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January 27, 2011

Charter change considered

Finance director could replace auditor By JEFF DONAHUE ThisWeek Community Newspapers

by city council. That person could also be terminated by the mayor, with the consent of city council. Much of the public meeting at Bexley High School was spent discussing the merits of an appointed director of finance versus an elected auditor. The Bexley city charter is being reviewed by the commission members for the first time in 12 years, and while a number of recommendations are expected to be forwarded to city council

Members of Bexley’s Charter Review Commission said Jan. 24 they are prepared to recommend the city’s elected auditor position be replaced with a director of finance, who would report directly to the mayor. Under the commission’s recommendation, the director of finance would be appointed by the mayor and confirmed

on March 1, none are as controversial as the debate over the auditor’s position. The 15-member commission has been reviewing the city charter, line by line, since November 2009. While the commission will forward its recommendations to city council, the members of city council will decide what issues, if any, are presented to voters. Bexley is currently served by parttime auditor Gary Qualman and Beecher Hale, a full-time finance director.

Commission members stressed that they were not unhappy with the performance of either of those individuals and that their decision is not personal. “This is in no way a reflection on our current auditor or previous auditor,” commission chairman John Offenberg said. “We have been blessed to have good people consistently.” However, Hale said that previous commission discussions had created an impression that his office has not commu-

nicated effectively with the mayor’s office. He said that impression was inaccurate and that he has a positive working relationship with both the mayor and city council. Commission members noted that most other central Ohio communities similar to Bexley (including Dublin, Gahanna, Grandview, Grove City, Hilliard, Westerville, Worthington and New Albany) See AUDITOR, page A3

Possible loss of estate tax revenue could affect land-use recommendations By TARA STUBBS-FIGURSKI ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Photos by Paul Vernon/ThisWeek

Jed Morison, right, the instructor for the Junior Dunkers basketball program, talks to participants, from left, Justin Ungericht, 7, Eleanor Ziance, 8, and Tommy Webster, 7, before a drill during the class at Montrose Elementary School on Jan. 22. The youth basketball program is in its 25th year.

‘Junior Dunkers’ program now in its 25th year By TARA STUBBS-FIGURSKI ThisWeek Community Newspapers

In 1986, Bexley City Council’s Jed Morison looked for a way to teach his son fundamental basketball skills. Finding nothing for 5- to 7-year-olds, he started the Junior Dunkers program. “To be candid, one of my kids was involved at the very beginning,” he said. “From talking to families and friends, I thought it might be fun … some noncompetitive (way) to teach fundamental basketball skills … a program for young boys and girls.” So Morison sat down with

then-recreation director John Barr and offered to establish the program. The 45-minute program is typically held in January. Morison describes it as a preliminary introduction to the game of basketball.” Morison had the chance to sit down and reflect on some of his participants over the years, many of whom have gone on to play basketball in high school or college. The list includes a professional baseball player and a heart surgeon. “That is obviously not the result of the program,” he said. See DUNKERS, page A2 Olivia Millard, 7, gets ready to take a shot.

The introduction of state legislation to abolish the estate tax could affect the city of Bexley in more ways than one. Bexley City Councilman Ben Kessler told members of the Land Use Strategy Commission on Jan. 17 he had intended to introduce an ordinance that would use a portion of the estate tax revenue to help finance the commission’s recommendations. But he decided not to do so after state leaders announced a plan to abolish the estate tax. Assistant House majority whip Cheryl Grossman (R-Grove City) and state Rep. Jay Hottinger (RNewark) jointly introduced legislation Jan. 12 to eliminate the Ohio estate tax, also known as the death tax. Over the past 10 years, estate tax revenues have accounted for approximately 17 percent of Bexley’s annual operating revenues. The land-use group was expected to present its final recommendation to Bexley City Council on Jan. 25. The commission began meeting in 2009 to develop long-term strategies for Bexley and recommendations for the next 10 years. “I had put together an ordinance that specified 15 percent of excess estate taxes, in excess of what was budgeted or anticipated, would be set aside for a redevelopment fund, to go toward redevelopment priorities as outlined in the plan,” Kessler said. Kessler said he met with other central Ohio communities in Upper Arlington to come up with

A closer look The land-use group was expected to present its final recommendation to Bexley City Council on Jan. 25. The commission began meeting in 2009 to develop longterm strategies for Bexley and recommendations for the next 10 years.

ways to engage the state legislature about the estate tax bill. Funding for the recommendations is up in the air, he said, adding he will have to go back to the drawing board and think of alternate funding, a daunting task given the city’s current economic conditions and a likely reduction or elimination of local government funds. Combining the loss of estate tax funds and the decrease in local government funds Bexley is looking at a revenue drop of $1.8-million per year, Kessler said. He was hoping the legislation he was set to sponsor would result in about $100,000 to $200,000 a year. “I have no clue where we will get the funding,” Kessler said. Many of the plans initiatives will require some funding. The commission has recommended that the city rewrite and modernize the city zoning code. That would cost roughly $40,000 in legal fees. “There are some improvements that have suggested greater opportunities for pedestrian access,” Kessler said. “That has a dollar figure attached to it.” See REVENUE, page A2

Bexley schools will maintain all-day kindergarten By TARA STUBBS-FIGURSKI ThisWeek Community Newspapers Even though Ohio Republicans are preparing legislation that could repeal the requirement that school districts offer tuition-free, all-day kindergarten, Bexley City Schools officials have no interest in doing away with the program. Rep. Randy Gardner, R-Bowling Green, is sponsoring legislation that

would repeal key elements of Ohio’s school-funding setup, including allday kindergarten. In addition to dropping the all-daykindergarten requirement, the proposed legislation would allow public schools that now charge tuition for the all-day program to continue doing so. Under current law, districts cannot charge tuition after this school year. Last February, the Bexley schools board voted down a resolution 3-2 to

ask the Ohio Department of Education to accept a waiver request for the program. Board members Marlee Snowdon, Carol Fey and Joan Fishel voted against the resolution; Craig Halliday and Diane Peterson voted for it. Under legislation passed in June 2009, the district could seek waivers for lack of space. New legislation passed in December 2009 as part of the state budget bill gives districts more flexibility to apply for and receive a waiv-

er. Superintendent Mike Johnson said even with the proposed bill he doesn’t anticipate school district officials changing their minds about all-day kindergarten. “We went ahead and implemented it this year when we knew full well we could have asked for a waiver,” he said. “Once implemented it is our position to maintain it and no one has given me any indication we are going to reverse

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our position.” Johnson said school district officials see the benefit of all-day kindergarten and he couldn’t anticipate a scenario where Bexley would quit offering the program even if the legislation passes. Snowdon said the district should “absolutely continue with our all-day kindergarten programming. “I was an advocate for all-day kinder-

ThisWeek Bexley

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Bexley

Page A2

January 27, 2011

New Albany approaches Cassingham Elementary to estate tax differently host Bully Proof Workshop Editor’s note: The Jan. 20 edition of ThisWeek Bexley looked at the potential impact on the city of Bexley if the state legislature eliminates the estate tax. In this article, Lori Wince reports on how New Albany handles the issue. By LORI WINCE ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Some communities in central Ohio are scrambling to patch holes in their budgets if the state legislature repeals the estate tax. But New Albany officials say that community is not one of them. “It really does depend on the community,” said Scott McAfee, communications director for New Albany. “A community like Upper Arlington is going to be greatly impacted. I think they get in excess of seven figures a year. … In 2010, we budgeted $100,000 and actually didn’t get any.” In New Albany, even though several residents have estates with estimated high taxable values, the village typically does not count on large revenues from the estate taxes. “The 2011 budget for estate tax revenues is zero,” McAfee said. “It’s not zero because we necessarily expected the state would get rid of it; it’s zero because our revenues were zero in 2010 and we figured not to assume anything for 2011. “If you go back, we’ve bud-

geted around $100,000 in the past and have been somewhat close to that (in estate tax revenues). But it’s never been a big revenue generating thing for New Albany.” Commonly known as the “death tax,” the estate tax was enacted in 1968, according to information from the Ohio Department of Taxation. Under current law, when a state resident dies and his or her estate has a taxable value of more than $338,333 and less than $500,000, a 6-percent tax is owed. Estates with a taxable value of more than $500,000 are taxed at 7 percent. Estates with a taxable value under $338,333 are exempt from paying the tax. The estate tax is paid to the treasurer of the county where the resident lived. Local governments share the tax, with municipalities and townships receiving 80 percent and the state receiving 20 percent. Ohio’s estate tax generated $333.8-million in revenue in fiscal year 2009, according to information from the department of taxation, and $269.4-million of that went to local governments. House Bill 3, which was recently introduced and has been assigned to the House Ways and Means Committee, would stop collections of the estate tax after Jan. 1, 2011, by making the bill, if it is passed, retroactive to that date. State Rep. Jay Hottinger (R-

DUNKERS Continued from page A1 “Kids have done very well with their lives. I’m proud to say that we have had the mayor’s children, the president of city council’s children and the city auditor’s children.” Morison, who has served as the coach since its inception, works on basic skill development: offense, defense and dribbling. At the end of the session, students break into games and play a game. When the program was started in the 1980s, participants used a gymnasium in Montrose that was much smaller than today’s gym. In the 1990s, there was a major renovation and the new gym was built; participants played at Maryland for awhile. “We came back to the new gym,

which has been terrific,” Morison said. When the program was started, there was no charge. At some point, Morison decided to charge a nominal fee and donate the proceeds to the recreation department to help students who otherwise could not participate. The cost for the three-week program is $25. Bexley recreation supervisor Barb Greiner said that by donating all the fees from Junior Dunkers to the Bexley Recreation Scholarship Fund, Morison continues his commitment to the welfare of children. “He is the best when it comes to instructing and introducing children to basketball,” Greiner said. There has always been plenty of space in the program, Morison said, saying that if necessary, extra

Newark), who co-sponsored the Cassingham Elementary School will host an legislation with Assistant House anti-bullying program, the Bully Proof WorkMajority Whip Cheryl Grossman A closer look shop, at the school on Monday, Feb. 7. (R-Grove City), said for years the Jim Bisenius, a central Ohio child and adotax has been a heavy burden on The parent workshop, covering how to lescent therapist, will meet with Cassingham people who inherit an estate and teach children to respond to verbal students and staff during the school day and has caused many people who own bullying, physical bullying, social bullypresent a program for parents in the evening. property to move out of state as ing and group manipulation, will be held Two Cassingham faculty committees — the they age so their families will not at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 7 in the Cassingham Social/Emotional Development of Youth and have to deal with the tax. Theater at 250 S. Cassingham Road. International/Multicultural — researched pro“I believe this is the most ungrams and secured funding from their school fair, egregious tax and it doubleand the school district to bring in the Bully well as a “Violence Prevention Award” from and triple-taxes people,” Hottinger Proof Workshop. the Licking County Mental Health Associasaid. Bisenius has 16 years of experience as a ther- tion. Ohio is one of only 20 states apist specializing “in teaching extremely tar“Students will learn what bullies look for in with an estate tax. Most do not regeted youth how to handle bullying situations,” their targets and action steps to take to control quire people to pay it unless the according to his web site. estate is valued at $1-million or their reactions to bullies. Our students will build more, Hottinger said. “Almost all students who target others are a sense of power in handling bullying situaOhio currently has the lowest also victims of bullying somewhere else in their tions and the ability to help someone who is a estate tax exemption in the counlives,” he said. “The techniques taught in the target of bullying,” said Eric Acton, Cassingtry. The average exemption amount student assemblies are important for both those ham teacher and the school’s Social/Emotionfor other states that have an estate who target, and those being targeted to prac- al chairperson. tax is approximately $1.7-million. tice and master.” The parent workshop, covering how to teach Hottinger said the reason the Bisenius earned a bachelor’s degree from children to respond to verbal bullying, physilegislation is requested to stop the Miami University and master’s from Ohio State. cal bullying, social bullying and group manipestate tax is because local govHe worked for nine years for Moundbuilders ulation, will be held at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 7 in the ernments are “unjustly benefitGuidance Center, a mental health services Cassingham Theater at 250 S. Cassingham ting” from it. provider based in Newark. Road. “I would argue that betting on His program has been used in some 450 For more information about the Bully Proof how many people will die in your schools and other outlets across the state. He Workshop, contact Amy Thompson, Bexley jurisdiction is not sound budgethas received a “Child Advocate of the Year” Schools Public Information Coordinator at keying,” he said. award from the Knox County community, as or 238-6663. Also, Hottinger said, estates for residents who died in 2009 and 2010 are still going through probate court, so governments will continue to receive those revenues when the cases are settled. “This is a matter of fairness,” Continued from page A1 funded with a TIF.” that the city can do on day one.” he said. Development of an Alum One of those recommendaBut those improvements could Creek Park would require some tions is restructuring city counbe funded through tax increment funding, but commission mem- cil committees to create a comfinancing in place for Main Street, bers are hoping to apply for grant mittee whose goal would be to he added. money. The good news is Bex- focus on implementing land-use sessions are added to accommoAnother recommendation ley owns most of the land along recommendations. date all kids interested in playing. would put a TIF district in place the creek so there would be no Some modernizing of the city’s Greiner said 18 to 20 children usu- on North Cassady or Livingston acquisition costs just infrastruc- zoning code would be done with ally participate in the program. Avenue and would also require ture costs, Kessler said. basic rewriting, by creating a Morison also stressed the im- funding for legal fees to estabThere are plenty of recom- mixed-use zoning district for portance of volunteerism . lish a mechanism for encourag- mendations that don’t require North Cassady, Kessler said. “Bexley has a lot of people who ing redevelopment. funding, including developing a “We could put that in place volunteer their time to any num“Livingston Avenue and the plan to attract users to the city and that would be a tremendous ber of things,’ he said. “I’ve vol- Ferndale/Mayfield area has a lot for development along Main benefit right off the bat,” he said. unteered for the last 25 years. This of recommendations that require Street. “Environmental protection for is one of those situations where I funding,” Kessler said. “Ex“The strategy works in a lot Alum Creek could be put in place get more out of it than the kids. I tending Charles Street to con- of different ways,” he said. “A inexpensively.” think it is a great thing we have nect to the rest of the city has an majority of the recommendations such great volunteers supporting infrastructure cost that could be are structural recommendations lots of different things in our community.”



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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Bexley

January 27, 2011

Page A3

When resources are scanty, just write the book yourself By ANDREW MILLER ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Susan Levine reads the book “Packard Takes Flight.” She wrote the book as a way to teach central Ohio children about Columbus landmarks.

child would use. “Packard Takes Flight” tells the story of a young Peregrine Falcon named Packard, who leaves his nest at the top of the Rhodes Tower for the first time and discovers several landmarks of Columbus. “I think it is really important to teach in a fun way,” Levine said. “This book is a chance to learn about the history of Columbus as well as the plight of the endan-

gered peregrine falcons. The book includes sidebars for all of the landmarks and historical references to allow parents the opportunity to share more in depth information with their children. After completing her manuscript, the process of finding a publisher felt very long. “Most publishers denied me based on the regional nature of the book; because of the economy, many weren’t taking unso-

Continued from page A1

licited manuscripts,” she said. Then Levine discovered The History Press, located in Charleston S.C., a publisher specializing in regional history and storytelling. Within two weeks of sending in her manuscript she had a contract. The book was released just in time for the holidays. The process from concept to completion took three years, but only six months once her publisher went to work on it. Levine found the book’s illustrator, Canal Winchester resident Erin Burchwell, by attending several meetings of the Central Ohio Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators ( This group meets monthly at the Upper Arlington Public Library. The library connection isn’t lost on Levine. “Librarians are a great resource for book ideas. When a child comes in asking about a topic, and there isn’t a book for it, the librarians are stuck,” Levine said. “To me, this book has been an interesting community effort, including the librarians and English teachers at my kids’ school being some of my first editors.” Now that the book is in stores, Levine and Burchwell have created a school program that includes a Peregrine Falcon visit (courtesy of the Ohio Bird Sanctuary) as well as lessons about Columbus landmarks, children’s writing and illustration. “Packard Takes Flight” is available at Larson’s Toys and Games on Lane Avenue as well as several other local independent and national book retailers for $17.99.

