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Speeders nabbed

Garbage overload

3 passersby interfere

5 HST VOTE ahead The Invermere Health Care Auxiliary Thrift Shop in Invermere is being overrun by unusable donations, and are spending a small fortune to have the resulting garbage shipped away. Pictured, volunteer Bob Krocker stands beside a mountain of garbage that accumulated during only three hours of sorting donated items. See story on Page 19.


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2 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 3, 2011

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Valley NEWS

Thomsen makes Canadian Alpine Team By Joshua Estabrooks Pioneer Staff It has been a long time coming, but for local ski phenomenon, Ben Thomsen, this upcoming ski season is sure to be one to remember. Mr. Thomsen, who grew up in the valley, was recently named as an official member of the Canadian Mens’ AlBen Thomsen pine Team. Mr. Thomsen said he has been skiing for as long as he can remember, and for the past few seasons he has been travelling and competing with the team, but has not been an official member until this year. “I was an invitee so they would invite me to competitions, but I was paying for everything on my own,” He explained. “It has been four years in a row where I have been thinking I was going to make it and then they said no, so it is really nice to be officially on the team now.” Mr. Thomsen said what kept him off the team for so long was his age. As he is the only skier born in 1987, he has had to race with a younger group, which required him to not only place well, but to place exceptionally well to justify having funding allocated to his training and development. In terms of his results, Mr. Thomsen had an exceptional year this past season, placing 16th in the Downhill event at Val Gardena, Italy, and ranking 18th overall at the World Championships — just two tenths of a second short of the top 15. He finished the year ranked 37th in the world. Racing full time in the World Cup Circuit has been

a dream come true, he said. “It’s a big jump. Last year I was 120th and to be just shy of the top 30 for this year is amazing. The top 30 is where you want to be. When you’re in the top 30 you have worked hard to get there and people respect you on the circuit.” Not being very experienced played into Mr. Thomsen’s favour this season, he said, as he finds he has better results on courses he is unfamiliar with. He also said he finds his forte is in the “gnarly stuff”, adding that a lot of North American courses just don’t have the technical difficulty that he needs to succeed. “In downhill, the older you are you definitely have an advantage in knowing the courses, and the little things like light and timing,” Mr. Thomsen said. “So for me to come in and be at these races for the first time was a big disadvantage for me, but I have found I always do really well on my first time. I have always struggled with the easier races. “Courses in North America are mostly flat easy hills with soft snow and I need that steep dark icy stuff. In the World Cup you are racing on the toughest hills and it pushes everyone’s limits.” In preparation for the 2011/12 season, Mr. Thomsen has moved to Calgary to be closer to the team’s training facilities. He said the team will be flying to Switzerland for a three-week camp this summer, and will begin training in the Rocky Mountains in November. Being close to home is very important to him, he said, and he is looking forward to not having to collect and return empty cans to fund his season like he has in the past. “I still have to pay $16,000 to be on the team, but I have access to some government funding now and I am signing some sponsors and I am going to try and have some fundraising events in Invermere. I don’t want to go back to collecting cans. Those were dark times.”

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The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 3

June 3, 2011

Valley NEWS

19 drivers have vehicles seized in park By Kelsey Verboom Pioneer Staff An unprecedented nineteen drivers in Kootenay National Park got a taste of British Columbia’s tough driving laws this past May long weekend when their vehicles were seized for excessive speeding, leaving many families roadside waiting for a tow. From May 19th to May 22nd, Cranbrook-based East Kootenay Traffic Services, a division of the RCMP that regularly patrols Kootenay National Park, pulled over 19 excessive speeders within the park and took away their vehicles, in addition to issuing 310 regular speeding tickets and three other excessive speeding tickets in the valley. Since the government passed a set of stringent driving laws in B.C., which include having your vehicle seized on the spot if you are driving more than 40 kilometres above the posted speed limit, the Cranbrook unit have been seizing the occasional vehicle in the park, but never this many, said Cpl. Shayne Parker of East Kootenay Traffic Services. “We found the number quite high,” he said. Once a vehicle is seized, the RCMP are responsible for helping to arrange a pick-up for the driver and his or her passengers, Cpl. Parker explained. There is no cell phone coverage through Kootenay National Park, so officers contact dispatch and arrange for a tow truck to pick up the vehicle and its occupants. The speeding driver is responsible for paying to have his or her vehicle towed to the impound lot. “It’s not fun being stranded somewhere in the middle of Kootenay National Park, so we make sure that’s been taken care of,” Cpl. Parker said. Cpl. Parker said that as an officer it can be difficult to see the stress having a vehicle seized can put on drivers, especially families, but that everyone is given the same treatment, without exception.

“We appreciate the inconvenience that it causes a lot of people, but we are pretty consistent that everyone gets treated the same way. The last thing we want is a family of seven roadside, but if mom or dad are speeding, they are treated the same way,” he said. “There is no discretion. Once they hit a certain speed, that’s it.” During the May long weekend, there were two different tow companies operating, with a total of three tow trucks. Because of the number of vehicles being towed during the weekend, some people who were pulled over found themselves waiting for up to four-and-a-half hours for a ride. “Being stuck in the park with no cell reception, no food, no water, for that long ... yeah, I think that was really brutal.” — Heather Bibby, Invermere

Heather Bibby of Invermere was driving home from Calgary on Thursday, May 19th, with her friend, Emma Stevens. Ms. Bibby was pulled over at Vermillion Crossing for excessive speeding, and found herself sitting roadside with three other vehicles also waiting to be towed. Ms. Bibby said she was told she would be picked up by a tow truck that was on its way, but when it arrived, there was only room for the three other vehicles. The women sat waiting for another tow truck, which didn’t arrive until more than two hours later. Ms. Stevens, who was taking morphine for back problems, had just enough medication to last for the drive home, and found herself in increasing pain. Ms. Bibby said she pleaded with the officer who had ticketed them to find another ride for them, or to allow her to drive herself to cell phone range or to the impound lot so she could find Emma relief from her pain.

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“He offered Emma an extra-strength Tylenol and said we could try to hitch a ride back if we wanted,” Ms. Bibby said. Ms. Bibby said she thinks her speeding ticket was fair, but waiting for four-and-a-half hours for a ride was not. “I was speeding, and yes, I deserve a speeding ticket,” she said. “But as far as being stuck in the park with no cell reception, no food, no water, for that long ... yeah, I think that was really brutal. “I would have paid the ticket and learned my lesson galore by paying that.” She added that were there cell reception, she could have phoned someone for a ride, or had her vehicle towed through her insurance, saving herself a large amount of money, on top of her $368 ticket. Cpl. Parker said Ms. Bibby’s experience was an unfortunate exception to what normally happens. “That was one that stood out and was definitely discussed in our office. If we would have known the delay would have been that long, we would have tried to make arrangements sooner,” he said. “That’s an extreme. We definitely don’t want to see that. Normally we are within one hour of having people picked up by a tow.” The posted speed limit in Kooteany National Park is 90 kilometres per hour, dropping down to 60, 70, and 80 in places, but the majority of drivers don’t obey that limit, Cpl. Parker said. “There seems to be a very common race through the park to get to the front of the pack,” he said. “The park is a beautiful drive. It’s a great highway and well-maintained. People need to hit the cruise control or something.” Although tough, the new laws are effective, Cpl. Parker said. “As much as it’s a major, major inconvenience, I believe a lot of times the money end of things is not a deterrent. As much as it [seizing vehicles] causes major problems, it’s going to be effective. It’s not going away anytime soon.”

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June 3, 2011


RCMP Report

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Last week Canadian Pacific Railway police and Columbia Valley Detachment investigated the derailment of two coal cars as a result of a large vehicle engine being thrown down an embankment in the Edgewater area. Given the circumstances, it is possible that there may not have been any intention to cause such damage, but the engine was disposed of improperly. The investigation is continuing. If you have any information, please contact the detachment or Crimestoppers. Long weekend East Kootenay Traffic Services During the May long weekend, East Kootenay Traffic services had a busy three days throughout out the valley. Some of the stats are as follows: 310 speeding tickets, 22 excessive speeding tickets. Of the 22 excessive speeding tickets 19 were in Kootenay National Park where 19 vehicles were impounded. Five driving prohibitions were issued, five no insurance offences, 14 seat belt charges, two charges of using an electronic device, and one charge of driving without due care and attention. • On May 26th, Columbia Valley Detachment members came upon a highly intoxicated male on Hwy 93/95 and Swansea Rd. A 21-year-old male was refusing to be helped by a friend. As a result the male spent the night in cells and was released when sober with a ticket for being drunk in public. • On May 28th at 4:30 a.m., RCMP responded to a complaint of a number of males causing a disturbance and pounding on a door in the 4800 block St Mary’s Street in Radium. The group had departed by the time the police arrived. • On May 28th, police received a complaint of a camper being broken into in the 4700 block of Beatty Ave., Invermere. A mini DVD player, power inverter, propane lamp, sleeping bag and a backpack were stolen from the camper. • On May 29th, detachment members responded to an assault complaint in the 500 block of Industrial

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No Heart During the course of our career, RCMP officers are often accused of having no heart. So how does one prepare for being able to eliminate the heart in police work? For me it’s easy. The kids that live on my street in Golden help me out. They allow me to practice working without a heart. What was once a quiet street is now overgrown with young kids. The girl next door, 8 or 9 years old, keeps walking on my grass and I keep yelling at her to stay off the grass. She ignores me. One time she left her bike on the sidewalk so I put it in my garage. It stayed there for about a week until she realized it was gone. She once came up to me and asked, “Why don’t you like me?” I responded, “You cut across my grass to ask me that question?” I advised her that as she grows up she will realize that there are just some people who can’t get along, and that’s just life, deal with it. However, I told her, if she goes back into her house and gets me some candy, we can be friends for today. She did and we were friends that day. For years, two young brothers across the street have gone to war with me with snowball fights. The youngest approached me with a snowball in hand. I grabbed two snowballs and lobbed one high in the air and yelled at him to watch it doesn’t hit him.  Continued on Page 24 . . . RE

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Rd., Athalmer. The dispute appeared to involve family members. The argument, which resulted in an assault, was regarding a dog. The victim advised the police no charges were requested. • On May 30th at 11 a.m., Columbia Valley RCMP attended Main Street in Radium, as a result of a complaint of a group of people consuming liquor in public. Police located the people involved and a 46-year-old female from Canmore was charged with open liquor in public. • On May 30th at 11:55 p.m., RCMP responded to a disturbance and assault in the 7300 block of Copperhorn Dr. in Radium. Upon arrival police could see the disturbance continuing. A 44-year-old male was arrested for assault, mischief as a result of damage to a door, and threats. The male was transported to detachment cells. The male remained in police custody until he appeared in court in Invermere on May 31st.

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 5

June 3, 2011

Passersby contribute to lamb’s probable death By Kelsey Verboom Pioneer Staff The good intentions of a group of people who stopped roadside in Kootenay National Park for a herd of Bighorn sheep turned sour when the passersby began picking up and handling a newborn lamb, thinking their actions were helping reunite it with its mother on the other side of the road. On May 21st, a few ewes and a lamb came down to the area of highway between the Radium Hot Springs Pools and the tunnel shortly up the highway, said Alan Dibb, wildlife specialist for Parks Canada. “At some point, some visitors passing through the park became concerned the lamb was at risk on the highway, so they tried to intervene and pick up the sheep to reunite it with his mother,” he said. The roadside spectacle attracted the attention of other drivers passing by, some of whom stopped to get close to the lamb and photograph it. “The total disturbance level became too much for the ewe at some point,” Mr. Dibb said. “She moved away, and the lamb didn’t follow. They became separated.” Dave Woznica from Invermere was driving by when he saw the unusual scene. Mr. Woznica told the women who were picking up the lamb that they should leave it,

Court Report Court was held in Invermere on May 31st, under Judge W. Sheard. Five cases were settled, with two people being held in custody released with conditions. • Casey Fitzpatrick, representing himself, requested a variance on a previous court order to not have any contact with his partner, so that he may have contact with his two children. Judge Sheard ruled to vary the order for Mr. Fitzpatrick to only having indirect contact with his partner, as long as his mother could act as a third party. Or, he can have direct contact with his children in the presence of a family councilor. • Clayton W. Lasser appeared before the judge to change his plea from not guilty to guilty on charges of assault causing bodily harm and causing a disturbance. The two charges stem from two separate incidents.The first occurred on April 23rd, 2010 at approximately 11 p.m. when Lasser got into an altercation with Radium’s Sunset Motel’s owner, Darren Thompson. Mr. Thompson and Mr. Lasser allegedly began fighting when Mr. Lasser cut through the motel’s courtyard after drinking at a nearby house party and Mr. Thompson asked him to leave the property. Mr. Thompson submitted a bill for dental work he required after the alleged altercation, which the judge ordered Mr. Lasser to pay. Mr. Lasser received a suspended sentence for a pe-

and shouldn’t touch wild animals. He drove to Radium and reported the incident, and parks staff attended. Parks personnel shooed people away and monitored the infant sheep as it stood alone roadside for two days. They tried to introduce it to another group of sheep, which was unsuccessful. The lamb’s final fate is unknown, although it is unlikely the lamb survived, Mr. Dibb said. The lamb was estimated to be one to two weeks old, as it still had dried remnants of its umbilical cord attached. “I must say, I’ve never heard of this here before. I am surprised from a number of perspectives,” he said. “I am concerned that by people taking action on their own, it contributed to the final outcome.” Mr. Dibb explained that after lambs are born and mobile, the ewes often bring them down to Sinclair Canyon, presumably to find mineral sources there. The narrow canyon creates a bad spot to stop on the highway, and creates a safety risk not only to the animals, but to humans as well. “It’s always a tough one,” he said. “We want people to see and enjoy animals, but we want people to stay a distance away that’s safe. People need to stay more than 100 metres away from bears, and 30 metres away from ungulates. If you’re encroaching any closer than that, you’re potentially putting yourself and others at risk.” riod of one year for the assault charge, with conditions to keep the peace, not to be within 100 metres of the Sunset Motel,to repay the dental bill of $293.90, abstain from alcohol and non-prescribed drugs, complete 50 hours of community service work, and provide a sample of his DNA to the RCMP. Mr. Lasser apologized to the Thompsons, who were in attendance. With regards to the charge of causing a disturbance, Mr. Lasser was ordered to pay a $400 fine. • David Ouellet, who is facing two charges regarding possession for the purposes of trafficking and possession of a restricted firearm with ammunition, was released from custody to return to his mother in Lachutte, Quebec once a cash deposit of $10,000 is paid to the court, and with conditions to keep the peace, report to a bail supervisor within 72 hours of release, reside at his mother’s residence within 48 hours of his release, not possess any firearms or replicas or cell phones and obey a curfew between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. Mr. Ouellet’s charges stem from two separate incidents, the first of which occurred on February 25th when he was arrested with 152 grams of crackcocaine, two cell phones, electric scales and $25,000 in cash. He was released on conditions, and then on May 11th the RCMP executed a search warrant on a residence he was staying at where they found 60 grams of crack-cocaine, a cell phone, $4,000 cash, and a 9 mm handgun with nine rounds of ammunition. Mr. Ouellet will appear in Invermere court on July 19th via a designated agent.

HOOVES ON HIGHWAY — Each season, Bighorn sheep lambs like this one are brought to the highway near Sinclair Canyon in Kootenay National Park by their mothers.  Photo by Alan Dibb, Parks Canada The death of a Bighorn sheep doesn’t help the challenges the herd’s numbers already face, Mr. Dibb added. Mr. Dibb advised people to resist the inclination to intervene in a wildlife situation, especially one involving newborns. Instead, report the incident and let trained staff deal with the situation. To report wildlife occurrences, phone the Banff 24hour dispatch at 1-403-762-1473. For instances involving law enforcement, call 1-800-WARDENS.

• 80-year-old Gabriel Senger was acquitted of an assault charge that was brought forward by his former wife, 84-year-old Lucile Campbell. Ms. Campbell testified that on August 25th, 2010, after an argument on their deck, Mr. Senger allegedly grabbed her throat and arms, threatened to kill her, and left the residence, only to return to push her up against the wall of their bedroom and again leave the residence. Mr. Senger admitted that there was an argument, but that he only grabbed her arms to prevent Ms. Campbell from throwing a drinking glass at him, as she had already thrown the water it contained on him as he tried to leave the situation. Judge Sheard said that even though he did not prefer one person’s testimony over the other’s, the crown, in his opinion, failed to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mr. Senger had actually assaulted Ms. Campbell. The defence raised a number of questions about the lack of proof of Ms. Campbell’s bruises if in fact she was assaulted, and also that the timeline in which she recalled the events did not line up with testimony from one of Mr. Senger’s friends, who swore under oath that during the time of the second alleged assault, Mr. Senger was in his company. • Larry Demchuk was released from custody with conditions after his partner, Tammy VanBuskirk dropped the charges of assault and uttering threats, which resulted from an altercation the previous night, May 30th, at their residence in Radium Hot Springs.

