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March 18, 2011 Vol. 8/Issue 11

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Crook pens Book

B.C. Parks’ 100th

5 Rescue dog retires

8 Paranormal events

92-year-old Ray Crook from Invermere has written a book documenting his family’s rich local history and memories of growing up in Windermere. Mr. Crook is now considering a limited local print run. See Page 12 for more. Photo by Kate Irwin

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2 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

March 18, 2011

Deanna Berrington and Chris Veen are pleased to announce the arrival of their daughter

Valley NEWS

Raising hope for Japan

on February 2nd, 2011 Proud Grandparents Gladys and Neil Berrington and Dragica and Nic Veen

By Kelsey Verboom Pioneer Staff

Relationship Counselling Stress Management Chronic Illness Support Life Transitions Family Resource Centre 1317-7th Avenue, Invermere (beside McToogle’s)


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CHARITABLE GIVING — Invermere’s Haru Watanabe displays one of the collection boxes he is distributing around town to help raise money for the Canadian Red Cross aid efforts in earthquake and tsunami-ravaged coastal Japan. For more information, phone Haru at 250-270-0248. Photo by Kelsey Verboom

Haru Watanabe of Invermere is rallying to fundraise for his home country of Japan in their greatest time of need, following a devastating earthquake and tsunami that left much of coastal Japan a flooded wasteland. Haru is originally from a town north of Tokyo called Saitama and has been watching the news coverage of the disaster with horror, so he decided to help. Haru, along with Michiyo Adachi, Sanae Tihor, and Haru’s fiancée, Haruka Furukawa, is collecting donations for the Canadian Red Cross rescue efforts in Japan. “We were going to try to donate to a small town that really needed it, but there isn’t enough organized yet for that. In some towns, the town hall is gone and the mayor is missing,” Haru said. Haruka’s grandmother was feared missing for several days, until she was found safe near Fukushima, where a nuclear plant is experiencing problems. Collection boxes (pictured, at left) have been placed around town, and Haru’s group will be at AG Valley Foods this Saturday, March 19th, and Sobeys on Sunday, March 20th from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. They will be wearing traditional clothing and handing out colourful origami.

Cancer Society kicks off daffodil sales

Submitted by the Canadian Cancer Society

The symbol for the Canadian Cancer Society, the daffodil, is just about in bloom and in valley stores. Fresh daffodils will be arriving on March 30th for pre-order delivery to local businesses and will be sold to the general public March 31st and April 1st at Sobeys and AG Valley Foods in Invermere, and at Mountainside Market in Radium. Also, all Canadians are encouraged to wear daffodil pins to remember those who lost the battle with

cancer or to honour those continuing the fight. For a small donation the pins will be available in select businesses throughout the valley. The Official Daffodil Day is on April 27th, when the Cancer Society hopes to see the entire valley supporting cause by wearing a sea of yellow. Our annual Door-to-Door Campaign will also be ongoing throughout the month of April and volunteers will be canvassing your areas. Please welcome them at your door and give generously. Your gift will make a difference.

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March 18, 2011

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 3

Valley NEWS

High school named B.C. Solar School of the Year By Kelsey Verboom Pioneer Staff David Thompson Secondary School has proven it’s a green, energy-conserving machine by winning Solar B.C.’s Solar School of the Year award for their collaboration with Invermere’s community greenhouse, which is directly next door to the school. The high school beat out 58 other schools from across British Columbia that are considered “solar schools” by Solar B.C., a government-funded organization that encourages the use of solar energy. Students from the high school have been working with the greenhouse since its inception. The cheftraining class regularly harvests vegetables from the 300-square metre greenhouse to serve in salads to their fellow students in the school’s cafeteria. Other classes, like a writing class from the high school, work in the space for inspiration. “The greenhouse uses solar air, hot water, and electricity. These are all opportunities for students to learn

RDEK spends big money on conservation

about these activities,” said Bill Swan, solar advocate and board member of the greenhouse. Nitya Harris, the executive director of Solar B.C., toured the greenhouse facilities this past fall and met with students to see their involvement first-hand. Ms. Harris said David Thompson won the award because they’ve used not only solar water, but also other solar technologies in the greenhouse. “They’ve also educated students about growing and cooking food and the importance of local food systems,” Ms. Harris said. “The DTSS greenhouse project makes the connections between various aspects of sustainability. “They’ve taken the process of solar energy use and education to another level with all the systems in the greenhouse and the high level of community involvement in the greenhouse.” Mr. Swan agreed that the connection between the school and the community was vital. “I think this award really speaks to the partnership, and highlights that more can be achieved when the school and community work together,” he said. By Pioneer Staff The Regional District East Kootenay has announced ten approved conservation projects that will receive $281,890 in funding in 2011. The funding will come from the Columbia Valley Local Conservation Fund, where residents pay a $20 per property, per year tax that goes solely towards conservation projects. “It is unique that the RDEK recognizes that its constituents deserve conservation as a service,” said Wayne Stetski, manager of the East Kootenay Con-

Canada’s truest mountain golf experience.

Greenhouse gets new name The Columbia Valley Botanical Gardens and Centre for Sustainable Living has shed its cumbersome name once and for all. After turning to the community for help with a name search this past fall, the greenhouse, which is adjacent to David Thompson Secondary School in Invermere, has decided on a catchier, simpler moniker to distinguish itself. After sifting through around 40 entries, the greenhouse board voted on the name Groundswell. The full name is the Groundswell Network Society, but it will be referred to simply as Groundswell, said Bill Swan, a board member of the greenhouse. “This new name really helps capture what we’re all about,” he added. A new logo will accompany the name change, as well as a website launched within the next month.

servation Program, which is in partnership with the RDEK for this fund. “It shows great leadership by the people of Areas F and G. We’re one hour ahead of the rest of the province and I’m not just talking about the clock.” The projects for 2011 vary from contributing towards the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s purchase of the Marion Creek Benchlands and managing access to the Hoodoo Conservation Property to providing incentive for ranchers and farmers to enhance the natural assets of their land.

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4 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

March 18, 2011


RCMP Report

Protect your property from theft and vandalism.


What the heck is he doing? By Staff Sgt. Marko Shehovac

Submitted by Cpl. Brent Ayers Columbia Valley RCMP Licensed & Insured Invermere & Surrounding Areas

104 degrees without a heater! • Hot Tubs • Water Maintenance • Massage Chairs • Steam Showers • Saunas

503B - 7th Avenue, Invermere • 250-342-3922 •

Invermere Health Care Auxiliary wishes to thank everyone for their continued support of our Thrift Store. Your donations are greatly appreciated. All proceeds raised are donated to Invermere Hospital and Health Care.


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There were 29 calls for service from March 8th until March 15th. Here are but a few: • On March 13th at 1:43 a.m., Columbia Valley RCMP received a report that there was an intoxicated male outside Bud’s Bar and Lounge in Invermere, and that the male had been grabbing at girls and had punched a male outside the bar. The 45-year-old man from Alberta was located and arrested for being intoxicated in public and lodged in Invermere cells for the night. When the man sobered up, he was issued a violation ticket for being drunk in public. • On March 14th, RCMP were dispatched to a report of a male yelling and screaming on Main Street East in Radium Hot Springs. A witness stated that the man was yelling at everyone walking by and causing a scene. The man was located next to the Petro Canada in Radium. He identified himself and advised that he was yelling because he is homeless and had not eaten in three days. The man said that he had been hitchhiking across Canada for the past two weeks and was headed back up to Prince George. He ended up getting a ride and advised that he would not bother any one else. The RCMP members provided the homeless male a Power Bar to eat. • On March 14th at 2:30 a.m., members of the Columbia Valley RCMP were on patrol in Invermere and observed a vehicle parked at Kinsmen Beach. Members approached the vehicle as it was after the curfew for the beach. A male from Golden was asleep in his white Chevrolet Lumina Van. Members saw a glass jar on the front seat that contained a substance that looked like marijuana and a plastic bag that contained a pipe. There was only a very small amount of marihuana in the jar. Members spoke to the man and confiscated the marihuana and pipe. No charges were laid in this incident.


50 hp, 4WD Gear Was $25,062 NOW


Let me do the math here: 80-100 cars over two days, plus other drivers, divided by two, carry over the number of drivers that probably had a clue, and the percentage that I come up with is three. So, there will probably be three jeers directed at me or to the detachment in this paper. Amazing if I’m right. Many parents dropping off kids at the high school Thursday and Friday observed me hampering their efforts to use the very narrow staff parking lot, rather than using the roundabout at the back of the school or the huge parking lots, to drop students off. There’s a reason for this. One, the staff at the high school and college don’t want you dropping your kids off in their parking lot. Two, they are tired of getting their personal cars dinged as a result of some parents’ inability to get turned around in the tight spot, then driving away after they have caused the damage — basically a Hit and Run offence. And three, the staff tried their best to get the message across on their own, only to be verbally told where to go. So they approached me about how to solve this, hence, out comes the big guns. I blocked the lot with the police car. This took me away from my morning ritual of patrolling the elementary schools where young children are strutting their independence walking to school on their own. Instead I find myself babysitting. The staff at David Thompson Secondary School and the college are asking that you respect their request to not use the staff parking lot as a drop-off zone. The roundabout at the back is the perfect spot and it is the area meant for dropping off the kids. You can do it in such a manner that you only have to slow down and they can jump out without you stopping (that’s a joke) or, a better idea: drop them off in the main parking lot. They are young and energetic. They need that extra little bit of fresh air to give their minds a jump start. The roundabout states “Bus parking only.” I drove it while the bus was parked and it’s plenty wide to drive by the busses. You just can’t park there for obvious reasons. You can still drive it. So, I ask, please do not use the staff parking lot to drop your kids off. I’d rather be watching the little guys going to school where they greet me with smiles, waves and, “ Hi Marko,” than endure some of the looks I got from parents. If not, like Arnold says, “I’ll be back.”


23 hp, 4WD HST Was $14,220 NOW


CALGARY TRACTORLAND • 26 Commercial Court, Calgary Highway #1 West • WWW.TRACTORLAND.CA • (403) 240-1977 • 1-877 240 1977

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 5

March 18, 2011

B.C.’s provincial parks celebrate 100 years

PARADISE — B.C.’s Provincial Parks, 12 of which are on our doorstep, can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Left, a visitor enjoys some fly fishing at Lake Magog, with Mt. Assiniboine as the backdrop in Assiniboine Provincial Park, near the B.C.-Alberta border. Right, a horse party takes a ride through the Height of the Rockies Provincial Park, east of Invermere. Photos submitted by B.C. Parks By Kate Irwin Pioneer Staff The province’s parks are celebrating their 100th birthday this month, with an open house being held at Windermere Valley Museum on Sunday, March 20th, to mark the historic occasion. The province’s first park, Strathcona Park, on Vancouver Island, was created on March 1st, 1911. Since then almost 1,000 parks have sprung up across the province, receiving over 19 million visitors each year. Along the Columbia Valley, between Golden and Kimberly, there are 15 provincial parks, from the modest James Chabot Park in Invermere to the expansive 2,000 square kilometre Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Park. “There’s a real spectrum from the obvious frontcountry parks with signs, all the way to some parks in the system that have no roads,” said Brett Yeates, B.C. Parks’ Area Supervisor for the Purcell Area. “We acknowledge the vast array of ways people like to use the parks and try

to cater to those who love to hike into the wilderness and see nobody else for eight to 10 days, as well as those who just want to enjoy an easy walk or some sightseeing.” British Columbia has the largest protected provincial park system in Canada. Each park has a variety of designated uses, with all open for pedestrian access and most for a variety of climbing, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, horseback riding and more. The valley’s parks offer some unparalleled landscapes to explore, according to Luke Griffith, a mountain guide in Bugaboo Provincial Park for more than seven years. “The Bugaboo’s granite spires are unique to only a few places in the world,” Mr. Griffith said. “The climbing history is such a special part of this park. You can relive the climbs of the first people to go exploring in the region, like Conrad Kain. You can feel the heritage, it’s not much different now than when they first came through.” For the Renner family, the provincial parks and Mt. Assiniboine Park in particular, hold a special significance. Invermere’s Barb and Sepp Renner ran the lodge and

campgrounds in Assiniboine Park for 28 years, raising their three children in the spectacular alpine setting during the summers. When they took it over in 1983, Assiniboine Lodge was being run as a horse lodge, with guests riding in on horseback. The buildings had fallen into disrepair. “None of the buildings were insulated and I remember our first Christmas; it was -50 Celsius,” Barb explained. “It was hard work up there but always lots of fun. We knew what life was like in the bush and it was a terrific experience for us and our children.” Working in partnership with B.C. Parks, the Renners spent their summers fixing up the lodge, cabins, trails and campgrounds. Over the years, they became custodians of the park, taking over running the campsites, cabins and maintaining trails from B.C. Parks. Guests are able to hike, fly, ski or snowshoe in or out, spending their time in the park enjoying the beautiful subalpine meadows and amazing snowy slopes. For more:

