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March 17, 2011

City considering business incubator Plan before council requests $1.1M for development, plus $525K over two years By JENNIFER NESBITT ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Westerville city staff members say the city does well in two out of three areas of economic development: job attraction and job retention. But, they said, the city stays out of the third component of job growth: job creation. A new plan designed by the staff would fill that gap with the start of a business incubator, a program designed

to jump-start new businesses and increase their chances for success. The plan was presented to Westerville City Council in a work session March 8. Carol Lauffer, a consultant with Business Cluster Development, said Westerville would need to offer $1.1-million for development and an additional $525,000 over two years to start its incubator. Lauffer said she believes after the initial two years, the incubator would be financially self-sustaining.

“Every incubator requires some sort of subsidy. I think of it as the seed for economic development. Some group has to step in and fund during initial years,” she said. Council will hear the first reading at its April 5 meeting for a $100,000 appropriation and an agreement with TechColumbus to move forward with the business incubator, said Jason Bechtold, Westerville economic development administrator. A third reading and a vote would come on May 3.

City manager Dave Collinsworth said the staff began discussing the creation of a business incubator last year in connection with the start-up of the community data center. Initially, the plan was to meld the two concepts together, but ultimately, Collinsworth said, staff members found they needed to be approached separately, and the city moved forward with the data center while exploring a separate plan for a business incubator. With money allocated by council, the

city staff began working with TechColumbus, which has started other business incubators in central Ohio, and with Lauffer. Assistant city manager Julie Colley said a business incubator would help Westerville take businesses’ plans from “a piece of paper to actual job creation.” “In models across the country, this business incubation works,” Colley said. “This is where we’re headed. This is See BUSINESS START-UPS, page A6

Westerville unions band together to oppose S.B. 5 By JENNIFER NESBITT ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Union members in Westerville have banded together to oppose a controversial bill to limit collective bargaining. Representatives from the unions that represent the city’s firefighters, police and service workers, and Westerville City Schools’ teachers, maintenance workers, bus drivers, mechanics and classified staff met last week to discuss what they could do to make sure Senate Bill 5 won’t take effect.

The groups were scheduled to hold a rally March 15 at Westerville Central High School, followed by a march to Gov. John Kasich’s house, to show their opposition to the bill. “It seems like they’re trying to fix the budget crisis on the backs of the working people. You can’t blame the budget crisis on the working class,” said firefighter Tom Ullom, chair of governmental and legislative affairs for WPFF/IAFF L-3480, the union that represents the city’s firefighters. See UNIONS, page A6

City attempts to shoo geese from area parks By JENNIFER NESBITT By Chris Parker/ThisWeek

Emerson Elementary School students have been working on a clean-water project and to raise awareness of the lack of clean water in impoverished nations. Pictured are (back row, from left) Brandon Allbritton, Amanda Hurt and Emma Davidson; (middle row) Nia Hassey, Connor Lewis; (front row) Ema Rennie, Catie Less and Ellie Bouton.

Students bring World Water Day to Westerville By JENNIFER NESBITT ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Many people take the clean water that runs from their taps for granted. Several Emerson Magnet School students are working to change that, while also raising money to provide people in developing countries with access to clean water. The project to raise money for an awareness project about the lack of clean drinking water worldwide began last year, after

first-grade teacher Mary Taylor and thirdgrade teacher Beth Dailin took a course on service learning. “We kind of learned that all these countries had a hard time getting clean water,” Dailin said. “We asked ourselves: What could we do to solve that problem?” In a Scholastic News article, Dailin learned about Proctor and Gamble’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water project, which provides PUR water packets to people in developing countries.

“It’s a portable water treatment plant in a pack,” Dailin said. Students researched the worldwide problem of the lack of clean, safe drinking water. They created brochures and informational displays to take to public events to raise money for the cause. “As soon as children hear about children who are dying, they just want to help,” Taylor said.

ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Geese have become persona non grata in Westerville’s parks. The gaggles of geese that flock to parks, mostly the community center, sports complex and Hoff Woods Park, litter trails and fields with droppings and bring in complaints from residents, Westerville Parks and Recreation Department director Randy Auler said. “It was really probably our No. 1 complaint from citizens last year,” Auler said.

In addition to being a nuisance to park patrons, the geese also create more work for parks and recreation staff members, who must clean up the mess left by the geese. Because it’s an ongoing problem, Auler said, the work seems to be neverending. “It’s very time consuming in terms of manpower,” he said. To combat the problem, the city has contracted with a Columbus company called Go Geese Go that will bring herding dogs into the problem parks to chase See GEESE ISSUE, page A6

See EMERSON, page A6

Cason retires as ThisWeek executive editor By JEFF DONAHUE ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Friday, March 18, marks the end of an era at ThisWeek Community Newspapers. Late that afternoon, vice president and executive editor Ben Cason will shut down his computer, gather his cell phone and coat and quietly stroll

out of the newsroom the way he has every week since 1993. However, come Monday morning, for the first time in 18 years, he won’t be leading a newsroom discussion on politics or the NCAA basketball tournament. Cason announced his retirement to ThisWeek staffers March 11, concluding a career that spanned the height

of the Watergate era as an editor at The Washington Post to building one of the nation’s most respected community newspaper organizations. Under Cason’s leadership, ThisWeek Community Newspapers have won hundreds of state, regional and national awards for journalistic excelBy Chris Parker/ThisWeek

See CASON RETIRES, page A6 Ben Cason


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Canada geese search for food near the Hoover Reservoir.


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Middle school

March 17, 2011 &

Attendance boundaries may change By JENNIFER NESBITT ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Westerville’s middle schools are beyond capacity and the district is looking at altering the attendance boundaries for the 201112 school year to more evenly distribute and more efficiently transport students. Changes at the middle-school level also could bring changes to elementary attendance boundaries for the 2012-13 school year, administrators said. District facilities and operations services director Jeff LeRose and consultant Matthew Cropper of Cropper GIS presented five options for altering middle-school attendance boundaries to the board of education on March 14. “The goal was to think outside of the box and develop as many options as we could,” Cropper said. “All five are better than where we are today.” All four middle schools currently are over capacity by 44 students, or 1 percent. Walnut Springs Middle School is the most crowded, according to information from the district. It has 9 percent more students, or 75 students more, than the building was meant to hold. Genoa Middle School has 77 more

students than the building was meant to house, making it 8 percent over capacity. Heritage Middle School, on the other hand, could house 87 more students, or is 10 percent under capacity. Blendon Middle School is 3 percent under capacity, or could house 21 more students. The current attendance boundaries include 12 noncontiguous zones, which decrease transportation efficiency. The district’s current attendance boundaries have a poor level of transportation efficiency, LeRose said. The biggest consideration when looking at redrawing the boundaries, he said, was having students evenly distributed in relation to the four middle schools’ capacity. Other areas of consideration include having an equal percentage of minority students and students who receive free and reduced-price lunches; affecting the lowest number of students; and creating fewer noncontiguous transportation zones to increase transportation efficiency. To move forward, district administrators recommended honing in on two attendance boundary options to gather more data to bring to the board to make a final decision on those options.

One of those options would require 51 percent of the district’s middle-school students to change schools but would drastically increase transportation efficiency by only having one noncontiguous attendance zone. The other option would affect 12 percent of middle-school students but would not be as efficient, creating eight noncontiguous attendance zones. To put the changes into effect for next school year, LeRose said, the board would have to make a decision to change attendance boundaries by the end of April. School board members expressed concerns about changing students’school assignments just four months before the school year begins, especially if a decision could have an impact on more than half of the district’s middle-school students. “Here we stand on March 14, and we’re talking about adjustments to make next school year. I would expect we’d need a longer road for the process, a longer time to walk through the process with that big of change,” board member Kevin Hoffman said. “That’s talking about one out of two middle-school students going somewhere different next year than

District puts STEM on hold By JENNIFER NESBITT ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Westerville City Schools administrators announced to the board of education March 14 that they will not expand the high school Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics course offerings for the next school year. Last month, they presented the board with three potential STEM courses: an environmental sciences program, a physical engineering and design program and a course extending the district’s existing biomedical program, Bodies. Scott Reeves, the district’s executive director of high school academic affairs and extracurricular programs, said administrators decided to go through a more rigorous planning process for the potential new course and will look to add a STEM program for the 2012-13 school year.

Over next few months, Reeves said, the administration will work with teachers, Otterbein University, the teachers who developed the existing STEM Bodies program, and with building and district leaders to define course criteria, identify a host site for programs and to finalize curriculum. The administration also would like to put the proposed program through the committee that reviews district curriculum changes, Reeves said. Board members applauded the decision to slow down the process for adding new STEM programs. “We all support the STEM program,” board member Jeff Gale said. “We’re also keenly aware of the economics, and we want to make sure if we establish new programs, we’re able to continue new programs.” Board member Denise Pope said if the board chooses to offer

a new program next year, members want to be sure they won’t be back the following year talking about how to scale back or eliminate that program. “It sounds like very wellthought-out implementation rather than rushing into it,” Pope said of the decision to wait to introduce a new STEM course. Parent Mark Jackson, whose daughter had gone through the Bodies program and whose son is in the program, said the district benefits by offering STEM because it keeps the brightest students in the high schools for their senior year. Without the program, many of the students, who already have exhausted Advanced Placement course offerings, must seek college credits at universities rather than through the high schools. “Keeping those kinds of kids in your schools is important,” Jackson said.



they’re going today. That is a substantive change.” Board member Denise Pope said the district must include parents in making a decision that could have such a great impact. “If we’re talking about doing something with 51 percent, I’m sure we will hear a lot from the parents in this district whose students are affected by that,” she said. Regardless of what the board decides, the district will have to look deeper into elementary-school enrollment to determine how the middle-school population will grow, Superintendent Dan Good said. If the middle schools are projected to continue to be over capacity, the district will have to decide how to accommodate those students, Good said. “It’s not an easy solution because, regardless of how we decide, we’re over capacity,” he said. “You almost have to do a little more so students aren’t moving on a year-to-year basis.” The earliest the board could make a decision to change attendance boundaries is at its next voting meeting, at 6 p.m. April 25 in the transportation building, 125 E. Walnut St. The board also will have a work session at 6 p.m. April 11 at Westerville South High School, 303 S. Otterbein Ave.

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March 17, 2011


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March 17, 2011

Continued from page A4 bus along the rail lines that came into town from the east. Rarig had had some success making engines for industrial use, boilers, and even the superstructure for iron bridges. In the years before the Spanish American War, the company decided that its future lay in what we would today call “defense contracts.” The Navy was expanding in size and influence. The Army was more involved in more places more frequently, as well. All of these people would need heavy-

duty artillery and the ordnance carriages to hold them. With outbreak of the Spanish American War, the company converted to wartime production in the confident assumption that the war would last for some time. The war lasted for 90 days. Not long thereafter, for a number of reasons, the company went out of business. It was at this fortuitous moment that Joseph Ralston and Anton Becker came to town looking for a factory location. They found the Rarig site.


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E. Simons led the company from 1920 to 1935 and he was followed by Frank Livingston in the years after World War II. Through all of those years, the Ralston was one of the great industrial businesses

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See RALSTON, page A5


Am lo ie t The Gemo n Gem Soc A d. d d e e fi i ris r Gol rica Cert p e u r o m u Y A S r the bal et Fo antly


some of the most powerful corporations in America. But for all of that, most freight was still moved in wooden cars: box cars, tank cars or open top “gondola” cars. Many of these cars had to be unloaded by hand. Joseph Ralston, working with a young engineer named Anton Becker, developed plans for a new type of car. The entire car would be made of durable steel and would have a series of 16 trap doors along its bottom to permit coal or anything else to be quickly unloaded. Building a sample car, the two young inventors demonstrated their product to some railroads that hauled a lot of coal. Several of them in Columbus said they would buy the new car if the inventors could find a place to manufacture it. They did just that. The Rarig Engineering Co. had been in business for some time at a distance from downtown Colum-

Ed Lentz writes a history column for ThisWeek.

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the patrons and the Memorial Tournament He spent a year in a lumber camp in Michigan and followed that with another year as a newspaper reporter. He then turned to the sale of real estate for a time and then began to read law at night while he worked during the day. He would never practice law, but he would always claim its study helped him in his later activities. Along the way, he married Anna Mar of Caledonia, Ontario. They had four children, three of whom lived to adulthood. By the turn of the century, Joseph Ralston was working in Chicago for a large manufacturer of railroad cars. To anyone who lives in central Ohio today and arrives at a railroad crossing — with dozens of coal cars passing by — it may come as some surprise to learn there was a time not all that long ago when most of those coal cars did not exist. At the turn of the 20th century, the railroads were

find the streets and structures and other traces of Ralston — a truly great American enterprise.


Courtesy of Columbus Metropolitan Library

The Ralston Steel Car Co. in 1909.

of Columbus. Changes in rail transport business after WWII made the company less competitive; it went out of business in 1953. Today it is still not difficult to

We Are


It was an immense operation: At its height, the Ralston Steel Car Co. employed hundreds of people. Much of it is gone now. A few of the factory buildings remain. But in its time —for almost 50 years — the Ralston Steel Car Co. was a great Columbus success. That story and the story of the man who made it happen are well worth retelling. Joseph Stevenson Ralston was born near Hamilton, Ontario, in 1865. His father, Robert Ralston, was a recent immigrant from Ireland. His mother, Sarah Springer Ralston, came from a family that had been in America since 1680 but had fled to Canada during the American R evo l u t i o n because of their loyalty to the crown. Like a ED number of people in LENTZ Canada, and certainly like many more in the United States, Joseph Ralston was a restless young man. After receiving a basic education, Ralston went to sea on a ship called the City of Calcutta out of Glasgow, Scotland. After a four-year apprenticeship, he came home, but soon was on the move once again.

Lee Cochran Sports Editor

Beginning in 1905, Ralston and his backers began a process that was not short of amazing. Rarig Engineering had a big factory building but little about it had anything to do with building rail cars. The new company took the building and began to build rail cars. While this went on, it completely gutted the interior of the old building and then proceeded to build a new building several hundred feet long to accommodate an assembly line to produce rail cars. When all of that was done, the company then went back and tore down the old building and replaced it with a new building. And while all of this was happening, it continued to build steel cars. Between 1906 and 1911, the company built more than 10,000 of the new cars and soon found them shipped to all parts of the world. As just one example, in 1909, the company sold 50 of its cars to the South Manchurian Railway and sent the entire consignment to China in pieces, packed in crates. Over the years, Ralston built not only a factory but an entire community on the East Side of Columbus. The area sat on the north side of the rail yards to the east of Milo Grogan. It was a selfcontained world with most of its residents earning their livelihoods at the great factory. Joseph Ralston died in 1920. F.




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Ralston Steel Co. was ‘a truly great’ enterprise

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Ralston Steel Co. was ‘a truly great’ enterprise in its day


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March 17, 2011


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BUSINESS START-UPS Continued from page A1 where the city of Westerville would like to enter into.” She said incubators help startup businesses succeed by providing entrepreneurs with the support and resources they need to be successful. Eighty-seven percent of businesses that participate in business-incubator programs are still in business within five years of starting up, Colley said, compared with 50 to 60 percent of business startups overall. Eighty-four percent of companies that participate in business incubators stay in those communities, she said. For every $1 that’s invested in an incubator, Colley said, cities see $30 in tax revenue. Westerville’s incubator would be a 15,000- to 22,000-squarefoot facility with lab space and offices, Lauffer said. It would serve 15 to 25 companies that would operate from within the incubator space, plus five to 10 businesses that would be affiliated with the incubator but located elsewhere.

Incubator businesses would have four to five people who would work through the program, graduating after 18 months or two years, she said. During that time, the goal would be to help those businesses grow to having between 20 and 25 employees, she said. Companies would enter into the incubator program through an application process, and the incubator itself would provide coaching and mentoring, a resource network, technology commercialization and access to capital. It could receive further funding through grants, Lauffer said. She said the incubator could take shares of start-up companies to hopefully generate future revenue. Council members said they have questions that need to be answered before they vote to move forward with an incubator. Chairman Mike Heyeck said he would like to see specifics on how the incubator would fund itself after the two-year startup. “I would still like to see the cir-

March 17, 2011

GEESE ISSUE cle of dollars — the dollars in and the dollars out,” he said. Heyeck said he also has concerns about the high salaries attached to the incubator’s fulltime positions. The plan presented to council shows the incubator director making $125,000 in salary and benefits during the first year and the assistant director making $93,750 in salary and benefits. “I wouldn’t want to be paying more than department heads or city managers to those folks,” he said. Council member Larry Jenkins said he fears the incubator would focus too heavily on new businesses when the city should be focusing on aiding its existing businesses. “I want to make sure we’re allowing some of our successful businesses the chance to grow,” Jenkins said. “I’d rather work with a company I know is going to partner long-term with Westerville.”

Continued from page A1 the geese. The geese will see the dogs as predators, Auler said, and find new places to frequent where they won’t be disrupted. “Eventually, what happens is you see a reduction where the geese move to a new location,” he said. While the efforts will be focused on the community center, sports complex and Hoff Woods Park, the city’s problems should be solved because those are the three locations where the geese find their ideal conditions: food, water and a lack of predators, Auler said. Last week marked the first time the dogs were present in the parks, and the city already saw fewer geese flocking there.

“We’ve already begun to see a reduction because we’re doing counts,” Auler said. The herding dogs will continue to visit the parks on a regular basis for a cost of $9,000 a year, Auler said. The city estimates that it was spending $5,000 to $6,000 on the manpower needed to clean up parks with goose problems. “We’re going to recoup that in improved services for our residents and in labor,” he said of the cost. The city also is asking for park patrons’ help in keeping geese away from city parks, Auler said. The department will be posting signs in parks asking visitors not to feed the wildlife; doing so exacerbates the problem. “The main thing is: Please don’t feed the geese,” Auler said.

CASON RETIRES Continued from page A1 lence. More importantly, general manager Stephen Zonars said, Cason won the loyalty of hundreds of thousands of central Ohio readers. “Ben has been the heartbeat of ThisWeek Community Newspapers for 18 years, and his contributions are immeasurable,” Zonars said. “On his watch, the readership of our papers has grown by more than 200,000 people, which may be the most honest reflection of how valuable the public finds our coverage, which is the product of Ben’s leadership in the newsroom.” Zonars said Cason’s legacy is the team of journalists he has assembled at ThisWeek. “We are indebted to Ben for attracting bright and passionate reporters and editors who share his love of community news and sports, and to Ben’s high personal standards for quality, objective and, above all, accurate reporting,” he said. “No one checks more facts than Ben. Ben’s legacy will be that his brand of journalism will live on through our staff because Ben showed them the way as he coached, mentored and nurtured them. Ben leaves us in good hands.” Two of Cason’s first hires after

he arrived at ThisWeek were Lee Cochran, now assistant managing editor and sports editor, and Sandy Wallace, news editor. “I came to ThisWeek from a small daily, and it took some time for me to get used to the different pace and schedule of weekly papers,” Wallace said. “But Ben’s vision for the papers was very clear. It was all about better reporting, better editing, better writing. For Ben, content is key, regardless of whether it’s in print or online. “It will be very strange to walk in the newsroom on March 21 and know Ben won’t be there,” she said. “We’re losing a wealth of experience and institutional knowledge — but I think I can safely say that Ben’s influence will continue to be felt for a long time.” “Ben came to ThisWeek three months before me,” Cochran said. “Soon after I started, he explained his plan for improving the papers, and it’s a vision he has followed ever since and one that will continue. The success we’ve had at ThisWeek is a credit to Ben and his vision. He knew what it took to be a successful newspaper and led us there. “He is a leader, a mentor and, most importantly, a friend. He will be missed by our readers and our newsroom.” After graduating from the Uni-

EMERSON Continued from page A1 The students said they’re determined to help provide others with access to clean and safe water in order to prevent needless deaths. “More than 4,000 children die each day from dirty drinking water,” said fourth-grader Connor Lewis. “That’s more than die from HIV and malaria combined,” added fourth-grader Ellie Bouton. To help shed light on the cause, and to raise money to pay for the PUR water packets, the students set up displays at the Westerville Visitors and Convention Bureau’s Fourth Fridays, the Uptown Westerville farmers market and other community events. In all, Taylor said, they raised $2,000 last year for the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Project. The money goes to buy the PUR water packets, which cost 10 cents apiece and purify 10 liters of water. The packets clean contaminated water to meet World Health Organization standards for safe drinking water. One dollar in donations provides one child with clean water for 50 days, and $7.50 supplies clean water for a year, the students said. This year, the students are looking to expand their efforts. They wrote to Westerville Mayor Kathy Cocuzzi, who was expected to issue a proclamation at the March 15 city council meeting, after ThisWeek’s press time, declaring that Westerville will recognize United Nations World Water Day on March 22. During that week, dubbed World Water Week, the students plan to increase their educational and fundraising campaign by setting up displays and fundraising jars in local businesses throughout Westerville, Dailin said. She said she expects the project to continue to grow each year as more students get involved and students who participate graduate to other grades or other schools and take their passion for the cause with them. “It inspires people. They feel proud. I feel proud, myself,” Dailin said. “A lot of the students want to do more.” For more information about Emerson’s cleanwater initiative, call the school’s office at (614) 797-7080. All money raised by the students is donated to the Greater Cincinnati Foundation Children’s Safe Drinking Water Fund.

versity of Florida, Cason took a job at The St. Petersburg Times, where he met his wife, Carol. Cason was news editor at The Washington Post during the Watergate scandal that eventually toppled President Richard Nixon. He said the Watergate episode was one of the most interesting times in his career. As news editor of The Post during that era, he put together many of the paper’s historic front pages. Cason said working for newspapers that were family-owned has been important to him. “I feel fortunate to have worked for family-run operations almost my entire career — the Wolfe family in Columbus, the Graham family at The Washington Post and Nelson Poynter at The St. Petersburg Times,” Cason said. “Journalism is almost always better when it’s run by families who live in the communities than by faceless large newspaper chains.” Cason said he remains a proponent of community journalism. “I think community journalism is the future of journalism,” he said. The Casons are the parents of two sons:Alexander lives in Charlotte, N.C.; David, his wife, Julie, and their two sons live in Worthington.

UNIONS Continued from page A1 “The way we see it is, it’s like an attack on the public employees and the people who do public service,” Ullom said. The bill, which passed the Ohio Senate by a 17-16 vote March 2, would limit collective bargaining for public employees to little more than salaries. It also would limit how much Ohio’s governments can contribute to employees’ pensions and health benefits. Chris Williams, president of the Westerville Education Association, said the March 15 rally largely was to educate local union members about the impact S.B. 5 would have on them and to energize them to come out against it. “We’re all unified in the essence that we’ll be impacted if Senate Bill 5 passes,” Williams said. “It will make it very difficult as to how we’ll be able to bargain in the future, if we’re able to bargain at all by the time this is over.” Ullom and Williams said members of their unions have been attending rallies against the bill at the Ohio Statehouse over the past several weeks. Often, police and firefighters, whose shifts give them mornings and afternoons off, have been at the Statehouse during the day, and teachers have been encouraged to go down in the evenings after school, Williams said. Despite the efforts against the bill, Williams and Ullom said they are expecting it to pass easily in the Ohio House. The local union leaders are looking to participate in petition drives to get a referendum on the bill onto the November ballot. “There’s no defeating it yet … but the numbers they have there with the Rs and the Ds, it’s pretty likely that it’s going to pass unless someone there realizes that what they’re doing is wrong,” Ullom said. He said collective bargaining is key for Westerville’s safety forces because it allows police, firefighters and medics to bargain for working conditions that keep them safe and increase their ability to aid residents. “We need to have the ability to sit down at the table and be part of the talks concerning our safety and our health,” Ullom said. “If the firefighters are safer in performing our jobs, the citizens reap the benefits of that.” Williams said he worries that without the ability to collectively bargain lucrative salaries and benefits for teachers, fewer people will enter or remain in public education, decreasing the quality of public schools and the opportunities provided to youth. “Education becomes kind of a Peace Corps activity where you’re in it for a few years, then you move on,” Williams said.


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March 17, 2011

Page A7

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March 17, 2011






NEW LISTING $129,900 • 3 Bedrooms, 2 baths, 1,208 SF. • A great 3-level split floor plan in move in condition with a new roof, newer windows, carpet and washer/dryer. • This charming home is located on a quiet cul-de-sac offering a large fenced in yard with patio and fire pit.

NEW LISTING $229,900 • 4 Bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, 2,473 SF. • Featuring a large great room with spacious granite island kitchen with large breakfast bar. • Great location backing up to a reserve area with a deck and large yard.

NEW LISTING $294,900 • 3 Bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, 3,070 SF. • Featuring an extremely open floor plan, finished lower level, and loft over overlooks a gorgeous kitchen. • Located in Highland Lakes Golf Course Community with a tiered deck.



NEW LISTING $499,900 • 4 Bedrooms, 4 ½ baths, 4,228 SF. • A stunning first floor master custom home with an open floor plan and finished walk-out lower level. • Nestled on .57 of an acre, wooded ravine and cul-de-sac lot.

NEW LISTING $299,900 • 4 Bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, 3,541 SF. • This custom beauty includes a finished lower level, new island kitchen with cherry cabinets and granite. • Located on a gorgeous treed lot near parks, recreation center and shopping.

NOTHING LIKE IT $874,900 • 3 Bedrooms, 3 ½ baths, 5,400 SF. • Amazing home theatre and gourmet kitchen, with water views from every room. • Gated entry to this custom ranch on Hoover waterfront.

BRING THIS LOT TO LIFE $98,000 • Heavily treed 1.298 acre lot located on the Bent Tree Golf Course. • Bring your own builder and build your dream home. • All public sewer, natural gas lines on lot, electric line and Delco water.

NEW LISTING $114,900 • 3 Bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, 1,586 SF. • Fabulous condo with new carpet and wood laminate flooring. Great floor plan with open kitchen and family room. • A private treed lot, new paver patio and an extended driveway.

DESIGNER TOUCHES $149,900 • 3 Bedrooms, 2 baths, 1,198 SF. • This charming detached ranch shows like a model, offers an open floor plan, with great room and bright kitchen. • Located on a quiet street, convenient to the club house, pool, playground and bike paths.

HOOVER WATERFRONT RETREAT $525,000 • 3 Bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, 2,359 SF. • Water views from each room of this unique open floor plan with updated kitchen. • On nearly 1 acre lot with approximately 200 feet of lake front.