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AUDITOR Continued from page A1 do not have an elected auditor but instead have a director of finance who reports directly to the mayor or city manager. “It’s a way to make us more efficient,” commission member Don Brosius said. “It’s what has happened in the vast majority of cities.” Offenberg said that while the commission has not formally voted on the recommendation yet, he said he has “a sense that there is 100 percent consensus among this group … Most people feel that we need a full-time quality person, like our current auditor, who is there, available all day, every day.”

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garten before there was a state mandate and I will be after,” she said. “It is an excellent way to proactively address the needs of our youngest learns in a very costeffective manner.” Snowdon said research shows that children who attend all-day kindergarten are better equipped to read and do math for the rest of their academic careers. “It also gives us the time to teach the ‘whole child’ – that is art, music, library time and gym class – that we value so much as a community here in Bexley,” Snowdon said. “I believe the reason it will no longer be required by the state is not because it is a

bad idea but simply because there is not enough money in the state’s budget to support mandating it.” Halliday, one of the two board members interested in seeking the waiver last year, said it was not his intent to alter the current state of all-day kindergarten paid for by the citizens of Bexley. However if the administration were to bring a policy forward to alter the program he would have to consider it, Halliday said. “I would be open to anything brought to us as a board,” he said. “I don’t have an ax to grind. It was a conversation we had collectively. We’ve dealt with the issue and I’ve moved on.”


Upper Arlington resident Susan Levine just wanted to set out on a field trip with her kids, but ended up at an unexpected destination — becoming a children’s book author. Her first book, “Packard Takes Flight,” is out now. Levine’s journey to becoming an author started when she was asked to help put together a field trip of Columbus landmarks for her child’s class. “I went to the library to do some research and found out there were no children’s books about Columbus landmarks,” Levine said. “I was surprised. So many places I’ve visited have books like this, places much smaller than Columbus. So I thought, I should write one.” Thinking about writing a book and actually taking on the task were two different things. Levine said she let the idea linger, but it wasn’t until she heard about the Ohio Department of Natural Resources falcon nest project in downtown Columbus that the story itself came into view for her. “I immediately thought that the falcons could be a good vehicle to teach kids, by weaving the fictional story of a falcon around the actual history of the sites,” Levine said. Her kids were involved in the publishing process, as well. Levine said her son has been extremely supportive, and her daughter was one of her best editors, letting her know when phrases or words just weren’t what a


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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Bexley

Page A4

Commentary and opinion

January 27, 2011

College notes • Jesse Steinberg, a 2010 graduate of Bexley High School, was named to the fall quarter dean’s list at Pennsylvania State University. He is the son of Jonathan and Virginia Steinberg. • Zachary Arace of Bexley was named to the fall 2010 dean’s list at Case Western Reserve Uni-

versity. • Cierra M. Sharp of Bexley was named to the fall 2010 dean’s list at Beloit College in Beloit, Wis. To earn dean’s list recognition, students must achieve at least a 3.4 GPA. Sharp is a freshman at Beloit.

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Growing community finds all levels of entertainment There are many ways to learn about a place and its past. I have always had the strong suspicion that how people entertain themselves can tell us a lot about who they were and what was important to them. With that as both an explainer and probably a bit of a warning, let’s take a look at how Columbus amused itself in its first few decades. Isolated from the East and South ED from where LENTZ most of its early residents arrived, it appears that the small frontier community of Columbus pretty much entertained itself in the first few years after it was founded in 1812. Carving a village out of a forest was not all that easy and the added diversion of the War of 1812 meant that most people did not have much leisure time. The time they did have was often occupied with family and visits to close friends nearby. After the Ohio General Assembly began to meet in Columbus in 1816, there was a decided increase in the number of taverns in town and in the number of people frequenting them — much to the chagrin of local ministers and the temperance advocates in their congregations. To understand early public entertainment in Columbus, it is important to remember that, then as now, there were several different “arts communities” in the capital city. Some of the early residents were quite well-educated and sorely missed the music, drama and literary world they had left behind. Several of these people formed what later came to be called “the first musical organization in Columbus.” The Handel Society apparently performed for the assembled multitude on the occasion of Independence Day in 1821 and 1822, and according to an account from that time, performed with “a superior degree of elegance.” How the singing of Handel’s work went over with the frontier folk who had never heard of him or his music was probably summed up with, “Handel was handled quite well” or something similar. For the rest of the people of Columbus, there were military organizations with their fifes and drums and the occasional entertainment of an itinerant musician. But there was not much else — until 1827. On April 21, 1827, Tippo Sultan, the Great Hunting Elephant, came to town. Tippo was accompanied, according to a local poster, by “The Mammoth Lion, Tiger, Cat, Lynx, Shetland Pony, Dandy Jack, etc. etc. The above named animals will be seen at Mr. Russell’s tavern, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the 27th, 28th and 29th inst. The exhibition will be accompanied by good music. Admittance 25 cents — children under 12 years of age half price.” Presumably, Mr. Russell felt his tavern would benefit by the arrival of Tippo and his friends. It did not work out quite that way, as a local history recalls: “At night, the ‘hunting elephant’ was locked up in the tavern back-

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The World Museum (c. 1890) offered its best to the visitor for only one thin dime.

yard where, during one of the nights of his sojourn, he broke loose, and for a time amused himself by pumping water at the well. Finally he broke the pump handle and looking around for some new pastime, spied two barrels of flour standing on the back porch. Breaking into these, he, for a while, ate flour and drank water alternately until he converted the residue of the flour into paste. “Awakened by the noise, Mr. Russell descended and was received by the elephant with a fusillade of dough. Beating a retreat, the discomfited host aroused the keeper of the frolicsome beast, who, after some effort, succeeded in getting him tied again.” As a counterpoint to the arrival of Tippo Sultan and his friends, the more elevated culture group in town welcomed a “Mr. and Mrs. Harper” who, with a few friends and associates , were happy to perform Oliver Goldsmith’s classic play, “She Stoops to Conquer” for any who cared to come and pay to see it. Apparently, a number of people did, since the play was performed in the only place big enough to hold them — the public market building at State and High streets. Presumably, the live chickens, pigs and cows who occupied various stalls in the market were removed for the evening. The clash between “high culture” and, shall we say, “not-sohigh culture” continued apace. In 1833, one Rufus Beach organized the Franklin Harmonic Society, looking to improve “the vocal and instrumental music” of the city. Shortly thereafter, S. Butler and Company came to Columbus with a menagerie that included “the great hunting or war elephant, Hannibal.” Apparently Columbus really

liked elephants in those days. By 1835, Columbus had seen the arrival of the Ohio Canal and the National Road and had become a city of more than 5,000 people. The rapid growth in size and influence of Columbus evidently convinced enough investors to permit the construction of the first real theatre in the city. Built of wood, the Columbus Theatre stood on the west side of High Street just a few hundred feet north of Long Street, where the Brunson Building is today. Over the next several years, the theatre saw performances of classic plays, including Shakespeare and such titles as “St. George and the Dragon,” “Mazeppa” and “The Cataract of the Ganges.” For the less refined, the Columbus Theatre was also the home of Miss Honey, a “danseuse.” Of Miss Honey, a local paper reported, “Her most piquant dances were frequently followed by a shower of silver quarters.” It was also reported that “Miss Honey had considerable talent as an actress, and in whatever part she took evoked applause.” In later years, it was noted that “towards the end of 1841, the Columbus Theatre seems to have degenerated both financially and morally, and its evil influence upon the young people of the city, resulting particularly from its ‘bar’ for the sale of intoxicants, was loudly complained of.” The clash of culture between “legitimate” and not-so-legitimate entertainment would continue for much of the rest of the history of the city — and for that matter, down to our own time as well. Tippo Sultan would likely be amused. Ed Lentz writes a history column for ThisWeek.


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January 27, 2011

Page A5

Micro-distilling operation open for business in Grandview By ALAN FROMAN ThisWeek Community Newspapers

A new Tri-Village area business is bringing back the craft of micro-distilling. Last month, Watershed Distillery’s gin and vodka went on sale at stores, restaurants and bars around central Ohio. Being part of a community is a big reason he and his partner decided to go into the distilling business, Watershed founder and head distiller Greg Lehman said. “It’s getting involved in Photos by Adam Cairns/ThisWeek Columbus and being part of the Watershed Distillery founder Greg Lehman affixes a seal to the local community and being able lid of a freshly poured bottle of vodka. to bring our unique flavor and Both products are sold in 750 product to the market,” Lehman said. ml bottles. The gin costs $27.90 A closer look per bottle and the vodka retails The “Watershed” name was chosen in recognition “that the for $24.40. Watershed’s 88 proof gin largest natural distiller is a wa“We wanted to make it high and 80 proof vodka, which tershed,” he said. quality but at the same time price is made of 100 percent “It’s also that starting the disit to make it as accessible as posmidwest-grown corn, are tillery was a watershed moment sible,” Lehman said. sold in 750 ml bottles. The for us,” said Lehman, who left Late last month, Watershed gin costs $27.90 per his day job to commit to the disalso filled its first barrel of bourbottle and the vodka tillery business. bon, but the product won’t be retails for $24.40. Watershed operates out of a ready for sale until 2013. The small store front on Chesapeake bourbon is comprised of 60 perAvenue, using a 60-gallon cus- ways of being involved in the cent corn and 40 percent wheat. tom built still to make its gin and community” when he returned “It’s a risk, because we won’t vodka. to central Ohio, Lehman said. know if the bourbon turned out Lehman and his partner do all The process of gaining state right until it’s time to bottle,” he of the bottling, approval to said. “It’s a slow process and it’s corking and lamake and sell kind of nerve-wracking.” beling themliquor was Lehman said he believes Waselves, even long, and re- tershed’s bourbon will be the first hand-writing the For a video from Waterq u i r e d made in central Ohio since bebatch number on shed Distillery, visit Lehman and fore prohibition. his partner to each bottle. “Ohio used to be one of the “There’s a lot come up with top bourbon-making states,” he of care and hand touch in each a marketing and business plan said. “We wanted to tie back into batch we make,” he said. “We as well as a product that would the great distilling history of Ohio can do about 100 cases in a pass muster with the state. by creating our own bourbon. week.” “There is a finite amount of It’s exciting.” An Upper Arlington resident, alcoholic high proof spirits alAlong with 30-something outLehman said he was inspired to lowed to be made and sold in lets around central Ohio, Waenter the distilling business when Ohio” he said. “They just don’t tershed will also begin selling he was playing professional vol- let anyone do it. You have to meet its products at 38 locations in the leyball in Appenzell, Switzer- their standards” including qual- Cleveland area next week. land, after graduating from Ohio ity of product.” A map showing its central State. Watershed’s 88 proof gin fea- Ohio outlets is available at Wa“I was impressed by the tures a blend of eight botanicals, tershed’s website, www.wateramount of local products made including juniper and coriander, there in the town,” he said. that also includes a combination Lehman said tours of the dis“There were Appenzell cheese, of citrus peel, Lehman said. tillery can be arranged by e-mailAppenzell beer, even Appenzell The 80 proof vodka is made ing him at greg@watersheddistrain cars. of 100 percent corn grown in the “It made me want to look at midwest.

Watershed Distillery founder Greg Lehman became interested in the idea of producing craft alcohol while playing volleyball professionally in Switzerland, where the town’s economy thrived on small-scale local production. The distillery began selling its gin and vodka in December and is aging barrels of bourbon that will be ready for consumption in 2013.

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January 27, 2011

Pediatric HealthSource


Combined birthday, business Sinus infections in children anniversary event set for Jan. 29 By KEVIN PARKS

Anand Saha explained last week

“Every year it gets bigger and

ThisWeek Community Newspapers that he lived for a time in Austria, bigger,” Saha said. “I don’t call it

The joint celebration of the founding of Mozart’s and the birth of Mozart has gotten so big over its 16 years that it’s no longer just a celebration. Now, it’s a festival, according to Anand Saha, co-owner with wife Doris of Mozart’s Bakery and European Piano Café, 2885 N. High St. This year’s observation of a birthday and an anniversary will take place on Saturday, Jan. 29, two days after the famed Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart came into the world in 1756 and 16 years after the Sahas founded a bakery and café they named after him. It will run from noon to 10 p.m. and feature complimentary European pastries and canapés, as well as live classical music performed by local artists.

which is where his wife is from. The two met in Switzerland in 1989 while he was studying hotel management and she was completing her training as a pastry chef. The Sahas moved to Columbus in 1995 and “risked everything,” according to Anand’s announcement of this year’s founding event, to open their own bakery. The couple’s joint connection with Austria led them to call their business Mozart’s, after the country’s most famous citizen. The birthday party for namesake Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was first held the following year. “It’s a great way of saying thank you to the people,” Saha said. A few hundred people turned out for the first anniversary-birthday event, he said. It now routinely draws crowds of over 2,000, according to the announcement.

a celebration anymore; I call it a festival.” One of the high points of the annual daylong gathering is the cutting of a birthday cake by a guest of honor. Past years have seen this duty performed by the likes of Mayors Greg Lashutka and Michael B. Coleman, Austrian diplomat Friedl Bohm, State Sen. Jim Hughes, former Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy and former Columbus Symphony Orchestra conductor Alessandro Siciliano. This year’s guest of honor will be recently re-elected State Rep. John Patrick Carney (D-Clintonville). “He gets the privilege of cutting the piano-shaped cake with the help of someone dressed up as little Mozart at 5:30 p.m.,” Saha said. “That’s always the highlight of the festival.”

In brief Zoo mourns loss of 46-year-old gorilla Lulu, a 46-year-old western lowland gorilla, died unexpectedly at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium this week. The gorilla, who suffered from arthritis, had a seizure on Jan. 22, a news release from the zoo said. “The frequency and severity of the seizures progressed and on Monday, Jan. 24, while being sedated in preparation for an MRI she stopped breathing and could not be resuscitated,” the release said. An autopsy is being performed.

Lulu was born in Africa and at age 2 was brought to the Central Park Zoo in 1966. In 1984, Lulu came to the Columbus zoo, where she had three babies. Lulu was also a member of the zoo’s gorilla surrogacy program and mothered two infants. “When she came to the Columbus Zoo our first impression of Lulu was she was one tough lady,” animal care and conservation vice president Dusty Lombardi said in the release, “but it wasn’t long before she showed us her sweet maternal side. She was also fun-loving and enjoyed playing hide and seek with her keepers.” Zoo staff invite the public to share memories of Lulu on the Columbus Zoo Facebook page.

