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2010 The Grade 12 students of David Thompson Secondary School are about to set out on their next big adventure. Grads Tony Roy, Mark Hillary, Braydi Rice, Rebekah Hagan and Tonie Minhas (left to right) talk to The Pioneer about what comes next on Page 6.


Photo by Kate Irwin

Good times. Great memories. Close friends.

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2 • DTSS ~ Class of 2010

June 18, 2010

Agnew, Harlow

Anderson, Taylyn

Atwood, Elesha

Banville, Karlie

Becker, Kayja

Belcourt, Aaron

Bootsma, Ben

Borho, Shynai

Burgoyne, Faro

Carlow, Christine

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Good Luck Grads of 2010! Athalmer Hwy.


Hats off to the Class of 2010

Congratulations Grads!

Invermere Industrial Park



503B - 7th Avenue, Invermere 250-342-3922 •


926 - 7th Avenue, Invermere B.C. 250-342-8778

3rd Avenue, Invermere • 250-342-3227

All the best to the class of 2010

Congratulations to the class of 2010. All the best in your future endeavours.

PO Box 159, Canal Flats, B.C. V0B 1B0 Phone: 250-349-5462 Fax: 250-349-5460

141 Industrial Rd. 2 • 250-342-9424

Parkside Place, Invermere BC Phone: 250-342-2552

Cheers to the Class of 2010

Good Luck Grads of 2010

Congratulations Graduates!

Congratulations Jes, Good Luck at McGill

Special Congratulations to Gavin McNeil



Would like to wish all the grads the best in the future


We’re so proud of you! Congratulations to you and all the grads.

1210-7th Avenue, Invermere • (250) 342-9661

DTSS ~ Class of 2010 • 3

June 18, 2010

Chrona, Amanda

Coombes, Shasta

Coppock, Crystal

DeLaurier, Spencer

Dendy, Jordan

Downey, Sarah

Dube, Kayla

Dubois, Selena

Durning, Brittany

Evans, Brieann

Live your dreams, class of ‘10 CVCC Award Winner: 2000-2003, 2005-2009

906 - 7th Ave., Invermere 250-342-3330

To happy endings and new beginnings. Congratulations!

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Way to go, Grads! valleyfitness valley centre

VFC shape invermere

Congratulations to all the Grads of 2010! 250-342-7387

Hair and Esthetics

Congratulations! Kirsten Sage & Tonie Minhas

From the Staff and Management at The Black Forest Restaurant


Congratulations Grads of 2010!

13th St. Invermere


7th Avenue, Invermere • 250-342-9268

Faro Burgoyne Sarah Downey Ryan Hall Tyson McCarthy

• Brody Myers • Jackie Richardson • Tony Roy

• Kirsten Sage • Rebecca Salvidge • Braeden White

13th Street, Invermere



Fairmont Hot Springs Resort congratulates the Class of 2010 and celebrates the achievements of our graduating student employees:

• • • •

Congratulations Grads!

Flooring Good Luck Grads of 2009! Invermere 250-342-6649

You Are Graduating! We’re smiling with you!

4 • DTSS ~ Class of 2010

June 18, 2010

Ferguson, Jesica

Franson, Cameron

Galloway, Kara

Gillham, Kelsey

Gottinger, Dustin

Grieve, Brett

Hagan, Rebekah

Hall, Christopher

Hall, Ryan

Halwa, Emily






7th Ave. Invermere • 250-342-7171

Congratulations Jordan Dendy & Travis Kerslake

INVERMERE 250-342-8877 Whatever your dreams might be, may each become a reality.


All the best to the grads of 2010 613-12th St. Invermere


Radium Hot Springs, Golden and Cranbrook

Have a fun and safe grad!

Best wishes to the class of 2010

from your friends at

K-5 Mechanical 250-342-9316

Congratulations to

The Class of 2010

from everyone at…

La Cabina Ristorante

in the Prestige Inn, Radium • (250) 347-2340

All the best to the class of 2010

926 - 7th Avenue, Invermere • 250-342-4406

Congratulations on your Grade 12 milestone. We wish you many more milestones in your life journey.

