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January 16, 2011

11.92-mill levy looms for Licking Heights Treasurer: $6.2M would be short-term relief By LISA AURAND ThisWeek Community Newspapers A $6.2-million levy likely will be on the ballots of Licking Heights residents in May. The Licking Heights school board is expected to vote Jan. 18 to ask voters to renew the existing $4.3-million emergency levy with a $1.9-million increase. District treasurer Jennifer Vanover said

the 11.92-mill levy would cost a total of $395.15 annually per $100,000 of assessed property value — an increase of $121. It would replace the 8.9-mill emergency levy that expires at the end of 2011 and is necessary to keep the district out of deficit spending beyond fiscal year 2012, board members have said. Vanover has estimated it would take 17 mills to cover the deficit projected for coming years. The proposed levy would

tide Licking Heights over in the short term, and budget cuts still would need to be made, board members have said. During the board’s organizational meeting Jan. 8, Vanover provided three options for renewal with an increase, and the board passed resolutions of necessity for all three. “That way they have a little more flexibility” and a little more time to make a final decision, she said.

The other two levies would have raised an estimated $5.2-million or $5.7-million annually, but only the $6.2-million levy is on the Jan. 18 agenda, Vanover said. The board’s vote will be on a declaration-of-intent resolution — the next step in getting the levy placed on the ballot. “It would renew the current level that we’re at and add an additional $1.9-million for a total of $6.2-million annually,” Vanover said. In previous months, board members

considered other types of levies, including one that would increase by a fixed amount each year. The board favored the fixed-sum levy because millage and cost to taxpayers could decrease over time if property valuations rise. Whatever the board decides, the district must file the levy issue with the Licking County Board of Elections by Feb. 2 for the measure to appear on the May ballot. The board will meet at 7 p.m. at North Elementary School, 6507 Summit Road.

Council workshop


Pataskala, water-sewer district look to keep each other informed By MICHAEL J. MAURER ThisWeek Community Newspapers

By Adam Cairns/ThisWeek

Boonshoft Museum of Discovery exhibits director Terry Rasor (facing) and exhibit specialist Jamie Henderson install the “Wise About Eyes” exhibit at The Works on Jan. 14. The traveling interactive exhibit, which teaches children about eye safety and health, runs through March at The Works, 55 S. First St., in downtown Newark. For details, call (740) 349-9277.

Rail-spur funding sought again By MICHAEL J. MAURER ThisWeek Community Newspapers The Pataskala Corporate Park joint economic-development district committee held its first meeting of the year Jan. 12, retaining attorney Dennis Schwallie for general legal assistance and discussing the recent rejection of an application for state funding to develop a rail spur to the corporate park. The board, which began formal operations last year, is charged with overseeing

the park JEDD, which is an entity under state law that can assess income taxes for the purposes of economic development at the affected property. Because Schwallie represents the city of Pataskala in various legal matters, including the issuance of bonds, and the city is a party to the JEDD, the issue of potential conflicts had to be addressed, Schwallie said, even though no actual conflict of interest is known. “When a lawyer represents two different

parties, if it appears that there is a conflict that the parties may have, the lawyer can ask the parties for their consent to the representation of both parties,” Schwallie said. “But the lawyer also has an obligation that if the conflict ever becomes a direct, head-to-head conflict, then the lawyer has to withdraw. Even though the board has consented, this is just making everyone aware that if there is a direct conflict I would have to withdraw.” See RAIL, page A2

Pataskala City Council and the Southwest Licking Community Water and Sewer District met to discuss whether they should meet more often to keep up with water and sewer and development issues. SLCWSD representative Melvin Hite said that at one time he had attended council meetings regularly, but in 2003 council decided that it was no longer necessary to do so. Several council members since have expressed concerns that the city and SLCWSD were not wellinformed about each other’s activities. “We’ve learned more tonight about what the district is doing than I have since the day I got on council in August, combined,” council member Dan Hayes said. “It’s productive for us.” City administrator Tim Boland said only council could gauge the level of detail that it wanted to have on water-sewer district activities but that as administrator he communicated regularly with Don Rector, SLCWSD director.

A closer look Among the more common problems both the city and district face is that, because each of them provides water and sewer service, residents frequently do not know who their service provider is.

