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June 11, 2010

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whitetail DIG nixed


3 Mcintyre joins hcp

17 abattoir action

Dorothy Wardwell of Harrogate entertains the throngs of chili eaters at the 13th Annual Spilli Chilli Cook-off on Saturday, June 5th. Terri Ritchie and Ellen McKerr of Invermere won first place for their “Momma Scumbaggi’s Italian Chili”. More than 700 people attended.


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2 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 11, 2010

Valley NEWS

Free fly-tying and fly-fishing lesson at the Invermere Public Library

Class funds trip to Quebec

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TRÈS BIEN – Members of the Intensive French class at Windermere Elementary School pose with hanging baskets donated by Winderberry Nursery. Selling the baskets was one of the ways the hard-working students raised money for a week-long exchange trip to Quebec. Photo by Dave Sutherland By Kate Irwin Pioneer Staff

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A class of students from Windermere Elementary School will spend next week immersing themselves in the French language in Quebec. The 25 students, all in grade seven, helped raise thousands of dollars to pay for the trip by selling hanging baskets, Sobeys cards and recycling cans and bottles. They, along with parents and staff at the school, have been working to fund-raise for the past year. “In March 2009 the parent group decided we would love to take the kids to Quebec,” said Rene Gaspar, treasurer of the French Fund-raising Program. “We wanted to give them an educational, fun tour to encourage them to learn and be proud of their second language.” The Grade 7 class were the first to start an Intensive French program at the school two years ago. Rather than spending their usual one class per day speaking the language, students speak, read and write in French throughout the school day.

“The Intensive French class lasts from September to February in Grade 6,” Ms. Gaspar said. “They talk, read and write and do everything while speaking French; they only use English for math class.” The Grade 7 students were the first class at the school to study French in this way. Students are normally offered an hour of French per day, but in 2008 the school decided to enhance their learning with the new program. While in the province the students and their nine chaperones will spend two days visiting Montreal and the remaining time in Quebec City. The trip is with tour company EF Educational Tours, who organize worldwide tours for schools and colleges looking to enhance their language programs with field trips. The students and their chaperones leave for Quebec on Sunday, June 13th. “There are far too many people to personally thank for all their help raising the money,” Ms. Gaspar said. “The Sobeys cards were a huge help and every single person that dropped off bottles. I can’t thank the community enough for their support.”

June 11, 2010

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 3

Valley NEWS

Back-country development denied By Sally MacDonald Pioneer Staff A proposal to build a 46-lot subdivision on Whitetail Lake, west of Canal Flats, has been cut down by the Regional District of East Kootenay. The Whitetail Lake Land Corporation requested rezoning on portions of its 3,789 property to allow for subdivision and development. Twenty-five lots beside the lake would have been retained for the owners’ use, while 21 lots set back from the lake would have been sold. But the regional district board of directors vetoed the plan last week, saying that at 25 kilometres from Canal Flats, the property was simply too far into the back country. “It is an isolated, independent residential development far removed from a service centre,” Director Gerry Taft said. The planning committee heard passionate pleas

on behalf of the development by property owners Brian and Barry Benson, and against the development by neighbours Bill and Brent DuBois. “There are far more negatives to this development than positives,” Bill DuBois said. “In fact, I can only think of 46 positives, and those are the 46 families who would get to live on the lake.” The board voted on Friday to turn down the rezoning request, with only Director Wendy Booth in favour of giving it first reading. “I am not saying that I am behind it 100 percent, but I do think the public deserves to have input,” she unsuccessfully argued. With their plans quashed, the owners of the Whitetail Lake property will explore development options under the existing agricultural zoning. “We have a multitude of development opportunities available to us under the existing zoning,” Brian Benson said. “As a result of the regional district’s decision, they have forced us into a ‘business model frame-

work’ and we will now be doing what is in the best interest of our corporation. “Any public dissastifaction with any future development on our property should be directed specifically towards the regional district,” Mr. Benson said. But Director Gerry Taft is not threatened. “One could argue that they have always been operating in what is the best interest of the company and the owners of the company,” he said. “They bought the land knowing the zoning and the limitations on development (and likely paid a price for the land that was based on this).” One important aspect of the development plan can go on regardless: when they bought the property in 2006, the owners agreed to donate 150 acres to expand Blue Lake Camp, a summer retreat for children aged seven to 14. “We will continue to work with the Blue Lake Forest Education Society and Tembec to expand their existing boundaries,” Mr. Benson said.

Regional district vetoes Windermere elk fence By Sally MacDonald Pioneer Staff The regional district has refused to allow Elkhorn Ranch in Windermere to build an eight-foothigh fence around its property. Owner Hans Leverkus made a presentation to the planning committee on Thursday, June 3rd, explaining why he built a 6.5-kilometre fence around his property on Windermere Loop Road. According to Mr. Leverkus, around 300 elk regularly graze on his property. “With these numbers of elk, it is impossible to grow any crops,” he said. “They are not our elk. They belong to the public, so they should be on

Crown land.” After building the fence, Mr. Leverkus explained, he realized that 875 metres of it was located on part of his property where zoning limits fencing heights to 6.5 feet. He asked the regional district to allow a fence of eight feet high because at 6.5 feet, elk can jump it. However, the regional district board objected to the location of the fence around the perimeter of the property. “Why didn’t you just fence off the hay field?” asked Director Gerry Wilkie. “That would have allowed the elk to move around.” Director Wendy Booth pointed out that the regional district can’t dictate where the property owner builds the fence.

“I do believe the right thing for the landowner to do is move the fence just around the agriculturally zoned land. However, we are not able to enforce that,” she said. Director Gerry Taft moved that the higher fence be allowed because of the danger that a 6.5-foot-high fence would pose to elk and deer. “Elk would be stuck inside, and deer would be caught up in it,” he said. Instead, the board voted that the fence be reduced to 6.5 feet high. “My hope is that if the permit is refused, the property owner will work with the Ministry of Environment to come up with different solutions to fencing,” Director Booth said.

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June 11, 2010

RCMP Report Submitted by Staff Sgt. Marko Shehovac Columbia Valley RCMP • On June 4th at 9:30 a.m., Columbia Valley Detachment executed a search warrant under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act at a residence in the 4800 block of Edelweiss Street in Radium. A 21-yearold male from Radium was arrested at the scene. A sufficient quantity of cocaine and cash was seized. The male has been charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking. Further charges are being explored in regards to a second person at the residence. The male has a court date of September 27th. Columbia Valley Detachment was assisted by the Cranbrook police dog and handler. • On June 4th, the detachment received a report of damage to solar panels at the Fairmont airport. • On June 4th at 11:50 p.m., a 50-year-old male from Alberta was issued a 24-hour suspension and his vehicle was towed after being checked in the Canal Flats area displaying signs of having consumed liquor. • On June 5th at 12:45 a.m., as a result of a vehicle check on Highway 93/95 south of Windermere, a 37-year-old male from Radium was issued a 24-hour suspension. His vehicle was towed and he received a ticket for driving without consideration under the Motor Vehicle Act. • On June 5th at 3 a.m., Columbia Valley Detachment members were responding to a disturbance in downtown Invermere near the bars when they were confronted by an intoxicated female who was advised to head home. The female continued to remain in the area. The 37-year-old female from Invermere was requested on numerous occasions to depart the area and go home. The female refused to depart the area and was arrested and lodged in cells. She was released in the morning with a ticket under the Liquor Licencing Act for being drunk in public. (This sounds familiar. It appears the younger members are learning from the old guy. Fair warning and if all else fails, it’s lodging for the night.) • The detachment members investigating the recent train/pedestrian fatality would like to thank the two very young witnesses who unfortunately witnessed the event for providing the police with valuable information that greatly assisted our investigation. Parents messing with hockey As stated before, I am always teaching kids, whether working or off duty, so here is another hockey lesson. This has to do with fighting in hockey. I overheard a parent talking to a group of kids, saying, “We don’t fight; fighting has no place in hockey.” Kids know me well, so I called them over. I took

them aside and told them they need to know the facts. I told one kid to keep an eye out for parents. I informed the kids that there is a time and place to drop the gloves in hockey and you have to know the time and place. I agree fighting for the sake of fighting is useless. I asked, “Who is the best player on the team here?” They all put up their hands. Good, ego is big in hockey and they are all going to the show. So I asked what happens when some guy on the other team knows you’re the best player and they go out to hurt you so they can win? You have to have a guy on the team that is willing to drop the gloves to send a message to the other team – that is what has to happen. You have to have at least one enforcer. I prefer two. “Parent!” one of the kids yelled out. “So, yes, kids, the bible says it’s best to turn the other cheek, and that’s what you should do.” A parent walks up wondering if there was a problem. I explained it was nothing, we were just talking. Parent walks away. So I carry on. “The reason you want to turn the other cheek is to ensure no one is coming on your blind side, okay? And if you do drop the gloves, do it face-to-face, and when it’s over, pat the other guy and skate away. “Also, moms don’t want you to fight because you came into this world unmarked – that’s moms. “Dads, on the other hand, eventually want to see how you handle yourself and although they back up Mom when Mom is around, really they got to know. I can guarantee you that during your climb up the ladder in hockey, Dad is going to take you aside . . .” “Parent!” “So, Brian, doing good in school? What grade this year? Grade 3 – pretty tough year from what I recall.” “Clear!” “Dad is going to show you a few moves, switching up hands, use the jersey to your advantage, poke with the hand holding the jersey, freeing up your hand, throw the guy off balance. Bottom line, if Mom finds out Dad is giving you some hints, he’s in the dog house.” One kid pipes up, “Our dog is pretty big and there’s only room for Charlie, so Dad can’t be in the dog house.” I explain to the kid that probably right now, girls are not a priority, but that will change. You will date and eventually meet the love of your life, marry her and eventually learn that there is no dog house small enough that she can’t fit you in it. A lesson for another time. So, two things to remember, I tell the group. There is a need for an enforcer and a time and a place to drop them and the second thing to remember is, we never had this conversation.

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 5

June 11, 2010

Proposed parcel tax for Wilmer services By Kate Irwin Pioneer Staff Wilmer property owners will be asked to consider a new parcel tax to help cover operational costs for Wilmer’s Community Hall and adjacent Conrad Kain Centennial Park. According to Regional District of East Kootenay Community Services Manager Shannon Moskal, the Wilmer Community Club approached the regional district in January with a petition for services. The non-profit organization wants the regional district to introduce a small, flat-rate tax to be used for insurance, maintenance and operating costs of the park and playground, hall and community club. “We don’t want to walk around asking for money at people’s doors,” said Sharon Wass, a Wilmer Community Club member and former club secretary. “Insurance is expensive and we need to maintain the hall to stop it from decaying into a state where it just isn’t usable.” The next step for the regional district is to review the costs of running the facilities. They will then work with the community club to establish the area benefitting from the services. “There would be a public information meeting at that stage,” Ms. Moskal said. “We would present the proposal to the public and after that a petition is held for property owners in the service area.” The proposal is currently in the very early planning stage. Should the new tax be introduced it is likely to cost Wilmer residents between $40 and $45 per parcel each year, Ms. Wass explained. “We’ve kept it to the bare bones,” she added. “The money we are asking for is the basic expense of running each of the places.” Once a service area has been established, those liv-

ing within it are sent information packs. If they agree to pay, they sign the paper and return it to the regional district. To bring the new tax in, 50 percent of Wilmer property owners in the service area — representing at least 50 percent of Wilmer land in that area — must agree to the tax. “It is too early to have a time line for this,” Ms. Moskal said. “The petition will, most likely, be this year — early fall would be my guess, but that is just a guess.” For one-off projects and events, the regional district can give assistance through grants. However, ongoing costs are not covered by the regional district’s discretionary fund. Wilmer residents and the community club have been leading fund-raising efforts in recent years to help revitalize the village. Already in place is new playground equipment and the recently-opened Conrad Kain Centennial Park, featuring a monument to the pioneering mountaineer. “Locals really started to get inspired by the Conrad Kain centennial,” Ms. Wass said. “Once we opened the park and installed new playground equipment, it was clear the community hall needed work as well.” After it was discovered to be structurally sound, the decision was made to renovate the current hall, rather than build a new one. “A lot of young families are starting to move back into Wilmer now,” Ms. Wass said. “It is important for the community to have these places to come to and socialize.” On June 12th and 13th, Wilmer is holding a park and skating rink clean up. Volunteers are meeting at 9 a.m. at the community hall. For information, call 250-341-7148.


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6 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 11, 2010


Historical Lens

This Aboriginal Day could be best ever By Brian Geis Pioneer Editor

This year’s National Aboriginal Day could be the best ever. Whether you are a history buff, shutterbug, food lover or just want to have a good time, there is something for everyone. On June 21st, Canadians from all walks of life are invited to participate in the many National Aboriginal Day events that will be taking place from coast to coast to coast. June 21st kick-starts the 11 days of Celebrate Canada!, which includes National Aboriginal Day (June 21st), Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day (June 24th), Canadian Multiculturalism Day (June 27th) and concludes with Canada Day (July 1st)! On June 19th, the Saturday of National Aboriginal Day weekend, be sure to attend the Akisqnuk First Nation’s National Aboriginal Day Festival at Lakeshore Resort and Campground. Special guest speakers will include Ms. Sophie Pierre, British Columbia Treaty Commission, Strater Crowfoot, Indian and Northern Affairs, and Lillian Rose, Akisqnuknik Development Corporation. Your weekend would not be complete without a stop at the Windermere Valley Museum. This year’s theme is ‘Beads, Baskets and Buckskin’, the creative works of our First Nations people. Most of the display items are from the museum’s own collection. On an unrelated topic, I would be remiss if I neglected to mention, on Wednesday, June 16th, the Invermere Public Library is offering a free lesson on fly-tying and fly-casting! Don’t miss it!

A trip to Fairmont Hot Springs In this image, estimated from 1916, a First Nations family stops in front of Sam Brewer’s roadhouse in Fairmont Hot Springs. If you have any more information, e-mail us at Photo (C159) courtesy of the Windermere District Historical Society

In memory of Dr. Rose: he was always there for us Dear Editor: In 1990, I moved from New Brunswick to Cranbrook with my two sons, aged 10 and 14. It was a difficult transition for us, but one of the first and best things I did was find a family doctor. That doctor was Johnson Rose. As a single mom with no family in the immediate area, I relied on Dr. Rose at critical times in our lives and he was always there for us, caring,

understanding and a wonderful support. It was a sad day for us when he moved from Cranbrook, and enormously sadder to learn of his death. Along with so many other families, we mourn his passing. Barbara O’Neil and David and Michael Peabody Cranbrook

The Columbia Valley


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The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 7

June 11, 2010

LETTERS Quick action saved visitor from aneurysm Dear Editor: We are visitors to your valley three to four times a year. At the end of April this year, while staying in Fairmont, Jim became very ill. We had just eaten supper and thought it was food poisoning. We went back to the condo where he gradually got worse. About 10 p.m., we went to the Invermere and District Hospital. Jim was treated for food poisoning overnight. His wife, Betty, was made comfortable in the hospital lounge. Since Jim was not feeling better by morning, Dr. Louw decided to do an ultrasound. Within seconds, he found the problem: an aneurysm. It was already seeping, so the prognosis wasn’t good. Jim had only three to five days if treatment wasn’t re-

ceived soon. The doctor and nurses prepared Jim for surgery. A medical plane was called up from Cranbrook, in a half-hour. A quick flight brought him to Peter Lougheed Hospital in Calgary. Betty and friends rushed back to Fairmont to pack up and head to Calgary. The girls at Mountainside helped pack things back in the car and, in other ways, made it easier for us. Jim had his operation (seven stints) and is recuperating at home after four days in the hospital in Calgary. Our hats go off to the people in your valley for being prompt, efficient and caring. May there be peace in your valley forever.

