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Buck tradition: Colourful wedding dresses Arriving and leaving in Kootenay style

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Surprise romance, surprise wedding The DIY wedding

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5 The Uniquely You issue

Seize your big day, in your own way

6 Ditch the white dress Break with convention and get colourful

8 Leaving and arriving in true Kootenay style

Grand entrances and exits by canoe, snowboard, bike, and more...

10 Rise of the

themed wedding Bold motifs are making nuptials fun (and easier to plan)

11 Creative culinary de-

signs gain momentum Forget the icing, go for a naked cake

12 Vintage venue Get your offbeat on, at an outré new wedding locale

14 One-of-a-kind sips: Signature drinks

Personalized cocktails and shots add a special touch

15 Best results for a

16 Surprise romance, surprise wedding

Carla and Morgan: The same-sex wedding

18 Blackie and the golden sneakers

Casja and Dave: The freewheeling wedding

20 Love is in the air Sarah and Brent: The aviator’s wedding

22 Green thumbs, orange crush

Jessie and Jeremie: The DIY wedding

24 Other side of the lens Kyla and Chris: The wedding photographer’s wedding

27 Capturing distinctive memories

How to get unforgettable photos that catch a couple’s essence

28 Wedding Services The Valley offers every wedding service to meet your every need

30 Rooftop romance Invermere’s new wedding venue provides a view from above

blushing bride

Cajsa Fredin and Dave Atkinson at Nipika Mountain Resort Photo by Justin James Woodman

Bridal face painting gives a unique look

Terri Giles.....................................www.terrigilesphotography.com (see ad on page 5,

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Sarah and Brent at Fairmont Hot Springs Airport on their wedding day Krevan Photography

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Columbia Valley Weddings 2018

editor’s note •

The Uniquely You issue

Weddings are not what they used to be a decade or two ago, and that’s a good thing. These days a couple’s big day, more and more, reflects the personalities of the bride and groom.

Karen and Erik paddle off into happily ever after Photo by Black and White Weddings/ Your Black and White

Couples are putting their own personal stamp on their weddings in all kinds of interesting and creative ways. The result? An ever-burgeoning number of nuptials that are bucking, bending and sometimes outright breaking old traditions. Make no mistake — the classic wedding (big white dress, big white cake, beautiful church) is timeless and here to stay. But in amongst these quintessential celebrations are an increasing number of nontraditional weddings, the kind you just wouldn’t see, or would only rarely see, 15 to 20 years ago. In some cases, this is because of changing laws (same sex marriage in Canada was legalized barely a decade ago). Growing diversity, in other cases, has caused an uptick in cross-cultural weddings that combine different customs in novel ways. In still other cases, new twists and turns on longstanding conventions stem purely from the couple’s desire to be a bit different than the crowd. In these pages you’ll meet brides and grooms doing things their way, and capitalizing on a number of rising trends — eschewing white dresses (or making their own); choosing cakes without icing; opting for themed weddings; getting low-buzzed by an airplane; and going in for unique entrances and exits: rolling into their ceremonies by bike and hopping in a canoe after exchanging vows. It’s their special day, and they are seizing it. 



— Steve Hubrecht, Magazine Editor


Invermere, BC 250-342-1667 • www.terrigilesphotography.com Columbia Valley Weddings 2018


fashion •

Ditch the white dress

Cajsa turns heads in a smashing champagne-hued dress embroidered with white birds Photo by Justin James Woodman

By Steve Hubrecht

Carla in elegant Bordeaux-red Terri Giles Photography

Nothing screams ‘wedding’ so much as a glowing bride in a beautiful white dress. A white bridal gown is pretty much synonymous with getting married, and has been since forever, right?

Not really, as it turns out. In fact, before Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840, almost nobody wore white on their wedding day. It was the colour of mourning. But the queen ignored social conventions of the time and opted for a white satin and lace gown. A trend was born, and white caught on first among the wealthy and then among everybody else, until it was ubiquitous. But now the pendulum is swinging back the other way, and a growing number of brides are casting aside the norms in just the


opposite way as Queen Victoria, by adding dashes of colour to their dresses, or in some cases doing away with white altogether. “That absolutely is a trend. We’re seeing a lot of it in the wedding magazines and on blogs,” said Mountain Bride president and lead wedding designer Lisa Grosso, adding shades of black, blush and taupe seem popular. “Brides are loving it,” said Lisa. “People want to do their weddings differently. Brides these days want their own personal touch on things, and sometimes white doesn’t fit with that. Having a coloured dress makes it unique.” Designers have jumped on board, and in recent years, have put out wedding gowns in attention-grabbing hues of bright red, vivid cobalt blue, or in subtle-yet-eye-catching floral patterns. When Carla Schneider married Morgan Buchanan (see featured wedding on page 16), she wore a Bordeaux wine-red dress that perfectly suited both her and the setting.“Growing up, I always knew I wanted a red dress. It was always something I had envisioned. My mom actually got married in a dark blue dress,” said Carla. “We had a winter wedding, down at the beach and I knew a coloured dress would stand out. I like to stand out. I don’t want to blend in, especially not at my own wedding.” Cajsa Fredin (see featured wedding on page 18) also knew a nontraditional, rule-breaking dress was the way to go for her wedding with Dave Atkinson, and she certainly didn’t want something frilly and poofy to inhibit her dance moves. Columbia Valley Weddings 2018

