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January 6, 2011

Primary election filing deadline nears By GARY BUDZAK ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Does your New Year’s resolutions include running for office in Hilliard? If so, you have a few more weeks to file as a candidate. With the May 3 primary looming, the filing deadline is Feb. 2 (90 days prior); and if you’re running as a write-in can-

didate, the filing deadline is Feb. 22, said Ben Piscitelli, Franklin County Board of Elections spokesman. In order to run for office, “you have to be a registered voter in the county and live within the precinct,” Piscitelli said. Next, visit under the candidate services link to create a petition, or visit the board at 280 East Broad Street. After paying a $45

filing fee, you’ll need to collect signatures for your petition. “The requirements are in Hilliard; you have to have a minimum of 50, a maximum of 150 signatures,” Piscitelli said. “If you’re from a minor party, you have to have a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 75. And if you’re an independent, you have to have a minimum of 115 signatures and no more than 345, and

you would file for the general election in November, so you would have to file at 4 p.m. May 2.” Piscitelli said he would advise a potential candidate to get an early start on collecting signatures. “It’s going to take you a while to get valid signatures,” Piscitelli said. “You’re going to have to knock on a lot of doors and get more than you think you need,

because human nature is not every signature is going to be valid – that’s just too difficult for anyone to do. Either a voter thinks they’re registered, or they’re not or maybe they’ve listed their old address. There are a lot of things that can go wrong. You have to be very careful. “You do have to have so many valid See PRIMARY ELECTION, page A2

Harrington BLOCKING A PUNCHER assumes OAPSE leadership position

Farm market to expand in 2011


An expanded Hilliard Farm Market will return this year, running on Tuesdays from June 7 to Aug. 30. Unlike last year, it won’t be held in September. Nathan Painter, one of the sponsors of the farm market, made the announcement at a recent meeting of Destination Hilliard, an organization that promotes events and activities in the city. The Hilliard Farm Market started as a project of the 2009-10 class of Leadership Hilliard, sponsored by the Hilliard Area Chamber of Commerce. “The idea was to bring something to Old Hilliard,” Painter said. “It’s been excellently received. The attendance was well above what any of the farmers or vendors expected.” Painter said Hilliard residents, as well as people in outlying communities, appreciated the fact that the farm market was held on Tuesdays, which gave people a chance to buy local produce on a different day than farmer’s markets in other municipalities. This year’s farm market may expand to include more natural products, ice cream and feature acoustic and vocal music, Painter said. The 2011 Hilliard Farm Market will start a week earlier than last year, but it won’t continue into September because of last year’s poor attendance. “It hit school time, and it just died off and it wasn’t really well attended,” Painter said. But the time of farm market will stay the same: 4 to 7 p.m. “The response from the vendors is they want to keep it at 4 p.m.,” Painter said. “If you’re there, the height of the traffic is 4 to 5, and then it kind of dies, and then it comes back 6 to 7. They don’t want to move it later, because some have to literally get back and feed their animals and get out to the fields.” One of the things Painter hoped for with an expanded farm market was that some community organizations could promote themselves while manning the Leadership Hilliard booth. “It’s an opportunity to allow your organSee MARKET, page A2

By GARY BUDZAK ThisWeek Community Newspapers

ThisWeek Community Newspapers

On Jan. 1, Mark Harrington became the president of Local 310 of the Ohio Association of Public School Employees (OAPSE), which represents the support staff in the Hilliard City School District. Mark Harrington Gary Heyder, the past president of Local 310, resigned after nine years of service for personal reasons. Harrington was the vice president, and according to OAPSE’s constitution, was appointed to be president after Heyder stepped down. The president’s post will be up for election in 2012. A technology technician for the district, Harrington said he’s been an officer in Local 310 for the past six years. He has three children who attend school in the district, and one who graduated last year. Harrington said Local 310 has roughly 470 members — secretaries, bus drivers, custodians, maintenance men, computer support and aides. The support staff, as well as administration and teachers, agreed to a freeze on salary and step increases for 2011, but by year’s end there will be contract negotiations for 2012 salaries, regardless of whether a proposed levy passes. “The biggest challenge indeed is the levy,” Harrington said. “With a failure in the levy, there is the potential of a reduction in force. We feel as the leadership of Local 310, we are at the bare bones of our staff, of what it takes to make Hilliard City Schools function. I think the district will start to show its wear if indeed the support staff is reduced much more.” Harrington said he would support the levy, although he admits it will be a tough sell. See HARRINGTON, page A2

By Tim Norman/ThisWeek

Hilliard Davidson’s Maddison Blackwell (42) blocks a shot by Mifflin’s Shanaulan Holden during their consolation game in the Cage Classic at Gahanna Lincoln High School on Thursday, Dec. 30. The Wildcats rolled past the Punchers 50-27. See Sports, page B1.

Citizen Police Academy forming alumni association By GARY BUDZAK

“We all want to give back,” said Christy Clark, who will be the association’s publications/historian. “We all bonded so Some who attended the Hilliard Police much because we spent so much time toDepartment’s recent Citizen Police Acad- gether, but it also made us so aware of emy liked it so much that they are form- what these police officers face on a daying an alumni association. to-day basis. They’re putting their lives ThisWeek Community Newspapers

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in jeopardy every day to keep our safety dent), Crystal Bailey (secretary), Lynn in mind.” McClain (treasurer) and Jess Lippoli (proClark said the Hilliard Citizen Police gram officer). Academy Alumni Association elected ofThe association’s mission is to: ficers and intends to file as a nonprofit as• Function as an interface between the sociation. The officers are Jim Starcher See ACADEMY, page A7 (president), Jean Gualtieri (vice presi-

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Hilliard

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Primary election filing deadline nears Continued from page A1 signatures. If you need 50 signatures, you have to shoot for 60 or 70, because some of those are likely to be invalid. But we only have time to check so many, so that’s why we put a ceiling on there as well.” Piscitelli said the board will certify that the signatures and addresses of the Hilliard residents are correct according to their voter registration records. In addition to not having enough valid signatures, the board has not certified some petitions during past elections because of mistakes like the candidate forgetting to sign or date the document. “You’re wearing out a lot of shoe leather, you’re ringing a lot of doorbells, and you’ve got make sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. That’s why we urge people to read the documents as careful as possible before they submit them to us.” According to Piscitelli, the May primary is a partisan one for the Hilliard mayor’s office and

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three Hilliard City Council seats. “As long as they have as many candidates as there are openings, then they’ll have a primary per party, and if they have fewer than that, then no primary would be held.” When he checked just prior Albert J. Iosue to Christmas, Piscitelli said incumbent council members Albert J. Iosue and John W. Uttley III created petitions for the May primary, and Libertarian Thomas J. Alban created a petition for the November election. In addition to candidates, any John W. Uttley III local questions or issues like a school levy must be certified by the by by 4 p.m. Feb. 2 to make it on the May 3 special election, Piscitelli said. However, petitions do not need to be filed, “they can put that out under their own auspices.”


January 6, 2011

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Continued from page A1

Continued from page A1

“We’ve heard from the community about their concerns that in their private sector jobs they haven’t had a raise in four or five years, and they’re worried how hard it is on them to continue to support the schools with more going out and less coming in. “I also believe that there are plenty of people out there that do enjoy the Hilliard City School District. I have heard stories of people who will without a doubt support, but there are those people on the fence who need some more information, or need to be convinced. “I’ve got all sides in it – employee, parent, and taxpayer,” Harrington said. “It’s a scary thing that even if I consider a no vote, what am I doing to myself – am I cutting my throat or am I reducing my pay or hours or am I eliminating myself? It is a struggle even for me, but as the union president, we know that (levy passage is) a must to keep families employed, to keep people’s good self-esteem, to keep people empowered to work.”

ization to get a little bit more exposure,” Painter said. “It would help us just to have more people there. All we’re asking is that while you’re there to answer people’s questions: this vendor’s down here, these are the hours (and) keep an eye on the donation basket for the Hilliard Welfare Council.” Eventually, the market may need to move to another location due to park development, Painter said. Another thing Painter would like to change is having more local vendors. “The one surprise we’ve had is that we approached some of the local farms about doing this (last year), and most of the major farms around here didn’t want anything to do with it.” “The farm markets are very popular,” Destination Hilliard trustee Drew McCartt said to Painter. “Anything we can do to play it up and expand it more, get more business, would be great.”


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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Hilliard

January 6, 2011

Page A3

Norwich hosting health workshop for seniors By GARY BUDZAK

U’s sponsors. “If you miss the first session, you can enter on the second session, but after that, no new people are accepted into the class because a major focus of the class is the peer support and the group dynamic and the sharing, because everybody learns from each other as well in addition to the information that’s presented and discussed.” Acri said the workshop is geared toward senior citizens, but anyone 40 or over who has a chronic condition such as arthritis, asthma, diabetes or heart disease could benefit from the information. “Sometimes people don’t really identify themselves as necessarily having a

ThisWeek Community Newspapers

People who are sick and tired of being sick and tired will have a chance to learn some healthy habits at a series of workshops starting next week in the Norwich Township Safety Services Building. Healthy U is a free six-session chronic disease self-management workshop that takes place from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Jan. 13, 20, 27 and Feb. 3, 17, 24. “To get the full benefit, you would really want to attend all six,” said program manager Jane Acri of the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging, one of Healthy

chronic condition, but they’re often things that people have been living with for quite some time,” she said. “We know the complication that can occur out of these, because the doctors can’t fix it all. “It’s usually something that doesn’t really have a cure, and it is something that you need to manage.” The workshop won’t teach people about their condition, Acri said, but how to manage it and their emotions better. “With diabetes, I have had folks that were borderline pre-diabetic or they nudged over to an official diagnosis of diabetes, but with diet and exercise, they got themselves back under that and they’re

able to manage it without any kind of medication.” Healthy U was developed by Stanford University, and it was initially researched with 1,000 people who had gone through the program. “There was follow-up done after folks completed the workshops,” Acri said. “They found that people were able to communicate better with their doctor and they had fewer hospital ER visits, because of the skills that they learned in the workshop to manage their condition better.” Acri said the Ohio Department of Aging also put out a report on the Healthy

U program in 2009 that confirmed Stanford’s findings. “They had more energy and less fatigue, fewer physician visits and hospitalizations,” Acri said. “Anybody’s who’s skeptical, they should really give it a try,” she said, adding that she usually gets positive feedback about Healthy U. One time, it came from a woman who saw her at the grocery store. “She was like, ‘I’m still doing my action plans,’ because there’s this whole goal-setting component to the workshops. It’s pretty powerful.” To register, call 614-645-3866 or email

Nixle: Keeping a local eye on public safety in Norwich By GARY BUDZAK ThisWeek Community Newspapers

The Norwich Township Fire Department recently began using a new tool to communicate with residents and those in neighboring communities. Since Nov. 18, both the fire department and the township have been tapping into Nixle, a community information service provider used by police departments and municipal agencies. Residents can sign up for free and get email or text messages from the NTFD on fire safety, road closures, community events and other

information. “Nixle is a first-of-its-kind tool for communities that need to provide critical information to their residents,” said Craig Mitnick, founder and CEO, in a statement. “In today’s world, you have to trust the source of your information. Residents of Norwich Township can rest easy that the local messages they receive are authentic.” “It’s been very reliable with the information, and it’s just what local agencies want to put out,” said fire chief Dave Long. “You worry about getting sales ads and that kind of stuff. There’s none of

Parks & rec news For more information about the programs listed here, call the Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department at (614) 876-5200. The department is located at 3800 Veterans Memorial Drive. • Winter program registration is under way. To register online, visit and click on “Play.” • Adult programs include: Simplify Your Paperwork and Simplify Your Home; Reduce Your Utility Cost; The Gourmet Farm Girl Cooking Classes; Yoga; Fitness Yoga; Zumba; Karate; Volleyball Leagues; Softball Leagues; and Volleyball and Basketball Open Gym. • Preschool programs include: Preschool Combo Dance; Tennis Tots; Pee Wee Picasso Art; Fairy

Wings and Glitter Art; Leapin’ Lollipops; Jumpin’ Jellybeans; Zany Games; Kickin’ Kids; Tot T-Ball; Mommy and Me Dance; Soccer Shots; Kidz Tempo Music and Dance; Little Hoops Stars Basketball; JumpBunch Sports and Yoga; and We Joy Sing: Heartstrings Music Classes. • School age and home school programs include: Quick Start Tennis; Karate; Gourmet Farm Girl Cooking Class; American Red Cross Baby-sitting Classes; Adventures in Art; Fabulous Flyers Art; UngaBunga Spring Break Art Camp; Home School Gym; Home School Adventures in Art; Ballet; Jazz and Hip-Hop Dance; Home School Kidz Tempo Music and Dance; Hoop Stars Basketball; and Drama.

