SIPA Annual Report 2018-19

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Annual Report 2018–2019

SIPA stands at the very top rank of public policy schools in the world, distinguished by the brilliance of its innovative curricula, the strength of its leadership, and the vitality of its students, faculty, and alumni. Its profound commitment to teaching and research that address the biggest challenges facing humanity is a source of enduring pride for all of us at Columbia University.

Lee C. Bollinger

President, Columbia University












Letter from Dean Merit E. Janow



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Letter from

Dean Merit E. Janow I am pleased to share Columbia SIPA’s annual report with you for the 2018–19 academic year. By adding new faculty, enhancing the curriculum, welcoming global leaders, and launching new centers and collaborations, SIPA greatly advanced its role as an interdisciplinary hub for research, training, and engagement while fulfilling our long-standing mission to educate the next generation to lead and serve. In the area of faculty, we have built on our expertise in international relations and economics by adding two excellent faculty members: Sandra Black, a distinguished labor economist and former member of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers, and Keren Yarhi-Milo, a leading scholar in international relations, security, and decision-making. They joined the four new full-time faculty members appointed in 2018 — Stephen Biddle, Thomas Christensen, Tamar Mitts, and Jeffrey Shrader— and scores of visiting professors and adjuncts across our core fields. Our students continued to benefit from the rigorous intellectual experiences and applied learning that are essential components of a SIPA education. Students engaged in more than 60 new courses this year in important areas such as data science and public policy, China’s foreign relations, gender and conflict, and impact investing. They also embarked on nearly 100 Capstone projects in 18 countries, an important way to give them the opportunity to address problems in the world. SIPA continued to attract important leaders to our community, hosting more than 400 events featuring heads of state and senior government officials, CEOs, leading scholars, entrepreneurs, and others. Through several signature conferences, we also deeply explored issues related to global energy policy, U.S.-China economic relations, global digital transformations, and the Indian economy. These conferences brought the entire University community and outside leaders together to think about the challenges and opportunities ahead. As expected of a great research university, SIPA scholars produced outstanding academic works to communicate new thinking and to advance effective policy solutions in the world. Our faculty published six books and nearly 100 academic articles in leading journals. This work was further amplified by the activities of our six academic research centers. Along with the efforts of our more than 22,000 SIPA alumni in 167 countries, SIPA is achieving new levels of prominence and global impact. I cannot express how proud I am when I hear of the great accomplishments of our alumni. We thank our many partners and supporters for helping us make 2018–19 an academic year of such significant achievement. We hope you enjoy learning more about what we are accomplishing together in the pages that follow.

Merit E. Janow Dean, School of International and Public Affairs Professor of Practice, International Economic Law and International Affairs


FACULTY SIPA’s faculty unites researchers and practitioners from around the world to form a unique educational community. Our professors examine and address today’s most challenging public policy issues at the local, national, and international levels.



NEW FACULTY IN AY 2018–19 (FULL-TIME RECURRING) Stephen Biddle, professor, is an expert on great power conflict, U.S. national security policy, and military strategy. In addition to his academic work, he frequently contributes to policy debates and offers strategic advice to high-level U.S. military leaders. He joined us from George Washington University.


6 4

Thomas Christensen, professor, is a leading expert in Chinese foreign relations and international security and a former senior U.S. policymaker at the State Department. He joined SIPA from Princeton University, where he also was codirector of the renowned China and the World Program, which he has relocated to SIPA in collaboration with Harvard University. Tamar Mitts, assistant professor, is a specialist in big data and policy analysis who studies ISIS recruiting on the internet. She joined SIPA from the University of Michigan. Jeffrey Shrader, assistant professor, joined us from New York University, where he had spent a year as a postdoctoral fellow. He specializes in economic adaptation to environmental risks, such as climate change.



Sandra Black, an influential and accomplished labor economist, and Keren Yarhi-Milo, a leading scholar of decision-making in foreign policy, were recruited in academic year 2018–19 and joined the SIPA faculty in fall 2019.


1. Stephen Biddle 2. Thomas Christensen 3. Tamar Mitts 4. Jeffrey Shrader 5. Sandra Black 6. Keren Yarhi-Milo


Ricardo Anaya Part-Time Visiting Professor

Ronaldo Lemos Visiting Professor

Mauricio Cardenas Part-Time Visiting Professor

Damien Neven Part-Time Visiting Professor

Ishac Diwan Part-Time Visiting Professor

Francisco Rivera-Batiz Professor of International and Public Affairs (fall semester only)

Karla Hoff Part-Time Visiting Professor Mats Karlsson Part-Time Visiting Professor

Shiv Someshwar Visiting Professor



SIPA’s Richard Clarida, the C. Lowell Harriss Professor of Economics and professor of international and public affairs, was sworn in as vice chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. David Sandalow of the Center on Global Energy Policy developed a new Guide to Chinese Climate Policy, which provides information on China’s emissions, the impacts of climate change in China, the history of China’s climate change policies, and China’s response to climate change today.



A series of policy briefs coedited by Paul F. Lagunes and Jan Svejnar, examine the investigation, called Operation Car Wash (Operação Lava Jato), into what could be the largest corruption scheme in Latin American history. A number of SIPA faculty and students —Albert Fishlow, Karla Ganley MPA ’19, Cortney Newell MPA-DP ’18, Marcia Sanzovo MIA ’20, and Anya Schiffrin — contributed to the project as brief authors or coauthors. A new book by Victoria Murillo and coauthor Ernesto Calvo, Non-Policy Politics: Richer Voters, Poorer Voters, and Diversification of Electoral Strategies (Cambridge University Press, 2019), helps explain the considerable ideological differences of political parties in Latin American countries.



In Free Trade and Prosperity (Oxford University Press, 2019), economist Arvind Panagariya argues that free trade is still the best hope for prosperity in developing countries. Scott Barrett, vice dean and Lenfest-Earth Institute Professor of Natural Resource Economics, was elected one of the 36 fellows of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (AERE), the highest honor of the professional association.


1. Richard Clarida 2. David Sandalow 3. Paul F. Lagunes 4. Victoria Murillo 5. Arvind Panagariya 6. Scott Barrett 7. Jan Svejnar

Slovenia’s University of Ljubljana has designated economist Jan Svejnar, the James T. Shotwell Professor of Global Political Economy and director of the Center on Global Economic Governance at SIPA, as an honorary senator of the university.




Douglas Almond

“Choices in the Climate Commons.” Science 362, no. 6420 (December 14, 2018): 1217.

With Hongbin Li and Shuang Zhang “Land Reform and Sex Selection in China.” Journal of Political Economy 127, no. 2 (April 2019): 560–585. Takatoshi Ito

“Changing International Financial Architecture: Growing Chinese Influence?” Asian Economic Policy Review 13, no. 2 (July 2018): 192–214.


Contributor. “Are Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Plans for the MTA Subways a Good Idea?” City & State, January 15, 2019. Victoria Murillo

With Daniel M. Brinks and Steven Levitsky. Understanding Institutional Weakness: Power and Design in Latin American Institutions. Cambridge University Press, 2019.

Scott Barrett

Jason Bordoff

“Getting Real about the Green New Deal.” Democracy Journal, March 25, 2019.


“Surrogacy: Women’s Bodies between Globalization and National Reform.” Special issue, International Journal of Law in Context 15, no. 2 (June 2019): 226–229. Edward Luck

“Could a United Nations Code of Conduct Help Curb Atrocities?” Ethics and International Affairs. vol. 33, no. 1 (2019): 79–87.


“The Determinants of Nonstate Military Methods.” Pacific Review 31, no. 6 (2018): 714 –739. Tamar Mitts

“From Isolation to Radicalization: AntiMuslim Hostility and Support for ISIS in the West.” American Political Science Review 113, no. 1 (2019): 173 –194.

TECH AND POLICY Sarah Holloway

“Can Entrepreneurship Education Help Change the World.”, November 21, 2018. Anya Schiffrin

With Ryan Powell. “Investigative Journalism on Oil, Gas and Mining: Has DonorDriven Use of Digital Technology Made a Difference?” In Making Transparency Possible: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue, edited by Roy Krøvel and Mona Thowsen, 137–158. Nordic Open Access Publishing, 2019.

FACULTY AWARDS Stephen Biddle’s research project “Empirical Analysis for Meeting Great Power Challenges” has been funded for three years by the Office of Naval Research. According to Biddle, the project will address the topic “Power, Deterrence, Influence, and Escalation Management for Shaping Operations.” Alexander Hertel-Fernandez received the American Political Science Association’s Robert A. Dahl Award in recognition of his book Politics at Work (Oxford University Press, 2018), which examines the increasing efforts of businesses to exert control over how their workers vote. Ignacia Mercadal received a Columbia University Junior Faculty Diversity Grant for her research project “Shades of Integration: Wholesale Electricity Markets in the U.S.” In recognition of his outstanding contribution to antitrust scholarship, Suresh Naidu was selected as a recipient of the 17th Annual Jerry S. Cohen Memorial Fund Writing Award for his 2018 article, with Eric A. Posner and Glen Weyl, “Antitrust Remedies for Labor Market Power” in Harvard Law Review.





1. Alexander Hertel-Fernandez 2. Ignacia Mercadal 3. Suresh Naidu

























Includes ongoing grants.

$3,988,328 AMOUNT OF FACULTY GRANT AWARDS / FUNDING Includes total ongoing and new awards.


STUDENTS Students come to SIPA from across the globe united in their idealism, their boundless intellectual energy, and their dedication to creating a better future.


ENROLLMENT BY ACADEMIC DEGREE PROGRAM Master of International Affairs: 292 Master of Public Administration: 542 MPA in Development Practice: 92 MPA in Economic Policy Management: 35 MPA in Environmental Science and Policy: 51 Executive MPA: 191 Global Public Policy Network (GPPN) Dual Degree: 24 Columbia Dual Degree: 19









United States 45%

Female 61%

International 55%

JoAnna Kyle MIA ʼ19, SIPASA President

SIPA Rangel Fellows with David Dinkins and Charles Rangel

SIPA’s team of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Fellows




Hira Azhar, Lea Giddins, Won Jang, Rashida Kabba, Jacob Sprang, Jillian Timko

Jasneet Hora

For his exceptional contributions to civic service both at Columbia and abroad

For her contributions to student life at SIPA and service as a dedicated student leader, distinguished by a spirit of collaboration and partnership with fellow students, faculty, and staff

For their workshop project “Assessing the Impact of Women’s Village Savings and Loan Associations on Building Resilience in Humanitarian Response” Client: CARE Faculty Supervisor: Josh Chaffin


For her essay “The Saharan Breath”

LEOUS/PARRY AWARD FOR PROGRESSIVE SUSTAINABILITY Ripunjaya Bansal, Zelan Chen, Grace Cushman, Sha Du, Siqi He, Hung-Yu Tseng, Alejandro Valdez, Zhaohua Wang

For their workshop project “Energy Resilience in Puerto Rico: The Role of Advanced Microgrids” Client: Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables Faculty Supervisor: Jeanne Fox

Sierra Robbins

For her essay “What Holiday? We’re Working”

JoAnna Kyle, SIPASA President

PRIZE FOR DATA ANALYTICS FOR PUBLIC POLICY Daniel Aho, Jonathan Kumaresan, Cullen D. Seaton, Mingyi Xu

For their research project “Perceptions of Governance: The ‘Ethnic Effect’ in Sub-Saharan Africa” Submitted for the course Quantitative Analysis II, taught by Alan Yang, lecturer in the discipline of international and public affairs.

STUDENT HIGHLIGHTS Eight SIPA students were selected as Presidential Management Fellows for 2019: Andrew Bariahtaris MIA ’19, Stephen Denoms MIA ’19, CJ Dixon MIA ’19, Kirsten Holland MPA ’19, Julia Koppman Norton MPA-ESP ’19, Casey Luskin MIA ’19, Tyler Quillico MPA-DP ’19, and Katy Swartz MPA ’19. Twelve SIPA students took part in a State Department program championed by the longtime Harlem congressman Charles Rangel: pictured above, standing, from left, Surayya Diggs MPA ’19, Kier Joy MIA ’19, Asha Hardy MPA-DP ’20, Aaron Bhatt MPA ’20, Tanya Donangmaye MIA ’19, Paula Crawford MPA ’20,

Johanna Sanchez MPA-DP ’19, Marta Aparicio MIA ’20, Rep. Charles Rangel, Saumya Deva MPA ’19, Kala Deterville MPA ’20, Matt Hinson MIA ’19, Cyprian Christian MIA ’19; (seated) Mayor David N. Dinkins SIPA’s team of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Fellows— pictured above, from left, Alonso Flores MPA ’19, Nigora Isamiddinova MPA-DP ’19, Jessica Arnold MIA ’19, Nitasha Nair MPA ’19, and Ji Qi MPA-DP ’19—won the 2018 Geneva Challenge, a competition among graduate students “to present innovative and pragmatic solutions to address the main challenges of today’s world.” 7

ACADEMICS ACADEMIC PROGRAMS MASTER OF INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS (MIA) Enrolled students (Fall 2019): 292 Countries represented: 44

The MIA program prepares students to address major international issues as experts and leaders in governments and organizations around the world. The program’s core curriculum includes the choice of more than 65 courses in international politics and political economy. The fall 2019 MIA program entering class is 57 percent international, with Canada, China, India, Japan, and South Korea the most represented non-U.S. countries.