Family Resource Centre 625 – 4th Street Invermere, B.C. • 250-342-4242

651 Hwy 93/95, Invermere, BC V0A 1K0

Congratulations to the class of 2010.


Bernie Raven MaxWell Realty Invermere

Congratulations Sophia and the Class of 2010!

250-342-7415 •


926-7th Avenue, Invermere, BC

Main Street, Invermere

DTSS ~ Class of 2010 • 5

June 18, 2010

Hendry, Brook

Henzig, Chandelle

Hillary, Mark

Hochheiden, Alex

Hopkins, Darnell

Jensen, Michelle

Kerslake, Travis

Kinley, Graham

Klas, Amy

Koebel, Kelsey

Radium Supermart Congratulations Grad Class of 2010

Congratulations Grads Invermere • 250-342-9692

Congratulations Erika & Mathieu Box 206, Radium, BC, V0A 1M0 • 250-347-9988


All the Best Graduates! 514-13th Street


Have a fun and safe Grad! 250-688-HAWK

o not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Congratulations to our Grads! Rebekah Hagan, Chris Matheson, Jake Smedstad, Ryan Smutko and Brenden Williams



Invermere Physiotherapy Clinic Congratulations to Emma Ross 250-342-0415

With knowledge in your hands, and an open heart, you’ll have nothing but success. Congratulations! 7th Ave. Invermere • 250-342-6415

Cheers to the class of 2010! 1321 – 7th Avenue (250) 341-6868

6 • DTSS ~ Class of 2010

June 18, 2010 WHAT NOW? – Mark Hillary, Tony Roy, Braydi Rice, Tonie Minhas and Rebekah Hagan (left to right) are ready for the next step.

The future is bright for the class of 2010 By Kate Irwin Pioneer Staff Diplomas will be handed out, caps will be tossed and tears discretely wiped from the eyes of proud parents watching their teens graduate next week. With a whirl of activity, from dry grad on Thursday through to dinner and dance on Saturday, students can let off steam knowing they have sat their final high school exams. They have made it to the finish line and are looking to the future, excited and optimistic about what it may hold. Many will leave behind small town living to embrace the hustle and bustle of city life. Some will head to college, others will train for the trades and a few will breath a sigh of relief and

enjoy a little relaxation time before deciding what comes next. We caught up with five of this year’s grads, a sample of the class, to find out what their plans are and how they feel to leave valley life behind. • Braydi Rice has lived in Invermere since she was three with her parents Rob and Deborah-Kim Rice, who are realtors, and her brother and two sisters. She will miss the mountains, but is excited to move to a big city. She is heading to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to study for a double major in biochemistry and microbiology at Dalhousie University. “I’ll definitely miss all of my extended family and, of course, the mountains,” Braydi said. “I love to go snowboarding and this is a great place for that.” She loves competitive sports and is looking for-

ward to joining the college hockey team as soon as she arrives in Halifax. Braydi has been inspired to work in pediatric medicine after seeing doctors and nurses helping people while she was in hospital for an unknown illness. • Tony Roy grew up in Canal Flats, and he is glad to leave behind the hour-long school bus ride. He lives with his parents, Pierre and Sylvie Roy and brothers, Daniel and Jonathan. Inspired by his cousin, he will take a year out and enjoy mountain biking in Whistler and California. “I’m not sure how to feel about graduation,” Tony said. “It’s cool, kind of a relief, but once we are done the . . . almost a safety net, won’t be there any more.” Continued on Page 7 . . .

DTSS ~ Class of 2010 • 7

June 18, 2010 . . . Continued from Page 6 Tony has been interested in becoming a chef since his first cookery class in Grade 10. He loves barbecuing and grilling and hopes to attend a culinary school in Kamloops and open his own restaurant some day. • Tonie Minhas of Radium Hot Springs was born in Invermere and has lived in the valley for much of her life with her younger brother Rob, mom Ruman, who is a hairdresser at Bliss, and dad Jagtar. “The fact we are graduating didn’t hit me until this month,” she said. “When you start high school, it seems so far away — not any more!” Tonie will be moving to Calgary to study international relations, with a minor in French, at the University of Calgary. She hopes to travel a lot in the future and will take the opportunity to spend the last year of her degree abroad. She has been a keen soccer player since Grade 4 and is a volunteer with numerous charitable organisations and a member of the Youth Action Team and the Rotary Club. Continued on Page 8. . .