“It’s going to be a council decision about the kind of information you want and who you want to provide it,” Boland said. “Augmenting is a wonderful thing, and Don and I talk on an ongoing basis.” Council member Pat Sagar said the current practice of receiving minutes was often insufficient because of the summary nature of minutes that does not give enough context of what was discussed. Among the more common problems both the city and district face is that, because each of them provides water and sewer service, residents frequently do not know who their service provider is. “I’m surprised that the confuSee SERVICE, page A2

Location for Southwest Licking board meetings up in the air Group might rotate between district buildings By LISA AURAND ThisWeek Community Newspapers Southwest Licking Board of Education could become a traveling group this year. At the board’s organizational meeting Thursday, Jan. 13, members agreed unanimously to hold regular meetings at 7 p.m. every third Thursday of the month, but put off deciding on a location for those meetings. After voting in David Engle and Brad Williams as the board’s 2011 president and vice president, respectively, the board discussed whether rotating the board meeting among the district’s buildings might draw more meeting attendance and promote community interaction. “This room, although it’s nice for us personally, I don’t feel it’s very welcoming for people, especially those who have never been to a board meeting before,” board member Cindy Zaino said. Zaino suggested that meetings following the recognition of the students of the quarter continue to be held in the Kindergarten Center gymnasium, while

the other meetings be held throughout the other eight district schools. “Of course, we’ll have all special meetings here,” she said. “We’ve done that before so we can get out and see the other places,” board member Roger David Zeune said, approving of the Engle suggestion. “I have no problem having none of the regular meetings in this room,” board member Don Huber said. Engle went a step further, suggesting holding informal talks with the public and two board members before some meetings. “It’s about making ourselves more accessible and hopefully making the community understand better what we do,” said Engle, who has been a member of the school board for 30 years and has served as president multiple times.

Battling it out

Watkins’ Bo Giffin, top, and Big Walnut’s C.J. Harness battle during their match in the 160 pound class at Delaware High School on Jan. 13. See Sports, page A5.

See BOARD, page A2

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Committee says adequate cuts at Northridge hard to find By MICHAEL J. MAURER ThisWeek Community Newspapers

A closer look

The parent and community finance committee for the Northridge Board of Education met Jan.12 to discuss the district budget, focusing on the few items apart from salary and benefit costs that offer an opportunity to save money. The task is a hard one, said Jayma Bammerlin, who led last fall’s income tax levy campaign and will also work to support the levy expected for the May ballot. When the district’s longstanding 1 percent income tax renewal failed twice last year, the tax expired Dec. 31. The result is the loss of $1.7-million in revenue annually. “We are losing $1.7-million every year because the levy failed, and we have to come up with more money for the district,” Bammerlin said. “We have to do it somehow. Either you bring money in or you have to cut. “We’ve already cut almost everything,” she said. “I think we’re going to hear from the school board that everything will be cut next year.” Among the options discussed at the finance committee meeting were changes to transportation routes and means of raising revenue, such as business donations or selling district-themed clothing.

“Numbers are not finalized on transportation,” Bammerlin said. “If we can be more efficient, we could receive a (funding) bonus from the state. The state provides a transportation bonus for three things: if you provide busing for all grades K through 12, which we do, if you bus within two miles of the buildings, which we do, and we get both of those bonuses. The third bonus is for efficiency, the number of students per bus, and we do not get that bonus.” The committee also explored revenue options. “We talked about donations, about setting up a new fund for people to put money into, and maybe selling Northridge logo apparel and logo items,” Bammerlin said. One of the main difficulties in the process is that there are no large cost areas apart from salaries and benefits. Changes to transportation are estimated to save up to $70,000 annually, Bam-



Continued from page A1

Continued from page A1

2011 is going to be an important year for the school board, Engle said. “We’ve got to watch our finances very closely and probably figure out some ways to make our money go a little bit further,” he said. The district’s union contracts expire this year and must be renegotiated. The board will be developing goals for the superintendent and following through on the results of the performance audit. “That’s a lot of work to do,” Engle said. “We’ve got to improve our image with the community, and that’s every year, every meeting, every day.” In other business, Williams and Zaino were appointed as the board’s liaisons to the financial advisory committee and Zaino and Huber were appointed to the communications advisory committee. The board’s first regular meeting of 2011 is set for 7 p.m. Jan 20 in the Kindergarten Center gymnasium, 927-B South Street.