MASTER OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (MPA) Enrolled students (Fall 2019): 542 Countries represented: 44

The MPA program emphasizes a comparative approach to domestic politics and institutions. The program’s core curriculum combines a globally oriented and comparative approach to national policymaking with rigorous courses in economics, quantitative analysis, and management. In fall 2018, the required MPA program course on the politics of policymaking was redesigned to allow students to choose to study policymaking in either developing countries or developed democracies, such as the U.S.

MPA IN DEVELOPMENT PRACTICE (MPA-DP) Enrolled students (Fall 2019): 92 Countries represented: 27

The MPA-DP program trains current and aspiring development practitioners to design, implement, and manage results-oriented, integrated approaches to sustainable development. Summer 2019 found 48 MPA-DP program students in professional placements with 33 organizations spanning 37 countries, including Cambodia, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Guatemala, Italy, Myanmar, Nigeria, and Poland.

MPA IN ECONOMIC POLICY MANAGEMENT (MPA-EPM) Enrolled students (Fall 2019): 35 Countries represented: 23

The MPA-EPM program provides midcareer policymakers and professionals with the skills to design and implement economic policy in market economies, with a strong emphasis on the economic problems of developing countries. The MPA-EPM program welcomed 35 new students from 23 countries, including Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Japan, Peru, Sweden, and Tajikistan. More than 80 percent of the incoming class was employed at central banks, finance ministries, and regulatory agencies.

MPA IN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLICY (MPA-ESP) Enrolled students (Fall 2019): 51 Countries represented: 12

The MPA-ESP program trains the next generation of public managers and policymakers to apply innovative, systems-based thinking to environmental, social, and economic aspects of sustainability. MPA-ESP program graduates hold positions in organizations worldwide across the public, nonprofit, and private sectors. The program’s fall 2019 entering class is 35 percent international, hailing from Brazil, China, Italy, Nepal, and New Zealand, among others.


Participants in the Picker Center for Executive Education’s Macro-Financial Policymaking in Emerging Markets program



Enrolled students (Fall 2019): 191 Countries represented: 22

The Picker Center for Executive Education offers degrees, certificates, and customized courses for midcareer professionals and public service professionals from around the world.

The Executive MPA (EMPA) degree positions midcareer professionals to advance their careers in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors through part-time study. In 2019, the EMPA program welcomed 77 new students and expanded its academic offerings to meet increased student demand. Curricular highlights include a new concentration in Urban Social Policy, four new courses, and two additional Capstone workshops per year.

The center celebrated 10 years of a successful partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank in offering the MacroFinancial Policymaking in Emerging Markets program. To date, this one-week program has trained more than 300 participants from more than 35 countries.

PHD IN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Current PhD students: 32 Countries represented: 15

The PhD in Sustainable Development prepares graduates to conduct rigorous multidisciplinary research—combining the social sciences and natural sciences—on the most challenging issues in sustainable development.

All five PhD graduates in 2019 were placed in academic positions, both tenure-track in economics departments and postdoc in New York City and Europe.


CONCENTRATIONS ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL DEVELOPMENT (EPD) Since 1987–88, the Workshop in Development Practice has engaged more than 400 projects with close to 2,500 students engaging in cutting-edge work with 200 clients in 90 countries. Last year, 120 students worked in teams with faculty advisers on 20 projects involving field travel to 26 countries. Several of the EPD workshop projects in 2018–19 focused on the application and implications of technology for development (see highlights on page 13).

ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT (EE) The EE practicum funded four teams, resulting in an up-andrunning solar microgrid at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico clubhouse in Vieques to serve as a post-disaster relief center; a workshop bringing together the key stakeholders for electrifying NYC’s bus fleet; a research project on the current coping strategies for heat adaptations in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and the feasibility of cool roofs as an appropriate cooling strategy; and a research project on the resiliency of the low-income housing infrastructure of Atlanta, Georgia, in the face of a changing climate.



1. EPD workshop students at Brazil’s Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation, and Communications 2. 2019 Annual Energy Symposium 3. EE practicum students at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico clubhouse in Vieques


The EE concentration funded field trips to seven sites, including a nuclear power plant, a waste-to-energy facility, and an urban rooftop farm. The Annual Energy Symposium brought together over 350 attendees for six topical panels, 21 recruiting organizations for the career fair, and 10 energy entrepreneurs for the venture showcase.

HUMAN RIGHTS & HUMANITARIAN POLICY (HRHP) The HRHP concentration hosted its annual humanitarian conference on November 26, 2018. “License to Kill: Can Civilians Targeted in Conflict Be Protected?” welcomed speakers from several high-profile organizations and UN agencies. The concentration’s inaugural human rights conference on May 1, 2019, addressed “Immigration, Detention, and Resistance through Art,” with speakers from several local and grassroots human rights organizations in NYC. The HRHP practicum welcomed professionals from the Center for Constitutional Rights, OutRight Action International, MADRE, the International Federation of the Red Cross, Human Rights Watch, the Inter-Agency Working Group (IAWG) on Reproductive Health in Crises, the Women’s Refugee Commission, CARE International, and the International Rescue Committee to speak to students about issues in the field. 3

URBAN AND SOCIAL POLICY (USP) In February, the USP concentration organized the Greater Good Conference, which brought nearly 40 speakers and panelists over two days focused on the ways that technology can threaten a shared sense of community and the common good— or fulfill its original promise to help build them. The USP concentration organized and cosponsored over 20 talks, panel discussions, and film screenings, many focusing on current urban issues, and political and civic engagement, including the 2018 congressional elections and the upcoming 2020 census. Speakers included Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, Manhattan Borough president Gale Brewer, and SIPA professor Kenneth Prewitt, former director of the United States Census Bureau.

INTERNATIONAL FINANCE AND ECONOMIC POLICY (IFEP) Enrollment in the IFEP concentration has grown steadily and organically and is now the largest economics and finance concentration by far among SIPA’s peer schools. The concentration requires a rigorous microeconomics sequence and minimum grades to remain in the concentration. Depending on the track—International Finance, International Economic Policy, or International Central Banking — IFEP concentration requirements account for up to 21 of the 54 points needed to graduate SIPA. More than 60 percent of the concentration’s adjunct faculty hold PhD degrees.

INTERNATIONAL SECURITY POLICY (ISP) The ISP concentration welcomed Stephen Biddle, professor and codirector, to the concentration. In October 2018, he led a group of 25 students on a tour of Gettysburg (pictured above).

The concentration once again partnered with Columbia College for Voting Week, designed to promote civic engagement and community involvement among students. Concentration students staffed voter registration tables and assisted new voter registrations and absentee ballot requests. The USP concentration sponsored travel for over a dozen students to participate in GOTV activities during the 2018 election., a nonpartisan voter registration and engagement initiative managed by the USP concentration, was updated and used by over 50,000 New Yorkers in the 2018 election cycle.




The concentration also welcomed Thomas Christensen, professor, who is codirector of the China and the World Program. In September, 40 students attended the annual ISP concentration retreat. In November, 12 ISP students competed in the New York regional Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge competition (see page 19). In January, 35 students participated in the ISP concentration’s student-led crisis simulation.

NEW COURSE HIGHLIGHTS China’s Foreign Relations, Thomas Christensen Data Science & Public Policy, Tamar Mitts Gender, Conflict, and Peacebuilding, Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini Impact Investing and Financial Innovation, Frederic de Mariz Renewable Energy Project Finance Modeling, Daniel Gross and Haydn Palliser


CAPSTONES Capstone workshops are real-world consulting projects sponsored by external clients. Each workshop partners a team of about six graduate students with a faculty adviser, providing clients with innovative analysis and practical recommendations.

CAPSTONE WORKSHOPS (MIA/MPA) HIGHLIGHTS “Creation of a Sustainable Mining Program for Nigeria”

Client: Government of Nigeria: Solid Minerals Development Fund Although Nigeria is richly endowed with a variety of solid minerals, mining contributes very little to the national economy; the sector accounted for only 0.18 percent of GDP in 2018. The Capstone team analyzed how Nigeria’s Solid Minerals Development Fund can incentivize artisanal miners to formally register their activities and provided recommendations and analysis of opportunities and challenges to grow the country’s mining sector. “Energy Resilience in Puerto Rico: The Role of Advanced Microgrids”

Client: Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables In September 2017, Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico and resulted in one of the most severe blackouts in U.S. history, leaving more than 10,000 people without electricity for months after the storm. Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables worked with the SIPA Capstone team to monitor, assess, and project the reconstruction of Puerto Rico’s grid system, with an emphasis on the emerging technologies and business models used in advanced microgrids.

“Cryptocurrencies: Evaluating Risk and Regulation in the Digital Currency Age”

Client: Morgan Stanley—Global Financial Crimes Unit Capstone students analyzed potential business opportunities and risks associated with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for financial institutions, all within the emerging regulatory environment. “Assessing the Impact of Women’s Village Savings and Loan Associations on Building Resilience in Humanitarian Response”

Client: CARE CARE recently adapted Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA) to urban and humanitarian contexts in Jordan, both of which are new for the service model. A team traveled to Jordan to research the impacts of VSLA on gender equality, economic empowerment, decision-making power, mental health, and the relationship between refugees and host communities. “Strategies for Transnational Organized Crime”

Client: United Kingdom Government’s Stabilisation Unit The UK Home Office asked the SIPA Capstone team to identify patterns of transnational organized crime groups across the globe and craft a series of recommendations to prevent and deter their practices in their countries of origin. “A Practical Roadmap for Improving Santiago’s Business Permit Revenue Collection Process”

Client: Municipality of Santiago, Chile The Municipality of Santiago recruited the help of a Capstone team to improve the system of revenue collection and to develop a detailed road map that the municipality could make to strengthen its fiscal position. The team identified reducing the arrears balance —specifically, for business permits—as key to improving city hall’s revenue collection rates and provided specific, actionable recommendations for how to improve the process for collecting business permit revenue.

Government of Nigeria: Solid Minerals Development Fund


Inter-American Development Bank: “Managing the Human Side of Digital Transformation”

WORKSHOP IN DEVELOPMENT PRACTICE (EPD CONCENTRATION CAPSTONE WORKSHOPS) HIGHLIGHTS Brazil’s Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation, and Communications: “Measuring Digital Transformation in Brazil”

The workshop team developed and proposed a dashboard to enable this Brazilian government ministry, MCTIC, to track progress under the government’s national digitization strategy, in line with similar metrics used by OECD countries. Inter-American Development Bank: “Managing the Human Side of Digital Transformation”

The workshop team conducted case studies of major private-sector companies outside Latin America that have successfully enabled their employees to function in more automated or digitized workplaces. The team’s findings and recommendations are informing the IDB’s advice to Latin American governments on how best to manage the impact of e-governance initiatives on public-sector workers. UN Capital Development Fund: “Digital Financial Inclusion for Factory Workers and Small Business Owners in Laos”

The workshop team used a “customer journey mapping” methodology to assess the experience of garment factory workers in using mobile wallets and to make recommendations to financial institutions in Laos to improve the usefulness of these digital financial services for their low-income customers.

Morgan Stanley—Global Financial Crimes Unit






Chile Dominican Republic Estonia India Jordan Mali Mexico



Myanmar Nepal Nigeria Peru South Africa Switzerland Thailand Uganda

WeRobotics: “Capturing the Impact of Localized Robotics Technology”

The workshop team developed tools to measure the effectiveness and impact of this global network of “Flying Labs” that support the use of drones to address local development challenges. 13

CAREERS POST-GRADUATION EMPLOYMENT Government 34% Employed/ Further Study 92.1%

Private Sector 40%



Nonprofit 24%

Seeking Employment 7.6%

Academia 2%

Employment information as reported by graduates six months after graduation.





Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty

Bain & Company

Bank of China

Action Lab (J-Pal)

Credit Suisse

International Finance Corporation

Brookings Institution


Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)


Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan

Energy Futures Initiative

Global Health Strategies

International Peace Institute International Rescue Committee Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) United Federation of Teachers


General Electric Goldman Sachs Google

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

McKinsey & Company

United States Department of Defense and Department of State


World Bank











Employment information as reported by graduates six months after graduation.


ENGAGEMENT Since its founding in 1946, SIPA has built an international reputation as a place that engages deeply with the world to fulfill its mission of policy research and education. This long-standing legacy is SIPA’s firm foundation for continued engagement, which manifests itself in diverse and innovative programming, research, and learning opportunities.

