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May 19, 2011

School board

November levy, more budget cuts possible By CHRIS BOURNEA ThisWeek Community Newspapers The Canal Winchester Board of Education will hold a special meeting May 23 to decide whether to place another levy before voters in November. During the board’s regular meeting on Monday, May 17, district officials discussed how to move forward in the aftermath of voter rejection of a levy on May 3. The board has scheduled a special meeting for May 23 at 7 p.m. to discuss

whether to place another levy on the ballot again in November. The May 3 levy failed by a margin of 50.71 to 49.29 percent, or 1,784 “no” votes and 1,734 “yes” votes, according to Franklin County Board of Elections official results. If it had passed, the levy would have cost $469 per $100,000 of home value and would not have increased the amount that voters already pay as a result of the two-year, $6.4-million emergency levy that was approved in May 2009. The 2009 levy expires at the end of

the year. Superintendent Kimberley MillerSmith said low voter turnout may have had contributed to the results. “We had a 25-percent turnout in Franklin County and a 15-percent turnout in Fairfield County,” she said. “In my opinion, that had something to do with it.” Board President Debra Waites said the board will analyze financial projections supplied by district treasurer Joyce Boyer at the May 23 meeting. Since the board only has until Aug. 5 to file doc-

uments with the Franklin County Board of Elections to place a levy on the November ballot, members will have to make a decision at the May 23 meeting or shortly after, Waites said. “We have to make a decision very quickly,” she said. Jodi Klimfoth, who represents the local teachers’ union, said Canal Winchester teachers are supportive of trying to pass the levy again in November and will do their best to continue to educate students with fewer resources. “We will think about how we can serve

our students with less,” Klimforth said. In the meantime, the district is moving forward with a $3.7-million budget reduction plan for the 2011-2012 school year, Miller-Smith said. The plan includes eliminating 49 jobs, including 27 teaching positions, and increasing the extracurricular activity fee from $140 to $300 for the next school year. District officials will also explore how to cut an additional $5.1 million from the budget for the 2012-13 school year, See LEVY, page A2

Council OKs higher water rates at Canal Pointe


By MICHAEL J. MAURER ThisWeek Contributor

By Chris Parker/ThisWeek

Auctioneer Tom Rawn collects bids for chairs in the old Canal Winchester High School, 100 Washington St., on Saturday, May 14. The Canal Winchester Local School District and city of Canal Winchester held a public auction. Bargain hunters found a variety of items, including kitchen and classroom items, chairs, tables and trash cans being sold by the school district. Items being put on the auction block by the city included a 1991 Chevrolet 2500 pickup, a zero-turn mower, an air compressor and a power washer.

Project in the works to paint trestle By MICHAEL J. MAURER ThisWeek Community Newspapers After the city’s Old Town Committee last week discussed the practicalities of painting the steel railroad trestle over West Waterloo Street, a resident of Canal Winchester has come forward to let city officials know that he has already received preliminary approval from the Indiana and Ohio Railroad to paint the bridge. Canal Winchester resident Joe Hanna said he has been working for several weeks, exchanging emails and phone calls with railroad officials and state health, environment and transportation officials to obtain all the necessary permissions. Council member Bobbie Mershon said she wanted to assure Hanna that the city is not overlooking his efforts

(Joe Hanna) has already contacted the railroad and gotten permission from the railroad to do the painting, and he is in the process of working out to get paint donated by Home Depot and getting volunteers to help him.

BOBBIE MERSHON —Council member

and she encouraged his work. “He has already contacted the railroad and gotten permission from the railroad to do the painting, and he is in the process of working out to get paint donated by Home Depot and getting volunteers to help him,” Mershon said. Hanna told Mershon that many of the regulatory requirements apply only to commercial painters and would

not apply to volunteer efforts. “He wants to be able to strip that paint off, and he has a friend in the village who is an amateur mural painter,” Mershon said. “He read the article about (the Old Town Committee) meeting and he was concerned he was being overlooked, and I assured him that was not the case. “I am very excited that a member of our community has taken this upon

himself to help the village in this manner,” she said. Canal Winchester Mayor Mike Ebert said the city could provide traffic control and other support for the project. Public works director Matt Peoples said the city would cooperate with the project, but details are still being worked out. “We’re not coordinating it,” Peoples said. “A resident is doing that. He is working with us to try and do it and he does have a work plan, but we have to get together on the details. “I know he is working hard to get volunteers and the donations of materials, to do his due diligence,” Peoples said. “Once he does that, we’ll take the next step of finding out where

Canal Winchester City Council agreed Monday, May 16, to increase water rates at the Canal Pointe Industrial Park. Under ordinary council procedures, ordinances require three separate readings before they become law. Usually, the readings are heard at separate meetings, but council has the ability to waive the requirement and make the law effective immediately, as it did for the ordinance affecting water rates at the industrial park. Council member Rick Deeds said the water rate increase would affect only commercial users at Canal Pointe. “We have water and sewer that we provide to our residents, and a long time ago, we created a water and sewer agreement with Pickerington that overlaps service areas,” Deeds said. “As part of that agreement, Pickerington services water at the industrial park and we provide sewer to some of their subdivisions. In this case, what they charge for water, mostly to businesses, we bill them, and it’s mostly pass-through. Pickerington raised their rates, and because of that increase, we had an increase.” The new rates will be $6.12 per 1,000 gallons of water, up from $5.65. The rates within Pickerington are slightly less, $6.02 per 1,000 gallons, up from $5.33 per 1,000 gallons. Finance director Nanisa Osborn said Canal Winchester reduced its carrying fee to 10 cents from 32 cents because officials were concerned that the rate increase was large. “We had great concern about passing through a large rate increase to our large users,” Osborn said. “It’s very real money to the hospital and medical office building and some of those companies that use a great deal of water.” In other business Monday, council heard the first reading of ordinances that would establish a separate category in the city zoning code for dog groomers and trainers, separate from kennel operators. “Right now, we have dog groomers and kennels in the same (zoning code) section,” zoning officer Andrew Dutton said. “This splits groomers and trainers from kennels. Kennels have to be more than 200 feet away from residences, but groomers and trainers can be within that distance.”

See PROJECT, page A2

See COUNCIL, page A2

Service committee proposes new competitive bidding rules By MICHAEL J. MAURER ThisWeek Community Newspapers Canal Winchester City Council’s service committee approved new competitive bidding rules Monday night, May 16, following through on recommendations made by the charter review committee. Service committee member Rick Deeds said the existing rules are not cost-

effective, requiring too much administration for too small amounts. “We can control the competitive bid process instead of having the state control it,” Deeds said. “In the past, we have found we have had to go out for competitive bids on things that just really don’t fit well.” The primary change is that the new rules will raise the threshold for competitive bidding from $25,000 to $75,000.

Construction services manager Bill Sims said the changes would align state law, the city charter and the city code. “It provides some better tools to really suit our interests when it comes to contracting, and still protects the public interest as well,” Sims said. He said the higher threshold for requiring competitive bidding was consistent with what other home rule cities use. “It (especially) affects our large con-

struction contracts,” Sims said, noting that $75,000 “is the threshold used by other communities that have home rule. “It kind of makes sense,” he said. “It’s similar to the current prevailing wage thresholds. In construction, it’s kind of a breaking point, typically.” In other business, the service committee heard a report from urban forester Dick Miller that 30 trees remained from the tree giveaway. Miller said the re-

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maining trees are magnolias and buckeye trees, and could be provided to anyone who is a village resident. He estimated the retail value of the trees at $20 each. “This is season 12 (of the tree giveaway),” Miller said. “Last year, we ran out in 20 minutes. I think this year, wordof-mouth was we were not going to run See SERVICE COMMITTEE, page A2

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Canal Winchester

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May 19, 2011

Project in the works to paint railroad trestle Continued from page A1 we fit into the picture.” Former mayor Mike Jones said the city should participate in the effort rather than leaving it all to residents. “He’s (Hanna) willing to do it and volunteer and do it all,” Jones said. “I don’t think that’s quite proper because I think the village ought to help and contribute.” Hanna said he has been communicating with railroad officials since April. “I have a construction background, 42 years with AT&T, where some of my responsibilities involved working on railroad right of way, hydrostatic plowing, directional boring, overhead aerial cable placing,” Hanna said.

He said EPA rules on lead paint have changed recently, so that contractors have extensive rules, but non-commercial work allows paint removal by moistening it and disposing of it in landfills. Hanna said he was concerned that existing lead paint be removed so it does not fragment into dust and get tracked over the community. “I think it’s dangerous,” he said. Hanna said the railroad has been cooperative from the start. “If anything, they have been overfriendly,” Hanna said. “And I can understand why. Not because I’m nice person; it’s because we’re volunteering to do the work.” Hanna estimated it would be at least a full week of work, including paint removal, base paint and mural work.




COUNCIL Continued from page A1 Council also approved mayoral appointments to the city’s tax incentive review councils, which are charged with ensuring that various tax incentives granted by the city are performing as promised. “The tax incentive review councils (TIRC) for Fairfield and

Franklin counties review the tax incentives that the village has granted to various businesses or residences,” Osborn said. “They meet once a year and go over the incentives to make sure the people who received them are complying with the requirements of the incentives.” William Sims and Roger White were appointed to the Fairfield

County TIRC, and Brent Foley and Bruce Jarvis were appointed to the Franklin County TIRC. Both councils will meet before June 30, Osborn said. “Since Canal Winchester exists in two counties, we have two sets of TIRCs,” she said. “They usually meet in the spring or early summer. They’ll be looking at the 2010 incentives.”










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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Canal Winchester

May 19, 2011

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Events Music and Art in the Park slated for May 20

information, visit

Canal Winchester will celebrate becoming a city at the “Music and Art in the Park” kickoff, scheduled from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, May 20, at Stradley Place, 36 S. High St. Guests are invited to enjoy live entertainment, activities and food. Mayor Michael Ebert will begin the event with a brief address. State Sen. Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster) will read a Senate proclamation, and state Rep. Anne Gonzales (R-Westerville) will also offer remarks. Commemorative T-shirts and strawberry shortcake will be free while supplies last. Attractions will include a display of fire, police, military and construction vehicles, a “living statue” mime and balloon art. The Canal Winchester Art Guild will have exhibits available to view and artwork for sale. Those attending should bring chairs or blankets. A rain date is set for May 22. Music and Art in the Park events will continue the third Friday in June and July. For more

CWAHS to sponsor June 10 golf outing The seventh annual Canal Winchester Area Historical Society golf outing will be held Friday, June 10, at the Pine Hill Golf Course, 4382 Kauffman Road, Carroll. Proceeds help maintain the O.P. Chaney Elevator, the Prentiss School, the Queen of the Line Train Depot and the Barber Museum. The format will be a four-person scramble with a shotgun start at 9:30 a.m. Registration begins at 8 a.m. The cost is $65 per golfer, including 18 holes of golf, cart, gift bag, prizes and a steak dinner at the clubhouse. The outing will also include a putting contest, a Hole in One prize and more. Sponsorship opportunities are available. To register, send a check payable to the Canal Winchester Area Historical Society, P.O. Box 15, Canal Winchester, Ohio 43110. For more information, call Reno Robinette at (614) 2263574 or Cal Caswell at (614) 837-2910.

Fifth annual ‘Kids Festival’ scheduled for May 22 By NATE ELLIS This Week Community Newspapers

The fifth installment of an annual festival to provide free fun to local children will take place this weekend in Victory Park. Years ago, Pickerington resident Lenin Male hoped to keep local parents connected to events and activities that could benefit children, or just give them opportunities to be kids. The result was Male’s creation of, which contains events listings and information about community programs that provide learning and recreational opportunities for local children. Since then, Male also decided to establish a one-day celebration of Pickerington kids, as well as her brand, Pickerington Kids. This year will mark the fifth anniversary of the latter endeavor, when the “Pickerington Kids Festival” is held in Victory Park from noon to 4 p.m. on May 22. “We’re celebrating five years this year,” Male said. “It’s a continuation, and every year we try

A closer look “Pickerington Kids Festival” will be held in Victory Park from noon to 4 p.m. on May 22. The live entertainment available this year on the park’s tennis courts will include bands, gymnastics, theater performances, cheerleading shows and dog obedience presentations.

to change things up to make it bigger and better than the year before.” Depending on Mother Nature, Male said, the festival typically attracts 2,500 to 4,000 people to the park. The live entertainment available this year on the park’s tennis courts will include bands, gymnastics, theater performances, cheerleading shows and dog obedience presentations. “About every 20 minutes, we will have a new activity coming on,” Male said.

Kids’games and activities will be spread throughout the park. A traditional favorite, an inflatable “bounce house,” also will return this year, with supervision from festival co-sponsors, the Pickerington Education Association and the Pickerington Parks and Recreation Department. “Every other year before this year, we’ve had to charge for the bounce houses, but the Pickerington Education Association is sponsoring it this year, so it will be free,” Male said. “The unique thing about this event is, everything is free.” The lone exception will be any food attendees wish to purchase from four vendors. “This is not any type of a money-maker for Pickerington Kids,” Male said. “Most years, I don’t even break even, but I just love the community and this is something I love to do.” She said attendees are welcome to bring their own chairs or blankets to the park. As is the case with all city parks, however, alcohol is prohibited.