Invermere Criminal Court: March 15th Court was held in Invermere on Tuesday, March 15th, at 10 a.m., under Judge W. Sheard. The majority of cases were held over to appear at Invermere Law Court on April 20th and April 28th. Two cases were completed on Tuesday and one arrest warrant issued. • Wayne R. Reid pleaded guilty to Theft Under $5,000 and was fined $500, with a $75 victim surcharge, and given a 9-month probationary order. On October 3rd, at approximately 4 a.m., Mr. Reid was found to be missing from the Invermere house where he had been staying with friends. Also missing was a wal-

let, flat-screen LCD television valued at approximately $800 and a 1997 Ford Taurus car, valued at $2,500. Mr. Reid was stopped by the RCMP while driving the Taurus on October 4th in Vernon. The wallet containing identity documents was not recovered. Mr. Reid pleaded guilty to the offence and was ordered to pay the fines, totalling $575 by December 15th, 2011. • Nathan A. Leischner was issued an arrest warrant for Failure to Comply with Appearance Notice or Promise to Appear. • James J. Fairhart pleaded guilty to Possession of a

Controlled Substance, receiving a three-month conditional discharge, three-month probationary order and a $50 victim surcharge. On September 3rd, Mr. Fairhart was stopped while driving by the RCMP in Fernie, who believed him to be operating a vehicle they were conducting surveillance on. When his car was searched, Mr. Fairhart was found to be in possession of three to four grams of cocaine. Along with a conditional discharge, probation and a $50 fine, Mr. Fairhart was ordered to pay $500 to the Drug and Alcohol program at Invermere’s Family Resource Centre.

6 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer


March 18, 2011

Nutty prices By Kelsey Verboom Pioneer Staff

Writing about the community greenhouse this week really got me thinking about where my food comes from. Initiatives in the Columbia Valley to fill our grocery bags with food that has been grown locally are wonderful, especially in the spring, summer, and autumn months when produce is more plentiful. In our valley you can buy meat, fruit, veggies, honey, eggs, pasta, and more — many diet staples. But when it comes to food consumption, even in our forward-thinking valley, there are some things that just don’t grow here that we must rely on getting globally. I had a taste (excuse the pun) of this last week when I decided to make homemade pesto and went to the grocery store. I nearly collapsed from shock in the aisle of the store when I saw that one of the main ingredients, pine nuts, were nearly $9 for a measly 100 grams (less than one cup) of the meaty nuts. Well, it turns out the exorbitantly priced, pebblesized treats come from a select set of pine tree species grown at a specific elevation, many of which have been harvested destructively in China and torn down in the United States to make way for development. The nuts develop inside the trees’ cones, which take 18 months to mature. The cones are then collected and typically placed in burlap sacks, where they must dry for about 20 days, before being shattered. The sack’s contents are then sifted through, separating the nut from the cone fragments. All in all, a tedious process that compounds when the world supply of pine nuts can’t keep up with the overall high demand, hence the hefty sticker shock. Higher food prices in general are on the horizon. Bad barley crops means the prices of beer could rise by an estimated 33 per cent, flooding in Australia and drought in China have pushed the price of wheat, corn, and sugar upward by 40 per cent, and consumers are being warned that by the end of 2011, they should expect to pay between 5 and 7 per cent more overall on their grocery bill. No matter how much of an effort we make to grow and shop local, we’re still globally reliant.

Historical Lens

Brisco schoolhouse

In this image, dated 1981, the original Brisco schoolhouse is loaded onto a trailer in preparation for its move to Invermere. If you have any more information, e-mail us at Photo C895 courtesy of the Windermere District Historical Society

Opponents converted us to pro-Jumbo Dear Editor: NIMBY, NIMBY, NIMBY is all we hear from the majority of letter writers. After the reaction to the completely neutral and accurate article by Kelsey Verboom from February 25th, I must respond. My wife Pam and I started out pretty neutral to the Jumbo proposal, but after listening to the constant misinformation and vitriolic attacks by the opposition, we are completely for it, as are the majority of business owners we know. I hope everyone notices the overwhelming vast majority of loud voices of opposition are all retired, or receive a pay cheque from someone else. If you are retired, and ‘have your place in the sun’ do the world a favour and get off your soapbox! You are only one person, with one vote! Let someone else try to earn a living and create jobs for everyone else. With Jumbo’s placement adjacent to another ski

area, in an area with over 100 years of commercial use and the highest glacier, it is just a no-brainer. We’re lucky there weren’t many retired people here when they started Panorama! They give 500 jobs to the economy, many full-time. Jumbo has consistently passed the most stringent controls every put on a ski development in the world. There wouldn’t be a golf course or ski area anywhere without some land sales to help support the project. Invermere actually has very little to do with the proposed resort. If you want a cause, how about following the European Alps models and keep helicopters and ski-doos out of the backcountry! This is my third or fourth letter in 40 years; how about some of you follow that ratio. John and Pam Nairn Invermere

The Columbia Valley


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The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 7

March 18, 2011


HST fight now begins Dear Editor: As Christy Clark and her new cabinet take power, the process of spending our hard-earned tax dollars fighting against the average British Columbian citizen on a referendum on the HST begins. Between now and June 24th our government will spend a great deal of time, money, and energy telling us how stupid we are — and how we just don’t understand the benefits of the tax. The people of British Columbia understand the HST perfectly fine. The HST is a consumptive tax which has increased the price of goods and services to the average British Columbian (including low income families and seniors). It has added a significant amount of taxation to things like restaurant meals, tourism activities, construction/home renovation, and real estate, while decreasing the amount of tax on liquor and giving input tax credits or tax refunds to businesses — especially those that purchase a lot of equipment. The HST has also added costs to the operations of local governments, health authorities, and school boards, which results

in even more taxation to what is only one tax payer. While our B.C. Liberal government will soon spend our money to tell us how dumb we are (which I guess we were for electing them — several times), it is important to note that the B.C. NDP with defacto leader party president “honest Moe” (who is taking a comfortable yet initially secret salary from several large B.C. unions), will be quick to bash the implementation of the HST, but will never say they will remove the tax. Truth be told, an NDP government would be more likely to have the tax increased than eliminated. The good news: there is another option. There is one party that will get rid of the HST, and that won’t spend your tax dollars fighting you. This party was born out of the HST petition process with people from all sides of the political spectrum looking for something that is logical, reasonable, honest, centrist, populist, and fresh. B.C. First is that party. Gerry Taft Invermere

Could not reach consensus Dear Editor: I am responding to a letter about the Jumbo issue that appeared in your March 4th edition. The writer claimed that the CORE process in the early 1990s designated that the Jumbo Valley best be used as a ski resort. That is a distortion of the truth. What really came from the CORE table was that in polygon 15-17, which includes the Jumbo Valley/Upper Horsethief area, there should be no grazing, crop production, coal exploration, general industrial commercial, oil and gas exploration, consumptive use of water sheds, urban and rural settlement.

The CORE table could not reach a consensus regarding a resort within the Jumbo Valley. In 1994, that CORE report was sent to Stephen Owen in Victoria, who then wrote his recommendations in the form of the East Kootenay Land Use Plan. Because there was no clear consensus about Jumbo, Mr. Owen wrote in a compromise recommendation that if a resort was to be considered, there must be a provincial environmental assessment and local input. There was not a recommendation from Mr. Owen that the proposed Jumbo Resort be approved.

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With gratitude, the Frederickson family wishes to extend a most heartfelt thank-you to everyone who helped us with the difficult passing of Brent, our beloved husband, father, grandfather, and friend. We are at a loss as how to adequately express our gratitude for the remarkable support and encouragement we have experienced since Brent’s accident. The kindness shown by everyone in the community has helped carry us through an incredibly difficult time. It was never a mystery to us why Brent loved this community so much, but this experience has given us a new depth to our understanding.

Thank you, all of you.

Jim Galloway Brisco

Correction In the March 11th edition in the story ‘Local contractors compete on a provincial scale’, it was stated that there are no local

contractors who provide commercial steel structure work. In fact, TXN Installations Ltd. in Athalmer provide this service.

Jacqueline, Laura and Logan Frederickson, Steve, Lainey and Theo Wilson

8 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

March 18, 2011

A strategic partnership leveraging the strengths of East Kootenay Community, Kootenay Savings and Nelson & District Credit Unions

R.C. (Rob) Thorson, AIIC, CRMS Branch Manager

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DISTRICT OF INVERMERE COUNCIL MEETINGS HAVE BEEN MOVED The following Council meetings will be moved to the Community Hall, 709 10th Street: March 22, 2011 • April 12, 2011 If anyone has any questions please contact the District Office.

85% of Women are

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Rescue dog retires after an exciting career By Kelsey Verboom Pioneer Staff Parks Canada’s canine companion, Atar the rescue dog, is retiring after five years of working in Kootenay, Banff, and Yoho National Parks. Atar, a 7-year-old German shepherd bred in the Czech Republic, worked closely with his long-time handler, Park Warden Mike Henderson, on avalanche rescues, law enforcement, tracking poachers, finding missing hikers, and helping the RCMP when necessary. “He’s a really good dog,” Mike said. “You have to really trust in him and believe in him when he’s telling you stuff.” Atar’s astute nose and rescue instincts were put to the test regularly on his job, but Mike said Atar went above and beyond the call of duty when he worked for four hours straight at the tragic 2010 Boulder Mountain snowmobiling accident that killed two people and buried dozens. “He worked, and worked, and worked. It was unbelievable,” Mike said. Atar’s other career highlights include being lowered down in a sling by helicopter to an avalanche site to rescue a skier in less than five minutes, and helping Mike track down a naked hiker wandering in the woods. “Atar always did exactly what you expect and what you want when there’s no room for error,” Mike said. “Having these well-trained, multi-task dogs is really important for Parks. They keep our rescue and law enforcement crews a lot safer.” Atar was trained at the RCMP canine training centre in Innisfail, Alberta, and was tested twice annually to

..Are you?

CUNNING CANINE — An ear-muffed Atar waits patiently for a helicopter lift beside his longtime handler, Park Warden Mark Henderson. Photo submitted keep up with the requirements of his job. Now, the physical demands of his work have caught up with him, and Atar will be retiring to a home in Waterton National Park to spend his days relaxing with a pug named Diesel. “He’ll be sitting on the couch, hanging out, just being a regular dog,” Mike said, adding that it will be sad to see Atar leave his own family and move on. “He’s been a really nice working dog. We work together every day — you definitely get attached.” Mike has now begun working with a 20-month-old German shepherd named Barter, who is also specially bred from the Czech Republic. Mike will first work on teaching him scent tracking this spring, once the snow has melted.


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The Columbia Valley Pioneer Page• 99

March 18, 2011

What’s Happening in the Columbia Valley

Music • visual arts • dining • Bar Scene • entertainment • performance ARTS MOVIE REVIEW




Maria in the Shower

Vancouver’s Maria in the Shower will return to Bud’s Bar and Lounge on Thursday, March 31st at 8 p.m. for another toe-tapping, folk, samba, swing, and all-around upbeat performance. Come check out the Columbia Valley’s own, Martin Reisle and Brendon Hartley, entertain the crowd. Tickets are $10.

Cheesecake Burlesque Revue 2-day Backstage Pass OR Full Stage Show - $25

What does ART Sat & Sun · March 26 & 27 · Call for more info 250-342-4423 mean to you? Tickets available at The Book Bar, Bud’s & Pynelogs Visit for our current events calendar, or call 250-342-4423.