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Jim and Betty Stumpf, Olds, Alberta

C.D. Ellis remembered Dear Editor: Thank you for continuing to run your Historical Lens series. The photo in the May 28th edition was interesting to me as I knew both of the men in the picture, especially Charles D. Ellis. According to his obituary, he had come to Windermere around 1903 to work as a hotel clerk for James Stoddart, the uncle of Walter Stoddart, who was to be his ranching partner. Before that, he’d been a timekeeper of a construction crew on the Horsethief Road, and also had worked at the Ptarmigan Mine. After his Ellenvale Ranch was sold, he travelled extensively and then settled in Windermere, first at the hotel and

later he purchased a block of land with two historical log houses on it. These are both still standing and the larger one has been completely renovated by Peter and Cathy Evans who make it their home. Charlie Ellis was known for the mosaic creations he made from concrete, broken glass and pottery. He made his own grave marker and many others in the Windermere Cemetery. My thanks to Bernice Hathaway, a daughter of the late Walter Stoddart, for information about her father’s partner of so many years ago.

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June 11, 2010


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Reader offers choices besides killing deer Dear Editor: In a recent issue of The Pioneer, Mayor Taft expressed encouragement for alternatives to slaughtering the deer population in Invermere. I have two suggestions for him, the first being to lose that hillbilly attitude that if it moves, “blast it.” The second is to relocate the animals back into the wilderness. I realize this could become expensive but it is a win-win solution. The animals are saved from dying and the community’ deer problem is managed.

Mayor Taft has the perfect public platform to initiate a fund-raiser to help with the cost of dealing with this dilemma. Surely the expense of relocating live animals must be comparible to the cost of killing the deer and then having to dispose of their dead bodies. Mayor Taft has an opportunity to provide other small communities with a positive solution to this problem – at least a more humane manner in which to deal with this issue. Rose Watson Windermere

Grade 3 student Kaitlyn of Invermere weighs in on the deer issue

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June 11, 2010

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 9

10 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 11, 2010

Columbia Headwaters Community Forest: Part 1 of 6, defining a community forest Submitted by Rick Hoar Chairman Columbia Headwaters Community Forest Initiative A broad definition can be any forestry operation managed by a local group, be it local government, First Nation or a community based group incorporated for that purpose. To many of us, the meaning of a forestry operation is large corporations harvesting large volumes of timber whose head offices are far from our area. However, in B.C. the core principle of community forests is about local control and local decisions to embrace the enjoyment and benefits of the communities adjacent to this natural capital. These benefits are both monetary and non-monetary. A common management principal that flows within a community forest is that of “integral forestry”. This is determining the limits to human uses, be it how much water we can take from a stream or how we remove trees but maintain the integrity of a mixed stand.

This is done by applying management strategies that will maintain a long-term, fully functioning ecosystem. Humans are considered part of the ecosystem. There are three pillars of sustainable development for a community forest: social, ecological and economic sustainability. Socially, their application in a community forest promotes community participation by encouraging and strengthening communication between local communities. The ecological imperative comes with discussion, research and development of a management plan that will maintain a long-term stewardship over the area and, finally, the economical imperative seeks to promote and advance innovation through cost-effective diversification. The provincial government has, as well, given definition to this tenure by creating objectives for all community forest agreements. They are to: • provide a long-term opportunity for achieving a range of community objectives, values and priorities; • diversify the use of and benefits derived from

the community forest agreement area; • provide social and economic benefits to British Columbia; • undertake a community forestry consistent with sound principles of environmental stewardship that reflect a broad spectrum of values; • promote community involvement and participation; • promote communication and strengthen relationships between aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities and persons; • foster innovation; and • advocate forest worker safety. Our next article will take a look at how existing agreements are defining their forest. Check us out at www.columbiaheadwatersforest. com. (Editor’s note: This is the first installment of a sixpart series explaining the Columbia Headwaters Community Forest initiative.)

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What’s Happening in the Columbia Valley

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Recognition and reconciliation





Out & About Akisqnuknik Development Corporation invites everyone to attend their National Aboriginal Day Festival at Lakeshore Resort and Campground on June 19th at 1 p.m. In addition to arts and crafts, aboriginal cuisine, aboriginal business displays and live entertainment, view a rare showing of photos of aboriginal subjects by Isabelle Ede and A.E. Fisher, including this image by A.E. Fisher of Ktunaxa women sitting on horses on Bruce Street (now Seventh Avenue) in Invermere. See Page 24 for more.

REACH: Art Show Art Students from David Thompson Secondary School ART SHOW from June 1 - 13th at Pynelogs Art Gallery.

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Your Weekly Guide to What’s Happening Around the Columbia Valley Page 13

12 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 11, 2010

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Movie Review: Shutter Island By Dave Sutherland Pioneer Staff Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island is a hard-boiled noir nightmare. It is based on a book by Dennis Lehane, whose previous works include Mystic River and Gone, Baby, Gone. The action takes place in 1954 and concerns the efforts of lawman Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his partner Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo) in tracking down a missing patient on Shutter Island, a sprawling, fog-bound mental institution for the criminally insane, off the coast of Massachusetts. Daniels is wracked with sea-sickness when he arrives at the unique maze-like facility, which is soon buffeted by a terrific storm. The island’s doctors and

staff aren’t particularly cooperative in the investigation, his efforts are stymied at every turn, and he’s not sure if he can trust his new partner. Soon, he isn’t sure what is real, and what isn’t. Scorsese knows how to handle a story that carves a path through strange territory. The movie is beautifully shot, and the crisp editing takes advantage of the story’s twists and turns. Scorsese throws in some obvious homages to Alfred Hitchcock – from the opening strains of the doom-laden score, that could have been written by Bernard Herrman, to an overhead shot of water, gushing suddenly from a shower-head. The supporting roles are filled by some pretty impressive actors. Sir Ben Kingsley, full of brusque efficiency, plays Dr. Cawley; Max von Sydow, a serious actor who has occupied a special niche as a horror-

movie icon since appearing in The Exorcist, plays the ominous Dr. Naehring. Michelle Williams plays Daniels’ doomed wife, and both Emily Mortimer and Patricia Clarkson play Rachel, the missing mental patient. Jackie Earle Haley is good in a small, but crucial role as an inmate; pay attention to what he says. Shutter Island is filled with action, atmosphere, and unrelenting suspense, but it requires your attention. Just when you think you’ve figured it out, the story takes a sharp left turn. Watch it carefully, and you’ll reap the rewards of Laeta Kalogridis’ deft screenplay and Martin Scorsese’s masterful direction.


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Alice in Wonderland Wolfman The Road Invictus Valentine’s Day

New Releases June 8 1 Shutter Island 2 The 41 Year Old Virgin 3 Cry of the Owl 4 From Paris With Love 5 Homecoming

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The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 13

June 11, 2010

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Out & About Please call 250-341-6299 or e-mail us at to enter your event in our FREE listings.

• 2:30-4:30 p.m.: Lake Windermere Management Plan open house at Windermere Community Hall. For info: 1-888-478-7335. • 7-9 p.m.: Lake Windermere Management Plan open house at Best Western Invermere Inn. For info: 1-888-478-7335.

Tuesday, June 15th: Toby Theatre • May 30th-June 21st: Closed

Friday, June 11th: • 5:30 p.m.: Crop Night at Scrappy-Do’s. For info: 250-342-7238. • 8 p.m.-10 p.m.: Mainstream Square Dance at Radium Community Hall. The callers are Barry Sjolin from Penticton and Gary Winter from Edmonton. For info: 250-347-6573.

Saturday, June 12th: • 8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.: Sonshine Children’s Centre Yard/Bake Sale. All proceeds for toys and equipment. • 9 a.m.-11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.-10 p.m.: Mainstream Square Dance at Radium Community Hall. For info: 250-347-6573. • 10 a.m.-2 p.m.: Brits Best Car Show at Radium Ball Park in Radium Hot Springs. • 11 a.m.-4 p.m.: Everyone welcome for free bratwurst on a bun, lots of giveaways, door prizes and draws at Kool Country Auto, Invermere Industrial Park. • 11 a.m.-9 p.m.: Glass blowers Gordon Webster and Julie Gibb invite you to the grand opening celebration of Sandpiper Studio. For info: 250-3427196 or • 7 p.mº.-7 a.m.: Columbia Valley Relay for Life at David Thompson Secondary School. Survivors’ reception at 5 p.m. at the survivors’ tent. Register at • June 12th-13th: Wilmer Work Bee to renovate the park and skating rink. Meet at the Community Hall at 9 a.m. Bring rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows. Food and beverages available. For info: 250-341-7148.

Sunday, June 13th: • 6 p.m.: Winemaker’s Dinner at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. Wines from Hillside Estate Winery, Penticton, and five-course meal prepared by resort chef Rusty Cox. For info: 250-345-6070.

Monday, June 14th: • 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m.: Roaring Women meet for a business luncheon at the Best Western Invermere Inn. For info: 250-347-9199.

• 7-8 p.m.: Columbia River Greenways Alliance Annual General Meeting at the Lions Hall. For info, e-mail • 7-9 p.m.: Steamboat Mountain Quilters meet at Edgewater Community Hall.

Wednesday, June 16th: • 6 p.m.-8 p.m.: Learn about fly-fishing at the Invermere Public Library. For info: www.invermere. • 6 p.m.: Start of Columbia Valley Life Sports summer running clinic to prepare for Loop the Lake and other summer races. For info: 250-342-8737. • 7 p.m.: Fall Fair meeting for volunteers at Windermere Community Hall. If you are interested in volunteering, please come to this meeting. • 7:30 p.m.: David Thompson Secondary School Junior Band Concert in the school gym.

Thursday, June 17th: • 7:30 p.m.: David Thompson Secondary School Senior Band Concert in the school gym. • 7:30 p.m.: Shine Thru Volleyball Beach Party at Rocky River Grill. Tickets $10. For info: shine.

Friday, June 18th: • 6:30 p.m.: Pig Roast for Veterans Week at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #71, Invermere. Seating is limited to 100. Dinner tickets available at the bar during normal hours of operation. For info: 250-688-0640.

Saturday, June 19th: • 8 a.m.-1 p.m.: Invermere Companion Animal Network Society’s 3rd Annual Garage Sale at 3982 Houlgrave Road on the Toby Benches to aid the companion animal society. For info or to donate items: 250-342-9479. • 9 a.m.: Columbia Valley Life Sports free Saturday morning run group. For info: 250-342-8737. • 11 a.m.-3 p.m.: Barbecue at Home Hardware. Proceeds go to the Kootenay Brain Injury Association. For info: 250-344-5674. • 1 p.m.: National Aboriginal Day celebration at Lakeshore Resort and Campground.

• 1 p.m.: Radium Days in Radium Hot Springs. Parade, kids’ activities, adult activities, live music, open market and food. For info: 250-347-9331. • Columbia Valley Cycling Society’s Brian Johnson Poker Rally Memorial. For info: www. • Fairmont and District Lions Club sponsors the Coy’s Fun Day of Golf. Tickets available at Coy’s Par 3 golf course. For info: 250-345-6675.

Monday, June 21st: • 7 p.m.: Windermere District Social Service Society’s Annual General Meeting at Choices Building, Lower Level, 1210 9th Avenue. For info: 250-342-3699.

Tuesday, June 22nd: • 7 p.m.: Columbia Valley Community Foundation Annual General Meeting at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. For info:

Thursday, June 24th: • Ross Neilsen and the Sufferin’ Bastards perform at Bud’s Bar and Lounge. For info: 250-342-2965.

Saturday, June 26th: • 9 a.m.: Registration for fall high school Bighorns and bantam football at the Bighorns field. Family flag football, barbecue. For info: 250-342-8852.

Sunday, June 27th: • 1-4 p.m.: Invermere Fire Rescue invites the public to an open house at the fire hall, an opportunity to see the new rescue vehicle as well as have a tour of the hall. For info: 250-342-3200.

Thursday, July 1st: • 11 a.m.: Canada Day parade through downtown Invermere. • 12 noon-3 p.m.: Mountain Mosaic Festival at Kinsmen Beach and Pynelogs Cultural Centre. Live music, arts and entertainment, children’s activities, food vendors and more. • The annual Fairmont Fantastic 3 Triathlon. Add to your Canada Day celebrations with this exhilarating short-distance wilderness triathlon. For info: www.

Saturday, July 3rd: • 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m.: The first Open Market at Edgewater Legion. Crafts, baked goods, vegetables, canned goods and more. Market held every Saturday until September 3rd. For info or to book a table: 250-347-9550.

14 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 11, 2010

Give your used books a new home Submitted by Lynda Tutty Friends of Invermere Library Spring clean your bookshelves, sort through the stacks and bring the boxes up from the basement. It’s time to recycle your good used books. The Big Book Sale, staged by Friends of the Invermere Public Library, is the perfect way to give your books a new home. The third annual Big Book Sale on Saturday, July 24th raises funds to support the Invermere Public Library. In the past two years the $15,000 raised has allowed the library to renovate the children’s area, improve the book collections, and offer special programs for children and seniors. Friends of the Library are pleased to accept donations of books at the public

library from now until Wednesday, July 21st. Fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, cookbooks, biographies and coffee table books are all perfect for the Big Book Sale. Please do not bring damaged books, textbooks, National Geographic or computer manuals. Donations of used books help the library, help the environment and encourage reading. The Friends of Invermere Public Library are grateful for the support the community has shown for the Big Book Sale. We look forward to receiving your books and seeing you all at the sale on Saturday, July 24th, 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., at the Invermere Community Hall.

BOOKWORM — An eager young reader at the 2009 Big Book Sale couldn’t wait to get into a good book. Shop for your special books at the 2010 Big Book Sale on July 24th at the Invermere Community Hall.

Martini Monday’s Ladies Golf Clinic $79.00 which includes: 4 consecutive weeks of instruction - 1 hour classes 4 Martini’s

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The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 15

June 11, 2010

Minister moves to Edmonton By Trevor Bacque Pioneer Staff Reverend Sandy Ferguson will be packing his bags and moving to Edmonton, Alberta, to join a new church after his term in Invermere ends on June 27th. Originally from Dunbarton, Scotland, he was educated in classic literature at Stirling University before moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1991. He married his girlfriend Jennifer in December 1992 and they began migrating west. An atheist in his younger days, Rev. Ferguson had read Dante’s Inferno and disliked the idea that people went to hell. Years later, he entered the church with his questioning attitude. Gradually, he warmed up to United Church theology and in 2003 graduated from the Atlantic School of Theology in Halifax. The Fergusons came to the valley in 2005 after Sandy served at a church in Fort Nelson for two years. Representing the Windermere Valley Shared Ministry – Anglican/United, Rev. Ferguson splits his time between three churches: Christ Church Trinity in Invermere, All Saints in Edgewater, and St. Peter’s – The Stolen Church – in Windermere.

Now the couple and their two dogs, Duffy and Tucker, leave behind a half-decade of fun and adventure in the valley. “I’m looking forward to living in Edmonton,” the 42-year-old minister said. “I’m glad to be moving to where the centre of the action is.” As the leader of a shared ministry, Rev. Ferguson said his job has been a balancing act at times and admitted the two traditions have rubbed up against one another on occasion. The United Church of Canada supports same-sex marriage while the Anglican Church has not unanimously decided where they stand on the issue. Last year, Rev. Ferguson officiated a same-sex wedding at Christ Church Trinity. One of the biggest misconceptions people outside of the church have is that people inside can’t be concerned with matters other than faith, he said. “They don’t realize there are a whole generation of socially liberal Christians,” said Rev. Ferguson, who is an evolutionist, not supporting the theory of creationism. Rev. Ferguson will deliver his farewell sermon on June 27th at Christ Church Trinity, Invermere. No replacement for Mr. Ferguson has been named yet.