6 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 3, 2011


Think about it By Kelsey Verboom

Observing the appalling amount of litter in Kootenay National Park, and writing about excessive speeding and picking up newborn animals along the park highway makes me wonder if a new breed of idiot humans have been beamed down to planet Earth. What the heck are we doing to one of our most precious resources? Sure, people grumble about the government and Parks Canada politics, but when it comes down to it, national parks such as the one right in our own backyard are invaluable. They are the one guaranteed source of mostly unblemished nature amidst a world of concrete, chugging machinery, and pollution. Treating Kootenay National Park as we have been lately is a shameful thing. I drove to Banff last weekend and saw a very small bear walking beside the road, licking a pop can. It made my heart hurt. The ditches on both sides of the highway were dotted with a disgusting amount of litter: beer cans, tossed CDs, dirty diapers, and Tim Horton’s paraphernalia. Come on, we can conquer almost every aspect of modern science, medicine, and technology; surely we can learn to not throw garbage on the ground. Our actions on the road have a direct impact on the wildlife that calls the park home. Although the people who picked up the Bighorn sheep lamb and carried it around (see story, Page 5) may have meant well, they really shouldn’t have ever stepped out of their vehicles. It’s amazing to witness the impressive wildlife in the park, but the minute you open your car door and step towards a wild animal, you are shattering the boundary between humans and wildlife — a boundary that is meant to be there. Lastly, we all need to ease off the gas pedal a little. I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about the recent seizing of vehicles in the park for excessive speeding. Personally, I think it’s great. For years people in the valley have moaned about the dangerous drivers and shocking speeds in the park. Well, now they’re being dealt with, and people are complaining about that, too. If you’re going 40 kilometres per hour over the speed limit, deal with the tough consequences. Your home, job, family, or cabin will still be there in the extra half hour it will take you to drive the park if you just slow down, and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

Historical Lens In this image, date unknown, Charles Thornton sits in a 1930 Model A pickup truck on Main Street, Invermere. The truck belonged to Burns & Co. Ltd. The words “Invermere Garage” are painted on the wheel cover of the spare tire. Kay Frater, daughter of Mr. Thornton, remembered seeing Mr. Thornton and his employee, A.B. James, hauling pigs in the truck one day, when one of the pigs jumped through the open back window. If you have any more information, e-mail us at  Photo (C783) courtesy of the Windermere District Historical Society

Deer resistant plants proved futile Dear Editor: I woke this morning, May 28th, to find nine deer in the yard. The neighbour said there were 17 deer at 6 a.m., all eating the lilac plants. THEY’RE BACK! If you do not have this problem on your property, just wait and you will. It was very interesting to read the article in the May long weekend Pioneer about deer-proofing your garden. Unfortunately, the deer did not read it. They have eaten the flowers off our bleeding hearts, columbine, and they gave the day lilies a brush cut. They have dug up daffodils, tulips,

narcissus, hyacinth, and ate the bulbs. Newlyplanted lilacs, as well as plum trees and currant bushes have nothing but stubs left in the ground. The only thing they have not touched is the monkhood. The other things on the list from The Pioneer of deer resistant plants we have not planted. It makes one wonder what the point is of planting anything. Please get rid of these long-legged rats. Remember, they also carry ticks, which can spread lyme disease. Len Burkitt Invermere

The Columbia Valley


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The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 7

June 3, 2011


HST should stay Dear Editor: Lewis F. Kornes told us that “One always looking for flaws leaves too little time for construction”; a message the NDP and MLA Norm Macdonald need to contemplate as British Columbians grow weary of their continual negativism and their inability to deliver anything constructional. There is not a B.C. Liberal in the province that will tell you that the implementation of the HST was the former Premier’s finest hour; frankly it was far from it. What we will tell you is that Premier Christy Clark has heard from British Columbians and is putting in the corrections, enabling a far better tax than the old PST and GST system. Seeking input from British Columbians, the government engaged in an unprecedented listening exercise and heard from more than 275,000 constituents from across the province who shared their ideas on how we can improve the tax. People told us that the benefits of the HST needed to be clearly articulated with accessible and understandable explanations made available. Further to this, an independent panel of financial experts, commissioned by the Premier, gave a comprehensive summary of their HST findings, which included the realization that the HST added an average cost to B.C. Families of $350. In response Premier Clark has proposed changes that are bold, responsive, fair and balanced and address the government’s key principles: ensuring the government’s commitment to balanced budgets without placing ad-

ditional tax burdens on B.C. families and seniors with modest incomes. The changes will soon be introduced in a motion to the legislature that will confirm and commit to the following: • There will be a two per cent point drop in the provincial HST rate from 7 per cent to 5 per cent. A one per cent point drop on July 1st, 2012 and an additional one per cent point on July 1st, 2014. • Families will receive a transition cheque for $175 per child under the age of 18, and seniors with family incomes of up to $40,000 will receive a transition cheque of $175. This legislation will also put money back into the pockets of B.C. families. We will pay less on routine expenditures, reversing the $350 deficit to families — as calculated by the independent panel, — and changing it to a positive cash flow of $120. Provincial tax policy officials are currently in discussions with the Canada Revenue Agency on how best to administer the one-time transitional payments and these payments will be made as soon as the process is worked through. These changes represent a strong beginning and we realize that there is still more to do, like addressing the HST on recreational and second homes. No matter what Norm Macdonald and the NDP tell you, Premier Clark and the BC Liberals have heard loud and clear about people’s concerns and I believe that the proposed changes show we have listened. Doug Clovechok President, Columbia River Revelstoke B.C. Liberal Riding Association LETTERS continued on next page . . .

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8 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 3, 2011



. . . LETTERS continued from Page 7

HST should be axed Dear Editor:

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Thanks to grass-roots uprising of more than 710,000 B.C. citizens who signed a petition demanding a referendum on the HST, between June 13th and July 22th, you have the opportunity to change B.C. tax policy with the mailin referendum on whether or not to extinguish the HST. During the time between the announcement of the HST and our chance to finally voice our opinion on the tax, we have been told many things. Originally we were told that this tax was “revenue neutral” and would result in no new tax revenue to the B.C. Government. Now we are told that the HST will generate much needed income for the government to pay for education and health spending. In fact it has been determined that in the first year of collecting HST, British Columbian families and consumers were taxed an additional $1.33 billion in sales taxes, and British Columbia businesses paid $730 million less in taxes. It is also projected that over time the amount of increased sales tax collected because of the expanded scope will grow to be so large that we could never afford to go back to the old taxation model because of the loss of revenue to the prov-

ince. Originally we were told that the HST would not cost the average British Columbian more in additional taxation or expense. Now we are told that the HST costs the average British Columbian more than $350 per year in additional tax, and to assist low income families and seniors the government will bribe us with lump sum payments to help with this costly transition. Originally we were told that we just didn’t understand this complicated new tax. Now we are being told that we have been listened to and if we just vote for the tax and vote for the party that brought us the tax in the next election, and if everything goes to their plan, then we might see some decreases in the tax in 2013 and 2014. I have heard so much “double-speak” and contradiction from the B.C. Liberal propaganda machine, I don’t know what to believe anymore — other than not to believe any of it. We have an opportunity to take back our democracy and to have a meaningful impact on the tax system in British Columbia. Please vote “YES” to extinguish the HST. Gerry Taft Invermere

We welcome your letters E-mail your letters to or visit our website at www. Mail your letters to Box 868, In-

vermere, V0A 1K0, or drop them in at 1008-8th Avenue. Please keep submissions to 400 words or less.

Government Rebates • Furnace Replacements • Heat Pumps • Fireplaces • Full Heating and Ventilation Systems

(250) 342-1167

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 9



62 ACRES $470,000




OLD H$785,000

Saturday, May 28, 11-4 pm Sunday, May 29, 10-2 pm Entrance to the Ranches at Elk Park 3.5 km north of Radium





Baptiste Lake




40 ACRES $1,400,000













Home, Home on the Range.



















230 ACRES $1,155,000

Entrance to the Ranches at Elk Park Upper Ranch SNOWY OWL RANCH







Y 95

Applied Communications DKT# 11394

FINAL SIZE: 10.25”(w) x 11.5”(h

5 Minutes to Town Centre


Kootenay National Park

The Rocky Mountain range, that is. Right now, you can own your own Columbia Valley ranch right at the foot of the Canadian Rockies. Rolling meadowlands… fragrant alpine forests…high bluffs overlooking the Columbia River wetlands. It’s a setting right out of Legends of the Fall – and it’s available now to a very lucky few. Only 17 Ranches will be made available in Elk Park Ranch – ever. To schedule a private guided tour, please call 1-604-694-7628 or email



10 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 3, 2011

Proposed HST changes please some, not others By Joshua Estabrooks Pioneer Staff Just months before an upcoming referendum on the Harmonized Sales Tax, the B.C. government announced proposed changes to the hotly debated tax, which was instituted in July of last year, and the possible changes have split the opinions of valley representatives. The government is proposing to reduce the tax by one per cent in July of next year, and again in July of 2014, cutting it down to 10 per cent. Transition cheques will also be issued to all B.C. families with children under 18, in the amount of $175 per child. There will also be similar payments to low and modest income seniors, which works out to a reduction of approximately $120 per year less in taxes under the 10 per cent HST when compared to the old 12 per cent PST/GST combination. Another measure the government is proposing is to increase the general corporate income tax rate to 12 per cent from the current 10 per cent on January 1, 2012, and postpone the reduction in the small business tax rate planned for April, 2012. The changes are meant to mitigate the extra costs incurred by individuals and families under the new tax, but to some critics of the government, like local MLA Norm Macdonald, it seems like the government is brib-

ing taxpayers with their own money. “I think the lack of credibility that the Liberals have is still problematic,” said Mr. Macdonald. “Most people I have talked to feel they were mislead and I think that is a big reason why Mr. Campbell left. One of the problems with the fix that has been proposed here is the people proposing the fix do not have credibility on the issue.” Mr. Macdonald continued, saying that the whole HST discussion and implementation seems to be willynilly, which is not the way important tax policies should be put together or amended as they effect every resident of the province significantly. “Tax policy has to be done in a much more thoughtful way than we see here,” he said. “This has all the markings of being written on the back of a napkin, and the financial implications of this are massive.” Of an independent report recently released on the HST, Macdonald said it seemed that the conclusions all focused on the high costs the government would incur if they were directed by voters to scrap the tax and return to the previous system, which is not a valid reason to keep the HST, in his opinion. “There’s a real element of scaremongering in the report regarding the complications of going back. If it is complicated it is this government that put us in this mess. It doesn’t justify keeping it. They put us there and

they can fix it.” Speaking on behalf of the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director Susan Smith said that, collectively, the B.C. Chamber is in support of the tax, but on a local level the chamber urges people to find the facts before they vote on whether or not to keep the HST. “It is really important that people make informed decisions regardless of how they choose to vote,” Ms. Smith said. “Vote based on facts, not emotions. Our position is that it is not perfect. There needs to be some changes to it and there are still more changes that are going to be required, but that is so for any new implementation.” To help facilitate residents’ access to the facts, the chamber is organizing an information meeting at the chamber hall, tentatively set for 5:30 p.m. on June 9th. Ms. Smith said she encourages anyone not clear on the facts of the new tax to attend as it will help them make an informed decision when it comes time to vote at the end of July. “The government will always tax us, and if it costs the government millions of dollars to go back that means it costs us as well,” she said. “People need to educate themselves on what it is, what the benefits are, what the bigger picture and long term benefits are and what the implications are for going back.”

Resort Now Open! 5 STAR CAMPING REDEFINED AT COPPER POINT RESORT Own your piece of adventure or book your getaway today at 1.855.926.7737.

For more info visit us at

Page• 11 The Columbia Valley Pioneer 11

June 3, 2011

What’s Happening in the Columbia Valley

Music • visual arts • dining • Bar Scene • entertainment • performance ARTS



Invermere’s Charlotte Dibb recently gained regional recognition for her dancing accomplishments. See the full story on Page 14.




Out & About Photo by Joshua Estabrooks

Support your local Arts Council What does ART mean to you?

CV Arts Membership Get yours today · Call 250.342.4423 Visit for our current events calendar, or call 250-342-4423.

Your Weekly Guide to What’s Happening Around the Columbia Valley Page 13

12 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 3, 2011

Music • visual arts • dining • Bar Scene • entertainment • performance ARTS

Movie Review: Drive Angry In the case of his latest flick, Drive Angry, it’s definitely the madman. Essentially, Drive Angry is a chase movie. Cage plays John Milton, who literally drives out of hell to avenge his murdered daughter and rescue his infant granddaughter. She is in the clutches of vicious satanists, headed by Jonah King (Billie Burke) who plan on sacrificing her in order to usher in a new, more evil world order. Along the way Milton partners up with a vivacious, butt-kicking, ‘69 Charger-driving ex-waitress named Piper (Amber Heard). As they track down King’s gang, they are pursued

Reviewed by Dave Sutherland The question you have to ask yourself when watching a new Nicolas Cage movie is, which Nicolas Cage is actually in this film? Is it the romantic and sensitive Cage from such memorable movies as Moonstruck and City of Angels, or the actor known for his serious turns in work like Leaving Las Vegas and World Trade Center? Will it be the hunky action hero from adrenaline-fueled flicks like Con Air and The Rock, or, finally, the portrayer of unhinged lunatics like Terence McDonagh, from the demented Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans?


Fight is at 7:00 p.m. New 10ft big screen projector TV with HD It does get any better then this!

Join us for Game 4 and stay for our Comedy Show after for 1/2 price


1/2 appies and pints of Rickards on special

Local Folk Band – 8:30 p.m.


n Floor o s u c Fo With David Wilson s


by a mysterious Satanic emissary called The Accountant (William Fichter). Cage is suitably intense as Milton, but his dialogue is peppered with plenty of dry, black humour. Fichter is pretty funny too, having a snappy remark for every soul he sends back to hell. There’s lots of gunplay, an almost unending car chase and the whole thing is filmed in a grungy style that’s a little bit reminiscent of Grindhouse. Drive Angry is flashy and trashy, and more than a little fun. And it’s hard not to like a movie that opens up with Trooper’s “Raise a Little Hell.”

Finally, after completing that big spring clean, you’re able to see the floors in your home and you realize that, “sigh” it’s time to replace that old carpet. Don’t panic! At Nature’s Floors, we can provide easy and affordable solutions for giving your home that fresh, new look it’s been begging for. Call us to measure your rooms and we’ll help you choose a style that best fits your needs. Or, take some samples home to see which one delivers the “wow”



Jazz Blues Singer • 8:30 p.m.

factor you’ve been looking for. When you’ve decided, aside from moving some furniture around, you’ll find that installation is quick and painless. And even better, you’ll immediately see how that new carpet dramatically changes the look of your home. Remember, if you have any questions about flooring solutions, just give us a call here at Nature’s Floors. We’ll be more that happy to help!

Join us every Friday on our patio for


#4 - 9994 Arrow Rd.

Homemade Burgers and Beer Specials from 4 till 10 p.m




(Next to Legacy Kitchens) #4 - 9994

#4 - 9994 Arrow Rd.

#4 - 9994 Arrow Rd. (Next to Legacy Kitchens)

(Next to Legacy Kitchens)

Gone Hollywood’s TOP FIVE OF THE WEEK Last Week’s Top 5 Rentals New Releases May 31 1 2 3 4 5

I Am Number Four The Mechanic No Strings Attached The King’s Speech Gnomeo and Juliet

1 2 3 4 5

Driver Angry Passion Play True Blood Season 3 Burning Palms Rogue Kill

New Releases June 7 1 2 3 4 5

Another Year Blue Crush 2 Just Go With It The Other Woman Sanctum

(Next to Le


for the Game Cube, PS2 and Xbox are on sale…



PO Box 2800, 503 - 7 Ave., Invermere, V0A 1K0 th


The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 13

June 3, 2011

Music • visual arts • dining • Bar Scene • entertainment • performance ARTS 10 p.m. - 2 a.m.: Canal Days Dance. Music by Riff Raff. Tickets: 250-349-5789.

Out & About

Sunday, June 5th:

Please call 250-341-6299 or e-mail us at to enter your event in our FREE listings.

Submissions must be received by the Monday prior to publication. We may only run an entry for two weeks prior to the event. Please limit your submission to 30 words. Priority is given to one-off events, so weekly events may run rarely.

Toby Theatre • June 1st - 27th: CLOSED

Friday, June 3rd: • 2:30 - 5:30 p.m.: Paddle to the Pacific - Launch at Kinsmen Beach. Fur Trade entertainment. Brigade arrival at 4:30 p.m. • 6 p.m.: Roast beef dinner and dance at Invermere Legion. $12.50 per person. Part of the kick-off festivities for the David Thompson Columbia Brigade’s Paddle to the Pacific. To reserve call: 250342-9517. • 7 p.m.: Family Dance at Canal Days in Canal Flats. For info: 250-349-5447.

Saturday, June 4th: • 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.: 3rd annual Garage Sale at Sonshine Children Centre at 320 - 10th Avenue. Accepting donation of gently used items during centre hours Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 p.m. Proceeds go to educational equipment. For info: 250-341-6224 or email • 8 a.m.: Pancake Breakfast at Canal Days, in Canal Flats. Parade, special features to follow. For info: 250-349-5447. • 10 a.m.: Zumba at the Beach at Pynelogs Cultural Centre. Admission by donation. All proceeds go to the local foodbank. For info: 250-342-3371. • 11 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.: Terri De Animal Canada fundraiser BBQ at Invermere Home Hardware. For info contact Carol Dobson: 250-342-1707. • 1 p.m.: First Nations Demo and Tepee Set-up during Canal Days in Canal Flats. • 3 p.m.: Gagne Loggers Show in Canal Flats.

• 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.: Mount Swansea Trail maintenance day, organized by Columbia Valley Cycling Society. Bring your rakes, shovels and pruning equipment if you have it. BBQ to follow. Food supplied by Invermere A&W. Meet at Swansea parking lot at the Mount Swansea trails. For info email: • 12 noon: Duct Tape Boat Races at the beach during Canal Days in Canal Flats. For info and registration: 250-349-5305 or 250-349-5662. • 1 p.m.: Kimberley Community Band performs during Canal Days. For info: 250-349-5447. • 6 p.m.: Canal Days Steak Dinner at the Civic Centre in Canal Flats. For info: 250-349-5447.

Monday, June 6th: • 3:15 p.m.: Kids’ Zumba class at Eileen Madson Primary School. For info: 250-342-3371. • 6:15 p.m.: Zumba class for adults at Eileen Madson Primary School. For info: 250-342-3371. • 7:00 p.m.: Wilmer Waterworks District’s Annual General Meeting at the Wilmer Community Hall (Conrad Kain Park).

• 10:00 a.m. - 2 p.m.: British Car Show in the Ball Park in Radium. • 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.: Open House and BBQ at the Radium Hot Springs newly completed fire hall. • 12 noon.: 15th annual SpilliChilli Cookoff at Spillimacheen’s Festival Grounds. $1.00 fee per person. For info: 250-346-3390 or visit www. • 12:noon - 12:30 p.m.: Radium Day Parade. • 1 - 4 p.m.: Kids’ Zone, Laser tag, Outdoor Market, Canteen and Music at Radium Days. Tickets will be sold at the grounds. For info: 250-347-9331. • 6 p.m.: Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life at David Thompson Secondary School. • 6 - 11 p.m.: Cancer Society’s Smart Shop tent is open at Relay for Life. Early bird goodie bags and draws for prices at 10:30 p.m. • 7:30 p.m.: A Greek Mythology Olympiganza! Presented by the David Thompson Secondary School Senior Drama Class. For info: 250-3429213.

Tuesday, June 14th: • 7:30 p.m.: David Thompson Secondary School Band Year End Concert. Junior Concert. Bands 8, 9 and Junior Jazz. Silver collection at the door. For info contact Mr. Constable: 250-342-9213.