The board also discussed the recent failure to receive funding under the state of Ohio Transportation Review Advisory Council, which prioritizes major state transportation projects for funding. “Unfortunately, the TRAC rail spur facility grant application submitted by the city to fund the corporate park rail spur was not included in the projects to be funded,” said Pataskala city administrator Tim Boland. “Our intention is to go forward with the incoming state administration. If that were to not go forward, I would anticipate that in future years we would try to apply until it was funded or there was another source of funding. I think we all agree it is of primary importance and would add to the already competitive nature of the corporate park. It would be a tremendous benefit.” Boland said one of the major recommendations of TRAC was to seek more private sector in-

Among the options discussed at the finance committee meeting were changes to transportation routes and means of raising revenue, such as business donations or selling district-themed clothing.

SERVICE Continued from page A1 sion of who supplies my water is so rampant in the city,” Sagar said. “I mean, people really don’t know. But they pay the bills.” Mayor Steve Butcher said financial reports also do not convey what is often important information. “If you look at a financial report, you see what it is. You see what the income is, but you don’t see what the thinking of the board is: ‘Hey, this is working; we’re going to be able to sustain this for another year or two,’ or ‘Gee, it isn’t working, and we’re probably going to have to raise (rates),’” Butcher said. “They talk to a lot of people and hear from a lot of people, and they’re able to provide that level of information. That’s the part of the communication that I don’t think Don (Rector) is going to give. That’s more of the representative going back

and saying (what is happening).” Council member Bernie Brush emphasized his view that it is important that existing customers not have to subsidize new customers. “I think the fundamental agreement is that any facilities that are constructed as a part of an addition will be self-supporting facilities so that the district customers don’t have to subsidize the construction in (a new area), and likewise the customers that are generated by that construction will not have to take on existing debt,” said Bobbi O’Keefe, SLCWSD attorney. “But it’s chicken and egg,” Brush said. “Do you put the line in first and people come, or does someone have to put the money up? That’s the dilemma in public funding. We’ve got a road out here; it’s great. But if no one comes down that road, that’s a lot of taxpayer money that has been tied up.”

merlin said, well short of the $1.7million in lost revenue. Extracurricular activities is among the biggest dollar items, at approximately $200,000 in district costs each year — not including what parents pay and boosters provide. An important function of the finance committee is to review suggested administration budget cuts and gauge community response to the changes. “We looked over the cuts and sort of gave them a blessing, if you can call it that,” Bammerlin said. “We have to make sure we have enough money to make payroll next year. “A lot of us are just heartbroken, and there just isn’t anything that is worth, has a big chunk of money, that could help us,” she said. “The biggest number is extracurricular and sports, and that’s only $200,000. It’s not good for our district, at all.” Looking to the expected May levy, Bammerlin said a levy campaign co-chair was expected to be selected from the student body. “We are just starting the levy committee,” Bammerlin said. “I’d like to try to have a few meetings to talk to people and try to have a kind of focus group. I’d like to see what they are thinking and what they are saying. We want to find a way to make sure people know what is being done at the district.”

January 16, 2011

Dermatology of Central Ohio



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volvement and more funding from tax incentives. A JEDD is a legal creation of Ohio law meant to encourage local governments to coordinate with each other to attract business development. Participants in the Pataskala JEDD include the city of Pataskala, Licking County, the city of Newark and Harrison Township. The JEDD allows city of Newark income taxes to apply to the district. Currently, the park has no development, but an internal roadway to allow access to the property is scheduled for completion before May 31.

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Licking County

January 16, 2011

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Licking County

January 16, 2011

food and wine

Davis-Shai news Several events and programs are coming up at the Davis-Shai House, 301 Central Parkway in Heath. For more information or to make reservations, call (740) 788-8942. A Delec-TEA-ble World Teas tour will begin on Jan. 19 with Pharaoh’s Egyptian Pyramid Tea. On Feb. 15, a French Fanciful Tea will be featured; on March 1, a Sham-

rock Tea will be served; and on March 12 a mother-daughter Victorian Tea will have two seatings: 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. A Candlelight and Roses dinner will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 12. The six-course dinner will include wine, champagne, roses and a violinist. The cost is $130 per couple.