Are throwing a…

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Senior Concert Thursday, June 17th Concert Band, Stage Band Both concerts start at 7:30 p.m. in the DTSS Gym

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Madias Creek Estates Modular HoMe Park

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Thursday, June 17th 7:30 p.m. at the Rocky River Grill Tickets $10 Contact: or stop by Rocky River Grill

Appetizers Courtesy of Rocky River Grill

To encourage and teach participants how to improve their quality of life through walking, running and other life sports.

Summer Running Clinics Starts Wednesday June 16th Saturday Mornings - Free Group run A mix of local trail and road runs

Summer Pole Walking Clinic Starts Thursday July 8th Two Classes running Thursdays and/or Sunday mornings To prepare both runners and walkers for Loop the Lake 10km and Half Marathon and other summer races.

250-342-8737 •

16 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 11, 2010


Partnering for Literacy It was a great day of golf, music and delicious food at Radium Resort on Wednesday, June 2 for the 17th Annual Literacy Charity Golf Tournament. The day’s biggest winners were the literacy programs and services of the Windermere Valley and the Parent Advisory Councils at EMP and Laird schools as well as the CAPC program in Canal Flats. A very special thanks to the musicians John Cronin, Kurt Reichel, Bill Cropper, and Brian Rogers for providing such excellent entertainment, our MC Doug Clovechok, Prose Art for all the wonderful promotional materials, tournament photographer Darryl Crane with The Valley Echo, Nelson and Carter Phillips our Town Crier and “mini-me” Crier, the PAC and CAPC parent volunteers for their work collecting the great prize


Thank you also to Betty Knight for speaking about the wide array of literacy supports that CBAL provides throughout the Windermere Valley. Last, but definitely not least, a warm and special thank-you to Joe Evanoff and the staff of Radium Resort for hosting and supporting this tournament for the 17th year! The Literacy Charity Golf tournament could not happen without the generous support of the participants, supporters, volunteers, and the corporate and individual donors. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks the following sponsors and donors:


Radium Resort

Bighorn Meadows Fitz Flooring Odyssey Cleaning & Restoration

CORPORATE SPONSORS 2 Boyz Bins AG Valley Foods BC Hydro District of Invermere Essentials Department

donations, and to all of the other dedicated volunteers who helped to make the day so much fun.

Store Focus Corp Kluge Boyd Lawyers Lambert Kipp Pharmacy Mountain Metals Co. LTD

Palliser Printing Pete’s Marina Quasar Western Electric RONA North Star Hardware Rotary Club of Invermere

Schickedanz West/ Elk Park Ranch/ Borrego Ridge Sobey’s Windermere Valley Golf Course

DONORS 2 Boyz Bins A&W Restaurant Backdoor Wine Cellar Bank of Montreal Bavin Glassworks Black Forest Restaurant Bootleg Gap Brian Hoffos Wood Design Brisco General Store Canadian Rockies Hot Springs Canal Flats Family Pantry Canski Caraway Pottery Coca Cola College of the Rockies Columbia Cycle

Columbia Lake Lodge Columbia Valley Pioneer Columbia Valley Trading Copper Point Golf Course Coy’s Dutch Creek Ranch Crazy Soles Dave’s Book Bar Dave’s Hot Pepper Jelly DR Sports Eagle Ranch Golf Course Edgewater Hilltop Par 3 Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Family Resource Centre

Finishing Touch Landscapes Fire Valley Restaurant Fubuki Sushi Fusion Wellness Spa Glacier Soap Gone Hollywood Greywolf Golf Course Interior World Invermere Dental Clinic Invermere Family Chiropractic Invermere Public Library Invermere Wash and Lube Kool Country Auto Parts Towing & Rads Kootenay Coffee Works

Kootenay River Runners Leslie Cartwright Little Momma’s Café Lynn Birkett MacDonald Thomas Lawyers Majestic U-Brew & Wine Manulife Securities McKenzie Meadows Golf Course Monkey’s Uncle Odyssey Cleaning & Restoration Panorama Resort Pat O’Sullivan Inc. Pepsi Pharmasave Pilates Pursuits Prose Art/Logo Queen

Quality Bakery Ray’s Pizza Renaissance Wellness Centre Smoking Water Coffee Co. Spur Valley Golf Course Summit Footwear and Apparel Te Papa Nui Tim Horton’s Tony’s Greek Grill Valley Alley Valley Echo Valley Fitness Centre Valley Hairstyling Village of Canal Flats Wanda Belisle Wildside Gift Shop Winderberry Nursery



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GREEN FINGERS — Gardening expert Mark Cullen talks to crowds at Invermere Home Hardware about gardening in the Columbia Valley and garden trends for 2010 on Saturday, June 5th. Photo by Dave Sutherland



❋ Below Appraised Value ❋ • Land remains in 3 separate titles for future development. • Approximately 1800 square foot three bedroom house with large family room with stone fireplace and underground sprinkler system. Rental $1200 per month. • Approximately 1000 square foot suite upstairs. Rental $800 month. • Approximately 2000 square foot workshop & paint shop. Rental $700.00 month. • Approximately 2000 square feet of outside covered storage. • Rent the suite and shop to pay your mortgage or rent the house, live in the suite and use the shop.



The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 17

June 11, 2010

McIntyre joins High Country Properties By Pioneer Staff Paul McIntyre recently joined John Newton and the staff of High Country Properties to create the valley’s first comprehensive recreational property centre. There is one very important reason why Paul McIntyre has returned to the Columbia Valley after Paul McIntyre 10 years of living in resort communities across North America: the indisputable lifestyle advantages. Paul has learned from experience what many people already know; the Columbia Valley offers “much more” for “much less” than many other great resort communities that he has experienced, such as Whistler, Lake Tahoe, Mammoth and others. With more mountains, lakes, rivers, beaches, golf courses, ski areas and much more; there are fewer people, less congestion, lower real estate prices and greater opportunity. “Over the years I’ve been privileged to intro-

duce exceptional recreational communities in some of North America’s most beautiful and unique resort locales, but for many reasons my heart has always remained with Panorama,” Mr. McIntyre said. He lived at Panorama prior to leaving to help with the master planning and sales of other resort communities. “I’ve been a recreational property specialist for more than 20 years,” he said. “I know what makes great resort communities and look forward to helping people make the valley their primary or second home.” Paul is not the only valley resident who knows what it takes to make a recreational paradise successful. John Newton, owner of High Country Properties, has been working together with like-minded business people to increase the valley’s exposure for many years. He recognized the potential of the valley and Panorama more than 23 years ago when he started the first vacation rental business in the area. Since then, High Country Properties evolved into the largest vacation rental company in the area, while acting as a wholesaler and booking agency for other regional resorts. Paul and John have joined forces to create the valley’s first recreational property centre, providing comprehensive services for buyers, sellers, renters and strata corporations. Home owners can list property

while generating revenue through short term rentals. Renters can buy, buyers can rent; short term rental needs and long term rental requests can be met. High Country Properties offers management services for strata complexes or strata-managed neighbourhoods. The team’s primary goal is to help existing and prospective developers showcase their ideas right from the planning stages. John and Paul are poised to assist developers from initial design, approvals, sales and marketing, through to project completion. Their goal is to help ‘developments’ turn into ‘resorts’ as seamlessly as possible. John and Paul are excited about this new partnership and with the help of the High Country Properties team, expect big things to happen. John said that in order to keep opportunities alive for our children we must encourage business development; not hinder it in fear of competition or perceived irresponsible development. “We must recognize where opportunities exist and build on them,” he said. “We need to help each other by encouraging growth and development and by working together to simplify the process of keeping our economy alive for everyone to enjoy for ‘life’ — a place where our children can stay and have opportunities in place to raise their own children.”

NOW SELLING! Whole ownership from $304,500, Quarter ownership from $82,400, Eighth ownership from $45,500. Inclusive of all taxes. • Year

round attractions including access to premier golf courses, world renowned skiing and picturesque Lake Windermere. • Amenities including full service spa, indoor and outdoor pools, fitness facilities and restaurant and lounge.

Visit our Show Suite! From Radium, head south on Highway 95 / 93. Take your second left after the Tim Hortons onto Cooper Road. Open Saturday - Sunday 10 am to 6 pm. Open Monday - Thursday 10 am to 8 pm.

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18 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 11, 2010


What will happen to interest rates? With interest rates lingering at historically low levels in the past year, future rate hikes by the Bank of Canada have become a question of not if rates go up, but rather how fast and how high. A survey of the big five banks’ economic forecasts suggests that the overnight lending rate at the Bank of Canada will rise by about 2.75% over the next two years. Considering the Bank of Canada raised rates by 0.25% last week, this would take the prime lending rate from 2.5% to 5.25% over the next two years. While this may seem dramatic given the economic troubles, these same forecasts only predict five-year bond rates rising to 4.15% over the same two years. Here is a synopsis of what the banks are forecasting.

events on Canada’s economy have been limited.”

pause until Q2 of next year as growth falls short of the Bank’s forecast.”

TD – Prime 5.5% by Q4 2011 Scotia Bank – Prime 5.0% by Q4 2011 “The Bank of Canada commenced tightening of “The Bank of Canada became the first G7 cenmonetary policy with a 25 basis point hike, increasing the overnight target rate to 0.50%. The text of tral bank to raise interest rates on June 1st. Additional the announcement highlighted Canada’s strong per- increases are expected to push the overnight rate to formance, observing the robust first-quarter growth 1.25% by the end of 2010, and to 2.75% by the end next year.Incorporated Countries with stronger domestic and and resumption of employment growth. However, the ofSecurities Manulife = IDA growth profiles, higher inflation, relatively Bank stressed that household expenditures will Manulife neces- overall Securities Investment Services inc. =and MFDA sarily moderate to a pace more in-line with income stronger private and public sector balance sheets are Manulife Securities Insurance Inc. = INSURANCE growth, reducing the contribution from consumption likely to witness faster progress towards normalizing and residential construction in the coming quarters. monetary and fiscal policies. Among the developed The statement was also keenly attentive to the interna- nations, Canada and Australia will be at the top of the list.” tional setting and its downside risks.” French

Corporate Logos: Trade Name + Dealership Sub Logos Colour: PANTONE 349


RBC – Prime 5.0% by Q4 2011 CIBC – Prime 4.5% by Q4 2011 “While the global environment presents risks to “The Bank of Canada wants to raise rates, but it Canada’s economic outlook, the strength in the do3/16" Minimum size to be used on business cards mestic economy and a core inflation rate that is only doesn’t have a crystal ball. It can’t be certain that the marginally below the 2% target took precedence. Fur- recent financial market downturn isn’t going to morph thermore, the strength of the domestic economy sets into something more severe that would make a rate up the amount of monetary policy stimulus to be re- hike look out of place. Waiting until July is, therefore, duced further, although the statement did not provide still an option, but at this point the damage to equiclear guidance about the pace of interest rate increases ties and commodities isn’t severe enough, so the odds as policy makers watch international events play out. still lean in favour of a June hike, with further 25-bp So far, the bank assesses that the effect of external hikes at each meeting through October, followed by a 1/4" Minimum size to be used on the standard sized brochures


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Estate Planning Financial Planning Insurance Planning Retirement Planning

BMO – Prime 5.25% by Q4 2011 Presuming there’s no further significant spillover, we look for the Bank to continue raising rates, albeit with elevated caution (we’ve pencilled in one announcement date pause this year). Apart from European risks, caution is dictated by the uncertain economic consequences of fiscal consolidation, spending that was pulled forward to take advantage of favourable tax treatment, and the mix of record household indebtedness with rising interest rates.


TD Newcrest Credit Suisse First Boston First Energy Capital Corp. MFC Global Investment Management This material is not to be construed as an offer or solicitation. The securities mentioned may not necessarily be considered suitable investments for all clients. Contact your Investment Advisor to discuss your individual investment needs.

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Corporate Bonds Issuer GE Canada Shaw TD Capital Trust

Term Sept. 28, 2012 Nov. 20, 2013 Jun. 30, 2019

Yield* 2.58% 3.42% 5.32%

*Yield factors in the current share price, call date and set quarterly dividends. Rates are subject to change without notice. Can be sold prior to maturity.

Income Trusts Issuer A&W Income Fund Davis & Henderson AltaGas Income Fund

Yield* 7.50% 11.10% 12.00%

** Estimated NET yield as of June 7, 2010, based on minimum commissions. Subject to change without notice and subject to availability. Actual yield obtained may differ.

productson and pieces services are off ered through Manulife Securities Agency (a licensed life insurance 3/8" This size toInsurance be used where the width ofInsurance the piece exceeds 12”agency . and affiliate of Manulife Securities) by Manulife Securities Advisors licensed as life agents. The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company is the sole issuer of the Manulife GIF Select insurance contract which offers the IncomePlus benefit and the guarantor of any guarantee provision therein. Manulife Securities Incorporated is a member CIPF.

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The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 19

June 11, 2010

Manjak named chair By Sally MacDonald Pioneer Staff Scott Manjak, the mayor of Cranbrook, was voted chair of the Regional District of East Kootenay’s board of directors on Friday, June 4th. Chair Manjak was nominated against Area E Director Norm Walter, who was chair from December 2008 to December 2009. Nine directors voted for Manjak, while six voted for Walter. “I am honoured to be elected as

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Chair and am eager to work on this region’s behalf in this new capacity,” Chair Manjak said. Scott Manjak has been a director for the regional district since 2000, first as a councillor for Cranbrook, then as mayor after his November 2008 election. Previous Board Chair David Wilks stepped down last month after announcing his intention to run in the next federal election for the Conservative party.

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Lots starting at $129,000 Lake access lots with full recreational facilities! Underground utilities, walking trails, green spaces and no building time commitment. Call for details!

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20 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 11, 2010

Valley needs an abattoir, study finds By Kate Irwin Pioneer Staff Plans for a local abattoir serving the Columbia Valley “look promising,” according to John Zehnder of Windermere Farmers Institute. Mr. Zehnder recently completed a feasibility study examining supply John Zehnder and demand for beef in the valley. The study also looked at the cost to build and run the abattoir and associated cut and wrap and game processing facilities — added to the original plans to make the business economically viable. “It looks like there is a fair bit of potential for a facility,” Mr. Zehnder said. “As long as we don’t get carried away with building then it does look promising.” The Columbia Valley produces 44 percent more beef than is used locally, with just under 1,200 cattle consumed per year, the study showed. This means that cattle supply in the valley is high

enough to make use of such a facility.. “A lot of the animals that used to be produced here, like hogs, bison and poultry, have gone by the wayside,” Mr. Zehnder said. “There is a potential market for them and if there is the opportunity to produce locally it’s a lot more appealing.” The study also examined five potential sites for the abattoir, settling on the land behind the Farmers Institute-owned Town and Country Feed Store at the Invermere crossroads. The site was chosen for its central location and distance from residential properties. Local farmers and ranchers currently transport animals to an abattoir in Cranbrook. This is the closest government-approved butchery plant. The majority of locally produced livestock is sent to Alberta feedlots to finish animals before slaughter. “Having a facility here would be more convenient for farmers and less stressful for animals,” Mr. Zehnder said. “We will see a lot more local products and that is what consumers want.” He added that while the idea of a local abattoir may lack appeal, a similar facility in Cranbrook produces no odour and is virtually undetectable. The provincial government announced last week that it will spend $2 million on B.C.’s ranching indus-

try, and try to leverage $3 million in federal funding. Farmers and ranchers have faced difficulty in recent years due to the mad-cow disease scare of 2003. A number of cattle owners in the valley are leaving the business as it is no longer profitable, and many have second jobs, according to Mr. Zehnder. “The ranching industry has faced significant challenges in the last few years,” said B.C. Minister of Agriculture and Lands, Steve Thomson. “In the last year we have launched a Ranching Task Force to look at those difficulties and help develop market opportunities.” Ranching is an entirely sustainable method of food production, with 95 percent of B.C.’s grasslands grazed by cattle, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands. There are more than 5,000 ranches in the province, contributing $1.4 billion dollars to B.C.’s economy. “The next step is, we would need to do a business plan and try to source some funding,” Mr. Zehnder said. “Then we will complete plans and detailed specifications for the abattoir.” The facility has the potential to provide long-term employment for a small number of locals. The predicted cost of constructions is $250,000.