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Frequent sinus infections in children are a common problem, especially for children in daycare settings. The average child can have six to ten upper respiratory tract infections a year that have symptoms including nasal discharge and blockage. Other factors that contribute to frequent sinus infections are environmental allergies, exposure to second-hand smoke, immunodeficiency, congenital craniofacial anomalies and some inherited conditions. Children with lung problems such as asthma and cystic fibrosis often have related sinus problems. Most viral infections will resolve without treatment. A small percentage will progress to bacterial sinusitis that will require antibiotics for treatment. Narrowing or blockage of the nasal passages or sinus openings may increase the chances that a cold will progress to bacterial sinusitis. Often, children may need medication to help treat sinus problems. This could include nasal steroids, nasal saline, mucous-thinning medications called mucolytics, and some allergy medications

such as antihistamines. In a small percentage of children, surgery may be necessary to relieve the CHARLES blockage and ELMARAGHY open the sinuses or nasal passages. Prior to any surgery, a thorough work-up is necessary in order to determine the appropriate treatment course. Younger children do not typically need surgery on the sinuses as their sinuses are still developing. Younger children with frequent sinus infections often have their adenoid, a patch of tissue located where the nose and throat join, removed. The adenoid can be a haven for bacteria and can often block the nasal passages. Removing the adenoid is a simple and painless surgery that can be very effective. When the sinus problem is more involved than an enlarged adenoid, the sinuses need to be imaged via a special X-ray called a CT scan to investigate the anatomy of the

sinuses and determine if the openings of the sinuses are blocked. If sinus openings are blocked, they can be enlarged using special instruments and a small camera called an endoscope. This is called endoscopic sinus surgery. The natural openings are widened and preservation of normal anatomy is the goal. Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Rhinology Clinic is unique in that it offers allergy testing and endoscopic evaluation during the same visit. This allows both the allergist and otolaryngologist to determine an appropriate treatment plan. You should always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider prior to starting or stopping any treatment or with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Dr. Charles Elmaraghy is a member of the Department of Otolaryngology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and an assistant professor of clinical otolaryngology at the Ohio State University College of Medicine.

Coming up To add, remove or update a list- Ave. A sliding scale is used to deing, e-mail editorial@thisweek- termine exam cost for those who do not have Medicare or aid. All appointments are scheduled in advance by calling (614) Events 263-5006. “Caring for Aging Parents: Preparing Before a Crisis OcMeetings curs,” 7 p.m. Tuesdays, Feb. 1 Brookwood Community and 8, in the Cassingham Complex Community Room, 326 S. Book Club, 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. Cassingham Road. Presented by 7, at Brookwood Presbyterian James Kebe. Free and open to the Church, 2685 E. Livingston Ave. public. Request a free assessment The club meets the first Monday guide by calling (614) 263-1998. of each month. The community Parent Seminar, 7 p.m. is welcome. Call 235-3451. The Kiwanis Club of Wednesday, Feb. 2, at Brookwood Presbyterian Church, 2685 E. Liv- Berwick, noon Thursdays at ingston Ave. Dr. Denise Lewis Berwick Party House, 3250 will discuss social skill develop- Refugee Road. Buffet lunch is ment issues and activities. Free. $9. Call David Barrett at 866Registration is required. Call 235- 7309. Bexley Lions Club, 6:30 p.m. 3451. the first and third Mondays of the Bishop Hartley High School Open House, 7 p.m. Thursday, month at Wing’s Restaurant, 2801 Feb. 10, at 1285 Zettler Road. E. Main St. Bexley Club International Sixth through eighth-graders and Training in Communication, their families are invited to attend. Learn about academics, ath- 5:30 p.m. the first and third Tuesletics and extracurricular activi- days of the month at Driving Park ties, and meet with faculty and Library, 1566 E. Livingston Ave. students. Campus tours will be Call 841-9103 or 253-2554. The Right Connection- Bexoffered. Call Jenny Prout at (614) ley/Whitehall/Southeast Colum237-5421. bus Chapter, 1 p.m. Monday at Mozart’s, 2152 E. Main St. in Health Bexley. Call Kim Kalfas at 238Cancer Screenings, provided 9355. Columbus Area Boardgamby the Columbus Cancer Clinic, 9 a.m.-noon Thursday, Feb. 3, at ing Society, 2 p.m.-2 a.m. the Heritage Towers, 1145 College first and third Fridays of the month

High School Hoops on Time Warner Cable! Worthington Kilbourne at Upper Arlington Replay Thursday at 7pm Channel 2 & 24 Anytime on Local On Demand Channel 411

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January 27, 2011

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Bexley Roundup

Shelton, girls work hard to rebound By PAUL BATTERSON ThisWeek Community Newspapers

As has been the case in nearly every game this season, the Bexley High School girls basketball team will be at a considerable height disadvantage when it travels to Newark Catholic on Friday, Jan. 28. However, that doesn’t concern Jelicia Shelton. The 5-foot-7 senior post player said the Lions make up for what they may lack in height by outhustling their opponents. “We’re not tall at all, but I don’t really see it as a disadvantage,” Shelton said. “We have to work 10 times harder than the other teams. We know we’re shorter, but we’re tough and fast and get after it.” The Lions have only one player — 5-10 senior center Amubie SamAgwor — 5-8 or taller. The rest of their players are listed 5-7 or shorter. Despite that, Bexley was outrebounding its opponents by an average of 29.5 rebounds to 27.3 through 14 games. The numbers are even more telling when broken down by wins and losses. Through 14 games, the Lions outrebounded opponents by an average of 31 to 23.4 in victories and were outrebounded by an average of 35 to 26 in losses. “If we’re going to have any type of success on the basketball court, we have to get rebounds,” coach Jim Strode said. “That’s non-negotiable. “Rebounding comes down to two things — technique and toughness. Even though teams may have a good six inches on us, I’ll take my kids’ toughness over any team we face any day of the week.” Shelton, who was averaging 11.3 rebounds through 14 games, has become one of the area’s top rebounders. “Shelton has always had a nose for the basketball,” Strode said. “Her bread and butter are getting rebounds.” Shelton set the program-record for rebounds in a game with 24 in a 6864 win over Beechcroft on Dec. 22. That effort topped the previous mark of 20 set by Sue Ramsey, currently the Ashland University women’s basketball coach, in 1974. Shelton came within four rebounds of matching Ramsey’s record last season by grabbing 16 in a 57-36 loss at Granville. “She probably would’ve gotten the record that night if her coach hadn’t pulled her out of the game,” Strode said with a laugh, adding that he was unaware Shelton was so close to the record in the game against Granville last season. “But for her to get the

By Mike Munden/ThisWeek

Despite standing only 5-foot-7, Bexley senior Jelicia Shelton (21) was averaging 11.3 rebounds and was one of the leaders in the district. Shelton set the team record for rebounds in a game when she grabbed 24 against Beechcroft on Dec. 22.

record this year in a win is the cherry on top.” “That has been my goal since my freshman year,” Shelton said of the record. “My freshman year, I wasn’t good at anything but rebounding, but

I wanted to get my name up on the board.” As a freshman, Shelton debated whether she was going to play basketball after being cut from the middle school team the year before.

“That was hard to accept,” she said. me sitting around all winter. It turned “I didn’t want to try out because I was out to be one of the best decisions I’ve afraid I was going to fail again. My ever made.” Bexley is second in the MSL-Ohio parents (Tracy and Jermaine Shelton) encouraged me to get involved with See LIONS, page B2 something because they didn’t want

St. Charles Roundup


Swim team takes aim at 13th straight league title

Jaskot’s future bright with UA

“Most of our swimmers are looking to district (to peak), but we kind of look at that differently,” Gear said. “We look at district and state as one weeklong athletic event. We want our swimmers to compete well at the beginning and the end of that week.” •Art Roehrenbeck is happy with the progress of his hockey team. The Cardinals, 13-8-3 overall and 4-2-2 in the Capital Hockey Conference, will play a league game on Friday, Jan. 28, against Olentangy at Dispatch Ice Haus. “We have great tests in four of our last six games because they are all teams that we would expect to play in the Blue Jackets Cup or in district,” Roehrenbeck said. “We have been scoring plenty and have been

In 16-plus years writing for ThisWeek, I rarely have interviewed and written about a high school freshman athlete. Only occasionally does a young athlete splash onto the central Ohio sports scene as a swimmer, ferociously knock around a tennis ball or, as Upper A r l i n g t o n LARRY ninth-grader LARSON Rebecca Jaskot has done, capture the attention of the gymnastics followers throughout our area. Entering the latter stages of January, Jaskot had one of the highest scores locally on the uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise and in all-around competition. Getting to know this UA standout was a refreshing and fun experience for me. “It seems like gymnastics has been part of my life forever,” Jaskot said. “I guess I was a hyper kid in kindergarten and my mom

See SWIM, page B2

See LARSON, page B2

By SCOTT HENNEN ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Winning league titles is nothing out of the ordinary for the St. Charles Preparatory School swimming team, and the Cardinals hope to continue that streak at the first step in postseason competition. The Cardinals will be aiming to win a 13th consecutive CCL championship when the league meet concludes Saturday, Jan. 29, at the St. Charles pool. The league diving meet will be Thursday, Jan. 27, at Columbus School for girls, but the Cardinals do not have any divers. “We don’t necessarily talk about the (league championship) streak, but it is the first week of a championship series that is followed by sectional, district and state,” said coach Geoff Gear, whose team defeated Cincinnati Sycamore 105-65 on Jan. 22 and lost to Centerville 157-127 on Jan. 21. “It’s also the last time the whole team competes together before it separates for sectional, district and state.” The Cardinals won the CCL title last year with 437 points followed by DeSales (204), Hartley (194) and Ready (181). Watterson did not field a boys team. “This gives us a good chance to prepare for the postseason meets,” Gear said. “We’re spread out pretty well and have the depth to do well in the CCL.” On Jan. 15, the Cardinals competed in the Northeast Classic at Canton’s Branin Natatorium, the venue for the state tournament Feb. 23-26. Caleb Jack was second (4 minutes, 59.71 seconds) in the 500-yard freestyle and Orion Swanson was sixth (54.98) in the 100 butterfly and eighth (2:10.38)

By Laurie Stevenson/ThisWeek

Ryan Sanders (left) of St. Charles battles Max Lacey of Canal Winchester in a match at 215 pounds during the Lion Duals on Jan. 22 at Gahanna.

in the 200 individual medley. In the 100 backstroke, Zack Poltor was sixth (56.97) followed by teammates Alex Kocher (seventh, 57.18) and Brian Willi (eighth, 58.01). In the 100 breaststroke, Nick McKinley was sixth (1:02.61) followed by Chris D’Angelo (seventh, 1:04.35). The 200 free relay of Willi, Swanson, Hayden Birnbrich and Poltor was sixth (1:30.87) and the 200 medley relay of Kocher, McKinley, Willi and Matt Brown was sixth (1:40.88). “Right now, depth is our strength,” Gear said. We don’t have the one or two superstars that we have had in the past, but our third and fourth swimmers are as strong as they have been over the past few seasons.” The Cardinals will be the host team on Feb. 4 for a meet with Bexley and Columbus Academy as a primer for the Division I sectional on Feb. 12 at Upper Arlington.

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January 27, 2011


‘Tradition factor’ in OHSAA division proposal unfair It’s not hard to imagine the confrontational feelings that were created when the OHSAA released a statement Jan. 13 announcing that it was tackling the seemingly age-old debate regarding competitive balance among the state’s public and private schools. The proposed referendum, to be voted on by OHSAA member schools in May, initially would reset divisional alignments in football, baseball, boys and girls basketball, boys and girls soccer, girls volleyball and softball based on a school’s sport-by-sport “athletic count.” That figure would be calculated using mathematical factors that take into account economics, school enrollment policies and tradition. On one side of the debate are public schools that won only eight of the 27 state team titles — one of six in football — that the OHSAA awarded during the 2010 fall season.

Many in the private-school camp, meanwhile, are left to wonder whether rules changes, which seemingly would bump them into larger divisions, are fair. There are many JARROD reasons for the disULREY proportionate number of titles won by private schools, but the primary one is that some of those schools can assemble virtual all-star teams from five- and six-county areas. With that in mind, it does seem reasonable for the OHSAA to visit the issue of boundaries when determining the divisions for private schools, and some large public schools. The biggest problem I have is with the “tradition factor” that would in-

crease a school’s “athletic count.” The OHSAA says this aspect would be determined by “state championship game appearances, state tournament appearances and regional finals appearances.” The implication of this sounds more like a step toward eventually giving participation medals to everyone as opposed to rewarding the best of the best. Few people want to see Delphos St. John’s beat Shadyside 77-6 for the Division VI state football title, and having Youngstown Ursuline win three consecutive Division V state championships is less than ideal when talking about keeping the field balanced. The problem is that if the OHSAA moves St. John’s up to Division V and Ursuline to Division IV, the same problems will persist, but with different teams. If Hartley would have been in Divi-

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sion III instead of Division IV last fall, it would have been a strong candidate to win that title instead because Watterson, according to the proposed plan, likely would have been in Division II instead of Division III. Schools that could end up getting hurt unintentionally by a change are the Division I public schools. A perennial central Ohio football power such as Hilliard Davidson not only has to overcome fellow area public-school powers such as Pickerington Central and Dublin Coffman, but a team such as Cincinnati St. Xavier, which has 1,171 boys, could be looming later in the playoffs. The new formula potentially also would move state powers such as Mentor Lake Catholic and Toledo Central Catholic into Division I, making a tough field even tougher. Some have suggested separating into

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Hoop It Up

Classic. With the win, Gahanna remained undefeated. GIRLS Newark’s Paige Cashin had 21 points and 11 rebounds to lead the Wildcats past Gahanna 51-45 on Jan. 21.

Visit for complete coverage of central Ohio high school basketball. Throughout the week, Hoop It Up offers previews of top games, recaps of great performances, polls, slideshows, Top stories videos and player features on Boys Basketball: Westerthe more than 150 boys and girls basketball teams in ville South’s 39th’s tive regular-season win Jan. 22 may have been its most coverage area. impressive. Boys Basketball: Northland Top games guard and Michigan-signee Trey Burke is not the only Viking GAMES OF THE WEEK BOYS: Pickerington North at stepping up his game. Girls Basketball: GrandNew Albany, 7:30 p.m. on Jan. 29. view’s Danielle Clark is feaGIRLS: Pickerington North tured. She leads the area by at Reynoldsburg, 6 p.m. on Jan. making 96 percent of her free 28. Reynoldsburg won first throws. meeting 52-38 on Dec. 7. Commentary: staff writer Jarrod Top performances Ulrey examines the OHSAA’s divisional referendum. BOYS Gahanna’s Stevie Taylor Quotable scored 28 points Jan. 22 as the Lions blew past Chillicothe “I didn’t know what I was 68-43 at the Ohio Play-By-Play doing. I had to learn how to do

everything.” — Upper Arlington’s Vito DiBenedetto, who after eight years of martial arts joined the wrestling team last year.

Note of the week The Gahanna boys basketball team beat Newark 44-34 on Jan. 21 despite going 0-for13 from 3-point range.

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Players nominated for McDonald’s games

Bexley High School senior Maddie Morton, a four-time qualifier to the state girls tennis tournament, has committed to play for the University of Redlands, a Division III school in Redlands, Calif. Morton finished in the top eight of the Division II girls tournament four times. Last fall, she went 26-6 and lost to eventual state runner-up Rachel Nelson of Port Clinton 6-1, 62 in a singles quarterfinal. Morton will join a Redlands team that reached the second round of the NCAA Division III championships last May.