Park Street Theatre

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just getting in the flow of how to use it and what to use it for. We’re looking at ways we can use it more to communicate to the community with safety information. The more it gets used, the more people are going to sign up for it.” The Hilliard Police Department has used Nixle for more than a year. Officer Hyda Slone said they’ve used Nixle to announce things like traffic and crime alerts, self-defense classes and the Safe-

ty Day event last May. “Last fall, we had a bunch of break-ins to cars in Heather Ridge,” Slone said. “One of the officers comes in and says you need to put out a Nixle and tell those folks to quit leaving their stuff in the cars. “I really like it,” she said. “I think it’s a great way to communicate with the general public.” For more information, visit

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campus,” Long said. “If there’s anything going on weather-wise, traffic-wise or other emergencies, we find out about it.” Long said they can target who to send an alert to within a quarter-mile radius to 5 miles out, and anybody registered in that area would get notified. The staff types in its own message as needed on the Nixle site. “We’ve had access to it for 6 months or so,” Long said. “We’re


January 6–16, 2011

3 Ways To Purchase Tickets:

that. You’re always skeptical because they say no commercials, but there has been nothing come through that wasn’t generated by a police or fire agency.” One of the things Long likes about Nixle is you can sign up for alerts based on zip codes across town and across the country. “For instance, if you have a kid that’s going to Ohio State, you can put in that zip code and get alerts of anything (happening) on

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Hilliard

Page A4

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January 6, 2011

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Guest column

cs 061407 B84887-1

Job search resources available for unemployed SHARPE’S SHOOTERS SUPPLY tween the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) and and offers inCHERYL formation GROSSMAN about Ohio career opportunities. I encourage you to explore this web site and the resources has to offer. For those who wish to improve their interview skills or create a high-impact résumé, Central Ohio Workforce Investment Corporation (COWIC) provides career counseling and seminars to help you secure a rewarding career. COWIC is partnered with ODJFS, the City of Columbus and Franklin County Job and Family Services to provide assistance in all areas of your job search. Free services like workshops in computer basics, résumé preparation and interviews, as well as access to computers and standard office equipment, are available on site. For more information about the resources that COWIC has to offer, call (614) 559-5052 or visit Feel free to stop in the office at 1111

East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43205. If you are interested in going back to school for a high school diploma or college degree, there are various programs to get you started. Adult Workforce Education (AWE) centers, sponsored by the Ohio Department of Education, provide a vital service to Ohio’s non-traditional students who are looking for career counseling, industry training and information about financial aid assistance. The closest AWE branch, North Education Center in Columbus, is located at 2323 Lexington Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43211. You may also call (614) 365-6000 or visit I hope you find these resources helpful and I wish you the best of luck on your job search. As the 128th General Assembly draws to a close, please feel free to contact my office with any questions or concerns. Cheryl Grossman, state representative for the 23rd Ohio House District, may be reached at (614) 466-9690 or by mail at Representative Cheryl Grossman, 77 S. High St., 14th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215-6111. She may also be reached by e-mail at

As it were

Downtown was busy on New Year’s Eve 1910 “streetcar city” whose newly developed suburbs in every direction were linked to the central business district by electrified streetcars. It was to the downtown that people came to work, to worship, to shop and to amuse themselves. It was in downtown Columbus that one would find the best stores, the best restaurants and most of the city’s theatres. And almost all of these places were open on New Year’s Eve. The Busy Bee confectionery store was selling several kinds of candy and ice cream. These included Salted Jordan Almonds, Crème de Menthe Marshmallows and Courtesy of Columbus Metropolitan New Year’s Neapolitan ice cream. Library - Reeb Deibel Ruffing Postcard Collection This was described in one newspaper as “a blending of Cherry New Year’s card showing the Teutonia Savings & Loan Co.,

See AS IT WERE, page A5 Columbus, circa 1911-1920.


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As Columbus and central Ohio moved toward the end of 2010, the area counted itself fortunate that it had missed the great storms that brought freeze warnings to the citrus-growing South and more than a foot of snow to much of the north. All of this bad news about bad weather is sure to remind us how lucky we are to miss such things. ED Well … at LENTZ least most of the time. Central Ohio has been relatively free of snow in the past few weeks. But some of us may remember that last winter brought us a lot of snow — after the first of the year. Such was the case in Columbus 100 years ago, as well. As 1910 became 1911, a large blast of cold air accompanied by snow, wind and other wintry things was heading straight for the Midwest. Fortunately, it did not arrive until a couple of days after New Year’s Eve. So, as it had so many times in the past, the party went on. New Year’s Eve in Columbus in 1910 would instantly be recognizable in some ways to a visitor from our own time. There were a lot of happy people on the streets of downtown Columbus at the very late hour of 11 p.m. Some of them, having stopped at a party or two, were probably a little happier than others. But there were differences as well. Columbus in 1910 was a

HOURS: 10 AM-7:30 PM

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

As state representative of the 23rd Ohio House District and your voice in the Statehouse, I have made it my top priority to keep my finger on the pulse of our district. I sincerely appreciate all the phone calls, letters and e-mails from concerned residents of our community, and as I continue to serve you and your family in the next General Assembly, I encourage you to contact my office with any concerns. In this difficult economy, I know that our neighbors want competitive, high-paying jobs. For those who are currently unemployed and seeking a new career, it is important to be aware of all available resources so you can get back on your feet as soon as possible. Searching for a job can be a very stressful endeavor, especially during this difficult economy. To assist your efforts, here are some resources that can help make the search a little easier. The first step toward finding your next career is being aware of job opportunities around Ohio. To search up-to-date job postings, visit to browse available openings as well as to upload a résumé for potential employers to review. This site is a collaboration be-

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Hilliard

Page A5

January 6, 2011


Penny War winners

Continued from page A4 Glace, Oriental Ice and Belmont Cream. You will not find a richer or more satisfactory ice cream dessert: per quart, 60 cents.” After dinner at a local restaurant or a bit of ice cream at the Busy Bee, some residents passed the evening of the last day of the year at a local theatre. Some form of motion picture theatre had been present in Columbus since the 1890s. Over the years, nickelodeon parlors had given way to silent film presentations in larger rooms. But to most people, going to the theatre still meant a trip to a place where real people performed on stage. In Columbus in 1910, one could choose from a variety of theatre presentations on New Year’s Eve. The High Street Theatre featured “Harry Clay Blaney in his new American play ‘The Boy from Wall Street,’ an American play that is proving to be one of the greatest comedies ever staged.” Not to be outdone, B. F. Keith’s Theatre offered a play, “When Pat was King,” and vaudeville acts including “the Four Onetti Sisters, the Three Leighton Boys, and Irene Romaine — the dainty pianologist.” If one were still seeking amusement after all of this, Keith’s also offered a motion picture or two. For the more traditional culture crowd, the place to visit was the Colonial Theatre. Taking advantage of technology, the Colonial offered to take ticket orders by telephone and follow up with “motorcycle ticket delivery.” The tickets in question offered admission to performances by “Mr. Mantell and his distinguished company” of Shakespearean actors. On New Year’s Eve, one could see “Romeo and Juliet” in the afternoon or “Richard III” in the evening. Most of the theatres, church services and other public gatherings let out around 11 p.m. and people began to fill the streets around Statehouse Square. They were coming out this early because the biggest difference between 1910 and 2010 is that the celebration of the New Year began at 11:30 p.m. rather than midnight. At 11:30, church bells began to chime, fireworks were ignited and a general celebration began. It began at 11:30 because some people still refused to follow the standard time established by the railroads many years earlier. These people still followed “sun time” and to them, midnight came 30 minutes earlier. At 12 a.m. Standard Time, the railroad locomotives at Union Station joined the celebration with blasts from their whistles and the party continued. After all of this celebrating, many of the happy residents of the city went home, enjoyed a dish of Busy Bee Neapolitan ice cream and went to bed with the confident belief that 1911 would be a good year. And as we now know, for the most part, they were absolutely right. Happy New Year.

Hilliard Station Sixth Grade School recently sponsored its annual Ohio State vs. Michigan Penny War. The proceeds were donated to Patches of Light. Pictured are winners Kim Hartman, Emily Henderson, Cece Heard, Dana Ridenour, Olivia Miller, Katie Greers, Abby Kunze and Vicar Vadekkekurputh.

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January 6, 2011

Coming up To add, remove or update a 1-12, meets from 5:30-7:30 p.m. listing, e-mail editorial@thisweek- at Hilliard Presbyterian Church, 3600 Leap Road. Cost is $40 for the year or $2 per week. Call Kim Trimboli at 876-7121. Seniors

Meetings Hilliard EverGreen Team, 67 p.m. the first Tuesday of the month at the Hilliard Municipal Building, 3800 Municipal Way. Residents looking to make a difference in the community may email or call Carrie Stanley-Davis at (614) 876-1224. Tri-Village Sertoma, noon1:15 p.m. Wednesdays at the Four Seasons Columbus, 4643 Trueman Blvd. This is a group of business professionals dedicated to “Service to Mankind” through charitable works and cooperation in business and social activities. Call (614) 885-6219 for information. Morning Business Network Exchange, 8-9 a.m. the second Friday of the month at Chick-fila of the Market at Hilliard, 1988 Hilliard Rome Road. Open to all current Hilliard Chamber of Commerce members. Call Libby Gierach at 876-7666 or e-mail Mommies and Munchkins, 9:30-10:30 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is a faith-based fitness walking class made up of caregivers and their children. The group will walk more than a mile at each meeting, at various locations in the Hilliard/Dublin area. Free. Visit the club Web site at to register and view the location calendar. Call Summer Sisney at (812) 499-7469. Hilliard Toastmasters, 7 p.m. every first and third Monday, at the Hilliard Senior Center, 3810 Veterans Memorial Drive. New members welcome. Visit the club’s Web site at Rotary Club of Hilliard, noon to 1 p.m. Thursdays, at Heritage Golf Club, 3525 Heritage Club Drive. Visit Hilliard Chapter of Network Professionals Inc., 7:30 a.m. Fridays at Atrium II, 5455 Rings Road. Call Frank Agin at 4765540. Hilliard Jaycees, 7 p.m. the second Wednesday of the month at Carriage Court Communities, 3570 Heritage Club Drive. Open to men and women ages 21-39. Call Carrie Montgomery at 7744751 or visit Hilliard Toastmasters, 7 p.m. the first and third Mondays of the month at the Hilliard Recreation Center. Call 279-5061. Hilliard Civic Association, 7 p.m. the second Monday of the month at Mel’s Diner in Old Hilliard. Call 340-9557 or visit Hilliard Lions Club, 6:30 p.m. the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at the Hilliard Senior Center.

Classes & workshops WOW, Word On Wednesdays, Bible study for children in grades

Faith and Fellowship

Support groups MOMS Club of HilliardNorthwest, a social and support group for mothers and their children, holds a general meeting with a speaker the first Monday of the month. Visit Celebrate Recovery, 7 p.m. Thursdays at Upper Arlington Lutheran Church’s Mill Run campus, 3500 Mill Run. A halfhour social time precedes the start of the meetings. A meeting for women only is offered at 9:30 a.m. Thursdays, with childcare available. For more information, visit Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of Northwest Columbus, 7-9 p.m. the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at Meadow Park Church of God, 2425 Bethel Road. For more information, call (614) 654-4823 or e-mail Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of Northwest Columbus – Young Adults, 79 p.m. the third Wednesday of each month in Room 126 of Summit on 16th United Methodist Church, 82 E. 16th Ave. Also open all-age group. Free and open to the public. Call

Avery Road. Tough Love International, 7-9 p.m. Tuesdays, at Scioto Ridge United Methodist Church, 4343 Dublin Road. Call the Tough Love Hotline at 1-800333-1069.

Government The following meet in the Hilliard Municipal Building, 3800 Municipal Way. Mayor’s Court, 8 a.m. Wednesdays in council chambers. Court hours are 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Hilliard City Council, 7 p.m. the second and fourth Mondays of the month. For agendas, visit Hilliard Planning and Zoning Commission, 7 p.m. the second Thursday of the month and the fourth Tuesday, when necessary. For agendas, visit Board of Zoning Appeals, 7 p.m. the third Thursday of the month in council chambers. Civil Service Commission, 6:30 p.m. the first Monday of the month in the mayor’s conference room. Shade Tree Commission, 6:30 p.m. the first Wednesday of the month in the mayor’s conference room. Recreation and Parks Commission, 7 p.m. the fourth Thursday of the month in council chambers.


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PIANO CONCERTO NO. 1 Enrique Arturo Diemecke, conductor Vladimir Feltsman, piano Rimsky-Korsakov—Overture on Russian Themes Stravinsky—Pétrouchka Tchaikovsky—Piano Concerto No. 1

Early Identification and Early Intervention of Reading Problems: Why Wait for Failure?

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Thursday, January 27, 8 pm

A Marburn Academy Free Community Parent Seminar Jean-Marie Zeitouni, conductor

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 • 7:00 – 9:00 pm Reservations required; or call 614-433-0822 Photo: Philip Glaser

The following meet at the Prairie Township Senior Center, 4616 W. Broad St., unless noted. Call (614) 878-5110. Exercise Programs, Aerobics—10:30 a.m. Mondays and Wednesdays (free), Gentle Stretchers—10 a.m. Tuesdays and Fridays (free), Line Dancing—noon Mondays ($2).

(614) 654-4823 or e-mail Overeaters Anonymous, 4 p.m. the first Friday of the month in the Panera Bread community room, 3625 Fishinger Blvd. Call Carol at (614) 777-8596. or visit the Widows and Widowers Group, meets for various social activities such as lunch and dinner. All invited, no charge. For information call Shirley at (614) 539-7948. Parkinson’s Disease Support Group offered by Carriage Court Assisted Living of Hilliard 10 a.m. the third Tuesday of each month at Carriage Court of Hilliard, 3570 Heritage Club Drive, Hilliard, Ohio. Contact Dena Uscio at (614) 529-7470. AA, Ala-Teen and Ala-Non Support Groups, 8 p.m. Tuesdays, at the Hilliard Church of Christ, 4300 Avery Road. A support group for people struggling with panic meets on an as-needed basis. To express interest in participating, call 8782697. Hilliard LaLeche League, 10 a.m. the second Wednesday of the month and 7 p.m. the third Tuesday of the month at Scioto Ridge United Methodist Church, 4343 Dublin Road. Call Lisa at 771-9372 or Carol at 764-0661. Grief Share, a support group for those who have lost a loved one, 7 p.m. Wednesdays at the Hilliard Church of Christ, 4300

Lang Lang is the featured artist for CSO’s 60th Anniversary Celebration. Visit our website for details.