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June 11, 2010

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Public Information

914 – 8th Avenue, PO Box 339, Invermere, BC V0A 1K0 Ph: 250-342-9281 • Fax: 250-342-2934 • E-mail:


Pursuant to Section 98 of the Community Charter, the annual report for the District of Invermere will be presented during the June 22, 2010 regular meeting of Council. The meeting will take place at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers located at 914 – 8th Avenue. Council invites comment from the public and will allow submissions and questions from the public at this meeting. The annual municipal report will be available for public inspection starting on June 9, 2010 during regular business hours. Karen Coté Director of Finance


We will be Jet Rodding the sewer lines from June 21st – June 25th. This program is carried out a number of times during the year around town and is necessary to maintain the quality of sewer system.   The District apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this operation.   If you have any questions, please contact the District office at 250-342-9281.


For the months of July and August the District of Invermere will hold only one Regular Meeting of Council. Council meetings will be held in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Office (914 8th Avenue, Invermere, BC) at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 and Tuesday, August 10th, 2010. For further information please contact Kindry Dalke, Corporate Officer at the 250 342-9281 ext#228.


Property Tax Notices for the District of Invermere have now been mailed to all property owners on record. If you have not received your notice, please contact the Municipal Office at 250-342-9281 so that a copy may be forwarded. Taxes are due on July 2, 2010, after which time a 1.5% penalty will be added to any unpaid current taxes. An additional 8.5% penalty will be added after close of business on August 3, 2010. Penalties will also apply to Home Owner Grants not claimed by July 2, 2010. New for 2010! Launched in 2010, e-HOG is a new on-line application service for District of Invermere property owners who qualify for the Home Owner Grant. Access through and click on the tab “iCitizen”. This new on-line service saves property owners from having to drop off or mail their application to the municipal office each year. Anyone who qualifies for a basic or additional Home Owner Grant can use e-HOG. Please see the insert with your tax notice for instructions on how to use this new service or contact our office. Payment options include post-dated cheques (to July 2, 2010), debit card payments, or through internet banking. In July 2010 we will be accepting prepayments for 2011 property taxes, either by installments or equal monthly payments arranged through your financial institution. Please contact our office for more information!


You may defer payment of property taxes on your principal residence if you are:

• 55 years or older during that calendar year (only one spouse must be 55 or older), or • a surviving spouse, or • a disabled person as defined by regulation; and you are: • a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who has lived in British Columbia for at least one year immediately prior to applying for tax deferment benefits.


The Financial Hardship Property Tax Deferment Program is a loan program that allows you to defer all, or part, of your 2010 annual property taxes on your home. This program is different than the Property Tax Deferment Program.


Strengthening families is at the centre of the government’s economic and social agenda. Beginning in 2010, qualifying homeowners who are financially supporting a dependent child under age 18 will be able to apply to defer property taxes on their principal residence. This expansion of the Property Tax Deferment Program allows government to assist families with children, particularly during those years when household costs are typically the highest. Further information on the above programs can be obtained at the Municipal Office located at 914 – 8th Avenue or on the Provincial website: Please call our office at (250) 342-9281 if you require any additional information. Karen Coté Director of Finance

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June 11, 2010

Adventure awaits young cadets By Kate Irwin Pioneer Staff Confidence, leadership and responsibility are all qualities that Sergeant Justin Lynch attributes to his time with the Windermere Cadet Corps. The highest-ranking member of the Invermerebased group, Sgt. Lynch has been with the cadets for three years. “I’m a lot more polite than I used to be before I joined the cadets,” Sgt. Lynch said. “It has made me more cheerful — I feel happier and definitely more confident.” The 18-year-old, along with fellow cadets, spent a recent weekend in Creston canoeing, camping and running a two-hour assault course, designed to test all the survival skills they have learned over the year. “The weekend was the big event of the year,” said Second Lieutenant Megan McConnell, who is the commanding officer in charge of the Windermere Cadets. “The cadets love it, they get to use everything they have learned through the year and meet up with the other cadet groups in the area.”

During the school year, the Invermere platoon gets together once a week for activities ranging from first-aid training to uniformed marching drills. Cadets receive certificates and medals for successful completion of sections of their training, plus credits towards their high-school diploma. “For me, it’s mainly about having fun,” Sgt. Lynch said. “I would definitely recommend being a cadet to others, you can go on exchange trips, learn shooting and first aid and find out how to be a good leader.” But the future of the Windermere Cadet Corps remains uncertain after they were told in February to recruit more members, or be disbanded. Since the announcement, the group has been trying to broaden its appeal, with the addition of a pipe and drum band. There is also a popular range team, who practice archery and rifle shooting. “There are so many reasons to become a cadet, be it air, army or sea,” Second Lt. McConnell said. “There’s the bond with others in their group and taking on responsibilities – they gain a lot of self respect and life skills.” Recruits to the program also learn useful back-


country basics such as compass reading, water rescue and how to light campfires. In addition, the Windermere Cadets are active members of the community, taking part in voluntary work and participating in events like the upcoming Radium Days parade on June 19th. “There aren’t many programs for young people in the local area,” Second Lt. McConnell said. “It is really important for us to keep the group here in Invermere if we can.” If membership numbers do not improve, the group will be forced to merge with the Cranbrook platoon until more local members are recruited. The Royal Canadian Army Cadets are Canada’s oldest youth organisation with around 20,000 members nationwide. The Windermere group is recruiting for young men and women between the ages of 12 and 18 who are physically fit. The cadets meet at 7 p.m. on Mondays during the school term, at the Invermere branch of the Royal Canadian Legion. For more information, contact Megan McConnell at 250-342-9267.


914 – 8th Avenue, PO Box 339, Invermere, BC V0A 1K0 Tel: (250) 342-9281 • Fax: (250) 342-2934


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The District of Invermere will be moving to a Stage 2 Water Use Restriction on June 1st, 2010. Water restrictions will be reviewed again on June 22nd, 2010. The following water use restrictions apply

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STAGE 2 – TWICE A WEEK WATERING In accordance with a Council resolution, a reduction in water use is necessary requiring stage 2 restrictions, no person shall: (a) use a sprinkler to water a lawn, trees, and shrubs growing on a property that is: (i) addressed with an odd house number except during restricted hours on Mondays and Thursdays; (ii) addressed with an even house number except during restricted hours on Tuesdays and Fridays. (b) use an appliance, except a hand-operated hose equipped with a shut-off nozzle, a hand-held container or a micro-irrigation or drip-irrigation system to water trees, shrubs, flowers or vegetables on any day.

The reason for this notice is due to the Provincial Government issuing a Stage 3 Drought Advisory as well as the low snow pack reading. Watch for more information about water use and some conservation tips soon. If you require further information please look at our website or contact the District office at 250-342-9281 or


Friday - Sunday and Holidays: $89.00 for 18 holes


Friday - Sunday and Holidays: $49.00 For 18 holes (Reg. $59)

(Reg. $110)

Monday -Thursday: $65.00 for 18 holes

Monday -Thursday: $39.00 for 18 holes (Reg. $47)

(Reg. $79)

Tickets are only available until June 20th, 2010.

All prices are subject to applicable taxes. Pre paid tickets do not include shared power cart. Contact us to book times or order tickets.

Springs Course: (250) 347 - 6200

Resort Course: (250) 347 - 6266

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June 11, 2010

Students display artistic flair — a bit of everything.” The budding Emily Carrs and Yousuf Karshs were in atThe opening of the David tendance at the opening on June Thompson Secondary School art 3rd, when the winners of the show at Pynelogs gallery took school’s annual creative contest place on Thursday, June 3rd. were announced. Paintings, ceramics, woodThis year’s contest theme work, photography and written was “awakening” and students pieces, created by the students spent two months creating their throughout the year, are on disentries. play at the cultural centre until The winners in the phoJune 13th. tography category were Hill“It’s kind of exciting to have CREATIVE - Cassidy Hanke’s “Imagine” won first place in ary Nester and Alisha Trozzo. our work in a proper gallery,” the drawing and painting category of the school art contest. For poetry and short stories the said Mia Ostere, a Grade 12 awards went to Skyla Sam, Lee student who has four paintings Harris and Skylar Janzen. on display at the Reach art show. “Other people get to see The winning sculptors were Michael Kopp and Rebekah your work and enjoy it and give feedback on what they did Hagan. The final and busiest category was drawing and paintor didn’t like.” ing, where Alexandra Taylor and Cassidy Hanke scooped the Artwork for the display was hand picked by art teacher top honours. Robyn Oliver. She works with the students throughout the “We have had a wonderful turnout for the opening and school year to develop their creative skills and own artistic awards,” Ms. Oliver said. “We have a tendency to max out the style. A range of projects set throughout the semesters give capacity of the gallery on opening night when we are handing budding artists a chance to try different artistic mediums. out the awards.” They experiment with charcoal, watercolours, pencil, oil Friends, family, school staff and the general public packed paints, photography and more. themselves into the historic building to celebrate the artists “I push the students to try new styles so they don’t get and their work. stuck doing one thing,” said Ms. Oliver, who has taught at the Entry to the show, at the Pynelogs gallery near Kinsmen high school for six years. “Each project we try something dif- Beach, is free. The exhibit is running until June 13th. ferent: charcoal, watercolours, pencil, oil paints, photography For more information, call 250-342-4423. By Kate Irwin Pioneer Staff


Blossoms in the Spring by Lee Harris

Blossoms in the Spring Words held back Her mouth slowly opening Life held back. Their hands slowly meeting, Their hands slowly opening, Blossoms in the spring. Words no longer held back Words no longer unsaid Feelings slowly growing Blossoms in the spring. Life a gardens path, Once two paths meet Weaving through life Meeting, Strengthening; Strengthening together Blossoms in the spring, Two spring flowers, Two beings awakening, Two spring flowers entwining, Two beings growing; Growing stronger together. Feelings awakening Through the harsh times, Growing stronger, Awakening, Blossoms in the spring.

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June 11, 2010







Without recognition, there can never be reconciliation

Submitted by Doug Clovechok Invermere Campus Manager, College of the Rockies June 21st marks the 14th year Canada will celebrate National Aboriginal Day, a day that recognizes First Nations, Métis and Inuit people and their contributions towards Canada’s development and progress. Recommended in 1995 by the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples and declared by Canada’s Governor General in 1996, June 21st was chosen because it was on or near the June solstice. To understand the true importance of this day we must look to the past and recognize that, for the aboriginal peoples, it has been a long road to this day of celebration, a road marred by a true black mark on our history as a nation — the residential school issue. Defined by the British North American Act, the education of aboriginal peoples falls under the jurisdiction of the federal government and was to be delivered by a residential school system. The Canadian Indian residential school system was set up in the 1840s with the last school closing in 1996. Attendance at these schools was made mandatory in 1920 when Canada amended the Indian Act legislating that aboriginal children between seven and 15 shall attend schools as designated by the Superintendant General. These government-funded schools were operated by churches of various denominations with the intent of “killing the Indian in the child”, which would ultimately assimilate aboriginal peoples into EuropeanCanadian society. Separated from their families, students were forbidden to speak their traditional languages, meaning many would spend years in silence as they knew nothing of the English language; this continued until they could express their needs in English. Then there were the atrocities; the psychological, emotional and physical abuses directed at these children were constant. Out of respect for the many residential school survivors I personally know, I will not divulge specifics, but offer a glimpse of those reported in the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples quoting from Crowstand School, 1907: “Children were frequently beaten severely with whips, rods and fists,

MIKE PAUL LAUGHING — This photograph was taken in a wooded area of Invermere during the early 1970s, a difficult time in the history of aboriginal people. Photo by Isabelle Ede chained and shackled, bound hand and foot in closets, basements, and bathrooms”. To say these schools represented difficult and lonely places would be a grievous understatement. These institutions left unimaginable scars accompanied by long term effects. These effects continue to plague communities across Canada, effects such as internalized oppression (negative feelings and misinformation individuals carry about themselves and fellow group members) and external oppression (unjust exercising of authority and power by one group over another). This trauma was not only created by the treatment students received in the schools but through government policy denying First Nations people the right to control their development. Social disorders such as alcohol and substance addiction, high mortality rates, low education levels, and high suicide rates are linked to what these “schools” are responsible for.

Arguably the most detrimental effect of the schools was the loss of the children’s ability to speak their own language, breaking down the means of communication and traditional knowledge sharing between grandparents, parents and their children. Residential schools disrupted the passing of traditional beliefs, skills and knowledge from one generation to the next. It was a deliberate strategy separating children from their heritage by encouraging them to resent what should have brought pride, and embrace Eurocentric outlooks and beliefs. On June 11th, 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper apologized, on behalf of the sitting Cabinet, not only for the known excesses of the residential school system, but for the creation of the system itself. The following are selections from the official apology: “I stand before you today to offer an apology to former students of Indian residential schools . . . today, we recognize this policy of assimilation was wrong, has caused great harm, and has no place in our country. “Most schools were operated as ‘joint ventures’ with Anglican, Catholic, Presbyterian or United churches . . . the treatment of children in residential schools is a sad chapter in our history . . . we now recognize that, far too often, these institutions gave rise to abuse or neglect and were inadequately controlled, and we apologize for failing to protect you. “The burden is properly ours as a government and as a country . . . the government of Canada sincerely apologizes and asks forgiveness of the aboriginal peoples of this country for failing them so profoundly . . . we are sorry.” In his apology, Prime Minister Harper was not apologizing for individual Canadians but was acknowledging a long-standing responsibility deservedly shouldered by a government and nation. In doing so he acknowledged that without recognition there can never be reconciliation. The College of the Rockies is proud of our partnerships with our First Nations communities and we embrace the understanding that education is a matter of building bridges, with the highest result being tolerance. National Aboriginal Day is but one collaborative example of how aboriginal and non-aboriginal peoples can continue to learn and grow together. To find out more about the college’s Indigenous policies and courses and our partnerships, visit our website at, or call Dr. Laura Cooper or myself on 250-342-3210.

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June 11, 2010









HISTORIC TRADITIONS — Ktunaxa Nation men during the ceremonial opening of the David Thompson Fort in 1927 on Fort Point, Invermere. This is one of a collection of rare photographs which will be on display at the National Aboriginal Day celebration at Lakeshore Resort and Campground on June 19th. Photo by A.E. Fisher

Celebrate Aboriginal Day at Lakeshore By Kate Irwin Pioneer Staff A National Aboriginal Day celebration with traditionally prepared food, talks by First Nation speakers and an historic photo collection, is taking place at Lake Windermere on Saturday, June 19th. The festival, at the Lakeshore Resort and Campground, is themed “The Economics of Recognition and Reconciliation”. Several prominent First Nations speakers will be discussing the topic: Sophie Pierre, Chief Commissioner of the BC Treaty Commission; Strator Crowfoot, representing Indian and Northern Affairs Canada; and Lillian Rose of Akisqnuknik Development Corporation. “It is basically an opportunity for the general public who want to know more to come and spend the day with us,” Ms. Rose said. “There will be face painting, music, food, storytelling, and presentations by several Ktunaxa cultural specialists.” The Ktunaxa Nation, of which the Akisqnuk band are members, have been living in parts of British Co-

lumbia for over 10,000 years. The festival’s photography display will detail some of the history of the Ktunaxa in the area. The photos are part of a series of pictures documenting First Nation history from 1915 to the early 1970s. Many of the photos, by A.E. Fisher and Isabelle Ede, will be shown for the first time. “Most of the pictures are from the 1920s,” said Bob Ede, who owns the original photographs, passed down to him by his mother, Isabelle. “They weren’t considered valuable at the time they were taken, but nowadays I would consider them to be priceless.” The day’s festivities will begin at 1 p.m., with the grand entry parade to introduce local dignitaries, and continues until 7 p.m. There will also be traditional music and dance and displays by aboriginal businesses invited by Ms. Rose to attend the event. “For me the day is about showing my pride in being Ktunaxa,” Ms. Rose said. “There is a long history of our people and how we have got to this point in time and I think it is something people want to learn about.”