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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Canal Winchester

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Commentary & opinion

May 19, 2011

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As it were

Post-Revolutionary War land was cheap in Ohio Ohio did not exist when the Nelsons came into the place that later would become Columbus. In 1800, central Ohio was truly on the edge of the frontier that had been claimed finally by the victory of Gen. Anthony Wayne’s army at the Battle of Fallen Timbers in 1794. It was a long, difficult ED and nasty struggle. LENTZ In the years after the end of the French and Indian War in 1763, Great Britain had claimed by treaty rights most of the land north and west of the Ohio River. It was a rich land with deep forests, great prairies and rivers that ran clean, wide and deep. It was a land worth fighting for and many people did just that. Wanting to maintain the lucrative fur trade that had made a fortune for the French, the British government tried to keep its restless Atlantic colonists away from Ohio. It was a vain effort. The initial ventures of men called “long hunters” soon were followed by dozens and then hundreds of settlers seeking to find a new home in a new country. The American Indian residents of the Ohio Valley resisted the newcomers, and the result often was violent and deadly on both sides. Then came the American Revolution, and the Ohio country was the scene of even more death and destruction. At the end of the Revolution, the newly created United States found itself with an unpaid army and a lot of very large debts. And while the new country had little money, it had a lot of land. So the new country took the obvious course and paid its soldiers and creditors in land and then offered much of what remained for sale. It was the promise of that new and inexpensive land that drew people like David Nelson and his family to Ohio. Born in 1752, David Nelson was the oldest son of Robert and Martha Nelson of Anderson’s Ferry, Pa. When David was 3, the family moved to the frontier of Juniata County, Pa., and it was there that David came of age. After the outbreak of the American Revolution, he enlisted with several relatives in the “Eighth Company, Fourth Battalion of Associators and Militia of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania” on July 31, 1777. On May 14, 1778, he was commissioned a captain after serving through the long winter at Valley Forge. In March 1779, David returned to his home and soon married Margaret Logan, a widow with two young sons. In addition to raising the two boys, David and Margaret had seven children of their own. The Nelsons lived in central Pennsylvania until 1798, when they decided to move west to the new and inexpensive lands in Ohio. A grandchild later wrote a description of David Nelson in those years. “He was generous but stern, with a strict sense of duty and very strong in his prejudices. He was a very handsome man, above-medium height, a fine person, regular features, black curly hair, very dark brown,

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First Presbyterian Church of Columbus in 1814.

almost black eyes.” His wife, Margaret, once was described as “the prettiest woman in the Lost Creek Valley” of Pennsylvania. “She had dark-brown hair, hazel eyes, regular features, fine complexion and was of a mild and kindly disposition.” Like many other people of their generation, the Nelsons came to believe that a better life awaited them in the new lands north and west of the Ohio River. They moved first to Chillicothe and lived there for a couple of years while David and his oldest son, Robert, looked for a new home in central Ohio. At length they found it along Alum Creek in what then was called the Refugee Tract. Set aside for people from Nova Scotia who had lost land because of their loyalty to the American Revolution, the tract began at the Scioto River and ran east between what is now Fifth Avenue and Refugee Road. After the claims of the refugees were settled, the balance of the tract was made available in open sale. Some of it along Alum Creek was acquired by David Nelson and his family. Arriving in central Ohio in 1800, the Nelsons first built a log house that would serve as the family home for the next two decades. Margaret Nelson wrote to her son by a former marriage in 1801: “Our new cabin is dry, and we have plenty of room, and no matter what the weather, the chimney does not smoke. My two ewes and three lambs had 10 pounds of clean, picked wool, which we are beginning to feel the need of. Last year, we had 50 yards of linen out of our hemp. We have lost two milch cows and one heifer. They are dead before we know they are sick. We have four milch cows and two heifers yet, without going in debt for them. The families along the creek have been tolerably healthy, except Mr. Turner. He had the fever and ague and Mr. Hamilton and some of the children, too. I have had my

health this season as well as ever I had.” In 1819, David Nelson built a large brick house along the road that later would bear his name. Strong in their religious faith, they were early supporters of the first Presbyterian Church founded in the area by the Rev. James Hoge. For many years, the family traveled along a mud path through the forest to the church, first in Franklinton and then in the new village of Columbus. The path later became Broad Street. A later letter from Margaret Nelson to her son described the importance of religion in their lives: “We have had an uncommon cold winter and a cold, wet spring. The fruit is nearly all killed, and the cornfields in many places will have to be planted over. There has been a revival of religion this winter, more than I have ever known, in Columbus, Chillicothe and different places. A number have been added to the church, both old and young. “The Presbyterian Meeting House was finished in the winter, when the roads were good for sleighing and the house was dedicated and the sacrament held the same week. There were four or five ministers in town, and one stayed six or eight weeks, visiting from house to house, having a sermon or prayer meeting at night and Bible classes.” The Nelsons lived in one of the first suburbs of the new capital city of Ohio for a number of years until the death of David Nelson in 1829. His wife, Margaret, died two years later in 1831. At the corner of Clifton Avenue and Nelson Road, a small sign remembers the Nelson mill and the frontier community that once was around it. And just up the road on the left — within sight of the sign -— still stands the redbrick house of the Nelsons of Nelson Road. Ed Lentz writes a history column for ThisWeek.


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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Canal Winchester

May 19, 2011

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Photos by Rebecca Padula/ThisWeek

(From left) Jim “Pee Wee” Martin, of Dayton, Herman “Zerg” Zerger of Woodsfield and Don “Jake” Jakeway of Johnstown sit around the table with Mark Easton of New Albany. The three discussed serving in World War II with Easton, who is sending the men to France next month to observe the anniversary of the invasion of Normandy.

Area WWII veterans return to Point du Hoc

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By MICHAEL J. MAURER ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Last July, when he was 89 years old, James “Pee Wee” Martin celebrated the 65th anniversary of America’s victory in World War II with a reprise of his youth: He made a parachute jump. He wants to do it again this year. For most of the past 66 years since the war ended, Martin has lived on 50 acres near Dayton, in a house he and his wife built themselves. “I do all the things I used to do, just not as much,” Martin said. “We heat with wood and I split the wood. I have a backhoe and I mix concrete.” On June 3, Martin will join Johnstown resident Don Jakeway and Woodsfield resident Herman Zerger in a special trip to Normandy for this year’s D-Day celebration. Jake, Zerg and Pee Wee, as they are known, will be traveling with a cohort of more than a dozen friends and family, courtesy of a trip organized by New Albany resident Mark Easton, who traveled to Normandy last year with Zerg. Easton and Zerg are both friends of former senator Max Cleland, now secretary for battlefield monuments. “We have been invited by Max Cleland and President Obama to the Point du Hoc rededication,” Easton said, noting that the famous D-Day landmark has been undergoing repairs. “The last big event there was President Reagan did a big speech there in 1984, the 40th anniversary of D-Day.” Zerg and Easton and friends will start the trip May 28, retracing Zerg’s battles in Italy. On June 3, Jake and Pee Wee will fly into Charles De Gaulle Airport. Pee Wee has not been to Europe since 1964, when he and his wife were feted by the Dutch government Jake was in Europe last in 1991. This will be Zerg’s seventh trip. All the men remember clearly months of fighting, harrowing near misses, lost soldiers and severe wounds. “I was in a foxhole next to the (Monte) Cassino, and at that time that was the heaviest concentration of bombs dropped in the war up till that time, on the abbey,” Zerg said, remembering “And they dropped me in a foxhole. It was several hours. Wave after wave of bombers went over. I was deaf for a pretty long time.” He can remember battles where a thousand men died. He remembers entering Rome. “We entered Rome on June 5, the day before D-Day,” Zerg said. “I remember marching past the Coliseum and the general was standing up in the Jeep, and thousands of Italians were cheering us

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on.” Jake remembers the Battle of the Bulge, the snow, German snipers killing his men one by one. “Snow was two three feet deep, and a sniper shot two of my men,”

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Jake said. “I only had six men. I decided we were going to go out and get the man, get the sniper. I’m walking through the snow, and I

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Canal Winchester

Page A6

May 19, 2011

Area WWII veterans return to Point du Hoc Continued from page A5 knew something was not right, I just had a bad feeling, and I look over and laying right there was the sniper pointing his Mauser rifle at me. All he had to do was pull the trigger and he could have killed me. I turned real slowly and he threw up his hands, and so did another one right beside him.” Not too long after, Jake remembers going to bed with his hands trembling with fright. The next day he was shot. “I got shot right through the chest,” Jake said. “When I came to the medic was taking my boots off. I had a .45 in my holster and I said, ‘What do you think you’re doing? If I can get this .45 out you’ll never wear them.’ He started crying.” In the ambulance, with some wounded German soldiers, Jake’s stretcher broke, so that he was wrapped in canvas. The ambulance drove off the road, rolling downhill into a stream. Everyone was killed except Jake. At their age—the youngest is Zerg, at 87—they are familiar with their friends dying. All are in good health. None considers himself wounded by the war; rather the opposite. “It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of history,” Pee Wee said. “I really feel sorry for people of my generation who did not get a chance to go, because it’s the greatest experience you’re going to have in your lifetime. It’s never going to happen like that again.”


James H. “Pee Wee” Martin Service: D-Day Participant, World War II, 101st Airborne Division, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 3rd Battalion, G Company Role: Jim Martin jumped into France over Utah Beach on D-Day and fought for 33 days in the Normandy campaign. He also fought in Holland in Operation Market Garden and in Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge. The 101st Airborne Division finished its part of the war by securing Berchtesgaden, Germany. Awards: Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Distinguished Unit Citation

Don Jakeway

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Service: D-Day Participant, World War II, Original Member of the 82nd Airborne All Americans, 508th Regiment, H Company, Sergeant Role: Don jumped into France outside the area of St. Mere Eglise on D-Day and fought 33 days in the Normandy campaign. He also fought in Holland in Operation Market Garden and in the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium. Awards: 4 Bronze Stars, 2 Purple Hearts, Knight of the Legion of Honor


Herman Zerger Service: Marched on Rome on June 4, before D-Day, World War II, 36th Texas, 141st Regiment, I Company, Platoon Sergeant Rifle Company Role: Served on the front line for 300 days in Italy and France. He participated in 7 campaigns Naples-Foggia, Anzio, Rome, Southern France, Rhineland, Alsace and Central Europe. He was taken prisoner on the banks of the Rhine for 95 days and was a POW in Austria. Awards: Bronze Star, Purple Heart , Knight of the Legion of Honor, Combat Infantry Badge.

Dr. Jepsen received his medical degree from LoyolaStritch School of Medicine and completed his residency in general surgery at Loyola University Medical Center, both in Maywood, Illinois. He completed fellowships in clinical vascular surgery and research vascular surgery at Harvard Medical School-New England Deaconess Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. The American Board of Surgery certifies him in general vascular surgery.



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One of the young students listed below has the winning invention of The 2011 Central Ohio Invention Convention BEXLEY Lauren Ehrlich Noah Luehmann Abigail Luper Alexia Moore Alec Russo BLOOM CARROLL Devin Heiberger Mikhayla Henry Rachel Horn Anna Kruse Kori Kuzma Lexa Marlo Amber Phipps Megan Phipps Mikayla Treitmaier CATHOLIC DIOCESE Reagan Kiechle Maddie Schamer COLUMBUS Destaney Smith Jared Stewart COLUMBUS PUBLIC Emil Adams Moriah Back Jeremy Baggs Kiruthigia Balamurugan Saba Bekuretsion Rylee Boddeker-O-Connor Kiley Brown Kristal Callendar Kurtis Chenoweth Alaina Craig Bela Csejtey Kayin Derden Jaseiah Edwards Ella Eichhorn Mallory Eichler Diane Fambro Sydney Feltz KaRayl Flemister Chloe Flemming Layne Flory Allison Gammons Lila Gerger

Robert Giehl Marko Godina Jaeden Good Henry Goodburn Madison Hall Madison Hall Leelynn Harper Alayjah Harshaw Daniel Havens Darcy Himes Nikolas Hinkle Jalen Hutchinson Kyle Juracich Jose Koluder-Ramirez Cecelia Lykens Myles Martinez Yenifer Martinez Hernandez Jolie Mason Derek May Tyler Morefield Cindy Mullins Danielle O-Leary Drew Oesterling Melissa Olvera Anya Phillips Stephen Pierson Savannah Pinkston Taylor Reese Samira Rezwan Tyler Richardson Hannah Rizzi Madison Russell Tryston Shelton Aleecya Sims Mariama Singhateh Tahlei Skagga Brielle Smith Nicholas Spencer Brittany Stewart Darien Strozier-Willis Tommy Suhayda Arielle Swinehart Abigail Thompson Amanda Trimble Risa Shay Watkins

Andrea Wells Lauren White Elysia Williams Austin Worline DELAWARE Bobbi Adams Connor Bryant Sarah Carpenter Elizabeth Childers Mackenzie Collett Melissa D’Angelo Max Draper Jenna Justice Emily King McKenzie Knodell Brandon Levering Alexis Loyacano Max Marley Kai Mays Kajsa Mays Katelyn Smith DUBLIN Adam Alkire Colin Gagne Joel Izenson Aubrey Jones Andy Leonard Kyra O’Connor Cameron Ogden Sriram Raju Chad Ray ECOLE FRANCAISE Haley Keller Helen Hughes GAHANNA Mindy Agranaoff Alexandra Beim Aaren Celentano Nick Hoednen Andrew Lau Luke Merrick Taylor Miller Arefa Motiwala Aubree Packer Jacob Philip