Saturday, January 29, 8 pm

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Hilliard

January 6, 2011

Page A7

Academy forming alumni association Continued from page A1 community and the HPD • Expand community understanding of law enforcement, crime prevention, and public safety • Organize and staff community service charitable and educational events • Support police officers’wellbeing and provide benevolent assistance to them and their families. Clark said she hopes all 28 members of last fall’s Citizen Police Academy join the Alumni Association, as well as those attending the next class, Feb. 23-

May 24. At the last day of last year’s inaugural class, women who attended Westerville’s citizen police academy told the Hilliard students how they formed their own alumni association. Officer Hyda Slone said the fledgling association can help the HPD in a number of ways, such as working on alarm permits, the Spirit of Safety Day, D.A.R.E. graduations and helping with future citizen police academies. “We have a shortage of manpower, and there are things we can have citizens help us do a better job so we don’t have pull an

officer off of the street,” Slone said. The Alumni Association was part of what HPD hoped to achieve with the Citizen Police Academy, Slone said, along with giving them a better understanding of law enforcement. She said both the citizens and the police benefit from an alumni association. “Citizens feel like they have ownership in our police department,” she said. “It also reminds our officers why we’re doing the job we do. So many times we deal with bad guys all the time. We forget there are really great peo-

ple in our community, and that’s why we do the job we do – to help protect those wonderful people in our community, and those are the ones we don’t have a lot of contact with. So we’re hoping that through this alumni association, it’s really going to bring that together.” To be a member of the next Hilliard Citizen Police Academy, call Slone at 614-334-2321.

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Can you solve the mystery?

College notes • Ashland University has announced its December 2010 graduates. Hilliard residents completed degree requirements as follows: Pamela Gilmore received a master’s degree with a major in curriculum and instruction. Melissa Hull received a master’s degree with a major in curriculum and instruction. Lindsay Dunmead received a master’s degree with a major in curriculum and instruction. DeWyan Allen received a bachelor’s degree with a major in business management. Carrie Darr

received a master’s degree with a major in curriculum and instruction. Eric Mann received a master’s degree with a major in curriculum and instruction. Ryckalene Sule received a master’s degree with a major in curriculum and instruction. Whitney Schneider received a master’s degree with a major in curriculum and instruction. Traci Wilson received a master’s degree with a major in educational administration. Robert Krajci received a master’s degree with a major in executive management.

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Hilliard

Page A8

January 6, 2011

Another Fisherman’s Wharf, more great seafood Chalk up another one for the Chalkias family — a new Fisherman’s Wharf has opened. Sailing out dishes of high-grade seafood from its Polaris-area kitchen, this Wharf is off to a brisk start. For background, the original Fisherman’s Wharf premiered on Morse Road in the mid-’70s during a drastically more provincial dining era than we’re currently enjoying. Partially drawing on the Chalkias family’s Greek heritage, it was like the restaurant that launched a thousand others. Some are still chugging along, others have long run aground, but count among that distinguished number Niki’s Deli, a Fisherman’s Wharf in Bexley, Fisherman’s Wharf Pier II, Feta in Pickerington and the Big Fat Greek Kuzina. I’ll not bother mentioning every eatery with ties to the Chalkias brood, but rest assured that if you’re a fan of Greek food in Columbus,

MENU by G.A. Benton you’ve probably patronized a Chalkias-related restaurant. So of course Grecian accents make their way into the new Fisherman’s Wharf, but as its name suggests, this place is mostly about the fish. Its nautical theme is clearly stated outside, where beneath porthole windows peeking through huge and heavy black lacquered doors, a split-in-two captain’s wheel serves as handles. Inside, off-white walls with coppery swaths set off black and blue accents. So tablecloths, menus, napkins, servers outfits and even leftovers boxes are night shaded. Fanciful blue pops up in pretty, aquarium-riffing stained glass windows. There’s also a large and at-

By Jodi Miller/ThisWeek

Macadamia Nut Crusted Halibut at Fisherman’s Wharf.

tractive rectangular bar in the big and bustling restaurant. Overall, it’s a handsome, but not chichi, establishment. Accordingly, it generally draws in

regular folks splurging on excellent, and pricey, seafood. As for cooking and plating styles, they’ve ranged from straightforward to considerably fancier. From the latter group, the Sesame Ahi Tuna ($12) was a fine starter. Looking like a dozen dominoes toppled in a straight row, the raw, served room temperature “tiles” of delicious sashimi-grade fish sported crunchy seared rims encrusted with white and black sesame seeds. Artful squiggles of wasabi mayo and a fragrant oil provided modernist touches — but skip the overpowering soy sauce dip. Homier but soulful was the Seafood Chowder ($4.50/cup). Actually more like a soothing potato soup laced with clams, its starchy ballast was leavened with a nicely measured tang. Saladwise, my favorite was the eye-catching, tongue-delighting

Fisherman’s Wharf 1611 Polaris Pkwy., Westerville 614-431-1411 Web: Cuisine: Seafood Price: $$$ ($20-$30 per person) Patio: Yes Hours: 11:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 11:30 a.m.-10:30 p.m. Friday, 12-10:30 p.m. Saturday, 12-9 p.m. Sunday and near meal-in-itself Captain’s Artichoke Salad ($6). Like a gussied up Greek salad, its manifold elements (cucumber, roasted red peppers, creamy feta and much more) made for a dynamic combination. Navigating the mammoth menu for entrees can take a while. You’ll scan past delicacies like Day Boat Scallops, plump Danish scampi, killer Kodiak Alaskan Red King

Crab Legs, and luscious Maine lobster tails. Want ’em all? Then opt for the Baked Variety platter ($50, but could feed two) which rounds them up simply, perfectly cooked, dusted with seasoned breadcrumbs and presented with lakes of garlicky melted butter. For something “cheffier,” pick the terrific Macadamia Nut Crusted Halibut ($26). Sauced with a sweetish orange buerre blanc, it was a huge and truly beautiful piece of succulent snow-white fish. Soft and supple, yet endowed with bells and whistles galore (berries, bananas, nutella, whipped cream, chocolate sauce), Gina’s Crepes ($12, easily serves two) were the obvious dessert star. To read G.A. Benton’s blog visit

Abusive customers pose issues for servers, restaurateurs Bill Glover was quite fond of his appetizer: braised pork belly drizzled with jalapeno ketchup and served with creamed corn. One of his customers, who apparently had a sensitivity to spiciness, had other ideas and wasn’t shy in sharing her thoughts. “She looked at me with this real callous face and said, ‘Where do you get off putting this on the menu? My tongue is swollen and I can hardly talk.’” Glover, chef and owner of Sage American Bistro in the University District, said he apologized but the guest wouldn’t relent. He asked, in front of a room full of astonished onlookers, what he could do to make her happy. She said nothing and stormed off with her dining companion, who also had a choice expletive for the chef. So the customer’s always right? It depends on who you ask. “You always have to lean on the side of the guest is right,” Glover said. “But on the food-service side you can’t believe the things we encounter. People leave this profession because they get bitter dealing with the public.” Indeed, pleasing guests is the objective of any diligent restaurateur. Certainly, they have some legitimate complaints: a forgotten fork, cloudy wine glass or cold chicken fricassee. So how does one differentiate constructive criticism from downright abuse? Industry veteran Paul Liu, owner of Haiku and Bento Go Go, said customers cross the line when they insult the staff. “A lot of times when you talk civilly with them,

there is no substitute for first-rate customer relations. “The food is an important component” of restaurants, he said. “But there are plenty of people who will eat mediocre food if the service is world-class.” His company sends secret diners in to test the determination of servers. They will, for example, say they found a hair on their burger. The servers too often will look for the wayward lock or quibble with customers when the solution is simple: “Toss the old one away and get them a new one,” Cannon said. “Service is a lost art in this industry,” he said. “Those that stay focused on it usually have better sales growth, significantly better profits and a significantly better culture and environment than those who don’t.”

Recipe of the week the owner or the manager talks to them, they behave differently,” Liu said. “Sometimes they don’t and when they don’t, you politely ask them to leave.” It’s an endless discussion in the food-service industry, said Jarrod Clabaugh, director of communications for the Ohio Restaurant Association. “We always encourage our members to train their staffs on the importance of etiquette,” he said. “Whenever a customer’s request can be followed, like leaving a particular item out of a dish, they should do their best to meet that request.” Most patrons are easy to please, Clabaugh said.

“But, some customers’ requests can be overreaching,” he said. “It’s important to walk the line carefully.” Howard Cannon of Restaurant Consultants of America, based in Alabama, said restaurants can never overvalue customer service. “In the old days it was ‘The customer’s always right,’” he said. “Now you can barely get an operator to agree with that. Ultimately they’re not trained to believe it.” Cannon said the industry has grown so much, so fast, that operators couldn’t teach the finer points of service to their staff. And, in his professional world,

“Frenchie” fries, courtesy of David MacLennan of Latitude 41.

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Hilliard

January 6, 2011

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Undersized Wildcats boys rely on defense By AARON BLANKENSHIP ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Hilliard Davidson High School boys basketball coach Kevin Logsdon said his team will be at a size disadvantage in nearly every game this season. But even though the Wildcats don’t have a dominant player in the post, they won five of their first six contests while giving up an average of only 43.8 points by playing a swarming style of man-to-man defense. Davidson held two recent opponents to fewer than 40 points, as it beat Kil-

bourne 41-35 on Dec. 21 and defeated North Union 41-38 on Dec. 29. “North Union is a Division III school and even they were bigger than we are,” Logsdon said. “We don’t have a 6-(foot)-6 or 6-7 kid like most of our opponents do, but our guards are doing a good job of pressuring the other teams’ guards and making it difficult to feed the ball into the post, and we’re doing a good job of helping each other from the perimeter. When teams do get the ball inside, Kevin Stephenoff, Chris Logsdon, Cole Lawson and Robert Snauwaert

are doing a good job of defending the post, too.” Lacking a consistent scorer in the post, the Wildcats have had to work for open shots on the perimeter. Leading Davidson in scoring average through six games were Logsdon (10.7), Davonte Peterson (10.7), Brandon Gleim (8.8), Lawson (7.3) and Andrew Gronski (6.8). “Davonte and Brandon are good at driving to the basket and making shots or passing the ball to open players on the perimeter,” Chris Logsdon said. “We don’t have a dominant scorer, but

we’ve got a lot of guys who can contribute, which is making us more dangerous offensively.” After losing to Thomas Worthington 40-39 on a shot at the buzzer on Dec. 10, Davidson won its next three games decided by six points or fewer, defeating Tallmadge 59-57 on Dec. 18 before beating Kilbourne and North Union as Logsdon scored the winning points on a 3-pointer with six seconds remaining. “We have confidence we can make plays to win close games,” Chris Logsdon said. “I had never hit a game-win-

ning shot before in my entire career, so it was a great moment. When we drew up the play, I wasn’t nervous. I was confident I was going to hit it, because that’s what we’ve practiced for all year.” Davidson plays an OCC-Central Division game Friday at Upper Arlington before playing Saturday at Olentangy Liberty. Last season, the Wildcats lost to UA 70-46 and 53-47 and lost to Liberty 59-51. See DAVIDSON, page B2


Confidence growing for Darby boys By SCOTT HENNEN ThisWeek Community Newspapers

By Mike Munden/ThisWeek

Darby’s Brennan Hook grabs the ball while being defended by Dublin Jerome’s Ben Nesdore on Dec. 30. The visiting Panthers lost 49-37. They will play host to Westland on Friday.

Brennan Hook knew the beginning of his senior season with the Hilliard Darby High School boys basketball team might have some rough spots. Having a group of inexperienced players and a tough early schedule, the Panthers won only one of their first five games, but Hook believes they gained a confidence boost with their 56-37 win over Lancaster on Dec. 28. “We knew this situation. We knew that we might struggle at the beginning of the year, but now we’re starting to rock and roll,” Hook said. “We have been getting after it in practice and we hope this stretch can help us get back to where we want to be.” Through six games, Darby hadn’t scored in double figures in the first quarter and had a season-low four points in the opening period of a 54-43 loss to Dublin Coffman on Dec. 21. But the Panthers held a 14-7 edge after one quarter against Lancaster and led 29-22 at halftime before breaking the game open in the second half by scoring 27 points and holding the Golden Gales to 15 points. “When you’re not in school, you’re worried about (the players) getting sleep and what they are doing with their free time. It seemed like they came out ready to play (against Lancaster),” coach Brett Norris said. “I was really happy with our defensive effort. We changed things around and went out to pressure

them a little more than we have earlier in the season.” Two days later, Darby lost to Dublin Jerome 49-37, scoring only four points again in the opening quarter. “We had six kids who had never played varsity basketball before this year and they have been maturing every game,” Norris said. “We’re getting better and, as cliché as it sounds, we have been taking things one day at a time to get better.” Hook, a forward, led the team in scoring through seven games, averaging 13.9 points. His brother, junior guard Bryson Hook, was second (7.6), followed by senior point guard Matt Allen (6.4), senior guard Matt Cyrus (4.4) and sophomore forward Nic Baker (4.3). Allen and Baker both had eight 3-pointers. “Brennan has been fantastic for us,” Norris said. “He has been so active in scoring and rebounding. His natural ability and his tenacity have been great for us.” Brennan Hook said his two classmates — Allen and Cyrus — have worked with the younger players to help aid their transition to varsity. “All three seniors know what it takes to be successful and we know how to push each other out there on the court,” Brennan Hook said. “Last year, I was more of a role player and a complementary scorer. Now (the seniors) want to be able to help out the sophomores and get them through their growing pains. See DARBY, page B2


2010: The Year In Review

Off-field tragedy, upsets among top stories Jaguars From staff reports As we begin 2011, we take a look back at the highs and lows of central Ohio high school sports for 2010. There was tragic news off the field, as Rico Butler, who helped the Hilliard Davidson football team win the Division I state championship in 2009, drowned in a quarry. There were stunning upsets, including the Northland boys basketball team, which lost to Gahanna 71-45 in a Division I regional final despite being ranked No. 1 in the country and the defending state champion. And there was triumph on the football field, as two members of the CCL, Hartley and Watterson, captured state championships. Here’s how the year stacked up through the eyes of the sports staff at ThisWeek Community Newspapers. We hope you enjoy the look back at 2010 as much as we did. TWICE AS NICE: The CCL has only five teams in football but produced two state champions in Hartley and Watterson. Hartley, led by running back Noah Key, defeated Chagrin Falls 34-13 in the Division IV state final on Dec. 3 at Massillon’s Paul Brown Tiger Stadium to finish 13-2 and capture its first state championship since 1986.