“I was looking for something that had some character and wasn’t in every store. I just never felt that a traditional white dress was true to me,” said Cajsa. As soon as she saw her champagne dress, embroidered with white bird patterns, “it took my breath away. It was unique and classy, yet still had a wedding vibe to it and was no ordinary dress.” Karen Messenger got married in a bright, cheery yellow dress because “yellow is my favourite colour. It is so happy and sunny. And I just happened to have a yellow dress that I bought at a thrift store for a real bargain the summer before. I had kept it in a bag in my closet, I had never worn it and my husband-to-be Erik had never seen it before. “I have never been one for conventionality. To me our wedding was about our commitment to each other and being with our friends and families. I didn’t want to get bogged down in details and sticking with tradition,” said Karen. Jessie King (see featured wedding on page 22) wore a wedding dress that was brilliant orange on the bottom and white on top. She made it herself, using orange silk her mother had found in Thailand 30 years ago. “I’m not a big sewer, but I got a pattern and followed it. The first dress I made was too big, so I got a bit of help online from friends, and the second turned out fine,” she said. “It (the orange dress) was a nod to my mom. I love, love orange, it’s a bit of a kick against tradition. The orange is so vibrant it almost shines, and it’s a really happy colour.” With brides such as Karen, Carla, Cajsa and Jessie turning heads in such bright and bold fashion, weddings are bound to become even more colourful in the future.

Karen in cheery yellow, with Erik Photo by Black and White Weddings/ Your Black and White

Jessie in a bright orange and white dress she made herself, with Jeremie Photo by Jocelyn MacGregor

Columbia Valley Weddings 2018


Karen and Erik Photos by Black and White Weddings/ Your Black and White

planning •

By Steve Hubrecht

Arriving and leaving in true Kootenay style Grand entrances and exits, to and from wedding ceremonies or receptions (or both), have been a longstanding tradition in weddings for generations.

Who isn’t familiar with the stereotypical image of the bride and groom racing down a flight of stairs to a waiting limousine amid a shower of rice, confetti or flower petals? But in recent years, couples have been turning this custom on its head, arriving or leaving in striking new ways, often in a style that highlights their distinct personalities. Farmers drive in on a tractor. Lake lovers roar out on Jet skis or speedboats. Flash mobs, dance routines, golf carts, horse-drawn carriages, bicycles built for two, classic cars, trolleys, school buses, and even ice cream trucks are other popular ways to make a memorable entrance or departure. And, in a nod to Canada’s growing cultural diversity, some brides and grooms at Hindu and Sikh weddings are embracing their cultural heritage by riding in on an elephant. Indeed one Brampton, Ontario-based wedding planner arranges elephant rentals for just such occasions, and gets requests almost every weekend. Outdoorsy couples are catching this trend in a big way, and the Columbia Valley and environs, with lakes, rivers, forests and mountains galore, is a perfect spot for them. Brides and grooms here can come or go by canoe, on skis, by mountain bike, atop paddleboards, on


ATVs or in countless other manners. The sky is the limit, sometimes quite literally: “One of the big things we’re seeing, especially in the Kootenay is helicopters being incorporated, whether it’s arriving by helicopter, or heading off in a helicopter right after the ceremony to go and take some photos on a mountaintop,” said Mountain Bride president and lead wedding designer Lisa Grosso. Panorama’s Lauren Harriott and Bryan Kroker tied the knot atop Kicking Horse Resort in Golden this past winter in an outdoor ceremony that saw the bride wearing snowboard boots under her wedding gown. After exchanging vows Lauren and Bryan traded wedding dress and suit for snowboarding gear (white jacket for Lauren and black jacket and pants for Bryan, naturally) and then shredded the slopes. “We had about 30 people at the wedding and about half of them, including the majority of the bridal party, skied down with us in a big group,” said Lauren. “It was great, and not something you can do everywhere.” Karen Messenger (see ‘Ditch the White Dress’ on page 6) surprised her awaiting groom Erik Carleton by rolling up to their riverside ceremony on a vintage red bike, with a box on the back just perfect for holding her bouquet. When the vows were done, the couple donned lifejackets, jumped in a canoe and paddled away. Columbia Valley Weddings 2018

Lauren and Bryan Kahli April Photography

Lin and Oliver

Columbia Valley Weddings 2018

“It was just so much fun to cruise in on my bike. The wind was carrying the tails of my halter dress behind me, which gave the illusion that I was wearing a cape. I occasionally dress up like Super Woman for nordic ski races, so no one thought it was out of place,” said Karen. “And as for canoeing away, it was just a natural thing for us. Canoeing is an activity that we really enjoy, and it takes communication and teamwork to make it work — just like a good relationship.” Even the Valley’s hot springs can provide a great venue for distinctive departures. While it may not have been an exit per se, Tessa Hinz and Jackson Laplante made a splash at their wedding in Fairmont Hot Springs by jumping right in the hot pools, still fully clad in wedding gown and suit, amid a crowd of cheering guests. “Neither of us are dancers, but we like the symbolism of the couple’s first dance. We wanted to do something like that, but funny, different and unique,” said Tessa. “It ended up being the perfect end to the night.” Such personal flourishes of ingress and egress give weddings a special touch, and guarantee guests will remember the event for years to come.


