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glider tragedy

school’s in session

3 RCMP ride along

21 sasquatch colony Summer is officially over for valley students, who returned to school this week for the 2011-2012 academic year. Pictured, left to right, Grade 8 students Erich Harbich, Justin Larson and Jaylen Jacobs experience their second day of high school at David Thompson Secondary School.


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2 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

September 9, 2011

Congratulations to

Reg & Nelda Boucher

Valley NEWS

on their

50th Wedding Anniversary

on September 9th, 2011 ~ Love from family and friends

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25th anniversary for Mt. Nelson cross By Kate Irwin Pioneer Staff

February 25th, Columbia Valley Pioneer’s, Cheers and Jeers.

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TOP OF THE WORLD — Harald Kloos, Nicole Kloos, Blair Kloos, Douglas Smith and canine pal KB on the anniversary of the Kloos family’s journey to place the aluminum cross on Mount Nelson. Photo submitted

On the 25th anniversary of the placing of the aluminum cross on Mount Nelson, Harald, Nicole and Blair Kloos, along with Douglas Smith set out to recreate the journey to the summit made by Harald, his brother Erwin and father Steve Kloos in 1986. The cross, which was made to commemorate Vancouver’s Expo ‘86, was painstakingly carried to the top of the mountain by the trio during that summer. “My dad Steve had the idea behind the cross,” Harald explained. “It’s quite light so my dad had a pack board and carried it up there while Erwin and

I took tools ... It’s six feet tall so we planted it about three feet into the ground with the rest sticking out.” After clearing some rocks, the three men spiked the cross into the ground and attached it firmly. Over the past 25 years it has withstood the elements, lightning strikes and frosty Canadian winters. For the Kloos family it is a place which has fond memories of Erwin, a popular Invermere local born and raised in the valley, who passed away in April, 2010. “It has been 10 years since I was last up there,” Harald said. “The original entry in the log book, which is unfortunately gone, was in Erwin’s handwriting ... There are pages and pages of entries so it’s nice to read all those stories and remember our journey.”

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The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 3

September 9, 2011

Valley NEWS

Pilots mourned after Mt. Swansea tragedy By Kate Irwin Pioneer Staff The local gliding community is grieving the tragic loss of two of its members, who died after a mid-air collision caused their sailplanes to crash into Mount Swansea on Saturday, September 3rd. Keith Watson, of Calgary, and Ray Perino, of Kelowna, were both experienced pilots and popular members of the local gliding scene over the last eight years, said Trevor Florence of the Invermere Soaring Centre, who was a close friend to both men. “From the gliding community there have just been non-stop phone calls and e-mails offering condolences and encouragement,” Mr. Florence said. “Keith and I were friends both inside and outside of flying and he had a lot of experience in the air ... Ray was a long-time instructor here who did everything he could to promote safety and diligence … people just can’t believe it happened to them.” Mr. Watson, a well-known sound technician who lived with his elderly mother in Calgary, had a vacation home in the Invermere area and visited regularly to glide among the mountains. Mr. Perino, a part-time Invermere resident, taught more than 30 pilots to fly the skies above the valley during his five years as an instructor with the Soaring Centre. On the day of the accident, both men had departed the Invermere airport between one and two-and-a-half hours before and were mid-flight, making spiralling ascents in separate thermals over Mount Swansea shortly after 3 p.m., Mr. Florence told The Pioneer. The details of the flights, which were retrieved from the Global Positioning System devices both men carried on board, show that once they left the thermals one plane was travelling north and the other southwest when they clipped wings, he added. The collision caused the gliders

FONDLY REMEMBERED — Keith Watson (left) and Ray Perino, both part-time Invermere residents, are being remembered after losing their lives in a tragic glider accident on Saturday, September 3rd.  Photos submitted to lose control and crash near the top of the mountain at around 3:25 p.m., the RCMP reported. “We have reviewed quite thoroughly what took place with the accident and nobody was at fault,” Mr. Florence explained. “They were both competent pilots who were flying their gliders in good conditions. It is possible that they could have seen each other and that it was too late, but we cannot say for sure.” With the sun sitting low in the sky to the southwest, the sunlight shining in the eyes of the southwest-bound pilot may have been a factor, he added. For the close-knit soaring community, the tragedy has been a terrible blow. Both men were incredibly

popular and always quick to offer assistance to anyone interested in gliding, said Mr. Florence, who heard of the crash over the radio moments after he had landed at the airport. Both were also very disciplined about glider safety, he added. “Ray was intelligent, thorough and organized — everything you would expect from a retired school principal,” Mr. Florence said, his voice heavy with emotion. “Keith was so passionate about being part of the club. He was always helpful, very social, loved life and had friends around the world.” A memorial service will be held locally for both men, details to be confirmed.

4 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

September 9, 2011

RCMP Report

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School Patrols With school in full swing again for the 2011/12 season, police are once again concentrating patrols in the school zones. Many new kids will be strutting their independence and start walking to school. Please keep this in mind and stay off the phones and don’t worry about the makeup while driving. You’re all looking good. • On September 2nd, the Columbia Valley detachment received a complaint of six boat sheds being broken into in the Lower Lakeview Lane area. Dead locks were cut off, but nothing was observed to be missing. Fuel is believed to have been stolen. • On September 3rd, at 9 a.m. there was an attempted theft from a GMC Yukon in the area of 5100 block of Riverside Close, Fairmont Hot Springs. The vehicle was gone through but nothing indicated stolen. • On September 3rd, at 9:45 a.m., the detachment received a complaint of vandalism in the washroom at Riverside Golf Course. Anyone with information is requested to contact the RCMP. • On September 3rd, at around 3:20 p.m., police received a report of two gliders colliding in mid-air over the Mount Swansea area. The accident was witnessed by another glider in the area and people on the ground. Ambulance, Search and Rescue, Windermere Fire Rescue and police responded, but the two male pilots and sole occupants of each glider were deceased. The Transportation Safety Board are assisting the Coroner’s Office and detachment. Our thanks to the many people who were able to provide valuable information to the investigators and who also were first on scene to do the best they could for the pilots before emergency personnel could attend. • On September 4th at 7:30 p.m., members responded to a complaint of assault in Canal Flats. Two adult females got into a verbal argument that turned physical. There were no injuries to each of the parties. No charges were warranted. • On September 4th at 11 p.m. a hit and run accident was reported in the parking lot of Akisqnuk Resort. A male working security in the area witnessed a vehicle with Alberta plates, which was towing a boat, back into a

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Chevrolet Blazer. As a result of obtaining the licence plate details from the witness, Calgary police will be paying the registered owner a visit. Elderly driving If you are blessed with having your parents live long enough to deal with the issue of their driving privileges, I wish you good luck. My father is 88 and I just so happen to have a story about a policeman son and dad’s driving licence struggle. While stationed in Golden I had a friend come into my office, we’ll call him Ray to protect the innocent. He had a father — we’ll call him Frank. When Frank would get in a car the public were warned through social media and everyone stayed clear. Trying to convince an elderly person to give up his licence — well you would think you were asking to take his life. It’s not easy to do. Ray did his best and one day walked into my office frustrated and concerned and handed me his father’s licence with strict instruction not to give it back to him. I explained that I had no authority to keep it if he demanded it back and he explained that his father didn’t know that. A considerable time passed (months) and eventually Frank called me. Soon as I realized it was him I knew what he was going to ask. “Marko, I understand you have my licence,” the conversation began. “I do,” I replied, knowing the next question that would come and scrambling to think of a good answer. “I want it back,” Frank demanded. “You can’t have it back.” It was the best line I could think of, knowing I’d still have to provide an answer to the next question. It came quickly: “Why not?” He was pushing me to my limits of imagination. “I suspended it,” I said. If anyone could have seen me, my body language screamed ‘You idiot! You know the next question. How am I going to convince him I have the authority to do that.’ “Can you do that, suspend it?” he queried. With just nanoseconds to recover I was brilliant: “Frank, I’m the Detachment Commander, I can do that and I’ve suspended it.” “OK, bye,” he hung up the phone. ‘OK, BYE?!’ I thought. ‘That’s it? After all the crap I went through with my father it’s ‘OK, bye’?” I made a mental note: next trip home, bring out the “I’m the Detachment Commander” and see how far it gets me. It went really well!

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The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 5

September 9, 2011

High school grad to volunteer overseas By Joshua Estabrooks Pioneer Staff For 18-year-old valley resident, Katie Milligen, the thought of heading straight into a university program this fall was not as exciting as it should have been. Although she was enrolled in the international studies program at Simon Fraser University, a combination of being wait-listed for her desired courses and an invitation to work overseas have changed her mind and she is now heading to Nicaragua for three months to do humanitarian work. Katie will be a part of the Canada World Youth Program, which teams her up with a youth from Nicaragua for a three-month stint in that country, followed by three months in Saskatoon, where they will both experience a Canadian winter in all of its cold, snowy glory. Katie found out about the program on the Internet — a program which is designed to build the power of youth volunteering around the world. There are a variety of types of work that participants in the program can choose to engage in, including teaching and environmental projects, but for Katie, the health-care field was her area of interest. “I could be doing anything from leading an

H.I.V. workshop, to working in orphanages and hospitals,”she added. “We’ll get some training in Toronto on the 12th of September. We go there for a few days, meet up with everyone else in the program and we are briefed on what to expect.” On the 17th of September, the group will fly down to Nicaragua and begin their work. Katie said she doesn’t feel intimidated by the approaching trip, but is more excited to experience something new. “I didn’t want to go right back into school this year and it seems like a great thing to do instead of just working,” she said. “ I am interested in pursuing humanitarian work as a career, potentially in the health field. I think it’s going to persuade me on what I could study next year in school.” In preparation for the trip, Katie is obligated to raise as much of the money for the program from donations as possible, to help raise the profile of Canada World Youth. She said she is looking to get together a minimum of $2,800, and is willing to do presentations, blogs or anything that would secure her some funding from interested individuals or organizations. If anyone would like to assist Katie financially, she asks that they call 250-688-7417, or e-mail

ADVENTURE AWAITS — Katie Milligen is ready for her overseas adventure in Nicaragua. Photo by Joshua Estabrooks

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6 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

September 9, 2011


Reporting on tragedy

Historical Lens

By Kate Irwin Pioneer Staff This week I wrote about the deaths of Keith Watson and Ray Perino, a pair of much-loved pilots who lost their lives in a glider accident over Mount Swansea last weekend. It was with a heavy heart that I picked up the phone to dial the number of a grieving friend. They probably didn’t want to hear from me — I certainly didn’t want to phone and add to their misery. The notion of reporters feeling no emotion is a strange one. Although a newspaper stands as an unbiased, trustworthy and independent institution, it is ultimately the product of human beings. While we have all been trained to cast aside personal feelings and remain impartial — once in a while, we get attached. When our paths cross with those in pain, only someone devoid of feeling can fail to be moved. The times I find myself at the end of a phone line or sitting across from a person who has lost someone dear, it is often with a lump in my throat. Is that unprofessional? Maybe. Will it stop happening? I hope not. To date, each person I have contacted to speak about a loved one who passed away was willing to share their story. Whether they are filled with anger, hurt, or overcome by grief, many express thanks for the opportunity to commemorate them. A person isn’t the accident or illness which befell them, they are the sum total of many years spent on this planet, years which should be remembered. Getting the personal side of that tale, rather than a cold news report, should be something to strive for. Although I’ve not met everyone whom I have paid tribute to within these pages, I remember each of them by name. I remember the conversations I had with their families, often sitting on the curb outside our office wiping a tear from my eye. While objectivity is extremely important, it should not be an absolute.

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Bears spotted around towns Dear Editor: We’re heading into fall, and bears are now preparing for hibernation. They are trying to put on as much fat as possible and looking for calories. If the berries and other high-calorie foods are scarce up the mountains, bears will come to the valley bottom to look for other sources of food. In the last couple weeks, the towns of Invermere and Radium Hot Springs have had bears roaming the streets looking for garbage, fruit, birdseed, and anything that smells like food. A bear has been sighted getting into residential garbage at Westside Park. Radium has had a couple of bears sighted in the residential area eating from apple trees and bird feeders. Bear Aware and the Conservation Officers heard

about these sightings through word of mouth as no reports were made to the Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) line. Calling in to report a bear documents the sighting and tells Conservation Officers where bears are and what they are doing in our communities. In turn, the Conservation Officers can recruit Bear Aware to go into the areas and work with residents. Call the RAPP line (1-877-952-7277) if a bear is sighted. Follow these tips to avoid bears foraging in town: store garbage inside until pick up day; take down bird feeders; pick fruit as it ripens; don’t let windfall accumulate; and clean barbecues after every use. Crystal Leonard Bear Aware Community Coordinator

The Columbia Valley


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The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 7

September 9, 2011


State of camp is disappointing Dear Editor: Shortly after the news that Glacier Resort Ltd. had plans to begin day operations at Farnham Glacier, I visited this beautiful area on July 18th and August 20th. I was very surprised at what I saw, especially since it was stated by Grant Costello that Glacier Resorts Ltd. had completed the required environmental work there. The remains of Farnham Camp, a facility Glacier said would not be part of their day-use plans (which should therefore be removed), was still littering this high alpine environment. There were many large containers storing equipment but a lot was scattered around, including a freezer, rusted incinerator, broken battery, and more. I also saw fuel-contaminated soil around two large white fuel tanks and a third unsecured tank still containing fuel, plus erosion around the stream crossing of the bulldozer track of 2008. Since my last visit, this contaminated soil was taken away, the fuel tanks removed and just recently work began to pull out the camp. However, I think the public should know that the fuel management was done

a year after the deadline set by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Arts. It was stipulated that work had to meet targets during 2010 to avoid possible cancellation of the sublicense — which did not happen despite these deadlines not being met. It’s true that most of these environmental issues were caused by the operations of the ski camp managed by WinSport, but Grant Costello from Glacier Resorts acknowledged that as master holders of the license they are responsible for remediation and that as everything required of them was completed, they could start ski operations. It is evident that the clean-up was not finished at that time. It is important to recognize the vigilance of environmental “watchdogs” who regularly visited the area and persistently warned government of lack of clean-up or inappropriate work. This has been powerful influence on the progress of this clean-up. But shouldn’t the government, as guardians of Crown land, supervise and monitor the operations of the licence holders?