Paul Provan Saujana Rangaswamy Gavin Reid GROVEPORT MADISON Sydney Bernthold Brody Baumbusch Michayla Jacks Coulter Jacks Breann Lee Sage Leigh Kaitlyn Martin Aleydali Medina Jacob Metzger Wesley Rubinean Makayla Smith HOME Kira Benson Jorie Benson Christopher Britt Jared Britt Roshan Kumar Marisa Tayal Aaron Tayal LANCASTER CITY Emma Bosser Grace Holbrook Clayton Lunsford Nathan Pechar LICKING HEIGHTS Aubrey Barrington Lincoln Edsall Treye Plants Anthony Salmeron Kathleen Sears Noah Steele Ethan Wuertzer NEWARK Spencer Bowman Hannah Curliss Andrew Davisson Parker Emerine Micah Estevez Owen Freshour Gary Hall Nicholas Harvey

Andrew Harvey Sara Hill Barbara Hogan Cassidy Hufford Kaleb Jarrett Spencer Koontz Elizabeth McCanna Stephanie McClary Stephanie McClury Haven McCoy Chase Meade Ian Murphy Lajayeda Ocasio Catey Sedor Sierra Southern Ellen Spitznogl Veronica Williams OLENTANGY Kyle Akerman Alexandra Bartolomei Camden Baumberger Hope Baumeyer Alexis Berry Gabrielle Cawthon Anna Cecil Samuel Covert Lauren Delligatti Aidan Driskill Samantha Fedio Noah Feeney Ryan Funk Carly Haimerl Zachary Hill Dylan Ingram Elaine King Avery Kissler Julia McGuire-Allen Lauren Newcomb Jonah Pearson Tommy Robinson Molly Sawyer Simon Slagle AJ Smith Ethan Stamp JP Suozzi Trevor Ward

Lexie Weithman Emily Williams Jacob Yeray REYNOLDSBURG Eliana Davis Reagan Duchesne Stephanie Dunham Carolyn Haeger Mitch Klecan Olivia Menear Darius Montero Megan Moody Brennan Perion Joey Russell Sidney Shaffner Trevor Strohm SOUTH-WESTERN Rachel Armstrong Blake Bissell Taylor Brokaw Drew Carmichael Katelyn Cobb Noah Hanna Tessa John Jordan Killian Hanna Kohler Abigail Lucas Alex Mabry Andrew Meister Marissa Melucci Kyle Metheny Megan Morbitzer Brandon Parr J.J. Price Michael Rosta Alex Schimmoller Taylor Secreto Sydney Smith Zoe Terry Rachel Thompson Kayla Tippett Taylor Towsend Paige Vincent Grant Williams Elizabeth Zinn

ST MARY Gillian Baker Hunter Wotruba Christina Bryant UPPER ARLINGTON Gabrielle Adams Reagan Belhurn Enzo Bergese Jimmy Buchholtz Ruth Buergenthal Amelia Burns Brian Colgan Emma Davidson Theodore Dimitrov Emerson Gifford CJ Karsatos Chloe Miller Blake Skidmore Hunter Triplett Hunter OHIO Triplett VIRTUAL ACADEMY Aaron Lyman Steven Peters Ivory Robinson Danielle Shook WELLINGTON Camille Simpson WESTERVILLE Zachray Adams Tommy Bell Matthew Benton Bema Bonsu Parken Brown Brian Courts Jennifer Courts Andrew Dellasanta Christopher Dixon Cailin Duffy Molly Foster Jake Halliwell Greg Hassenplug Kyle Hazell Tyrone Johnson Emma Lentz Dominic Letterio

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Good luck to all the finalists for the 2011 Invention Convention Saturday, May 21, 2011 at COSI Columbus SPONSORS:

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SPONSORING INNOVATION EXPO EXHIBITORS: Anytime Drama Lazer Kraze Bridge The Gap Liberty Farm Ewi Sylvan Learning Falcon Camp Tutor Doctor Classroom Antics Tech Camps Otterbein University

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Canal Winchester

May 19, 2011

Page A7

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Canal Winchester

Page A8

May 19, 2011

Metro Parks Disitrict The following is a list of trail terrain. Columbus and Franklin County • Neat Nest Display, 1-3 p.m. Metropolitan Parks programs for Sunday at the farm entrance. See this week. bird nests and eggs and learn about the birds that made them. Slate Run Metro Park • Preschoolers: Fishy, Fishy, 1375 state Route 674 N., 10 a.m. or 1 p.m. Thursday, May Canal Winchester 26, at the Buzzard’s Roost picnic • Secret Swamp, 2 p.m. Sat- area. Touch a fish, read a story urday at the Shady Grove pro- and play games to learn about the gram area. Search for sala- fish in the lake. manders, frogs and other swamp creatures. Involves a 1.5-mile Slate Run round-trip hike over rugged, offLiving Historical Farm

1375 state Route 674 N., Canal Winchester • Kids’work day, 1-3 p.m. Saturday. Do chores that were familiar to every farm child in the 1880s.

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Coming up To add, remove or update a listing, email ed- Restaurant, 19 S. High St. Individuals interested in learning more about Rotary are ed to attend. Visit Event Cub Scout Pack 316, 6:45-8 p.m. ThursFree Children’s Clothing Ministry, 10 a.m.- days, in Brice United Methodist Church, 3160 noon Saturday, May 28, at Hope United Metho- Brice Road. Pack is seeking new members. For dist Church, 83 E. Columbus St. Sizes newborn information or questions, call Tom McInnerto 5T, spring and summer clothing. Donations ney at (614) 863-5221 or email tamcinnerney@ may be dropped off at the church any time. Indians Touchdown Club, 7 p.m. the first Government Tuesday of the month in the Canal Winchester Canal Winchester Village Council, 7 p.m. High School media center, 300 Washington St. the first and third Mondays of the month at town For more information, visit hall, 10 N High St. Main Street Canal Winchester Coffee netPlanning and zoning commission, 7 p.m. the second Monday of each month at town hall. working group, 8 a.m. the third Friday of the Old Town committee meetings, 5:45 p.m. month at Harvest Moon Coffee House. Visit the second Monday of the month at town hall. Networking Luncheon, sponsored by the Finance committee meetings, 5:45 p.m. the Canal Winchester Area Chamber of Commerce, first Monday of the month at town hall. Safety committee meetings, 9 a.m. the first 11:30 a.m. the second Wednesday of the month at the Canal Winchester Senior Center, 22 S. Wednesday of the month at town hall. Service committee meetings, 5:45 p.m. the Trine St. RSVP required. Cost is $12. The Right Connection - Canal Winchesthird Monday of the month at town hall. Landmarks commission, 7 p.m. the fourth ter chapter, noon Tuesdays, at Donatos Pizza, 6310 Prentiss School Road. Call Rich Wagner Monday of the month at town hall. Madison Township Board of Trustees, 6 at (614) 203-3158. Violet Grange, 7:30 p.m. the second and p.m. the third Wednesday of each month in the community center, 4575 Madison Lane, Grove- fourth Mondays of the month at the Grange Hall, 36 Lockville Road. port.


Support groups

Canal Connections, a networking group, meets the second Tuesday of the month from 8:30-9:30 a.m. at the Canal Banking Center, 6360 Prentiss School Drive, and the fourth Tuesday of the month from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at the Winchester Tea Room, 25 N. High St. Call Karen Stiles at (614) 920-3090. The Central Ohio 9-12 Project, 5 p.m. the second Wednesday and 7 p.m. the fourth Saturday of the month. Meeting location varies. For information, call Mike Lyons at (614) 5614040 or email Canal Winchester Rotary Club, noon-1 p.m. every Thursday at Shade on the Canal

Fairfield County Autism Resource Group, 6:30-8:30 p.m. the second Thursday of the month at the Early Childhood Center, 1592 Granville Pike, Lancaster. Call (614) 653-4489 or (614) 862-6171. Southeast Moms Club, 10 a.m. the fourth Wednesday of the month at Peace United Methodist Church, 235 Diley Road. For information, visit Reformers Unanimous International Addiction Abstinence, a faith-based program, 7 p.m. Friday, Heritage Baptist Church, 470 Groveport Road. Visit the church’s website at or call (614) 837-6772.




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Spacious & lovely 3 BR, 2.5 BA home features full finished basement wired for surround cell, open floor plan, large professionally landscaped fenced yard, nice deck, private master bath and fireplace to name a few. Call today for your private showing. 482WAR

Gorgeous custom built 3 BR, 2 BA home on large lot with mature trees, features beautiful hardwood floors, open floor plan, custom cabinetry, tumbled marble countertops, full finished walk-out basement and so much more! 77NOR

Very spacious 3 BR, 2.5 BA home on a cul-de-sac, featuring a large lot w/mature trees, first floor laundry, full basement, fireplace, new roof in ’09 and a new HVAC in 2010. A lot of space for the price! 6417TAM

Excellent buy in good condition. Historic Lancaster home w/original hdwd flrs, 1st flr mstr w/full bath, big closets, huge kitchen w/ceramic flrs & newer cabinets. Claw tubs in baths, total 2,700 SF, 4 BR, 3.5 bath, parlor/family rm, living rm, formal dining rm, country kit, den, huge 1st floor laundry & nice woodwork/doors. WOW! 322MUL

New 2-car garage & drive, 3 decks, privacy fence, granite/stone kitchen, wood floors, carpet, white woodwork, 6 panel doors, siding, windows, roof, furnace & AC, H2O tank. This home comes complete with a 9-hole putting green in backyard, separate media room, & game room with bar in finished lower level. 318KES


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ASSUMABLE LOAN AT APPROX $104,000! GREAT PRICE! Well maintained condo offers 3 BR, 2.5 BA, living room, spacious kitchen, large master w/private bath, new garage door, energy safe thermostat, laminate flooring, fenced patio area, new light fixtures, fresh paint & so much more. Located near clubhouse, pool & gym! Call for details! 8281DEE

Lovely 4 BR, 2.5 BA, 2,500 SF, 2-story home in Pickerington North area. One third acre, privacy fenced yard w/huge deck, vaulted family room w/skylights & wood burning fireplace, 1st floor den & laundry. Walk to school. 11617COV

This 3 BR, 1.5 BA, home has been lovingly cared for by long term owner! Big walk-in pantry off recently remodeled kitchen. Newer thermo pane windows. Small family room or den in back of house. Huge detached 2+ car garage. Everything on one floor. 198SCH




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PICKERINGTON Beautiful Pickerington 2-sty, 4 BR, 2.5 bath, with vaulted ceiling in additional fam rm. 25x20 deck with hot tub, stereo/cd system and lights. Nearly half acre lot. Furnace, air & H2O tank are 2 years old. New carpet and wood floors in entry, kit & DR. New sump pump, chimney liner, garage door & opener. Full basement with glass block windows. 121HAR


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Move in ready, hard to find ranch home with 3 bedrooms, remolded bath, and full finished basement. Updates include newer kitchen cabinets, appliances, refinished hardwood floors, can lights, and newer vinyl windows. Full finished basement with family room, work-out room, and built-in bookshelves/home office space. Large fenced yard with deck and storage shed. 3590TRE

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MORE THEN MEETS THE EYE! Spacious 4-level split w/3 large bedrooms, garage, huge family room w/fireplace, formal living room & eat-in kitchen. Updates include some newer windows, newer carpet & a screened in porch. Large fenced yard w/storage shed. Located on a cul-de-sac lot. 5967HAM

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Gorgeous home on almost 7.5 acres w/3 huge bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and bonus room that could be 4th bedroom. Kitchen has granite countertops, SS appliances & hardwood floors. Spacious great room w/gas fireplace. Full walk-out basement partially finished w/rec room & entertainment room. Over-sized two car garage plus barn/stables with concrete floor, electric, water & fenced pastures. Additional acreage available. 1055YOR

Must see this 3 BR, 2 full bath, ranch home on wooded half acre lot, backing to community pond. 2-car att gar, full partially fin bsmt w/loads of storage & shelving. Heated & cooled FLA room. New water heater, well pump, pressure tank, aerator pump & lighting fixtures. One owner. Well maintained! 3235EAS

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Canal Winchester

May 19, 2011

Page A9

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May 19, 2011


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May 19, 2011

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Canal Winchester

Page B1

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By Tim Norman/ThisWeek

Morgan White of Canal Winchester connects with a pitch for a single to center field during the Indians’ 10-4 victory over host Olentangy Orange in a second-round Division II tournament game May 11.