Kayla and Scott Photography by Kimberley Rae

planning •

By Eric Elliott

Rise of the themed wedding Themed weddings are on the upswing, with couples trading in traditional tuxedos and conventional centrepieces for outfits and ideas highlighting their specific interests.

Whether you’re a Harry Potter fan or want to share your fascination with the movie Frozen, there are now plenty of options for couples to make their weddings unique, by adopting a theme and then tailoring every element of the big day to this vision. Some themes are subtle — say for instance a rustic look — but increasingly couples are going in for big and bold themes. Shrek weddings, Superman and Wonder Woman weddings, Star Wars weddings, Elvis weddings, you name it, it’s done. For Kayla and Scott MacBeath, marrying in Radium this summer meant celebrating their love with Disney in mind. After getting engaged under the fireworks at Walt Disney World in January 2016, the couple decided on a Disney-themed wedding that, with careful deliberation and preparation, became the wedding of their dreams. Kayla ordered most of the decorations online, allowing the couple to create Disney centrepieces, penny presses, Mickey Mouse-head boutonnieres and a cute caketopper


of Mickey and Minnie Mouse kissing. “We just had so much fun and I think the Disney aspect gave it a little more of a casual feeling and made it less of a serious wedding, so we loved it.” said Kayla. “We would do it (a themed wedding) 10 times over.” They weren’t the only ones joining the themed weddings surge this summer. Sarah and Brent Kennedy celebrated their big day at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort with an adventure-themed wedding that highlighted their love of travel and Brent’s background in aviation and included decorations of books, maps and airplanes. “When you have a theme, you can start to narrow down the options and ideas,” said Sarah. “Once upon a time you just sat down and flipped through bridal magazines. Now there’s Pinterest and other social media. You go on Pinterest and start looking at wedding ideas, and there’s so much, it’s daunting and overwhelming. “Having a theme also made our wedding feel more like it was about us, rather than just ‘here’s some wedding ideas we saw online’,” she said. For Sarah and Brent, Kayla and Scott, and the many other couples leaping aboard this trend, themed wedding are the perfect way to inject some personal flavour into their marriage celebration.

Columbia Valley Weddings 2018

food •

By Breanne Massey

Studios Me Plus You

Creative culinary designs gain momentum among brides and grooms The conventional white wedding cake design is taking a back-seat for marrying millennials in favour of a creative new culinary design.

Naked cakes, which are currently a red-hot wedding trend, are essentially tiered and stacked wedding cakes that do not have an outer layer of icing, at least not a thick, overt layer, for brides and grooms who want desserts featuring fun fillings and flavours on full display when tying the knot. Columbia Valley-based baker and budding entrepreneur Diane Lapointe believes naked cakes and their close relation, drip cakes, (naked cakes with a bit of glaze drizzled on top, which then “drips” down the side) have gained popularity over their fully frosted forefathers due to their ability to show-off the distinct flavour of modern couples. “Naked cakes are uniquely difficult because you have to make more of an effort to ensure the interior of the cake is decorated perfectly,” said Diane, owner of local business Fun Cakes by Diane. The no-icing style allows the baker to showcase artistic touches of the cake’s texture, layers, colour and ingredients. “Floral decorations can really make a naked cake unique because they are more rustic and natural looking, which is a big trend for weddings right now,” she said. She added natural-looking wedding cakes are most popular among couples being married in rustic environments, such as Nipika Mountain Resort, Blue Lake and Eagle Ranch Resort. When making drip cakes, Diane often uses white chocolate ganache and food colouring to create a unique icing colour that matches the decor of any wedding. “It’s important to find the right elements to add to a naked cake because the designs are simple and natural looking,” said Diane. “We need the right topper or drip to tie everything together.” She added that some couples custom order wire initials for the bride and groom off Etsy instead of the traditional, yet iconic porcelain figurines of a couple. Icing or no-icing cakes are bound to remain a fixture of weddings for a long time to come.

Custom wedding, birthday and occasion cakes in the Columbia Valley To order, call 250-688-5106 or visit…

www.funcakesbydiane.com Columbia Valley Weddings 2018


Kara and Graeme Photos by Rob Caleffi and Mclain Swift

venue •

By Steve Hubrecht

Vintage venue offers unique boutique experience The Columbia Valley is rife with excellent wedding venues, and the newest addition is certainly among the most unique.