Ten high school basketball players from central Ohio are among the nearly 2,000 nominees for the 2011 boys and girls McDonald’s All-American games. The eight area boys nominees are Nate Anderson of Teays Valley, Dwayne Bazemore of Walnut Ridge, Trey Burke of Northland, Traevon Jackson of Westerville South, Jalen Ragland of Chillicothe, Brian Sullivan of Upper Arlington, Stevie Taylor of Gahanna and Austin Traylor of Walnut Ridge. The area girls nominees are

SWIM Continued from page B1 moving the puck well. We’re putting pressure on other teams and we just have to play smart with the lead. We have led or been tied in the third period several times and then the last few minutes have been our undoing.” St. Charles lost five of six defensemen in the offseason and has had players learning on the fly. Still, Roehrenbeck said the Cardinals have made progress in that area. “We have to keep working them hard in practice and having our forwards work hard against them,” he said. “That’s the way to make them better.” St. Charles forward Tyler Brady definitely would be difficult for young defensemen to face in practice. The senior leads the CHC with 13 goals and he has 37 goals for the season. “I think we are scoring as well as anyone and that’s something that’s hard to coach,” Roehrenbeck said. “It’s hard to manufacture scoring and, offensively, it’s hard to find a team that has been playing as well as these guys have been.”

Kavunaa Edwards of Pickerington North and Raven Ferguson of Africentric. McDonald’s will unveil rosters of 24 boys and 24 girls on Thursday, Feb. 10. The games are Wednesday, March 30, at the United Center in Chicago.

Capital offering softball clinics Capital University softball coach Nan Payne is holding a hitting clinic from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 5, and a clinic on defense from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, Feb. 12. For more information, contact Payne at (614) 236-6487 or

At a glance Below are the recent results and coming schedules for the St. Charles basketball, wrestling, bowling and hockey teams: BASKETBALL *Jan. 14 — Lost to DeSales 44-42. Dane McLoughlin scored 11 points and J. Schroeder added nine. Jan. 18 — Lost to Westerville Central 55-46. McLoughlin scored 20 points and Jimmy Ryan added 14 points. *Jan. 21 — Defeated Ready 60-39. Joe Spahr had 14 points. McLoughlin and Ryan scored 11 points apiece. Jan. 22 — Lost to Olentangy Orange 56-55. McLoughlin scored 17 points, Dan Hennessey added 12 points and Schroeder had 11. *Jan. 28 — At Watterson *Feb. 1 — Home vs. Hartley Feb. 4 — Home vs. Worthington Christian Feb. 5 — At Franklin Heights in makeup from Jan. 11 Of note: The Cardinals are 6-6 overall and 2-2 in the CCL. WRESTLING Jan. 15-16 — Finished 25th (26) in 33-team Catholic Invitational Tournament in Toledo as Cincinnati Moeller (256) won. Ryan Sanders reached a semifinal and finished sixth at 215. Jan. 22 — Lost to Canal Winchester 62-7, Gahanna 61-9, Hilliard Davidson 63-6, Mogadore Field 46-25 and Teays Valley 58-18 at Gahanna Duals Jan. 29 — Cleveland Benedictine Quad with Shaker Heights and Mogadore Field Feb. 5 — St. Charles Invitational *CCL contest BOWLING *Jan. 12 — Lost to Brookhaven 2,137-1,995. Tom Cianflona led the Cardinals with a 211 game and 389 series.

At a glance Below are the recent results and coming schedules for Bexley boys basketball, girls basketball, swimming and diving, and wrestling teams: BOYS BASKETBALL Jan. 18 — Defeated Wellington 6546. Jon Primes had 26 points. *Jan. 21 — Def. Columbus Academy 76-72. Primes had 25 points and Jalen Robinette scored 19. *Jan. 25 — Played Heath *Jan. 29 — Home vs. Whitehall. The Lions defeated the Rams 46-38 on Dec. 16. Of note: The Lions were 7-5 overall and 3-4 in the MSL-Ohio before Jan. 25. GIRLS BASKETBALL *Jan. 18 — Def. Whitehall 51-47. Jelicia Shelton had 20 points and Kylee Soga scored 15. *Jan. 22 — Def. Granville 56-38. Bailey Breese had 25 points and Soga scored 12. Jan. 25 — Played Jonathan Alder *Jan. 28 — At Newark Catholic. The Lions defeated the Green Wave 5443 on Dec. 14. *Feb. 1 — Home vs. Lakewood. The

Lions defeated the Lancers 52-43 on Dec. 18. Of note: The Lions were 10-4 overall before Jan. 25 and are 7-3 in the MSL-Ohio. SWIMMING & DIVING Jan. 21 — Boys: Def. Reynoldsburg 94-48; Girls: Def. Reynoldsburg 12242 Jan. 22 — Boys: Def. Whetstone 8977, lost to Dublin Scioto 105-63; Girls: Def. Whetstone 85-73, def. Scioto 80-70 Jan. 27 — MSL diving championships at Columbus Aquatic Center Jan. 29 — MSL swimming championships at Columbus Academy WRESTLING *Jan. 20 — Matches against host Licking Valley and Academy postponed. Makeup date has not been announced. Jan. 21-22 — Finished fifth (112) in 15-team Grandview Invitational behind champion Whitehall (319). Derek Cain (152 pounds) finished second. *Jan. 27 — Home vs. Heath and Newark Catholic *MSL-Ohio contest

go to your second- and thirdoption people because your firstoption people are going to be closely guarded the second time through the league.” Entering this week, Bexley was tied with Licking Valley and Whitehall for fifth in the MSL-Ohio at 3-4, behind Granville at 6-1, Heath at 5-2 and Academy and Newark Catholic at 4-3. Lakewood was

last at 0-7. “I like our open court play and how we’re able to get the ball down (the court) and get some decent looks,” Gustin said. “I think if we get the ball in transition, we can be pretty effective. We need to rebound and then go with it.”


Sports briefs Bexley’s Morton selects Redlands

Division at 7-3 behind Granville (7-2) after defeating the visiting Aces 56-38 on Jan. 22. The win was the Lions’ first over Granville since a 76-56 victory on Jan. 12, 2008. Granville won the first meeting this season 55-41 on Dec. 10. Entering the week, Licking Valley was third in the MSLOhio at 6-4, followed by Columbus Academy at 5-4, Newark Catholic at 5-5 and Heath, Lakewood and Whitehall at 3-7. •Senior forward Jon Primes of the boys basketball team had averaged 22.2 points over the previous four games before the Lions played Heath on Jan. 25. Primes had 26 points in a 6546 win over Wellington on Jan. 18 and scored 25 in a 76-72 win over Academy on Jan. 21. However, how the Lions fare in the second round of MSLOhio play is going to come down to Primes’ supporting cast. “Everyone has seen everyone. Everyone knows everyone’s strengths,” coach Dave Gustin said of the league. “You have to

private-school and public-school tournaments, but that only would hurt the spirit of competition that should exist when determining the state’s best. Is there an obvious solution to the issue? Not exactly, but it doesn’t seem like radical change is necessary. Tradition should be kept out of the equation. Teams like DeSales and Watterson have earned their success by creating programs that teach winning football. This shouldn’t be penalized, but emulated by other programs. Keeping in mind the boundary issues, the OHSAA should choose to tweak, rather than revamp, the way it determines its tournament divisions. Let the rest of the arguments be settled on the field.

Jan. 15 — Finished 14th (3,056) in 19-team Central District Preview at HP Lanes as Chillicothe (3,644) won. Zak Stephenson finished fifth with a 683 (257-223-203). *Jan. 18 — Def. Watterson 2,0511,933. Stephenson was medalist with 461 and had a high game of 254. Jan. 19 — Lost to Whitehall 2,1902,137. Stephenson was medalist with 410 and had a high game of 213. *Jan. 24 — Lost to Hartley 2,3431,873 *Jan. 25 — Competed against Grandview *Jan. 28 — Mifflin at HP Lanes *Feb. 1 — Centennial at HP Lanes *Feb. 4 — Linden-McKinley at HP Lanes Of note: The Cardinals were 7-3 overall and 7-2 in the COHSBC-Central before Jan. 25. *COHSBC-Central match HOCKEY Jan. 15 — Tied Kalamazoo (Mich.) at 4 and def. Cincinnati Sycamore 85 in Walter F. Ehrnfelt Memorial Tournament at Strongsville Jan. 16 — Lost to Maumee 3-0 at Ehrnfelt Tournament Jan. 17 — Def. Sycamore 7-1 at Ehrnfelt Tournament *Jan. 21 — Def. Gahanna 10-3 *Jan. 22 — Tied Olentangy Orange at 2 *Jan. 28 — Olentangy at Dispatch Ice Haus Jan. 29 — Centerville at CentervilleDayton South Met *Jan. 30 — DeSales at Chiller Easton *Feb. 4 — Dublin Scioto at Dispatch Ice Haus Of note: The Cardinals are 13-8-3 overall and 4-2-2 in the Capital Hockey Conference. *CHC game

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“Like a lot of young athletes in my sport, I think I lack confidence at times and when that happens I have learned to simply take a breath and let my brain take over and let my body do what it can do. This whole experience has helped me in every aspect of my life because sometimes when I put myself down because I can’t reach my goals in a certain gymnastics event, I learn how to cope with that adversity and I try to relax so I can get through those challenges. ... That is pretty much the way life works also, and so my sport is helping me grow every day.” If she continues to develop, Jaskot will be one of the contenders at the district meet. She looks forward to that challenge. “What I absolutely love about my sport is learning new skills and then displaying them in competition,” she said. “When you learn new things they never become old. I know I will have down days because I think gymnastics is a very hard sport, but what a great feeling I get when I do something that is amazing to me and I think that just maybe no one else can do that but me.” Jaskot’s future looks golden. I’ll see you at a meet.

put me in a school gymnastics program at Greensview Elementary and I really liked it and before long was flipping around everywhere. “Eventually, I wound up at Universal Gymnastics and it was then that I knew this sport was for me and I progressed pretty well. My club gymnastics experience has been great, but now I get to represent my school and I love being a Golden Bear athlete. My brother, Phil, was on the UA football and baseball teams and my sister, Marissa, was in swimming and water polo, so I feel proud to keep the family tradition going. “Being part of this high school team is really fun and things are so upbeat and the skills you have to do to be successful aren’t quite as hard as club, so there is a little less pressure. I am really enjoying this time.” Talking about her abilities as a gymnast, Jaskot said, “I guess what helps me first is that I am a perfectionist. When I learn a new skill, I won’t use it until I think I have perfected it. I get complimented on my form and the fundamental way that I keep my legs tight and have pointed toes, but I do get frustrated when I can’t reach the level I want to get to and keep trying by telling myself that I am going to accomplish this. And Larry Larson is a former athletics director at when I do conquer a skill, it makes my day a ton Grandview High School. He can be heard as “Mr. High School Sports” on WTVN 610 AM. better.

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January 27, 2011

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Company Drivers & Owner Operators *Must be at least 23 years of age *Must have Tanker & Hazmat Endorsements Great Pay, Home Daily Inquiries call: Erwin Brothers Specialized SmartWay Transport Partner 1-866-532-5993 russ@erwinbros


COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE, OUR PEOPLE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE Serving more than a half million patients each year, Mount Carmel is the second largest healthcare system in central Ohio. Our more than 8,000 employees and 1,500 physicians utilize state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technologies and the latest procedures to accomplish our mission of healing patients’ minds, bodies and spirits, and improving the health of the communities we serve. Positions are available across the Mount Carmel Health System for:

Surgical Technicians ➣ The Surgical Tech works under the direction of a RN to set up and maintain the surgical field instruments and assists the surgeon during operating procedures ➣ Must be a graduate of a Surgical Technology program Mount Carmel offers a competitive salary and benefits package. Mount Carmel is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce. Qualified candidates apply online now for an immediate interview. 1 6 10 14 19 20 21 22 23 25 26 27 28 30 32 34 35 36 37 38 42 43 47 48 50 51 52 54 55 57 59 60 62 63 64 66 71 72 74 75 77 78 79 81 84 85 86 87 89 90 95 96 98

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Ad Sales


We are looking for two ind. contractors to call on & maintain establ’d accts. We use robots, talking car, & other animated char. To communicate with children. We work directly with local police, fire depts. & schools. Over night trav. & relib. Car req’d. This soft sell is both financially rewarding & personally fulfilling. Email resume to Website Call 1-800-825-7445 x15 for phone interview. Gahanna, OH

WHAT’S BEHIND THE K? Get paid today for what you hauled yesterday. ∂ Daily or weekly pay. ∂ Late model equipment ∂ Lots of miles ∂ Regional & express lanes ∂CDL-A w/3 mos OTR exp 800-832-8356, Option 2 www.knight

Get Your Career Rolling!

NOW HIRING! Seeking CDL A Drivers w/2 yrs T/T Exp. Tank/Haz ends required. TWIC a plus For growing liquid tank operations from our Triadelphia, WV Terminal We Offer: Regional/OTR work (out 7-10 days) $.42 loaded-$.38 empty - all miles Sign-on Bonus / Direct Deposit Paid Orientation Medical / Dental / Rx / 401K Assigned Equipment Apply Online @ Call for info: 877-786-3678 Family Owned Company… Big Company Opportunities!

…and start a rewarding ca reer with Pepsi-Cola Bot tling Company - North Divi sion, the Central Ohio bev erage industry leader. Our Columbus Sales Team is currently looking for Utility Trainees (Job duties incl. selling, de livering & merchandising our products). For more information visit our website at m/columbus. Click on "Ca reers" to learn more about our current openings and for information on how to join the winning team. EOE M/F/D/V

Looking for Team & Single OTR Drivers ûNew Pay Scale û

A New Year... A New Career National Home Improvement Company Seeking 2 Motivated Individuals for in Home Sales *100k + First Year (Commission and Bonus) *Qualified Leads Provided, No Canvasing *Insurance & 401K *Over 30 years in Business Call Mr. Sampson @ 614-850-5600

WEEKLY PAY @100% No-Touch-Freight @Late-Model Equipment @Paid Vacation @Health Insurance/401K Class A CDL-1yr OTR req’d

January 27, 2011

Distributor of packaging materials & industrial tapes is seeking a de pendable salesperson for the Columbus territo ry. Position requires ini tiative & self-motivation. E.O.E. ∂ Salary base $36K ∂ Unlimited commission ∂ Group benefits ∂ Profit sharing plan ∂ No overnite travel ∂ Resumes only: Ship-Paq, Inc. Attn: HR Dept. 3845 Port Union Rd. Fairfield, OH 45014 FAX: 513/682-2208

Marketing As the Marketing & Promo tions Coordinator, support the development of effec tive promotions with com munity, corporate, and me dia partners, to positively impact COSI’s attendance. Administer and fulfill pro motions, as well as devel op and manage promotion al special events. Serve as one of COSI’s promotional spokespersons at various community events. Some weekend and/or evening hours; and occasional trav el required. For a full job descriptions and instruc tions on how to apply, visit: monster EOE

REALTOR Newbury Companies is seeking hard working exp. Northwest Realtor to mar ket and staff our Brittany Place Condo community. Must be available to work weekends, Send resume pat.igoe@ SALES - CALL CENTER

CALL 800-877-2430 www.indianriver

Earn What You’re Worth! We need Sales Professio nals who aren’t afraid to write their own check in a Call Center environment.

