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L essons in Humanity The Althea W. and John A. Schiffman Lecture Series brings world-renowned speakers to studies in religion, ethics and philosophy to higher education

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Letter from the President

a f f i n i t y

Happy Holidays, This issue of Affinity includes a profile of John A. Schiffman, an extraordinary man and longtime supporter of Columbia College who, sadly, passed away in August. In 2000, Mr. Schiffman, a member of our board of trustees for 10 years, gave a gift of historic proportions to Columbia College to honor of his late wife, Althea, who was a 1941 graduate of Christian College, member of the Board of Trustees from 1983 to 1987 and Distinguished Alumna ’85. In addition to more than $650,000 given towards student scholarships, he donated $1.5 million, which was the single largest contribution by a living donor in our history. This gift established an endowed chair in ethics, religious studies and philosophy, as well as the Schiffman Ethics in Society Lecture Series and the Lecture in Religious Studies Series.

as Robert F. Kennedy Jr., historian David McCullough, journalist Nina Totenberg and ocean explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau. I’m excited to hear this year’s speaker, the well-known physicist Michio Kaku, at the Ethics in Society Lecture on March 2, 2016. Kaku believes in the possibility of parallel worlds — an infinite number of alternate universes in which everything that can happen has happened, with all possibilities branching out forever. I’m not sure whether there are parallel worlds. If there are, though, I like to think that in one of them Mr. Schiffman will be sitting in the audience with us, fascinated by the lecture. If so, we will once again thank him for all he has done for this very real, very grateful institution.

Over the years, Mr. Schiffman’s generosity has allowed us to bring to campus such luminaries

Columbia College Board of Trustees 2015-2016 Chair Daisy Willis Grossnickle ’66 Secretary Janet Carter Wright ’58

Trustees Lynne Stuver Baker ’64 Walter E. Bixby III ’82 Lex Cavanah Judy A. Cunningham ’64 Jerry D. Daugherty Joseph P. Dubinski ’96 Steve Erdel

George W. Hulett Jr. Mitchell R. Humphreys, MD June Hurdle ’83 Jolene Marra Schulz ’61 Dale Coe Simons ’65 Rev. Brad Stagg Gary Tatlow Carol Winkler ’93

CCAA Alumni Representative Bill Johnston ’82 Faculty Representatives Dr. Kenneth Felts Dr. Lia Willis



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My CCAA Tips on how to explain an unemployment gap, and scholarship recipients share their gratitude

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From top left: Over the past 15 years, Althea W. and John A. Schiffman Lecture Series speakers have included Rev. Martin Marty, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Arun Gandhi, Soledad O’Brien, Mary Robinson, Edward James Olmos, Stephen L. Carter, Christine Brennan, Michael Beschloss and Jean-Michel Cousteau.

64 68 70

Faculty Profiles Nursing Department Chair Linda Claycomb guides the nursing program to new heights, and René Massey retires from AHE after 34 years Student Profile Cody Stout ’14 is a middleweight wrestler with a heavyweight heart Honoring the Legacy A generous philanthropist, John A. Schiffman was passionate not only about higher education but also about the role that moral development plays in an individual’s education. Gateway to his Future Alumnus Roger Miller ’78 relied on hard work, positivity and his Columbia College degree to launch a multimillion dollar company Columbia College Annual Report Letter from Philanthropy Committee Chair Lynne Stuver Baker ’64; Jim Culpepper honors alumnae, wife Mabel Bondurant Culpepper ’56 with art scholarship; Financials and Honor Rolls Cougar Sports Zone One team, two athletes and two contributors are inducted into the 2015 Athletic Hall of Fame On the Web Check out Scooter’s latest travels CC Notes News and updates from people who matter – our alumni

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Sam Fleury Assistant Director of Public Relations

Kaci Smart ’09 Photographer

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Jennifer Truesdale Public Relations Coordinator

Suzanne Rothwell Interim Director of Advancement, Senior Director of Public Relations

Melissa Butler Contributing Writer, Advancement Coordinator

Jayme Simmons Alumni Relations Administrative Assistant

Affinity magazine is published in cooperation with Alumni Relations, Public Relations and Inside Columbia magazine.

Table of Contents

Inside the Gate Students support local community and the college recognizes Lake of the Ozarks director for 25 years of service



Inside the Gate

a f f i n i t y

Giving Back

Student Science Club donates $1,000 to musical therapy program BY SAM FLEURY

Ever wonder how often members of the University of Missouri Women’s and Children’s Hospital Staff receive donations from a Twinkie-shaped cartoon character and some amazing college students?

off a jumbo check for $1,000 benefiting the hospital’s music therapy program. The funds were generated over the course of the 2014-15 school year via the club’s chocolate fundraiser and annual 5K race.

We are going to guess the answer to that question is “not very often.”

“I cannot explain how amazing of a day it was walking through the hospital with Bob the Minion and seeing the smiles on the patients’ faces,” Science Club Vice President Sammi Macht said. “The musical therapy program uses instruments to help kids heal. Emily Herzog is the amazing one-woman band

But that was exactly the case recently as members of the Columbia College Student Science Club and their faculty advisor, along with their Minion friend, Bob, dropped

From left to right: Dr. Kent Strodtman, Faculty Advisor; Brittany Fangrow; Samantha Macht; Kristen Fritschie, Women’s and Children’s Hospital Employee; Jena Grahn; and Bob the Minion (student Trent Finley)

who works one-on-one with patients tailoring the treatment to the needs of each patient.” This is the fourth year the club has donated the proceeds of its 5K race to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Columbia, Missouri. For more information about the club, contact Macht at


Inside the Gate

Supporting Military Education Columbia College Ousley Family Veterans Services Center receives $285,000 grant BY SAM FLEURY

Newly appointed Director of Veterans Services Keith Glindemann recently announced that the Columbia College Ousley Family Veterans Services Center has received the Centers of Excellence for Veterans Student Success grant valued at more than $285,000. Columbia College is one of only 15 institutions in the country to receive the grant, which was given by the U.S. Department of Education. “As a country and a college we have a responsibility to support those who answered the call to defend this great nation,” Glindemann said. “This grant will help us to continue a proud Columbia College tradition of supporting the education of our service members.”


This grant will primarily be utilized to create a virtualized Veterans Service Center to increase communication and provide resources to all of Columbia College’s military and veteran students and their family members throughout the country. Glindemann and his staff will also implement a veteran peer mentoring network within the college to connect veterans with veteran mentors. The mentors will assist transitioning servicemembers in acclimating to the higher education environment and encourage their academic success. The grant will also support ongoing faculty and staff training that focuses on understanding the challenges that their military and veteran students face and how to identify a student in crisis and ensure they have proper access to resources.

Inside the Gate


A Campus Community of Positivity Dr. John Keeney retires after 25 years of leading one of Columbia College’s most successful campuses



When he wasn’t in his office, Dr. John Keeney often could be found in the student and staff outdoor lounge of the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, campus’ state-of-the-art facility. While students he taught would rave about his lectures in the classroom, the real deep conversations and debates on history, politics and more would happen outside during class breaks. “I always enjoyed being part of those conversations and hearing students say what they were really feeling on a topic and not sugarcoating for the classroom,” Keeney says through a quiet grin. “We worked on solving all of the world’s problems out there and came close to doing just that.” Keeney always will be welcome back to be part of those conversations, but next time it will be as a true friend of the college; he retired as director of the campus in September after 25 years of dedicated service to the college. When the Lake campus was founded in October 1990 (former college President Donald Ruthenberg greenlighted the project), a table and two chairs in the World Wide Church building was the extent of equipment and facilities available. Forty-five students were enrolled for the first session. Fast forward 25 years and the Lake campus has graduated 1,393 alumni and touched the lives of thousands more students, offering the Lake of the Ozarks business community an army of well-trained nurses, teachers and accountants ready to work. In

Former Columbia College President Dr. Donald Ruthenberg congratulates Dr. John Keeney on 25 years of service to Columbia College.

his typical humble fashion, Keeney credits the faculty and staff at the Lake campus for the success. “It’s a good crew. They’re all good at what they do,” he said in an article in the Lake Sun Leader following his retirement. “It’s more of a team, a family atmosphere. These folks spend a lot of waking hours at work. I worked with a lot of good people and that makes all the difference.” The Lake of the Ozarks campus evolution has been continual, serving as the only Columbia


From hosting a Community Advisory Committee to welcoming anyone and everyone through the campus doors for Community Appreciation Day, Keeney was a true educational innovator who empowered his faculty and staff to share that spirit. “It’s been an amazing 25 years, and I’ve been very blessed and fortunate,” Keeney said at his retirement ceremony. “But the thing that always humbled me and made me proud is that Cathy [Whitfield, the assistant director of 20 years] and I would have an opening for a teacher or a staff member, and we would try to find the most qualified person; you are always taking a gamble. But the right people have

always shown up at the right time, and that has truly been a blessing.” In honor of his tireless work, several friends, faculty and staff, including Dr. Jeffrey Musgrove, vice president of Adult Higher Education, gathered in early September to give Dr. Keeney a proper sendoff. After some toasting (and roasting) came a very exciting announcement: The faculty and staff have worked together to launch the Dr. John G. Keeney Scholarship that will begin being awarded in 2016. Keeney and his wife, Paula, will retire to their family farm outside of Eldon, Missouri, and raise cattle. Keeney also is looking forward to spending more time with his 1-yearold grandson. It looks to be a quiet retirement for a quietly confident and determined educator who started something 25 years ago that is still going strong.

Inside the Gate

College Adult Higher Education venue to also host day classes, a nursing program and education certification classes.

Inside the Gate


Board of Trustees

The Columbia College Board of Trustees recently welcomed two new members to the group, Lex Cavanah and Gary Tatlow. The governing board of the college currently has 20 members. BY SAM FLEURY


Lex Cavanah, who serves as general manager of Walsworth Pre-Press and Donning Company Publishers, is a 1980 graduate of Truman State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in physics. After college, Cavanah joined Walsworth Pre-Press, located in Marceline, Missouri, and worked his way up through the ranks of the company. In his role, Cavanah oversees operations at one of the nation’s 50 largest printing companies, which has offices in Brookfield, Missouri; Overland Park, Kansas; and St. Joseph, Michigan. Cavanah is very active in his community; he is involved with his church, the Marceline Public Schools and the Marceline Chamber of Commerce. Cavanah’s daughters, Kensie ‘11 and Kaitlyn ‘13, are graduates of Columbia College.