Wednesday, June 8th:

Wednesday, June 15th:

• 5:00 p.m.: Panorama Foundation’s Annual General Meeting at Pynelogs Cultural Centre. Director positions available. Election of officers, review of financial position and reception to follow. • Friday, June 10th:

• 7:30 p.m.: David Thompson Secondary School Band Year End Concert. Senior Concert. Concert Band and Stage Band. Silver collection at the door. In the event of a NHL Playoff game, the concert will be rescheduled to Thursday, June 16th. For info contact Mr. Constable: 250-342-9213.

• 2:30 p.m.: Garden Tea Party at Columbia Garden Village. Come celebrate Senior’s Week at the residences. R.S.V.P. to: 250-341-3350. • 6 p.m.: Roast beef dinner at Invermere Legion. $12.50 per person. For info: 250-342-9517. • 7:30 p.m.: A Greek Mythology Olympiganza! Presented by the David Thompson Secondary School Senior Drama Class. Admission is $10.00. For info: 250-342-9213.

Saturday, June 11th: • Radium Days at Legend’s Field in Radium Hot Springs. For info: 250-347-9331.

Friday, June 17th: • 6 p.m.: Chicken Parmesan dinner at Invermere Legion. $12.50 per person. 250-342-9517.

Saturday, June 18th: • National Aboriginal Day Festival at Lakeshore Resort and Campground. Entertainment, exhibits, vendors, cuisine, arts and crafts. • 11 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.: Terri De Animal Canada fundraiser BBQ at Invermere Home Hardware. For info contact Carol Dobson: 250-342-1707.

926-7th Avenue, Invermere, BC

(next door to Fairmont Goldsmiths)

Maxwell Realty Invermere/Panorama


SCOTT WALLACE 250-342-5309

GEOFF HILL 250-341-7600

STEVE WILLIAMS 250-342-1031

JENNY BUECKERT 250-342-5711

Office: (250) 341-6044 • Fax: (250) 341-6046 •

14 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 3, 2011

Local dancer gains special recognition By Joshua Estabrooks Pioneer Staff Legendary dancer and choreographer, Martha Graham, once said; “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” For Invermere’s Charlotte Dibb, her soul was given special recognition recently at the Kootenay Festival of the Performing Arts, where she was the recipient of the Outstanding Solo Award for her expert ballet performance. Ms. Dibb has been dancing for as long as she can remember, and said that it was her parents who first encouraged her to pursue the art form that she immediately fell in love with. “When you’re dancing you feel free,” she said. “I used to do jazz, tap and ballet, but now I am focusing on ballet, modern and contemporary styles.” Her teacher and coach for the past two years, Lynette Lightfoot, said that not only is Ms. Dibb an exceptional dancer, but she can also act, sing, and is very successful academically. “She’s a wonderful student and a delightful young woman to work with. She has tremendous stage presence, she’s a born performer, she has a lot of skill and she has a strong work ethic. She blew them away at the

festival,” Ms. Lightfoot said. The award was given to one dancer out of approximately 250 performers, so Ms. Dibb has every right to be proud of her outstanding performance, Ms. Lightfoot said. “The festival included dancing and all of the fine arts. The dancers came from the West and East Kootenays. She participated in three different solos and her classical ballet was recognized as the top soloist performance of the entire festival.” The dynamic dancer has been practicing three times a week, before Ms. Dibb heads off to school. Currently she is working towards taking her exams through the Royal Academy of Dance, which will allow her to pursue dance as a career if she so desires. She also completed a successful audition for the Nelson Youth Theatre, which means she will be in their upcoming production of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. Ms. Dibb said she would love to keep dancing as long as she can, and has no plans to call it quits any time soon. “Right now I am just dancing to dance. If it takes me somewhere I can further my studies or progress even more as a dancer then I’m all for it.” Ms. Dibb is the daughter of Invermere’s Alan and Maria Dibb.

FANCY FOOTWORK — Charlotte Dibb practices her moves in the Valley Fitness Centre studio in Invermere.  Photo by Joshua Estabrooks

Fantastic Father’s Day Weekend

Tent Sale

Friday June 17–Sunday June 19, 10:00am-4:00pm

Shark Shot Challenge June 17 & 18

Closest to the pin contest. Win great prizes and raise money for ALS Golf-a-thon

Dining 250-342-6560 • Golf 250-342-0562 • • Toll Free 1-877-877-3889

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 15

June 3, 2011

Students display talent at REACH Art Show

pen 7 Days A Week! Beside James Chabot Provincial Park in Athalmer

SUNDAY BRUNCH IS BACK! 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

By Kelsey Verboom Pioneer Staff

Hours: 11:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. 250-342-6866 •

Students at David Thompson Secondary School have wielded their pencils, paintbrushes, and cameras to come up with some amazing results for the seventh annual REACH Art Show at Pynelogs Cultural Centre. The annual show is a chance for students to display their artistic flair and win bragging rights after their artwork is judged by a panel. “It’s more than completing a project and taking it home. It’s about pride and accomplishment,” said the students’ art teacher, Maggie Milligen. “The art show doesn’t have a theme. It’s about picking something you love and having the chance to experience it in a public venue.” Among the pieces on display is an oil painting from Grade 12 student Cassidy Hanke, titled ‘Moments in time’. Ms. Hanke’s painting features a mysterious-looking mechanical octopus creeping across the canvas. It was selected as the artwork for the show’s poster, an honour she shyly admits is “pretty great.” Ms. Hanke first became interested in art from watching cartoons. She started sketching her own animé and cartoon drawings when she was 9 years old, and has had an interest in art ever since. Her painting of the octopus is oil on canvas. The idea for it came about when Ms. Milligen challenged Ms. Hanke to create something larger and different than her previous works. “I really like octopi and mechanical stuff, so I decided to combine the two,” she said. “I liked the bronze colour I used a lot of because it looks weathered and old.” Ms. Hanke will be leaving in August to attend the

Kootenay Dance Kamp 2011 July 18-22 and July 25-29

Join us for a week of dance, play, creativity and fun this summer! Beginner to advance dance kamps available. Information and registration online at Ph: 250-342-5002 “Engineered for the Worlds Harshest Climates”


Week or weekend rates OCTOPUS LOVE — Cassidy Hanke poses with her piece for the art show, ‘Moments in time’.  Photo by Kelsey Verboom

• Hot Tubs • Water Maintenance • Massage Chairs • Steam Showers • Saunas

503B - 7th Avenue, Invermere • 250-342-3922 •

Art Institute of Vancouver. She said she’s excited for this next step, and encourages young artists to keep creating. “Just do art because you like to do it, not for any other reason,” she said. The REACH Art Show, which is sponsored by Panorama Mountain Village and Mercer and Company, will be on display at Pynelogs Cultural Centre until June 12th. Gallery hours are 11 a.m.-4 p.m. daily. The opening event and awards ceremony is June 1st from 7 p.m.-9 p.m.

Dan Mangan Delhi 2 Dublin • The CRACKlinG

29 saTUrDay JUlY 30



New Location – New Time!

35 | $15 YOUTH



mR.someThinG someThinG gabriel Palatchi banD

DAV i D G o G o

PaUl PereSS banD


Toby beARD bAnD • sinisTRio

JiM bYrneS banD F E S T I V A L


mARK hummel

& The blues suRViVoRs

The ConsonanCe • The nIghT Crawlers MarIa In The shower • PhIl Dwyer TrIo

kaSloJazzfeSt.coM TiCKeT hoTline 250-353-7548


ADVANCE $68 GATE $75 | $28 YOUTH

s U n Day



ADVANCE $68 GATE $75 | $28 YOUTH

all DaYS


Radium Hot Springs “Market on Main” is happening again this summer Friday nights from 6:00-9:00 p.m. in conjunction with

“Music on Main”

next to Meet on Higher Ground Coffee 155


Market on Main is looking for Vendors For more information e-mail or call The Radium Chamber of Commerce at 250-347-9331

16 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 3, 2011

Come and Celebrate Seniors Week with the residents of

Columbia Garden Village Garden Tea Party June 10th, 2011 2:30 p.m. Please RSVP 250-341-3350


3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, 8’ & 10’ Trees for Sale Wholesale & Retail

Blue & Green Colorado Spruce, Aspen, Maple, Schubert and Cherry

Call Peter at 250-342-1073 Water Conservation Notice In order to conserve water, Windermere Water and Parr Utilities have adopted the Regional District of East Kootenay watering restrictions for the months of May through September. We are asking that residents restrict the amount of water used for watering lawns and gardens. Watering times will be restricted to the cooler parts of the day from 6:00am - 10:00am and 7:00pm - 11:00pm on alternating days as follows: • Residents living in even numbered homes may water on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. • Residents living in odd numbered homes may water on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. We would like to thank-you in advance for your understanding and co-operation.

GOURMET GURUS — Donna Ford, Shirley Griese, Nola Alt, and Sharon Jamieson have pooled their collective experience to start The Spilli Bean and Spilli Dining station, a coffee shop and dining hot spot in Spillimacheen.  Photo submitted

Friends spill the beans

By Kelsey Verboom Pioneer Staff A building in Spillimacheen that was once a central hub for forestry in the area has been revived into a community focal point once more by four women who have started The Spilli Bean and Spilli Dining Station, a coffee and dining destination mid-way between Radium and Golden. Donna Ford, Nola Art, and twin sisters, Shirley Griese and Sharon Jamieson, knew for a long time they wanted to start a business together, but only recently realized the potential of their new venture in Spillimacheen. The ladies quit their full-time jobs, and went for it. “We’ve been dreaming of something like this for a long time,” Donna said. That something is currently a two-part operation, The Spilli Bean, a coffee shop serving gourmet coffee and warm baked goods, and Spilli Dining Station, which serves a feature menu from the coffee shop dining area on Friday and Saturday evenings, and brunch on Sundays. The women, who call themselves Station Hill Enterprises, hope to eventually expand the large building to include artisans upstairs and a farmers’ market outdoors. For now, the women are focusing their energy on brewing specialty coffees and filling customers’ bellies with homemade treats. Each day the coffee shop has a feature item, which Sharon says always has a little twist, like salad with warm, sliced meat, grilled home baked biscuits, and chicken stew. Nola brings tasty ideas to the table with her culinary experience from when she used to run the Spilli Station Cafe, which is no longer operating. So far, the reception has been great, Donna said. The ladies have welcomed cyclists, travellers, and truckers from the highway, boaters from the nearby Columbia River, and of course, local residents who have been pleasantly surprised to find such a spot in the north end of the valley.

“People are pretty amazed when they come in here,” Donna said. “It’s not hoity-toity, but it’s not honkytonky either. It’s comfortable.” Indeed, when you walk through the bright red front door, you immediately feel welcome. The warm, wooden walls have local artwork hanging from them, the space is roomy, but cozy, and the smell of fresh pie wafts from the brightly-painted kitchen in the back. The ladies said they hope The Spilli Bean will draw more regulars and turn into a central spot for the community to connect over a cup of joe and the newspaper (The Pioneer is dropped off every Friday!). Years ago, the building the coffee shop and dining station are run out of was a B.C. Forest office for the Spillimacheen Ranger District, established in 1952. The office-warehouse building, as well as a ranger station and staff houses, were constructed in 1953-1954. In 1974, the Spillimacheen Ranger District was amalgamated with the Invermere Ranger District, and the Spillimacheen station was reduced to a skeleton staff, until it closed in May, 1983. The property was sold to George and Laquita Rollins, and George ran Turtle Island Gifts from it for 21 years, until his passing last year. Sitting at a table at the front of the property, it’s easy to see why the property was selected for constructing a station. It overlooks a bend in the Columbia River, with the Purcell Mountains in the background. “When you’re not in a highway hurry, it’s a great place to stop, have a moment of peace, and enjoy the view,” Sharon said. Hours: The Spilli Bean: 7 a.m.-4 p.m., 7 days a week. Spilli Station Dining: Friday and Saturday, 5 p.m.10 p.m., Sunday brunch 10 a.m.-2 p.m. *Note: During the Spilli Chili Cookoff weekend of June 11th, The Spilli Bean will operate with regular daily hours, but there will be no dining in the evenings. Gourmet hot dogs will be served on Saturday, June 11th, and there will be a special pancake breakfast on Sunday, June 12th instead.

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 17

June 3, 2011

Work of young artists GRADUATION PULL-OUT on display at Pynelogs COLUMBIA VALLE Y PIONEER ANNUAL

David Thompson Secondary School

By Montana Cameron Summer student, Pynelogs Cultural Centre Alongside the David Thompson Secondary School REACH Art Show currently on display at Pynelogs, the Royal Canadian Legion National Poppy Poster and Literary Contest’s winners will also be showing. The Royal Canadian Legion National Poppy Poster and Literary Contest will be displaying its winners from the intermediate, junior, and primary levels in poster and literary categories, which will equal about forty-two entries on display. This display will not only feature some talented and well-deserved winners, but the focus is one that is close to the hearts of all of us. Howie Williams, who after thirty-six years in the military has deemed himself “Mr. Poppy,” is always impressed by how the teachers help get the students involved in the contest. This is another display that is an opportunity to support our local youth, but also to do some remembering.


Book your congratulation ads for our June 17th issue now! Call Gayle at 250-341-6299 or e-mail HANGING AROUND — Grade 12 student Alisha Jimmy helps to hang some of the artwork currently on display at Pynelogs Cultural Centre.  Photo by Kelsey Verboom


No. 8, 1008 - 8th Ave. Box 868 • Invermere BC • V0A 1K0 Ph: 250-341-6299 • Fax: 250-341-6229

SPRING CLEARANCE SAVE UP TO $36,000! Gazing up at the Canadian Rockies from a quiet location in one of North America’s premier resort destinations, the alpine-styled townhomes and luxury bungalow villas of Borrego Ridge are an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true. For a limited time, Schickedanz West – a builder of high-quality homes since 1951 – is offering enticing price reductions on the few new homes still available in this intimate neighbourhood. Enjoy glorious maintenance freedom with low monthly strata fees, full 2-5-10 year coverage under the National Home Warranty program…and the Columbia Valley retreat you’ve always talked about!

New THREE-BEDROOM Townhomes UNIT 17 ...... $325,900....... $289,900


UNIT 25 ...... $316,900....... 316,900....... $286,900 UNIT 26 ...... $299,900....... $269,900 UNIT 27 ...... $325,900....... $289,900 New WALK-OUT Bungalow Villas UNIT 13 ...... $369,900....... $339,900 UNIT 21 ...... $345,900....... $319,900


UNIT 23 ...... $329,900....... 329,900....... $299,900

Contact Scott Sauermann at 250.342.5889 or 1.877.733.7932

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FINAL SIZE: 10.25”(w) x 5.75”(h)


18 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 3, 2011


Seven ways to simplify your finances Although many of us dream of the simple life, the reality is life is anything but simple. With our careers, household chores, responsibilities to friends and family, and other interests and commitments, life can get pretty complicated pretty quickly. That’s why it’s important to simplify, so we can reduce our stress and free up more time for the things that matter most in life. You can start by simplifying your finances and here are some tips. While these tips won’t put your financial plan on autopilot, they can certainly make the task of dealing with your money a little easier.

but contradictory advice. Too much information can be confusing and overwhelming. Instead of reading everything about your investments, limit your information to a single, reliable source. Tune out the rest. Your portfolio will likely be better for it, and so will your state of mind.

to receive regular, tax-efficient income from your portfolio. However, setting up this plan can be complicated; so you should check with your financial professional before making any decisions.

Make investing automatic

Write your will and keep it up-to-date

Knowing your family will be taken care of after You may already pay some of your bills by direct you’re gone will give you peace mind. Manulife Securities Incorporated = of IDA deposit or pre-authorized debits, so why not makeManulife your By keeping an up-to-date will, Securities Investment Servicesyou inc.can = make MFDAthings investment contributions automatic, too? easier (both financially and emotionally) on your grievManulife Securities Insurance Inc. = INSURANCE You’re far more likely to meet your savings goals, and ing family. you’ll also eliminate the hassle of writing cheques. Don’t forget to review the contents of your will evWrite an Investment Policy Statement ery three years or any time there’s a significant change in Englishinvestment decisions may be difficult, but Making your life. An out-of-date will can be just as damaging as “Outsource” your taxesFrench an Investment Policy Statement can help. Preparing your tax return can be a complicated, frus- having no will at all. By outlining clearly-defined investment principles trating chore (even more so if you’re a business owner). Your family lawyer should be perfectly capable of asand a roadmap for building your wealth, an Investment So why not “outsource” your tax return? sisting with your will. 3/16" Minimum size to be used on business cards Policy Statement can guide you in all kinds of market Hiring a qualified accountant to prepare your taxes conditions and keep you focused on your long-term not only makes your life easier, it could very well pay Work with a professional goals. Personal finance can be complicated. Don’t try to do for itself in tax savings that you otherwise might have it all yourself. Instead, find a qualified professional you missed. can trust, and work closely with them to develop a holisTune out the noise tic financial plan that takes care of your personal needs Magazines, newspapers, television shows, the interSet up a systematic withdrawal plan net—there are many sources of financial information vyIf you’re drawing on your investment portfolio, you now and in the future. That’s the best way to simplify your financial life. ing for your attention, most of them offering persuasive can set up a systematic withdrawal plan that allows you 1/4" Minimum size to be used on the standard sized brochures

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Strength, Resources, Reputation & Independence Investments, Insurance & Financial Planning

Offering the valley more than just mutual funds. Investments

Stocks, Income Trusts, Preferred 5/16" Donahue This size to be usedBonds, on all GICs, oversized brochures. Brendan Shares, ETFs, Mutual Funds and more. BCOMM, FMA, CIM Senior Investment Advisor Insurance Agent 250-342-2112

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19 GIC Companies, 15 Insurance Companies, 100 Mutual Fund, Companies


RRSPs, RRIFs, TFSAs, LIRAs, RESPs, Corporate Accounts, Cash Accounts

TD Newcrest, Credit Suisse First Boston, First Energy Capital Corp, MFC Global Investment Management


This material is not to be construed as an offer or solicitation. The securities mentioned may not necessarily be considered suitable investments for all clients. Contact your Investment Advisor to discuss your individual investment needs.