HARVEST WIND $459,900 • 4 Bedrooms, 3 ½ baths, 3,764 SF. • Filled with impressive amenities, an open design and 4th floor recreation room. • This custom home is meticulously landscaped with a large rear patio.

NEW LISTING $289,500 • 4 Bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, 3,154 SF. • Gorgeous custom design by Duffy offering an updated kitchen with granite that opens to a family room. • Situated on a heavily wooded lot, meticulously landscaped with a lovely deck and patio.

NEW LISTING $119,900 • 3 Bedrooms, 1 ½ baths, 1,548 SF. • This charming, well maintained 4-level split shows pride of ownership wish a spacious kitchen and large family room. • Situated on a large tree-lined, fenced yard with an oversized car garage, a large deck and new dimensional shingled roof.

SHERBROOK $189,900 • 4 Bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, 1,872 SF. • Very open floor design featuring vaulted great room and large kitchen/dinette. • Located on a quiet street with an enormous fenced in yard.

CUSTOM CONDO $129,900 • 2 Bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, 1,535 SF. • Fabulous condo in great condition with lower level recreation room. • Overlooks ample green space, convenient to shopping, bike paths and parks.


ENTERTAINER’S DREAM HOME $584,900 • 4 Bedrooms, 4 ½ baths, 4,715 SF. • Finished lower level with media room, workout room and bar. • Large stamped concrete patio, immediate access to the park with pool.


ThisWeek Community Newspapers Westerville

March 17, 2011

Page B1

The Beat Arts, eats and fun in central Ohio as many say, but he’s really good. Talented, witty, eccentric, raw.” For sure Dwayne Carter is money — tunes like 6 Foot 7 Foot, Lollipop and the new Right Above It, plus his many collaborations — dude knows a hit song when he makes one. Wayne’s a free man as of last November and is out on the road with compatriots Nicki Minaj,

FAB 5 By Jim Fischer

1 Andrew Lloyd Webber de-

serves the credit he gets for reviving the “big” musical, as Phantom of the Opera and CATS are modern classics. But perhaps the best and most popular musical of the late 20th century is Les Miserables. (It’s The Beat’s favorite, anyway.) Pageantry, a passionate story and, of course, great songs — Do You Hear the People Sing, Bring Him Home, I Dreamed a Dream, On My Own — Les Mis has it all. The current tour is a newly conceived 25th anniversary production, and continues through Sunday at the Ohio Theatre. At press time, tickets were already scarce. Prices start at $22.50. Call (614) 469-0939.

2 If you’re going to play blue-

grass music, you couldn’t pick a much better locale than Charlottesville, Va. Hailing from that town in the

Rick Ross, Travis Barker and Mix Master Mike, stopping at nationwide Arena Saturday, March 19. Ticket are $126.76-$40.75. Call 1-800-745-3000.

Sure, glorious, tuned-down riffing abounds, but Torche songs also often have distinguishable melodies and poppy chord progressions. Frontman Steve Brooks also borders on engaging in concert. The scene is broadly rewith openers Post Teens 4 ferred to as “stoner rock,” andTorche, Tilts, plays the Ravari Room but The Beat wonders if Miami’s Monday, March 21. Tickets are Torche actually belongs. $10/$12. Call (614) 263-4058.

5 Within the past few years, the Columbus sica musicians.

Lil’ Wayne

The Honeydew Drops

turn it on its head. The Honey Dewdrops will play the downtown Westerville Old Bag of Nails Saturday, March 19. The Kentucky String Quintet opens. Tickets are $10/$12. Email for more information.

Blue Ridge foothills, Laura Wortman and Kagey Parrish teamed up to form The Honey Dewdrops. The couple won the 2008 A Prairie Home Companion Talent Contest, and their path was affirmed. Serious picking and harmonies 3 The Beat fully admits we’ve always had trouble with Lil mark the tunes that make up their Wayne’s voice, so any appreciatwo albums — 2009’s If the Sun tion we might have developed for Will Shine and last year’s These Old Roots, both boasting original his overall game suffered. So we checked with a Critic tunes that embrace tradition and Crony and got “he’s not the best

Gay Men’s Chorus has collaborated with “We wanted to feature each organization in both ProMusica Chamber Orchestra and the addition to having that anchor piece,” Chen said. Columbus Children’s Choir. “Some of these pieces are not performed often, This weekend, the groups will collaborate and this is material our musicians wouldn’t norwith one another — all at the same time. mally get to play.” “Our three organizations are considered smallThe children’s choir will perform Glick’s er arts groups in Columbus, but we’re each Psalm Trilogy, “a beautiful piece commissioned unique,” ProMusica executive director Janet by the Toronto Children’s Choir,” Mathias said. Chen told The Beat. “Not every city has any or The CGMC will be joined by ProMusica muall of these. So we get to highlight some of the sicians for “some standard men’s chorus selecuniqueness of Columbus.” tions,” Sarsany said, including Behold Man, FarLeaders of each of the groups told The Beat ther Sail, Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless the collaboration has both artistic and organi- Child and Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart. zational benefits. The program will include “We’re doing music that ProMusica Chamber Orches- a special combined piece to we can’t do separately,” tra, the Columbus Gay Men’s close the evening – a CGMC director Dr. Tim Chorus and Columbus Chil- Sarsany arrangement of the Sarsany, who will conduct dren’s Choir will combine for Christina Aguilera song the concerts, said. “It was Beautiful, offered as an antiimportant and a challenge to “Musicians in Harmony” Friday bullying anthem. pick repertoire that fit the and Saturday, March 18-19, at All three expressed excombination.” the Lincoln Theatre. Tickets citement about performing The centerpiece of the are $31/$16. Call (614) 464- at the Lincoln Theatre, alprogram is Bernstein’s 0066 or visit www.promusica- though Sarsany confessed Chichester Psalms, which, the combined forces — CCC director Dr. Sandra about 180-190 in all — will Mathias explained, “we disstretch the stage to its limcovered this voicing is how he originally envi- its. sioned,” with children on the higher voice parts That each group will be exposed to — hopecombined with men’s voices. fully — new audiences also makes the collab“We don’t get to do many major works with oration a big plus. an orchestra,” Mathias added. “This is a won“It’s a unique opportunity for the communiderful opportunity for our singers and they’re ty,” Mathias said. working very hard.” “To be in front of these other groups’ audiThe combined ensembles will also perform ences that might not otherwise see us is a great Rutter’s Look at the World and Kaplan’s Glori- thing,” Sarsany added. ous. Each of the choirs will perform works sepaFor more in “Musicians in Harmony,” read rately, also with accompaniment from ProMu- the BeatBlog at

Les Miserables

Vino Vino in Grandview; so nice they named it twice When I first wrote about Vino Vino around five years ago, the little Grandview hub had a lot of buzz about it. Well, frankly, I hadn’t heard much Vino Vino talk lately. After a few recent visits, I think I know why: Its many patrons are trying to keep this terrific place (and its brashly flavored, artfully plated dishes sold at really great prices) all to themselves. Comfy, urbane, sophisticated, casual — these were the adjectives that popped into my brain as Brazilian music played (a much appreciated Vino Vino mainstay) and I perused the lengthy vino list. The wine-named place has a few flights with grinning descriptions, a ton of bottles that range from an unoaked Chilean chard (Cousino Macal, $22) to a big Barolo (Marcarini, $80) and lots of foodfriendly juice in between. Salads are certainly solid here. The Charleston ($6) is one of those walnut and Maytag blue cheese numbers, but nicely done — with earthy julienned veggies and a lightly applied bright vinai-

Vino Vino


1371 Grandview Ave., Grandview 614-481-8200 Web: Cuisine: Contemporary American Price: $$ ($10-$20 per person) Patio: Yes Hours: 5-9 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 5-10 p.m. Friday-Saturday

by G.A. Benton grette. If you’re more of a Caesar person, pick the Parmesan Peppercorn ($6). It’s like a spicy and creamy version minus the anchovy but plus sweet corn kernels and a hunk of fresh avocado. Before moving on, I should mention that the last salad — along with a bunch of other goodies — are available in smaller portions for $3 (some are $4) during Vino Vino’s spectacular happy hour, which is one of the best in town. Other happy hour highlights include: a killer Fish Taco (get the lettuce wrap option) that’s bold, huge and colorful and easily rivals any in the city; a very nifty crab cake actually packed with crab, nicely butter-browned and offering a flattering hint of mustard; a super-juicy sirloin and portobello slider; and an excel-

goat cheese. Fried chicken took a fun and nutty Thai turn in the Pistachio Crusted Chicken ($13). Two large logs of juicy boneless breast meat were pistachioed and bread crumbed and presented in crusty jackets. They were accompanied by dense and garlicky smashed redskins, a nice veggie medley starring broccoli and a sweet Thai-like chili sauce. The Roasted Salmon ($15) was a platefilling big fillet of grill-marked pink fish roused into specialness by a butter sauce with an intense lemon zestiness. Jasmine rice was on the side for sopping up the attention-demanding sauce. A dense but not super heavy NYCstyle cheesecake ($6) was good on its own, but even better with its accessories — nuts, fruit, syrup and cinnamon.

Molten in the middle, the tangy cheese had a highly attractive, crackly brown crust. Cutting the richness were an herby, chunky and addictive marinara sauce plus a little balsamic-drizzled salad. Goat cheese went entree in the veggie-tastic Asparagus Risotto Tower ($12). A stellar vegetarian dish, it stacked the By Daniel Sohner/ThisWeek rich risotto with accumulating layers of diced portobellos; a sort of fire-roasted Asparagus Risotto Tower from Vino bell pepper and onion chutney; and a Vino in Grandview. final top floor of charred asparagus lent blackened tuna and veggie pizza. spears. Surrounding the tower was a To read G.A. Benton’s Back on the regular menu, the Baked moat of earthy, spicy and wonderful blog visit ColumbusGoat Cheese ($8) was a marvelous starter. French green lentils rippled with lusty

Northland welcomes Nigerian restaurant on Cleveland Ave. Esther Ajiboye thinks Columbus is ready for something many residents rarely, if ever, have tried: Nigerian cuisine. Ajiboye and her husband Olawale have opened Intercontinental Restaurant, a 30-seat eatery in the Northland area. Opening day two weeks ago, the restaurant served 200 customers. Since then, a steady stream of diners has flowed

through Intercontinental, supping on such dishes as plantains with spinach, goat meat with mixed okra stew and fish pepper soup. “We’ve been very busy,” Mrs. Ajiboye said. The reason, she suspects, is the

paucity of Nigerian restaurants in the region. In fact, she claims that Intercontinental, 5777 Cleveland Ave., is the only one in the state. Also in its favor are the healthful aspects of the cuisine — nothing is deep-fried — and the price. All meals start out at $7.99. Prices go up if customers ask for extra portions. “We give you what will fill you up,” she said. “We don’t ration

By Eric George/ThisWeek

Esther and Olawale Ajiboye have opened Intercontinental Restaurant featuring Nigerian cuisine at 5777 Cleveland Ave.

it.” Both Ajiboyes are from the western part of Nigeria, where each owned a restaurant. “Cooking brought us together,” Mrs. Ajiboye said. “Food brought us together.” “This is the first time we are working together,” her husband said. “I enjoy it. She’s a good cook.” Columbus is no stranger to regional African cuisines, offering a wide variety of styles: Figs Café (a mix of Ghanaian and Western fare), Blue Nile (Ethiopian) and Solay Bistro (Somali), for example. Mr. Ajiboye said many of the restaurant’s West African dishes, such as jollof rice, are shared throughout most of the continent. One of the most popular dishes at Intercontinental is moi moi, made from a base of black-eyed peas that are soaked, peeled, cooked and pureed, and seasoned with a variety of ingredients. After it is boiled in foil and firms up into a loaf, the moi moi is cut into pieces to be eaten on their own or served with meat. Another big seller is egusi soup, made of melon seeds, and often served with a ball of pounded yam, where diners peel off pieces of the globe and dip it into the soup as they eat. Mrs. Ajiboye said the spice level of the dishes is mild and suited to most diners but there is a

habanero salsa served tableside for those who want a spicy condiment. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner hours daily. For more information, call 614-843-5665. Spain Restaurant is opening a second site in Lewis Center. The Spanish eatery, a Northland staple for 12 years, will take over the site most recently occupied by Beebs Deli, 76 Powell Road.

The 3,500-square-foot building, which will seat around 100 people, is just west of U.S. Route 23. The menu and pricing structure will remain largely unchanged, said general manager Luis Aguilar. A specific opening date is not certain, but it should be ready within two months. He said the plan is to keep the current site at 888 E. DublinGranville Road and have a less formal menu.

■ Beer columnist Michael Paull recommends Bam Biere from Michigan, a light barrel-aged saison with a potent sour-beer punch. Read his column at

Recipe of the week Michael Paull

■ Don’t forget to sign up for the Food & Wine enewsletter, which offers restaurant news, reviews, dietary advice, and beer and wine recommendations. Best Herb-roasted lamb, courtesy of Mark Grant of Bravo. of all, it’s free.

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Westerville

Page B2

March 17, 2011

Local government cuts ‘drastic,’ coalition contends By JENNIFER NESBITT and GARY SEMAN JR. ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Gov. John Kasich’s proposed two-year budget calls for reducing funding to Ohio’s local governments by roughly 25 percent per year by 2013. And members of the Local Government Fund Coalition aren’t pleased. “Right now, we think that’s a pretty dramatic cut and we think it may be disproportionate to what the other cuts will be,” said Susan Cave, executive director of the Ohio Municipal League. “But we haven’t seen the total picture yet.” Members of the coalition will examine the budget over the next week to see where other funding sources stand, she said. Kasich’s budget proposal, released Tuesday, March 15, calls for giving the Local Government Fund $526-million in 2012 and $339-million in 2013. The fund, which is projected to get $665-million this year, helps pay for a wide range of local services, including safety forces, parks and recreation, public health clinics, homeland security and natu-

ral disaster response. The state allocates money from the fund to Ohio’s counties, which reserve some of it for their own general funds and divvy the rest among local municipalities. Franklin County gets $84.3-million from the fund. Westerville receives around $1.7-million annually from the fund, which then goes into its $32million general fund, city manager Dave Collinsworth said. “It’s not a small piece of the puzzle,” Collinsworth said. In preparation for the biennial state budget, Westerville removed the money it receives from the fund out of the second half of the city’s 2011 budget and out of the remaining four years of the city’s five-year financial forecast. “That number has been flat or dropping over the years because the state has not been putting additional dollars into that fund,” he said. “It’s been a pretty stagnant resource for us, but it is a significant dollar amount. That was one of the areas of concern that we have.” To accommodate the anticipated losses in Local Government Fund revenue, Collinsworth said

the city scaled back on the capital improvements it had planned in order to save the income tax revenue that funds those improvements. It also reduces the amount of money the city will have in reserve, Collinsworth said, but even with the cuts, Westerville will continue its fiscal policy of having six months worth of expenditures in reserve for all five years of its financial forecast. Collinsworth said the city has been in touch with state legislators to voice concerns about cuts to the Local Government Fund. While he said he understands cuts to the fund, the state must maintain it because, historically, the LGF was a concession made to municipalities when the state moved to take property tax authority from municipalities. “We understand it’s likely there’s going to be some cuts, but there should be a continuation of the Local Government Fund,” Collinsworth said. “It’s a longstanding agreement between the state and its local government.” Moving forward, members of the Local Government Fund Coalition said they will voice their con-

cerns to the legislature, which will take up the budget negotiations. Representatives of the coalition said in interviews last week that sizeable cuts to the fund could have drastic consequences. Matthew DeTemple, executive director of the Ohio Township Association, said the governor had indicated that cost-saving actions in the budget would help ease local budgetary shortfalls. “We haven’t seen those, so we


can’t know what those are going to be like,” DeTemple said. “But it’s hard to believe that cost-saving measures that are part of the budget are going to offset a 50percent cut.” In his proposal, Gov. Kasich met his pledge to balance the budget, which is facing an $8-billion hole, without tax increases. Matt Mayer, president of the Buckeye Institute of Public Policy Solutions, a free-market think




tank based in Columbus, said it’s “gut-check time” for all Ohio agencies that need to look at things they can live without. “I agree they shouldn’t bear the brunt of balancing the budget,” Mayer said of local governments. “But there are going to be cuts. Everyone’s going to have to make concessions. We’ve grown government to a level we can’t afford, so we have to separate the wants from the needs.”


Marburn Academy is proud to acknowledge the contributions of Robert S. Garek Merit Scholarship recipient Alex Foster to the Marburn Academy community. Alex Foster, a Marburn Academy junior, is the first one to recognize that Marburn Academy changed his life. “The TASK and LEAD classes have given me confidence to ask questions in my courses, and taught me how to advocate for myself,” states Foster. “Now I am able to participate at a high level in any class discussion, or add to the planning of any event.” Foster also acknowledges his research, writing, and notetaking skills have improved, which he credits to the Marburn Academy High School teachers. “I really value the close relationship Marburn students have with the High School teachers. Our teachers are more than willing to help each student, even to the point of staying after school.” Foster’s academic goal for this year is to be on the Honor Roll. After graduating with the class of 2012, he plans to go to college. Foster is an active member of the junior class, participating in class trips and playing soccer and dodge ball. As a school Ambassador, Foster has given school tours and mentored some Marburn 8th grade students. Foster also contributes to his local community by volunteering in his neighborhood. He mows grass, shovels snow, walks dogs, and mulches gardens. Everyone at Marburn Academy is proud of an Scott Burton, Marburn Academy Dean of Students, and Alex Foster, R.S. Garek Merit Scholarship recipient. outstanding leader like Alex Foster.

614-433-0822 •









That older refrigerator or freezer in your basement or garage is burning up as much as $150 in energy every year. Fortunately, you can recycle it without using any energy at all. We’ll pick it up free, you’ll pick up $35, and you’ll reduce your energy use. And the only finger you have to lift is your dialing finger.

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No age restrictions. Refrigerators and freezers must be in working condition and must be a minimum of 10 cubic feet in size, utilizing inside measurements. AEPOhio contracts with JACO Environmental, an appliance recycler, to pick up and recycle refrigerators and freezers that are in working condition. This program is funded by AEP-Ohio and is available to its residential electric customers. Funding for this program is limited. Customers must own the unit(s) being recycled. Limit two units per residential address. A check will be mailed to the AEP-Ohio customer within four to six weeks after the appliance collection. Some geographic restrictions apply. See Web site for details. © 2011 AEP-Ohio

Spring Coloring Contest


March 1-31, 2011

…when you K.I.S.S. Your Kids with Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Kohl’s Department Stores! K.I.S.S. (Kohl’s Is Sold on Safety) is a seasonal safety education program that features Coloring Contests and FREE, fun safety Activity Books.


HOW TO ENTER: The 2011 SPRING Contest runs March 1 - 31, 2011. 1. Color in the picture and neatly fill out the entry form. 2. Take your picture/entry form to any Central Ohio Kohl’s Department Store Customer Service desk by March 31st. 4. You will be given a participation ribbon and a free “Safety for All Seasons” Activity Book at the Customer Service Counter, while supplies last! 5. Prizes will be awarded to three entries from each store. Nationwide Children’s Hospital will notify award-winners. PRIZES: First: $25 Kohl’s Gift Card and a Free Bike Helmet. Second: $10 Kohl’s Gift Card and a Free Bike Helmet. Third: a Free Bike Helmet. Helmets must be picked up at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and fitted for safety, or shipped with parental consent. HOW TO GET A FREE ACTIVITY BOOK WITHOUT ENTERING: Activity Books will be available to anyone (regardless of entering) at Kohl’s Customer Service desks, at Nationwide Children’s Hospital Close to HomeSM Centers, or through the contact information below.


FOR MORE INFO: about safety, this contest, or to obtain an Activity Book in a foreign language translation, please go to or contact or call (614) 355-0679.

Name of Artist: ___________________________________________________________________ Age:___________________ Parent or Guardian: _______________________________________________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________________ City _______________________ State ________________________________________________ Zip Code_______________ Phone Number: ( ____ ) ______________________________________Email: _______________________________________


Disclaimer: All pictures become the property of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. We cannot be responsible for lost or illegible entry forms, so please write neatly!


Date_____________ Parent/Guardian Signature ____________________________________ 5239

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Westerville

March 17, 2011

Hadler likely to request vote on Walmart store By JENNIFER NESBITT ThisWeek Community Newspapers

The Hadler Cos. will present its amended plans for a Westerville Square Walmart to the city’s planning commission March 23 and likely will ask the commission for a vote. Westerville planning administrator Rich Kight said the final plans submitted for Westerville Square by the Hadler Cos. largely are the same as those seen by the commission at its Jan. 26 meeting, but the company has attempted to address concerns raised at that time. “They’ve done some fine-tuning in response to some of the questions that were raised the last time,” Kight said. “I don’t think the changes are significant. It’s still substantially the same application; they’ve just tried to address some of the questions.” The Hadler Cos. plans call for demolishing three storefronts at the center of the Westerville Square plaza, totaling 90,500 square feet, and constructing a 108,441-square-foot Walmart in their place. The rest of the center would be renovated to match the new storefront. The plans presented to the commission in January included a brick façade on all four sides of the center, with footers added to brick columns, parapets at the center’s corners and brick walls to shield utility meters and loading bays at the rear of the center. The plans also showed landscape islands and end caps added to the parking lot, along with a landscaped, park-like greenspace along South State Street and the retention of an existing greenspace at the northwest corner of the site. The company also added a low brick wall with landscaping to the eastern edge of the parking lot to help separate it from Otterbein Avenue and a 6foot wooden fence along the northern border to help shield the neighboring retirement community from the shopping center. In January, members of the planning commis-

sion said the plans were an improvement over the company’s previous proposal, but concerns remained over how well the newly constructed Walmart would tie in visually with the rest of the center and about a lack of a plan for the older outparcels that line Schrock Road. The impact on traffic near the Schrock Road and South State Street issue also continued to be a concern. Traffic studies showed the intersection dropping from its already failing “E” rating to an “F” rating with the renovations at the center. Kight said he expects the Hadler Cos. to ask the planning commission to vote on the proposal. The commission will have to vote on whether the plans constitute a “major” or a “minor” modification. If it were declared a “minor” modification, the planning commission would have the final approval. If it were declared a “major” modification, the planning commission would send the proposal to Westerville City Council, along with a recommendation to approve or reject the plans. Because the city expects a large public turnout for the Westerville Square discussion, Kight said it has been placed last on the agenda and will not be discussed until 7 p.m. The other two items on the March 23 planning commission agenda include a request for a conditional use permit by the Uptown Westerville Farmers Market, which market organizers will be required to get if city council approves — as expected — changes to Westerville’s seasonal sales code March 15; and a rezoning request from Otterbein University for a home it recently acquired at 5 West St. The university is seeking a change from “planned neighborhood district” zoning to “education area 1” zoning in order to designate the property as part of the university, Kight said. The university plans to use the house, previously a bed-and-breakfast, for office space, he said.

Page B3 &

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2006-2007 Ohio State Drum Major Clippers Mascots Lou Seal & Krash To sign autographs and take pictures Now Offering Instant Rebates Port In Credit 9884 Brewster Lane Powell, OH 43065 614-789-3305 Under New Management

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Certain Restrictions Apply

Heart Specialists of Ohio (HSO) is committed to delivering quality heart and vascular care to Delaware, Dublin, Hilliard, Westerville, and Worthington at our Columbus office. We offer a comprehensive menu of services that include women’s cardiovascular health, coronary and peripheral vascular intervention, and a pacemaker clinic. HSO offices are located at: Columbus


Mt. Gilead


Medical Specialty Clinic West 651W. Marion Rd Mt. Gilead, OH 43338

2200 N. Limestone St Suite 100 Springfield, OH 45503



Mt. Vernon

3650 Olentangy Knox Medical Pavilion River Rd 1451Yauger Rd Suite 300 Suite 1A Columbus, OH 43214 Mt. Vernon, OH 43050


Our Hospital Affiliations Riverside Methodist Hospital Morrow County Hospital • Knox Community Hospital

Our Board Certified Physicians Clinical Cardiology

Lawrence G. Murcko, M.D

Debbra L. Debaets, M.D.

Mary Beth Breckenridge, M.D.

Cardiac and Peripheral Vascular Intervention

Barry S. George, M.D.

Cindy M. Baker, M.D.

Talal T. Attar, M.D.

Timothy P. Obarski, D.O.