By Lorrie Cecil/ThisWeek

No. 1: Hartley’s Evan Jackson holds the Division IV state championship trophy between teammates Alex Heinmiller (left) and Brandon Michalak after the Hawks defeated Chagrin Falls 34-13 in the Division IV state championship on Dec. 3 at Massillon’s Paul Brown Tiger Stadium. Fellow CCL member Watterson also won a state title, beating Akron Buchtel 13-12 in the Division III final.

Watterson overcame six turnovers to beat Akron Buchtel 13-12 in the Division III state final on Dec. 4 at Paul Brown Tiger Stadium to finish 13-1 and win its first state title since 2002. Key, the Division IV Player of the Year who rushed for 2,755 yards (8.8 yards per carry) and 40 touchdowns, rushed for 130 yards and two touchdowns on 24 carries against Chagrin Falls, which finished 13-2. Omar Lane also had a big

game, rushing for 117 yards and a touchdown on six carries. The Hawks went 5for-5 on fourth down, recovered an onside kick and held Chagrin Falls to 159 total yards. “I don’t know if there were a ton of people who picked us to win the game,” Hawks coach Brad Burchfield said. “We taped all the pundits saying that Chagrin Falls is going to win the game and played it for the kids (the night before the state

final). We’re happy to take that underdog role.” Watterson, which won its final 10 games, held Buchtel to 204 total yards but was not able to pull away from the Griffins because of turnovers. The Eagles, who had 258 yards, lost three fumbles and threw three interceptions, including one that was returned 80 yards for a touchdown. With Watterson trailing 12-6, Ray Cook scored on a 3-yard run and Tim Carter kicked the extra point to put the Eagles ahead with 10 minutes, 50 seconds left. On their ensuing possession, the Griffins drove from their own 23yard line to the Watterson 6, only to be stopped on fourth-and-1. Buchtel, which finished 11-4, got the ball back three plays later on the Watterson 21 as the result of an Eagles fumble. However, on second-and-15 from the Eagles’ 26, Jared Simpson sacked Griffins quarterback Stephen Parker for a loss of 12 yards and Brad McCurdy intercepted Parker on the next play to help seal the victory. “These guys know as well as I do how great of an accomplishment this season was,” Eagles coach Dan Bjelac said. “There were a number of behind-thescenes things that happened. This team found ways to get it done all year.”

boys on cusp of jelling By BRAD EMERINE ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Despite winning just two of its first six games, the Hilliard Bradley High School boys basketball team has proven to be much more competitive. In their first season, the Jaguars were 6-8 through 14 games, with seven of the losses being by more than 10 points. Heading into last Wednesday’s game against Delaware, their four losses were by a combined 19 points. “We have competed well and that’s a testament to how well the guys are playing together,” coach Michael Limbird said. “They’ve worked hard and have responded to the coaching. With the exception of the New Albany game, I think we’ve played well enough to win.”

See 2010, page B2 See BRADLEY, page B2

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Hilliard

Page B2

January 6, 2011

2010: THE YEAR IN REVIEW Continued from page B1


STUNNING UPSETS: The Northland boys basketball team and Gahanna boys soccer team both were ranked No. 1 in the country for much of their respective seasons, but neither was able to defend their respective state championships, or even return to the state tournament. Northland lost to Gahanna 71-45 in a regional final on March 20 at the Fairgrounds Coliseum. The loss snapped a 37-game winning streak for the Vikings, who finished 23-1. Gahanna’s four-guard offense helped it shoot 23-for-38 from the floor, with Stevie Taylor and Rob Brandenberg (19 points apiece) leading the way. The Lions advanced to state for the first time, where they lost to eventual champion Massillon Jackson 62-50 in a semifinal on March 26 to finish 26-1. “As time goes on, people will remember our Northland game more than playing in front of 15,000 people at the Schott,” said Lions coach Tony Staib, whose team was ranked second in the final state poll behind Northland. “It was a team everybody said that couldn’t be beat. The way we beat them, it was one of those magical games that puts an exclamation point on the season for these guys.” Jared Sullinger, now playing for Ohio State, had 24 points and 15 rebounds to lead the Vikings, who lost despite outrebounding Gahanna 36-18. Northland, which had beaten Cincinnati Princeton 60-58 in the 2009 state final, spent several weeks as the No. 1-ranked team in the country, according to most national polls. Among the Vikings’ victories were a 53-52 win over Henderson (Nev.) Findlay Prep on Dec. 17, 2009, and a 47-46 win over Mouth of Wilson (Va.) Oak Hill Academy on Jan. 16. Both of those games were televised on ESPN. Ranked first for most of the season in the ESPN/Rise poll, the Gahanna boys soccer team lost to Olentangy Orange 2-1 in double overtime in a Division I regional final on Nov. 6, marking its only loss in its last 44 games. The Lions had beaten Orange 3-0 on Sept. 9 and had outscored their opponents 96-9. The Pioneers lost to Centerville 2-1 in a state semifinal on Nov. 9. Gahanna finished 19-1-1, with its only other blemish being a 1-all tie against Massillon Jackson on Oct. 2. “It’s shocking,” said Gahanna senior forward Chris Davis. “We were so determined to win. It’s devastating. I didn’t expect this at all. I thought we were going to win and go to the state semis.” OVERCOMING TRAGEDY: The Hilliard Davidson football team fell short in its quest to repeat as Division I state champion, finishing 13-1 after losing to Huber Heights Wayne 28-14 in a state semifinal on Nov. 27. Still, it was another successful season for the Wildcats, especially when taking into consideration that the Davidson football family was dealt a


BRADLEY Continued from page B1 The Jaguars lost to New Albany 56-47 on Dec. 7 after opening with a 54-49 loss to Thomas Worthington on Dec. 3. In both contests, they started slow, as Thomas led 21-6 after one quarter and New Albany led 18-7 after the opening period. Bradley responded by beating Franklin Heights 77-67 on Dec. 10 and then defeated Big Walnut 60-41 on Dec. 17 as Trent Weaver had 21 points, A.J. Dixon scored 17 and Evan Bell scored 11. The Jaguars outscored Franklin Heights 48-27 in the second half. They led Big Walnut 22-16 at halftime and outscored the Golden Eagles 24-9 in the third quarter. Bradley then lost close games to Mount Vernon and St. Charles, falling to the Yellow Jackets 4845 on Dec. 21 and to the Cardinals 39-37 on Dec. 30. “In both of those games we had open 3-pointers in the final seconds that would’ve won the games, but we missed them,” Limbird said. “Against Mount Vernon, we were down 46-45 and ran a nice set where Derek Tieman kicked the ball back outside to Dakota Rohrer for a 3-pointer. We had to foul with five seconds left and (Mount Vernon) made both free throws. “Against St. Charles, we had the ball and were down two points with 10 seconds left and Derek had a good look at a 3-pointer. We had our worst shooting game

DARBY Continued from page B1 “A lot of it goes back to practice. I think everyone is always shocked when they play their first varsity game. Everyone has to get used to the quicker pace of the game.” But part of gaining experience is maturing , which means executing and limiting mistakes. “The biggest thing we need to work on is our half-court offense,” Brennan Hook said. “We need to get open and not turn the ball over. We have to get open and be physical with the ball.”

At a glance Below are the rest of the top 25 stories from ThisWeek Sports in 2010. For more details on each story, please visit No. 6: Reynoldsburg girls track and field team defies odds by winning second consecutive Division I state title. No. 7: Upper Arlington girls swimming and diving team earn sixth consecutive Division I state title. No. 8: Lakewood softball team captures third consecutive state title. No. 9: Central Ohio players sweep the Division I and II state titles in boys tennis. No. 10: Twin brothers Chris Uhle and Joey Uhle of Olentangy Liberty top one another for state pole vault record. No. 11: Westerville North boys cross country team only can wonder what might have been at Division I state meet. No. 12: Harvest Prep girls basketball team produces Division IV state championship. No. 13: Two area wrestlers capture state titles. No. 14: Columbus Academy junior Morgan Ransom earns Division II state girls golf title. No. 15: Cousins Ashley Thai and Lauren Thai of Hilliard Bradley win doubles title in Division II state girls tennis. No. 16: Upper Arlington and Dublin Jerome capture state titles in boys lacrosse. No. 17: A year after area boys soccer teams swept all three state championships, no central Ohio team wins a title. No. 18: Westerville Central’s Mary Wells rolls to girls bowling title as Warhawks place second. No. 19: Area coaches reach career milestones. No. 20: Two longtime area coaches step down. No. 21: Hilliard Davidson baseball team upsets topseeded Grove City in Division I district tournament. No. 22: Four area Division I boys basketball teams finish the regular season undefeated. No. 23: The Dublin Coffman and Big Walnut girls volleyball teams lose in their state finals matches. No. 24: Thomas Worthington field hockey team falls short in state championship. No. 25: Childhood friends vie for NCAA men’s soccer title.

major blow when running back Rico Butler drowned May 25 while swimming with friends in a quarry. Butler would have been a senior this year. “I think everyone would have taken a 13-1 season,” said coach Brian White, whose team won its 11th OCC title by finishing 7-0 in the OCC-Central Division. “Coming into this year, we weren’t exactly sure how everything was going to pan out and what the kids’ reaction to losing Rico was going to be. There were a multitude of questions about things coming into this year.” Davidson dedicated the season to Butler by wearing a sticker with the No. 5 — Butler’s jersey number — on their helmets. “They certainly didn’t forget about Rico all year long,” White said. “They kept him in the back of their minds all year long, but fortunately it was kind of in the back of their minds. They used it as just enough motivation to get themselves prepared

At a glance Below are the recent results and coming schedules for the Bradley boys and girls basketball teams: BOYS *Dec. 17 — Defeated Big Walnut 6041 *Dec. 21 — Lost to Mount Vernon 48-45 Dec. 30 — Lost to St. Charles 39-37 *Last Wednesday — Played Delaware *Friday — Home vs. Olentangy Orange Saturday — At Teays Valley Tuesday — Home vs. Worthington Kilbourne Of note: The Jaguars were 2-4 overall and 2-2 in the OCC-Capital before last Wednesday. GIRLS *Dec. 17 — Def. Big Walnut 44-32. Kellie Roudabush scored 16 points

and Danielle Dunnagan scored 11. The Jaguars outscored host Big Walnut 20-7 in the final 12:15 by making seven of their final 12 field-goal attempts. *Dec. 21 — Def. Mount Vernon 5322. Bailey Pierron scored 18 points, Brooke Espenschied scored 12 and Roudabush scored nine. Dec. 30 — Def. Central Crossing 5029. Pierron and Roudabush both scored 14 points. *Last Wednesday — Played Delaware *Friday — At Olentangy Orange. Last year, the Jaguars were swept by the Pioneers, losing 41-30 and 56-48. Wednesday — At Jonathan Alder. The Jaguars won 45-42 last season. Of note: The Jaguars were 7-1 overall and 4-1 in the OCC-Capital before last Wednesday. *OCC-Capital game

By Adam Cairns/ThisWeek

No. 4: Jared Sullinger had another big season for the Northland boys basketball team, garnering Ohio’s Mr. Basketball award for the second consecutive season along with earning McDonald’s All-American and Naismith National Player of the Year honors. It was a bittersweet season, however, as Sullinger’s Vikings, the defending state champions and top-ranked team in the country, were stunned by Gahanna 71-45 in a regional final. The Lions’ upset victory, coupled with the Olentangy Orange boys soccer team’s shocking 1-0 win over defending state champion Gahanna in a regional final, was voted the No. 2 story of the year.

to play, but at the same time, Mr. Butler (Rico’s dad, Rico Sr.) even said back last spring when Rico’s accident happened that he didn’t want the kids going out and playing this year for Rico. He wanted them to play for themselves and they did a little bit of a combination of both, and it worked out well for them.” NATIONAL RECOGNITION ON HARDWOOD: Not only was Jared Sullinger of the Northland boys basketball team named Ohio’s Mr. Basketball for the second consecutive season after averaging 23.1 points, 11.7 rebounds and 1.6 blocks, he was named Naismith Player of the Year, an honor bestowed on the top player in the nation. Sullinger, a 6-foot-9 forward , also was named McDonald’s All-American, Jordan Brand AllAmerican and Parade magazine Player of the Year. He finished as Northland’s all-time leading scorer with 1,972 career points. Sullinger was named MVP of the McDonald’s All-American game on March 31 at Ohio State. He scored 22 points and had seven rebounds in the East all-star team’s 107-104 loss to the West. Satch Sullinger, Jared’s father and Northland’s


DAVIDSON Continued from page B1

coach, was the Naismith Coach of the Year. SPECIAL DELIVERY: St. Charles golf coach Anthony Mam-pieri almost missed the crowning moment of his team’s season. On the morning of the second day of the Cardinals’ dominating performance at the Division I state tournament, his wife, Leeanne, went into labor with the couple’s third child. Cristiano Matthew Mampieri was born about four hours before the Cardinals teed off on Oct. 23, allowing Mampieri an opportunity to meet his team at Ohio State’s Scarlet Course before the start of the second round. “He got there and gave them a pep talk before they were to tee off and then went back to the hospital for a while,” assistant coach Eric Horvath said. “He told me he had a favor to ask of me, and then takes off early.” “Eric said that he felt like he was the Dennis Hopper character from the movie ‘Hoosiers.’You know when Gene Hackman gets kicked out of the (basketball) game and hands (Hopper’s character) the scorebook and tells him he’s the coach now,” Mampieri said with a wide grin. “It wasn’t anything like that, but (Eric) did a great job.” When Mampieri returned to the course a few hours later, St. Charles was well on its way to its second consecutive state title. The Cardinals shot a record 610, breaking the previous mark of 611 set by Cleveland St. Ignatius in 2002 and Upper Arlington in 1993, and finished well ahead of runner-up St. Ignatius (621). Senior Michael Ricaurte was tournament medalist with a 144 over 36 holes. Mampieri resigned as coach after the state tournament, saying he wanted to spend more time with