Gary Tatlow, who retired as a law firm partner at Tatlow, Gump, Faiella and Wheelan, is a 1961 graduate of the University of Missouri, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Juris Doctor. Tatlow enjoyed a long and distinguished career in trial practice and received the Missouri Attorney General’s Outstanding Citizen Award. He also was named an advocate by the National College of Advocacy and the American Association for Justice, formerly the Association of Trial Lawyers of America. Tatlow has been active at his alma mater, serving on the University of Missouri College of Arts and Sciences development board and the university’s national campaign steering committee. In 2002, his service to the university was recognized when he received the Alumni of the Year Award from the University of Missouri Alumni Association. Over the years, Tatlow has forged a deep connection to Columbia College through his wife, Marilyn Silvey Tatlow, a 1960 alumna of Christian College, who died in 2005.


Inside the Gate

Family Day & Homecoming PHOTOS BY HOLLY KITE ’13 & KACI SMART ’09

Columbia College welcomed hundreds of alumni, staff, faculty and friends to campus Sept. 26-27 for Homecoming and Family Day 2015. This year’s event featured amazing weather and had something for everyone, including great music, awesome food, wins by both Columbia College soccer teams, academic departmental showcases, bounce houses for the kids and much more. The Columbia College Alumni Association tent was popular as always, featuring a fun photo booth, snacks and games. Visit for details on next year’s celebration.

Inside the Gate


Vice President of Online Education

Dr. Piyusha Singh



With a focus on improving the college’s online offerings and increasing faculty-student interaction, Dr. Piyusha Singh is off and running as Columbia College’s new vice president for Online Education. Read a portion of the exclusive interview here, and check out the full interview at Where did you grow up? I grew up in India. My dad was part of the Indian Navy, so we moved around a lot, mostly up and down the Indian coast line. I spent a year here in the States when I was 10, and then I came here at 17 to go to college at Mount Holyoke, which is a women’s college, but it’s very much like Columbia College’s day program, a small, liberal arts college. Who is someone that was or is a mentor to you professionally? I think I’ve had certain inflection points in my career where I have had mentors who have helped me move to the next level. When I was a graduate student and young faculty member, Dr. Jacqueline Cohen was someone who really challenged me to be a better teacher and researcher. Similarly, when I moved into higher education administration, (Columbia College President) Dr. Dalrymple was one of the first

people I worked with (at Excelsior College in New York), and he helped me hone my leadership skills. Those are probably the two biggest mentors I have had, and I continue to learn a lot from them. What intrigues you about online learning? What intrigues me the most about online learning is how it breaks down barriers. It hasn’t just broken down the very obvious time and space barrier, that’s sort of the easy answer. But because we’ve broken down that barrier, so many other barriers have come down with it, allowing people to get an education in a way that fits their lives. I love the idea that it makes higher education less elitist by breaking down barriers of age, cost, time and geographical location. I went to some very traditional institutions where I received a great education, but that’s not the only form of education that should be available.

Higher education has given students the message, “If you want an education, you must come to us at this age, at this time, with the resources to do this full time, otherwise we are not interested in you.” That’s changing now, and I think online education has been very central to facilitating that change. What are some enhancements and updates coming up for Online Education you are excited about? We have a lot of changes coming up. The first year, we are focusing on internal changes to become more efficient and do things better. I don’t know that anyone outside our department will see the changes right away, but we are positioning ourselves for the future. The question we are continually asking ourselves is “What is best for the students? How do we improve the student experience?’”


Another upcoming project is to find ways to allow our instructional faculty to focus

more on their interactions with students. We have excellent faculty who are really committed to our students. We’re focusing on strategies to make things more efficient for them, to remove some of the busy work so they can spend more of their time engaging with students. Why did you decide Columbia College was the right fit for you? I wasn’t looking (for a new job). I wasn’t thinking of moving, but when Dr. Dalrymple came here, I learned more about Columbia College. As I learned more, especially about how CC is such an interesting mix of traditional

and online education, I was very intrigued. It’s rare to find -- and for me, coming from the traditional mindset -- being able to be in a big online program was very attractive. I feel like the two balance each other well. What we end up with is a good mix, a solid mix of quality and innovation. Can you share a little bit about your family? My husband’s name is Justus, and he works in Columbia College Technology Services. We have two kids, Rohan, 6, and Neera, 1. We have two dogs of indeterminate origin, and all I can say is that they shed a lot in this Missouri heat.

Inside the Gate

One of the first things we are looking at is improving all of our courses so that students have a more consistent experience. We want to improve all of our courses and make them as engaging and immersive as we can. The goal is to get to a point where we can say, “This is what you can expect from a Columbia College online course. If you study with us, this is the experience you are going to have, this is what you are going to learn,”’ and know that we can stand behind that promise.



Letter from the Alumni Board President

Greetings Fellow Alumni, On behalf of the Columbia College Alumni Association, it is my pleasure to wish current and future alumni a safe and happy holiday season. The board of directors also extends warmest wishes to our president and first lady of Columbia College, Scott and Tina Dalrymple, and to the faculty and staff around the country. This is an appropriate time to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year, learn from the challenges we faced and make plans for the year ahead. It is also an exciting time to take a break, relax and spend time with loved ones and friends. It’s a season for celebration, a season for love and a season of honoring old traditions and, perhaps, creating new ones. Regardless of which campus you attended, we are all part of the same CC family. We are all part of a tradition that dates back to 1851, and we are part of a forwardthinking institution that provides academic excellence to more than 27,000 students annually. “We are CC” is much more than a slick catchphrase. Columbia College embraces all students and is a truly inclusive institution. We have more than 80,000 living alumni who have been blessed with the gifts of time, talent and treasure. The Alumni Association welcomes you to utilize

your gifts by getting more involved with your alma mater. We encourage you to visit main campus, join the board, participate in your local Affinity Council or volunteer with planning a regional event in your area. If you don’t have the time to devote, then we encourage you to give back financially and support the college’s many programs. We want to hear from you. We want to hear your ideas, thoughts, suggestions or concerns. If you haven’t thought about getting involved before, this is the perfect time. Reflections seem much more useful than resolutions. You cannot know where you are going until you take stock of where you have been. If you had a great year, then keep doing those things that made it a success. If not, be glad in knowing that you get another chance for a fresh start. We are CC! All the best to you and yours,

William Wright ‘09 President, CCAA

Columbia College Alumni Association Board of Directors (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2017) Bill Wright ’09 President Joshua Muder ’99 President-Elect Johnette Van Dien ’09 Secretary

Directors Lynne Stuver Baker ’64

James Pasley ’87

Martha Eberhard ’00

Suzanne Pomeroy Ready ’81

Sonya Garrett ’96 Mitch Gosney ’13

Jonathan Dudley ’10 Treasurer

Marjorie Thomas Gutelius ’69

Bill Leeper ’04 Immediate Past-President

Courtney Lauer-Myers ’11

Bill Johnston ’82 Board of Trustees Alumni Representative

Lana M. Le Mons ’09 Chris Lievsay ’09 & ’11

Lollie Zander Reed ’68 Ed Sasan ’11 Lisa Kowalewski Sweeney ’05 Norris Tanner ’10 Carol Winkler ’93

Ex-Officio Members Susan Davis Senior Director of Alumni Relations Tonia M. Compton, Ph.D. ’99 Faculty Representative Assistant Professor of History Drew Grzella ’01 Athletics Representative Assistant Director of Athletics Nollie Moore Music and Fine Arts Representative Director of Jane Froman Singers Leah Hoveln ’18 Student Representative to SGA



How To Explain Your


An employment gap is a period of time when a job applicant is not employed. Perhaps you stayed home with the kids or a medical issue kept you out of the workforce. Were you laid off from your job or decided to go to school full time at a later age? Whatever the case, there are many reasons a job-seeker might have an employment gap. Here are a few tips to help ensure your resumé stands out:

Use a “functional resumé” format. Functional resumés focus on the applicant’s skills and accomplishments, rather than a chronological listing of employment. This will de-emphasize any gaps in your employment and highlight what you bring to the employer. Use volunteer and community involvement to bridge time gaps. Remember that the word “experience” is broad. Any experience where you are gaining professional skills can go on the resumé, including coaching a youth softball league, organizing a church fundraiser or volunteering at a local school.

Let the cover letter explain. Resumés don’t really give applicants a chance to go into detail about gaps. Instead, use a cover letter to talk through why you weren’t working and what you were doing during your downtime. Be positive and talk about learning opportunities as well as skill growth you have had during the time you weren’t employed. Finally, have an effective, efficient and organized resumé. Have your resumé reviewed to ensure there are no typos, experiences are worded well and your positive skills and attributes stand out. More than anything, this will help your resumé get noticed.

To receive career counseling, career networking and resumé assistance, all free of charge, contact the Grossnickle Career Services Center at (800) 231-2391 ext. 7425 or visit



Planning Ahead

The CCAA Board of Directors is committed to supporting Columbia College through its five-year strategic plan. The strategic plan will focus the CCAA’s efforts on building lasting relationships with students, alumni and friends, spreading affinity for Columbia College and focusing on the values of the Columbia College Alumni Association. Visit to view and/or download the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan.

Data verification project for new alumni directory The CCAA launched a comprehensive alumni data verification project in the Fall of 2015. This updated alumni information will be critical in assembling our upcoming Alumni Directory, a printed book that will be available for purchase in a printed and/or digital format. It is a valuable resource for us to communicate with you, as well as an easy way for you to stay connected with fellow alumni by class year, campus attended, occupation or geographic location. To manage the time and efforts that a project of this magnitude requires, we have enlisted the assistance of Publishing Concepts Inc. (PCI) in Dallas, Texas. You will receive postcards, phone calls and emails from PCI regarding this project. PCI is a trusted partner of the Columbia College Alumni Association. Please contact PCI toll free at 1-866668-4535 to verify your alumni information.

Two alumni join CCAA Board of Directors Lollie Zander Reed ‘68 is a retired elementary school principal and current adjunct professor at the University of Central Missouri. She received her Associate of Arts at Christian College and went on to receive her Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Missouri-Columbia and Master of Arts and Educational Specialist degrees from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Reed served as a member of the CCAA Board of Directors from 2002 to 2014. She resides in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, with her husband, Ted.

Ed Sasan ’11 graduated from Columbia College-Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, after serving 22 years in the U.S. Army as an ammunitions and explosives expert. He spent 10 years with the Madison City Police Department in Madison, Alabama. Sasan is now an anti-terrorist officer, enforcing the Army’s force protection regulations and understanding terrorist threats. Sasan received the 2014 Columbia College Community Service Award for his efforts to make his community a better place.


