partnership and testing a fuel that could help the state

reduce emissions and meet new air-quality standards. “This is a prime example of how business and environment can go hand in hand,� he said during the May 11 demonstration. “This is exciting. It’s something positive, and it has a positive bottom line. We need to encourage more of this across the state.� The study is not finished, though. The 12 Dublin school buses will continue with the testing until school ends late this month. An analysis of the fuel test should be available next month. District business administrator Annette Morud said she hasn’t seen results of the tests yet, but after analysis, the district will discuss using the fuel. Grigsby said the city has a yearlong contract to use the fuel and will use it on heavy fleet vehicles, such as snowplows and dump trucks.

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At New Uses Only $50 described the importance of religion in their lives: “We have had an uncommon cold winter and a cold, wet spring. The fruit is nearly all killed, and the cornfields in many places will have to be planted over. There has been a revival of religion this winter, more than I have ever known, in Columbus, Chillicothe and different places. A number have been added to the church, both old and young. “The Presbyterian Meeting House was finished in the winter, when the roads were good for sleighing and the house was dedicated and the sacrament held the same week. There were four or five ministers in town, and one stayed six or eight weeks, visiting from house to house, having a sermon or prayer meeting at night and Bible classes.� The Nelsons lived in one of the first suburbs of the new capital city of Ohio for a number of years until the death of David Nelson in 1829. His wife, Margaret, died two years later in 1831. At the corner of Clifton Avenue and Nelson Road, a small sign remembers the Nelson mill and the frontier community that once was around it. And just up the road on the left — within sight of the sign -— still stands the red-brick house of the Nelsons of Nelson Road.

Margaret Nelson wrote to her son by a former marriage in 1801: “Our new cabin is dry, and we have plenty of room, and no matter what the weather, the chimney does not smoke. My two ewes and three lambs had 10 pounds of clean, picked wool, which we are beginning to feel the need of. Last year, we had 50 yards of linen out of our hemp. We have lost two milch cows and one heifer. They are dead before we know they are sick. We have four milch cows and two heifers yet, without going in debt for them. The families along the creek have been tolerably healthy, except Mr. Turner. He had the fever and ague and Mr. Hamilton and some of the children, too. I have had my health this season as well as ever I had.� In 1819, David Nelson built a large brick house along the road that later would bear his name. Strong in their religious faith, they were early supporters of the first Presbyterian Church founded in the area by the Rev. James Hoge. For many years, the family traveled along a mud path through the forest to the church, first in Franklinton and then in the new village of Columbus. The path later became Broad Street. A later letter from Margaret Nelson to her son Ed Lentz writes a history column for ThisWeek.


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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

May 19, 2011

Three works added to Riverbox collection

Page A7

R es t ge aurant, M artini Bistro Loun

Continued from page A1 week in Homestead Park was inspired by slate. Artist Andrea Myers, a Columbus native, said that after visiting the park, she wanted to do some kind of rock formation one might find around the pond in the park. “I started doing research on different rock formations around Ohio,” she said. The research led her to slate rock, which is abundant in Ohio. Slate rock also has layers that often are utilized in Myers’ work. “I’m very in line with that idea,” she said. The artwork hidden in Homestead Park, called “Fissures and Fractures,” is the first outdoor piece for Myers. “I had to use creative problem-solving, how to make something weatherproof,” she said. The public-art aspect also added another challenge to the creative process. “I was trying to make sure it’s as durable and interactive as possible. Most of my pieces are made to be in a gallery, where they’re not touched,” she said. The artist, who teaches at CCAD, currently has some work on display at the McCormick


By Adam Cairns/ThisWeek

Artist Andrea Myers installs her riverbox titled, “Fissures and Fractures” inside Homestead Park on May 16.

Gallery in Chicago and is represented by the Steven Zevitas Gallery in Boston. For this art, she had to make it “OK to be touched” so people who find the riverbox could open it and find the stamp and journal used in the riverbox search. Other artists who crafted riverboxes are Cleveland-based Giancarlo Calicchia and Hartville-based artist Katlin Rothacher. All three artists will be on hand from 10 a.m. to noon May 21 at Homestead Park’s Lakeside Pavilion, 4675 Cosgray Road, Hilliard, as the new riverboxes are unveiled.

The reception is free and open to the public. Cooper said potato ink stamps and paper-bag journals to use in the riverbox hunt would be crafted during the artist reception May 21. For more information on the public artworks or to find clues to the locations of the new riverboxes or any others at Dublin-area parks, visit Brochures with clues also will be distributed at the artist reception. The new riverboxes were funded through a grant from Washington Township.

In brief Grant supplies food pantry with equipment The Dublin Food Pantry received a new refrigerator from a class of Ohio State University at Marion and Columbus State Community College students at the CSCC Delaware campus. Students in an English course learned about service by awarding two grants to organizations. Students learned about three nonprofit organizations and their needs. After learning about the Dublin Food Pantry, the class decided to use $2,300 in “Pay It Forward” grant funds to purchase a commercial-grade refrigerator. The students also raised $700 for the $3,000 refrigerator. “This new commercial-grade


refrigerator provides the pantry with an energy-efficient way to provide more fresh and nutritious food options and offers clients the ability to make healthy choices more efficiently,” Dublin Food Pantry executive director Linda Fisher said in a press release.

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

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May 19, 2011

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

May 19, 2011

Page B1

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Track & Field

Coffman, Scioto girls win OCC titles By FRANK DiRENNA ThisWeek Community Newspapers The Dublin Coffman and Dublin Scioto high school girls track and field teams turned in dominating performances in winning their respective OCC championships in league meets held May 12 and 14. Both teams are hoping for similar success in Division I district meets this week. Scioto won the OCC-Cardinal Division title at Pickerington North, scoring

150 points to finish ahead of secondplace Olentangy (116). Coffman (164.5) finished ahead of host Hilliard Davidson (131) in the OCCCentral meet. •The Scioto girls earned their second consecutive OCC-Cardinal title and will be seeking their first district title when they compete in the district 3 meet at Hilliard Bradley. The finals will be held on Saturday, May 21. “We have a shot, which is all we can ask for against Reynoldsburg,” coach Matt Suttle said. “We’ll see what hap-

pens.” The top four finishers in each event advance to the regional meet on May 25 and 27 at North. Last season at the district 4 meet, Scioto was second (118) behind New Albany (120). At the league meet, senior Rachel Christian led the Irish by finishing first in the 100 meters (12.28 seconds) and the 200 (25.88). Distance specialists and twin sisters Minori Minagawa and Sakiko Minagawa tuned up for district with strong

efforts in the league meet. Minori was first in the 1,600 (5:13.07) and Sakiko was first in the 3,200 (11:56.51). Minori and Sakiko joined Wiebke Schneider and Jessica Cronau in winning the 3,200 relay (9:42.21). Brooklyn Robertson won the long jump (16 feet, 10 1/4 inches). “We got performances all around,” Suttle said. The Scioto boys finished seventh (49.5) behind first-place Westerville Central (126.5). Luis Carbajal led the Irish, finishing

first in the 1,600 (4:21.31) and third in the 800 (1:57.16). Last season at the district 2 meet, Scioto was 10th (24) behind first-place Olentangy Liberty (121). •The Coffman girls finished first in eight events to win the OCC-Central meet. It was the Shamrocks’first league title since winning the OCC-Central in 2001. “It’s a big deal,” coach Greg King said. “The girls really wanted to win.” See TRACK, page B6

Boys Tennis

Seitz, Stein capture sectional By AARON BLANKENSHIP ThisWeek Community Newspapers

By Paul Vernon/ThisWeek

Jerome’s Mike Petersen (right) and Coffman’s Tyler McCourt chase after the loose ball on May 14. The Celtics won 11-6 to retain the Emerald Cup.


Celtics maintain hold on Emerald Cup trophy By JARROD ULREY ThisWeek Community Newspapers

The Dublin Jerome High School boys lacrosse team put its only disappointment of the regular season far into its rearview mirror before the postseason. After losing to Bloomfield Hills (Mich.) Brother Rice 9-6 on May 6 in a semifinal of the Midwest Scholastic Lacrosse Coaches Association “A” Bracket tournament in Hudson, the Celtics left the event with a third-place finish by beating Cincinnati St. Xavier 14-11 the next day. Jerome then beat Scioto 15-2 on May 9 and Coffman 11-6 on May 14 to capture the Emerald Cup for the seventh consecutive season. The wins over Scioto and Coffman also gave the Celtics their first outright league championship as well as an extra emotional boost as they look to defend their state

title. Jerome finished 6-0 to win the OCC-Buckeye Division and earned the top seed for the Division II Central Region tournament. It opens the postseason Friday, May 20, at home against Wellington or Johnstown. “It feels unbelievable,” goalkeeper Nick Simonetti said. “We haven’t lost (the Emerald Cup) yet and it’s one of our goals every year. Our defense did a great job. We don’t dwell on the past, and the rest of the season we just want to win out.” “Since we beat UA (6-4 on April 27), it gives us our first OCC outright win,” midfielder Joe Bano said. “That was one of the things we wanted. The next one is to win the state title.” Bano and Simonetti have been major reasons for Jerome’s success. Simonetti had 15 saves against the Shamrocks in support of a de-

fense that allowed more than 10 goals during just one regular-season game. Both Jerome coach A.J. Auld and Coffman coach Mark Forsythe credited Bano’s ability to win faceoffs as a key aspect in the victory. The wing play of Wes Faulkenberry and Nick Neale, as well as the Celtics’ other faceoff midfielder, Gray Leesburg, has been a strength all season, according to Auld. Against Coffman, Todd Babione scored four goals and Leo Horine and Bano both added two goals for Jerome. The Celtics built a 6-1 first-quarter lead and never led by fewer than four goals after that. “My hats off to (the Shamrocks) for coming out in the second half and playing as hard as they did,” Auld said. “I felt like we had a pretty good game plan, and it took us playing well to execute it. I See LACROSSE, page B7

By Paul Vernon/ThisWeek

Goalie Nick Simonetti and Luke Potter celebrate the Celtics’ victory alongside Chris Kendall (15).

The doubles team of Kent Seitz and Sean Stein may have surprised some opponents last year by placing third in the Division I district tournament to become the first members of the Dublin Jerome High School boys tennis team to advance to state, where they placed fourth. However, heading into the district tournament on Friday, May 20, and Saturday, May 21, at Hilliard Davidson, Irish coach Aaron Bauer said the duo no longer will be able to catch anyone by surprise. The top four finishers in singles and doubles at district advance to the state tournament May 27-28 at Davidson. “Sean and Kent were able to sneak up on some teams last year, because no one from our team had had much success at the district level in the past,” Bauer said. “But they’ve got to be prepared to receive everyone’s best shot this year, because people probably have circled their names after what they accomplished last season. What Sean and Kent accomplished last year is really a double-edged sword, because it’s great to have that experience of having been successful at district and state before, but it also puts more of a target on their backs.” Seitz and Stein went 4-0 to win the sectional May 12 and May 14 at Davidson, beating Big Walnut’s Sam Lawless and Nathan Randall 6-2, 6-4 in a semifinal and Gahanna’s Stephen Cheng and Canyon Teague 6-3, 6-3 in the final. Frank Kuo went 4-1 in singles, beating Davidson’s Kevin Blackstone 6-4, 6-1 in a semifinal and losing to Gahanna’s Jesse Shivener 6-2, 6-2 in the final. The top four placers in singles and doubles qualified for district. “Sean and Kent were able to win their first two matches pretty easily (by scores of 6-0, 6-0) and they played well throughout the tournament,” Bauer said. “The biggest advantage of winning sectional is you don’t have to play the winner of another sectional until after you’ve qualified for state.” See TENNIS, page B5

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

Page B2

May 19, 2011


Inconsistent play derailed Shamrocks By FRANK DiRENNA ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Before this season, Dublin Coffman High School softball coach Kevin Finan expected a strong performance from his team in the OCC-Central Division followed by a run in the Division I district tournament. The Shamrocks showed glimpses of promise this season, but finished 8-19 overall and 311 in the OCC-Central. Coffman’s season ended May 16 with a 10-1 win over Westland in a rescheduled league game. Westland defeated Coffman 9-6 on April 7. The Shamrocks lost to Olentangy Liberty 2-1 in the first round of the Division I district tournament on May 10. Coffman finished seventh in the OCC-Central as Central Crossing won the title. The Comets were 13-0 and had clinched the title although final league standings had not been determined by May 17. Finan said a 4-2 win over Worthington Kilbourne on April 15 was a highlight of the season. The Wolves defeated Coffman 7-3 on May 4. Kilbourne, which is seeded fifth in the district tournament, played Delaware in a district semifinal on May 18. Coffman’s other OCC-Central win was 2-1 over Hilliard Darby on April 29. Coffman lost to Westerville North, another district semifinalist, 8-7 in eight innings on May 14. The Shamrocks lost to Central Crossing 10-5 on April 5 and 8-1 on April 21. “We hit pretty well all year,” Finan said. “That kind of kept us in some games. We hung with a lot of teams.” The Shamrocks will have to replace seniors Stacy Axner, Kimmi Bussell, Linda Cardozo, Jen Carney, Rachel DeRosa, Meghan Glynn, Cassi Ladina and Georgianne McNutt. Cardozo was the team’s No. 1 pitcher. Junior Alex MeisnerRathbun is expected to take over the main pitching duties next season. Finan said the addition of sophomore catcher Meredith Mockler to the starting lineup midway through the season gave the team a boost. Junior Kayla Whitehouse was batting a team-high .451 before the game against Westland on May 16, followed by Bussell (.430) and junior Courtney Colles (.372). Other players expected to return next season include juniors Kaylie Schimming, Lauren Till-

At a glance

COFFMAN •Record: 8-19 overall, 3-11 (seventh) in OCC-Central •Seniors lost: Stacy Axner, Kimmi Bussell, Linda Cardozo, Jen Carney, Rachel DeRosa, Meghan Glynn, Cassi Ladina and Georgianne McNutt •Key returnees: Alex Meisner-Rathbun, Meredith Mockler and Kayla Whitehouse JEROME •Record: 2-17 overall, 1-13 (eighth) in OCC-Cardinal •Seniors lost: Elle Smith and Katie Vaughn •Key returnees: Kelley Cheesman, Kelsey Ciminillo and Madison Mercker SCIOTO •Record: 6-17 overall, 2-12 (seventh) in OCC-Cardinal •Seniors lost: Sarah Griggs and Paige Waugh •Key returnees: Kate DeVantier, Mckenzie Nelsen and Allie Willman

man and Maggie Watson and sophomores Emily Barber, Tiffany Kula and Quynh Vo. “These kids work their butts off,” Finan said. “I really love the senior class. They worked really hard. They did everything I asked them to do. We said we needed to improve our hitting and we did.” •Scioto finished 6-17 overall and 2-12 in the OCC-Cardinal after defeating Jerome 2-0 in a rescheduled game on May 16. Scioto swept the season series with Jerome, also winning 1-0 on April 15. The Irish split two district tournament games, beating MarionFranklin 14-0 in five innings in the first round on May 10 and losing to second-seeded Gahanna 11-0 in five innings on May 12. Against Marion-Franklin, sophomore pitcher Mckenzie Nelsen recorded her first no-hitter. Nelsen and junior Paige Heasley should again give the Irish solid pitching next season. Coach Greg Menssen will look to replace seniors Sarah Griggs (3B) and Paige Waugh (OF). “They’re both nice kids, and they’re both definitely assets on the field,” Menssen said. “Sarah is real solid at third base and Paige has been a starting outfielder for three years.” Menssen expects juniors Kate DeVantier (OF), Katie Pezzot (C) and Allie Willman (SS) to help form a strong nucleus next season. Other players expected to return include sophomore Marie

Storey and freshmen Kelsey Esterline, Casey Mandiville, Kate Namola, Kathleen O’Brien, Andi Smith and Abby Willman. Scioto finished seventh in the OCC-Cardinal behind co-champions Westerville North and Marysville (11-3), Westerville Central (9-5), Olentangy (9-5), Westerville South (6-8) and Olentangy Liberty (6-8), and ahead of Jerome (1-13). “We’re just really inexperienced and really young,” Menssen said. “I don’t know where our expectations should be. It’s hard to tell when you’re watching yourself in the gym versus playing a game on a field against another opponent.” •Although her team only had one win in the OCC-Cardinal and two overall, Jerome coach Sarah Looker was pleased that her players continued to improve. The Celtics finished 2-17 overall. Jerome lost to host Teays Valley 10-0 in five innings in a Division I district tournament firstround game on May 10. “For us only to be down by two runs going into the fifth inning, I think that says a lot about our girls,” Looker said. “Teays Valley is a very good hitting team. They have girls who will play Division I softball, so I think the girls from Dublin Jerome really held their own.” Teays Valley advanced to a district semifinal, where it played fourth-seeded Grove City on May 17. The Celtics’ OCC-Cardinal win came against host Westerville South 2-1 on April 30. Jerome’s other win was 3-2 over Franklin Heights in the opener on March 28. The Celtics lost to Coffman 30 on May 9. Looker must replace seniors

Dublin Coffman will play host to basketball camps on June 13-17 for boys entering grades 1-2 (4 to 5:30 p.m.), grades 3-6 (8:30 to 11:30 a.m.) and grades 7-9 (12:30 to 3:30 p.m.). Forms are available at offman1/sports_camps.html or by emailing Coffman boys basketball coach Jamey Collins at For more information, call Collins at (614) 764-5900 or

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Dublin Scioto High School girls basketball players and coaches will play host to a camp June 6-9 for girls entering grades 3-9. The camp will run from 9 a.m. to noon each day. To register, email the following information to by May 1: student name, student grade for next year, student shirt size (Ys, Ym, Yl, Yxl), school attending, parents/guardians, phone number and email.