Estate Planning, Financial Planning, Insurance Planning, Retirement Planning

GIC Rates* as of May 30th

Cashable 90 days 1 yr 2 yr 3 yr 4 yr 5 yr

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Call us for local, friendly, professional free consultations! • Ph: 250-342-2112 • Fax: 250-342-2113 • 712-10th Street, Invermere

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 19

June 3, 2011

Thrift Shop overwhelmed by garbage donations By Kelsey Verboom Pioneer Staff The Thrift Shop in Invermere doesn’t want your garbage. The tiny store, which is run by the Invermere Health Care Auxiliary, has been increasingly overwhelmed by donations of garbage, and are being forced to spend up to $700 each month to have the useless drop-offs hauled to the dump. Jo Anne Myers, secretary of the Health Care Auxiliary and volunteer at the Invermere Health Care Auxiliary Thrift Shop, said that among generous useable donations given to the store, people drop off endless amounts of broken, torn, ripped, and stained items. “We have high standards. The things that go in the store are in good condition,” she said. “People drop off things like broken coffee pots, stained underwear and diapers, dirty and ripped clothes, large pieces of furniture, and balled-up sheets you wouldn’t even put your hands in the bag to touch. No one wants that stuff.” Other unusual items the Thrift Shop has received include sex toys, edible underwear, a chair with three legs, one shoe, and three uncooked fresh lobsters in a box. The Thrift Shop has a drop-off area behind the shop, which constantly fills, Ms. Myers said. “If we leave it even a day, it gets overwhelming.” Pairs of the store’s 45 volunteers spend 6 hours each day of the week trying to sift through the mountain of

Please don’t donate these items:

donations, much of which they are forced to ship to the dump. Each week, the charitable store must pay to haul away a stack of garbage equivalent to the size of the Community Bus. “The money we spend on our garbage detail could be going towards health care,” Ms. Myers said. Ms. Myers said she believes some people think they are doing the Thrift Shop a favour, but in reality, it’s frustrating for the volunteers and is sucking resources dry. “Sometimes after someone has a garage sale, they will bring all the leftovers to us in one big heap,” she said. “Some of it is useable, but not all of it. They need to go through it themselves and decide what is good and what is bad.” The Thrift Shop appreciates and welcomes gentlyused items in good condition, but they need people to be more discerning when deciding what to donate, Ms. Myers said. She also pointed out that it doesn’t cost anything to take things to the dump, and at the Windermere Landfill there is a re-use station for dropping off items other people might like. Through revenue from the Thrift Shop, the Health Care Auxiliary donated $269,194.84 last year for equipment, patient comfort, and other community health needs. The Thrift Store always welcomes volunteers. Contact 250-342-5552.

* The Thrift Shop does not wash dirty clothing or items infested with pet hair.

Jason A. Elford, CFP 250.342.5052 877.342.5052 877.719.7927 250.270.0270

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Office Toll Free Toll Free Fax Cell

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Suite 303, 1313 – 7th Ave. PO Box 429 Invermere, BC V0A 1K0

Full Service Independent Investment Counselor We offer no load, no back-end sales charge, low fee, and strong performing portfolios directly to all our investors. >>Contact Justin to book a no-obligation appointment. For more info, please visit our website or look up MFi Funds at or Matco is registered as a Portfolio Manager, Investment Counselor and Investment Fund Manager.


*Board Member of the Calgary CFA Society

DIRECT: 403.718.2130 TOLL FREE: 1.877.539.5743 EMAIL: WEB: OFFICE: 400,407 8th Ave. SW, Calgary, Alberta

T2P 1E5

…JUNE… IS BRAIN INJURY AWARENESS MONTH East Kootenay Brain Injury is reminding everyone June is awareness month. We provide the survivors of a head injury and their families with one-on-one support and group support. We travel to outlying areas in the community, as some clients have isolation issues. We educate our communities about awareness and prevention of head injury, along with encouraging the local schools to participate in a poster contest. You will see these posters throughout our communities. Stop and take a look. There is a message on each one of these to protect your head. Great job by our students.

Brain injury is NOT a mental illness....

PLEASE we strongly encourage all of you to learn more about prevention of head injury, or if you know a survivor living with head injury who is in need of support, encourage them to reach out for support. Golden group meets 2nd Monday of each month from 1-3 pm, Golden Family Centre meeting room. Invermere group meets 3rd Monday of each month from 1-3 pm, Invermere Family Centre meeting room

STAINED — The Thrift Shop doesn’t want items like these donated stained underwear and socks with holes.

For more information call 250 344 5674 Golden office or 250 417 6220 Cranbrook office


even though you cannot see my injury it HURTS.

Chart the right course to financial success With markets continuing to deliver turbulence, even the most level-headed investors among us may begin to second-guess their financial strategies. It is precisely during times like these that a long-term financial plan becomes more important than ever. Successfully navigating challenging markets is the key to reaching your financial goals.

Certified Financial Planner

It could happen to any one of us — if not directly, then indirectly. A mom, dad, sister, brother, neighbor, hockey player or couch, teacher, volunteer… IT AFFECTS EVERYONE.

The Invermere Health Care Auxiliary Thrift Shop gratefully accepts most clean, working items. The shop does not accept: • Big furniture • TVs • Computers and accessories • Hardware from remodelled kitchens • Sports equipment like skis • Cribs or baby gates • Unwashed dishes • Broken, dirty, or non-working items




MILTON CRAWFORD LIZ SPENCE-NOBLE 250-342-8744 250-349-5882

ANGELA KREBS 250-341-5216

JASON STEVENS 250-341-7316


20 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer Windermere Valley Minor Hockey Association

REGISTRATION for the 2011/2012 Hockey Season Wednesday, June 8th, 2011 Invermere Community Hall 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Forms available online at: For any inquiries, please contact Wallace Ross, 250-342-9007



20% OFF

729 - 12th Street, Invermere Phone: 250-342-9313

“Building a Legacy for our Valley Communities”

ONE DECADE OF SHARING! Notice of the 2010 Annual General Meeting of Members of the Columbia Valley Community Foundation The Board of Directors of the Columbia Valley Community Foundation hereby gives notice that the Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held at 7 PM on the 21st day of June 2011, upstairs in the Pynelogs Cultural Centre, in Invermere, BC for the following purpose: 1. To receive the report of the directors to the members. 2. To receive and approve the financial statements of the Society for the period ended December 31, 2010. 3. To elect directors of the Society to hold office until the conclusion of the next annual general meeting of the Society. 4. To transact such other business as may properly come before the meeting. Dated 26 May, 2011 BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Per Marion Hoover Secretary

June 3, 2011

Popular art tour on its way By Joshua Estabrooks Pioneer Staff The fourth annual Columbia Valley Tour of the Arts is coming on July 31st from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., and this year promises to build on the momentum the event has gained since its inception. Chair of the Tour of the Arts Committee, Lynda Tutty, said that residents and visitors will get to mingle with 45 artists throughout the day, and view over 100 works of original art at five different locations throughout the valley. “We have two sites in Fairmont and three near Windermere,” Ms. Tutty said. “The artists are all from within the valley, from Golden to Cranbrook. We have received lots of positive feedback from last year’s tour, as the artists sell a lot of their work and the attendees are always impressed with the talent we have here in the valley.” Based on last year’s numbers, approximately 750 passports were sold, with a half-and-half split between out-of-towners and locals taking part. The event, which took more than 100 volunteers to pull off, raised about $20,000 for the Columbia Valley Arts Council. New this year, live music has been added to each of the five venues, and tour takers will notice five hand painted muskoka chairs at a few of the venues. Five artists were asked to paint the chairs and create the original art pieces to be sold via silent auction at the Celebrate the Arts reception, to be held at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort for all passport holders. Chief Operating Officer for Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, Dean Prentice, said it only makes sense for the resort to be a major sponsor of the event, as arts and culture are increasing in importance in terms of tourism in the Columbia Valley. “Developing a relationship with local artists is very important to us, as well as catering to the needs and

wants of our guests. The arts are the future of tourism, and it is an important aspect of tourism in our valley.” Mr. Prentice added that being a part of the tour also coincides with the resort’s master plan, which includes the development of an arts and culture centre on the property. “We donated a site to the Columbia Valley Arts Council, so we’re a few years away from realizing that, but we are very excited to be able to eventually bring live bands and festivals and that sort of thing into the Fairmont community.” Two of the muskoka chairs will be on display at the resort. Local artists Cathy Parkes and Tracie Truscott, both of whom work in acrylic and will be featured on the tour, painted them. For Mrs. Parkes, the inspiration for her chair came from her love of the natural surroundings she has embraced since moving to the valley from Toronto, where she worked in the animation industry. She said that she is constantly inspired by what she encounters on her hikes through the parks, and tries to spread this appreciation to audiences through the pieces she creates. “I hope that people take something away from my paintings and it inspires them to respect and value nature and the environment.” This will be Parkes’ second year as part of the tour. She said that last year she was very excited to meet other artists from the area and it helped give her the confidence to show and sell her art more seriously. For Ms. Truscott, this will be her first year being part of the tour. She said the inspiration for her chair came from the season in which she undertook the project, which was this spring. 

Continued on next page . . .

Kootenay Paving Toll Free 1-888-341-2221

• Take advantage of our early season rates • Serving the valley for over 30 years • All work is guaranteed • Free estimates Division of Interoute Construction Ltd. 1756 Hwy 93/95, P.O. Box 2700, Invermere, B.C. V0A 1K0 Phone: 250-342-6500 • Fax: 250-342-3484

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 21

June 3, 2011

JAC Marketing Marketing Services

T: 403.829.0757 E:

Website Design & Social Media Email Marketing & Newsletters Graphic Design Advertising Event Planning Promotions Direct Mail

Jacewicz European Windows Inc. Chris Jacewicz High Quality, Tilt/Turn, European Windows Installation, Supply CHILLAXING — Local artists, Tracie Truscott and Cathy Parkes relax in their hand painted muskoka chairs (far left). The chairs will be auctioned off as part of the Tour of the Arts Festival at the end of July. Photos By Joshua Estabrooks . . . continued from Page 20 “It was snowing out in April so I decided to paint somewhere I’d rather be. The chair was a chance for me to goof around with yet another new canvas and it depicts a few of my favourite things: turtles, surf and heat.” In addition to working in acrylic, Ms. Truscott also does aquatic taxidermy, sculptures using river rocks, airbrushing and is an accomplished tattoo artist. Passports for the tour go on sale June 25, and cost $25 in advance ($30 on day of the tour), $10 for students aged 13-18, and children are free. You can pick up a passport at Invermere Village Arts, Essentials, Pynelogs, the Visitor Information Centre, in Radium Hot Springs at

N’Deco and in Fairmont Hot Springs at Smoking Waters Café. Once you fill out your passport, don’t throw it away, as you will be entered into a draw for a day of heli-hiking in the Bugaboos for two people, including lunch and dinner, hosted by Canadian Mountain Holidays. The Celebrate the Arts reception will take place on Sunday evening, from 4-6 p.m. at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. The afternoon reception will include live music by the Parson Jazz Cooperative. For more information, or to volunteer for the event, call 250-342-4423 or e-mail info@columbiavalleyarts. com. All funds raised through the event go to support the Columbia Valley Arts Council.

Phone: 1-855-861-7667 •

The Briar Patch

CANAL DAYS SPECIAL 10 Inch Baskets & Planters $12.99 Yes...we still have tomatoes! Have a great weekend everyone! Located just off Burns Ave., Canal Flats • Open Daily 9:30 - 5:30

“The Best Kept Secret in the Valley!” 3.25” x 4.6”

Water Conservation Notice In order to conserve water, Windermere Water and Parr Utilities have adopted the Regional District of East Kootenay watering restrictions for the months of May through September. We are asking that residents restrict the amount of water used for watering lawns and gardens. Watering times will be restricted to the cooler parts of the day from 6:00am - 10:00am and 7:00pm - 11:00pm on alternating days as follows: • Residents living in even numbered homes may water on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. • Residents living in odd numbered homes may water on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. We would like to thank-you in advance for your understanding and co-operation.

Finance Your Future Thinking about going back to school but need some help financially? If you’re active in your community, you may qualify for a College Community Service Award. Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) is offering $2,000 for up to 22 Basin residents planning on attending college after a hiatus of at least one year from high school. Planned study must be full-time in a recognized undergraduate program leading to a degree, diploma or certificate at College of the Rockies, Selkirk College or the Valemount Twitter Campus of College of New Caledonia. Full award eligibility criteria, the application form and guidelines Twitter can be found at Application deadline is June 17, 2011. • 1.800.505.8998

Join us:





22 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 3, 2011

COMMUNITY HALL FOR RENT Scenic setting at Bella Vista Estates for meetings and groups up to 50 people. Just 5 minutes south of Fairmont Hot Springs. To Book Call Bob Walker 403-861-2309

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Winser Timber Ltd. Road Building Land Clearing Basement Excavation Water & Sewer

• Screened Topsoil • Sand & Gravel • Subdivision Development

Screened Top Soil Sales & Delivery

• Bedding Sand • Drain Rock • 3/4 Crush Gravel • Landscaping Rock

“For all your dirt-moving needs”

Don Mcintosh

Box 2505, Invermere, BC V0A 1K0

Imagine Invermere 2030 envisions future of town By Joshua Estabrooks Pioneer Staff This past winter, a dedicated group of community minded residents have been envisioning the future for the District of Invermere. The process, which has been branded “Imagine Invermere 2030”, was partially funded by gas tax dollars that came from the Federal Government, and modeled after a similar program that was developed by the municipality of Whistler. The purpose of the process was to come up with an overall vision that will act as a road map in the future when potential projects come before council. Director of Development Services for the District of Invermere, Rory Hromadnik, said that a core group

The group identified nine strategy areas, said Mr. Hromadnik, which are: Buildings and Sites; Community and Individual Health; Economy and Work; Education; Arts; Culture and Recreation; Energy; Food; Land Use and Natural Areas; Transportation and Mobility; and Water and Waste Systems. The group compiled submissions from the public and then brainstormed actions to take within each of the categories, and came up with a master list of all actions. “We took the whole action list and prioritized them as recommended actions,” said Mr. Hromadnik. “I presented the more concise list to council and they are all in. It was received and permission was granted to take it public.” The group has set short term and long term targets,

“It’s a thirty-inning ball game and it is time to start playing ball. We have a plan that is pretty comprehensive, so now it’s time to start working towards it.” — Rory Hromadnik, Invermere

Ph: 250-342-1377


The Radium Hot Springs Volunteer Fire Department invites you to an Open House and BBQ at Radium’s newly completed fire hall.

Saturday, June 11th, 2011 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Come in and enjoy a tour of the fire hall.

Patty’s Greenhouse and Market Garden


Open 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday – Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Sundays Across from A&W • 250 - 341 - 1087

of local experts have been working through the process, and are ready to roll out their vision, the Invermere Integrated Community Sustainability Plan, along with coinciding actions, at the Farmers’ Market on June 18th. “The concept is to take a look at where we want to be. What do we see in Invermere in 2030 with regards to healthcare, transportation, education, etc.? We asked our group internally and we held two public workshops that were well attended,” Mr. Hromadnik said. “Then we took the vision for each sector and descriptions of success, and compared them with our current reality, which leads into a gap analysis; identifying where you’re short. That led into an action-planning process.” The plan will function as the district’s highest-level policy that will guide the community towards a desired and sustainable future, and will inform all planning, policy development, and decision‐making. Framed by a vision for Invermere that was developed by the community, the plan identifies strategies and actions for implementation, monitors progress, and is reviewed and updated every year.

Fireside Tea Shoppe

We are ready for another season. A new shipment of teas has arrived. • Premium Loose Leaf Tea Espresso • Fresh Baked Goods

7557 Canyon Ave. Radium Hot Springs Phone: 250-347-9392

and the hope is to use the vision and recommended actions as a gauge when council decides to pursue an initiative. “The group will stay intact, and through strategic partnerships with applicable community groups we will take steps towards the overall vision one project at a time. If we can engage community groups and the community itself into moving forward with some of these initiatives then it has a greater chance of success.” Members of the public can access the work of the Imagine Invermere group by visiting the District of Invermere’s website and following the Imagine Invermere links, said Mr. Hromadnik, and further input and ideas are always welcome. “It’s a thirty-inning ball game and it is time to start playing ball. We have a plan that is pretty comprehensive, so now it’s time to start working towards it,” he said. “The plan will evolve as new ideas come to light and new opportunities become available. It will become less of a day-to-day thing as it will direct the traffic for everything else as we move our community forward.”


Contact Dale Elliott • 250-341-7098

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 23

June 3, 2011

Local soccer teams place well Columbia Valley Rep soccer teams took part in a tournament in Creston over the weekend, with the U14 girls taking first place in their division and the U14 boys taking second in their division. Pictured, left to right, back row: Coach Jim Collins, Brianne Clarke, Ella Swan, Courtenay Hoffos, Denise Jensen, Araleigh Cranch, Shelby Zaperowsky, Terri Collins; Front row: Sunny Jones, Dakota Collins, Shelby Clarke, Jane Mouley, Montanna McIlwain, Carly Maybuck, Kelly VanMulligen and goalie Brooklyn Agnew. Missing from photo: Sierra King. Both the girls’ and boys’ teams will be heading to Kalispell, Montana, this weekend to take part in the Three Blind Refs tournament. 


Request for Proposals For Grainger and Camp One Remediation Road Project The Village of Canal Flats is accepting contractor proposals for the following services for the repair and restoration of Grainger Road and Camp One Road. The work will commence as follows:



No. 8, 1008 - 8th Ave. Box 868 • Invermere BC • V0A 1K0 Phone: 250-341-6299 Fax: 250-341-6229

Email: Web:

Photo Submitted

Starting from the north and heading south at the corner of Cottage Lane and Grainger Road. (a) East side create drainage (ditch to be constructed) (b) Remove large fir tree from the west side of the road (c) Clean the trees that are damaged and remove the ones that are already piled up on the east side of the road and create drainage from Bighorn Sheep Lane south (d) On the west side create drainage by removing the berm and give the shoulder at least a 2% grade away from the pavement, ensure that the culvert is not plugged (e) On the east side at the corner of 8380 Richardson Crescent - clean up the bank and create drainage so the runoff will head north to the culvert including marking all culverts with an identifying pole South of 8380 Richardson Crescent (a) Reshape bank and create drainage using the culverts that are in place as your final grade (marking all culverts) (b) Because the east side bank is approximately 12’ 20’ away from the edge of the pavement, allow for a shoulder of about 3’ in width before drainage is considered. Shoulder must have a 2% grade or better away from the pavement (c) From Richardson Crescent and south to Water Cress Creek (d) Because the east side bank is approximately 12’ to 15’ away from the edge of the pavement, allow for a shoulder of about 3’ before ditching. The shoulder must have 2% grade or better away from the pavement.