Scholarship recipients share their gratitude BY NATHAN FLEISCHMANN

“Thank you. You don’t understand the impact that this has, not only on myself, but on my family…. Every dollar is greatly appreciated.” ­— Anthony John, Coffey-Poehlein Family Scholarship recipient

“Financially it will help me to graduate so I can be a good teacher like all my professors are here. I want to be able to help someone like these people have helped me. ” ­— Amanda Lutz, Assisting Women’s Achievement Scholarship recipient

“I wouldn’t be in college if it wasn’t for the awards and donations from generous people.” ­— Rotshak Dakup, James C. Miller Award recipient

“You didn’t have to give anything, so I appreciate that you gave. [The scholarship] will help me with recovering the costs of room and board and keep me in the dorms.” ­— Matthew Frappier, Stedem Family Endowment recipient

“This scholarship is going to allow me to get ahead in my student loans. It has made a dream possible.” ­— Jordan Nigus, CenturyLink Foundation Scholarship recipient

Scholarships impact the lives of so many deserving students but with your help, we can do more. Please help Columbia College grow the General Scholarship Fund by making a tax-deductible gift today. You can help by sending your gift in the enclosed envelope. A secure online giving option is also available at To designate your gift to the General Scholarship Fund, please note it in the “Other” field.


Donors’ Gifts Make An Impact



Feeling Social

From baseball games to networking socials, more than 500 alumni attended regional events.

A Night at the Ballpark Springfield, Missouri: July 23, 2015

St. Louis Cardinals Watch Party

Salt Lake City, Utah

Ballpark Village: June 30, 2015

Alumni Networking Social: Sept. 9, 2015

Whidbey Island, Washington Marysville, Washington Alumni Networking Social: July 14, 2015

Alumni Networking Social: July 15, 2015

Rolla, Missouri Alumni Networking Social: Sept. 30, 2015

To view a photo gallery of Scott and Tina Dalrymple’s 2014-15 nationwide tour, visit


Lake of the Ozarks Alumni Holiday Party & 25th Anniversary Celebration December 11, 2015 Lake Ozarks, Missouri Columbia Alumni Holiday Cocktail Reception December 17, 2015 Columbia, Missouri Florida Alumni Networking Socials *February 2016 Jacksonville, Melbourne and Orlando, Florida Savannah Alumni Networking Social *March 2016 Savannah, Georgia Althea W. and John A. Schiffman Ethics in Society Lecture March 2, 2016 Columbia, Missouri Columbia College Career Fair Hosted by Grossnickle Career Services Center March 9, 2016 Columbia, Missouri

KC Brew & BBQ Kansas City, Missouri: Oct. 21, 2015

15th Annual Kansas City Christian College Luncheon Oct. 22, 2015

Open Meeting of the CCAA Board of Directors April 29, 2016 Columbia, Missouri Alumni Awards Banquet April 29, 2016 Columbia, Missouri

Chicago Bears Watch Party Crystal Lake, Illinois: Nov. 9, 2015

Christian College Reunion Weekend April 29 – 30, 2016 Columbia, Missouri Jefferson City Alumni Networking Social *May 2016 Jefferson City, Missouri

Speed Networking Columbia, Missouri: Nov. 11, 2015

For more event listings and information, visit www.columbiacollege *Event dates to be determined


Upcoming Events

Alumni Gathering Columbia, Missouri: Oct. 16-17, 2015



Talk to Us!

That was my room 1971-72 (where the sign is)! Loved North/Banks Hall! – Debi Cockrell

Here’s what CC alumni are saying on social media

San Luis Obispo has the best staff. Miss them so much!! – Robin Franklin Nadolski

That’s my alma mater, FLW. Way to go!!! – Diana McCraney Ingram

ay #ThrowbackThursd

@CLievsay Working hard with @cc_alumni Board of Director member @NorrisTanner and @Jmuder at @ColumbiaColg commencement

BA in CJAD in 2012 from Jefferson City, MO and proud to say I’m back with CC for their MSCJ program! – Nicholas Connery

#CougarPrid e #TBT to 1985 photo of CC art professor Sidney Larson. Sid once said, “Teaching is a calling [not just a vocation]. It’s fulfilling, it’s worthwhile. And it’s selfish [because a teacher gets the thrill out of seeing talent blossom].”


@cc_alumni scooter and I at Disney World #selfieswithscooter

The Man!!! – William J. Williams



What a GREAT teacher!!!! – Carol Clark Davis

Loved him! – David Brashear


Columbia College Alumni


Columbia College Alumni

Columbia College Alumni Association / Columbia College


year in review


July 1, 2014 — June 30, 2015

8,700 MILES from Columbia, Missouri, to Koh Samet, Thailand = The farthest distance traveled by a Scootergraph


$33,481.72 raised for the CCAA SCHOLARS PROGRAM through 84 gifts from 24 donors. Chosen from nearly 200 applicants, 4 students were each awarded a $1,000 scholarship.


340 alumni and friends pledged a gift to Columbia College through a phone-a-thon to raise an anticipated

Hosted 33 alumni events in 26 cities with more than 2,300 alumni and guests in attendance. More than 2,500 alumni requested a commemorative alumni lapel pin.


36 nationwide campuses

Mailed more than 65,000 membership cards with the launch of the

More than 600 alumni signed up for PerkSpot discounts through the CCAA Membership Rewards Program.


on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


CCAA MEMBERSHIP REWARDS PROGRAM. alumni population by state Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas

2,164 128 916 479 3,979 2,927 145 71 60 8,470 2,416 286 138 6,330 656 413 1,103

Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina

672 399 91 719 216 585 277 242 23,432 115 255 346 82 280 277 3,728 1,235

North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

36 763 857 313 503 42 700 107 909 5,294 1,153 36 1,905 1,997 97 807 56

Faculty Profiles



a f f i n i t y

Finding Joy in the Details

Columbia College Nursing Department Chair Linda Claycomb guides the nursing program to new heights BY SAM FLEURY


Whether it’s solving the Columbia Daily Tribune’s latest Sudoku puzzle or making the enrollment process in Columbia College’s nursing program more efficient, Dr. Linda Claycomb, chair of the Columbia College nursing department, is all in. “The more complex the problem is, I thrive on it,” Claycomb said. “I enjoy problem-solving and making work easier and processes smoother that result in safer and better outcomes for the patient.” That commitment to providing top-quality care for patients and instilling that ideal in nursing students has served Claycomb well during her more than 40 years in nursing. After successfully serving as a nurse, patient care administrator and educator in New York, Pennsylvania, Florida and Missouri, Claycomb became director of the Lake of the Ozarks campus nursing program in 2008, and eventually the director of the program in Columbia in 2009. You could say that Claycomb’s arrival definitely served as a turning point for the program. “While we provided quality instruction before 2009, faculty decided that a curriculum revision in the fall of 2009 designed to accommodate different types of learners was needed. It has opened unlimited doors for the nursing program,”

Claycomb said. “We have a strong curriculum and great pass rates. Students, whether younger or a little more mature, all have an equal opportunity to complete our curriculum. It is a rigorous, accelerated program, but we think we do a good job and our students are in demand. They are all getting jobs or going on for additional schooling to obtain another degree.” And Claycomb’s students aren’t the only ones going on for additional schooling. After completing both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing at the University of Missouri in the early 1990s, she decided to take a break from continuing her education. However, while working as vice president for patient care at


Faculty Profiles Profiles

Linda Claycomb completed her doctorate degree online in August 2015 through Capella University with a specialization in leadership and management.

Memorial (now Capital Region) Hospital in Jefferson City, Missouri, Claycomb decided that she wanted to pursue her doctorate. Over the course of the past six years, Claycomb worked furiously to finish that goal. She finally completed her doctorate degree online in August 2015 through Capella University with a specialization in leadership and management. “I do feel like I have accomplished something. There wasn’t that immediate relief but more of a feeling of satisfaction that I had reached another goal,” Claycomb said. “I think learning is ongoing in our lives and if we stop learning, we stop living.” With the new degree in hand, Claycomb, along with her outstanding staff of nurses and instructors, has big plans for the nursing program moving forward. The program continues to produce high pass rates for all students involved, carrying a 100 percent mark through each of the last four classes on the National Licensing Exam (NCLEX). “Columbia College Nursing has a great reputation with employers and facilities around the midMissouri area. The two comments we hear the most are, ‘We love your students and we want your students!’” Claycomb says with a smile. “Our students are well prepared to either go to work in the workplace or go on for their

“Our students are well prepared to either go to work in the workplace or go on for their bachelor’s degree, and employers are looking for that.” — Dr. Linda Claycomb bachelor’s degree, and employers are looking for that, because with society’s need for more baccalaureate-level nurses, they want a student who can learn.” Claycomb and her husband, Don, who will retire this year, have five children (two daughters and three sons) and reside in Linn, Missouri, where Don is the president of State Technical College of Missouri. On the rare occasion she finds time to spare, she enjoys reading and playing games that involve strategy. Her true passions are being outside where she can work on their garden and taking the family RV out for a cruise.

Alumni Profiles


Reflecting on a Golden Age

René Massey retires from AHE after 34 years



A few days before her retirement from Columbia College on Sept. 15, René Massey could be found in her office in historic St. Clair Hall rifling through stacks of papers, files, pictures and thank-you notes — all of the things that had accumulated over the years of service in her sunny and ordinarily tidy headquarters as associate dean of Adult Higher Education. The growth she saw in her 34 years at the college sums up a lot of what Massey refers to as one of the golden ages of her alma mater, when the Division of Adult Higher Education came into its own. When Massey began work on her associate degree at Columbia College in 1980, she didn’t know she was embarking on a journey with the college that would last more than three decades — a journey that would have her working side-by-side with three celebrated deans in the college’s legacy of adult higher education, before becoming a dean herself. Massey’s employment with the college began as a work-study student in the art department and Academic Affairs. When Massey completed her degree in December 1981, she headed for home in Middlebury, Indiana. “I had just left school thinking I was finished. I had gone home,” Massey says. “I got a phone call asking if I’d like to come back to Columbia College to work as a secretary for Col. Frank Westling, [the dean of the relatively new Extended Studies Division (now Adult Higher Education) formed in 1972].” When Massey started as secretary, she was immediately entrenched in the college’s growing adult education culture, learning and growing

along with it. In addition to working with Westling between 1982 and 2014, she worked with Dean Frazier Moon and Vice President Col. David “Mike” Randerson. Each a devoted leader and veteran with distinguished military careers, and each with a vision for serving adult and military students across the nation, Massey was among champions. But perhaps the most influential of these was the man she refers to simply as her hero. “Frank Westling changed my life,” Massey says. “He was the kindest, funniest, smartest person I ever