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Tourism industry not enough Dear Editor: In response to Andrea Meadus’ letter on the major needs of the tourism industry in the valley, I have to agree with you. I too believe that tourism needs serious help to improve in our area. But we do need an economic development officer to put another arrow in the quiver of local job prospects. By all means, keep tourism. Improve tourism, but let us step things up a notch or two. Let us show leadership to increase the attractive work conditions here in the valley. Let us as a community work to help the broken arrow that is tourism. Along with volunteering and giving back to the community as we have done for decades, let’s make the valley vibrant economically and a destination for establishing employment opportunities and vibrancy. Our councils have shown in the past, they don’t have the skills or the time necessary, given that there are store fronts empty

in both communities. There are folks moving away to find jobs to support their families and hundreds of homes and condos for sale, plus many For Rent signs. With an Economic Development Officer helping councils we can fill the store fronts, take down the For Rent signs and purchase the homes for sale. But without the skills and training the officer would bring, it is going to take a long time before this is again a vibrant community. Others can deal with tourism problems, there are resources aplenty, but a Development Officer deals with attracting new businesses with the help of councils. It is up to councils to work together to do so. Their responsibility is to make our communities attractive to new business. The domino effect of that cash flow is stupendous for everyone in our valley. David Pacey Radium Hot Springs

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8 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

September 9, 2011

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Local volleyball star gets prestigious coaching spot By Kate Irwin Pioneer Staff A local sports star who has been playing in the pro volleyball leagues in Denmark is back on home soil and settling into a new coaching position at the University of British Columbia. Matt Lebourdais, from Invermere, had three awardwinning seasons with the U.B.C. Thunderbirds men’s volleyball team and, following two successful seasons playing in Europe, is glad to be back at his Alma Mater helping push his old team forward. “I’m really, really excited to be the assistant coach for the team,” said Matt. “I’m working with the same head coach who helped train me and I always got along well with him and liked his coaching style … We had a pretty successful run when I was at U.B.C. so I’d like to help build the team back up to that level and beyond.” Matt has spent the last two years playing for the Middlefart Volley Klub in the Danish Elite League, but noticed that the relentless training and playing was taking a toll on his body. After gaining experience coaching his club’s U21 team in Denmark, he decided to pursue further coaching opportunities, getting in contact with U.B.C. head coach Richard Schick to see whether he knew of spots available with college or high school teams. He got a pleasant surprise when Mr. Shick was quick to offer him the recently-vacated assistant coach position. “I was really surprised — I thought I might have to start out coaching at the lower levels, but to jump right into university volleyball is exactly where I want to be,” Matt said. “I loved my time at U.B.C. … I’ve played a lot and in a lot of different positions over the years, both at college and professionally, so I think I can use that experience to help out.” In addition to his position at the university, Matt is also excited to take a lead role in the coaching program at Richmond Olympic Oval’s Volleyball Centre of Excellence. He will work with high school teens from grades



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COACH — Matt Lebourdais is excited to become the assistant coach for the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds men’s volleyball team. Photo submitted 10-12, offering complementary training alongside their high school and club volleyball programs. “We’re going to start to create more awareness of volleyball and to pump out better and better players,” said Matt, who was a keen basketball player during his time at David Thompson Secondary School, picking up volleyball when he went to college. “There aren’t enough high school volleyball programs; those like the program at the Oval are going to help us to build strong future players.” Matt’s volleyball credentials should stand him in good stead when coaching younger players. In his final season with the Thunderbirds, he was named a first-team Canada West all-star and a second-team All-Canadian. During his U.B.C. career, the T-Birds compiled a 38-18 record in conference play and made two Canadian Inter-university Sport Championships.

Sinclair Creek Native Plant Restoration Event Wildsight is calling all riparian restoration enthusiasts! Please join us for a fun-filled day of restoration activities on the locally significant Sinclair Creek. We will be removing the invasive weed Common Tansy and replacing these invaders by planting a selection of native plants. We would love to have your help!

Saturday, September 10th • 9:00 a.m. Location: We will meet at the Sinclair Creek trailhead. From Radium, head west down Forsters Landing Rd. Just before the mill, turn right on a dirt road where you will see signs that lead you to the Sinclair Creek trail. Lunch and drinks provided. Bring a shovel and some gardening gloves if you can. This event is made possible by the East Kootenay Conservation Program and the RDEK. Contact or 250-344-4961 for more info.


September 9, 2011

Fitness guru nationals bound



5:14 PM

All you can ski.

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 9

By Joshua Estabrooks Pioneer Staff For local fitness guru, Jolaine Bloom, her dream of competing in a national fitness competition is coming true, after placing second in a provincial bodybuilding and fitness competition on July 16th. Jolaine has been training rigorously all year, in preparation for the provincials, and now has her sights set on nationals, and the possibility of earning her pro card next summer. “If you place in the top five in the nationals you can compete in the world events,” she said. “My goal is to not just do well, but to place in the top five.” Jolaine and her husband Brandon own Endeavor Fitness, located in Invermere, which gives her the perfect place to train and work on her routines. She said she has been looking forward to getting back into competitions, after taking a three-year hiatus from the circuit. “I took time off because I moved from Vancouver to Invermere, met my husband, started a business and had a baby all in the same year. And to be honest I was going to die if I didn’t have a cheat meal,” she said with a chuckle. Competitors in the fitness and body building world have to maintain a very strict eating regimen in order to decrease their body fat leading up to a competition. The leaner the better, she said, as it allows the judges to see the muscle definition in a participant. Jolaine said she is very grateful to her family and her clients at Endeavor Fitness for their support as she prepared for provincials, and said she thanks her sponsor, Donna Chen, who owns Tim Hortons. The National Federation of Bodybuilding’s annual competition will take place in Vancouver during July or August 2012. C








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10 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

September 9, 2011

National ski camp at Farnham dismantled


Contact Dale Elliott • 250-341-7098

By Kelsey Verboom Pioneer Staff Camp Green, the Farnham Glacier alpine ski training facility formerly used to train national athletes, has been taken apart piece by piece, despite orders from the government to cease all removal activity. Opened by the Calgary Olympic Development Association (CODA) on July 3rd, 2006, Camp Green operated until the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, at which time ski training activity at the camp ceased. WinSport then took over the camp from CODA, as a sub-licence holder under the Licence of Occupation for the Farnham Glacier area, held by Glacier Resorts Ltd. Since the Olympics, the camp has been essentially abandoned, leaving behind a mess of metal, buildings, fuel tanks, a septic field, furniture, and even cooking equipment; a mess which raised the eyebrows of local environmental group, Wildsight, as well as Glacier Resorts. Both contacted the province regarding the camp, and after a provincial site visit during the summer of 2010, a laundry list of remediation requests was handed to WinSport; some items of which were to be completed 60 days after the site visit. Not all of the requests were completed by deadline. This August, WinSport provided written notice to Glacier Resorts that they were ceasing operations. Meanwhile, Glacier announced earlier this summer that they had plans to begin summer operations on the glacier, operating ski and sightseeing tours, but not making use of the camp. In July, Glacier was advised they could not begin operations until road drainage work and soil remediation at a fuel leakage site were signed off by a certified profes-



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sional — work which the province has now confirmed is complete. Glacier now awaits word on the second condition: that the Resort Development Branch complete the review of the site’s camp management plan — ­ as submitted by Glacier and accepted by the province — with the Ktunaxa Nation Council, under the province’s Strategic Engagement Agreement. On May 26th, the province received word from WinSport that they would be submitting a camp reclamation plan prior to beginning removal of the camp — a required condition. However, that document was not received or reviewed by Glacier — also a condition — before WinSport began work sometime during the past two weeks to remove the camp. Despite a written reminder to WinSport by the province on August 29th that nothing be removed without approval of the Resort Development Branch, and further orders on September 2nd to stop, eyewitnesses reported (as of Monday, September 5th) that work continued. WinSport were also sent notification of the penalties that could be imposed as a result of open burning, which is currently prohibited, but which eyewitnesses reported seeing occur. As of September 2nd, no penalties had been imposed. Grant Costello, Vice President of Glacier Resorts, agreed that a plan should have been in place before work to remove the camp commenced. “The province indicated, and we agreed, that there should be a plan in place before work started. Up to this point there hasn’t been. The removal has been ongoing, even though the province explicitly instructed them not to do so until there was a time and place approved.”  Continued on page 38 . . .

Kootenay Paving


CBT is seeking a qualified agency/contractor to assist CBT in a rebranding exercise. The Request for Proposal can be viewed online at or by contacting Rachel Lucas at 1.800.505.8998 or Deadline is September 23, 2011, 3 p.m. PST / 4 p.m. MST.

Toll Free 1-888-341-2221


CBT is seeking a qualified contractor for the multi-year delivery of its student wage subsidy program. TheTwitter Request for Proposal can be viewed online at or by contacting Rina Twitter Gresiuk at 1.800.505.8998 or Deadline is September 30, 2011 3 p.m. PST / 4 p.m. MST. • 1.800.505.8998

Join us:





• Serving the valley for over 30 years • All work is guaranteed • Free estimates Division of Interoute Construction Ltd. 1756 Hwy 93/95, P.O. Box 2700, Invermere, B.C. V0A 1K0 Phone: 250-342-6500 • Fax: 250-342-3484

The Columbia Valley Pioneer 11 Page• 11

September 9, 2011

What’s Happening in the Columbia Valley

Music • visual arts • dining • Bar Scene • entertainment • performance ARTS MOVIE REVIEW




Mixed media art show Trees in ink, by Jane Murray, is one of many works of art now showing at Pynelogs Cultural Centre. The show includes works from five local artists in a variety of media. Find out more on page 14. Photo by Joshua Estabrooks

Art Gallery Show at Pynelogs Ryan Bavin, Jane Murray, MaryAnn Bidder, Margaret Metcalf & Rita Rankin.

Photography, Mixed Media, Acrylic, Oil, Pastel What does ART mean to you? Sept 6 to 18 · Gallery Hours: 11 to 4 pm daily

Visit for our current events calendar, or call 250-342-4423.

Out & About Your Weekly Guide to What’s Happening Around the Columbia Valley Page 13

12 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

September 9, 2011

Music • visual arts • dining • Bar Scene • entertainment • performance ARTS

Movie Review: X-Men: First Class Reviewed by Kate Irwin Since the tedium that was X-Men: The Last Stand, or X-3 as it’s commonly known, I’ve shied away from this comic book-based franchise. After skipping X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009, I didn’t raise an eyebrow when it was mostly panned by critics and audiences. These back-to-back failures hammered what looked to be the final nail into the coffin of the X-Men franchise. But like Star Trek before it, X-Men: First Class — a fast-paced, slick and enjoyable origin tale with a fresh young cast — had me glued to my screen. Not only does X-Men: First Class blow away the failures of the last two films, it stands its ground in a summer packed with superhero movies. Those without my geek-cred will be happy to note that First Class is an enjoyable and accessible film for those without the slightest clue

about this merry band of mutants. The story sets out to explain the origin of the mutants’ diametrically opposed, but once-friendly leaders: Professor X and Magneto. In the early 1960s, our mutant protagonists meet. Young Charles Xavier (nicely underplayed by James McAvoy) is a brilliant scientist looking to unite humans and mutants, while young Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) is seeking vengeance for the death of his parents at the hands of Nazi scientist Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon). Like Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen before them, both McAvoy and Fassbender manage to add gravitas to their roles. Their fine work, combined with the filmmakers’ treatment of the subject matter with utter earnestness and sincerity, soon has you forgetting that you’re viewing shape-shifters, hairy blue beasts and a character who flies using a supersonic scream.

The audience is drawn in, truly challenged by the struggles of the protagonists and antagonists, and encouraged to figure out the moral ambiguities for themselves. The sharp and multi-layered script keeps the action ticking along nicely; the visual effects are a real treat; and the characters, even the minor ones, interesting to watch develop, even if they don’t quite get the screen time deserved. This ‘pre-boot’ turned out to be just what the doctor ordered to recover the health of the flagging X-Men franchise. Fingers crossed that the filmmakers pat themselves on the back for a job well done and end the series on a high.


Columbia Salmon Festival

Charity GolF tournament

riverside Golf Course Friday, September 30, 2011

12:00 Noon shotgun start. Registration opens at 11:00am. Texas Scramble. Teams of 4. $100 p/p includes green fee, power cart, dinner, gratuity and tax. Please call Riverside Golf Course to register: 250.345.6346




Gone Hollywood’s TOP FIVE OF THE WEEK Last Week’s Top 5 Rentals New Releases September 6 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Something Borrowed The Conspirator Paul Lincoln Lawyer Limitless

1 3

Hanna Wrecked

2 4

Everything Must Go Assassination Games

New Releases September 9 1

X-Men – First Class

New Releases September 13 1 2 3 4 5

Thor Take Me Home Tonight Never Back Down 2 American Breakdown Goosebumps Ghost Beach


for the Game Cube, PS2 and Xbox are on sale…



PO Box 2800, 503 - 7 Ave., Invermere, V0A 1K0 th


The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 13

September 9, 2011

Music • visual arts • dining • Bar Scene • entertainment • performance ARTS

Out & About Please call 250-341-6299 or e-mail us at to enter your event in our FREE listings.

Submissions must be received by the Monday prior to publication. We may only run an entry for two weeks prior to the event. Please limit your submission to 30 words. Priority is given to one-off events, so weekly events may run rarely.

Toby Theatre • September 16th - 17th, 19th - 24th: 8 p.m.: Cowboys and Aliens. Due to a restructuring of movie film distribution in Canada, the Toby Theatre will only be open for 1 movie per month this fall and winter. For info:

Friday, September 9th: • 5 - 8 p.m.: Public Indoor Rock Climbing at J.A. Laird school. Fall session start. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Free equipment rental. $5 drop-in. For info: 250-342-9413. • 8 p.m.: Square dance weekend starts with mainstream dances at the Community Hall in Radium. Callers are Rick and Kathy Utter from Moyie Springs, Idaho. Hosted by the Columbia Valley Square Dance Club of Radium. For info call Albert: 250-347-6573.

Saturday, September 10th: • 9 - 12 noon: Garage Sale at Christ Church Trinity. All proceeds go to Nicaragua outreach project. For info: 250-342-6644. • 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.: Final Farmers Market in Invermere. • 9 a.m.: Remove weeds and plant native plants along Sinclair Creek with Wildsight. Meet at the Sinclair Creek trailhead. From Radium, head west down Forsters Landing Rd. Just before the mill, turn right following signs to Sinclair Creek trail. Lunch and drinks will be provided. Bring shovel and gloves if possible. Sponsored by the East Kootenay Conservation Program and the R.D.E.K. For info call Rachel: 250-344-4961. • 10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.: Open Market at the

Edgewater Legion. For table rental call Doreen: 250-347-9550. • 11 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.: Gals Global Animal Lovers Canada fundraiser BBQ at Invermere Home Hardware. For info visit • 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.: 12th Annual Windermere Fall Fair and Scarecrow Festival. $5 for Adults, $3 for children 6 - 15 years old. Food, live music, exhibitions, market, races and contests. Fundraiser for the Windermere Community Association. • 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.: Visit Pynelogs Art Gallery to view works by Ryan Bavin, Jane Murray, MaryAnn Bidder, Margaret Metcalf and Rita Rankin. Daily until September 18th. For info:250-342-4423. • 5:30 p.m.: Mexican Fiesta Night Dinner and Auction hosted by CASA Connor. All proceeds of this fundraising go to families and children in Mexico afflicted by disabilities. Tickets are $20. For info: 250347-9715. • 7:30 p.m. Square dance weekend continues with mainstream dances at the Community Hall in Radium. Hosted by the Columbia Valley Square Dance Club of Radium. For info call Albert: 250347-6573.

Sunday, September 11th: • 12:30 p.m.: Registration starts for Parkinson SuperWalk 2011 in Pothole Park. Walk starts at 1:30 p.m. Fundraising for a cure and support services by Parkinson Society of British Columbia for individuals living with Parkinson’s. For info: 250-342-6764. • 5 p.m.: Cocktails at the Edgewater Legion with European Dinner to follow. $17 for adults, $15 for Seniors (55+) and under 12. Six and under are free with adult. 1 Wednesday, September 14th: • 12 noon - 7 p.m.: Free bra clinic at the Valley Fitness Centre. For appointments: 888-909-9641. • 7 - 8:30 p.m.: Free Bear Aware session at College of The Rockies, Invermere campus. Interactive and fun for the whole family. For info: 250-342-3210. • LifeSports fall clinics start this evening. For info contact Michelle: 250-342-8737. Thursday, September 15th: • 9 - 11 a.m. and 1 - 3 p.m.: Winter job fair at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort at the Lodge. For info e-mail: hr@ • 7 - 8:30 p.m.: 4th annual Community Information and Registration Night at the Invermere Community Hall by Columbia Valley Recreation. Information on sports, recreation and leisure activities in the area. For more info or to reserve a table: 250-342-3210 or info@ • Nordic Pole walking clinic starts. For info contact Michelle: 250-342-8737.

Friday, September 16th: • 6 -9 p.m.: Music in the Park at Radium Ball Park. Beer Garden hosted by Rotary. • 7 - 9 p.m.: Registration at Radium Seniors’ Hall for Columbia Valley Classics Car Club’s annual Show & Shine in Radium Hot Springs. $20 to register vehicles. For info: 250-346-3222 or 250-342-3231.