Water Cress Creek a) East side remove the berm, however make sure there is still good drainage in the ditch. b) Grade the road surface but leave as much material over the creek crossing as possible. c) Clean up the berm on the west side and create drainage with the shoulder at a 3% grade. South of Water Cress to Tembec property (a) East side bank should be reshaped and drainage put in with a 10’ shoulder Camp One Road (a) Clean up all broken trees, stumps, stack logs, debris and repair ditches. The Contractor will be required to provide manpower and equipment to remediate the road, associated ditch repairs and tree removal. The Contractors will be required to meet with the Public Works Director on-site together on an agreed date and review the project area, prior to the RFP submission. The RFP will include the primary operator(s), background and experience in the industry, equipment to be utilized, method of operation, amount charged for the project, and the stated time period. The contractor will be required to enter into a contract with the Village of Canal Flats based on the terms implied in the RFP together with any additions the contractor or Village may impose or negotiate. If you require more information, please contact Bill Doroshuk, Public Works Coordinator or the Village office at 250-349-5462. Proposals may be forwarded no later than (noon) on Friday, June 10th, 2011 to: Bill Doroshuk, Public Works Coordinator Box 159, 8853 Grainger Road Canal Flats, B.C. VOB 1BO

24 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 3, 2011

Regional District of East Kootenay NOTICE OF VOTING Windermere Water System Upgrade Vote PUBLIC NOTICE is given to the electors within the Windermere Community Water System Local Service Area that a vote will be held on the following question: “Are you in favour of the Regional District of East Kootenay adopting Bylaw No. 2301 and No. 2302 to: • borrow up to $2,230,000 amortized over 25 years to purchase access to treated water and upgrade the Windermere Community Water System; and • increase the maximum annual requisition for the Windermere Community Water System Local Service to $340,000?”


SATURDAY, JUNE 25, 2011 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Windermere Community Hall 4726 North Street, Windermere, BC


WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 2011 -andTHURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2011 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Windermere Community Hall 4726 North Street, Windermere, BC

ELECTOR REGISTRATION If you are not on the list of electors, you may register at the time of voting by completing the required application form available at the voting place. To register you must meet the following qualifications: • 18 years of age or older; • Canadian citizen; • resident of BC for at least 6 months immediately preceding voting day; • resident of OR registered owner of real property (land) in the Windermere Community Water System Local Service Area for at least 30 days immediately preceding voting day; and • not otherwise disqualified by law from voting. Resident electors will also be required to produce 2 pieces of identification (at least one with a signature). Picture identification is not necessary. The identification must prove both residency and identity. Non-resident property electors must produce 2 pieces of identification (at least one with a signature) to prove identity, proof that they are entitled to register in relation to the property, and if more than one person owns the property, written consent from the majority of property owners to that person voting.

MAIL BALLOT VOTING Electors may vote by mail if they: • have a physical disability, illness or injury that affects their ability to vote at another voting opportunity; OR • expect to be absent from the RDEK on general voting day and at the times of all advance voting opportunities. REQUESTING A MAIL BALLOT PACKAGE: Before 4:00 pm on June 23, 2011 you must submit the following information to the RDEK office in Cranbrook by mail (19-24th Ave S, Cranbrook BC V1C 3H8), telephone (250-489-2791 or 1-888-478-7335), fax (250-489-3498) or email ( 1. Full name; 2. Residential address; 3. Address of the property in relation to which you are voting (for non-resident property electors); 4. Method of delivery of your mail ballot package: (a) pick up at RDEK office in Cranbrook; (b) regular lettermail through Canada Post to residential address; OR (c) regular lettermail through Canada Post to an alternate address provided when requesting the mail ballot package; and 5. If you are not on the list of electors, to ensure you receive the correct registration application form in your package, you must indicate whether you are going to be registering as a resident or non-resident property elector. The RDEK will send out mail ballot packages commencing on or about May 30, 2011. To be counted, your mail ballot must be received by the Chief Election Officer no later than 8:00 pm on June 25, 2011.

SYNOPSIS OF PROPOSED BYLAWS BYLAW NO. 2301 – “Regional District of East Kootenay – Windermere Community Water System Local Service Area Establishment Bylaw, 1990 – Amendment Bylaw No. 3, 2011” – This Bylaw will increase the maximum amount of money that may be taxed annually to $340,000 in order to cover the debt servicing costs of the proposed upgrade to the Windermere Community Water System. BYLAW NO. 2302 – “Regional District of East Kootenay – Windermere Community Water System Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 2302, 2011” – This Bylaw will authorize the borrowing of $2,230,000 amortized over 25 years to purchase access to treated water and upgrade the water system within the Windermere Community Water System Local Service Area to receive bulk treated water. TAKE NOTICE that the above is a synopsis of the proposed Bylaws and that this synopsis is not intended to be and is not to be understood as an interpretation of the Bylaws. Full copies of the Bylaws may be inspected at the Regional District of East Kootenay office, 19 – 24th Avenue South, Cranbrook BC, during regular office hours, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday, excluding holidays, and on the Regional District of East Kootenay website at FOR FURTHER INFORMATION on these matters, please contact Shannon Moskal, Chief Election Officer, or Jennifer MacDonald, Deputy Chief Election Officer, at 250-489-2791 or toll-free at 1-888-478-7335. Main Office 19 - 24th Ave S. Cranbrook, BC V1C 3H8 Phone: 250-489-2791 Toll Free: 1-888-478-7335 Fax: 250-489-3498

Columbia Valley Office Box 2319, 4956 Athalmer Road Invermere BC V0A 1K0 Phone: 250-342-0063 Fax: 250-342-0064 Email:


. . . ‘RCMP Report’ continued from Page 4 Wanted to be fair. While he was looking up I hurled the second one and got him square in the chest. Old war trick. Bev reminded me the kid is only seven. Advised her if he’s going to take on the big boys he has to learn. Plus, he started it. Next time he approached me with a snowball I happen to be clearing my driveway with my snow blower. I taunted him saying his arm is not that strong, and he throws like a girl, so he should come close, and if he did I wouldn’t move. Meanwhile my left hand slowly turned the snow chute in his direction. When he was within striking distance I nuked him. Friends needed probes to find him. The brothers and their friends are getting smarter as they now attack en masse using umbrellas to protect themselves. They are also developing tactics. Last time I had to actually retreat into the house. Six on one. My wife was amused by my retreat and was cheering on the kids. No loyalty. The older brother will drive his remote control on the street and one time it ended up on my property and stalled. I went over and picked it up and put it in the house. The kid came knocking on the door demanding his toy back. Advised him that what lands on my property belongs to me. I gave it back to him with a warning. Now he will see me sitting on the porch and will drive it on the property and make eye contact with me, then drive it off when he sees me make a move. I told Bev I want to buy a BB gun. Shoot that remote to pieces. So, you think towing a golf cart caught driving on the road or writing a ticket for no insurance is going to bother me? Not a chance.

A new approach to planning is underway in Invermere - an approach that supports a forward-looking and adaptable community, recognizing “upstream” solutions to address both local and global sustainability challenges.

Visit us at the June 18th Invermere Farmers Market The vision of Invermere’s future at 2030, or a generation from now, has been developed through Community Workshops, mail in and online public input, and with the direction of an inspired community planning team, a draft ICSP has been prepared that will become Invermere’s guiding policy for a sustainable focus moving forward. In the spirit of sustainability, the ICSP planning team would like to share and discuss the plan at the Farmers Market, in downtown Invermere, June 18th, 2011 - 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Come enjoy a locally produced snack and whether you are a business, a resident, a visitor or a member of another community, we would be pleased to discuss the draft ICSP with you.

ICSP Information

The draft ICSP document and summary information are available for your information and input at Or as a link through the District of Invermere’s website at and then following the Imagine Invermere links. For additional information please contact Rory Hromadnik, Development Services, 250-342-9281 ext 235 or Thank you for your participation.

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 25

June 3, 2011

Goofing around for a good cause Invermere Tim Hortons employees, Jake Persson of Windermere and Kendra Mclaughlin of Invermere demonstrate one of the games they had out for children to play during Tim Hortons’ Camp Day. Camp Day took place on June 1st. It is the one day each year when Tim Hortons restaurant owners across Canada and the United States donate every penny from coffee sales to the Tim Hortons Childrens’ Foundation. Last year the event raised over $9.7 million, money that went towards helping kids go to camp during the summer months. Photo By Joshua Estabrooks

rdek puBlic hearing notices Bylaw 2310

Bylaws 2312 and 2313

Bylaw Amendment – Dry Gulch

Bylaw Amendment – Lake Windermere OCP

The Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) Board of Directors is considering an application by Mountain Shadows Resort Ltd. to amend the Upper Columbia Valley Zoning Bylaw. If approved, the amendment will amend the zoning designation of the subject properties to bring the existing recreational vehicle park use into conformity with the Bylaw. The subject properties are located at 8492 Highway 93/95 in the Dry Gulch area as shown on the attached map.

The Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) Board of Directors is considering an application by Brewer Ridge Holdings Ltd. to amend the Lake Windermere Official Community Plan and the Upper Columbia Valley Zoning Bylaw. If approved, the amendments will amend the designations of the subject properties to accommodate development of single family dwelling units. The properties are Lots 23 to 31 inclusive, Block 4, District Lot 8, Kootenay District, Plan 686 located on Rocky Mountain Avenue in the Windermere area as shown on the attached map.

Bylaw No. 2310 cited as “Regional District of East Kootenay – Upper Columbia Valley Zoning Bylaw No. 900, 1992 – Amendment Bylaw No. 260, 2011 (Dry Gulch / Mountain Shadows Resort)” will amend the designation of: • Lot 1, District Lot 7913, Kootenay District, Plan 10489 from C-2, Service Commercial Zone to RES-1, Recreation Accommodation Zone; and • that portion of Parcel A (See 142971I) of District Lot 7913, Kootenay District, except Plan 6921 from R-MP, Mobile Home Park Residential Zone to RES-1, Recreation Accommodation Zone. A public hearing will be held at: Windermere Community Hall 4726 North Street Windermere BC Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at 7:00 pm The Board has delegated the holding of this hearing to the Directors for Electoral Area G, Electoral Area F, and the Village of Radium Hot Springs. If you believe that your interest in property is affected by the proposed Bylaw, you may prior to the hearing: • • •

Bylaw No. 2312 cited as “Regional District of East Kootenay – Lake Windermere Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 2061, 2008 – Amendment Bylaw No. 10, 2011 (Windermere / Brewer Ridge Holdings Ltd.)” will amend the designation of the subject properties from C, General Commercial to R-SF, Residential Low Density. Bylaw No. 2313 cited as “Regional District of East Kootenay – Upper Columbia Valley Zoning Bylaw No. 900, 1992 – Amendment Bylaw No. 261, 2011 (Windermere / Brewer Ridge Holdings Ltd.)” will amend the zoning designation of the subject properties from C-1, Community Commercial Zone to R-1, Single Family Residential Zone. A public hearing will be held at: Windermere Community Hall 4726 North Street Windermere BC Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at 7:00 pm The Board has delegated the holding of this hearing to the Directors for Electoral Area F, Electoral Area G, and the District of Invermere. If you believe that your interest in property is affected by the proposed Bylaw, you may prior to the hearing:

inspect the Bylaw and supporting information at the RDEK office in Cranbrook from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, excluding statutory holidays; mail, fax or email written submissions to the addresses/ numbers shown below; or present written and/or verbal submissions at the hearing.

• •

inspect the Bylaw and supporting information at the RDEK office in Cranbrook from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, excluding statutory holidays; mail, fax or email written submissions to the addresses/ numbers shown below; or present written and/or verbal submissions at the hearing.

Submissions cannot be accepted after the public hearing.

All written submissions are public information pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Submissions cannot be accepted after the public hearing.

This notice is not an interpretation of the Bylaw. For more information, contact Jean Terpsma, Planning Technician, at 250-489-0314, toll free at 1-888-478-7335 or email

Main office 19 - 24th ave s. cranbrook, Bc V1c 3h8 phone: 250-489-2791 toll Free: 1-888-478-7335 Fax: 250-489-3498

All written submissions are public information pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. This notice is not an interpretation of the Bylaw. For more information, contact Jean Terpsma, Planning Technician, at 250-489-0314, toll free at 1-888-478-7335 or email

columbia Valley office Box 2319, 4956 athalmer road invermere Bc V0a 1k0 phone: 250-342-0063 Fax: 250-342-0064 email:


26 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 3, 2011

Wicked view for a wakeboard Mountains still capped with snow provide a dramatic backdrop for a boat of wakeboarders on Lake Windermere on May 29th.

Photo by Joshua Estabrooks

HST will be reduced from 12% to 10%.

Transition cheques for families & seniors.

After listening to British Columbians, the government has proposed

Under the proposed change to a 10% HST rate, the average B.C. family

an HST reduction from 12% to 11% by 2012, then to 10% by 2014.

will be $120 better off annually than under the old 12% GST + PST

This proposed change will take effect if the province votes to keep

system. And to help transition to the lower rate, the government will

the HST in the referendum. If B.C. votes to return to the GST + PST

provide $175 for every child under 18 and every senior with income

system, the combined rate will remain at 12%.

under $40,000.

Decide for yourself. Learn more at

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 27

June 3, 2011

Rocky Mountain Distributed Learning School

Learning@Home Rocky Mountain School District #6 250.427.5308 -

Are you Looking for a local alternative? Our program is a fully accredited B.C. public school that is part of the Rocky Mountain School District. Our teachers provide the British Columbia Ministry of Education curriculum to K to 9 students who are B.C. residents and wishing to study at home. OUR STUDENT POPULATION INCLUDES:

• Students/families who simply choose to learn at home. • Students/families temporarily out-of-province or out-of-country, who wish to continue studying the B.C. elementary curriculum with the support of a certified B.C. teacher. • Students with health or personal issues that prevent attendance in a regular school setting. • Students in athletic and performing arts programs who require a flexible study


• Commitment from family and student. • On-going submission of student work for assessment and evaluation throughout each term. On-going communication with the teacher.


A pair of quacks A pair of baby ducklings enjoy a sunset swim on May 30th on a pond at The Springs Golf Course in Radium. The ducklings are two of 11 that are being raised on the pond. The baby ducks have an extra habitat hazard to navigate: bad shots by golfers sending golf balls into the pond. Heads up, baby ducks! Photo by Kelsey Verboom

• Self Design opportunities to meet the needs of your unique situation and provide the choice of using provincial and/or locally approved distance education materials and/or using a “Portfolio Optionâ€? using your own secular (non-religious) materials to cover provincial learning outcomes, or a combination that works best for you and your child! • Up to $100.00 per month to help support you with the purchase of approved alternate resources and/or services that support your child’s Learning Plan.

For more information, contact us at 250.427.5308 or by email at or visit us at

We are looking forward to working with you!

Your Local



Paul Glassford Strata, Apartment & Commercial Property Management

For professional management of your strata corporation, overseen by a Certiďƒžed Property ManagerÂŽ, with the accounting done by a Certiďƒžed Management Accountant, please contact Bill Weissig

Bernie Raven

MaxWell Realty Invermere 926-7th Avenue, Invermere, BC


Cell: (250) 342-7415 Office: (250) 341-6044

Sales Consultant $FMMt

Invermere, Windermere, Panorama, Fairmont and Radium Hot Springs

Our six Strata Managers are licensed under the Real Estate Services Act of B.C. For more information regarding their extensive qualiďƒžcations and experience, please visit our website at

Phone: 250-341-6003



Wende Brash Broker/Owner

RE/MAX Invermere Independently Owned and Operated 1022B - 7th Avenue, Box 459 Invermere BC V0A 1K0 E-mail: Fax: 250-342-9611

Office: 250-342-6505 • Cell: 250-342-1300

Paul McIntyre

Glenn Pomeroy

MaxWell Realty Invermere 926-7th Avenue, Invermere, BC

Cell: (250) 270-0666 Office: (250) 341-6044 Fax: (250) 341-6046

Suite A 1006 7th Ave, Invermere, BC

cell: 250-688-5515 Fax: 866-232-6094

28 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 3, 2011

HERE TO SERVE YOU From Framing to Finishing

Kevin Mayer

• Quality Work • Interior Finishing • Railings • Fireplace Mantles • Cabinet Installation • Home Renovations • Basement Development

Box 2475, Invermere BC V0A 1K0 • Ph: 250-342-0035 Cell: 250-341-1154 • Fax: 250-341-3461 • E-mail:

Al Tallman

Call Al at

We Do It All!


THE WATER YOU DRINK – Reverse Osmosis, Whole House Filtration, UV Disinfection & Softeners THE AIR YOU BREATHE – Furnace & Duct Cleaning Call (250) 342-5089 385 Laurier Street Invermere, BC V0A 1K0



1422 12A Avenue, Invermere B.C.

Complete Automotive Repairs


(Beside the Petro Canada Car Wash)


Phone: 250-342-6614 •

Septic Tank Pumping Portable Toilet Rentals • PROPERTY MAINTENANCE • Trucking • Mini Excavator • Residential/Commercial

Kari & John Mason

• LANDSCAPING & DESIGN • Skidsteer Services • Mini Track Hoe


Invermere • Panorama

Bruce Dehart 250.347.9803 or 250.342.5357


Complete sewer/drain repairs • Reasonable rates – Seniors’ discount • Speedy service – 7 days a week

A well maintained septic system should be pumped every 2-3 years Avoid costly repairs

Cell: (250) 342-1793 Home: (250) 342-9081 E-mail:

Box 75 Athalmer, BC V0A 1A0

#4 1008 8th Ave, Invermere BC 250-409-9628

Call or visit online

Cell: (250) 489-8685 • Fax: (250) 349-7586

Bruce Dunlop

Certified ART® & Graston® provider

PH: 1-888-711-ESCAPE (3722) • WEB:

Tel: (250) 349-7586

• Bobcat • Mini Hoe • Dump Truck • Rock Walls • Top Soil • Sand • Gravel

Dr. Karen Fahrni DC Dr. Meghan Haggarty ND

Our vacation rental inquiries out number the homes we have available. Let us introduce you to our “Boutique” style management services and show you how your vacation home can pay for itself.

Allan Gauthier

Dunlop Contracting

Columbia Chiropractic


LUMBIA ROOFING COQuality Roofing and Repairs

Serving The Valley for over 15 Years

FREE ESTIMATES Chimney and Eavestrough Cleaning and Repair Specialists Time to clean the winter sludge from your eavestroughs. Fully Insured & WCB Covered.