During Moon’s tenure as dean following Westling’s death in 1987, and with Massey’s aid as administrative assistant, the Extended Studies Division (ESD) opened 13 more nationwide campuses and improved academic standards. In 1996, the era of computer technology came to Columbia College, and Col. Randerson entered as vice president and dean for ESD, which soon became the Division of Adult Higher Education (AHE). During his term, Randerson promoted Massey several times, first to program coordinator and analyst. From there, she rose to director of administration, then to assistant dean, and then to associate dean in 2009. The number of AHE campuses grew from 17 to 35. “Mike had a work ethic that was fabulous. He ran me ragged,” Massey says with a laugh. “We got our first computers in 1996 and everything changed. Then Online Campus (now Online Education) opened in 2000, and everything really changed. It was a blast.” While working through the ranks of AHE, Massey became one of the adult students she worked so hard to serve. She completed her bachelor’s degree in business in 1998, followed by her master’s in business in 2001, both from Columbia College. From 2004 to 2011, she taught online business courses for the college. She also fell in love. Massey met her husband, Gary Massey, dean for Adult Higher Education, when he was the director of the St. Louis campus. The two were married in 2005. As dean, she entered her own golden age. She was instrumental in creating student retention and

success initiatives and oversaw the implementation of GoArmyEd processes to meet the military’s new tuition assistance standards. She developed a business relationship with ProctorU, providing the direction and momentum that established Columbia College as a leader in the fight against financial aid fraud. Massey represented AHE on the Columbia College Alumni Association Board of Directors, and for many years she sponsored the cheerleaders. She was an original member of the Customer Service Committee formed in 2003, and diligently promoted improved customer service at all campuses. In 2015, working with Dr. Jeff Musgrove, who became vice president for AHE following Randerson’s retirement in 2014, Massey was named senior director of AHE Administrative Support. “This school truly has been life-changing for me in so many ways,” she says with a smile. On her final day in office, Musgrove surprised Massey with a touching honor. The AHE Student Success and Retention Fund, created in December 2013 to benefit AHE students, was renamed the René White Massey ’81, ’84, ’98, ’01 Adult Higher Education Student Success Scholarship. Now she too has a scholarship in her name like each of the champions who came before her. “Trying to find ways to help students succeed has always been central to my work at the college,” Massey says about the scholarship. “Having a scholarship for that purpose named in my honor was the best parting gift I could have ever received. Being a part of the legacy of Columbia College humbles me.” For information on how to make a contribution to the René White Massey Adult Higher Education Student Success Scholarship or other Columbia College scholarships, please visit

Alumni Profiles

knew. He was just brilliant. He related to people on a personal level, not by their title. He knew what was important, and that was relationships with people, whether they be students, staff, administration or military officials. I learned that from him.”

Alumni Profiles


Middleweight Wrestler With A Heavyweight Heart BY MELISSA BUTLER


Cody Stout ’14 is a woman on the move. She is a 31-year-old mother of three young boys, a full-time paraprofessional and a grad student in the field of special education at Fontbonne University in St. Louis, Missouri. She is also the only competitive female sumo wrestler in the Midwest. Cody stumbled onto sumo wrestling while taking her sons to judo class and says, “I never planned it, but loved it.” Stout credits sumo with strengthening her both mentally and physically. “I disciplined myself to change my mentality. It’s rewarding to fight through the pain.” She is heartened, too, that other women have joined her at the Welcome Mat Sumo Club in her hometown of Kansas City. The Club also supports the sports of sambo and judo. Stout has enjoyed remarkable successes since her start in March 2015. Just three short months after stepping onto the mat in her mawashi, Stout earned her

to participate in the event at the global level.

first title, receiving the bronze medal in the middleweight class at the U.S. Nationals in Parkville, Missouri. She went on to place third at the U.S. Sumo Open in Long Beach, California, on Aug. 9. Cody has her sights set on the ultimate prize: the U.S. Olympics. While she loves the feeling of empowerment that being an athlete provides, her goal is first to see sumo wrestling become an Olympic Sport, and second,

Columbia College played no small part in the development of her tough mindset. Stout, a 2014 graduate from the Kansas City campus with a Bachelor of Arts in History, declares that studying a male-dominated subject prepared her for sumo. Her emphases in the field included immigration history and the development of communism in Russia and China. Her senior thesis focused on immigration reform and the impacts it had on the differing populations of immigrants settling in Kansas City. Although her athletic passion is aiming for a place in the Olympics, her professional aspiration is to achieve her master’s in special education. She truly enjoys working as a paraprofessional and excels at working with children who face difficult obstacles. “I’m good at what I do,” she says. “If you’re good at something, you should do it for humanity.”


Alumni Profiles

Sumo has deeply rooted Japanese origins. The sport dates back more than 1,500 years, and several stories exist of sumo matches held in the seventh and eighth centuries as part of Imperial court ceremonies. In 1909, sumo was established as the national sport of Japan. Today it is a form of professional entertainment.

Centered inside a sumo arena is the dohyo, an 18-square-foot clay area where the sumo bouts take place. The inner ring is covered in sand and marked by straw bales. Opponents face each other, squat down and place their fists on the ground, staring at each other in a mental battle, called niramiai. The sumo match begins at the moment of tachiai, the initial charge.

Rikishi (sumo wrestlers) practice and wrestle in a mawashi, a thick belt that is wrapped around the body and knotted in the back. It can weigh around 10 pounds. During practice, wrestlers wear mawashi made of canvas; during tournaments, professionally ranked wrestlers wear mawashi made of silk.

A bout is lost if a wrestler steps or is forced out of the ring, or touches the ground with anything but the soles of her feet. Punching and kicking above the knees are among the illegal sumo moves. After a match, both wrestlers again face each other on opposite sides of the ring and bow.

Honoring the Legacy


Honoring the Legacy

John A. Schiffman A vital and enduring figure in the Columbia College community has departed, leaving an indelible mark on both the history and the future of the college. A generous philanthropist, John A. Schiffman was passionate not only about higher education but also about the role that moral development plays in an individual’s education. Because of that passion, the Schiffman name has become synonymous with studies in religion, ethics and philosophy at Columbia College.



Honoring the Legacy

Honoring the Legacy


“He will truly be missed,” Columbia College President Scott Dalrymple said in a letter addressing the college community after Schiffman’s death Aug. 5, 2015. Schiffman resided in St. Louis, Missouri, and died at the age of 99. In 2000, Schiffman made a decision that would forever change Columbia College. To honor his late wife, Althea, he bestowed $1.5 million to the college to establish an endowed chair in ethics, religion and philosophy, and a lecture series that would draw noted speakers to the college. It was the largest contribution by a living donor in Columbia College history.

John A. Schiffman Jr., Honorary ’08 and Althea Whitcraft Schiffman ’41 were lifelong supporters of Columbia College.

“It is my hope that through the endowed chair and lecture series, Columbia College will become a force in carrying forward the message to students that integrity, honesty, fairness and compassion are just as important as intellect,” Schiffman said upon making his gift.

Schiffman formerly was employed by the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of St. Louis and spent a lifetime devoted to numerous philanthropic and volunteer endeavors, including the Disciples of Christ Christian Church, Optimist Club International, the Red Cross, the Boy Scouts of America and the U.S. Armed Forces in World War II. In addition to his support of Columbia College, he made contributions to the National Benevolent Association and Webster Groves Christian Church, where he was a member for 75 years, and was a volunteer participant in the Washington University Memory and Aging Project. His obituary stated, “He chose optimism and hope, even in the face of adversity, and inspired others to do the same.” Perhaps no one knew this better than his beloved wife of 44 years, Althea Whitcraft Schiffman. Althea

Previous Speakers For The Schiffman Lecture On Ethics In Society Series: 2003





John Kasich, former U.S. Congressman

Arun Gandhi, founder of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Non-Violence and grandson of Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi

Soledad O’Brien, television journalist and CNN co-anchor

David McCullough, two-time Pulitzer Prizewinning historian

Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas

2005 Robert F. Kennedy Jr., environmental ethics advocate

2009 Edward James Olmos, actor, producer, director, Hollywood activist


Honoring the Legacy

and John were wed in St. Louis in 1943. They were the proud parents of six children: Joy Schiffman Masterson ’65, John Jr., Nancy, Donald, Marilee and Bonnie. Today, they are survived by these six children, as well as 11 grandchildren, nine greatgrandchildren and three expected great-great-grandchildren. Two years before they married, Althea Schiffman graduated from Christian College in 1941 with a degree in arts. While she continued her education at Washington University in St. Louis, her love for her alma mater never waned, demonstrating that volunteerism and philanthropy were family values for the Schiffmans. Althea Schiffman showed dedication and versatility in her role as a volunteer for Columbia College. She was an active member of the Columbia College Alumni Club of St. Louis and served as



Michael Beschloss, award-winning presidential historian

Jim Leach, chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities

Celebrating John Schiffman’s 95th Birthday, in 2011, from left to right: Donald Schiffman (son), and wife Martha Schiffman, Dan Longo and wife Nancy Longo (daughter), John A. Schiffman III (son) and wife Marilyn Schiffman, John A. Schiffman (seated), Marilee Gaar (daughter), Evan Pearson and wife Bonnie Pearson (daughter) and Joy Masterson (daughter).

both a director and an officer of the Columbia College National Alumni Association Board of Directors from 1963 to 1976. In 1982, she enthusiastically accepted the request of the college to serve as national chairman of the Partners in Progress Alumni Campaign, a major capital fundraising drive undertaken by the college. Largely due to her efforts in enlisting and supporting

2012 Christine Brennan, awardwinning journalist, sports analyst and best-selling author

2013 Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland and human rights advocate

campaign volunteers, the campaign was highly successful. Following that campaign, she was honored to join the Columbia College Board of Trustees in 1983. For her decades of outstanding service, Althea Schiffman received the Columbia College Distinguished Alumni Award in 1985. She was recommended by the Columbia College National Alumni Association Records



Nina Totenberg, National Public Radio’s awardwinning legal affairs correspondent

Jean-Michel Cousteau, explorer, environmentalist, educator, film producer and son of Jacques Cousteau

Honoring the Legacy


and Recognition Committee, the Columbia College National Alumni Association president, the president of the college and the Columbia College Board of Trustees. Upon Althea’s death in 1987, John Schiffman took her place on the board and served until 2007. On April 24, 2004, the college bestowed upon John A. Schiffman the high status of Honorary Alumnus for unflagging support, generosity and outstanding service as a trustee. Also noted was John Schiffman’s commitment to providing Columbia College students an opportunity to build character. In 2007, the board of trustees unanimously honored John Schiffman with the status Trustee Emeritus. John Schiffman never missed a chance to challenge the speaker. He did his homework, reading their books and coming prepared with questions. From the inception of the Schiffman Lecture Series, he made attending the lectures a priority and offered topics for the next year to Dr. Anthony Alioto, professor of history and the Althea W. and John A. Schiffman Endowed Chair in Ethics, Religious Studies and Philosophy.