tivals and other special events. A modest fee is charged those invited to join. For more information, visit

The Ohio’s Youth Entertainers Stage Show (OHYESS) will hold auditions on Mondays, Jan. 24 and 31, and Feb. 7 and 14. The vaudeville-style musical variety performing company is looking for young people ages 719 interested in singing, dancing, acting and comedy. Those with special skills such as juggling, magic or playing a musical instrument also are welcome. To schedule an audition, call director and professional performer Christina Barth at (740) 5870837. Auditions will be held at Granville Centenary Methodist Church. Those auditioning should prepare a song (any style) with an instrumental CD as accompaniment. The troupe will perform all over Ohio at fairs, fes-

Appraisal fair set for Jan. 22

An interactive educational exhibition, “The Wonder of Learning: The Hundred Languages of Children” opens on Monday, Jan. 24, on the Newark campus of the Central Ohio Technical College and the Ohio State University. The exhibit, to be in both the John Gilbert Reese Center and LeFevre Hall, will be open to the public from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday until May 21. A series of professional development workshops is planned in conjunction with the exhibit. The Reggio Emilia approach to education is based on the idea that children use many “languages,” such as art, music, play, drama and literacy, to learn about and make sense of their world. Children’s ways of relating to the world correspond directly to the way they know the world — that is, a way based on wonder. Professional development workshops include “Making Learning Visible in School and Community: Advocacy in Collaboration with Children, Educators and Families,” which will be held Jan. 20-21; “Making Learning Visible: Relationships Are Influential among Children, Educators and Families,” to be held on Feb. 26; “Making Learn-

The Licking County Historical Society is sponsoring an antiques and collectibles appraisal fair on Saturday, Jan. 22, at the Buckingham Meeting House at Veterans Park. From noon until 3:30 p.m., auctioneer Craig Connelly will appraise basement and attic treasures for a fee of $10 for two items. LCHS members can have one item appraised free of charge. The public is invited to bring family heirlooms, garage sale bargains and other mystery items to this event. Proceeds will benefit the LCHS. Lunch will be available for purchase. For more information, call (740) 345-4898.

ing Visible: Engaging Environments Matter,” scheduled for March 26; “Early Care and Education Conference,” including a tour of the Wonder of Learning exhibit on April 28-30; and “Making Learning Visible: The Language of Art in Schools and Communities,” on May 20-21. For more information or to

register for the workshops, contact Julie Biddle at Information about the exhibition can be found at, the North American Reggio Emilia Alliance website,, or


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January 16, 2011

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Shooting woes not stopping Aces girls By KURTIS ADAMS ThisWeek Community Newspapers

By Chris Parker/ThisWeek

Watkins Memorial sophomore Nick Lancia sizes up Tyler Schenz of Big Walnut in a match at 140 pounds during a meet last Thursday. The Warriors swept the match, beating host Delaware 41-36 and the Golden Eagles 45-31.

Watkins Memorial Roundup

Middleweights lead wrestlers By KURTIS ADAMS ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Watkins Memorial High School wrestlers Nick Lancia and Joey Cameron make for an unusual practice pairing. Lancia, a sophomore, gives up a dozen pounds when facing Cameron, a junior who has an 18-2 record at 152 for the Warriors’ best winning percentage (90 percent) entering last Friday and Saturday’s Licking Heights Invitational. Lancia, who got into only a handful of varsity matches last season, shared the team lead in victories by posting a 206 mark at 140. “We’re definitely good for each other,” Cameron said. “He’s smaller and quicker and that makes me work harder. I’m bigger and stronger and that makes him work harder.” The strength of this year’s lineup can be found at the middle and upper-middle weights. Billy Garcia was 10-6 at 145 and Bo Giffin was 20-6 at 160 coming out of OCC-Capital Division victories over Big Walnut (45-31) and host Delaware (41-36) last Thursday. The Warriors held a 10-5 advantage

over the Pacers after freshman John Chism defeated Delaware’s Tyler Mattox 16-5 at 135. Watkins increased its lead to 38-5 by the time the next five matches were completed with Mike Starner pinning Andrew Sierawski at 171. Lancia won 17-0 over Toby Cook, Garcia pinned Derrick Sumner, Cameron defeated Raymond Simpson 22-7 and Giffin won by forfeit. A similar storyline played out in the earlier match against Big Walnut as Cameron pinned Braden Hale and Giffin pinned C.J. Harness in back-to-back matches while Starner accepted a forfeit to key a decisive stretch. Starner pushed his record to 9-4. “We’re coming on pretty strong through the middle of the lineup,” coach Eddie Jayne said. “In practice, we try to mix it up some and give the guys different looks.” The Warriors were 77-24 from 140171 entering the Licking Heights Invitational. Giffin, who missed his sophomore season following knee surgery, is the lone senior. He’s remained in the lineup recently despite a rib injury and See WARRIORS, page A6