Canal Winchester Roundup

Boys track team dominates MSL meet Hinkle hired as football coach

By AARON BLANKENSHIP ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Canal Winchester High School boys track and field coach Bruce Olson expected his team to win the MSL-Buckeye Division meet at home May 10 and 13 because the Indians were deeper and more experienced than their conference opponents. But after his squad scored 215 points to easily outdistance Hamilton Township (104), Fairfield Union (86), Circleville (77), Bloom-Carroll (65.5), Teays Valley (62), AmandaClearcreek (30.5) and Logan Elm (22), Olson said he never imagined the Indians would have captured their sixth league championship in seven years in such dominating fashion. “We basically have everyone back where the other teams lost a lot of their kids, so I knew we had a good chance to win this, but I’m very surprised by how many points we were able to score,” Olson said. “Last year, we finished second after winning five MSL meets in a row, so the kids had some revenge on their minds. We have a lot of guys who are very track-oriented and I think they were glad to be able to show what they’re capable of doing at home. This was a great performance by our team.” Jarrod Genther helped his team score 40 points by winning the 3,200 meters (10 minutes, 13.19 seconds), the 1,600 (4:39.94) and the 800 (2:00.5). Genther also anchored Canal Winchester’s 3,200 relay of Micah Cobb, Sean Neary and Aaron Robertson to a first-place finish (8:15.5). Antonio Whitfield won both the 100 (11.3) and the long jump (22 feet, 1 1/4 inches).

By AARON BLANKENSHIP ThisWeek Community Newspapers

A new era is set to begin for the Canal Winchester High School football team. Shawn Hinkle was hired as coach on May 16. Hinkle replaces Phil Mauro, who resigned April 11 after leading the Indians to a 36-9 record, two MSL-Buckeye Division titles and four playoff appearances in four seasons. Canal Winchester athletics director Kent Riggs said Hinkle was the perfect choice to take over the position. Hinkle served as an assistant coach the previous seven seasons, including as assistant head coach and special teams coordinator last season. “Shawn’s been one of our assistants the last several years and he’s done a good job for us,” Riggs said. “We felt continuity is important with all of the success our football program has had in recent years, and he’s already an important part of the program and he’s ready to keep things moving in the right direction. He’s coached our j.v. teams on Saturdays for (seven) years, so he has good game-day experience as well.” Hinkle has taught since 2002 at Canal Winchester Middle School, where he currently teachBy Tim Norman/ThisWeek

See INDIANS, page B2 Indians catcher Alyxis Moore throws to first base to retire a batter as pitcher Lauren Arndt looks on during the win over Orange.

See HINKLE, page B3

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Canal Winchester

Page B2

INDIANS Continued from page B1

May 19, 2011

Sports briefs North. A year ago, Canal Winchester placed third (78) in the district 1 meet behind Gahanna (132) and Dublin Coffman (97.5). “We picked the earliest district finals because our girls have prom that night, too,” Bender said. •The baseball team opened the Division II district tournament on May 10 by routing Linden-McKinley 37-0. Two days later, the Indians upset sixth-seeded Watterson 7-6 in the second round. Chaz Palmer went 2-for-4 with two RBI and Josh Miller, Tim Hawkins, Kevin Ilich and John Sharp each drove in one run. “Watterson has a big field, and that’s one of the reasons we chose to play here, because the way we hit the ball we tend to spray it all over the place,” coach Jay Bartos said. Trey Kiser pitched 6 2/3 innings with seven strikeouts to earn the win. “This was my best game of the season,” Kiser said. “I threw the ball across the plate and tried to make them hit it to our defense. My defense saved me a couple of times.” After Watterson scored two runs and had runners on first and third with two outs in the bottom of the seventh, Bartos pulled Kiser for Nick Zaluski, who induced a groundout to earn the save. The Indians improved to 1610 heading into a district semifinal against fourth-seeded DeSales on May 18. The winner plays third-seeded Hartley or eighth-seeded Big Walnut in a district final Friday, May 20, at Grove City. The district champion advances to a regional semifinal May 26 at Zanesville. Last year, third-seeded Canal Winchester was upset by fifthseeded Hartley 6-5 in a Division II district final. “The reason we were able to win (at Watterson) is because we made good defensive plays,” Kiser said. “The key to winning in the tournament is our defense, because we’re getting production out of everyone in our lineup and we have good enough bats to score a run per inning like we did against Watterson.” •The softball team opened the Division II district tournament by defeating Columbus East 19-0 on May 9. Lauren Arndt pitched a no-hitter and Andrea Peer hit a solo home run. After losing a regular-season game to Grove City 15-5 in five innings on May 10, the Indians beat Olentangy Orange 10-4 in the second round of the district tournament on May 11. Arndt held Orange to four hits and Peer hit a two-run homer. The Indians lost to secondseeded Lakewood, the defending Division II state champion, 6-5 in a district semifinal on May 16 at Pickerington North to finish 17-11 overall. Trailing Lakewood 6-1 after five innings, the Indians scored one run in the top of the sixth inning and three in the top of the seventh. Arndt pitched a complete game, allowing eight hits.

Donald Tucker won the 200 (23.38) and was second in the 100 (11.49). Corey Bell won the pole vault (14-6) and was second in the 200 (23.63). Other first-place finishers for Canal Winchester were Tyler Jenkins in the 110 hurdles (15.25), Jordan Dalton, Bell, Orlando Basanta and Jaquan Ransome in the 800 relay (1:33.18), Dalton, JaVaughn Morris, Fred Elious and Sam Decker in the 1,600 relay (3:30.7), Alex Pickens, Bell, Tucker and Ransome in the 400 relay (44.42) and Bryn Campbell in the discus (150-0). “We won 13 of the 17 events and we had two guys score in every event except one,” Olson said. “We had only three individuals compete in four events because of our depth. Jarrod Genther, Corey Bell and Donald Tucker did well in their four events and we won all four relays.” The Indians are competing in the Division I, district 1 meet, which began May 17 and continues Thursday, May 19, and Saturday, May 21, at Hilliard Bradley. The top four placers in each event advance to the regional on Wednesday, May 25, and May 27 at Pickerington North. Last year, Canal Winchester scored 33 points to tie Walnut Ridge for 10th in the Division I, district 3 meet behind champion Brookhaven (89). “We’ve improved enough that we’re hoping to finish in the top five of our district this year,” Olson said. •The girls track and field team scored 173 points to win the MSL-Buckeye meet for the fifth time in six seasons ahead of Circleville (125), Bloom-Carroll (84), Hamilton Township (72), Teays Valley (64), Logan Elm (50), Fairfield Union (50) and Amanda-Clearcreek (43). “For the first time, we qualified two girls into the finals of every running event,” coach John Bender said. “We scored in every event except the long jump. Hurdles were a problem for us last year, but we did well in the hurdles this year.” Freshman Joscelyn Powell scored 38 points for Canal Winchester. She won the 300 hurdles (37.02), 100 (12.85) and 100 hurdles (15.32), and finished second in the 200 (26.94). Kayla Scott won the 1,600 (5:21.4), anchored the 800 relay to a second-place finish (1:50.84) and placed third in the 800 (2:27.11). Scott, Haley Adams, Ali Stauffer and Kelly Henderson won the 3,200 relay (9:59.7). Also finishing first for the Indians were Stauffer in the 3,200 (12:16.03) and the 400 relay (52.44). “Joscelyn and Kayla had great performances in their four events, but we knew they would score well,” Bender said. “We just had more depth than the other teams.” The Indians are competing in the Division I, district 4 meet, which began May 18 and continues Thursday, May 19, and Saturday, May 21, at Hamilton Township. The top four placers in each event advance to the regional Wednesday, May 25, and May 27 at Pickerington

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McCoy football camp scheduled for July Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy’s inaugural football camp has been scheduled for 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. July 16-17 at Strongsville High School. McCoy will direct activities and provide instruction. The camp is open to boys

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Quarterback camp set for May 22 An Ohio Elite Quarterback Academy Camp for fifth- through 12th-graders will

Diebler, Lighty to help direct camp Former Ohio State basketball players Jon Diebler and David Lighty will help direct the fourth annual Buckeye Stars Basketball Camp from 9 a.m. to noon July 2729 at Worthington Kilbourne High School. The camp is open to boys and girls ages 7 to 18. For more information and registration, visit or call (888) 389-2267.

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Canal Winchester

May 19, 2011

Page B3


Watterson’s Diaz setting sights on third state title The magical high school tennis career of Watterson High School senior Chris Diaz is nearing its end. Diaz will compete in the Division II district tournament on Friday, May 20, and Saturday, May 21, at Columbus Academy, hoping to gain a berth in his fourth consecutive state tournament May 27-28 at Hilliard Davidson and to capture a third state championship. As a freshman, Diaz combined with his older brother, Philip, to win the Division I state doubles title. A year later, he and Philip finished as Division I state runners-up. With his brother moving on to college, Chris won the Division II state singles title last year top cap an undefeated season. This season, the Eagles standout also has been perfect as he heads into district play. Diaz said he is thoroughly en-

joying his final high school season. “ T h e r e ’s always some pressure on you when you are a defending state LARRY champion, LARSON but I believe I have taken the level of pressure I feel down a little over the years. After Philip and I won when I was a freshman, I really thought my sophomore year was stressful and I think I have matured as a player and am trying to just have fun with these last two years. “My strength on the court right now is my speed and anticipation. I have to overcome my lack of size by being more aggressive on the court. I think my offensive skills have im-

HINKLE Continued from page B1

III, Region 12 opener in 2007, before losing to Lemon-Monroe 47-21. The Indians lost to Chillicothe 13-7 in the first round of the Division III, Region 12 playoffs in 2008 and lost to Logan 30-7 in the first round of the Division II, Region 7 playoffs in 2009. Canal Winchester also won the MSL-Buckeye title in 2007 and finished second in the league in 2008 and 2009. Mauro left Canal Winchester to become football coach at Trenton Edgewood in Butler County and dean of students at Edgewood’s freshman academy after he was informed that his teaching position would be eliminated if voters rejected a threeyear emergency levy on May 3. The levy failed by 50 votes, according to unofficial results. “I want to keep as many of the positive things going as I can, so we can build on the success we’ve had,” Hinkle said. “I believe we still have room for improvement. We want to continue going to the playoffs, and our goal is to go deeper in the playoffs, because the ultimate goal is to win a state championship.” Hinkle played four seasons of football, basketball and baseball at Crooksville in Perry County, graduating in 1987. After working in the health care industry for several years, he earned a teaching certificate from Ohio University in 2002 and began teaching in Canal Winchester that fall. Hinkle and his wife, Molly, have three daughters: Leigh, a 2010 Canal Winchester graduate; Jessica, a freshman at Canal Winchester; and Bethany, who is in fourth grade. “Coaching is something I always wanted to do, and I know from the experience of having three children in the district that this is a great school district and a good community,” Hinkle said.

es eighth-grade U.S. history. After coaching the Indians’ seventh-grade team in 2002 and Canal Winchester’s freshman team in 2003, Hinkle has coached several positions for varsity the past seven seasons, including defensive backs, defensive linemen, quarterbacks and running backs. “I’m excited about having this opportunity and I’m planning on making the transition as smooth as possible,” Hinkle said. “I’ve been a part of this community and this program for a long time, and I know that we have a lot of good young talent coming up the ranks and great support from our administration and community.” During Hinkle’s season as an assistant head coach last fall, he was heavily involved in designing the Indians’ spread offense, which set a program record by scoring 328 points. Last year, Canal Winchester won the MSL-Buckeye at 7-0 and went undefeated in the league for the first time since 1975. The Indians finished 92 after losing to Big Walnut 4420 in their Division II, Region 7 playoff opener. “Our program’s philosophy will stay intact and I plan to keep a lot of the same schemes in place, offensively,” Hinkle said. “Defensively, I’m looking to make some changes from the 3-4 and 4-3 defenses that we used mostly last year to more of a 3-5 scheme that’s a little more aggressive and more linebacker-oriented, based on the athletes we have.” Hinkle understands he’s filling big shoes. Before Mauro arrived in 2007, Canal Winchester hadn’t had a winning season since 2001 and had qualified for the playoffs only two other times, in 1986 and 1988. Canal Winchester earned the program’s only playoff win during Mauro’s tenure. The Indians beat Germantown Valley View 17-16 in their Division

proved throughout high school and that has helped make my confidence level grow as well. Now I have to use my experience, plan my game and execute that plan every match. I have to continue to focus on what I do best and hope that results in wins.” Diaz is proud of what he has accomplished at Watterson and to be able to represent his school. “It has been a great feeling to represent my high school in a positive way,” he said. “I have been fortunate to contribute to the Watterson community and

I am hoping to win the state singles championship again so I can leave my school on a good note. I am sure of one thing: I will continue playing as hard as I can and not let my nerves take over. It has been a wonderful four years.” Diaz’s time as a competitive tennis player won’t be ending at state. Next year, he will begin competing for Ohio State. “I am really excited to play for Ohio State and coach Ty Tucker,” he said. “I have always dreamed of playing and being part of the Ohio State athletic program. I know things will be

really challenging for me, and I know I will have to work very hard to be successful. I will be lucky to be under the tutelage of coach Tucker, who has the record of making each player he works with better, but for now it is all about doing the best I can in these upcoming days. “I love how competitive tennis can get. I love trying to use my strategy to win a match. I love the fact that tennis has always been part of my life and the sport has helped me become more confident as a person and it has taught me to have a good

work ethic in trying to balance my schoolwork with my tennis.” As the defending Division II state singles champion, Diaz will be the favorite at district. But he is sure to face challenges from Wellington senior Ian Wagner and Centennial junior Bogdan Cojocari, among others, in what should be a terrific two days of tennis at Academy. I’ll see you at a match. Larry Larson is a former athletics director at Grandview High School. He can be heard as “Mr. High School Sports” on WTVN 610 AM.