EVENT HIGHLIGHTS This year’s Niejelow Rodin Global Digital Futures Forum was devoted to the theme of “Navigating Digital Transformations: Survive or Thrive?” SIPA hosted its fourth annual conference on China and the West: The Role of the State in Economic Growth, convening more than 40 high-level participants in Beijing for a roundtable discussion. Former national security adviser H. R. McMaster spoke on “The Future of the U.S.–Japan Alliance at the Weatherhead East Asian Institute.” The Center on Global Energy Policy’s Sixth Annual Columbia Global Energy Summit featured interviews with Washington governor Jay Inslee, FERC chairman Neil Chatterjee, and many other newsmakers.

Diplomat Juan Gabriel Valdés spoke on Latin American countries’ relationships with the United States, suggesting they will be reshaped by the crisis in Venezuela and growing engagement with China. Investor Steve Case joined former U.S. Treasury secretary Jacob Lew and Dean Merit E. Janow to discuss how the next cycle of internet innovation will impact economies, public policy, and entrepreneurship. The Urban and Social Policy concentration hosted the 22nd Annual David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum in April with keynote speaker Maria Hinojosa, founder of Futuro Media Group and executive producer of Latino USA on NPR.



Juan Gabriel Valdés


ENDOWED LECTURES AND CONFERENCES George Ball Lecture, October 15, 2018 Nirupama Rao, Former Foreign Secretary of India and India’s Ambassador to the U.S. Kenneth J. Arrow Lecture, November 8, 2018 Alvin Roth, 2012 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences and Craig and Susan McCaw Professor of Economics at Stanford University, and Joseph E. Stiglitz, 2001 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences and University Professor Ambassador Donald and Vera Blinken Lecture Series on Global Governance, February 28, 2019 European Parliament President Antonio Tajani George Ball Lecture, April 17, 2019 Juan Gabriel Valdés, Former Chilean Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador to the U.S. Investcorp Lecture, May 1, 2019 Sir Ronald Cohen, Philanthropist, Venture Capitalist, Private Equity Investor, and Social Innovator




4 5





1. Ambassador Nirupama Rao 2. European Parliament President Antonio Tajani 3. Sir Ronald Cohen 4. L–R: Dean Merit E. Janow, Steve Case, and Jacob Lew 5. H. R. McMaster 6. China and the West: The Role of the State in Economic Growth 7. Niejelow Rodin Global Digital Futures Forum 8. Alvin Roth 9. Maria Hinojosa


CENTERS AND INSTITUTES CENTER FOR DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS AND POLICY (CDEP) Founded: 2013 Codirectors: Eric Verhoogen and Cristian “Kiki” Pop-Eleches

In 2018–19, CDEP added 11 new projects and 12 working papers from affiliated scholars; hosted four special events, 22 academic seminars, and 23 graduate student workshops; and awarded $20,000 in research grants to eight students.


In 2018–19, CGEG faculty associates and scholars published 62 research papers, 35 working papers, 13 books and book chapters, and 88 op-eds. The center hosted 28 research symposia and conferences, welcoming 194 visiting guest lecturers, 82 Columbia faculty members, and 2,208 attendees. Thirty-one CGEG scholars traveled to five countries to deliver conference keynotes and participate in international forums.

CENTER ON GLOBAL ENERGY POLICY (CGEP) Founded: 2013 Director: Jason Bordoff

In 2018–19, CGEP published 73 reports, commentaries, articles, and op-eds. The center produced more than 59 episodes of the Columbia Energy Exchange podcast, featuring in-depth conversations with the world’s top energy and climate leaders from government, business, academia, and civil society. CGEP hosted more than 90 events, including the annual Columbia Global Energy Summit in New York City, which was attended by more than 500 energy leaders.


Center on Global Energy Policy (CGEP) Energy Journalism Initiative

Twenty journalists from seven countries attended CGEP’s Energy Journalism Initiative, a program that educates journalists about disciplines associated with the energy sector. The center fostered a community of more than 1,000 women through its Women in Energy initiative, a program that elevates women in energy by advancing equality and empowering women to achieve career growth through educational programming and broader networks.


The Raj Center produced six working papers focused on various topics, including Indian politics, education, and the international economy. The center hosted 10 events this year, welcoming dignitaries and scholars to campus, each of whom spoke to students. During the United Nations General Assembly, the center also hosted the WION Global Summit: USA Edition, which was broadcast on the WION and Zee Media channels in India, reaching over 90 million subscribers.

The Raj Center launched Transforming India, its new podcast in conjunction with the Times of India. The podcast averages 1,000 listeners per episode, with the first episode listened to by over 55,000 people.


In 2018 –19, Saltzman Institute members produced three books, nine research papers, seven journal articles, and 11 op-eds. Institute members traveled to eight foreign countries to deliver lectures and perform scholarly research. The institute hosted 23 public and eight private events, welcoming 1,437 attendees.

INITIATIVES DEAN’S CHALLENGE GRANT The winning teams in this year’s Dean’s Public Policy Challenge Grant competition were allocated a total of $65,000 in prize money to support the implementation of their projects. The first-place team, Project Danso, received $25,000. Project Danso is working to develop a smartphone-based medical device for low-resource settings that will digitize the anthropometric measurement of infants and children — collecting information such as height and weight — to instantly evaluate their nutritional status. Since launching in spring 2014, the Dean’s Challenge Grant has supported 292 students with $933,973 in total funding.

TECH AND POLICY Senior Research Scholar Jason Healey published in 12 outlets, including six major research and analytic pieces. He was also quoted in over 25 forms of other media coverage, including podcasts and broadcasts. Katheryn Rosen published in three outlets and attended nine external engagements as a presenter, speaker, or participant. The State of the Field series expanded to include two additional convening topics: Cyber Risk and Financial Stability (CRFS) and Digital Transformation. The annual State of the Field of Cyber Conflict workshops brought together 50 academics and practitioners in 2018 and 40 academics and practitioners in 2019. The Digital Transformation workshop was attended by 91 experts, and the CRFS workshop hosted 47 experts. Tech and Policy’s main student organization, the Digital and Cyber Group (DCG), hosted the Third Annual Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge competition in November 2018. The competition brought 28 teams from 15 universities to compete over two days. Additionally, the DCG hosted or collaborated on over 15 events for students, including a Python boot camp and eight expert discussions.

Third Annual Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge Competition

ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND POLICY In 2019, a new Entrepreneurship and Policy working paper series was launched, covering three key areas: cities and innovation; innovation and entrepreneurial solutions; and emerging global digital policy. The papers include 10 original academic articles, research papers, and case studies from SIPA faculty and those from across the University. The Entrepreneurship and Policy Initiative also hosted seven major public events. Entrepreneur, author, and journalist John Battelle joined the SIPA faculty as a senior research scholar.

CENTRAL BANKING AND FINANCIAL POLICY In a year filled with high-profile events, the Central Banking and Financial Policy Initiative hosted eight lectures by current and former central bankers and financial regulators, two book talks, two visiting Clyde Wu Fellows, two workshops on “new normal” monetary policy, and two roundtables on emerging market policy challenges.

The 2019 annual meeting of the Central Bank Research Association (CEBRA) brought together academics and central bankers working on policy-relevant research at SIPA, Columbia University, and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. James Bullard, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, and other distinguished speakers from across industry and academia joined conference organizer Patricia C. Mosser, director of SIPA’s MPA in Economic Policy Management program for more than 30 sessions.

DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION In fall 2018, the Office of Student Life initiated a minigrant program for student organizations. Grants for $100 can be applied for in the following areas: health and wellness; networking and community building; and diversity, equity, and inclusion. In the 2018 –19 academic year, 10 awards were granted, four of them to programs that pertain to diversity, equity, and inclusion. During spring 2018 orientation, a new multicultural-competence orientation program, Identity@SIPA, was offered to all students. Students participated in exercises designed to encourage critical reflection on the privileged and targeted identities they and their classmates hold as well as the role these identity formations play in international and public affairs. 19

ALUMNI SIPA alumni are part of a powerful global network of more than 22,000 graduates in over 160 countries. The Office of Alumni Affairs partners with the SIPA Alumni Association to develop events and other opportunities that connect SIPA alumni to each other and to the School to strengthen this unique global community.

CONCENTRATION OF SIPA ALUMNI 600+ 200– 599 100–299 50–99 25–49 10–24 1–9












Japan 621

South Korea 208

New York Metro 7,452

China 499

India 193

Washington, D.C., Metro 2,447

United Kingdom 427

Germany 152

San Francisco Metro 780

Mexico 241

Los Angeles Metro 524

France 229 Canada 212

48 32


Hong Kong 147 Singapore 140 Turkey 135



1. Jonathan Malagón MPA-EPM ʼ11 2. Elissa Slotkin MIA ’03

ALUMNI NEWS Damian Boeslager MPA ’17 was elected to the European Parliament. Michael J. Fitzpatrick MIA ’85 is the new U.S. ambassador to Ecuador. Hussein Yahya Gangol MIA ’01 was appointed governor of the Central Bank of Sudan. Jonathan Malagón MPA-EPM ’11 was appointed minister of housing of Colombia. Elissa Slotkin MIA ’03 was elected to Congress from Michigan’s Eighth District in November 2018. She returned to campus in April as the keynote speaker on SIPA Alumni Day.

SIPA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Kirsten Frivold Imohiosen MPA ’03, Chair Reed D. Auerbach IF ’81, MIA ’82, ’85LAW, Ex Officio


Michael Benz MPA ’10 Leonardo Bullaro MPA ’08 F. Bruce Cohen MPA ’91 Melissa Sawin Donohue MIA ’93 Habib M. Enayetullah MPA ’91, Ex Officio Brent Feigenbaum MIA ’84

James Profestas MPA ’14 Kiara Reed MIA ’16, Ex Officio Laura Robinson MPA ’10 Peter Sang MPA ’10 Clayton Shedd MPA ’15 Maro Virginia Titus MPA ’93 Pertshuhi Torosyan MPA-EPM ’15 William Wechsler MPA ’93 Anastasia Xenias ’91BC, MIA ’94, CERT ’94, ’01GSAS, ’07GSAS 21

DEVELOPMENT Giving a gift to SIPA supports the $150 million What Can Be campaign, which will help fund areas essential to SIPAʼs future by increasing financial aid for our students, supporting the high-impact research of our academic community, and ensuring new hiring in critical fields.

CAMPAIGN PRIORITIES SUPPORTING STUDENTS $13 million will expand financial support for students—funding tuition and providing access to workshops, competitions, summer travel, and more — to allow the world’s best to attend SIPA regardless of their means.

ENSURING A REMARKABLE FACULTY $25 million will help permanently fund five professorships in SIPA’s traditional areas of strength and subjects of emerging importance.

EXPANDING INNOVATION AND RESEARCH $90 million will elevate SIPA’s leadership in the field by supporting interdisciplinary centers, crosscutting academic initiatives, experiential learning opportunities, and other distinctive programs.

BUILDING A GLOBAL HUB $15 million will help create a physical and technological environment that is commensurate with the quality of our world-leading programs.

EVOLVING WITH A CHANGING WORLD $7 million will bolster SIPA’s Annual Fund, which supports a wide range of core programs and gives the School flexibility to fund new opportunities as they arise.


Alumni $30.75M


3,972 DONORS


Corporations $29.67M


Other Organizations $3.43M


Other Individuals $0.14M

United States


DONORS BY GEOGRAPHY As of June 30, 2019

Friends $12.55M Parents $8.56M



Foundations $15.99M

FINANCIAL AID SIPA awarded more than $13 million in financial aid in the 2018–19 academic year. Approximately a quarter of first-year SIPA students received fellowships, and the average award was $26,500.


1,248 DONORS


Includes gifts from July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019 23


$88,347,000 $11,958,123 BUDGET






$115,963,439 ENDOWMENT MARKET VALUE (AS OF 6/30/19)

* Includes cash gifts received from July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019.