Elle Smith and Katie Vaughn. Smith was a four-year varsity starter. The pitching staff should remain intact with the expected return of junior Kelsey Ciminillo and freshman Abby Haab. Haab was lost late in the season after suffering a concussion against Westerville Central on May 6. Freshman catcher Katie

Kendall, who was promoted to varsity midway through the season, injured her elbow in a drill before a game against Newark on May 5 and was lost for the season. Also expected back are juniors Kelley Cheesman, Megan Dobkins, Madison Mercker and Kelsey Wilson and sophomores Kaitlin Beebe, Caitlin Clancy, Madison Colvin and Stephanie

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Hirth. “Most of our losses were by three runs or less,” Looker said. “There were only a few games that we were completely out of the game. “For the most part, we were in every game and we were competitive.”

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Scioto to hold girls basketball camp

Scioto’s Casey Mandiville makes the catch after Gahanna’s T’Awnna Morris tries to take out the Irish’s Allie Willman in a play at second base May 12 during their Division I district tournament game, which the Lions won 11-0 in five innings.

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Sports briefs Coffman sets boys basketball camps

By Paul Vernon/ThisWeek

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

May 19, 2011

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Defense key to Jerome’s tournament wins By AARON BLANKENSHIP ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Defense was the biggest weakness for the Dublin Jerome High School baseball team during the regular season when the Celtics lost 14 of 26 games. However, the Celtics played strong defense while upsetting sixth-seeded Hilliard Davidson 2-0 on May 11 in the second round of the Division I district tournament. Jerome made one error, and Davidson committed three. “This was a defensive battle, and the kids came through with one of their best defensive games of the season at the right time,” coach Chris Huesman said. “We made one error, but it didn’t cost us anything.” Sophomore Jeremy Johnson pitched a four-hitter, striking out five and walking three. Aaron Huesman provided all the offensive support Johnson would need with a two-run home run in the top of the fourth inning.

“Jeremy hit his spots and pitched a real gem,” coach Huesman said. “He showed a lot of composure on the mound for a sophomore. We did our homework, and we knew we matched up well with Davidson.” The Celtics played second-seeded Coffman on May 17 in a district semifinal. The winner plays fifth-seeded Gahanna or 10thseeded Watkins Memorial in the final on Thursday, May 19, at Jerome. The winner advances to a regional semifinal May 26 at Coffman. The regional final is May 27 at Coffman. Jerome lost to New Albany 101 in a district final year ago. “With the schedule we’ve played, we’ve seen the top pitchers in the state and we’re totally prepared going into the tournament,” coach Huesman said. “Our pitching and hitting have been consistently good. We don’t really fear any other team in the tournament. The only team we have to fear is ourselves because de-

At a glance

Below are the recent results and coming schedules for the Coffman, Jerome and Scioto baseball teams: COFFMAN May 9 — Defeated DeSales 3-1 May 11 — Def. Westland 13-0 in second round of Division I district tournament May 12 — Def. Scioto 13-11 May 14 — Def. Canton Central Catholic 9-3. Austin Cousino hit a three-run home run. May 18 — Played Jerome in district semifinal. Winner plays fifth-seeded Gahanna or 10th-seeded Watkins Memorial in district final May 19 at Jerome. Of note: The Shamrocks were 22-5 overall before May 18. Coffman is seeded second. JEROME May 9 — Def. Briggs 10-0 in five in-

fense has been our bane. But if we keep playing good defense, like we did against Davidson, we’re going to be tough to beat.” •Coffman opened the Division

nings in first round of Division I district tournament. Trevor Burch pitched a one-hitter and had three RBI. *May 10 — Lost to Westerville Central 20-11 May 11 — Def. sixth-seeded Hilliard Davidson 2-0 in second round of district tournament May 14 — Def. Hilliard Bradley 8-1 May 18 — Played second-seeded Coffman in district semifinal. Winner plays fifth-seeded Gahanna or 10th-seeded Watkins Memorial in district final May 19 at Jerome Of note: The Celtics were 14-14 overall before May 18 and finished 6-8 in the OCC-Cardinal. SCIOTO May 9 — Def. Lancaster 12-2 in first round of Division I district tournament May 11 — Lost to third-seeded New Albany 9-0 in second round of district tournament May 12 — Lost to Coffman 13-11 Of note: The Irish finished 13-15 overall. *OCC-Cardinal game

I district tournament on May 11 at home with a 13-0 win over Westland in five innings. Adam Hall pitched a two-hitter with seven strikeouts and no

walks. Ryan Leffel went 2-for-4 with a home run, double and three RBI, Jacob Plecki went 2-for-3 with a double and three RBI, Austin Cousino went 2-for-4 with two doubles and three RBI, and Stephen Panchyshyn went 2-for3 with a double and three RBI. “We knew we outmanned Westland in most positions, so we just had to put the ball into play and they eventually started to throw the ball around as we put guys on base,” coach Tim Saunders said. A day later, the Shamrocks beat Scioto 13-11 in a game in which they had to rally from a 7-3 deficit and work out of a bases-loaded jam with one out in the top of the seventh. Matt Davis went 3-for-3 with a two-run home run, Leffel went 4-for-4 with four RBI and Matt DiThomas, Cousino and Plecki each had two RBI. Saunders said the Shamrocks can’t afford to make three errors and walk eight batters, as they did against Scioto, in tournament play.

“We kept walking people and making mistakes to let them back into the game,” Saunders said. “To win in the tournament our pitchers need to keep us in games and we need to eliminate those errors and unearned runs with good defense. The big key for us is going to be getting timely hits.” •Scioto opened the Division I district tournament on May 9 with a 12-2 victory over Lancaster. “We hit the ball extremely well and our pitching held Lancaster down,” coach Patrick Elias said. But the Irish lost to third-seeded New Albany 9-0 in the second round two days later. “New Albany’s pitching stands out, but we had two guys on with no outs in the first inning and we couldn’t find a way to knock them in,” Elias said. “This game was indicative of our season. We had four errors and gave up eight unearned runs. We just didn’t play good defense.”

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

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May 19, 2011

Tournament champions The Dublin United Brazil U8 boys soccer team won the Blast FC Cup 2011 that was played April 9-10 in Westerville. Team members are (first row, from left) Chris Tabit, Tyler Peterson, Mitch Yeater; (second row, from left) coach Scott Sommerfeld, Andrew Fisher, Jake Edwards, Trent McConnaughey, Ryan Sommerfeld, Peter Tyack, Kevin Hinsman and coach Heath Yeater. Not pictured: Andrew Butcher, Simon Cole and Ayden Parsons.

Jerome, Scioto moving up to Division I Several central Ohio high school football programs will be changing divisions for the 2011 and 2012 seasons, the Ohio High School Athletic Association announced on May 12. Moving up from Division II to Division I will be Dublin Jerome, Dublin Scioto, Hilliard Bradley, Olentangy, Olentangy Orange and St. Charles. Columbus West, Franklin Heights, Mount Vernon, Northland and Worthington Kilbourne will move down to Division II. Licking Heights is moving from Division III to Division II, and Centennial and Independence each will drop from Division II to Division III. Fairfield Union and Jonathan Alder will move up from Division IV to Division III.

Jerome to hold boys basketball camp The Dublin Jerome boys basketball camp is scheduled for June 20-22 at the high school. Sessions are scheduled for 1 to 3 p.m. (grades 6-8) and 3 to 5 p.m. (grades 3-5). For more information or to register for the camp, visit camps.htm.

Moving up from Division V to Division IV are Ready and Northridge, while Madison Plains drops from Division IV to Division V. Africentric also drops, going from Division V to Division VI. Divisional breakdowns are determined by male enrollment figures in grades nine through 11 as provided by the Ohio Department of Education. The complete list of alignments are posted on No schools that remained in Division I changed regional assignments. There were 10 regional changes in Division II, five regional changes in Division III, 17 regional changes in Division IV, 18 regional changes in Division V and 28 regional changes in Division VI.



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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

May 19, 2011


At a glance

Below are the recent results and coming schedules for the Coffman, Jerome and Scioto boys tennis teams: COFFMAN May 7, 11 — Finished third (5-2, 59 points) in OCC-Central tournament, behind Upper Arlington (7-0, 82) and Thomas Worthington (6-1, 60), and ahead of Hilliard Davidson (4-3, 41), Worthington Kilbourne (3-4, 40), Hilliard Darby (2-5, 27), Westland (1-6, 10) and Central Crossing (0-7, 1). Sam Dinnin and Bobby Lowe (second doubles) went 3-0 and placed first. Hiromi Nakayama (first singles), Leon Cai (second singles) and Jack Buchan (third singles) each went 2-1 and placed second. Michael Chen and Rohit Joshi (first doubles) went 2-1 and placed fifth. May 9 — Defeated Pickerington Central 3-2 May 12, 14 — Competed in Division I sectional at Upper Arlington. Hiromi Nakayama went 5-0 to place first in singles. Leon Cai and Jack Buchan went 3-1 and placed third in doubles. Michael Chen and Rohit Joshi each went 1-1 in singles. Sam Dinnin and Bobby Lowe went 1-1 in doubles. The top four finishers in singles and doubles advanced to district. May 18 — Played Scioto May 20, 21 — District at Hilliard Davidson. The top four finishers in singles and doubles advance to the state tournament May 27-28 at Davidson. Of note: The Shamrocks were 10-6 overall before May 18. JEROME May 7, 10 — Finished first (7-0, 77)

in OCC-Cardinal tournament, ahead of Olentangy Liberty (6-1, 51), Scioto (5-2, 38), Westerville Central (4-3, 37), Westerville South (2-5, 19), Marysville (1-6, 16), Westerville North (3-4, 16) and Olentangy (0-7, 12) May 9 — Def. Upper Arlington B 3-2 May 12, 14 — Competed in Division I sectional at Davidson. Kent Seitz and Sean Stein went 4-0 to place first in doubles. Frank Kuo went 4-1 and placed second in singles. Sunny Feng and Cameron Sheley went 1-1 in doubles, and Jarden Judson and Alex Frey each went 1-1 in singles. The top four finishers in singles and doubles advanced to district. May 20, 21 — District at Davidson. The top four finishers in singles and doubles advance to the state tournament May 27-28 at Davidson. Of note: The Celtics finished 14-1 overall. SCIOTO May 7, 10 — Finished third (5-2, 38) in OCC-Cardinal tournament. Ben Albert and Jeff Lam (first doubles), and Hement Reddy and Craig Zeid (second doubles) each went 2-1 and placed third. Sean Ferguson (first singles) went 1-2 and placed fourth. Jae Young Yoon (second singles) went 12 and placed sixth. Jay Kim (third singles) went 0-2. May 9 — Def. Grove City 4-1 May 12, 14 — Competed in Division I sectional at Davidson. Ferguson went 2-1 and Kirushanth Ravindran and Arjun Venkataraman each went 1-1 in singles. Reddy and Zeid, and Albert and Lam went 0-1 in doubles. May 17 — Played Pickerington North May 18 — Played Coffman Of note: The Irish were 11-6 overall before May 17.

Bobcats, Evans learn life lesson, share league title

By Paul Vernon/ThisWeek

Coffman’s Leon Cai and teammate Jack Buchan finished third May 14 in the Division I district tournament at Upper Arlington.

TENNIS Continued from page B1 Bauer considers Upper Arlington’s Stu Little and Billy Weldon to be the favorite to win district, after the duo went 3-0 against Seitz and Stein last season on the way to winning district and state titles. But Bauer said Seitz and Stein still could be successful at state even if they do not win district, as they proved last season. “Central Ohio has been the strongest district for doubles tennis the past three or four years, so it isn’t the end of the world if we don’t finish first,” Bauer said. “The most important thing is that we play well enough to make it to state, so we can try to peak there. We just need to keep playing our game. Sean has the best hands and volleys that I’ve ever seen in the 15 years that I’ve been around high school tennis. Kent’s very good at the baseline, but it’s important that he has a presence at the net, too, so that we can control the net.” The Celtics finished first on all five courts in the OCC-Cardinal Division tournament that concluded May 10 to win their second consecutive league title. Jerome finished 7-0 in the league with 77 points, ahead of Olentangy Liberty (6-1, 51), Scioto (5-2, 38), Westerville Central (4-3, 37), Westerville South (2-5, 19), Marysville (1-6, 16), Westerville North (3-4, 16) and Olentangy (0-7, 12). The Celtics went 3-0 on all five courts. Stein (first singles) took a 6-1 lead over Liberty’s Mitchell Lothes in the final before Lothes had to default because of a back injury. Seitz (second singles) beat Liberty’s Alexander Hathaway 103 in the final and Kuo (third singles) defeated Liberty’s Vick Chhabria 10-3 in the final. Alex Hessler and Jarden Judson (first doubles) beat Central’s Evan DiPangrazio and Trevor Bartholomew 10-3 in the final, and Sunny Feng and Cameron Sheley (second doubles) defeated Liberty’s Shashank Sirivolu and Kyle Flahive 10-6 in the final. “This year, it was our expectation to win the OCC, because we have almost everyone back from last year’s team,” Bauer said. “But it was nice to win every court.” •Three of Coffman players placed in the top four in the Division I sectional at Upper Arlington to qualify for district. Hiromi Nakayama went 5-0 to place first in singles, beating

Jerome to hold girls basketball camp Dublin Jerome High School will play host to a girls basketball camp for third- through eighth-graders from May 31-June 3. The camp will run 6 to 8 p.m. Camp forms are available at the high school or at

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UA’s Jeff Melvin 6-0, 6-0 in a semifinal and UA’s Brandon Griffin 6-4, 6-2 in the final. Leon Cai and Jack Buchan went 3-1 and placed third in doubles, beating Olentangy Orange’s Tanner Greene and Ryan Jay 60, 6-2 in a consolation final. “Hiromi qualified to district the past two years, so he definitely expected to get through our sectional with no problem,”

Page B5

coach Brett Hundertpfund said. “This is the first time for Leon and Jack to make it, so they’re excited.” Nakayama went 2-2 and placed fourth at district last year to advance to state for a second consecutive season. “Hiromi just needs to use his strengths, which are his speed and accuracy, and he’ll do well,” Hundertpfund said.