Saturday, September 17th: • 7 a.m. - 10 a.m.: Pancake Breakfast at the Radium Seniors’ Hall. Hosted by Radium Fire Department. $5 per person. • 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.: Columbia Valley Autumn Show & Shine at the Springs Golf Course driving range. Entry “fee” is a non-perishable food item or donation to Columbia Valley Food Bank. • 7 - 9 p.m.: Music on Main presents Marty and Eli on Main Street West in Radium Hot Springs. • 7 p.m. - 1 a.m.: Classic Car Show Dance at the Marquis Tent in Legends Field Park in Radium. Music by Metro Beat. $25 per person. Proceeds from bar sales go to Radium Volunteer Fire Department. For tickets call: 250-341-7987.

Sunday, September 18th: • 10 a.m.: Registration begins for the Terry Fox Run for cancer research at J. A. Laird school. Run starts at 11 a.m. For info call Terri: 250-342-9541. www.terryfox. org. Saturday, September 24th: • 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.: Youth workshop, New Now, for young filmmakers exploring contemporary First Nations film at Akisqnuk First Nation Hall. Free workshop open to Native or non-Native youth ages 12- 20. Offered by Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society (Vancouver). For info and preregistration call 604-685-3841 or e-mail info@

926-7th Avenue, Invermere, BC

(next door to Fairmont Goldsmiths)

Maxwell Realty Invermere/Panorama


SCOTT WALLACE 250-342-5309

GEOFF HILL 250-341-7600

JENNY BUECKERT 250-342-5711

Office: (250) 341-6044 • Fax: (250) 341-6046 •

14 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

September 9, 2011

Mixed media on display at Pynelogs By Montana Cameron Summer Student for CV Arts Five wonderful, local artists will be featured at Pynelogs from September 6th to 18th. The show will be composed of a variety of media which will make for a diverse and exciting viewing experience. Growing up in the Columbia Valley has played an instrumental part in the development of Ryan Bavin and his art. Trained as a glassblower by his father, Pat, artistic expression has always been a part of Ryan’s everyday life. He started his apprenticeship at age 15 and has worked at Bavin Glassworks ever since. Inspired by his grandfather, Ryan also took up photography at a young age and became a self-taught photographer himself. He enjoys the fact that either in photography or glassblowing you can never stop learning. Jane Murray is a mixed-media painter and her method is process-oriented. She enjoys experimenting with the interactions of an assortment of materials, and her finished work is a synthesis of concept-based intentions executed with an intuitive process. Her pieces in this show exhibit abstracted, simplified images of humans, animals, and landscapes. From realism to abstracts, MaryAnn Bidder likes her work to tell a story and express a sense of mystery.

She has worked in most media and is presently using water colour and mixed media, although she enjoys all subjects and is always keen to try something new. MaryAnn is a self taught artist who lives in Kimberley. Her involvement in the arts community — workshops, study, and self-advancement — is a constant in her life. Margaret Metcalf has been showing her paintings at Pynelogs for a number of years. She continues to study and explore — proof in her own work that after a twenty year respite from the medium, oil painting has returned to her life. Margaret enjoys summer gar- PICTURE PERFECT — Just one of the many art pieces on display at Pynelogs Photo submitted dens and painting floral works, but currently is Assiniboine Sunrise by Ryan Bavin. her first love is painting Canadian ter, and is particularly inspired by the region that surlandscapes. With the pains of aging however, getting to the remote areas is becoming a rounds her family cabin in Fairmont Hot Springs. Since retiring in 2001 from a teaching position, she lot more challenging than actually painting them. Our final artist is Rita Rankin, who began painting has rekindled some of her hobbies, but all of those interin 2004 and found that she especially enjoys depicting ests take a back seat to art and in particular to her love of natural landscapes, including mountains, trees and wa- dry pastel painting.

More Than Just Great Golf


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FEATURING DAILY SPECIALS from Saliken Dining Room and Traders Lounge

Dining 250-342-6560 • Golf 250-342-0562 • • Toll Free 1-877-877-3889

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 15

September 9, 2011

Buy 1, Get One Half Off

We also have a great selection of Bath and Body Products (250) 342-3727 • • #7, 1008 – 8th Avenue










Carcinog en Nail Pro -Free ducts









Manicures • Pedicures Gel Nails • Gel Polish


Sun-Thurs 5 pm -11 pm, Fri & Sat 3:30 pm -11 pm Located in the Prestige Inn Radium Hot Springs


The second annual Kootenay Krusher Endurance Mountain Bike Race is coming up on Sunday, September 25th, at the beautiful Nipika Mountain Resort. The race, a 50 or 25-kilometre cycling sprint, is put on by the Columbia Valley Cycling Society, in partnership with Nipika. The funds raised go to support the local volunteer cycling club, and will be put back into the local cycling scene, said Adrian Bergles, Columbia Valley Cycling Society President. For the hardcore bikers, this year’s event will feature the regular 50-kilometre route, the same as last year, but a new 25-kilometre race will also run for those new to racing bikes, or who simply don’t want to race the full 50 kilometres. “We hope that the more friendly 25 kilometre distance will attract a number of local riders to come out and try racing,” said Mr. Bergles. “The 50-kilometre race should take a regular racer about three hours to complete.” There will be men’s and women’s categories in the following age divisions: 13 to 17 (25 kilometres); 18 to 39 (25 or 50 kilometres); 40 and over (25 or 50 kilometres). In addition, a three-kilometre fun race will also be held for little racers aged 12 and under.

The course will feature a mix of fast and demanding single-track trails, beautiful views and exciting technical features, while emphasizing pedalling without any extreme climbs. Parts of the route have been used in the past for the Trans-Rockies mountain bike race and have drawn praise from riders from all over the world. To enter, participants are required to pay $75, which can be done at https:// Racers will receive an event T-shirt, a post-race meal, and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Volunteers are still needed to help out with a variety of work, like running food and water stations, patrolling road crossings and helping with the festivities. If you’d like to come out and lend a hand, cheer the riders on, and enjoy the beautiful mountain views, contact Kevin: Volunteers receive a race T-shirt for their efforts. Last year’s inaugural event attracted over 110 riders, but Mr. Bergles said he hopes to see even more residents come out and enjoy a fun day of mountain bike racing this year. “We’re hoping people won’t all wait until the last minute to sign up,” he said. “Racers should show up to register and pick up their race package earlier than the 10 a.m. start time.”


Open 7 Days a Week


By Joshua Estabrooks Pioneer Staff



Round two for Kootenay Krusher Mountain Bike Race

• September Smasher, All clothing 40% Off! • All Golf Clubs and Shoes 30% Off! • Breakfast and Golf, $31 (Monday-Friday)

GET PUMPED TODAY! Pump your Septic Tank now and… • • • •

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16 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

September 9, 2011

The Pynelogs Cafe featuring


Kinsmen Beach Invermere

The Secret Is Out!!

Tue - Sat 11am - 4pm 250.342.1445


FALL FAIR AND SCARECROW FESTIVAL SATURDAY 10th SEPTEMBER, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm Windermere school grounds/community hall ADULTS $5.00; YOUTH 5-16 yrs - $ 3.00; UNDER 5 YRS - free JUDGED EXHIBITION ENTRIES/ MUSIC / DEMOS/ CRAFTS/ KID’S STUFF / GAMES / MARKET ALL DAY

Art from the Attic sale raises more than $15,000 Submitted by Elinor Florence Event Manager, Art From the Attic  Art From the Attic, a one-day sale of donated art works, drew a massive crowd of 1,242 people to the Invermere Community Centre throughout the seven-hour event on Saturday, September 3rd.   Almost everything was sold,  for a grand total of $15,400. The money will be split between the two hardworking groups of volunteers — the Columbia Valley Arts Council and the Invermere Health Care Auxiliary.   Special thanks to Chuck Newhouse for donating the use of a mini-storage unit where we are storing the excess art until next year. Fortunately, there were very few remainders.  Thanks also to the District of Invermere for donating the use of the hall; the Columbia Valley Pioneer, Invermere Valley Echo and The Valley Peak for donating free advertising; and the Royal Canadian Legion for serving delicious homemade food throughout the day.  Most of all, thanks to the hundreds of individuals, businesses and artists — many of them anonymous — who donated their unloved art.   Volunteers at the sale heard many interesting stories: a local man purchased the two limited edition Calgary Olympic graphics for his sports memorabilia collection, another Invermere family purchased the Patrick Roy jersey, a young woman of Danish descent who owns a condominium here bought the antique oil painting of the Danish village, a local artist bought the Robert Bateman print, Josh Estabrooks of The Pioneer bought two black velvet paintings for his funky collection, and a little boy bought a photograph of an owl because it reminded him of the one in Harry Potter.

HIDDEN TREASURE? — Cranbrook residents, Ken and Mary Parks, along with Fairmont resident, Donna Kipp, contemplate adding a new piece to their art collections during the Art from the Attic fundraising sale.  Photo by Joshua Estabrooks Many people remarked on the delightful treasures they found and promised to come back next year. In the meantime, donations for next year’s Art From the Attic begins now. You may drop your unloved art at the Invermere Thrift Store or Pynelogs Cultural Centre with a note saying it is for the 2012 art sale, and we promise to find it a good home.

SCHEDULE OF SPECIAL EVENTS ACTIVITIES 10:15 am 10:30 am 11:00 am 11:30 am 11: 45 am 12 noon 12:15 pm 12:30 pm 1:00 pm 1:30 pm 1:50 pm 2:00 pm 3:00 pm 3:15 pm 3:45 pm 4:00 pm

Parade Line up Live Scarecrow Parade Best-Dressed Pet Zumba Chainsaw carving by Rolf 1st. door-prize draw Wife Carrying / Wheelbarrow races. Watermelon-eating contest Arabian Mountain Spice Dance 2nd Prize Draw Foam Splashdown Awards - Best of Fair Ladies’ Hammer-off Pick up all items / entries

MUSIC Second Winds Band Stacy, Bud and Paul Gord Askey & friends Rachel Mari Kimber Jade Bowen L8te Mountain Brew

Skandia Concrete Toll Free: 1-888-341-2221

• Serving the Valley for over 30 years • CSA Spec Gravel Products • Lock Blocks

• Concrete Pumping Services • Concrete Supply and Delivery • Free Estimates

Luke Persson

Thank you for coming and supporting us. All proceeds towards WCA projects /events.

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The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 17

September 9, 2011 MUSTANGS RANCH

62 ACRES $470,000


160 ACRES $785,000 SOLD





Baptiste Lake




40 ACRES $1,400,000











Home, Home on the Range.






120 ACRES $600,000















230 ACRES $1,155,000

Entrance to the Ranches at Elk Park Upper Ranch SNOWY OWL RANCH








Y 95

5 Minutes to Town Centre

Kootenay National Park

The Rocky Mountain range, that is. Right now, you can own your own Columbia Valley ranch right at the foot of the Canadian Rockies. Rolling meadowlands… fragrant alpine forests…high bluffs overlooking the Columbia River wetlands. It’s a setting right out of Legends of the Fall – and it’s available now to a very lucky few. Only 17 Ranches will be made available in Elk Park Ranch – ever. To schedule a private guided tour, please call 1-604-694-7628 or email



18 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

September 9, 2011


Leaving money to kids but not their spouses In this scenario, when parents pass away, their es- can enable parents to have assets from their estate fall tate would pass on to their adult children. If their adult into a trust rather than be passed directly to their own children were to pass away soon after, the assets would children or grandchildren. A well set up trust can most likely prevent large sums then move into a trust for their spouse rather than the traditional method of having everything go directly to of money being taken out and protect the assets from undue influence from the children’s spouses if deemed the spouse. This arrangement can also protect grandchildren. necessary. The assets of the spousal trust would be protected should Be sensitive the spouse remarry and have the new husband or wife’s Manulife Securities Incorporated = IDA family spend all of the inheritance. Securities Investment Services inc.should = MFDA Careful thought and consideration always be We all know that adult children and parents Manulife often Securities InsurancetoInc. INSURANCE don’t see eye to eye on many matters and sometimesManulife this given when attempting keep=family money away from can include the stability of their spouses. Asking them to in-laws. Feelings can be severely hurt and relationships alter their wills may be a difficult task and even if they do, can be badly fractured if children learn what has been set up. you can’t ensure that they won’t change things later on. French This method also presents timing issues if the chilSometimes the easiest thing to do would be to keep dren pass away before their parents and the parents do all information confidential between parents. After all, Spousal Trusts it is their money and they are under no obligation to not update their wills before they pass away. 3/16" Minimum to be usedmoney on business cards disclose what they plan to do. One way to avoidsize inheritance inadvertently Testamentary Trusts passing to the son in-law or daughter in-law, is to have Seek legal advice the children of the parents change their wills. Parents Another method of ensuring too much money could ask that their children’s wills state that their assets In these very sensitive situations, a lawyer should go into a spousal trust for the son in-law or daughter in- doesn’t end up in the hands of the son in-law or daughter in-law is for the parents to set up testamentary trusts. definitely be consulted and worked with at each step law upon their passing. This spousal trust could be set up to provide income These testamentary trusts can be set up for their own along the way. Your lawyer will be able to offer their exfor their husband or wife and potentially keep them from children and or grandchildren and can expressly outline perience and expertise from working with other parents accessing all of the funds in a harmful fashion. how and when the money in the trust can be used. This in the same situation. 1/4" Minimum size to be used on the standard sized brochures While many parents love their adult children’s spouses as much as they love their own children, they may not always want to leave money to them. Sometimes a son in-law or a daughter in-law may have personal problems such as psychological issues or addictions such as gambling or drugs. Sometimes these in-laws may just be poor planners and not very good with their money. If parents leave money to their children through their will, and their children pass away before them or soon after, the money will more than likely pass on to those children’s spouses. If there is a reason for parents not wanting money to end up in the hands of their children’s spouses upon their passing, then they should explore English a few options.

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Call us for local, friendly, professional free consultations! • Ph: 250-342-2112 • Fax: 250-342-2113 • 712-10th Street, Invermere

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 19

September 9, 2011

Invermere Special Olympics gets funding, seeks participants By Kate Irwin Pioneer Staff As the Invermere Special Olympics branch approaches its two year anniversary, organizers have received a $2,000 financial boost from the province to allow for new activities to be put on and the purchase of new equipment and uniforms. The local Special Olympics chapter has seen 21 athletes pass through their golf, swimming and alpine skiing programs since 2009, gaining new skills and making new friends along the way, but the organizers are still seeking more people to come forward and take advantage of the range of activities on offer. This fall and winter, with an additional autumn program about to start up in bocce and a bigger and better ski program planned up at Panorama Mountain Village, special needs athletes will have a greater choice of local activities than ever before. “There’s definitely a fun, social aspect to the programs on offer,” said Tom Graves, one of the local Special Olympics coordinators. “Our regulars get to know each other well and make friends ... It is also an opportunity to take part with their peers, who are also physically or mentally disabled.” The past year has been an active one for the local Special Olympics chapter. During the summer, the golf and swim programs were well attended, with six young people learning to drive and put at Copper Point Golf Course and five practising their swimming and diving skills in the pools at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, but the capacity is there for many more. Towards the start of the year, the branch teamed up with the Panorama Adaptive Snow Sports program and gave eight young locals with special needs the opportunity to take to the ski slopes at the resort, three with the assistance of sit-skis. “I went from not being able to ski at all to skiing with pole support,” said Brion Kurbis-Edwards from Invermere. “I also went on the chair for the first time — it was really scary, but really fun.” Other skiers went from skiing with one-on-one assistance to being able to navigate the slopes independently. In addition to the programs for older children and

teenagers there are also activities and play sessions which are set up and ready to go for younger age groups, but lacking in any group members. “We’ve got our Active Start program for ages two to six and FUNdamentals for ages seven to nine,” said Andrea Haworth, who coordinates the local Special Olympics programs for the younger age groups. “For the younger children the sessions are almost like a playgroup and for the older ones we concentrate on sport-specific activities.” The Active Start sessions are designed to introduce the kids involved to guided play, with the support of their parents who attend sessions along with their child. A big part of the sessions is straightforward instruction in basic motor skills, which can, in turn, help improve physical, social and cognitive abilities. A session on balance, walking and running, which begins the program, starts with a warm up and instruction on these specific skills, followed learning games to consolidate everything taught and a cool-down. “It’s the opportunity to play and be exposed to the building blocks needed for any sports,” Ms. Haworth added. “It isn’t about competition, which I think some people might mistakenly believe from the Olympics part of the title; it’s a chance for the kids to explore what they can do.” FUNdamentals uses activity sessions that look at specific sport skills such as kicking, throwing and catching which can be transferred into a number of various sports or used in everyday tasks. “It’s not only fun for those involved but a nice chance for parents to connect with other parents,” Ms. Haworth added. The Special Olympics programs have no restriction on age or ability and are open to all individuals with intellectual disabilities. For more information visit www.specialolympics. ca. For more on activities in the local area contact Tom Graves at 250-347-6584. If you would like to learn more about the StrongStart or FUNdamentals programs contact Andrea Haworth at 250-342-4808. Special Olympics coordinators will also be on-hand at the Columbia Valley Recreation and Leisure Fall Sign-up Evening, on September 15th at the Invermere Community Hall, from 7 to 8:30 p.m.