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Canal Winchester

Page B4

May 19, 2011


Bobcats, Evans learn life lesson, share league title Participation in sports is much more than kids burning off excess energy playing games. It’s a microcosm of life. Athletes not only learn how to hit a baseball or softball, how to make a bounce pass in the lane, how to execute a doubleleg takedown or how to condition and pace themselves during a two-mile run. They also acquire skills needed to work with others toward a common goal, to win or lose gracefully and to play by the rules. Sometimes, though, the interpretation of rules can interfere with the efforts put forth by competitors and, for lack of a better explanation, make little or no sense. Take, for example, an outstanding effort by Luke Evans, a freshman on the Grandview Heights High School boys track and field team. With the Bobcats and Liberty Union tied for the lead (123 points) before the final two events of the MSL-Cardinal Division meet May 13 at Berne Union, Evans and teammate Chase Gage finished second (10 minutes, 25.0 seconds) and third (10:27.59), respectively, in the 3,200 meters behind Austin McClean of West Jefferson (10:19.69). That gave the Bobcats a 137132 edge before the final event, the 1,600 relay. The lead was short lived because Evans was disqualified minutes after his race because of a uniform violation. He was wearing black tights that fell a few inches below the hem on his uniform. That was OK; regulation, if you will. The problem was found a couple of inches above the hem of his running shorts — a segment of half-inch gray stitch-

ing on one side of the black tights, an abnormality that would not have been seen without his running shorts hiking SCOTT up while he HENNEN was running. A distraught Evans walked across the football field inside the track, head looking upward and hands interlocked just above the back of his neck. After the disqualification, Grandview trailed 134-131. “It had nothing to do with the race, it had nothing to do with the kids. It was just a rule,” Grandview coach Brian Schoch said. “I know it’s a rule, so I guess they had to call it.” But not without discussion. Schoch and several other coaches debated with officials for several minutes, but to no avail. Evans was ticketed for the track equivalent of driving 68 mph in a 65-mph zone. Grandview’s 1,600 relay of Joe Trapp, Dylan Golding, Ben Mathes and Ryan Schofield then finished second (3:33.1) behind Licking Heights (3:32.54) and Liberty Union finished fourth (3:41.82), meaning the Bobcats and Liberty Union were co-champions with 139 points. “We had to put up with a lot, coming back from more than 20 points down, and Luke had to put up with a lot,” said Schoch, fighting back tears after an emotional 15 minutes to end the meet. “Thank goodness the (1,600 relay) came through and ran their best time ever. They knew what was on the line.” It was a good thing the 1,600

Sports briefs OHSAA approves division changes Several central Ohio high school football programs will be changing divisions for the 2011 and 2012 seasons, the Ohio High School Athletic Association announced on May 12. Moving up from Division II to Division I will be Dublin Jerome, Dublin Scioto, Hilliard Bradley, Olentangy, Olentangy Orange and St. Charles. Columbus West, Franklin Heights, Mount Vernon, Northland and Worthington Kilbourne will move down to Division II. Licking Heights is moving from Division III to Division II, and Centennial and Independence each will drop from Division II to Division III. Fairfield Union and Jonathan Alder will move up from Division IV to Division III. Moving up from Division V to Division IV are Ready and Northridge, while Madison Plains drops from Division IV to Division V. Africentric also drops, going from Division V to Division VI. Divisional breakdowns are determined by male enrollment figures in grades nine through 11 as provided by the Ohio Department of Education. The complete list of alignments are posted on No schools that remained in Division I changed regional assignments. There were 10 regional changes in Division II, five regional changes in

Division III, 17 regional changes in Division IV, 18 regional changes in Division V and 28 regional changes in Division VI.

relay realized what was on the line, because the meet officials seemed to have forgotten. The rule cited was similar to the one about wearing jewelry, which requires a warning before a disqualification. If the official didn’t notice the wardrobe malfunction until late in the race then he probably should have ignored it. I doubt Evans would have been disqualified for wearing a necklace. The situation reminds me of a league wrestling meet I covered several years ago. A heavyweight wrestler with a sub-.500 record was competing in a third-

place match with his team a couple of points out of first place. He pinned his opponent, so the points from the match and the points for placing third earned his team the league title by one-half point, but that was to change. After the referee raised the wrestler’s arm as the victor, he unsnapped his headgear, tossed it above his head in jubilation and raced to hug his coach in a moment he was sure to remember forever. It was a pivotal moment, but for another reason. During the embrace, the referee went to the

scorer’s table and took one team point away for excessive celebration, giving the wrestler’s team the runner-up trophy by one-half point. The jubilation quickly turned to disappointment. That decision stuck with me, as does this one. There is a time and a place for making calls, and these two instances probably were not the appropriate situations. But, as stated earlier, sports are filled with life lessons, and maybe this was an example of that. In this case, the fact is that life isn’t always fair. In the end, the Grandview

The Motorists Insurance Group

2011 Scholar Athlete Megan Van Almsick Honorable Mention Liberty Union High School The Motorists Insurance Group congratulates the recipients of the Dispatch Scholar Athlete Award.

GCSTO offering free swim lessons The Greater Columbus Swim Team of Ohio (GCSTO) is offering free swimming lessons to underprivileged children on June 4 and 9 and July 2 at the Gahanna swimming pool. GCSTO also will award scholarships to participants based on their financial need and family status. For more information or to sign up, contact GCSTO instructor Erin Harris at or (614) 5822597.

For Auto, Home, Business or Life Insurance, call or visit:

GCSTO offers lessons, training The Greater Columbus Swim Team of Ohio (GCSTO) is offering swimming lessons, competitive stroke analysis camps and teen fitness programming this spring and summer at various locations around Columbus. For more information on the stroke analysis camps, contact GCSTO coach Steve Nye at (614) 478-5445 or For more information on lessons and teen fitness, contact GCSTO instructor Erin Harris at (614) 582-2597 or More information also is available at

The Griffin-Lantz Insurance Agency LLC Bart Griffin - Josh Lantz 6047 Frantz Road, Suite 202 Dublin, Ohio 43017

Hoffmann & Associates Insurance Services Inc. Top row (l-r): Jim Tarbutton, Alan Hoffmann. Bottom row (l-r): Jackie Bauman, Katrina Hinter 5005 Pine Creek Drive, Westerville, Ohio 43081



Skeen, Mohler & Associates Pictured (l-r): Ron McDaniel, Larry Mills, Rhonda McAtee, Sandy Mohler, Greg Mohler and Austin Mohler 12927 Stonecreek Drive, Pickerington, Ohio 43147


Call Insurance Agency Inc. Serving Worthington and Central Ohio since 1946. 200 W. Wilson Bridge Road Worthington, Ohio 43085

614-846-4120 Combs Insurance Services Agency Inc. Chris Combs - Rick Combs 933 High St., Suite 108 Worthington, Ohio 43085

“When you think insurance think Call Insurance”

614-846-6962 Comfort feature Aravon Sandals make tired feet happy feet! Stridarc rocker soles and dynamic footbeds keep you comfortable all day long. Perfect for casual dress or lots of walking.

“Circleville... Closer than you think”

boys won their first league track and field championship since 1984, with the only consolation being that they had to be co-champions. What do you do next after such an occurrence? You line up, shake hands with your cochampions and try to beat them next time, whether in the postseason or in next year’s league meet. Just like in any other point in life, you pick yourself up and get back to work.

Madison-Collins-Stephens Agency Inc. Terry Miller - J.P. Stephens 51 N. Third St., Newark 740-345-9741 1684 Venture Drive, Mt. Vernon 740-392-9888

The England Insurance Agency Olde Pickerington Village - Serving Pickerington, Reynoldsburg, Canal Winchester Franklin and Fairfield counties

AA • B • D Sizes to 11

“For All Your Insurance Needs” DunIap-Hay Insurance Agency Dennis Dunlap 98 E. Main St. West Jefferson, Ohio 43162


Mon.-Sat. 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

109 W. Main St., Circleville • 740-474-4047

47 W. Columbus St., Pickerington, Ohio 43147


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Dressel & Evans Agency Inc. Ed Dressel - Jim Evans 1527 Northwest Blvd. Columbus, Ohio 43212


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May 19, 2011

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POSTSEASON TIME It has been a soggy spring and cancellations have been the constant. Regardless, the postseason will take place and is ready. Throughout the postseason, visit for recaps of the district and regional championships as well as state-level competition. ThisWeek Newspapers may publish once a week, but is your daily guide to central Ohio high school sports.

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Top stories Life Lesson Learned: Participation in sports is a microsom of life and the Grandview Heights High School boys track team learned that the hard way at the MSL-Cardinal meet May 13. City League Championships: ThisWeek’s Jarrod Ulrey recaps the City League track championships and also sorts out the race for the two spots in the baseball title game. Diaz’s Defense Begins: Watterson boys tennis player Chris Diaz begins his quest for a fourth appearance at the state tournament. ThisWeek’s Aaron Blankenship interviewed Diaz’s coach, Barb Woods, on the senior’s chances at a repeat while “Mr. High School Sports” Larry Larson talked with Diaz about dealing with the pressures and expectations of his senior season.

Quotable “We’ve had some moments (in the past) where his blood sugar has gotten really low. It’s pretty scary to watch that. As he matured, he’s been able to handle it better.Tennis means

By Steve Friend/ThisWeek

Photo of the week SOFTBALLET — Dublin Scioto’s Allie Willman tries to avoid the sliding T’Awnna Morris of Gahanna Lincoln at second base as Casey Mandiville catches an errant throw during a Division I tournament game May 12. The host Lions won 11-0.

a lot to him and he’s always been able to manage it.” — Hilliard Davidson coach Shawn Walton on senior Kevin Blackstone. On May 12, Blackstone managed his diabetes to finish fourth at a sectional tournament. Blackstone will represent the Hilliard school district at the district tournament.

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The Upper Arlington boys tennis team has been repreFollow us sented at the Division I state Follow us on Twitter @TWStournament for 52 consecuportsFan today. tive seasons.

Sports briefs Capital to hold softball camps Capital University softball coach Nan Payne will direct camps this summer for girls entering grades 5-12. The schedule includes a day camp June 13-16, hitting and bunting camps June 13, 21 and 22, a residential camp July 47 and a mini-camp Aug. 8-9. For more information, contact Payne at (614) 236-6487 or Camp brochures are available at

Schools announce coaching vacancies The following schools are seeking coaches: DeSales — Boys and girls swimming. Send résumé to athletics director Tom Neubert at Dublin Jerome — Girls tennis, assistant boys basketball. Send résumé by May 31 to Nick Magistrale, athletics director, Dublin Jerome High School, 8300 Hyland Croy Road, Dublin, Ohio 43016, or email Johnstown-Monroe — Girls basketball.

Contact Mike Carter in the athletics department at Watterson — Softball. Send résumé to Mike Roark, athletics director, Bishop Watterson High School, 99 E. Cooke Road, Columbus, Ohio 43214, or email •To add to this list, contact ThisWeek at (740) 888-6069 or

Griffin to speak at charity camp Former Ohio State running back Archie Griffin will be the featured speaker at the annual Lauren’s First and Goal Football Camp on June 26 at Otterbein University. The camp is a fundraiser for Lauren’s First and Goal Foundation, which provides financial support for brain tumor research and families living with pediatric cancer. The one-day camp is open to student-athletes entering grades 9-12 this fall. Athletes will be divided into small groups to receive instruction in offensive and defensive skills from volunteer coaches. To register for the camp, visit


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Tics in children are quite common Tics are sudden, involuntary, repetitive movements (motor tics) or sounds (vocal tics). The most common motor tics are frequent eye blinking, nose twitching and head shaking. Common vocal tics include humming, grunting or saying actual words. Some of these tics are complex and include large parts of the body (kicking, stamping). About 3 million to 6 million Americans experience tics regularly. Tics are more common in children, where one in four has a tic during the school years. Tics are five times more common in boys than in girls. Nine out of 10 children who have tics, however, will experience significant improvements in the symptoms by they time they reach adulthood. Tics are the most frequent symptom of Tourette syndrome, though it isn’t the only symptom. For a patient to be diagnosed as having TS, he or she has to have motor and vocal tics for at least one year. Impulsivity, attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obsessive-compulsive behaviors (repetitive thoughts and movements) are commonly seen in patients with TS. Cursing, which is the most publicized symptom of TS, is exceedingly rare. Stress sometimes can make tics more severe, frequent or longer in duration. Many children with tics report the urge to perform said tic, though some can suppress this for a short time. As tension builds, though, it eventually has to be released as a tic. If a child is concentrating

May 19, 2011

on controlling a tic, it might be difficult to focus on other tasks, such as schoolwork. Because tics are outside a child’s control, children should not be disciplined for exhibiting them. In most patients, the PEDRO symptoms of TS are mild WEISLEDER and not necessarily an indication of a more serious disorder. For that reason, physicians at Nationwide Children’s Hospital tend to avoid prescribing medications for the condition. Moderate to severe cases of TS can be treated with psychological therapy (habit-reversal therapy) or one of a series of prescription medications. It is important to know, however, that there is no single medication that is helpful to all individuals with tics or TS. For more information on tics and TS, as they relate to children, parents should consult their primary-care physician. Nationwide Children’s Hospital offers treatment for severe cases, and more information is available from the Tourette Syndrome Association of America. Visit