• Pruning and Removal of All Trees and Shrubs • Stump Grinding • Fully Insured & WCB Covered



YEARS EXPERIENCE Now is the time to book your spring pruning!

Please call Steve ~ a real local you can trust! 250-342-1791

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 29

June 3, 2011

HERE TO SERVE YOU Cranbrook Pest Control We use the most successful products available.



interior design product sourcing colour consulting



Environmentally-friendly integrated pest management. Ask about our maintenance programs PEST QUESTIONS? Visit our website:

DCS Plumbing & Heating • Plumbing, Repair and Installation • Drain Lines • Hot Water Tanks




24 hour emergency service



Senior Discount

Interior World

385 Laurier Street, Invermere, BC Phone: Call Bill Cropper (250)(250) 342342-7100 4406 PO Box 86, Athalmer, BC V0A 1A0 email:

Fax: (250) 342-7103

• Trusses • Engineered Floors • Wall Panels Tel: 250.341.6075 Fax: 250.341.3427 Email:

Wood Blinds Interior World

window fashions

Call Bill Cropper (250) 342 4406

• • • •

1320 Industrial Road #3 Box 159, Invermere, B.C. V0A 1K0


Doors Windows Flooring Painting/ Interior/Exterior • Kitchen Renovations


• Bathroom Renovations • Additions • Decks • Finish Carpentry • Basement Renovations




Jesse Vader

Ken Johnson



250.349.5564 • Renovations Inside & Out • Custom Decks • Design & Build • Finish Carpentry • Doors & Window Replacement Experts

ree Homes In c. iF eldt Ph 250.341.5900 Bernie Veldboom • Invermere, BC

Top Quality Interior World window fashions

Sales • Warranty • Repairs


Call Bill Cropper (250) 342 4406 1265A Sunridge rd., Hwy 93/95 Windermere, BC •

Need Blinds? Interior World

window fashions

Call Bill Cropper (250) 342 4406

• Ready Mix Concrete • Commercial concrete sealer • Concrete Pumping Retarder for exposed • Over 50 colours available aggregate and in stock • DELIVERED ON TIME • Concrete stamps for rent at a fair price • Full range of coloured release • Full range of sand and agents for stamping gravel products.

Phone: 250-342-6452 • 250-342-3773 • Cell: 250-270-9444 All products are available at 9120, Hwy 93/95 which is five kilometres north of Tim Hortons

30 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 3, 2011

HERE TO SERVE YOU Jobkat Excavating You’ve got a job? We’ve got a Cat!

Scott Postlethwaite

CVCC Contractor/ Trade Builder of the Year 2008

Residential, Commercial Electric Furnace and Hot Water Tank Repair and Service For All Your Electrical Needs

1710 10 Avenue – Invermere, BC V0A 1K0 th

Kootenay Cribbing, Ltd.


Landscaping, excavating, sweeping, property clearing, mulching. We offer skid-steers, mini-hoes and many attachments to assist you. Proudly serving the valley for 9 years.

Kitchens & Bathrooms Design Consultants

Sandra Kelly & Lisa Renney 250-342-6908, Ext. 255 Cabinets, counter tops, tile, flooring and more

Joe Cote • 250-341-1252 or 250-342-9712 •


Kootenay Mud Jacking Sunken Concrete Repair

• Repairs • Driveway and Walkway • Wet Basements • Bobcat and Mini-excavator services available



Allan Pinchak

PH: 250-345-2188 • CELL: 250-342-1289 FAX: 250-345-2189 • E-mail:


(BUS) 250-417-7431 Cranbrook, BC

5026 Riverview Road, Fairmont, B.C. V0A 1L1

KARLFAST • 250-688-1200 •

Ask about our Free Local Estimates

Lake Auto Services

250-342-9310 Same great team, same great service.

• • • •


FREE ESTIMATES • 250-688-0959 • 250-342-2087

Radium Hot Springs Esso

250-347-9726 7507 Main St. West, Radium Hot Springs




BOX 2228 BOX 459 742 - 13th STREET 7553 MAIN STREET INVERMERE, BC. RADIUM HOT SPRINGS, BC V0A 1K0 V0A 1M0 PHONE: 250-342-3031 PHONE: 250-347-9350 FAX: 250-342-6945 FAX: 250-347-6350 Email: • Toll Free: 1-866-342-3031

Hourly or Contract Rates Available • Excavator • Mini-Excavator • Bobcats • Dump Truck • Compaction Equipment • Street Sweeping • Underground Services • Site Prep • Road Building • Land Clearing • Landscaping • Basements

Trevor Hayward (Owner/Operator)

• Millwork • Cabinets • Stairs • Custom Framing • Renovations

P H A R M A C Y LT D .


J. Douglas Kipp, B. Sc. (Pharm.) Laura Kipp, Pharm D. Your Compounding Pharmacy Come in and browse our giftware

Open Monday - Saturday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm 1301 - 7th Avenue, Invermere


Mike Cope Journeyman Carpenters


READY MIX CONCRETE Concrete Pump • Sand & Gravel Heavy Equipment Rentals • Crane Service Proudly Serving the Valley for over 50 years

For competitive prices and prompt service, call: 250-342-3268 (plant) 250-342-6767 (office)

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 31

June 3, 2011

HERE TO SERVE YOU Delicious Sushi

Quality Work Hauling of Sand, Gravel, Top Soil and Drain Rock

for a Healthy Lifestyle - and always fresh!

• Brown Rice Sushi • Wild Caught Salmon • Naturally Pickled Sushi Ginger

Located in Parkside Place Downtown Invermere

Open Monday - Saturday 10:30 am to 5:00 pm Our freshly made Sushi also available at AG Valley Foods 7 am - 10 pm

Excavating Bobcat, Hoe, Mini Hoe Landscaping, Sprinkler Systems, Post Holes

Daren Noble 250-341-5886 250-349-5882

Serving the entire Valley

Your search for quality and dependability ends with us. Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Specialists Truck Mounted System • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Dean Hubman



Robert D. Harvey, Tax Specialist 30 Years of Tax & Business Consulting

• Accounting • Business Consulting • Income Tax & Estate Planning

#302, 1313 • 7th Avenue, Invermere BC PHONE: 250-342-9285 • FAX: 250-342-0192


Basements • Septic Fields • Rock Walls



(250) 341-6888

Saunders Irrigation Installation and maintenance Owner/Operators Tanner Saunders • Brodie Smith

1-250-270-2703 - Tanner Free 1-250-342-5673 - Brodie Estimate s 4825 Dell Rd, Windermere, V0B 2L2

Jason Pike



Landscaping Rock Walls Hauling Dangerous Tree Removal ◆ Bobcat Services ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

in Calgary since 2002 in Invermere since 2004

• Personal Tax Preparation • Corporate Tax Preparation • Financial Statement Preparation

Invermere, BC V0A 1K3


Patryk Jagiello STAIN/LACQUER/PAINT INTERIOR/EXTERIOR (250) 270-0345 (403) 870-7558

Toll Free: 877-342-3052

Certified Technician

Office 250-342-6162 Cell 250-341-5937 Windermere, B.C.


4261 Stoddart Rd. Invermere, BC V0A 1K5

RADIUM HOT SPRINGS ESSO Automotive Repairs 7 days a week

GAS • PROPANE • DIESEL Freight & Passenger Depot

7507 Main St. West, Radium Hot Springs

(250) 347-9726

ROSS‛S POOLS & SPAS Commercial – Residential Installation – Maintenance – Repairs

Darren Ross 4890 Stoddart Creek RR#2 Invermere, BC V0A 1K2

Cell: 250-341-7727 • Fax: 250-347-6363 •



WINDERMERE 250-342-6805

Independent Representative

Septic Systems Installed ~ Pumped ~ Repaired Prefab Cement Tanks Installed Water Lines Dug Installed Basements Dug


Rose-Marie Regitnig

250-341-5956 •

32 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 3, 2011

Windermere Ladies’ Golf Club update

Submitted by Ann Way Windermere Ladies’ Golf Club On May 25th the weather was not good and only 12 ladies ventured forth. Due to the bad weather, the ladies who were brave enough to come only stayed out for 9 holes. Maybe it was the weather that affected the inconsistent results of the game for Long Drive and Closest to the Pin.

There were no winners in the first flight, but Gail Cole won the Long Drive in the second flight. The third flight was more successful with Nora Efford winning Closest to the Pin, and Cathy Howard cinching the Long Drive. Gail Cole won the Putting Pot, and the Deuce Pot was carried over to next week. The clinics will carry on until the end of June. Ring the Windermere Valley Golf Course pro shop to register: 250-342-3238.

HERE TO SERVE YOU “Serving the Columbia Valley”

• Gel & Acrylic Nails • Coloured Gel • Nail Art


After Hours Call: 250-342-3830 Email:

Call Judy ~ 250-341-5245 • Days, Evenings, Weekends

The Deck Guy • Decks • Fences • Home Renovations

Invermere (250) 342-4498 Calgary (403) 477-2411

• Furnaces • Heat Pumps • Fireplaces • Full Heating and Ventilation Systems Call for your FREE consultation and estimate

Industrial ~ Commercial ~ Residential • Garage Doors • Passage Doors • Truck Doors • Sun Rooms • Patio Covers • Vinyl Decking • Aluminum Railings • Gutters • Siding • Soffit • Facia • Window Capping • Renovations

250-342-6700 •

■ Lockout Service ■ Lake Recovery ■ 24 Hour Towing ■ Prompt Service

Also offering FREE year-round pickup of unwanted vehicles

William Collins Stone Masonry

Stone + Glass = Class

Passive solar heating plus a comfortable solarium – greenhouse on the southeast exposure of your existing home – a simple renovation!

Warbrick Towing & Salvage • Cell: 250-342-5851

Your Weekly Source for News and Events

Serving this are since 1984. Collins projects the Radium entrance signs, 1995 and various retaining walls have stood the torture tests and the test of time without a crack. Workmanship

Cell No. 250-342-5845 VJ (Butch) Bishop Owner/Operator

4846 Holland Creek Ridge Rd. Invermere, BC V0A 1K0


Dave Sutherland Sales Associate

#8, 1008 - 8th Avenue Invermere, BC 250-341-6299 •

R.A.D Martin Gottinger


• Landscaping • Rock Walls •Driveways • Hauling • Escavating • Mini Track Hoe 250-342-9092 • 250-341-5388 • • Excavators • Mini-Excavators • Bobcats • Dump Trucks • Water Trucks • Compaction Equipment • Snow Plow • Sanding Equipment • Crane Truck • Mobile Pressure Washing & Steam Cleaning • Underground Services • Site Prep & Demolition • Road Building • Land Clearing • Controlled Burning • Rock Walls • Rip Rap • Top Soil • Sand & Gravel


The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 33

June 3, 2011

Pioneer Classifieds

• • • •

Phone: 250-341-6299 Fax: 250-341-6229 Email:

garage sales

Garage sales





Garage Sale on June 4th, 9 a.m -1 p.m at 1709 10th Ave, Invermere. Items include aluminum boat, utility trailer, patio set, desk, leather jackets, misc. household items and much more.

Huge Garage Sale in Castle Rock! Household and Décor Items. 2588 Ledgerock Ridge. June 4th, 10 a.m5p.m.

Alcoholics Anonymous. Open to all. Regular meetings of the Columbia Valley A.A. are held at 8 p.m. Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday at the Valley Connection, far end of the Service B.C. building, 6254th Street, Invermere. The Radium Friendship Group meets at 8 p.m. Friday at the Catholic Church, east side of Main Street, Radium. Call 250-342-2424 for more info.

Lost: Blue Nikon Camera. If found please call 250-342-2198.

Cheers to Mark and Yolande a) for donating to our Japan Relief and b) Yolande for delivering and unloading the sushi at the school. You are indeed STARS.

STORAGE SPACE – assorted sizes, easy access, immediate availability, long-term or short-term. Deck Properties Warehouse, Industrial Park, 250-342-3166.

Cheers to Linda at Home Hardware for going above and beyond your duty and helping a Canucks fan find a flag.

Al-Anon. Are you concerned about or affected by someone else’s drinking? If so, please join us. Al-Anon meets EVERY Monday in Invermere at 7:15 p.m. at the Canadian Martyrs Catholic Church, 712 – 12th Ave (behind the Invermere hospital). For information, please call Carol at 250-347-9841.

Cheers to Gary Dace for his endless patience and positive guidance for the past six weeks at puppy classes.

You own it we can store it! Secure, fenced compounds any size up to one acre. Secure containers available. Would also build building to suit for long term tenant. Zoned heavy industrial. Invermere Industrial Park. Phone 250-3425297, 250-346-3011 or 250-3422100.

8th Annual Craft Baking Perennial Garage Sale. 12A Wolfe Cres., behind Tim Hortons. June 4th, 8:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Moving Sale Saturday, June 4th, 8a.m-12p.m at the Cottages of Copper Point across from Timber Ridge 3. Misc. household items. Tons of quality girls’ clothes 0-2T, women’s & men’s clothing.


Multi-Family Garage Sale! 4901 Lakeview Meadows Close. Saturday June 4th, 9 a.m-1 p.m. Multi-Family Garage Sale. All new stuff. Saturday, June 4th. Starts at 9a.m. 1104 11th Avenue. Garage Sale 9 a.m – 11:30 a.m. Saturday, June 4th. Weather Permitting. Variety of items. 7504 Rivercrest Estates Road, Radium.



George William Morris 1935 - 2011

George William Morris was born in 1935 in Verdun, Quebec and passed away in the presence of God, in the early hours of April 29th, 2011 at Columbia House with family by his side. Dad was having a silent battle with cancer and fell ill suddenly. George was a good friend to everyone he met and was always willing to give a hand to anyone. There were no strangers in his life, just folks he had not met yet. Dad spent most of his life plumbing, driving taxi in Montreal, and most recently, over 20 years at The Springs Golf Course in Radium. He had many interests and was known for growing a great garden, even if it was on the roof of a hotel. Life was not always easy for Dad but he never complained. He was a hard worker all of his life and had a terrific sense of humor. He leaves behind his wife Natalie & 7 children: George, Arlene, Lesley, Jennifer, Anna, David & Ali as well their spouses, Gwen, Skip and Paul, his 14 grandchildren and 4 greatgrandchildren. He will be missed by his brothers Ken and Bob, and sister Carol. A special thanks to the staff at Columbia House, Vivian, Heather, Suzanne, the activity gals, and many others that took such great care of our Dad for the past 8 months and up to his last hours. Also thanks to David, the Anglican minister that rushed to Dad’s side. A thanks must go out to Charlie and Janey for the care and updates that you provided over the years on Dad’s condition. A time to remember George will be held in Radium Hot Springs at the Horsethief Creek Pub for friends, family, and staff at Columbia House at a later date TBA. Arrangements entrusted to McPherson Funeral Service Condolences for the family can be offered at:

10% off at The Windy Café!

Once again, enjoy a 10% discount off your bill! 250-342-6001. Attention Dog Owners: Did you know it is illegal to have your dog free in the back of your pick-up trucks? They need to be tied in or in a crate. Otherwise you could be charged with a fine from the RCMP. So for the safety of your dogs, tie or crate them in. Thanks and have safe summer. Carol Dobson 250342-1707

CHEERS & JEERS Cheers to Janinne at DQ. Thank you for your friendship and excellent customer service. It is always a pleasure to walk into Dairy Queen and see your smiling face. From your lunch buddies C & C.

Cheers to Natalie, Janice, and Stephen at Birchwood Restaurant for the outstanding service and food during my 40th Birthday celebration! Cheers to the DTSS students and staff for making the sushi fundraiser on Friday the 20th a huge success by volunteering their time for the Japan Relief fund. Jayme Saunders, David Weismiller, Simon Schoppman, Trish Blackstock, Chris Tihor and Shelley Little and EVERYONE else who supported the effort. Cheers to the wonderful couple in the white van that stopped to give us assistance on May 17th. Also to the lovely lady Deb who stopped to help. Thank You so much. Your kindness shown will be remembered always.

s obituary s Ruth Hearn Gordon May 16, 1923-May 26, 2011

Ruth passed away peacefully at Columbia House in Invermere on Thursday May 26th, 2011. Following a private interment service, friends and acquaintances of Ruth and family are invited to join in a Celebration of her Life at McToogle’s Restaurant on Friday, June 3rd, 2011 from 3 - 4:30 p.m. Donations “in Lieu” will be gratefully accepted in Ruth’s Memory to ICAN (Invermere Companion Animal Network Society) Box 2448, Invermere BC V0A 1K0.

Jeers to the person(s) who stole the food at the Community Hall over the weekend. Just to let you know it belonged to the playgroup. Cheers to The Artym Gallery for new addition to town of Rusty. Welcome home Grey. Cheers to Paul Whittle on being the embodiment of all that is Fairmont Hot Springs for the past 14 years. Good Luck in England. You will be missed by all! Cheer to “Mrs. Rice” for returning my purse to Columbia House. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated. Cheers to the BTS Store for having Canadian Socks. L.B. Cheers to the wonderful volunteers who cleaned and spruced up LWAC and Sonshine. You know who you are, Thank You! Jeers to the Windermere dog owners who let their pets runs loose, free to bite small, leashed puppies who are trying to be socialized. Shame on you! Cheers to Mr. Sherk for volunteering his time, energy and skills to the Lakers Badminton Team.

storage NEWHOUSE MULTI STORAGE Various sizes available. Now with climate controlled units. Call 250-342-3637.

commercial space Bright and modern commercial space for rent in Chisel Peak Centre on the lower floor (next to physiotherapy clinic). Last one left! Size: 1492 sq.ft. Beautiful South facing views. Please contact Francois 250-342-5899 or Mike 250-341-5187 for further info.

SHARED ACCOMMODATION Private room w/ cable, phone, laundry access, internet, and all utilities included, $400/month + $200 DD, N/P, 250-342-4020.

SUITE FOR RENT Two upstairs, 2 bdrm suites recently renovated with 4 appliances. $700/ month. One downstairs 2bdrm walkout suite recently renovated and newly painted with 5 appliances $875/month, including W/D. Available immediately in Windermere 4-plex. The complex has a large yard, views, separate entrances, ample parking and is just a few blocks from the beach. Call or text 403-803-4540, call only 403-241-8598, or email 2 bdrm W/D, N/P, preferred single person or couple in Canal Flats. $550/month + DD and utilities. Available Immediately. 250-3423345.