Out & About Your Weekly Guide to What’s Happening Around the Columbia Valley Page 13

10 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

March 18, 2011

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Movie Review: The Fighter class family in Lowell, Massachusetts. Micky has always boxed in the shadow of his older half-brother Dicky Eklund, a wiry crack addict who can’t admit his boxing career is over. With the help of his girlfriend Charlene, Micky is forced to make some tough choices minus his family in order to succeed in the ring. The feel of The Fighter is as rough as the boxing matches Micky and Dicky participate in. Micky’s Budweiser-slamming, permed-hair, scrappy family members drop the f-bomb every few sentences and give Micky a hard time about everything he does. The feel carries over into the boxing ring, where director David O. Russell

Reviewed by Kelsey Verboom Even those with absolutely zero interest in boxing will like this movie. To indulge in the most obvious of puns, The Fighter is a knockout. Headed by four Academy Awardnominated performances from Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale (winner for Best Supporting Actor), Amy Adams, and Melissa Leo (winner for Best Supporting Actress) The Fighter is a tough and inspiring, albeit predictable, biographical sports drama. The film follows the true story of Micky Ward, a beaten-down welterweight boxer from a rough-and-tumble working






Carlos del Junco & the Blue Mongrels

Customers really can’t believe how easy and clean it really is. Old floors can look new again, and you can even


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n Floor o s u c Fo With David Wilson s



elected to use the original crew of HBO cameramen and the director who filmed the real Micky’s fights. The crew used beta (video-format) cameras from the early 1990s to give the fight scenes a certain look. The effect is excellent. However, it’s the commendable performances that really carry this film. The actors nail Lowell’s accent perfectly, and Adams and Bale provide the perfect support to Wahlberg’s understated and powerful performance. Gone are the days of Marky Mark’s parachute pants; in The Fighter, Wahlberg proves he’s shed his bubblegum pop image once and for all.



Natures Floors is the only buisness in the valley with the professional dustless sanding System, with the ever improving finishes your floor will be stronger than ever. It could be the best investment in your home this year. Drop in and see us for all your flooring solutions.

Cheesecake Burlesque Revue Full Stage Show – $25 Tickets available at The Book Bar, Bud’s & Pynelogs

#4 - 9994 Arrow Rd.

(Next to Legacy Kitchens) #4 - 9994

#4 - 9994 Arrow Rd.

#4 - 9994 Arrow Rd. (Next to Legacy Kitchens)


add a different look with a custom stain.

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Adventures of a Teenage Dragon Slayer How Do You Know Skyline St. Trinian’s 2 The Tourist


for the Game Cube, PS2 and Xbox are on sale at…

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March 18, 2011

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Out & About Please call 250-341-6299 or e-mail us at to enter your event in our FREE listings.

Tuesday, March 22nd:

Sunday, March 27th:

• 7:30 p.m.: White Water, Black Gold, a documentary feature film at Toby Theatre. Admission by donation. Presentation is part of Canada Water Week and organized by Wildsight Invermere.

• 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.: Windermere Farmer’s Market at Windermere Hall. Support local artisans. Lots of food vendors. For info: 250-342-6210. • Cheesecake Burlesque Revue presented by Columbia Valley Arts. For info: 250-342-4423.

Thursday, March 24th:

Submissions must be received by the Monday prior to publication. We may only run an entry for two weeks prior to the event. Please limit your submission to 30 words. Priority is given to one-off events, so weekly events may run rarely. Toby Theatre • March 18th - 19th, 7:30 p.m.: The King’s Speech. • March 22nd only, 7:30 p.m.: White Water, Black Gold, a Nation’s Water in Peril. • March 23rd - 26th: Theatre is CLOSED. Friday, March 18th: • March 18th, 19th and 20th: 2nd Annual Wilmer Broomball Tournament. To register call Gord: 250341-7148. • 6 p.m.: Traditional Irish Dinner at Invermere Legion Branch #71. Corned Beef and Cabbage with salad, vegetable and dessert. $12.50 per person. Local Irish dance troupe will entertain.

Saturday, March 19th: • Fundraising for Red Cross rescue efforts in Japan at AG Valley Foods. • 10 a.m.: ICAN (Invermere Companion Animal Network) Annual General Meeting. 455 Panorama Road. For info: 250-341-7888. • 11 a.m.- 4 p.m.: Fundraising BBQ at Sobeys for the Kootenay Baton Konnection Club. For info: 250-342-9634.

Sunday, March 20th: • Fundraising for Red Cross rescue efforts in Japan at Sobeys. • 2 - 4 p.m.: Open House at the Windermere Valley Museum. Special continuation of Heritage week and the celebration of 100 years for B.C. Parks. For info:

• Love Give’r Events presents A. Skillz at Bud’s in Invermere. Tickets $15 in advance at Syndicate Board Shop and Bud’s. $20 at the door. • 7:30 p.m.: SOS: Save our Snowpack! “What glaciers in the Columbia Basin can tell us about snowpack” presentation by glaciologist Jocelyn Hirose in the Great Hall at Panorama. The movie; Generations, a skier’s and snowboarder’s perspective on climate change to follow. Admission by donation. Organized by Wildsight Invermere.

Monday, March 28th: • 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.: Free Bra Clinic at Radium Seniors Centre. Call to book a custom fitted appointment: 1-888-909-9641.

Wednesday, March 30th: • 7 p.m.: Annual General Meeting of the Conrad Kain Centennial Society at the Windermere Valley Museum. New members welcome.

Thursday, March 31st:

Friday, March 25th: • 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.: Free Bra Clinic at Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce. Call to book a custom fitted appointment: 1-888-909-9641.

Saturday, March 26th: • 8 a.m. - 12 noon: Free Bra Clinic at Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce. Call to book a custom fitted appointment: 1-888-909-9641. • 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.: Edgewater community garage sale at Edgewater Community Hall. $2 per table. Call Tammy for info and to reserve a table: 250-3479324. • 10 - 12 noon: Windermere Community Association Annual General Meeting at the Windermere Community Hall. Pancake breakfast 9 - 10 a.m. • 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.: BBQ at Home Hardware for the Tierra De Animales Canada. For info: 250-3463076. • 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.: Christine Stufano Simpson from Kimberley will be painting and local artist Leslie Rowe-Iraelson will be doing a jewellery and glass demonstration at Effusion Art Gallery. For info: 250-341-6877. • Cheesecake Burlesque Revue 2-day backstage pass or full stage show. $25 per person. Presented by Columbia Valley Arts. Tickets available at The Book Bar, Bud’s and Pynelogs. For info: 250-342-4423.

• 7 p.m.: Columbia Valley Cycling Society Annual General Meeting at the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce. Free pizza and beverage. For info:

Friday, April 1st: • 6:30 p.m.: Mystery Night Jest for Fun at Higher Ground Coffee House in Radium. Hosted by Radium Public Library.

Saturday, April 2nd: • 1 p.m.: The Bighorns play Calgary Broncos at the Bighorn football field in Invermere. Referees needed. For info: 250-342-8852.

Monday, April 4th: • 6:30 p.m.: Annual General Meeting for Columbia Valley Search and Rescue at Ray Ray’s Beach Pub. Members please R.S.V.P. to

Tuesday, April 5th: • 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.: ART from the Heart: Part 7 Art Show starts. Featuring local school students at Pynelogs Cultural Centre. Runs until April 24th. For info: 250-342-4423. • 7 p.m.: Invermere Camera Club meeting. Contact Tanya for info:

926-7th Avenue, Invermere, BC

(next door to Fairmont Goldsmiths)

Maxwell Realty Invermere/Panorama


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Office: (250) 341-6044 • Fax: (250) 341-6046 •

12 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

Dental Awareness Month The Invermere Veterinary Hospital is celebrating “Dental Difference” during the month of March.

The prevention and early detection of dental disease gives us an opportunity to significantly improve your pet’s quality of life and longevity. Periodontal (dental) disease is the most commonly found health problem in our pets. During March, “Dental Difference” month. In addition to our regular dental health examinations, our team will have a number of educational materials and tips to help you with your pet’s home dental care program. We are also pleased to provide a complimentary bag of Dental diet to every pet that receives a professional dental cleaning. We look forward to preparing a personalized home care dental program for your pet. Please call us to schedule your appointment 250-342-7007.

Photo by Ruth Fast –Painted Sun Photography

Our new deadline to book advertising is Monday at noon. N E W S PA P E R

To place an ad please call: 250-341-6299 or e-mail:

March 18, 2011

Crook family history revealed By Kate Irwin Pioneer Staff Ray Crook, a 92-year-old man who grew up in Windermere and Kootenay National Park, has penned a family history, documenting his experiences homesteading in the park with his pioneering father and his memories of early Windermere. Charles John Crook, Ray’s father, was the first man to claim homestead in the Kootenay Valley in 1911, nine years before Kootenay Dominion Park was created. The Crook family, after whom Crook’s Meadow is named, lived in the national park during the summers from 1933 to 1956, operating an auto camp and service station close to where the present entrance gate stands. Using his scrapbooks and diaries, which date back to 1935, Ray has put together a spiral bound book, which gives details of his family history and a personal account of Windermere in the early 20th century. “People kept saying to me, ‘Why don’t you write down your family history?’” Ray explained. “I’ve been 10 years at it. I started out with an old electric typewriter at the kitchen table and found old photos that my dad kept in an album and started putting it together.” Ray’s lifelong fascination with cameras and photography helped him along the way. When he was 21, Ray received a folding Kodak 616 camera and began saving

up his pictures, some of which appear in his book. After a decade in the making, Ray gathered together just 20 copies of his manuscript, distributing them to friends and acquaintances. He has now approached the owners of The Book Bar in Invermere to produce a limited run of books for the public to purchase, with the option of more copies becoming available if it proves popular. “I think it should appeal to the historically-minded,” Ray said. “I just sat down and wrote what seemed to come to me. A lot of people seem to like the historical aspect to this valley, plus I think my dad would like to be remembered.” Charles Crook began his time in the Columbia Valley in 1911 in the town of Wilmer, helping to run the Columbia Valley Livery Stables. The family was one of a handful who created homesteads near Kootenay River and Dolly Varden Creek. Mr. Crook and Ray built seven tourist cabins on the site in 1933 and 1934, renting them out for $2 to $4 per night. In 1945, Mr. Crook was killed while doing roadwork in the park; he is buried in a corner of Crook’s Meadow. The family continued to run the camp and gas station until 1956, when it was bought by the government. A piece of the family’s history, a cabin built in 1942 by the Crooks, is preserved at the Windermere Valley Museum, with a display of pioneer household items inside.

More than just Great Golf

Pre-Paid Golf Cards Now Available Sunday Please call for Brunch details.

from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Hours of Operations: Open Tuesday to Friday 11:30 am to 8:30 pm (last seating) Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am to 8:30 pm (last seating) Join us for 2 for 1 Appy’s daily from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Dining 250-342-6560 • Golf 250-342-0562 • • Toll Free 1-877-877-3889

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March 18, 2011

Local builders win big at industry awards By Kate Irwin Pioneer Staff After a glittering awards season, two local companies, Quiniscoe Homes Ltd. and Rohit Communities, owners of Copper Point Resort, have walked away with a string of top honours from the Canadian Home Builders’ Association. Invermere-based firm, Quiniscoe Homes, owned and operated by Dave and Doris Penner, was named Best Custom Homebuilder in B.C. at the Georgie Awards on March 5th, also winning accolades for Best Single Family Detached Home and Best Kitchen under $40,000, for two family homes built at Panorama Mountain Village. This continued the company’s winning streak which began on February 12th at the 2010 Tommie Awards for the Central Okanagan Region, where Quiniscoe picked up seven gold awards from the 12 categories entered. “We’re very proud,” said Doris Penner, co-owner of Quiniscoe. “When you consider that we were competing for the Georgies with homes in Whistler, Vancouver, Kelowna — well, competition was certainly stiff.” The award-winning, custom homes: Stealth and Vil-

la Gran Sasso, both at Panorama, were completed during the fall of 2010 after two-and-a-half years of work. The homes are both on unique sites, with Villa Gran Sasso constructed on a spectacular, 47-foot elevation. “We’ve worked on many houses in the 30 years of our company’s existence,” Mr. Penner added. “To have built on all of that experience and to have won all of these awards is really gratifying.” The team at Rohit Communities were also thrilled when they picked up three Tommie awards for their advertising. Since the company bought Copper Point Resort last January, the sales and marketing team has created a logo, advertisements and a marketing campaign, all of which were granted gold Tommie awards. This was topped on March 1st when the company was also honoured with their first national SAM award from the Home Builders’ Association for the Best Direct Mail Promotion, for their “Roughin’ It” campaign. “It’s the Oscars or Grammies of the industry,” said Michellene Kandert, Director of Public Relations and Brand Development for Rohit Communities. “It’s so exciting. Our team here has accomplished so much in one year — it’s always amazing to be recognized.”