RV resorts may not be the first idea that pops to mind when thinking of wedding locations, but the Flats RV and Campground is much, much more than its name might suggest and for brides and grooms looking for something truly one-of-a-kind, it may just be the most singular bet in the Kootenay, be it for a reception, a ceremony, or even just a spot for some really memorable wedding or engagement photos. Flats RV owners Kelly Kask and Kate McLean have a fleet of vintage Airstream trailers, each of which is period correct. Any 1950s Airstreams, for instance, are decorated and outfitted solely with authentic 1950s furnishings, any 1960s Airstreams are kitted out in 1960s trappings, and so on. The trailers, though, are just the tip of the iceberg. In a previous career, Kelly salvaged and restored items of all sorts from old movie sets, abandoned hotels, shuttered warehouses and just about every possible kind of deserted site. In the process he amassed an astonishingly outré array of decor and other paraphernalia. This marvellously offbeat collection, in conjunction with the old Canal Flats high school gymnasium that Kelly has recently taken over, translates into a multi-faceted venue, with possibilities restricted only by the bride and groom’s imagination. Want to get some wedding snaps with a Wild West general store backdrop? Kelly, Kate and crew will roll one in on casters wheels. Prefer a butcher shop? Yep, that too. How about a welding shop? Don’t worry, they’ve got that as well. And if you get bored of the string of spectacular wheel-in, wheel-out background sets, there’s always the 10-foot Elvis. And the wall full of assorted painted guitars. Not to mention the giant pair of wings, made with real feathers and stretching 24 feet from tip to tip, strapped onsto a person with a backpack-like harness. And, and, and…


Columbia Valley Weddings 2018

Coming soon to The Flats

“It’s a unique boutique offering. It’s kind of vintage industrial, but it’s more than that,” said Kelly. “If you want to be outdoors, we can make a loop of private Airstream trailers and create some really neat synergy for the bride and groom or the bridal party. Or if you want to be inside, we can decorate the gymnasium so that you won’t even know it’s a gymnasium. It’ll just be a really funky building with really high ceilings. “Quirky and unique is the way to go. We can cater to a lot of different personal tastes. A lot,” he said. Kelly also has a bead on picturesque, out-of-the-way outdoor spots, such as Findlay Creek and Doctor Creek, that are underutilized for wedding photos compared with the Columbia Valley’s more popular wedding shoot locales. The hot new venue is set to throw open its doors in 2018.

The newest venue in the Columbia Valley!

Our offerings will include guided lake and river tours for serene waterfront venues, a musical stage and 3,000 sq. ft. dance hall (vintage/industrial theme) and a wedding shuttle to Lussier Hot Springs and Findlay Falls, furnished Vintage Airstream Accommodations, full wedding catering, beauty services, full fitness gym and photography.

Mountain Mercantile 4957 Burns Ave. 250-270-0838 • k8mc@shaw.ca Columbia Valley Weddings 2018


drinks •

By Nikki Fredrikson

One-of-a-kind sips: Signature wedding drinks If you’re looking to add a special touch to your big day that incorporates your personalities and ties in to your theme, then a signature wedding drink is exactly what you need.

Whether it’s a shot, a cocktail, or even a spiked coffee, couples are turning more and more to personalized nips, nightcaps and bracers to add that extra ingredient to their celebration. “They are a nice element for your guests, specifically between the ceremony and the reception. While your wedding pictures are being taken, it gives them a little something unique to do,” said Taynton Bay Spirits operations coordinator Theresa Wood. The increasing trend in signature beverages at nuptials is fuelled by the local food movement, according to Theresa. “People really care about their drinks, where they are from and what they’re made of. They’re really getting into different ingredients,” she said. “Signature drinks often reflect the time of year the wedding is held, by using fruits that are in season.”

Personalized ‘his and hers’ cocktails are increasingly popular at weddings Photo by Nikki Fredrikson

The trend includes “his and hers” drinks, which showcase the groom’s favourite drink as well as the bride’s. Sometimes couples will work their names into the cocktails (along the lines of “Leeny’s bellini” or “George-arita”). Couples are also getting increasingly elaborate about the way they display and serve the drinks, whether it’s a pour-yourself bar, stacking the beverages in a pyramid on a cake stand, or even having them mixed and ready to go in mason jars. You can even, as Theresa suggests, incorporate them into your wedding favours. “For instance, if you do Moscow mules, you could have the copper cups engraved with couples’ names and the wedding date, and then those cups are the wedding favour,” she said. If you’re looking for a signature drink and want something unique to the Valley, the experts at Taynton Bay Spirits are geniuses at crafting custom tipples for your special day.

For your big day, think… Our locally crafted spirits are smooth, clean and will look great at your wedding. Call Theresa at 250-688-9663 to arrange a tasting.

1701 6th Avenue, Invermere BC | Below the Station Pub | www.TayntonBaySpirits.com 14

Columbia Valley Weddings 2018

Naturally Yours beauty •

By Breanne Massey

How to get a unique look

From our beautiful outdoor ceremony site to the scenic mountain chalet and the more traditional banquet rooms at the lodge—the Rocky Mountain wedding that’s perfectly yours.

FHSR 3.55 x 9.76

Beautiful bridal styles have always been an integral part of the big day for every woman tying the knot, ranging from traditional themes right up to personalized touches to match the modern bride’s needs, wants and desires.