Arminio Fraga

Harley L. Lippman MIA ’79

Mitchell D. Silber MIA ’05

Reed D. Auerbach IF ’81, MIA ’82, ’85LAW

Alexander Georgiadis MIA ’85

James Luikart MIA ’72

Sumant Sinha MIA ’92

Tanvir S. Ghani MIA ’01, IF ’01

Peter N. Marber MIA ’87

David Z. Solomon MIA ’97

Tianquan Vincent Mo

Joan E. Spero MIA ’68, ’73GSAS

David S. Baran MIA ’87 Roger Baumann IF ’84, MIA ’85 Kathy Finn Bloomgarden CERT ’74, ’74GSAS, ’77GSAS, ’83GSAS Michael Brandmeyer IF ’94, ’94BUS, MIA ’95 H. Eric Chiang MIA ’99, ’99BUS

Susie Gharib MIA ’74 Richard S. Goldberg Gordon Mitchell Goldstein ’90CC, MIA ’94, IF ’94, ’98GSAS, ’98GSAS Zach He ’12CC Robert Hormats Anuradha T. Jayanti

Lisa Coleman MIA ’85

Edward S. Knight

Anisa Kamadoli Costa ’97BC, MIA ’98

Robert I. Kopech ’76BUS, MIA ’77

David N. Dinkins

Vladimir V. Kuznetsov IF ’90, MIA ’91

Habib M. Enayetullah MPA ’91

Jorge Paulo Lemann

Juan Navarro Tina Nelson-Fordham MIA ’99 Brett A. Olsher MIA ’93 David B. Ottaway IF ’63, ’63GSAS, ’72GSAS John H. Porter IF ’82, MIA ’83, CERT ’83

Gregory A. Stoupnitzky ’78CC, MIA ’80 Lynn Thoman Michael D. Tusiani Martin Varsavsky MIA ’84, ’85BUS

Michael M. Roberts MIA ’86

Maria Teresa Vivas de Mata ’93BUS, MIA ’03, IF ’03, ’06GSAS

Juan A. Sabater

Hongyuan Wang MPA ’04

Maurice R. Samuels MIA ’83

Richard E. Witten ’75CC

Alejandro Santo Domingo

Lan Yang MIA ’96

Deepak Raj

Romita Shetty MIA ’89


Thank You to Our Donors We are grateful for the generosity of SIPA’s alumni and friends, whose financial support advances SIPA’s academic programs, provides students with fellowship aid, and promotes faculty research.


$1,000,000+ Arnold Ventures/Laura and John Arnold The Bernard and Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust Cheniere Energy, Inc. Deepak Raj and Neera Raj FXG International Holdings Limited/ Hongyuan Wang MPA ’04 Tellurian Inc.

China Index Academy/ Tianquan Vincent Mo

Wintershall Holding GmbH

ClimateWorks Foundation

Yan Xu

Zach He ’12CC and Claire He MIA ’19, ’19BUS

CME Group Inc.

P. H. Yu

John C. Howe MIA ’83



Anuradha T. Jayanti and Martin C. Milewski

Facebook, Inc.

Amy Levine Abrams IF ’78, MIA ’80, ’80BUS and David C. Abrams


Stuart Y. Fan ’79SEAS Susan Aurelia Gitelson ’63BC, MIA ’66, ’70GSAS Barbara E. Kaplan and Philip S. Kaplan


Vladimir V. Kuznetsov IF ’90, MIA ’91 and Olga L. Malova

Aphorism Foundation

Lemann Foundation


NIC Holding Corporation

Nasdaq Educational Foundation, Inc.

Alexander Niejelow

Progressive Education Foundation Limited

Pioneer Natural Resources

$100,000–$499,999 The 2040 Foundation ABN Amro Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Anonymous (2)

Oak Foundation The Rockefeller Foundation Judith S. Rodin ’71GSAS and Paul Verkuil Kimberley Sheffield and Scott D. Sheffield Smith Richardson Foundation

BBL Commodities/ Jonathan Goldberg

Tokyo Gas Company, Ltd.

Jay Bernstein and Jill Bernstein

Vallum Foundation

Julius G. Blocker MIA ’56* Bloomberg Philanthropies BP

Total S.A. The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Coco Han

Maria Jelescu and Daniel A. Dreyfus

Anonymous (2)

Edward S. Knight and Amy S. Knight

Reed D. Auerbach IF ’81, MIA ’82, ’85LAW and Adrienne Petite Auerbach

Kequan Liu and Julie Ge James Luikart MIA ’72 and Amira Luikart


Judyt L. Mandel

Michael Brandmeyer IF ’94, ’94BUS, MIA ’95 and Polly Brandmeyer

Peter N. Marber MIA ’87 and Andrea Marber ’09GSAPP

Centre for Economic Policy Research

Gene McQuade and Peggy McQuade

Charles Koch Foundation

Juan Navarro

Cimarex Energy Co.

Michael M. Roberts MIA ’86 and Patricia Roberts

Citi Citi Foundation Lisa M. Coleman MIA ’85 The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation Dr. Rudolph & Mildred Joseph Foundation Habib M. Enayetullah MPA ’91 and Tania Rahmatullah The Endeavor Foundation ExxonMobil

Joan E. Spero MIA ’68, ’73GSAS and C. Michael Spero Mozelle W. Thompson ’76CC, IF ’79, ’81LAW Mila Tuttle ’96CC, MIA ’05 and Thomas L. Tuttle Maria Teresa Vivas de Mata ’93BUS, MIA ’03, IF ’03, ’06GSAS and Andres Mata Osorio

Charles Fabrikant ’68LAW and Sara Fabrikant

This donor list represents donations made during fiscal year 2019 (July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019) and includes outright gifts as well as pledge payments. It does not include multiyear pledges in order to prevent double counting.


Worldview Global Culture Alliance Corporation WPX Energy, Inc. Helena Zhou

$10,000–$24,999 The American Turkish Society Luisa M. Anzola MIA ’88 and Enzo Viscusi David S. Baran MIA ’87 and Serika Sato Baran Corporativo Bimbo S.A. de C.V. Anisa Kamadoli Costa ’97BC, MIA ’98 and Len Costa III MIA ’98 John J. Curley IF ’63, ’63JRN and Ann C. Curley Kun Deng MIA ’95 and Zhen Deng Brent Feigenbaum MIA ’84 Matt J. Fox Richard S. Goldberg and Jill Miller GSP Advisors Consulting Rex S. Heinke IF ’74, ’75LAW and Margaret A. Nagle ’75LAW Constance L. Hunter MIA ’94/KPMG Mark E. Kingdon ’71CC and Anla Kingdon Robert I. Kopech ’76BUS, MIA ’77 and Michele E. Fabrizio Alexander Landia and Marina Landia

David B. Ottaway IF ’63, ’68GSAS, ’72GSAS and Marina S. Ottaway ’74GSAS

David J. Stephenson and Frances Stephenson

John H. Porter IF ’82, MIA ’83, CERT ’83

Bruce A. Wolfson and Ellen S. Wolfson

Constance Rogers Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt IV Guler Sabanci Romita Shetty MIA ’89 and Nasser Aziz Ahmad Turkish Philanthropy Funds

Anna C. Coatsworth ’01BUS and Jonathan P. Simon

Winston & Strawn LLP


Mary S. Ginsberg IF ’78, MIA ’79

Charles S. Adams MIA ’83 and Georgia S. Adams MIA ’83 Roger Baumann IF ’84, MIA ’85 and Julie Baumann Norton W. Bell Shaun E. Bernier MIA ’06 Eric D. Cantor MIA ’05 and Anna Cantor Pamela Hawkins Casaudoumecq MIA ’89, ’90BUS and John Casaudoumecq F. Bruce Cohen MPA ’91 John Michael Dionisio, Jr. MPA ’17 Sofia Falleroni John C. Garrett IF ’66, ’68PS Susie Gharib MIA ’74 and Fereydoun F. Nazem ’75BUS David W. Heleniak IF ’74, ’74LAW

Judith Brown Meyers IF ’71, ’74GSAS, ’76GSAS and Michael Meyers

Bengt Holmstrom Merit E. Janow ’88LAW

HeeJung Shin Moon ’91LAW and John J. Moon

Kaye Trueba Abogados SC

Herbert Neuman


Judith A. Edstrom MIA ’72, IF ’72

Harley L. Lippman MIA ’79

Joel H. Moser ’80CC and Wednesday Martin

Bela Szigethy IF ’80, MIA ’81

JGC Consultores SC

Neal H. Harwood MIA ’61 Difei Vivian Hu MPA ’09 Hisanori Kataoka MIA ’98, ’99BUS

Jaya Balasubramaniam MIA ’06, ’06BU and Franjo Ivancic Jillian Barron MIA ’88, ’88LAW and Jonas K. Simonis Maureen R. Berman MIA ’73 Robin L. Berry MIA ’78 Pieter Bierkens MIA ’92 Kathy Finn Bloomgarden CERT ’74, ’74GSAS, ’77GSAS, ’83GSAS and Zachary Bloomgarden Patrick F. Bohan Stephen K. Bone IF ’72, ’72LAW Marcia B. Burkey MIA ’88 Allen L. Byrum MIA ’72

Brooks J. Klimley ’79CC and Laura E. Klimley ’80BC, ’82TC

Jeffrey L. Canfield ’78CC, MIA ’82, CERT ’82

Karen Y. Knapp MPA ’94 and Frank Knapp

Natalie G. Coburn MIA ’89

Arfan M. K. Malas MIA ’68 Eric Maskin Claudette M. Mayer MIA ’76, IF ’76 Sherwood G. Moe MIA ’48 Mary O’Donnell Hulme ’92CC, MIA ’95 Edmund S. Phelps and Viviana Phelps Kenneth Prewitt Vikram Raju MIA ’97 and Madeleine Chapman Marietta A. Ries Lavicka MIA ’94 and Matthew Lavicka Josephine Tumaleo MIA ’10 Geoffrey P. Ziebart MIA ’89, IF ’89 Qinghong Zou MIA ’06

Hiroko Murase MIA ’91 and Satoru Murase


Amelia E. Prounis MIA ’87 and Haralambos Raftopoulos

Luis Alvarez Renta MPA ’09

Tae Euin Ahn MIA ’06

Eric D. Chasser MIA ’04 Carlos Augusto Cuevas ’05CC, MPA ’12, ’12PH and Diana Mosquera Christine Cumming Marc P. Desautels MIA ’66 and Susan G. Desautels R. Anthony Elson IF ’64, MIA ’65, ’72GSAS, ’73GSAS and Marjorie F. Elson Kashiyo Enokido MIA ’78 and Thomas C. Crouse, Jr. ’61BUS Jennifer Satz Enslin MIA ’02, ’02BUS Hugo Faria MIA ’88, CERT ’88 and Gabrielle S. Brussel MIA ’88, ’88GSAS Donna E. Fishman ’81GS, MPA ’84 and Steven A. Cohen William S. Foster MIA ’06 Ivy L. Fredericks MIA ’98 and William C. Fredericks ’88LAW


Gerald S. Freedman IF ’62, ’64PS and Karen J. Freedman

Rochelle Kupfer and Jeffrey Kupfer

Jose A. Scheinkman and Michelle Scheinkman

Grace Frisone MIA ’76, ’77BUS and Michael G. Metzger

Debbie A. Landres MIA ’06 Ryan S. Lester MIA ’01 and Amy E. Lester ’02LAW

Karen Scowcroft ’83LAW, MIA ’84, IF ’84

David P. Garten MPA ’02, ’02SW Alexander Georgiadis MIA ’85 M. Guadalupe Granda MIA ’95 and Mark O’Keefe MIA ’95 Anne W. Hamilton MIA ’79 Henry J. Hector III MIA ’71, CERT ’71 Andrew Higgins MIA ’91 and Patricia M. Higgins Thomas W. Hoya ’66LAW, CERT ’69, ’70LAW Jingdong Hua MPA ’03 Qun Julia Huang MIA ’97 Douglas R. Hunter MIA ’73 Kirsten Frivold Imohiosen MPA ’03 and Charles S. Imohiosen Morton L. Janklow ’53LAW and Linda LeRoy Janklow Mark M. Jaskowiak IF ’77 and Georgina Baker Andrea Johnson MIA ’89 Herman N. Johnson, Jr. MIA ’99, ’99LAW and Tamarra Matthews-Johnson Richard B. Jones MIA ’80 Peter Jungen and Renate Rodrian-Jungen Scott M. Karr MPA ’09 and Renata Karr Sherman E. Katz MIA ’69, IF ’69, ’69LAW Steve S. Kim MIA ’94 Linda K. Kojabashian Austen MIA ’83 Monish Kumar MIA ’95


Jirawat Liwprasert MIA ’84 Tamera S. Luzzatto Angie Ma MIA ’96, IF ’96 Amanda G. Marsted MIA ’95 Amy L. Miller MIA ’82 and Gregory C. Brandner Hema S. Mohan MPA ’01 Melineh V. Momjian MIA ’86 and Mark A. Momjian ’83CC, ’86LAW Catherine Mulder MIA ’81 Alexandra Munroe and Robert Rosenkranz Stephanie G. Neuman Charles J. O’Byrne ’81CC, IF ’83, ’84LAW Deepa M. Ollapally MIA ’84, CERT ’87, ’89GSAS, ’91GSAS and Gnana Anandalingam

Sandra Shahinian MIA ’76 Michael B. ShtenderAuerbach MIA ’06 Mitchell D. Silber MIA ’05 and Beth A. Silber Harry Silver ’80BUS and Nancy W. Silver Melvyn J. Simburg MIA ’71, ’72LAW Brian Francis Slattery MIA ’03 Injoo Sohn Sheree S. Stomberg MIA ’79 Gregory A. Stoupnitzky ’78CC, MIA ’80 and Marianne J. Stoupnitzky Jaimee Tahsiri and Hooshang Tahsiri Lynn Thoman and G. Richard Thoman Truist