“The key for Jack and Leon is to play well at the net and put balls away when they have the chance. Both Jack and Leon have good serves and groundstrokes, and they complement each other well. They’re best friends and that kind of chemistry is hard to find.”

Participation in sports is much more than kids burning off excess energy playing games. It’s a microcosm of life. Athletes not only learn how to hit a baseball or softball, how to make a bounce pass in the lane, how to execute a double-leg takedown or how to condition and pace themselves during a twomile run. They also acquire skills needed to work with others toward a common goal, to win or lose gracefully and to play by the rules. Sometimes, though, the interpretation of rules can interfere with the efforts put forth by competitors and, for lack of a better explanation, make no sense. Take, for example, an outstanding effort by Luke Evans, a freshman on the Grandview Heights High School boys track and field team. With the Bobcats and Liberty Union tied for the lead (123 points) before the final two events of the MSL-Cardinal Division meet May 13 at Berne Union, Evans and teammate Chase Gage finished second (10 minutes, 25.0 seconds) and third (10:27.59), respectively, in the 3,200 meters behind Austin McClean of West Jefferson (10:19.69). That gave the Bobcats a 137132 edge before the final event, the 1,600 relay. The lead was short lived because Evans was disqualified minutes after his race because of a uniform violation. He was wearing black tights that fell a few inches below the hem on his uniform. That was OK;

regulation, if you will. The problem was found a couple of inches above the hem of his running SCOTT shorts — a HENNEN segment of half-inch gray stitching on one side of the black tights, an abnormality that would not have been seen without his running shorts hiking up while he was running. A distraught Evans walked across the football field inside the track, head looking upward and hands interlocked just above the back of his neck. After the disqualification, Grandview trailed 134-131. “It had nothing to do with the race, it had nothing to do with the kids. It was just a rule,” Grandview coach Brian Schoch said. “I know it’s a rule, so I guess they had to call it.” But not without discussion. Schoch and several other coaches debated with officials for several minutes, but to no avail. Evans was ticketed for the track equivalent of driving 68 mph in a 65-mph zone. Grandview’s 1,600 relay of Joe Trapp, Dylan Golding, Ben Mathes and Ryan Schofield then finished second (3:33.1) behind Licking Heights (3:32.54) and Liberty Union finished fourth (3:41.82), meaning the Bobcats See HENNEN, page B6

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

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At a glance

Continued from page B1 Freshman Beatrice Hannan led the Shamrocks, finishing first in the 100 (12.71) and 200 (25.47). Rachel Weber was first in the 800 (2:20.01) and joined Megan Collins, Clarissa Bons and Julia Fries on the first-place 3,200 relay (9:34.84). Isolde Hannan was first in the high jump (5-4). Sara Johnson, Rylee Axner, Kaylee Taylor and Sydney Cohen were first in the 800 relay (1:46.65), and Johnson, Axner, McKenzie Bailey and Colleen Borland won the 400 relay (50.75). Cohen, Fries, Taylor and Weber were first in the 1,600 relay (4:03.43). Last season at the district 1 meet, Coffman was second (97.5) behind Gahanna (132). “We have some momentum, and this gives us a good idea of who can qualify (for district) and what events we’re going to concentrate on,” King said. “We want to win a district title, but we really focus on making sure that we get people in the events that they can qualify in.” The boys team finished second (158.5) behind Davidson (170.5) in the OCC-Central meet. Coffman was first in nine events, led by Taylor Williams in the 100 (11.01) and 200 (22.22). Williams, Daniel Chang, Matt Freese and Bilal Williamson were first in the 400 relay (43.01). Robbie Daulton was first in the 1,600 (4:24.29) and 800 (1:56.62), and he joined Grant Onken, Michael Smithhisler and Kevin O’Leary on the first-place 3,200 relay (8:02.26). Also finishing first were Adam Davidson in the 3,200 (9:51.86), Tyler Brown in the discus (14711) and Michael Bennett in the pole vault (14-0). “We’re disappointed that we didn’t win the league, but the kids are more satisfied with the fact that we got first in nine of the 17 events,” coach Jim Ferguson said. “We feel this sets the kids up pretty well to move on from the district semifinals to the finals and then hopefully into the regionals the following week.” Last season in the district 3 meet, Coffman was third (75) behind first-place Brookhaven (89).

HENNEN Continued from page B5

Below are the recent results and coming schedules for the Coffman, Jerome and Scioto track & field teams: COFFMAN May 12, 14 — Boys: Finished second (158.5) behind host Hilliard Davidson (170.5) in eight-team OCCCentral meet; Girls: Finished first (164.5) in eight-team OCC-Central meet May 17, 19, 21 — Girls: Division I district 1 meet at Hilliard Bradley May 18-19, 21 — Boys: Division I district 3 meet at Bradley JEROME May 12, 14 — Boys: Finished eighth (44) behind first-place Westerville Central (126.5) in eight-team OCCCardinal meet at Pickerington North; Girls: Finished seventh (56) behind first-place Scioto (150) in eight-team OCC-Cardinal meet. May 17, 19, 21 — Boys, girls: Division I district 2 meet at Bradley SCIOTO May 12, 14 — Boys: Finished seventh (49.5) in OCC-Cardinal meet; Girls: Finished first (150) in OCCCardinal meet May 17, 19, 21 — Boys: Division I district 1 meet at Bradley May 18-19, 21 — Girls: Division I district 3 meet at Bradley Of note: The top four in each event at all district meets advance to regional May 25 and 27 at Pickerington North.

•Jerome received several solid efforts in the OCC-Cardinal meet, led by junior Rebecca Rings, who finished first (2:15.72) in the 800 ahead of Minori Minagawa (2:19.87). Rings is seeking her first state meet appearance. “It’s clicked a lot this year, more than it has ever,” Rings said. “It’s been fun to race. It’s not easy, though. This is a good confidence builder.” Amy Erdelsky was first in the 400 (58.92) for the girls team’s other win. The Celtics finished seventh (56). Last season at the district 1 meet, Jerome was ninth (25). The boys team was eighth (44) in the league meet. Alex Linard, Zach Frid, Graham Rossi and Graham Stecz were first in the 1,600 relay (3:29.28). Tyler Pica was second in the discus (135-2). Last season in the district 1 meet, Jerome tied MarionFranklin for 13th (18) behind first-place Gahanna (120).

May 19, 2011

and Liberty Union were co-champions with 139 points. “We had to put up with a lot, coming back from more than 20 points down, and Luke had to put up with a lot,” said Schoch, fighting back tears after an emotional 15 minutes to end the meet. “Thank goodness the (1,600 relay) came through and ran their best time ever. They knew what was on the line.” It was a good thing the 1,600 relay realized what was on the line, because the meet officials seemed to have forgotten. The rule cited was similar to the one about wearing jewelry, which requires a warning before a disqualification. If the official didn’t notice the wardrobe malfunction until late in the race then he probably should have ignored it. I doubt

Evans would have been disqualified for wearing a necklace. The situation reminds me of a league wrestling meet I covered several years ago. A heavyweight wrestler with a sub-.500 record was competing in a third-place match with his team a couple of points out of first place. He pinned his opponent, so the points from the match and the points for placing third earned his team the league title by onehalf point, but that was to change. After the referee raised the wrestler’s arm as the victor, he unsnapped his headgear, tossed it above his head in jubilation and raced to hug his coach in a moment he was sure to remember forever. It was a pivotal moment, but for another reason. During the embrace, the referee went to the scorer’s table and took one team point away for excessive celebration, giving the

wrestler’s team the runner-up trophy by onehalf point. The jubilation quickly turned to disappointment. That decision stuck with me, as does this one. There is a time and a place for making calls, and these two instances probably were not the appropriate situations. But, as stated earlier, sports are filled with life lessons, and maybe this was an example of that. In this case, the fact is that life isn’t always fair. In the end, the Grandview boys won their first league track and field championship since 1984, with the only consolation being that they had to be co-champions. What do you do after such an occurrence? You line up, shake hands with your co-champions and try to beat them next time, whether in the postseason or in next year’s league meet. Just like in any other point in life, you pick yourself up and get back to work.

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

May 19, 2011


At a glance

Page B7

ThisWeek has more readers…

Winner plays host to regional final May

Continued from page B1 thought that we clicked in the first half offensively and that our goalie stopped the bleeding when they got the momentum. “I think (my team was) pretty ticked off (after losing to Brother Rice). We were up by one in the fourth quarter of that game, but we just didn’t shoot the ball well. I think we definitely learned some things from that.” Coffman is the fourth seed for the Division I Central Region tournament and opens the postseason Saturday, May 21, at home against Westerville North or Westerville Central. The winner plays May 25 in a regional semifinal, where topseeded Upper Arlington likely is looming. Coffman lost to the Golden Bears 11-6 on April 13. The Shamrocks beat North 13-11 on May 4, but Forsythe said poor weather conditions significantly affected play that night. Coffman, which beat Scioto 18-8 on May 2 in the other game between the district’s three schools, got three goals apiece from Ryan Borcherding and Alex Chin against Jerome. Scott Fannin, Mark Guzik and Patrick Ruz all have been standouts defensively, according to Forsythe. “I think (being held to six

28. goals by Jerome) was more Of note: The Celtics were 14-1 overabout our ability to finish,” all before May 17 and finished 6-0 in Forsythe said. “They’re a very the OCC-Buckeye. Below are the recent results and comgood lacrosse team. We’ve got ing schedules for the Coffman, Jerome *OCC-Buckeye game a lot of young guys out there and Scioto boys and girls lacrosse JEROME GIRLS *May 13 — Lost to Hilliard Bradley and if we’d had a faster start, teams: 12-8 we’d have been right in it. When COFFMAN BOYS 19 — Home vs. Olentangy Oryou come out as flat as we did, May 10 — Defeated DeSales 11-5 May ange in second round of Division II you get the 6-1 score you see *May 14 — Lost to Dublin Jerome North/Central Region tournament. Winner plays at Youngstown Mooney on the scoreboard at the end of 11-6 May 17 — Played Westerville South the first quarter. We’ve strug- May 21 — Home vs. Westerville Cen- or Willoughby Andrews Osborne Academy in regional semifinal May 24. Wingled to play 48 minutes.” tral or Westerville North in second ner plays in regional final May 26. •Scioto opened the Division round of Division I Central Region tour- Of note: The Celtics are 4-10 overall II Central Region tournament nament. Winner plays at Upper Ar- and finished 2-4 in the OCC-Ohio. Pickerington Central or Pick- *OCC-Ohio game May 18 against Olentangy Or- lington, erington North in regional semifinal ange, with the winner to play May 25. Winner plays host to region- SCIOTO BOYS May 13 — Lost to Gahanna 16-8 Friday, May 20, at second-seed- al final May 28. Of note: The Shamrocks were 10-8 May 18 — Played Olentangy Orange ed DeSales. in first round of Division II Central ReThe Irish were 3-14 overall overall before May 17 and finished 1- gion tournament. Winner plays at De5 in the OCC-Buckeye. and the Pioneers were 7-9 overSales in second round May 20. Winner plays Olentangy, New Albany or all before the teams opened the COFFMAN GIRLS 11 — Def. DeSales 12-5 Bexley in regional semifinal May 25. tournament. Scioto lost to De- May May 18 — Played Cincinnati St. Ur- Winner plays in regional final May 28. Sales 14-9 on April 9. sula in first round of Division I Of note: The Irish were 3-14 overall Among the standouts during South/Central Region tournament. before May 18 and finished 0-6 in the the regular season, according to Winner plays Cincinnati Sycamore, OCC-Buckeye. coach Brian Zuercher, were sen- Pickerington North or Cincinnati SCIOTO GIRLS McAuley in regional semifinal May 23. iors Marcus Rossetter and Sean Winner plays in regional final May 26. *May 10 — Lost to Olentangy Orange Thum, who made first-team and Of note: The Shamrocks were 7-7 over- 12-11 May 18 — Played Cincinnati Ursuline second-team all-MSLCA, re- all before May 18 and are 1-3 in the Academy in second round of Division OCC-Buckeye. spectively. I South/Central Region tournament. Winner plays at Loveland or Liberty Freshman Michael Turnbull JEROME BOYS Township Lakota East in regional semialso has stepped into a leading *May 14 — Def. Coffman 11-6 May 17 — Played Watterson May 23. Winner plays in regionrole defensively at goalkeeper May 20 — Home vs. Johnstown or final al final May 26. along with juniors Tyler Smoot Wellington in second round of Division Of note: The Irish were 1-13-1 overall and Rocco Duco, Zuercher said. II Central Region tournament. Winner before May 18 and finished 1-5 in the The Irish have numerous un- plays Hilliard Bradley, Granville or Wat- OCC-Ohio. derclassmen in key roles a year terson in regional semifinal May 25. *OCC-Ohio game after winning just one game. “We harp a lot on fundamen- perience in general,” Zuercher tals, and one of the things we’re said. “Our defense has been focused on is getting more ex- strong and getting better.”

Schools announce coaching vacancies The following central Ohio schools are seeking coaches: The following schools are seeking coaches: DeSales — Boys and girls swimming. Send résumé to athletics director Tom Neubert at Dublin Jerome — Girls tennis, assistant boys basketball. Send résumé by May 31 to Nick Magistrale, athletics director, Dublin Jerome High School,

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

Page B8

May 19, 2011


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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

May 19, 2011

Page C1

Council looks at two zoning districts By JENNIFER NOBLIT ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Dublin City Council is considering two new zoning districts that could bring development to the Central Ohio Innovation Center. A plan for an “economic advancement” zone and a “tech flex” zone are up for council’s approval, possibly as soon as May 23. The economic advancement zone went before Dublin City Council for a first reading last week. Planner Carson Combs said the zoning would cover an area around the U.S. Route 33, Post Road and state Route 161 interchange. “The plan will serve as a planning and marketing tool that will detail major development expectations for the area,” the staff report to council states. “The plan builds on previous work conducted through the community plan and, once adopted, will be implemented by updating the ex-

isting COIC district code and citysponsored area rezoning request.” The uses for the economic advancement zone include “a multitiered approach to research and technology development: office research, research flex, research manufacturing-assembly and mixed-use tech,” the staff report states. “Two special areas are denoted: research support services

and mixed residential.” While the plan outlines future development uses for the area, it also outlines future roads infrastructure, Combs said, including an extension of Shier Rings Road from where it ends at Darree Fields to Houchard Road. The route could add a way around Route 33, he said. “I think this is really terrific,”

vice mayor Amy Salay said. Despite support, Salay asked about the view residents in the northern portion of Ballentrae, which abuts the southern portion of the economic advancement zone, would have. A small portion of mixed-residential is proposed, Combs said, and bike trails will be installed. With the possible extension

of Shier Rings Road, a new entrance to Darree Fields also is planned. Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher questioned the timing, saying the entrance to the park gets busy. According to city manager Marsha Grigsby, the new intersection has been designed and the city is working on right-of-way acquisition for the project. “It’s in the (capital improvement program),” she said. The economic advancement zone will go before council for a second and final reading May 23. Deputy city manager and economic development director Dana McDaniel said a new code for the zone would go before council next, followed by city-sponsored rezoning. The technology flex zoning district was up for a final vote before Dublin City Council last week but hit a snag regarding the color of trim used on buildings. The zoning district that would include the uses of office, research, laboratory and office flex

“provides greater design flexibility for architects and designers but requires a minimum level of architectural quality on all four building elevations,” the staff report states. Council member Cathy Boring voiced concern about colors for the buildings. Earth-tone buildings with brighter-colored trim and accents would be permitted. “We need to be more specific on this,” she said. Salay suggested approving a palate of colors to be used in the district, but the idea met some resistance. “I don’t think we want to eliminate corporate colors,” Chinnici-Zuercher said. “At the end of the day, this is an economic development tool.” Council directed staff members to add language to the zone, allowing up to 10 percent of trim to be brighter in color. The zoning-district issue was tabled until the May 23 meeting.