The latest makeup trends focus on showcasing the unique personalities of modern brides by enhancing women’s natural beauty. “I find that a lot of brides are definitely going with a more personal feel at the moment,” said Sublime Design Makeup Artistry owner Brandy Hamilton. Brandy often pairs long-lasting makeup that matches a bride’s eye colour and skin tone in a way that will reflect their personalities. “There’s a trend of going with a Bohemian style, which is very natural,” she said, adding elements such as flower crowns and wavy hairstyles have gained popularity in recent years. “A lot of brides love eyelash extensions to enhance their lashes, and some of them pick a more dramatic eyelash with longer lashes with curls,” she said. Another unique and emerging makeup trend is bridal face painting, usually in the form of subtle yet elegant touches of floral or decorative designs, covering a small portion of the face. There may not be many face painted brides yet, but they do exist and their numbers are on the rise, according to Brandy. “It really gives you individuality, a chance to let your own personality shine through,” she said. “It can make things more celebratory, and give the wedding an almost Mardi-Gras-like festive feel. It would also fit well with a Halloween themed wedding or a New Year’s wedding. It makes things more fun and weddings are all about joy and celebration.” And what bride wouldn’t want a fun wedding? Columbia Valley Weddings 2018


1.800.663.4979 | FairmontHotSprings.com


Carla and Morgan at their outdoor, mid-winter beach wedding Terri Giles Photography The Real Mckenzie Photography

featured wedding •

By Nikki Fredrikson

Surprise romance, surprise wedding Carla and Morgan: The same-sex wedding

The wind ripped across the frozen expanse of Lake Windermere and the air was so frigid it smarted when Carla Schneider married Morgan Buchanan. But a chill so sharp it left cheeks pinched red and puffs of breath visible mattered little to the intimate group of guests gathered at Kinsmen Beach last December to witness the two wives tie the knot, least of all to the women themselves. It was a wedding one of them wasn’t expecting, and a relationship neither of them was, but then that’s just how love works. Carla’s hand sparkled with a ring custom made by combining rings belonging to Morgan’s nana and great grandma, and was a glittering complement to the gold band decorating Morgan’s finger. The couple liked the symbolism of tying their families together by incorporating their family heirlooms into the wedding ceremony. “The special thing about it is my mom passed away, but her initials and their wedding date is engraved in the ring (Morgan wears),” said Carla. It has been a whirlwind love story for the pair, who began their relationship as roommates and then watched it quickly blossom into something more. As Morgan likes to say, love always happens when


you’re not looking for it. The spark of romance was clear to those around the couple, even before it was apparent to the women themselves, but a spark it was. Within six months of starting to date, Morgan and Carla each knew they had found their soulmate in the other, and so Morgan popped the question. “We were going up to the gazebo at Eagle Ranch to watch the fireworks on New Year’s Eve (at the end of 2015) and there was no prior planning on my behalf at all. I grabbed the ring and proposed,” said Morgan. She’d been secretly stashing the ring in the cutlery drawer of their kitchen, a hiding spot of which Carla, who had no idea a proposal was going to happen so soon, was utterly unaware. Both work in the hospitality industry, so the pair decided on an off-season wedding and originally started planning a large celebration for October. But, as ever, life got in the way and the nuptials were put off. Carla, however, was determined that the wedding would go ahead, somehow, some way. “As winter approached, I decided we are going to get married that year (2016) and I was just going to have to figure out how,” said Carla. Along with the help of her friend Jess, Carla — unbeknownst to Morgan — put together a surprise wedding in just two weeks, going out of her way to catch Morgan with a sooner-than-expected wedding, just as Morgan had surprised her with a sooner-than-expected proposal.

Columbia Valley Weddings 2018

The plan worked, as Morgan, who eventually became curious about the large number of their loved ones who seemed to be randomly rolling into town, didn’t catch on until the night before the big day. Their ceremony was on a -18 degree Celsius Tuesday, surrounded by 11 of their closest friends and their two dogs. The connective magic of Facebook live streaming meant dozens, if not hundreds, more people, including those from Germany, where Carla is originally from, could be part of the celebration too. “Originally we were going to plan a bigger party, but Morgan is the more introverted of the two of us and she does not like masses of people per se. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t being selfish in the planning of our wedding,” said Carla. Keeping in mind Morgan’s nerves, the pair decided Carla should be the one to walk down the aisle, given away by her close friend Adam. “Me standing up front waiting made sense, because I then had the opportunity to get up there, calm down, just be and wait. No worrying ‘Am I going to fall over my feet?’” said Morgan. To Carla’s surprise, it was she — normally the less emotional of the two — who was overcome while walking down the snowy aisle to her future wife. “Once I made it around the corner, past the cars, I took about five steps and I started crying. So it was me that sort of lost her cool, even though I thought it would go the other way around,” said Carla. The reception that followed was a riot of a good time, and the cutting of the special Batman cake (a touch Carla planned for Morgan) promptly erupted into an all out cake fight. “I made a heck of a mess, yes. We were throwing it. I was like, ‘fine, you’re running away, I’m throwing it at you’,” recalled Morgan with a chuckle. Reflecting on married life so far the wives agree that teamwork, communication, and acceptance of each other’s unique personalities have been the keys to success.