The Ktunaxa is one of a number of First Nations in British Columbia that are currently in treaty negotiations with the provincial government. British Columbia is one of the few provinces without such agreements, which establish rights to land and resources and define the relationship between the self-governing nations and B.C’s government. “There’s another side to the real issue of how we find a place within Canada’s economy,” Ms. Rose said. “It must be recognized that a treaty is not in place and we have to negotiate our place in the B.C. community.” Ms. Rose hopes that the day will encourage discussion and understanding of the issues facing First Nations people in integrating into Canadian society, while maintaining their cultural heritage, beliefs and traditions. National Aboriginal Day has been celebrated on the first day of summer, June 21st, since 1996. It signals the start to 11 days of Canadian celebrations, concluding with Canada Day on July 1st. For more information call Lillian Rose at the Akisqnuknik Development Corporation at 250-3424409.

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June 11, 2010

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New glass-blowing studio

By Kate Irwin Pioneer Staff

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SMASHING ­— Glass blowers Julie Gibb and Gordon Webster proudly show off some of their artwork, with son Leo and new addition to the family, baby daughter Robin.

at 250-341-6299

With the opening of their glass-blowing studio this weekend and a newborn baby to care for, artists Gordon Webster and Julie Gibb have their hands full. The couple’s first solo business venture, Sandpiper Studio, near Windermere, has its grand opening on Saturday, June 12th. Visitors will have the chance to meet and talk with the artists, explore the studio and see a range of handmade glass pieces. “We have been working hard to get things ready,” Julie said. “We talked to so many locals about what we were doing — now they have the chance to come and check it out.” The pair has lived in the Windermere area for four years, the last two of which have been spent building their new workshop and gallery. Gordon and his father Bob Webster have hand built the entire studio, from gallery to brick-lined furnaces which reach over 1,000 degrees Celsius. “Glass blowing is such an expensive thing to do,” Julie explained. “Usually you have to share studio space, so our own workshop is a dream come true.” The custom designed space gives Gordon ample room to work, making a variety of pieces from large coloured vases to delicate bowls and tumblers. “You can make pretty much anything,” Julie said.

“Some things require a lot more talent than others. The size of the equipment limits you greatly – big pieces need big furnaces.” As well as a new business, the glass blowers have a new addition to the family. Their 20-month-old son Leo has a new baby sister called Robin, who was born just three weeks ago. The couple met as artists in residence at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto, Ontario, where Julie grew up. After three years in the city, both were looking for a new challenge. “We decided to come to Windermere as it is somewhere I visited as a child,” said Gordon, who grew up in Calgary. “We both came to see the place and Julie liked it too, plus my parents had enough land for us to build on.” Four years on, their vision has become a reality. The new workshop is large enough to comfortably house them and any visiting artists the couple invites. Gordon and Julie hope to hold residency programs in the future, similar to the ones they did in Toronto, to help new glass blowers to learn the craft. “Starting your own business is a little scary and stressful,” Gordon said. “But to have our own space and to be able to work with other artists is the neatest thing for me.” Sandpiper Studio’s opening is from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday, June 12th. For more information visit or call 250-342-7196.

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June 11, 2010

Kool Country celebrating changes erything he knows about tires working for his father and uncle at Lake The Kool Country/ Auto. OK Tire team is celebratAnother new addiing some big changes tion is Mr. Mackey’s 24and you are invited. foot flat bed tow truck. Owner Ivan Mackey The 2011 model feaintroduced two new factures diesel exhaust fluid, es to the Kool Country which allows for clean family. idling. Todd Rickards of “You could stick your Radium is the new parts manager at Kool Counhand in there, pull it out Rick Lake and it would be as clean try Auto, and Rick Lake as a whistle,” he said of is the new store manager the exhaust pipe. of OK Tire. He joked the vehicle was nicknamed Todd, a former employee of the Canfor mill in Radium, is married to “headache” since he is still getting used Carrie Rickards, owner of Invermere’s to some of its idiosyncrasies, such as push button gear changing instead of Essentials department store. Rick, who grew up in Invermere, the typical stick shift and clutch. To celebrate, the community is inis returning from a career managing an electronics security firm serving Saska- vited to a store-wide 30-percent-off sale and to enjoy a free bratwurst on a bun toon and Regina to manage OK Tire. Don’t worry, though: he learned ev- from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. this Saturday. By Pioneer Staff

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GEAR HEADS — Todd Rickards, left, and Ivan Mackey pose next to Kool Country’s latest edition: a $100,000 environmentally friendly tow truck. The Kool Country/OK Tire team will serve free bratwursts on a bun on Saturday, June 12th to celebrate.

unt il July 1st on our 10 remaining home s

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June 11, 2010

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• Upgraded trim package • Upgraded carpet, tile and décor glass tile in kitchen • Vacu flo and appliances included with sweeper outlet in kitchen island • Kitchen island has electrical outlets • Main level: foyer, living space, dining space, kitchen, entry at back, and powder room • Upper level: 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, open office area, laundry • Master bedroom has large walk-in closet and ensuite bath with soaker tub and separate shower • Lower level: Double car garage and bonus room • Views: Living room and master bedroom are both east facing with excellent views of the Rocky Mountains. Kitchen faces west and has views of green space and walking trail. • Approximately 1,955 sq. ft. of finished living space, not including garage or bonus room



ROAD TO RESCUE — Winding down their Road to Rescue Campaign to purchase a new rescue vehicle for Invermere Fire and Rescue, Invermere Lion Rick Hoar, right, and Assistant Fire Chief Tom McNeil, rear, accept a $1,000 donation from Frank Keeley of the Lake Windermere District Rod and Gun Club.

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June 11, 2010

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Patty’s Greenhouse and Market Garden


CAPSIZED – Warren Turner and Kurt Peters finished Canal Flats’ cardboard and duct tape boat race in four minutes and 48 seconds during the Canal Days festival last weekend. Photo by Kate Irwin

Canal Days festival a “great success” By Kate Irwin Pioneer Staff The annual Canal Days festival took place last weekend in Canal Flats. The four-day event, held each year on the first weekend in June, featured a parade, community dance and a duct tape boat race. The weekend was filled with activities for adults and children. It kicked off on Thursday with Arabian belly dancing and a bingo tournament with $500 in prizes, and closed with a steak barbecue on Sunday. “From my point of view Canal Days was a great success,” said Canal Days organizer Karen Flowers. “Everyone seemed to enjoy the event and there were lots of people around.” For the biggest day of the festival, Saturday, June 5th, Canal Flats residents were out in force to show their civic pride in the Canal Days parade. The parade, which started at Martin Morigeau Elementary School at 11 a.m., featured floats celebrating the village’s history. People on the floats sprinkled candy along the way, ending up at the civic hall, which housed much of the weekend’s festivities. The Canal Days festival has been taking place in the village for more than 38 years, according to Ms.

Flowers, who was this year’s winner of the community’s Good Samaritan award. “Community events of this nature are an opportunity to chat with your friends and neighbours and meet new residents and visitors,” said Canal Flats Mayor Bruce Woodbury. “They can celebrate and have some fun, and support the local clubs and groups that work so hard to put on the events.” By the final day, crowds of people gathered for the weekend’s most amusing spectator sport, the second annual cardboard and duct tape boat race. Entrants had to make their lake-going craft using only tape and cardboard boxes. Once launched, they paddled their way around a course, picking up balloons along the way, before a sprint back to shore. Of the seven vessels entered, four survived the early rounds, while the rest were reduced to a cardboard soup. The overall winners were Canal Flats local Jared Gauthier and Darren Lewis, from Kimberley. “I am amazed we won, we only finished our boat on the morning of the race,” Jared said. “It took us a week to build and about 18 rolls of duct tape.” The champions’ winning boat race formula was to go easy with the cardboard and overboard with the duct tape. They hope to return and defend their title at next year’s Canal Days event.


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Saturday Morning Marketplace

Sellers’ Market at Royal Canadian Legion Branch 71 – Invermere Starts June 26th, ends on September 4th. Indoor and outdoor spaces available. All vendors accepted. Book weekly, monthly, or for the season. (Discount for season booths). $25 per outdoor stall, $30 per indoor stall. Contact Jan: 250-342-3259 to reserve your space.

30 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 11, 2010

Green Zone: golf for Special Olympics By Harold Hazelaar Pioneer Columnist Next up for charity golf in the Columbia Valley is the 2nd Annual Giving Back Community Golf Tournament, hosted by the Valley Echo. Once again Sheila Tutty is spearheading this event that will benefit the Special Olympics BC, Invermere Chapter. This year’s tournament will be held on Sunday, June 27th at Winder-

mere Valley Golf Course. All proceeds from this event will go to the Invermere chapter of Special Olympics BC. There are still a few hole-sponsor opportunities available, and I am inviting you to support this event by sponsoring a hole. The cost is $200, which includes the making of your sign which will be placed at the hole you are sponsoring. Another way to support this event is by providing a service or product for the silent and live auctions which will be held after golf that day. Or better yet, book a team of four players for $350, which will include golf, dinner, prizes, surprises and tons of fun. Please help make this another successful tourna-

LAND ACT: NOTICE OF INTENTION TO APPLY FOR A DISPOSITION OF CROWN LAND FrontCounter BC Cranbrook has accepted an application made by British Columbia Hydro & Power Authority of Vancouver BC, on behalf of the Integrated Land Management Bureau (ILMB), Kootenay Region, for an Interim License leading to a Statutory Right of Way (Transmission Line), Crown Grant Substation) and License of Occupation (Roadway)

ment, so we are able to provide much-needed funds for Special Olympics BC. To book your hole sponsor, donate an item, or book your team, you can call Sheila at 250-342-9059 or e-mail her at Last year the proceeds were donated to the Invermere rescue vehicle and I can tell you everyone had a blast. Our community is fantastic at supporting local causes and here is a golden opportunity to do so again. Thanks to the people at Windermere Valley Golf Course for their part in making this event possible. The Green Zone quote of the week is by former baseball player Steve Sax: “You can’t call it a sport. You don’t run, jump, you don’t shoot, you don’t pass. All you have to do is buy some clothes that don’t match.”

Maternity Massage Helps Reduce Stress And Anxiety During Pregnancy Provides Emotional And Therapeutic Support Alleviates Discomfort Aids In Postpartum Recovery

situated on Provincial Crown land between Invermere and Golden and containing 1,739.0 hectares (transmission line) 12.0 hectares (substation) and 5.77 hectares (roadway) more or less. The ILMB File Numbers that have been established for these applications are 4405036 (transmission line); 4405037 (substation) and 4405038 (roadway). Written comments concerning this application should be directed to the Natural Resource Officer at FrontCounter B.C. 1902 Theatre Road, Cranbrook, B.C. V1C 7G1or e-mail to: Comments will be received by FrontCounter BC until June 23, 2010. FrontCounter BC may not be able to consider comments received after this date. Please refer to our website at: ApplicationPosting/index.jsp

Prenatal • Delivery • Postpartum For More Info, Or To Book An Appointment

Call Sandra Roy: 250-341-5273 or e-mail: CCMH

- Search - Search by File Number: insert Lands File Number for more information. To view a full

Certified by the Canadian College of Massage and Wellness

You can remember someone special with your gift to the Canadian Cancer Society

copy of the Project Description, please refer to: You can also view a hard copy of the project at the local Service BC offices in Invermere and Golden.

To donate In Memory or In Honour: | 250-426-8916 or call toll-free 1-800-656-6426 or mail to: P. O. Box 102 Invermere, BC V0A 1K0

Be advised that any response to this advertisement will be considered part of the public record.

Please include: Your name an address for tax receipt Name of the person being remembered Name and address to send card to

For information, contact the FOI Advisor at the Integrated Land Management Bureau Regional Office.

Let’s Make Cancer History



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June 11, 2010

Now Serving The Columbia Valley 115O 11 5OP EP PA Woo od d Gou urmet et™ Co Cook ook ok Sto ove ve A un uniq iiqque ue ccoo ookk st stov ovee, desig ov siggne ned wit with wi th pat atenntteeedd Napo Napo Na p le leon on EEPA on PAA w woo ood oo od burn rnin ingg te in t ch chn hnoloogy gy • Cast Castt iro ronn co cook ok ttop opp ssur urfa ur facee face • Re R mo mova vabl va blee hot hoot pl plat atees at es wit witithh st stai ainl nles esss steel es st “hhot zzon ones on es” • Fllushh top design i ensures “easy slide” pan movement without lifting • Functional “pot fenders” keep cookware safely on surface • Easy access ash pan (with oversized brushed stainless steel handle) for easy, clean disposal of ashes • Convenient wood storage compartment • Long, overnight burn times


“Building a Legacy for our Valley Communities”

END OF THE ROAD — Invermere Lion Rick Hoar, right, and Assistant Fire Chief Tom McNeil, rear, accept a $2,000 donation from Rick Jarrett and Faye Riches of the Invermere branch of the Royal Canadian Legion. The cheque represents the final donation needed to fully equip Invermere Fire and Rescue’s new rescue vehicle, thus bringing to a close the Lions Club’s Road to Rescue campaign. DISTRICT OF INVERMERE

914 – 8th Avenue, PO Box 339, Invermere, BC V0A 1K0 Tel: (250) 342-9281 • Fax: (250) 342-2934


Notice of Annual General Meeting of Members of the Columbia Valley Community Foundation The Board of Directors of the Columbia Valley Community Foundation hereby gives notice that the Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held at 7 PM on the 22nd day of June 2010, in the Pine Room of the Fairmont Hot Springs Lodge, in Fairmont Hot Springs, BC for the following purpose: 1: To receive the report of the directors to the members. 2: To receive and approve the financial statements of the Society for the period ended December 31, 2009. 3: To elect directors of the Society to hold office until the conclusion of the next annual general meeting of the Society. 4: To transact such other business as may properly come before the meeting. Dated 31 May 2010 BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS

NOTICE is given of a Public Hearing to be held at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Office (914 8th Avenue) in the District of Invermere to consider an application by Bud’s Bar & Lounge to amend their liquor license.

The Annual Report will be available on the CVCV Website or by request at

The applicant is proposing to extend the permitted hours of food and beverage service on the existing outdoor patio from 12:00 am (midnight) to 2:00 am. The application does not include or permit an increase to the seating capacity of the business.

GUESTS WELCOME!! At this time we would like to send a special Thank You to Kootenay Savings Foundation for their Donation in 2009 of $112,700.00 (5% flow through funds and 95% endowment funds) and Thank You to the Columbia Basin Trust for $30,000.00 for Community Initiatives and Affected Area Grants $1,500.00 for website development, Gift of surplus office equipment.

The property is located at 722 – 13th Street, Invermere, legally described as Lot A, Plan #4994, DL 216. The District of Invermere is required to submit to the B.C. Liquor Control and Licensing Branch comment regarding the potential for noise, the impact on the community, whether the proposed amendment will change the primary purpose of the license and the views of nearby residents. Further, Council is required to forward a resolution to the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch expressing Council’s considered comment on the application based on input received during the public consultation process.