Villa Gran Sasso built by Quiniscoe Homes Ltd. of Invermere won three industry awards during the last month, including two for Best Single Family Detached Home. Photo submitted

FOREST STEWARDSHIP PLAN AMMENDMENT Canadian Forest Products Ltd., Radium Hot Springs (Canfor) is advertising for public review an amendment to its Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP) prepared under the Forest and Range Practices Act. Canfor has timber harvesting rights within the Rocky Mountain Forest District that extends from Radium Hot Springs east to the Alberta border, west to the height of the Purcell Mountains, south to US boarder and north to Parson. The proposed amendment to the FSP is for additional Forest Development Units (FDU) in the Invermere Timber Supply Area as a result of operating area changes between Canfor, Tembec and BC Timber Sales. In addition, updated stocking standards are proposed that are consistent with the Rocky Mountain Forest District stocking standards for regeneration and free growing stands. Timber Supply Area Invermere TSA

Geographic Area North White River Goldie Creek- Invermere Grave Creek/Whiterock River McMurdo Benches/Frailing Creek Bugaboo Creek

Proposed Activities in FDU’s Harvesting, road building and silviculture activities over the next 5 years.

The plan specifies results or strategies that are consistent with: 1) objectives set by government in the Kootenay Boundary Higher Level Plan, and 2) objectives prescribed by the Forest and Range Practices Act or otherwise established by government. The FSP also specifies measures for preventing the introduction or spread of invasive plants and to mitigate the loss of natural range barriers. Finally, the FSP specifies the regeneration date, free growing height and stocking standards necessary to actively establish and reforest harvested areas. The FSP is available for public review and written comment at:

Resort Course

Mid – Week Green Fee Tickets (valid Mon. – Thurs.)

3900 (reg. $47)


Springs Course

Mid – Week Green Fee Tickets

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(valid Mon. – Thurs.)

6500 (reg. $79)


4900 (reg. $59)

Weekend Green Fee Tickets (valid Fri. – Sun.)

8900 (reg. $110)




Persons may review the FSP during regular business hours:

Add a shared power cart to any ticket for $15

8:00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Monday to Friday, From March 21, 2011 to May 20, 2011. A Canfor representative will be available to discuss the proposed plans and receive comments. If you are unable to review the proposed plan during these times, arrangements can be made with Canfor to view the plan at a mutually agreeable time. Written comments about the plan must be submitted by mail or in person by May 20, 2011 to: OFFICE Canadian Forest Products Ltd. Box 39, 4685 Forsters Landing Rd. Radium Hot Springs, BC V0A 1M0

Purchase Pre- Paid Green Fee Tickets for Mid-week and Weekend play before March 31, 2011 and save $$$. Pre- Paid Green Fee Tickets are fully transferable, no minimum purchase is required and you can buy as many as you would like. Call either pro shop to order.


Canfor Office 4685 Forsters Landing Road, Radium Hot Springs, BC.

Save on 2011 Radium Resort Green Fees




Darren Tamelin, RPF Operations Superintendent

250-347-6111/ 250-347-9211

Play Unlimited Golf in 2011 A limited number of yearly memberships are available at The Resort Course Couples Membership Single Adult Membership Junior Membership $ 00 $ 00 $ 00




Call The Resort Course Pro Shop at 250.347.6266 for details. All prices exclude applicable taxes.

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March 18, 2011


How to Maximize Your Tax-Free Savings Accounts GICs & bonds versus mutual funds & stocks ing large amounts of investments that pay dividends and Medium risk, well diversified mutual funds or bas- have little chance for long-term growth in their tax-free kets of stocks will always outperform guaranteed interest savings accounts. Investments such as preferred shares rates in the long-term (10 plus years) but in the short- would not save much in the form of tax if held in a taxfree savings account because they are so tax-efficient alterm it can easily be the other way around. For investors with medium to longer time horizons, ready. they should consider using their tax-free savings accounts Capital gains in a tax-free savings account for some or all of their risky assets such as stocks or muLong-term versus short-term savings At first, it might seem counter-productive to own The best use of a tax-free savings account will be for tual funds over time. The higher longer-term growth taxedIncorporated source of income will generate better eventual tax savings and alsoManulife help a lightly long-term savings. Securities = IDAlike a capital gain in your tax-free savings account. Only 50% Long-term savings tend to grow more over time with increase the future contribution room in the accounts. Manulife Securities Investment Services inc. of = capital MFDAgains For investors with a short time horizon they should on investments are taxed and therefore earning $100 of the help of compounding and investment selection. The Manulife Securities Insurance Inc. = INSURANCE more your investments grow before you take them out keep their tax-free savings accounts in risk free assets interest in a tax-free savings account would save more tax than earning $100 of capital gains within the same of your tax-free savings account, the more you will save such as government bonds or GICs. While investors should be thinking long-term with account. in tax. Englishsomeone who puts $5,000 per year into their tax-free savings accounts to maximizeFrench While this is true, it is very likely given today’s low their tax-free Consider their tax-free savings account at the beginning of each earnings and future contribution room, some people interest rates and the recent correction in the stock maryear, earns 5% interest and then takes it out at the end might want to save in the short-term to pay for a new ket that in five or 10 years stocks or mutual funds will of each year over the course of 10 years. Every year they car or a holiday and should not invest these savings with have earned substantially more than fixed income. 3/16" of Minimum be used business earn $250 interest,size andtowhen theyontake their cards money any risk. Should I set up a tax-free savings account? out of their tax-free savings account, they don’t pay any Yes, everyone over 18 should be setting up a taxDividends versus Interest tax on the $250. Over 10 years they will have earned With recent changes to the dividend tax-credit, free savings account. Even for those who do not have the $2,500 tax-free. If another investor contributes $5,000 per year into dividends from eligible Canadian corporations are very funds available to set aside for long-term savings should their tax-free savings account at the beginning of each tax-efficient. Interest from bonds, GICs or high-interest utilize a tax-free savings account to earn some interest year, earns 5% interest but leaves all the proceeds in the savings accounts are not tax-efficient and investors have tax-free. If you are unsure how tax-free savings accounts will benefit you or how they can maximize your after-tax account for 10 years, they will have earned $3,144 of to pay the full fare of tax. This tax difference should deter investors from holdincome speak to a financial advisor or accountant today. interest tax-free. 1/4" Minimum size to be used on the standard sized brochures

Many banks are advertising their high interest savings accounts as a way to utilize the tax-free savings account. Mutual fund companies are also promoting their funds as a way to set up a tax-free savings account. With all the choices available to the consumer, how does one know the right choice for their tax-free savings account?

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Giving Back to the Community by Supporting Youth 5/16" This size to be used on all oversized brochures. Sports & Activities

Brendan Donahue BCOMM, FMA, CIM

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Our office will proudly donate a minimum of $100 or 10% of your annual premium to a youth organization of your choice when you purchase a life or critical illness insurance contract from any of our 15 insurance providers. (Includes term insurance on your mortgage)

GIC Rates* as of March 14th

Cashable 90 days 1 yr 2 yr 3 yr 4 yr 5 yr

1.35% 1.20% 2.00% 2.30% 2.75% 3.05% 3.40%

*Rates subject to change without notice.

products and services are offered through Manulife Securities Insurance Agency (a licensed life insurance agency and affiliate of Manulife Securities) by Manulife Securities Advisors licensed as life agents. The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company is 3/8" This size toInsurance on pieces where piece 12” thebe soleused issuer of the Manulife GIF Select insurance the contractwidth which offersof thethe IncomePlus benefiexceeds t and the guarantor of.any guarantee provision therein. Manulife Securities Incorporated is a member CIPF.

Call us for local, friendly, professional free consultations! • Ph: 250-342-2112 • Fax: 250-342-2113 • 712-10th Street, Invermere

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March 18, 2011

Shimmy and shake at burlesque workshop By Kate Irwin Pioneer Staff The Cheesecake Burlesque Revue is rolling into Invermere for a workshop on March 26th and a one-night performance at Bud’s Bar and Lounge the following day. Glitter and glam enthusiasts will have an opportunity to strut their stuff during the three-hour interactive workshop at Pynelogs Cultural Centre, which begins at 10 a.m. Saturday, March 26th. The workshop is open to women of all ages, with or without performance experience, and will give participants the chance to learn some moves from the Cheesecake Burlesque performers, pick themselves a stage name and get dolled up in some amazing outfits. The lighthearted event is a fundraiser for CV Arts and those taking part will have the option of performing

in a special, one-off show for a handful of invited guests that evening at the cultural centre, which organizers are dubbing ‘Pynelogs After Dark’. “I am really excited about the Saturday workshop,� said Deborah Fenton, one of the event organizers. “I think it’ll create some close friendships and allow women to look at themselves and feel beautiful.� After breakfast at Pynelogs, attendees will meet members of the Cheesecake troupe, hear about the history of burlesque, pick and name their own burlesque character and learn some choreography. Participants joining the afternoon session will then have lunch and head up to the dressing room for a hair, make-up and costume transformation with the option of performing that night. Workshop tickets (not including lunch) start at $100 and numbers are limited to 30. To book or for information, call 250-342-4423.


Jason A. Elford, CFP 250.342.5052 877.342.5052 877.719.7927 250.270.0270

Your Local

Strata, Apartment & Commercial Property Management


Wende Brash Broker/Owner

RE/MAX Invermere Independently Owned and Operated 1022B - 7th Avenue, Box 459 Invermere BC V0A 1K0 E-mail: Fax: 250-342-9611

Our six Strata Managers are licensed under the Real Estate Services Act of B.C. For more information regarding their extensive qualiďƒžcations and experience, please visit our website at

Phone: 250-341-6003

Suite 303, 1313 – 7th Ave. PO Box 429 Invermere, BC V0A 1K0

Contact Dale Elliott • 250-341-7098

For professional management of your strata corporation, overseen by a Certiďƒžed Property ManagerÂŽ, with the accounting done by a Certiďƒžed Management Accountant, please contact Bill Weissig

Cell: (250) 342-7415 Office: (250) 341-6044

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• Bedding Sand • Drain Rock • 3/4 Crush Gravel • Landscaping Rock

• Screened Topsoil • Sand & Gravel • Subdivision Development

“For all your dirt-moving needs�

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Time‌ to think about investing for the future.


Planning is a lifelong process. Contributing to your RRSP early in life can have a major impact on future plans. Don’t put things off, talk to us today about how easy-to-manage monthly contributions can help you build a retirement savings portfolio comfortably.



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March 18, 2011


914 – 8th Avenue, PO Box 339 Invermere, BC V0A 1K0 Tel: (250) 342-9281 • Fax: (250) 342-2934

INTEGRATED COMMUNITY SUSTAINABILITY PLAN A new approach to planning is underway in Invermere - an approach that supports a forward-looking and adaptable community, recognizing “upstream” solutions to address both local and global challenges. PARTICIPATE The vision of Invermere’s future, in 20 to 30 years, or a generation from now, has inspired the community planning team to develop “description of success” statements for future sustainability goals as well as “current reality” summary so the distance we must travel to our community sustainability goals can be identified and addressed through actions. The team is at the “action planning” stage for the sustainability goals and are calling for your ideas and input into the action planning. Meaningful public participation is essential to creating an ICSP and Imagine Invermere belongs to everybody who works, lives or plays in Invermere. Whether you are a business, a resident, a visitor or a member of another community, we want to hear from you. ACTION DEVELOPMENT ONLINE SURVEY An action development survey, along with background information and development documents, all for your input are posted at http:// The survey can also be obtained through the District of Invermere’s website at and then following the Imagine Invermere links, or can be picked up and returned to the District Office at 914-8th Avenue between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday from today until March 30, 2011. Input to be received by 4:30 pm, March 30, 2011. Please contact Rory Hromadnik, Development Services, 250-342-9281 ext 235 for more information.

Supernatural sleuth seeks answers to valley’s mysteries By Kate Irwin Pioneer Staff

Thank you for your participation

Hugs, Laughter and Beaming Smiles at

Columbia Garden Village “Family is one of the most important things to me and I truly feel grateful that my work allows me to be part of such a huge family! Every day is filled with hugs, laughter and beaming smiles. What a special place to work.” Adrienne thoroughly enjoys working with people and learning what makes them happy. Her leisure time is spent with her family hiking, snow shoeing and game night”. And we can’t forget her quilting.