At a glance Below are the recent results and coming schedules for the Davidson boys and girls basketball teams: BOYS *Dec. 17 — Defeated Central Crossing 56-44. Chris Logsdon had 12 points and Davonte Peterson had 10. Dec. 18 — Def. Tallmadge 59-57. Peterson scored 20 points and Logsdon scored 13. *Dec. 21 — Def. Worthington Kilbourne 41-35. Andrew Gronski scored 13 points. Dec. 29 — Def. North Union 41-38. Robert Snauwaert scored nine points. *Last Monday — Lost to Dublin Coffman 60-45 *Friday — At Upper Arlington Saturday — At Olentangy Liberty Of note: The Wildcats are 5-2 overall and 3-2 in the OCCCentral. GIRLS *Dec. 14 — Def. Worthington Kilbourne 53-38. Maddison Blackwell had 11 points. Ashley Weethee had 10. *Dec. 17 — Def. Central Crossing 63-51. Madie Long scored 14 points and Lauren Bates added 13. Dec. 29 — Lost to Gahanna 49-45. Katie Dymek and Madie Long both scored 11 points. Dec. 30 — Def. Mifflin 50-27. Long scored 16 points. *Last Monday — Lost to Dublin Coffman 56-39 *Friday — Home vs. Upper Arlington Tuesday — Home vs. New Albany Of note: The Wildcats are 5-3 overall and 4-2 in the OCCCentral. *OCC-Central game

The Golden Bears beat Pittsburgh Bishop Canevin 58-38 on Dec. 30 behind 19 points from 5-foot-11 guard and Miami University recruit Brian Sullivan to improve to 7-0. Liberty defeated Delaware 41-40 on Dec. 30 to improve to 6-1, as 5-11 junior guard Jake Bischoff scored 12 points and 6-1 senior guard Andy Yazrombek scored 10. “These games will be a good test for us because they’re both good teams,” coach Logsdon said. “If we can beat one or both of those teams, it will give us a big confidence boost. “Upper Arlington is a perimeter-oriented team with one of the best players in the area in Brian Sullivan and a good point guard in (5-9 junior) Carter Smith. Liberty has a bunch of experigames Saturday at Teays Valley enced guards and a good 6-7 post player in (junand Tuesday at home against ior Nick) Archer. We’ve got to continue to play good defense, execute our offense and rebound Worthington Kilbourne. Last season, Bradley was swept well to have a chance in these games.” by the Pioneers, losing 80-66 and 55-51, and lost to Kilbourne 52- 49. It was supposed to play Teays Valley but the game was canceled because of bad weather. “Orange will be a challenge,” Limbird said. “They are really Hilliard Ohio Soccer Association balanced. They have five guys who have all scored at least 13 points in a game and they shoot it well from the perimeter. They are a tough team to guard. “As far as our team, I could not To get more information and to be happier with the work ethic register online for the Spring 2011 and the quality of kids. I’m pretty confident that they will respond soccer season go to to adversity and put up some more wins.”

as a team against St. Charles. We played well in both of those losses other than the shooting, and we’re a couple possessions away from being 4-2 instead of 2-4.” Tieman scored 12 points and Dixon scored 11 against Mount Vernon, which beat Bradley 5934 and 52-36 last season in OCCCapital Division contests. Weaver had 19 points against St. Charles and was leading the Jaguars in scoring (15.5 points per game) and rebounding (10.5) through six games. Dixon (11.0), Evan Bell (9.5) and Tieman (8.0) followed in scoring averages. Bell and Tieman were both averaging 3.0 assists and making 84 percent of their free throws. Dixon was shooting 54.8 percent from 3-point range (17-for-31). The Jaguars will play host Friday to Olentangy Orange in a league game before non-league

At a glance Below are the recent results and coming schedules for the Darby boys and girls basketball teams: BOYS *Dec. 17 — Lost to Upper Arlington 56-45. Brennan Hook scored 19 points and Bryson Hook scored eight. *Dec. 21 — Lost to Dublin Coffman 54-42. Bryson Hook scored 13 points and Brennan Hook scored 11. Dec. 28 — Defeated Lancaster 5637. Brennan Hook scored 16 points, Bryson Hook scored 13 and Nic Baker scored eight. Dec. 30 — Lost to Dublin Jerome 4937. Brennan Hook scored 20 points. *Last Monday — Lost to Thomas Worthington 37-35. Brennen Hook scored 12 points. *Friday — Home vs. Westland Saturday — Home vs. Watterson Of note: The Panthers are 2-6 overall and 1-4 in the OCC-Central. *OCC-Central game

By Darrin Bryan/ThisWeek

No. 6: Destinee Gause (right) and the Reynoldsburg girls track and field team won their second consecutive Division I state title June 5 at Ohio State.

GIRLS Dec. 14 — Lost to Gahanna 54-23. Annie Hilditch scored eight points. *Dec. 17 — Lost to Upper Arlington 56-29. Hilditch scored 13 points, including three 3-pointers. *Dec. 21 — Lost to Dublin Coffman 57-43. Bri Rispress scored 10 points and Molly Bretz, Emily Krumpe, Sydney Palsgrove and Audrie Wolfe each scored six. Dec. 28 — Lost to Watterson 49-29 in Watterson Classic. Hilditch scored nine points, including two 3-pointers, and Krumpe scored six. Dec. 29 — Lost to Cincinnati Mother of Mercy 40-34 in Watterson Classic *Last Monday — Lost to Thomas Worthington 59-32. Rispress scored 10 points. *Friday — At Westland Of note: The Panthers are 0-10 overall and 0-6 in the OCC-Central. *OCC-Central game

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January 6, 2011

Page B3


Rapid weight loss a concern for competitors By JEREMY STEWART ThisWeek Community Newspapers

Wrestling is different from other high school sports. If an athlete doesn’t make weight, he doesn’t compete. It is the only team sport in which weight, more than skill, determines a position. That’s why one of the most important times on competition day is the weigh-in. The NCAA and high school athletics associations across the country have tried to stamp out the practice of rapid weight loss since collegiate wrestlers Billy Jack Saylor, Joseph LaRosa and Jeff Reese died trying to make weight in 1997. The OHSAA has been heavily involved in the weigh-in process since the 2006-07 wrestling season. Coaches interviewed by ThisWeek unanimously agreed the OHSAA’s weight certification program has been a positive, but they said there are questions about its effectiveness and its fairness to athletes who also compete in a fall sport. “I think the idea of the (program) is good, but it doesn’t eliminate the severe weight cutting,” Reynoldsburg coach Jared Ball said. “They crash early. The idea now is to be at their weight at the beginning (of the season).” Each of the college wrestling deaths came after a period of extreme weight loss. Reese was trying to get down to the 150-pound weight class and had lost a reported 17 pounds in three days. Severely dehydrated, the Michigan wrestler died in the locker room at Crisler Arena in Ann Arbor as he tried to weigh-in. Saylor, a Campbell University wrestler, and LaRosa, who competed at Wisconsin-La Crosse, died under similar circumstances. The OHSAA’s weight certification

By Tim Norman/ThisWeek

Hilliard Davidson senior Nolan Gill (right) battles Mark Martin of Lakewood St. Edward in a first-round match at 135 pounds during the Division I state tournament last season. Gill was listed at 174 pounds as a football player for the Wildcats last fall and his wrestling season was delayed until he could lose weight in order to compete at 140 pounds.

program attempts to eliminate rapid weight loss by establishing a minimum weight at which a wrestler can compete during the season. The minimum weight, called the “alpha weight,” takes into account hydration level and body-fat percentage. Teams typically spend an afternoon during the preseason getting the entire roster certified. Wrestlers undergo a urinalysis to prove they are not dehydrated, and once adequate hydration is established, they have their body-fat percentage determined. If a male wrestler’s body fat is 7 percent or less (12 percent or less for females), he is not allowed to wrestle at a weight class lower than his weight at the time of certification. Wrestlers with more than 7 percent body fat are allowed to lose weight, but only in small weekly amounts determined by the OHSAA’s weight-loss formula. “The only guarantee that you’ll be

allowed to wrestle at a certain weight is if you weigh in at that weight hydrated,” Ready coach Chance Van Gundy said. “If you’re hydrated at 140 (pounds) with 7 percent body fat, you’ll be able to wrestle 140. But if you weigh 140.1, you have to wrestle up.” Since this formula determines where athletes can wrestle once the season starts, Van Gundy meets with prospective team members early in the fall to determine where they might fit in the lineup once the season begins. This helps wrestlers establish a goal weight and they can use the fall to trim down before getting certified, unless they’re playing a fall sport. Getting in shape for wrestling is especially difficult for football players. At the heavier weights, football and wrestling have some shared benefits, but most of the weight classes would be considered small for football players.

No one knows the difference in conditioning philosophy like Jason Hackett, a football player and state champion wrestler for Hamilton Township who graduated in 2003. “Football coaches push size to have bigger, stronger kids,” said Hackett, who now coaches at Hamilton Township’s middle and high schools. “I’d like to see (the hydration test) in the middle of the season. They’ll lose that weight just because they work that hard (in wrestling practice). I loved football and wrestling, but they’re different types of conditioning.” In 2002, Hackett won a Division II state wrestling championship at 171 pounds after he helped the football team make the playoffs. Had the hydration test been in place at that time, Hackett said he wouldn’t have been able to compete at 171. He ended the football season at 205 pounds and needed until January to lose the weight. According to the rules at the time, he had to wrestle half of his matches at his lowest weight to be eligible for the postseason. “It took a lot out of me,” Hackett said of losing the weight. “I really do like how the hydration test is set up. The way I look at it, you might have to bump up a weight, but you’re going to need that strength. You can’t cut weight to where you’re not going to be able to step on the mat.” Hackett also said finding the proper weight class is important. He said moving down in weight can give a wrestler an advantage, because he should have a larger frame and stronger muscles than a competitor who is naturally smaller. Hackett’s success at 171 pounds earned him a scholarship to Arizona State. The need for some to lose weight had some like Pickerington Central coach Jason Allen calling for a later start to the wrestling season. Olentangy coach Matt Hammons wanted


Local squads benefit from holiday tournaments By JEREMY STEWART ThisWeek Community Newspapers

All three Hilliard high school wrestling teams traveled out of town during the holiday break to see where they fit among state-level competition. Bradley competed against top teams from the Southwest District at the Greater Miami Valley Coaches Association Invitational, placing 21st with 68.5 points behind champion St. Paris Graham (330.5). “The holiday tournament is always a good measuring stick at this point in the season to let your wrestlers and your team know where they stand at the district and state level,” coach John Riggs said. “As a team, we placed 21st of 49 teams overall, placing two wrestlers. We had several other wrestlers one match shy of placing. We are back in the practice room working hard in preparation for the league opener this coming week at Mount Vernon.” Andrew Higgins, who was Darby’s lone state qualifier last season, was third at 160 pounds at the GMVCA. He beat Oak Hill’s Ryan Fitzpatrick 7-4 in the third-place match. Austin Johnston was seventh at 135 after beating Sidney’s Mason Calvert 8-4. Bradley plays host to the Porter Memorial Tournament on Saturday. The event, now in its eighth year, features eight teams, including Darby, Grove City, Lancaster, Miamisburg, Olentangy, Teays Valley and Vandalia-Butler. Bradley placed eighth last season with 48.5 points, behind champion Mi-

amisburg (151.5), which edged runner-up Teays Valley (150). Bradley opens its OCC-Capital Division dual schedule today against host Mount Vernon and Watkins Memorial. The Jaguars tied Big Walnut and New Albany for third in the OCC-Capital last season at 4-3, behind Olentangy Orange (7-0) and Mount Vernon (6-1). •Darby had four placers at the Medina Invitational Tournament, which concluded Dec. 29. Leading the Panthers was Sufyan El-Geroushi, who was second at heavyweight. “He’s been a kid that’s been under the radar, but he’s very quick and very smart,” coach Brendan Moody said. “He has a shot at getting to state. It will be interesting. From a state-level perspective, I would look at the Pickerington North kid (Pat Elflein) and the kid from Marysville (Kyle Thirkield). There’s also the kid from Olentangy Liberty (Luke Fleming). I definitely think (El-Geroushi) has a shot.” Darby was 19th at Medina with 68 points as Lakewood St. Edward won (288). Also placing was Tyler Bowens, who was fifth at 171. Cameron Longwell was seventh at 119 and Sam Valenti was eighth at 103. The Panthers open their league dual schedule today against Upper Arlington and Westland. Darby was third in the OCCCentral last season at 5-2, behind champion Dublin Coffman (7-0). “We’re a little bit better of a tournament-style team than a dual-meet team right now,”

Schools announce coaching vacancies Columbus East — Football. Send résumé to athletics director Corinne Moore at cmoore Dublin Jerome — Boys golf, girls soccer. Send résumé to Nick Magistrale, athletics director, Dublin Jerome High School, 8300 Hyland Croy Road, Dublin, 43016 or e-mail Hilliard Bradley — Boys volleyball, football, boys soccer. Send résumé to athletics director Chip Ebert at chip_ Hilliard Darby — Boys vol-

leyball, boys soccer, assistant boys soccer. Send résumé to Chad Schulte, athletics director, Hilliard Darby High School, 4200 Leppert Road, Hilliard, 43026 or e-mail chad_schulte Hilliard Memorial Middle School — Baseball. Contact Matt Gilkerson at matthew_ St. Charles — Golf. Send résumé to athletics director Dave Lawler at Westland — Football, volleyball. Send résumé to Greg Burke at