34 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 3, 2011




Suite for rent in Black Forest Heights, Invermere. 2 bdrm lower walk-out. Very bright and roomy. Large lot. $850/mo include utilities. N/S. Avail. June 1st. 250-342-9770.

Fairmont walk-out basement suite. Furnished, 1-2 bdrm on Riverside Golf Course. Suitable for single person or couple, preferably no children, pets considered, W/D, D/W. $800/month includes utilities. 250-752-7277.

Acreage, 2 bdrm near Edgewater. $850/mo. Hydro include. W/D, N/S, 250-342-3381 or dlherbs@telus. net.

2 bdrm bright, spacious basement suite, W/D, private entrance, fabulous lake view. N/P, N/S. $750/ month + utilities. Available June 1st. 250-342-0020. RADIUM – Bachelor – 1 bdrm – 2 bdrm fully furnished units. 1-3 bdrm unfurnished apt. Rent includes heat, hydro, cable, parking. DD required. N/S, pets possible. Call Joan at 250-342-7517 for more information and availability. CARRIAGE COURT APARTMENTS. Conveniently located behind Sobeys, within walking distance to downtown. 2 bdrm townhouse units, outside entrance. Sliding glass doors open onto balcony, overlooking private courtyard. Fireplace and W/D included in each unit. Long term preferred, NP. $850/month. Utilities not included. Available immediately, 250-3428781. 2 bdrm apartments, D/T Invermere, clean, quiet units, parking, walk to everything, Start at $775/month, N/S, references required, D/W, W/D hookups. Call Dennis, 250-3426912. Fully furnished, 1 bdrm basement suite in Invermere. Close to all amenities. $700/mo, DD required. N/S, N/P. Utilities included. Avail. June 1st. 250-342-3832. Bright, 2 bdrm walk-out basement suite for rent. We are looking for a responsible, quiet tenant. This suite includes D/W, W/D, Satellite TV and utilities. $1000/month plus DD. N/S, N/P. Please Call 250-342-5707. Bright 2 bdrm, 1 bath suite in Radium. Shared laundry, and shared large back yard, private entrance. $600/month + utilities, DD required. 250-347-9970. Available immediately, 2 bdrm furnished. 2 or 3 person. Great for summer staff $400/each. Central Invermere, walk to town and beach. 403-678-3087 or


FOR RENT Contact


for seasonal or long term rentals or go online at

Home for rent in Radium. Bright 3 bdrm home in subdivision. Corner lot with nice yard. N/S $800.00 month +utilities. 250-342-3841. Invermere: 3 bdrm house close to downtown and schools. $1100 plus utilities. Contact Joan at 250-3427517 for viewing. Beautiful acreage, 2 bdrm, 2 bath with garage on 24 acres. Less than 5 minutes from Windermere, $1050/month. Contact Linda 403244-8402. D/T furnished immaculate 4 bdrm house for rent. A/C, W/D, fully developed basement, N/S. Available immediately $1375/ month + utilities. Contact Linda or Gordon 289-795-4000 or 289-7954107. Invermere: 2 year old house near Sobeys with garage, 3 bdrms, 2.5 bathrooms, all major appliances, A/C, granite countertops, nice backyard with patio. Quiet longterm tenants only. Available June 1st, N/P, N/S. $1,250 + utilities. 250-342-5229.

Home for Rent. 5 appliances, N/S, pets negotiable. Available July 1st. $1350/month plus utilities. 403460-1764. 2 Bdrm Townhouse for rent in Edgewater. Recently renovated. Large Deck. $700/month plus utilities. 250-341-8775. 2 bdrm house on 5 creekside acres. Available June 15th, $750/month + utilities, 1 year lease. Contact Jenny Bueckert, Maxwell Realty Invermere. 250-342-5711 or info@ 3 bdrm + Den, 3 bath, 2100 sq.ft. duplex in Castle Rock. $1300/ month + utilities, N/S, small pets negotiable. Available July 1st. 250342-5060. Windermere 1 bdrm home, lovely yard, N/S, pets considered. References required. $595/month. Available August 10th-May 15th. 403-619-1540. 4 bdrm, 2 bath in Invermere. W/D, D/W, centrally located in between town and schools, large yard and private deck. Available July 15th. $1450/month. 250-342-3790. D/T Invermere 2 bdrm, 1 bath, W/D, $800/month + utilities, N/S, N/P, 1 year lease. Available Immediately. 250-341-6080.

CONDO FOR RENT Hillcrest Apartments has 2bdrm apartments, $800/month, utilities included, fully furnished, all in 250341-1182.

TOWN HOME FOR RENT: DT Invermere 3 bdrm, 1.5 bath, unfurnished town home. Steps to main street. $1250/month + utilities. 250-688-0244.

Invermere-2 bdrm, 1 bathroom behind Hospital. Next to playground. Clean, N/S, N/P, laundry, secure building. $750/ month + DD, utilities included (excluding electricity). Available July 1st , 2011. Call 250-342-7547.

2 bdrm townhouse with garage. Walking distance to D/T. $1100/ month + utilities, N/P, N/S. Call 250-341-1395 for viewings.

3 bdrm plus den, Sable Ridge condo for rent. Top floor, great views, $1300/mo. 403-630-7464.

CONDO FOR RENT Windermere Lakeview Meadows Spacious luxury, 3 bdrm, 2 ½ bath, 2 storey, premium finishing, large decks, bright, open views, major appliances, elevator access, secured underground double parking and storage, recreation centre w/indoor pools, fitness, games rooms, private beach, boat dock, sports courts, playgrounds N/S, N/P, DD, references, $1,800/ month, includes Heat/AC, + basic utilities. Rent to own options. Avail immediately, 250-688-0512. Radium large 1 bdrm condo, completely furnished. Heat, cable, utilities included. N/S, no parties. Available immediately. $800/ month 250-427-4997 or chriskios@ For rent, D/T, Invermere. 2 bdrm fully furnished condo, 2 blocks from D/T and beach. $900/mo include utilities. Hydro, cable and internet. Avail. June 1st. 250-833-0196 or 250-341-5855. Invermere, 2 bdrm, 2 bath, luxury fully furnished & equipped condo, lake view, vaulted ceilings, steps to lake, walk to D/T. Rent depends on length of stay. 250-688-0244. 2 bdrm, 2 bath condo for rent in Radium Pinewood Building $875/ month including utilites. 403-6903166. Invermere Parkside Place Condo for rent. 2 bdrm, 2 bath, 6 appliances, 1316 sq. ft, $1200/month, R2000 energy efficient, N/S, DD. Small pets negotiable. 1 year lease. References required. Available June 1st. Call 250-342-0853 or info@ Invermere Parkside Place Condo for rent. 2 bdrm, 2 bath, 6 appliances, 1235 sq. ft, $1200/month, R2000 energy efficient, N/S, DD. Small pets negotiable. 1 year lease. References required. Available July 1st. Call 250-342-0853 or info@



Radium, 2 bdrm, Townhouse furnished or unfurnished, laundry, $1150/month. 250-688-0244.


Short or Long Term Rental available. 3 bdrms, fully furnished, including dishes/linens, A/C, F/P, Gas BBQ, $150/night or $1100/ month. Riverstone Villas in Radium Hot Springs. 403-617-1122 or

ACREAGES AND LOTS Lake view lot (1.6 acres) for sale in quiet community of Rushmere, 14 kms south of Invermere. 4584 Rushmere Road. 403-238-7723. For sale in Edgewater, 11.254 acres with older home, 3 connections for town water. Asking $500,000. 250845-2566. Lot on Pine Tree Road ($110,000) for sale or trade for a lot that allows manufactured home or trade for manufactured home. Interested? 250-341-3521.

MOBILE HOME FOR SALE 2 bdrm, 2 bath, open concept 1000 sq. foot home. Master bdrm has en suite & walk-in closet, extra cupboards, appliances. Unit 10, 8561 Eacrett Road. Must move, open to offers. 250-688-7750.

HOMES FOR SALE 3 bdrm, 1 bath, wood stove on each floor 2000 sq ft including walk out basement. New flooring on main level, freshly painted screened veranda, central vac. New, pre-treated fence so children and pets can play safe. Quiet area, breathtaking view, 5 minute walk to downtown. #3 - 1st Street Inveremere. Asking $369,000. 250342-0247.

$775,000.00 House and 5 Acres. 3 bdrm, 3 bathrooms + 1 loft. Located at 9455 Toby Ridge Road, Invermere. For more info phone 250-342-1548 or email robinshmigelsky@

Large Home in Quiet Invermere Location Situated on a very private oversized lot with amazing 360 degree mountain views. Newly renovated 2,800 sq. ft. plus fully developed walk out basement. 5 bdrm, 4 bath, 3 car heated garage, RV parking. Beautiful river rock fireplace, hot tub, A/C, custom blinds. 9 Appliances/VAC FLO, Underground sprinkler, Garden Shed. 2 bdrm suite with private entrances. Great for guest or rental income. $725,000. To view call 250-6880521. Invermere bungalow, 3 bdrm upstairs, 1 bdrm downstairs, 2 bathrooms. Central location close to schools. $315,000 call 250-3411076. Home in CastleRock, 4 bdrm, 3.5 bath, Walnut Hardwood, Traventine Kitchen & Entry, slate ensuite, wood stove, open living space w/ large loft. Fully landscaped yard. $624,000.00. 250-341-3360.

hoMES for sale

MLS® K192728

Open House – Sunday June 5th 10:30 a.m. till 12:30 p.m. Unit #124 4904 Ridge Rd. Radium Ridge Condos $


Hosted by Brenda Braund-Read Cell: 250-342-1146 Representative, Royal LePage

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 35

June 3, 2011







Private Sale, Westside Park. 3 bdrm and 2 ½ baths on upper floors, as well has a beautiful self-contained bsmt suite. Still has home warranty. Priced below assessed value. Please compare price to MLS prices. $319,900. 250-341-5560.

Quality Top Soil and Manure. Top Soil $160/dump truckload, $70/pick-up load. Manure $100/ pick-up load, delivery extra. Call 250-342-1268.

FREE for the Taking!

92 FORD RANGER, no motor, good body. Best Offer. MUST GO! 250341-7393.

Successful, local wedding planning business for sale. Take over now with new client inquiries for 2012. Great part-time income for a talented and self motivated individual, with tons of expansion potential. Training and mentoring included. $10,000. 250-341-5683

Phil’s Carpentry

Private Location Mountain Estates For Sale

CONDO FOR SALE Ski to your door. Fully furnished 1 bdrm condo, F/P, deck, heated parking, swimming pool, hot tubs. Tamarack Lodge, Panorama, B.C., $115,000 Firm. Call 250-342-6858 after 6 p.m.

WANTED Recreational Kayak for lake and river use. Single-seater, preferably plastic, must have some cargo capacity. 12-14ft ideal. Call Kate: 250-341-6299. Furnished accommodations required in Invermere for a Swiss Baker for June to October 2011. Please contact Peter Banga at Quality Bakery 250-342-4422 or

7 person Hot Tub, 75 jets, stereo, LED lighting, ozone water purification systems, 2010 floor model BLOWOUT. Valley Spas 250342-3922. Hot Tub Rentals Week or Weekend Rates. Valley Spas, 250-342-3922. Beautiful blue living room set, couch and two chairs. Mint condition, $75. Oak wall unit for TV, $50. Red shag carpet, hardly used, $25. In Fairmont 403-221-5002. 302V8 + 3SPEED TRANSMISSION MODIFIED MOTOR to many extra’s to list. Best Offer. (250)341-7393. 700R Chevy Transmission custom built originally paid $3000. Best Offer. 250-341-7393. Customized Boat Trailer w/ fishing and camping compartments $1200. 12’ Welded Aluminum Boat w/ 10 HP Motor $1300. 250-3420320.

4 cabins in Edgewater, standing on cement, complete w/ all contents. Can be moved or dismantled. For more info & viewing call 250-347-9500. 4 Good Year P265/70R-17” On-Off Road Tires. Very good condition. 5000kms. $600. Phone for information 250-341-1862. 2007 Polaris Quad 500 Sportsman 4X4. Like new, 800hrs, 1000 km. Asking $5000 OBO. For more info call 250-341-1902. 46” 1080P Sony Television, rear projection, new condition. $350. 250-342-7179. Renovation Sale- Couch, Loveseat, and big chair (like new) $600 set. (2) Round Oak Tables $400/each. Wood Coffee Table & End Table $125 set. Floor Lamp and (2) Table Lamps $125 set. Wood TV Stand $50. (2) Tall Wood Bar Stools $50 set. 250-342-0554. 2009 Kawasaki Jet Ski 800 SXR, 800 CC w/ trailer. Like New. Asking $5500 New $9900. Benetta 250347-7077.


3 bdrm house in Windermere/ Invermere. Bsmt, yard, shed, D/W, W/D. For mother of two and small dog. 250-342-3666.

1990 Travel-Lite 5th Wheel, 21ft, 3 piece bath, fridge, stove, microwave, sleeps 5 includes hitch. $4500. 250-342-9079.

Local family looking for childcare in our home. 2.5 days/week. Children 2 ½ yr old and 6 month old. Wage depends on experience. 250-6880061.

1973, 17’ camper trailer in good condition, sleep 5, $2000 OBO. Call Jesse 250-688-0061.

BEE EQUIPMENT and secure hive site. Need partner with bees. Gordon 250-342-4415. Wooden shed in good condition. Minimum 10 ft/16 ft. Call 403-6191540. Long-term dependable renters, large house, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, yard, garden, utilities included. Available now! Call 250-341-1099.

250 US Gallon Tanks for Sale. Very Versatile, plastic with metal cage, 6” opening, 2’ discharge, 125lbs. $200 for 1 or $300 for 2. Call George 250-347-9500. Portable ballet barre with tote bag, 4.5ft., grey, lightweight, easy to assemble, $250. Kenmore Vacuum cleaner, $40. Call 250-341-2793. 1999 Artic Cat Tiger Shark, low hours, trailer, excellent condition, $3500 OBO. 2004 Honda ATV fourtrax excellent condition, 2000 kms, $3600 OBO. 9.5 Johnson Motor w/ tank, $375 OBO. 250-347-6404

1995 Vanguard 5th wheel, 26ft. excellent condition, new exterior siding and tires, $7,500. 403-6802078, 250-347-6530. 1978 Ford Security Motorhome Classic C. Sleeps 6, large kitchen in the back. $3600 OBO. 250-3424457.

Please call 250-341-6299 to place your classified ad.

1986 CHEVY ½ TON No motor, LOTS OF ACCESSORIES. Best Offer. MUST GO! 250-3417393. Reduced . . . 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan SPORT Van Excellent condition. Unique exterior color of blue/steel gray, blue interior. 175,162 km, 5 doors/2Sliding, 4 captains chairs and rear bench seat (never used), 3.3L – V6. Power everything. Keyless entry. Good Tires, 2 newer. No accidents or dents. Serviced regular by Dodge. Bought another, so this van must go! Must be seen to appreciate the value… $5,300 OBO. 250-3425749.

FOR SALE: 2006 Honda Odyssey, 110,000 kms; well maintained and runs like new. Nice to drive, lots of power, very comfortable, and GREAT ON GAS! Asking $19,000. 250-342-5596. 2004 Dodge Dakota 4.7L V8 Quad Cab for sale, 4x4. Truck is in excellent condition, 122,000 kms, spray-in box liner & Leer Cap. Used as family vehicle not a toy. Asking $11,900, please call 250-341-5560. 1998 Mustang Cobra Convertible, 5 speed, standard transmission, 29,000 kmS. Must see to appreciate $18,000. 250-345-6350. 2009 Dodge Caravan. Asking $19,995 and 25,000 kmS. Please call Kool Country Auto Parts. 250342-4400. 1993 Chevrolet Cheyenne 2WHDR, ½ ton pick up truck. New front end, fuel pump. Runs well. Good clean truck! Asking $1,200. Phone 250342-7100. 1995 Chevy Tahoe. Good Condition. Leather Interior. Asking $4700 OBO. 218,000 kmS. 250-342-7015.

camping Fully serviced RV lot for rent/sale located in between Radium and Invermere. Call 403-286-1064.


Everything from roofs to decks, completion of basement and bathrooms. Phone 250-341-8033 (cell) – 24/7. Not on valley time.

Vacuums Parts, repairs & accessories, All makes & models Central Vacuums – sales and installations Bonded & licensed Fine Homeservices 250-342-9207, Furnace & duct cleaning services using the patented rotobrush system. Call AQUAIR for free estimates, 250-342-5089.

Bring the entire family and enjoy lakefront RV Camping on the shores of Lake Windermere. Or book your stay in a brand new deluxe cabin with all the amenities. For Reservations: LAKESHORE RESORT & CAMPGROUND

250 342 6352

Water treatment & purification, includes drinking water systems, softeners & conditioners, iron filters. Call AQUAIR, 250-342-5089.

Heaven’s Best Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Dry in 1 hour! Serving the Valley since 2006. Call 250-688-0213.

recreational vehicles

DIRT BIKE & ATV SERVICE SPECIALS All makes and Models - Snow Plows, Klim Clothing, Avalanche Gear • SERVICE • PARTS • SALES • RENTALS

Supplying Parts and Service for all makes and models. Located Invermere Cross Roads beside Tim Hortons

250-342-3350 •

We supply parts and service FOR ALL MAKES of: • snowmobiles • motorcycles • quads

36 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 3, 2011





Tile & Slate Installs Journeyman tile setter 30+ years experience Custom Steam Rooms, Showers, Floors, and Cultured Stone. All work Guaranteed. Competitive rates. Call 250-341-5645

Red Rock Contracting. Custom installations of Interlocking paving stones, for your patio, driveway, etc. Retaining wall systems etc. For estimate, call 250-341-6869.

Part-time job, Full-time income potential. It’s truework as much or as little as you like. Earn 30% commission as an independent representative selling sterling silver jewellery. Along with the trips and free jewellery, being an independent representative is also a fun way to earn some extra money. Call me to find out how: 250-341-5956.

Ambitious student for a couple of days gardening and yard work. 250-342-1354.