Columbia Valley Weddings 2018


featured wedding •

By Eric Elliott

Blackie and the golden sneakers Cajsa and Dave: The freewheeling wedding

From the four-legged best man, to a rather timely chainsaw gift, right down to the golden sneakers the bride wore walking down the aisle, Cajsa Fredin and Dave Atkinson had a wedding true to themselves that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Their big day, earlier this summer, wasn’t at all what you might expect when imagining a classic big white wedding, and the couple wouldn’t have had it any other way. The pair are a match made in the Kootenay — Dave likes being outside, working for Parks Canada and as a tail guide, and Cajsa is a long time local artist and gallery owner— and so were their nuptials. The weekend got off to a less than-auspicious start. A huge storm whipped through the Valley just as Cajsa, Dave and other guests were making their way out to Nipika Mountain Resort, leaving downed trees


strewn across a suddenly-impassable Settler’s Road, and leaving the bride and groom stranded. But to their rescue came a host of chainsaw-wielding loggers and miners, on their way home for the day. “They worked for hours, at one point it was like duelling chainsaws,” said Cajsa. The rain continued to pour for the next few days, but it didn’t matter to Cajsa and Dave — their friends and loved ones had a great time, hanging out and getting to know each other better in Nipika’s cozy cabins. And the conditions did nothing to dampen their delightful outdoor ceremony, done in original, funky fashion. Cajsa’s beautiful champagne, bird patterned dress (see ‘Ditch the white dress’ on page 6) went perfectly with Dave’s green and orange striped suit jacket, checkered collar-shirt and brown Carhartts. Dave wore duck boots, a nod to his east coast roots, and Cajsa donned her golden sneakers, (“I have a thing for gold. I also have a sneaker addiction/problem kind of thing. And I don’t wear high heels. I just don’t,” said Cajsa with a laugh).

Columbia Valley Weddings 2018

Cajsa and Dave on their wedding day Photos by Justin James Woodman

While guests stood clad in a colourful array of rain jackets, hoods up to ward off the downpour, the bride’s parents walked her across Nipika’s wide lawn. Standing at the front of this open green aisle, along with Dave, was the couple’s golden lab Blackie (nope, not a speck of black fur on him), who doubled as the best man. “He’s our best man in life, so why not? It wouldn’t have been the same without him,” said Cajsa. Dave caught sight of Cajsa, and overcome by excitement and emotion, began to cheer. “Everybody else started cheering and chanting and it just escalated from there until I got up to the arch,” said Cajsa. This spontaneous celebration drowned out the music, but nobody seemed to mind. “It almost made me want to drop my parents’ arms and run down the aisle giving people high fives,” Cajsa said. “It was different than what I thought it was going to be; it was awesome.” After trading vows, the couple sealed their union with a skoal, a Swedish toast (Cajsa’s family has a Swedish background), downing shots of bourbon (instead of the traditional aquavit) in glasses made for the occasion by Cajsa’s dad, who does pottery. Whatever sunshine may have been lacking in the sky that day was more than made up for by the radiantly beaming faces of the couple and the guests. It was a

Columbia Valley Weddings 2018

weekend full of family, friends (the couple have been together nine years, all of it in Invermere, and a number of shops were closed that weekend, with owners away at the wedding) and plenty of laughs, none more so than when Dave was — in a hilarious coincidence, given the log jammed drive to the resort — gifted a chainsaw during the wedding dinner. Cajsa and Dave not only took the rain and chainsaws in stride, but in fact embraced them, and let their wedding unfold as it came. “That’s just us. We stayed true to ourselves because it was the easiest and most natural thing to do, instead of pushing against the forces,” said Cajsa. “It poured rain but we had an amazing day and no regrets. We loved every minute of it.” Pure Kootenay indeed.


featured wedding •

Love is in the air Sarah and Brent: The aviator’s wedding

By Steve Hubrecht

Nope, that’s not photoshopped. Sarah and Brent Kennedy have been saying that a lot recently. And no wonder — their unbelievable wedding photo (see magazine cover) shows the happy couple on the Fairmont Airport runway, a Diamond 40 single-engine, four-seater plane buzzing seemingly right above their heads. In real life the plane didn’t just seem to be right above their heads, it actually was right above their heads — 15 to 20 feet to be precise. “You could literally feel the airplane coming in,” said Sarah. “The vibrations were going through our whole bodies. It was exciting and terrifying all at the same time.” The couple were standing facing their photographers, with their backs to the incoming Diamond 40 and didn’t physically see it until it roared right over them. But Brent added they knew it was going to be a close buzz because the photographers, gazing at the unfolding scene through their lenses, asked the pair if they were certain it was truly safe. It was and it instantly became a talking point throughout the rest of their wedding at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, with most of the guests approaching the photographers, to see the image on their camera. “Everybody who’s seen it since immediately thinks it must be photoshopped, but then they look closely and realize it’s not, and they just kind of go ‘Wow’,” said Brent.


Columbia Valley Weddings 2018

Sarah and Brent on their wedding day Krevan Photography

The spectacular moment was pure serendipity. Brent has a background in aviation (he works as a fueler at a Saskatoon airport and has his pilot’s license) and on a planning trip to Fairmont, Sarah suggested offhand that they should get a few photos on the empty airport runway. Brent approached airport staff, who readily agreed. But when the big day arrived, the couple turned up at the airport and the manager had a surprise tucked up his sleeve. A husband and wife pilot team he knew well was just arriving from Calgary — did they want a “low and over” for their photos? Did they ever. And they can’t imagine getting something so unique anywhere else. “It’s definitely a small town connection kind of thing. There

Columbia Valley Weddings 2018

is no chance that this could happen at a big city airport. You wouldn’t even get on the runway,’ said Brent. The couple like to joke that since Sarah is from Ontario, Brent is from Alberta, and they live in Saskatchewan, it was only geographically logical to get married in B.C. But in fact Sarah and Brent have a long history with Fairmont Hot Springs. Brent’s family has a cabin in Dutch Creek, and the couple decided to get married at the resort while sitting in the Fairmont hot pools one evening. In a quirky twist, Sarah and Brent used the Columbia Valley Weddings magazine extensively to plan their nuptials, and are delighted to go from flipping through the publication’s pages to being featured in them.