James Michael O’Neill, Jr. MIA ’02 and Lynn Bunch O’Neill

Melinda M. Twomey MIA ’84

Peter J. Podbielski MIA ’74

Joseph L. Vidich MIA ’80

Curtis Probst MPA ’14 and Cheryl Robbins Probst ’93BUS

Jing Wang MPA ’02

Jenik R. Radon ’67CC Clyde E. Rankin III IF ’74, ’75LAW and Camille C. Rankin Lucius J. Riccio Cynthia J. Rich MIA ’84 and Glenn Andrew Kessler MIA ’83 Emily G. Ross ’06CC, MPA ’12 Catherine Rowe and Jim Rowe Julia Ruch and Joshua Ruch Peter Sang MPA ’10 Supriya R. Saxena MIA ’09

Frederic Vagnini MIA ’89

Efrot Weiss MIA ’89, IF ’89 Douglas Michael Wharton MIA ’07 Tracy L. Wilson MIA ’86 and John Kooyman Stephanie B. Wolk Lawrence MPA ’93 and David Lawrence Anastasia Xenias ’91BC, MIA ’94, CERT ’94, ’01GSAS, ’07GSAS Zhijing Yin MPA ’03 Julio Zamora MIA ’89 and Maria I. Lopez Wei Victoria Zhao MIA ’11

$500–$999 Mashael AlShalan MIA ’15 Austin Chinegwu Amalu MIA ’81 Magzhan Muratovich Auezov MIA ’98 John Henry Austin, Jr. MPA ’14 Aktug Sami Baloglu MPA ’17 Arlene Renee Barilec MIA ’84 Gabriella D. Barschdorff MIA ’99 Carol Weiss Bitter MIA ’00 Alan L. Brott Burke Distributing Corporation Amy Chao MIA ’99 Na Cheung MIA ’09 Evan Marie Clark and Jim Clark Robert Denniston Crews ’94GSAS Michael DiGrappa MPA ’86 Arend E. Dikkers MIA ’83, ’84BUS and Deborah Durkin Simon Dodge MIA ’90 Lucia Domvill MIA ’96 Ran Dong MPA ’12 Ruth I. Dreessen MIA ’80 Cecilia Elizabeth Dunn MPA ’93 Can Vahit Eksioglu MIA ’01 Veenita Kaushik Emehelu MIA ’08 and Chinonso Tochukwu Emehelu MIA ’08 Yasmine Ergas ’94LAW Rick Faery MIA ’00 Kari Anne Fazio MPA ’97 Melissa Scott Flournoy MPA ’85

Larry S. Gage IF ’71, ’72LAW and Carol J. Gage

Julie Lenehan MIA ’97

Hui Gao MPA ’01 and Yang Diao ’01BUS

David Scott Leslie MPA ’11

Richard K. Golb MIA ’89 Lisa G. Goldschmidt MPA ’04 and Luke Burrows Leonard Groopman Stacia Janina Hachem MIA ’87 Maureen-Elizabeth Hagen MIA ’83, CERT ’83 Peter L. Harnik MIA ’75 Misty Mary Hathaway MIA ’89 Kai He Joshua Hepola MIA ’00, IF ’00 Svea Herbst-Bayliss MIA ’88 and George Palmer Bayliss MIA ’86, CERT ’91, ’00GS Amy Elizabeth Heuer MIA ’04 and Christoph Wilhelm Heuer MIA ’04 Yinghuang Ji IF ’14 Michone Trinae Johnson MPA ’96, ’96LAW Ronald D. Judkoff IF ’76, ’77GSAPP Kathleen Marie Karich MPA ’90 and Albert Knaus Brian John Kennedy MPA ’03 John J. Kerr IF ’76, ’76LAW and Nora Wren Kerr ’75LS James Henry Kipers, Jr. MIA ’02 Arpad V. Krizsan MIA ’94 Richard W. Kurz MIA ’77 and Barbara A. Kurz Francisco Eduardo Lastra y Lastra MPA ’13 Alvaro Enrique Leal MIA ’96 Catherine Grace Lee MIA ’96

Justin Peter Leous MPA ’06 Jay A. Levy IF ’62, ’65PS and Sharon Levy Theodore D. Long CERT ’64, ’68GSAS Benjamin Edward Madgett MPA ’07 Eugenia McGill MIA ’00 John T. McGuire MIA ’63 Dan McIntyre Leslie S. Meek MIA ’94, ’94BUS Marianne Mitosinka MIA ’81, ’82BUS and George D. Wick Thomas Monahan MIA ’85 Sean David Murphy ’85LAW John Franklin Neuffer MIA ’86 Marina Olshansky ’92CC, MIA ’93 Neal Barrett Parry MPA ’06 Amitabh Passi MIA ’05, ’05BUS Carol Jean Patterson MIA ’76, CERT ’76 James Brian Pieri MPA ’07 and Danae Michelle Dietiker ’07BUS Jefrey Pollock MPA ’97 and Deborah Alyse Brown ’98SW, ’98LAW Valerie R. Ramirez MPA ’99

Caroline Paulus Schreder MIA ’92 and Kurt A. Schreder MIA ’93 Ryan Severino MIA ’04 Clayton Shedd MPA ’15 Milenko Sikljovan MIA ’15 Meredith Slesinger and Colin Finan

Matthias Georg Baumberger MIA ’05

Michael Joshua Stecher MPA ’15 Alan Stern MIA ’68 Jennifer Jaryi Sun MIA ’97 Carol Gary Tatti MIA ’82 and Steven A. Tatti Monica A. Thakrar MIA ’00 Maro Virginia Titus MPA ’93 Elizabeth D. Trafelet MIA ’03 and Douglas Trafelet John Christopher Traylor MPA ’89 Yik Wai Tse MPA ’13 and Shaochun Zhang Maria Leslie Villegas MIA ’99 Gordon James Whiting IF ’93, ’94BUS Irene Wong MPA ’93 Chang-Chuan Wu CERT ’69, ’74GSAS Hideo Yanai MIA ’96 Chunyu Yu MPA ’03

Ernst J. Schrader MIA ’65

Roshma A. Azeem MPA ’04

Nicholas J. Spiliotes ’83LAW, IF ’79 and Lauren T. Spiliotes

Neal Elliott Rickner MIA ’12, ’12BUS and Amber Rickner

Noelle Alejandra Salmi MIA ’92

Olavi Arens CERT ’69, ’69GSAS, ’76GSAS Tara Badri MIA ’13

Han Yang MIA ’18

Kathleen Roh MPA ’15

Simon K. Adamiyatt CERT ’81, MIA ’83, ’83GSAS and Annette M. Adamiyatt

Karen Joy Slifka MIA ’95

Betsey M. Rhoads MIA ’79

Susan B. Rifkin MIA ’69, CERT ’69


Annie Yang Zhou MPA ’13

Robin M. Beckett IF ’77, ’77BUS Joseph Berman and Elyse Victor Kenneth Herbert Blackman MIA ’00, ’00BUS Thomas H. Boast MIA ’72 and Molly S. Boast ’71JRN, ’79LAW Carolyn B. Boldiston MPA ’89 Robert Boothby IF ’62, ’63GSAS and Susan Boothby ’63NRS H. Donald Boriss MIA ’73 and Supun Boriss Neil Brown Mary W. Carpenter MIA ’51 Laura Cabot Carrigan and Christopher Carrigan Elizabeth Hopkins Cashen MPA ’05 and David V. Cashen ’01PS Lenia Chaves MPA ’05 Dale C. Christensen, Jr. MIA ’71, CERT ’71 Howard Ho Cheong Chu ’04SEAS

Chenke Zhou MIA ’01

Jennifer Collins MPA ’05, ’05SW

Jonathan Zorach CERT ’72, ’72GSAS, ’75GSAS

Joseph J. Collins MIA ’80, IF ’80, ’82GSAS, ’84GSAS and Anita L. Collins Marybeth Connolly MIA ’01 Maureen Considine MIA ’86, ’86PH


Anthony R. Corea ’76CC, MIA ’79

Sol Glasner MIA ’76, CERT ’76 and Nina Glasner

Lorraine Predham Keir MIA ’91

Pauline Manos MIA ’88, CERT ’88

John J. Costonis IF ’64, ’65LAW

Marisa Beth Goldstein ’97CC, MIA ’99

Brigitte Lehner Kingsbury MIA ’89

Michael Bruce Creighton MIA ’10

Guy B. Gugliotta ’67CC, MIA ’73 and Carla A. Robbins

Mehmet L. Kirdar MIA ’02 and Audrey M. Mendoza-Kirdar ’02BUS

Ida May H. Mantel MIA ’64 and Robert B. Mantel MIA ’63

Thomas Peter Hawkins MIA ’95, IF ’95

Bruce M. Kogut MIA ’78 and Monika Knutsson

Rachel Heller-Scott MPA ’01

Junji Koike MPA ’11

Geraldine Anne McAllister MIA ’08

Raymond Vince Herras

Laura Beth Korbelak-Watts MIA ’93

Patricia Jean McCall MIA ’05

Michael B. Daniels MPA ’06

Amy Elizabeth Holman MIA ’87

Shigeka Kouda MIA ’92, MPA ’92

John L. McDonald MIA ’93, CERT ’93

Carolyn P. Dewing-Hommes MIA ’86, CERT ’86

Jeffrey Scott Huffman MIA ’94

Agnieszka M. Kowalska MIA ’98

Calvin Marshall Mew IF ’72

Wesley C. Dias ’78LAW

Laurel Bowers Husain MIA ’81

Valerie Primo Lack MIA ’01

Harlan Ira Miller MIA ’95

Evelyn Hutter MIA ’10

Laurin L. Laderoute, Jr. IF ’66, ’66LAW

Maya Crone MPA ’89, ’92LAW Andrian Roman Dacy CERT ’94, MIA ’95 Karl I. Danga IF ’71, MIA ’72

John William Dickey MIA ’92 Juan Manuel Diez de Bonilla MIA ’03

Sumant S. Inamdar MPA ’99

Richard Albert Dikeman MPA ’99

Melissa S. Ingber MIA ’95 and J. Shai Ingber ’01LAW

Helen A. Dimos

Arisa Ito MIA ’16

Liang Dong MIA ’16

Robbin Frances Itzler MPA ’84

Melissa Sawin Donohue MIA ’93 Christine Lindsay DuBois MPA ’13 William B. Eimicke Jonathan Harald Elkind CERT ’86, ’86GSAS Mayada El-Zoghbi MIA ’94, CERT ’94 Edward Louis Eyerman III MIA ’94 Rhonda L. FergusonAugustus ’78LAW, MIA ’79 Alexander Patrick Conrad Fernando MIA ’05 Tammy S. Fine MPA ’94, ’94JRN Charles Edward Gagnon MPA ’91 Robert John Gallagher MIA ’90 Songhee Ghim MIA ’05 and Sosuke Yokota MIA ’05


Eric Davis Jacobsen MPA ’06

Kristin D. Lang MIA ’94 George M. Lazarus IF ’69, ’71PS and Rochelle B. Lazarus ’70BUS Karen K. Lee ’00BUS Andre D. Lehmann MIA ’73, CERT ’73 David Yifong Li MIA ’08

Jonathan Todd Jacoby MIA ’06, ’06BUS

George P. Lightbody MIA ’92

Kristi Bahrenburg Janzen MIA ’93, CERT ’93 and Bernd Gunnar Janzen MIA ’92, CERT ’92

Nan Lin

Edward Van K. Jaycox MIA ’64, CERT ’64

John Liu

Edwige Jean MIA ’01 Andrew T. Jhun MPA ’04 David A. G. Johnson, Jr. IF ’75, MIA ’76 Kevin Antoinne Johnson MPA ’13 Ajit Vijay Joshi MIA ’98, IF ’98 Sharon Kahn-Bernstein MPA ’97 Alexander Gerard Kamp MIA ’07 and Sacha Kamp

John Joseph Lis MIA ’96, IF ’96, CERT ’96 and Jennifer Lis Peter Manuel LudwigDehm MPA ’16, IF ’16 Charles F. MacCormack IF ’64, MIA ’65, ’74GSAS Harpreet Mahajan CERT ’80, ’83GSAS Mary Maier and Helmut K. Maier Michael Thomas Maier MIA ’08 Stephen D. Maikowski MIA ’77 Tabitha Mallory

Ann E. March MIA ’99 Jocelyn Maskow ’85BC, MPA ’88

Deborah Lynn Mitchell-Nagpal MPA ’92 Monica Mitrani-Shaio MIA ’97 and Robert Oswald Abad MIA ’98, ’98BUS Andrea Turner Moffitt MIA ’07, ’07BUS and Steven Moffitt Joanne Catherine Moore MPA ’00 and Kenneth C. Moore Wanda Berenice Munoz Jaime MIA ’06 Alexandru Munteanu MIA ’97 Peter R. Natiello MIA ’90, IF ’90 William Norris Peter Damian O’Driscoll MIA ’97 Onuwabhagbe A. Omokhodion MIA ’00 Karen O’Neill and Stephen O’Neill Timothy E. O’Regan MIA ’00, IF ’00 Heather Dennis Parsons MIA ’90 Eliot Highet Patty MIA ’96 Mario Paz Y Mino MIA ’71 Eric Albert Peltzer MPA ’07