Jason A. Elford, CFP 250.342.5052 877.342.5052 877.719.7927 250.270.0270

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DIRECT: 403.718.2130 TOLL FREE: 1.877.539.5743 EMAIL: WEB: OFFICE: 400,407 8th Ave. SW, Calgary, Alberta

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Windermere Valley minor Hockey association Practice Schedule 2011/12

*All practices begin the week of September 19th Monday:

7:00 - 8:00 pm 8:15 - 9:15 pm Tuesday: 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm 5:45 pm – 6:45 pm 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm 8:15 pm – 9:15 pm Wednesday: 6:45 pm – 7:45 am Thursday: 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm 5:45 pm – 6:45 pm 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm 8:15 pm – 9:15 pm Friday: 4:45 pm – 5:45 pm 5:45 pm – 6:45 pm

Peewee Bantam Initiation/Novice Atom Jr. Girls Sr. Girls Midget PeeWee Novice Atom Bantom Sr. Girls Midget Initiation Jr. Girls

Information and registration forms can be found at:

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20 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

September 9, 2011

n Floor o s u c Fo With David Wilson s

Human-Powered Mountaineers visiting soon

Vinyl Flooring a higher grade product. You will get 3-times the floor quality… guaranteed! I often recommend vinyl flooring as it has a great price, looks amazing, has better installation, a better warranty and holds up to what life tracks over it. As a bonus, it can be repaired quickly and easily. Come see our showroom and large selection of flooring. You’re sure to find a great new look for your home.

There was a time when vinyl flooring seemed to last forever, and was considered a superior product. Now, the industry has come out with lowergrade products. I have used these products in the past and was never happy with how they held up. Vinyl flooring is one of the most cost-effective flooring choices for your home. The thing you want to keep in mind when shopping for vinyl flooring is simply to spend a little more on

Public Notice

(Next to Legacy Kitchens)

In order to proceed with construction of the next Phase of the Copper Horn Properties, the President of Copper Wolf Properties has ordered the sell out of the Copper Horn Village phase. The sales staff have been instructed to sell the remaining pre-recession inventory well below cost.

Brand New 2009 Condos

AT SELL OUT PRICES Copper Horn Village

Located at 7337 Prospector Ave Radium Hot Springs, BC is Radium’s most unique condo development Main floor units approximate 1175 sq.ft. 2 Bedroom, 2 Baths, ensuite with jetted tub and ceramic shower, top quality through out. Reg. price $249,000 plus Tax NOW

$160,500 including GST & PTT

Second floor units approximate 1175 sq.ft. 2 Bedroom, 2 Baths, ensuite with jetted tub and ceramic shower, top quality through out. Reg. price $269,000 plus Tax NOW

$171,200 including GST & PTT

Penthouse Units approximate 2150 sq.ft. Includes master and 2 huge bedrooms, den and loft. Superior quality, these unit have sold in the $600,000s NOW

The Human-Powered Mountaineers are coming to town and they are holding a slide show in partnership with the Community Greenhouse and Groundswell. Justene Sweet and Christopher Bangs, A.K.A the Human-Powered Mountaineers, have a mission to climb mountains completely under their own power, all the way from their own doorstep. To accomplish this they incorporate bicycles to get them from their homes to the trailheads, and then start climbing from there. This year’s expedition has taken them from their home in Bozeman, Montana, to the Bugaboos here in B.C. “It is really exciting for us to be in the middle of a three month endurance challenge that is promoting organic food and then for us to be in this town of Invermere ,” said Christopher. “The town is

#4 - 492 Arrow Road Invermere, BC #4 - 9994 Arrow Rd.

#4 - 9994 Arrow Rd.

#4 - 9994 Arrow Rd. (Next to Legacy Kitchens)

Submitted by Christopher Bangs Human-Powered Mountaineers

$321,000 including GST & PTT

These Mountain Condos are priced for immediate sale only. All offers must be accompanied by 25% deposit cheque to the Vender’s lawyer in trust. BC Strata Act regulations apply. First come first served, sorry no holds. No better deals. Investors most welcome, register realtors referral protection.

Phone Numbers: Radium 250-342-1725 Calgary 403-809-4372, Edmonton 780-387-1136 Fax: 250-347- 9284 Email: P.O. Box 13 Radium Hot Springs, BC. VOA 1M0

(Next to Legacy Kitchens)

leading the way in local food education in B.C. with its Community Greenhouse at David Thompson Secondary School.” Justene and Christopher’s three month human-powered endurance expedition is a way to raise awareness of local organic farming and raw foods. As vegan and vegetarian athletes they are leading the way among a new breed of outdoor adventurers with their people-powered style. Come see an exciting slide show about two crazy mountain climbers who are doing more than just climbing up the mountains. Half of the proceeds of the event will be donated to Groundswell and the Community Greenhouse. The Human-Powered Mountaineer slide show will be held on September 22nd at 7 p.m., in the Dave Thompson Secondary School Theatre. Tickets are $5 at the door with prizes and a door raffle from local sponsors up for grabs.

Fall Special Now On! Includes unlimited gym and women only room, yoga, fitness and indoor cycling classes.

1 Year Membership $40 per Month Adult $36 per Month Student/ Senior *HST included. Offer expires October 1st, 2011.

Year Memberships can be put ‘on hold’ while you are away.

Call 342-2131 or visit for more information.

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 21

September 9, 2011

Ride along with the Columbia Valley RCMP By Kate Irwin Pioneer Staff Some cops fuel their shift with doughnuts, others prefer coffee, but for Corporal Brent Ayers, of the Columbia Valley RCMP, it’s Slurpees. This is what leads us to the Invermere gas station as our first port of call during my police ride along on the evening of Saturday September 3rd. As we cruise down Athalmer Hill pedestrians and drivers cheerily wave at us passing by. “I don’t consider myself a high profile person, but you are once the uniform’s on and you’re driving a police vehicle you become so,” Brent says. “People will slow down in front of you or watch you go past and keep an eye on how you’re driving, or just wave.” It’s easy to see why those who have interacted with Brent might wave. His relentlessly cheerful manner sees people gravitate towards us all night, whether flagging us down to ask for a screwdriver, or peering in to see who is driving the vehicle and offer a friendly greeting. But even during a couple-of-minutes stop at the gas station, when he gets back into the vehicle Brent’s ‘spider sense’ is tingling. We stop to run the licence plate of a vehicle he spotted with a known cocaine dealer at the wheel. “Even though we probably won’t get anything — yep, there you go, it’s a rental,” he tells me, peering at his on-board computer. “Still, we’ve had word that something is happening with the dealers in town; there have been threats, so we’re keeping an eye on the situation.” As we head towards Lake Enid, the radio crackles and we catch scattered details of the search for the second of two pilots whose gliders collided in mid-air over Mount Swansea earlier. While we patrol the lake, most of the RCMP on shift are dealing with the tragedy. The remaining officer, Christine Steffler, is called to Fairmont to deal with a man stumbling along the highway, who is in danger of being hit by passing cars. After checking in at a few backcountry locations

where miniature communities have sprung up, our off-road vehicle is needed up at Mount Swansea. We switch to a regular police cruiser and run through the on-board equipment as the sun sets. “We have a shotgun mounted,” Brent informs me, gesturing above our heads. “No bullets in the chamber, obviously. Then one of our main tools is the radio — we can switch through different repeaters on different mountains. It seldom lets us down.” The times have changed since Brent’s father Norm Ayers served his 36 years with the RCMP. One of the modern additions to the vehicle is the on-board computer. After Corporal Brent Ayers, Columbia Valley RCMP.  Photo by Kate Irwin 21 years of service himself, Brent is less attached to this than some newer members, “That incident will stay in our system and if anything he tells me, but as all calls are dispatched via the com- else should happen with that individual in the next 72 puter, some technical knowledge is essential. hours it will flag it up,” Brent explains. “Even if you don’t Along with the in-vehicle kit of flares, fire extinguish- catch somebody doing something at that time, it can help er, a spike strip and more, all officers carry over 40 pounds to piece together a timeline of where they’ve been.” of equipment with them including a side-arm, baton, By now it’s 11 p.m. and the RCMP have had five micuffs and the mandatory bulletproof vest. nor calls since the Mount Swansea incident. Compared We are cruising down the highway between Dry to two or three years back, this is a very quiet holiday Gulch and Invermere when we get our first taste of ac- weekend, Brent informs me. tion. A passing vehicle without trailer lights catches Back to downtown Invermere and people are headBrent’s attention and on come our lights and sirens as he ing towards the bars. It’s a spot the police will patrol at spins the car around and follows them down the street. regular intervals throughout the night, as alcohol-fuelled “Most drivers know when they’re doing something incidents are common. Brent asks a couple of groups who wrong so they usually stop,” he says as the vehicle compli- are drinking on the streets to empty out alcohol and they antly pulls off the side of the road and halts. “Even in rural comply, but the rest of the night remains quiet. policing though you have to think tactically at all times We spend the next three hours cruising through town and expect that someone might want to hurt or kill you.” and at 2 a.m. the three police vehicles converge around Rural policing has filled Brent’s career, with place- Bud’s Bar to handle last call and kick-out time. Although ments at six different rural detachments including Fort we encounter some interesting alcohol-fuelled, mid-road St. James and the valley, where he’s been for six years. acrobatics and a string of intoxicated people wandering Everything checks out with the driver and cargo, so over for a chat, by 2:30 a.m. the town is put to bed and with a verbal warning about lights they are on their way. we’re headed home.

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Screened Top Soil Sales & Delivery

• Bedding Sand • Drain Rock • 3/4 Crush Gravel • Landscaping Rock

Don Mcintosh

Box 2505, Invermere, BC V0A 1K0

Ph: 250-342-1377


• Screened Topsoil • Sand & Gravel • Subdivision Development

“For all your dirt-moving needs”



This program will offer planned, age-appropriate, hands-on learning curriculum.

All Head Start Programming is built upon Six Key Components:

Culture and Language, Education, Health Promotion, Nutrition, Parent and Family Involvement and Social Support. If you are interested in this program, please express your intent by phoning Kathleen or Maxine at: 250 342 6331.

22 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

September 9, 2011

Sasquatches investigated near park By Joshua Estabrooks Pioneer Staff Deep in the backcountry, near the border of Kootenay and Banff National Parks, resides a mythical creature of the forest. The existence of Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch or Yeti, has fascinated and occupied many an

intrepid explorer for as long as man has existed. Although most people are skeptical of their existence, there are some who have dedicated their lives to the search for, and protection of, these guardians of the forest. None more so than Calgary resident, Todd Standing, who has recently come out of the online shadows with what he believes is definitive video evidence from


Open House

WHAT IS NEXT FOR LAKE WINDERMERE? Come to the open house on September 20th to find out! In accordance with recommendations from the Lake Windermere Management Plan, the Regional District of East Kootenay and the District of Invermere are considering the creation of new regulatory measures to zone the surface of the lake and protect the lake foreshore. The meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss the management and development of Lake Windermere with elected officials and staff. Come learn about what we hope to achieve and why zoning may be necessary. You can help to identify issues and opportunities by telling us what you want and don’t want to see on the lake and along the foreshore. Information at the meeting will be provided on: • • • • •

Current foreshore development regulations Recommendations from the Lake Windermere Management Plan Surface Water Zoning Information Foreshore & Aquatic Development Permit Areas Information How to get involved in the process

The meeting will be held at: Pynelogs Cultural Centre 1720 4th Avenue, Invermere Tuesday, September 20, 2011 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm For further information, please contact Karen MacLeod, Planner, at 250-489-0313, toll free at 1-888-478-7335 or email The Open House will be hosted by the RDEK and the District of Invermere


Main Office Phone: 250-489-2791 Toll Free: 1-888-478-7335 Columbia Valley Office Phone: 250-342-0063 Email: Website:

his research area deep in the parks. Mr. Standing began his research as a skeptic, but said what he experienced in the woods while out on expeditions with those who believed in the creature’s existence over the years has converted him into a believer. He spearheaded a petition that went to the Federal government, seeking protection of the species once they are proven to exist, and has been most recently working with a number of television shows that have been after his footage for some time. Even with the video, photo, footprint casts and even DNA evidence he has collected during his epic and dangerous backcountry excursions, he said the only proof that will convince the scientific community and the government beyond a shadow of a doubt is a significant piece of a Sasquatch body that has expired within the last 20 years. This would be the Holy Grail, he said, but until that day he will continue to travel into the woods, saying he is willing to take anyone who can handle the terrain and want to see the creatures for themselves. The expeditions are grueling and dangerous, Mr. Standing explained, as the terrain the Sasquatch reside in is extremely difficult to traverse, and also contains numerous grizzly bears, cougars, and other large predators. He has been charged by bears before and more often then not he exits the woods without seeing the Bigfoot, he reported. “The sentinels, or day-watchers, that watch over the main group of Bigfoot, go to the highest points and triangulate themselves around the colony,” he explained. “I’ve never successfully got close enough to get past the watchers. I basically can get close enough to catch them on video running away from me back to the main group.” These fleeting encounters have not discouraged Mr. Standing however, and with the recent attention by Paranormal Investigator, Joshua P. Warren, the program Finding Bigfoot, Fact or Fiction, and a possible entire series with Survivorman, Les Stroud in preliminary discussions, he is hoping to get the word out. His research group is offering a $2 million reward to anyone who can bring in the definitive evidence needed to prove the existence of the species and help protect it. is Mr. Standing’s website, and he said the goal of his group is to connect researchers and believers in an effort to ethically introduce civilization to the creatures, which is why there is an initial need for confidentiality and discretion. “Every time I come back from a successful expedition scientists and researchers from China and Russia all fly in. I show them my videos and we discuss them. I had a primatologist just jump on board recently and he’s got real hands-on experience with gorillas and chimps, so he helps us analyze what we observe.” Story continued on page 23...

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 23

September 9, 2011

Box 159, 8853 Grainger Rd., Canal Flats, B.C. V0B 1B0 Phone: 250-349-5462 • Fax: 250-349-5460 •

ADVANCE ELECTOR REGISTRATION Are you eligible to vote at the November elections for the Village of Canal Flats? Is your name on the current list of electors? If you are not sure you can find out by calling or visiting the Village of Canal Flats office at 8853 Grainger Rd (250) 349-5462. The office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). Advance elector registrations will be accepted at the Village of Canal Flats office until September 27th , 2011. With the exception of registrations on voting days, elector registrations will not be accepted during the period September 28 to November 19TH, 2011.


age 18 or older; and a Canadian citizen; and a resident of British Columbia for at least 6 months immediately before the day of registration; and a resident of the Village of Canal Flats for at least 30 days immediately before the day of registration; and not disqualified by any enactment from voting in an election or otherwise disqualified by law.