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Pacemaker Clinic

Mary Beth Breckenridge, M.D. • 877-566-4311



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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Westerville

Page B4

Community briefs Play to raise money for Gallery 202

microchips and fully vaccinated. The lower adoption rate is supplemented by The Pilkinton Adoption Fund. With the lower rates, the shelter is reminding potential adopters that costs associated with owning a cat, including food, toys, litter and veterinarian visits, remain. The shelter at 3765 Corporate Drive in Columbus is open for adoptions from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. For more information about the shelter’s animals, or to see photos of adoptable animals, visit

There will be a staged reading of “84, Charing Cross Road” at 7 p.m. March 19 and at 2 p.m. March 20 by the Curtain Players community theater company at Gallery 202, 38 N. State St. The play is based on the true story of Helene Hanff, who struggled as a New York writer from 1949 to 1969 while carrying on a correspondence with the staff of the London bookshop, Marks & Co. Tickets are $15 each or two for $25. The Saturday performance will include a wine tasting by Meza Wine Shop, and the Sunday matinee will include a chocolate sampling by Chocolaterie Statewide tornado drill Stam. Money raised from the reading will benefit slated for March 23 Gallery 202’s children’s art programs. Seating is Westerville will participate in a statewide drill limited, so advance orders are encouraged. For tornado safety drill at 9:50 a.m. March 23. tickets, call Gallery 202 at (614) 890-8202 or eDuring the drill, Franklin County will sound its mail 172 warning sirens for three minutes, longer than the weekly tests that take place at noon each Wednesday. CHA offers lower Westerville Fire Chief Bernie Ingles said the test cat adoption rates should serve as a reminder to residents to prepare The CHA Animal Shelter is offering lower adop- for the upcoming tornado season, which runs from tion rates for cats for the month of March in prepa- April through July in Ohio, by preparing plans at ration for spring and summer, when the shelter work and at home and sharing those plans with generally sees an influx of cats and kittens. family, coworkers and friends. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, the adoption fee For additional information about tornado readifor cats who are 6 months and older will be $17. ness, or the drill, visit www.weathersafeThe cats are spayed or neutered, implanted with

March 17, 2011

Senior citizens Westerville: March 17-24 Thursday: walking, 8:30 a.m.; AARP tax help, 9 a.m.; quilting, 9 a.m.; billiards, 9 a.m.; exercise, 9:30 a.m.; table tennis, 10 a.m.; walk aerobics, 10 a.m.; diabetes support, 11 a.m.; Wii bowling, 11 a.m.; ceramics, noon; Scrabble, 1 p.m.; Shamrock Shuffle, 1 p.m. Friday: tennis, 8 a.m.; billiards, 9 a.m.; woodcarving, 10 a.m.; new-member social, 10:30 a.m.; Friday lunch, noon; cards/games, 12:45 p.m.; bowling, 1 p.m.; euchre party, 1 p.m.; Ed Lentz program 1 p.m.; community dance, 7 p.m. Monday: tennis, 8 a.m.; billiards, 9 a.m.; Silvertones, 11 a.m.; chair exercise, 11:30 a.m.; McDonald’s lunch, noon; cards/games, 12:30 p.m.; bowling, 1 p.m.; quilting, 1 p.m.; crafts, 1 p.m.; Computer Connectors, 1 p.m.; Excel 2007, 2 p.m. Tuesday: walking, 8:30 a.m.; billiards, 9 a.m.; AARP tax help, 9 a.m.; exercise, 9:30 a.m.; line dance, 10 a.m.; bridge lessons, 10 a.m.; low impact aerobics, 10 a.m.; line dance, 10 a.m.; chair yoga, 1 p.m.; Digital Photo SIG, 1 p.m.; family tree maker, 2 p.m.; nature yoga, 2 p.m. Wednesday: tennis, 8 a.m.; billiards, 9 a.m.; resistance bands, 9:45 a.m.; discussion group, 10:30 a.m.; balance class, 10:45 a.m.; chair exercise, 11:30 a.m.; Wednesday lunch, noon; cards/games, 12:30 p.m.; bowling, 1 p.m.; advanced painting, 1 p.m.; Photoshop class, 1 p.m.; memoir writing, 1:30 p.m.

Thursday: walking, 8:30 a.m.; AARP tax help, 9 a.m.; quilting, 9 a.m.; billiards, 9 a.m.; exercise, 9:30 a.m.; table tennis, 10 a.m.; walk aerobics, 10 a.m.; Wii bowling, 11 a.m.; ceramics, noon; Lunch & Learn, 12:30 p.m.; Scrabble, 1 p.m.; Excel 2007, 2 p.m.; Through Grief, 2 p.m. Blendon: March 17-24 Thursday: Swimnastics, 9:30 a.m.; bingo, 11 a.m.; bingo lunch, noon; leaning bridge, 1 p.m.; yoga, 3 p.m. Friday: line dancing, 9:30 a.m.; dominoes, 10 a.m.; lunch, 11:30 a.m.; bridge and bid euchre, 1 p.m. Sunday: social time, 1 p.m. Monday: blood sugar and blood pressure checks, 9 a.m.; art class, 9:15 a.m.; exercise, 10 a.m.; pinochle, 11 a.m.; chorus, 12:30 p.m.; Bunco, 2 p.m.; yoga, 3 p.m.; book discussion, 3 p.m. Tuesday: Swimnastics, 9:30 a.m.; crafts, 9:30 a.m.; Morning Mingle, 9:30 a.m.; jazz and tap, 10 a.m.; bridge and bid euchre, 1 p.m.; creative writing, 2 p.m. Wednesday: quilting, 10 a.m.; exercise, 10 a.m.; Mah Jongg, noon; music jam, 12:30 p.m.; breathing club, 2 p.m.; discussion group, 2:30 p.m. Thursday: Swimnastics, 9:30 a.m.; leaning bridge, 1 p.m.; yoga, 3 p.m.

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Westerville

March 17, 2011

Coming up To add, remove or update a list- will give a presentation on the ing, e-mail editorial@thisweek- Adena moundbuilders. The public is welcome. The club meets the first Thursday of every month at the library. Events Central Ohio Civil War Business After Hours, 5-7 p.m. Roundtable, 7 p.m. the second Thursday, March 17, at Emerald Wednesday of each month at Ohio Bank, 17 N. State St. NetworkHealth Medical Campus, 300 Poing, door prizes, food and drinks. laris Parkway. All are welcome. Register at www.westervilCall Tim Maurice at (614) or call (614) 8829175 or visit centralohiocwrt.word8917. Spaghetti Dinner, 4-8 p.m. SatSoroptimist International of urday, March 19, at Northeast Northeast Suburban Franklin School, 500 N. Hamilton Road. County, an organization for proCost is $7 for adults and $3.50 for fessional women, 6:30 p.m. the children younger than 12. Carrysecond Monday of the month at out will be available. For advance the Mifflin Township Administickets, call 476-0530. trative Building, 155 Olde Ride2011 Amy Lecture, sponsored nour Road. by Church of the Master United Huber Ridge Area AssociaMethodist, Saturday, March 19, tion, 6:30 p.m. first Thursday of on the Otterbein University camthe month at Blendon Township pus, 24 N. Grove St. Fazeel S. Senior Center, 6330 Hempstead Khan will be the keynote speakRoad. Contact President@huberer. A variety of programs are or planned. Call (614) 882-2153 or Christian Marketplace Netvisit work Westerville Chapter, 11:30 Play Reading, presented by the a.m.-1 p.m. the third Friday of Curtain Players, 7 p.m. March 19 each month at MCL Restaurant, and 2 p.m. March 20, at Gallery 60 Westerville Square. Christians 202, 38 N. State St. Actors will in the marketplace are invited to present a staged reading of “84, attend for lunch, fellowship, prayer, Charing Cross Road.” Tickets are networking and business presen$15 each or two for $25 and intations. All are welcome. Regisclude a wine tasting (Saturday) or tration fee is $2. Call Jerry King a chocolate sampling (Sunday). at (614) 899-9870 or visit Proceeds benefit art programming for children. Call (614) 890-8202 Westerville Lions Club, 6:30or e-mail programs@gallery202 8:30 p.m. the first and third days of the month (September through May) at American Legion Meetings Young-Budd Post 171, 393 E. ColWesterville Quilt Guild, 7 p.m. lege Ave. Visitors welcome. Call Tuesday, March 22, at the Ohio Merrill Castle at (614) 893-6672. Health Westerville Campus, 300 Westerville Rotary Club SunPolaris Parkway. Ruthie Hoover rise, 7:15-8:15 a.m. Wednesdays and Virginia Nussbuam will speak at MCL Cafeteria, 60 Westerview about stash quilts. Visitors are wel- Square. For more information, call come. Julie Friend (614) 794-3900 or eStill Going Strong Seniors, 1 mail p.m. Monday, March 28, in the Westerville Noon Rotary McVay Fellowship Hall at Church Club, noon Thursdays at Villa Miof the Messiah United Methodist, lano on Schrock Road. 51 N. State St. Pianist/singer Dave Westerville Kiwanis Club, 6Bott will entertain. 8 p.m. Wednesdays at the WestOhio Archeological Society, erville Public Library. For inforSix River Chapter Open House, 7 mation, call (614) 898-9616. p.m. Thursday,April 7, at the WestFranklin 524 Toastmasters erville Public Library, 126 S. State Club, 7 a.m. the first and third St. Guest speaker Robert Converse Thursdays of the month at Vine-

yard Church, 6000 Cooper Road. For more information, visit, or call Sally at (614) 523-2169. AmSpirit Westerville Chapter, 7:30 a.m. Thursdays at Toukan & Co., 575 Charring Cross Drive. Call Gary Smith at (614) 890-0515 or visit Westerville Sertoma Club, 7:15 a.m. Tuesdays at Java Central, 20 S. State St. Visitors are welcome. Call Dave McConnell at (614) 457-6233 for further information. Westerville VFW Post 7883, 7 p.m. the second Wednesday of the month at the American Legion Building, 393 E. College Ave. Call Walt Mays at 330-2703. American Legion YoungBudd Post 171 and Auxiliary, 7:30 p.m. the first Wednesday of the month at the post, 393 E. College Ave. Guests are welcome. Call Mike Etling at (614) 8919388.

Support groups Arthritis Support Group, 1:30 p.m. the first Thursday of the month at the Westerville Senior Center, 310 Main St. Call Ann Bailey at (614) 882-5709. Westerville Widows and Widowers Support Group welcomes widowed persons of all faiths at 11 a.m. the first Wednesday of each month at MCL Cafeteria, 60 Westerville Square. Call (614) 895-0848. Al-Anon, 8:30 p.m. Fridays at Central College Presbyterian Church, 975 Sunbury Road. Food Allergy Support Group, for parents of children with lifethreatening food allergies, meets monthly. Group maintains a private e-mail group for sharing support and ideas. For meeting information, contact Dena Friedel at Families in Touch, for families and friends of persons with mental illness, 10 a.m.-noon second and fourth Thursdays of the month at Concord Counseling Services, 774 Park Meadow Road. Call Jennifer Sheets, 882-9338, extension 235. Subject to change, call to confirm.

The Columbus Division of Fire

St. Patrick’s Day


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New Location Announcement!

2011 Firefighter Application Dates

Open Application Period

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Tammi Brooks

Avada Hearing Care Centers is proud to announce that we will now start seeing patients in our new location in the Westerville Office in Columbus located at Northstone Center, 1720 Schrock Rd.

Hearing Instrument Specialist, Tammi Brooks welcomes you to our new office and is very excited to accomodate you with more space in a modern and quiet environment.

Our New Address Hearing Care Centers

1720 Schrock Road Columbus, OH 43229 Phone: 614-882-6276

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BUY 1 GET “We’r e people you know” Application Requirements: At least 17½ year of age U.S. Citizen Possess a valid driver’s license High School Diploma or G.E.D. at time of appointment.

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Hearing Care Centers


Questions call: Civil Service Commission: 614-645-0879 / Columbus Division of Fire Recruitment Office: 614-645-6387 or

Ned Pettus Jr. Columbus Fire Chief

Michael B. Coleman Mayor

(800) 511-7830

Avada locations near you! Cambridge Reynoldsburg Wooster Grove City Zanesville Lancaster Marietta

Hearing Care Centers Coupons • Catalog • Services

Benefits of hearing instruments vary by type and degree of loss. Consult your Avada Hearing Care provider. © 2011 Hearing Healthcare Management, Inc., 36O

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Westerville

Page B6

Military notes

Library notes The Westerville Public Library is at 126 S. State St. For more information on the following programs, call (614) 882-7277, or visit • One-on-one resume critique, sign up for a 15-minute session, offered from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Mondays, March 28, April 4 or April 25. Bernard Noel will be evaluate and review resumes in Adult Services. Registration required. • Teen Advanced Readers Club is for students in grades six through 12 who want to read and discuss advance copies of books before they are published. The club will meet from 4 to 5 p.m. Friday, March 18, in the Activity Center. Registration required. • Career consultant and resume expert Bernard Noel will offer pointers for creating an effective resume, from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Saturday, March 19, in Meeting Room B. Registration required. • Saturday Tales will feature a different letter of the alphabet, presented through stories, songs and rhymes. The program is offered from 11 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Saturdays in the Activity Center.

ThisWeek Classified: (740) 888-5003

• U.S. Army Pvt. Danielle N. Carlisle has graduated from basic combat training at Fort Sill, Lawton, Okla. During the nine weeks of training, she studied the Army mission and received instruction and training exercises in drill and ceremonies, Army history, core values and traditions, military courtesy, military justice, physical fitness, first aid, rifle marksmanship, weapons use, map reading and land nav-

Community headlines delivered weekly to your inbox. Sign up today under INTERACT at

igation, foot marches, armed and unarmed combat and field maneuvers and tactics. Carlisle graduated in 2007 from Westerville Central High School. She is the daughter of Denora Carlisle. • U.S. Army Pfc. Stefan C. Farina has graduated from basic combat training at Fort Jackson, Columbia, S.C. Farina, a 2007 Big Walnut High School graduate, is the son of Steve Farina of Westerville.

Free Rain Gauge or Bird Bottle House

In brief Vigil planned for homicide victims An interfaith prayer vigil will be held at 5 p.m. Sunday, March 20, at the Alum Creek Multiuse Trail, Sunbury Road and Easton Way. Participants will pray for February homicide victims and their families. The vigil will last 20 minutes. Prayers will be offered for these victims and their families: • Kevin Dot, age 24. • Andrake Kelley, age 15. • Ismail Warsame, age 24.

March 17, 2011

The awards honor “the most outstanding law enforcement officers, judges and prosecutors in central Ohio for their dedication to fight against drunk driving,” according to information provided to ThisWeek. Michael Smith is now with the Columbus Police Department; Pickering is now with the Reynoldsburg Police Department.

Ex-Blendon Twp. officers honored Blendon Township police officer Zach Smith and former township police Sgt. Michael Smith and officer Joe Pickering recently were among the recipients of Mothers Against Drunk Driving’s Awards of Excellence.

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Pottery • Wind Chimes • Yard Art

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It’s not just about getting you back on your feet. It’s about getting you back to your life.

ur Choose o on acati V / e t i p s e R

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ll s: provide nt with a e y a m t t s r a e p t i da A resp furnishee , e l b a t r ly • Comfo enities of hom rved dai e s s l the am a e ervices m s s y r u d o i n c i u l la de • Three ping and inment and e e k e s u a ho s, entert e i • Weekly t i v i t c a ocial • Daily ss sportion n a r t d e t r n fe eve ry chauf a t n e m i l k • Comp the cloc d n u o r ’ per day! • Nurses ting at just $80 star • Rates



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ManorCare – Westerville 140 Old County Line Road Westerville, OH 43081 614.882.1511

The Village at Westerville 1060 Eastwind Drive Westerville, OH 43081 614.882.3782 *National average

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Westerville

Page B6

Military notes

Library notes The Westerville Public Library is at 126 S. State St. For more information on the following programs, call (614) 882-7277, or visit • One-on-one resume critique, sign up for a 15-minute session, offered from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Mondays, March 28, April 4 or April 25. Bernard Noel will be evaluate and review resumes in Adult Services. Registration required. • Teen Advanced Readers Club is for students in grades six through 12 who want to read and discuss advance copies of books before they are published. The club will meet from 4 to 5 p.m. Friday, March 18, in the Activity Center. Registration required. • Career consultant and resume expert Bernard Noel will offer pointers for creating an effective resume, from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Saturday, March 19, in Meeting Room B. Registration required. • Saturday Tales will feature a different letter of the alphabet, presented through stories, songs and rhymes. The program is offered from 11 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Saturdays in the Activity Center.

ThisWeek Classified: (740) 888-5003

• U.S. Army Pvt. Danielle N. Carlisle has graduated from basic combat training at Fort Sill, Lawton, Okla. During the nine weeks of training, she studied the Army mission and received instruction and training exercises in drill and ceremonies, Army history, core values and traditions, military courtesy, military justice, physical fitness, first aid, rifle marksmanship, weapons use, map reading and land nav-

Community headlines delivered weekly to your inbox. Sign up today under INTERACT at

igation, foot marches, armed and unarmed combat and field maneuvers and tactics. Carlisle graduated in 2007 from Westerville Central High School. She is the daughter of Denora Carlisle. • U.S. Army Pfc. Stefan C. Farina has graduated from basic combat training at Fort Jackson, Columbia, S.C. Farina, a 2007 Big Walnut High School graduate, is the son of Steve Farina of Westerville.

Free Rain Gauge or Bird Bottle House

In brief Vigil planned for homicide victims An interfaith prayer vigil will be held at 5 p.m. Sunday, March 20, at the Alum Creek Multiuse Trail, Sunbury Road and Easton Way. Participants will pray for February homicide victims and their families. The vigil will last 20 minutes. Prayers will be offered for these victims and their families: • Kevin Dot, age 24. • Andrake Kelley, age 15. • Ismail Warsame, age 24.

March 17, 2011

The awards honor “the most outstanding law enforcement officers, judges and prosecutors in central Ohio for their dedication to fight against drunk driving,” according to information provided to ThisWeek. Michael Smith is now with the Columbus Police Department; Pickering is now with the Reynoldsburg Police Department.

Ex-Blendon Twp. officers honored Blendon Township police officer Zach Smith and former township police Sgt. Michael Smith and officer Joe Pickering recently were among the recipients of Mothers Against Drunk Driving’s Awards of Excellence.

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Westerville

March 17, 2011

Page B7

Home sales Westerville 6012 Highlander Dr, 43081, John H. Mental, Jr. and Kathy J. Mental, $215,301. 199 Juniper Ave, 43081, John K. Taylor and Judith M. Taylor, $195,300. 632 Timberlake Dr, 43081, Jane M. Jamison and Nicholas D. Jamison, $167,500. 5305 Ruth Amy Ave, 43081, Constance M. Horn; Condo, $150,500. 5742 Winding Rock Dr, 43081, Heather M. Kasal, $139,955. 3427 Drindel Dr, 43081, Tamika L. Stewart, $110,000. 210 Burns Dr, 43081, US Bank NA, ND, $92,000. 5556 Brassie Cir, 43081, Stephanie B. Kelleran; Condo, $83,000. 3535 Panama Dr, 43081, Fannie Mae, $82,000. 7247 Colonial Affair Dr, 43081, Kevin Hollis; Condo, $80,000. 6720 Temperance Point St, 43082, Xiangwei Deng and Huachun Zhong, $439,900. 6639 Meadow Glen Dr, 43082, Michael R. Perry and Debra G. Perry, $390,000. 6116 Baneberry Dr, 43082, Kimberly L. Burtner, $362,000. 495 Mill Wind Dr, 43082, Sean A. Devlin, $269,000. 7902 Linksview Circle, 43082, Paul R. Kearney and Therese A. Kearney, $229,000. 383 Olgelbay Dr, 43082, Daniel E. Campbell, $213,250. 375 Amesbury Court, 43082, Timothy E. Miller and Lori Miller, $210,000.

5995 Sharon Woods Blvd, 43229, US Bank, NA, $94,000. 1166 Ironwood Dr, 43229, Fannie Mae, $84,000. 1007 Strimple Ave, 43229, Wells Fargo Bank, NA, $62,000. 6366 Faircrest Rd, 43229, Said and Olufunmilayo Agnes Oladejo-Lawal, $60,100. 3527 Westbay Dr, 43231, Francisco Miller, $119,900. 2961 Wallcrest Blvd, 43231, Fannie Mae, $90,000. 3067 Highcliff Ct, 43231, Fannie Mae; Condo, $81,320. 2625 Northwold Rd, 43231, Wells Fargo Bank, NA, $74,000.

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Lewis Center 3417 Foxcroft Dr, 43035, Kyle M. Hanna and Natalie R. Hanna, $305,000. 7827 Orange Station Loop, 43035, Todd A. Arena and Nicole M. Arena, $213,000. 8931 Emerald Hill Dr, 43035, Asegai A. Daniel and Yoko K Daniel, $200,000.



9259 Tahoma St, 43240, Adam 4470 Metler Ct, 43065, K. Kozul, $195,000. 8310 Greyhawk Circle, 43240, Thomas J. Czajkowski and Lisa Annette L. Stearns, $108,000. A. Czajkowski, $555,000. 319 Balsamine Dr, 43065, New Albany Mathew D. Scott and Tara L. 4705 Goodheart Ct, 43054, R. Scott, $402,360. 117 Forest Ridge Ct, 43065, Lawrence and Kristine Ann Moss, Craig Brose and Angela K. Brose, $950,000. 4289 Olmsted Rd, 43054, $310,000. 4225 Scioto Parkway, 43065, Thomas E. Dutton, $661,000. 4075 Chelsea Green W, 43054, Gregory Reynolds and Jill Andrew S. Maletz, $527,321. Reynolds, $300,000. 7033 Cunningham Dr, 43054, 2185 Castlebrook Dr, 43065, Gugang Chen and Ye Mei, Murat M. Bilgin and Jun Cai, $320,000. $286,000. 7419 N Upper Clarenton Dr, 290 N Whitaker Ave, 43065, 43054, Ryan P. Harmon and JesCarey E. Detoto, $260,000. 608 Forest Park Pl, 43065, sica M. Harmon Brigle, $314,253. 7016 Gray Loop, 43054, FanMaryellen Valaitis, $227,000. 87 Lincoln St, 43065, Charles nie Mae, $235,000. 6928 E New Albany Rd, 43054, Rosemary Anne Marlin, $189,200. 7935 Morse Rd, 43054, Fannie Mae, $88,000. ®


Northland 802 Kevin Dr, 43224, Wells Fargo Bank, NA, $74,000. 3279 Grasmere Ave, 43224, Jeffrey S. Wilkins and Susan M. Wilkins, $60,500. 2028 Radner Ave, 43224, US Bank, NA, $56,000. 4668 Glenmawr Ave, 43224, Koray Gocmen, $55,000. 1177 Matthias Dr, 43224, Joseph Eckert, $52,189. 2118 Belcher Dr, 43224, Joseph H. Backsman, III and Rogeen L. Backsman, $52,000. 1336 Pauline Ave, 43224, Fannie Mae, $52,000. 2148 Sale Rd, 43224, Fannie Mae, $44,000. 2442 Taymouth Rd, 43229, US Bank, NA, $118,200.

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Have You Heard?

C. McCarville, $152,000. 8674 Summit View Pl, 43065, Fannie Mae, $130,000. 8588 Broadacre Dr, 43065, Fannie Mae, $90,000.

286 Hennessey Ave, 43085, Megan E. Wright and Michael C. Wright, $230,000. 6682 Rieber St, 43085, Michael S. Yates and Sara A. Yates, $215,000. 536 Loveman Ave, 43085, Laura Margaret and Adam Wayne Chamberlin, $188,900. 1500 Buck Point Ln, 43085, Wilfred G. Thomas and Joan L. Thomas, $142,000. 101 Glen Dr, 43085, Cheri L. Barr-Giffin; Condo, $135,500. 845 Lydie Ct, 43085, Fannie Mae, $74,000. Check out recent home sales in other central Ohio neighborhoods at Click on Recent Home Sales.


by Greg VanHorssen CATCHY WORDS You may already know that numerous studies show that eating fish regularly helps improve cardiovascular health. If so, you shouldn’t be surprised that a new study shows that consuming omega-3 fatty acids and fish is associated with a reduced risk of age-related hearing loss. Study participants who consumed the most total omega-3s and the highest intake of the complex omega-3s found in fish were at lower risk of hearing loss. People who ate fish at least twice a week were 42% less likely to suffer hearing loss over five years than those eating fish less than once a week. Non-fish sources are available for those not partial to eating fish but desirous of consuming omega-3 fatty acids to preserve hearing. Whether by consuming foods high in omega-3 fatty acids or wearing ear plugs in noisy environments, all of us should strive to protect our hearing throughout our lives. At ABSOLUTE HEARING SOLUTIONS, our trained professionals will take the time to listen to you, learn about your specific needs, and select the right hearing instrument for you. We offer a wide range of hearing devices to meet all budgets and pride ourselves on the exceptional follow-up care we provide to all our patients. We invite you to call us today at 614-654-4309 to schedule a hearing evaluation. We are located at 1000 Morrison Rd., Suite H, Gahanna.

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Westerville

Page B8

March 17, 2011

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

Saturday Service NOW OPEN 9AM-3PM Express Lube, no appointment necessary!








Remote Start, 2.0L I4, Cloth

Sunroof, V6, Cloth

V6, Cloth, All Power

Nav, Media Center, Power Lift Gate, V6








MSRP ........................................................$22,295 Rebate....................................................... -$1,000 Lease Bonus Cash........................................ -$500 CT Discount.................................................. -$796

MSRP ........................................................$24,635 Rebate.......................................................... -$750 Lease Bonus Cash....................................... -1,750 CT Discount............................................... -$1,368

MSRP ........................................................$24,790 Rebate.......................................................... -$750 Lease Bonus Cash..................................... -$1,750 CT Discount............................................... -$1,291

Your Price

Your Price

Your Price




36 month lease = with $2,338 out of pocket!




36 month lease = with $2,345 out of pocket!




36 month lease = with $2,326 out of pocket!

TAXES INCLUDED MSRP ........................................................$30,650 Rebate.......................................................... -$750 Lease Bonus Cash..................................... -$4,000 CT Discount............................................... -$1,901

Your Price




36 month lease = with $2,380 out of pocket!





4x4, Leather, Sun & Sound Group, V Connect, Media Center

4x4, V6, Cloth

Popular Equipment Group, V6, Third Row

Leather, Dual DVD’s, Nav #C1102








MSRP ........................................................$28,625 Rebate....................................................... -$1,000 Lease Bonus Cash........................................ -$500 Auto Show Bonus ........................................ -$500 CT Discount............................................... -$1,166

MSRP ........................................................$32,995 CT Discount............................................... -$3,000

MSRP ........................................................$33,590 Lease Bonus Cash..................................... -$1,250 CT Discount............................................... -$1,976

MSRP ........................................................$35,985 Rebate.......................................................... -$750 Lease Bonus Cash..................................... -$2,000 Auto Show Bonus ........................................ -$500 CT Discount............................................... -$2,343

Your Price

Your Price

Your Price

Your Price




36 month lease = with $2,417 out of pocket!




36 month lease = with $2,424 out of pocket!





$359/mo 36 month lease = $336/mo

36 month lease = with $2,440 out of pocket!

with $2,417 out of pocket!

Your price plus applicable tax and title fees. Lease payments include taxes at 6.75%. Residency restrictions may apply. Lease payments require approved credit and are for 10,000 miles/year. All rebates to dealer. See dealer for details.





MSRP ..................................................$27,450

Your $ Price



MSRP ..................................................$28,615

Your $ Price



MSRP ..................................................$29,185

Your $ Price


All pricing plus applicable tax and title fees. All rebates to dealer. Special APR available on select models in lieu of discount. See dealer for full details.