Jessie and Jeremie at Columbia Outpost Lodge Photos by Jocelyn MacGregor

featured wedding •

By Steve Hubrecht

Green thumbs, orange crush Jessie and Jeremie: The DIY wedding

Homemade, handcrafted, homebaked, and self-grown — there was barely a stitch, a seam or even a flower in Jessie King and Jeremie Caza’s wedding that the couple, or their guests, didn’t have a hand in creating. The result was a do-it-yourself celebration perfectly befitting the pair’s down-to-earth character. Jessie and Jeremie wed this summer in a beautiful old wooden round-corral in a friend’s field in Parson. The wedding was a four-day, full-weekend shindig with family and friends at the nearby Columbia Outpost Lodge, that featured a “Groovy Dad barbecue” (think loud Hawaiian shirts and goofy jokes), a big group hike to a mountain lookout, a buildyour-own burrito dinner, and guests camping out in an impromptu tent village, among much else. “I was kind of against the whole big, puffy wedding thing. The whole idea of me being a princess and the centre of attention, I didn’t really want that and the stress that comes with it,” said


Jessie. “We wanted something fun and smooth. All these little DIY bits made it more cozy, more relaxed, more authentic and more personal.” Jessie made her own dress (see ‘Ditch the White Dress’ on page 6) and Jeremie managed to find a matching pair of orange pants. They both have green thumbs and their wedding flowers came from the big garden they grew this summer (sunflowers, carrot flowers, dill and more) along with some lovely wild baby’s breath found growing around Invermere. Vegetables from the garden went into the burrito wedding dinner and other meals throughout the weekend. A colourfully eclectic set of plates, wine glasses and cutlery was sourced, one piece at a time, by Jessie’s thrift-store scouring parents. Family and friends helped in the kitchen, on clean-up, and for decorating. Jeremie’s sister made the couple a scrumptious parsley-mint wedding cake, green on the inside, and styled to resemble a birch tree on the outside. Wine was made at the Majestic U-Brew and Wine or was literally homemade, and given handdrawn custom labels illustrating moments from the couple’s past. The pair asked guests to be bartenders, musicians, and photographers for the celebration.

Columbia Valley Weddings 2018

“We had a lot of help, and it was a lot of fun. There actually wasn’t anybody at the wedding who wasn’t family or friend,” said Jeremie. The couple wrote their own vows. The ceremony alternated between French and English (Jeremie’s family is Francophone), and featured one of Jeremie’s own songs, which he sang while playing guitar and harmonica. “He had to have his eyes closed the whole time,” Jessie divulged. “It was a song I wrote a long time ago. It was basically a plea to the universe, that hadn’t been fulfilled until I met Jessie,” said Jeremie. An organic, homegrown wedding was perhaps always in the cards for Jessie and Jeremie, given their shared passion for gardening. They met through an online dating site three years ago, when he commented on the radishes Jessie was holding in the photo she posted to the site. At the time Jeremie was working at Edibles in Windermere and Jessie was living in Crawford Bay, running a market garden business part-time. As luck would have it, Jessie just happened to be heading to Edibles for the bi-annual Pig Out the very week after her radishes

Columbia Valley Weddings 2018

sparked the online exchange. “It seemed a good, safe place to meet somebody new” said Jessie. Their first hike was a scramble up Chisel Peak. Their second hike, the following weekend, was a scramble up Mt. Nelson. “I think Jeremie was trying to see if I was tough enough” said Jessie. The deal was sealed, as far as Jessie’s family was concerned, when Jeremie won them over by showing up at Thanksgiving dinner with a boxful of fresh and colourful vegetables. The story of the couple’s relationship is visible in Jessie’s wedding ring, which was custom-made (at Fairmont Goldsmith) by mixing materials from family heirloom rings. Along with the repurposed gold and a star sapphire, Jessie’s ring is etched with mountain and landscape scenes depicting spots across B.C. that are special to the couple, including, of course, Chisel Peak. “The images on the ring are a representation of the high points of our relationship thus far, literally and figuratively,” said Jessie. When the weekend wrapped up, Jessie and Jeremie had precisely what they wanted – a uniquely laid back, buckets-of-fun wedding for a unique, laid back, fun-loving couple.