...continued from page 22

“As soon as Bigfoot is proven to exist, which requires a significant body part, the Canadian government will immediately move to protect them based on our work, and forestry officers will be forced to go up and find their domiciles and start protecting them immediately.” Until that day, however, Mr. Standing said he is contemplating giving up on trying to gather any more superficial evidence, like videos or hair samples, as no matter how much he collects, it will never be enough for the skeptics. He has decided to teach others what he has learned, and said he will continue to risk his life in the woods studying the fascinating creatures, whether or not people believe his claims. “Despite Kootenay and Banff National Park’s extensive backcountry wildlife monitoring program, our cameras and researchers have been unsuccessful in recording any images or other evidence of this elusive creature,” said Lindsay McPherson, Parks Canada Public Relations and Communications Officer. “Throughout the decades, since Kootenay’s establishment in 1920 and Banff National Park in 1885, Bigfoot has also managed to evade all backcountry wardens, producing no documented sightings. “However, should Mr. Standing manage to produce any conclusive evidence of this rare (mythical) species, Parks Canada will work with him to ensure its protection within the parks boundaries.”

• • •

age 18 or older; and a Canadian citizen; and a resident of British Columbia for at least 6 months immediately before the day of registration; and a registered owner of real property in the Village of Canal Flats for at least 30 days immediately before the day of registration; and not entitled to register as a resident elector; and not disqualified by any enactment from voting in an election or otherwise disqualified by law; and if there is more than one registered owner of the property, only one of those individuals may, with the written consent of the majority of the owners, register as a non-resident property elector.

Non-resident property electors who do not register in advance will be required to obtain a “certificate to register” prior to the time of voting or on voting day.

LIST OF REGISTERED ELECTORS Beginning October 4th , 2011 until the close of general voting for the election on November 19th , 2011, a copy of the list of registered electors will, upon signature, be available for public inspection, at the Village of Canal Flats office at 8853 Grainger Rd. in Canal Flats, during regular office hours, Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays. An elector may request that their address or other information about them be omitted from or obscured on the list of electors.

OBJECTION TO REGISTRATION OF AN ELECTOR SASQUATCH— Top, One of the “day-watchers” keeping a lookout over a Bigfoot colony deep in the backcountry of Kootenay and Banff National Parks, captured on film by Mr. Standing. This screen shot comes from a high resolution video clip he claims to be an authentic sighting of the legendary Sasquatch. Bottom, Mr. Standing during an expedition to study the elusive Bigfoot.  Photos courtesy of Todd Standing and

An objection to the registration of a person whose name appears on the list of registered electors may be made in accordance with the Local Government Act until 4:00 pm on October 14th, 2011. An objection must be in writing and may only be made by a person entitled to be registered as an elector of the Village of Canal Flats and can only be made on the basis that the person whose name appears has died or is not qualified to be registered as an elector of the Village of Canal Flats.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION on these matters, the following persons may be contacted: Gloria Perry, Chief Election Officer at 349-5462

24 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

September 9, 2011

GRAND Re-Opening Celebration at… It’s Our








SATURDAY SEPT. 17th 11 AM - 2 PM


All donations to the Kimberley Sea Horse Swim Club!

No purchase necessary

THE DRIVE – 102.9 FM ~ ON LOCATION SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17TH – ENTER TO WIN DOOR PRIZES! *All prices include rebates and loyalty if applicable * All prices subject to $242.50 Doc Fee and applicable taxes.

1142 – 304th Street, Kimberley, B.C. V1A 3E1

KIMBERLEY (250) 427-4895 CRANBROOK (250) 489-2525 W H E R E








Make a short drive to


HOURS OF OPERATION MONDAY - FRIDAY 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. SATURDAY 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to


the dealer who cares!

w w w. c h a l e t g m . c o m

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 25

September 9, 2011

Valley residents place well in grueling Spartan Race series in Calgary By Joshua Estabrooks Pioneer Staff It takes place all over the world, and involves running up steep hills, jumping through fire and pushing one’s mind and body to the limit. The Spartan Race Series has been growing in popularity internationally, and has just recently started holding events in Canada. On August 20th, 15 local fitness buffs traveled to Calgary to compete in a five-kilometre, high-intensity race in Canada Olympic Park. They are all clients of Jolaine and Brandon Bloom’s fitness training business, Endeavor Fitness, and Jolaine said she is very proud of each of them for their achievements. “We entered as a team, but we all recorded our own individual results,”she said. “Competing in the race was my husband’s idea, but we opened it up to our clients because it relates to the type of training we do in our gym.” Around 1,200 competitors took part in the race, including military personnel, firefighters, police officers, cross-fit competitors and the general public. Their group of fifteen were competing against 708 other cross-fit trainees, consisting of 424 men and 284 women. Every racer was tracked with a device attached to their ankle, and if they couldn’t complete an obstacle they had to do 25 burpees, which are a full body exercise which includes a squat, pushup and jumping jack all in one motion. “Some of the obstacles were mental exercises like remembering numbers while you’re physically exerting yourself,” said Jolaine. “The first obstacle was jumping through fire, and the second one was crawling underneath a tarp, which was really hot.” Other obstacles included blowing up a balloon while out of breath, carrying 40 pound buckets uphill, crawling through mud, barbed wire, and avoiding fully armored gladiators who tried to prevent competitors from crossing the finish line. Once the dust settled, four local ladies had finished

READY FOR A CHALLENGE — The group of local athletes from Endeavor Fitness before embarking on the grueling five-kilometre Spartan Race in Calgary.  Photo submitted in the top seven, with Deanna Empey taking first place in the female category and 5th out of all the competitors who took part. The official results are as follows: For the ladies, out of 283 competitors, Deanna Empey placed 1st among the women (5th overall), Luraina Oddy placed 3rd, Phoebe McLarty placed 5th, Jolaine Bloom placed 7th, Ellen Kelly placed 35th, Emily Pur-

cell placed 57th, Meaghan Shouse placed 97th, Alana Coterall placed 104th, Sarah Miller placed 138th, and Jami Scheffer placed 144th. Out of 424 men who competed, Greg Dubois placed 21st, Shane McKay placed 45th, Rob Evans placed 73rd, Brandon Bloom placed 93rd, Ryan Wagner placed 106th and Marc LeBlanc placed 222nd.

Jennifer and Bruce Dunlop, along with big brother Ryker are delighted to announce the arrival of

Ryan James Dunlop

Born August 18th, 2011 in Cranbrook

Don’t Miss an Issue! N E W S PA P E R

Read us online:

26 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

September 9, 2011


914 – 8th Avenue, PO Box 339 Invermere, BC V0A 1K0 Tel: (250) 342-9281 • Fax: (250) 342-2934


of Watermain Flushing The municipality will be flushing its community water system during the months of September and October. This program, carried out twice yearly, is necessary to maintain the quality of our water supply. There may be some short interruptions in the water service and temporary discoloration of water as a result of the sediment and organic materials that are being flushed from the water mains. During this period, disinfection by chlorination will be continued. To assist the Public Works Department during the flushing operation, users are advised that if they are experiencing persistent discoloration problems with the water, to immediately notify the Municipal Office and explain the nature of the problem. The District apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this operation. For further information, please telephone the municipal office at 250-342-9281.

There’s a reason they’re called “CLASSY”. Pioneer Classifieds…


Phone: (250) 341-6299 • Fax: (250) 341-6229 • Email:

Fairmont Pioneer 20110613.indd 1

Stopping shots and taking names The Invermere Warriors goalie, Mark Koebel, did well at protecting the net during tournament play against the Puck Hawgs on Saturday, September 3rd. The Warriors hosted the 28th annual Oldtimers’ Hockey Tournament on September 2nd, 3rd and 4th, which culminated in a dinner and dance for participants and spectators.  Photo by Joshua Estabrooks

13/6/11 12:00:48

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 27

September 9, 2011

Aboriginal film screenings and workshops at Akisqnuk

Village of Radium Hot Springs NOTICE OF PROPOSED OFFICIAL COMMUNITY PLAN AND ZONING AMENDMENTS Notice is hereby given that the Council of the Village of Radium Hot Springs is considering amendments to the Zoning Bylaw and Official Community Plan (OCP). The proposed bylaws (Numbers 381 and 382) will affect the following property as shown in bold below, with the following zoning changes. Property description:

By Joshua Estabrooks Pioneer Staff The Akisqnuk First Nation will be hosting a film night for interested residents on Tuesday, September 20th, at the Akisqnuk First Nation Hall at 7 p.m. The World Anew is a project presented by Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society, based in Vancouver, that explores contemporary First Nations film through three main components: a touring film screening, mentored youth film production workshops, and an interactive website. Audiences are invited to experience The World Anew through short films by six Aboriginal filmmakers. These films celebrate a multitude of First Nations identities in Canada, as well as past and current indigenous forms of exchange through diverse forms and genres — from documentary, to narrative, to experimental. Filmmakers and selected films include: Cry Rock by Banchi Hanuse (Nuxal); Ktunaxa: Our First Voices by Zoe Leigh Hopkins (Heiltsuk/Mohawk); Shi-Shi-Etko by Kate Kroll and Marilyn Thomas (Saulteaux); Friend or Foe by Terrance Houle (Blood Tribe); Firebear

Called them Faith Healers by Kelvin Redvers (MÊtis – DenÊ); and Apanatschie and her Redheaded Wrestler by Bear Witness, (Cayuga Six Nations). The World Anew will tour nine locations in B.C.’s Interior, Kootenay and Ktunaxa regions, with youth film production workshops scheduled for Vancouver, Nelson, and Windermere/Akisqnuk First Nation. The program is accompanied by curators Jennifer Cane and Marilyn Thomas (Saulteaux), who will lead a postscreening question and answer. Entry to the workshop is by donation. Also at Akisqnuk, on September 24th, Cineworks will be holding free youth workshops entitled New Now. The workshops are open to ages 12-20 and are part of The World Anew initiative exploring contemporary First Nations film. They are open to both Native or nonNative youth. Young filmmakers will learn different methods for storytelling on-screen and basic lighting and set technique. Youths who take part in the workshops will create a short piece for broadcast on the New Now website. To register for the workshop, call 604-685-3841 or e-mail

• Lot 1, Plan NEP77300, District Lot 486, Kootenay District PID 026-172-950

The property is currently within the Mixed Commercial/Residential land use zone in the OCP and zoned in the Zoning Bylaw as C2 – Pedestrian Commercial/Residential. The proposed rezoning will downzone the current land use zone to Multiple Family Residential in the OCP and change the zoning to R-3 Multi Family Residential. A PUBLIC HEARING on the proposed Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 381 and the Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 382 will be held: SEPTEMBER 14th, 2011 AT 7:00 P.M. RADIUM FIREHALL 4878 RADIUM BLVD. RADIUM HOT SPRINGS, B.C.

All persons who believe that their interest in property is affected by the proposed bylaw may submit written presentations to the Village of Radium Hot Springs, PO Box 340, Radium Hot Springs, BC, V0A 1M0 or Fax: 250-347-9068 prior to the date and time of the hearing. Submissions will not be received after the public hearing has been adjourned. The full bylaws and zoning map may be inspected at the Village Office, 4836A Radium Blvd., during regular office hours. For further information, contact 250-347-6455. Arne Dohlen, Approvals Officer

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Pioneer Classifieds s obituary s James Ralph Johnston January 30th, 1917 - August 18th, 2011 James Ralph Johnston died of age-related causes on August 18th, 2011, at the age of 94. Ralph is survived by his wife Caroline; and former wife Joan; sister Joy; daughters Lynne and Trish; son in law Dietmar; step-children Douglas, Judy, Jay, Nancy; Susan, David and Stephen; grandchildren Allison, Jordan, Courtenay, Simon and Kurt and great-grandchildren Grace, Joy, Addison, Zion and Eden as well as many other extended family members and friends. He was predeceased by his sister Doreen, wife Rhoda and daughter Sheila. Ralph was born on January 30th, 1917, and raised in the Invermere valley. His family homesteaded “Comfort Ranch” until 1926, when they moved into Invermere after Henry Ford made breeding carriage horses unprofitable. Graduating from high school in 1935, Ralph set off to the University of British Columbia, where he graduated from with a degree in Forestry Engineering. He was immediately hired by the B.C. Forest Service. In 1942, Ralph joined the Royal Canadian Air Force, where he served in Manitoba, training young navigators for the concerted bombing raids over Germany rather than flying overseas as he had planned. After his military service, Ralph returned to the B.C. Forest Service rising through the ranks to serve as Assistant District Forester in Kamloops and District Forest Manager in Prince Rupert, Nelson and Kamloops, until retiring in Kamloops after 40 years of service. A consummate outdoorsman, he delighted in sharing his love of nature and vast knowledge of the natural world with his family. As a result, none of us will ever light a campfire with more than one match or have an artificial Christmas tree and most of us know how to find tiny, wild strawberries and can name several species of conifers. In his retirement years, Ralph was a square dancing enthusiast. He also enjoyed his many years of Rotary Club fellowship and supported its international mission. A life-long believer, he was a regular attendee of both the Salvation Army and Hills of Peace Lutheran churches.

s obituary s Honny Wenger Allen 1923-2011

Honny, the latest surviving child of Christian & Frieda Wenger, passed away Sunday, August 28th at the Joseph Creek Care Village where she resided for the last 18 months. Honny Wenger was born December 21st, 1923 in Bern, Switzerland. The Wenger family emigrated to Canada in 1937 settling in the Invermere valley where she met and married John A. Jones (Jack). They lived in what was then a small and close-knit community where they raised their family. As a homemaker during her childrens’ early years, Honny’s focus was on her family and she was actively involved in her community. A faithful & loyal friend, bonds were formed that remained intact for a lifetime. Eventually as happens with many families there were changes in Honny’s life. She met & married Loren Allen in 1978, relocating to Edmonton until his retirement in 1992, when they established a new home in Cranbrook so Honny could once again be close to friends and family, which now included many grandchildren, all of whom brought her great joy. As well she had strong ties with her extended family in Switzerland where she returned many times. Honny was predeceased by her husband Loren in 1999, her parents Christian & Freida Wenger as well as her siblings: Nelly, Christian, Sepp, Herb, Yolande, John, Erika and Othmar. She is survived by all of her children: Peter, Sonya, Kathy, Frank & Wayne, and many great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Honny brought joy, compassion and laughter into the lives of those she touched during her life journey. She will be sadly missed & will forever hold a special place in the hearts of many. Honny will be laid to rest along with her beloved brother (also recently deceased) and their mother Frieda Wenger, on Saturday, September 24th. A small service will be held at Mount View Cemetery in Invermere.

Condolences may be expressed at

At 2 p.m. nephew Cliff & wife Linda will host a “Celebration of Life” at their home in Invermere. Cliff and Linda, well known & loved by their family & community alike have been instrumental in keeping the extended Wenger family informed, in touch & together throughout the years. Once again they have generously offered their support, time and home so our family can bid farewell to Othmar & Honny, the last surviving Wenger family members of their generation here in Canada. Those willing to remember Honny & Othmar can make a donation to the Alzheimer’s Society.

~ Gone are the days we used to share, but in our hearts you’re always there. ~

Pioneer Classified Advertising 250-341-6299

His family extends heartfelt thanks to all the staff at Berwick for their excellent, expert, and loving care of Ralph in his last year. Ralph’s funeral was held at Hills of Peace Lutheran Church in Kamloops at 11 a.m., on September 3rd, 2011. A reception at the church immediately followed the service. Ralph was a strong proponent of charitable giving; in lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the donor’s favourite charity.

• • • •

Phone: 250-341-6299 Fax: 250-341-6229 Email:



Moving sale (final)!