Renew & Restore Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning, Re-grouting, Repair and Sealing of Tile, Grout, Slate, and Stone. Commercial and Residential 35 Years Experience New installations also available. 250-341-5645 “Shannon’s Blinds is committed to good service, good pricing and quality products. I have always been happy with all of these aspects.” - April Trapp, President and Founder of Design Cents. Shannon’s Blinds & Design, Call a professional today for a Free In-Home Consultation 250-342-5749 “Covering the Valley – One Window At A Time” LBO Autobody Your Fender Bender Mender & The Valley Shine Shop Keep your vehicle free of salt & road grime. Have it detailed. Basic – deluxe packages available. Drop in for a free estimate on paint and body work @ #35 109 Industrial Rd #2, 250-342-9696. Flooring installations, lino, carpet, laminate and hardwood. 30 years experience. Call 250-347-9192 or 250-341-1235. Executive Typing Services, Over 20 years word processing experience. Resumes, manuals, data entry, and more. Accurate and fast! 250-270-0254. Invermere Sharpening Carbide and Steel Sharpening Services. Carbide Saw Re-Tipping. Saw-Blades Router-Bits, PlannerKnives, Hole-Saws, Ice Auger Blades, Knives, Scissors, and Much More. 250-341-6029, 345 Blair St. Athalmer.

K&C Pickup will pick up all your recyclable cans and bottles, free, at your location between Radium and Fairmont, including Panorama, call 250-342-9503. DEVCO APPLIANCE SERVICE Devon Maslaniec-Owner/ Operator. Servicing & Installing All Brands of Major Appliances. Certified Appliance Technician w/ Refrigeration & Gas Tickets. 250-341-7393 ODD JOBS ENT. HAULING Garbage, brush and construction disposal. Mulch deliveries. Call Dale Hunt 250-342-3569

HELP WANTED Peppi’s Pizza Resturant hiring all positions for summer cooks, servers, dishes/prep. Email resume to AG Valley Foods is seeking a Deli/ Bakery employee. Experience preferred but not required. Please bring in resume to Eric or Greg.

YPC is hiring a full time Window Washer wage based on experience. Call Daryl 250-3427622 or email your resume to yourprivateconnection@yahoo. com. The Old Salzburg Restaurant is now accepting applications for Front End Positions and Kitchen Positions. If interested please contact Franz or Scott 250-347-6553. Lakeside Pub is looking for experienced servers, line-cooks, and kitchen help, F/T, P/T. Email resume to or drop off in person. Energetic Young Person to drive Icecream Float or work the docks at Pete’s Marina. Must have boaters’ licence. Inquire at 250-342-9625 or submit resume to ahoy@

FUNTASIA in Fairmont Hot Springs is offering F/T summer (MayOctober) or long term (MarchOctober with winters off) positions for clubhouse customer service. Mature individuals with a love for people, animals and nature. Till and cash handling experience. Maintain clean and tidy environment. Some food prep. Light gardening, animal care etc. Resume to or fax 250-345-4542 or Fairmont Fun Park 4896 Hwy 93/95 Fairmont Hot Springs, BC, V0B 1L1. Ph 250-3454511. Book Worms Wanted! The Invermere Public Library wants to hire an enthusiastic summer student to start June 21st. We are looking for someone who can share their love for libraries and reading through programs for youth. Responsibilities would include running the Summer Reading Program, reader’s advisory, and a circulation desk. Student must have attended school in the past year and be returning in the fall. Bring resumes in person to the Invermere Public Library preferably, or email

Branch Manager Insurance Invermere, BC Kootenay Insurance Services Ltd. provides a full line of general insurance products and services to the Kootenays with locations in Cranbrook, Crawford Bay, Nelson, Trail and soon Invermere.


By June 15, 2011 to: John Sullivan CEO Suite 100-890 Schofield Hwy. Trail BC V1R 2G9 Fax# 250-368-5283 Kootenay Insurance Services Ltd is owned in equal partnership between East Kootenay Community Credit Union,Kootenay Savings Credit Union and Nelson and District Credit Union.

This position will lead our new opened Branch in building a team, modeling professionalism, promoting excellent service and fostering teamwork in a community that offers exceptional lifestyle opportunities. If you are a results driven team player interested in growing with an organization with the qualifications below, we would like to hear from you! • Strong communication and leadership skills combined with a high attention to detail and accuracy • A minimum of 3 years experience in general insurance and familiar with ICBC • Minimum Level 2 licence in accordance with the Insurance Council of BC • Strong computer and technical skills

High Country Properties requires an Operations Assistant and Contract Cleaners. Operations Assistant – Candidate must be flexible and able to multi-task. The position consists of some office work, laundry, clean office, conduct property checks and make up property linen baskets for scheduled cleans. Must be able to lift and move 40 lb propane tanks on occasion. This position can be full or part-time, but you must be able to work weekend days. This is a seasonal position that commences mid June through until mid September. Contract Cleaners – If you have your own vehicle and enjoy a flexible schedule, this is the position for you. Earn $15/hr cleaning privately owned vacation homes and condos throughout the Valley and at Panorama. Please forward resume to or fax to 250 342-0294

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is now accepting applications for the position of:

Marketing Coordinator Reporting to the Marketing Manager, this entry-level position is the gateway to a career in resort sales and marketing. This role requires an organized, articulate English speaker with strong writing, communication, presentation, teamwork and interpersonal skills to: • Work with print, broadcast and web-based media • Assist with writing and production of news releases, media kits, brochures and sales material • Assist with website, social media, email blasts, In-Resort information screens and media tours Experience and requirements preferably include a postsecondary education with a marketing/communication focus or equivalent experience, a demonstrated ability to capture quality still and video imagery, and proven knowledge of graphic production software, web authoring tools, database management and Microsoft Office. Fairmont Hot Springs offers a competitive salary and benefit package with access to all resort amenities. Interested? Please forward your resume with references to the attention of: David Sheedy: or call 250.345.6004


We offer a competitive salary and benefit package together with a superior work environment.


Call us today to place your classified advertisement. E-mail: Phone: (250) 341-6299 Fax: (250) 341-6229

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 37

June 3, 2011

Close finish in provinical “AA” golf tournament The David Thompson Secondary School Golf Team narrowly missed finishing in second place at the provincial AA golf tournament held at the Radium Resort from May 29th - 31st. The team ended up taking fourth place in the competition, with St.Thomas Moore placing first with a score of 605, Kwalikum taking second with 610, and W.L Seaton placing third with 611 points. DTSS ended up with 612 points, just two points shy of second place. Pictured, left to right: coach Barry Tremblay, Damon Raven, Aaron Jenkins, Paul Brown, Tryg Strand and Zack Opheim. Individual results are as follows: Aaron Jenkins was 3rd overall with scores of 71 & 71 over the two days. Paul Brown 76 & 79, Damon Raven 78 & 81, Zack Opheim 76 & 83, and Tryg Strand 89 & 80. Photo Submitted



Cleaning person once a week for recreational property during July and August. 250-342-3381 or

F/T Stylist to start immediately. Contact Maria at Anglz 250-3423227.

RESIDENTIAL CARE WORKER – Casual position available. Human Service Worker, Health Care Attendant or equivalent education required. Union membership – HEU. For more info please contact Manager, Donna Jefferson at 250342-3699 or e-mail wdsss@telus. net. Attention Students: Cleaning staff is needed, no experience necessary. Great work environment. Must have great attitude. 250-347-9305.

518 13th Street

Radium Subway is hiring for 2 F/T (36-40hrs/week) morning staff. Must be willing to work a.m, weekends, and holidays. Starting wage $11.50/hr. Also hiring for 4 P/T positions for July-September. Apply in person or drop of resume at Radium Petrocan. Black Forest Resturant is looking for a cook/kitchen helper & P/T day time cleaner. Drop off resume or call 250-342-9417. Kitchen Staff needed. Apply in person to Ray Ray’s Pub or phone 250-342-8346 for more info.

Invermere, BC

Spa Manager Reports directly to: Owner Terms of Employment: Year-round Hours: Full-time, weekends and holidays mandatory Remuneration: Salary plus profit sharing Anticipated start date: As soon as possible Objective: Spa leadership, training and development, health and safety, human resources, marketing, sales, customer service, communication, computer skills, business management, operations and strategic planning. Fusion Wellness Spa seeks a candidate with skills to recognize exceptional spa services, adhere to industry regulations and standards and to effectively manage and grow a business. Accepting Resumes until Friday, June 3rd, 2011. For more information on the job description please visit careers page. Send resume to:

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” – Lou Holtz

Tough, sometimes dirty work, demanding dedication, problem solving skills and plenty of attitude, as Kicking Horse Coffee’s

ROASTER MAINTENANCE Your job will be to do whatever it takes to keep our Roasters roasting. Cleaning and preventative maintenance of roasting equipment will include: • Regularly scheduled pipe disassembly, inspection and cleaning of all equipment in roasting operations • Mechanical maintenance and troubleshooting including inspections and diagnostics of motors, impellers, filters and burners • Planning, documentation and record keeping The ideal candidate will have previous mechanical maintenance experience; preference will be given to those with forklift, air tool, mechanical and burner troubleshooting experience. Shift hours are afternoon, between 12-8 pm. In return, we provide a steady paycheck, awesome benefits, but most importantly, the opportunity to work with one of the finest teams in the country! To enlist, please email your application to or fax 250-342-4450. We will contact successful applicants.

VIVA BARISTA! VIVA LA REVOLUTION! A revolution is brewing at the Kicking Horse Café. A revolution fired by the desire to create the ultimate cup; in two words, Espresso Perfection. As a BARISTA you will join the ranks of Kicking Horse Coffee craftspeople, creating coffee and espresso based works of art and providing a level of service that is second to none. Pulling the perfect shot, transforming milk into rich, velvety decadence and sharing your passion with the masses will not so much a job, as it will be a vocation. We’ll supply the tools and training – you will work the magic! If you are looking for fun, fulfilling Full Time work approximately 5 shifts/week (including weekends and holidays) and can commit beyond August, then we can provide a steady paycheck, extended health and wellness benefits, competitive wages, staff fun days, paid day-off birthdays, and the opportunity to work with one of the finest teams in the country. To enlist, please email your application to or fax 250-342-4450. We will contact successful applicants.

NOW OPEN! – JOB FAIR Thursday, June 9th, 2011 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm At Copper Point Resort Copper Point Resort is the newest luxury four season destination located in Invermere, BC. We are looking for those strong candidates who are energetic and passionate about providing an exceptional guest experience. We are committed to bringing together the industry’s best talent to create a diverse team of innovative thinkers. All those applying must be able to have fun! WE INVITE YOU TO BRING YOUR COVER LETTER AND RESUME TO THE JOB FAIR!

Deli Clerk We are looking for a full-time Deli Clerk for our busy retail and wholesale Meat & Delicatessen store in Invermere, B.C. Position would start early June thru to Christmas (with possibility of extension). If serving customers in a fast paced environment, letting your inner chef come out, helping in production and keeping the workplace clean and organized, sounds like the thing for you to do, we would like to meet you! The successful applicant is energetic, friendly, must be able to work in a team or independently; can multi-task and prioritize; and work in an organized, timely and efficient manner. Position available immediately. Wage to be negotiated. Apply by fax to: 250-342-9651, By Email to: By Mail to: Box 68, Invermere, B.C. V0A 1K0

38 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 3, 2011


Notice of power iNterruptioN iNvermere, wiNdermere, radium Hot SpriNgS aNd SurrouNdiNg areaS As part of the Athalmer Substation Expansion Project, BC Hydro will be transferring the system to the newly upgraded substation. In order to complete the work and to ensure the safety of our work crews, it will be necessary to interrupt electrical service. Customers will experience a power outage for approximately 60 to 90 minutes as each circuit is transferred to the new system. The areas affected will be Invermere, Windermere, Radium Hot Springs and surrounding areas. The following provides a breakdown of areas affected and the anticipated time each area will be affected. The outage will take place on Sunday, June 26, 2011.

Area affected


Highway 93/95 south from Athalmer substation on Between east side of Windermere Lake down to Windermere, 6:00 a.m. & including Windermere Loop Road and Kootenay 8:00 a.m. No.3 Road, south to Hyllestad Road.

Estimated Duration 1.5 hours

Highway 93/95 north from Athalmer Road to Sinclair Creek Road including downtown Radium and Highway 93 to Radium Hot Spring Pools. Forster’s Landing Road, Descrespigny Road, Shuswap Creek, Juniper Heights. South from Athalmer Road including Timber Ridge Road and Baltac Road.

Between 7:00 a.m. & 9:00 a.m.

1 hour

West side of Invermere, Athalmer, Lillian Lake,

Between 8:00 a.m. & 10:00 a.m.

1 hour

Between 8:30 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.

1.5 hours

Westside Road south to Rushmere Road, Wilmer and Castle Rock South. West of Athalmer substation on both sides of Columbia River and Windermere Lake; east side of Invermere including downtown, Lakeview Road and Eagle Ranch Trail.

Please protect all sensitive equipment. We recognize the inconvenience this may cause, and will restore service safely and as efficiently as possible. Shorten restoration time during a power outage by switching lights and electrical equipment off. Wait one hour after power is restored before switching on multiple appliances to allow the system time to stabilize.


Prepare for outages and stay informed by visiting or bchydro. com/mobile from your handheld device. Please call 1 888 POWERON (1 888 769 3766) if you experience any electrical difficulties or for more information.

For 50 years, BC Hydro has been providing clean, reliable electricity to our customers. Today we are planning for the next 50 years by investing in new projects, upgrading existing facilities and working with our customers to conserve energy through Power Smart. Learn more at

Got an entertainment, sports or news tip? Give us a call! 250-341-6299 Publication:

Invermere Columbia Valley Pioneer (PMCP)

Intrepid travellers

Submit your travel photos to for your chance to win a trip for two to a Calgary Flames game, plus overnight accommodation from Invermere’s Travel World. Pictured, top: Alison Clark and Sue Crowley in front of the Delicate Arch at Arches National Park near Moab, Utah. Pictured, bottom: Logan and Tyler Powell at the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Send your *high-resolution* travel photos to, or drop by our office at #8, 1008 - 8th Ave., Invermere (just down the street from Peppi’s Pizza).

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 39

June 3, 2011


Divine connections By Pastor Wayne Frater Radium Christian Fellowship Jeremiah chapter 1:4,5 of the NLT reads: “The Lord gave me this message. I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.” God told Jeremiah He had set him apart. What that means is that God had a specific purpose for each of us. Each of us were created for a specific reason. Each of us were created on purpose for a purpose. We need to grab on to that: no one accidentally came into this world. God had us in mind before we were born. This is a message we need to hear! People need to hear that God has them in mind; that God has a purpose and a plan for their life! We have a reason for being here.

Jer. 29: 11-14 NLT says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord, “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.” Jeremiah was set apart and appointed, and so are we. God has a purpose for us, and He has a plan for us. He has a calling for us. “Set you apart” means to separate. In other words, God separated Jeremiah from the rest of creation for a specific purpose. God has a calling on our life for a specific purpose as well. Today is a new day, a day of new beginnings, and I encourage you to seek after the Lord, ask Him what His plan is for you. Ask him where you fit in, in what God wants to do, for this time and this place? Serving God is good because He is good and His plans for us are to prosper us! God wants to give us a hope and a future, and that future can start today. Let hope fill your heart and receive His mercy. Invite Him to unfold the wonderful plan He has for your life. Jesus tells us in John 10:10 NKJ the second part, “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

Valley Churches

Lake Windermere Alliance Church Sunday, June 5th, 10:30 a.m.: Worship and Life Instruction“The Easy Button”... Pastor Trevor ministering. “K.I.D.S.” Church during the Morning service. Pastor Trevor Hagan • 326 - 10th Avenue, Invermere 250-342-9535 • Windermere Valley Shared Ministry ANGLICAN-UNITED 8: 30 a.m.: Worship at All Saint’s, Edgewater. 10:30 a.m.: Worship at Christ Church Trinity, Invermere Interim Priest in Charge Katherine Hough 110 - 7th Avenue, Invermere 250-342-6644 • or Valley Christian Assembly Sunday 10 a.m.: Worship and Word Kids’ Church provided. Pastor Murray Wittke 4814 Highway 93/95, Windermere 250-342-9511 • Roman Catholic Church Saturday: 4:30 p.m. at St.Anthony’s, Canal Flats. Father John Kellogg Saturday: 7 p.m. at Canadian Martyrs’ Church in Invermere Sunday: 9 a.m. at Canadian Martyrs’ Church in Invermere 11 a.m. at St. Joseph’s Church in Radium Father James McHugh 712 -12th Ave., Invermere • 250-342-6167 ST. PETER’S LUTHERAN MISSION OF INVERMERE Worship services every Sunday at 1:30 p.m. Christ Church Trinity, 110 - 7th Ave., Invermere Pastor Rev. Fraser Coltman • 1-866-426-7564 Radium Christian Fellowship Sunday 10 a.m. Worship service Thursday 7 p.m. Fun Night Pastor Wayne and Linda Frater • 250-342-6633 No. 4, 7553 Main St. Radium • 250-347-9937 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Worship Service, Sunday 10 a.m. • Sunday School, 11 a.m. • Relief Society, Noon. President Barry Pratt • Columbia Valley Branch 5014 Fairway, Fairmont Hot Springs • 250-341-5792

• Books • Music • Stationary • Children • Educational


Selkirk TV & Appliances Ltd. “Serving you since 1971” MAIN STREET • INVERMERE (250) 342-6415


You can remember someone special with your gift to the Canadian Cancer Society

GENEROUS DONATION — The staff of Invermere’s Kootenay Savings present $500 of in-kind donations, as well as a $1,000 cheque, to Relay for Life coordinator, Sheila Tutty. The $1,500 donation will go towards fundraising for the upcoming Relay for Life, which is on June 11th at David Thompson Secondary School. Pictured, left to right: Sheila Tutty, Janice McGregor, Brandi Schuit, Michelle Wittman, Christa Gubler, Fiona Stockley, Heather Fullerton, Charlene Diakiw, Angel Bristow, Terri Lightfoot, Alice Kazakoff, and Janine Jones.  Photo by Joshua Estabrooks

To donate In Memory or In Honour: | 250-426-8916 or call toll-free 1-800-656-6426 or mail to: P. O. Box 102 Invermere, BC V0A 1K0 Please include: Your name an address for tax receipt Name of the person being remembered Name and address to send card to

Let’s Make Cancer History

40 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 3, 2011



The SUMMER SPLASHdown HoT PooLS PASS gives you


Hot Pools access all summer long! Valid May 20 to September 5, 2011












Your Summer Splashdown fun starts here! Call 250.345.6070 *Child aged 4-12; Youth aged 13-17; Adult aged 18-64; Senior aged 65+. Tax not included.


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