On the other side of the lens

By Breanne Massey

featured wedding •

Kyla and Chris: The wedding photographer’s wedding

After photographing more than 150 weddings in the Columbia Valley, Kyla Brown had more than a few ideas about how to make things memorable when she stepped out in front of the lens for her own big day, including a beautiful natural “roof” comprised of the spreading branches of a pair of ancient trees, delicately laden with repurposed chandelier crystals, and a unique, meditation vision-inspired aisle walk that the bride and groom made together. The bride, now Kyla Gent, was married to Chris Gent earlier this spring at the historical Starling Lane Winery on Vancouver Island. The couple wed beneath an open-air canopy of 113 antique chandelier crystals that Kyla hand-picked from thrift stores before they were lovingly hung from the branches of two trees on the property the day before the wedding. “It was pouring rain and I found myself so completely moved by the sight of my close family working together and getting soaked for hours, just to realize my vision for these crystals,” she said, adding that the crystals were chosen to raise and reflect the loving energy of the ceremony and to create unique visuals in the wedding photography. The couple hung exactly 113 crystals because the number 13 has been a recurring theme in their relationship, including the date of their first kiss and the date of their reunion after Kyla returned from a three-month visit to Bali, Indonesia, shortly after the couple’s love story began. Chris and Kyla shared their vows in the centre of a circle made of flowers and branches laid out on the grass. Kyla’s bouquet was comprised largely of flowers and greenery that were plucked by the florist from the gardens of the winery.


Columbia Valley Weddings 2018

“Gathering from the environment felt like a beautiful way for us to connect with the earth,” said Kyla. “One of the amazing aspects of the location was the opportunity to respectfully harvest from the lush gardens.” The Gent couple’s ceremony focused on being present, and incorporating romantic elements that would speak to the pair. “For our ceremony we chose to walk on our own towards one another from opposite sides of the property, meet in the middle, and then walk together towards our guests and into the circle,” said Kyla, adding this inspiration stemmed from a vision that occurred during meditation. “Our ceremony was about the future that we were choosing together, and it (the aisle walk) symbolized moving towards one another into the sacred circle.” The reception was every bit as eye-catching as the ceremony. The couple rented beautiful vintage furniture for an outdoor garden party, along with plenty of brass and cut glass vases and decor. There was even a vintage brass cake cutter and marble slab for the cake. “I actually ordered special decor pieces from as far as Turkey,” said Kyla. “And gold chiavari chairs (for the

Columbia Valley Weddings 2018

ceremony) were a must, something I had always wanted.” In addition to now being happily married, Kyla believes her experience as a bride will only serve to enhance her work as a wedding photographer. She began photographing weddings in 2006 and has since expanded her portfolio to include bridal and engagement portraits. Kyla believes that being on the other side of the lens has broadened the possibilities for each experience she shares with couples on their wedding days. “Being in the energy of my own wedding as it unfolded was such a gift,” she shared. “I am excited to bring this new growth and understanding into my photography.”


Spectacular Beginnings, for Every Season

Kyla Brown Photography

Northernpixel Photography



Kyla Brown Photography



Columbia Valley Weddings 2018


Vanessa Jeakins Photography

photography •

By Nikki Fredrikson

Capturing distinctive memories A photograph can freeze the moment you say “I do” forever. Pictures tell your wedding story for years to come, and it takes an adept photographer to capture the distinct essence of each couple.

Local photographer Vanessa Jeakins approaches this tricky task by only discussing locations and major ideas with a couple before shooting their wedding or engagement, and then simply letting their personalities shine through. “I definitely take what I see, how they’re acting with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, and how they just are, and then I just match parts of my personality with that,” said Vanessa. The best way to get perfect wedding photos, according to Vanessa, is to take a lot of candid shots, catching the interaction between the members of the wedding party. She tries to steer the couple away from formal poses, and to make the shoot fun and relaxing.

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venues •

By Nikki Fredrikson

Rooftop Romance

Bridget and Justin atop the multi-use centre Photo by Nikki Fredrikson

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As a fifth generation local, Trisha Clowers grew up attending various functions at the old Invermere hall. So when it came time to plan her dream wedding, she figured the new multi-use centre — which will soon officially become the old hall’s replacement — was the ideal spot.

“There aren’t many places in the valley that have a large reception area, so the new hall was the best choice,” said Trisha. Trisha fell in love with the space when she attended a high school graduation ceremony there earlier this year, and knew immediately it was where she and fiancé Ryan would wed. “It’s beautiful in there,” she said. Trisha and Ryan will be the first couple to marry in the new centre, but other brides and grooms are already hot on their heels, with wedding bookings for the centre filling up even before its grand opening, slated for early fall 2017. The new banquet room holds up to 500 occupants and, in combination with the centre’s rooftop patio, offers options for receptions, ceremonies, and wedding photos with panoramic views. “The facility as a whole can host a pretty substantial, pretty impressive wedding,” said Invermere mayor Gerry Taft. “The rooftop patio (on the centre) is the only rooftop patio in the valley. It’s a pretty unique space, being up above everything.” Trisha and Ryan have been watching the new facility go up with bated breath, their excitement growing with each beam and girder installed, knowing they would be the first pair to exchange vows in Invermere’s new landmark.

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GORGEOUS COMMUNITY HALL FOR RENT Affordable, functional and appealing venue at scenic Bella Vista Estates for weddings/groups up to 60 guests. Five minutes south of Fairmont Hot Springs.

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Columbia Valley Weddings 2018

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Online edition of The Columbia Valley Pioneer's feature publication, Columbia Valley Weddings, 2018.


Online edition of The Columbia Valley Pioneer's feature publication, Columbia Valley Weddings, 2018.