Saturday, Sept. 10th, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. at Christ Church Trinity. 1107th Ave. All proceeds go to the outreach program in Nicaragua.

Saturday, Sept. 10th, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. #143-4909 Ridge Rd. Radium Ridge Condos. Desk with hutch, recumbent exercise bike, ladies clothing, household & sporting items, etc. Call 250-341-1478 to view earlier.

Saturday, Sept. 10th, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. 23-640 Upper Lake View Rd. Household items, misc. items, and much more.

s obituary s Aileen Jeune Rosemary Snyder January 25th, 1928 – August 11th, 2011 It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of our mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and friend Aileen Snyder on August 11th, 2011. Aileen was born to parents Alfred & Dorothy Powell in Portsmouth, England where she lived with her family that included her brother Trevor. During the Second World War, at the age of 14, Aileen met Canadian soldier and future husband, Ralph Snyder. Aileen and Ralph were married July 6th, 1945. At six months pregnant, Aileen arrived in Edgewater in the spring of 1946, after a travelling adventure that included taking a ship across the Atlantic Ocean to Halifax and then a train virtually across our great country to Golden. Aileen and Ralph spent the next 25 years between Edgewater and Nakusp where they raised their five children until Ralph’s untimely death in 1970. Aileen moved from Nakusp to Edgewater with her three youngest children in 1971. She remained in and around the valley off and on over the years with stops in Elkford, Creston and Nakusp before settling in Invermere for the final time. Aileen was not afraid to make a decision when she believed it would make life better for her and her children. She had a knack for making something out of nothing and making a house a home with colours, flowers and the wonderful smells of homemade bread, jams, and wonderful meals. She was caring and giving and would have loved to have been a nurse. While small in stature, her heart and will were large. She would share what she had those who were less fortunate. Aileen is survived by her sons Mick, Len (Linda), Lawrence and daughter Shelley. She is also survived by her grandchildren Dwayne (Kristy), Murray (Yvonne), Marina (Brian), Aaron (Harmony), Cade and Bryan and great-grandchildren Stephanie, Zach, Kyle, Evan, Todd and Shayne. Aileen is predeceased by her parents, brothers, husband, Ralph and son Ruston. The family wishes to thank the ambulance attendants and medical staff at the Invermere Hospital for all their efforts to bring Aileen back to us. Come and celebrate Aileen’s life at the Edgewater Legion on Saturday, September 10th, 2011 from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 33

September 9, 2011


IN Memoriam


In Loving Memory of

DaVID Sawchuck It broke our hearts to lose you, You did not go alone, For part of us went with you, The day God called you home. You left us beautiful memories, Your love is still our guide. And though we cannot see you, You are always at our side. Our family chain is broken and Nothing seems the same, But as God calls us one by one, The chain will link again. Love & Miss You! Betty, Don, Darlene, Lynda & families.





Moving sale

Windy Café . . .

Cheers to our good friends and family for the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party! Love, Polly & Joe.


Everything must go! Saturday, Sept. 10th, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 11th 9 a.m. – 12 noon. 898 Timbermont Rd., Timber Ridge Phase Three, Invermere. Furniture, accessories, TV, stereo. 403888-0994. Saturday, Sept. 10th and Sunday, Sept. 11th, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. 1090 Swansea Rd. - Rock Shop.

Please call 250-341-6299 to place your classified ad.

s obituary s

Susan Ellen Davidson March 2, 1961 – August 31, 2011 It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of Susan Ellen Davidson (Sue-Ann) at 50 years of age. Sue-Ann was born in York, Ontario and lived in Invermere for the last twenty years of her life. She is survived by her beloved sons Brandon and Leland, parents Elmer and Nat, sisters Lynn (Jamie-Lee and Matthew), Dianne, Christine (Searl), and brother Lee (Brenda, Justin, Thomas). Sue-Ann was a free spirit who enjoyed working with youths and taking others under her wing. She will always be remembered as having a kind heart and generous nature. A private family service has already taken place. There’s magic in a Mother’s touch, And sunshine in her smile. There’s love in everything she does To make our lives worthwhile. We can find both hope and courage Just by looking in her eyes. Her laughter is a source of joy, Her words are warm and wise. There is a kindness and compassion To be found in her embrace, And we see the light of heaven Shining from a Mother’s face.

is now open for lunch from 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. and dinner as always from 5-9 p.m. Enjoy 10% off all orders. Alcoholics Anonymous. Open to all. Regular meetings of the Columbia Valley A.A. are held at 8 p.m. Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the far end of the Service B.C. building, 625-4th Street, Invermere. The Radium Friendship Group meets at 8 p.m. Friday at the Catholic Church, east side of Main Street, Radium. Call 250-342-2424 for more info. Al-Anon. Are you concerned about or affected by someone else’s drinking? If so, please join us. Al-Anon meets EVERY Monday in Invermere at 7:15 p.m. at the Canadian Martyrs Catholic Church, 712 – 12th Ave (behind the Invermere hospital). For information, please call Carol at 250-347-9841. Living Scarecrows: please meet at the entrance to Windermere Elementary School by 10:15 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 10th, to parade to the Windermere Fall Fair.

LOST AND FOUND Found: Sept. 3rd at Art from the Attic sale – 2 pairs of glasses. Claim them at the Thrift Store. Found: feather necklace. Call 250341-6299 to claim. Found: Canon Camera at Triathlon. Call 250-341-6299 to claim. Los:t Kayak paddle at Kinsmen Beach (black handle, yellow paddle). If found please call 250342-4401.

CHEERS & JEERS Jeers to the business for destroying habitat and digging 10 ft. holes on the north side of Cartwright Lake. Cheers to the individual who found my keys and placed them on the fence post where I could find them.

Jeers to the lowlife who stole a handicap permit from a widow of 76 suffering from emphysema. Cheers to Al Miller and his staff at Home Hardware – you were fantastic on Saturday, taking so much of your time to help us with the patio furniture. Made my birthday even more special! We wouldn’t shop anywhere else! Thanks again. Cheers to Chris Williams, Bud Dearin, and Glen Sage for helping a couple of stranded campers at Hall Lake. We couldn’t have made it home without you! Cheers to the people who did a great job organizing last weekend’s ball tournament. Jeers to those of you who forgot the tournament was for fun. Cheers to Andy at Invermere Exhaust for taking such great care of my old Jeep. The totally custom exhaust you installed rocks! Cheers to Laura and Amber at the Chalkboard Café on Thursday and Friday. You girls are amazing! Jeers to the plans to install wireless smart meters that may be hazardous to our health instead of allowing me to have a wired meter installed.

STORAGE You own it, we can store it! Secure, fenced compounds any size up to one acre. Secure containers available. Would also build building to suit for long-term tenant. Zoned heavy industrial. Invermere Industrial Park. Phone 250-3425297, 250-346-3011 or 250-3422100.

STORAGE SPACE Assorted sizes, easy access, immediate availability, long-term or short-term. Deck Properties Warehouse, Industrial Park, 250342-3166.

Various sizes available. Now with climate. Controlled units. Call 250-342-3637.

COMMERCIAL SPACE Rent/Sell approximately 2400 sq. ft. between Home Renovation Center & Fitz Flooring. For more information please call Lorne @ 250-270-0102. For rent approx. 870 sq. ft. Behind the Dry Cleaners. $390/month + HST, power, and utilities. Available immediately. Helga Boker 250342-6790. For lease, approximately 2800 sq. ft. Across from the Invermere Post Office. Contact Gordon at 250-3429271. Commercial Space adjacent to new Canadian Tire. 1000 sq. ft. $1,000/ month triple net. Call 250-3423790.

SHARED ACCOMMODATION Private room w/ cable, phone, laundry access, internet, and all utilities included, $400/month + $200 DD, N/P, 250-342-4020. Room for rent in Invermere – Available September for female roommate. N/S, N/P, large bdrm with cable, wireless internet, furnished if needed. Also with shared laundry and kitchen in beautiful log home. $400/month includes all utilities. Call 250342-1010. Room(s) for rent near family home. Suitable for 1 or 2 people. $400/month + ¼ Hydro. Includes internet access, N/S, N/P. Available Oct. 1st. 250-342-3399.

SUITE FOR RENT Radium: nice, bright, 1-bdrm suite close to D/T. $650/month including utilities. 250-347-6420.


Bright, new walkout 1-bdrm basement suite in Radium. Furnished, W/D, in suite, full kitchen, wireless internet, N/S, N/P. Available Oct. 1st. $700/month includes utilities and furniture rental. Call 250-341-1454 or CARRIAGE COURT APARTMENTS: Conveniently located behind Sobeys within walking distance to downtown. 2-bdrm townhouse units, outside entrance. Sliding glass doors open onto balcony, overlooking private courtyard. Fireplace and W/D included in each unit. Long-term preferred, NP. Utilities not included. $850/ month. Available immediately, 250-342-0838. 2-bdrm apartments, D/T Invermere. Clean, quiet units, parking, walk to everything. Start at $775/month, N/S, references required, D/W, W/D hookups. Call Dennis, 250-3426912. RADIUM – Bachelor – 1-bdrm2-bdrm fully-furnished units. 1-3 bdrm unfurnished apt. Rent includes heat, hydro, cable, and parking. DD required. N/S, pets possible. Call Joan at 250-3427517 for more information and availability. 2 upper level, 2-bdrm suites recently renovated with 4 appliances, large deck, $700/ month. Each available immediately in Windermere. 4 plex, large yard, views of lake, separate entrances, ample parking and just 3 blocks from the beach. Call or text 403803-4540 or call 403-241-8598 or 3-bdrm, 1-bath large upper suite in Black Forest Heights. $1,100/ month includes utilities W/D, D/W. DD and references required. N/S preferred. Available immediately. Call 250-342-9025.

34 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

September 9, 2011




Large 1-bdrm 1-bath, W/D, N/S, N/P, extra storage. Available Sept. 1st. $700/month includes hydro. Call 250-342-6607.

Invermere, huge, bright, 2-bdrm main floor suite with extra-large fenced yard. Nice wood burning stove. All appliances (shared W/D). Central location. 2 blocks to D/T, schools, hospital; 3 blocks to grocery store and beach. Pets OK. N/S, Available Oct 1. $850/month + utilities. Call Grant 403-4931245.

New 1-bdrm basement suite at Fort Point. Separate entrance, new appliances, N/S, N/P. $750/month — utilities included except phone, Internet, cable. Call Sam: 403-5108143.

Large 3-bdrm in central location. 1,250 sq. ft. + large storage room. Available October 1st. $1,000/ month includes hydro, cable and Internet. Call Ken Becker 250-3421161. Lower level, 1-bdrm apartment. Fully furnished, private entrance, no animals, N/S. $600/month. Call 250-342-6738. Brand new, furnished, lower level suite for rent. 2-bdrm, 2-bath, lots of windows, bright and clean. Available immediately, N/S, N/P. $750/month + utilities. 250-3423790. Radium, 2-bdrm, 2-bath, unfurnished condo, includes utilities. N/S, N/P. Available October 1st. Contact 403-285-3417. For rent: Invermere, 1-bdrm, furnished, lower apartment. Private entrance, parking and yard. N/P, N/S, references required. $675/ month includes utilities, cable TV, and shared laundry. 250-341-6096. 1-bdrm, 1-bath basement suite, private entrance, N/S, N/P, $600/ month utilities, cable and wireless included. 250-341-5159. 1-bdrm suite at Condos on Tenth. Facing west, upper floor, quiet building. Guest suite is also available, including W/D and outside vehicle plug-in. Available immediately: $590/month + DD. Phone 250-342-2287. Invermere, large, bright, 2-bdrm basement suite with own entry. All appliances (shared W/D). Central location, 2 blocks to D/T. Schools, hospital, 3 blocks to grocery store and beach. Pets OK. N/S. Available Oct. 1st. $675/month + utilities. Call Grant 403-493-1245. Quiet, clean, partially furnished 1-bdrm basement suite in Invermere. Responsible single person (N/S, N/P). $600/month includes utilities & cable. 250-3420337.

Attractive newer walkout suite, optional 1 or 2-bdrm, modern compact design w/ wood and tile. 3 appliances, walk to D/T. Available immediately. $695/month and $795/month, plus hydro. Call Chris 250-342-3790. 2-bdrm, walkout, basement suite in Invermere. Year-round rental, close to beach and shared laundry. $650/month + partial utilities. N/S, references required, available October 1st. Call 250-342-9605 (evening) or 250-341-8754 (day). Invermere, 2-bdrm bright walkout suite. $875/month all inclusive: Hydro, utilities, W/D, Internet, facing south, huge yard, new appliances, large windows, tile floor, yard maintenance included. Cat or dog possible. Close to amenities, quiet person or couple, working or retired. Available Oct. 1st. 250-342-6899. Invermere, modern, furnished, bright 1-bdrm 600 sq. ft. basement suite. Full kitchen, bath, W/D. Single mature person required. $700/month includes utilities. Reduced rate for long term lease, N/S, N/P. Available early October. Phone 250-342-7662 or 250-3417246. 2-bdrm, 1.5-bath upper suite in Radium. Shared laundry and large back yard. $600/month + hydro + DD. Call 250-342-5193. Furnished 2-bdrm, 2-bath upper unit in Fairmont. Short walk to the river, fireplace, decks, Jacuzzi tub and new appliances makes this place feel like home. $1,075/ month + utilities. For pictures go to – Jenny Bueckert, Maxwell Realty, Invermere. Call 250-342-5711 or

Radium, brand new, furnished lower level suite for rent. 2-bdrm, 2-bath, lots of windows, bright and clean. Available immediately, N/S, N/P. $750/month + utilities. 250342-3790. 1-bdrm, lower level walkout suite. Lots of windows, close to D/T and beach, includes W/D, N/S. $825/ month utilities included. 250-3423790. Invermere 2-bdrm suite near schools in log home with laminate & tile floors. Includes W/D, fridge, stove, free cable & wireless Internet. Private entrance with lots of parking, N/S, N/P. $750/month + utilities + DD. Available October 1st. Call 250-342-1010. Available now, weekly or monthly, 2-bdrm, furnished suite, walk to town & beach. $799/month or weekly rates. 403-678-3087. E-mail Renovated 2-bdrm, 1-bath apartment in Invermere. Furnished & equipped. Hydro & cable included. Shared laundry. $875/ month. Call Ben Green, Green Door Property Management at 250-6880362. AD ID 308263495. Modern and clean, this spacious 2-bdrm + loft apartment is in a fourplex steps from Invermere’s main street. Comes unfurnished with laundry room, wrap around deck & garage. $1,100/month. Call Ben Green, Green Door Property Management at 250 688 0362. AD ID 304130934. New, large, sunny, furnished, lower 2-bdrm apartment in Windermere. $800/month utilities included. N/S, N/P, ref. and D/D required 250-3415937.

HOMES FOR RENT Windermere, 4-bdrm, 2-bath walkout with beautiful views on 3/4 of an acre. New carpet, paint, appliances, dual heat and spring water. $1,200/month + electricity. Call 403-669-6005 or Weekly vacation rental Sayulita Riviera Nayarit. Traditional 2-bdrm, 2-bath. Mexican house, very private, secure, large garden with pool. Contact Giselle: 250-688-1004. New Invermere 3-bdrm townhouse, 3 full bath, 5 appliances, hardwood floors, large deck, developed basement. Beautiful views, near Sobeys. Available August 1st. $1,140/month + utilities. 403703-0930. 3-bdrm house for rent in Radium Valley Vacation Resort. Available October 1st. Fully furnished and equipped. Rent includes electric, water, sewer, satellite TV and clubhouse privileges. $1,400/ month + $1,400 DD. 403-516-0744 or 2-bdrm, 2-bath fully furnished townhouse in Radium. N/S, N/P. $1,000/month. Available immediately. Call 403-237-4698 or 403-240-9357. 3-bdrm mobile home in Green Acres MHP. Beautiful large yard, new kitchen, siding, decks and roof. Must be seen to appreciate. No dogs allowed. $800/month + utilities. Call 250-342-1700 days or 250-347-9242 evenings. Fairmont/Columbia Ridge. 4-bdrm, 2-bath home with hardwood floors, large decks, 3-bay garage, N/S, pets considered. $1,500/ month + utilities. September 15th or October 1st. 250-688-0777.