1-800-222-9289 740-369-9611

Mon.-Thurs. 9-8 Fri. 9-7, Sat. 9-5, Sun. 12-5

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Westerville

March 17, 2011

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JOB FAIRS/ RECRUITING EVENTS A-1 ALL AUTO’S $ WANTED $ Unwanted & Junk Autos Cash Paid, FREE Towing Craig 614-989-0429

AA AWESOME DEAL For Junk & Unwanted Autos. We pay $300 min! Titles required. Call (614)317-5474

AA AWESOME DEAL For Junk & Unwanted Autos. We pay $300 min! Titles required. Call (614)317-5474

CA$H at Your Door for unwanted or junk cars, trucks and vans. (Free tow) Call (614)444-RIDE (7433) CALL ME FIRST! Open 7 days a week. CASH for your CARS. $250-1000!!! Running or Not. Pay top $DOLLAR$ Call (614) 778-5660

Concierge Mayfair Village Nursing and Rehabilation center is currently looking to fill our part time weekend concierge position. Hours are 12p-8p. Ideal candidate will be an indi vidual who is task orient ed with excellent custom er service skills. Previ ous healthcare experi ence a plus. If interested, please fax your resume to: Megan Smith, Market ing Director @ 614-8897532. Mayfair Village is a EOE.

HELP WANTED SKILLED TRADES ASPHALT Experienced help needed. PT Asphalt Estimator for commercial & residential jobs. FT Truck Drivers Class B CDL required. Laborers, experience re quired. Email resume to or call 614-276-6002.

Land Rover 03 Discovery SE. auto, V-8 AWD, PWR Win & Locks, 2 PWR sunroofs, climate control, outside temp, Cold A/C ev erything works great. New Michelin tires & more. Very clean luxury SUV owned with PRIDE & taken care of. 614-783-8019 anytime

û TOYOTA TUNDRA 00 û Good cond, V8, 4-door ext. cab, auto, air, AM/FM CD, black, moon rf, towing, new tires, new brakes, 154k miles. $7,495 Call 614-778-2629 or e-mail tgunter@

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AUTO/TRUCK DETAILER We have an immediate opening for an Auto/Truck Detail person. Must have a minimum of 2 years experience in interior/exterior cleanup including running a buffer. We offer competitive wages, paid vacations and holidays, personal days, hospitalization plan, 401k plan, uniforms, in store discounts and more. Please apply in person at 5085 Sinclair Rd. See Dan Green. Pre employemnt drug screen required.

Birchwood Foods Maintenance Tech Openings Electrical, Ammonia Refrigeration Mechanical, Troubleshooting Manufacturing Exp Call 614-771-1330 for questions FAX resumes 614-771-9590 Email resumes: ATTN: HR Manager


CNC Operator/ Programmer


Competitive Salary and Benefits Provided

Residential Service Technicians

In search of an outgoing, self motivated individual to join a Japanese World Class Bodyshop Builder. Atlas Butler Heating & Candidates must be com Cooling is currently fortable in a team environ searching for Residential ment as well as working in - Service Technicians with at dividually. Need to be flexi - least 2 years of residential ble to work extra hours, dif troubleshooting ferent shifts, on short no experience. At Atlas tice as production requires. Butler, you can progress at Some travel may be re your own pace in our quired. innovative compensation program and your ∂ US citizenship or must earnings potential is be legally available to work unlimited! We have year within the United States. round work and our training program has won Must have: two national awards. We ∂ Working knowledge of offer 40 hours of paid Auto Cad LT2010 and Mas training per year so you ter Cam Programming soft can keep up on new ware. products. Requirements ∂ Manual programming ex - include EPA certification, perience. Fanuc Controls. clean background, good ∂ Experience with weld driving record, and a great tool manufacturing, attitude. Benefits include machining, fabrication and medical, dental, vision, life, milling. disability, and 401(k) plan. ∂ Must be able to operate If interested and qualified, and program vertical and please contact Greg at horizontal CNC milling (614) 737-8609, fax resume equipment. to (614) 294-1625 Attn: ∂ Ability to read and inter Greg, or e-mail resume to pret mechanical drawings. Atlas Butler is a Drug Free, Interested Applicants can Equal Opportunity call 614.921.8222 or e-mail Employer. resumes to hokuto.usa@


CNC Press & INSTALLATION Brake Operator Laserflex is a high-tech pre TECHS cision metal fabricator in Qualified years of search of ambitious, selfexperience, excellent motivated and dependable wages, benefits package, individuals to join our etc. Residential and growing, dynamic team. Comm. Work Candidate must possess Apply at 1296 Dublin road, three to five years experi Columbus, OH 43215 OR ence operating a CNC AT WWW.FAVRET.COM Press Brake. Blue print reading experience also re HVAC SERVICE TECH quired. We offer an excel CMS Mechanical is seek lent wage & benefit pack ing a Commercial Service age to all who qualify. Technician capable of pro Please email resume to viding service on Rooftop Units, Refrigera NO PHONE CALLS. tion System, Chillers, Builtup Systems & Building Au CONCRETE tomation Systems. Min. 5 Restoration Contractor yrs commercial service seeks new hires for future experience req’d for con work. Some PW work, full sideration. Top pay for top benefits. Exp. helpful. performers! Email mattford Patching, caulking, E.J. or coatings, structural repairs. call 615-459-4212. Flex hrs. Email resume or work exp. to restoration0020@ Janitorial GCA Services Group seeks DRIVERS the following in the Local Delivery. $530 per Columbus area: wk. Must have own vehicle, •CUSTODIANS cars OK. Must have clean & criminal background. •Exp’d FLOOR TECHS 877-973-7447 Starting rate $8.70/hr, in creasing to $8.95 Fabricators! Installers! after 90 days, CNC! & to $10.00 on Jan. 1, Seeking professionals for 2012. Paid Vacation, year-round openings. Holidays & Heavy, hard work! Must complete benefits. have recent exp. and pass Apply in person at our: a background check. Lots •JOB FAIR• of OT! Call 841-2500 for Tues. 3/15 & Wed. 3/16 details or visit 1125 Hilton Garden Inn Georgesville Rd. to apply. 4017 Jackpot Rd., Grove City 12:30pm - 5:30pm No Phone Calls Please eoe

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DAYCARE PROVIDERS & PRESCHOOLS Take advantage of our great childcare rates! (740) 888-5003


CAULKER Wanted Caulker with 3-5 yrs experience in commericial construction. Own transp. a must. Wage based on exp. Health & re tirement benefits. Please call 614-501-8680 Circuit Board/ Assembly/Soldering Looking for enthusiastic in dividuals with great handeye coordination. Visit 1125 Georgesville Road To apply between 9am – 3pm

To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call

(740) 888-5003 (local call)

7 Up Bottling Group of Columbus is currently seeking highly motivated, experienced MACHINE OPERATORS to work on our high speed bottling and can line. 2nd Shift Full Time Opportunities Pay Rate: $11.00-$11.50 DOE Must have previous Machine Operation experience; Forklift Experience is a plus. High School Diploma/GED Re quired. To apply, visit our website at: We promote a drug free workplace and are an EEO employer




Daily home time, No-touch, 90% drop/hook, dedicated lane opportunities and competitive pay! At a large beverage plant with our North Columbus Dedicated Fleet. Call today ! 1-888-880-5907

Sun-Wed, 4p-2:30a

Driver: CDL Training

JOIN OUR TEAM! SLS Distribution Center Located at 5330 Crosswind Drive Columbus, OH 43228

Apply online at or at the facility. SLS offers a comprehen sive benefits plan Drug Screen and Back ground Check Required Sears Logistics Services, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity and Af firmative Action Employer SLS, a subsidiary of Sears Holding Corporation

PLUMBERS Experienced Plumbers & Helpers for commercial wrk. 614-263-1851.

Career Central

NO MONEY DOWN *CDL TRAINING * Work for us or let us work for you!

Unbeatable Career Opportunities * Trainee * Company Driver LEASE OPERATORS Earn up to $51k LEASE TRAINERS Earn up to $80k (877) 369-7113 www.centraltruck Driver-Exp. Co OTR

Up to $2000 SIGN ON BONUS +

FREE LAPTOP OR GPS! With 3 yrs. verified OTR exp.

PRODUCTION TECHNICIAN National plastics manufac turer, Alloy Polymers, Inc. Up to .39¢ Per Mile 877-521-5775 has openings for full-time 6 mo. OTR exp & current CDL production technicians at its Gahanna, OH plant. Ap eoe m/f/h/v plicants with prior plastics manufacturing experience Driver & HS diploma or GED pre Owner/Ops ferred. Production Techs (Solo & Team) must have good communi - $3,000.00 Sign-On Bonus! cation, math & computer Company Drivers skills. Also must be able to (Solo & Team) work in a fast-paced envi · No Hazmat ronment with good atten Min 2 yrs CDL-A exp reqd tion to detail. Alloy Poly Call Jeff: 800-251-4672 mers offers a competitive GILBERT EXPRESS compensation package. Send resume to humanresourcesoh@ Drivers: or fax $1.00 p/m to 614-864-3424. No calls from staffing firms or Owner Ops recruiters. Candidates will $.92 p/m be seen by appointment only. EOE Lease Purchase


+ Service Pay Per Mile + Utilitation Pay + Base Plate pd + More! Only 6 mths experience req’d Some Company Positions available

Class A Route Delivery Drivers Needed in Columbus 800-509-2021 Average Salary $60K first year **$2,000 Sign-On Bonus** Home 4 nights a week! Drivers Great Benefits $2,000 Sign-On Bonus Lift gate & Rollers & Stands CDL-A Drivers HazMat delivery methods 2 years OTR 2 yrs ver. tractor Excellent Pay and Benefits trailer experience Start Immediately No more than 1 mov. viola 877-628-3748 tion in past 3 yrs Can pass physical, drug screen & To place an ad for your background check bazaar or seasonal event Apply At: call (740) 888-5003 (local call)

HELP WANTED TRANSPORTATION/ DRIVERS Drivers – $850/wk min guaranteed *Big raise at 90 days *Freightliners w/APU’s *Midwest operating area Call 1-800-851-8651 Drivers

CDL-A DRIVERS NEEDED Dedicated Out & Back Loads ∂ Owner Operators Avg. $3,500+ Per Week ∂ Company Drivers Avg. $1,000+ Per Week ∂ Benefits, Great Hometime ∂ Tanker & Hazmat Required Call: 877-600-9919 or 877-600-8195 Apply Online At; Drivers - CDL-A DRIVERS NEEDED for DEDICATED RUNS Home often GREAT pay! Class A CDL & Hazmat Req’d 800-942-2104 ext. 243 or 238 DRIVERS - CDL A Local & regional runs avail. 2 yrs experience required. Call 614-771-9675, ask for Carol. DRIVERS - CDL A Needed immediately Class A CDL Drivers for bulk tank division. Must have 2 yrs exp & good driv ing record. Benefits incl: health, & life ins, 401(k) w/co. match, vacation & holiday pay, safety bonus & passenger program. Apply online at or you may call 276-5300.

DRIVERS Night shift for Columbus, OH delivery area. Class A or B CDL with Hazmat Tanker required for local oil co. Email resume to ms Drivers

Regional Drivers SIGN ON BONUS!! Dry Van GREAT PAY! Home Most Weekends * Class A-CDL req’d 866-682-9239 Drivers Teams: $1000 BONUS *DEDICATEDROUTES* • Avg 5500 miles a week • Brand New Volvos • 100% Drop & Hook Min 3 mo exp. req’d We’ll match you with a codriver in your area if needed! 866-325-2778

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HOME DAILY ACT FAST! ∂ Dedicated account ∂ Home Daily ∂ $50K/year potential ∂ Health + 401K Requires CDL A and 6 months OTR experience. Must live within 40 miles of Delaware, OH. Don’t miss out .Call today!


Fed Ex Ground Contractor needs Teams to haul dou ble trailers based in Grove City, OH paid vacation, tax es witheld. Per diem .40 CPM Rick North Trucking (614) 879-9626


We are the fastest growing Sales Call Center in Columbus. Start earning an average of


a month talking on the phone and being energetic. Call our Columbus office Toll free:



OTR ROUTES! Enjoy the open road with Our LineHaul division! CDL-A & 3 mos OTR exp req’d HOME WEEKLY

Our tradition of stability gives you a future of strength! OWNER OPERATORS ALWAYS WELCOME! 800-299-4744 Owner Operators Needed! **$1,500 Sign-on Bonus!** GET HOME DAILY!

Roundtrip Dedicated Freight All Miles Paid the Same, Loaded or Empty Leading Fuel Surcharge Paid 100% Company Drivers Needed Too! Call Today! 866-733-2902 www.drivefor

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This Week’s Crossword Solution

2740157 00-00-04

BMW 06 530I. Silver-Gray Metallic, accident free, smoke free, navigation, au to, premium & cold weath er package. Well main tained. New battery. Ask ing $21,500 67k miles 614-620-7116 CHEVROLET 96 LUMINA Good condition, CD player, power windows, 189k mi, $1650 obo. 740-972-1943 HONDA 00 CIVIC -2door EX Very sporty! One owner, silver, excl cond, 120k mi, srvcd evry 3-4k m, only in 3 harsh winters, over 30 mi/gal, $4300 ûMust see to appreciate û Call 614-286-8960 after 6 pm Jeep Chrysler Dodge phone quotes 800-686-2818 Quick & Painless

AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIAN Ernie’s Automotive Srvc full service garage for over 32 yrs. seeks FT Auto Tech w/diagnostic skills. ASE cert. or willing to obtain cert. M-F, no wknds. Competitive com pensation & benefits.. Email resume: Erniesautomotive@ Or mail to: 3906 E. Main St., Columbus, OH 43213


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Program Aide/Driver


Marketing Coordinator Are you a highly creative, technol-ogy savvy marketer? If so, Rea & Associates, Inc., a regional ac-counting firm, is looking for you.

Volunteers of America has This position is an immediate need for a responsible for: Program Aide/ Driver. This ∂ Data collection, role will provide transporta tabulation and analysis tion and other support nec ∂ Market, prospect and essary to enable homeless competi-tive research veterans to secure and ∂ Tradeshow and event maintain employment, as planning sisting in their long-term ∂ Web site and social economic self-sufficiency. media strategy/ The ideal candidate will implementation posses a High school de gree or GED, with 2 years Bachelor’s degree in of transportation and/or rel marketing, PR or businessevant experience. Clean related field pre-ferred. A driving record, no more minimum of three years of than 2 points, with a valid experience required. More drivers license. Qualified details can be found online candidates should submit at their resume to hr@voago. org Please send your resume SMITH TRANSPORT with salary requirements to: Attn: Mar-keting Assistant, Rea & Associates, Inc., P.O. Box 1020, *CLASS A CDL DRIVERS* New Philadelphia, OH ∂ Excellent Equipment! 44663; fax to: 330-339∂ Consistent home time 7247; or e-mail: ∂ Great pay/Benefits human.resource@ (888) 219-8041

DRIVER RECRUITER Gilbert Express is a wellestablished and expanding national carrier. New OHbased business has created the need for an experienced recruiter to service the Columbus area. Requires solid experience in the recruitment and retention of Owner/ Operators & Drivers, and knowledge of DOT reqs. For immediate consideration, please forward resume to: resumes@ Fax: 908-862-5638 EOE M/F

HELP WANTED SALES/MARKETING APPOINTMENT SETTERS Now hiring FT/PT AM / PM shifts! Make outbound calls to book appts for Sears Home Improvement Products. Must have: ¶ Previous call center/sales experience ¶ Outgoing personality ¶ Dependable Character ¶ Stable work history Our Appointment Setters currently averaging $12.50/HR! Top 20% are averaging $18.40/HR! (incl. base pay & bonus.) APPLY TODAY: 6230 Busch Blvd, Suite 100, Cols, 43229. Fax re sume to: 407-551-0497. PH: 614-430-8078. Compensation data is based on earnings reports from 2/10-9/10. Bkground Check/Drug Test. EOE.

CLOSERS DREAM We have more leads than we can handle. $ 8- 12K PER MONTH Commission + bonus Run pre-approved TV & Internet Leads. They call us! No cold calling or telemarketing leads. 800-706-0907 x 3101

CLOSERS DREAM We have more leads than we can handle. $ 8- 12K PER MONTH Commission + bonus Run pre-approved TV & Internet Leads. They call us! No cold calling or telemarketing leads. 800-706-0907 x 3101 Not sure what to put in an ad? Ask one of our experts!


40 PHONE REPS NEEDED! 24+ year established company is growing and needs 40 reps. Up to $25 p/h your first year. • Career advancement • Paid training • no evenings or weekends • Competitive Benefits Package

Ask for: RECRUITING AT: 614-436-9300

x 1715 Must pass background check

SALES DFW Furniture looking for high energy sales people. Great attitude. No experience needed. Hourly plus comm. Average $13 per hour. Apply in person at 2255 Westbelt Drive, Columbus, Ohio or call Dave Boden at 1-614-334-2606 Sales

TEAMS Dedicated. Out of Colum bus OH 5000+ miles /week home weekly Call: 859-824-4050 Transportation


RECRUITERS The Gammill Group, Pulsar IT, & Medical Staffing Op tions, specialized recruiting firms, are seeking success ful, ambitious, and decisive professionals to specialize in contingent and retained searches to fill key posi tions. Our markets include Nursing, Health Care and Information Technology. Contact Jim Parsons 614-848-7726 614-848-7738 Fax jparsons@gammill

I AM LOOKING FOR A PARTICULAR TYPE PERSON SALES MANAGER TRAINEE We will... ∂Train you...& train you well, in classroom and field. ∂Pay you...& pay you well, $75,000+ in your first year. ∂Provide advancement opportunity limited only by your own desire and ability. Contact Bob Lamont at 605-228-1073 for a personal interview.

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USED CAR MANAGER Local dealer for over 57 years opening new location. Looking for professional, self-motivated, closer.

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SAP Business Analys t 3, Limited Technology Serv ices, Inc., Columbus, OH. Manage and delivery of steady state support and multiple concurrent proj ects within the SAP appli cation, with a focus on the project systems module but to include all finance modules. Gather functional requirements, systems analysis, programming and implementation processes, time and cost estimates for development requirements and the coordination of im plementation releases. As sist in projecting software requirements and identify systems solutions that ad dress key business objec tives. Support the design and execute the construc tion phases of a system and/or upgrade project uti lizing SAP. Participate in gathering functional re quirements. Provide ad vanced problem-solving and technical support of module(s). Monitor batch schedules, trouble shoot and provide root cause analysis. Interact with user base. Provide on-call sup port and testing. Min. re quirements include: Mas ter’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering plus 2 yrs relevant exp in cluding 2 yrs exp in SAP production support and project implementation support OR Bachelor’s de gree plus 5 yrs relevant exp including 2 yrs exp in SAP production support and project implementa tion support. To be consid ered for this position apply online at www.limitedbrand go to "Job Search" link and type 29041 in the "Keyword Search" field. Equal opportunity employer.

Technical Consultant, Limited Technology Services, Columbus, Ohio. Respon sible for providing systems application and compo nents running on UNIX and Windows operating sys tems, including securing, patching, system tuning and administering UNIX, Windows and Oracle data base environments. Install, configure, engineer and manage complex SAP technical environments that include multiple oper ating systems and DBMS platforms. Oversee compa ny’s SAP Portal, BW and Solution Manager systems. Provide technical leader ship to both the BASIS team and future SAP initiatives. Develop techni cal documentation related to supporting the SAP BA SIS environments. Min. re quirements include: Mas ter’s degree in Information Technology or Business Admin plus 2 yrs relevant exp including 2 yrs profes sional exp evaluating busi ness processes and relat ed re-engineering steps and 1 yr exp with SAP and ABAP. Alternatively the em ployer will accept a Bache lor’s degree plus 5 yrs rele vant exp including 2 yrs professional exp evaluating business processes and re lated re-engineering steps and 1 yr exp with SAP and ABAP. To be considered for this position apply on line at www.limitedbrands.j obs go to "Job Search" link and type 29040 in the "Keyword Search" field. Equal opportunity employ er.

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TECHNICAL SUPPORT Immediate Openings Must be up to date on lat est computer hardware and software applications. Will be handling inbound calls and assisting custom ers with a variety of tech support issues. 2nd shift hours and must be able to work weekends. $11.50/hr. Call 841-2500 for details or visit 1125 Georgesville Rd to apply.



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SALES PT Traveling Sales Rep for the Bron-Shoe Co. Silverplating Div. every oth er week in different cities, nationwide, conducting Sil ver Restoration Clinics at jewelry stores. Retail sales exp. req’d. Complete train ing on silver restoration business will be provided. The co. will sched. the clin ics and pay for all advtsg. & travel costs. Will take in orders and pack/ship them back to the factory. $1000 / mo. salary + commission. Perfect for retired salesper son with professional ap pearance who enjoys trav el & wants to keep busy & generate addtl. income. Fax resume to Mr. Kaynes at 614-252-4602. TRANZACT is growing! We are searching for qualified candidates for FT employ ment in the Dublin area. For more info on TRANZACT visit SALES REPRESENTATIVE: Life Insurance Sales Repre sentative needed for fast paced Call Center Insur ance Agency. This position provides sales support af ter the application has been completed as well as after application approval. Excellent communication skills, customer service, or ganization, computer skills and Life Insurance License REQUIRED. CASE MANAGER: Life In surance Case Manager needed to work directly with the customer and the insurance company. The Case Manager provides continual updates to the customer on the status of their life insurance applica tion. Excellent communica tion, customer service, or ganization and basic com puter skills a must. Life In surance License REQUIRED! CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE: In bound Customer Service Representative needed for fast paced Call Center Life Insurance Agency. Excel lent communication, cus tomer service skills and positive attitude a must. Basic computer skills also required. This position em phasizes resolving custom er’s needs and assisting the customer throughout the life insurance applica tion process. To apply, please email resume to or fax to 201 242-3750.

Please send resume to Hamilton Acceptance, 200 So. Hamilton Rd., Whitehall, Ohio 43213.

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March 17, 2011

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Phantom Technical Serv ices, a Central Ohiobased Control Systems Integration firm, is seek ing Controls Engineers. Positions are open to entry-level candidates and experienced engi neers, requiring a BSEE or BSEET degree (or equivalent experience), PLC, HMI, CAD, SCADA (Iconics, Wonderware, Intellusion, RSView, etc), and Microsoft Office Ex perience. Visual Basic ex perience is a plus. Job responsibilities include (but not limited to): ± Control Circuit Design ± Control Enclosure Layout ± Programming ± System Installation The ideal candidates should have effective verbal/written communi cation skills. Must have troubleshooting skills along with the ability to work independently in a fast paced work environ ment and be able to trav el to customer sites for service calls and installa tions. We offer a competi tive compensation and benefits package. Quali fied candidates may sub mit resumes with salary requirements to: Phantom Technical Services, Inc. 111 Outerbelt St Columbus, OH 43213 Fax: 614-868-9927 resumes@

DESIGNERS (Structural/Electrical) McGill AirClean seeking Designers (structural & electrical) for our facility on southeast side of Columbus. Prepare detailed structural and/or electrical drawings & designs of air pollution control systems. Qualifications: two-year Civil or Elect. with 3 to 5 yrs design exper., proficient using CAD software, ability to read & understand engineering drawings. For further information and to apply online, visit: EOE/m/f/d/v

ELECTRICAL ENGINEER Expert Care, Close to Home.

As the largest medical community between Cleveland and Columbus, MedCentral provides a comprehensive array of health care services typically found only in major metropolitan areas. We take great pride in the difference we make in the communities we serve— and are confident you will too.

Network Technician II

Working at MedCentral Mansfield Hospital, you will plan, install and modify LAN/WAN networks while also monitoring systems performance and designing integrated solutions that support distributed databases. Requires a two year Computer Science degree (BSCS preferred) or related field, CCNP certification, and experience with VoIP, cabling design, WLAN and VPN; background in storage networks and IP telephony preferred. The flexibility for “round-the-clock” availability, the ability to work with all management levels and outside vendors, and strong interpersonal/teamwork skills are essential. We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package. Please apply online at

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Manufacturing firm seeks electrical engineeer with experience or exposure to PLC applications, HMI in terfaces, Autocad, wiring layouts, panel design, and field start-ups. Degree preferred. Some travel re quired. Competitive salary with paid vacation, holi days, health ins, 401K and Profit Sharing programs. Send resume to Darren Adams, dadams@ Fred D. Pfening Co., 1075 W. Fifth Ave. Cols, OH 43212

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(866) 790-4502 (toll free) EOE

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PotashCorp, the world’s largest fertilizer producer, is in current need of a Mechanical Integrity Engineer for our Lima, Ohio facility. In this position, you’ll be responsible for the Site Mechanical Integrity Program and procedures consistent with the NEC, NFPA, and OSHA standards. You must have an understand ing for ASME Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Piping Codes. You’ll also have a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or Metallurgical Engineering with 7 yrs exp. in Process Safety Management. P.E. req’d. We offer competitive benefits, relocation assistance and the opportunity to work in a progressive organization with worldwide connections. Forward your resume to: PCS Nitrogen Attn: Danielle Good 1900 Fort Amanda Road Lima, OH 45805 Email: Danielle.Good@ Fax: (419) 226-1239 EOE PACKAGING DESIGN ENGINEER Two year contractor posi tion located in Lima, OH. Bachelors Degree in Engi neering required 5-8 years experience in design, procurement, installation & start-up of liquid packing lines and equipment. Expe rience in Scoping, Sched uling, Management, Re porting, Cost Estimation. Working knowledge of North American design standards and practices (cGMP, OSHA, ASME, NEC etc.) Ability to lead projects locally and act as delivery head for offshore execution teams located in low-cost countries. Experi enced in leading projects involving multiple third par ty vendors. 2D & 3D CAD, Electrical and Control Sys tems experience is a bo nus. Send resume to packingleadohio@

Solvay Advanced Polymers, a global leader in the development and production of high-performance specialty polymers, is seeking talented individuals for a Process Engineer opening at our Marietta, OH facility. Incumbent will design/ implement new production processes and improve/ optimize current processes & operations. Will provide process engineering assistance to troubleshoot issues, maximize capacity/ yields, reduce costs, improve reliability & increase efficiencies. Qualified candidates will have a BS in Chemical Engineering or related engineering field and 3+ years process engineering experience in a plant setting (chemicals/plastics strongly preferred). Experience with processrelated computer software and design/specification of chemical process equipment is critical. Must be able to work and communi cate effectively in a flexible environment where tasks and priorities can change quickly. Qualified candidates may e-mail resume and cover letter to : with subject "Process Engineer". No other form of contact can be accepted. Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V

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March 17, 2011


Tech I Duke Realty, one of the most successful commer cial real estate and development companies in the United States, has an outstanding opportunity for an experienced Building Engineer to work 2nd Shift in our Maintenance Department at our Dublin office.