Canal Winchester

7967 Rush St, 43123, Mattie J. 3515 Rolling Hills Ln, 43123, Smith, $130,000. Fannie Mae, $130,000. 7377 Winchester Cathedral Ct, 2826 Sussex Place Dr, 43123, 43110, Deutsche Bank National Mary M. Lorenze, $103,500. Trust Co., $96,000. Judy Gang & Associates 2159 Exemplar Ct, 43123, 273 N Sarwil Dr, 43110, Wells “Still... The Nicest Gang In Town” Deutsche Bank National Trust Fargo Bank, NA, $94,000. Co.,, $80,000. 6493 Nottingham Trail Dr, 2643 Suann Ave, 43123, 43110, Staci M. Crist, $82,100. Richard C. McDermitt, $78,000. 6286 Artesia Dr, 43110, Wells 3011 Riat Run Rd, 43123, Treva Fargo Bank, NA, $80,000. Bashore, $69,500. 2275 Anndel Ct, 43123, AnGrove City drea M. Enderle, $69,000. Judy Gang, ABR, CDPE 4892 McNulty St, 43123, 4270 Shortleaf Ln, 43123, Wells 614-729-6932 Nikunj R. and Priya Patel, Fargo Bank, NA, $64,000. $245,210. 1381 Ironwood Dr, 43123, BenPickerington jamin S. Wolfe and Carrie L. 12023 Auburn Ct, 43147, JefWolfe, $211,415. Melissa Tammy Kari frey Huhn, $198,000. Roush Elkins Mazzocco 3754 Williams Nook, 43123, 3555 Wheatfield Dr, 43147, JeVandemar S. Holser and Kimberly remiah Spires, $153,000. B. Holser, $149,000. 509 Carver St, 43147, Jordan 2866 Alkire Rd, 43123, Edward L. Post, $134,900. Tim Donna Linda E. Hively and Shelah F. Hiwely, Shriner Mathias Walker 9787 Refugee Rd, 43147, $145,400. bara J. Holley, $109,900. 2241 Stargrass Ave, 43123, Miki L. Bowling, $139,000. Check out recent home sales in 2494 Lubbock Dr, 43123, other central Ohio neighborhoods CHAMPIONS Tammy S. and Melvin Brothers, at Click Each office independently owned and operated Jr. Brothers, $138,000. on Recent Home Sales.

Dr. Pedro Weisleder is associate professor and director of the child-neurology residency program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital — The Ohio State University College of Medicine.

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May 19, 2011






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Residential Service Technicians Atlas Butler Heating & Cooling is currently searching for Residential Service Technicians with at least 3 years of residential troubleshooting experience. At Atlas Butler, you can progress at your own pace in our innovative compensation program and your earnings potential is unlimited! We have year round work and our training program has won two national awards. We offer 40 hours of paid training per year so you can keep up on new products. Requirements include EPA certification, clean background, good driving record, and a great attitude. Benefits include medical, dental, vision, life, disability, and 401(k) plan. If interested and qualified, please contact Greg at (614) 737-8609, fax resume to (614) 294-1625 Attn: Greg, or e-mail resume to Atlas Butler is a Drug Free, Equal Opportunity Employer.

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27 28 29 30 32 35 38 39 45 48 49 50 51 54 55 57 61 63 64 65 66 67 71 75 77 78 79 82 86 87 89 90 91 92 95 97 102 103 104 108 110 112 113 114

ACROSS Lifetime job “Let __ eat cake!� “__ meant was ...� “Loser� rocker Commonly thorny tree Whit Like people in pews Wheel shaft Week 1 No View, No Touch Trap maker Sis’s sib Like an ant. Org. that can help you get started Fastens, as a ship’s rope One-named New Ager Some strings Common Latino newspaper name Week 2 Catch word? Beans spiller Many NASA astronauts were in it “__ seen the light!� 1997-2006 U.N. leader Foot or fathom Team Week 3 “Understood� Els with clubs 1968 U.S. Open champ Put into law Group with the 1979 #1 hit “Babe� Week 4 __ world Silly Lincoln in-law Refrain syllables Yacht feature? Week 5 Degrade Zeus’ jealous wife Chicago Eight defendant Mess up Club __ “Li’l Abner� and “Doonesbury,� e.g. Inner-city genre Week 6 Exeter’s county As much as one cares to see They may be childproofed Place saver Got the gold __ Grande Word to a masseuse The mi. in Mile-High


Do you need HVAC experi In the Columbus area ence to be selected? No. Start Up Bonus Available In fact, this unique pro for qualified drivers. Must gram is designed specifi have a 2003 or newer VAN, cally for those individuals SUV, or P/U with Topper. with no prior experience or Clean Driving Record, education in the HVAC in Pass Drug Screen and dustry. We will provide Background. Commercial training from the ground Drivers License (CDL - C) up. with Hazmat a Must. Apply or Is this for you? Let’s find 1-800-606-6562 out. There are just a few minimal requirements: GOT • Must have a high-school diploma or equivalent CLUTTER? • Must reside within 30 Clean up and make $$$ miles of Columbus, Ohio at the same time with • Mechanically inclined ThisWeek Classifieds. • Good driving record • Clean background (740) 888-5003 • Must be able to lift 75 pounds by yourself To place an ad for your If selected, you will receive: • Entry-level salary • On-the-job training • Formal classroom education • Full benefits If you are interested in tak ing advantage of this op portunity, please e-mail your resume to Greg at or fax your resume to (614) 294-1625. Atlas Butler is a Drug Free, Equal Opportunity Employer


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The OHIO University Office of Information Technology (OIT) is seeking the following full-time, permanent positions for immediate hire at the main campus located in Athens, OH. We seek candidates who are committed to working effectively with students, faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds.

BUSINESS SYSTEMS TECHNICAL LEAD (ORACLE) This mission critical position is responsible for planning, executing, delivering and supporting solutions in support of the University’s Human Resource and Financial Management Business Processes. The Oracle E-Business Systems Team Lead helps set strategic direction and works closely with individuals from all levels of the University community.

SENIOR WINDOWS SYSTEMS ENGINEER The position is responsible for maintaining an operation consisting of over 300 Windows computing systems. This includes the evaluation, selection, implementation, integration, and administration for all new and existing computing environments and the generation of document artifacts that detail the technological alternatives available for the proposed project and the requirements/cost benefits analysis that guides the leadership in selecting the appropriate technology solution. For more information please visit Email questions to Ohio University is an Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer

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City Week 7 Ax Floor piece Yahtzee quintet Hall of Fame subject of “The Last Boy� Lob Stops hedging Ton Week 8 DOWN Hack Legend creator Silky synthetic Car starter? German article Arctic explorer John Men’s wear accessory East Asian stew Ike’s command: Abbr. “Oh, brother!� Communications opener Zhivago’s love It’s not good to get caught in one Cool color for contacts Rotten apples, so to speak Legendary sword Sate 50-year-old dolls Rules Routine grounder, say F1 neighbor Freudian “never� Intrude upon, as one’s space Part of 81-Down Gallery fare Cutting, maybe One of a Latin trio Silver and Glass Yale Bowl rooter Anthem start Zippo Keeps secret Hardly secret Squirt Confined, after “in� Inhaler? Dry, as wine Doha native Playful sprites Hesitating sounds “Peachy!� Owns Assume, as a role Bowler, for one Let loose Altar assurance Altar assurances Darts It may be red



Grove City-based 3PL with long, successful track record is seeking a quality addition to our outstanding team of professionals. The position is responsible for coordinating daily truckload movements via our established motor carrier base. The position requires strong organizational, verbal, and computer skills with the ability to adapt to changing Customer-driven demands and priorities. Ideally, Candidate will possess minimum of 2 years of experience in the transportation or motor carrier field. Those excited about this opportunity in a fast paced/challenging environment should send their credentials/resume with salary history to: United Pool Distribution, Inc., 3925 Jackpot Road, Grove City, OH. 43123


New Home Sales Maronda Homes is currently looking for motivated sales people who want to be a part of the housing industry as it begins to gain strength once again. Housing affordability and mort gage interest rates are at positive 40 year historic levels. Maronda Homes continues to grow its Central Ohio operations and needs to fill several sales positions. Income potential can reach into the 6-figures. Qualified individuals must be energetic, selfstarters with 3-5 years of sales experience. Fax resume to: 614-274-6676 Attn: Melissa Scheel or Email at mscheel@



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74 Iraqi seaport 76 Manila-to-Seoul dir. 78 Dug-out area 79 __ Club: Costco rival 80 “Yeah, right!� 81 Six-time World Series-

HELP WANTED SALES/MARKETING Technical Outside Sales Grove City company look ing for an outside sales person to sell video surveil lance, access control and security systems to com mercial and government entities. Good technical background and five years professional sales exp. a must. Salary & commis sion with excellent bene fits. Send resume to: tvanhorn@sound

Time Warner Cable has immediate openings for PartTime (20 hrs p/w) Direct Sales Representative s. Come join our Direct Sales Team by setting your own hours and selling our premium services of cable, high speed internet and digital phone services. If you have previous sales experience, motivated attitude, valid driving license w/reliable transportation, we will reward you with competitive compensation and a free cable benefit. Applicants must apply online @ www.TimeWarner EOE

Outside Sales Agent Get paid while training! ‌and start a rewarding ca Combined Insurance is HELP WANTED reer with Pepsi-Cola Bot - looking for quality individu ENGINEERING/ tling Company - North Divi - als to join our sales force TECHNICAL sion, the Central Ohio bev - as agents or management erage industry leader. Our candidates. Minimum guar Columbus Sales Team is Project Engineer anteed income up to your currently looking for Hyper Tech Research, first 13 weeks with the Utility Trainees located on the West side of company, plus unlimited (Job duties incl. selling, de - income potential, compre Columbus near Westland livering & merchandising Mall, is the world leader in hensive benefits and leads our products). For more MgB2 superconducting for your local market. For information visit our wire performance. more info contact Don website at Required background: Merritt at 614-284-0027. m/columbus. Click on "Ca development of process EOE. reers" to learn more about flow charts and operator our current openings and instructions, machine operation, for information on how to manufacturing join the winning team. EOE processes, Microsoft M/F/D/V Office, productivity Community news improvements, 2 years project management Sports experience, Solid Edge, To place an ad for team leadership, wire Videos your bazaar or drawing, 5 years seasonal event call manufacturing experience, Contests BSME or equivalent. Send (740) 888-5003 your resume and cover (local call) letter to hr@


Call today and rent your apartment THIS WEEK! (740) 888-5003

1 7 11 15 19 20 21 22 23 26

Toyota Direct is now hiring full-time, MASTER TECHNICIANS & TECHNICIANS - All makes and models. Come join a President’s Awardwinning Team! Signing Bonus based on experience. Benefits package including Medical, dental and 401K. EOE Email resume to: MMathews@ Or call Mark @ 614-496-6533



THE Weekly Crossword Edited by Wayne Robert Williams

HELP WANTED MEDICAL/DENTAL ANALYST III DRUG SAFETY Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) is currently seeking a tal ented and innovative Analyst III, Drug Safety to join our Drug Regulatory Affairs - Medical Affairs department located at our Columbus, OH facility. This position will enter, review and re port adverse events for all marketed products; maintain documents to comply with corporate and regulatory requirements; generate appropriate peri odic reports; and will com municate with appropriate individuals regarding ad verse events as needed. Required Education & Ex perience: Must have at least 3 years of clinical experience or ap propriate pharmaceutical industry experience. Requires experience in word processing, spread sheets, and drug safety database management. BI is firmly committed to ensuring a safe, healthy, productive and efficient work environment for our employees, partners and customers. As part of that commitment, BI conducts pre-employment back ground investigations and drug screenings. BI is an equal opportunity employer. M/F/D/V To view the full job descrip tion, and to apply to this position, please visit the BI Career website, http://www .boehringeringelheim.cand, and search for Requisition ID RL01010. Please apply online.

SALE! By Don Gagliardo and C.C. Burnikel

winning MLB franchise 82 Party wheel 83 It may be grand 84 Manila tongue 85 Blueprint 88 Airport stat. 92 Affirmed in court 93 Tarzan portrayer Ron 94 “Get it?� 96 Old Prizm maker 98 “Speed� actor 99 Uncle Tom rescues her from drowning 100 Aardvarks’ land

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BeatBlog on and join ThisWeek arts, dining and entertainment reporters for their take on central Ohio.