Now Hiring Regional OTR Drivers $1500 sign on bonus, 1 year current OTR, Class A CDL Benefit package, EZ Pass/Pre Pass Call 1-866-543-1234 Ext. 6 or apply @ www.

Our Sales Reps enjoy: ∂ Paid Training ∂ M-F 8:30-5 p.m. ∂ Unlimited Income Potential ∂ Medical Benefits To be considered for the opportunity please call: 800-837-5478 ext 1715

OWNER-OPERATORS ∂ $1,500 Sign-on Bonus! ∂ GET HOME DAILY! ∂ Roundtrip Dedicated Freight ∂ All Miles Paid the Same, Loaded or Empty ∂ Leading Fuel Surcharge Paid 100% Call Today Company Drivers Needed Too!

Must pass background check Community news Sports Videos Contests

866-733-2902 www.drivefor

TRACTOR-TRAILER MECHANIC Columbus based carrier hiring experienced Tractor-Trailer Mechanic to maintain small fleet of semi-tractors & trailers. Competitive wage and ben efit package. Silvan Trucking Co. of Ohio. 1-800-448-4531. EEO.

DAYCARE PROVIDERS & PRESCHOOLS Take advantage of our great childcare rates! (740) 888-5003

40 PHONE REPS NEEDED! 24+ year established company is growing and needs 40 reps. Up to $25 p/h your first year. • Career advancement • Paid training • no evenings or weekends • Competitive Benefits Package

Ask for: RECRUITING AT: 614-436-9300

x 1715 Must pass background check

Did you know: you can place your ad online? Go to: and click on CLASSIFIEDS!

The Reserves Network - a staffing industry leader - seeks a Regional Sales Manager to develop business in the markets of Greater Columbus and Southeast Ohio. Ideal candidate will have 5+ years outside sales experience. Background in the staffing industry preferred. We offer competitive base pay with aggressive commission plans and attractive benefits. Candidates are invited to attend one of the following recruiting events: If unable to attend Jan. 31 send resume to: Hampton Inn-Downtown 501 N. High Street - Columbus 10AM-4PM Jan. 31 & Feb. 1 Extended Stay Deluxe-Ploaris 8555 Lyra Drive - Columbus 9AM-5PM

THE Weekly Crossword Edited by Wayne Robert Williams

GET IN By Gail Grabowski

Sales-Family Service Franklin Hills Memory Garden We are seeking a go-getter salesperson to assit our families with Pre-need and at-need cemetary arrange ments. We have a product that is recession resistant ev erybody will need. The person we select for this career sales position must have very strong financial goals. We offer: • Great paid training • Top Commissions • Benefits • Advancement Experience is helpful but not necessary. Send resume to franklin.hill s? EOE www.

Sales Implementation Specialist

Food Grade Tank Carrier



HELP WANTED COMPUTERS/ INFORMATION SERVICES NSB Retail Systems , Inc. has a position available in Lewis Center, Ohio. Senior Software Engineer (Job # FM-0509). 5% international travel required. Travel ex penses will be paid by em ployer. Interested candi dates mail resume with job no. to NSB Retail Systems, Inc., Attn: HR, c/o CRS Re tail Systems, Inc., 15 Gov ernor Drive, Newburgh, NY 12550.


Associate Scientist III/ Scientist

An international drug devel opment company partner to biotechnology and phar maceutical companies worldwide, has an immedi (Full Time) ate need for an Associate ∂ Bachelors degree re- Scientist III/ Scientist in our quired with a focus on Op- Biotherapeutics Group. erations Management in the medical management In this position, the ideal industry is preferred candidate will design and ∂Strong research, problem implement experiments, solving, data analysis & re- analyze, prepare and pres porting skills ent data while maintaining ∂Strong team player with thorough documentation of demonstrated team build- laboratory results. The can ing skills with internal and didate should also possess external customers experience with assay de ∂Proven project manage- velopment and validation ment experience while demonstrating profi ∂Proven Sales and/or Cusciency in performing the tomer Service experience following laboratory techni preferred ques: ELISA, cell culture, ∂Excellent communica PBMC isolation, flow tions skills cytometry (immunophenotyping, in tracellular cytokine stain American Health Holding is ing, and cell proliferation), leader in medical manage- nucleic acid isolation and ment services. Resumes real-time PCR. In addition, can be sent to the candidate will maintain humanresources@ documentation/records of tests performed by the lab that comply with the appro Sales Rep priate agency (GLP, FDA, Columbus, OH EPA, and/or EMEA) regulations. Shorr Packaging Corp., one of the largest inde The candidate shall pos pendent packaging distri sess excellent organiza bution firms in the nation, tional and interpersonal is looking for a Sales Rep skills, be a team player with 3-5 yrs of successful with strong communica selling experience in the tion, management, presen commercial or industrial tation, and problem solving markets. Experience in sell - capabilities as well as ex ing packaging material perience with data han and/or equipment is a dling systems and routine plus. Strong interpersonal, data entry in MS Word, Ex relationship building, and cel, and PowerPoint. communication skills are a must. To apply: please The candidate resume email your resume to must demonstrate the fol or con lowing minimum require tact Mark Trainer, Cincin ments in order to be nati Branch Manager at considered: 513-782-4440. EOE, ∂ B.A., B.S. or M.S. in im M/F/D/V munology, molecular biolo gy, virology, or related sci entific discipline from an SALES WHOLESALE accredited college or uni No travel. We are a 21 year versity. old company that sells ∂ Three years (M.S.) or five general merchandise to years (B.A. or B.S.) of dem retailers & wholesalers. onstrated professional or First year earnings should research experience $50K. We offer 401K and gained through projects, health ins. Call B. Wainer programs, and education. at 614-864-9861. (Years of experience may be substituted for education.) Technical Outside Sales Grove City company look - Additional selection criteria will include the following: ing for an outside sales person to sell video surveil - ∂ Excellent communication skills including technical lance, access control and writing, presentation skills, security systems to com and team interaction. mercial and government ∂ Demonstrated ability to entities. Good technical assume ownership of as background and five years signed tasks and to suc professional sales exp. a cessfully complete the must. Salary & commis tasks within a specified sion with excellent bene budget and schedule. fits. Send resume to: ∂ Strong desire to work in tvanhorn@sound a multi-disciplinary environ ment solving problems in a variety of application HELP WANTED areas. COMPUTERS/ ∂ Relevant experience in INFORMATION good laboratory practices (GLP) is preferred. SERVICES IT Business Analyst The Columbus Dispatch is seeking an Information Technology Business Analyst to help manage all system development projects and coordinate standard systems among the various Dispatch companies. For more information and to apply, please visit We are an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call (740) 888-5003 (local call)

We offer a competitive sal ary along with a compre hensive benefit plan. Qualified candidates may send their resume to: Box # 3075 The Columbus Dispatch 34 S. Third Street Columbus, OH 43215-4241 Community news Sports Videos Contests

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January 27, 2011



Engineering Coordinator



Mechanical Engineer

Manufacturing firm located in Dublin, Ohio is looking Process Engineer A well-established manu to fill a full-time position Entry Level facturer of electronic enclo with benefits for an Engi AMG VANDADIUM sures, instrument knobs, neering Coordinator. Pre tin containers, and preci vious administrative experi Dynamic manufacturing sion drawn metal (various ence including experience company is seeking an en aluminum alloys & mild with Microsoft Office prod steel) is seeking a Mechan - try level Chemical, Metal ucts is a plus. Applicant lurgical, or Materials Proc ical Engineer. must have good organiza ess Engineer. AMG Vanadi tional and multitasking um, Inc., is a wholly owned Responsibilities: skills. Send resume and subsidiary of AMG Ad This position requires 50% salary history to Ralph via: vanced Metallurgical Design development (of (fax) 614-889-0540 or fice), and 50% process de - Group N.V., a global leader (email) jobs@kineticsnoise in the production of highly velopment (production .com engineered specialty metal floor), having a hands-on products and advanced approach from start to fin vacuum furnace systems. ished product. FORMULATIONS/ Individual will be quoting Located in Cambridge, DRUG DELIVERY deep draw metal and form - Ohio, AMG Vanadium, the leading NA pro ing products and will be SCIENTIST ducer of ferrovanadium. creating part and process An international drug devel - specifications and draw opment company partner Responsibilities ings. Position is responsi to biotechnology and phar - ble for cost estimating of ± Technical ownership of maceutical companies currently defined process material and process to worldwide, has an immedi - produce parts and assem - es in support of unit meet ate need for a Formulation/ ing or exceeding goals for blies. Drug Delivery Associate EHS, cost, quality, and Scientist III/Scientist in our customer satisfaction Qualifications: Drug Safety Group. The ± Lead incremental im Degree in Mechanical En successful candidate will provement initiatives to op gineering. Experience in be required to prepare for - 3D modeling CADD (Solid timize existing processes mulations of developmen ± Support fundamental Edge preferred). Knowl tal drugs for various routes edge of load analysis capa capital improvement of administration as part of projects bilities to determine prod toxicology, ± Execute a variety of uct strength and structural pharmacokinetic and safe non-technical and techni integrity. Experience in ty pharmacology studies. product integration as re - cal manufacturing activities to support the Area Im lated to BOMs, Routings or The successful candidate provement Team’s objec floor travelers. Familiarity will have the necessary lab - with materials especially tives in the areas of EHS, oratory experience and quality, and productivity metals (sheet metal and skills in preparing solu extrusions). tions, suspensions and Requirements Fluencies related to metal emulsions; demonstrate fa ± 0 to 5 years of chemical fabrication processes miliarity with laboratory or metallurgical manufac (CNC programming and equipment such as balan turing process and/or pro PLC a plus). ces, pipettors, pH meters, duction experience 1-3 years experience rela and syringes that are used tive to metal process de - ± Degree in Chemical, Met in routine dose prepara sign in mechanical and hy - allurgical, or Materials En tions; and provide gineering draulic presses, punching, oversight/management for ± Strong process/ piercing, and tool design. the Formulation technical skills Laboratory. ± Rely on problem solving FT position with competi ability to independently tive wages and full benefits The candidate shall pos - package. Benefits package solve a complex problem sess excellent organiza ± Leadership skills - Lead a includes health, dental, tional and interpersonal and life insurance, vacation team to accomplish signifi skills, be a team player cant goals and objectives and personal time, and with strong communication ± Computer skills - word 401(k) profit sharing plan. management, presentation processing, spreadsheet, EEO and problem solving capa statistical & database apps bilities and experiences ± Six Sigma experience Submit resumes with sal with data handling systems ary history to employment (preferred) and routine data entry in, MS Word, Excel and Competitive salary and fax to 614-445-8224 or mail PowerPoint. benefits. EEO.Qualified to Buckeye Shapeform, applicants email resume 555 Marion Rd. Columbus, Required qualification is a OH 43207. (Resumes with - to or fax B.S. or B.A. with a mini to (740) 439-5990. out salary history will not mum of 5 years experience be considered). HELP WANTED or M.S. with 1-2 years ex perience in pharmacy or MEDICAL/DENTAL chemistry related field. Indi viduals with relevant train DENTAL ing and experience will be ASSISTANT considered. We are adding an upbeat NECROPSY/ Certified Dental Assistant HISTOLOGY We offer a competitive sal to our team. Columbus / ary along with a compre Dublin area, 3-4 days TECHNICIAN hensive benefit plan. An international drug devel - per week with some possi ble Saturdays. Please opment company partner Qualified candidates may email resume to to biotechnology and phar send their resumes to: maceutical companies Box # 3074 worldwide, is seeking a The Columbus Dispatch qualified Necropsy/ Histol 34 S. Third Street ogy Technician in our Drug Columbus, OH 43215-4241 Safety Group. Instrument The successful candidate Operator will perform gross dissec Family A local firm is seeking an experienced instrument op - tion in compliance with es Physician erator utilizing Topcon total tablished protocols and will prepare microscopic slides Integrated stations, data collectors, robotic instruments & GPS and be familiar with neces Health Care sary histotechnology equipment. Should have The person in this posi equipment (process, em experience with topograph tion is responsible for bed, section, stain and ic, bridge, highway & performing physical as quality control functions). boundary surveys meeting sessments and deliver with ODOT requirements. ing medical care and The successful candidate Must be able to stay out-ofservices to Southeast will be familiar with writing, town overnight for assign clients. This person al maintaining and following ments throughout the state so is responsible for standard operating proce on a weekly basis. Fax re making referrals for dures (SOP) as required sume to 614-228-0466 or medical evaluations by Good Laboratory Practi email dhornyak@ceceng.n and follow-up with cli ces (GLP). The candidate et EOE. ents’ test results. Con will be trained to prepare sultation with Medical reports, conduct data verifi MECHANICAL Director, Clinical Direc cation and review docu & ELECTRICAL tors and other South ments. ENGINEERS / east staff members is al DESIGNERS so an important func The candidate shall pos Shremshock Engineering, tion of this position. sess excellent organiza Inc. is seeking FT Mechani tional and interpersonal cal and Electrical We offer many great skills, be a team player Engineers/Designers. benefits, including with strong communica These positions require health, dental, vision, tion, presentation and minimum 3 years experi 401(k), an on-site fit problem solving capabili ence in all phases of de ness room, and gener sign of mechanical, plumb - ties and experiences with ous time off. If you are data handling systems and ing & electrical systems. interested in learning routine data entry in MS Self-starter able to perform more about opportuni Word, Excel and with minimal day-to-day ties available at South PowerPoint. design oversight while east, Inc. send resume meeting deadlines. Profi to: Southeast Inc., Required qualification is a ciency with AutoCAD is a HR Dept., B.S. or B.A. in biology with must, knowledge of Revit 16 W. Long St., is a plus. We offer a friend - a minimum of 3 years rele Columbus, OH 43215 vant experience. ly, casual, fast-paced at or e-mail at mosphere while maintain hr.applications@ We offer a competitive sal ing a focus on high quality ary along with a compre service. Included is a gen EOE hensive benefit plan, in erous benefits package cluding a 401(k) plan. that includes, but is not lim ited to, paid vacation and GET YOUR Qualified candidates may sick leave, 401(k) & over WEEKENDS BACK! send their resume to: time paid at time & a half. Box # 3070 Email their resume to: The Columbus Dispatch 34 S. Third Street or fax them to FAMILY PRACTICE, Columbus, OH 43215-4241 614-545-4555. INTERNAL MEDICINE & GERIATRICS. 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MEDICAL ASSISTANT for Hilliard Family Practice. PT hours, must be flexible, experience with front/clinical duties, no schools/agencies please. Fax resume to 614-9210505 Attn: Office Manager. MEDICAL ASSISTANT Busy Dermatology practice seeking immediate P/T MA. Dermatology experi ence helpful. Fax resume Attn: Melody at 614-761-4893

MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST Needed, previous experi ence req’d. Excellent sal ary / benefit package. For Immediate consideration, fax resume to 863-5010.