Dennis E. Petito MIA ’77 and Lisa Petito

Judah Aber MPA ’16 and Marlene Aber

Alice Woodley Asby MIA ’92, IF ’92

Tamar Sarah Abraham ’03BC, MIA ’14

Sarah S. Ashton MIA ’93

Giorgi Suladze MIA ’17

Dania L. Acosta ’07GS, MPA ’12

Elizabeth Athey MIA ’71

Laura Maria Ramirez MIA ’14 and Michael Sarkis Manavdjian MIA ’14

Sasha Dov Tenenbaum MIA ’04 and Jonathan Todd Jacoby MIA ’06, ’06BUS

Yoko Takebe Adachi MIA ’96 David Marshall Adlerstein IF ’02, ’02LAW

John M. Reid MIA ’64

Will Tiao MIA ’99

Robert D. Reischauer MIA ’66, ’71GSAS

Suleyman Tonbul MIA ’87

Pavina Adunratanasee MPA ’14

Robert W. Pons MIA ’64 Ron Poole-Dayan IF ’93, ’93GSAS Margaret Edsall Powell MIA ’01

Jason Warren Rekate MIA ’00, ’02BUS Scott Andrew Richman MIA ’91 Syedali J. Rizvi MPA ’10 Louisa Page Rodriguez MIA ’86 Stephen Bristol Rogers MIA ’98, ’98BUS

Sally J. Staley MIA ’80 Matthew M. Stevenson MIA ’78, IF ’78 and Constance Fogler Kulratan R. Stuart MIA ’73

Brian Einar Torgersen MPA ’14 Rebecca Dianne Truelove MPA ’96 and John G. O’Sullivan Sirina Tsai ’93LAW and Perry S. Bechky ’93LAW Donald J. Twombly MIA ’73

Nana Ama Afari-Dwamena Narinder K. Aggarwala ’65JRN, MIA ’71 and Jean H. Aggarwala Jennifer Ellen Ahearn-Koch MIA ’90

Jeanne Tihomirova Rupchin MIA ’07, CERT ’07 and Oleg Radkov Rupchin MIA ’02

Hans Herbert Wahl MIA ’95

Orli Almog MIA ’99

James T. Ryan MIA ’86

Fang Wan MIA ’03

Karen Alphonse-Leja IF ’85, ’86LAW

Joy C. Wang MPA ’01

Daniel Alvarez MPA ’09

Deborah Schein MIA ’88, CERT ’88

Alicia Deborah Weinstein MPA ’01 and James Donald Weinstein ’84CC, ’88BUS

Stefanie Amadeo MIA ’90

Paul Schlamm MIA ’68

Raymond D. White IF ’64

Michele M. Shafroth IF ’84, ’84BUS

Helgard Wienert-Cakim MIA ’62

Viswananthan Anantakrishnan MIA ’01

Beth Shair MIA ’94

Elizabeth Qing Xu

Howard Shatz MIA ’91

Suh-kyung Yoon MIA ’05 and Hwan Yoon F. Chung

Mina Bette Thomas Anderson and Donald K. Anderson

Mark Young MPA ’91


Boris Victor Zemtzov MIA ’87

Shehriyar D. Antia MIA ’03

Rachel Zenner Kane MPA ’98 and Bradley Kane

Carolina Morais Araujo MIA ’16

Marc J. Sievers MIA ’80, IF ’80, CERT ’80 Sarah Magdeleine Simoneau MIA ’09 Kuldip K. Singh MIA ’77 Sichan Siv MIA ’81, IF ’81 Roberta Smith

Andrew W. Zimmerman IF ’68, ’70PS

Up to $249 Pamela Aall MIA ’77, CERT ’77

Sally A. Baker MPA ’96 Alveena Bakhshi MPA ’03 Leonard J. Baldyga MIA ’62 and Joyce B. Baldyga Rodney J. Ballard CERT ’73, ’73GSAS Moran Banai MIA ’06

Augusto Cesar da Costa Barbosa MPA ’17

Toni Sharisse Allen MPA ’05

Mehrdad Shooshani MIA ’79

Matthew R. Baker MIA ’04

Delalle Alexander MIA ’85

Rajeev M. Wadhwani MIA ’01

Karuna Evelyne Shinsho MIA ’94 and Horace P. Jen MIA ’93, CERT ’93

Alieda Maria Baig MIA ’05

Noelle Bannister MPA ’19

Karen Jeannette Alexander MPA ’90

Celine Solsken RubenSalama MPA ’08

Robert P. Bachmann MPA ’13

Jason S. Alcorn IF ’10, MIA ’11, ’11JRN

Ralph W. Usinger ’69GS, MIA ’73

Nathalie E. Roth MIA ’00

Ana Aslan MIA ’01

Idalia Amaya MIA ’09, ’09SW

Bridget Anderson MPA ’04

Hiromitsu Araki MPA ’14

Adriana Gabriela Armenta MPA ’10 Kerry Ann Armstrong MPA ’95 and George Andrew Armstrong Sunil Arora MPA ’12

Abbas Baqueri MIA ’91

Katrina Maria Barnas MPA ’08, ’13BUS Robert Scott Barocas MPA ’13, IF ’13 Laurie D. Barrueta MIA ’94 Elizabeth A. Bassan MIA ’79, IF ’79 Caroline Baudinet-Stumpf MIA ’96, IF ’96 Darioush Bayandor MIA ’71 Edmund Beard MIA ’68, ’73GSAS Kenton H. Beerman MIA ’05 Martin H. Belsky IF ’68, ’68LAW Kathleen Leslie Benner IF ’15, ’15LAW Karin Christina Bennett MIA ’10 Stephen Berk ’71GSAS, CERT ’72 Thomas P. Bernstein ’62GSAS, CERT ’66, ’70GSAS and Dorothy J. Solinger


Andrea M. Bertels MIA ’12 Genevieve K. Besser MIA ’86 Wendy Lee Kutlow Best ’82BC, MPA ’87 Richard K. Betts Loralee Beubis Peter James Biesada MIA ’86 Joseph Blady MIA ’03 Alexandra Blair MPA ’12 John Langdon Blakeney MPA ’06, ’07GSAPP Lisa Zucrow Block MPA ’81 Robert Boccio MPA ’97 William Andrew Bodenlos MIA ’89 and Walfrido Baltazar Patawaran ’09PH Michael Bodman MIA ’96 Kimberly J. Bohnet MPA ’09 Margaret-Mary Boitano MIA ’95 Rafael Borja Samperio MIA ’00, ’16BUS Jennifer Marie Bredehoft MPA ’13 Olga Briker ’90GSAS, CERT ’92, ’92GSAS, ’96GSAS Edward Nigel James Brockhoff IF ’13, MPA ’14 Karl Brown MIA ’06 and Martine Brown William C. Brown IF ’67, ’68LAW and Tina Brown William Ransom Bryant ’73GSAS Beverley Buford MPA ’86 Roger E. Bunker MIA ’65 Gordon Burck MIA ’86 Jonathan Chao Burnston MIA ’11 Paul H. Byers IF ’67, ’67JRN and Frances B. Byers


Gerald A. Cady MIA ’76, CERT ’76

Jonathan Alan Cohen MIA ’99, ’99BUS

Cengiz Cagar MIA ’78 and Zuhra Cagar

Glenn L. Colville MIA ’75 and Dianne K. Colville

Erin Calamari

Patrick Brent Cooper MIA ’14

Jessica Ephra Dickler MPA ’04

Jane Corbett MPA ’93

Maria Dikeos MIA ’92

Jesse Corradi IF ’13, MIA ’14

Cheikh Dioum MPA ’16

Pamela Conchitina Calaquian MPA ’11 Michael Calingaert Elizabeth Brown Calleton ’62GSAS Maria Francesca Casimiro Canivel MIA ’11

Richard W. Cortright MIA ’82 and Elizabeth Marks Cortright

Steven E. Carlson IF ’77, ’77LAW and Catherine Allen Carlson

Steven Costner MIA ’88 Ashley Cooper Cotton MPA ’09

Ryan Carmichael

JoAnn T. Crawford ’77SOA

Jessica Carta MIA ’13

Robert S. Critchell MIA '70, ’70BUS

Kathryn Cashin Kathryn Cashin MPA ’19 Kathleen M. Caslin MIA ’95

Rong Cui MPA ’16 Bernadette Cullinane Victoria R. Cunningham MIA ’75

Raphael A. Diaz MIA ’63 and Donna Deeprose Diaz ’62JRN Scott A. Dick MIA ’93

Rahel Legesse Diro MPA ’13 Stephen D. Docter MIA ’60 and Beverly W. Docter David Michael Dodd IF ’74 Carr L. Donald MIA ’55 Rodolfo Donatelli ’19LAW Galina I. Duckworth MIA ’03, IF ’03 Jennifer Bee Dudley MPA ’04 Sue Y. Earl MIA ’67

Ruth C. Curtis MIA ’71

E. Michael Easterly MIA ’68 and Judith Easterly

Robert Mark Chadwick MIA ’83

Theodore Albert D’Afflisio MIA ’71

Mark Christopher Easton MIA ’92, CERT ’95

Mark Brice Chakwin MIA ’92

Elizabeth Rose Daly MPA ’94

Joanne Edgar MIA ’68

Tiffany Weitien Chang MPA ’17

Kofi A. Dankwah ’14SPS, MPA ’19

Martin A. Charwat CERT ’65, ’65GSAS

Joshua Glenn Davis MIA ’96

Julie Chayet MPA ’95

Robert Harding Davis ’83CC, CERT ’87, ’87GSAS and Alice Freida Yurke ’87LAW

Karen Lynn Cellarius MPA ’95

Wambui Wairimu Chege MIA ’06 Cheng Chen MPA ’15 Tiffany Cheng MPA ’19 Muzaffar A. Chishti MIA ’81 Ja Ian Chong Shachi Chopra-Nangia MIA ’00 Andrew Chubb Puja Chugani MIA ’04 and Avik Mukhopadhyay Jeff Geefen Chyu ’78BUS, MIA ’83 William Ciaccio MPA ’79

Laura A. De Dominicis MIA ’99 John de Leon MIA ’92 Edward N. De Lia MIA ’87 and Antonella De Lia Jay Douglas Dean IF ’85, MIA ’88 Megan Decker MPA ’17 Katarina Deletis MIA ’00 Diane Leslie Demmler MIA ’87 Luis A. Despaigne MPA ’06 Gary Di Gesu MIA ’89

Wakana Nakagami Edmister MPA ’02 Sean Necdet Egeran MPA ’15 George J. Ehrhardt MPA ’12 John Ehrman MIA ’83 Ramy Adam Eid MPA ’12 Sari J. Ellovich MIA ’75 Bolormaa Enkhbat MPA ’14 Sharon E. Epstein MIA ’71, IF ’71 Dara F. Erck MIA ’03 Kenneth Erickson IF ’64, CERT ’70, ’70GSAS Jodi A. Erlandsen MPA ’98 and Christopher Spitler Jim Ramon Esquea MPA ’94 Brett Essler ’13JRN

Lara Alexandra Ettenson MPA ’06

Craig Gabriel ’94SEAS, MIA ’95

Brian Andrew Greer MIA ’12

Deborah A. Everett MPA ’90

Carrie Lyn Gallagher MPA ’09

Jill M. Grillo MIA ’89

Anthony Phillips Ewing ’95LAW

Michael William Galligan IF ’83, MIA ’84, ’85LAW

James Fahn MIA ’02

Danielle Nicole Garbe MPA ’01

Jon E. Groteboer MIA ’08 and Jennifer L. Carrier ’08LAW

Karina Garcia-Casalderrey MIA ’02

Carole A. Grunberg MIA ’78

Yancy Ruben Garrido ’93LAW, MIA ’94, CERT ’94 and Leslie Garrido

Diana Guzman Ocampo MPA ’16

William Fahrbach Peter Seth Falcier MIA ’07 Robert S. Faron IF ’75, ’75LAW and Suzanne Faron David J. Farrell, Jr. MPA ’79 Christopher Thomas Farrington MIA ’97 Aurelius Fernandez MIA ’59 George A. Fernandez MIA ’83 Vincent A. Ferraro MIA ’73, IF ’73 and Priscilla A. Mandrachia Diane P. Fink MIA ’79

Lindsay Gail Garten MPA ’16 Toby Trister Gati CERT ’70, ’70GSAS, MIA ’72 and Charles Gati Joshua Andres Gatmaitan MPA ’05 Stephen Bernt Gaull MIA ’88, CERT ’88