The Columbia Valley Community Foundation is happy to have given out $28,160.00 this spring to:

NOTICE is also given that the Council will not accept any written or verbal presentations after the close of the public hearing.

Invermere Hospital Auxiliary: Emergency Room $10,000.00 Special Olympics BC: Special Olympics Invermere $1,850.00 Wildsight: Lake Windermere Regatta Event $2,000.00 Conrad Cain Centennial Society: Cairn Rock ID & Mt. Ethelbert Sign $2,100.00 Invermere Companion Animal Network Society “ICAN”: Trap/Neuter/Release Program “TNR” $2000.00 Edgewater Recreation Society/Edgewater Youth Center Art and Crafts Show $2,500.00 Village of Canal Flats: Water to the Beach $2,500.00 Operation Track Shoes (Kinsmen Tom Saunders Fund) $5,210.00

A copy of this proposed application and relevant background documents may be inspected at the District of Invermere municipal office 914 - 8th Ave., Invermere from Monday, May 31st to Tuesday June 15th, 2010. Office hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community” Respectfully, Seona Helmer, Chairman, CVCF

All persons who believe that their interest in property is affected by the proposed changes may: · Send written briefs to the District of Invermere prior to the hearing · Fax written briefs to the District of Invermere prior to the hearing; or · Present verbal or written briefs at the hearing.

Rory Hromadnik Director of Development Services

Have something to say? Letters to the editor can be e-mailed to

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June 11, 2010


HAPPY TRAVELS – Entries in The Pioneer’s Travel Contest go in the draw to win two tickets to a Calgary Flames game and one night’s accommodation for two in Calgary, courtesy of Invermere Travel World. Pictured, top left: “Face Paint Fiesta” at Hall Lake; back row, Tyler, Kyle, Shane, Austin, Cody and Wyatt. Middle row, Lorne, Arno, Farris, Leslie, JoAnn, Kristi, Tammy and Emerson; bottom

row, Bob, Christopher, Chris, Joyce, Hannah, Caden, Angela, Calli and Daven. Top right: Jessica and Madison Hromadnik with Melissa and Garrett Kashuba in Varadero, Cuba. Right: Trevor and Lisa Hagan in Niger. Above: Lorna, Cooper, Skylar and Doug Mountford at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Send your travel photo to or bring it to #8, 1008-8th Avenue, Invermere.

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 33

June 11, 2010

Nature’s Floors showroom moves to a new location By Trevor Bacque Pioneer Staff A family-owned flooring company has a shiny new store. Alex Wilson and husband Dave began Nature’s Floors in 2008, four years after moving to the valley. The flooring business used to be located in Parkside Place but difficulties with the space made Ms. Wilson decide it was time to move out. When Mats Fredin of Legacy Kitchens stopped

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into the Parkside Place store, an opportunity arose. “He was in one day and I was griping about my store,” Ms. Wilson said. An hour later, Mr. Fredin came back and asked Ms. Wilson to share a space with them in Timber Rock commercial park, near the Invermere crossroads. Now, after moving into their new location on May 22nd, Ms. Wilson said everything is nearly set up and the operation is going fairly smoothly. “It’s steady — steady is good.” Kira Kulicki began working at Nature’s Floors in

February and she said she is slowing becoming acquainted with the ins and outs of what people walk upon. “Who knew there were so many types of wood and flooring and tile?” she said. All up, they have the ability to navigate any type of problem. “If there’s anything you want, we can do it,” said Ms. Wilson. Nature’s Floors is located at 5A – 492 Arrow Road in the Timber Rock commercial park.


LAKE WINDERMERE MANAGEMENT PLAN OPEN HOUSE NOTICE You are invited to attend an open house to review the draft Lake Windermere Management Plan. The open house will provide an opportunity to review and pick up a copy of the draft plan. Comment forms will also be provided to assist in gathering feedback from area residents and property owners. Two open houses will be held on Monday, June 14, 2010 at the following locations:

Windermere Community Hall 4726 North Street Windermere BC 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm (with a presentation at 3:00 pm)

Best Western Hotel 1310 – 7th Avenue Invermere BC 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (with a presentation at 7:30 pm)

If you are unable to attend an open house, the draft Lake Windermere Management Plan with an opportunity to comment will be available on the RDEK website at For further information contact Andrew McLeod, Manager of Planning & Development Services, at 250-489-0312, toll free at 1-888-478-7335 or N E W S PA P E R

E-mail: Phone: (250) 341-6299


Main Ofce Phone: 250-489-2791 Toll Free: 1-888-478-7335 Columbia Valley Ofce Phone: 250-342-0063 Email: Website:

34 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 11, 2010

RV park with 1,750 sites planned for Fairmont

Relay for Life Saturday & Sunday June 12 &13 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.

to the decline in nightly rental sites within the Columbia Valley as other RV parks close or are conA recreational vehicle verted to lease sites,� said park with 1,750 sites is Richard Haworth, vice up for approval by the regional district. president of development for Fairmont Hot Springs Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is proposing to Resort. move and expand its two Currently, the resort has 500 nightly rental sites current parks to a locabetween its two parks: one tion on the south side of at the end of Fairmont Highway 93/95 between Richard Haworth Resort Road, and Spruce Columbia River and the railway tracks, an area known as the Grove Resort by the highway. “Our RV parks are full on weekends Prodor lands. “Our plans for the Prodor lands are all summer ,� Mr. Haworth said. The regional district has sent the rebased on providing a site that allows us to relocate our existing RV parks at zoning request to a public hearing. It will be held on Monday, June some date in the future as required for other resort development; and the need 21st at 7 p.m. in the Birch Room at for more nightly rental RV sites due Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. By Sally MacDonald Pioneer Staff

At David Thompson Secondary School

Lots of entertainment all night, activities for the whole family For more info, call Sheila 250-342-9059 or

6:00 pm 6:45 pm 7:00 pm 7:30 pm 8:30 pm 9:00 pm 10:00 pm 10:15 pm 11:00 pm 12:00 am 12:30 am 1:00 am 2:00 am 3:00 am 4:00 am 7:00 am

DTSS Band welcomes participants Stretch and Warm-up with Jan Klimek Opening Ceremonies, Survivor’s Lap Oso Simple (Children’s Entertainer), Jade Bowen Belly Dancing (Arabian Mountain Spice) Head Shaving Luminaries Pieter Jensen on bag pipes The Half Sacks LED Hoola Hooping & Fire POI Oso Simple Kathleen & Scott Ivers DJ Saratonin Erin Porter & Friend DJ Futa Pancake Breakfast / Closing Ceremonies



fight back

Your Local Professionals Paul Glassford Strata, Apartment & Commercial Property Management

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For professional management of your strata corporation, overseen by a Certiďƒžed Property ManagerÂŽ, with the accounting done by a Certiďƒžed Management Accountant, please contact Bill Weissig CPM , RI, RPA, CPRPM, CLO, SMA, CRES. ÂŽ

Sales Consultant $FMMt

Invermere, Windermere, Panorama, Fairmont and Radium Hot Springs

Our six Strata Managers are licensed under the Real Estate Services Act of B.C. For more information regarding their extensive qualiďƒžcations and experience, please visit our website at

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Wende Brash Broker/Owner

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Office: 250-342-6505 • Cell: 250-342-1300

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June 11, 2010

Happy hoopsters Hula hoopsters of all stripes turned out for a class on the therapeutic benefits of hula hooping to help raise money for an area cancer patient. Leah Shoemaker, who organized the class, said the event raised $700 for Crisdon Chaisson to help her in her fight against cancer. “My goal was $100. I am overwhelmed with what a single circle can do,” she said. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Photo by Dave Sutherland

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Sheblime Roofing T R U C K I N G RR#4 1700 Canyonview Rd. Invermere, BC V0A 1K4

(250) 342-5654 (250) 341-3636 Shawn & Mel Hollowink

Asphalt Shingles

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BOX 2228 BOX 459 742 - 13th STREET 7553 MAIN STREET INVERMERE, BC. RADIUM HOT SPRINGS, BC V0A 1K0 V0A 1M0 PHONE: 342-3031 PHONE: 250-347-9350 FAX: 342-6945 FAX: 250-347-6350 Email: • Toll Free: 1-866-342-3031



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Need Blinds? Interior World

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Homefront Essentials Gardening – Blooming in 2010

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P H A R M A C Y LT D . J. Douglas Kipp, B. Sc. (Pharm.) Laura Kipp, Pharm D. Your Compounding Pharmacy Come in and browse our giftware

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HERE TO SERVE YOU Dunlop Contracting Bruce Dunlop

Lower your carbon footprint and simplify your entertainment systems with an integrated home from the valley’s technology experts.

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Elmo’s Stump Grinding


You Find ‘em, I’ll Grind ‘em ELMER REITER

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• Green Technologies • Home Theatre • Whole Home Audio & Video • Lighting Control • Temperature Control • Remote Control of your Home • Renovations or New Construction

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• Dangerous Tree Removal • Expert Tree Pruning • Stump Grinding • Tree Planting • WCB Certified Tree Fallers • Certified Tree Risk Assessments • Emergency Service • Fire’Smart’ Assessments & Treatments Free Estimate:

250 341 7029

Fully Licensed & Insured, Certified Arborists, WCB Fallers Residential • Commercial • Municipal • Golf Course

Dusty Buckets EXCAVATING

Residential Jesse Vader 250.341.5426

• Rock/Wood retaining walls • Lot clearing Jordan Gertner • Foundations 4839 Burns Ave, Box 390 Canal Flats, BC, V0B 1B0 • Backfill

Commercial Ken Johnson 250.341.5427



Phone: (250) 341-1458 ∙

Fine Homeservices • Trusses • Engineered Floors • Wall Panels Tel: 250.341.6075 Fax: 250.341.3427 Email:

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Custom Home Design


Specializing in Single Family Homes, Additions and Renovations, Drafting Services.

Sales • Repairs • Warranty

Contact: Paul Aubrecht Invermere (250) 342-0482 Calgary (403) 874-0483

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Doors Windows Flooring Painting/ Interior/Exterior • Kitchen Renovations


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Fireplace and Woodstove 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE


WETT Certified Inspection and Technician Licenced and Bonded Gas Contractor


Luxor Propane Fireplaces

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June 11, 2010

HERE TO SERVE YOU From Framing to Finishing

• Drinking Water Systems • Duct Cleaning Service • Water Softeners • Whole House or Specialised Filtration including iron lters that really work! Call (250) 342-5089

Al Tallman

all Al at


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Complete Automotive Repairs


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(Beside the Petro Canada Car Wash)

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Cranbrook Pest Control

Septic Tank Pumping Portable Toilet Rentals

We use the most successful products available. Environmentally-friendly ironmentally-fr ronmentally-fr onm nm nm men me ennnt y eent integrated pest est m ma management. Asskk about As Ask aabbboou out ut our o r mai maintenance mainte m ce programs program prrrogram ograms gram am ms PESTT QUESTIONS? PEST QUUE UES ESTIIOON ES EST OONS NS? Vis Visit our website website: eebsite: bbsite: bsite ite:



GUARANTEED info@cranbrookpestcontrol com


LUMBIA ROOFING COQuality Roofing and Repairs


Complete sewer/drain repairs • Reasonable rates – Seniors’ discount • Speedy service – 7 days a week

A well maintained septic system should be pumped every 2-3 years Avoid costly repairs

Bruce Dehart 250.347.9803 or 250.342.5357 You’re invited to see our

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colorworks Painting Inc.

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asphalt maintenance • RepaiRs • cRack sealing • sealcoating driveways • parking lots • roads


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Chimney and Eavestrough Cleaning Specialists Time to Clean the Winter Sludge Out of Your Eavestroughs! Fully Insured & WCB Covered

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Septic Systems ste t ms Installed Installe nss d ~ Pumped Pum P Pu ump ped d ~ Repaired Re ire Repair i ed ired Prefab P Pr reffab refa fab Cement Cementt Tanks Installed IIns In nsta s alle W Wa Water Lines nes Dug Dugg IIn Insta Inst Installed allled d Basements B nts ts Dug D

WINDERMERE 250-342-6805


Window Cleaning FULLY INSURED


Jim Detta • Canal Flats, BC • Ph: 250-349-7546 Your Weekly Source for News and Events

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4993 Ogilvy Avenue Fairmont Hot Springs, BC V0B 1L1 Sue Coy Lloyd Wilder C: 250-341-5353

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• Brown Rice Sushi • Wild Caught Salmon • Naturally Pickled Sushi Ginger

Located in Parkside Place Downtown Invermere

Open Monday - Saturday 10:30 am to 5:00 pm Our freshly made Sushi also available at AG Valley Foods 7 am - 10 pm

VJ (Butch) Bishop Owner/Operator

4846 Holland Creek Ridge Rd. Invermere, BC V0A 1K0


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The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 41

June 11, 2010

Pioneer Classifieds

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garage sale

garage sale

garage sale




Saturday, June 12, 8am-11am, 1761 8th Ave., 2 river kayaks, record player, radio, 8 tracks, record player cabinet, 2 tires (no rims), and much more.

Henri’s Woodworking Moving & Closing Out Sale

Saturday, June 12, 9am-12pm, 4802 Riverview Dr., Edgewater, cancelled if raining.

Friday, June 11th, 9am-12pm & 5-8pm, Saturday, June 12, 9am4pm, 29 Westside Rd, 1km north of the Toby Bridge on the road to Wilmer. Automobile, men’s large clothing, miscellaneous household goods, woodworking items for house and yard, woodworking tools, 250-3427338.

Huge multi-family garage sale, Saturday, June 12, 9am, lots of treasures for all ages, face painting and treats, 4735 North Street, Windermere.

Prestige Hotels and Resorts is proud to announce the promotion of Stephanie Young to her new role as Manager of the Prestige Radium Hot Springs Resort. Congratulations, Stephanie!

Cheers to the Mayor for having a backbone and getting to the problem of the scavenging town deer. We, the silent majority, are behind you.

You own it, we can store it! Secure, fenced compounds any size up to one acre. Secure containers available. Would also build building to suit for long term tenant. Zoned Heavy Industrial. Invermere Industrial Park. Phone 250-342-5297, 250-346-3011 or 250-3422100.

Saturday & Sunday, June 12 & 13, 9am-5pm, Green Acres Mobile Home Park in Dry Gulch, 3 piece chesterfield set, love seat, exercise equipment, deep freeze, propane furnace, small kitchen appliances, collectables, and much more.

s Memoriam s Dr. Johnson Albert Rose 1954 – 2010 Friend and Colleague John was a quiet and unassuming man. Although his demeanour was usually reserved, he often surprised us with his quick wit and wicked sense of humour and when he was irked, especially about political issues, he could rant quite eloquently and extensively. As a business partner and colleague, John would always think things through and ensure that we didn’t make hasty decisions but was always supportive of our ideas and suggestions for the clinic. He was the person to go to for consultation on a difficult case and was a mentor as well as a friend. His newest partners, although they hadn’t a chance to know him well, had found him so genuine, approachable and knowledgeable that they were anticipating the development of a lasting friendship. The words that the clinic staff use to describe Dr. Rose are “caring, considerate, funny, soft-spoken.“ He was always concerned about our wellbeing and had genuine interest in our lives and family. He was very easy to work with and taught us a lot about medicine and patient care but was somewhat resistant to change. When we attempted to improve his computer skills in our new medical program he insisted that he “was an old dog and couldn’t learn new tricks” although he surprised us all when he started using the electronic system rather than the old paper charts. He was so much more than an employer. He was a friend. Our most sincere and heartfelt condolences go out to John’s family. We will miss you John, Shannon, Gareth, Bruce, Jane, Julia, Deb, Cathy, & Gail

Saturday, June 12, 9am1pm, 824 Westridge Drive, kids’ clothing, toys, furniture, lawnmower, & much more.

announcement Amazing Vito Las Vegas Elvis entertainer & water witcher from Nakusp. Available for public and private shows. Call 250-341-2154 for pricing and schedule. Alcoholics Anonymous. Open to all. Regular meetings of the Columbia Valley A.A. are held at 8 p.m. Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday at the Valley Connection, far end of the Service B.C. building, 625-4th Street, Invermere. The Radium Friendship Group meets at 8 p.m. Friday at the Catholic Church, east side of Main Street, Radium. Call 250-342-2424 for more info. Lovely community centre available at Bella Vista Estates (Fairmont), for weddings, clubs, reunions, up to 60 ppl. Call Bob, 250-345-6668. Zehnder’s local beef now available at Grant’s Foods, 503 7th Ave, Invermere. Free of antibiotics and artificial growth hormones.