At a glance Below are the recent results and coming schedules for the Watkins Memorial boys basketball, girls basketball, swimming and wrestling teams: BOYS BASKETBALL *Jan. 7 — Lost to Franklin Heights 61-56. Kevin Crawford matched his season-high with 18 points. *Last Friday — Played Hilliard Bradley *Friday — Home vs. Big Walnut. The Warriors dropped the first-round game 72-48 on Dec. 7. Of note: The Warriors were 1-10 overall and 0-6 in the OCC-Capital before last Friday. GIRLS BASKETBALL *Jan. 7 — Defeated Franklin Heights 67-39. Mathea Tenwalde scored a season-high 14 points to lead the Warriors, who earned their first victory. A season-best 10 players contributed to the scoring as the Warriors, who average only 44.1 points, posted their highest point total in regulation. Last Thursday — Def. Johnstown 54-51. Lou Nickel had 17 points for the Warriors, who led 30-19 at the half. Mallory Warrington had 10 points and seven rebounds, and Tenwalde scored 15 points. *Last Friday — Played Hilliard Bradley Thursday — Home vs. Licking Heights. The game was scheduled for last Tuesday but postponed because of snow. *Friday — At Big Walnut. The Warriors dropped the first-round game 51-33 on Dec. 7.

Of note: The Warriors were 2-10 overall and 1-6 in the OCC-Capital before last Friday. SWIMMING Last Saturday — Competed at Coshocton Invitational, the Warriors’ first meet since Dec. 28. Tuesday — Central Crossing and Hilliard Davidson at Urbancrest YMCA Saturday — Licking County Championships at Licking County Family YMCA. WRESTLING Jan. 7-8 — Finished eighth (4-4) at 24-team WHIZ Duals at Dresden Tri-Valley behind champion Parkersburg (W.Va.) South, which went 80 and defeated Barberton in the final. The Warriors defeated New Concord John Glenn 5028, Andover Pymatuning Valley 37-32, Zanesville 78-0 and New Philadelphia 40-39. They lost to South 63-18, Alliance Marlington 38-24 and New Lebanon Dixie 47-27. Watkins also lost to Thornville Sheridan 44-36 in the seventhplace match. *Last Thursday — Def. Big Walnut 45-31 and Delaware 41-36. Noah Holter had two pins at 125. Dylan Scott (103), Joey Cameron (152), Bo Giffin (160) and Mike Starner (171) also went 2-0. Last Friday-last Saturday — Competed at Licking Heights Invitational Of note: The Warriors don’t compete again until Jan. 27 at Mount Vernon. Their next tournament is the Watkins Memorial Invitational on Feb. 5. *OCC-Capital contest

The Granville High School girls basketball team has been wildly inconsistent with its shooting, and that trend continued when it was held to a seasonlow point total during a 33-29 loss at Worthington Kilbourne last Wednesday. “It’s the story of our season,” coach Sue Borchers said afterward. Still, the Blue Aces remain on track to win a third consecutive MSL-Ohio Division championship. Winners of six consecutive games before being stopped by the Wolves, a game in which they played without leading scorer Lacie Buckey (knee injury) and backup point guard Brittany Atkinson (illness), the Blue Aces were 7-3 overall and 5-1 in the league entering last Friday’s contest at Licking Valley. Every other team in the MSL-Ohio had at least three losses heading into the weekend. “We’re just not playing that well offensively for whatever reason,” senior point guard Kimberly Seidell said. “But we’re getting by, I guess. It’s been a combination of a little luck and us just wanting to win so badly.” Winning three games — much less three consecutive league titles — was a stretch for the Blue Aces when Seidell and the other seniors were freshmen. They went 5-17 in 2007-08 before finishing 16-5 a year later in Borchers’ first season while sharing the MSL-Ohio title with Newark Catholic. Granville went 15-6 last season and shared the championship with Heath. “You can see the enthusiasm (winning brings) in all the grades, even at the middle school,” Seidell said. “The seniors, we’ve worked very hard to get the program back to a point where winning is expected. We’re struggling a little bit right now so we just have to stay focused and keep pushing ourselves to get back on track.” Fortunately for the Blue Aces, the MSL-Ohio as a whole has See NOTES, page A6