Dr. Anthony Alioto, professor of history, has carried the Schiffmans’ charge. Having taught at the

Previous Speakers For The Schiffman Lecture In Religious Studies Series: 2002





Dr. Linda Lindsey, professor of sociology and coordinator of women’s studies, Maryville University of St. Louis

Rev. Dr. John Yonker of First Christian Church and Rabbi Yossi Feintuch of Congregation Beth Shalom of Columbia, Missouri

Ellen O’Grady, artist and social activist

Rev. Martin Marty, pastor, author and Fairfax M. Cone Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus at the University of Chicago Divinity School

Dr. Stephen J. Patterson, professor of New Testament at Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis

2003 Dr. Shakir Hoomodi, spokesperson for the Islamic Center of Central Missouri

2008 Susan Jacoby, author of The Age of American Unreason


“This [lecture series] was for the community and for the college, sure, but he wanted the students to meet people of international and national reputation dealing with ethics or subjects that have an ethical basis.”

Part of his work as endowed chair is to oversee the Schiffman Ethics in Society Lecture Series and Lecture in Religious Studies. Twice a year, the college draws renowned scholars to speak about how religion, politics, culture and education shape and influence major issues of our day. The well-attended lectures, which are open to the public, are among the highlights of the fall and spring semesters for faculty, students and community members alike.

Some of the lecturers invited to speak as part of the Ethics in Society series have included NPR’s Nina Totenberg, former President of Ireland Mary Robinson, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien, environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and ocean explorer and filmmaker Jean-Michel Cousteau.

“One of the first things [John Schiffman] said to me was that he was really interested in enriching the lives of our students; he was a student-oriented guy,” Alioto said.

Dr. Alioto himself has been a Lecture in Religious Studies speaker along with other lecturers, such as the Venerable Pannavati Bhikkhuni, a Buddhist nun, and Dr. D. Newell Williams, president and professor of Modern and American Church

History of Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University. Althea and John Schiffman were true friends of Columbia College, and their legacy forever will be felt on campus and in the community at large. For Alioto, keeping John Schiffman’s vision alive to educate Columbia College students through the lecture series is of paramount importance.

Honoring the Legacy

college since 1981, he had the honor of being named the inaugural Althea W. and John A. Schiffman Endowed Chair in Ethics, Religious Studies and Philosophy in 2002 and continues to serve in the role today.

“That’s what I keep in mind going forward with enriching the lives of our students.” The Schiffman Ethics in Society Lecture Series and the Lecture in Religious Studies series were created as a result of Mr. Schiffman’s commitment to philanthropy. If you would like to support the series, a scholarship, department or other program, the college has many ways to give. Go to for more information. To learn more about the Schiffman Lecture series, including future lecturers, visit schiffmanlecture.







Robert Wright, Schwartz senior fellow, New America Foundation

Dr. James H. Austin, neurologist, researcher, and Zen practitioner

Stephen L. Carter, acclaimed novelist, Yale Law professor, and leading intellectual in law, religion and culture

Dr. D. Newell Williams, president and professor of Modern and American Church History, Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University

John McHale and Anthony Alioto, coauthors of Saintly Sex: Saint John Paul II, Sex, Gender and the Catholic Church

Dr. Brick Johnstone, professor and author, with research interests in the neuropsychology of spiritual experiences, religion and spirituality

2013 Ven. Pannavati Bhikkhuni, founding coabbott of the Embracing Simplicity Hermitage

Gateway to his Future


T GA EW Alumnus Roger Miller ’78 relied on hard work, positivity and his Columbia College degree to launch a multimillion dollar company

If you are a fan of entrepreneurship and you enjoy watching television, then you are definitely in luck these days. From Shark Tank, based on the premise of giving presenters a one-time shot to pitch their product to an investor, to Celebrity Apprentice, where celebrities try to raise money for a charity, prime time is rife with this genre of “reality TV.” While those shows are entertaining and can provide some insight into starting your own business, future entrepreneurs should take

note of the amazing journey of Columbia College alumnus Roger Miller. The founder and former chairman of Gateway Packaging Co. created and executed a successful plan to start his own business in 1982, utilizing past experiences, self-belief and a college degree. Today, Gateway is one of the most successful packaging companies in the world, serving companies such as Nestlé Purina PetCare. It manufactures flexible packaging and services the human food, pet food, industrial, chemical and medical industries from coast to coast and internationally. But Miller may not have had the chance to take the leap of faith and start his own business if it hadn’t been for Columbia College. He started his career at International Paper Co., stacking boxes at the corrugated


Gateway to his Future


to his

FUTURE By Sam Fleury

Portrait provided by Roger Miller ’78 Photos by Heather Hart

materials plant. After several years and promotions, working his way up the ranks on the production planning side of the company, he decided he wanted to take a crack at joining the sales team.

“The more knowledge I gained about the business and the opportunities in the world, I decided I would like to have a career in sales,” Miller said. “I was told by the company management team that [I was] a great guy, had a lot to offer, but I didn’t have a college degree. If I was able to figure out a way to get that done, then they would consider me for a sales position.” Enter Columbia College-Lambert Air Field campus. It was 1974 and the college had just started a campus there. After vetting several

Gateway to his Future


colleges in the area, Miller chose Columbia College, mostly because of the flexibility of class scheduling. “When you are working 60 hours a week in your career, going to class twice a week for four hours as part of the ‘mini-mester’ program worked really well,” Miller said. “There are a lot of challenges a working person experiences while working on their education. It’s a time element, it’s a job commitment when you are trying to blend all of those together to make it effective and make it worthwhile for both your company and for the education you are trying to get.” After four years, Miller graduated in 1978 with a bachelor’s degree in business. And International Paper Co. and Weyerhaeuser Paper Co. were true to their word, adding Miller to their sales and management team. But after several years working for two great companies in different roles, Miller, as he says, wanted more.

“An entrepreneur needs to know his or her business. If you know your business from top to bottom, your odds of success are great.” — Roger Miller ’78 “It’s a big step to leave a great job with a salary and a great career, but I was always the kind of guy that wanted more for myself,” Miller said. “Management changed, companies had different structures, and I just decided through the great training that I was receiving through International

Paper, Weyerhaeuser and my Columbia College education that I had the skills and knowledge to build a business.” And so he did just that, founding Gateway Packaging in 1982. As is the case with many fledging companies, raising capital was a challenge. In fact, Miller had to take $10,000 out of his retirement account from International Paper to start his company. That capital, along with the fact that his wife and company co-founder, Bekki Miller, continued her career as a teacher to provide insurance and cash flow, allowed the company to become a reality. “An entrepreneur needs to know his or her business,” Miller said. “If you know your business from top to bottom, your odds of success are great.” Miller put that knowledge to work, noting that due to the strong relationships he had established at his previous employers, his new company started out representing both


Gateway to his Future

Roger Miller ’78 met with several students, faculty and staff from Columbia CollegeSt. Louis as part of the campus’ Entrepreneurship Week earlier this fall. He provided insight, feedback and words of encouragement for aspiring business owners. Miller also sat down with Fishman Entrepreneurship Director Raja Bhattacharya for an insightful interview as part of a video series of successful entrepreneurial-minded alumni. You can check out the complete library of these videos at fishman-center.

International Paper and Weyerhaeuser Paper, selling rigid packaging such as corrugated boxes and folding cartons. Later, Miller recognized an opportunity in the label business and Gateway began producing pressure-sensitive labels and then began making flexible packing that was used for both pet food and human food. The company has continued to grow, boasting three manufacturing facilities in Granite City, Illinois; Kansas City, Missouri; and Wapakoneta, Ohio. While quality, innovative products, timely delivery and profits are crucial to the success of any company, Miller takes pride in knowing that Gateway’s most important resource is its employees. “It’s all about the people,” he said. “Creating a culture that people want to come to work and creating a culture where people want to be helpful is the culture we always try to create, and I think we were successful at doing that.”

Following the success of the company, Miller has received several awards including the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2002 for Manufacturing in the St. Louis area. He is also a member of the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation Board, a supporter of the United Way and several other philanthropic organizations throughout the St. Louis and Granite City areas. Miller also accepted an invitation to the Columbia College Steve and Barbara Fishman Center for Entrepreneurship Advisory Board and has been part of the group for two years. “For me, being a nontraditional student, and being fortunate enough to live the American dream, it helped me to think through that and see that it might be important for other people who are trying to make it in life and create a great career that would have to go the nontraditional route,” Miller said. “I think Columbia College probably has the best national adult training program in the country.”

Columbia College Annual Report July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015

Columbia College Annual Report 2015

I have earned five college degrees. But this college, Columbia (Christian) College is the one that made the difference for me. It was Christian College where my journey began. It was a great beginning to self-discovery. I became a better student and a wiser person. Each person has gifts and talents and it was here that I began to discover who Lynne Stuver Baker really was. This college did and still does focus on the individual, their gifts, their talents, and how we each can excel! On my first day at Christian College, I was really scared. My parents were determined that their daughters would receive a great education. In the mid-60’s, that was not the general mindset. Education was thought to be a waste for women; after all, typically, “women were just going to get married and raise their children.” Needless to say, my parents did not have that type of thinking. My parents and grandparents believed that their daughters should be educated.

life and educational history. I was going to become the person I was born to be. From being raised in a small town in northern Missouri, to experiencing the culture shock of moving to a large Kansas City suburb in the sixth grade, I was resolute to bring forth that person I knew I was created to become. I made that choice. That’s how my journey began. The two years I spent here made such an incredible engraving on my heart; this is where my first and primary loyalty lies. My giving of time, talents and treasures can never equal the wonderful gifts of education and personal attention I received at Christian College. This is still the place for me! Serving on the Columbia College Board of Trustees, the Alumni Association Board of Directors and as Chair of the Philanthropy Committee allows me to give back, not just my treasure but also my time and talent. I hope each of you will consider giving back. Remember those special moments, friends and mentors who made Columbia College such a unique and personalized community that helped you on your journey to discover your best self. Most Sincerely,

I had looked at a few other colleges, but I always came back to Christian. It just felt right from the first time I visited campus. Walking onto campus, I was excited and determined in my mind. I can remember it like it was yesterday. This was going to be a new chapter in my

Annual Report Contributors SALLIE CHRISTEN COLEY ’75, senior director of contributor relations & stewardship BRUCE BOYER, chief financial officer CAROLYN PREUL, designer MELISSA BUTLER, writer KACI SMART ’09, photographer

Lynne Stuver Baker ’64 Board of Trustees Chair, Philanthropy Committe



2015 Columbia College Annual Report

Jim Culpepper honors his wife by creating art scholarship to help future students By Melissa Butler “The thing about Columbia ‘Christian’ College is that it gives me a good feeling to know it cares about its students,” Jim Culpepper said, reflecting on the time he spent there some 60 years ago when his wife-to-be, Mabel, was a student. “There is a great family feeling, and I felt it even as a visitor.” The college still holds a special place in his heart. When his wife died in 2013, Culpepper established the Mabel Bondurant Culpepper ’56 Art Scholarship at Columbia College in her honor to help other students follow in her footsteps. Mabel Bondurant Culpepper ’56 was the epitome of a successful and engaged Christian College alumna. Mabel was one of the Town Girls, a group of local nonresident students who had their own study hall and lounge room on the first floor of St. Clair Hall. In addition to participating in campus clubs, the TGs had several activities all their own. Swimming parties, picnics and penny dish suppers highlighted their year’s social events. Culpepper also was a Valentine Queen, a member of Phi Delta Delta, Twelfth Night, Phi Theta Kappa, Vesper Board, Sigma Phi Gamma and French Club.