Dubin schools look at facility use By JENNIFER NOBLIT

The courses are taught by staff

ThisWeek Community Newspapers members and community mem-

More than 800 people have been educated through Dublin City Schools’ community education program. The program started in the fall as part of Superintendent David Axner’s plan to get community members into school facilities when students aren’t using the facilities. District communications specialist Doug Baker told school board members last week that more than 800 people have taken community education classes that have ranged from baking and animation to Zumba and home improvement. “Since May 1, 45 people have signed up for summer programs,” he said.

bers, Baker said, and the Dublin Police Department has even offered self-defense class. “Community education has to do with bringing our entire community into our facilities,” Axner said of the self-sustaining program. Courses aren’t the only way the district is trying to make use of its facilities, though. Annette Morud, the district’s director of business affairs, said the facilities also are open for rental. “I think there is a common misperception among the community that the schools are only in use during the school day,” she told the board. The schools are often used for See DUBLIN CITY, page C2

Scioto prom court Scioto High School’s 2011 prom court members are: (front row, left) Megan Scoliere, Paige Waugh, Mallory Harrington, Alexis Benford, and Emily Hendershott; (back row) Jonathan Sun, Christopher Vogel, Nicholas Keeley, Maxwell Brundige and Jacob Nau.

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

Page C2

In brief Class graduates from Leadership Dublin The class of 2011 graduated from the ninemonth Leadership Dublin program during a May 13 ceremony. Graduates of the program that teaches leadership, local issues and community service are Jamie Adkins, city of Dublin; Daniel Allman, Rea & Associates; Megan Davie, Emerald Bank; Tim Dehnart, Holiday Inn Express; Ray Draghi, Draghi law offices; Linda Faber, Pearson Performance; Charissa Fuller, OCLC; Lisa Garner, Marriott Northwest; Brian Gunnoe, Expesite; Cindy Holland, Cardinal Health; Dave Holliday, Dublin AM Rotary; Rochelle Kiner, The Oxford School; Neal Knueven, Kinetics

Noise Control; Chasity Kuttrus, Ray & Barney Group; Lisa Maxwell, community leader; Mark McCann, Washington Township Fire Department; Dave Nosker, Dublin City Schools; Mary Ann Petty, Dublin City Schools; Nancy Saylor, Cardinal Health; Karen Shepherd, Kabob Images & Design; Kimberly Shepherd, Elevation Leadership; Natalie Siston, Nationwide; Alicia Wolshire, Dublin City Schools; and Michele Worobiec, Marion Municipal Court. During the graduation, Margie Amorose was given the President’s Award, and 2004 Leadership Dublin graduate Becky Cunningham received the Shillelagh Award. Both awards recognize commitment to the Leadership Dublin program and contributions to the community.

May 19, 2011



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Dubin school district looks at facility use Continued from page C1 extracurricular activities, club meetings, musical and academic contests and through rentals. In fact, the district began looking into the costs and conditions that other school districts use for rentals and found that other districts use an online automated system to rent buildings. The district is working with the company that created its website on an automated building rental system, Morud said. The system will be tested this month and should go online for use by July. In other board news, a resolution adding state-required financial literacy, college and career readiness to curricula in grades 7 and 8 was approved. Eydie Schilling, executive director of learning and teaching, said a group of seventh- and eighth-grade teachers met to discuss ways to work the new requirements into current curricula. Sells Middle School teacher Kathy Chitwood told board members some topics, such as taxes, could be tied in to historical

events that already are in the curriculum. “Kids can learn that the Civil War wasn’t just about slavery, but there were a lot economics involved, as well,” she said. In seventh grade, Chitwood said, students will focus on working and earning, credit, goods and services. In eighth grade, students will learn about banking basics, bills and taxes. “Banking basics would work with (our curriculum about) Alexander Hamilton’s actions in creating a national bank,” Chitwood said. “The Revolutionary War could tie in to taxes and paying bills.”

Eighth-graders also will get an opportunity to use a computer program that would show them how adults manage their finances, giving students a salary, bills and other costs to cover. “It teaches kids about budgeting because a lot of our kids are the biggest consumers we have today,” Chitwood said. Axner applauded the work of the middle school teachers to add such requirements into the classroom. “I want to compliment you on weaving this into our curriculum instead of adding a new course,” he said.

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

May 19, 2011

Church news

Page C3

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St. John’s plans Celtic service


St. John’s Episcopal Church in Worthington will offer an evening service in the Celtic tradition at 6 p.m. Sunday, May 22. This service features Celtic music and a liturgy emphasizing God’s presence in all aspects of creation. At 5 p.m., the Rev. Canon Karl Ruttan will discuss the Celtic Christian tradition, its history and differences from the familiar Latin tradition. Canon Ruttan serves as Canon for Life Formation for the Diocese of Southern Ohio. Hospitality will follow the 6 p.m. service. The public is invited. St. John’s is located in the Worthington town center at 700 High St. on the southeast corner of High Street and state Route 161.

Business brief Dublin CVB wins three PR awards

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The Dublin Convention and Visitors Bureau has earned three industryachievement awards from the Central Ohio Public Relations Society of America. The awards that honor excellence in public relations included a first-place Prism Award for the DCVB’s bureau news letter, a secondplace achievement award for the golf-package brochure and a second-place achievement award for the IrishAttitude blog. All awards given to the DCVB were in the nonprofit category, according to information from the DCVB.

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Congratulations Dublin Graduates!

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

Page C4

May 19, 2011

Education news Coffman slates May 26 baccalaureate

at the Columbus Metropolitan Library, 96 S. Grant Ave., April 4 through May 7. Fewer than 90 pieces of art were chosen. Dublin Coffman High School will host a bacDavis art teacher Yolanda Brown submitted the calaureate program for seniors at 7 p.m. May 26 pieces. at Radiant Life Church, 7100 Post Road. The baccalaureate is a nonschool-sponsored in- Combined robotics team terdenominational program organized by seniors and sponsored by the PTO. Boys are encouraged a winning force to wear a dress shirt and tie, and girls should wear Students who attend Dublin’s three high schools a skirt or pants suit. have joined forces to form a FIRST team: the Dublin Attendance to the event is voluntary. High Schools Robotics Team 1014. FIRST — For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology — was founded in 1989 Scioto team fares well by a New Hampshire-inventor who hoped to inin national competition spire an interest in science and technology in young The rocket team from Dublin Scioto High School people. Several central Ohio teams compete in the placed 11th in a recent national competition in Vir- program, which offers competitive opportunities ginia. to students of all ages. Of the 670 teams registered, 338 tried to qualiAt the 2011 FIRST championships, held in St. fy and 100 went on to finals. The team has been Louis, the Dublin High Schools Robotics Team to the national competition seven times and the 1014 placed fourth of 88 teams in its division. 11th-place finish is the best score yet. At the Buckeye Regional championship, held Scioto rocket team members are Hyun-Yul Cho, in April in Cleveland, two members of Team 1014, Mitch Kromer, Tim Jacino and Jeff Jarry. Lindsey Fox and Kyle Torrico, won the FIRST Dean’s List Award. This award is presented to the two students who best demonstrate student leadOAEA to honor three ership. Davis student artists The 80 students, who are members of Team 1014, The Ohio Art Education Association will dis- attend Dublin Coffman, Jerome or Scioto high play work created by three Davis Middle School schools. Led by Coffman’s Greg King and Troy students. Dramble, the team meets for an intense, six-week The work of eighth-grader Alexis DiLorenzo “build season,” followed by the regional and chamand sixth-grader Erica Husted has been accepted pionship contests. According to information from to the 2011 OAEA Central Region Art Exhibition. the team, the program “combines sports excitement A piece created last year by ninth-grader Jae Suk with the rigors of science and technology.” Bae also was accepted. For more information, visit www.usfirst. org. The exhibit, which features art from students in See EDUCATION NEWS, page C5 grade kindergarten through eight, was on display

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

May 19, 2011

Page C5

College notes • Ryan Daugherty of Dublin received a bachelor of science degree in aviation technology at Eastern Michigan University’s 2011 winter semester commencement. • Pieter Norden of Dublin was among 57 Hope College graduating seniors who were inducted into the Zeta of Michigan chapter of Phi

Education news Continued from page C4

Grizzell names April honors Grizzell Middle School has announced its April Friends of Rachel students. Friends of Rachel replaces the former Grizzell Gold student-recognition program. Students honored in April are: Sixth grade: Keegan Rengel and Davis Deaton. Seventh grade: Brooke Renaker, Brady Ellis, Walker Rundless and Molly Seeberger. Eighth grade: John Mangum, Tyler Gavin and Eric Wallar.

Miller wins $13,000 annual scholarship Dublin Coffman High School senior Destiny Miller won an annual scholarship to attend Heidelberg University. Miller is the recipient of the Trustees Award of $13,000 annually for four years. Miller won the scholarship through a February competition that is based on high school grade-point average and ACT or SAT scores. Students at the top of their class are invited to apply for the scholarship that also is based on leadership skills and community service. She is the daughter of Don and Diana Miller of Dublin.

Beta Kappa during a campus ceremony last month. The nation’s oldest scholastic honor society recognizes students with excellent grade-point averages, broad cultural interests and their independent and creative scholarly activities outside the classroom.

Neighbors in the news Students sing winningly The inaugural Central Ohio Singing Competition, sponsored by the Columbus International Children’s Choir and held May 1 in Columbus, resulted in a first-place award in the Madison senior division Williams for Madison Williams. Williams, a CICC member, is a Karrer Middle School student. A l l i s o n Allison Hunter, a Hunter Dublin Coffman High School student, was the second-place senior division winner. Brittaney Jin, a CICC mem-

ber and a student at Scottish Corners Elementary School, earned third place in the junior division of the Brittaney contest. Jin Sogand Abbasi and Georgie Beckman, both CICC singers, received honorable mentions in the senior division. Ashley Maguire, Samantha Reeves and CICC member Gillian Beckman received junior division honorable mentions. The top two singers in each division will perform at the CICC’s spring concert, which will begin at 6 p.m. on Sunday, May 22, at All Saints Lutheran Church, 6770 N. High St., Worthington. The award ceremony will take place during the program. For more information about the contest or the concert, call (614) 789-9392 or visit www.

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(740) 888-5003 Automotive CHEVROLET 06 SILVERADO Z71 Crew cab, 4x4, tube steps, bedliner, cab lights $20997 Joseph Auto Center of Columbus Ask for John 888-526-8813


CA$H at Your Door for unwanted or junk cars, trucks and vans. (Free tow) Call (614)444-RIDE (7433) EXCLUSIVELY NORTH!!! $$Cash$$ for Your Unwanted Vehicles Running or Not. Same Day Service. Call 614-329-4879

WE BUY CARS All makes & models. FREE APPRAISALS " 614-891-6424 "

JEEP 02 LIBERTY SPORT 4x4, automatic, silver/gray, roof rack, 1-owner, now $6995 Joseph Auto Center of Columbus Ask for John 888-526-8813

DODGE 00 CARAVAN Full power, A/C, 121,000 miles, new tires, very clean, $2,450. Call 614-571-7022.

BUICK 00 CENTURY Full power, new tires, looks & runs great, very clean, 188,000 miles, $2,650 obo. Call 614-288-1000 CHEVROLET 10 COBALT Great economy, 35 MPG Hwy! Only one at this price! $11,990 Joseph Auto Center of Co lumbus Ask for John 888-526-8813 DAYCARE PROVIDERS & PRESCHOOLS

Take advantage of our great childcare rates! (740) 888-5003

DODGE 10 CHARGER SXT Deep Blue, 3.5L 6cyl, Beautiful Car- now only $19,880 Joseph Auto Center of Co lumbus Ask for John 888-526-8813 DODGE 91 STEALTH A rare find! Only 70k mi, victory red, auto, air, check it out $6995 Joseph Auto Center of Columbus Ask for John 888-526-8813 DONATE YOUR VEHICLE Receive $1000 GROCERY COUPON. UNITED BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION. Free Mammograms, Breast Cancer Info FREE Towing, Tax Deductible, Non-Runners Accepted. 1- 877-632-GIFT

Honda ’00 Accord SE, 4 dr, auto, timing belt/water pump done, loaded, pwr sunroof, CD, ABS, 139K, Excellent Condition $5800, Call 614-581-1070

HONDA 02 Accord EX Coupe V6 VTECH, leather, moonroof, new tires, CD (multi disc), 114k miles. $6,600 OBO. 614-876-5122

Toyota 11 Camry LE black, gray int., 5,400 mi., full pwr, 4 cyl., auto., like new, $16,900 Marion, OH. 740-528-2189

HYUNDAI 09 ACCENT GLS Choose from silver or white, either one $11,995 Joseph Auto Center of Columbus Ask for John 888-526-8813

VOLKSWAGEN 10 NEW BEETLE Gecko Green Summer fun! now $17,835 Joseph Auto Center of Co lumbus Ask for John 888-526-8813

HYUNDAI 10 SONATA 1-owner, Silver, 2.4L, Eco nomical! A Great Buy at $12,995 Joseph Auto Center of Co lumbus Ask for John 888-526-8813

VW 03 Passat - W8, 4-motion, AWD, 4.0 L, 8-cyl, tiptronic auto, rare top-of-line VW, all options, non-smoker, well mntaind, E.C., $9500. 740-704-3751

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A picture is worth … Mini Cooper 04. Excellent condition. Power every thing incl. the roof. Auto. Beige on black. 120k miles. $8,225. 614-537-6999. PONTIAC 10 VIBE Black w/gray int, auto, air, PW, PL, now $13,995 Joseph Auto Center of Columbus Ask for John 888-526-8813

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2740157 00-00-04

Unwanted & Junk Autos Cash Paid, FREE Towing Craig 614-989-0429

Chevy 99 Silverado 2500 4x4 regular cab, 81k miles, good cond., auto, A/C, V-8, new tires, bed cap $7,500 Call Dan 614-206-1282

CHRYSLER 04 PT CRUISER Dreams Ed, 2tone blue/silver, 2-tone lthr, 60k mi, sharp $9995 Joseph Auto Center of Columbus Ask for John 888-526-8813

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager





INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION JOBS Veyance Technologies, Inc., Marysville, Ohio, conveyor belt manufac turing plant is anticipat ing openings for pro duction associates in the current year. Candidates for these jobs should have prior experience in moder ate to heavy industrial type work and should be able to read and write legibly. Must be capable of heavy lifting (up to 70 pounds occa sionally) and sustained moderate work in an in dustrial environment. Must be able to work safely with others as part of a crew. To apply, go to An Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer.