Licking Heights Roundup

Defense sparks turnaround for boys squad By KURTIS ADAMS ThisWeek Community Newspapers

By Laurie Stevenson/ThisWeek

Deonte Holder of Licking Heights grimaces after colliding with Millersport’s Rob Weldon during the host Hornets’ 82-45 victory last Thursday in an MSL-Cardinal game.

The Licking Heights High School boys basketball team turned its season around in part by ratcheting up its defensive play. The Hornets gave up an average of 72 points while starting 0-4, although that number was skewed somewhat by a 114-108 triple-overtime loss in the opener Dec. 3 at Bexley. They surrendered just 41.6 points on average while winning their next five games, which included three MSL-Cardinal Division victories. “We’re getting a lot of defensive stops and that’s created more offensive possessions for us,” coach Nathan Clark said. “We’re really functioning as a unit defensively.” Two key contributors have been sophomore Tyron Pack, who usually is assigned to guard the opposing team’s best perimeter player, and 5-foot-10 junior Ronnie Dawson, who Clark said “is probably the best post defender I’ve seen” despite being outsized most of the time. “It has been a team effort, though. Nobody we put out there is a defensive liability,” Clark said. “We’re going nine or 10 (players) deep every night, and we’re wearing teams down when they try to match our depth.” Perhaps the best news for the Hornets is that they were able to

At a glance Below are the recent results and coming schedules for the Licking Heights boys basketball, girls basketball and wrestling teams: BOYS BASKETBALL *Jan. 7 — Defeated West Jefferson 7159. Deonte Holder scored 19 points and Darius Strickland added 15 points and 10 rebounds. *Last Thursday — Def. Millersport 8245 for sixth consecutive victory. Holder scored 17 points and Eyob Tadele had 16. *Last Saturday — Played Liberty Union *Friday — Home vs. Harvest Prep. The Hornets dropped both games last year. They fell behind 19-8 after the first quarter in a 55-43 first-round loss to the eventual league champions and trailed 37-16 at the half during a 78-50 second-round home setback. Of note: The Hornets were 6-4 overall and 4-1 in the MSL-Cardinal before last Saturday. GIRLS BASKETBALL *Last Friday — At Grandview

put together a winning streak despite the absence of point guard Eyob Tadele. He sat out a 58-42 victory over Berne Union on Dec. 17 that started the winning streak and also a 68-39 win over Fisher Catholic on Dec. 21 because of a sprained knee. Tadele is back to 100 percent, Clark said, but his injury did present an opportunity to work in another strong defensive player in senior Brionne Mitchell, who took over at point guard. The emergence of 6-4 sopho-

*Tuesday — At Berne Union. The Hornets, who got 14 points from Chelsea Dunkle, lost the first-round game 40-34 on Dec. 4. They dropped four first-round league games by seven or fewer points. Thursday — At Watkins Memorial. Game was scheduled for last Tuesday but postponed because of snow. *Saturday — Home vs. Fisher Catholic. The Hornets lost the first-round game 42-35 on Dec. 10 as Dunkle scored 14 points. Of note: The Hornets were 2-9 overall and 1-6 in the MSL-Cardinal before last Friday. *MSL-Cardinal game WRESTLING Last Friday-Saturday — Licking Heights Invitational Wednesday — At DeSales with Sparta Highland. The Stallions are ranked fifth, the Hornets sixth and the Spartans 10th in the latest Division II district coaches poll. Saturday — Robin Drumm Classic at Heath

more post player Darius Strickland, who gives the Hornets a bigger lineup and a boost of energy coming off the bench, has been another key in the turnaround. He averaged 11.4 points during the five wins and has become one of the team’s top rebounders. Strickland totaled 15 points and 17 rebounds during a 70-38 victory over Watkins Memorial on Dec. 28, and he had 15 points and 10 rebounds in a 71-59 win Jan. 7 at See HORNETS, page A6