Moody said. “We’re going to do some things in practice to learn about how to score the bonus points needed for duals. We have three weeks before we get to Central Crossing (Jan. 20), Dublin Coffman (Jan. 27) and Davidson (Feb. 3). We kind of build up to then.” •Davidson received strong performances from Angelo DiSabato and Chase Delande at the Brecksville-Broadview Heights Holiday Tournament, which concluded Dec. 30. DiSabato was fourth at 119 and Delande was fourth at 145, as the Wildcats placed 23rd with 61 points behind champion Bedford Chanel (191). Returning state qualifiers Nolan Gill and Alex Mickley made their season debuts. “It was both good and bad,” coach Dominic DiSabato said. “I wasn’t real pleased as a team. We talked about seeing more fight out of the guys. It wasn’t our best tournament, but it’s still early for us.” The Wildcats are looking to rebound today when they open their OCC-Central dual schedule against Worthington Kilbourne and Thomas Worthington. Davidson was second in the OCC-Central last year at 6-1.

to level the playing field by having the OHSAA use the same assessor to run the weight certification tests. Perhaps no school in the area deals with the dichotomy of football and wrestling conditioning like Hilliard Davidson. In wrestling, Davidson won the Division I district championship last season and was chosen to represent the Central District at the state duals on Jan. 9. However, three of Davidson’s four state qualifiers last year were members of the football team, which won the Division I state championship in 2009 and made it to a state semifinal this past fall. Had Davidson won its state football semifinal on Nov. 27, wrestling state qualifiers Chase Delande, Nolan Gill and Alex Mickley would have been playing football on Dec. 4, the same day that the wrestling team opened its season. Because he played football at a lighter weight, Delande was able to join the wrestling team for the opener Dec. 4, but Gill and Mickley didn’t make their debuts until Dec. 28. Coach Dominic DiSabato had to put off filing weight certifications until Gill and Mickley were able to reach their target weights. Not only did the pair miss nearly a month of the season, but Davidson also had to postpone a Dec. 16 dual with West Jefferson until Jan. 26. Mickley was listed at 170 pounds on the football roster and is wrestling at 152. Gill was listed at 174 for football and is competing at 140 for wrestling. “My first day back I lost like five pounds, and then the next day it was another five pounds,” Mickley said Dec. 16. “Then the next day I would eat the littlest thing and be right back up. Last week was tough, but this week the weight really started dropping.”

At a glance Below are the recent results and coming schedules for the Bradley, Darby and Davidson wrestling teams: BRADLEY Dec. 28-Dec. 29 — Finished 21st (68.5) at Greater Miami Valley Wrestling Association Invitational, behind champion St. Paris Graham (330.5) *Today — At Watkins Memorial with Mount Vernon Saturday — Porter Memorial Tournament at home *OCC-Capital match DARBY Dec. 28-Dec. 29 — Finished 19th (68) at Medina Invitational Tournament, behind champion Lakewood St. Edward

(288) *Today — Home vs. Upper Arlington and Westland Saturday — Porter Memorial Tournament at Bradley *OCC-Central match DAVIDSON Dec. 29-Dec. 30 — Finished 23rd (61) at Brecksville-Broadview Heights Holiday Tournament, behind champion Bedford Chanel (191) *Today — At Worthington Kilbourne with Thomas Worthington Sunday — Division I state duals at Wadsworth *OCC-Central match

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Chalmers P. Wylie VA Ambulatory Care Center Columbus, OH recruiting for:

WEB Developer/ E-commerce Univenture, Inc., a dynam ic manufacturing compa ny of media packaging products is looking for a Web Developer/Ecommerce.

Education and Experience: ¶ Bachelor’s degree req. ¶ Up to five years of sales exp.preferred but not req. ¶ Metals or steel experi ence a plus

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After learning Metallurg Va nadium’s operational proc ess, product lines and cus tomer base, the individual will assume responsibility for regional sales and trad ing activities. Competitive salary and benefits offered. Metallurg Vanadium Cor poration is an EEO.

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Univenture offers competi tive wages and a compre hensive benefits pack age, including health in surance, 401K plan and paid vacations. EOE. Please send resume, sal ary requirements, and links to existing work to: employment@Univenture .com. You can also send it to: Univenture, Inc. Attn: HR 13311 Industrial Parkway Marysville, OH 43040


Assembly Technicians ATS Ohio, a leading Columbus manufacturer of custom robotic and automated assembly systems, presently has an opening for Assembly Technicians. This individual will build and test custom automated assembly systems, utilizing Mechanical blue prints and Electrical drawings. You will be required to build machines from print, and integrate third party equipment. After the systems are completed and perform to expectations, the system is disassembled and shipped to the customer’s facility. You will then travel to the customer sight to install the equipment and to train personnel in the operation and maintenance of the system. A strong mechanical background is required. Experience in robotic assembly or equipment is required. The candidate must have the ability to keep abreast of leading-edge technology, and the ability to work with and communicate effectively with people at all levels of the organization. Complete details available on our web site, Careers section. For immediate consideration, apply on-line at: Equal Opportunity Employer

Engineers Scholastic Inc is looking for an Industrial Engineering Manager and Electrical Engineer at the Jefferson City, Mo Distribution Center. Apply online at: EOE M/F/D/V


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Infection Control Preventionist RN: Specializes in identifying, controlling, and preventing outbreaks of infection in the healthcare settings. Collects and analyses infection control data as well as plans, implements and evaluates infection prevention and control measures. Prefer BSN with at least 1-2 years experience in Infection Control.

Women Veterans Program Manager: Responsible for administering, planning, monitoring, and evaluating the Women Veterans Health Program to include outreach activities, collects and analyzes data as well as case managing, consultation and/or education of Women Veterans health issues to providers, staff and community. Prefer BSN with at least 1-2 years experience in Women’s Health.

Operating Room/Float Perioperative RN: Scrub or circulating OR roles; prefer BSN with at least 1-2 years experience.

Primary Care RNs and LPNs: 1-2 years experience in an outpatient clinic or inpatient-hospital setting; prefer BSN for RNs Send your resumes to ROSALEE RIZO, RN, 614.257.5291 or Offers full range of benefits: Health Benefits, Life Insurance, LongTerm Insurance, Federal Employees Retirement System, Vacation and Sick Leave and Paid Federal Holidays. AA/EOE

CLINICIAN Masters level independently licensed clinician needed for full time position at The Center for Balanced Living. Visit TheCenterForBalanced Dental Assistant Busy Southwest office is looking for a strong team player to help with chairside assisting, inven tory, and manage large sterilization facility in a faced paced environment. Candidate must be detail oriented, organized and have strong communica tion skills. Approx 32 hrs per wk, requires 2 eve nings. Great pay, benefits with 401(k). Beautiful facili ty with advanced technolo gy. Email resume w/salary req to or fax to 614-875-5716. HOME HEALTH AIDE EARN $10 PER HOUR TO PROVIDE SERVICES FOR YOUR FAMILY MEMBER OR FRIENDS!!! if your family members or friends receive Medicaid and needs assistance with dressing, bathing, running of errands, light house cleaning, medication re minders, or meal prepara tion they may qualify for services. Training provid ed. Flexible hours. Call 614-376-7181 for additional information.

Licensed Social Worker

Read the 1812 Nut on and get all the central Ohio sports your pretty little head can handle.


Practice has a FT opening in billing dept. Will handle all aspects of medical bill ing, focusing on collec tions. Need an organized, & dedicated professional for busy practice, team work & flexibility required. Only interested in appli cants with strong experi ence. Email resumes to sn and include salary request. Visit for more details.

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Care Providers Needed For People with Disabilities

Program Manager Bell/Africentric Therapeutic Community (ATC)

Home Infusion We are seeking mature, committed individuals to deliver medication and supplies to patients throughout Southern Ohio and into surrounding states on a full-time basis. Interested candidates must be compassionate, positive, honest and reliable. This position will work some weekends and Holidays in an on-call capacity, so candidates must be flexible. Requirements: high school diploma, valid OH driver’s license, good driving record, current and ongoing auto insurance coverage, the ability to lift a 50lb box from the floor and excellent communication skills. A comprehensive background check and drug screen will be required for the candidate selected for this position. Please submit your letter of interest, resume and salary requirements to:

Care providers needed to work with children and adults with disabilities in a family home setting or supported living setting. Provide personal care, outings, specialized developmental activities, meal preparation, and transportation. Related experience or education desired, but not required. High school diploma or GED, valid driver’s license, and reliable transportation required. Extensive training provided. Competitive wages and benefit. Part time openings. Fax a resume to (614) 471-6912 or apply at www.LIFE-INC.NET . EOE

CLEANING Commercial PT, FT. All shifts avail. M-F, wkends. Good pay! 614-734-1400 CLEANING / HANDYMAN Medical office, dwtn location. 7:30AM-2:30PM, Mon-Fri. Call Mrs. Royder, 614-221-3300.

CSI Infusion & Network Services E-mail: Orthodontic Assistant Exp’d. PT Mon, Wed, Sat. X-ray lic. req’d. Email resume: Job@american

DELIVERY DRIVER NEEDED Growing distribution co. is looking for an additional Delivery Driver. $10.50/HR. NO CDL req’d. Must have clean MVR. Apply in per son, M-Thurs, 5885 Greenpointe Dr. S. Suite C. Groveport, OH 43125.

Registered Nurse


Health Care Plus, A Leader in the Home Health Care Industry for the last twenty years. Selected as one of Cen tral Ohio’s Best Places to Work. Has a full-time position for an RN. Immediate Benefits Excellent Health Insur ance Plan Exceptional Per Visit Rate Home Health Experi ence, MDS or Restorative Nursing a plus, but not required. Call Russ Delaney 1-800-223-9519 rdelaney@

HELP WANTED GENERAL ABA Therapists Needed Immediately Care Providers Looking for ABA therapists to work with 12 year old child with Autism. Currently doing an ABA program with the child. Looking for high energy, dependable, reliable, consistent people. Experience is a plus but not necessary. Looking for someone with some psychology background, but not necessary. Training will be provided as well. Must have High School diploma or GED. To apply go to www.LIFE-INC.NET or fax a resume (614) 471-6912. EOE

$14 - $17 Otterbein University has openings for a Sergeant and a Security Officer in our Security Dept. Duties include: patrolling, responding to emergencies, investigating, filing reports, etc. Must possess and maintain a Police OPOTA certification. For complete description visit: www.otter jobs.asp Send a cover letter and resume to: Otterbein University, Attn: Human Resources, 1 South Grove St., Westerville, OH 43081, fax: 614-823-1511, or email

1-5 wk. work program, flex. hours, $16.25 base-appt., customer sales/service, will train, all ages 17+, call 614-485-9443 Interview now, start after xmas! Asst. Mgr/Mgr. Trainee

R U Making $500/per week?!

Young successful art co. looking for 7-12 sharp, out going individuals who are energetic, money motivat ed and love working in a fun environment. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY $500/week while in train ing. for personal interview call

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Columbus Area, Inc. is seeking a Program Manager for our BELL/ATC Program. This individual will supervise the community based TC operations. Ensure daily TC programming is implemented according to program schedule and TC protocol. Assist in implementing programmatic and administrative policies and procedures in order to maintain program’s goals, objectives, certification and licensing requirements. Provide supervision to program’s employees. Oversee all clinical and residential functions and ensure all task are completed according to Agency and Program guidelines. Bachelo r’s degree and at least a CCDC1 or Alcohol and/or Drug scope of practice; at least 5 years experience working in the AOD field required. MSW, LPCC, and knowledge of Therapeutic Community, previous management/clinical supervision experience preferred. Please forward resume to Human Resources, Columbus Area, Inc., 899 E. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio 43205, or fax it to (614) 221-2560 or email twilliams@ EOE

Program Manager/State Hospital Liaison

Columbus Area, Inc. is seeking a Program Manager/State Hospital Liaison for our Specialty Teams. The individual will provide clinical leadership and supervision to the Community Treatment Team Wraparound staff and will have Twin Valley Behavioral Health (TVBH) Liaison responsibilities. Persons served have varied clinical needs and diagnoses. Monitor, track and report regularly on consumer, staff and program goals and objectives. In conjunction with the Clinical Director(s) and other An EEO Employer Clinical Management Staff, and Educator develop and implement outcomes-based programGET A JOB NOW! Light industrial and clerical ming utilizing best practice models. Requires a LISW-S positions available in and around the Grove City area or LPCC-S with at least five years of clinical experience as well as all over town. Special recruiting in Grove in assessment and treatment of individuals with seCity for long term, short term and temp to hire posi - vere mental illness, as well tions! Our recruiter will be as dually diagnosed disorders. Must be able to teach at the staff how to manage their LAQUINTA INN caseloads and prioritize cli3962 JACKPOT RD ent needs. Knowledge of MONDAY best practice models of 9A-2P ACT, IDDT, IMR (WMR) Many positions require clean background check & and DBT, preferred. drug test. Bring your valid picture ID and a sscard or Please forward resume to Human Resources, Columbirth certificate with you. bus Area, Inc., 899 E. CROWN SERVICES, INC. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio 276-9696 43205, or fax it to (614) 221-2560 or email twilliams@ EOE

Fix it Build it Improve it

All Students


needed for Licensing Spe cialist position. We need a special person to partici pate in our mission. Small specialized agency serving children with disabilities. 614-791-3300 Positive work environment and simply ask for Nikki and motivated team. Locat Avg. $3000 -$4000 ed in Gahanna Ohio. Com a month petitive Salary and bene OPPORTUNITY fits. Must be certified Adop IS CALLING tion Assessor, have licens ing experience and be fa Our Call Center miliar with ODJFS rules is Growing. that governor foster care We provide: practices. Interested appli * Paid Training cants can complete an ap * Full Benefits plication on our website at * Vacation Time You * No Weekends No eve may also send resumes to: nings Social Work Manager, Life Start Inc., 142 N. High If you have great communi Street, Gahanna Ohio cation Skills, call our 43230 or fax to the atten Columbus Office tion of the Social Work toll free: Manager at 614-471-6912. 866-639-7767 ext. 1715 MEDICAL ASSISTANT must pass background FT. Fast paced derm. check practice in Westerville seeking a qualified, Babysitter Wanted motivated assistant to join Reynoldsburg Area call our team. Duties incl. (740) 701 3518 or surgery, patient (614) 288 7742 education, etc. Previous experience preferred. Call NEED SOMETHING? Check out the classified section Joyce 614-895-0400 Ext 115.