HELP WANTED TRANSPORTATION/ DRIVERS Drivers: CDL Class “A”, Columbus, OH 60K 1st Year w/Benefits $2,000 Sign-On Bonus, 1 yr. T/T exp, Route Delivery, 1-2 Days Out Apply: 866-823-0259

Local Trucking Company seeking Experienced Class A or B CDL Drivers. Occa sional out of state work, al though Home every Night excellent wages, Must have good MVR. Please apply in person at: 1935 St Rt 42 NE, West Jefferson, OH 43162


CUSTOMER SERVICE/SALES Successful, growing Nationwide insurance agency seeking resumes for customer service/sales rep. Prior insurance knowledge required, P&C license and experience with Nationwide’s systems a big plus. Attention to detail and follow up skills are critical. We work hard but we also have fun! Base salary + commission on sales and benefits. E-mail your resume to Sales Distributor Looking for distributors for health, wellness and weight loss company in Columbus and the sur rounding areas. Part time or full time. All products are all natural and botani cally based. Our lead product is a one of a kind, detoxifying body applicator that helps clients to see im mediate inch loss in stom ach, legs, arms or neck. Territory is wide open with a huge money making op portunity. Please contact buckeyewellness@yahoo. com or call (567)938-9154 for more information.


Applicants must apply online @ www.TimeWarner EOE


Discover the Magic of working at Macy’s! Macy’s is now accepting and reviewing on-line applications for our upcoming Hiring Fairs in our Columbus area: Sales Associate Commission Sales Associate Cosmetics Beauty Advisor and Cosmetics Counter Manager


Macys’ is an Equal Opprotunity Employer, committed to a diverse and inclusive work environment.

(740) 888-5003 and tell your customer service representative to use bold in your ad!

Tolles Public Auction Modular 3-Bedroom, 2-Bath Home

READY TO BE MOVED Computers, Video & Audio Equipment and Surplus Items

Saturday, June 11, 2011 Beginning at 10:01 A.M. Auction held on the premises of Tolles Career & Technical Center located 3 miles south of Plain City, Ohio at 7877 US Rt. 42 S Modular: The Trade Students present another quality built modular home ready for you to move to your dream site. This 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1,530 square foot ranch style home has been built from plans of Unibuilt Industries, Inc. and inspected and approved by the State of Ohio. Modular Viewing: Any school day between 8:30 and 3:30 by calling 614-873-4666, ext. 202. By appointment other days. Watch this paper for updated listing of surplus items For full list, photos, terms & conditions go to: (auctioneer #1709) Owner: Board of Education, Tolles Career & Technical Center Phone 614-873-4666, ext. 213 Auction conducted by:

63 North Main Street • London, Ohio 43140

740-852-1181 • Website: Licensed and indemnified in favor of the State of Ohio.


HVAC Service Sales Rep Job Location:

Grove City, OH Job Description: Our company is a major player in the commercial HVAC service and mechanical contracting arena; Company divisions are aggressively growing to handle the increased market demand for indoor air quality upgrades, energy saving enhancements, service contract and repairs, as well as facility renovations. Salary and benefits are competitive and negotiable. EEOE. Sales position responsible for identifying, estimating, and selling comfort solutions to the existing central Ohio building marketplace. Focus will be on selling maintenance and performance service contracts, products, and services to the commercial, industrial, or institutional property owner/manager. Many projects include replacement, renovation, or retrofit of building HVAC or temperature control systems. This position requires a passion for sales and business development. The emphasis here is more on conceptual and technical selling aspect. There is also a responsibility for coordinating, communicating, and managing interaction between departments and subcontractors on multiple projects. The successful candidate for this position will have had previous work experience with companies such as Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Landis div. Siemens, Carrier, Trane, York, McQuay, and other HVAC mechanical contractors.

Skills Required: 2+ years of sales experience in sales and/or marketing any type of new construction and after-market equipment preventive maintenance service contracts and repair services, to the commercial, industrial, or institutional property owner/manager. This position requires superior verbal and written communication skills, an aggressive, goal-oriented, and competitive nature, and proficiency with MS Office.

Send resume to Kirk Williams Mechanical Service PO Box 189 Grove City, OH 43123 or to


Auditor R.I.T.A. is accepting re sumes for the position of Auditor 1 in our Worthing ton office. Good communi cation and math skills re quired. This is a customer service position requiring extensive telephone con tact. No walk-ins or phone inquiries. Send resume along with a cover letter to: Attn: Human Resources, Regional Income Tax Agency, 10107 Brecksville Road, Brecksville, OH 44141.

Part Time Office Manager No weekends. 20-30hrs. Answer phones, Customer service, order processing, Accounts Payable & Re ceivables, check manage ment and general adminis trative. Req’d 10 yrs Cus tomer Relations exp, fluent in Microsoft Office, strong Excel and Accounting exp. Need flexible, reliable, pro fessional multi-tasker. No benefits. Background check & references req’d. Send resume/references to or fax 614-718-3063.

Controller Hilliard based co. is look ing for a controller. Duties include but are not limited to: A/P, A/R, 401k, taxes, sales taxes, insurance, DOT licenses, payroll and misc. HR duties. A strong accounting background is required. QUICKBOOKS knowledge is preferred. A background check is re quired. Please email re sumes to: HSPCI.employm

DAYCARE PROVIDERS & PRESCHOOLS Take advantage of our great childcare rates! (740) 888-5003

Dental Front Desk Friendly, energetic, motivated, team player wanted to join our fast-paced office. FT. Fax resume and cover letter to Dr. Craig Slack 268-4109.

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HELP WANTED ENGINEERING/ TECHNICAL Controls Engineer/Designer Direct project mgmt HVAC DDC Controls team, min 5+ yrs experience, using function block program ming and Niagara AX Cer tification is a plus. Com mercial new const. & retrofits; sys integration, Sequence of Operations, O&M manuals, engineer ing of Sequence of Opera tions strategy estimating & presentation of quotes are all required. Some field work & service call experi ence is required. Competi tive pay, 401k & benefits. Email m


LPN Busy cardiology practice prefers candidate with strong cardiology or internal medicine experience. LPN will assist physician with patient care and dictation, as well as help triage and do in-office testing. For consideration send resume to or fax resume to 614-857-2670.

OPTOMETRIC TECH Immediate FT opening for exp., high energy individual in progressive eyecare practice. Strong people skills & technical ability a must. Competitive starting pay plus incentive bonus. Fax resume to: 614-793-0084. RN NEW RATES! Full time RN position with benefits. Home health company seaking RN to do home visits in Franklin County, west side of Columbus area. Minimum one year home health care experi ence. Send resume to: Full Time RN, P.O. Box 20014, Dayton, OH 45420 or Fax to 937-294-4946. EOE

HELP WANTED FINANCIAL/BANKING ESCROW & TITLE PROCESSORS Central OH Title Agency seeking full-time Escrow & Title Processors. Prepare HUD statements & closing packages; balance & dis burse files; post-closing processing. Commitment & policy preparation. 3+ years experience. Full benefits. Send resume to

HELP WANTED GENERAL Accounts Receivable Hilliard based co. is seek ing a person to handle A/R. Duties include: job pricing, invoicing, writing up new orders, service contracts & collections. Quickbooks experience is highly recom mended. Background check is required. email re sumes to: hspci.employment@ DAYCARE PROVIDERS & PRESCHOOLS

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QUALITY / LEAN MANAGER Marietta, OH Solvay Advanced Polymers, a leader in highperformance polymers, is seeking a Quality/Lean Manager for our facility in Marietta, OH to lead plant initiatives for compliance, quality, L6S & ongoing improvement. BS in related field & 5+ years related experience in quality management and lean manufacturing required. Must have process & technology expertise, strong troubleshooting skills, knowledge of systems & documentation, effective communication skills, & ability to influence change. We are a member of the Solvay Group, a global chemicals and plastics company. Competitive salary and benefits. Apply at www.solvaynorthamerica .com/careers (Ref Code: SLV-US-00034) No other form of contact


ADOPTION- A loving to unplanned pregnancy. You choose the family for your child. Receive pictures/info of waiting/ approved couples. Living expense assistance. 1-866-236-7638


Attend College Online from Home. *Medical, *Business, *Paralegal, *Computers, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. Call 800-488-0386 Medical Management Careers start here- Get Connected Online. Attend college on your own time. Job Placement Assiscance. Computer Available. Financial Aid if qualified. Call 800-482-3316


AIRLINES ARE HIRINGTrain for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified- Housing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877)818-0783 DAYCARE PROVIDERS & PRESCHOOLS

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Annual Scioto Run Community Garage Sale Sat May 21st, 8am-3pm Off Dublin Rd, btwn Davidson & Fishinger

Advertise your service! $26 gets you any 5 papers weekly. (5 line minimum) (740) 888-5003




Macy’s offers competitive rates and flexible work schedules. Enjoy an associate discount of up to 20% at Macy’s. Apply online today at



If you have previous sales experience, motivated attitude, valid driving license w/reliable transportation, we will reward you with competitive compensation and a free cable benefit.

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Time Warner Cable has immediate openings for PartTime (20 hrs p/w) Direct Sales Representative s. Come join our Direct Sales Team by setting your own hours and selling our premium services of cable, high speed internet and digital phone services.


May 19, 2011

Sales Consultants Classic Home Brands and Thomasville Galleries are expanding in the Columbus / Polaris area. We are looking for experienced and enthusiastic sales consultants who have a passion for working with people and enjoy decorating. Picture yourself showcasing your talents with the leading brands in home fashion and design.

Apply in person Monday or Tuesday from noon - 5pm Polaris Mall area 8597 Sancus Blvd or contact Shannon McDaniel at 502-244-7634 to schedule appointment



Advertise in Call the Experts

Permanent, PT, M-F. No weekends. Duties to include computer entry, answer phones, filing. Word and Excel, ACT database a plus. Flex. schedule, competitive pay. Call 614-760-5883.


We offer a complete training program, salary/ commission and bonus plan starting at $30,000 plus, including employee benefits.


HELP WANTED FOOD SERVICE/ HOSPITALITY BARTENDERS J. Lindsays. Need very nice people to become very nice bartenders. Will train right person. Ap ply in person from 11:30AM-9:30PM at 5453 BETHEL-SAWMILL CENTER back door faces Sawmill Lanes. To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call (740) 888-5003 (local call)

Take advantage of these great rates! 5 LINE ADS Readers reached 70,854 115,945 326,067

Cost $26 $44 $7314

Call ing about sav re! o m n e v e

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Real Estate & Personal Property Ordered Sold at Public Auction! “Short Sale” Lenders Approval – Real Estate starts at 1pm Personal Property starts at 10am – on premises

Saturday, May 28th

7192 Dublin Road, Dublin, OH 43017 What an opportunity to own one of the most exquisite properties in our area. This property consists of 12.75 of the most remarkable acres. This is a resort type home overlooking the river. Perfect for the most discriminating Buyer and ideal for entertaining! Pool, Gorgeous Grounds, Gated Entry, Tennis Court, Gourmet Kitchen, totally updated and so much more! WHY NOT BUY AND PAY YOUR PRICE!! THIS IS A MUST SEE PROPERTY!! This property consists of: 13,556 square feet, 5 BR, 6 Full Baths, 2 Half Baths, 12.75 acre lot, Dublin School District, 3 Car Attached Garage.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: Outstanding living room sofas, chairs, pits, designer tables, decorator lamps, signed framed art, bedroom furniture, collectible glassware, Christmas Carol German Nutcracker, large assortment of decorator items, Grand Piano – Samick Baby Grand Piano, Ebony Black, high polish finish, signed arty, decorator items, flat screen tv’s, outstanding bedroom furniture, canopy beds, chests, dressers, night stands, large assortment of decorator lamps, sofas, dining room tables, designer tables, collectible glassware, sports memorabilia – Muhammad Ali signed boxing gloves, Pete Rose signed basement bat, large assortment of antique and collectable items still coming out of the old barn. Universal Gym workout station, Royal Doulton Kingsware, Archie Griffin & John Cooper signed football, decorator folding screens, pewter goblets, / bowl, rare 18th Century framed Bartolozzi prints, G.E. upright freezer, Disney collectables, and more!

JEWELRY: Rolex Custom Ladies Stainless Steel Watch, 14kt White Gold Diamond Hoops, 14kt White Gold Diamond Bangle Bracelet, 14kt Yellow Gold Tennis Bracelet, 18k White Gold Diamond & Aquamarine Pendant, 18k Yellow Gold Gents Rolex Presidential Crown-Series Diamond Dial Custom Diamond Bezel Watch (Retail $36,000), 2.05ct. Round Diamond Certified D Color, 1.07ct. Pear Shape Diamond Pendant, 1.40ct. TW Diamond Stud Earrings.

VEHICLES & MOTORCYCLE: 2006 – Lexus GX 470 SUV Black – excellent condition. Every available option (exc. Carfax) 2006 – Custom Chopper motorcycle. 131 Zipper Magnum 168 HP S7MI. $150,000 invested 2004 – Volkswagen Silver 4 Door Sedan 2001 – Custom Carlini O Design motorcycle, Black / Orange, 141 miles, show condition, huge SS motor all chromed out! 2001 – Dodge Ram Dually Black Quad cab. Excellent condition loaded bed liner full power and more (gas engine) 2001 – Mazda 626 Black 4 Door Sedan 1999 - Capone “Air Ride” Custom Motorcycle (347 Miles) 1983 – Porsche 944 Gold 1971 – Mercedes 280 SL Red Convertible Fully Restored (mint condition)

CHECK WEBSITE FOR PHOTOS! Real Estate Terms: $10,000.00 deposit sale day, balance due on or before 30 days from sale date. Personal Property Terms: Cash, Check, Credit Card w/convenience fee. All items must be paid for on the day of the sale. All Sales FINAL. All bidders must register on day of sale.

Sale conducted by Cassel & Associates Realtors – Auctioneers Robert S. Cassel AARE/Broker Auctioneer (614) 433-SELL (7355)



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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

May 19, 2011

ûûHUGE YARD SALE ûû Fri 5/20 & Sat 5/21, 10a-2p Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church. 478 W. Olentangy St., Powell, OH Proceeds to benefit Share Our Strength

Ballantrae Garage Sale! 5868 Baronscourt Way, Dublin, Sat. 8 to 3. TV’s, lawn/garden tools, bed ding, rugs, surround sound system, headboard, pack n play, kids clothes & toys, records, kitchen/HH items, pot rack, media cabinet, luggage.

GARAGE SALE 5/21 10am3pm 10069 Sylvian Dr., Dublin 43017. Ethan Allen furn, Longaberger baskets & Boyd bears, holiday items, 2 bikes, CD’s, DVD’s, kit., London Fog Mens coats, RCA stereo & much more. Garage Sale Dublin, Large Selection Baby/Children Items. Baby Furniture, High Chairs, Cribs, Playpens, Swings, Car Seats, Gates, Clothes Age Infant-6 Yrs, Household Items, Etc. Fri-Sat 9-2, May 20-21. 7394 Wings Livery Rd, Dublin

Pets & Livestock

Central Ohio Boarding Fa cility. At Dream Walker Farm you get 24/7 turnout w/indoor riding arena & acres of trails. Only 50 mins. north of Columbus w/easy access off I71 at RT 97 in Lexington, Ohio. Close to Pleasant Hill and Mochican State Park. $200 per month. billdthompson or 419-961-6241

Adorable Black and Buff Cockapoo puppies for Sale! Ready now!. Very playful and friendly black and buff 9 wk old cockapoo puppies ready for their new home! 3 males and 3 females; vet checked, dewormed, dew claws removed, shots up to date. Puppies are well Need Cash??? socialized. $450 for males; The Jewelry Refinery pays $475 for females. Cash on the highest in town guaran - ly. 614.371.7284 myzippyri teed. We pay $19.10/gram for 14K. We buy gold, dia monds, platinum, silver, costume jewlery, and sil verware. We buy Estate Jewlery 12 E. Bridge St. Dublin next to Domino’s Pizza. 614-266-4848. M-F 10:30a-6p, Sat 10a-5p.