Adrienne Turner, Community Manager

For more information call Adrienne 250.341.3350

One Pioneer, 8,000 copies. We make every copy count.

OTHERWORDLY — Margaret Porcina is looking into the supernatural, paranormal and unexplained phenomena in the Columbia Valley. Photo by Kate Irwin


Phone: (250) 341-6299 • Fax: (250) 341-6229 • Email:

A lifetime valley resident is delving into the mysteries of things that go bump in the night with her new paranormal investigation business. In February, Margaret Porcina earned her diploma in Astrology and Parapsychology from Stratford Career Institute and has since established herself as a self-styled paranormal investigator. After encountering unusual and unexplained occurrences in the Columbia Valley throughout her childhood and adult life, Margaret decided to document her and others’ experiences in the hope of unravelling some local secrets. “In the valley, when I was very young, there were strange areas that had energies that I didn’t understand which couldn’t be explained to me by adults,” Margaret said. “I’m sure we’ve all experienced it: you feel like someone’s standing behind you or the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. I just wanted to go further, to go out there to learn and record what is going on around the area.” Since graduating in February, Margaret has been encouraging others to come forward so that she can document all alleged supernatural experiences. After speaking with someone, Margaret goes to their home or business with her tape recorder and camera. With them she hopes to pick up any signs of activity not visible to the naked eye and make recordings in areas where unusual activity is reported, to listen back and see whether anything out of the ordinary is caught on tape. “The tape recorder should pick up anything I’m not hearing,” Margaret explained. “Then the camera is to see

whether any globes, lights, apparitions and other things like that appear in the photographs. The most important tool is your own senses.” Ghostly figures, globes (orbs of light on a photograph), patches of mist and shadowy faces appearing in pictures are commonly attributed to otherwordly activity, although sceptics counter that many ‘ghostly’ images are tricks of the light or the work of photo manipulation. After investigating an area, Margaret then hits the books, delving into the history of that location to discover whether anything tragic has occurred there. As for what she’s looking for, Margaret said that she is seeking four main types of activity: spiritual hauntings — people who cannot let go of the world they once lived in; residual hauntings — ghostly figures that repeat the same action; poltergeists — malicious spirits; and demons — entities which feed off negative energy. “I’m really only a beginner, but I’m willing to go out to learn and record,” Margaret added. “If I find anything that needs to be dealt with then I’d call for the help of someone more experienced.” Margaret hopes to continue her education in the paranormal and would like to invest in more equipment, such as an electromagnetic field reader, for future investigations. She is currently studying two areas in the valley: one near the superintendent’s house above the Radium Hot Springs Pools, the other in a back alley near Sinclair Street in Edgewater. Margaret is also seeking information on the disapearance of 12-year-old Brenda Byman, from Wilmer, who vanished without a trace in 1961. For more information or to share your paranormal experiences, contact Margaret at 250-347-9779.

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 17

March 18, 2011

Racers win medals at Cross-Country Masters By Kate Irwin Pioneer Staff A group of six skiers from Invermere joined over a thousand international athletes at Silver Star Mountain Resort in Vernon last week to compete in the 2011 World Masters Cross-Country Ski Cup. Beva Kirk, Penny Powers, Mary Anne Rombach, Kim Kitching, Darren Tamelin and former Olympic cross-country ski coach Lyle Wilson won 15 national and international medals collectively, in a range of races, from 15 to 30 kilometres in length. Although they competed individually, the group of friends trained and travelled together for the event.

“It was a terrific performance in some extremely competitive races,” said Mary Anne Rombach, who had a fall on a speedy downhill section during a race, fracturing her collar bone. “Former olympians and national teams attend these races. We gave it our all.” The Masters World Cup is a cross-country ski world championship for athletes aged 30 and above. Events range from 10 kilometre free mass start races, to a gruelling 45 kilometre course. Mr. Wilson achieved three international and three national medals, Ms. Kitching was awarded two national medals, Ms. Kirk won one international and three national medals and Ms. Powers, as the fastest Canadian in each of her races, took home three national medals.

know when to make a

home warranTy InsuranCe CLaIm Febr uary 2011

nstruction Residential Co ide Gu ce Performan y oVered b mbIa homes C Ish CoLu For new e In brIT nsuranC rranTy I home wa

Owners of homes with home warranty insurance can search the new Residential Construction Performance Guide to find out whether concerns they have with the quality of their homes may be covered by home warranty insurance.

View the Residential Construction Performance Guide to find: • criteria to help consumers self-evaluate possible defects • the minimum required performance of new homes • more than 200 performance guidelines • possible defects in 15 major construction categories, and • the most common defect claims. This Guide can be viewed on the Reports and Publications section of the Homeowner Protection Office website. It’s free, easy and available online.

HIGH ACHIEVERS — Kim Kitching, Beva Kirk and Penny Powers (left to right) won nine medals between them at the Cross-country Ski Masters at Silver Star Mountain Resort last week. Photo submitted

RDEK Public HEaRing noticE bylaws 2298 and 2299 Fairmont Hot Springs The Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) Board of Directors is considering an application by Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Ltd. to amend the Fairmont Hot Springs Area Official Community Plan and the Upper Columbia Valley Zoning Bylaw. If approved, the amendments will amend the text of the R-SF, Residential Low Density designation to allow duplexes and will amend the OCP and zoning designations of the subject property to facilitate a proposed residential development containing duplexes. The subject property is part of Lot 4, District Lots 18, 46, and 4596, Kootenay District, Plan NEP20033 located on Fairway Drive in the Fairmont area as shown on the attached map. Bylaw No. 2298 cited as “Regional District of East Kootenay – Fairmont Hot Springs Area Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 1734, 2004 – Amendment Bylaw No. 20, 2011 (Fairmont / Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Ltd.)” will amend the text of the R-SF, Residential Density designation and the OCP designation of the property from RES-MU, Resort Mixed Use to R-SF, Residential Low Density. Bylaw No. 2299 cited as “Regional District of East Kootenay – Upper Columbia Valley Zoning Bylaw No. 900, 1992 – Amendment Bylaw No. 259, 2011 (Fairmont / Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Ltd.)” will amend the zoning designation of the property from RES-3, Resort Lodge Zone, RES-4, Resort Core Zone and R-3, Multiple Family Residential – Medium Density Zone to R-2, Two Family Residential Zone. A public hearing will be held at: Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Birch Room 5225 Fairmont Resort Road Fairmont Hot Springs BC Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 7:00 pm The Board has delegated the holding of this hearing to the Directors for Electoral Area F, Electoral Area G and the Village of Canal Flats. If you believe that your interest in property is affected by the proposed Bylaw, you may prior to the hearing: • inspect the Bylaw and supporting information at the RDEK office in Cranbrook from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, excluding statutory holidays; • mail, fax or email written submissions to the addresses/ numbers shown below; or • present written and/or verbal submissions at the hearing. • Submissions cannot be accepted after the public hearing. All written submissions are public information pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. This notice is not an interpretation of the Bylaw. For more information, contact Jean Terpsma, Planning Technician, at 250-489-0314, toll free at 1-888-478-7335 or email Toll-free: 1-800-407-7757 email: Have something to say? Letters to the editor can be e-mailed to Lumby valley Times, Invermere Columbia, Valley Pioneer

Main office 19 - 24th ave S. cranbrook, bc V1c 3H8 Phone: 250-489-2791 toll Free: 1-888-478-7335 Fax: 250-489-3498


columbia Valley office box 2319, 4956 athalmer Road invermere bc V0a 1K0 Phone: 250-342-0063 Fax: 250-342-0064


18 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

March 18, 2011

HERE TO SERVE YOU A ccurate Towing and Recovery

Robert D. Harvey, Tax Specialist

Serving Invermere BC and surrounding areas.

30 Years of Tax & Business Consulting

• Personal Tax Preparation • Corporate Tax Preparation • Financial Statement Preparation

• Accounting • Business Consulting • Income Tax & Estate Planning

#302, 1313 • 7th Avenue, Invermere BC PHONE: 250-342-9285 • FAX: 250-342-0192

• • • •


FREE ESTIMATES • 250-688-0959 • 250-342-2087

385 Laurier Street Invermere, BC V0A 1K0



1422 12A Avenue, Invermere B.C.

Complete sewer/drain repairs • Reasonable rates – Seniors’ discount • Speedy service – 7 days a week


P.O Box 2878 Invermere B.C V0A 1K0

Al Tallman

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Complete Automotive Repairs • PROPERTY MAINTENANCE • Trucking • Mini Excavator • Residential/Commercial

(Beside the Petro Canada Car Wash)

Kari & John Mason

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Septic Tank Pumping Portable Toilet Rentals • NEW SEWER • CAMERA •

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Our vacation rental inquiries out number the homes we have available. Let us introduce you to our “Boutique” style management services and show you how your vacation home can pay for itself.

A well maintained septic system should be pumped every 2-3 years Avoid costly repairs

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LUMBIA ROOFING COQuality Roofing and Repairs Allan Gauthier

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FREE ESTIMATES Chimney and Eavestrough Cleaning and Repair Specialists Time to clean the winter sludge from your eavestroughs. Fully Insured & WCB Covered.

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YEARS EXPERIENCE Now is the time to book your spring pruning!

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The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 19

March 18, 2011

HERE TO SERVE YOU Cranbrook Pest Control We use the most successful products available. Environmentally-friendly integrated pest management. Ask about our maintenance programs PEST QUESTIONS? Visit our website:






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Kootenay Cribbing, Ltd.


Columbia Chiropractic

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is actively accepting new patients. For more information or to book an appointment, please contact the clinic.

Established 1976

5026 Riverview Road, Fairmont, B.C. V0A 1L1

Dr. Karen Fahrni DC

20 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

March 18, 2011


Interior / Exterior / working locally

Lake Auto Services

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Ki m b e r l e y R a e S a n d e r s o n Portrait & Commercial Photography Digital Retouching & Restoration Instructional Courses Private or Group, on:

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The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 21

March 18, 2011

Art from the Heart ready to roll

By Pioneer Staff One of the valley’s most popular art shows is set to return. Art from the Heart, now in its seventh year, showcases the artwork of more than 600 elementary school students from the Columbia Valley. The show is treated like a formal gallery show, complete with an opening night hosted by the young artists themselves.

Jami Scheffer, manager of Pynelogs Cultural Centre where the art show is held, said the event is a great way to recognize local children and support art in general. The show also signals the kick-off of Pynelog’s season. Art from the Heart runs from April 5th - April 24th, and the Artist Opening evening will be on Wednesday April 13th from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Gallery hours are daily from 11 - 4 p.m. Like all gallery showings at Pynelogs, the event is free to the community.


Septic Systems Installed ~ Pumped ~ Repaired Prefab Cement Tanks Installed Water Lines Dug Installed Basements Dug

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“Serving the Columbia Valley” Specializing in Custom Drapery, Blinds, Shutters & Flooring Residential & Commercial Interiors Brenda E. Werbisky, C.I.D., Interior Designer For appointment call

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22 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

March 18, 2011

Pioneer Classifieds s obituary s Roberta “Bobbi” Jean Doherty (nee Agnew) May 28th, 1946 – March 3rd, 2011 Born in Cranbrook, B.C., on May 28th, 1946 Bobbi Jean lived life her way – always – until March 3rd, 2011. Though she was small in stature Bobbi always had a big presence and she never gave up without a fight. Her courage, strength and generosity were, and continue to be, an inspiration to all who had the good fortune to know her. Bobbi was at her happiest when surrounded by family and friends. Whether over a home cooked meal, camping or fishing at a favorite Kootenay lake or working at Hoodoos Mountain resort, Bobbi was full of life and never failed to put a smile on the faces of those around her. Bobbi is missed and lovingly remembered by her daughters Cindy (Rich), Dawn (Neil), and Brenda (Glenn), grandchildren Grace, Charlotte, Sophia and Isabella, and siblings Barry, Charmaine, Mary-Anne and Earl. She was predeceased by her brother Tom and beloved dog Joey. Never one to want to be fussed over Bobbi requested that no service be held. Throughout her life Bobbi was always one to show her appreciation and gratitude. In lieu of flowers a donation to a worthy cause in Bobbi’s memory would honour her best, with the following as suggestions: BC Cancer Agency, VGH Palliative Care Unit. OBITUARY


In Memoriam





Alcoholics Anonymous. Open to all. Regular meetings of the Columbia Valley A.A. are held at 8 p.m. Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday at the Valley Connection, far end of the Service B.C. building, 6254th Street, Invermere. The Radium Friendship Group meets at 8 p.m. Friday at the Catholic Church, east side of Main Street, Radium. Call 250-342-2424 for more info.