Mental Health Team Leader Mobile Van The Team Leader pro vides leadership, super vision and support to a team that is providing services to homeless clients with severe men tal disabilities. This per son also provides case management services to assigned clients and other team clients. LISW/LPCC required. We offer many great benefits, including health, dental, vision, 401(k), an on-site fit ness room, and gener ous time off. If you are interested in learning more about opportuni ties available at South east, Inc. send resume to: Southeast Inc., HR Dept., 16 W. Long St., Columbus, OH 43215 or e-mail at hr.applications@ EOE NURSE / MA FT - OFFICE Busy Grove City family practice. Fax resume to 614-922-0897.

Occupational Therapist



RN Case Manager

Service Coordinator Support Specialist (LSW)

∂Telephonically assess our member’s immediate and longterm needs, creates a plan of care and works closely with the member and any healthcare providers. ∂Act as an advocate for the member by evaluating current treatments, researching alternative methods or levels of care, and negotiating discounts. ∂Active, unrestricted Registered Nurse (RN) license ∂3+ years of clinical experience ∂Ability to navigate successfully through web-based software ∂Work full time from your own home American Health Holding americanhealth is a leader in medical management services. Resumes can be sent to humanresources@

RN/LPN/CMA Experienced candidate with family /ped medical of fice experience, for ex panding practice in North west Cols. Exciting & chal lenging opportunity for a dependable, organized, detail oriented, enthusias tic, motivated person with excellent communication skills, who will provide quality care to our patients fax resume to: 614-339-0153

Flexible Hours Excellent Compensation Package

Home Care Part-time and PRN positions available Columbus, Ohio Call Russ Delaney at 1-800-223-9519 Or email to: rdelaney@ Marden abides by the OCR Act of 1964, Sec tion 504 of the Rehabilita tion Act and the Age Dis crimination Act of 1975

OPHTHALMIC ASSISTANT Come join a great team! Busy NW area ophthalmol ogy office seeking F/T Ophthalmic Assistant. Ex perience with Ophthalmol ogy necessary. Great hours, location and bene fits. Fax resume to 614451-8642. Email to: CKem pton@NorthwestEye Background check will be done before hiring. PHARMACY TECH Retail Experience required. Top Dollars! No evenings or weekends. PT or FT. Email resume to

PHYSICIAN/ HOSPITALIST Columbus, Ohio. Provide impatient care predominantly in settings such as medical wards, acute care units, intensive care units, rehabilitation centers, or emergency rooms. Manage and coordinate patient care throughout treatment. Evaluate and manage medical patients admitted to the hospital. Requirements include: Medical Degree, as well as, completion of three years of Residency training and experience in an accredited program in the field of internal medicine; Board Certification in Internal Medicine; 6 months experience working with and supervising medical residents and medical students; and Medical Licensure in the State of Ohio of license eligibility. Send 2 resumes and cover letters by mail (no calls) to Columbus Inpatient Care, Inc., ATTN: Jeffrey B. Thurston, D.O., 793 W. State St., Room 3N09, Columbus, OH 43222

PRACTICE MANAGER Qualified candidates will have 3-5 years of physi cian medical office man agement experience, re sponsibilities include but not limited to staffing, pay roll, scheduling, billing, col lection, bookkeeping & working with Physicians and clinical teams. Excel lent communication skills, personnel supervisory skills and fiscal budget management experience a must. Fax resume to: 614-339-0153 Psychiatry

Program Director The CawleyJohnson Group, a national behavio ral healthcare company, is recruiting for a Program Di rector for the psychiatric service at Licking Memori al Hospital in Newark. The Program Director will be re sponsible for day-to-day operations, including busi ness growth, clinical pro grams, expense manage ment, and the ability to meet financial targets. Candidates should be Masters-prepared in an ap plicable discipline, with a minimum of five years ex perience in behavioral healthcare management. Respond via email with cover letter and CV to resumes@

RN Unit Manager Columbus Rehabilita tion and Subacute Insti tute is accepting appli cations for an experi enced Unit Manager. Columbus Rehabilita tion and Subacute Insti tute (CRSI) is a 120bed skilled facility. It is located across from Mount Carmel West hospital, one of the ma jor hospitals in the greater Columbus area. This facility is best known for being able to take care of high acuity patients. CRSI has a 21-bed vent unit that is staffed by in-house respiratory therapists 24/7. This unit has a dedicated Program Director, who is a pulmonologist and is also affiliate with the Mount Carmel West. CRSI is also known for its successful rehabilita tions programs. The fa cility has two very spa cious and wellequipped therapy gyms. The therapy de partment is staffed by 14 therapists with a suc cessful track record treating patients with neurological and ortho pedic diagnoses. CRSI also takes care of very complex medical pa tients with challenging infusion needs such as life sustaining drips and massive wounds as a result of surgery, trauma or other dis ease processes. CRSI also has patients recov ering from cardiac sur gery, major organ trans plants, knee replace ment surgery and che motherapy and radia tion treatments. Qualified candidates must have a valid OH RN license and previ ous management expe rience in long term care. Andi Ayres, Area Recruiter E-Mail: aayres@ Fax: 414-908-7204 Extendicare Health Services, Inc is an equal opportunity em ployer that encourages workplace diversity.

To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call

(740) 888-5003 (local call)

National Church Residences’ Quality Assurance Department oversees the clinical work of Service Coordinators as well as ensuring program compliance within HUD guidelines in its senior housing communities. This entry-level position reviews reports and provides feedback to Service Coordinators. Additional duties include: reviewing resident files on a semi-annual basis, assisting with an annual resident and management satisfaction surveys, and compilation of semi-annual reports to submit to HUD. To be considered, candidate must be a Licensed Social Worker (Ohio) and have strong Microsoft Office skills. Experience working with the elderly and/or housing with supportive services a definite plus. To learn more about our growing organization, please visit Apply on-line or via fax at: (614) 442-7020. Drug and complete background checks (criminal) are conducted as a condition of employment. EOE

Women’s Imaging Supervisor Marion Area Health Cen ter is seeking a Supervi sor to cover the Mam mography and Ultra sound Departments at our progressive Wom en’s Imaging Center. Candidates must be ARRT, Ohio License & Mammography certifica tion. 3-5 years experi ence working with MQSA is preferred. Qualified candidates may send their resumes or ap ply at: Marion Area Health Cen ter Attn: Human Resources 1050 Delaware Avenue Marion, OH 43302 m www.marionareahealth.c om EOE M/F/D/V


Accounting Manager Planned Parenthood of Central Ohio Make a difference in women’s lives! Responsible for day-today operations of ac counting and finance functions; works closely with patient services re garding inventory; pro vides analysis and inte gration of accounting da ta; supervises accounts payable functions. Mini mum Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree with major in business related area required with mini mum 5 years experience in accounting/business functions, or comparable experience. Experience in the health care field a plus. Forward resume and sal ary requirements by Feb ruary 7, 2011 to: or mail to: PPCO, 206 E. State St., Cols., OH 43215-4311: Fax (614) 224-2267. EEO

Controller Responsible for the quality and administration of the College’s financial ac counting system. Eight years of experience in the areas of accounting, finan cial reporting and fiscal controls. Bachelor’s degree,& CPA designation required. To view a full job description & get applica tion details go to: AA/EOE/Drug Free WP


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ABLE TO TRAVEL National Company Hiring Sharp People. Able to Start To day. Transportation & Saint-Gobain SEFPRO, a Lodging Furnished. NO leading manufacturer of EXPERIENCE Necessary. specialized glass contact Paid Training. Over 18+ refractories, has a current 970-773-3165 opening for a Financial Manager at its Corhart fa ACTORS/MOVIE EXTRAS cility located in Needed Immediatelyfor up Buckhannon, WV. coming roles $150-$300 Working closely with the per day depending on job business unit management requirements. No experi team, finance and IT organ - ence, All looks needed. 1ization, this position is re 800-951-3584 A-105. For sponsible for the financial casting times /locations: control of the manufactur Administrative Assistant ing business unit in ac 2 years office exp. neces cordance with corporate sary, HR knowledge a procedures and policies. plus. Please forward re Specific duties will encom sume to: info@ pass strategy develop ment, budgeting, forecast - m ing, financial analysis, cost accounting, IT manage Assistant Mgmt Trainee ment and business con I’M SWAMPED! trols in a team oriented Need 7 sharp people to high performance environ help run offices in the Cols. ment. The candidate will report to the General Man - area. Earn while you learn $400-500/per week while in ager, with a strong dotted training. line to the SEFPRO Finan NO EXPERIENCE NEC. cial Manager located in Call Cindy for personal France. interview 614-791-3300 Candidates must possess: ∂ BS degree in ATTENTION Accounting/Finance CALL CENTER (MBA/CPA/CMA is desira REPS! ble) ∂ 5+ years of financial Downtown, Groveport analysis experience, plant and Hilliard Locations! controller experience or Act-1 has immediate openother financial organiza ings for exp’d cust serv tions experience, prefer reps. Min 1 yr cctr exp. ence given to experience req’d. Must be computer in a manufacturing literate and able to type 30 environment wpm. 1st and 2nd shift ∂ A strong knowledge of available. Some weekends accounting, including cost required. Visit 1125 accounting and financial Georgesville Rd. to apply operations or email resume to ∂ Knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Prin Central Ohio ciples (GAAP) with Technical College knowledge/experience with International Financial Re Full-time Regular Posi porting Standards (IFRS) tions: a plus ∂ Experience with ERP sys - ∂ Building Supervisor (Mt. Vernon), #9000147 tems (SAP a plus) as well ∂ Nursing Instructor (12as advanced computer Month), #9000148 skills ∂ Strong personal ethics Part-time Faculty Open and good leadership skills ings: ∂ Excellent analytical and ∂ Nursing (Clinical communication skills Experience-OB ∂ Exposure to international preferred), #9000110 and business and ability to 9000111 communicate in French are a plus See other available PartWe offer excellent benefits time Faculty positions at ht and a competitive salary tp:// For commensurate with experi complete position descrip ence and qualifications. tions, qualifications, and Interested candidates application procedures go should forward their re to sume and salary history to: Click on "Search Postings" corharthr@saintthen "View" at the position or fax to title to submit an online ap 304-473-1272. plication for posted posi Resumes will be accepted tions. EEO/AA Employer. through February 20, 2011. EOE/M/F/H/V CHILDCARE PRESCHOOL Loan Officer DIRECTOR / Local, well established ADMINISTRATOR community bank seeking SUTQ & NAEYC - Bache lender with portfolio and/or lors in ECE or related field. secondary market real Apply by 2/2/11 to office@r estate lending experience. or mail to Great work environment, Pastor, 235 McNaughten excellent compensation Rd. Columbus, OH and benefits. Email 43213. EOE. resume to jobs@



SENIOR Administrator ACCOUNTANT New Hope Church of Po Delaware, OH company well seeks PT (30-35 seeks experienced ac hrs/wk) church admin. Will countant with excellent report to & support problem-solving, analyti the senior pastor and man cal, organizational, and age the daily activities of communication skills. Pri the church incl. staff re mary duties are posting, sources, finances, analysis and reconcilia communications & facili tion of general ledger, ties. Must have a bachelo month-end close and r’s degree, related leader preparation of monthly fi ship experience, strong nancial statements, sales team, interpersonal, com tax and commission cal munication, organizational culations. Must be profi cient in MS Excel and oth - and computer skills. Per sonal values must be er MS Office products. consistant with church doc BA in accounting with trine and be able to enthu 5+ years experience re siastically support the min quired. Send resume and istry and mission of the salary history to church. Qualified candi bevans@acidates need to email their resume, contact informa tion and references to HELP WANTED webmaster@ GENERAL or send to New Hope Church 4739 West Powell Rd. 1-800-HANSONS Powell OH 43065. Attn: Church Administrator. One of Ohio’s Largest Home Improvement Com Collection panies is interviewing for our highly successful Specialist


Top performing collections reps needed! East side of Columbus. $10-12/hour + We offer professional train - Bonus + benefits! Email ing and a competitive com - resumes to jwilhelm@inno or call pensation package! Jesicca at 614-775-1400. Call Today for an Interview: DELIVERY DRIVER Local co. seeking PT (614) 319-5060 Driver, 10-20 hrs per week or to deliver meals to 1-800-Hansons Ex. 4103 seniors. Must have clean driving record & be able to You may also send your re - pass backgrnd check. Call sume to columbuscareers Tim or Molly, 308-1844.

65+ Needed Customer Service Must have 6 mo’s Call center experience Min. typing 35 wpm. Knowledge of Microsoft office. Apply on line www. 614-224-6080 EOE/M/F/D/N

To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call

(740) 888-5003 (local call)

(866) 790-4502 (toll free)

Distribution Center In Wheeling West Virginia has an opening on our Night shift for a Sr. Distribution Center Coordinator (job # 16245) You may apply online at Scroll to the bottom of the page, click on "Careers," then "Apply Now - View Open Positions," and put "26059" in the "located near" box. Look for the specific job number listed above. EOE/ Drug testing required/ Background checks

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Bexley






7$.( <285 ),567 67(3 $7 7+(



WHATâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S IN IT FOR YOU?



HELP WANTED GENERAL General Assist. Mgr. Trainees

12-15 Immediate openings for people who enjoy a casual dress, rock-n-roll at mosphere and working with the opposite sex. Fast growing Art Co. opening up new locations. All posi tions available. $400-$500 a week Call for a personal inter view. 614-791-3301 Ask for Veronica.

Intake Coordinator (Full Time/ Part Time) Responsible for assisting callers by determining if services require certification, referring them to claims payor/network if appropriate & initiating certification process by entering demographic information. â&#x2C6;&#x201A;High school diploma required â&#x2C6;&#x201A;Excellent verbal and written communication skills â&#x2C6;&#x201A;Knowledge of computer/ word processing/ typing skills â&#x2C6;&#x201A;Medical coding/ terminology knowledge, preferred â&#x2C6;&#x201A;Previous call center experience preferred. American Health Holding is a leader in medical management services.

JANITORIAL PT Medical Cleaning. Gahanna. 5:30P-10P. M-F. $8/HR. Drug & backgrnd check req. 614-866-4700

JOB ALERT CAREER EXPO Your Next Great Hire is Waiting Aladdin Shrine Center 3850 Stelzer Rd., Columbus, OH. 43219 Wednesday, Feb. 23 â&#x20AC;˘ 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. PRESENTED BY:

WHATâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S IN IT FOR YOU?

LEASE ADMINISTRATOR Property management group is searching for a hands-on Lease Administrator. Responsibilities include, but arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t limited to, lease abstracts, tenant payables/receivables, and CAM reconciliations. Competitive benefits package with free parking. Submit resume to: Continental Realty, Attn: HR,150 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215

MAINTENANCE COME SEE WHATâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S IN IT FOR YOU: BOOTHS BEGIN AT JUST $650. Call your Dispatch Account Executive at 614-675-4679

Experienced maintenance person needed for older apartment complex, North East. HVAC certification helpful but not required. Experience in apartment maintenance is mandatory. Tools and reliable vehicle required. This is a full time position that offers bene fits. Please fax resume to 614-891-8032.


Come to Affinion Groupâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s


Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-6:00pm 300 West Schrock Road, Westerville Please come prepared to speak with a recruiter Business casual attire is required.