CHEERS & JEERS Cheers to the hard-working staff and parent volunteers who organized the track & field meets for the Windermere Zone Schools and the WZ Finals. Congratulations to the athletes who competed and represented their schools so very well this spring. Cheers to Carla Kluge and her amazing team of coaches at the Tot Soccer Program! You have provided another fabulous season of fun and the foundations for soccer skills. Keep up the amazing work!!! JL Jeers to all the local residents who continually criticize and bad mouth our Albertan neighbours. It’s embarrassing to hear community members and business owners openly voice their dislike for Albertans. And it only gets worse leading up to long weekends . . . to the point that I’m not sure why Albertans would even want to visit our town. Without their business many retailers in the valley would not survive so maybe people should think before they speak. Cheers to Tracy Ferguson! Welcome back to Sunsations Day Spa, I am so proud of you, you’re a great stylist and I’m happy to have you doing hair at my spa again! Bonnie-Lou.

Cheers to the most wonderful little lady ever. Thank you so much for an amazing year and for all those yet to come. Love you Mich. J. Cheers Amber Coggins, Jeff and Diane Armstrong, and Greg Geiger for their countless hours put into baseball this year. Great job! Jeers to the person that stole 30 beers out of my car. Cheers for not stealing anything else.

LOST AND FOUND Lost, man’s heavy gold wrist bracelet with Calgary Real Estate emblem mounted on the top. Reward offered. Call Jim Willford, 403-281-6666 or 403281-1117.

COMMERCIAL SPACE Financial professional looking for other professionals to share space with. I have a great location with excess room. Please call 250-270-0270. 864 sq.ft. warehouse space with loading dock, unheated, $656.25/month includes GST, available immediately. Call 250342-3637. Invermere, approximately 870 sq.ft., behind dry cleaners, $380/month + GST/HST, heat and utilities. Available July 1st. Call 250-342-6790 to view.

Lost, green & yellow child’s 2nd floor, 800 sq.ft. office in bucket hat that has “Austrailia” Radium, 403-559-9625. written on it, lost somewhere between AG Foods and Gerry’s ACCOMMODATION WANTED Gelati on May 29. If found call Looking for house to rent 250-342-0081. July 1st in Invermere area, preferably 3 bdrm up with 1 or 2 storage bdrm’\s in separate living space NEWHOUSE below. Other possibility is (2) 2 MULTI STORAGE bedroom condo units. Derek Various sizes available. 250-804-9568 Now with climate SHARED ACCOMMODATION controlled units. Call 250-342-3637 Wanted immediately STORAGE SPACE – assorted Compatible roommate that likes sizes, easy access, immediate hiking, biking, and kayaking, availability, long-term or to share new mobile home, short-term. Deck Properties minutes from Invermere, $400/ Warehouse, Industrial Park, month +DD + references, 250250-342-3166. 341-3101.

42 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 11, 2010

Pioneer Classifieds

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Phone: 250-341-6299 Fax: 250-341-6229 Email:



house FOR RENT

condo FOR RENT

condo FOR RENT

house for sale

Hillcrest furnished apartments, utilities included. 1 bdrm units, $600/month, 2 bdrm units, $800/month. 250-341-1182.

1 bdrm suite, 5 appliances, N/S, N/P, $750/month, including Hydro, available immediately, 250-342-6607.

Executive 3 bdrm, 3 bath, Fort Point home, available Sept 1st, mature responsible, $1350/ month, 250-342-6577.

Radium, 1 bdrm furnished apartment, $650 including cable & utilities. Bachelor efficiency, $550, available immediately. DD, N/S, N/P, references required. Call Don or Susan, 250-342-6908 or 250347-7775.

2 bdrm spacious suite, fenced yard, W/D, D/W, private entrance, $900/month, ½ utilities, 250-270-0906.

Invermere, executive rental, 3000 sq.ft., lower level walkout, includes 4 new bathrooms, granite kitchen, in Wilder subdivision, acreage overlooking Kinsmen Beach, $2000/month; Athalmer, unique home, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 2000 sq.ft., $1600/month; 4 bdrm, 1 bath, 1800 sq.ft. home, $1200/ month; 1 bdrm, 1 bath, upper suite, $800/month; Shop for woodworking, etc., 2000 sq.ft., $700/month. All properties available immediately, utilities not included, DD required. Please call Suzanne, 403-3904513.

Brand new 3 bdrm, single garage townhouse with insuite laundry, in Borrego Ridge, Radium. 1400 sq. ft. Available June 1st. $1300 + utilities. Call 403-875-0214.

New 3 bdrm Invermere townhouse for rent, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, 3.5 bathrooms, fully developed bsmt, single car garage, ideal quiet location close to downtown and the beach, $1475/month including utilities, references appreciated, 403-536-8953.

3 bdrm, 1 ½ bath duplex with detached double garage, close to schools and D/T, tinted windows, immaculate condition, $350,000, for viewing 250-342-7077.

Large 2 bdrm furnished suite on Greywolf Drive, Panorama, close to work, stove, fridge, D/W, W/D included, ideal for couple, utilities included, rent $1050/month, 403-502-0752 or Bright walkout, 2 bdrm, basement suite, separate entrance, close to beach/ downtown, N/S, DD, $850/ month, includes cable and utilities, 403-819-8121. Radium, bright 2 bdrm walkout with in-floor heating, covered patio, and private parking, available June 15th, $1000/ month including utilities, 250253-1724. 2 bdrm, 1 bath, lower level suite for rent with own outside entrance, shared storage room, no stairs, off street parking, jetted tub, satellite TV, huge (1000 sq.ft.), like new, W/D, D/W, $1000/month, includes utilities, available immediately, 250-342-3368. Canal Flats, large 2 bdrm suite, private entrance, full bath, W/D, utilities, and cable included, references, no parties, N/S, N/P, $650/month, 250-342-1131.

house FOR RENT

FOR RENT Contact

250-342-5914 for seasonal or long term rentals or go online at

Radium, 3 bdrm home, N/S, N/P, $900/month + utilities + DD, references required, 250-3423841. New 2 bdrm, with garage on Windermere acreage, 2 bath, furnished, $1100/month. Call Linda 403-244-8402. Invermere, 2 bdrm house, fully furnished, N/S, DD required, $1250/month, rent & utilities included, 250-342-3841. Available July 1st, 2 bdrm Wilmer home with large, fenced yard, N/S, some pets considered, $1000/month. Looking for long term (couple preferred). Call 250-342-1195 or 250-342-1194 to arrange viewing. 1 bdrm cabin for rent in Edgewater, $500/month + Hydro, includes satellite TV, looking for a long term renter, N/S, references, DD, 250-3425912.

Gorgeous brand new house near Invermere Sobeys: 3 bdrms, 3 baths, fenced yard, garage, A/C and all appliances. Lawn care included. N/S, N/P. Quiet tenants only. Minimum one-year lease. $1,400 per month, plus utilities. Avail. July 1st. 250-342-5229. 2 bdrm duplex, W/D, N/S, N/P, available June 15, $825/month, including utilities, DD, 204-8413482.

condo FOR RENT Radium, Stanley Street, 2 bdrm, 2 bath + den, in-suite laundry, laminate flooring, fireplace, A/C, 2 underground parking stalls, N/P, N/S, available immediately, $1100/month + DD, utilities included, 403-472-8992. D/T Invermere condo for rent, 3 bdrm, 2 bath + garage, $1350/ month + utilities, N/P, N/S, 250341-1182.

Black Forest Village unit available for rent immediately, 2 bdrm with garage, N/S, $1100/ month. Call Keith for more info, 250-341-1400. 3 bdrm, 2 ½ bath, townhouse in Riverstone Villas, Radium, 6 appliances, gas F/P, air conditioning, single car garage, N/S, N/P, excellent condition, $1150/month + utilities, Sean 403-688-6869. Radium, Stanley Street, Beautifully furnished 1 bdrm condo in Pinewood for rent, minimum 6 month lease, $775/ month, includes utilities, N/S, N/P, 403-818-8777. 1 bdrm condo behind Sobeys, W/D, N/S, N/P, quiet tenants, $675/month + utilities and DD. Available July 1, 250-345-6591. 2 bdrm, 3 bath, in the Peaks, Radium, with hot tub and pool, $1100/month, includes utilities, available immediately, N/S, N/P. Contact Luke, 604-219-3075. Radium 2 bdrm, 2 bath condo, main floor, 5 appliances, F/P, heated parking, N/S, $950/ month, includes utilities, 403328-2944 or 403-892-2731. Panorama, 1 bdrm condo in Horsethief. This unit has been completely renovated and comes with all furnishings. Please email or call 780-632-6003.

1 bdrm condo in Ski Tip Panorama, fully furnished, everything included, $850/ month, available immediately. Call 250-342-6369. Radium Townhome, 3 bdrm, 2 ½ baths, garage, $1200/month + utilities, N/P, N/S, 403-2080170.

vacation rentals Invermere, 4 bdrm lakeview cottage. Radium 3 bdrm home. Akiskinook/Radium Golf Resort condos, 1-4 bdrms. Weekly/ nightly rentals, 403-293-5659. New beautiful Lakeview gardens RV park, 5 acres with mountains, pond, creek, gardens, and partial lake view. Minutes to beach and golf. Rental of 2 RVs by day or week or month. Also 2 RV sites with full hook-ups. Windermere phone message, 250-342-6162.

house for sale Invermere, 4 level, side by side duplex with 2 F/P, on large serviced lot, price includes both units, 1100 sq.ft. each, one with finished lower suite, $489,000, 250-341-6096. Very comfortable home for sale, 3 bdrm, in-law suite, close to schools, selling for $379,900, for more info call 250-342-8621.

condo for sale Affordable condo downtown Invermere, fully furnished, 2 bdrm, 1 bath, $139,900, 250341-1182. Brand new 1600 sq.ft. D/T Invermere, 3 bdrm, 2 bath + garage, $299,900 + GST, reduced to $279,900, no GST until July 1st, www., 250-3411182. Spacious 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo at the Peaks in Radium. Swimming pool, hot tubs, underground heated parking, A/C, fireplace, appliances and window coverings. Great view! Like new! $234,900, No agents please. 250-341-5170.

mobile home for sale Must sell, 3 bdrm mobile on pad in Juniper Heights. Only $30,000 OBO, 250-342-6813. 2 bdrm, 1 bath, 12’ x 68’ mobile in Green Acres Mobile Home Park, no dogs, brand new diesel tank, $42,000 OBO, 250-3060918.

LOT/ACREAGE FOR SALE 2 fully serviced lots, 82’ X 100’ each, north end of 12th Ave. in Invermere. Call 250-342-6157. 1.6 acre lake view lot for sale in quiet Rushmere community, 14 kms south of Invermere, 4584 Rushmere Road, 403-238-7723.

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 43

June 11, 2010

Pioneer Classifieds LOT/ACREAGE FOR SALE

misc. for sale


7 acres of hayfield/wild land, beautiful mountain views with great building opportunity, near Wilmer, Toby Hill Road, close to Panorama and Lake, $410,000 + GST/HST, 250-342-2802.

Wall rack storage systems for architectural drawings, blueprints, artist’s sketches, newspapers, or any documents that should be hung to save space and avoid creasing. New $700 each, sale price $200 each, 2 for sale. 250-341-6299.

Mei Mei’s Asian Market FOR SALE, excellent business for a couple or family to run together and share responsibilities, great location in the new Parkside Place development on 7th Ave, downtown Invermere. With our unique and health friendly sushi we have a consistent well established clientele at the store and a great contract with AG Valley Foods keeping us busy in the on and off season. Mei Mei’s also has two rooms which have been used as treatment rooms, and are great for someone to start a new practice, or to contract practioners to work for the store (ie. Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Reiki etc.) or rooms can be used for different purpose (ie. expansion, additional storage, office). Mei Mei’s is currently licensed with BC Interior Health and the District of Invermere as: grocery store, food service and alternative medicine facility. Current owner will provide training for all aspects of the business; ordering and receiving supplies, how to operate all equipment, will train how to make Mei Mei’s specific kind of sushi, labelling and distributing. Over $120,000 worth of building improvements, equipment, fridges, freezers, sushi equipment, office equipment, current stock and merchandise, cash register and debit machine (Interact, visa, mastercard) and contract with AG Valley Foods all included in asking price. 3 yr lease left on space @ $1580/ month. Owner asking $19,900. Summer is just around the corner so act now and get a great start! 250-688-0364.

Quiet area with lake access, great views of the Rocky Mountains & Lake Windermere, 1.32 acres on west side of Lake Windermere, power and water to property line, approved for septic field, minutes from town and other valley amenities, choice of two building sites. Don’t miss this one!! Asking $235,000, 1-877233-8883.

pets To a good home, 2 lovely adult cats, can be separated, 250-3411080 or 403-678-3087.

misc. for sale Quality Top Soil & Manure. Top Soil $160/dump truck load, $70/pick-up load. Manure $100/ pick-up load, delivery extra. Call 250-342-1268. Skylights, $100 each; sled hood, brand new, never used, Mach7, $100; deep freeze, $90; older misc. doors & windows negotiable, 250-342-3841.

Matching hide-a-bed sofa and double reclining love-seat, 1 year old, call Dee at 250-3415100. Large oak dining room suite with buffet, seats 8-10 people comfortably, great for those large get togethers at the cottage! $800 OBO. Beautiful antique oak oval table on large pedestal, $800. 250-341-1213.

RECREATIONAL VEHICLES 2006 Yamaha Grizzly Quad, runs great, $2300 Snowbear single place trailer, new condition, OBO, 250-347-2124.

125 OBO; quad $700

2004 Honda CRS 450R, excellent shape, $4200 OBO, 250-3411182.

VEHICLES for sale 2006 Chev Equinox, excellent shape, $18,000 firm, 250-3463047.

Architectural shingles, 3000 2001 Z24 Cavalier, $2300, Black, sq.ft., dark green, used 16”x 36” standard, 250-688-0053. panels, $2900 OBO. Bob, 250boats for sale 345-6668, Fairmont. Truck Accessories: 20” Boss chrome wheels and tires, fits 2004 to 2010 Ford F150, $600; folding truck box cargo bed extender, $200 OBO; truck box fiberglass locking tonneau cover, fits compact truck, $500 OBO. 250-342-3178.

12’ aluminum boat with trailer, includes oars, anchor, and 2 swivel seats, $1000, 250-3479020. Campion Bowrider, 70HP, trailer included, $1000 reduced from $2000 due to some damage to boat, 250-347-2300.

Busy seasonal café for sale in Invermere, B.C. Serious inquiries only, 250-341-5370.

boats for sale

REDUCED! SAILBOAT for sale, MacGregor 26, purchased new in 1995 and in excellent condition. Four sails, including spinnaker and furling genoa, easy to transport with water ballast system, full cabin with head, sink, and sleeping accommodation, interior lighting and exterior navigation lights, Nissan 8HP motor and trailer with surge brakes. Comes complete with cushions, swim ladder and GPS and orange float ball. Located in Windermere. Price $15,500, 250-342-9436.