Medical Billing Must love sports. A lot.

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TOP AGENTS EARN $13-16/Hour @ Great AM/PM Hours @ Work 25-34 Hours Weekly @ Supportive, Paid Training

CALL TODAY TRAINING CLASS BEGINS SOON! 614-985-3005 Please visit our website to apply online columbus

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Hospitalists Management Group (HMG), one of the fastest growing hospitalist companies, is seeking Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants for exciting new career opportunities at MedCentral-Mansfield Hospital. • Generous Compensation Package • 401K Contributions • Expense Account • Malpractice Coverage To learn more about the benefits of working for a premier hospitalist group, please contact us. (888) 464-3627

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Hilliard

HELP WANTED GENERAL SAFETY / RECRUITER Regional trucking co. look ing for Safety/Recruiter. Must be knowledgable with DOT reg. & CSA 2010. Please send resume to: PO BOX 1794, Westerville, OH 43086-1794.

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January 6, 2011


Announcements Tryouts 14U Xtreme Khoas Girls Travel Softball Team are every Sunday in Janu ary, beginning January 2, 2011 through January 30, 2011 at 2:00pm. For loca tion and further informa tion, contact Brian at 614365-1904 or email King.osc

EXECUTIVE COLLECTIONS DIRECTOR PARALEGAL The Arts Castle in Dela We are seeking a Collec ware, Ohio is seeking a dy tions Paralegal with 2-3 namic leader for communi years experience in han ty arts center. The Arts dling collection matters Executive Castle offers hundreds of (Foreclosures & Director classes each quarter. Non - Bankruptcies). Responsi FOUND 2 cats, bilities include manage Primrose Retirement Com - profit management experi Westbrooke subdiv, munities is looking for a dy - ence required. Responsi - ment of multiple cases, re Hilliard, neutered male, Instruction bilities include fundraising, searching various county namic leader to join our black & gray tiger about 1 grant acquisition, commun - websites, maintaining large management team and yr old. Small female, tor oversee the day-to-day op - ity relations and all aspects databases with other asso toise shell, less than 1 yr of management of center. ciated tasks, including fre - old. Both clean, just cold & erations of our independ Strong administrative and quent contact with clients. ent and assisted living lost. Call 614-529-0368. fiscal management skills This fast-paced position re community in Lancaster. LOST YELLOW LAB, are required. Position in quires a high level of or Responsibilities will include female, Seen 12/26 in cludes some evenings and ganization, initiative, and daily management duties, Hilliard. 60 lb pink nose, weekends. For more ability to multi-task. The including payroll and staff skittish. REWARD! ideal candidate will have ing, as well as the market - about The Arts Castle, see Carl 520-490-7798 Send solid document manage ing of the community. The resume & salary req. to: ment and case organiza ideal candidate will have 3PIANO LESSONS tion skills and excellent at 5 years experience in man Caring µ Patient µ Joyful tention to detail while be aging a successful team in or mail to Kathy Cope, The B.A. CO State University ADOPTION- A loving alter Arts Castle, 190 W. Winter ing able to work in a fast a senior living setting. We native to unplanned preg - Dinah Jordet 614-359-6668 St, Delaware, OH 43015. paced work environment. offer an excellent salary nancy. You choose the Excellent computer skills and benefit package as family for your child. Re required, including the Mi well as a fantastic work en ceive pictures/info of HELP WANTED crosoft Office Suite, Excel, vironment. Apply today! waiting/ approved couples. CLERICAL/ and use of databases in Please send resumes to Living expense assistance. Attend College Online from cluding Access. You must smilatovich@primrose SECRETARIAL Home. *Medical, 1-866-236-7638 be able to type 50+ words or apply *Business, *Paralegal, per minute and will have online at http://www.prim Donate Your Car *Computers, *Criminal ADMINISTRATIVE transcription work along Civilian Veterans & Justice. Job placement ASSISTANT FT with trial notebook prepara - Soldiers Help Support Our No phone calls please. assistance. Computer Executive sales professio - tion, as well as coverage of U.S. Military Troops Looking for something? available. Financial nal seeks individual w/ phones as needed. 100% Volunteer Aid if qualified. Shop classifieds! strong computer skills for Paralegal certificate is re Free same Day Towing. Call 800-488-0386 Dublin office. Word, Excel quired. Tax Deductible. & Outlook req. 35 hrs/wk. HELP WANTED Please forward your re Call and Donate Today! M-F. Call Fri 764-1168 sume, if you meet the re GENERAL 1-800-404-3413 Need to make for Sat interview. quirements. To: Firm Ad DONATE YOUR VEHICLE some dough? ministrator, Loveland & Receive $1000 GROCERY Brosius, LLC, 50 West COUPON. UNITED To place an ad for Broad St., Suite 3300, Co BREAST CANCER lumbus, OH 43215. your bazaar or FOUNDATION. Free Mammograms, Breast seasonal event call Visit us online at Cancer Info (740) 888-5003 FREE Towing, Tax Deducti ble, Non-Runners Accept (local call) Sell your unwanted ed. 1- 877-632-GIFT

is accepting applications for full & part time positions in the following departments Floral Design - Crafts - Custom Frames - Art - Hobbies - Wearable Art - Fabric - Needlework Cashiers Applicant must be mature & self motivated. Previous experience in the craft or hobby field is preferred, but not necessary. Starting salary is commensurate with experience. Benefits Include: Competitive Salaries - 401k Plan - Medical & Dental Plan - Life Insurance Paid Vacation - Sick Leave Merchandise Discount Closed Sunday Apply in person at

Cambria Suite 19100 Lyra Dr. Columbus Applications will be taken 8:00 - 5:00 Mon, Tue & Wed Equal Opportunity Employer



James A. Rhodes State College is West Central Ohio’s largest two-year college with nearly 4150 students, and more than 100 Associate degrees, majors and certification programs. The following position is available:

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Executive Director of Development For a listing of duties, qualifications and the application process see the position posting on our website. Check the "Rhodes State Employment Opportunities" at the bottom of the home page of AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY/ ADA EMPLOYER, M/F, V/D LIMITED INVENTORY – FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!



ConAgra Foods, Inc. is one of North America’s leading food companies, with brands in 97 percent of America’s households.




Columbus Paper/Postcard Show, State Fairgrounds (717 E. 17th in Rhodes Building). Sun. Jan. 9th, 9 am-4 pm, Admission $6. Contact Terry 614-206-9103 columbuspapershow Bring this ad, save $1.00!!! NASCAR MEMORABILIA Mark Martin, Dale Earnhart, Dale Earnhart, Jr., Rusty Wallace & a few others. Will sell separately or group. 614-264-3623.

BCF Firewood Seasoned, Free Delivery

614-397-2752 Residential & Restaurant Wood

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WANTED - Beer and liquor tap handles, signs, mirrors 419-235-5054

Pets & Livestock

Australian Shepherds New Years special! Awe some Aussies highest qual ity! Standard size, Blue & Red Merles, Black & Red Tris. AKC, NSDR, ASDR, socialized, vacs, health guar. No breeding. Financing Avail. See online. 740-294-4471. Boxer Puppies - DOB 10/7, akc, 3 F avail, 2 fawn & 1 brindle. Tails docked & dew claws remove. UTD shots & deworm. Vet ck. $275. 740-627-7358 BOXERS AKC. Champion bloodlines,7 weeks old. tails n dew claws done with 1st shots, all brindle 4 males 3 females, big beau tiful pups 350.00 937-9269425 CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES 5 males from 2 different litters, short hair, variety of colors, vet checked, 1st shots. Please call 614-879-8441. Chow Chow Pups AKC Reg. 2 Blue Female, 1 Black Male, Wormed, Good Temperament, , Born 9/17 $500. each 614-428-4779

****English Mastiff Pup pies Registered****. I have 10 beautiful CKC Regis tered English Mastiff pup pies. Asking $600. 941-448-7404. Born 11/08/2010.

SHIFT MANAGER PRODUCTION– 2ND SHIFT Responsible for managing plant production activities on 2nd shift to produce products that meet established quality, customer service, safety, innovation and cost metrics consistent with schedules and policies. Implements standard work and maintains improvement through sustaining behaviors, operating with discipline and rigor, implementing autonomous maintenance.

GERMAN SHEPHERD Germany’s Vice-Universal Sieger, at stud. Training,obed,home protection,sch classes im ports, young dogs, pups for sale. offering winter workshop call to sign up Boarding available. 740-756-7387

PRODUCTION TEAM LEADER – ALL SHIFTS Leads team members to identify, manage, and execute the plants process improvement opportunities. Manages production staff to attain production and quality goals. Identifies problems or bottlenecks in production processes and resolves issues.

QUALITY TEAM LEADER – 2ND SHIFT Provides supervision, technical assistance and scheduling to quality assurance technicians.As a quality assurance professional, he or she is involved in all aspects of quality and safety including but not limited to audits, HACCP program evaluation, GMP training, sanitation evaluation, insect and rodent control, purchasing supplies, working with operations personnel on quality and safety issues, experience communicating with the U.S.D.A. on a regular basis, implementing policies and procedures and evaluating new equipment installation or repair.

German Shepherd Pups AKC, 7 weeks old, black/tan, shots/wrmd, $400 cash Call 740-892-4900 German Shorthaired Point ers. Five females, one male. AKC registered, both parents hunt, whelped No vember 23rd $500 ea. con tact William @ 6148326384. Golden Retriever Pups AKC, OAF, CERF $525-$675 330-417-0178 www.Golden Golden Retriever Pups AKC, OAF, CERF, $525-$675, 330-417-0178 www.GoldenMeadowsOhio .com

MAINTENANCE TEAM LEADER Lead activities of workers engaged in repair, maintenance, and installation of machines, tools, and equipment. Responsible to eliminate all causes of failure and ensure full useful life in coordination with daily maintenance completed by operating personnel. Provide technical and problem solving support for the plant and maintenance crews. Must be willing be to work a rotating schedule of 12 hour shifts and overtime as needed

SANITATION TEAM LEADER – 3RD SHIFT Responsible for sanitation requirements for machinery, equipment and the facilities. Develops and maintains plant sanitation programs and procedures. Collaborates with engineers, suppliers, contractors and plant employees to ensure a clean and sanitary facility.

If interested in one of these positions please go to and type in the position name. Resumes will be reviewed and ConAgra applicants will be notified of eligibility.

Wine of the Month Club Send the gift of wine all year long! 2 Bottles each month from award-winning wineries around the world. Call 888-751-6215 and get FREE SHIPPING!

C.J.’S FIREWOOD GUARANTEED THE BEST! First Time Client - $175, $325-2.5c, Since 1981 614-747-3031 µ 457-0858

Our production facility located in Troy, OH, is currently seeking applicants for the following positions.

An Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.

New ADT customers ADT 24/7 Monitoring starting at just $37.99/mo. Free Se curity Review. Call Now! 1-866-528-5002 promo code:34933 Omaha Steaks Wrap up your Holiday Shopping with 100% guaranteed, delivered-tothe-door Omaha Steaks! SAVE 67% PLUS 2 FREE GIFTS - 26 Gourmet Favor ites ONLY $49.99. ORDER Today! 1-888-702-4489 Mention offer 45102 AAD or /gift03

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Golden Retrievers AKC F. 8 weeks $400 Bred for Intelligence/ temperament. Shots/ health guarant/ deworm/ potty trained 937-303-3860 prairiestonefarm@ To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call (740) 888-5003 (local call)

ThisWeek Community Newspapers Hilliard

January 6, 2011

Great Dane Pups Blacks $500, Blue merles $600, Harlequins $700. CKC reg, Cash only

937-243-1106 Jack Russell Puppies Mini’s, $300, Beautifully marked, 614-530-8616 Min Pins - 3 F black/tan, 1 F brown, 1 M brown, $225 ea. 8 wks, shots/wrmd, tails cropped, dew claws, home raised. Call 614-446-1805 Olde English Bulldogs IOEBA reg, 1F, 8 wks old, POP, large Bully head, Asking $900. 2nd shots & dewormed. 614-216-4318

RAT TERRIER/ TOY POODLE MIX PUPS Cute, sweet & small. 8 weeks old, 1st shots, dewormed; M-$100; F-$150. Call 740-225-1475.

YORKIE PUPS - 1 M, 11 wks, $350, 614-879-6617; M & F, 7 wks, CKC reg, 1st shots, wormed, vet chkd 2x, M $500, F $550, 614-879-7241 YORKIE PUPS - DOB 9/1/10, AKC registerd, shots & wormed $450-$600 each. Call 330-243-0955

Real Estate

Rottweiler Puppies for sale AKC, shots, wormed, POP, tails & dewclaws done, $350 OBO. Call 614-309-2873 or 614-873-8562

PEKINGESE PUPS 3M, white w/ cream mark ings. Wormed, 1st shots, $200 ea. 740-775-2514 PITBULL PUPS 7 weeks old, many colors to chose from, $100-$125, 1st shots & worming. Call 614-405-0786.

PITBULL PUPS ADBA registered for sale.