Got Married Sale - May 20 & 21, 9am-4pm. 5629 Keating Dr., Dublin. Furni ture, electronics, kitchen, yard tools, holiday, small appliances, collectibles.

BCF Firewood Seasoned µ 614-397-2752 Residential & Restaurant Wood. Stump Grinding.

AKC BOSTON TERRIERS DNA, adults and puppies, male and female, ages 6 weeks to 4 yrs. Shots and wormed, doggie door trained. $250-$325. 740-372-0033

2 piece Kincaid Secretary desk, 4 front drawers,glass HUGE COMMUNITY GA doors, brass hardware, RAGE SALE RIVER LAND Solid cherry wood hutch INGS DEVELOPMENT off $1,200 - 614-738-9398 Lm Dublin or Davidson Rds 4-PIECE GIRL’S BED SET FRI MAY 20 9-2 & SAT BERNESE MOUNTAIN Including 4-post Twin Bed MAY 21 8-2 ANCHORAGE DOG PUPPIES plus Mattress. LANE, Hilliard 284-1150 AKC, SHOTS, WORMED, Like New Condition, LOTS OF JUST GREAT DEW CLAWS REMOVED " 614-572-5887 " STUFF Current & Vintage. EXC. QUALITY, ONLY 3 Coleman stoves & lan M’S LEFT $900. 740-256terns, LOTS of VINTAGE 1665 or 740-256-1665 FISHING poles & some tackle. TOYS, KIDS CAVALIER KING Rainbow Playset for Sale! SHOES, Household items, CHARLES PUPS Sunshine Castle Series. Girls SCHWINN VARSITY AKC, black & tan, The Kids are Teens! Large, bicycle, Roller blades (2), 1st shots & wormed, POP. well - loved recreational Glass ware, Holiday items, Very friendly disposition! system in northeast Pictures, books, Some anti $600 M, $650 F. Westerville neighborhood. ques and collectables and 937-464-2148 no Sun calls. Purchased for $4000 in MUCH more, STILL 2002. Will sale for $1750 SEARCHING COCKAPOO Puppies OBO. Purchaser responsi 1st rate companion ! û HUGE û ble for removal and reloca Shots, wormed, tion. Serious inquiries only GARAGE SALE microchipped. $450 call Kim at (614) 783-4372. 7727 Tartan Fields Dr, 740-966-0491 DUBLIN English Bulldog Puppies Fri 5/20 & Sat 5/21 AKC,Champion Bloodlines, 8 am - 2 pm M & F. vet checked, 1st ATTENTION GAMERS: shots, dewormed, Lots of Canada Drug Center is Sega Saturn, Sega Wrinkles, $1,800. your choice for safe and Nomad, Sega Dreamcast 937-207-8866 affordable medications. & Xbox systems & games. Our licensed Canadian OSU collectibles, Duffs & mail order pharmacy will Superga shoe samples, Disney VHS movies, music provide you with savings of To place an ad for up to 90% on all your CD’s, board games, toys, your bazaar or medication needs. Woodland Design seasonal event call Call Today 888-459-9961 Hartstone dishes, use Promo code save135 HH items & more!!! (740) 888-5003 for $25.00 off your first pre Five 18-in Jeep (local call) scription and free shipping Wrangler wheels 1 7 11 15 19 20 21 22 23 26 27 28 29 30

Looking for a tenant? Get the word out to more than a quarter million readers with ThisWeek Community Newspapers! Apartment/Home Rental Package 10 lines or 5 lines with photo, 4 weeks, any 4 markets for $75 (each additional line $7.50)

32 35 38 39 45 48 49 50 51 54 55 57 61 63 64 65 66 67 71 75 77 78 79 82 86 87 89 90 91 92

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(740) 888-5003

95 97 102 103 104 108 110 112 113 114

ACROSS Lifetime job “Let __ eat cake!” “__ meant was ...” “Loser” rocker Commonly thorny tree Whit Like people in pews Wheel shaft Week 1 No View, No Touch Trap maker Sis’s sib Like an ant. Org. that can help you get started Fastens, as a ship’s rope One-named New Ager Some strings Common Latino newspaper name Week 2 Catch word? Beans spiller Many NASA astronauts were in it “__ seen the light!” 1997-2006 U.N. leader Foot or fathom Team Week 3 “Understood” Els with clubs 1968 U.S. Open champ Put into law Group with the 1979 #1 hit “Babe” Week 4 __ world Silly Lincoln in-law Refrain syllables Yacht feature? Week 5 Degrade Zeus’ jealous wife Chicago Eight defendant Mess up Club __ “Li’l Abner” and “Doonesbury,” e.g. Inner-city genre Week 6 Exeter’s county As much as one cares to see They may be childproofed Place saver Got the gold __ Grande Word to a masseuse The mi. in Mile-High

GERMAN SHEPHERD Germany’s Vice-Universal Sieger, at stud. Training,obed,home protection,sch classes im ports, young dogs, pups for sale. offering spring workshop call to sign up Boarding available. 740-756-7387

Yorkie-Poos Yorkichons M & F. Health Gtd. 740-574-1456 or 740-352-5278


Golden Retriever Puppies for sale. AKC. Born 3/9. 2 females/2 males. First vet visit. $400.00. 614-3902025; 614-871-6282

Want to boost your home improvement business?

Great Dane Puppies AKC, vet checked, 1st shots/ dewormed, lg bon ed, M&F, Black/Merls, $750, 937-207-8866

Give yourself an advantage – call ThisWeek Community Newspapers classifieds.

Lab, black puppies, 6 weeks on 4/30/11, AKC, champ bldlns, UTD shots, mother on site. Home raised. 2M, 1F, $300. 614-833-9306

(740) 888-5003

Yorkie-Poos Yorkichons M & F. Health Gtd. 740-574-1456 or 740-352-5278 Yorkie pup - 12 weeks, $300. Ready now. Teacup Chihuahua’s, $400. Other Chuhuahua’s ready now, $300. 740-664-8226 YORKIE PUPS - males, CKC, 8 weeks, 1st shots/wormed, vet check 2x, tails docked, $450 614-879-7241 or 614-879-6617 To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call (740) 888-5003 (local call)

YORKY@YORKY-POO ms T-CUP 7WKS, $400-$550 MALTESE@SNOODLES $450-$600,TAKING DEP. PAY PAL AT www. GRT DANE M 2.5YRS $150, GOLD.RET F $75. Can deliver $35 gas fee

To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call

(740) 888-5003 (local call)

(866) 790-4502 (toll free)

Persian/Himalayan for sale. Asolutly adorable CFA reg istered persian/himalayan kittens. 9 weeks old, 1st shots, vet checked and ready for adoption. 1 Male chocolate point and 1 fe male calico. Asking $700 obo for each. Call 740-6852664 or 740-630-7449

REPTILE SALE & SHOW Buy, Sell, Trade. Sat. May 21, 9am - 3pm Moose Lodge #11 1500 Demorest Rd, Cols, 43228 614-459-4261, 614-457-4433

DAYCARE PROVIDERS & PRESCHOOLS Take advantage of our great childcare rates! (740) 888-5003

CLASS 0F 2011

Labradoodles F1B, Apricots, Creams, Chocolates, Selling Now! Ready for homes June 1st. All shots, Hlth Guar. Please call Lou Ann or visit us at (614)623-5248.

Show your favorite graduate how proud you are of them in our special Class of 2011 editions, appearing on June 2 and 5! Congratulations



5-7 lines and photo NEWFOUNDLAND PUPS Adorable, 8 weeks old, shots, wormed, papers, 3 M/3 F, 2 landseer (black & white), $800/$1000. Ready to go! 419-619-0824

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We’re so proud of you! OSU bound! Love, , Mom, Dad, Annie ! lee Ry d an gie ag M

ONLY $30 5-7 lines ONLY $20

Dublin Coffman

Mom’s Club of Powell Community Charity Sale BIG MOVING/MULTI FAMI - Scioto Reserve on Fri: 20 & Sat: 21- kids clothing, toys, LY SALE - UA 3890/3908 HH items, maternity, & furn Kioka Ave. All Priced to Sell! Fri 5/20 - Sun 5/22 Multi family sale! 8217 8am-4pm, Glencullen Ct., Dubin Lawn&Garden,Lawn (Amberleigh subdiv), Fri Mower,ShopVac, May20, 8a-3p. 42"TV, chrs, SnowThrower,Building cherry buffet, Pottery Barn Materials,Tile, New Wood bedding, wt bench, elect Door, Haloquist Thinstone piano, rugs, kids’ toys Veneer,Electrical & Plumb NEIGHBORHOOD GA ing, Lamps, Furniture, Mis RAGE SALE - WILLOW sion style CD Shelf, SPRINGS NORTH. Friday, TV,VCR,Movies,Linens,Art work, Sterling Silver Jewel - 5/20, 9am-2pm. Clothes, toys, misc. HH items. 3 mi. ry, New Clothing & Shoes, N of Polaris Pkwy on Old Office Supplies State Rd. Brandon Subdivision NEIGHBORHOOD SALE Neighborhood Summerwoods S.D. across Garage Sale N.W. Library & off Hard Rd. Dublin, Brandonway Dr, Thurs 5/19 6-8pm, May 20 & 21, 9am-2pm. Fri 5/20 & Sat. 5/21 9-1. Christmas Shopping in LOTS OF BARGAINS!!! May! Brand new items of POWELL MOVING SALE toys, games, puzzels & ba May 21, 9am-4pm by items. 75% or more off 4339 Village Club Dr. retail. Also misc used items Furn., office furn., mens from the house. May 20 & clothing, exer. equip, 21, 9am -3pm 3366 Scioto books, DVD’s, toys, elect. Glen Drive in Hilliard & more! COMMUNITY YARD SALE! RIVER LANDINGS Sat, May 21, 9 am - 3 pm NEIGHBORHOOD Something for everyone! GARAGE SALES Many homes participating. Off Dublin & Davidson Rds. Off Dublin Road, Btwn in Hilliard. Fri., 5/20 from Roberts & Trabue 9-2; Sat., 5/21 from 8-2. DELAWARE Many houses participating! 251 Crystal Petal Dr. SCIOTO FARMS Fri & Sat, May 20 & 21, SUBDIVISION, close to 8 am - 2 pm Scioto Darby and Walcutt. Furn., crib w/mtchng furn. Fri-Sat, May 20-21, 9-4. & matt., girl/baby clths Many families, much to (0-24 mos), OSU FB autog. see! Twin beds, HH, items, women’s biz attire (14-16), Creative Memories childrens clthg, toys, more! scrapbking items, critcut machine & access., large flatscreen TV

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City Week 7 Ax Floor piece Yahtzee quintet Hall of Fame subject of “The Last Boy” Lob Stops hedging Ton Week 8 DOWN Hack Legend creator Silky synthetic Car starter? German article Arctic explorer John Men’s wear accessory East Asian stew Ike’s command: Abbr. “Oh, brother!” Communications opener Zhivago’s love It’s not good to get caught in one Cool color for contacts Rotten apples, so to speak Legendary sword Sate 50-year-old dolls Rules Routine grounder, say F1 neighbor Freudian “never” Intrude upon, as one’s space Part of 81-Down Gallery fare Cutting, maybe One of a Latin trio Silver and Glass Yale Bowl rooter Anthem start Zippo Keeps secret Hardly secret Squirt Confined, after “in” Inhaler? Dry, as wine Doha native Playful sprites Hesitating sounds “Peachy!” Owns Assume, as a role Bowler, for one Let loose Altar assurance Altar assurances Darts It may be red

74 Iraqi seaport 76 Manila-to-Seoul dir. 78 Dug-out area 79 __ Club: Costco rival 80 “Yeah, right!” 81 Six-time World Serieswinning MLB franchise 82 Party wheel 83 It may be grand 84 Manila tongue 85 Blueprint 88 Airport stat. 92 Affirmed in court 93 Tarzan portrayer Ron 94 “Get it?” 96 Old Prizm maker 98 “Speed” actor 99 Uncle Tom rescues her from drowning 100 Aardvarks’ land 101 Undone 105 Dillon and Damon 106 Hole in one, e.g. 107 Did a smithy’s job 108 Nimble 109 Mixed bag 110 Whip mark 111 Mined metals 116 Big shot 117 Favre’s 508, briefly 118 Fruit drink named for a vitamin 119 III x DCC 120 “Friendly skies” co. 121 __-Cat

THE Weekly Crossword Edited by Wayne Robert Williams

SALE! By Don Gagliardo and C.C. Burnikel

Page C8

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

May 19, 2011

Real Estate

Recreation HILLIARD - FSBO. 3K s.f. 2stry, 4BR, 2.5BA w/deluxe mstr. & 1st flr. ofc., versize lot. 3C gar., deck & paver patio, granite & chry cabinetry ask. $389,900. Motv. seller 614-634-2216 .

Condo For Sale in Green Pastures Marysville. 2Bdrm/2Ba, 2 Car gar. app. incl. Ready to move in $105.9k - (937) 459-0777 To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call (740) 888-5003 (local call)

" CANDLEWOOD LAKE HOMES , LOTS & LAKE FRONTS 419-946-7355; Ê419-571-0786 or ÊCheck Website SUNDAY FOR OPEN HOUSES AT Indian Lake - 2 stry home, $134,900. Great place for family fun or quiet get away. Spacious LR, lrg kitchen/brkft bar/DR, 3BR, deck off mstr w/water view. 2 fully updated BA, walking distance to state park, boat ramps & docks. For addt’l details: 937-681-1456.

You’ve found your "ahhah" in-home child care here! Ages 18 mos. preschool. Located in Powell, near Chapman Elementery. Call Barbie at 614-746-1760 or email:

INDIAN LAKE VACATION MOBILE HOME 2BR/fully furnished, C/A, natural gas heat & grill, covered patio, dock - steps from lake, Cottonwood M.H. Park, Lot #12, 8312 SR 366, just East of Spillway, $15,500. Call 614-774-0075 or 614-871-2705.

APPLE VALLEY LOTS 3 lots ready to build on; Flat, trees, water, gas, sewer 2 lots in Grandridge Estates 1 lot in King Beach Terr., $7500 each. Wayne 740-501-5840 New homes, garages & and pole barns. Schlabach Builders Ltd.