Fully furnished executive 4-bdrm house in Fort Point with outstanding lake views. Available from September 1st , 2011 to June 15, 2012. $1,100 plus utilities, N/S. 250-342-6122.

Windermere, 4-bdrm, 3-bath home. Fully furnished, available Sept.-May. $920/month + utilities. Call 250-342-2135.

Bright 2-bdrm home in Athalmer. Large kitchen, F/S, W/D, yard, pets negotiable. $900/month includes utilities. 250-342-3841.



House sitting opportunity for 1 or 2 responsible people. Low rent, beautifully renovated, lake-front house, magnificent view and walking distance to town. Available Sept. 15th to June 2012. Call 250342-6421 or 403-251-5798.


In Wilmer, 2-3 bdrm mobile home with wood and propane heat, large fenced yard. $700/month. Sorry no dogs. 250-342-8377 after 6 p.m. Fully furnished Windermere areaIndian Beach Estates Vacation home for lease. Residence features magnificent and private panoramic views of Lake Windermere and the mountains. This 2200 sq. ft. 2 level home has 4 bedrooms, 2 bath, 2 fireplaces, living room, dining area, and cozy TV room. Outdoors requires little maintenance and features 2 decks of which one is a very large wraparound. Only minutes to the lake. Comes not only furnished but includes all dishes, cutlery, linens, cookware and TV. Also includes stove, 2 fridges, extra freezer, D/W, M/W, W/D. Annual lease for 1-2 persons is $1,575/month + utilities. $1,675/ month + utilities for 3-4 persons. No more than 4 persons allowed. Available November 1st (or sooner if existing tenant agrees) N/S, pets negotiable (no cats), DD and references required. Best to e-mail as traveling. or 403-266-4555. Luxury Chalet of Canyon View – 3 minutes to D/T Invermere, close to schools, 1,700 sq. ft., 3-bdrm, 2 ½ -bath, fully furnished, 5 appliances, patio and BBQ, underground parking, great views, private area. Minimum 4 month lease. $1,500 + utilities. Call Sherry 250-688-1247 Great winter property! 3-bdrm, 2-bath, fireplaces, indoor pond, and all amenities. Suite is also available. $1,400/month. 250-5810455. 2-bdrm farmhouse in Fairmont. Available Sept. – April. $650/month + utilities. Rental is conditional on caring for animals and light snow removal. Remuneration available. Please call Funtasia Fairmont Fun Park 250-345-4511 or 250-3454558 (evenings).

INVERMERE: Lake Windermere Pointe starting at $900/month; furnished or not; pool, underground parking, elevator and much more. WINDERMERE: Furnished 2 bdrm. cottage for October 1. Nice yard! $900 plus utilities. INVERMERE: 2 bdrm., furnished condo, storage room, central location at $800 plus utilities BLACK FOREST VILLAGE: 2-3 bdrm.. furnished or unfurnished long-term from $900 / month. RADIUM: 4 bedroom home, unfurnished long-term, no pets or smoking at $1350 plus utilities.

Contact Dave or Eric


1757 Fort Point Close. 3-bdrm, 3-bath, executive home. Fabulous location, steps to everything. Mature & responsible only! Available immediately. $1,350/month. Call 250-342-6577. Westside Park, 3-bdrm, 3-bath, nicely finished family home. Available Oct. 1st. $1,000/month + utilities. 250-342-3399. 4-bdrm, 2.5-bath home for rent in Wilder subdivision. Fridge, stove, D/W included. $1,200/month + utilities. Pets allowed, N/S, references required. Available Oct. 1st. 250-342-8340. 3-bdrm, 2-bath house near Sobeys. Rent negotiable and available October 1st. Please call 778-4392022. 10 mins south of Fairmont, unique 3-bdrm home, 3-years-old, 1817 sq. ft., semi-detached, hardwood, granite counter tops, 5-appliances, garage, carport, geothermal heating and A/C beach house. BBQ, fireplace, 5-star accommodation, low utilities. $1,500/month + utilities. Kijiji Ad #294873160. 780446-3575. Invermere, 4000 sq. ft. 5-bdrm, 4-bath home. W/D, A/C, double garage, 2 decks. Walking distance to town and schools. N/S, no dogs. $1,800/month + utilities. Available Nov. 1st. 403-609-0870.

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 35

September 9, 2011





3-bdrm, 2-bath, 2000 sq.ft. unique home in Athalmer. Huge front yard and lots of storage for toys. End of road so total privacy. DD required. $1,400/month, call 403-680-6999.

Hillcrest Apartments has 2-bdrm apartments, $800/month, utilities included, fully furnished, all inclusive. 250-341-1182.

Executive 2-bdrm, 2-bath fully furnished and equipped condo in Invermere. Available year round. Hot tub & fitness room. $1,100/ month Call Ben Green, Green Door Property Management at 250 688 0362 AD ID 298853872.

Edgewater: 1300 sq. ft. home with undeveloped basement, 2 baths, 2 bdrms with attached deck & carport. $254,900. To view call 250347-9813.

6-bdrm, 4-bath, suite overlooking lake in Wilder subdivision. 3000 sq. ft. plus all bathrooms and kitchen are new. Very private with best view in Invermere. DD required. Call 403-680-6999. 3-bdrm fully furnished home in Windermere. $1,000/month + utilities. Available October 1st – May 31st. If interested please contact Susan at 403-540-6858. Large, clean unfurnished cabin in Fairmont. 3 bdrms, 2 renovated baths, great deck, lots of storage $1,250/month Call Ben Green, Green Door Property Management at 250-688-0362 AD ID 298857683. Newer luxury home in Invermere close to Sobeys. Unfurnished with 3 bdrms, 2.5 baths, garage, granite counters, fenced yard & storage space $1,300/month Call Ben Green, Green Door Property Management at 250-688-0362 AD ID 304127213.

CONDO FOR RENT Windermere Lakeview Meadows Spacious luxury, 3 bdrms, 2½ baths, 2-storey, premium finishing, large decks, bright, open views, major appliances, elevator access, secured underground double parking and storage, recreation centre w/indoor pools, fitness, games rooms, private beach, boat dock, sports courts, playgrounds N/S, N/P, DD, references, $1,800/ month, includes Heat/AC, + basic utilities. Rent to own options. Avail immediately, 250-688-0512. Spacious Condo for rent in Castle Rock Estates, Invermere. Hardwood, granite, stainless steel appliances, washer/dryer. Utilities included. N/S, N/P, $1,500/month. Available August 1st. Call 250-342-1314.

2-bdrm, 2-bath at Radium Peaks. Corner unit close to amenities. Underground parking. $800/month including utilities. Call Janine 250342-1358. Invermere 2-bdrm apartment, fully furnished. $800/month includes utilities. Call 250-688-0111. Akiskinook Resort, 1-bdrm, 2-bath condo, fully furnished, 6 appliances, equipped indoor pool and hot tub. $700/month includes cable. 403-281-3991. Akiskinook Resort, 1-bdrm newly furnished condo. 42” plasma TV, DW, pool, spa and beach. Available Sept – June, N/P, N/S. $750/month + hydro. 403-293-3870. Radium 2-bdrm, 2-bath unfurnished condo. Includes utilities, N/S, N/P. Available Oct 1st. Contact 403-285-3417. Suites for rent near Sobeys! 2-bdrm suite $700/month. 1-bdrm suite $600/month. N/S, N/P. 250-3426255. Fully furnished, ground floor 2-bdrm, 2-bath unit at Lake Windermere Point. Close to the beach and walking distance to D/T. Access to heated pool, fitness room and hot tub included. $1,250/ month + utilities. For pictures go to – Jenny Bueckert, Maxwell Realty Invermere. Call 250-342-5711 or Invermere Parkside Condo, 2 bdrms, 2 baths, 6 appliances. R2000 energy efficient. Central location. Available Sept 1st. $1,000/month, N/S, small pets negotiable. 1-year lease. DD & references required. 250-342-0853 or Invermere Parkside condo for rent. 2 bdrms, 2 baths, 6 appliances, separate entrance, nice private deck. R2000 energy efficient. Central location. 1235 sq. ft. N/S, small pets negotiable. $1,200/ month. 1-year lease. DD & references required. 250-342-0853 or

Newer 2-bdrm, 2-bath ground floor condo in Radium. Part furnished or unfurnished with W/D, A/C, underground parking & hydro inc. $845/mnth Call Ben Green, Green Door Property Management at 250-688-0362 AD ID 308857664.


Lake & Mountain Views Location: Wilder Subdivision, end of Cul-de-sac Road. Very Private. NO BUILDING COMMITMENT. OPTIONS: BUILD A HOME/COTTAGE 2/3 OR 4 PLEX. Zoned R2. Photos: Ad# 303457072. $249,900 OBO No HST. 910-15A Crescent. Call Bonnie-Lou 250-342-6899 Email: For sale in Edgewater: 11.254 acres with older home, 3 connections for town water. Asking $500,000. 250845-2566. Treed view single family 55 ft. x 110 ft. lots. No building commitment, within the gated Radium Valley Vacation Resort Community architectural controls. Full Rec Center membership (pools/hot tubs/fitness facility). First come first serve $59,900. Only 2 remaining! Contact Scott Sauermann at 1-877-347-6838 or

MOBILE HOME FOR SALE 2002 Winfield Mobile Home occupied for 4 years. Good condition. Must be moved! Porch and propane tank included. $50,000. 250-342-6188.

HOMES FOR SALE 3-bdrm house on a large treed fully fenced yard. 2 baths, 2 appliances, close to amenities. $369,000 No HST. Call 250-341-5486.

3 bdrms, 3 baths, modern, open concept, architecturally designed, hardwood & tile floors, vaulted ceilings, garage and family room. Built in 2002 no updating required. 1800-15th Ave, Invermere. $359,000. Phone 250-342-7329. Priced to sell! 1602-15th Ave Invermere. 3-bdrm, 2-bath, oversized dbl garage, corner lot, close to schools. Call 250-341-5941 or 250-342-0840 or visit www.

CONDO FOR SALE Ski to your door, fully furnished 1-bdrm condo, F/P, deck, heated parking, swimming pool, and hot tubs. Tamarack Lodge, Panorama, BC, $115,000 Firm. Call 250-3426858 after 6 p.m. 3-bdrm nearly new Radium Town Home. Fully developed with walkout basement, garage, heat pump, wood trim throughout, custom window coverings. Indoor outdoor pool and fitness center nearby. $299,900 Phone: 250-3420183.

MISC. FOR SALE Quality Top Soil and Manure. Top Soil $160/dump truckload, $70/pick-up load. Manure $100/ pick-up load, delivery extra. Call 250-342-1268. Hot Tub Rentals Week or Weekend Rates. Valley Spas, 250-342-3922. 302V8 + 3SPEED TRANSMISSION MODIFIED MOTOR to many extra’s to list. Best Offer. 250-341-7393. 700R Chevy Transmission custom built originally paid $3,000. Best Offer. 250-341-7393. 80 sq. ft. of patio bricks for FREE. Call 250-342-9851. 4 Bridge Stone Winter Force Tires. Used 2 seasons. 235/55R17. $400 OBO. Call 250-270-0412.


MISC. FOR SALE Ultramatic, wireless, remote control bed for sale. 54’ x 80’. $1,500. 250341-6007. Older Cort acoustic guitar for sale. Call 250-341-7182. For sale: 4 winter Hankook tires. 205-75-R15. $300 like new. 250342-6022.

250 US Gallon tanks for sale. Very versatile, plastic w/ metal cage 6” opening, 2’ discharge, 125lbs. $200 for 1 or $300 for 2. Call George 250347-9500. Leftover supplies from Reno: 2 CWD windows, 3 years old, low E. 2 Pine French doors. Teton rock still available at Home Hardware. New bath taps Price Pfister. Island countertop, black tile, grout and other misc. items. Call 250-2700412. Firewood! Seasoned, cut, split, and delivered. Pine $150 ½ cord, $225 cord. Fir $200 ½ cord, $325 cord. Larch $240 ½ cord, $350 cord. Call 250-688-0143. Support Rockies Hockey! Pine, Fir, dry and split. To order call 250342-6908.

Johnson 6 hp gas boat motor, queen bed/frame, BBQ, small freezer (like new), recumbent exercise bike (like new), ladies’ clothing, end table, 2 small TVs, household items and sporting items. Call 250-341-1478. Upright piano for sale. $450. Call 250-342-3187.


2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder Convertible. 6-cyclinder, auto. Asking $16,500. 128,000 kms. Contact 250-347-2438/250-3425981/ 250-342-1551.

recreational vehicles

DIRT BIKE & ATV SERVICE SPECIALS All makes and Models - Snow Plows, Klim Clothing, Avalanche Gear • SERVICE • PARTS • SALES • RENTALS

Supplying Parts and Service for all makes and models. Located Invermere Cross Roads beside Tim Hortons

250-342-3350 •

We supply parts and service FOR ALL MAKES of: • snowmobiles • motorcycles • quads

36 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

September 9, 2011





2003 VW Jetta TDI. 186,000 kms, fully loaded, leather, heated seats, air, sunroof, CD, 1200 km/per tank. Excellent condition, one owner! Call Andrea: 250-342-1577.

Renew & Restore Professional tile and grout cleaning, re-grouting, repair and sealing of tile, grout, slate, and stone. Commercial and residential. 35 years experience. New installations also available. 250-341-5645

Cleaning Service

Newly established bookkeeping service requires Data Entry Clerk. Located in Invermere, this company has a permanent P/T position to commence as soon as possible. Requirements: strong knowledge of Windows operating systems. Capacity for detail and accuracy is a must. Honest, reliable and trustworthy. Ability to work independently. Please contact Jan or Hendrick Visser at 250-2700136.

1986 CHEVY ½ TON, no motor, LOTS OF ACCESSORIES. Best Offer. MUST GO! 250-341-7393. 2004 Red Honda Odyssey Minivan. Asking $5,500. Great shape, towing package, excellent all season & winter tires on rims. Call 250-3422826. 1991 Ford F-150 4x4, standard transmission, regular cab. Lots of upgrades. $2,500 OBO. Call 250342-9782. Lady driven, 2005 XLT Ford Explorer. 4x4, six-cylinder. Dark blue with grey leather. Approx. 160,000 kms. $9,500 OBO. Call 250-341-3545. 2002 Olds Silhouette Van. Air, cruise, auto leveling, suspension, 2-seats, rims & tires. $2,800 OBO. Phone 250-347-9508 (h) or250341-1509 (w). 1999 Mercury Cougar. Great student car for around town. 213,000 kms, 2 door, P.W., P.L., CD player, automatic, new front brakes. Tune up just completed. Some minor body damage. $2,000 OBO. 250-342-6680. 1969 Ford F-100 Show Truck for sale. $9,500. Hurry and you can still be in the Radium car show. 403680-6999.


Phil’s Carpentry Everything from roofs to decks, completion of basement and bathrooms. Phone 250-341-8033 (cell) – 24/7. Not on valley time.