ABOVE: Tony Roy (left) will study to become a chef and Mark Hillary will take a year off to travel. LEFT: Rebekah Hagan will take up ministerial studies. RIGHT: Braydi Rice wants to work in pediatric medicine.

8 • DTSS ~ Class of 2010

June 18, 2010

. . . Continued from Page 7 • Mark Hillary loves living in the mountains and takes every opportunity to go climbing, hiking, biking and snowboarding. He was born in Calgary and his parents, Eva Coles and David Hillary, moved several times before settling in Invermere with Mark and his sister Erin. “I am excited to get out there,” he said. “I’ll miss some stuff, but I like the idea of challenging myself and exploring places nobody has been to before.” Mark would like to become an outdoor adventure guide. He is interested in the adventure guide diploma at Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops. Before going to college he plans to work and travel for a year. • Rebekah Hagan moved to Invermere in Grade 11 when her parents, Trevor and Lisa Hagan, were hired by Lake Windermere Alliance Church. She has one brother, Jacob, and a sister, Rachel. Rebekah has been inspired by her faith to study a bachelor of ministry in intercultural studies at Ambrose University College in Calgary. “I’m super excited to graduate,” she said. “I know where I am going and what I want to do and I can enjoy some quality time with friends and family at grad.” Rebekah will be life-guarding this summer to help fund college. After finishing her studies, she would like to become an international worker, helping people living in third world countries.

Best wishes to the class of 2010


1301 - 7 Avenue, Invermere th


Best wishes to the class of 2010

STRIDING INTO TOMORROW – Five of this year’s graduates prepare for what’s ahead. All photos by Kate Irwin.

Congrats to the Grads of 2010

The Lake Windermere Lions Club

All the Best to the Class of 2010

All the best to the class of 2010.

All the Best to the Grads of 2010

Invermere Dry Cleaners Ltd.

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From the management and staff at…

Dry Cleaning • Laundry • Alterations Repair • Bachelor Service 507A - 7th Ave., Invermere • 250-342-6610

The management and staff of Skandia Concrete & Kootenay Paving would like to wish the class of 2010 all the best in their future endeavours.



Showroom: #5 492 Arrow Road, Invermere, BC Phone: (250) 342-3577 • Fax: 250-342-3395

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Sandi and Joanne would like to congratulate all the DTSS graduates of 2010. All the best.

Located on Main Street in Invermere


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Have a Fun and SaFe Grad!

250 342 2999

Congratulations to all the 2010 Graduates of David Thompson Secondary School. Windermere, BC

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DTSS ~ Class of 2010 • 9

June 18, 2010

König, Maximilian

Lalitha, Nadli

Lee, Charles

Leibel, Taylor

Lightfoot, Baya

Matheson, Christopher

Mathieu, Erika

McCarthy, Tyson

McCorry, Danika

McIndoe-Roy, Brianna

Congratulations to the class of 2010!


Invermere Bottle Depot & Recycle Centre

Skookum Inn


Industrial Rd. #2, 2.5” Invermere • 250-342-7272 x 3.6”



Congr atulations 2010 Gr aduates!

Ryan Smutko and CouRtney metheRal

Invermere, BC V0A 1KO Ph: 250-342-8604 Fax: 250-342-0492 Toll Free: 1-800-342-8604

On behalf of the Board and staff at Columbia Basin Trust, we wish the graduates of 2010 every success in your future endeavours. CBT would also like to congratulate the recipients of CBT’s Youth Community Service Award. Recipients will receive $2,000 toward their first year of post-secondary education or training for exemplary volunteer service in their community. To learn more about CBT, visit w w


Congratulation Grads! Congratulations 2010 Grads! Invermere Industrial Park



Located across from the Liquor Store in Invermere



Invest in the Future!