She actively participated in Presidents Club, a group for presidents of all organizations on campus. Tutored by Sidney Larson for whom the gallery on main campus is named, she was a gifted artist as well. Working primarily in watercolors and acrylics, Culpepper’s passion for art translated into a lifelong body of work that included vibrant colors, lively animals and the tranquility of the natural world. Her commitment to perpetual learning is reflected in that body of work. Her life, and her art, began on a farm in Missouri, was nourished at Christian College and culminated in the wideopen panoramas of Albuquerque, New Mexico. While attending Christian College, Culpepper met her future husband, Jim Culpepper, in a college class at First Baptist Church. Both enjoyed attending dances at Christian College and the University of Missouri, where he was a member of Delta Upsilon. Their fondest memories of Columbia include the college youth group at the church, and their retreats at the Lake of the Ozarks. Devoted even in college, Jim Culpepper vividly remembers Mabel Culpepper’s Ivy Chain Ceremony in 1956.

Columbia College Annual Report 2015

Married in 1957 on Christmas Eve, the Culpeppers would expand their family over time with three children: Julie, Jeff and John. Jim Culpepper, who completed undergraduate and graduate degrees in business and public administration at the University of Missouri, served as an artillery officer in the U.S. Army in Germany for three years. During that time, he and Mabel lived in several locations in Germany and enjoyed as much travel in Europe as the service would permit. After returning stateside, they lived in Columbia and St. Louis, then Tennessee, Maryland, and ultimately Albuquerque, New Mexico. He worked in finance, security affairs and nuclear weapons and after retiring as a senior federal executive, was an active consultant for a number of years. Mabel Culpepper went on to obtain her bachelor’s degree in elementary education in 1958, and a master’s degree in art education in 1965, both from the University of Missouri. Amid her active leadership

in Girl Scouts and YMCA, camping in national forests along the Eastern seaboard, hosting American Field Service exchange students, her active church life and volunteerism, and 55 years of marriage, Mabel Culpepper’s art flourished. During her 24 years in Albuquerque, Mabel Culpepper served as president of the New Mexico Watercolor Society, president of the Yucca Branch of the National League of American Pen Women, docent of the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History, and member of the Amapola Co-op Gallery. Her award-winning works are found in private collections across the country and around the world. The scholarship Jim Culpepper created undoubtedly would have garnered his wife’s approval. While discussing life with his wife, reflecting upon her art, and talking about the scholarship, he looked at her photograph and knew in his heart she would be pleased. She would have enjoyed helping

another female student pursue her love for art, he said. Because of the generosity of Jim Culpepper and other philanthropists, scholarships will benefit students for generations to come. For future students, he expressed the hope that they would pay it forward. “I would hope [future students] would be in a position to pass Mabel’s legacy on by creating other opportunities for students coming after them.” The college ignited a love of art in Mabel Culpepper, and art gave her life a form of joyful expression. Jim Culpepper noted that she painted with passion and advises future students, “Whatever you decide to paint, express your heart and soul.”



2015 Columbia College Annual Report

Financials Tuition and Fees (net) 27% Non-traditional Program $24,390,000


7.5% Day Campus $6,820,000

7. 5% 5.4% Graduate Studies $4,914,000

5.4% 60.1%

60.1% Online Program $54,406,000


Revenue 99,852,000 Expenditures 91,720,000 Total Revenue over Expenditures


Revenues Tuition and Fees 90,530,000 Gifts and Grants 1,714,000 Other 7,608,000





Total Revenues



Expenditures 92.3% Unrestricted $213,900,000 2.8% Temporarily Restricted $6,600,000

4.9% Permanently Restricted $11,400,000

Instructional Academic Support Student Services Institutional Support Auxiliary Services

54,846,000 4,450,000 14,438,000 14,297,000 3,689,000

Total Expenditures


Columbia College Annual Report 2015

Honor Roll Columbia College recognizes the value of each and everyone’s gift. These honor rolls are intended to acknowledge those that have given to the College.

Larry Young ’76 is an internationally-known sculpture artist, 1968 and 1972 Olympic bronze medalist in the 50-kilometer walk, 2004 Columbia College Hall of Fame and 2015 Missouri Sports Hall of Fame inductee. He has two sculptures on main campus: One Pegasus, in bronze, sits outside of Dulany Dining Hall, and The Genome (pictured), made of stainless steel, sits atop a black granite trapezoid in front of the Brouder Science Center.

We make every effort to ensure they are complete and free from errors. These lists recognize gifts received as of June 30, 2015. 40 President’s Society 43 St. Clair Society 45 1851 Society 52 Cougar Club 53 Alumni by Class Year 58 Loyal Contributor 60 Tribute 62 Businesses, Churches, Foundations and Organizations * indicates deceased Italicized text indicates faculty, staff and adjunct faculty



2015 Columbia College Annual Report

President’s Society Honor Roll Through vision, leadership and consideration for the future of Columbia College, members of the President’s Society have joined this institution’s hallowed and lifelong tradition of providing quality liberal arts and science education to a diverse student body. Benefactors who have provided cumulative gifts of $10,000 or more in cash, securities, real property, realized planned gifts, scholarship funds, awards or programs are granted permanent membership in the President’s Society. The following levels of giving sustain the legacy of the college, its students, the community and society. For more information on the President’s Society levels, go to ROGERS GATE CIRCLE $1,000,000 + Emma Jean Ballew ’23* Genevieve Koontz Buchanan ‘38* Christian Church – Disciples of Christ Carol Frobish ‘49* Ira G. Hubbell MD and Gail Hubbell* J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation J.B. Reynolds Foundation John Schiffman Hon. ’04* Lois V. Southwell Singletary ’39* IVY CHAIN CIRCLE $500,000 - $999,999 Linda Holman Atkins ’54 and Thomas Atkins III Hon. ’99 Tracy and Walter Bixby III ’82 Barbara Fishman ’74 and Steve Fishman ’74 Jeanne and George Hulett Jr. Florence Larsh ’49 Mary Lee and Des Lee* Mary Agnes Starr McQuinn ’54 and Al McQuinn Catherine and Jim Morris J. W. Stafford Hon. ’04* DORSEY CHAPEL CIRCLE $250,000 - $499,999 Gay Bumgarner* Judy Cunningham ’64

Mary Martin Kellett ’36* Fran Koepke* and Gene Koepke James “Bud” Walton*

CHARTER CIRCLE $100,000 - $249,999 Tom Bass Sara Winkler Botts ’41 and Van Botts Jr. Isabel Belcher Browning ’23* James Bumgarner* MD

Gayleen Ousley and George Ousley Jr. ’78 Andrea and Seth Paul Peggy Lamke Price ’43 Vicki Russell and Henry Waters III Cecil Crawford Sears ’24* Kay Jacobs Sells ’38* and O.V. Sells Leta Jones Spencer ’28* Helen Robson Walton ’39* Yu Wang Candy Cartwright Young ’73 PhD and Larry Young ’76

Delsie Cruce Calhoun ’70 Barbara Satterfield Camp ’65 and Bradley Camp Vera Jacobs Coats ’47 and Russell Coats Mary and Jerry Daugherty Frances Thompson Dillingham ’29* M.J. Walther Donnelly ’43 Gary Drewing Sr. Joan and Mark Foreman Daisy Willis Grossnickle ’66 and Skip Grossnickle Sally Hubbard MD Christopher Hughes Ann Walton Kroenke ’68 and Stan Kroenke Sarah Michell Landen* ’38 George Miller* Margaret Newton ’37*

FOUNDERS CIRCLE $50,000 - $99,999 Susan Ailor MD and Edgar Ailor III MD Betty Jacobs Aufranc ’45* Andrew Bass Jr.* Kathi and L’Mont Betz Betty Allen Braham ’42* and James Braham Bonnie Brouder Hon. ’13 and Gerald Brouder Hon. ’13 PhD Gloria and Fletcher Burge DDS Carol Coffman ’74 Shelley Erdman Dale ’69 Lucille Salerno-Denninghoff and James Denninghoff MD* Nancy and John Dillingham Kristin and Brad Eiffert Dora Johnson*

Michele Kennett and Jerry Kennett MD Ida Spradling Locarni ’50 Elizabeth Haynie Marshall ’26* Helen Black Maupin ’45 Nancy and Robert Maupin Richard Miller Virginia Harmon Owens ’40* and R. Marvin Owens Hon. ’03* Karen and William Pragman James Price* Connie and Robert Pugh Carole Randerson and Mike Randerson Hon. ’14 Dee and Donald Ruthenberg Hon. ’95 PhD Betti Friedel Saunders ’42 Jolene Marra Schulz ’61 and Bill Schulz B. D. Simon Jr.* Mary Robertson SimonMerideth ’48* Louise Cook Simpson ’27* Mittie Robnett Spence 1904* Susan Zurowski MD and Michael Szewczyk MD Geraldine Harris Wade ’53

TRUSTEES CIRCLE $25,000 - $49,999 Anita Abbott Timmons ’58 and James Timmons Phyllis Miller Adams ’46*

Columbia College Annual Report 2015

J. M. Allton* Margaret Angelo* Lynne Stuver Baker ’64 and Douglas Baker Mary Green Bates ’40* and William Bates* Walter Bixby* Estelle Bradford* Faye and Bob Burchard Lisa Bynum Patricia Churchill and Greg Johnston ’91 Robert Clark Jr.* Archibald Clinkscales* Allyson Presley and Eric Cunningham PhD Jay Dillingham*

Eugenia Banks*

and Paul Pallanich

Helen Conley Miller 1898*

Nancy Wright Banks ’55* and Hartley Banks Jr.*

Vicki and Terry Dunscombe

Betty and Richard Montgomery

Polly Huling Batterson Hon. ’96

Carol Connery Murdock ’69

Dorothy Molzahn Bennett ’46

Diane Berry O’Hagan ’59 and David O’Hagan

Barbara Bilger ’62

Carla McFarland and John Barnhouse*

Eric Oglesby Mary Omer* Linda and Kevin Palmer Mary Banks Parry ’20* Mary Jane McKee Potrafka ’56 and Richard Potrafka Bernice Christen Richardson ’22* Genie Banks Rogers

Penny Braun and Ernst Braun PhD* Lisa Ford-Brown PhD and Bruce Brown Virginia Freeman Buchroeder ’36* Edwin Burchard Derrell Burks Melissa Montgomery Carberry ’06 and Joseph Carberry