CHAIRPERSON DEPARTMENT OF NURSING Wheeling Jesuit University invites applications for Chairperson of the Univer sity’s Department of Nursing. DNP, Ph.D. in nursing, or a doctorate in a related field and master’s degree in a nursing specialty is required. Ap plicants must have a pro ven successful record of teaching & organizational leadership. Additional information & detailed qualifications are avail. at h ttp:// employment. To apply, submit a letter of applica tion, curriculum vitae, official transcripts, and ar range for three letters of reference to be sent to: Di rector of Human Resour ces, Wheeling Jesuit University, 316 Washington Ave, Wheeling, WV, 26003 or via email to mrose@wju. edu. Review will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled. AA/EOE.

Kindred Healthcare is currently seeking qualified candidates to join our team in the following role in Columbus:

Medical Records / Central Supply



Successful candidate will have 5-plus years of hands-on maintenance experience in the installation, maintenance, trouble shooting, and repair of building mechanical systems, including HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. HVAC skills should include heat pumps, chillers, boilers, RTU, VAV. Plumbing skills should include copper and PVC pipe repair and replacement. Electrical ability and knowledge of BAS or EMS systems are also helpful. Experience in assisting of running Capital Improvement Projects, Chiropractic Building Automation and Assistant - PT ability to receive work orders from a PDA or com- Needed 1-3 days per week Busy Dublin location. puter are necessary. CanFriendly atmosphere didates must be able to please fax resume to work 4pm-12am, make sound decisions, possess 614-791-0011 or email to strong organizational and no experience needed, communication skills. must include wage requirement Past experience working independently with little or no supervision is preferred. Must be professional with excellent communication skills and ability to work independently in a fast Clinician paced environment. High school education or GED St. Vincent Family Center is also required, along with has an opening for a EPA refrigerant certification Clinician. The qualified or the ability to become candidate will work with certified. Must also have a children and their fami valid driver’s license, meet lies to provide therapeu company MV operator criteria and successfully com- tic services to include di agnostic assessments, plete background check. psychotherapy, treat ment planning, training, Enjoy a competitive salary, mental health education stock purchase options, 401k, and excellent health and linkage to communi ty resources. Previous benefits. (Only online appliexperience working with cations are accepted.) pre-school and schoolPlease apply on line at http :// age children and families preferred. Master’s De mpany/careers. gree in Social Work/ Duke Realty is an Affirma Counseling and current li tive Action and EEO censure in the State of (MVFD) Employer Ohio (LSW/LISW, LPC/LPCC) is required. Proficiency with Micro “Building the Best” soft Word, Excel and Out look. Qualified candi dates can fax their re sume to SVFC at 614252-8468 or email re HELP WANTED sume to resumes@svfc.o rg EOE No phone calls MEDICAL/DENTAL please.

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT F/T Busy medical practice seeks mature and reliable AA for daily functions, including but not limited to, facility maintenance, medical records, ordering supplies, and more. Benefits available. Fax resume to: (614) 434-2440

A public, comprehensive, two-year higher education institution located in Springfield, Ohio seeks resumes for the following positions: Instruction Faculty Positions for Registered Nursing Programs For details, visit: employment.php EOE/AA

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For Home Healthcare company. Free training with placement . Placement guaranteed if you have a loved one or neighbor that you would like to take care of. For info or to register call 614-484-2522

DAYCARE PROVIDERS & PRESCHOOLS Take advantage of our great childcare rates! (740) 888-5003

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State Tested Nursing Assistants Must be able to react quickly in emergency situations and communicate effectively with residents, their families and facility staff. Requires a High School diploma (or equivalent) with valid state certification as a CNA. Six months of experience in a long-term care environment preferred. Kindred Healthcare is ranked one of the Most Admired Companies among Health Care: Medical Facilities by Fortune magazine! Interested candidates, save gas and time by applying online at jobs.kindred Or contact Kellie Dunn at (877) 804-9405. Drug-free/EOE

Medical Assistant Student Health Services at The Ohio State University is currently accepting applications for a Medical Assistant. The successful candidate will serve as primary initial contact with clinical services; identify patients, assess eligibility; obtain consent and insurance information; check in; charge out; order ancillary services via information system; collect history form; obtain vital signs; analyze medical records for completeness; and prepare exam rooms.

Bon-Ing Care & Rehabilita tion Center is seeking a motivated individual to serve as Central Supply and Medical Re cords clerk at our 93 bed SNF located in Gahanna. Experience in LTC is a must. Please contact Tonya Turner, HRD. Email tturner@ 121 James Rd, Gahanna, OH, 43230. PH: 475-7222 or fax 614-475 2982. EOE.

Needed: Caring nurse to ease our growing pains. Quantum Health is an award-winning company that’s experiencing explo sive growth! As one of the Best Places to Work in Co lumbus, we’re looking for some of the best nurses in (or around) Columbus.

Operating Room and Float Perioperative RNs

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Offers full range of benefits: Life-insurance, Long-term insurance, Federal Employees Retirement System, Vacation and Sick Leave and Paid Federal Holidays. AA/EOE.

Busy optometric practice in OSU/Upper Arlington area seeks outgoing indi vidual with excellent com munication skills and com puter knowledge. Great benefits. Fax resume to 614-262-1948


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Send resumes to Nurse Recruiter by fax: 614.257.5291 or email:

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Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare (TVBH), Joint Commission/Medicare accredited, is seeking Professional Staff for services on a contract basis during Fiscal Years 2012 and 2013. We require specialists in the following areas.

Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare, 2200 West Broad St, Columbus, Ohio 43223 Attn: Robert Armintrout, Business Manager, facsimile (614) 752-0386, or email Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D

Procurement Coordinator

The Procurement Coordi nator is responsible for oversight of the donation process, including: obtain ing consent; donor evalua tion and clinical manage ment; organ evaluation and allocation; and coordi nating the surgical recov ery and preservation of do nated organs and tissues. The Procurement Coordi nator is also responsible for hospital relations and professional staff educa tion on donation and trans plantation at designated hospitals in our service area. We provide an excellent compensation package and an environment con ducive to personal and pro fessional growth. Please e-mail resume, references and salary requirements to humanresources@ No phone calls please.


Interested professionals should submit resume/CV, fee schedule and salary requirements no later than March 25, 2011 to:

Part time position 3-5 days a week, hours 4:00am-8:00am. Duties will consist of traveling to our nursing homes to do the early am draws and bringing the draws back to our lab to be processed. Position requires you to have your own transportation and have extensive blood drawing skills. Hourly compensation, including mileage, experience must include Phlebotomy certificate and exceptional experience at blood draws. Please email resume to

HELP WANTED GENERAL ABA Therapists Needed Immediately Care Providers Looking for ABA therapists to work with 12 year old child with Autism. Currently doing an ABA program with the child. Looking for high energy, dependable, reliable, consistent people. Experience is a plus but not necessary. Looking for someone with some psychology background, but not necessary. Training will be provided as well. Must have High School diploma or GED. To apply go to www.LIFE-INC.NET or fax a resume (614) 4716912. EOE Apprentice / Managers


Payroll Specialist / General Ledger Accountant MedFlight , a premier criti cal care medical transpor tation company, is now seeking a qualified fulltime Payroll Specialist/General Ledg er Accountant to be re sponsible for MedFlight’s payroll process. In addi tion to all payroll and pay roll related entries to the general ledger, this posi tion is also responsible for the general account ing function of MedFlight’s subsidiaries.

We offer a competitive salary/benefits package and warm, supportive work environment. Please submit resume/application to: MedFlight ATTN: HR Dept./ PS/GLA 2827 W. DublinGranville Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43235 Fax: 614-734-8091 Phone: 877.633.8376 EOE

$400-$600 / WK.

ALL 5 DEPTS. NEEDED 15 people needed to fill vacancies due to expansion. No exp. nec. Promotions within 90 days. Will train. Immediate positions are available. Call Monday and Tuesday 614-717-9486

Assistant Manager Faith Mission is seeking a full-time, 2nd shift assistant manager to develop, manage and monitor homeless shelter processes & staff. You will develop, implement and participate in good neighbor agreements & be community liaison as needed; Work w/other managers in project completion & strategic & budget planning; Ensure highest quality in provision of hospitality, customer service and engagement to residents; Provide direction with overall responsibility for safety/security of staff, clients, volunteers, and facilities while providing guidance & direction to staff. Minimum of two years supervisory exp & two years working in social and/or residential services; Bachelors Degree or equivalent experience required. To apply for this position: submit resume to: HR Manager, 315 East Long St; Columbus, OH 43215, or email or fax 614-388-5707. EOE ASSISTANT MANAGER

WILL TRAIN New office needs manage ment & administrative help. No exp. necessary. Call 614-505-6977. Assistant Mgmt Trainee


Need 7 sharp people to Lifeline of Ohio, a unique help run offices in the Cols. not-for-profit health care area. Earn while you learn agency dedicated to the re HELP WANTED $400-500/per week while in OPHTHALMIC covery of organs and tis GENERAL training. sue for transplant, serving TECHNICIAN NO EXPERIENCE NEC. central/southeastern Ohio, 5 Billing/Invoice Clerks FT opening in 2 physician Call Cindy for personal located in Columbus Ohio, Immediate openings! Must general ophth. practice, interview 614-791-3301 have 1 to 5 yrs exp. with NW Cols. COA/ COT. Com - is seeking a Procurement Coordinator to facilitate the billing/ invoicing. Will be Certified petitive salary/benefits. recovery, allocation, pres - generating invoices and re Occupancy Must be able to efficiently ervation and follow-up of searching issues. Back Specialist screen/ refract and partici donated organs and tis ground check req’d. For affordable housing pate as a team member. sues. Call 841-2500 for details. community. Must be profi Fax resume to 614-267cient in Section 8. Excel 4242 or call 614-267-4122. The ideal candidate will lent opportunity for aggres DAYCARE PROVIDERS have health care experi sive, results oriented pro & PRESCHOOLS ence as a Licensed Regis fessional. Competitive tered Nurse, physician as wage, benefit package, Take advantage of our sistant, critical care para 401K. Self starters email great childcare rates! medic, or work-related ex resume to: marcs@ (740) 888-5003 perience in transplantation and/or organ and tissue EQUAL OPPORTUNITY procurement. Classifieds sell EMPLOYER

Psychology: Licensed Psychologist specializing in assessment/ treatment of the forensic mentally ill, approx. 20 hrs p/wk. Optometry: Conduct Exams; provide on site Clinics; be available for emergency services; approx.4 hrs p/month; able to provide own equipment. Psychiatrist: Licensed Psychiatrist for clinical forensic/civil or outpatient program; parttime or full time possibilities. General Surgery: Conduct Clinics approx.1 day p/wk; surgery per fee schedule. General Medicine Physician: Provide Physical Health services for medical clinic and/or On-duty; evenings and weekends. Neurology: Provide Neurological Consultations; read EEG’s; conduct clinic/lectures. Podiatry: Conduct Exams; Provide Clinics; flex schedule; approx. 3 hrs p/wk. Orthopedic Surgery/Clinics: Provide Clinics & Surgery as needed; surgery per fee schedule; Cosmotologist: Provide Barber and Cosmetology services for multiple ethnic groups of severely mentally disabled consumers; 20 hrs p/wk. Religious Services: Provide Spiritual services to mentally ill patients, appox 20 hrs p/wk


Qualified candidates should have five to seven years of payroll and gen eral ledger experience with a degree in account ing preferred. Familiarity with ADP is a plus. Can didate must have: strong analytical and organiza tional skills, ability to multi-task, and excellent communication skills.

For a complete position description and application instructions please visit ww and search by requisition number 355934. Application deadline: March 20, 2011.


For info visit:

To find out more about this position and other openings, interested individuals may contact Human Resources at 740-420-8352 or apply online at www.ber

Nurse Manager

Scrub or circulating OR roles: 1-2 OR experience; BSN preferred.

Cardiology office has an immediate opportunity for a full-time Medical Assistant. Must have 2 years experience and good clinical skills. Cardiology experience a plus. Please forward resume to FAX: 614-857-2670 or E-Mail:


CREDIT ANALYST Must have 3 + years experience with auto loan approval. FT with benefits. Good work envirnoment. Email resume to: greg.ruckel@

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Medical AssistantCardiology

Our successful candidate will be responsible for the perfusion of organs and kidney preservation and pumping, patient data en try and statistical reporting.


Right now, we need an ex perienced Disease Man agement. nurse. Beyond Qualified candidate should that we’re looking for a possess certification in nurse who has a heart of healthcare field with previ gold and nerves of steel. A ous perfusionist experi Nurse who has a knack for ence or two or more years Excellent leadership opporsolving problems with a of operating room experi tunity for a Registered smile and doling out tough ence or a combination of Nurse to facilitate the 24/7 love with genuine tender education and experience day-to-day clinical funcness. providing equivalent knowl tions of the Med Surg Unit edge. The ideal candidate and Infusion Center within If you’re an exceptional should be detail oriented, Berger Health System. care-giver who’s looking to able to coordinate multiple The Nurse Manager is acwork for a company that tasks, have above average countable to develop, mon- will take exceptional care manual dexterity and pos itor, and maintain stand- of you, then please email sess outstanding interper ards and practices that enyour resume to sonal skills. hance the departmental HR@Quantumprograms and evidenced Stat! We provide an excellent based medicine and nurscompensation package ing care. Assists with ach- Note: You must hold a cur and an environment con ieving stability in the qualirent RN license in Ohio ty and fiscal management and be willing to work M-F ducive to personal and pro fessional growth. If you of each area, as well as until 9PM. A minimum of 3 maintaining a stable and years experience is prefer - are interested in this excit ing opportunity, please ewell-educated workforce. red. mail resume, references Will provide house superviand salary requirements to sor coverage as needed. humanresources@ Requirements include rent Ohio RN license and No phone calls please. BSN preferred. Must have at least three years of reLifeline of Ohio is an equal cent Med Surg/Infusion opportunity employer Center experience. Previous nurse manager experience required. Phlebotomist

Required: HS graduate or equivalent and graduation from a medical assisting program or one year equivalent experience in a primary care medical office; and successful completion of a background check.

To build a diverse workforce Ohio State encourages applications from individuals with disabilities, minorities, veterans and women. EEO/AA employer.

Lifeline of Ohio, a unique not-for-profit health care agency dedicated to the re covery of organs and tis sue for transplant, serving central/southeastern Ohio, located in Columbus Ohio, is seeking a highly motivat ed, high-energy professio nal to join our team as a Perfusionist.


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Lifeline of Ohio is an equal opportunity employer


Expert Care, Close to Home.

As the largest medical community between Cleveland and Columbus, MedCentral provides a comprehensive array of health care services typically found only in major metropolitan areas. We take great pride in the difference we make in the communities we serve—and are confident you will too.


You’ll be responsible for providing direct care assessment and management services for a full range of ortho health/illness states in the OR/ER and across multiple inpatient, outpatient and office clinical settings. Your responsibilities will include assisting in surgery, screening for multi-system diseases, providing Joint Camp education, and rounding on patients and performing drain/line removal as necessary. You must be a Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist or Nurse Practitioner (DNP preferred) with an MSN, 2+ years’ previous clinical experience with demonstrated leadership qualities, and current BLS and DEA (State and Federal) Certification. Strong communication, organizational and interpersonal skills are essential. We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package. Please apply online at


Full time position in community mental health center. Must be licensed in State of Ohio with one year of nursing. Experience in community mental health or psychiatric setting preferred. Crisis intervention and institutionalize patient experience helpful. Will work primarily in the community where you will evaluate, monitor and treat clients. Mileage reimbursement. Must have Ohio Driver’s license/auto. Salary: $55K. Hours: Monday thru Friday. Resumes accepted at NCMHS, 1301 N. High St., Cols., OH 43201, or fax to 614-298-2227 or e-mail EOE Community news Sports Videos Contests

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Westerville

March 17, 2011









CHOOSE WHEN YOU WANT TO WORK! $8/hour Project based work for companies located throughout the Columbus Area From Groveport to Hilliard. Needs assoc’s to pack and label product. Lifting up to 30 lbs. 1st and 2nd shift. To apply: Visit 1125 Georgesville Road between 9 – 3pm daily.


Customer Service Manager Exam Notice

FIREFIGHTERS NEEDED Need Men and Women to train as Firefighters. No ex perience needed. Must be a H.S. Grad or have a GED with 15 college credit. Ben efits provided. Call M-F 1800-282-1384

Immediate Need 65+



Regional Courier compa ny is currently looking for a:

CLEANING Commercial PT, FT. All shifts avail. M-F, wkends. Good pay! 614-734-1400

COMMUNICATIONS TECHNICIAN / 911 EMERGENCY DISPATCHER City of Westerville Applications are now being accepted to fill an immediate part-time position and establish a two year eligibility list for full and part-time 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Dispatcher. Visit to view full details and to complete an on-line job application. Only online applications accepted. No calls or paper resumes please. Deadline to apply online: March 25, 2011 o EOE/ADA

Classifieds sell (740) 888-5003 (local call)

Check out the classified section

City of Columbus

Must love sports. A lot. Read the 1812 Nut on and get all the central Ohio sports your pretty little head can handle.


Got a room to rent? Get the word out to more than a quarter million readers with ThisWeek Community Newspapers! Apartment/Home Rental Package 10 lines or 5 lines with photo, 4 weeks, any 4 markets for $75 (each additional line $7.50) Call today and rent your apartment THIS WEEK! (740) 888-5003

Now Hiring! SEASONAL JOB FAIR! Thursday, March 17th, from 5-8pm at the Columbus Zoo’s Activity Pavilion

The Department of Public Utilities - Division Water is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Customer Service Manager. To apply, one must first take the open competitive examination. Submit applications to the Civil Service Commission by applying on-line at from 03/14/11 through 03/21/11. The Customer Service Manager is responsible for the daily operations of the Call Center. Major duties include the hiring and training of Call Center personnel, managing call volumes and staffing, responding to escalated customer issues and to serve as the primary point of contact for the Call Center. The minimum qualifications for this position are the completion of the twelfth school grade and three (3) years experience supervising others engaged in customer relations and/or customer service activities involving account maintenance, billing, customer inquiries, or service complaints. Substitution(s): A certificate of high school equivalence (GED) may be substituted for the required education Salary range $21.19/hr to $31.79/hr. Contact Patty Nalepa at 645-5802 with questions. EOE

Delivery Drivers – P.T. We have several openings for customer friendly indi viduals to deliver to area businesses, using co vehi cle. Excellent driving re cord & ability to lift/move 50lbs, req’d. 2-4 days/wk. No CDL req. $8.50/HR Dreisbach Wholesale Florists 2115 Morse Road, 43229 (614) 545-7673 DELIVERY DRIVER/ WAREHOUSE F/T WITH BENEFITS Responsible for delivering our products to customers and delivering a high level of customer care. No CDL req’d. Apply at Panel Town & Floors, 1063 Dublin Rd., Cols, OH 43215. 488-0334

Please complete an application online and bring it to the job fair Must be at least 16 years old to apply. Appropriate attire is recommendede, so... Dress to Impress!

EXCAVATION LABORER 2 yrs experience, clean driving record & can-do at titude req’d. 374-1661.

Experienced Truck Drivers Dump Trucks, Tractor Trailers and Lowboys EOE Fax Resume to 740-778-2222

Classifieds sell (local call)

An Equal Opportunity Employer

(740) 888-5003

General & Asst. Mgr/Mgr. Trainee

COOLEST JOBS ON THE PLANET!!!! Growing art co. has 7 posi tions available from Sales to Management. No experi ence needed, must be 18 yrs. of age, looking for full time work. Must have a great attitude and enjoy a rock & roll atmosphere! If you are not making $600$800 per week you need to call and schedule a per sonal interview

614-791-3300 Ask for ext. 7


Call Center Must have 6 mo’s Call center experience Min. typing 30 wpm. Knowledge of Microsoft office. Apply on line www. 614-224-6080 EOE/M/F/D/N Irrigation Install Foreman Needed Hidden Creek Landscaping 1745 Atlas St, Cols, OH 43228. 614-777-4254

Janitor / Custodian City of Gahanna Part time, 30-35 hours per week. Must go through background check, drug screen and have less than 6 points on license. To apply, go to and click on Employment

LANDSCAPE/LAWN FT for DMG in Powell. Exp. The Plant People, Inc. is If you enjoy working in an Competitive Wages & Ben looking for FT crew environment that efits. Fax Resume to 614 leaders/crew people with encourages responsibility 760-0004 or apply at 214 N experience preferred for a and provides for continual Liberty St Powell, 43065 full-service landscape com growth; please send pany. Valid driver’s resume, reference list and license/good driving re salary requirements in Heavy cord needed. Competitive confidence by Friday, Equipment pay, insurance, paid vaca March 18th to: tion & holidays. Fax Re Operators sume: 614-877-0932 or The National Lime and Qualified Operators for call 614-426-3207 Stone Company Excavators, Bulldozers and Manager Human Resource Scrapers, etc. LANDSCAPE Services EOE Fax Resume to Now hiring Lawn & PO Box 120 740-778-2222 Landscape Crew Leaders Findlay, OH 45839 & Laborers. Apply & Fax: 419-422-5990 HOUSING interview in person only. Email: dmontooth@ No calls. 7:30-8:30AM M-F INSPECTOR at Community Green Premier non-profit agency Landscape, 4545 Sutphen seeks temporary housing All qualified applicants will Ct. Hilliard 43026. inspector w/knowledge of receive consideration for federal standards regard employment without ALL HE ing housing habitability regard to race, color, and rent reasonableness. religion, sex, national XPERTS Position lasts approximate origin, disability, disabled Want to boost your home ly 1½ yrs. Associate’s de veteran, or Vietnam Era improvement business? gree or equivalent; hous Veteran ing inspection exp pref. FT, status. Give yourself excellent benefits. See job an advantage – call description at ThisWeek Community Submit résumé to Machine Newspapers classifieds. Setup/Operators, EEO. Diverse applicants (740) 888-5003 encouraged to apply. Material Handlers ,


HVAC SERVICE TECHNICIAN Must have 5 years mini mum experience, valid Ohio Drivers License, high level of customer service skills, working knowledge of controls, ability to diag nose & complete repairs on residential and light commercial HVAC sys tems. Benefits include uni forms, truck, health, dental & disability insurance, 401(k). Send resume to email: servtech345@



Who’s got the beat? We do!

Marysville manufacturing plant has openings for experienced Machine Setup/Operators, Material Handlers and Assemblers. Qualified candidates should have a min of 3 years of work experience in a manufacturing environment.

Read the

Send resume to: Human Resources Manager 14249 Industrial Parkway Marysville, Ohio 43040 E-mail: An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V

BeatBlog on and join ThisWeek arts, dining and entertainment reporters for their take on central Ohio.

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Call (740) 888-5003

We offer a competitive wage and benefit package and 401k plan.

DAYCARE PROVIDERS & PRESCHOOLS Take advantage of our great childcare rates! (740) 888-5003

CLAIM YOUR CAREER At Chase, we make a difference for customers by being positive, solution-oriented and confident. We enjoy exciting career opportunities and care about the communities we call home. We are currently seeking customer-minded employees to join our growing team in the areas of customer service and management.

Earn up to


Start your career today!

a week delivering The Dispatch

If you have a reliable car and would like to earn money before dawn, then why not deliver The Dispatch as an independent contractor? For more information visit, or call 614-461-8585 HELP WANTED FINANCIAL/BANKING

∂ Ability to work Monday through Saturday ∂ High school diploma/GED ∂ Ability to operate loaders and excavators ∂ Maintenance experience a plus ∂ Team player a must ∂ Attention to detail ∂ Ability to multi-task ∂ Enjoy working outdoors doing physical labor ∂ Current driver’s license


Make cash while Columbus sleeps


National Lime and Stone, a multi-plant natural resource company, has a full-time Loader Operator/ Laborer position available at its Recycle facility. This facility is based out of Columbus, but requires travel to sites around the state. Successful applicants will have the following background and attributes:



Please log on to our website and apply to one of our open positions and receive an invite to our career event. Keyword: CMH

We are looking for some one to work with the Pro duction manager to utilize equipment to improve em ployee safety, production quality and equipment reli ability. Team oriented 4 year degree or equivalent experience. If interested please fax or mail resume to: Mills Company, 3007 Harding Highway E. Mari on, Ohio 43302 or fax 740375-0880. Attn: HR dept.

MANUFACTURING MANAGEMENT We are looking for some one with 10 plus years of Supervisory experience. Some Lean manufacturing exp., working with in a Un ion environment is a plus. Bachelors degree. If inter ested please fax or mail re sume to: Mills Company, 3007 Harding Highway E. Marion, Ohio 43302 or fax 740-375-0880. Attn: HR dept.

M H Eby, Inc. a leading agri-transportation manu facturer has an opportunity in our Manufacturing Dept. for a motivated, aggressive individual with strong lead ership skills. The success ful candidate will be re sponsible for leading our Night Shift Manufacturing Department. Responsibili ties include (but not limited to): supervising a strong existing workforce, main taining production dead lines, quality control, train ing and placement of new hires. Previous experience in mental fabrication and welding a plus. Night shift operates on a 4 night - 10 hours per night schedule. We offer a competitive sal ary and benefits package. M H Eby, Inc. P O Box 137 West Jefferson, Ohio 43162 Please fax 614-879-6904 E-mail Attn: Ohio Human Resource Mgr. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! No Evenings or Weekends! Earn up to 35-50k Your first year! Our sales call center needs money motivated individu als. We offer: Paid Training Unlimited Income Potential Room for Advancement Benefits and 401K Call our Columbus Office 866-639-7767 ext. 1715 Must Pass Background Check

OFFICE MANAGER/ ASSISTANT FT for DMG in Powell. Incl customer service, sales. must be detail oriented. proficient in Word, Excel. Salary & Benefits. Fax Resume 614 760-0004

Residential MonitorPart Time Volunteers of America, Greater Ohio has an imme diate openings for Part Time Residential Monitor in our Transitional Housing Program. The ideal candi date will have a High School diploma/GED, with excellent communication and decision making skills. May be required to inter vene in potentially stressful situations. Major responsi bilities include monitoring and maintaining effective and efficient residential op erations during assigned shift, conduct intake serv ices and orientation for new clients, and perform administrative duties. Must be proficient on Windows and Microsoft Office Soft ware, and may be required to lift up to 25 pounds. Qualified candidates should send their resume to

SALES REP Estimates for Tree Service in NE Columbus. Call 614-261-1115.