Ezra M. Finkelstein ’50CC, MIA ’52

Joseph G. Gavin MIA ’70, ’76GSAS, ’80GSAS and Pamela B. Gavin

Lawrence P. Finnegan IF ’71, ’72BUS

Inge Gedo MIA ’93

Kristin Raphaele Willey Fitzgerald ’90CC, MIA ’94 Howard Barrett Flanders, Jr. IF ’62, ’63LAW

Christine Wrona Giallongo MIA ’90, CERT ’90 Thomas Stephan Giles MIA ’97

James Fonda MPA ’07

Christopher David Gittens MIA ’96, ’96BUS

Ebenezer Irving Forbes MIA ’02

Sissi Yan Xi Goh MPA ’15

Anne D. Ford MIA ’05

Rebecca Hales Goldsmith MIA ’04

Catherine Starin FosterAnderson MPA ’04

Camila Gomez-Salgado MPA ’05

Steven Foundos ’06BUS, MIA ’07

Adela Gondek and Lawrence D. Brown

Jackie Frankel MPA ’09

Anthony C. Gooch MIA ’05, IF ’05*

Cheryl Anne Frankiewicz MIA ’94 Giovanna Franky MPA ’98

Edward J. Grace ’83TC

Taylor Fravel

Camille Gray MPA ’17, IF ’17

Janeene Kimberly Freeman MPA ’05

Charles Lewis Green MIA ’94, ’98SEAS

Courtney J. Fung

Risa Jill Greendlinger MPA ’91

Vlada Gromova IF ’16, MIA ’17, ’18GSAS

Lauren Elizabeth Herko Hadi MPA ’03 and Mohammed Hadi MPA ’03 Todd H. Hall Craig Philip Hallgren MIA ’86 Enze Han Grace H. Han Melinda Elaine Hanisch MIA ’90, CERT ’90 Nancy Ruth Hannan MIA ’15 Ayelet Klara Haran MPA ’11 Diane Wallace Harpold MIA ’90 and William Rodgers MIA ’91 Helen Harris ’04CC, MIA ’09 Laura Elizabeth Hawkinson MPA ’04 Cheryl He MPA ’15 Ryan Foster Heath ’05CC, MPA ’10 and Aubrey Heath Lisa Ray Hecht-Cronstedt MIA ’08 Laurie Schultz Heim MIA ’83, CERT ’83 Hertha W. Heiss ’50BC, CERT ’51, ’51GSAS

John L. Hirsch ’57CC Lily Ho Leavitt MIA ’96, ’96BUS and Andrew Leavitt David Roger Hobbs ’00BUS Elizabeth A. Hochman MIA ’83, ’86LAW Ryeshia Holley MPA ’16 Michael A. Holubar MIA ’77 Nicole Janine Holzapfel MIA ’94, ’94BUS Janet Horan MPA ’05, ’08BUS Kaori Takami Hotta MIA ’04 Yue Hua MIA ’18 Bin Huang MPA ’14 Lixin Huang MPA ’11 Shiyu Huang MIA ’16 David Beecher Hudnut MIA ’91 Christopher P. Hufstader MIA ’96 John Hughes MIA ’10 Thomas N. Hull, III MIA ’73, IF ’73, CERT ’73 James Edward Hutson MIA ’17, ’17BUS Kazuyoshi Ikeno MIA ’76 David John Impastato ’91LAW Farhod Inogambaev MIA ’07 Adam Jablon Kathryn Marie Jackson MIA ’88, ’89BUS Yvette Cherie Jackson MPA ’02 Margaret C. Jones ’73GSAS

Judith Hellerstein MPA ’94

Yoyce Apollo Jones MIA ’08

Ligia Victoria Henriquez Godoy MPA ’15

Jean-Matthieu Jonet ’04LAW

Mary L. Hermanowski and Richard Hermanowski

Swati Joshi and Vikrant Joshi

Alik Odinga Hinckson MPA ’04

Tyler Jost John Jove MIA ’85


Walter E. Judge MIA ’85, IF ’85 and Jean C. O’Neill

Anne Raick Knulst MIA ’51

Allison Mei Lee-Villanueva MPA ’15

Ping Fong Louie MIA ’85

Kai-Joachim Kamrath MPA ’15

Andrew Jerome Koch IF ’06, MIA ’07

Elisa A. Kapell IF ’79, MIA ’80, CERT ’80

Anjali Devi Kochar MIA ’01

Philip J. Lemanski ’78CC, MPA ’86 and Aileen V. Turnier ’79BC, ’92SW

Cynthia Beth Lowe MPA ’13, ’13SW

Daniel B. Kaplan ’79CC, MPA ’82

Harajeshwar Singh Kohli MIA ’03, CERT ’03

Valerie Leon MPA ’09

Shweta Kapoor MIA ’09 and Sidarth Kapoor

Rebecca Elizabeth Koike MPA ’07

Isaac Kardon

Lisa E. Kok MPA ’90 and George Hans Kok ’90BUS

Eva Lerner MPA ’15, ’15SW

Jeffrey Shinji Kashida MIA ’76 Farida Kassin MPA ’07 Scott Kastner Daniel Lewis Katzive MIA ’92 Alison Kaufman Peggy Ockkyung Kauh ’97BC, MPA ’01 Douglas A. Kellner IF ’76, ’77LAW Leslie Kelly Andrew Kennedy Allan R. Kessler MIA ’82 John F. Khanlian MIA ’69 Michele Llona Wray Khateri MIA ’97 Bomsinae Kim MIA ’05 Hahna Bosun Kim MIA ’10, ’10BUS and Emin Yigit Onat MIA ’10 Patricia Kim Samuel S. Kim MIA ’62, ’66GSAS and Helen W. Kim Mercy Kathoki Kimanthi MPA ’20 Natasha Suzanne Kindergan MIA ’04, IF ’04 Noelle King IF ’84, ’85GSAS Jean L. Klein ’49GSAS Hilka Klinkenberg MPA ’09 Paulo Kluber MIA ’08, CERT ’08

Gabriela Koloffon Valdez MIA ’14 Annette Phyllis Kondo IF ’86, ’86JRN Victor Koshkin-Youritzin IF ’65 Daniel Mayer Kosinski MPA ’07 Dare Koslow MIA ’95 Stephanie Kosmo MIA ’84 Tessa Marie Kratz MPA ’06 Kevin Alex Kravitz MIA ’16, IF ’16 Henry Krisch CERT ’54, ’68GSAS Ilana K. Krishnamurti MIA ’67 Alanna Krolikowski Cheng Chwee Kuik Leila Kulbayeva MIA ’04

Robert T. Leonard MIA ’09

Wendy Leutert Deborah Jacobs Levy MPA ’92 and Frank M. Levy Nadine Netter Levy MIA ’70 James Lewellis MIA ’04 Gail Lewis MIA ’84 and James D. Howard, Jr. Kristin Marie Lewis MIA ’15, ’15BUS Elizabeth Mary Leyne MIA ’04

Milagros Lecuona Fernandez MIA ’11, ’11GSAPP Aik Hong Lee MPA ’18 Lynn F. Lee MIA ’57 Stephanie M. Lee MIA ’10

Carolyn Jane Luxemburg MIA ’93, ’00LAW Tony N. K. Lynch MPA ’01 Cynthia MacDonald IF ’77, ’78BUS Vernon L. Mack MIA ’73 Patricia M. Macken ’83SW Coree Tereese Mahoney IF ’17, ’18BUS Randolph T. Major, Jr. MIA ’58 Roya S. Malekian MIA ’06 Roy Malmrose MIA ’84 Francesco Mancini MIA ’03 Jonathan F. Margolick MPA ’13

Alice E. Liddell MPA ’05

Ryan Thomas Marriott MPA ’11 and Amity Elizabeth Marriott ’11PH

Adam Liff Lorenzo Ligato IF ’17, MPA ’18 Edith R. Lim CERT ’74, ’74GSAS

Samuel J. Lipsky MIA ’73

Catherine C. Lastavica and John Lastavica

Mark J. Lux MIA ’79

Arthur Dominique Liacre MIA ’04

Paul Felipe Lagunes

Martin Ernesto Landi MIA ’98

Julia Y. Lu MPA ’03

Cecilia Manzolillo

Xuchun Lin MPA ’17

Dinyar Rustam Lalkaka MIA ’86 and Fei Xing

Erica Granetz Lowitz MPA ’94 and Joshua Lowitz

Xiaojun Li

Orin Michael Kurland MIA ’91

Wayne Hun Lee MIA ’02


Amanda V. Leness MIA ’93

William Love MIA ’90

Rachel Eve Lindell MIA ’94 Alexandre Brites Lira MPA ’08 Michael Aaron Listgarten MIA ’94, ’94LAW and Petra Silton Dening Lohez MIA ’04 Victor B. Loksha MPA ’95 Jody London MPA ’90 James Michael Lonergan MPA ’92 Ronald Dean Lorton MIA ’71, IF ’71

Kirsten Elizabeth Marsh MIA ’96 Edward Marshall MIA ’03 and Hadley Marshall Randi Marshall MPA ’02 Eduardo Martinez Michael G. Martinson MIA ’70 Nancy Masterson-Newkirk MIA ’88, CERT ’88 Sarah Claire Matheny Patrick E. Mathes MIA ’97 Mark Matteson MPA ’94 Beth Mauro Toby E. Mayman MIA ’65 Kevin John McCaffrey MIA ’09 Christina Mae McCarthy MPA ’12

Gordon Carlos McCord ’07GSAS, ’08GSAS, ’12GSAS Alan B. McDougall MPA ’92 C. Andrew McGadney MPA ’06 Fred F. McGoldrick MIA ’66 Dawn Maureen McGuinness MIA ’02 Asia Marie McLaughlin MIA ’15 Laila M. Mehdi MIA ’86 and John Howard Hilfinger ’85BUS Richard Mei, Jr. MIA ’85 Joslyn Edelstein Meier MIA ’07, ’07PH Manuel Nepomuceno Mejia MPA ’04 Jack Mendelsohn CERT ’77 Patricia Bernadette Mendoza MIA ’97

Hyuk Moon MIA ’84, CERT ’89 Carlos Enrique Mora MPA ’09 Juan Gualberto Morales Kin W. Moy MIA ’90 Andrew John Mueller MIA ’97 Aaron John Mulroy MPA ’13 Erika Munter MIA ’96, ’96BUS Dawn Celeste Murphy MIA ’04 Theresa Murphy David R. Murray Robert O. Myhr MIA ’62, ’68GSAS

Giacomo Oddo Mary Abigail O’Donnell MIA ’97 Noreen O’Donnell MIA ’97 James A. Oesterle ’64GS, IF ’65, MIA ’67 Harry John O’Hara MIA ’91, IF ’91 and Annika Linden O’Hara MIA ’91 Amber Elana Oliver MIA ’02, IF ’02 Clarence W. Olmstead IF ’67, ’68LAW and Kathleen F. Heenan Shebna Nur Olsen ’06GS, MPA ’08

James P. Nach MIA ’66

Yalman Onaran ’92JRN, MIA ’93

Jonathan Nadler MPA ’81, ’86LAW

Joseph Osenni MPA ’79

Sawa Nakagawa MIA ’09, ’09BUS Yumiko Nakajima MIA ’90

Laura Otterbourg MIA ’87 Brian Leon Owsley ’93LAW, MIA ’94

Anshu Nangia MIA ’95

John F. Palmer IF ’70, ’71LAW

Ambareen Naqvi MPA ’13 and Mohammed Jafry

Jeremiah S. Pam ’96GSAS, ’00LAW

Ravi Kiran Narain MPA ’13

Kimberly Pang MPA ’17

Daniel Mikhailov MPA ’13

Richard B. Nash, Jr. IF ’83, ’84LAW and MaryAnn Nash

Christia Ziv Panizales MIA ’14

Eleanor Joanna Milburn ’06CC, MPA ’13

Stephen S. Nelmes MIA ’73 and Ellen Meier

Carolyn P. Miles MIA ’99

Richard T. Newman MIA ’51

Michael G. Merin MIA ’84, IF ’84, CERT ’84 Samuel Austin Merrill MIA ’99, IF ’99 Thomas R. Michelmore MIA ’74

Manjari Miller Rebecca Miller MPA ’15 Delphine Millot MPA ’17 Edmund M. Mitchell MIA ’73 John Haakon Moe MPA ’12 Kathleen P. Mone MPA ’81 Uri Zvi Monson ’91GS, MPA ’93 Diana Montero Melis MPA ’08