Martha Eberhard ’00 and Dale Eberhard Linda and William Eckhoff Judy and James Elliott DDS Jessie Ellis PhD* Judith Carter Ely ’62 and Douglas Ely Mary Epperson and Arlin Epperson PhD Julie Estabrooks PhD and Chip Estabrooks Evelyn Schrom Estes ’34* Susan Moberly Estill ’28* Vivian Sloan Fiske 1911* Jonathan Ford

Murphy Weitman Romano ’66 and Edward Romano

Neil Carr

Dorothy Rupp

Karen and Bob Fry

Sandy and Daniel Scotten

Mary Matteson Cederberg ’46 MD and William Cederberg

James Silvey*

Jaime Alter Chase ’30*

Patricia Bowman Gibbs ’47*

Dale Coe Simons ’65 and James K. Simons DDS

Linda Claycomb PhD and Donald Claycomb PhD

Linda and David Gillilan

Jane Smith and Terry Smith PhD

Katrina Harry Cochran ’68 PhD and Norm Cochran

Mildred Hanebaum*

Ruth Fuchs*

Karen Smith and Patrick Smith MD

Gwendolyn Crane Cockrell ’58 and Frank Cockrell

Elizabeth Estes Gentry ’20*

Mary Bruckmiller Spahr ’36*

Tonia Compton ’99 PhD

Dorothy Jacobs Hatfield ’41*

Marlys Enabnit Thedinger ’47 and Robert Thedinger

Terry Conrad

Laura and Craig Van Matre

James Culpepper

Caroline J. Harr and Charles Harr*

Daniel D’Alesio Jr.

Althea Harris

Carolyn Duley Dodd ’46 and W. Stanley Dodd Jr. Tery Donelson Martha Brock Donigan ’30* Mary Doty* Jean Dudley ’29* David Edwards* Suzanne Croswhite Edwards ’46*

Mark Heister Patricia and Lynn Hostetler Patricia Sadler Karst ’90 and Don Karst

B. D. Van Stavern Elizabeth Tatum Walter ’31*

Penelope and Tom Cason

Jane Canedy Crow ’57

Terry and Bo Fraser Jean and Charles Gibbens

Elaine and Dennis Grev Phyllis Whitesides Hardin ’57 ’75 and James Hardin Jr. ’76 Susan and Bob Hardwick Martha Leslie Harlow ’56 and James Harlow

Wendy and Stephen Knorr

Billie Jo Wanink ’65

Tina Dalrymple PhD and Scott Dalrymple PhD

Richard Harris

Glenna Kubach*

Janet Carter Wright ’58 and Marvin Wright

Virginia Fite Daniel ’63* and Wilton Daniel Jr.

Lucille Houghton Hatton ’32*

Betty Landers and Don Landers*

Sue Marshall Daulton ’45 Frances Dittrich ’63

Bernie Lensmeyer* Nancy and Richard Liebman Mary Stansifer Ligon ’21* Marcia Bunten Machens ’96 and David Machens

IVY AND OAK CIRCLE $10,000 - $24,999

Cecelia Donelson


Mary Susan and Joe Dubinski ’96

Erma Allton*

Novelle Dunathan PhD

Rene White Massey ’84 ’98 ’01 and Gary Massey ’85 DMgt

Bertha Alyea*

Frederick Matson*

Alan Atterbury

Margaret Benson Matson ’32*

Louise Leebrick Atterbury ’38

James Alyea MD*

Barbara Harvey ’58* Dorothy Hart Heinkel ’24* Thelma Helfant Bruce Hentges Esther Hepple* Solange Herter Rebecca Gross Highland ’89

To read more about the impact your gifts had on the college, visit



2015 Columbia College Annual Report

and Thomas Highland MD Wanda Baker Holman ’49* Winifred Horner* and David Horner

Ellen Thompson Oldson ’38 and Norman Oldson Dorothy Keithley Parham ’36* and Herbert Parham*

Andrea and Dan Stubler Sarah Grossnickle Swindle ’96 and Jason Swindle

Shirley Tempelmeier Watkins ’96 PsyD Llona Paul Weiss ’91 and Garry Weiss

Ellen Lohnes Paullin ’39

Beverly Phillips Thomas ’92 and David Thomas

Mary Paulsell and Michael Polley PhD

Joanna Todd and William Brown*

Gary Pfau

Martha Stephens Toler ’46

Justin Williams ’05 PhD

Linda Sublett Hutton ’69 and Robert Hutton

Ruth Pickl and Joseph Pickl Jr.

Harry Trice Sr.*

W. R. Williams Jr.

Sharon and Kenneth Pike

Dona Lee Trotter

Wilma McMaster Williams ’29*

James Infelt ’78

Penny Pitman ’65 and Sherri Javdes

Lisa and Steven Turner

Barbara Windt ’48*

Dorothy Kincaid Turney ’35*

Barbara and Paul Poehlein

Audrey Walton

Carol Willoughby Winkler ’93 and Darrell Winkler

Judith Cone Johnson ’95

Lana and Gregory Poole

Yu-cheng Wang

Janice Johnston and Bill Johnston ’82

Lucille Dyer Porter ’22* Hazel Price 1909*

Mary Lee Maynard Ward ’50 and William Ward

Helga Huang PhD June Viner Hurdle ’83 and Bob Hurdle Chris Hurley

Darlene Johnson Harriet Johnson 1901*

Beth Kane Michael Kateman Bruce Kelly PhD Mary Potter Kunkler ’27* Barry Langford Sidney Larson Hon. ’01*

Angie Randolph and John Randolph ’94

Esther Ross Warren ’20*

Virginia Kendall Young ’36*

Shelley and Sanjeev Ravipudi MD

Herbert W. Watchinski ’76*

Peggy Gibson Regan ’44 and William Regan MD

Gustav Lehr

Susan and Buz Rieger

Peggy Reed-Lohmeyer ’89 and Steve Lohmeyer

Kathy Ritter and James Ritter EdD

Julia Marberry Marsden ’59

David Rogers*

William Mason

Beverly Colliflower Rolwing ’57 and Francis Rolwing

Kurt Miller PhD Mary Keller Miller ’31* Lynn Mitchell MD and Marsha Mitchell Ann Copeland Mize ’40* Willa Dill Moore ’30* Beverly Murrell MD* and Jerry Murrell MD Helen Cates Neary ’38 Brenda Nicholls ’67 Sandra Bruce Nichols ’80 MD and Ronnie Nichols Lavinia Lenoir Nifong 1887* Wanda Northway

Terry Robinson Wollersheim ’92 and Dave Wollersheim Sarah Yonker and Rev. Dr. John Yonker

Merri Kingston Richards ’97 and Matthew Richards ’96

Gayla Grossnickle Miller ’90 and Richard Miller

Deborah Hook Wheat ’68

Shirley Evans Ward ’37*

David Lee PhD

Col. Charles McGee ’78 USAF Ret.

Ludmilla Westling and John McGowan

Jane Russell* and Garth Russell MD Juda and John Schell Sandra Schubert and Don Schubert* Elizabeth Toomey Seabrook ’42* Joe Smith MD* Queen Smith* Amy and Kevin Sprouse ’04 Ron Stallworth ’07 Jacquelyn Crane Stamper ’61 and George Stamper Col. Charles Standley Jr.* Jill Ross Stedem ’96 and Marty Stedem ’92 Helen Stewart

Members of the President’s Society since 2005 and St. Clair Society since 2012, Llona ’91 and Garry Weiss enjoy the President’s Society annual dinner held each fall to recognize Columbia College’s most loyal and treasured contributors.

Columbia College Annual Report 2015

St. Clair Society Honor Roll The St. Clair Society is named for Luella St. Clair-Moss, a true visionary and one of the first female college presidents in the United States. She served three terms as president of Christian College, the forerunner of Columbia College. The St. Clair Society honors individuals whose vision for and commitment to the future have led them to include the college in a charitable life income agreement or estate plan. Anita Abbott Timmons ’58 and James Timmons

Judith Tribble Brown ’59

Donna Hines Cullen ’67 and John Cullen

Marjorie Thomas Gutelius ’69 and Jay Gutelius

Phyllis Miller Adams ’46*

Noma Brown* William Brown*

Judy Cunningham ’64

Mildred East Halley 1919*

Isabel Belcher Browning ’23*

Patricia Keyser Custer ’47 and James Custer

Susan and Bob Hardwick

Andrew Cutler ’96

Elizabeth Garton Harmon ’37*

Virginia Freeman Buchroeder ’36*

Richard Daly ’76

Dora Frances Wells Harness ’27

Mona Manuel Davidson 1911*

Caroline Harr and Charles Harr*

Cynthia Bulluck ’87

Elizabeth Aull ’71

Hortense Davison*

Althea Harris

Mary Burlingame ’25*

Karen Hockaday Avery ’57

Lina Swann Denney ’19*

Dorothy Hart Heinkel ’24*

Bruce Bynum ’71

Creola-Charles Baker 1918*

Esther Hepple*

Michael Calhoun*

Sally Miles Dickinson ’66 and John Dickinson

Lynne Stuver Baker ’64 and Douglas Baker

Melissa Montgomery Carberry ’06 and Joseph Carberry

Emma Brown Ballew ’23*

Suzanne Calwell Carlson ’43*

Grace Banholzer ’94

Neil Carr

Col. Duane Bartrem ’76

Artie Mason Carter 1900*

Bertha Alyea* James Alyea MD* L. V. Angelo* Mary Angelo Judith Nell Arni ’66 and Thomas Arni

Mary Dorsey Bass 1901* Roberta Herring Bass 1918* Maryellen Justice Batt ’47 and Robert Batt Jo Behymer PhD and Wayne Behymer Dorothy Molzahn Bennett ’46 Frances Bennett ’35* Robin Black ’26*

Genevieve Koontz Buchanan ’38*

Jaime Alter Chase ’30* Carson Chiles* Patricia Chubb Lucy Church ’69 and Bob Zuvanich Archibald Clinkscales* Katrina Harry Cochran ’68 PhD and Norm Cochran

Cheryl Ann Hardy PhD

Frances Dittrich ’63

Janet Jesaitis Hinshaw ’59 and Fred Hinshaw

Martha Brock Donigan ’30*

Frances Hirlinger ’24*

M.J. Walther Donnelly ’43

Lois Funderburg Hodge ’44*

Jean Dudley ’29*

Sharon and Edgar Hodge ’86

James Edwards ’74

Adalene Hoke ’30*

Ellen Schalk Feild ’30*

Karen Cavanah Hollen ’57

Vivian Sloan Fiske 1911*

Wanda Baker Holman ’49*

Polly Sipp Ford ’73 and Rusty Ford ’72

Melissa Berkemeier Howard ’74

Joan and Mark Foreman Sarah Medlen Fraley ’47 Carol Vinkemulder Frobish ’49*

Rosemary Lester Horner ’50 PhD Ira Hubbell MD and Gail Hubbell* Helen Roberson Hunter ’39 Ruby Bowles Hurst ’35*

George Blanchard*

Paula Jones Collins ’81 and Stephen Collins

Margaret Phillips Gage ’50

Louis Blosser*

Elizabeth Estes Gentry ’20*

Sybil Whittle Cook 1913*

Linda Sublett Hutton ’69 and Robert Hutton

Sara Winkler Botts ’41 and Van Botts Jr.