SHIFT SUPERVISOR Full-time position in com munity mental health cen ter - residential program. BA/BS degree preferred. Good supervisory, man agement, communication skills required. Current Ohio driver’s license/auto required - have ability to drive pick-up truck. Good driving record a must. Sal ary: $11.54/hr. Will work Sunday thru Saturday, 2nd & 3rd shifts as scheduled. Responsible for supervi sion of staff at multiple fa cilities. May require manda tory overtime. Holiday hours required. Applications/resumes ac cepted at NCMHS, 1301 N. High St., Cols., Ohio 43201, e-mail to or fax to 614-298-2227. EEO

TEAM CLINICIAN Full-time position in com munity mental health cen ter. Must be LSW/PC. Ex Part Time perience with diagnostic assessment and/or sub Veteran Peer stance abuse preferred. Educator Use of DSM IV and writing of psycho-social histories Volunteers of America, required. Experience with Greater Ohio has an imme - individuals with mental ill diate opening for a Peer ness and substance abuse Educator. This position is required. Ohio drivers responsible for providing license/auto. support services to the vet - Resumes/applications ac erans in the special needs cepted at NCMHS, 1301 N. program; specifically, vetHigh St., Cols., Ohio to-vet support and educa 43201, e-mail to tional individual and group or fax to services, and permanent 614-298-2227. EEO housing assistance. The TELEMARKETER incumbent must posses a Need aggressive, enthusi high school diploma or astic person. Exp. prefer GED equivalent. Prior ex perience in developing and red. Competitive hrly wage + incentives. Email re presenting training materi sume to: resume@ als to adult learners is pre & ref. ferred. Experience in sub #236 in subject line. stance abuse and mental health issues and familiari TITLE ty with community resour National title company ces is desired. As required seeking candidates with by the funding source, in HUD prep and/or loan cumbent must have a his processing experience tory of mental illness and (some entry level posi current or previous suc cessful participation in a re - tions available); to fill fulltime openings in our of covery program. Prefer fice near Westerville. that incumbent be a veter Email resume including an of the United States salary requirements to Armed Services and have received an honorable dis or fax to 614-890-6490 charge. Qualified candi dates should send their re TREE CLIMBER sume to

Holiday Inn - Worthington 7007 N. High St. Worthington, OH 43085 We will be having on-site interviews!

Qualified Diesel Mechanic

If unable to attend, or for more information, please visit us at:

This individual will need to be a Jack-of-all-trades! You will be responsible for independent contrac tor recruitment and will help in other areas of op erations incuding admin istration, warehouse and data entry. Muist have a valid driver’s license and pass MVR and back ground check. This is an entry level position with a company that is constant ly growing. Hours are 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, however, you must be available for flexible hours. Please apply in person at: 4279 Directors Blvd. Groveport, OH 43125


Property Manager For affordable housing, experience preferred. Must have strong leader ship skills. Competitive salary, excellent benefit pkg & 401K. Aggressive self starters email resume to: EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 10am - 2pm


Heavy Equipment, Exten sive Engine Work, Trans missions and Hydraulics EOE Fax Resume to 740-778-2222

To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call

(740) 888-5003 (local call)

Wright’s Tree Service, an established tree care company in Central Ohio, is looking for a skilled climber. We prefer some one with at least 3 years of experience but would be willing to hire someone with less experience if you are the right person. This is a full time position but we will also consider some one looking for part time work. We are tree preservationist first and strictly adhere to all indus try pruning and safety standards. Must have clean driver’s record. Send resume and detailed work history via email to To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call (740) 888-5003 (local call)

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Westerville

March 17, 2011



Packaging Associates Needed ASAP!!! Start Work today! Need hard working individ uals. Must be able to lift 30-40 lbs. Pay starts at $9/hr. Stop by 1125 Georgesville Rd. Daily be tween 9am – 3pm Community news Sports Videos Contests

Warehouses in the Groveport and Grove city areas looking for experienced: Machine Operators Stand Up forklift Shipping/Receiving $9.50 - $10.65 per hr Heavy lifting required Good attendance a must Valid Driver’s License HS diploma/GED No felonies Drug screen

Must love sports. A lot.

Please call #255-7326

Read the 1812 Nut on and get all the central Ohio sports your pretty little head can handle.

WAREHOUSE WORKER Energetic, dependable, full-time & benefits. Drivers license. Apply in person Levi’s 4 Floors, 6329 Busch Blvd. Cols. 43229


Right Job! Right Now!

Warehouse Order Selectors Great Pay: • $11.50/hr to start & earn up to $21.72/hr • 6 months increases & $5,000 bonus potential • Plus earn up to $5.75/hr extra with Incentive Pay Bonus

Benefiting you:


Requires: · Bachelor’s degree (ac counting, economics, or fi nance); · 7 to 10 years of experi ence in accounting, cash management, investment operations, reporting, and compliance; · At least 1 year of experi ence in supervising, dele gating, directing and devel oping direct reports. Prefer: · Advanced degree in a rel evant field or professional certification (e.g., CPA, CFA, or CIPM); · At least 3 years experi ence in performance meas urement; and · Excellent analytical and problem solving skills; ac tion and results-oriented with a customer focus; capable of measuring and managing through systems with an eye for accuracy. Compensation is competi tive and commensurate with experience.

• Medical/Dental/Prescription • Paid Vacations • Discount on Kroger Brand Products • & SO MUCH MORE!

To apply for position (211UC0312 ), please see The University of Cincinnati is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer. UC is a smokefree work environment.

Must be able to work NIGHTS and WEEKENDS! Apply online today at: Or, Visit our facility 24 hours a day/7 days a week, just 1 mile east of Delaware off Rt. 36: Kroger Distribution Center 2000 Nutter Farms Lane • Delaware, OH 43015

To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call

(740) 888-5003 (local call)

(866) 790-4502 (toll free)







Must love sports. A lot.

Place your ad online

Central Ohio Technical College Full-time Regular Positions:

Director of Development


Visit click on classifieds

Assistant Treasurer

The University of Cincinnati is searching for an Assis tant Treasurer responsible for investment operations, reporting (including per formance), and compli ance of its short-term oper ating cash pool and its long-term endowment. May also assist in risk man agement. The position re ports to the Treasurer but has substantial responsibil ities to the Chief Invest ment Officer and supervis es a financial analyst.


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HELP WANTED PROFESSIONAL/ MANAGEMENT Read the 1812 Nut on and get all the central Ohio sports your pretty little head can handle.

- Investment Operations, Reporting, and Compliance (211UC0312)

Director, Distribution Services Rocky Brands, Inc., located in southeast Ohio, is a designer, developer, manufacturer and marketer of premium rugged outdoor, occupational, work and western footwear and branded apparel and accessories with an immediate opportunity for an experienced distribution professional to direct all aspects of the distribution operation including order processing, physical inventory control, shipping, receiving, facilities and talent management. Key responsibilities will be to provide vision, direction and drive performance. The successful candidate will possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Supply Chain or Logistics or other related fields ; 7 - 10 years experience in the distribution industry and related fields; and Proficiency in Microsoft Suite of Applications, Manhattan PKMS / WM System. Knowledge of JBA would be helpful. Superior organizational, time management and communication skills are essential. A competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package offered. Submit a resume to hum by March 25, 2011. AA/EOE

For Christian pro-life organization. See http:// / connections/ job-registry for details.

Full-time position in com munity mental health cen ter as personal assistant to President/CEO. HSG diplo ∂Assistant Bursar, ma (degree preferred). #9000155 (COTC/OSUN, Five years advance or se cost-shared) nior secretarial/ administra ∂Nursing Instructor, 12tive experience preferred. month, #9000154 All Microsoft Office skills ∂Natural Sciences Instruc preferred; Microsoft Word tor, 9-month, 9000153 required. Must type 60 wpm. Shorthand or Part-time Faculty Membership speedwriting skills prefer Openings: red. Ability to multi-task, or Coordinator ganize, maintain confiden ∂Nursing, ADN (Medical tiality, set priorities and Assist in developing strat Surgical Experience Prefer meet deadlines. Excellent egies for new sales and red), #9000111 oral/written skills required. renewals, fulfilling renewal ∂Nursing, ( Clinical Experi Will interact with Board of mailings, developing and ence – OB preferred), Trustees, employees and implementing member #9000110 communications, planning public. Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm with member and donor events, See other available Partsome evening and over providing member custom time Faculty positions at h er service, assisting with re - time work as necessary. ttp:// For Applications/resumes ac porting needs through the complete position descrip cepted at NCMHS, 1301 N. Raisers Edge database, tions, qualifications, and High St., Cols., Ohio and leading member application procedures go 43201, e-mail to events. For a full job de to or fax to scriptions and instructions Click on “Search Postings” 614-298-2227. EOE on how to apply, visit: then “View” at the position title to submit an online ap - EXECUTIVE plication for posted posi monster ASSSITANT tions. EEO/AA Employer EOE Delaware, OH company seeks experienced Executive Assistant to the CEO. Talented individual should be proficient in MS Word, Excel & Outlook; small group payroll & benefits experience and AP & general accounting knowledge. Candidate must be organized, detailoriented, able to prioritize and meet deadlines. Min. 5 yrs experience; min 45 wpm. Hrs 9:30A-6:30P. Send resume including salary history to

Classifieds sell (local call)

(740) 888-5003

Payroll Coordinator

DIRECTOR OF ADVERTISING OHIO NEWSPAPER ASSOCIATION/AD OHIO The Ohio Newspaper Association seeks a dynamic executive for its for-profit affiliate, AdOhio. You will be an industry leader responsible for advertising sales and placement into more than 300 Ohio newspapers and websites that reach nearly 8 million people. AdOhio also places advertising across the country, particularly from Ohio-based clients seeking customers in other regions. Sales experience is a must, particularly selling onto print and digital platforms. Experience in ad-agency relationships is highly desirable. The successful candidate will be passionate about sales, team-building, member service and the future of local news media. To see a complete job description and learn more about AdOhio, go to E-mail resume and an essay, 750 words or less, on what you see as the best revenue opportunities for newspapers and news websites in the next 24 months to:

Seeking a full-time Payroll Coordinator to perform all payroll functions in a timely, accurate matter. High school diploma or equivalent and 3-5 years of payroll experience required. Experience in Automatic Data Processing (ADP PayXpert, ezLM) preferred.



Join the Westerville Area Chamber of Commerce team. Office administration to include: contact with and record keeping for Chamber Board of Trustees, process invoices and member payments, prepare weekly bank deposits, track event registrations and sponsorships, order and track office supplies along with project work. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office software, QuickBooks, and 3 to 5 years of office experience essential. Experience working with a membership data base preferred. Demonstrated excellent customer service and organizational skills required. Mon. through Fri. position up to 35 hours/wk position. Submit resume to Jdavis@westervillechamb or mail resume WACC, 99 Commerce Park Dr. Westerville, Ohio 43082 by 3/15/11



We are a drug-free workplace that offers competi tive wages with excellent benefits and OPERS retirement. Deadline for applications is March 25, 2011. Please visit to apply online or mail resume to: Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Human Resources Dept. PO Box 400 Powell, OH 43065 No phone calls or e-mails please. EOE

Did you know:

Dennis Hetzel - Executive Director Ohio Newspaper Association 1335 Dublin Rd. / Suite 216-B • Columbus, OH 43215 HELP WANTED GENERAL

Office Coordinator

you can place your ad online? Go to:

Come Join Our Team! Part-Time and Seasonal Positions Available Starting at $9.50/hour Weekly Pay

Experienced Pick/Pack • General Labor One Day Hiring Event • On-Site Interviews Monday, March 21st, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Airport Hotel (formerly Holiday Inn) 750 Stelzer Road, Columbus, OH 43219 Candidates must meet the following specifications: • Must have a High School Diploma or GED • Must have a clean drug screen and background check • Must be at least 18 years old • Must bring a photo ID


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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Westerville

HELP WANTED CLERICAL/ SECRETARIAL OFFICE SUPPORT - PT Westerville area ins. agency. Support owner with typical office activities Strong organizational and time management skills. Ability to be proactive in planning, organizing and follow-up with minimal su pervision. Great computer skills. MAC knowledge is a plus. Email office@ or fax: 614-898-5412 .

P/T RECEPTIONIST Taking applications for a part-time receptionist po sition, with upward mobili ty potential. Position in cludes some clerical du ties. Looking for highly motivated, detail oriented and responsible individu al to join our team. Must possess good customer relation skills. Sat. and Eve. hours required. Please apply in person or Email resume to dkidwell Midwestern Auto Group 6335 Perimeter Loop Road Dublin, OH 43017 (614) 889-2571



AIRLINES ARE HIRINGTrain for high paying Avia tion Maintenance Career. FAA approved program.Financial aid if qualified- Housing availa ble. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877)818-0783 Attend College Online from Home. *Medical, *Business, *Paralegal, *Computers, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available.


Donate Your Car Civilian Veterans & Soldiers Help Support Our U.S. Military Troops 100% Volunteer Free same Day Towing. Tax Deductible. Call and Donate Today! 1-800-404-3413

Grove City Coins & Currency - New shop needs inventory! Free appraisals on coin collections. Will beat anyone’s price. US silver dollars $23+.

BUYING GOLD & SILVER JEWELRY BROKEN OKAY I COME TO YOU!! 14kt. $19/Gram; 10kt. $14/Gram Certified Scales P&L Coin & Collectibles 614-404-9679 BUYING GOLD/ SILVER JEWELRY Broken ok. State cert. scale. Safe Grove City location.

Pets & Livestock






OhioHealth notifies the public and patients that the last day of practice for Gerald M. Rosenberg, M.D. at Metropolitan Orthopaedic Specialists will be May 8, 2011. He will remain available to provide patient care and access to services at Metropolitan Orthopaedic Specialists until May 8, 2011. Patients who had an appointment scheduled with Dr. Rosenberg after May 8, 2011, should call the office at (614) 566-8691 to be rescheduled with another physician in the practice or to facilitate transfer of your medical records to another practice.

ALL Studio & One Bedroom Apartments

Advertise in Call the Experts

Take advantage of these great rates! 5 LINE ADS Readers reached 70,854 115,945 326,067

Cost $26 $44 $7314

Call ing about sav re! o m n e ev

Johnstown, Ohio 1BR, Single Story Private Entry, Quiet Property, Great Location YES, IT DOES PAY TO COMPARE Call Now! 740-967-6969

û NORTH - off 161 û


Easter services

in the special Worship directory.

IMPORTANT DATES: Thursday papers: Publishes: April 14 and 21 Deadlines: April 8 and 15 Sunday papers: Publishes: April 10 and 17 Deadlines: April 6 and 13

Call (740) 888-5003

W of 71, North Meadows Blvd. 1 BR $385 Completely renovated Call 614-937-5186 or 614-679-9557




Call Scott Braumiller Real Estate Agent

Pick-Up & Delivery Only (40 lbs & under) Westerville Area

Office: 614-766-5330 ext. 150

12 yrs experience

7239 Sawmill Rd., Suite 210, Dublin, Ohio 43016

Call Tracy at



Cell: 614-581-1661

2BR Townhouse, 1.5BA starting at $595, Pet Friendly, W/D Conn., Garages, Private Entrance, Patios Brady Commons Apts. " 614-891-6265 " Westerville Senior Housing NOW ACCEPTING SECT. 8 APPLICATIONS (62 Years and Older) Efficiency & 1Br Apts. 614-899-1997 TDD: 1-800-221-3676 Equal Housing Opportunity

Each Office Independently Owned and Operated


Call (740) 888-5003 today!

Advertise your

1 BR townhouse w/patio, appls, A/C. Johnstown area. Minutes s to all your shopping needs ACT NOW! $389/mo. Water & trash included.




* (740) 967-1233 *


Location: Quarthouse Mansion on 303 S. Front St., Columbus, OH. Portions of the proceeds will benefit: Columbus Youth Expressions and The Trevor Project. Tickets $30 on Eventbrite or at the door.

Cash paid for your Unwanted Restaurant Equipment. 1 piece or your entire restaurant. 614-898-6965 or 614-843-9096

American Bulldog Pups NKC reg. bully types, 2 F/2 M, brindle & white, dew claws, Your home country in your POP, $350. home! Call 740-815-1239 Enjoy your favorite chan nels from back home. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD DIRECTV offers a huge se AKC/ASCA, Champion lection of packages offer bldns, Red Merles & Black ing news, sports and enter Tri’s, 10 mos old. Must tainment from countries sell! $225 obo. Call 937and regions around the 652-1271 or 937-206-8995 world - including South Bernese Mountain Dog Asia, China, Korea, Viet Pup - Male born on nam, Brazil, Philippines 1/11/11, 1st shots, perfect and Russia. Plus, get bo ly marked, both parents nus channels at no addi are registered, loveable tional cost with any interna - personality. Call 419-835tional package. 7306 or 740-482-2876. 1-866-528-5002 Promo Target your customers with Code: 34933 ThisWeek Community

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WESTIES - AKC 8 wks, small, calm, sweet, non-shed Many happy buyers over 25 years! ! Home raised ! 1 M $600, 1 F $750 Vet checked & shots - 419-368-7807

DELAWARE CITY 3 & 4 BR, 2.5 BA Homes 2 car att gar. $1250-$1675. Deposit required. Lease option available. Available after 4/1. Call 614-325-3683. GAHANNA SCHOOLS Great location, close to Easton. Monthly rent $900, 3BR ranch, fenced in back yard, 1 car garage. Call 614-506-1244. Great 3 Bedroom in Westerville Schools! 3 BR, 2 BA ranch home on quite street in familyfriendly neighborhood. Fenced back yard, patio, 1car garage w/opener, hdwd floors, newer kitchen appliances, incl. dishwasher and microwave. Finished full bsmt with w/d hookups. Rent $995. Call 614-783-4372 before it’s too late!

BULLDOGS SCHNAUZER MINIATURE Olde English Puppies AKC registered, very calm, HOUSE FOR RENT M/F - merle, red, shots, excellent temperament, 2BR, 1 car garage, full wormed, reg (NDR). champion bloodlines, fami basement, $525/month. ALSO Brindle 8 mo F, ly raised. 614-873-8837 Call 614-889-8650. 2025 TUPSFIELD RD. spade, hsbrk, microchip. RANCH - 3+Bedrooms, 2 $800 & up. (740)625-7364 HOUSE FOR RENT full baths, remodeled kitch 3 BR, 2 car garage, full DOBERMAN PUPPIES en, full finished basement, basement, Olentangy AKC, champion line, pa large private fenced yard, School Disctict, $550/mo rents on premises, quiet street. Priced Call: (614)889-8650. up-to-date on shots, reduced to $79,000. 10 weeks, $600. NEW ALBANY Call Lynn 614-783-2772. Call 740-816-2936 Cozy 2BR ranch, 7197 Hillmont. Golden Retriever AKC Pup $1195/mo. pies. $400 for females SHIH-TZU PUPS Call 614-395-8851 $350 for males. Check out Purebred, ready now! our website New Albany schools, 3 BR SUNNY FLORIDA House, grt loc, fen’d kyard, 740-998-9027 19 Unit Mobile Home Park, or call 740-275-2843 1 car gar., close to freeway steady income, water front. Weimaraner AKC Puppies & Easton. $1150/mo. Visit: www.kibsfishcamp.c for sale. We have 9 pup Please call 614-506-1244 if om; 772-215-2757 for info. pies for sale-3 silver fe interested. Move in Sale price $439,999. males and 6 silver males. available July 10th. Both parents in house. All New Albany Schools pups are AKC registered. Exec. House,4 BR,2.5 BA, Tails docked, dewclaws re 2-car grg, fin bsmt, moved, wormed and first ARIZONA LAND LR, FR, fen yrd, deck, shots. Family raised. Will LIQUIDATION kit appl incl, $1395/mo. be ready for your loving Starting $99/mo., 1 & 2 Golden Retriever Puppies û 614-855-9373 û home March 31. Please 1/2-Acre ranch lots Champion lines, home call 614-336-8799 for more 1 hour from Tucson Int’l raised, vet checked, information. Airport NO CREDIT certified healthy, written CHECK Guaranteed guarantee, $900 each. IX IT Financing, Money Back Call È330-679-2180. Dunbar Plaza Guarantee. 1-800-631-8164 UILD IT IRISH WOLFHOUNDS-AKC $99 MOVES Code 4001 REG. 2 MALES, 12 YOU IN! MONTHS OLD, POP, MPROVE IT m We are currently leasing SHOTS, $400,. (740) 8151 bdrm apts on the 7457 Morrow County - 42 Acres ThisWeek Community Northeast Side of on country rd. Hay field Columbus. Our garden Newspapers is your & woods, new barn, style apts feature stove, community source. beautiful setting. $175,000. fridge, and a/c. Call 740-548-4237 Community news 614-847-0777 1870 Dunbar Dr. Sports Columbus, OH EASTON - GAHANNA Videos SCHOOLS Spac. 2BR, 2 full BA Contests Front porch/balcony, fitness ctr. Pets welcome. $695/mo. Call 614-738-2075.

Wipe Out Credit Card Debt! STOP Garnishments, Repossessions, Foreclosures & Harass ment! Attorney Driven - Na tionwide Offices FREE Consultation! Se Habla Espanol Call Now - 888-476-3043

Piano – Welmar by Bluthner, upright piano. Great condition polished dark case, w/adjustable bench. $1200. 614-598-2112.

LABRADOR RETRIEVERS Black & yellow, AKC & UKC registered, 30 month health guarantee, visit: ww or call 740-988-4745 or 740-5777299. Mention ad receive $100 off!

Real Estate

REFRIGERATED TANDEM AXLE TRAILER ON WHEELS 6 ft x 10 ft For sale or rent 937-212-8357 or 937-669-COLD

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Both Spring (Mar. 19 & 20) & Autumn (Aug. 26 & 27) Tickets. Great Seats. 740-393-3204.

Community news Sports Videos Contests

NOR-LAKE WALK-IN COOLER/FREEZER w/ refrigeration & 4 stainless steel doors 56 ft x 22 ft x 10 ft price negotiable 937-212-8357


Bristol NASCAR Race Tickets.

BICHON FRISE PUPS 3 M, 16 weeks, purebred, shots & wormed, $300 each ! ADORABLE ! & home-raised 740-522-1323 (Newark area)

DIRECTV DEALS! FREE Movie Channels for 3 mos Lennox Commercial Roof - starting at $29.99 for 24 Top AC Unit, 07-08, 10 -25 mos -210+ Channels+FREE DIRECTV Ton, Gas & Elec. 460 Volts, CINEMA plus, Free Installa - Call Nate 614-805-8547 tion! Limited time only. New Cust only.

Kingwood Cemetery on Rt. 23 - 2 side by side hillside plots. Overlooking scenic area. $3,000 for both. 614-599-5400

DONATE YOUR VEHICLE 614-946-3846. Receive $1000 GROCERY We’ll beat anyone’s price! COUPON. UNITED BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION. Free Mammograms, Breast Medical-Mobility Go Go Cancer Info Elite 4-wheel travel scoot FREE Towing, Tax Deducti - er. Approx. 4 yrs old, GC, ble, Non-Runners orig. cost over $1,200. Ask Accepted. 1- 877-632-GIFT ing price $725. 614-8861317, leave callback #

Shade Publishing’s One Yr. Anniversary Celebration/ Fundraiser Casino Night March 26, 2011 8pm -12am

CONFERENCE TBL 14’, boat-shaped, cherry mahogany, exc cond. Seats 12-14, has metal pedestal legs, inclds 12 matching table pads. New: $5,000; Now: $949. DESK Danish modern teak for SOHO, exc cond, has 4-6 modular units, forms L-shaped work station. Contemporary design has Advertise your product or center corner tbl w/ corner service nationwide or by hutch, 2 interchangeable region in up to 12 million side tables & 2 hutches w/ households in North Ameri - shelves/cabinet. Cutouts ca’s best suburbs! Place for computer cables. New: your classified ad in over $2,350; Now: $1,650 (all 6 815 suburban newspapers units), $1,200 (4 units). just like this one. Neg. No returns. 614-353Call Classified Avenue at 1549, after 6pm 888-486-2466 or go to ww 100% Guaranteed Omaha Steaks - SAVE 64% on the Family Value Collection. NOW ONLY $49.99 Plus 3 FREE GIFTS & right-to-thedoor delivery in a reusable cooler, ORDER Today. 1-888-702-4489 mention code 45069SVD or www.O

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614-946-3846 ADOPTION- A loving alter native to unplanned preg nancy. You choose the family for your child. Re ceive pictures/info of waiting/ approved couples. Living expense assistance. 1-866-236-7638

March 17, 2011


Office Space 576 Charring Cross Behind Roush Honda and next to Kinder Care 2-Suites with 1800 sq. ft. 4-2 to 3 room offices 400 to 700 sq. ft.


Rents are based on 30% of adjusted income & includes all basic utilities To qualify you must be at least 62 or are disabled/handicapped

Call Mon.-Fri, 9-1 614-863-6478 • TTY 800-750-0750 Visit us at

$7 per Square Foot 1 MONTH FREE Please Call

(614) 296-9000

Linden Office Space Well-established prof. building Space available alongside long-term medical leasers Total 3,500 sq ft can be divided, ideal for general office, optometry, real estate, medical supplies, etc. Will negotiate monthly rate. 1570 Cleveland Ave. 614-278-6033

Classifieds sell (local call)

(740) 888-5003

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Westerville

March 17, 2011

Professional Office Building Long-term medical leasers Immediate positive cash flow, newly remodeled, excellent cond, appr. 28,000 sq. ft, 3 flrs, elevator 1570 Cleveland Ave Located in renovated Linden area Busline, spacious parking Possible owner financing Priced below market value Contact Matt 614-716-0509

EARN UP TO $ 250 PER WEEK! Take that family vacation you’ve always dreamed of!

Independent contractors needed to deliver The Columbus Dispatch.

Linden Area 2 lots for sale Residential, near busline, hospitals and churches, ideal for small homes, below market value, $3,800 for both (neg) avail together or separate.