• Phone: 250-341-6299 • Fax: 250-341-6229 • Email: • services


Vacuums Parts, repairs & accessories, All makes & models Central Vacuums – sales and installations Bonded & licensed Fine Homeservices 250-342-9207,

Buy One, Get One ½ Off Customized, high quality BLINDS w/lifetime warranty, Commercial or Residential, Shannon’s Blinds & Designs Call a professional today; Free In-Home Consultation 250-349-7507 or 250-342-5749 “Covering the Valley – One Window At A Time” Offer expires June 21, 2010

Furnace & duct cleaning services using the patented rotobrush system. Call AQUAIR for free estimates, 250-342-5089. Water treatment & purification, includes drinking water systems, softeners & conditioners, iron filters. Call AQUAIR, 250-3425089.


Heaven’s Best Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. Dry in one hour! Call 250-688-0213.

Phil’s Carpentry, Everything from roofs to decks, completion of basement and bathrooms. Phone 250-341-8033 (cell) – 24/7. Not on valley time.

Everett Frater Enterprises, lawn maintenance, professional residential yard care, free quotes, 250-342-6116.


Shawn’s LBO Autobody, Your Fender Bender Mender & The Valley Shine Shop Auto detailing, power polishing, rock chip repair, and more… Get your boat detailed for summer. Call Jodi 250-342-9696 36” wide Ditchwitch SK500 for hire w/ stump grinder, Auger (6”, 10”, 24”) 6 way blade, 2 buckets, 14’ dump trailer for clean-up or moving needs, call Dean at 250347-9678.

44 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 11, 2010

Pioneer Classifieds Tile & Slate Installs Journeyman Tilesetter 30+ years experience Custom Steam Rooms, Showers, Floors, and Cultured Stone All work guaranteed Competitive rates. Call 250-341-5645. Rocky Mountain Resurfacing. Specializing in bath tub and shower resurfacing, and bathroom, kitchen renovations. Call Curtis, 250-341-2154. Need a gardener? Flexible schedule. Contact Tamara, 250342-5035. K&C Pick-up will pick-up all your recyclable cans and bottles, free at your location between Radium and Fairmont, including Panorama, call 250-342-9503.


Garbage, brush, and construction disposal. Mulch deliveries. Call Dale Hunt at 250-342-3569. Dog grooming, bathing, nails, ears. Call now to make your appointment, 250-342-6178, leave message. College Student with a Truck is ready to do yard work, mulch hauling & placement, demolition, dump runs, furniture moving, or be the extra set of hands to complete any chore. 250-342-9446. Carpet, linoleum, and vinyl decking install, repairs, and restretching. Call Ian, 250-2700311.

help wanted


help wanted

Red Rock Contracting

Melting Pot Eatery in Radium is looking for servers for days and nights, apply in person.

Custom installations of interlocking paving-stones, for your patio, driveway, etc. Retaining wall systems. For estimate call 250-341-6869.

Bookkeeper Available

Experienced in payroll calculation & remittance, GST/PST remittance, account reconciliation & more. Call 250342-7105.

CHILDCARE Family seeking individual to care for our 3 children in our home on a permanent part-time basis, 250-347-9399.


Are you an enthusiastic people lover? Join our team of Demo Professionals in the INVERMERE SOBEYS!!! Training provided Most demos run: FRI/SAT 6hrs/day Contact Debbie @ 1-800-567-5699; Ext. 5 - 1

Mercer & Company is looking for a student for a full time summer position. Should be interested in the design industry. Must be creative, mature, pro-active, hard working and willing to learn. $9.50/hr. Apply in person. Pete’s Marina is looking for a bobcat operator for the boat valet service and dock attendants. Questions call 250-342-9625 or forward your resume to ahoy@petesmarina. ca. Rocky River Grill is looking for experienced line cooks, pay rate is based on experience and ability. Call Dustin 250-3425271 or 250-342-8885.

Don’t Miss an Issue!


Read us online: careers

Looking for a job and a career?

help wanted Looking for an excavator operator, must have rock wall building experience, please fax resume to 250-707-3841.

Lodge Manager – Earl Grey Lodge, Panorama B.C. This key individual will be responsible for the daily operations of the Earl Grey Lodge, specific to administration and accommodation. Duties include preparing budgets, management and development of third party relationships, marketing (including website mgmt.), dealing with suppliers, coordination of staff schedules and special events; payroll and tax remittance. Also responsible for ensuring top quality service and guest satisfaction by creating and implementing quality assurance systems. Must have a related University degree, min. 5 years experience in the hospitality industry (preferably ski & golf). Computer skills, including payroll software, PowerPoint, and html. Driver’s license, Food Safe, Serving it Right, St. John’s Ambulance First Aid are required and any international travel history and a cultural awareness is preferred. This is a permanent, full time position. Only those willing to relocate and to commit to a career are urged to apply. Wages start at $15.50/hr. Initial enquires should be by email to


The Trades Industry Wants You!



• Phone: 250-341-6299 • Fax: 250-341-6229 • Email: •

Check out one of our upcoming sessions to get information on specific trades. Next information session: Thursday, June 24th, 1:30 p.m. Columbia Valley Employment Centre 1313 – 7th Avenue, Invermere

Call Today!

Roy Cimolai, Trades Assistance Program Ph: 250-421-9212 • E-mail: Funded in whole or part through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement

LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Golden Timber Frames LP requires an experienced sawyer for 8” band head rig saw. Welding, mechanical and lumber experience would be an asset. Candidate should be physically fit and able to work independently. Benefit package included. Send resumes to: Golden Timber Frames LP 100 Capilo Way PO Box 2440 Invermere BC V0A 1K0 Email: Fax: 250-342-0130


Landscaping Workers Required

6 month position, 24-40 hours per week. Potential for permanent position within the company.

A large landscaping project in the area requires a number of enthusiastic labourers and lead-hands to assist in the construction of this quality development starting June 15th with completion scheduled for September 30th 2010.

Accounts Receivable/Payable assistant is required for a high paced property management company. The ideal candidate must be detail oriented, highly organized and an energetic team player. Excellent computer skills along with office and bookkeeping experience would be an asset. If you wish to work with a fast growing company that offers potential for your own growth, please email your resume to

Please do not call the office to inquire about this position.

Competitive wages will be paid with premiums for those with landscaping construction experience. Please forward your resumes to: Bylands Landscaping & Irrigation Ltd. Attn: Nick Goreas General Manager Fax: 250-769-5566 or

The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 45

June 11, 2010

Invermere officially “solar” By Trevor Bacque Pioneer Staff Mayor Gerry Taft made it official: Invermere is now a solar community. The announcement was made at Kicking Horse Café on Saturday, May 29th. “Invermere is going to be one of the next solar communities in B.C.,” he said proudly. Invermere’s solar designation makes it one of 16 communities in the province and one of seven locations recently chosen by SolarBC. “There were over 40 applicants,” Mayor Taft said. Becoming a solar community allows the District of Invermere to develop solar hot water systems in order to reduce greenhouse gases and be more sustainable, according to SolarBC, the program overseeing solar designations. “These seven new solar communities are showing how solar technology can be part of their energy solution,” said Blair Lekstrom, energy, mines and petroleum resources minister of B.C. Bill Swan was also on hand for the announcement. Mr. Swan has a background in sustainability and conservation spanning more than 20 years, but his main focus these days is on solar energy. Mr. Swan said residents can accumulate extra kilowatt hours of electricity from solar panels on their roofs and sell them back to the province for

eight cents per hour under the Net Metering Tariff. Mr. Swan said the rising cost of fuel initially piqued his interest in cutting costs on his household energy and power bills. He installed a solar hot water system in his home in 2005 at a cost of about $10,000. Prices have come down “significantly” since then and people can buy such systems now for around $6,900, according to SolarBC. “I’ve certainly reduced my domestic hot water demand by 70 percent,” he said. Ontario is the nation’s leader in solar energy and incentives are far greater out east for sun-powered projects, said Mr. Swan. In Ontario, the provincial government pays residents 80 cents per kilowatt hour for solar energy, 10 times more than the B.C. government pays. Using a solar hot water system can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by one to two tonnes per year when used in conjunction with natural gas in a single-family home, according to a provincial government press release. The SolarBC initiative was launched on July 17th, 2008, when the province announced a $5 million investment to support six solar hot water programs, including installations on residences, local government buildings, First Nations homes, social housing, schools and the solar communities initiative.

Pioneer Classifieds colorworks Painting Inc.

Advertise your Garage Sale with…



Phone: (250) 341-6299 • Fax: (250) 341-6229 • Email:

Experienced Painters Wanted Immediately Call 403-609-5368

SOLAR – Bill Swan and Mayor Gerry Taft are proud that Invermere was awarded the green title.

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Phone: 250-341-6299 Fax: 250-341-6229 Email: KITCHEN CABINET SALES CONSULTANT

At Invermere Home Hardware Building Centre we not only help our clients build their homes, we help our own associates build their careers. To maintain our position as the leading supplier of building material in the valley, we are committed to hiring, and developing associates who can deliver top notch service. You will find our organization fast paced, fun and rewarding. If you are the successful applicant you will maintain and grow an existing customer base in our Kitchen Cabinet division, as well, prospect new clients through quoting and follow-ups to ensure our sales goals are met or exceeded. Turn your creativity loose as you manage and review cabinet layout and design, with inside sales support. We are looking for a goal oriented person who is the best of the best. If you are looking for more than a job, more than just a paycheck, you are the team player we are looking for. You will have previous Cabinet Sales experience, and a proven record. You will be able to read blue prints, and visualize creative layouts that appeal to our customers. You must possess the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Computer literacy, and a good grasp of MS Windows, and Office software is a necessity. You must possess a valid driver’s license, with a clean driving record. If you are this person, please e-mail your resume with a cover letter to or by fax to 250-342-9744, attention: John van Spankeren, Sales Manager. Due to an expected large number of respondents, only the most qualified will be contacted for an interview.

46 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 11, 2010

Dr. Johnson Albert Rose passed away on June 1st

IN MEMORIUM — Johnson Albert Rose — May 17th, 1954 to June 1st, 2010 — is flanked by his wife, Denise Lemaster Rose and two sons, James, left, and Trevor, right. Photo submitted by the Rose family

John passed away suddenly near his home in Invermere on June 1st, 2010. He was predeceased by his father, Herbert Rose in 1995. John will be sadly missed by his wife Denise (Lemaster) Rose, sons Trevor and James, mother Edith, brothers Paul (Denise) Rose, Kevin Rose and Derek (Joan) Rose, nephews Glen, Wesley and Spencer, Eric and Joel, and his many other family members and friends. Johnson was born in Saskatoon on May 17th, 1954, and was raised in Cranbrook, where he graduated from Mount Baker High School in 1972. Johnson graduated from Royal Military College in 1976 with a BSc.,

and went on to University of British Columbia where he attained a B.A. in Psychology in 1979 and his Doctorate in Medicine in 1983. After an internship in Regina, Johnson returned to Cranbrook and established a practice in 1990. The family moved to Invermere in 2002 where Johnson continued to practice medicine. His great joys in life were his family, his passion for medicine, and his love of sports, especially hockey, skiing and golf. In lieu of flowers, the family has requested donations may be made to the Arthritis Society’s BC and Yukon Division.

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The Columbia Valley Pioneer • 47

June 11, 2010

Valley Churches


So long to the Columbia Valley By Reverend Sandy Ferguson Windermere Valley Shared Ministry This will be my last column for The Pioneer, as my wife Jenn and I will be leaving for Edmonton at the end of June. It has been a privilege to serve the Windermere Valley Shared Ministry and the communities of the Columbia Valley. One Sunday, we gathered for worship in Robertson United Church in Nakusp. It was a warm day and the doors were open. Halfway during the sermon, someone noticed that a hummingbird had flown into the church. After flying around for a while it seemed that it was getting desperate to get out of the church, though unsure about how to do so. As it continued to fly around, it was decided that we would continue with the worship service. At one point, the preacher described the hummingbird as being a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Now, I have to confess, I was concerned: was there a possibility that the hummingbird now deemed to be the Holy Spirit might actually die, exhausted by its exertions as a result of being trapped in the church? Then someone got some red flowers and started to walk around, hoping to attract the hummingbird. I offered to help, as I was taller. I noticed that the flowers were plastic, and wondered how this would work, but I was told that the

flowers were covered in sugar water! Then I grabbed a cup, filled it with sugar cubes, crunched them up in some water, and started to walk around with a cup of sugar water, holding it as high as I could. Someone else remembered that they had bird calls on their iPhone, and started to play them. Soon we noticed that the hummingbird seemed to be getting tired. Maybe it was the combination of the promise of nourishment and company, because at this point it was no longer flying all around, but now it remained fluttering around the back corner of the church, and here there was an open door! Someone from the congregation had attached the red plastic flowers to a broom, and as we approached the hummingbird, I helped this person to hold the broom up. The bird noticed these flowers and landed on them. We lowered it, but too quickly, and it fluttered away. So we tried again, learning from our mistakes, and this time it landed, and was gently lowered, and in a few moments off it flew, sent on its way by the applause of the congregation! As the Holy Spirit fluttered amongst us, we prayed that it would find its way out. Then someone decided to act, and she inspired others to join her to set the Holy Spirit free. In time, we were able to create a moment for the Holy Spirit to be made ready to proclaim the call of the God to share with all the good news of Christ Jesus. And it was finally accomplished with some practical help from members of the church who actually understood what needed to be done!


Lake Windermere Alliance Church Sunday, June 13th, 10:30 a.m.: Worship and Life Instruction. “Public Relations: Gentleness.” Pastor Trevor ministering. K.I.D.S. church for children aged 3 to 12 during the service. Pastor Trevor Hagan • 326 - 10th Avenue, Invermere 250-342-9535 • Windermere Valley Shared Ministry ANGLICAN-UNITED Sunday 10:30 a.m.: Worship at Christ Church Trinity, Invermere Rev. Sandy Ferguson • 110 - 7th Avenue, Invermere 250-342-6644 • or Valley Christian Assembly Sharing Truth, Showing Love Sunday 10 a.m.: Worship and Word Kids’ Church provided. Pastor T. Scott Peterson 4814 Highway 93/95, Windermere 250-342-9511 • Roman Catholic Church Sunday: 9 a.m. at Canadian Martyrs Church in Invermere 11 a.m. at St. Joseph’s Church in Radium 11:30 a.m. at St. Anthony’s Church in Canal Flats Father Jim McHugh 712 -12th Ave., Invermere • 250-342-6167 ST. PETER’S LUTHERAN MISSION OF INVERMERE Worship services every Sunday at 1:30 p.m. Christ Church Trinity, 110 - 7th Ave., Invermere Pastor Rev. Fraser Coltman • 1-866-426-7564 Radium Christian Fellowship Sunday 10 a.m. Worship service 7 p.m. Special Praise, Special Prayer and Especially the Love of God Pastor Wayne and Linda Frater • 250-342-6633 No. 4, 7553 Main St. Radium • 250-347-9937 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Worship Service, Sunday 10 a.m. • Sunday School, 11 a.m. • Relief Society, Noon. President Barry Pratt • Columbia Valley Branch 5014 Fairway, Fairmont Hot Springs • 250-341-5792

• Books • Music • Stationary • Children • Educational


Selkirk TV & Appliances Ltd. “Serving you since 1971” MAIN STREET • INVERMERE (250) 342-6415


Wonderful, Dutch Creek the natural recreation community Oversize lot, creek at back, Crown Land swimming pool, tennis & family barbeques

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48 • The Columbia Valley Pioneer

June 11, 2010

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