Cheers to Floyd Verge who took great care of our son with his recent visit to the Cranbrook Hospital. You are one in a million.

Cheers to Fred Thode-Hamilton for volunteering to speak to grade 12 History students at DTSS about his experiences in Germany during WW II. Fred is a generous and kind person and fantastic speaker.

NEWHOUSE MULTI STORAGE Various sizes available. Now with climate controlled units. Call 250-342-3637.

Jeers to the Whiteway complainers. I like skating too, but I have to drive on the lake. Everyone should be able to enjoy the lake no matter what mode of transportation.

Al-Anon. Are you concerned about or affected by someone else’s drinking? If so, please join us. Al-Anon meets EVERY Monday in Invermere at 7:15 p.m. at the Canadian Martyrs Catholic Church, 712 – 12th Ave (behind the Invermere hospital). For information, please call Carol at 250-347-9841.

Cheers to the Akisqnuk ladies for a job well done at the Family Fishing Derby.

You own it we can store it! Secure, fenced compounds any size up to one acre. Secure containers available. Would also build building to suit for long term tenant. Zoned heavy industrial. Invermere Industrial Park. Phone 250-3425297, 250-346-3011 or 250-3422100.

10% off at The Windy Café! Once again, enjoy a 10% discount off your bill! 250-342-6001. Windermere Valley Rural Range Resource Patrol, 2011 AGM will be held at the Windermere Community Hall on Wednesday, April 6th at 7:30 p.m.

Cheers to Elli and Beth for their above and beyond service at CIBC.

February 17th, 2009

March 16th, 2010

Jeers to the person who put stuff on the Gerrys Gelati windows Monday night. I (a staff member) had to sit outside for an hour scraping it off. Thank you for wasting my time. You know who you are.

Cheers to Everyone that made the DTSS/ONT Chef Training/Tourism Exchange a huge success and to all the billet families. Also, cheers to Alison Bell, Joanne Bragg (Mike and Michelle) for their hard work to make the DTSS/ONT Chef Training/ Tourism Exchange possible. Cheers to the DTSS/ONT chef training/Tourism Group. it was a pleasure having you here. Cheers to Brandon Murray, our forklift operator this past Thursday! Thank you for being so cheerful, we appreciated the help! Pioneer Staff. Cheers to Rick for clearing my driveway in Castlerock this winter. Thank you so much. JM


Connect to Your Own Power Invermere Workshop

Don’t think of them as gone away, their journey’s just begun, life holds so many facets, this earth is only one… Just think of them as resting, from the sorrows and the tears, in a place of warmth and comfort, where there are no days and years. Think how they must be wishing, that we could know today, how nothing but our sadness, can really pass away. And think of them as living, in the hearts of those they touched, for nothing loved is every lost, and they were loved so much. In loving Memory of David and Bernice Raven. Love David and Florence, Lisa, Bob, Kelsie, Tom, Madison and Hunter, Brent, Shawn, Miranda, and Kaitlyn.

Phone: 250-341-6299 Fax: 250-341-6229 Email:



David L. Ra ven Bernice M. Ra ven

• • • •

Jeers to the person who dented my red Lancer at Fairmont ski hill on Friday, March 11th. I drive 100 kms a day to cook for you. Cheers to school bus driver Bob Hickey for putting up with a Monday morning jerk. He handled his job with a composure that can only be achieved by being 100% right. This is from the Monday morning jerk. Cheers to the kind fellow who helped me carry a heavy object to my car from the Pamper auction. Thank you so much! Cheers to the truckers who obey the “excessive Noise Prohibited” signs. Jeers to the person who stole a special Angel statue from our purchases at the Pamper Yourself Spa Auction. We are so disappointed by this act but you obviously needed her and we hope she watches over you day and night.

STORAGE Cindy Smith Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ Angel Therapy Practitioner® certified by Doreen Virtue March 26th - 27th Learn to communicate with the Angelic realm, trust in self, clear your energy centres to enhance your own clarity and much more!

Whether you are new or experienced in working in the angelic realm you will leave feeling empowered, relaxed, connected and ready for Spring.

$218 includes Cindy’s two CDs, her Wings of Love Empowerment Journal and an Angel Oracle card deck. | 604.483.5223

Secure self storage, call Suzanne, 403-390-4513. STORAGE SPACE – assorted sizes, easy access, immediate availability, long-term or short-term. Deck Properties Warehouse, Industrial Park, 250-342-3166.

COMMERCIAL SPACE New, commercial office, and/or retail space for rent. Prime location, D/T Invermere, excellent monthly rates, furnished, kitchen, available now. 250-341-5788. Industrial Shop for rent, 1500 sq.ft., heated, available April 1, 250-3429526. 800 sq.ft. commercial/retail space in Radium, 403-559-9625.

ACCOMMODATION wanted Pioneer graphic designer seeks a long-term, pet friendly, unfurnished, 1 bdrm apartment in Invermere, max $600/mo. Must have laundry facilities and wood stove would be a bonus. Please call 250-341-6299 days or 250-3429438 evenings. Retired couple seeking longterm rental, 2 – 3 bdrm with garage in Invermere, furnished or unfurnished. 250-342-6197.

shared accommodation Shared accommodation in 2 bdrm suite, furnished, walk to town, month to month, $480, includes all utilities, internet, cable. April 1st or 15th. 403-678-3087 or e-mail

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 23

March 18, 2011 shared accommodation



house FOR RENT

condo FOR RENT


Private room w/ cable, phone, laundry access, internet, and all utilities included, $400/month + $200 DD, N/P, 250-342-4020.

Invermere, newly renovated, large 1 bdrm walkout suite in quiet location near schools, fridge, stove, W/D, N/S, N/P, available April 1, single occupancy $700/month, double occupancy $800/month, one month DD, utilities included, 250-342-3474.

1 bdrm basement suite, available April1, $600/month inclusive, wireless and cable, DD, N/S, N/P, Private entrance, 250-341-5159.

2 bdrm townhome with garage, walking distance to D/T, $1350/ month + utilities, N/S, N/P, 250341-1395 for viewing.

Radium Pinewood condo, 2 bdrm with loft, 2 bath, F/P, $800/month, includes underground parking and utilities, N/P, N/S, 403-615-9989.

Foldaway cot wanted, call 250-342-9647.

3 bdrm main floor Invermere, year round rental, lake and mountain views, close to beach, D/W, shared laundry, $975 plus part utilities, N/S, references required, available immediately. Call 250-342-9605 evenings, or 250-342-8640 days.

Invermere, 3 bdrm, detached house with workshop, within walking distance to D/T, DD required, pets are possible, $1100/month + utilities. Call Joan at 250-342-7517 to view. Available April 1st.

1 bdrm condo, close to D/T Invermere, available immediately, $600/month. 604-997-4887 or 250-688-1179.

Ski to your door, fully furnished 1 bdrm condo, F/P, deck, heated parking, swimming pool, hot tubs. Tamarack Lodge, Panorama, BC, $115,000 Firm. Call 250-342-6858 after 6 p.m.

Room for rent in Athalmer, access to laundry, Internet and Hydro included, $400/month, please contact 250-688-1173. 1 bdrm in Juniper Heights, $500/ month, includes heat, hydro, W/D, 250-341-1388. Shared accommodation for responsible adult in 4 bdrm apartment, private bathroom, N/S, no partying. helmimagic@ or 250-341-1650.

SUITE FOR RENT Radium, furnished apartments available Oct 1. 1-2 bdrm, 1-1 bdrm, and 2 –bachelors. Includes all utilities, parking and cable. N/S, pet possible, DD required. 2 bdrm - $800/month, 1 bdrm - $650/ month, Bachelor - $550/month. Contact Joan at 250-342-7517 for viewing. CARRIAGE COURT APARTMENTS. Conveniently located behind Sobeys within walking distance to downtown. 2 bdrm townhouse units, outside entrance. Sliding glass doors open onto balcony, overlooking private courtyard. Fireplace and W/D included in each unit. Long term preferred, NP. Utilities not included. Available immediately, 250-342-8781. 2 bdrm apartments, D/T Invermere, clean, quiet units, parking, walk to everything, Start at $725/month, N/S, references required, D/W, W/D hookups. Call Dennis, 250-3426912. 1 bdrm furnished suite in Invermere, central, quiet neighborhood, spacious and bright, private entrance and patio. N/S, DD, references required, $750/ month including utilities, cable and internet. Available March 1, 250341-5956. 2 bdrm D/T apartment furnished, $800/month, all inclusive, 250341-5534.

Main Floor Suite, available immediately, 2 minute walk to all the schools, 1400 sq.ft., 3 bdrm, 2 bath, private laundry, covered parking, large deck and fenced yard, $1000/month + ½ Hydro, call Jenny Bueckert, MaxWell Realty Invermere, 250-342-5711. Radium, newly renovated 3 bdrm upper suite, new appliances, nice yard, $850/month + utilities, N/S, reduced rent for long-term renter. 250-342-5129. Large 2 bdrm main floor fourplex unit in Windermere, near the beach, 5 appliances included, W/D, $800/month, 403-239-2017. Radium, 3 bdrm, unfurnished apartment, includes all utilities, parking, and cable, N/S, pet possible, DD required, $900/ month. Contact Joan at 250-3427517 to view. Windermere, bright, 2 bdrm, ground floor unit in quiet fourplex with beautiful views, large yard area, separate parking and entrance. N/P, $675/month plus electricity and DD, available immediately to mature, responsible tenants, references required. Call 403-258-3132. 1 bdrm basement suite in Invermere. Separate entrance and partially furnished, W/D, close to all amenities. Mature single female preferred. $600/month, utilities included. N/S, N/P, No parties,

Black Forest Heights, walkout suite, 2 bdrm, 5 appliances, storage building, $850/mo including utilities. 250-347-9629.

house FOR RENT

FOR RENT Contact


for seasonal or long term rentals or go online at

Comfortable home available in Indian Beach, 2 minute walk to lake, uninterrupted views, 2 bdrm + Den, newly carpeted, $1000/ month, great neighbours, 250342-3236. Canal Flats, Very Clean, 2 bdrm, new W/D, laminate floors, huge yard, close to beach and school, 10 minutes to Fairmont, $800 plus utilities. Available May 1st. 250342-6899. ½ Duplex in Radium Hot Springs, 3 bdrm, 3 full baths, beautiful patio, BBQ, patio furniture, contact 403288-3743 or email msalas@shaw. ca for information and pictures.

Columere Park, bright 1 bdrm, semi-furnished, large upstairs suite, clean and quiet, $700/ month. 250-345-6524.

FOR RENT, 2 bdrm log home Wilmer, 1 ½ baths, W/D, fireplace, wraparound deck, fenced yard, N/S, N/P, mature responsible person/s, long term, non-partiers, $1,000/mo + utilities, references required. Call 250-342-9470.

Bright, 2 bdrm, ground level walkout, 2 blocks to D/T Invermere, N/S, N/P, $900/month + DD, F/S, W/D, D/W, and utilities included, 250-342-1584 or 250-342-8679.

Invermere, charming, 4 bdrm, 2 bath home. Near Kinsmen beach, N/S, N/P. Available April 1st. $1,400/ mo plus utilities. References and DD required. 403-246-6680.

Castle Rock Estates, beautiful 2 bdrm villa, 2800 sq.ft., granite, Jacuzzi tubs, carpet/hardwood, large deck, double attached garage, unconstructive west view, N/S, $1100/month, 403-250-2075. Fully furnished mobile home, includes shed, tools, lawnmower, etc. 250-347-7750. 4 bdrm, 2 bath, upgraded kitchen and great room, W/D, wood stove, garage, corner lot with large backyard, walking distance to schools, hospital and town, pets negotiable, available April 1. $1500 plus utilities. Call Mark 403-8037306, or Neil 250-341-7084. 2 bdrm townhouse for rent in Edgewater, end unit, yard access, indoor pets ok, responsible renters only. $800/month plus utilities and DD. Available immediately. 250341-8775. Large 2 bdrm, 14’ mobile home, 5 appliances, new deck, siding, skirting and windows. Large yard. Sorry, no dogs allowed. $800/ month plus utilities, call 250-3421700. Downtown Invermere, 13th Street, 4 bdrm house, large yard, available April 1, $1300 plus utilities, W/D, N/S, N/P, helmimagic@uniserve. com or 250-341-1650. Modern 4 bdrm, 2 baths, split level home in Wilder sub-division, large yard with storage shed, W/D, D/W, N/P, N/S, $1450/month. 250-3423790.

condo FOR RENT Parkside Place, Enviro 2000, fully furnished, 2 bdrm, 2 ½ bath, 2 car garage, $1400/month, 250-3429650.