Requires early hours, ability to work on your own and dedication. Dependable transportation required Call For More Information or visit our website www.dispatch. com/delivery

(614)461-8585. To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call

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School of Rock Franchises Available in most areas! "The Coun try’s Preeminent Rock usic School for kids ages 7-17"The Washington Post. 877-556-6184

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KEYSTONE 04 COUGAR M-290EFS 5th Wheel. Must see! Super clean, only 3,000 miles on tires, $14,995. Call 614-891-2779

**2011 POSTAL JOBS!** $14 to $59 hour + Full Federal Benefits. No Expe rience Required. NOW HIR ING! Green Card OK. 1-866-477-4953 ext. 95


A Job Well Done Again

DAYCARE PROVIDERS & PRESCHOOLS Take advantage of our great childcare rates! (740) 888-5003

Tax Prep. & Accounting Professional & affordable. Free e-file & prior taxes. 614-794-1958 or 440-1934

Home Health Care in a Pri vate Home for the Elderly. House call physician avail able. Wheelchair bound welcome. 614-337-7403

"LET THE EXPERT DO IT" STEVE’S BASEMENT AND DRAIN TILE REPAIR Downspout Drain Lines Sump Pumps French Drains Basement Repair Waterproofing 34 Years Journeyman Pipe Filter FREE ESTIMATES! (614)352-1075


A JOB WELL DONE AGAIN Custom Carpentry/Repairs

614-235-1819 DAYCARE PROVIDERS & PRESCHOOLS Take advantage of our great childcare rates! (740) 888-5003

$29/Hour Labor

CENTRAL OHIO CHIMNEY SWEEP Stove Maint/Safety Inspect Fireplaces $70, Wood Stoves $85, Inserts $125 Call Paul 614-769-6144

CHIMNEY REPAIR SPECIALISTS DM Thompson Masonry TUCKPOINTING, Liners Rebuilds, Sweeping Call 614-263-1272

High Quality, Trustworthy House Cleaning Reasonable Rates. ALPHA CLEANING 740-892-2893

Hastings Construction CONCRETE WORK DRIVEWAYS 18X40, $3500 PATIOS 16 X 20, $1750 FREE ESTIMATES Lowest Price! No Deposit! Call Shawn 614-516-8398 www.hastings RONNIE (614)870-9228 GALLION CUSTOM CONCRETE LLC Decorative concrete, drives, patios, remove & repair. 30+ yrs exp.Lic/Ins. Member BBB. Reputation built on qual. www.gallion


A Professional Service for the "particular". Exc Ref. Reas. Rates, Bond/Ins. MARGARET’S UPSCALE CLEANING 846-2377

DRIVEWAY SPECIAL, Patios, Stamped/Color, Lic/Bonded/Ins, Visa/MC BBB, 614-794-0207 Driveways, Patio’s & more Free estimates call


Ronk Construction

Let me help you make $$$ ûûûûûû Prospecting, outgoing calls Joint ventures, filing, researching, 614-607-8639 To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call (740) 888-5003 (local call)

(614) 260-8866 Licensed & BBB A+ rated member B & C Decorative Concrete Color & Stamped Concrete Licensed, Bonded, Insured Call 614-384-3447 or visit: DAN FEW CONCRETE 38 Years in Central Ohio. Drives, Walks, Pole Bldg, BB courts. Lic/Bond/Ins. Call 614-575-8561

STILES OF OHIO, INC. "Interior Solutions." Prompt, clean, courteous. 614.738.9595 Drywall & Plaster Repair Textured Ceilings

Affordable Prices! Call Randy (614) 551-6963




T TT!!26 Years Experience ET E W WPAIIN N A P

INTERIOR Ceiling, Walls, Trim Drywall & Plaster Repairs Cabinet Refinishing/Painting Drywall Installation Epoxy Coatings & Water Sealant Concrete - Basement - Garages Staining

EXTERIOR Trim, Stucco Walls & Siding Aluminum, Wood, Vinyl Restoration Decks & Porches/Wood Replacement Windows -Caulking, Glazing, Painting Powerwashing

Clean, Professional, Quality

Call Dave 614-582-5938 or William 614-596-3180 Email:

Lead Certified, Insurance Work Welcome

HAHN’S ELECTRIC Quality work & materials at affordable prices. OH LIC 20240, Insured, 614-237-3524

JWC Electrical "No job too small" Lic/Ins, Res/Comm, Senior disc, 614-296-0902

Bobcat & Backhoe Service FREE Estimates µ Footers Trenching µ Post Holes Final Grades µ Reseeding Concrete µ Foundations 1-740-467-3939

Ceramic Tile, Carpet, Hardwood floors, kitchen & bath remodeling Basement Finish Insured. Free Estimate Call 614-406-0488 Hardwood Flr Resurfacing ONLY 99c PER SQ. FT. FREE ESTIMATES Call Fabulous Floors 614-824-7484

Accurate Garage Doors Service call only $25 Broken spring? Problem with Openers? 24/7 Svc µ 614-888-8008 $10 Off Svc call w/ ad

Did you know: you can place your ad online? Go to: and click on CLASSIFIEDS!

Repair Specialists/Chimneys

614-235-1819 To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call (740) 888-5003 (local call)

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Browning Silver Series 15 gun safe. $400. Exc condition! SOLD - SOLD - SOLD

or bath remodel. A $169 Value! SPONSORED BY:

PC Repair at your home. Call Kevin at (614)580-5189

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FREE FAUCET w/every kitchen

To advertise your expertise, call (740) 888-5003 or toll-free (866) 790-4502.

TV & Computer Repair Inexpensive, on site repair only. Same Day Service Call for pricing 614-313-8457

Boost your home improvement business

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Earn up to $150 per day Undercover Shoppers Needed to Judge Retail & Dining Establishments Experience Not Required Call Now 1-877-737-7565

CARPET 3 ROOMS $599 INSTALLED For details 614-365-9603

1-DAY OHIO CONCEALED CARRY CLASS Dates: Sun Mar 20 Sat Apr 16 $110.00 in Newark Ohio PH# 740-422-9644

**2011 POSTAL JOBS!** $14 to $59 hour + Full Federal Benefits. No Expe rience Required. NOW HIR ING! Green Card OK. 1-866-477-4953 ext. 95

CALL THE EXPERTS Ready for TAXE$?? Annalex Financial Services Tax Prep, Bookeeping & Business Consulting. free consult (614 )439-3069

Central Ohio Garage Door BROKEN SPRINGS? BEST PRICES IN TOWN! 17 Years Exp, BBB 614-440-DOOR (3667)

Paige Gutters/ Drains $10 off with ad 5% Senior Discount Seamless Gutters: Installed, screened, Cleaned

Underground Drains: Snaked, Repaired, Replaced

5542019 BENCHMARK ROOFING We are your EXCLUSIVE Central Ohio Dealer for


AAA AFFORDABLE Dumpsters. Do you have junk, trash, yard waste, roofing? We can help you! We have 5-20 yard dumpsters. Call Today Visa/MC Accepted Dave & Becky: 614-476-3626 1-800-GOT-JUNK? (1-800-468-5865) We bring the labor! Home or office * Able Hauling * Clean-ups, clean-outs, whole houses. All Real Estate services, Senior discount. 291-3867 C & J HAULING Estates, Dumpster Rental, Clean-outs; Bsmt, Garage, Yard, Brush. Bonded. 24/7 FREE EST, 614-237-3903 Gilbert Hauling All Types Bobcat, Demolition, Dumpsters 614-207-3554 or 614-476-1689 T & C Hauling: Clean Outs, Yard Waste, Furn. Appl, Junk Removal. Free Ests. Call: 614-561-1209

Call TIM the HANDYMAN You buy it ~ I install it! Plumbing, electric, ceilingfans, garage openers, etc. 12 yrs exp.*614-370-1957 You buy it, I’ll install / remodel it You break it, I’ll fix it, references. A & A Handymen. 614-446-6551

BOB TEAGUE Ceiling fans, Electrical, Phone & Cable Jacks, 30+Yrs., 614-478-2100 To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call (740) 888-5003 (local call)

EXPIRES 3/31/11

Insured • Licensed

Concepts in Construction No Job Too Small or Big Interior/Exterior Custom Kitchen & Baths Roofs. Siding. Windows. Electrical & Plumbing Floors. Doors. & More Lic/Bnd/Ins (614) 206-8118 STEELE & ASSOCIATES The Home Repair People BBB & Angie’s List Approved

"CLASSIC LANDSCAPES " Spring Clean Up, Pruning, Mulch, Paver Brick Patios /Walkways, Design/Install FREE EST, 614-332-1498

J.P. Plumbing Repair Toilets, faucets, disposals, water heaters, & hose faucets. $65/hr. Jeff: 614-891-4131 Sat., Sun no extra charge!

Full Service Lawn Care Company For Commercial and Residential. 614-2712263 Call for Free Estimate

Jack L. Woods Plumbing Residential Plumbing Repairs OH Lic #25971 *882-9700*

1(740)927-9696 Room Additions * Screen Rooms * New Kitchens and Baths Ceramic & Hardwood Flrs NO JOB TOO SMALL! Carpentry ∂ Home Repair Renovations & Trim Detail 30+yrs. exp. Mike Gregory

û (614) 237-1795 û

Greg Mercer Construction all phases, repairs, electric carpentry, plumbing, drywall, painting No Job Too Small - (614) 755-4265

Stop Rising Gas Bills! BUDGET PRO Blown Insulation FREE EST, 614-237-4187

WESTERVILLE CO. Personalized service from a Westerville family land scape co. From spring cleaning to patio installa tion, WE DO IT ALL! BBB & Angies List Member Call Miller Landscapes of Westerville 208-1178

DIMAGGIO LANDSCAPE 10% OFF Powerwash w/Spring Clean-up Pavers/Stone Retaining Walls, Bobcat, BBB Visa/MC, 614-794-0207

CABLE LAWN CARE 12th Year Angie’s List Call David Cable

614-898-9543 JE Stenger Lawn Svc Tired of the Rest, Call the Best! Most Reas. Rates in Town Ins./Refs. Free Estimates O:794-2377 C:778-9099 SID’S LAWNCARE SPRING CLEAN-UPS û Mowing û Mulching û Lowest Price...Guaranteed! Sid - 614-562-7695 BBB


Take advantage of our great childcare rates! (740) 888-5003

24-Hour Emergency Service

AFFORDABLE LAW Divorce. Bankruptcy 842-7100 Atty. Lewis N. Osterman 1150 Morse Rd. Columbus BANKRUPTCY Chapter 7 or 13. Flat fees, Free consult, pymt plan, eve/wkend appts. 614-834-7110 $550 Flat Legal Fee * Chapter 7 Bankruptcy * 614-444-5290

BENCHMARK ROOFING Windows, Siding, Gutters & Toppers. All work Guaranteed. BBB, Licensed/Insured 90 & 180 SAC Financing Visa/MC/DC/AX Free Est. 614-236-2000

McAtee LLC for all your inhome and external water, sewer, and gas plumbing needs call 614.252.9400

Madison Plumbing Licensed & Insured ûFree Ests. û Call Today! Karl (614) 313-7806

#1 Professional Organizer ûûûûûû Bring peace to your home office,garage,basement,ect 614-607-8639 low rates!

CUSTOM COLORS SPRING SPECIAL FREE Gutter Cleaning & Powerwash with an Exterior Contract. Angie’s List , BBB,

PRECISION 1 Roofing, Siding, Gutters, Windows, Insulation. www.precision1home 614-578-3026


All Pro Roof Repair

A Budget Priced Company with Professional Quality. BUDGET PRO SIGN-UP in March & get a FREE POWERWASH w/whole house paint job. Ins/Free Est, 614-237-4187

32 years experience. Free estimates. Specializing in repairs and leak stops. 740-571-1010

A Job Well Done Again Painting, Powerwashing, Stucco & Drywall Repair, Gutter Cleaning, Carpentry. Need some thing done? Just ask! (614) 235-1819 Call Today! BUCKEYE PAINTING CO Average Room $89 Exterior Trim Ranch, $399 Insured, Bonded, BBB Scott, 614-402-4736 Painting Solutions LLC Schedule Exterior Painting and save 15%. Interior and drywall. Senior Discount. Trust the Pros not the Joes. Call 614-595-0864 PRECISION 1 Serving Central Ohio Since 1986! Interior specials! 10% off with this ad. Spruce up your interior this winter. 614-833-6000 "A" Rating on Angies List! PERSONAL TOUCH Int/Ext. & Faux Painting Wallpaper, Ins. Free est. 614-793-1925 or 260-4222 BRIGHTLINE FINISHES Spring special on ext. & int. painting. Drywall new/ repairs. Our goal is your satisfaction. 614-327-0996 TEAM A.C.T Custom Painting 26 Yrs Exp, Professional, ECO-Friendly Materials, Quality, 614-582-5938


Alexander Hauling Topsoil, Mulch, Limestone Gravel, Sand, Comtil Spreading Available Bobcat Services & Patio Excavations-(614)491-5460

Westerville Tree Service Tree Removal & Pruning Stump grinding. Seasoned Firewood. Certified Arborist Call David 882-3464 SID’S TREE CARE Tree Trimming, Removal & Pruning Lowest Price...Guaranteed! Sid - 614-562-7695 BBB

A-Accurate Tree FREE EST. Insured


STEELE & ASSOCIATES The Home Repair People

1(740)927-9696 Room Additions * Screen Rooms * New Kitchens and Baths Windows & Doors NO JOB TOO SMALL!

ALL REPAIRS DONE IN YOUR HOME Clean, Oil, Adjust $29.95 Repair/Service, Guarant’d 614-890-7362

ThisWeek covers the news as it happens.



A Division of Benchmark Contractors

Not sure if you have damage... We offer a FREE, NO OBLIGATION inspection • Award winning Co. w/a large referral base • 15 Yr Workmanship Warranty • GAF Master Elite Installer • Licensed, BBB member, Insured, & Bonded • Insurance Repair Experts








ThisWeek Community Newspapers Westerville

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$199* PER MO




















27 MPG




NEW 2011 AVENGERS UP TO $ 2,500 OFF!












NEW 2011 NITROS UP TO $ 5,200 OFF!





2011 RAM 2500 4X4 $36,245 AUTO SHOW SUPER SAVINGS -$6,345



*All rebates to dealer. 36 mons lease, 12,000 miles per year. $1,500 due at signing. **$2,380 due at signing. Plus tax, with approved credit. Offer ends 3/31/11. certified pre-owned


2007 CHRYSLER SEBRING STK #11120A .................................................................................................................... $9,925 2010 DODGE AVENGER STK #P3181...................................................................................................................... $12,925 2010 CHRYSLER SEBRING STK #P3194....................................................................................................................... $12,925 2008 DODGE RAM 1500 STK #11043A, ONE OWNER, LOW MILES ........................................................................ $14,905 2008 DODGE NITRO STK #P3217, 4X4, SHARP!! ............................................................................................. $15,925 2010 JEEP COMPASS STK #P3223........................................................................................................................ $16,325

certified pre-owned

2008 JEEP WRANGLER STK #11142A, CLEAN!..................................................................................................... $16,815 2010 JEEP PATRIOT STK #P3221 .................................................................................................................... $18,125 2010 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY STK #P3227, TOURING, POWER SLIDERS ........................................................................ $19,435 2008 JEEP COMMANDER STK #P3218, SUNROOF, 4X4 ........................................................................................... $19,625 2009 DODGE RAM 1500 CREW CAB STK #P3220, 4X4, DVD, BUCKET SEATS .......................................................................... $26,675 2010 JEEP WRANGLER UNLIMITED RUBICON STK #11143A, 6 SPD, BOTH TOPS ................................................................................... $27,905


Hours Monday - Thursday 8am - 8pm Friday 8am - 5:30pm Saturday 8am - 6pm Sunday 12 - 4

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Westerville

March 17, 2011

CALL 740-888-6054


Page D1

FAX 740-888-6006

Boys Basketball

Warriors expecting to return strong squad By SCOTT HENNEN ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Losing in a Division I district semifinal ended the season for the Westerville North High School boys basketball team, but it didn’t dash the team’s expectations. The Warriors finished 17-6 overall, losing to Gahanna 65-63 in overtime March 5 at the Fairgrounds Coliseum. The Warriors expect to return four starters, all of whom averaged in double figures or close to it, so the future

looks bright. Gahanna coach Tony Staib even took notice. “We had a lot of seniors who have led us all year, but Westerville North has a lot of good underclassmen,” Staib said. “(The Warriors) will be really good next year.” Those four returning starters are sophomore guards Adrian Cook (5foot-9) and Jack Gibbs (5-11) and junior forwards Matt Rhodes (6-5) and Taivion Thomas (6-5). Gibbs was second-team all-district and first-team all-OCC-Cardinal Divi-

At a glance BOYS •Record: 17-6 overall, 10-4 (tied for second) in OCC-Cardinal •Seniors lost: Tucker Arthurs, Drake Jackson, Garrett Lieb •Top returnees: Adrian Cook, Jack Gibbs, Matt Rhodes and Taivion Thomas

sion, leading the team in scoring (18.1 points), assists (4.5) and steals (3.7) per game. Rhodes was third-team all-district and first-team all-league, averag-

ing 15.8 points and 4.4 rebounds while making a team-high 52 3-pointers. Thomas was second-team all-league and averaged 12 points, a team-high seven rebounds and 2.2 steals. Cook was honorable mention all-league, scoring 9.7 points per contest with 3.4 assists and 1.3 steals. “I think (the district semifinal loss) is something we can build on,” said coach Kevin Thuman, who finished his 16th season leading the program. “They probably don’t want to go through this feeling again. If they make

the right decisions in the offseason, they can do even better next year.” The Warriors finished 10-4 in the OCC-Cardinal to tie Olentangy Liberty and Westerville Central for second behind Westerville South (13-1). Dublin Jerome and Dublin Scioto tied for fifth at 4-10 followed by Olentangy (3-11) and Marysville (2-12). North had three seniors in 6-2 forward Tucker Arthurs, 6-5 center Drake Jackson (4.5 points) and 6-3 forward See NORTH, page D2


‘Old Barn’ remains Young at heart We are in the final days of one of my favorite times of the year — the district and regional boys basketball tournaments in the Fairgrounds Coliseum. Over the 16 years that I have written for ThisWeek Community Newspapers and the 43 years that I have been part of the media covering these exciting games, I have talked about these special days that LARRY those of us who love LARSON these events get to spend together for three or four weeks. It is a homecoming for a group of individuals who work very hard to make these games enjoyable for the teams, coaches and fans. Of these individuals, none has worked harder for the past two decades than tournament director Ralph Young, who is retiring after the games this weekend. He has dedicated his life to the betterment of the world of education and has been a wonderful, soft-spoken leader for all of us who work this tournament. “I can honestly state that I have enjoyed coming to this tournament every day,” said Young, who was business manager for seven years before beginning his 12-year stint as tournament director, following the late Bill Alspach. “When I am asked about what I will remember most about this experience, it is real simple. It is the people that I have enjoyed most and I thank God that I can remember most of them. “It is the coaches, the officials, the kids, the workers and the fans that have made this so memorable. I have really loved every phase of the job I have been assigned to do and one of the main things I have learned along the way is that every person that works with you is unique and if you just stand back and let them do their job, what a job they will do. We haven’t really changed much over the years, but I feel that if the wheel isn’t broke, you don’t need to fix it.” Reflecting on his tenure at the Fairgrounds, Young said, “This has been such a great staff to work with and I learned so much from Bill Alspach. He taught me the importance of being a good listener. He taught me to let people talk and express their views and he told me about how much you can learn from that. It was so great to work with Bill and I miss his friendship, but my wife, Nancy, and I still have Bill’s wife, Polly, to share stories with and that is a treasure to us. “Polly is just as much a fixture at the (Fairgrounds) that Bill was and we love having her with us at the games. I also am so blessed to have had Nancy right by my side through all these years. She has been such a help to me. She has shared her honest opinion on things involving the tournament and has been so great in helping me remember

By Adam Cairns/ThisWeek

South players rub the head of assistant coach Brad Burris after the Wildcats won a Division I district championship with a 69-54 victory over New Albany on March 11 in the Fairgrounds Coliseum. South plays Liberty Township Lakota East in a regional semifinal Thursday, March 17. Follow the Wildcats at

Boys Basketball

Wildcats advance to regional By JEREMY STEWART ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Despite having several highly talented rosters over the years, the Westerville South High School boys basketball team hasn’t always fared well in the Division I district tournament. But the top-seeded Wildcats made sure this wasn’t one of those years, as they beat eighth-seeded New Albany 69-54 in a district final March 11 in the Fairgrounds Coliseum to capture their first district championship since 2008 and their third overall. The victory pushed the win total for 24th-year coach Ed Calo to 333.

“We’d like to have 20 district titles,” Calo said. “But we only have three. We’ve had some great teams in the past. I think that we’ve had great seasons, but something always seems to happen down here (at the Fairgrounds). I’m happy for our kids that they worked so hard to get this one.” South, which improved to 23-1, advanced to play Liberty Township Lakota East in a regional semifinal at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 17, at the Fairgrounds. The winner plays Gahanna or Northland in a regional final at 7:30 pm. Saturday, March 19, at the Fairgrounds. The regional champion advances to a state semifinal at 8:30 p.m. March 25

at Ohio State. Lakota East defeated Cincinnati Princeton 48-36 in a district final March 12 to improve to 23-1. The Thunderhawks are making their first trip to regional since the school opened in 1997. Their lone setback was a 66-65 loss to Middletown in their regular-season finale Feb. 18. Lakota East is led by 5-foot-11 senior guard Michael Boyd, who is averaging 12.7 points and 4.2 assists. His scoring totals have fallen off in the postseason, however, as he was held to six points against Princeton and seven points in a 45-32 win over Cincinnati St. Xavier in a district semifinal March 5.

As teams have focused on stopping Boyd, other players for Lakota East have stepped up, including 6-0 senior forward Jalen Goodwin, who averages a team-high 5.4 rebounds and had 12 points against Princeton. South has dealt with similar issues as opponents have focused on stopping guard Traevon Jackson, who averaged 18.3 points during the regular season but had 13 points against New Albany. Jackson had only seven points before making six free throws during the final 1 minute, 15 seconds. South led New Albany 16-11 after See SOUTH, page D2

Boys Basketball

Coach: Central made strides this season By FRANK DiRENNA ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Chances are Westerville Central High School boys basketball coach Todd Minney and his team won’t forget this season anytime soon. Faced with an 8-6 record and coming off back-to-back losses to Westerville South 73-53 on Jan. 21 and Westerville North 7770 on Jan. 25, the Warhawks reassessed their season and began what they called “the journey.” That journey included a ninegame winning streak and a berth in a Division I district final, where the Warhawks provided Northland — ranked second in the final state poll — a test before losing 65-62 on March 11 in the Fairgrounds Coliseum. Central, which lost to Northland 61-42 in a district final last season, finished 17-7 overall. “We’ve talked a lot about the journey,” Minney said. “The journey is just beginning, whether it’s basketball or a life journey. It’s learning from all the hard work that you put in and you reap what you sow. These kids are going to be, if not already, great See LARSON, page D5 people. I’m so proud to be a part

At a glance •Record: 17-7 overall, 10-4 (tied for second) in OCC-Cardinal •Seniors lost: Kamorin Harris, Quentin Henderson, Darius Johnson, Devin Mills, Orlando Shaw and Nick Vannett •Key returnees: Jared Edens, Christian Graves, Max Shawver and Tre Stennett

guard Tre Stennett hit two free throws and assisted on guard Jared Edens’ layup to give the Warhawks a 60-59 lead with 50 seconds remaining. With his team trailing 62-61, Burke made two free throws with 8.1 seconds left to put Northland ahead for good. The Vikings’ Lavonte Justice followed with a steal and was fouled, adding two free throws to help secure the title. By Lorrie Cecil/ThisWeek Point guard Quentin Henderson and Harris, seniors who Nick Vannett (left), Joleon Merchant, Kamorin Harris and Darius Johnson of Central struggle transferred from Northland folwith their emotions after a 65-62 loss to Northland in a Division I district final March 11 in the lowing their sophomore years, Fairgrounds Coliseum. led Central with 15 and 13 of them and I’m feeling lucky to its first district title. The After Northland guard and points, respectively. Guard Max have experienced the best chem- Warhawks led 55-54 after two Michigan recruit Trey Burke, the Shawver added 12 points. “I don’t feel like we were an istry team that I’ve ever had, and free throws by forward Kamor- district Player of the Year, folthey’re great, great kids.” in Harris with 2 minutes, 30 sec- lowed with a three-point play to See CENTRAL, page D3 put the Vikings ahead 57-55, Central fell short in its bid for onds remaining.

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Westerville

Page D2

March 17, 2011


Stephenson defends BYU’s strict student honor code Like many, Maggie Stephenson is curious to see how far the Brigham Young University men’s basketball team can advance in the NCAA tournament. The 2006 Pickerington High School Central and 2010 BYU graduate wonders how much of a run the Cougars can make without sophomore Brandon Davies, who has been suspended for the rest of the season. Davies, a 6-foot-9 center, was kicked off the team March 1 for violating BYU’s honor code by having premarital sex with his girlfriend. The university, located in Provo, Utah, is affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “When I first read about it, I felt bad for him,” said Stephenson, who had

classes with Davies and was a student teacher at his former high school in Provo. “I can’t imagine how he feels. “But when I heard all the negative things being said PAUL about BYU, it made BATTERSON me mad. I’ve heard people say, ‘Why would anyone want to play at BYU?’ I can tell you firsthand that playing for BYU was one of the best experiences of my life.” Stephenson was a catcher and utility infielder for the Cougars softball team the past two years. Although she

is not Mormon, she passionately defends her alma mater. And part of the reason why Stephenson, who is Catholic, said she enjoyed her time in Provo was because of BYU’s stringent honor code. Each BYU student — not just athletes — is asked to commit to nine principles. Among them: abstaining from tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and substance abuse, observing a dress code (no shorts above the knees and no midriff-revealing shirts) and grooming standards (no beards or mustaches), participating regularly in church services and living a chaste and virtuous life. Students also have to receive an “Ecclesiastical endorsement” from their

or call (877) 578-8547. Teams are limited to 40 players. Games will be played around Ohio in August. Alumni Football USA will provide the equipment.

Mike Barnett of the Westerville North High School football team has committed to Kentucky Christian. Barnett, a safety, made a team-leading 113 tackles and had three interceptions last season. “He was hurt part of last year and still played well, and opposing coaches raved about him,” North coach Mike Owens said. “I think he’s an excellent fit with (Kentucky Christian) coach (Mike) Furrey, so it’s exciting.” Furrey is a Hilliard native and former Cleveland Browns wide receiver. Kentucky Christian started its football program in 2008 and competes in NAIA as a member of the MidSouth Conference. Barnett joins North teammate Kalen King at Kentucky Christian. King signed with the Knights in January.