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Licking County

Page A6

Online coverage, updated daily at

NOTES Continued from page A5 been wildly inconsistent, too. Licking Valley handed the Blue Aces their only MSL-Ohio loss 51-41 in the league opener for both teams on Dec. 2. But the Panthers also suffered a 50-40 overtime loss Dec. 14 at Whitehall, a team Granville had down by more than 25 points before settling for a 59-47 victory on Jan. 8. “We’ve got a big week coming up with three (league road) games in five days,” said Borchers, whose team plays Tuesday at Lakewood, Thursday at Columbus Academy and Saturday at Bexley before DeSales visits on Jan. 26. “(Last Wednesday), playing an OCC

Hoop It Up Visit for complete coverage of central Ohio high school basketball. Throughout the week, Hoop It Up offers previews of top games, recaps of great performances, polls, slideshows, videos and player features on the more than 150 boys and girls basketball teams in’s coverage area.

Top games GAMES OF THE WEEK The games of the week for both boys and girls will be revealed on Monday at Last week’s top games were Upper Arlington against Dublin Coffman — for both boys and girls.

school (in Kilbourne) and a new opponent on our schedule, we’re hoping we’ve learned some lessons with what’s ahead for us.” •WRESTLING — The chase for the MSL-Ohio title begins this week as most Licking County schools open their league schedules. The dual meets that might go a long way in deciding whether anyone can unseat two-time defending champion Licking Valley includes Granville’s home match against the Panthers on Jan. 27. Heath, a perennial runner-up, will wrestle the Panthers at Lakewood on Feb. 3. Another key dual that might hold plenty of weight in the final standings is Granville’s match at

Photo of the week

Schools announce coaching vacancies The following schools are seeking coaches: Dublin Jerome — Boys golf, girls soccer. Send résumé to Nick Magistrale, athletics director, Dublin Jerome High School, 8300 Hyland Croy Road, Dublin, 43016 or e-mail Hilliard Darby — Boys cross country, girls golf, assistant junior varsity boys soccer. Send résumé to Chad Schulte, athletics director, Hilliard Darby High School, 4200 Leppert Road, Hilliard, 43026 or e-mail Johnstown-Monroe — Track, junior varsity

baseball, seventh-grade baseball. Contact athletics director Mike Carter at (740) 967-2721 or St. Charles — Golf. Send résumé to athletics director Dave Lawler at Westerville South — Boys soccer, assistant boys and girls soccer. Contact athletics department at (614) 797-6004. Westland — Football, volleyball. Send résumé to Greg Burke at •To add to this list, contact ThisWeek at (740) 888-6069 or

Best Community Newspaper Web Site in the Nation. Suburban Newspapers of America, 2008

helped Watkins Memorial to a seventh-place finish in the 24-team WHIZ Duals on Jan. 7-8 at Dresden Tri-Valley. “I’ve never seen a kid go out there hurting the way he was at Tri-Valley,” Jayne said. “He’s leading by example.” The Warriors, who are 3-1 in the OCC-Cap- ital, now have a chance to heal for the stretch run.

HORNETS Continued from page A5 West Jefferson. Alex Murphy, a 6-3 freshman, has been another catalyst coming off the bench. “He’s improved a lot,” Tadele said of Strickland after a 5730 win over Lakewood on Dec. 30. “He wasn’t in the flow of things at the beginning of the season. He’s just gotten better and better.” The Hornets face a daunting

PH. 4

MSL-Cardinal stretch beginning with Friday’s home game against Harvest Prep, which has won three outright league titles and shared another since 2006-07. Ranked 14th in the Division IV state poll led by Dayton Jefferson Township, the Warriors were 6-3 overall and 5-0 in the MSLCardinal before playing Millersport last Saturday. They lost to Jefferson Township 50-43 on Jan. 7. “We’ve got Harvest Prep and

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Grandview (on the road on Jan. 26) back to back,” said Clark, whose team lost at home to the Bobcats 48-40 in the league opener on Dec. 11. “If we want to make a run (at the MSL-Cardinal title) we’ve got to find a way to beat those two teams. I’d like to think we’ve gotten much better since we played Grandview that first time.”