2 bdrm + Den, 2 bath, lake view, The Point, fully furnished, high end, monthly seasonal or long rent, 1 underground parking stall, references required, 403-561-0111. For rent, D/T Invermere, 2 bdrm fully furnished condo, 2 blocks from D/T and beach, $900/month, includes utilities, Hydro, cable, and internet, available April 15th, 250833-0196 or 250-341-5855. 3 bdrm, 2 ½ bath, Jade Landing, Canal Flats, fully furnished basement, some furnishings and kitchen items included, pets negotiable, 250-342-9259. 2 bdrm, N/S, N/P, no partiers, available immediately, references required, $900/month + utilities, 250-342-9446. Invermere, just renovated, 2 bdrm condo, in quiet building, corner unit, walking distance to D/T, W/D, N/S, references required, available immediately, $700/month + utilities, DD, 250-342-5332.

MOBILE HOME FOR SALE 2006 Park Model, 37 ft. with three push outs, 1 bdrm, $28,500. Open House, March 19, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., site 85 at the Canyon Campground in Radium. Call 403-822-1383 or email

HOMES FOR SALE No HST. Built green, efficient, custom home in exclusive Pineridge Mountain Resort. $649,000. To view, call 250-341-7387. Stunning 3 bdrm, 2 ½ bath townhome in Riverstone Villas in Radium. Single car garage, A/C, master bedroom en-suite and much more. Only $239,000. Call 250-347-7787.

condo FOR SALE

wanted Large outdoor/indoor plant pots in good condition. Will pickup, call Shawn 250-688-8008. Wild Meat Wanted. I’m looking to stock my freezer with a selection of wild meat. Favourites are whitetail, elk, moose and duck, but I’m open to other offers. If you’re a hunter with a packed freezer then get in touch. I’m happy to pay a fair price. Call 250-341-2200. Looking for a fridge. Doesn’t have to be pretty as long as it has a good personality. 250-342-3814.

misc. for sale Support Rockies Hockey! Pine, Fir, dry and split. To order call 250342-6908. Sirius Satellite Radio, Starmate 3 with vehicle kit, excellent condition, $45. 250-342-3595. Floor Model Blow Out! Only a couple left! 7 person, 75 jets, ozonator, LED lighting, stereo with subwoofer, waterfall. Valley Spas, 503B 7th Ave, Invermere. Top quality Hay and Straw, alfalfa/grass round bales. Call Elkhorn Ranch. 250-342-0617. Bedroom furniture, 2 night stands attached to headboard, wing mirror, door dresser, 6 drawers, $500. 250-341-8774. Best Western Golden is selling queen size beds and box springs, $200/set, 250-344-2333. Firewood, Fir and Pine mix $235, Larch $300, Pine $180, all wood split and delivered. 250-341-5551.

24 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

RECREATION VEHICLES 2007 Arctic Cat M6, comes with tarp, extra parts, and oil, $6000 OBO, 250-341-5468. 2001 Yamaha 700 Mountain Max for sale, new track, new can, well maintained and in really good condition. Asking $3500, 250-6881224.

VEHICLES for sale 1997 GMC Yukon, 4x4, V8, 5.7L vortec, fully loaded, leather black automatic remote start. 250-3420160. 1996 F350, fully loaded, flat deck, not a tilt deck. 277,000k, $5000 firm, 250-341-8009. 2002 Golf GLS Turbo Diesel, 4 dr, 5 speed, power group, heated seats, alloy wheels, plus winter tires and rims. New brakes and routers, one owner, 64 mpg!! Asking $8,000. 250-341-5159. 2010 KLX 250S, only driven 149k, on-road, off-road. Two available, one green, 1 black. $5000. 250341-1600.

business for sale Busy seasonal café for sale in Invermere, B.C. Serious inquiries only, 250-341-5370.

March 18, 2011

services Tile & Slate Installs Journeyman tile setter 30+ years experience Custom Steam Rooms, Showers, Floors, and Cultured Stone. All work Guaranteed. Competitive rates. Call 250-341-5645 Renew & Restore Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning, Re-grouting, Repair & Sealing of Tile, Grout, Slate, and Stone. Commercial & Residential 35 Years Experience New Installations also Available 250-341-5645 Phil’s Carpentry, Everything from roofs to decks, completion of basement and bathrooms. Phone 250-341-8033 (cell) – 24/7. Not on valley time. Furnace & duct cleaning services using the patented rotobrush system. Call AQUAIR for free estimates, 250-342-5089. Water treatment & purification, includes drinking water systems, softeners & conditioners, iron filters. Call AQUAIR, 250-342-5089. Heaven’s Best Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. Dry in 1 hour! Serving the Valley since 2006. Call 250-688-0213.

services Vacuums Parts, repairs & accessories, All makes & models. Central Vacuums – sales and installations. Bonded & licensed. Fine Homeservices 250-342-9207,

Music and French Lessons with Tanya Siega, singing, guitar, piano, French. 250-427-0938 or tisiega@

recreational vehicles

SNOWMOBILE SERVICE SPECIAL All makes and Models - Snow Plows, Klim Clothing, Avalanche Gear • SERVICE • PARTS • SALES • RENTALS

Supplying Parts and Service for all makes and models. Located Invermere Cross Roads beside Tim Hortons

250-342-3350 •


help wanted

Get 25% off Free In-Home Consultation, Customized, high quality BLINDS with lifetim warranty, Commercial or residential. Shannon’s Blinds & Designs, Call a professional today; 250-342-5749 “Covering the Valley – One Window At A Time”

Want to set your own schedule? Then selling .925 sterling silver jewellery is for you! Work parttime or full-time selling beautiful jewellery and having fun! Work as little or as much as you like. Earn 30% on your sales along with opportunities for trips and free jewellery. Fastest-growing sterling silver jewellery company. Interested? Call 250-342-0399.

LBO Autobody Your Fender Bender Mender & The Valley Shine Shop Keep your vehicle free of salt & road grime. Have it detailed. Basic – deluxe packages available. Drop in for a free estimate on paint and body work @ #35 109 Industrial Rd #2, 250-342-9696

Established Invermere-based landscape company is looking for an individual experienced in operating equipment and installing irrigation. Please email resumes to

Flooring installations, lino, carpet, laminate and hardwood. 30 years experience. Call 250-347-9192 or 250-341-1235. Executive Typing Services, Over 20 years word processing experience. Resumes, manuals, data entry, and more. Accurate and fast! 250-270-0254. Pampered Chef is in the Valley! The New Spring/Summer Catalogues are here! Host a Pampered Chef Bridal party, Kitchen party, Book party (get individual orders and receive FREE items) or you can simply place an individual order. If you are interested in viewing the new Spring/Summer catalogue online, you can view it at www. Send me your mailing address at france5@shaw. ca and I will send you the new catalogue. You can also reach me at 250-342-1143. Invermere Sharpening, Carbide and Steel sharpening services, Carbide Saw re-tipping, Saw Blades, Router Bits, Planner Knives, Hole Saws, Ice Auger blades, knives, scissors, and much more. 250-3415447, 345 Blair Street, Athalmer.

help wanted Hair Stylist required at Valley Hair Styling, F/T or P/T, Call Susan, 250342-9863.

P/T home care attendant needed, Residential Home Care/Home Support Certificate an asset but will train right person, some light housekeeping involved, wage negotiable with experience. Please call 250-688-0106 for more info. Full-time experienced cooks needed for La Cabina, in Prestige Inn, Radium. 250-347-2340.

in Fairmont Hot Springs is offering long term full-time seasonal Caretaker position from mid March to October (winters off or part time). Duties include: – Animal and Bird care – Garden, park and building maintenance – Light mechanical maintenance and operating Bumper Cars Skills required: – Ecologically sensitive and physically fit – Reliable, bondable and handy with tools – Attention to detail – Upbeat personality and great customer skills – Love of people, animals and nature (Cash register experience an asset) Please send resume to: or fax 250-345-4542 or Fairmont Fun Park, 4896 Hwy 93/95, Fairmont Hot Springs, B.C. V0B 1L1.

Opening this Spring 2011! Copper Point Resort is the newest luxury four season destination located in Invermere, BC and is ready to throw its doors open this spring! We are looking for those strong candidates who are energetic and passionate about providing an exceptional guest experience. We are committed to bringing together the industry’s best talent to create a diverse team of innovative thinkers. All those applying must be able to have fun!

Hiring for all Positions • • • • •

Restaurant & Lounge Housekeeping & Maintenance Front Desk & Concierge Management Administration

Please email all cover letters and resumes to the email address provided. General Manager

Graphic Designer We are seeking to add a member to our graphic design team. This individual will provide design service for multiple publications in Invermere and around B.C., for ad design, publication design or marketing materials. He/she will be responsible for correct and accurate estimates for time to complete ad material and need to maintain a productive and efficient schedule. This is a full-time permanent position. We are an award-winning, community focused newspaper with high standards, both for content and appearance. We work hard, we have a great team, and we love our community. Our print run is 8,000 copies each Friday. We also produce several annual tourism and real estate publications, which our graphic designers all contribute to. Qualifications: We are looking for someone with 2-3 years Graphic Design education and a minimum of 2-3 years work experience in production or print design. Strong design skills and understanding of production principles, knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite 4 or 5, proficient with the internet and e-mail/FTP protocols, knowledge of MAC OS; hardware and software is required. High organizational skills with knowledge of pre-press and technical requirements, excellent multi-tasking skills and very self motivated, some typesetting and copy writing. Knowledge of html, css, wordpress and php would be beneficial but not required. We are looking for an individual with strong PR skills and an ability to translate verbal requests to print concepts. Please send your resume to Rose-Marie Regitnig, Publisher/Sales Manager at…


#8, 1008 - 8th Avenue, Invermere, BC V0A 1K0 Phone: 250-341-6299 • Fax: 250-341-6229 Email:

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 25

March 18, 2011

The Old Zone FINAL Playoff Standings continued

2010 OldTimers Hockey Association Playoff Standings Team





Aquair Waterboys







Huckleberry Hawks







Kicking Horse Coffee Junkies






Radium Petro-Can Killer Tomatoes 1








Warwick Wolves




Hi Heat Hustlers



Inside Edge Black Smoke



Finish Line Phantoms




help wanted

help wanted

Lakeside Pub is looking for experienced servers, line cook, and kitchen help, F/T or P/T, apply in person or email resume to

Fairmont Creek Property Rentals is looking to hire a part/full time maintenance man. Must have knowledge with electrical issues, furnaces, A/C units, finishing, wall repair, electronics, minimal computer skills (Outlook), and lawn care maintenance. Individual must also be a self-motivated team player who is organized and able to communicate with the public and work with office and housekeeping staff. Experience will determine wages. Benefits available. Only qualified applicants apply. Send resumes to sandi@

Melting Pot Eatery is now hiring F/T or P/T servers for days or nights, please call 250-347-9631 for an appointment or drop resume off. Invermere Petro-Canada is currently accepting applications for F/T and P/T employment. Applicants should apply in person with resume to Invermere PetroCanada, 185 Laurier Street, Athalmer, B.C. Blue Dog Café is looking for fun, hard working people for summer and year-round employment. Apply in person with resume. Leading Vacation Ownership company in Fairmont Hot Springs is looking for energetic, fun, outgoing, reliable individuals to join our Timeshare Sales team and our Onsite Marketing team. No experience required but an asset, willing to train. We offer top industry wages. If you enjoy a resort environment and are interested in a career in the vacation ownership industry, please contact in confidence by email:

CHAMPS — Invermere’s Kyokushin Karate Club returned victorious after competing in the annual Calgary Cup Tournament on March 5th.

Pictured, left to right: Greg Nakahara, Jason Bartsch, Kyler Breton, Josh Persaud, Hiroki Napkins, Jesse Simpkins, Stephan Trudel, and Riel Gallant. (Missing: Cody Horning) Photo submitted


The Columbia Valley Pioneer requires a full-time Office Assistant/Receptionist to join our team and be responsible for the following tasks:

We are looking for a person who has fantastic communication skills, self-motivated and good computer skills. Please drop off your resume in person at the gallery or email to Successful applicants will be contacted for an interview.