2010 Grads!

Congratulations 2010 Grads! 7 Ave., Invermere - (250) 342-9237

Now continue in what you have learned. Box 2952, Invermere BC Phone: (250) 341-1164 Phone: (250) 688-0946

Congratulations to the class of ‘10. Your future is blooming ahead of you. [p] 250.342.7559 [f] 250.342.7558 [e]

Congratulations to all the Grads of 2010! From everyone at

The Melting Pot in Radium


10 • DTSS ~ Class of 2010

June 18, 2010

McNeil, Gavin

Minhas, Tonie

Myers, Brody

Norcross, Jamie

Ostere, Mia

Parkerova, Romana

Prentice, Shane

Prichard, Kaleen

Rasmussen, Kai

Regitnig, Sophia

Rice, Braydi

Richardson, Jackie

Ross, Emma

Roy, Tony

Ruault, Kaylee

Brandon Davidson, Isaiah Fast, Dean Matheson, Amanda Roberts and Tiara Roberts also graduate this year, but they did not provide photos.

Congratulations Grads! May your future bloom.

Congratulations Class of 2010 INDERMERE WV ALLEY Tee Times (250) 342-3004

Hats off to the Grads of David Thompson Secondary School Read us online at:

Golf Course

Hwy 93/95 Windermere (250) 342-3236


E-mail: Phone: (250) 341-6299

DTSS ~ Class of 2010 • 11

June 18, 2010

Sage, Kirsten

Salvidge, Rebecca

Smedstad, Jake

Smith, Amanda

Smutko, Ryan

Tardif, Tisha

Thomson, Stephen

Tourond, Kali

Turnbull, Leland

Wagner, Ryan

Wassing, Mackenzie

Waters, John

White, Braeden

Wilker, Blaine

Williams, Brenden

Wilson, Kortnie

Woods, Caitlin

Wright, Daniel

Yanemoto, Tomoki

Zwiers, Kara

12 • DTSS ~ Class of 2010

June 18, 2010

Remember when they started school? Twelve years ago, the graduates of 2010 packed their school bags for the first time and went off to elementary school. Here are those eager faces in their first class photos.

Windermere Elementary School

Martin Morigeau Elementary School

Back row, from left: Crystal Coppock, Jessica Santini, Darnell Hopkins, Ted Stringer, Elizabeth Nicholas, Eli Puskaric, Brody Myers, Cody Lang, Kayla Luyendyk and Marika Veysey. Front row (from left): Courtney Metheral, Tyson McCarthy, Kayja Becker, Sarah Downey, Pierre Jimmy, Alex Ross, Michael Lucas, Michelle Jensen, Theresa Cains, Caitlin Woods and Ryan Hall.

Back row, from left: Harlow Agnew, Jackie Richardson, Tony Roy, Tierra Rodgers, Scott Neitzel and Brett Grieve. Front row, from left: Rhemi Swartz, Kayla Chadney, Tristen Hoesing, Shelby Hewitt, Isaiah Fast, Michael Franklin, Sawyer Danyluk and Jesse White.

Eileen Madson Primary School

Edgewater Elementary School

Back row, from left: John Waters, Gavin McNeil, Tanner Marshall, Danika McCorry, Tyler Faveron, Caitlin McDermid and Sophia Regitnig. Middle row, from left: Kevin Lyall, Drew Shandrowsky, Jessica Godlien, Taylor Leibel, Brieann Evans, Shasta Coombes and Ravin Whycott. Front row: Jamie Skipworth, Shynai Borho, Steven Phillips, Mackenzie Wassing, Cheyann Zahara, Winston Ott and Ryan Wagner.

Back row, from left: Ian Baines, Matthew Hardy, Brook Hendry, Leland Turnbull, Chris Hall, Kara Zwiers, Jordan Dendy and Chandelle Henzig. Bottom row, from left: Tiara Roberts, Trina Mousseau, Levi Green, Brittany Durning, Emma Holm, Damian Bengessener, Cherish Belcher and Tony Daugherty.

Grade 1-2, 1998-1999

Grade 1A, 1998-1999

Grade 1, 1998-1999

Grade 1, 1998-1999

vol7issue25 - Grad  

Good times. Great memories. Close friends. The Grade 12 students of David Thompson Secondary School are about to set out on their next big a...

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