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Jay Bruce’s baseball camp is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. July 25-26 at Prasco Park in Cincinnati. Bruce will direct activities and provide instruction. The camp is open to boys and girls ages 6 to 14. For more information and to register, visit or call (888) 389- 2267.

Girls lacrosse club registering players


The Continental Amateur Baseball Association 18U Metal Bat World Series will be July 17-24 at the Bob Cene baseball complex in Struthers, Ohio. For more information or to register, visit or contact Ken Quinn at (330) 770-7157.

Reds outfielder to hold camp

Ohio Wesleyan senior Tyler Cordell, a DeSales graduate, has been voted first-team allNorth Coast Athletic Conference by the league’s women’s basketball coaches for the second consecutive season. Cordell, a 5-foot-11 guard from Columbus, averaged 17 points, five rebounds and 4.7 assists a game this season.

Midwestern Force Lacrosse, a girls travel club, is registering players for its summer season that begins June 1. Players are divided into three age groups: elementary (grades 15), middle school (grades 5-7) and high school (grades 8-11). For registration information, visit Informational meetings also will be held April 16-17 in Columbus. E-mail for details.

Alumni football games planned Alumni Football USA is organizing teams of former high school players who want “to play in one more full contact football game.” Players can sign up at

Continued from page D1 the first quarter before stretching its lead to 37-20 by halftime. Guard Stephen O’Daniel provided the second-quarter spark with back-to-back 3pointers. He had 10 points in the first half and finished with 12. New Albany cut its deficit to 46-41 with 37 seconds left in the third quarter, but guard Ben Jones made a layup as time expired in the third quarter to make it 48-41 and scored seven of the Wildcats’ first 12 points of the fourth quarter. Jones finished with a team-high 23 points. “We all just move the ball and everybody has confidence in everybody,” Jones said. “We know that we don’t have to rely on (Jackson) to score, and if

Metal bat Series scheduled for July

DeSales graduate earns NCAC honor

and to your team, but you’re making one to the whole community.” Stephenson said the honor code fosters a family atmosphere. “BYU is the first campus I’ve been on where I could walk up to any student, faculty or university personnel at any time and ask for help and immediately receive it,” she said. “I never felt scared at night and always felt safe.” In a society where rules are often winked at but rarely followed, it’s comforting to know characteristics like honor and sacrifice are not only enforced but also might be making a comeback.


Sports briefs Barnett commits to Kentucky Christian

religious counselor and non-LDS students have to undergo an interview with the school’s chaplain before gaining admission. No one at BYU is above the honor code. Last year, running back Harvey Unga, BYU’s all-time leading rusher with 3,455 yards, and his girlfriend, Keilani Moeaki of the Cougars women’s basketball team, were suspended for the same violation as Davies. Stephenson was sent back to her dorm from a testing center because her shorts were too short. “I never thought about the length of my shorts before I went there. I was always in cutoffs,” Stephenson said. “But when you’re out there, you’re not just making a commitment to yourself

he’s not doing it, then we’re going to pick him up and he’s going to pick us up later.” As unkind as the district tournament has been to South over the years, the regional tournament has been even tougher. The Wildcats lost to Mansfield Senior 67-65 in a regional semifinal in 1990 and, in 2008, beat Dublin Scioto 55-49 in a regional semifinal before losing to eventual state champion Newark 62-57 in a regional final. Northland, which is led by senior guard and University of Michigan-signee Trey Burke, improved to 23-1 after beating Westerville Central 65-62 in a district final March. 11. Gahanna, which is led by senior guard and Ohio University-recruit Stevie Taylor, beat Walnut Ridge 47-44 in a district

final March 12 to improve to 23-1. “It’s great,” Jackson said of winning his second district title. “We have another 16-team tournament. We just have to take it one step at a time. We’re happy to be back at practice and go out and play with intensity like we did (against New Albany).”

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Continued from page D1

that. They were leaders in every aspect.” Others expected to return are junior guard Zach Glenn (5-9), junior center Zack Nickels (65) and sophomore guard Darren Nettles (5-11).

Garrett Lieb (3.9 points, 2.3 rebounds). “Garrett, Tucker and Drake were great for us,” Thuman said. “They were leaders in the locker room, in practice and always making sure the kids had rides and little things like Becky is celebrating 30 years in newspaper advertising! Call for information on • Marketing strategies • Color • Ad design • Special sections


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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Westerville

March 17, 2011

Page D3


Online coverage, updated daily at

Continued from page D1

Top games GAMES OF THE WEEK BOYS: Gahanna, Northland and Westerville South will compete in the Division I regional tournament that concludes Saturday, March 19, in the Fairgrounds Coliseum. GIRLS: It’s on to the state final four. Games are Thursday, March 17, through Saturday, March 19, at Ohio State.

Top performances

recaps of the Division I district titles won by Gahanna, Northland and Westerville South. Girls Basketball: In-depth preview of Pickerington North’s return to the state tournament for the first time since 2007. Honorable Code: Maggie Stephenson, a 2006 Pickerington Central grad, defends her alma mater, Brigham Young University, in the wake of the suspension of men’s basketball player Brandon Davies for violating the school’s honor code. So Long, City League: The City League is now looking to fill a void with the retirement of two iconic coaches — Brookhaven girls coach Reggie Lee and Northland boys coach Satch Sullinger.

BOYS Westerville South’s Ben Jones contributed a game-high 23 points off the bench in helping the Wildcats beat New Albany 69-54 in a Division I district final March 11. GIRLS Pickerington North’s Jaila Quotable Kee-Bryant scored the Panthers’ “Finally. This is one way to first 10 points in the fourth quarter and finished with a team- get there.” — Marscilla Packer, a 2004 high 16 in a regional final March 11 as North beat Liberty Town- Pickerington North graduate ship Lakota East 52-40. and volunteer assistant coach for the Panthers. Packer, who played at Ohio State, lost four Top stories consecutive times in a regional Boys Basketball: Complete final.

Note of the week Laura Malernee, a 2007 Gahanna graduate and current senior at West Liberty (W.Va.) University, broke the all-time women’s NCAA record for most career 3-pointers made Feb. 2 with 398. Also that day, she set a new NCAA record for most consecutive games with at least one 3-pointer made at 82.

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GCSTO holding tryouts for swimmers The Greater Columbus Swim Team of Ohio (GCSTO) is looking for new athletes for its spring season, including its evening swim team programming and its daytime home school programming. New swimmers are allowed a week with the team to see what it has to offer before deciding to commit. The team practices at Columbus Academy, the Concourse Hotel Fitness Club and St.

Charles Preparatory School. The team also has started a scholarship program for students in Columbus City Schools. Athletes who have competed only for summer and high school teams, or those new to swimming, are eligible for the scholarships. For more information, contact GCSTO coach Steve Nye at (614) 4785445 or More information also is available at

underdog in this one,” Minney said. “I think our kids truly believe in who we are as a program and how hard we work in practice. We’ve gotten better in every single game this whole year. These kids are committed to being great players on the floor, great citizens off the floor, great people in the future.” Central earned the respect of Northland coach Satch Sullinger. “We played them last year and those kids are hungry,” Sullinger said. “They reminded me of the beginning of us when we started becoming hungry. Those kids are still crying. I wouldn’t want to run into them next year. They’re hungry. They held that hunger for a whole year.” Seeded 15th in the district, Central reached a district final by beating 12th-seeded Mount Vernon 70-57 in the first round Feb. 22, 10th-seeded Olentangy Orange 58-46 in the second round Feb. 25 and third-seeded Upper Arlington 59-56 in a district semifinal March 5. The Warhawks went 10-4 in the OCC-Cardinal Division to tie Olentangy Liberty and Westerville North for second, behind Westerville South (13-1) and ahead of Dublin Scioto (4-10), Dublin Jerome (4-10), Olentangy (3-11) and Marysville (2-12). Central loses six seniors in Harris, Henderson, guard/forward Darius Johnson, forward Devin Mills, forward Orlando Shaw and 6-foot-6 post player Nick Vannett, who has signed to play football at Ohio State. Henderson was named firstteam all-league, Harris and Vannett were second-team all-league

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By Lorrie Cecil/ThisWeek

Central’s Max Shawver scrambles for a loose ball with Kechaun Lewis of Northland on March 11.

and forward Christian Graves was honorable mention all-league. Harris, Henderson and Vannett were honorable mention all-district. Harris led the team in scoring, averaging 13.3 points, followed by Henderson (13) and Vannett (11.3). Harris led in rebounding, averaging six. “I love this team,” Harris said. “This is my first year playing varsity and I couldn’t be a part of a better group. I don’t regret anything that I’ve done this

whole year. I don’t regret anything this team has done. We had our ups and we had our downs. This wasn’t the best way to finish because we didn’t win, but I couldn’t be more proud for our team and our coaches.” Expected to return are juniors Edens, Graves, Shawver and Stennett, and sophomore Joleon Merchant (guard/forward).

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Westerville

Page D4

March 17, 2011

ThisWeek’s 2010-11 Super 12 WRESTLING TEAM The Captain

Brothers helped toughen Delande By JEREMY STEWART

About the athletes…

AL CASERTA Olentangy



Caserta blossomed as a senior, finishing 48-11. During the regular season, he placed second in the Olentangy Invitational on Dec. 4, the James V. Horning Memorial on Jan. 22 and the Delaware Invitational on Feb. 5 and finished third in the North Canton Hoover Invitational on Dec. 17-18. Caserta then capped his career with a strong postseason, winning the Division II sectional on Feb. 19 at Hilliard Bradley, finishing second at district Feb. 25-26 at Columbus East and placing fifth at state March 3-5 at Ohio State. “Al was a hammer for us all year,” coach Matt Hammons said. “He moved up to wrestle at 135 to help the team out in duals, and he had a lot of success at both 130 and 135. Al’s a wicked scrambler. When you get in a dogfight with him, most of the time you’re going to end up on the bottom.”

ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Although Chase Delande of the Hilliard Davidson High School wrestling team won the Division I state title at 145 pounds, he’s still going to be treated like the younger brother of Bo and Spencer. Both Bo Delande, a 2007 Davidson graduate, and Spencer Delande, a 2009 graduate, were state qualifiers as seniors, but neither made the kind of run the youngest Delande did at the state tournament March 3-5 at Ohio State. Chase went 4-0, defeating Massillon Perry’s Tanner Lemon 9-4 in the championship match. Although neither of his older brothers won a state title, they had an influence on Chase getting one. “Being the youngest brother, they would beat up on me sometimes,” said Chase, who has been named captain of the ThisWeek Super 12 wrestling team. “I think that’s what helped me a lot. It made me mentally stronger. I could take a beating.” Spencer often came to the practice room this season to help train his younger brother. With Spencer having a nearly 50-pound weight advantage, Chase had a difficult time trying to control his brother. And for Chase, control was what it was all about. “He’s great at turning people over,” coach Dominic DiSabato said. “He’s a strong kid even though he may not look like it. He’s tough. He’s really physical and he has that football player mentality where he’s going to make you feel pain.” The only central Ohio wrestler to capture a state title this season, Chase Delande earned his 100th career victory in his match against Lemon. The junior finished the season 46-2. His only losses were to Mentor Lake Catholic’s Matt Fee at the Brecksville-Broadview Heights Holiday Tournament, which concluded Dec. 30. After that tournament, Delande was unbeatable. He swept through the OCC-Central Division dual matches, defeated Grove City’s Robert Coles 14-0 to win the Marysville sectional title Feb. 19 and defeated Olentangy Liberty’s Ethan Snyder 10-4 to win a district title Feb. 26. The state title gave Delande a state championship in two sports. He was a cornerback for the Davidson football team when it won the Division I state title in 2009. “In wrestling, it’s more of a thrill,” Delande said of winning a state championship. “In football, it’s a long game, two hours. In wrestling, it’s six minutes and all eyes are on you.”

ANGELO DISABATO Hilliard Davidson



The son of the coach of one of the area’s premier wrestling programs, DiSabato beats opponents not only with skill, but with a deep knowledge of the sport. DiSabato capped a stellar season with a fifth-place finish at the Division I state tournament. He finished the season 50-5 and earned his second trip to the awards podium at state. He placed eighth at 103 as a sophomore. “One thing that he’s really benefited from is he’s a smart wrestler, and being around wrestling as long as he has, he understands situations,” said coach Dominic DiSabato, Angelo’s father. “There are not too many mistakes that he makes on the mat because he didn’t know the situation.” DiSabato was named the OCC-Central Division Wrestler of the Year in addition to winning sectional and district championships.

ThisWeek’s Super 12 team profiles the top high school wrestlers — regardless of weight class — in our coverage area. The team was determined by the sports staff and by nominations from area coaches.

Super 12 NAME Al Caserta Chase Delande Angelo DiSabato Travis Drumm Pat Elflein Trevor Fiorucci Noah Forrider Andrew Higgins Brady Hutchins Ryan Murdock Vince Pickett Bobby Smith


Dom Barlow Conor Driscoll Sufyan El-Geroushi Anthony Fosco Payton Gutierrez Josh Hall Caleb Hetterscheidt Evan Jackson Morgan Miller Tyler Miller Nathan Pressley Ryan Sanders Dan Satterthwaite Chris Settles Craig Thomas

152 145 Hwt. 135 103 112 152 215 189 152 Hwt. 215 215 Hwt. 152


Hilliard Bradley


By Eric George/ThisWeek

Chase Delande went 46-2 this season, capped with the Division I state title at 145 pounds.

Past Captains Westerville North’s Josh Demas (2009-10), North’s Jesse Dong (2008), Westerville Central’s Brendan Barlow (2007), Westerville South’s Anthony Ciraky (2006), Hamilton Township’s Nick Hackett (2005), New Albany’s Larry Reichard (2004), Westland’s T.J. Enright (2003), Hamilton Township’s Jason Hackett (2002), DeSales’ C.P. Schlatter (2000-01), Ready’s Tommy Rowlands (2000) and Pickerington’s Keaton Anderson (1999).



Elflein could be among the early favorites to win the Division I state heavyweight title next season following the graduation of Centerville’s Kyle Rose, who defeated him 7-5 in a district final en route to winning the state title this year. Elflein went 1-2 at state, but he was eliminated by a pair of eventual placers in matches decided by a combined three points. “That was Pat’s first time at state, so it was a good learning experience,” coach Brad Harris said. “Now he knows what he needs to do going forward,” Elflein, who packed on 40 pounds after his sophomore year, finished the season with a 35-9 record and set the single-season program record with 28 pins. He already has football scholarship offers from Indiana and Northwestern.

Canal Winchester


Central Crossing





Not only did Hutchins earn a 50-8 record but he did so in dominating fashion, pinning 41 opponents, which ranks him ninth on Ohio’s all-time season leader list. For his career, Hutchins compiled a 15648 record with 113 pins. His career pin total ranks 12th on Ohio’s all-time list and his win total was one shy of Seth Morton’s program record for career wins. “By earning six points with every pin, Brady has accounted for hundreds of team points for us,” coach Trent Brooks said. “Brady was an all-around dream to coach and he set the tempo for our team both on and off the mat.” Hutchins finished first in the Cambridge Invitational on Dec. 4, the Watkins Memorial Invitational on Feb. 5 and the Division II sectional Feb. 19 at Licking Heights. After placing second at district, he went 1-2 at state for a third consecutive season.


Murdock added to his résumé this season as both a Division I district and sectional champion. After finishing fifth at the state tournament at 103 as a sophomore, he placed sixth at 112 and finished this season with a 44-5 record. He entered state ranked second in Brian Brakeman’s High School Wrestling Forecast. “His goal was to win it this year, but it made it tough when he lost his first match (at state),” coach Bob Stoll said. “He’s got another year to try to do it. “He’s going to be a heck of a boost for our other guys next year as a leader.” Murdock, a three-time district qualifier, was first-team all-OCCCentral Division as the Shamrocks finished third (5-2) behind champion Hilliard Davidson (7-0).


Fiorucci added to his already impressive résumé this season, finishing with a 45-7 record and winning five tournaments. He won the Olentangy Invitational on Dec. 4, the North Canton Hoover Invitational on Dec. 17-18 and the James V. Horning Memorial on Jan. 22. He also successfully defended his titles at the Division II sectional and district tournaments. Having placed eighth at 103 at state in Division I as a freshman and second at 103 in Division II as a sophomore, Fiorucci went 3-2 and placed fifth at 119 at state this year. “Trevor was dominant all season, and his only losses were to studs in tough tournaments,” coach Matt Hammons said. “He’s a pinner. Whether he’s on top or bottom, there’s always a good chance that Trevor is going to put someone on their back and stick them.”


In Bradley’s first two seasons, Higgins became one of the wrestlers who would help lay a solid foundation for a successful program. He ended his prep career by becoming the program’s first state placer. Higgins placed third at the Division II state tournament, beating Medina Highland’s Tyler Bloniak 11-7 in the third-place match. Higgins had a 44-4 record this season using what coach John Riggs said was an unusual technique. “He has a very unique style where he uses a lot of scrambling,” Riggs said. “He’s great with his legs and with tilts. He’s able to put his opponents in situations that maybe they haven’t seen before.” Higgins won sectional and district championships en route to qualifying for state and was named the OCC-Capital Division Wrestler of the Year.


Sr. Jr. Sr. Jr. So. Sr. Sr. Sr. So. Jr. Sr. Sr. Sr. Sr. Sr.


Though only a sophomore, Forrider is a two-time placer at the Division I state tournament. As a freshman, he finished eighth at 119. This season, he placed sixth at 130 and finished with a 41-10 record. For his career, he is 85-18. This season, Forrider won the title at the Marysville sectional before winning the district title. He entered the state tournament ranked eighth in his weight class in Brian Brakeman’s High School Wrestling Forecast. “Noah is a huge part of our program as a competitor and a leader,” coach Shawn Andrews said. “His experience at the state level as a two-time placer is a great example to the kids on our team as to what it takes to be successful.”

Dublin Coffman

Heath Hilliard Bradley Hilliard Darby Olentangy DeSales Ready Olentangy Hartley Marysville Marysville Canal Winchester St. Charles Grandview Hamilton Township Olentangy Liberty

Pickerington North


WT. 130 145 119 215 Hwt. 119 130 152 125 112 160 103


Drumm upstaged Heath teammates Dom Barlow, a four-time state placer, and Mason Robinson at the Division III state tournament as the heralded trio concluded their careers with a combined 496 victories. Drumm was the Bulldogs’ top finisher, placing fifth to finish the season with a 34-3 record. He had eight postseason pins and won a district title Feb. 25-26 at Coshocton, where his father, Robin, died of a heart attack following one of his matches three years ago. “Of our three (state qualifiers), Travis was the most focused,” coach Roger Morgan said. “If he didn’t think he had a legitimate shot at winning (state), he wouldn’t be here.” Drumm, a two-time state qualifier who was a state alternate as a sophomore, finished with 160 career victories. He has signed to play football at Tiffin University.


YR. Sr. Jr. Sr. Sr. Jr. Jr. So. Sr. Sr. Jr. Jr. Fr.

Honorable Mention


SCHOOL Olentangy Hilliard Davidson Hilliard Davidson Heath Pickerington North Olentangy Marysville Hilliard Bradley Canal Winchester Dublin Coffman Central Crossing Ready



If high school wrestling fans didn’t know who Pickett was before the Division I district tournament, they quickly found out after he demolished the competition on the way to a district title, winning each of his four matches by tech-fall, major decision or pin. He beat Olentangy Liberty’s Nick Kaczkowski 13-0 in the final. “I always say you have to be good on your feet. You have to be good in escape and you have to be able to hold someone down. Vince is good at all three of those,” coach Jamie Ramirez said. “That makes him difficult to wrestle. He’s tall and lanky. He’s hard to shoot on and he’s got a great shot himself. Plus, he has a bit of a mean bone.” Pickett, who finished the season 50-3, placed fourth at the state tournament.



Not often does a freshman make as much of an impact as Smith did this winter. He helped the Silver Knights win the CCL title and then followed with a Division III sectional title and a third-place finish at district. Smith went 3-2 at the state tournament. He won his first two matches before losing his next two. He bounced back to pin Marion Pleasant’s Zon Fields in 4 minutes, 40 seconds to finish fifth. Smith, who finished with a 43-4 record, had lost to Fields in a semifinal at the district tournament Feb. 26 at Coshocton. “He’s a very determined wrestler,” coach Chance Van Gundy said. “I’m just looking forward to the next three years. I’ve had several freshmen come in that were good, but I don’t think any has been as special as Bobby.”

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March 17, 2011

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Sullinger, Lee will be missed on, off courts in City League It will feel a bit odd once the district basketball tournament rolls around next year. For much of the past three decades during February and March, one thing you knew you’d see was the intensity displayed by the Brookhaven High School girls team and its passionate coach, Reggie Lee. On a similar scale during recent years, the Northland boys team brought one of the best assemblies of talent in central Ohio history to the floor every night under larger-than-life coach Satch Sullinger. With both men having announced that they won’t be back next year as coaches, things won’t be the same in either sport. After Lee took over the Bearcats’ program in 1981, he did more than just win seven district titles, the 1996 Division I state championship and 515 games. With a style centered on showing tough love to his players during practices and timeouts, Lee helped to pioneer that females were capable of memorable exploits on the court when girls basketball still was in its infancy at the state level. “When I first started coaching, I coached boys, and I wouldn’t have coached girls if not for what (Pickerington North coach) Dave (Butcher) and Reggie did,” Gahanna girls coach Rick Hauser said. “What would Reggie have been able to do if he’d had a feeder program?” Sullinger first coached at the high school level with the Columbus East boys team from 198385 and helped rebuild the Beechcroft boys team into a City League-North Division power in the early 1990s. He took over a Beechcroft team that had gone 2-19 in 1990-91 and had the Cougars in the City title game in 1994. Sullinger then spent three seasons at Reynoldsburg and three at his college alma mater, Oberlin, before taking over Northland’s program in 2000-01. While it took time to transform the Vikings

into a winner, Northland’s run through the City — and central Ohio — has been memorable. With Division I college talent such as Devon Moore, J.D. Weatherspoon and Jared Sullinger, the Vikings won district titles in 2007 and last year and were state champions in JARROD 2009. They’ve also won 74 ULREY consecutive City games. What the two men provided off the court has been even more important. During his first season at Beechcroft, Satch Sullinger told The Columbus Dispatch that “I think my niche is here, where I can influence lives. I want to be an impact player.” With constant preaching about accountability and being a good citizen off the court, he did what he could to live up to that mantra. For Lee, helping his athletes and students pursue college educations has brought him as much satisfaction as the numerous victories he has earned on the court. Particularly in the City, the influences of Lee and Sullinger over the years can’t be underscored. There are some veteran boys coaches in the City who will remain, and there are some fine young coaches such as brothers Jason Bates of Walnut Ridge and Michael Bates of Africentric. One of the most respected girls coaches in the City will remain in Will McKinney, who often has called Lee one of his mentors. But in multiple aspects, the departures of Lee and Sullinger will create an unquestionable void. For the sake of central Ohio basketball — and for the development of young people who walk the halls at Brookhaven and Northland — let’s hope someone can come close to filling the shoes of Lee and Sullinger over the coming years.

to get all the little things done.” Much like the things I have written about the Fairgrounds and the thrills of the games played in this historic building,Young said it is the consistency that keeps these days so enjoyable. “You come back year after year and you see the same people in the same places,” Young said. “I have had the benefit of having guys like Dave Siess and Steve Kull working in the same position for every year. I

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see the same people on press row and it even goes so far that I can look at certain seats in the stands and see the same fans in those seats. Can you imagine if those seats could talk? What stories they could tell. What a history they could send to us of all the things that have happened since the first state tournament was held here in 1923. Some people call this the ‘Old Barn’ and maybe that is what it is, but this ‘Old Barn’ has been a great place for me to work for a long time.”

Thanks to Ralph and Nancy Young for making the Fairgrounds a great place to be for many years. There is no doubt that both will always be part of the high school basketball tournament family. They earned it. Best of life always. I’ll see you at the Fairgrounds. Larry Larson is a former athletics director at Grandview High School. He can be heard as “Mr. High School Sports” on WTVN 610 AM.


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OCSAA champions The Genoa Christian Academy basketball team won the state championship in the Ohio Christian School Athletic Association tournament Feb. 19 at East Dayton Christian. The Lions, who earlier won the Central Ohio Athletic League championship, captured the state title by defeating East Dayton Christian 70-29, Mars Hill Academy 56-37 and Lebanon Christian 55-47. Team members are (front row, from left) Jared Wolfe, Jacob Thompson, Nick Ruyack, Scott Hevel, Gabe Genovesi, Jacob Wolfe; (second row) coach Jim Yoder, Nahom Buckles, Nick Momeni, Kelly Atkinson, Tony Widdifield, Nick Lawless, Zac Asher, Michael Buckles, Joe Muench and coach Duane Yoder.



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March 17, 2011

Sports briefs GCSTO offers lessons, training The Greater Columbus Swim Team of Ohio (GCSTO) is offering swimming lessons, competitive stroke analysis camps, teen fitness programming and life guard certification training sessions this spring and summer at various locations around Columbus. For more information on the stroke analysis camps, contact GCSTO coach Steve Nye at (614) 478-5445 or For more information on lessons, teen fitness and lifeguard training, contact GCSTO instructor Erin Harris at (614) 582-2597 or More information also is available at


more information, contact Joseph A. Mahan, president of the Ohio Police and Fire Games, at (937) 335-4336 or


Schools announce coaching vacancies The following area schools are seeking coaches: Thomas Worthington — Assistant track and field specializing in pole vault. Send résumé to athletics director Dan Girard at or fax to (614) 883-2275. Westland — Volleyball. Send résumé to athletics director Greg Burke at

Club offers synchro lessons

Registration begins for police/fire games Registration is under way for the 2011 Ohio Police and Fire Games scheduled for June 1217 in Fairborn. All first responders are eligible to compete in the games, which will feature more than 40 events. A list of events, schedules and registration forms can be found at For

The Columbus Coralinas Synchronized Swimming Club is offering lessons from noon to 1 p.m. March 19 and 26 and May 7 and 14 at New Albany High School. Participants must be able to swim the length of the pool. For more information, visit, call (614) 488-6175 or email


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