Parts, repairs & accessories, All makes & models. Central Vacuums – sales and installations. Bonded & licensed. Fine Homeservices. 250-342-9207,

Tile & Slate Installs Journeyman tile setter. 30+ years experience. Custom steam rooms, showers, floors, and cultured stone. All work guaranteed. Competitive rates. Call 250-341-5645. Furnace & duct cleaning services using the patented rotobrush system. Call AQUAIR for free estimates: 250-342-5089. Water treatment & purification, includes drinking water systems, softeners & conditioners, iron filters. Call AQUAIR: 250-342-5089. Heaven’s Best Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. Dry in 1 hour! Serving the valley since 2006. Call 250-688-0213. “A retractable screen door is the best investment we made,” Linda, Lake View Meadows. FREE Installation! Phantom retractable screens for doors, windows & large openings. Shannon’s Blinds & Designs Call a professional today. Free in-home consultation. 250-342-5749 “Covering the Valley – One Window At A Time”

Commercial & Residential Free! From chemicals. Free! From viruses & germs. Call 250-342-2509

Flooring installations, lino, carpet, laminate and hardwood. 30 years experience. Call 250-347-9192 or 250-341-1235. Red Rock Contracting Masonry work, river rock walls, glass blocks, etc. . . Tile and slate, installations, interlocking paving stones, retaining wall systems, Repairs Etc. . . For estimates call 250-341-6869. K&C Pickup will pick up all your recyclable cans and bottles, free at your location between Radium and Fairmont, including Panorama. Call 250-342-9503. Invermere Sharpening Carbide and steel sharpening services. Carbide saw re-tipping. Saw blades, router bits, planer knives, hole saws, ice auger blades, knives, scissors, and much more. 250-341-5447, 345 Blair St. Athalmer. ODD JOBS ENT. HAULING Garbage, brush and construction disposal. Mulch deliveries. Call Dale Hunt: 250-342-3569 Chinook handyman services specializing in decks, garages and small renos. Please call Doug at 250-345-2164 or 250-341-1619.


LBO Autobody Your Fender Bender Mender & The Valley Shine Shop Keep your vehicle free of salt & road grime. Have it detailed. Basic – deluxe packages available. Drop in for a free estimate on paint and body work @ #35 109 Industrial Rd. #2, 250-342-9696.

Part-time job, full-time income potential. It’s true! Work as much or as little as you like. Earn 30% commission as an independent representative selling sterling silver jewelry. Along with the trips and free jewelry, being an independent representative is also a fun way to earn some extra money. Call me to find out how 250-341-5956.

Executive Typing Services, Over 20 years word processing experience. Resumes, manuals, data entry, and more. Accurate and fast! 250-270-0254.

F/T employees for lawn maintenance to start immediately. Experience is an asset and must be hard working. Call Everett Frater Enterprises at 250-342-5645.

Attention: Experienced hotel cleaners or stay-at-home moms! Work 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Great F/T hours. Great pay with bonus. Call Chalet Europe for more info 250-347-9305. Welcome Wagon is hiring motivated, organized, friendly, outgoing individual to visit new families, new parents, and engaged couples. Sales experience is an asset but training is available. E-mail questions or resume to cwickenheiser@welcomewagon. ca. Seeking handy man to paint resin on bottom of boat. Phone Bill: 403240-4874. Heavy duty equipment operator & truck driver positions available. Contact Max Helmer Construction at 250-342-6767 or submit resume in person, or by fax to 250-3420212, or by e-mail: louise@ Laborers & skilled carpenters required for renovation company. Phone Al: 250-342-5477. Prestige Inn in Radium Hot Springs is looking for a guest services and night auditor. Apply in person with resume. 7493 Main Street, Radium.

Beware of expensive imitations. There is only one…


Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is now accepting applications for the following positions to start immediately (seasonal or permanent): • • • • •

Cooks Servers Lifeguards Golf Shop Attendants Front Desk Agents

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort offers a competitive salary and benefit package with access to all resort amenities. Interested? Please forward your resume with references to the attention of: David Sheedy: or call 250.345.6004


914 – 8th Avenue, PO Box 339 Invermere, BC V0A 1K0 Tel: (250) 342-9281 • Fax: (250) 342-2934

ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN The District of Invermere, a vibrant community of 3000 people tucked between the Purcells and the Rockies in the East Kootenay, invites applications for the position of Engineering Technologist. The Position: The Engineering Technician has the principal responsibilities to manage and coordinate projects and contracts, design and layout basic water, sanitary sewer, road and storm sewer networks, inspect and report on various projects and developments, and develop and implement municipal infrastructure related programs. A sound knowledge of the operations and procedures in a typical municipal public works environment and related provincial regulations is required. Considerable independent judgment and action is exercised by this position. Qualifications: The successful candidate will be a graduate of a recognized technical institute or equivalent as a Civil Engineering Technologist or Technician and will have membership eligibility in the Association of Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of B.C. They must have an understanding of best engineering practices, and experience in, municipal infrastructure works including water, sanitary sewer, roads, and storm water management. They will be responsible for inspecting and reporting on installations of this nature. They must be able to prepare and review engineered drawing and plans, contract documents, cost estimates and instructions and must demonstrate competence in contract and project management. With a thorough understanding of Provincial and Municipal regulations and how they relate to municipal infrastructure projects, the successful candidate will apply Occupation Health and Safety regulations, environmental and public health regulations, and municipal bylaws to their daily work. The chosen applicant will have a working ability in Computer aided design and drafting (CADD) and basic survey skills as well as a working ability in Word, Excel, Access and an understanding of Geographical Information Systems. This position requires the ability to work with little or no supervision in the development and delivery of municipal infrastructure programs with competence in engineering research and report writing. Good oral and written communication skills and effective public relations skills are essential. As well as its beautiful surroundings and sense of community the District offers an attractive benefits and remuneration package. This is a union position and earns $29.80 as a probationary rate with a rate of $30.72 (2011) upon completion of the 90-day trial period as described in the CUPE Local 2982 Collective Agreement. Please submit applications by September 21, 2011 at 4:30 pm to: Chris Prosser, Chief Administrative Officer 914-8th Avenue PO Box 339 Invermere, BC V0A 1K0 Phone : (250) 342-9281 Fax: (250) 342-2934 e-mail:

Just a reminder… The classified deadline is 12 noon Tuesday.

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 37

September 9, 2011

Super 8 Invermere has openings for two

Front Desk Positions

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

WINTER JOB FAIR Thursday, September 15, 2011 9:00am - 11:00am and 1:00pm - 3:00pm The Lodge

1 Maternity 1 Full-time

We offer a benefit package and competitive salary.


Drop off resume at the hotel or call 250-342-8888


Call us today to place your classified advertisement. E-mail: Phone: (250) 341-6299 Fax: (250) 341-6229

We will be hiring for our Winter 2011-2012 season on Thursday, September 15. Positions available include:

CAREERS AT CBT SYSTEMS ANALYST / PROGRAMMER CBT has an opening in the Castlegar office for a Systems Analyst/Programmer (full-time, 1 year contract). This position manages IT projects in CBT from inception through their life-cycle to meet stakeholder objectives, and will design, build and manage business systems and applications that support CBT. View this career Twitter opportunity at or call Debra Stewart at 1.800.505.8998. Forward resumes to by 4:30 p.m. PST September 23, 2011. • 1.800.505.8998


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Lift Operators Groomers Snow Makers Ticket Office Ski and Snowboard Instructors Kitchen Staff


Resumes may be sent in advance to David Sheedy: RSS or simply bring it with you.

Join us: To place your Community Classified call The Pioneer at 250-341-6299 or toll free 1-866-669-9222


Auto Financing

ATTENTION RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL SURVIVORS! If you received the CEP (Common Experience Payment), you may be eligible for further Cash Compensation. To see if you qualify, phone toll free 1-877988-1145 now. Free service! COMEDY & STAGE SHOWS for Staff Parties, Christmas Parties, Conventions, Community Clubs, Banquets. Booking for Christmas & 2012. Popovich Productions 25 years in business. Toll free 1-888-856-9282. Auto Financing

INSTANT AUTO CREDIT We can finance your  auto loan in minutes, you Drive Home Now or we deliver to BC & Alberta 

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38 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer . . . continued from page 10 Robyn Duncan of Wildsight shared Mr. Costello’s concerns about the lack of a plan. Past instances at the camp have led to “environmental damages on the fragile ecosystem,” she said. “We were concerned that WinSport had not submitted a reclamation plan to the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations for approval prior to the commencement of their activities, and further concerned by the on-site burning of the treated wood and insulation from the camp,” Ms. Duncan added.

September 9, 2011 Ms. Duncan said it is the role of the government and law enforcement agencies to uphold and enforce the laws of British Columbia. Both Glacier and Wildsight said they hope to see a thorough and proper remediation of the site. “My ultimate hope is that they’ll [Winsport] remove their stuff, which I’m happy they’re doing, and that they will return the area to as close to pristine as possible, and that the province will ensure that they do that,” Mr. Costello said. Attempts were made to contact WinSport, but at the time of going to press they were still unable to be reached.

Box 159, 8853 Grainger Rd., Canal Flats, B.C. V0B 1B0 Phone: 250-349-5462 • Fax: 250-349-5460 •


NOTICE OF NOMINATION Public Notice is given to the electors of the Village of Canal Flats that nominations for the offices of:

1 Mayor 4 Councillors for a 3-year term December 2011, to December 2014, will be received by the Chief Election Officer or a designated person, as follows: 8853 Grainger Rd Canal Flats

9:00 am October 4th, 2011 to 4:00 pm October 14th, 2011 Excluding Statutory holidays and weekends

Nomination documents are available at the Village of Canal Flats office during regular office hours.

Kids get gear opportunity By Pioneer Staff Invermere’s Manulife office, run by Brendan Donahue and Sara Worley, is starting up a hockey equipment program in the hopes of making the equipmentbuying process less intimidating and more attainable, especially to first-time hockey parents. The Manulife office will purchase four or five full sets of hockey gear for kids aged five-10 years, and will lend the equipment

IF A TREE KNOCKS DOWN A POWER LINE, YOUR SMART METER WILL CALL FOR HELP FASTER THAN YOU CAN READ THIS. BC Hydro will be changing the old power meters on homes in BC to new smart meters. In the event of a power outage today, you need to let BC Hydro know there’s a problem. Unlike your current meter, smart

QUALIFICATIONS FOR OFFICE A person is qualified to be nominated, elected, and to hold office as a member of local government if they meet the following criteria: • Canadian citizen; • 18 years of age or older; • resident of British Columbia for at least 6 months immediately before the day nomination papers are filed; and • not disqualified by the Local Government Act or any other enactment from voting in an election in British Columbia or from being nominated for, being elected to, or holding office. FURTHER INFORMATION on the foregoing may be obtained by contacting: Gloria Perry, Chief Election Officer 349-5462 Sylvie Hoobanoff, Deputy Chief Election Officer 349-5462 Gloria Perry Chief Election Officer

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out for one year to parents who may need a little help getting started. At the end of the hockey season the equipment will be returned, and passed on to another deserving candidate the next year. “I want to see a lot of kids in hockey, and I want to make it barrier-free as possible for the parents,” said Brendan, whose own kids play hockey. To ask about the opportunity, contact either Brendan or Sara at the Manulife office at 250-3422112.

Learn more at

meters will report a power outage immediately, so we can restore your power faster. It’s all part of the plan to renew BC’s electrical systems, to ensure clean, reliable power for generations to come.

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 39

September 9, 2011


How easily do you forgive? By Katherine Hough Priest in Charge Windermere Valley Shared Ministry Forgiveness is an essential element in Christianity but one of the hardest gifts to bestow on another. For some it would be easier to scale a mountain than to forgive a cheating spouse, a business partner who has double-crossed you or a friend who scams you out of your savings. Christians are supposed to forgive and Jesus reminds us that forgiveness is a commodity without measure (Matthew 18: 21-22). It’s easy to forgive a thoughtless comment or unintentional hurt, but how does one forgive an intentional hurt? Forgiveness is part of the larger picture of reconciliation - the restoration of relationships and healing of the community’s ‘fabric’ or ‘web’. Paul speaks of reconciliation with the brothers and sisters who have wronged you and of reconciliation with God. He claims that God

reconciles God’s self first with us thereby allowing us to reconcile ourselves with each other. God takes the first step and provides us with the grace to seek reconciliation with each other. The theological underpinning of restorative justice is the Christian understanding that we were created to live in relationship with others and with God. Broken relationships harm not just individuals but also the community and ultimately alienate us from God. There are a number of steps in the path of restoration: few are easy; none is to be rushed and may take years to attain, but it is a journey we are called to embark upon whenever we have been hurt. However, reconciliation is not one-sided – it requires the participation of the abuser or wrong-doer. The offender (whether of hurtful words or physical abuse) must recognise his/her offence and freely ‘own’ it. Just as the victim needs to work through the grief engendered by the injury, so too the offenders need to acknowledge their actions and the consequences of those acts. None of this is easy, but Christianity is not an easy path. However, it also offers the gift of healing when we have been injured and gives us the grace to recognise our offences and ask for forgiveness – both from our victims and from God. Thanks be to God!

Valley Churches Lake Windermere Alliance Church Sunday, September 11th, 10:30 a.m.: Worship and Life Instruction, “Fearless Prayer: Putting on Christ (Part 1)”... Pastor Trevor ministering. 7 p.m.: Life group primer...with special guest, Mr. Matt Wilks. Pastor Trevor Hagan • 326 - 10th Avenue, Invermere 250-342-9535 • Windermere Valley Shared Ministry ANGLICAN-UNITED 10:30 a.m.: Worship at Christ Church Trinity, Invermere Interim Priest In Charge, Katherine Hough 110 - 7th Avenue, Invermere 250-342-6644 • or Valley Christian Assembly Sunday, 10 a.m.: Worship and Word Kids’ Church provided. Pastor Murray Wittke 4814 Highway 93/95, Windermere 250-342-9511 •

Roman Catholic Church Saturday: 4:30 p.m. at St.Anthony’s, Canal Flats. Father John Kellogg Saturday: 7 p.m. at Canadian Martyrs’ Church in Invermere Sunday: 9 a.m. at Canadian Martyrs’ Church in Invermere 11 a.m. at St. Joseph’s Church in Radium Father James McHugh 712 -12th Ave., Invermere • 250-342-6167 ST. PETER’S LUTHERAN MISSION OF INVERMERE Worship services every Sunday at 1:30 p.m. Christ Church Trinity, 110 - 7th Ave., Invermere Pastor Fraser Coltman • 1-866-426-7564 Radium Christian Fellowship Sunday 10 a.m. Worship service Thursday 7 p.m. Fun Night Pastor Wayne and Linda Frater • 250-342-6633 No. 4, 7553 Main St. Radium • 250-347-9937 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Worship Service, Sunday, 10 a.m. • Sunday School, 11 a.m. • Relief Society, Noon. President Barry Pratt • Columbia Valley Branch 5014 Fairway, Fairmont Hot Springs • 250-341-5792

Selkirk TV & Appliance • Kitchenaid • Inglis • Whirlpool • Roper

Panasonic Pioneer Cell Phones Electronics & Service Christian Books, Music & Misc.

1229-7th Ave., Invermere


You can remember someone special with your gift to the Canadian Cancer Society

Bighorns are back The Columbia Valley Bighorns Football Team are raring to go for the fall football season. Pictured, back row, left to right: Logan Santoro; Cole Heide; Austin Santoro; Allan Easterbrook; Ryley Purdy; David Weismiller; Dillon Falkmann; Chris Hemmelgarn. Front row, left to right: Trisdan Bracken; Andrew Witt; Blake Glassford; Scott Kelly; Derrick Verbrugge; Mike Sanchez. Missing: Dorell Shovar. Photo by Kate Irwin

To donate In Memory or In Honour: | 250-426-8916 or call toll-free 1-800-656-6426 or mail to: P. O. Box 102 Invermere, BC V0A 1K0 Please include: Your name an address for tax receipt Name of the person being remembered Name and address to send card to

Let’s Make Cancer History

40 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

September 9, 2011

Let’s Play 9! EXTENDED!

Every day in September and October until the end of the season at Riverside & Mountainside Golf Courses 9 holes Riverside including power cart just $45* 9 holes Mountainside including power cart just $35* *Plus applicable tax.


2011, September 9 On-line edition of the Columbia Valley Pioneer

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