Private Community 2BR, loft/BR, 3 full BA, 2C att gar., exterior maintenance included, no pets, 614-395-0533

DUBLIN - Exec home, 3000 sf, completely furn, 2 mstr BR, 2.5 BA, must have references. $1600 mo. No pets, NS. Prefer over 50, no kids. Avail June 1st. 614-581-2425

ABINGTON VILLAGE Currently renting beautiful & spacious, 1660 sf, 2 BR, 2.5 bath townhomes. Step from your priv, fncd garden patio into a 1st floor large open great room. Enjoy a fully equipped kitchen & the finished Tudor Pub Rm on the lower level. Rent starts at $780-$805 mo. Dublin SD. Call for a tour of your new home TODAY! û (614) 766-9133 û

Brand New Luxury condominiums for rent near downtown Worthington, secured building & parking, W/D in each unit, 1 & 2 Bdrm, some with balcony & fireplace, starting at $900/mo please call (614)273-8529 For More Information

To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call

Classifieds sell

(740) 888-5003

(740) 888-5003 (local call)

(local call)



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All Types of Brick Work, Block Work, Concrete, Stucco, Masonry Quality Service 614-808-5255

A JOB WELL DONE AGAIN Custom Carpentry/Repairs

614-235-1819 "LET THE EXPERT DO IT" STEVE’S BASEMENT AND DRAIN TILE REPAIR Downspout Drain Lines Sump Pumps French Drains Basement Repair Waterproofing 34 Years Journeyman Pipe Filter FREE ESTIMATES! (614)352-1075 Basement Problems Solved www.buckeyespecialized .com (614)203-0761

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Ronk Construction (614) 260-8866. Free Est. Licensed & BBB A+ CAPITAL CITY CEMENT Resid/Comm, Drives, Walks, Foundation/Footer Lic/Bonded/Insured 614-885-5784 or 792-9343 DAN FEW CONCRETE 38 Years in Central Ohio. Drives, Walks, Pole Bldg, BB courts. Lic/Bond/Ins. Call 614-575-8561 Vitullo/Cautela Concrete/Flatwork Drives/Patios/Walks Repair/Install Call Dan 614-570-7867

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Service call only $25 Broken spring? Problem with Openers? 24/7 Svc µ 614-888-8008 $10 Off Svc call w/ ad Central Ohio Garage Door BROKEN SPRINGS? BEST PRICES IN TOWN! 17 Years Exp, BBB 614-440-DOOR (3667)

GARDEN TILLING Small Gardens & Flowerbeds. Tom, 614-878-4746

Paige Gutters/ Drains $10 off with ad 5% Senior Discount Seamless Gutters: Installed, screened, Cleaned

Underground Drains: Snaked, Repaired, Replaced

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Classifieds sell

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(740) 888-5003 (local call)

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EXPIRES 3/31/11

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Kitchens, Baths, Carpentry, Plumbing, Minor Electric, Drywall, Ceramic Tile, 17 yrs Exp. Ins. Free Est. Jerry û 614-563-5488 All Purpose Handyman Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing. Call for estimate



Basement finishing, Bathroom remolding, All Drywall needs & Painting Call Shane: (614)735-3173 Call TIM the HANDYMAN You buy it ~ I install it! Plumbing, electric, ceilingfans, garage openers, etc. 12 yrs exp.*614-370-1957 You buy it, I’ll install / remodel it You break it, I’ll fix it, references. A & A Handymen. 614-446-6551

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Kimber Solo 9 mm, great conceal carry gun. Excellent condition. $525. Must have conceal handgun license. Call 614-598-3325.

Harley Davidson 09 Softtail Custom, 3400 mi. Retro paint antique white & turquoise. Like new! Electronic security, windshield, saddlebags. $17,000. 614-875-2523

MONACO 05 Motor Home 30ft Class A, Ford V-10, loaded, excellent condi tion, $39,000 or with 07 Chevy Tow Car $45,000. Call 740-467-2702 or 740-438-0500.

or bath remodel. A $169 Value!

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Office # 614-396-6364 •



May 19, 2011

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

Page D1

Fortune Chinese Restaurant offers lengthy menu “Hot Pepper Frog, Homestyle Made Frog, or Frog Stir-Fried with Pickle Chili?” asked my sister, flashing an oftpracticed devilish grin. We were plotting our order from the provocative, lengthy and new menu in Fortune Chinese Restaurant. Recently implemented by the place’s new owners, that voluminous food list includes many intriguing looking dishes which appear to substantiate the menu’s claim of “The Best Selection of Authentic Szechuan Style Food.” As we expressed hope that Fortune’s execution of Szechuan dishes would match its self-heralded “selection,” we also commented on how drastically the once-Cantonese-centric cuisine there had changed. Too bad we couldn’t say the same about Fortune’s drab decor. Because although Fortune has received a muchneeded housecleaning, sprucing up and coat of paint (albeit in a pale, wan yellow), it still has a dingy dropped ceiling, industrial carpet, goofy 3D-type

MENU by G.A. Benton “art” and dull brown, occasionally ripped Naugahyde booths. So how was the food? In general, I found it to be salty, saucy, aggressive and oily. Since that also describes me, we got along famously. In fact, slurping up Fortune’s inexpensive but explosively flavored grub was so much fun I didn’t much mind that the Tsingtao beer bottle on my table was the place’s best claim to ambience. As for ordering strategies, except for the chef’s specials, we took the menu’s implicit suggestion and stuck with any section mentioning Szechuan in its header (there are four). While there was some sameness to the seasoning among these brazen entrees — expect generous glugs of chili oil, fresh jalapeno, garlic and ginger

taste:  Fish with Rice Crust ($14): This massive (serves two or three) and mighty flavor onslaught was served with a little razzle-dazzle and is highly recommended. Thin and crispy rice cakes gave off an audible sizzle on the plate (think “snap crackle pop”) when doused with an enormous bowl of impressively tender battered whitefish planks and a cornucopia of veggies (starring Chinese broccoli) swimming in a sea of wild and thick, salty, sweet and spicy sauce.  Ma Po Bean Curd ($9): Silken tofu cubes swamped in chili oil and spiked with fermented black beans were liberally sprinkled with lip-tingling ground Szechuan peppercorns. Really fun and By Jodi Miller/ThisWeek almost druggy in its sting and oral Lamb with cumin and chili peppers at numbing effects.  Diced Chicken Stir Fried with Fortune Chinese Restaurant. Pickle Turnip ($8): I enjoyed this bold, and an occasionally to-the-brink sweet- cheap and comparatively ungreasy dish ness — I wouldn’t say any two dishes so much that it’s become my new gowere completely identical. Here’s a to to-go Chinese dinner. Diced poultry

coated in red chili paste was further seasoned with garlic, jalapeno and lively chunks of semi-funky and pleasantly sour veggie pickles. A hot and tangy must.  Lamb with Chili Pepper and Cumin ($8): The delightfully tender meat was flavorful enough to stand up to its soy sauce, onion and jalapeno-fueled spicy and salty treatment. Pretty terrific.  Hot Pepper Frog ($11): A rare sauce-free Fortune preparation, this was battered and fried bundles of froggy, tossed with leafy celery tops, jalapeno, scallion and a volatile arsenal of firecracker-like fried red chili peppers. I liked it, but there were a lot of tiny, hidden bones in those battered bites.  Mixed Vegetable Stir Fry ($8): Like a pleasantly bitter sauteed salad of slivered carrots and green veggies dressed in soy sauce and cooking oil, this functions well as a palate-refreshing side to the rich, spicy and more complex flavors of many dishes here.

Revamped Westerville pizzeria now offers baked pies In perfect conditions, customers have only a short wait for a freshly baked pie at Runaway Pasta & Pizza in Westerville. With his handy Hhc 2020 TurboChef oven, Peter Tanski can bake a pizza in 2.5 minutes. Put another way, that’s 150 seconds. “This is the next-generation way to cook a pizza,” he said. Certainly, longer lines mean a longer wait for patrons, but Tanski’s lovin’ his oven. It doesn’t require an expensive ventilation system and runs off of electricity. It uses a convection-and-im-

pingement process, meaning it simultaneously sucks in and pushes out air, while a catalytic converter cleans the exhaust. The conveyor unit is capable of cooking 60 pizzas in one hour. Runaway takes over Tanksi’s former Mama Mimi’s franchise at 925 N. State St., just east of Meijer. Runaway’s fresh-tossed dough uses flour that is free of bromate, a condi-

tioner that strengthens the dough and allows for higher rising. Tanski prefers the old-fashioned method. He has three crusts: a regular style seasoned with oregano and garlic, plain wheat and a gluten-free product not made on premises. The reason being, he said, is the risk for cross-contamination. Pizzas are 12 or 16 inches and crusts are either thin or medium-thick. He has a full complement of designer pizza options, such as the barbecue pulled pork and spinach and artichoke dip, as well as a build-your-own section. The big sellers right now are the deluxe and Margherita options. He acknowledges prices are about $1 or $2 more than chain pizzas. The difference is in the ingredients, he said. For example, Tanski also uses Stanislaus tomato products, which are made from fresh tomatoes, not concentrate. He mixes the seasonings in-house for his own distinctive flavor. “It’s not something that’s going to be duplicated anywhere,” he said. In addition, he uses 100 percent cheese, a mozzarella-provolone blend, and locally made Ezzo Sausage Co. pepperoni. He prepares pizzas to order and By Chris Parker/ThisWeek begins the cooking process when As one pizza comes out of the oven, Peter Tanski works on another in his shop, customers arrive. Even during Runaway Pasta & Pizza, 925 N. State St. in Westerville. busier times, he sees that has an ef-

ficient method, as customers generally wait no longer than 10 minutes for their order. Still, purchasing another oven could be necessary once business improves, he said. The menu also includes a slate of salads, baked pasta, take-and-bake casseroles, chicken wings and a few desserts, including fresh-baked cookies. Sandwiches could be offered in the future, he said. “Doing things people are familiar with but in your own way is the way to succeed, I think,” he said. Tanski is looking into adding some seating in the 1,453-square-foot space, which does not provide a dine-in experience. Runaway is open lunch and dinner hours daily. For more information, call 614-523-3000. The latest Ohio-made vodka has a Columbus connection. Karl Schneider of Upper Arlington is among a group of investors behind Buckeye Vodka, which is produced in Dayton. The premium, small-batch vodka uses distilled water from a direct source — Crystal Water Co. — and is distilled 10 times for an unmistakably smooth, clean and pure flavor, spokeswoman Michele Mooney said. It is available at several local stores, including many local Giant Eagle and Kroger stores, High Street Beverage and Huffman’s Market.

Recipe of the week

Roasted baby back ribs, courtesy of Keile Baney of Liberty Tavern.

■ Wine Wisdom author Roger Gentile says the Casal Garcia Vinho Verde from Portugal is a smashing white for patio gatherings, chilled crab salads and afternoon conversations by the pool. ■ Free gift cards. To qualify for a $50 gift certificate from Barcelona, sign up for the weekly Food & Wine e-newsletter. Details are on the Food & Wine page.




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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

Page D2

May 19, 2011

Coming up

Welcome Warehouse Girl Scouts who attend Indian Run Elementary School recently attended a school dance that also served as a communityservice project. Scouts in kindergarten through fifth grade brought new or slightly used household items to donate to the Welcome Warehouse in Dublin. The Welcome Warehouse is a faith-based organization that provides opportunities, goods and services to Dublin residents in need.

People in business Markus receives TW Cable award Tiffany Markus of Dublin is one of the winners in the Time Warner Cable Business Class Achiever’s Cup program. Achiever’s Cup recipients represent the very best employees at Time Warner Cable Business Class. Markus, an account manager in enterprise sales, will join winners for a company conference in Maui.


Scottish Corners Elementary School fifth-graders Janelle Gans, left, Michelle Lee and Olivia Timko received Bronze Awards, the highest honor available to Junior Girl Scouts, during a recent ceremony.

Scouts earn Bronze Awards

and completing a service project that benefited the community in addition to completing other service and leadership requirements. Gans, Lee and Timko all are members of Girl Scout Troop 2408 at Scottish Corners Elementary School. Lisa Belding and Nancy Byron are troop leaders. The scouts’ Bronze Award project involved organizing and presenting a Pet Care Workshop for second graders and collecting items to donate to the Capital Area Humane Society.

Dublin fifth-graders Janelle Gans, Michelle Lee and Olivia Timko were among 13 girls who earned Bronze Awards, the highest honor available to Junior Girl Scouts. Their awards were presented during the Green & Gold ceremony held at Bailey Elementary School in April. Each scout spent at least 15 hours planning

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wexner center for the arts ESPECIALLY FOR TEENS


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Meetings OCLC Toastmasters 478, noon the first and third Thursdays of the month at the OCLC main building, 6565 Kilgour Place. Members focus on improving speaking and leadership skills. Call (614) 825-2611. Sawmill Road Toastmasters, 11:45 a.m. on the first and third Mondays of every month at Flyers Pizza, 3967 Presidential Parkway. Visitors are welcome. Members focus on improving publicspeaking skills. Visit http:// Guests are welcome. Mommies and Munchkins, 9:30-10:30 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is a faith-based fitness walking class made up of caregivers and their children. The group will walk more than a mile at each meeting, at various locations in the Hilliard/Dublin area. Free. Visit to register and view the location calendar. Call Summer Sisney at (812) 499-7469. Christian Marketplace Network Dublin Chapter, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. the first Friday of each month at LaScala Restaurant, 4199 W. Dublin Granville Road. Christians in the marketplace are invited to attend for lunch, fellowship, prayer, networking and business presentations. All are welcome. Registration fee is $2. Call Jim Brewer at (614) 792-7766 or visit Dublin Worthington Rotary, noon Wednesdays at La Scala, 4199 W. Dublin-Granville Road. Dublin Lions Club, 7:30-8:30 a.m. the second and fourth Fridays of the month at the Rise and Dine Restaurant, 7573 Sawmill Road. Call Ron Robbins at (614) 888-8773. Dublin A.M. Rotary Club, 7:30 a.m. Fridays, at the Country Club at Muirfield Village, 8715 Muirfield Drive. Email rotary@ Friends of Concord Township, 7:30 p.m. the third Monday of the month at the Shawnee Hills Civic Association, 36 W. Mohawk Drive. For more information, visit or email Kiwanis Club of Dublin, 7 p.m. Mondays, at Mary Kelley’s, 7148 Muirfield Drive. Call (614) 889-9007 or visit Kiwanis Club of Greater Dublin, noon Tuesdays at Mary Kelley’s, 7148 Muirfield Drive. For more information, call (614) 717-4910 or visit Northwest Civic Association, 7 p.m. the first Wednesday of each month, except July, at Meadow Park Church, 2425 Bethel Road. The Right Connection- Dublin Chapter, 7:30 a.m. the second and fourth Friday of the month at Panera Bread, 6665 Perimeter Loop Road. Call Sherri Herrick at (614) 806-5917. Dublin AmSpirit, 8 a.m. Tuesdays at Panera Bread, 6665 Perimeter Loop Road. For more information, contact Alan Amstutz at (614) 791-9933 or email Wesley Davids American Legion Post 800 of Dublin, 7 p.m. the second Tuesday of the month at Mary Kelley’s, 7148 Muirfield Drive. All veterans are welcome. Call (614) 214-6451 or email


Health Yoga classes for people who have been affected by cancer, 11 a.m. Mondays, 4 p.m. Wednesdays and 9:30 a.m. Saturdays at the Cancer Support Community Central Ohio, 10330 Sawmill Parkway, Suite 600. All equipment and programming is provided.