Steve Sang Park MIA ’92, CERT ’92

Ned Peterson IF ’06, MIA ’07 Velika Peterson MPA ’07 Jeffrey M. Pines ’69CC, IF ’71, ’73PS and Doralynn Pines ’69BC, ’73LS, ’76GSAS, ’85GSAS Daphne Anne Pinkerson MIA ’85 Ana Luisa Pinto MIA ’06 Susan Heller Pinto MIA ’93, IF ’93, CERT ’93 Stephen Francis Pirozzi MPA ’93 Henry Cooper Pitney IF ’87, ’87LAW Carole Rogel Poirier CERT ’62, ’66GSAS Ellen Hope Polansky MPA ’89 Maricar Polotaye MIA ’01 Sally Soo Hoo Pon MPA ’82 Jennifer Elise PowersDarrington MIA ’06 Eliza Prendzova MIA ’99 Jeffrey D. Pribor IF ’82, ’83LAW, ’84BUS and Susan M. Pribor Joseph Procopio MIA ’72 Sharon Brender Procopio MPA ’03

George Patras MIA ’71

James Profestas MPA ’14 and Christina Vlahos ’14CC Xiaoyu Pu

Leslie Nina

Jessica Horan Payne MPA ’02 and Robin G. Payne

Wesley Pulisic MIA ’04, CERT ’04

Yukihiro Nishimura MIA ’84

William R. Pendergast IF ’67, ’68GSAS, ’71GSAS

Vincent Quan MPA ’16

Eri Noguchi MPA ’93, ’93SW, ’98GSAS, ’03GSAS and Michael A. Lewis ’90SW

Richard J. Pera MIA ’79

Thomas Le Ngo MPA ’15

Akbar Noman Robert Francis O’Brien MPA ’11

Devan Jay Patel MPA ’11

Isabella Perales Senior MPA ’17 Scott Pesner Hannah Toffey Peters MIA ’87 Carlos Antonio Petersen MPA ’14

Glenda Quarnstrom MIA ’77, CERT ’78 and Thomas J. Quarnstrom ’75CC, ’79PS Laura Joan Quigg MIA ’85, ’85GSAS Maidad Rabina MIA ’73 and Ellen Rabina


Thomas Nelson Rains MPA ’11 Allison Joy Ramler MIA ’96, CERT ’96, ’97PH

Lynn A. Seirup MIA ’80

Phillip Stalley

Deborah Hannon Rosenblum MIA ’89 and Todd Rosenblum MIA ’88

Katherine J. Sekowski ’77GSAS

Gregory John Stangl MIA ’98, ’98BUS

Marc Jay Selverstone MIA ’92

Karen Stein Cueva

Nina Maria Serafino MIA ’76

Loren M. Stephens MIA ’67

Rene A. Ramos MPA ’07

Dana Rosenfeld and Eric Biel

Timothy Paul Ramsey MIA ’93

Richard C. Rowson MIA ’50

Andrea L. Rankin MPA ’97, ’97SW

Mark A. Ruben MIA ’80 and Beth Ruben

Jonathan H. Rappe MIA ’06, ’06BUS

Jason Russell

Anala Ravinarayan MIA ’17

Anthony R. Saccomano MIA ’70

Robert D. Rawlins IF ’73, ’73BUS

Maki Saito-Akabane MIA ’88

Gary J. Reardon MPA ’80

Carol R. Saivetz MIA ’71, CERT ’71, ’79GSAS

Kathy Ann Reniers MPA ’01 Therese Ruth Revesz MIA ’69 Michelle D. Rexach-Subira MPA ’96 Edward A. Reynolds IF ’11, MPA ’12 Richard C. Reynolds IF ’11, MPA ’12 Russell E. Richey IF ’65 Eduardo Rivas MIA ’04 Jasmin Ines Rivera MPA ’15 Debra Leigh Robertson MPA ’02 Theodore Robin Emmania Rodriguez MPA ’13 Rafael T. Rodriguez-Leal MPA ’09 Jose Luis Rojas Villarreal MIA ’00 and Maija Pratt Jonathan William Rosario MIA ’15 Susan O. Rose CERT ’68, ’68GSAS, ’73GSAS Carole J. Rosen ’78GSAS, CERT ’79 Louise Alexis Rosen ’99JRN Edward S. Rosenbaum MIA ’77 and Davey Rosenbaum


Seth Rosenberg MPA ’15

Anne O’Toole Salinas MIA ’96, CERT ’96 Alexandra Lisa Salomon MIA ’99 Emily Saltzman Hoffner MPA ’90 and David S. Hoffner Salvatore V. Sampino ’82CC, MIA ’83 Ieva Samsonova MPA ’07 and Scott Elkins Donald L. Samuels IF ’85, ’86LAW Shannon Sara MPA ’18 Kengo Sato MIA ’01 Yoichiro Sato MIA ’09, IF ’09 Rebecca Marion Saxton-Fox IF ’11, MPA ’13 Andrew Jan Scheineson ’09CC Cathy Zeman Scheineson and Marc J. Scheineson Kathleen Elizabeth Schoener MIA ’13 Martha Schurman George David Schwab ’55GSAS, ’68GSAS Brian Daniel Scull MPA ’17 Mark A. Sealey Frederick D. Seaton IF ’62, MIA ’66

Peter Stephen Serenyi MIA ’03, CERT ’04 Bijal G. Shah MPA ’16 Jennifer Shaoul MPA ’90 Caitlin Barnett Sherman MPA ’17 Sanford T. Sherman MIA ’82 Missouri Sherman-Peter MIA ’04 Yang Shi MPA ’16 Betsy Shimberg MPA ’97 and Kenneth M. Shimberg Eric Nathan Shrago MPA ’15 Brett Nicholas Simon MIA ’10 Lori Skapper MIA ’91 Joseph C. Small IF ’68, ’69LAW and Alice K. Small Ann S. Smith Susan V. Smith Santini MPA ’93, ’94PH Stephen A. Sokol MIA ’01 Debra E. Soled MIA ’82, CERT ’83 Jan Solomon CERT ’75, ’75GSAS and Kenneth Simonson Frances G. Sonkin MIA ’75 and Steven A. Sonkin ’74CC Zeynep Sila Sonmez IF ’15, MIA ’16 Lasa Sophonpanich MIA ’07 Charles H. Srodes IF ’65, ’67PS Robert Francis Staats, Jr. MIA ’83 Elizabeth Stabler MIA ’56

Barry H. Steiner ’70GSAS

Ted Stiffel Amy T. Stockman MPA ’01 Susan Storms William Paul Strain MPA ’07 Quentin Andujar Stubbs MPA ’04 Laura Elina Sundblad MPA ’14, IF ’14 Ildiko Szilank MIA ’98 Roni Szwedzki MIA ’12 Jahan Fard Tabatabaie MIA ’01 Naoki Takyo MIA ’98, IF ’98 Alice Tan MPA ’01 Yeling Tan Jing Tao William C. Taubman IF ’63, CERT ’65, ’69GSAS and Jane A. Taubman Stuart Taylor Daria L. Teutonico MIA ’93 Margaret Ruth Thomas MPA ’17 Paul A. Thompson MIA ’73 Stephen E. Tisman IF ’72, ’72LAW Alper Sadik Tokozlu MIA ’01 Cathy Trezza MIA ’85 Christopher G. Trump IF ’62, ’62JRN and Claire Kaukinen Fredrick S. Tuemmler MIA ’89 Jena M. Tumbleson MPA ’19

May K. Wong Tung MIA ’78 and Ronnie K. Tung ’75SEAS, ’91BUS

Elizabeth Walker IF ’89, ’89BUS

Jonathan M. Woods MIA ’93, ’93BUS

Daniel B. Tunstall MIA ’68

Stephen William Walker MIA ’93, IF ’93

Nan Yang MIA ’95

Vanessa Claire Tutos MPA ’05

Jenny Xiao Ming Wang MPA ’01

Min Ye

Christie Marie Ulman MIA ’08

Pei Wang and Yinan He

Andrew Umans ’09BUS, MIA ’10 Jack A. Underhill ’59GSAS Doris Ung MPA ’97 Omar A. Valdez MIA ’09 Daniel D. Valle MPA ’89 Maria Vallejo-Nguyen ’92BC Anne Carrell Van Praagh MPA ’98 and Ian Van Praagh MPA ’00

Deborah E. Ward ’89BC, MPA ’94, ’97GSAS, ’00GSAS and Ivan de Jesus Gonzalez ’89CC, MPA ’98, ’04BUS Nicholas James Ward MPA ’16, IF ’16

Ching-yu Yao MIA ’03 Nami Yoshio MIA ’12 Drew M. Young II MIA ’72, IF ’74, CERT ’75 Helen Young CERT ’71, ’71GSAS William J. Young, Jr. MPA ’90 Judie Yu ’94BC, MIA ’95

Peggy Ward and George Ward

Nicholas Alexander Zagaria MPA ’14

Tyrell Warren-Burnett

Philip E. Zegarelli ’70CC, MIA ’76, IF ’76

Rebecca VanLandingham Waugh MIA ’00

Anonymous (2) Bank of America Foundation The Bank of New York Mellon Foundation BlackRock Carnegie Corporation of New York CIT Group Inc. Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation Colgate-Palmolive Company Deloitte Foundation Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation Ernst & Young Foundation

Alberto Zeraik, Jr. MPA ’16

ExxonMobil Foundation

Cory Way

Zhenqing Zhang

GE Foundation

Kimberly Wedel MPA ’88

Yiwei Zhao MPA ’15

Angel Ismael Vasquez MPA ’15

Phillip Weed MPA ’14

Lily Yaoqing Zhou MPA ’16

Goldman Sachs & Company

Ilona Jaramillo Vega MIA ’94

Jessica C. Weiss

Jayson Robert VanBeusichem MPA ’17

Jose Alfredo Velaztiqui Achucarro MPA ’10

Chi-hung Wei Krzysztof L. Wellisz ’83CC, MIA ’91, CERT ’91, ’91GSAS

Zaiyang Zhu Duman Yerlanovich Zhumadilov MIA ’08

IBM International Foundation Intel Foundation

Azmat Jalil Zuberi MIA ’94

The Johnson Family Foundation

Alison Wescott MIA ’92

Thomas David Zweifel MIA ’96

Nippon Life Insurance Co.

Karen Villafana MPA ’10

Donald F. Wheeler ’69GSAS, CERT ’71, ’74GSAS

Matching Gift Companies

Sarita Anne Vollnhofer MIA ’13, ’13PH and Lucas Tomilheiro Sancassani ’14BUS

Jessica Ann Wickham MPA ’05

Adobe Systems Incorporated

Gerard William Wicklin, Jr. MIA ’84


Carrie Staub Vomacka MIA ’06

Elizabeth Roberts Wilcox MIA ’94, IF ’94, CERT ’94

Piroska Ilona von Gordon MIA ’09 and Anthony Faulise

Cynthia Wilson ’95GSAPP

Lisa Wade-Stewart MPA ’06

Bret Philip Woellner MIA ’07, IF ’07, CERT ’07

Edward J. Vernoff MIA ’69 Alexander R. Vershbow MIA ’76, CERT ’76 Dario Enrique Vilchez MIA ’10

Clark Wagner MIA ’85 Karen Marie Wagner MIA ’02 Sarah Walbert MIA ’80

Daniel Stephen Welt MIA ’05, ’05BUS

Ronald Wimer IF ’86, ’86JRN, MIA ’87

Susan Hammond Wolford MIA ’79 Diana Judith Wong ’10CC, MPA ’19

Lauren Ziegler MIA ’10

Google, Inc.

American Express Foundation American Online Giving Foundation

Mastercard International The Pew Charitable Trusts The PIMCO Foundation Public Service Electric and Gas Company Siemens Corporation State Street Foundation Textron Charitable Trust Tiffany & Co. Wells Fargo Foundation

DEGREE PROGRAMS Master of International Affairs (MIA)




Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Data Analytics and Quantitative Analysis

MPA in Development Practice (MPA-DP)

Gender and Public Policy

Master of International Affairs and Master of Business Administration

Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo da Fundação Getulio Vargas

Master of International Affairs and Master of Science in Journalism

Hertie School of Governance in Berlin

MPA in Economic Policy Management (MPA-EPM) MPA in Environmental Science and Policy (MPA-ESP) PhD in Sustainable Development

International Conflict Resolution International Organization and UN Studies Management


Regional Specializations: Africa, East Asia, East Central Europe, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Russia and the Former Soviet States, South Asia, the United States

Economic and Political Development

Technology, Media, and Communications

Executive MPA (EMPA)

Energy and Environment Human Rights and Humanitarian Policy International Finance and Economic Policy International Security Policy Urban and Social Policy

Master of International Affairs and Master of Science in Urban Planning Master of International Affairs or Public Administration and Bachelor of Arts Master of International Affairs or Public Administration and Bachelor of Science Master of International Affairs or Public Administration and Juris Doctor Master of International Affairs or Public Administration and Master of Public Health Master of International Affairs or Public Administration and Master of Arts in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences Master of International Affairs or Public Administration and Master of Science in Social Work

Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs 420 West 118th Street, Mail Code 3328 New York, NY 10027

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore London School of Economics and Political Science Sciences Po Paris University of Tokyo Graduate School of Public Policy