Immediate interviews for: â&#x20AC;˘ Inbound Retention Specialist Positions â&#x20AC;˘ Bilingual Representatives â&#x20AC;˘ Call Center Supervisor â&#x20AC;˘ Travel Manager

Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve Got It All! â&#x20AC;˘ Flexible Schedules: FT & PT â&#x20AC;˘ 401(k) match â&#x20AC;˘ Tuition reimbursement â&#x20AC;˘ Health/dental/vision

â&#x20AC;˘ 24 paid days off â&#x20AC;˘ Casual, friendly environment â&#x20AC;˘ Real advancement opportunities â&#x20AC;˘ Great bonus potential

We want to hear from you! If you are unable to attend, please go to We conduct drug and background screenings. EOE

POLICE OFFICER The City of Wooster announces an assembled Civil Service examination will be administered for the classified position of Police Officer in the Police Division of the Safety Department.Applicants must meet the following.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: 21-35 at time of appointment; certification by the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy (OPOTA) is preferred, and one of the following: associates degree in criminal justice, law enforcement or related field, or two years of college level course work at an accredited college or university, or two years experience in a branch of the U.S. military or two years of employment experience in a public law enforcement agency; high school graduate; weight in proportion to height and body structure;. Must possess a valid Driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s License issued by the State of OH at the time of the examination; must be insurable by Cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s insurance carrier.

EXAMINATION PROCESS: An assembled Civil Service Examination will be administered for this position, details to be announced at a later date. Passing applicants on the overall civil service test will be placed on a Civil Service eligible list. Applicants will be processed for further testing from this list until an eligible list is developed. Such examination may include, but not be limited to, physical fitness examination, medical examination including drug screen after provisional offer of employment, psychological and/or psychiatric examination, polygraph examination, background investigation, and personal interview. The duration of the list will be one year or until exhausted. These applicants will be processed for future vacancies in the Police Officer classification should a vacancy occur within the next year.

APPLICATION PROCESS: To obtain a City of Wooster employment application, please contact the address below or log on to the Cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website (, print the application, complete it, and mail it to the address below. A completed City of Wooster application must be received by the Human Resources Division, 538 N. Market Street, Wooster, Ohio 44691 no later than close of the business day (5:00 p.m.) on Fri. Feb. 18, 2011. A non-refundable $30.00 fee will be collected prior to the test for those meeting the minimum qualifications. Veterans should bring in or mail a copy of DD 214 Military Discharge Papers (Member 4 - the type of discharge must be indicated). Special auxiliary aids for handicapped persons are available upon written request. At least five (5) days notice is required prior to the Civil Service Examination. Requests must be made, in writing, to the Human Resource Division at the above address. Study guides are available in the Human Resources Office. Residency requirement within 90 days of appointment. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER - F/M/H WOMEN AND MINORITIES ENCOURAGED

ABBRUZZESE BROS INC NEEDS A MECH TO SVC OUR VEH/EQUIP. â&#x20AC;˘MUST HAVE 3-5 YRS EXP & OWN TOOLS. â&#x20AC;˘ GM CERT A+ â&#x20AC;˘ BASIC COMP, GOOD COMM & ORG. SKILLS â&#x20AC;˘ MUST HAVE OWN TRANS & VLD DL W/<4 PT EXC BENE PKG: COMPT WAGES, PFT SH, 401K, INS., & PD VAC SEND RESUME TO ROUDABUSH_BJ@ ABBZINC.COM OR FAX 614.873.1550 Now Hiring Janatorial and Floor Techs. call the key cleaning con nection job line: 614 891 4993

Power up your Career with Safelite AutoGlass

Residential MonitorPart Time Volunteers of America, Greater Ohio has an imme diate openings for Part Time Residential Monitor in our Residential shelter. The ideal candidate will have a High School diploma/GED, with excellent communica tion and decision making skills. May be required to intervene in potentially stressful situations. Major responsibilities include monitoring and maintain ing effective and efficient residential operations dur ing assigned shift, conduct intake services and orienta tion for new clients, and perform administrative du ties. Must be proficient on Windows and Microsoft Of fice Software, and may be required to lift up to 25 pounds. Qualified candi dates should submit a re sume to EOE. SAFETY CONSULTANT Will work with our state wide multi-industry clients in injury avoidance by au diting their safety program and guiding them to implement safety proceedures. We are an edtablished and rapidly growing consulting firm with an office in Worthing ton. In depth proficiency with OSHA standards & industrial experience pre ferred. Write, including sal ary history to: "Safety" PO BOX BV40361, Cleveland, OH 44140. EOE. START MONDAY! No Evenings or Weekends! EARN UP TO 50-60k Your first year! We are a 24 year old industry leader specializing in business to business sales. We offer: â&#x2C6;&#x201A; Benefits â&#x2C6;&#x201A; Paid Training â&#x2C6;&#x201A; Unlimited Income Potential â&#x2C6;&#x201A; Room for Advancement Contact us toll free at: 866-639-7767 ext. 1715 MUST PASS BACKGROUND CHECK

Warehouse/ Delivery Support Full-time early morning warehouse/delivery support positions available. Please visit for more information and to apply. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

HELP WANTED PROFESSIONAL/ MANAGEMENT ADMISSIONS & FINANCIAL AID COUNSELOR Admissions & Financial Aid - BGSU Firelands. This po sition will serve as a direct point of contact for stu dents who are seeking ad mission, and will counsel students and parents through the financial aid process. For a complete job description & instruc tion on how to apply for this position (L-61871) visit s/ohr/employment/adm_sta ff/page 11137.html or con tact the Office of the Dean at (419) 372-0623 or BGSU is an AA/EO employer/educator.

Safelite AutoGlass is lookBRANCH ing for Customer Service Representatives and TeleMANAGER phone Sales Representa - National Finance Company tives to join our team! Part seeks to hire Branch Man time positions, all inbound ager for Central Ohio. All calls, no telemarketing. Applicants must have Mi crosoft office, collection, Qualifications include: Skill credit, and managerial ex in speaking with a pleasant perience. Automobile relat voice, retaining compo- ed work history preferred. sure, and building rapport Competitive salary and ex among peers, stores, and cellent benefits. customers. Ability to operPlease fax resume to: ate computer and tele(702) 433-0853 phone systems while seated for extended periods of Collections time. High school diploma National Finance Company or equivalent. seeking experienced col lectors for Central Ohio Safelite AutoGlass utilizes Branch. Predictive Auto skills based assessments, Dialers, Front-end, midbackground checks, and range and back-end posi drug testing to verify eligitions available. Bilingual bility for employment. Spanish a plus. High ener Apply on line at gy a must! Competitive Pay and Excellent Benefits. Please fax resume to 702433-0853 Attn: Sonyia

To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call

(740) 888-5003 (local call)




EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR The Pickaway Progress National Finance Company Partnership (P3), a nonseeking experienced tellers profit economic develop for Central Ohio Branch. ment agency for Pickaway Clerical, Deposit Reconcili County, OH and its ation, and strong Custom municipalities is seeking Extension er Service skills required. an Executive Director to Educator/ Bilingual Spanish a plus. carry out the following ac Competitive Pay and Excel - tivities: new business at County lent Benefits. traction; marketing; exist Extension Please fax resume to 702ing industry support; prod 433-0853 Attn: Sonyia uct development and advo Director cacy; management of Education budgets and finances and 4-H Youth Development, HEAD START legal matters; manage Carroll County, ment of support staff. The Carrollton, Ohio. ExperiDIRECTOR successful candidate will ence with leadership, â&#x20AC;˘ $75,004 annually (posthave a minimum of 3-5 teaching, evaluation, probation)-40 hrs /wk; 52 years of experience in eco - teamwork, committees, wks/yr nomic development. This and collaboration with diâ&#x20AC;˘ Baccalaureate Degree is position reports to a 25verse clientele needed. required (Masterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Degree Masterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s degree reis preferred) in Early Child - member board of directors from the public and private quired. Competitive salhood Education, Business ary, excellent OSU beneAdministration, Social Serv - sectors. This position will work with elected officials fits, flexible hours. ices, or related field. and their appointees at the EEO/AA Employer. Job â&#x20AC;˘ 3-5 years of state, county, city/village Descriptions / To Apply: Management/ Administra and township levels and http://extensionhr. tion in a Social Services or with colleagues from the Head Start program region and state including Please go to https://home. Columbus 2020!, and The HUMAN RESOURCE Ohio Department of Devel =552195 to apply. No MANAGER opment. Participation on phone calls please. EOE. Central Ohio Manufacturer relevant boards and advi is seeking an experienced EDUCATION sory committees is re Human Resource TERRA COMMUNITY quired. The ideal candi Manager. The qualified COLLEGE is accepting date will have a Bachelor candidate should be applications for the degree in business, plan knowledgeable of all State following FT & PT ning, economics, commu and Federal Employment positions: nication or a related field, Laws, possess strong an in-depth understanding communications skills, and Assistant Director, of the tools used to attract have a proven track record Academic Service Center and retain business at the of compliance experience local and state level, and with EH&S regulations and Enrollment & experience with grants and processes. A Bachelorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Financial Aid earmarks available to com Degree in Human Advisor munities to develop infra Resource Management structure. Further informa coupled with at least 5 Academic Advisor -Nursing tion about Pickaway Prog years HR Management & Allied Health (PT) ress Partnership can be and EH&S experience in a found at www. manufacturing For detailed job descrip environment is required. tions, incl.general info Send resume to: Jean Compensation is about these positions, visit Droste, President Board of commensurate with Directors. PO Box 506, experience. We also offer Circleville, OH 43113 an excellent benefit email Teresa Eanes, P3 package. For confidential To express your interest in Economic Development consideration please any of these positions an Assistant at: teanes@ forward your resume to: online application form must be completed. Only P. O. Box 667 online applications will be Grove City, Ohio 43123 accepted. No phone calls Executive please. Review of applica Mgr of Fabric, Express , CoDirector - PT tions will begin on Feb. 7, lumbus, OH. Ensure that Union County Volunteer 2011. Terra Community fabrics in bulk production Guardians Committee is College is an EOE meet standards of quality seeking a progressive lead - & consistency. Establish, er to assist in the start-up document & maintain fab community-based, ric standards. Provide tech non-profit volunteer guardi - nical advice to merchants, ans program. BA, MA pre - designers & vendors to en ferred. Full job description sure that developed fabrics Get the word out & requirements posted at are technically sound, with ThisWeekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s commercially viable & re Send resume by 2/23/11 producible in bulk produc classifieds. to: SHC, Attn: D. Schulze tion. Partner with technical PO Box 562. designers & vendors to en Marysville, OH 43040. (740) 888-5003 sure bulk fabrics meet EOE. quality standards. Track & review vendor quality per Visit us online at formance in fabrics. Min re include: Bache quirements lorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s degree (or its profes sional exp equivalent) in Classifieds sell To place an ad for your Textiles or Fashion Mer (local call) bazaar or seasonal event chandising, plus 5 yrs of (740) 888-5003 progressive professional call (740) 888-5003 (local call) exp including 5 yrs exp in textile manufacturing & Check out ThisWeekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s with manufacturing facili ties worldwide. To be con award-winning Web Site! sidered for this position, apply online at http://www. Best Community Newspaper Web Site in the Nation â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 2008 s/job_start.asp, go to the Suburban Newspapers of America "Job Search" link and type 2262888 in the "Keyword Best Group-owned Weekly Newspaper Search" field. Web Site â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 2008 and 2009

Customer Service Rep.


Resumes can be sent to humanresources@

Take part in the


January 27, 2011

DAYCARE PROVIDERS & PRESCHOOLS Take advantage of our great childcare rates! (740) 888-5003

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Rhodes State College is West Central Ohioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest two-year college with nearly 4300 students, and more than 100 Associate degrees, majors and certification programs. The Collegeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s campus, on-line instruction and off-campus learning centers serve 33 Ohio counties and the College is the regionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading workforce development trainer. The following positions are available: Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs Executive Director of Development Vice President of Student Affairs For a listing of duties, qualifications and the application process see the position posting on our website. Check the "Rhodes State Employment Opportunities" at the bottom of the home page of w AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY/ADA EMPLOYER, M/F, V/D

Got a room to rent? Get the word out to more than a quarter million readers with ThisWeek Community Newspapers! Apartment/Home Rental Package 10 lines or 5 lines with photo, 4 weeks, any 4 markets for $75 (each additional line $7.50) Call today and rent your apartment THIS WEEK! (740) 888-5003

Progressive Medical, Inc. is a reputable and rapidly growing managed care company that provides a wide array of healthcare related services to underwriters of workersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; compensation insurance, self-insured employers and third party administrators.

Director of Pharmacy Client Services This position provides oversight of the Pharmacy Client Services divisions which includes responsibility for planning, staffing, workflow efficiencies, customer and product implementations, as well as the development and guidance of the department leadership.

Required Qualifications: â&#x20AC;˘ Bachelorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s degree in business major (management, communications, organizational health, etc.) or at least 5 years experience directing management level staff.

Preferred Qualifications: â&#x20AC;˘ Bachelorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s degree in business major (management, communications, organizational health, etc.) and at least 3 years experience directing management level staff in a large call center type environment. â&#x20AC;˘ Workerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s compensation and/or insurance claims management experience.

We offer competitive salaries, an excellent benefits package that begins on your first day of employment, generous vacation and incidental time, 401k plan and an on-site cafĂŠ and fitness facility. Interested candidates please submit your resume Only resumes with salary requirements will be considered Progressive Medical, Inc. supports a drug and nicotine-free work environment.

We only hire nicotine-free employees. EOE

ProgressiveThinking. PowerfulSolutions.

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Bexley

January 27, 2011



M/I Financial Corpora tion, a subsidiary of M/I Homes, continues to revolutionize the indus try with our innovative ideas, quality products and excellent service. We have an excellent opportunity for a Mortgage Production Manag er to join our Easton area M/I Financial Branch office.

Public employees’ retire ment savings program has an opening for a full-time file technician. Responsibil ities include: maintain 125K paper and imaged participant files, inventory, ADOPTION- A loving alter archiving, answer requests native to unplanned preg for documents and other nancy. You choose the related clerical tasks. Posi family for your child. Re tion requires one year of ceive pictures/info of fice experience in high vol - waiting/ approved couples. ume filing and scanning; Living expense assistance. computer skills including 1-866-236-7638 knowledge of Microsoft Of Birthmother: We’ll care fice; ability to work well in about you as you get to dependently; high school know, diploma or GED. Flexible married couple hoping to scheduling and excellent become ADOPTIVE PA benefits with a hiring range of $23K -$26K. (EOE) Send RENTS. Expenses paid. Li cover letter and resume to sa 1-888-324-8934 www.mi Ohio Deferred Compensa tion at

Receptionist/ Office Manager

Primary duties include managing the daily ac tivities of Loan Officers. Developing strategies with M/I Homes Man agement and Sales Team to assist homebuyers in their fi nancing needs. Monitories Branch activi ties with the ability to an alyze and make recom mendations to upper management. The suc cessful candidate must possess a thorough knowledge of Conven tional, FHA and VA loan programs. Strong or ganizational and com munication skills re quired. The company provides excellent earning poten tial, in addition to an ex cellent benefits pack age. For consideration, please submit a resume in confidence to:


M/I Financial Corporation EOE

Ohio State Bar Association Insurance Agency seeks Director The Ohio State Bar Associ ation is looking to hire a di rector who is dual licensed in health and property and casualty to run its for-profit insurance agency. Candi date must have five years of sales and management experience along with a bachelors degree. We are looking for an entrepreneu rial thinking candidate who has strong personal skills and is a self starter. Salary commensurate with experi ence. The OSBA is an equal opportunity employ er and encourages diversi ty in its workforce. Please send resumes to Rick Bannister, Assistant Execu tive Director, Ohio State Bar Association, PO Box 16562, Columbus, Ohio 43216-6562 or e-mail to: osbainsurancejob@ NO LATER THAN TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 1.