Low Vision Support Group, 2-3:30 p.m. Monday, May 23, at the Griswold Center, 777 High St. This month will be an open discussion. Worthington residents may arrange for transportation by calling (614) 842-6320. For information call Maxine at (614) 457-7876, ext. 358. Divorce Recovery Support Group, 6 p.m. Sundays at Meadow Park Church of God, 2425 Bethel Road. The group will meet through June 19. Child care is available. Share experiences, learn to cope and receive hope. Register by contacting Gene Cahall at or (614) 451-8745, ext. 114. Mental Health Through WillTraining, sponsored by Recovery International, 7-8:30 p.m. Thursdays at Worthington Presbyterian Church, 773 N. High St. Individuals struggling with stress, anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue, depression or fear are welcome. Call Paul at (614) 895-6760 or email Better Breathers Club of Dublin, 6-7:30 p.m. every third Tuesday of the month in the front lobby conference room of Dublin Methodist Hospital. Monthly topics will be discussed. Enjoy new friendships and support. Free and open to anyone who is diagnosed with any pulmonary disease, their loved ones and caregivers. Light refreshments are provided, along with door prizes. Wheelchair accessible. Al-Anon, for friends and families of alcoholics, 8 p.m. every Thursday at Meadow Park Church of God, 2425 Bethel Road. Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorder Support Group and a group for family/friends of those with eating disorders, 6:30-8 p.m. the first and third Tuesdays of each month, in Buildings O and G on the OSU-Harding campus, 445 E. Granville Road, Worthington. Free, but donations are accepted. Call (614) 293-9550 or visit At A Loss, support group for parents who have lost a child, 67:30 p.m. the first and third Tuesdays of the month at Dublin Counseling Center, 299 Cramer Creek Court. Call (614) 889-5722 for more information. Celebrate Recovery, 7 p.m. Thursdays at Upper Arlington Lutheran Church’s Mill Run campus, 3500 Mill Run in Hilliard. A half-hour social time precedes the start of the meetings. Child care is available. For more information, leave a confidential voice mail at 451-3736, ext. 7317, email or visit Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome/Fibromyalgia meeting, 7 p.m. the third Thursday of the month at Overbrook Presbyterian Church, 4131 N. High St. Call (614) 4575132 for more information. Depression Bipolar Support Alliance of Northwest Columbus, 7-9 p.m. the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at Meadow Park Church of God, 2425 Bethel Road. Call (614) 547-9788. Meadow Park Church of God is not affiliated with the DBSA. Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of Northwest Columbus – Young Adults, 7-9 p.m. the third Wednesday of each month in Room 126 of Summit on 16th United Methodist Church, 82 E. 16th Ave. Also open all-age group. Free and open to the public. Call (614) 547-9788. Emotions Anonymous, 7-8 p.m. Tuesdays at Meadow Park Church of God, 2425 Bethel Road. For more information, call (614) 470-0397 or visit The MOMS Club of Dublin Southeast offers support for stayat-home mothers. Email the membership coordinator at MOMS Club of Dublin West plans a variety of activities each month, including a monthly meeting, mom and tot activities, play groups, parties and a Moms’Night Out. For more information, call (917) 836-7194 or email


Event Lyndsey Rice and Kyle Colello 5K Memorial Run/Walk, 9 a.m. Saturday, May 21, at Dublin Scioto High School, 4000 Hard Road. For registration information, visit

Support groups


To add, remove or update a listing, email

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

May 19, 2011

Page D3


Bike Rodeo Saturday May 21 10 a.m. to noon Dublin Recreation Center Rain or shine! All ages and skill levels Bring your bicycle, helmet and dress for riding and the weather. No sandals please.

Confidence course Ben Taylor and Lina Sellars

Sellars, Taylor plan wedding Lina Sellars and Ben Taylor have announced their engagement. The couple will exchange vows in a May 28 wedding at Northwest Christian Church in Upper Arlington. The bride-to-be is the daughter of Richard and Midori Owens of Powell and Kevin Sellars of Mansfield, Ohio. She is a graduate of Ohio State University and is employed as an intervention specialist. The future groom is the son of Clint and Amy Taylor of Hilliard. He is an OSU graduate and is employed as a chemist.

(two-wheeled bicycles only, training wheels permitted) • bike handling including steering, turning, hand signals • bike safety • knowledge of community signs • rules of the road

Helmets* and helmet fitting Bicycle inspections EMS Bike Patrol and Dublin Police Officers Questions? 614-652-3920

sponsored by Washington Township Fire Department Dublin Police Department

Business brief Chick-fil-A to open Sawmill Road location Chick-fil-A will open its new location at 6051 Sawmill Road on May 26, offering a year’s supply of meals to the first 100 in line. The chicken chain will open a line at 6 a.m. May 25 with free meal cards set to be awarded between 6 and 6:10 a.m. May 26.

In brief Animal shelter offering special adoption fees In order to increase the chances of finding permanent homes for the animals currently in care at the CHA Animal Shelter, as well as future animals coming in, a special adoption fee of $50 will be offered through the end of May. This includes animals of all ages, as well as the spay/neuter surgery, microchip, current vaccines, and a voucher for a free exam with a participating veterinarian, according to the announcement. As an added promotion for animals that have been in the shelter for five months or more, during the weekend of May 20-22, CHA will be offering a $5 adoption fee on those long term animals. “CHA’s number-one goal is always the health and wellbeing of our animals,” development director Terri Montigny said in a statement. “While the upfront adoption fee may be lower, we have the same adoption policies in place and potential adoptions will meet with an adoption counselor to help determine a best match for the family.” CHA Animal Shelter is located at 3765 Corporate Drive in northeast Columbus, just south of Westerville. The shelter is open Monday through Friday 6:30 to 8 p.m. and weekends 1 to 4 p.m. The shelter is closed on Wednesday. Potential adopters may visit CHA Animal Shelter’s website for a complete listing of available dogs and cats at

Faith and Fellowship

The Sawmill Road location is the seventh in the Columbus area and will serve breakfast with hours running from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The restaurant also will feature a play area for children.

*while supplies last; must be fitted to receive a helmet

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Join us for our Grand Opening celebration! Friday, May 20, 2011 • 8 a.m.- 7 p.m. Saturday, May 21, 2011 • 8 a.m.- 3 p.m.

• Ride and Drive Opportunities • Great Sales • Prizes • Refreshments • Stihl Chain Saw Demonstrations • Hustler and SCAG factory representatives on site

“Serving You for the Future”

4079 Lyman Drive Hilliard, Ohio 43026 (614) 527-8800


Choose the Experts in Bariatric Surgery At Ohio State, our 30 years of experience in weight-loss surgery and our commitment to quality and safety have improved the lives of thousands of people. In fact, our bariatric surgery program has been designated a Center of Excellence by the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. Join us for a free information session and find out if you’re a candidate for bariatric surgery. You will learn more about our comprehensive program, hear inspirational stories from past bariatric surgery patients, and meet the members of our surgery team.

Advertising Information The Worship Directory is your weekly listing for religious events in your community. Weekly prices vary by the amount of space occupied and the number of areas in which it appears. We welcome information about your services, special holy days, informative or inspirational programs. For more information or to place your worship directory listing please call 740-888-5003 or email Proof deadline is Thursdays at 3pm for the following Thursday.

Please call (740) 888-5003 to list your event or service, or e-mail

FREE bariatric surgery information sessions: June Tuesday, June 14, 6-7:30 p.m. Monday, June 27, 6-7:30 p.m.

July Monday, July 11, 6-7:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 26, 6-7:30 p.m.

August Monday, August 8, 6-7:30 p.m. Tuesday, August 23, 6-7:30 p.m.

OSU Martha Morehouse Medical Plaza Pavilion Auditorium, 2050 Kenny Road, Columbus, OH 43221 Free and convenient parking! Seating is limited. Please register in advance. To register, please call 800-293-5123 or visit

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

Page D4

May 19, 2011

Police reports Dublin police • The window of a vehicle parked in the 5500 block of Crescent Ridge Drive was broken, and an iPod and GPS unit was stolen between 3 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. April 30. • A city-owned building in the 4200 block of Summit View Road was spray-painted and police reports also reported breaking and entering. The inside of the building also was damaged with spray paint. • A wallet and its contents were stolen from a purse after they were left unattended in the gym of the Dublin Community Recreation Center, 5600 Post Road, between 12:40 and 1 a.m. May 1. • A truck, a trailer, mowers and several other pieces of landscaping equipment were stolen from a business in the 6400 block of Shier Rings Road between 2:30 p.m. May 1 and 7 a.m. May 2. • Banners and poles were stolen from the 6400 block of Dublin Park Drive between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m. April 30. • Officials at Dublin Scioto High School, 4000 Hard Road, called police to report that a student had brought brownies with marijuana in them to the school and distrib-

Safety tips from the Dublin police Tip: Prevent Burglary! Maintain photos and serial numbers for electronics, expensive items, etc. in the event they become stolen as it may assist in the recovery of the items. uted them to other students between 6 and 6:31 a.m. April 30. The incident is under investigation. • Three TVs, an iPad, a laptop and several pieces of jewelry were stolen from a residence in the 5700 block of Chatterfield Drive between 1 and 3:30 p.m. May 5. According to police reports, access was gained to the residence through a sunroom. • A catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle parked in the 4400 block of Dale Drive at 5:42 p.m. May 6. • Five cases of beer were stolen from a business in the 7600 block of Sawmill Road between 7:20 and 7:23 p.m. May 6. • The window of a vehicle parked in the 6500 block of Dublin Center Drive was smashed between 6:30 p.m. May 8 and 7 a.m.

May 9. According to police reports, nothing was stolen. • Credit cards and a Social Security card were stolen from a wallet at a residence in the 4600 block of Bridge Path Lane between 5:30 p.m. May 7 and 8 a.m. May 9. According to police reports, charges were made to the cards. • A building in the 4000 block of Hard Road was broken into between 8 and 8:40 p.m. May 10, and $760 was stolen from a cash box. • A building in the 5800 block of Post Road was broken into between 11:30 a.m. May 3 and 10 a.m. May 11. Nothing was stolen, according to reports. • Four umbrellas were stolen from an unlocked vehicle parked in the 8100 block of Balloch Court between 10 a.m. May 10 and 11 a.m. May 11.

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

May 19, 2011

Pediatric HealthSource

Home sales

Tics in children are quite common Tics are sudden, involuntary, repetitive movements (motor tics) or sounds (vocal tics). The most common motor tics are frequent eye blinking, nose twitching and head shaking. Common vocal tics include humming, grunting or saying actual words. Some of these tics are complex and include large parts of the body (kicking, stamping). About 3 million to 6 million Americans experience tics regularly. Tics are more common in children, where one in four has a tic during the school years. Tics are five times more common in boys than in girls. Nine out of 10 children who have tics, however, will experience significant improvements in the symptoms by they time they reach adulthood. Tics are the most frequent symptom of Tourette syndrome, though it isn’t the only symptom. For a patient to be diagnosed as having TS, he or she has to have motor and vocal tics for at least one year. Impulsivity, attention deficit disorder, at-

tention deficit hyperactivity disorder and o b s e s s ive compulsive behaviors ( r e p e t i t ive thoughts and PEDRO movements) WEISLEDER are commonly seen in patients with TS. Cursing, which is the most publicized symptom of TS, is exceedingly rare. Stress sometimes can make tics more severe, frequent or longer in duration. Many children with tics report the urge to perform said tic, though some can suppress this for a short time. As tension builds, though, it eventually has to be released as a tic. If a child is concentrating on controlling a tic, it might be difficult to focus on other tasks, such as schoolwork. Because tics are outside a child’s control, children should not be disciplined for exhibiting them. In most patients, the symptoms of TS are mild and not nec-

essarily an indication of a more serious disorder. For that reason, physicians at Nationwide Children’s Hospital tend to avoid prescribing medications for the condition. Moderate to severe cases of TS can be treated with psychological therapy (habit-reversal therapy) or one of a series of prescription medications. It is important to know, however, that there is no single medication that is helpful to all individuals with tics or TS. For more information on tics and TS, as they relate to children, parents should consult their primary-care physician. Nationwide Children’s Hospital offers treatment for severe cases, and more information is available from the Tourette Syndrome Association of America. Visit Dr. Pedro Weisleder is associate professor and director of the child-neurology residency program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital — The Ohio State University College of Medicine.

Page D5



6675 Baronscourt Loop, 43016, Samantha L. Weiss and Alan Teich, $461,000. 8175 Buttlestone Dr, 43016, Alexander A. and Tatyana Arsh, $452,139. 6647 Ballantrae Pl, 43016, James J. Kearney and Jane A. Kearney, $410,000. 6644 Dalmore Ln, 43016, Ranjith Yengoti, $380,000. 6329 Pirthshire St, 43016, Ali Dadgar, $275,000. 2033 Sandown Ln, 43016, David A. Wells and Catherine S. Wells, $215,500. 7130 Grandee Cliffs Dr, 43016, Fannie Mae, $160,000. 6930 Rob Roy Dr, 43017, Scott Schoessel, $471,900. 7372 Christie Chapel Rd, 43017, Karla Peebles and Michael Perdew, $287,500. 5521 Villas Dr, 43017, Jay H. O’Flynn, III; Condo, $195,000. 5202 Willow Grove Pl, 43017, Jennifer A. Green-Garcia, $175,000. 3119 Tromley Ct, 43017, Janna M. Baluch, $148,000. 321 St Andrews Dr, 43017, Kelly Smith, $105,900. 5857 Meadowsglen Dr, 43017, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., $98,000. 6355 Emberwood Rd, 43017, Justin and Tori Chiodo, $81,500.

7599 Southview Ct, 43235, Samir S. Gore and Madhuri S. Gore, $407,301. 1124 Merston Dr, 43235, Adam L. Miller and Lianne M. Miller, $394,751. 5047 Sharon Hill Dr, 43235, Robert P. Lynch and Connie Lord, $275,000. 7140 Asheville Park Dr, 43235, Ramiro Rojas and Javier Rojas, etal., $180,000. 1494 Lorraine Ave, 43235, EMC Mortgage Corp., $136,000. 7725 Sagemeadow Ct, 43235, Sarah M. Ruof, $122,000.

Powell 8374 Daventry Court, 43065, Ryan Todd Adkins and Cynthia L. Adkins, $565,000. 7685 Indian Springs Dr, 43065, Timothy J. Sullivan and Kimberley S. Sullivan, $350,000. 91 W Hiawatha Dr, 43065, Steven H. Gluck and Darlene A. Gluck, $280,000. 2778 Mallards Landing Dr, 43065, Donald L. Stotz and Holly A. Stotz, $271,500. 2116 Woodedge Circle West, 43065, Joel R. Blankenship, $243,000. 1840 Maroon Dr, 43065, Timothy C. Hagarman, $157,000. Check out recent home sales in other central Ohio neighborhoods at Click on Recent Home Sales.

Established 1963

Appliance Distributor For General Contractors - Builders - Remodelers PRICE QUOTES PACKAGE PRICING SPECIAL ORDERS DELIVERY & INSTALLATION

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Family Owned Since 1963 6000 Sq Ft Show Room public welcome

Quality Affordable


Programs designed for busy adults, in the classroom or online Academically qualified faculty with real-world experience Programs qualify for federal financial aid, corporate tuition reimbursement, and VA benefits

* Apply by June 1, 2011 to receive a $250 tuition discount for students enrolling in an Associate or Bachelor of Arts degree program.


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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Dublin Villager

Page D6

May 19, 2011


Hot Dogs, Popcorn & Balloons for the kids

Sat May 21st! 11am-2pm


FROM DETROIT 2011 Chrysler 200 Touring 31 HWY MPG Several in stock for immediate sale!

All power, Keyless remote, absolutely loaded. Satellite radio Stk#211340

Financing as low as 2.99% up to 72 months on any new vehicle in stock, with approved credit!

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Nearly 20 2011 Calibers in stock! Up to 32 HWY MPG starting at only $15,888!

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2011 Jeep Compass Sport 29 HWY MPG

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+Tax & Fees

2011 Chrysler y Town & Country Touring 25 HWY MPG

Totally Loaded! Family truckster with safety tech package and Stow-n-Go! Stk #211323

Bring in any competitors ad and we will beat it!

MSRP - $30,995 Bob Caldwell Discounts and Rebates - (-$2,996) If leasing take an additional $2,000 off!

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All discounts may include rebates. All rebates to dealer. Offer expires 5/23/2011

Bob Caldwell


Morse Rd • Columbus, OH 43229 • 1-888-851-0153 Mon-Thu 9am-8pm • Fri-Sat 9am-6pm • Every Sun 12pm - 5pm

We are located across from the new Menards Superstore on Morse Rd!

ThisWeek Dublin Villager 5/19  

Dublin Villager edition 5/19/11

ThisWeek Dublin Villager 5/19  

Dublin Villager edition 5/19/11