101 Undone

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Chalmers P. Wylie VA Am bulatory Care Center Co lumbus, OH recruiting for: Utilization Review (UR) Nurse Manager: Demonstrates leadership, exp., & creative ap proaches in the mgmt of VA referral & Non-VA refer ral care; administrative oversight of the UR Care Services to include: appro priateness of hospital ad missions & continued stay to non-VA facilities as well as collaborating w/ dis charge planners pertaining to discharge needs; accu rate, concurrent medical record review to improve the documentation & reim bursement for facility; eval uates the appropriateness, medical need & efficiency of the healthcare services performed at the communi ty facility according to es tablished criteria or guide lines; collects, analyzes & interprets clinical info relat ing to facility’s reimburse ment activities; prefer MSN or any related master’s program w/ BSN & 3-4 yrs UR exp.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center (PRRC)/Mental Health Intake RN:

Facilitate recovery oriented services to include educa tion of veterans & their fam ilies on recovery & evalua tion of implementation ef forts; provides referrals to VA & non-VA care sources to meet the needs of the patient, participates in in take screening & assess ment of symptoms to de termine criteria for schedul ing of appts. Prefer BSN w/ at least 2 yrs mental health exp.

Chief Sterile Processing and Decontamination (SPD) RN: Responsible for all aspects of SPD operations; super vises quality control pro gram, compliance w/ regu latory control standards of non-VA & VA agencies, planning, executing & eval uating policies & proce dures related to SPD oper ations; prefer BSN w/ at least 2 yrs SPD exp.

Perioperative RNs: OR & Pre-Op: prefer BSN w/ at least 1-2 yrs exp.

Primary Care RNs and LPNs: 1-2 yrs exp in an outpatient clinic or inpatient-hospital setting; prefer BSN for RNs All positions are Mon-Fri, Fulltime, NO weekend/ holiday/ on-call work! Send your resumes to ROSALEE RIZO, RN, 614.257.5291 or Rosalee.ri Offers full range of bene fits: Health Benefits, Life In surance, Long-Term Insur ance, Federal Employees Retirement System, Vaca tion and Sick Leave and Paid Federal Holidays. AA/EOE

Drivers, EMTs & Medics MedCorp is now hiring Ambulette Drivers, EMTs & Medics. Drivers must be 21 with a valid driver’s li cense. EMTs & Medics must be Ohio certified. EOE. Please submit interest and credentials to: (fax) 419726-7845 or Jghesquiere@ Medical Laser Tech Mobile medical laser rental company looking for hard working, dependable per son. Will be responsible for transport of lasers in a safe manner, set up laser equip ment on site staying with the machine during its us age and then taking equip ment on to the next case, providing laser service to customers as requested. Varied hours; must have good driving record. Salary plus bonus; 401k, benefits. Military or medical back ground preferred. Fax re sume to 800-892-7893

Nurse Practitioner Planned Parenthood Make a difference in women’s lives. Seeking Nurse Practitioner with prescriptive authority for Columbus Health Cen ters providing family plan ning services. Full time and Part time positions available. Excellent benefits. Forward resume and sal ary requirements to: or mail to: PPCO/HR, 206 E. State St., Cols., OH 43215-4311: Fax (614) 224-2267.

105 Dillon and Damon 106 Hole in one, e.g. 107 Did a smithy’s job 108 Nimble 109 Mixed bag 110 Whip mark 111 Mined metals 116 Big shot 117 Favre’s 508, briefly 118 Fruit drink named for a vitamin 119 III x DCC

Must love sports. A lot. Read the 1812 Nut on and get all the central Ohio sports your pretty little head can handle.

120 “Friendly skies� co. 121 __-Cat


Part Time Office Growing company is look ing for part time office help. Position requires a mature individual with excellent communication and cus tomer service skills and the ability to work in a team at mosphere. The successful candidate should possess a high school education with good computer skills including Word and Excel; excellent telephone eti quette; filing and strong at tention to detail. Mon thru Fri 11-5; benefits include vacation, health insurance, 401K. Fax resume along with salary requirements to 800-892-7893.

Page B8

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Canal Winchester


Radiation Therapist The Marion Regional Cancer Center is in need of an ARRT Certified Radiation Therapist. Must hold a current Ohio License. Competitive Salary and Benefit package. Send resume to: 1150 Crescent Heights Road, marion, Ohio 43302 or

HELP WANTED GENERAL ADMISSIONS ASSISTANT Career College close to Easton seeking positive, motivated and reliable indi viduals to contact high school seniors in order to schedule college visits. In dividuals MUST have previ ous telemarketing experience. Available hours: M-Th – 10 am to 7 pm Friday – 1 pm to 6 pm Starting Pay: $13 per hour Interested candidates call 614-416-6233, option 1. Assistant Mgmt Trainee

I’M SWAMPED! Need 7 sharp people to help run offices in the Cols. area. Earn while you learn $400-500/per week while in training. NO EXPERIENCE NEC. Call Cindy for personal interview 614-791-3300


Corporate Operations Administrative Assistant, PT Consumer Support Services, Inc. Qualified applicant must be highly motivated and have strong communica tion skills, be well organ ized and computer profi cient. Must have High school Diploma or GED and one-year office sup port experience. All interested applicants please email Mary Jane Switzer at maryjane.switzer


ADOPTION- A loving to unplanned pregnancy. You choose the family for your child. Receive pictures/info of waiting/ approved couples. Living expense assistance. 1-866-236-7638


General & Asst. Mgr/Mgr. Trainee

COOLEST JOBS ON THE PLANET!!!! Growing art co. has 7 positions available from Sales to Management. No experience needed, must be 18 yrs. of age, looking for full time work. Must have a great attitude and enjoy a rock & roll atmosphere! If you are not making $600$800 per week you need to call and schedule a personal interview

614-791-3301 Ask for ext. 7 LANDSCAPE, FT HARDSCAPE positions starting at $12/hr. Pay based upon exp. 614-632-7737

Software Company Opportunities JAAS, a successful inde pendent software Develop er & Microsoft partner lo cated in the Reynoldsburg area is seeking experi enced and successful can didates for:

Sales Manager Experienced in demon strating and selling ERP software or comparable high end product. Demon strated proven track record of meeting and exceeding sales quotas with long sales cycles, creative, ana lytical, and critical thinking skills, excellent written and verbal skills, knowledgea ble in MS office. Knowl edge of Microsoft Dynam ics SL would be a plus.

AIRLINES ARE HIRINGTrain for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified- Housing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877)818-0783 Attend College Online from Home. *Medical, *Business, *Paralegal, *Computers, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. Call 800-488-0386

To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call

(740) 888-5003 (local call)


Cake Supplies & Class In struction. CAKE DECOR carry’s,cake boxes,candy supplies,Icings,chocolate,a nd much more! Sign up for a Wilton Cake Class in June and receive free sprinkles! 607 Main St.Groveport,Oh 43125(614)836-5533 www.

BUYING GOLD/ SILVER JEWELRY Broken ok. State cert. scale. Safe Grove City location.

614-946-3846. We’ll beat anyone’s price! Community Yard Sale in Pickerington. Place Place East (at Turnberry) located off of Tussing Road. Look for Highland Park Drive and Grand Haven Drive. Friday/Saturday, May 20 & 21 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Rain or Shine. GARAGE SALE 13310 Tollgate Rd, Pick Fri & Sat, 9am-4pm 5/20-5/21 & 5/27-5/28 Lots of New BABY and kids clothes, toys & furniture GROVE CITY MOVING SALE -4190 Hills Wood Ct., Fri 5/20 & Sat 5/21, 9 am 4 pm. Full bedrm suite, frig, patio furn, 2 desks, TVs, chaise, chrs, pictures, much more! HUGE MULTI-FAMILY YARD SALE 2 Day Event May 28th - 29th 9am - 5pm Both Days. Central OH Coonhunters, 6995 Coonpath Rd., Carroll, OH 43112. No Early Birds Please! MOVING SALE. EVERY THING MUST GO. Housewares, garden & yard, wood working, home maint. too many items to name, 330 LOCKVILLE RD, Pickerington, 9AM TO 2, Saturday only May 21 rain or shine. Multi Family Garage Sale May 20th, 9am-5pm May 21st, 9am-Noon 6223 & 6226 Brooksong Way, Blacklick. Off Taylor Station Rd & btwn Taylor & Havens Corners Rd. Tools, furn., plus size clothing & lots of misc! Pickerington Garage Sale RAIN OR SHINE May 20-21 Washer Dryers TV’s & more Fri 8-4 Sat 8-2, 8976 Winding Creek Way Pickerington Woodstream Community Garage Sale! 5/19 5-8p AND 5/20 & 5/21, 9a-3p, E. on Busey off Hill Rd, on Woodstream Dr.

Accent Chairs & Entertain ment Table. Front Room Furnishings chairs 4 y/o in good condition. Chocolate Brwn w/ tan swirls. $100 for each $180 for both OBO.Entertainment table, dark wood & sliding glass doors for storage. From Target, 2 y/o. Asking $100 OBO. Any reasonable offer will be considered. 614204-0554

Canada Drug Center is your choice for safe and affordable medications. Our licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy will provide you with savings of up to 90% on all your medication needs. Call Today 888-459-9961 use Promo code save135 for $25.00 off your first pre scription and free shipping Diabetes/Cholesterol/ Weight Loss Natural Product for Cholesterol, Blood Sugar and Weight. Physician recommended, backed by Human Clinical Studies with amazing results. Call to find out how to get a free bottle of Bergamonte! 888-470-5390

Manufacturing experience is a plus. Bachelor’s de gree is a plus. Some travel is required. Salary plus per formance based incentive and benefits complement the business casual atmos phere. Salary history must be included in your re sume to be considered. Please email your resume with salary history to: or mail to JAAS Systems Ltd. Attn: HR Manager 555 Lancaster Ave. Reynoldsburg, OH 43068 Fax: 614-759-4175


NOT WORKING? Let Act-1 Staffing help you find the perfect job! If you have experience with operating a forklift call or visit us to find out how we can help you! Call 841-2500 or visit 1125 Georgesville Rd

Visit us online at

AKC LAB PUPPIES 3-females, 7-Males. $450. Longevity in the bloodline, UTD on shots/heartworm med started. Ready to come to your home on June 04. Athens. 5 year health guaranty. 614-204-1828

Australian Cattle Dog Pups 1 M & 1 F, $275 each. Both red, ready! 1st shots, wrm’d, vet checked. 740-385-5590. Siberian Husky. 1M/1F Grey/white, 7 Wks, AKC, vet checked, shots. $400. Call 419-651-5092.

REPTILE SALE & SHOW Buy, Sell, Trade. Sat. May 21, 9am - 3pm Moose Lodge #11 1500 Demorest Rd, Cols, 43228 614-459-4261, 614-457-4433

BIG TYPE Makes you look twice!

GROVEPORT - 4 BR, 2 BA, 3-car grg, all stone, 1/2 acre (incl addl lot), halffinished bsmt, 2 fireplaces, golf course & rec center nearby. $188,000 neg. 614-567-6058

Read the 1812 Nut on and get all the central Ohio sports your pretty little head can handle.


Reynoldsburg Schls. 3BR, 2BA all brick ranch, C/A, cover patio, garage with opener, refurbished kitchen with new applian ces, w/d hkup., close to schools, EC, $900 month. Call 614-882-8761.

Rents are based on 30% of adjusted income & includes all basic utilities To qualify you must be at least 62 or are disabled/handicapped Call Mon.-Fri. 9-1 614-863-6478 TTY 800-750-0750




Visit us at

Call for Details 614.584.0836 4227 Rickenbacker Ave. Apt. 618 Off of Yearling Rd in Whitehall Town Center *Restrictions May Apply se habla espanol 614-516-7827


AVON "Celebrating 125 Years" Flexible, Easy and Fun! $10 Business Start-Up! Call, Anita, Sr. Exec.,ISR

614-837-6883 12 years Exp. Leading Others to Success! Between High School and college? Over 18? Drop that entry level position. Earn what you’re worth!!! Travel w/ Successful Young Business Group. Paid Training. Transporta tion, Lodging Provided. 1-877-646-5050 Help Wanted!!! Make $1000 a Week processing our mail! FREE Supplies! Helping Home-Workers since 2001! Genuine Opportunity! No experience required. Start Immediately! ACTORS/MOVIE EXTRAS Needed Immediately for upcoming roles $150-$300 per day depending on job requirements. No experi ence, All looks needed. 1-800-951-3584 A-105. For casting times /locations Bulk Pneumatic owner operators - Tons of Texas based frac sand runs in Texas. Complete rigs only. Excellent investor opportu nities with very high ROI’s! Call 888-567-4972

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June 11, July 9 and Aug 13. Open from 8am to 1 pm.

DRESS FORM " WANTED " 614-837-7004 To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call

(740) 888-5003 (local call)

arrive at 6:30am. Spaces are 16ft by 16ft for $15 each day or rent for all 3 dates for $10 each and save $15. Indoor bathrooms and hot dogs, snacks and drinks in our air conditioned dining hall. Parking for visitors is just $1 no matter how many people you get in the vehicle.

Take advantage of these great rates! 5 LINE ADS Our Local Community Freemasonry has been in Canal Winchester for 125 years! We are your friends, neighbors and work in the community with you. We support the local Food Bank and Special Olympics.

(866) 790-4502 (toll free)

Readers reached 70,854 115,945 326,067

Cost $26 $44 $7314

Call t saving u o b a ! even more

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HOME AUCTION Book your GARAGE SALE today! 525 Gender Rd. CANAL WINCHESTER, Oh. 43110 WED. June 15, 2011 6 PM POA Auction offering this 2-story Brick home situated on 5+/- acres has 5 bedrooms & 2.5 baths and boasts 1998 sq. ft. with hardwood floors, full walk-up basement and located in Canal Winchester School District. This 1922 home has central air, oil heat, fireplace, wraparound porch, 2 car detached garage and several barns. This property is on the National Historic Registry. Great Location, this property is convenient to US. RT. 33 and 15 min. to Downtown Columbus. Many possibilities including Bed & Breakfast. Home needs some work.