Worthington Christian Vil lage is seeking experi enced cooks for our Din ing Services. Must have past experience in restau rant or healthcare kitch ens. Must be available on a flexible schedule which includes some weekends and holidays. Fill out application online at or fax your re sume to (614) 842-9541. Worthington Christian Vil lage a great place to work! 165 Highbluffs Blvd. Columbus, OH 43235 (614) 846-6076

Dietary Servers Worthington Christian Vil lage is seeking full and part time servers for our Dining Services. Must be available on a flexible schedule which includes some weekends and holi days. Fill out an applica tion online at or fax your resume to (614) 842-9541. Worthington Christian Village a great place to work! 165 Highbluffs Blvd., Colum bus, OH 43235 (614) 846-6076 KITCHEN STAFF BEEF O’BRADY’S FT 30+ hrs. Call Joey 614-529-9464.

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New ADT customers ADT 24/7 Monitoring starting at just $37.99/mo. Free Se curity Review. Call Now! 1-866-528-5002 promo code:34933 Send Flowers to your Val entine! Starting at just $19.99. Go to www.proflow to receive an extra 20% off your order or Call 1-888-587-0771. Wine of the Month Club Send the gift of wine all year long! 2 Bottles each month from award-winning wineries around the world. Call 888-751-6215 and get FREE SHIPPING!

Attend College Online from Home. *Medical, *Business, *Paralegal, *Computers, *Criminal Justice. Job placement as sistance. Computer availa ble. Financial Aid if quali fied. Call 800-488-0386 ww


Don’t Pay Rent! Own This! 2 br., 1.5 ba. Reynoldsburg Condo. For only $500/mo. New flooring, paint, & applicances. Over 1,000 sq. ft. Private patio. $1000 back at closing. Call 614-546-6982 for details.

Own 20 Acres $129/mo. $13,900 Near Growing El Paso, Texas (safest city in America!) Low down, no credit checks, owner fi nancing. Free Map/ Pic tures. 866-254-7755

Pets & Livestock SELL/RENT YOUR TIME SHARE FOR CASH!!! Our Guaranteed Services will Sell/ Rent Your Unused Timeshare for CASH! Over $95 Million Dollars offered in 2010! www.sellatimeshar (800)640-6886


Downtown agency seeks experienced and dependa ble individual with min 1 year business exp. Strong verbal/written communica tion skills, ability to work with little supervision/ multi ple tasks, MS Word/ AIRLINES ARE HIRINGExcel/internet knowledge, Train for high paying Avia dependability, computer tion Maintenance Career. and phone experience. FAA approved Benefits and free parking. program.Financial aid if Resume to Matrix Media qualified- Housing availa Services Inc., 463 E. Town ble. CALL Aviation Institute St, Col, OH 43215, fax to of Maintenance 614-228-8404, email (877)818-0783 agarcia@matrixmedia


Golden Doodle Puppies. 7 golden doodle well social ized puppies for sale. They are currently 3-1/2 weeks old but you can come pick them out. They are $500 (614) 306-0913

Real Estate


ARIZONA BUILDING LOTS FULL ACRES AND MORE! Guaranteed Owner Fi nancing No credit check $0 down - 0 interest Starting @ just $99/mo. Close to Tucson’s Intl. Air port Hear free recording at 800-631-8164 Code 4001 or visit www.sunsitesland

East - 3BR, good location, $975 - $1,050 mo. Deposit required. HW floors, new carpet, newly renovated, insulated windows & new appliances, 1-2 car garage. Move in ready. 317-491-8576 or 614-209-3319

Publisher’s Notice All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise "any preference, limitation or discrimina tion." Familial status in100% Guaranteed Omaha cludes children under the Steaks - SAVE 64% on the age of 18 living with paFamily Value Collection. rents or legal custodians, NOW ONLY $49.99 Plus 3 pregnant women and peoFREE GIFTS & right-to-the- ple securing custody of door delivery in a reusable children under 18. This cooler, ORDER Today. 1newspaper will not know888-702-4489 mention ingly accept any advertiscode 45069SVD or www.O ing for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby inAdvertise your product or formed that all dwellings service nationwide or by advertised in this newsparegion in up to 12 million households in North Ameri - per are available on an equal opportunity basis. To ca’s best suburbs! Place complain of discrimination your classified ad in over 815 suburban newspapers call HUD toll-free at 1-800just like this one. Call Clas - 669-9777. The toll-free telephone number for the hearsified Avenue at 888-4862466 or go to www.classifi ing impaired is 1-800-927-9275. DIRECTV DEALS! FREE Movie Channels for 3 mos - starting at $34.99 for 24 mos -210+ Channels+FREE DIRECTV CINEMA plus, Free Installa tion! Limited time only. New Cust only. 1-866-528-5002 promo code 34933

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MOVE-IN SPECIAL $299 1ST MONTH! Cols., Whitehall Area 2BR, remod TH, $475/mo. 1.5 BA, full bsmt, nice grounds. Please call 614-353-0156 to set up appointment. WE ACCEPT 1BR VOUCHERS

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Bexley

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January 27, 2011

Thank-you. Thank-you. Thank-you. Thank-you. Thank-you.

Thank-you for your support in 2010! We look forward to serving you in 2011!

Call Us For All Your Real Estate Needs! RE/MAX TOWN CENTER REALTORS


Mike Irwin

Rick Weber

Doug Burley

Mike Shackett

CBR 25 Million Dollar Club

CBR 25 Million Dollar Club

CBR 25 Million Dollar Club

CBR 25 Million Dollar Club




470-7171 NEW






2355 Brookwood Rd. Many updates, move right in and enjoy. Almost 2,500 SF ranch w/three bedrooms, two and one half baths and an additional huge finished recreation with new carpeting. The living room has a log burning fireplace and windows providing a lake view. Family room w/built-ins off the kitchen. Spacious eating area. Screened porch for spring, summer, and fall enjoyment. $198,500.

Completely renovation thru-out, beautiful hardwood floors, new rec room plus extra sitting area, 3 bedrooms and two baths, all kitchen appliances, new blinds, new electric, dining area, huge garage, patio. Overlooking open field.

Renovated kitchen with nice oak cabinets! Newer windows! Beautiful wood floors! This home has a living room, family room and den. Two car garage plus a carport that could be turned into a 3rd car garage! $180’s. Wow, call quick!

Premium location in complex. Ranch flr plan, generous size great rm w/gas frplc, din rm w/ sliding glass DR to patio, fully equipped kit, 3 bedrooms (kingsize mstr), 2 nice bath rms, custom window treatments, new carpeting & freshly painted int, 1st flr lndry, bsmt, 2-car att gar.

RICK WEBER 235-1020

DOUG BURLEY 325-3235


MIKE IRWIN 470-7167




BEXLEY- CORNER - $198,000



Wow. What a feeling! Year round enjoyment. Enjoy the tranquility at this peaceful 5 wooded acre retreat. Sit on the deck or in the tub, or stroll back to the pond and relax in the gazebo or on the dock. Inside is 3,900 SF of meticulous finished living space consisting of 4 bedrooms, 3 baths and a great room with soaring ceilings and lots of glass. $349,000.

Brick Cape Cod with tons of character, large corner lot, hardwood floors, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, den, screened porch, attached 2-car garage, fireplace, dining room.

The kitchen remodel here is awesome! Call Doug for some photos or a tour! Nice wood floors, Florida room, 2-car oversized attached garage, updated electric service, new windows, and a huge basement! See it soon. Great price in Eastmoor. $180’s.

Solid location complements this 1,827 sq ft RANCH home. Features including gracious, liv rm w/WBFP, lrg form din rm, lrg kitch w/eating area, fla/fam rm, 3 bdrms (kingsize master), 2 baths, 1st flr laundry, 2-car att gar. EZ walk to bus , synagogues & churches.

MIKE IRWIN 470-7167

RICK WEBER 235-1020



DOUG BURLEY 325-3235




BEXLEY - $229,000


Price just reduced $21,000. Nice 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, ranch with 1,566 SF. Living room with gas log fireplace and newer carpeting. Screened porch, first floor laundry, full basement, and two car attached garage. New furnace, roof in 2009, and insulated windows. $132,900.


Parade Route Cape Cod on Treed North Roosevelt, 3 bedrooms, two baths, hardwood floors, deep private lot and 2-car garage, newly finished rec room, 2 fireplaces, large bedrooms. All appl’s remain, perfect home for one and many.

Family room addition features the 2nd full bathroom plus a 1st floor laundry! Nice wood floors! Updates! Brick paver patio! Remodeled kitchen! Cleannnnn basement! Fenced yard and a two car garage. $190’s. Call Doug today

Comfortable one floor plan offering 3 bedrooms (large master suite) 2 baths, visitable entry hall, liv rm, form din rm, family rm w/WBFP, nice kitchen w/ eating area, 1st flr laundry, full bsmt, 2-car att gar, cul-de-sac loc, nice treed lot. Freshly painted interior, new carpeting & flooring. Asking $149,900.

MIKE IRWIN 470-7167


DOUG BURLEY 325-3235






Stone and Stucco 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch. Spacious living room with hardwood flooring. New furnace and air in May of 2010. Roof approx 3 yrs. old. Full basement ready to be finished. One car attached garage. 65'x120' lot, fenced yard. $79,400. Whitehall Schools.

Unique opportunity on .65 Acre lot, 2 to 3 bedroom with huge basement and rec room, 1st floor family room, attached garage, hardwood floors, new furnace and central air, $99,000

MIKE IRWIN 470-7167

RICK WEBER 235-1020



Stunning 4 BR, 2-sty w/soaring ceilings and pleasing reflective sunlight. Spacious family rm w/vaulted ceiling, gas log FP, and opens to the kitchen. Hardwood flrs in the foyer, kitchen, and dinette area. Living room features stack windows and vaulted ceilings. Formal dining room and a large dinette area in the kitchen. Jacuzzi tub in owners suite. Finished lower level adds great space creates a total living space over 2,800 SF. Private paver patio created by natural landscaping. $234,900.

3 bedrooms, 1st floor bedroom or den/office, 3 baths, new heat pump, 2,800+ square feet, attached 2-car garage, large kitchen and eating area, huge living room and ding room, fireplace, 2 patios, community pool, $189,000

MIKE IRWIN 470-7167

RICK WEBER 235-1020



Four bedrooms and 2 full baths! Attached one car garage, fenced yard, patio, new windows. This is a great starter home and price just reduced to $104,900! Call Doug for ideas and payments. I have several ranches in this area! Yahoo! Call! List your home with

Very well maintained & decorated! This fine home offers 3 BR’s (1st flr mstr), 2 remodeled baths, spacious liv rm w/gas log FP, din rm, extra nice kit, newer HVAC, newer windows, rec rm, exposed wd flrs, quality landscaping, 2-car gar. MOVE IN CONDITION-SHOWS LIKE A MODEL.

DOUG BURLEY 325-3235



Decorator showcase styling in a superb turnkey community. Gracious floor plan offering entry hall, liv rm, w/WBFP, form din rm, super fam rm w/WBFP, extra special island kit w/SS appl’s + eating area, 3 BRs (kingsize 1st flr mstr) 3 BA’s, rec rm/bonus rm, 1st flr lndry, party size patio, att 2-car gar & more!

DOUG BURLEY 325-3235




GRANDVIEW HEIGHTS Come see this charming two story with many recent updates. Complete new kitchen with SS appliances, and ceramic tile flooring. New half bath addition on the first floor. Additional four season room not included in the sq. footage. Two bedrooms and one and a half baths, living room with nice natural lighting and a decorative fireplace. Cozy front porch and a two car garage. $204,900.

MIKE IRWIN 470-7167



Fantastic location steps to Third St, 1,418 square feet, hardwood floors, large living and dining rooms, eat-in kitchen, patio, ideal storage in basement, huge owner’s bath, $212,000

So unique! All brick! Quaint, charming, appeal! 3 bedrooms, 2 full bath, and an upstairs family room! Comer fireplace. 35 Foot deep garage! Off street parking. Eastmoor. Hurry .... $130’s.

Approx 2,600 SF of EASY LIVING in this 1 flr plan. Features include 3 BRs (kingsize mstr), 3 BAs, entryhall, spacious liv rm, form din rm, den, lrg fam rm w/gas log frplc, very special island kit w/handsome wood cabinetry & granite counters, Fla rm, rec rm, 2-c att gar. VERY MOVE-IN-ABLE. Mid $200’s.

RICK WEBER 235-1020

DOUG BURLEY 325-3235




CHERRY BOTTOM GARDENS Charming Gahanna 4 bedroom 2-story on a 178’ deep treed lot with stream. Remodeled kitchen with granite counter tops, designer ceramic backsplash, and under mount sink, breakfast bar, and stainless steel appliances. Newer gas furnace and air. $224,900.00.

MIKE IRWIN 470-7167


True custom home w/all expected amenities: solid wood custom milled arch doors, GR w/38’ vaulted/beamed, stone FP (5 FP’s total) 35’ kitchen w/granite island, eating nook w/FP! Master suite w/sitting area - luxury closet ,exercise rm, fin bsmt w/wet bar, craft room, 6 bedrooms! WOW! $1.3 Mil+. Call now! 614-325-3235.


NORTHWEST Steps to Downtown, located on Dublin Historic district, large lot with pool and art studio, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, family room with high vaulted ceiling, needs loads of work, $175,000

RICK WEBER 235-1020




Backs to green space! Court location-dual staircases - 1st flr den & laundry-formal liv & din rms-large kitchen w/island, pantry & eating area-fam rm w/vaulted ceiling, gas brick fplc & skylights-large loft-mstr BR w/deluxe bath-patio w/water feature-big yard-huge bsmt. We’re dealin! $280’s now.

Super value offering liv rm & din rm, newly updated kit w/quality appl’s + eating area overlooking fam rm, 2 1/2 BA, extra large rec rm w/wet bar, newer windows & A/C, privacy patio, 2-car gar, pool, tennis courts & clubhouse. Low $100’s.

DOUG BURLEY 325-3235


1175-77 PEARL ST.




Four unit investment property in the heart of Merion Village. Multiple uses. Consists of two, two family buildings that back up to each other. 1175-77 Pearl St. and 1172-74 S. High St. Large off street parking area. Two units have been completely updated. $299,900.

Update from top to bottom, new roof, new furnace, new windows, new carpet up and refinished hardwood down, updated electric, 2-car attached garage, family room and rec room, private backyard with patio, dining rm, all kitchen appliances.

Ready to deal on this stone home near St. Catherines! Great location! Finished basement for the kids to hang out! Attached garage, 3 bedrooms, dining room, more. Call for an appointment! $210’s

One owner RANCH offering approx 2,000 SF. Nicely maintained this fine home features large living room & dining room, family room, large kitchen w/eating area, nice bedrooms (kingsize master), 2 baths, 1st floor laundry, screened porch, 2-car attached garage, NO REASONABLE OFFER OVERLOOKED

MIKE IRWIN 470-7167

RICK WEBER 235-1020

DOUG BURLEY 325-3235


1/27/11 ThisWeek Bexley  

January 27, 2011 edition of ThisWeek Bexley.