• Manage the front office, classified ads and flyer contracts • Answer phones, process payments, balance petty cash and filing • Produce daily, weekly and monthly reports for accounting, prepare weekly run-sheet • Handle incoming and outgoing mail and bank deposits

1033 7th Avenue- Invermere 3.25” x 4.6”

Please send your resume to Rose-Marie Regitnig, Publisher, at…

Homefront Essentials Garden Maintenance. Job opening for qualified garden maintenance assistant, mid-April to midSeptember. Send resume to Sous Chefs required at Birchwood Restaurant, Invermere. Full-time positions. Contact Chef Steve Root at 250-270-0135, send resume to birchwoodrestaurant@hotmail. com, or drop by with resume after 2 p.m. Experienced stucco plasterer needed. Full-time work, starting wage $21/hr. Labourer needed, starting wage $16/hr. For punctual and hard-working individuals. To start mid-April. 250-270-0422 or 250-688-1224.

Gallery Curator – Summer 2 positions, Full-time and Part-time

The Columbia Valley Arts Council is looking for two student Gallery Curators to assist in administrative matters and responsibilities to fulfill the HRDC summer program. Such staff persons will work under the direction of the Gallery Manager. Duties range from assisting with hanging, installing and displaying the Art Gallery Shows, promoting summer programs and events, cash handling and financial transactions, assisting in registrations, and supervising volunteers and front line sales in the Gift Shop & Gallery. Hours of work: full-time up to 40 hours per week; part-time up to 25 hours a week. Rate of pay: depending on experience. Requirements: Must be a Secondary or Post Secondary Student. Interest in arts an asset. Business experience necessary. Mature, responsible and quick-thinking. Sense of humour a must! Deadline for applications is April 14th, 2011. Start of employment: Full-time – May 2, Part-time – end of June. Columbia Valley Arts Council, Jami Scheffer – Manager, Gallery & Administration Box 2345, Invermere, BC V0A 1K0 – Phone 250.342.4423 – Email:


#8, 1008 - 8th Avenue, Invermere, BC V0A 1K0 Phone: 250-341-6299 • Fax: 250-341-6229 Email:

Fairmont Creek Property Rentals

CAREER OPPORTUNITY Front Desk Coordinator

Not just a front desk job... there is so much more! Full-time, 40 hours per week. Competitive wages (wages vary on experience)

Careers at CBt CBT has an opening in the Castlegar office for a Manager, Operations. A detailed description of duties, skills and qualifications can be viewed at Twitter or requested from Debra Stewart at 1.800.505.8998. Please forward resumes to by Twitter noon (Pacific) April 8, 2011 for consideration. • 1.800.505.8998

Join us:

Tony’s Greek Grill in Fairmont requires

First Cook (Chef)

with experience in Mediterranean/Greek cuisine. PLUS, Prep Cooks, Kitchen Help and Ice Cream Servers from April – October, good wages. Please call 250-652-2569 • Fax 250-544-3475



Principle Duties and Responsibilities • Answering a multi-line phone system, greeting and directing guests. • Issues door codes, pamphlets, discount cards, etc. • Answers various questions and complaints from guests. • Computes bills, collects payment and makes changes for guests. • May be required to provide some concierge services for guests when requested. RSS • Runs various reports on the computer for management. • General filing, mail distribution RSS Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required • Must have excellent communication skills. • Ability to understand and carry out instructions • Must be able to type 30+ wpm. • Must be able to maintain a professional manner under stress. • Must be able to answer questions concerning the Resort and the area. • Initiative, multi-tasking and motivated is a MUST.

Email Resume to: Fax # 250-345-0078 Just a reminder… The classified deadline is 12 noon Tuesday.


26 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

We are expecting over 1,000 children and teens this year so book early!

March 18, 2011

Camps run from July 3rd – August 27th for Kids, Teens & Youths Activities include: • Climbing Tower • Wakeboarding • Campfires • Scuba Diving …and much • Whitewater Rafting much more! • Paintball • Archery… Discounts available for large families. Please call our Vernon office for more information.


Online registration is available. Brochures available at The Source and A&W

WEEKEND WINTER ACTION — Kiera Neal and Ryan Digney of Invermere (above left) perform during the Columbia Valley Figure Skating Club’s Movie Mania Carnival on March 13th. Seth Amudsen, from the Fernie Freestyle Team (above right), soars through the air in a spread eagle as part of the Kootenay Zone Moguls and Slopestyle Freestyle Weekend at Panorama Mountain Village on March 12th. For complete galleries, go to and click on ‘photos’. Photos by Kelsey Verboom and Kate Irwin

Thank Goodness It’s


The Columbia Valley Community Foundation Is Accepting Spring 2011 Grant Applications from registered charities which support projects that enhance the quality of life of Columbia Valley residents, from Canal Flats to Spillimacheen.

Deadline for applications: April 15th, 2011 Granting guidelines and application forms available at Smith, Green & Andruschuk Chartered Accountants 1229 - 7th Ave., PO Box 991, Invermere, B.C. V0A 1K0 or on-line at For information on the granting process, contact Jenny Richardson, 250-342-6494/9822, email or Don Miller, 250-342-3201 • email tooth.doc@hotmail



Sonshine Children’s Centre is now accepting registration for September 2011 preschool. • 3 year-old classes Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 9 – 12 • 4 year-old classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, 9 – 12

JOIN US FOR AN OPEN HOUSE Wednesday, April 6th, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Please phone 250-341-6224 for registration Sonshine is a community initiative of Lake Windermere Alliance Church

Pick-up your copy at local news stands throughout the valley and in Calgary. Or read us online at: E-mail: Phone: (250) 341-6299

Objective, Creative, Informative!

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 27

March 18, 2011

Valley Churches


Reason #7 people don’t go to church By Pastor Trevor Hagan Lake Windermere Alliance Church Reason # 7: Christians are judgmental and hypocritical. It is true that there are people who call themselves Christian then live in a way that is judgmental, and in this they prove themselves to be hypocrites. What is the Church anyway and why would this kind of stuff be allowed? The Church is made up of people who have chosen to believe in Jesus and His mission. Jesus was more than just a good teacher. We believe He is God Himself who came to earth to live among us and ultimately to die for the sins of all humanity — He paid the price for me and then He conquered death by rising from the dead. When I choose to accept what Jesus did on my behalf, He forgives my sin. I do not at that point become perfect – but I am forgiven. This is where the challenge comes. The church is full of sinners, imperfect people, who have been forgiven and who are being transformed as they continue to humble themselves and learn the way of life that Jesus taught. I love how James H. Aughey describes the church: “The church is not a select circle of the immaculate, but

a home where the outcast may come in. It is not a palace with gate attendants and challenging sentinels along the entrance-ways holding off at arm’s-length the stranger, but rather a hospital where the brokenhearted may be healed, and where all the weary and troubled may find rest and take counsel together.” Jesus, in teaching his disciples how to live, gave them a new command. John 13:34-35 says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” This is the challenge for all who call themselves followers of Jesus or Christians. The church is supposed to be the followers of Jesus celebrating the change He is bringing in their life. Going to church does not make anyone a Christian. As Dr. Laurence J. Peter says, “Going to church does not make you a Christian anymore than going to the garage makes you a car.” But, as we recognize our need for forgiveness and love, we gather together to celebrate the change Jesus alone can bring and encourage one another through the challenge that is our life. The church is just a gathering of all sorts of people from all walks of life. Because of that, it will include every type — even messed up, controlling and sometimes rigid and judgmental people. I hope that you get the opportunity to meet the others as well; those who are not perfect but who love one another, including you.

Winter wind-up Thirty-two children from across the valley came along to the final cross country ski of the season with Toby Creek Nordic Ski Club on Saturday, March 12th. The Season Wind-Up and Ski Party included a trip out to the Hale Hut, on the Delphine loop of Greywolf Nordic Centre’s ski trails, where parents and kids alike enjoyed a well-earned hot dog barbecue.

Photo by Kate Irwin

Lake Windermere Alliance Church Sunday, March 20th, 10:30 a.m.: Worship and Life Instruction, “God’s House”...Pastor Trevor ministering. “K.I.D.S.” Church, for Children ages three to 12 during the Morning service. Pastor Trevor Hagan • 326 - 10th Avenue, Invermere 250-342-9535 • Windermere Valley Shared Ministry ANGLICAN-UNITED Sunday 8:30 a.m.: Worship at All Saint’s in Edgewater. 10:30 a.m.: Worship at Christ Church Trinity, Invermere 110 - 7th Avenue, Invermere 250-342-6644 • or Valley Christian Assembly Sunday 10 a.m.: Worship and Word Kids’ Church provided. Interim Pastor Joe Martinsen 4814 Highway 93/95, Windermere 250-342-9511 • Roman Catholic Church Saturday: 4:30 p.m. at St.Anthony’s in Canal Flats. Father Kellogg Saturday: 7 p.m. at Canadian Martyrs’ Church in Invermere Sunday: 9 a.m. at Canadian Martyrs’ Church in Invermere 11 a.m. at St. Joseph’s Church in Radium Father McHugh 712 -12th Ave., Invermere • 250-342-6167 ST. PETER’S LUTHERAN MISSION OF INVERMERE Worship services every Sunday at 1:30 p.m. Christ Church Trinity, 110 - 7th Ave., Invermere Pastor Rev. Fraser Coltman • 1-866-426-7564 Radium Christian Fellowship Sunday 10 a.m. Worship service Thursday 7 p.m. Fun Night Pastor Wayne and Linda Frater • 250-342-6633 No. 4, 7553 Main St. Radium • 250-347-9937 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Worship Service, Sunday 10 a.m. • Sunday School, 11 a.m. • Relief Society, Noon. President Barry Pratt • Columbia Valley Branch 5014 Fairway, Fairmont Hot Springs • 250-341-5792

Selkirk TV & Appliance • Kitchenaid • Inglis • Whirlpool • Roper

Panasonic Pioneer Cell Phones Electronics & Service Christian Books, Music & Misc.

1229-7th Ave., Invermere




April 4 - June 18, 2011 (10 weeks) May 18-June 15 (6 weeks) Monday, Wednesday or Thursday Wednesdays 4:10-4:50 • 4:00-4:45 Otter 1 Must be able to swim one width • 5:00-6:00 Otter 2 of cool pool unassisted. • 5:00-6:30 Otter 3 Fee $40.00

Registration at or call 250-347-9562

28 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

March 18, 2011

The End Zone By Harold Hazelaar Pioneer Columnist It seems like only yesterday (September 16th, 2004) that the Old Zone came into existence. Brent Raven and I co-wrote for a while and later that year, I became stuck with doing it every week. Not that I minded, I actually volunteered. Since that time, ownership of the newspaper has changed three times and Dave Sutherland (paid employee) and myself (volunteer) are the only two original staff! Way to go Dave. After hockey ended in March, 2004, I was tricked into staying on as part of the team by writing “The Green Zone”. This is the Spring and Summer golf chronicle that usually depicted the exploits of me and golfing partners on the courses around the valley. When you combine the two features, this is my 267th column. In recent weeks, the newspaper has had an over-abundance of actual newsworthy types of articles to place in the paper and my column was bumped (always with my permission). These occasions actually got me thinking about all the columns and deadlines I face and have had to deal with

since the beginning. With The Pioneer continuing to grow and prosper, I realize that now is probably as good a time as any to step away from this endeavor. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing for you these past seven years but I must now admit I am looking forward to reaching THE END ZONE. I think I’m here. Thanks for reading! Editor’s note: A special thank-you to Harold, who voluntarily wrote for us all these years, bringing smiles to the faces of our readers. You will be missed!

491 Arrow Rd. Invermere BC (Next to Kicking Horse Café)


WINTER REDEFINED AT COPPER POINT RESORT Own your piece of adventure with a resort condominium in Invermere, British Columbia. Whole and Fractional Ownership Available. SHOW SUITES NOW OPEN!

Spring Special!

Monday to Friday

1st month now only

7:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

for eight sessions

Class size is limited to 8 CALL TODAY!



2nd month 25% OFF *Rates subject to HST

For more info visit us at


250-342-5856 or visit our website: Email us at:

2011 March 18 - Read Online  

March 18th, 2011 edition of Columbia Valley Pioneer weekly newspaper

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