Pugs - adorable puppies, AKC, fawn, 2 F & 1 M, shots/wormed, 4 weeks, $500 Ready January 7 and tak ing deposits now! Call 614-905-9432

Boost your home improvement business Advertise in our Call the Experts section! (740) 888-5003

OPEN SUNDAY 1/2/11 & 1/9/11; 2-4PM 6180 Gay Road, Orient, OH 43146. FSBO, Lovely 4 BR, 2.5 bath home on 5 gorgeous acres. Beautifully main tained, immaculate condi tion. Easy access to I-71; 25 min. to downtown! Re cently reduced to $269,900. Call (614)8774517 for details.

Seneca Lake 2 story log home, 3BR, CA, lrf. FP, dock & more! see at www. 740-581-8733

Old English Bulldog Pup Male, white w/ black spots, 7 weeks old, Gargoyle bloodline, $900 OBO, 614-732-3061 Old English/Har-Pel mix $100 each, shots, wormed, BEAUTIFUL! 740-384-1913

HORSE FARMS HOUSE Darbydale Area 4BR, 1BA house 2 AC. yard, horse stalls avail. No pets. $1200/month. Call 614-805-4448.

SHIH TZU PUPPIES - AKC reg, small size, ALSO BOXER PUPPIES, AKC. Price range $300 & up for all. Can email pics 740-347-4805 Shorkie Puppies. Worlds cutest puppies. Eight weeks old on Christmas Eve. Four males left, shots are up to date. Serious buyers only. Please leave a message at 614-7340500. $350 each. Siberian Husky Puppies AKC. 6 Weeks old. 4F/6M. Grey & white, vet checked, first shots. $400 each. Al so, grey/white AKC 5 year old female, $100. Call 419651-5092 or email randyka

Dublin 4 beds and 3 baths 3/4 acre appraised at $242,000 to be sold to highest bid der on Sunday 1/9. Bidding begins at $119,500. Open house: Sat 1/8 - Sun 1/9 12PM -6PM at 50 Longview Drive, Dublin. Owner reserves right to reject any offer for any reason. (614) 805-1202.

" " FREE " " Foreclosure Lists! 614-531-3806 No Money Down on your NEW HOME! Over 1600 sf, 3 bdrm, 2 1/2 bath, bsmnt, includes warranties. Total payment is $969 on 4 ½% FHA. Call Roger 614-519-8085. Xmas Day Sale!! Our home will be open!!!! $200 on selected breeds. Shots. wormed, health guar. 740-332-4968 or: blueribbonkennelsofohio. com YORKIE PUPS - 1 M, 11 wks, $375, 614-879-6617; M & F, 7 wks, CKC reg, 1st shots, wormed, vet chkd 2x, M $500, F $550, 614-879-7241

Community news Sports Videos Contests

ARIZONA BUILDING LOTS FULL ACRES AND MORE! Guaranteed Owner Financing No credit check $0 down - 0 interest Starting @ just $99/mo. Close to Tucson’s Intl. Airport Hear free recording at 800-631-8164 Code 4001 or visit m Own 20 Acres $129/mo. $13,900 Near Growing El Paso, Texas (safest city in Ameri ca!) Low down, no credit checks, owner financing. Free Map/Pictures. 866-2547755 www.sunsetranches. com

West - South Oakley Ave, 2 BR, 1 BA, renovated, fresh paint, new crpt, dry bsmt, lrg. bk yrd, easy access to Downtown & I70, Sect. 8 OK, $550/mo 614-679-5616

Westside 2Br Twin Single 2720 Vanderberg Ave, 43204. No pets, off-street parking. $475/mo. Call 614-279-1821

JEFFERSON WOODS In Olde Gahanna 2BR flat, $515-$585/mo. 1 Month Free / No Pets (614) 478-3089 Wallace F. Ackley Co. Rltrs Stonecreek Condos

Call to see if you qualify for a Federally Insured Loan Contact Anna at ENG Lending ∫ 937-747-3331 ∫

NORTH - Columbus Inn & Suites Rooms for Rent $129 weekly Call 614-846-9070

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To place an ad for your bazaar or seasonal event call (740) 888-5003 (local call)


3Bed/2.5 bath, 1500+sqft. 1 car gar, Finished bsmnt, completely updated. Millington Mill Run, Hilliard Schools. 1100/mo. Alex SFRE - (614)975-8130

Hilliard office for lease ~240 sq ft, lobby attached, $395/month, elec/gas/water included 614-270-2389

Lincoln Village: $850/mo. Great Location. SW City Schls. Many upgrades. Fen yard, new furnace, FP, nice kitchen. Pics, FAQ’s at: Ph: (614) 876-6004

WEST - Half duplex 2 BR, 1 BA, full basement, washer/dryer hookup, small fenced backyard, water/stove/fridge furnished, South Hague Sec 8 considered, $635/mo Call 614-351-0619

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ThisWeek Community Newspapers Hilliard

Page B8

January 6, 2011

The Susan Wainfor Advantage Group 614-582-7355 • 614-850-4663

Nestled in the trees overlooking the Scioto river, this one-of-a-kind home is available in The Quarry. Be soothed by the calm waters as you relax on your deck! The newer kit is updated w/Miller cab, updtd BA, soaring ceils in the LR, & a LL that is perfect for informal entertaining. Asking price for this exquisite home is.





Located just steps from historic downtown Dublin this riverfront home is situated on almost a half acre lot w/a deep water dock. Home features Brazilian Cherry hdwd flrs, mother-in-law suite/apt, 4 FPs, deck overlooking the river & 4-car tandem garage. Stop in for a visit & stay for a lifetime.

4 Columbus Duplex’s-total of 8 units. Low maintenance exterior, perfect owner occupied and investor! All units rented with higher rent potential. Curb Offers Only.

1st flr owners ste w/spa BA. 3 more lg BR. 2-sty GR open to kit featuring grnt & crisp white cabntry. 1st flr den & lndry, loft, professionally fin LL w/full BA, entrtnmnt area, tons of storage, & a LL kit. Lg lndscpd yd w/dk, gazebo & att 3-car heated gar.






MLS#2940504 $419,999







CARRINGTON WAY 2-STORY Fabulous 4 BR 2-story w/designer upgraded kit w/granite counters & tray ceil. Large 1st flr den w/French doors. Hdwd trim & 6-panel doors thru-out. Recently painted w/soft palate of colors. Expansive owner suite w/marble shower & whirlpool tub.



Popular 5 level split floor plan w/3-car garage in Hoffman Farms. Home features kitchen with Corian countertops and 42 in cabinets, baths with whirlpool tubs and tile, and some hardwood flooring. Located close to bike trail, YMCA, restaurants and shopping

Scenic Hilliard 2-story on 1.6 acres. Features 4 BR, 2.5 BA, FR w/fireplace, st floor laundry. Newer roof, siding & gutters. 32x48 detached outbuilding. 3-car attached garage. Owner agent.


Open kit w/SS appl’s, Quartz counters, lg island & an abundance of cabinets. Upgraded fixtures, ceramic tile, Milguard windows, skylights, screened porch, newer roof & wood floors. Formal dining & living rms, fin bsmt, 4 lg BRs, 2.5 BAs. Stop in for a visit and stay for a lifetime!

Desirable Scioto Run with a flair! 2-story Entry enhanced by abundance of natural light will impress you! Cooks delight kit w/large gathering island which opens to sunroom & FR complete w/FP. 1st floor lndry, fnshd LL, mature trees, cul-de-sac & more! Priced to Sell!!

Step inside & admire the 2-story entrance, large island kitchen, sunny eating space, 4 large bedrooms, spa-like bath & vaulted owners suite. A fenced yard with large deck perfect for backyard smores & parties! Bright, light & room for everyone.












Spacious 4 BR, 2.5 BA home with 3,163 SF of living space. Great potential in this 2-story. Large master suite w/sitting area, 2 large walk-in closets, double sinks. Large kit open to 2-sty grt rm. Nice private lot. This is a short sale & needs some TLC priced to move fast.

B’ful well maintained 4 BR, 3.5 BA, 2-sty in River Landings. Gleaming hdwd floors in entry & kit. Grnt cntrs & center Island in lg kit with bay eat-in area open to spac fam rm with FP. Nice all season rm with hdwd flr & views of great lndscpd bkyd w/brick patio.






3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home in quiet neighborhood offers natural light,open floor plan, large kitchen, 2-story great room, 1st floor owner bedroom, loft/den, great finished lower level & deck. Easy access to Rails to Trails.

MLS#210022187 $255,900




Ranch 3 BR home boasts stylish living spaces. Vaulted great room, beautiful mahogany floors, baths & kitchen w/ ceramic tile floors. SS appliances, dining room & 1st floor laundry, finished lower level & screened porch. $249,900



Pride of ownership shows throughout this one owner home w/1st flr owner suite & BA. Large kitchen includes appliances & plenty of cabinets. Great room is open w/cathedral ceilings & skylights. Formal BR, bsmt, loft, & neutral décor throughout. Enjoy the covered porch or entertain in the fncd bkyd w/deck.




HERITAGE WOODS 2-STORY Great Curb appeal in this 3 BR, 2.5 BA, 2,072 SF 2-sty. Frml liv & din rms. Spacious kit with center islnd & new SS appl’s that is open to grt rm. Loft overlkng 2-sty grt rm w/walls of wins & FP. Lg yd with vinyl privacy fence & patio. Price to sell.

MLS#210010330 $215,000



Amazing property just 25 mins west of Hilliard. 3 lg BR, 2 full BA, 3-car det gar, summer house, & just over 9 acres full of fruits trees & walking paths. The 1st floor features kit w/hdwd flrs & eat in area, liv rm, den, fam rm, WB stove, & 1st flr owners BR w/BA.

MLS#210005143 $249,900


Open, spacious floor plan with room for everyone! All new carpet, paint, granite kitchen & baths! This home has been lovingly maintained. 4 large bedrooms, 2.5 baths, deck overlooking green space & so much more!






Open, spacious floor plan with room for everyone! All new carpet, paint, granite kitchen & baths! This home has been lovingly maintained. 4 large bedrooms, 2.5 baths, deck overlooking green space & so much more!

This spacious 4 BR, 2.5 BA home features a formal DR, paver patio, eat in kitchen & inviting family room with gas fireplace. 1st floor laundry. Home is subject to short sale approval. Take advantage of this great opportunity today.








Private setting for this end unit ranch condo. Vaulted GR w/FP & dining area. Large kit, 1st floor lndry, guest BR/den, owner’s suite w/vltd ceiling, walk-in closet & BA. Fnshd LL w/full BA & storage. Deck w/great views of green space & nature plus 2-car gar.

The Glenn is perfectly nestled near the Scioto River, shopping, & easy access! This 2-story home is updated w/a lovely spa BA, pretty kitchen w/new cntrtps, newer roof, HVAC & a shady bk patio!





HILLIARD RANCH One story 3 bedroom home with 2-car garage. Screened in porch, new carpet & exterior paint, newer roof & full basement. Full bath off of owner’s rm, WB stove & eat-in kitchen. Great views from the front porch of the sunsets. Won’t last long at this price.


MLS#210027168 $130,000

ORCHARDS AT BIG BEAR Best location with views of open green space. First floor easy living with vaulted great room with a gas fireplace. Two owner’s suites with vaulted ceilings. 3-season room. Isn’t it time to experience a maintenance free lifestyle?

Property has it all! Stream, fire pit, pond, patio, deck, hot tub & 3-season rm. Owners suite w/ new Berber carpet & private access to BA. Wood floors on 1st floor. Large FR open to DR. New appl’s, roof & siding. Newly finished basement w/built ins, surround sound & office.



MLS#210021546 $179,900

Enjoy carefree living in this 2 BR, 2.5 BA condo located just minutes from downtown Hilliard. New roof, freshly painted, FP, fnshd bsmt, att gar & patio all await the new owner! Walking distance to schools, Heritage Park & Rails to Trails.



COVENTRY MANOR CONDO Maintenance-free lifestyle! 1st floor owners’ ste & utility rm w/extra cabinetry & cntrtps. Professionally fnshd LL w/a FR. Two generous size BRs upstairs will be a perfect for guests w/a full BA & loft area. The kitchen is open to the GR & has glass tile backsplash & Corian cntrtps. MLS#210028167






Well maintained brick ranch home in the heart of Hilliard. New roof in ‘08. Kitchen has been updated with oak cabinets. Large family room addition with french doors to the patio & fenced yard. Newer windows, trim & 6-panel doors. 2-car tandem block gar has work benches & electric. Great starter home!!

Enjoy the country life w/city access in this all brick 3 BR, 2 BA ranch. Kitchen w/custom cabinets & hardwood floors, front screened-in patio & oversized 2.5-car garage. Over half acre lot. SOLD “AS IS”

Own cheaper than rent. Rehab of this home is almost complete. Flooring, kitchen, bathroom & paint will all be new. Walking distance to schools.

















Gather in the vaulted great room addition! Kitchen has cherry cabinetry and a cozy window seat overlooking the fragrant mimosa tree. Hardwoods floors, 4 generous size BRs, 2 full BAs & a beautiful fenced yard with shed. Buckeye tree included!

4 bedroom, 2.5 bath split. Beautifully updated kitchen w/SS appliances & newer laminate flooring. Large LR & DR. Hardwood floors in all BR & closets. 3-season room overlooking well landscaped fenced yard w/deck & shed.

Updated 3 BR ranch with cherry cabinetry, designer stainless appl’s, gorgeous granite w/an island that is open to the living room w/natural hardwood floors. Updates include the roof in ‘05, tankless water system ‘08, furnace & A/C in ‘07 & so much more.

Super value on this 3-level split! Lovely full brick fireplace in living room, & lower level is finished with second fireplace. Expansive fenced yard with patio & mature trees. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths & fully equipped kitchen!









50.66 acres Agricultural zoning. CAUV renewed, Lease rights until December 2011 farming 48.20 acres with income of $4,820 annually.



1/6/2011 edition of ThisWeek Hilliard  
1/6/2011 edition of ThisWeek Hilliard  

January 6, 2011 edition of ThisWeek Hilliard.