OPEN HOUSE DATES Wed. June 1 @ 4-6 PM • Sun. June 5 @ 1-3 PM TERMS - $5,000 Non-refundable deposit day of Auction. Closed in 30 days and Sold As-Is. 10% Buyers Premium will be added to the winning bid. Seller will provide Title Insurance. Sells subject to POA confirmation. Broker Co-op welcome, call for bid packet.

Real Living Auction Division

Call your ad in:

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25 19 $


IN 4 COMMUNITIES OF YOUR CHOICE 5-line ad to grab shoppers’ attention

Flat rate. Non-commercial advertisers only. Add lines or communities for a nominal charge.

(740) 888-5003 local call TOLL FREE (866) 790-4502

Tom Rawn Auctioneer/ Realtor Mark Cather, Realtor Project Coordinator (614) 837-1000 or 614-833-2454 or




CLASS 0F 2011

ALL OF OUR POSITIONS ARE ABOUT ENERGY. Technician – Corrosion Somerset, OH Spectra Energy is looking for a Corrosion Technician to work at our Somerset, OH location. Under close supervision by the Area Manager or Supervisor, the incumbent is trained in ensuring the safe, reliable and efficient operation of pipeline facilities relative to the corrosion discipline. The incumbent receives technical direction from the Area technicians and the Division technical staff and works closely with pipeline/plant personnel, technicians in the same or other discipline and contract personnel. The ideal candidate will possess a high school or equivalent education, plus a two-year Associate Degree in an appropriate technical field or equivalent training. Candidate needs to have passed the NACE Basic Corrosion Course. One to four years of work experience applicable to corrosion is preferred. Successful applicant must be willing to relocate within 30 miles of the Somerset, OH location. Spectra Energy is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers competitive salaries, generous benefits, and the technical and analytical challenges you would expect in a state-of the-art environment. To apply for this position please visit our website at and click on Careers. Spectra Energy is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. M/F/D/V


Show your favorite graduate how proud you are of them in our special Class of 2011 editions, appearing on June 2 and 5! BEST VALUE!

5-7 lines and photo

ONLY $30 5-7 lines ONLY $20 Call (740) 888-5003 to place your grad greeting today!


LORI LESTER We’re so proud of you! OSU bound! Love, , Mom, Dad, Annie ! lee Ry d an Maggie

Dublin Coffman

MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN To perform maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs and installation of metal working equipment, auto matic lines, plastic injec tion machines. Strong ex perience in mechanics, pneumatic, hydraulic, user level knowledge of electric/electronic automa tion PLC and drives. Plant is in s/w Columbus works on shifts. Email Warehouse

Condo/Townhouse Over 1320 sqft, 3 Br 1 1/2 Ba, Fireplace 2 parking spaces move ready $44,900 (614)634-8625

DICK LAVY TRUCKING HIRING DRIVERS! 2,500-2,750 miles per week. Rider Program. Holiday/Vacation Pay. Home most weekends. 98% No touch Freight. www.dicklav 1-800-345-5289 or 1-937448-2104 Must love sports. A lot.


Implementation Consultant Experienced in cost effec tive implementation of soft ware technology solutions, business continuity and operating ERP preferably Microsoft Dynamics SL. Requires a proven balance of technical/functional skills, excellent customer service, and project man agement exp. MS SQL Da tabase Server, Crystal Re ports, Microsoft office, 4 yr. degree in Accounting, Business Management, Computer Science or MIS related filed is required.

Real Estate

Pets & Livestock Medical Management Careers start here- Get Connected Online. Attend college on your own time. Job Placement Assiscance. Computer Available. Financial Aid if qualified. Call 800-482-3316

May 19, 2011

Submission deadline: May 23

SAVE TIME: Email submission to classified @

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Canal Winchester

May 19, 2011

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Moving? Or just need to free up space? Sell your clutter in ThisWeek’s Classifieds!

**2011 POSTAL JOBS!** $14 to $59 hour + Full Federal Benefits. No Experience Required. NOW HIRING! Green Card OK. 1-866-477-4953 ext. 95

CDL Drivers - Great Pay! Tons of Texas Frac work! Great company! Company paid benefits! Must have bulk pneumatic trailer experience. Call today! Call 888-567-4972 Could YOU use a few hun dred dollars a day? If you can read and speak, YOU’RE HIRED! No sell ing! 1-800-446-3268 www. babystepstoyourmoneytre PAID IN ADVANCE! Make $1000 Weekly Mailing Brochures from Home. Income is guaranteed! No experience required. Enroll Today!

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Earn up to $150 per day Undercover Shoppers Needed to Judge Retail & Dining Establishments Experience Not Required Call Now 1-877-737-7565 I MADE $180,000 IN 6 Months In A Down Economy! Let Me Show You How I Did It!

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Wipe Out Credit Card Debt! STOP Garnishments, Repossessions, Foreclosures & Harassment! Attorney Driven Nationwide Offices FREE Consultation! Se Habla Espanol Call Now - 888-476-3043 Community news Sports Videos Contests

1994 Honda Helix 250CC. Low milage. Excellent condition. Only $1500. Call 614-491-1683

CALLING ALL EXPERTS Advertise in ThisWeek’s Call the Experts section.

Flxible Metro Bus, ’84. Low Mileage. This bus was used for upfitting Cummins engines and was previous ly owned by Cummins En gine Company. It is cur rently fitted with a M11E 400HP Cummins ESN34879184 coupled to a Voith automatic transmis sion. It is in running condi tion. It was bought for con version to a motor home but the project was never started. It is in perfect con dition and no alterations have been made other than the upfitting of the en gine. Included are Flxible Metro wiring manual, M11 Parts Catalog, & M11 Shop Manual. $5000.00. 740986-8381 gjones@jetelect

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Daycare providers and preschools! Take advantage of our great childcare rates!

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Affordable Childcare 6 wks to 5 yrs, smoke-free home, 12 yrs exp, preschl prep, meals incl, $65/wk 743-2191 - Reynoldsburg

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SENIOR HOMECARE BY ANGELS We send you the best home caregivers for hygiene, meals, light housework. Up to 24hr care. Caregivers are experienced in elder care. Very reasonable rates. We do things your way! (614) 561-0075

CALL ME FIRST! 7 days a week. CASH for your CARS $250-1000!!! Running or Not. Pay top $DOLLAR$ 614-778-5660

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"LET THE EXPERT DO IT" STEVE’S BASEMENT AND DRAIN TILE REPAIR Downspout Drain Lines Sump Pumps French Drains Basement Repair Waterproofing 34 Years Journeyman Pipe Filter FREE ESTIMATES! (614)352-1075

CARPET 3 ROOMS $599 INSTALLED For details 614-365-9603


Advantage Paving New or recap blacktop, Driveways, parking lots, 10% off with ad, free esti mate. Call 614-832-6700

614-206-0158 DAN FEW CONCRETE 38 Years in Central Ohio. Drives, Walks, Pole Bldg, BB courts. Lic/Bond/Ins. Call 614-575-8561

AFFORDABLE HAULING Trash, Brush, Junk Dumpsters Available Call today! Haul 2 -Day! 614-471-6444 John’s Dumpster Hauling Best Rates in Town Trash Outs & Dumpster Rental Avail. Cash Special È 614-774-0302

BUDGET PRO SPRING CLEANUP, Mulch Mowing starts at $25/week. All landscaping needs. 614-237-4187

VRC Basement finishing, Bathroom remolding, All Drywall needs & Painting Call Shane: (614)735-3173

"CLASSIC LANDSCAPES " Spring Clean Up, Pruning, Mulch, Paver Brick Patios /Walkways, Design/Install FREE EST, 614-332-1498



Drywall & Plaster Repair Textured Ceilings. Affordable Prices. Call 614-551-6963. ûûûûûûûûûûûûû

Ceiling fans, Electrical, Phone & Cable Jacks, 30+Yrs., 614-478-2100

BJ’S MOWER REPAIR & SERVICE Mower Tune-Up Specials $95(Riding), $65(Push) (614)471-3624

Concepts in Construction



A Division of Benchmark Contractors

Not sure if you have damage... We offer a FREE, NO OBLIGATION inspection • Award winning Co. w/a large referral base • 15 Yr Workmanship Warranty • GAF Master Elite Installer • Licensed, BBB member, Insured, & Bonded • Insurance Repair Experts





Bobcat & Backhoe Service Free Estimates µ Footers Trenching µ Post holes Final grades µ Reseeding Good concr ete finish work! Call Gil: (740)467-3939

Accurate Garage Doors Service call only $25 Broken spring? Problem with Openers? 24/7 Svc µ 614-888-8008 $10 Off Svc call w/ ad Central Ohio Garage Door BROKEN SPRINGS? BEST PRICES IN TOWN! 17 Years Exp, BBB 614-440-DOOR (3667)


MOWING SERVICE Comm. & Residential Starting at $23.00. Mention this ad for a FREE CUT!!! 614-302-7008, More Svs

No Job Too Small or Big Interior/Exterior Custom Kitchen & Baths Roofs. Siding. Windows. Electrical & Plumbing Floors. Doors. & More Lic/Bnd/Ins (614) 206-8118 Carpentry ∂ Home Repair Renovations & Trim Detail 30+yrs. exp. Mike Gregory

û (614) 237-1795 û

ûRepairs Unlimited û Plumbing, Electric, Paint, Kitchens, Baths, Flooring, Basements and More Call Greg (614) 296-4232

Auto Accident, No Insurance, File Bankruptcy, get license back, Atty. John H. Bates (614)221-3630 BANKRUPTCY Chapter 7 or 13. Flat fees, Free consult, pymt plan, eve/wkend appts. 614-834-7110

Masonry & General Construction " 614-302-5300 " Complete Contracting Solutions

SPRING SPECIAL FREE Gutter Cleaning & Powerwash with an Exterior Contract. Angie’s List , BBB,

614-394-4499 "#1 BUCKEYE PAINTING" Best in the World! Average Room $150 3 Room Special $300 Exterior Painting $699 FREE Power Wash Scott, 614-402-4736 A Budget Priced Company with Professional Quality. BUDGET PRO SIGN-UP today & get a FREE POWERWASH w/whole house paint job. Ins/Free Est, 614-237-4187 A Job Well Done Again Painting, Powerwashing, Stucco & Drywall Repair, Gutter Cleaning, Carpentry. Need some thing done? Just ask! (614) 235-1819 Call Today! PRECISION 1 Serving Central Ohio Since 1986! Interior specials! 10% off with this ad. Spruce up your interior this winter. 614-833-6000

DECKS & WOOD FENCES Fast Service/Fair Prices 12X16 deck only $1,630

740-862-6621 BIG TYPE Makes you look twice!

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Canal Winchester

Page B10

May 19, 2011

Coughlin Automotive is the ONLY GM & Ford/Lincoln/Mercury factory certified repair facility in Pickaway and Ross Counties Cadillac 48 month/50,000 mile maintenance included!


Truck Headquarters




MSRP ........................ $39,240 COUGHLIN DISC...........-$3,752




MSRP ........................... $25,635 COUGHLIN DISC..............-$1147 TMS REBATE..................-$4,005 $

MSRP ..........................$49,025 COUGHLIN DISC...........-$9,037



MSRP ........................... $33,520 COUGHLIN DISC.............-$1,532 TMS REBATE..................-$4,505 $



















MSRP ............................$40,035 COUGHLIN DISC............. -$1,247













MSRP ........................$22,810 COUGHLIN DISC............ -$822 TMS REBATE.............. -$4,505 $









MSRP ........................ $23,545 COUGHLIN DISC..........-$2,057 TMS REBATE...............-$2,000

26,488 24,988


MSRP ....................................$27,745 COUGHLIN DISC..................... -$1,257







MSRP ........................................$30,720 COUGHLIN DISC......................... -$2,232 TMS REBATE.............................. -$4,505


MSRP ................................................ $31,335 COUGHLIN DISC..................................-$1,347 TMS REBATE.......................................-$4,000





MSRP ............................$25,620 COUGHLIN DISC............. -$1,132 TMS REBATE.................. -$2,500

MSRP ..............................$26,995 COUGHLIN DISC............... -$2,007 BUICK BONUS CASH ........... -$500















NEW 2011 FORD F-150


MSRP ..........................................................$23,765 MAN REBATE ............................................... -$1,500 COUGHLIN DISC........................................... -$1,280










MSRP ..........................................................$27,560 MAN. REBATE .............................................. -$3,500 COUGHLIN DISC .......................................... -$2,075





MSRP .................................................................. $30,200 XL WORK DISCOUNT ................................................ -$500 MAN. REBATE ....................................................... -$1,500 COUGHLIN DISC.................................................... -$2,215









MSRP ..........................................................$28,265 MAN. REBATE .............................................. -$1,000 COUGHLIN DISC........................................... -$1,280 BUY FOR








ThisWeek Canal Winchester 5/19  

Canal Winchester edition 5/19/11

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