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Their next match won’t come until the team resumes the league schedule on Jan. 27 at Mount Vernon. “We’ve got our middle school tournament coming up so that’ll keep the guys busy (next) weekend,” Jayne said. “It’s a good time to get a break, really.”

Continued from page A5

BOYS Olentangy Liberty’s Jake Bischoff scored 27 points and had five assists to lead the PaBy Lorrie Cecil/ThisWeek triots over Westerville Central 65-48 on Jan. 7. GIRLS Africentric’s Raven Ferguson Westerville Central junior Mary Wells (left) and senior Melissa scored 24 points to lead her Klodnick placed first and second last year in the state bowling team to a 71-59 win over North tournament. Visit to read the story. Ridgeville Lake Ridge AcadeWrestling: Rapid weight loss my on Jan. 8. Video vault among high school wrestlers is a concern. Check out our YouTube chanTop stories nel, chock full of videos produced Quotable by Football: Staff writer JarIt’s easy to find, too. Go to rod Ulrey examines the coach“A small, chubby kid who Yo u Tu b e . c o m / T h i s We e k ing vacancies across central wasn't even fast enough to NewsSports today. Ohio. swim on the A relays.” Boys Basketball: The OCC—Olentangy Liberty senior Friend us Central Division battle between swimmer Dmitry Dolgov, deUpper Arlington and Dublin scribing himself as a freshman. Log onto and Coffman is previewed. He now stands 6-foot-4. search "ThisWeekSports" to Swimming: Olentangy Libbecome a fan. erty swimmer Dmitry Dolgov Note of the week and his late-blooming career Follow us is profiled. The Upper Arlington boys Wrestling: The Gahanna basketball team won 28 conShort, sweet and limited to team features twin brothers secutive regular-season games 140 characters, follow us on Drew and Kasee McDougle. Twitter @TWSportsFan today. before last Friday.

Kevin Shockey (740) 888-6024 (local call)

Heath on Feb. 10. Licking Valley, which hasn’t lost a MSL-Ohio dual meet in nearly three years, is ranked second behind Olentangy in the latest Division II district coaches poll. •BOYS BASKETBALL — Heath is making a strong bid to become the county’s most improved team this season. After finishing 11-11 overall a year ago in coach Devin Fulk’s first season, the Bulldogs were 8-1 and held sole possession of first place in the MSL-Ohio at 5-0 before playing Granville last Saturday. The Blue Aces were 4-1 in the league entering that game.


Top performances

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January 16, 2011

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Tried of seeing your Energy Dollars go through the roof? A Green Energy Radiant Barrier is the best cost effective investment. Installed in your attic, crawlspace and walls, comes with a 25% performance guarantee on your heating and cooling bills, most folks see about 40% savings. Developed by NASA & made in the USA. Its like a space blanket for your home. Call for a free Energy Audit.


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STEELE & ASSOCIATES The Home Repair People

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Licking County

Page A8

January 16, 2011


2300 Hebron Road, Heath, OH 43056



*See dealer for LIMITED WARRANTY details.

New 2011 Hyundai Sonata GLS Automatic MSRP .................................................$21,195 COUGHLIN DISC .................................. -$2,215







(***with owner loyalty)


New 2010 Hyundai Elantra Blue



MSRP ..................................................$16,600 COUGHLIN DISC .................................. -$1,620 REBATE ............................................... -$1,500








(*with HMFC financing) #HY1743

New 2011 Hyundai Tucson

MSRP .................................................. $19,740 ON SALE FOR



New 2011 Santa Fe FWD


MSRP ..................................................$24,225 COUGHLIN DISC .................................. -$1,245 REBATE ............................................... -$1,000








(*with HMFC financing)

New 2011 Hyundai Elantra

40 MPG Available at Coughlin Hyundai Monday-Thursday 9AM-8PM Friday 9AM-6PM Saturday 8:30AM-6:30PM Sunday Closed





***Must show proof of ownership. **72 months, 4.9% APR through HMFC with approved credit + tax and fees. **Must finance through Hyundai Motor Finance Company. *Financing available with approved credit. All rebates to dealer. Vehicle for illustration purposes only. Offer expires 1/31/11.


1/16/11 ThisWeek Licking County

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