Brooke Baker George ’11 ’13

Betty Adams Crouch ’56 and William Crouch*

Irene Isom*

Joseph Gogel

Margaret Blosser Jackson ’38*

Alice Fox Boyle ’35*

Jane Canedy Crow ’57

Ruth Graham 1919*

Dora Johnson*

Estelle Bradford*

Genevieve Spelman Crowley ’47 and Virgil Crowley

Lydia Carter Gregory 1905*

Harriet Johnson 1901*

Clara Smith Griffin ’20*

Helen Hirsch Johnson ’31*

Betty Allen Braham ’42* James Braham* Mary Bright* Mary Reece Briscoe ’41*

To include the college in your estate plan, visit



2015 Columbia College Annual Report

J. Paul Jones

Janet Nogle ’83

Mary Martin Kellett ’36*

Robert Nogle*

Alice Kirtley 1912*

Jane McNab Nuccio ’41*

Fran Koepke* and Gene Koepke

Paul Nydam ’85

Sarah Michell Landen ’38* Barry Langford

Diane Berry O’Hagan ’59 and David O’Hagan

Buena Lansford*

Mary Omer*

Raymond Lansford PhD

Barbara Gibbs Ostmann ’69 and Wilfred Ostmann

Florence Larsh ’49 Martha Alexander Laslie ’40* Des Lee* Mary Lee Gustav Lehr Mary Stansifer Ligon ’21* Marion Roberts Lincoln ’25* Bobbie Pugh Lovelace ’56 and Jesse Lovelace Mary Jones Lozier 1916* Elinor Lueth ’43* Joan Luttge ’50 Marvin Malone ’91 Susan Miller ’60 PhD and Ken Mannila Ann Mapes ’45* Anthony Marshall PhD Joy Schiffman Masterson ’65

Heather O’Brien

Lindi Overton PhD and Patrick Overton PhD Ruth Snyder Parkhurst 1917* Mary Banks Parry ’20* Andrea and Seth Paul Claire Hardy Pemberton ’26* Jane Peterson Janet Glenski Peterson ’79 and Robert Peterson Gary Pfau Anna Phifer*

The Welcome Back Bash was quite a success! Students could be seen all over back Campus and sand volleyball was just one of the activities! Many may remember sand volleyball on main campus prior to 1996 but with the building of Brown Hall the sand court went away. During the first year of his presidency, Dr. Dalrymple brought back the sand court and intramural volleyball. The court is conveniently situated on the east Miller Hall lawn.

Jolene Marra Schulz ’61 and Bill Schulz

Jacqueline Philbrook Thompson ’47*

Lucille Dyer Porter ’22*

Edith Oblander Schwagmeyer ’25*

Joanna Todd

Virginia Porth ’36*

Sandy and Daniel Scotten

Carol Siegel Turner ’77 and Wayne Turner

Barbara and Calvin Posner ’76 EdD

Cecil Crawford Sears ’24*

Helen Turner ’30*

Kay Jacobs Sells ’38* and O. V. Sells

Dorothy Kincaid Turney ’35*

Penny Pitman ’65 and Sherri Javdes

Frederick Matson*

Mary McCleary Posner Hon. ’15

Virginia Dyas McAlester 1898*

Margaret and Albert Price

Nancy Stuver Wallingford ’66

Frances Breed McCord ’25*

Mary Kleis Shaw ’66 and Dallas Shaw

Frances McBaine Rea 1876*

Mary McKee 1918*

Kim and Joe Reardon ’93

Carl Siegel MD*

Esther Ross Warren ’20*

James McNally ’77

Ruth Reynoldson*

Lorain Mines Middleton ’43*

Jeanne Joullian Richards ’41*

Mary Robertson SimonMerideth ’48*

Helen Conley Miller 1898*

Ralph Richards*

Louise Cook Simpson ’27*

Marjorie McKinnon Wellington ’36*

Kurt Miller PhD

Rev. Lester Rickman*

Lois Southwell Singletary ’39*

Mette Wells ’26*

Leafa Harris Miller ’61

Mary Hatton Robinson ’21*

Elizabeth Smallfelt ’56

Ruth Whaley 1918*

Marcia Miller ’71

Helen Shuck Ross ’26* and Paul Ross*

Queen Smith*

Deborah Hook Wheat ’68

Dee and Don Ruthenberg ’95 PhD

Leta Jones Spencer ’28*

Ann Copeland Mize ’40* Willa Dill Moore ’30* James Mundy* Carol Connery Murdock ’69 Vivien Dulany Murphy 1903* Margaret Newton ’37* Constance Nichols ’05 and Bob Nichols

James Silvey*

Rowland Smith*

Clarence Samford*

Ron Stallworth ’07

Dale Sanderson ’27*

Anie Stewart 1908*

Michael Sawyer ’74

Mary Swinney ’25*

John Schiffman Jr. Hon. ’04*

Virginia Harward Teller ’48 PhD

Constance Boyer Schott ’25*

Mary Tevebaugh ’29*

Jeffrey Venable ’89 Billie Wanink ’65 Llona Paul Weiss ’91 and Garry Weiss

Arlene Wierschem ’83 R. O. Willett* Wilma McMaster Williams ’29* Harold Williamson* Barbara Windt ’48* Katherine Knox Wolfe 1913* Earlene Fulkerson Wolfers ’49* and Charles Wolfers

Columbia College Annual Report 2015

1851 Society Honor Roll Members of the 1851 Society recognize that the need exists, as it did when the College was founded in 1851, to provide independent learning for the student population. Contributors who make gifts to Columbia College within the fiscal year are recognized as Colleagues of the 1851 Society. The following levels of giving are named in honor of college innovators who reflect the unwavering commitment to excellence of Columbia College. For more information on the 1851 Society levels, go to The following pages recognize contributors or benefactors who made gifts in the fiscal year that ran from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015.

CHRISTIAN COLLEGE COLLEAGUE $1,851 - $2,499 Tommie Atkinson ’92 Missy Montgomery Carberry ’06 and Joseph Carberry Neil Carr Tonia Compton ’99 PhD Tina Dalrymple PhD and Scott Dalrymple PhD Judith Cone Johnson ’95 Connie Beal Lohr ’66 Marcia Bunten Machens ’96 and David Machens Eric Oglesby Lana Poole and Gregory Poole Mary McCleary Posner Hon. ’15 Murphy Weitman Romano ’66 and Edward Romano Charles E. Schwaller ’74*

JOSEPH KIRTLEY ROGERS COLLEAGUE $100,000 + Tracy and Web Bixby III ’82 Jeanne and George Hulett Jr.

Daisy Willis Grossnickle ’66 and Skip Grossnickle Martha Leslie Harlow ’56 and James Harlow Gene Koepke Gayleen Ousley and George Ousley Jr. ’78

JOHN AUGUSTUS WILLIAMS COLLEAGUE $50,000 - $99,999 Barbara Balyeat Fishman ’74 and Steven Fishman ’74

JANE FROMAN COLLEAGUE $25,000 - $49,999 Florence Larsh ’49 Laura and Craig Van Matre

LUCY LAWS COLLEAGUE $10,000 - $24,999 Barbara Bilger ’62 Judy Cunningham ’64 Mary and Jerry Daugherty Gary Drewing Sr. Joan and Mark Foreman

FRANK HUGHES COLLEAGUE $2,500 - $4,999 Lisa Ford-Brown PhD and Bruce Brown Suzanne and Jeffrey Castle Linda Claycomb PhD and Donald Claycomb PhD John Courter

Sarah Grossnickle Swindle ’96 and Jason Swindle Shirley Tempelmeier Watkins ’96 PsyD and Chuck Watkins Llona Paul Weiss ’91 and Garry Weiss Deborah Hook Wheat ’68

Carolyn Duley Dodd ’46 and W. Stanley Dodd Jr.


Kathi and L’Mont Betz

Penny Rafferty Hamilton ’76 PhD and William Hamilton

Faye and Bob Burchard

Lynne Stuver Baker ’64 and Douglas Baker

Bob Hoell

Patricia Churchill and Greg Johnston ’91

Barry Langford

Tessie L. Ballard ’93 and Joe Ballard

Michael Lee ’02

Meredith Black

Tery Donelson

Diane Berry O’Hagan ’59 and David O’Hagan

Rebecca Gordon-Bocklage and Terry Bocklage ’12

Crystal Peterson Elliott ’02 and Tim Elliott ’01

Linda Palmer and Kevin Palmer

Carole Kubach Butts ’66 and James Butts

Julia Marberry Marsden ’59

Andrea and Seth Paul

William Callahan

Mary Jane Potrafka ’56 and Richard Potrafka

Joseph Carrier PhD

Carolyn and Ben Thomas

Katrina Harry Cochran ’68 PhD and Norm Cochran


Nancy and John Dillingham

Mary Agnes Starr McQuinn ’54 and Al McQuinn Jane McNab Nuccio ’41* Karen and Bill Pragman Betti Friedel Saunders ’42

Anita Abbott Timmons ’58 and James Timmons

Kathy and Matthew Clervi ’96

Terry Conrad



2015 Columbia College Annual Report

Robert Craig PhD

Jane Smith and Terry Smith PhD

Karen and Warren Harms

Daniel D’Alesio Jr.

Susan Smith and John Smith ’02

Jeffrey Heilbrunn

Kathryn and Charles Digges

Beverly Phillips Thomas ’92 and David Thomas

Evelyn Carpenter Howk ’57

Thomas Scheira

June Viner Hurdle ’83 and Bob Hurdle

Sandy and Daniel Scotten

Linda Sublett Hutton ’69 and Robert Hutton

Denise Stanowski and Gary Stanowski ’12

Lindsey Jenks ’09 and Brad Jenks ’00

Thomas Stauder

Frances Dittrich ’63 Marsha Eaton Judith Carter Ely ’62 and Douglas Ely Patty Fischer and Donald Fischer Patricia Larkin Fore ’48 Nancy and Ben Galloway Jean and Charles Gibbens Phyllis Whitesides Hardin ’57 ’75 and James Hardin Jr. ’76

Ludmilla Westling Justin Williams ’05 PhD Carol Winkler ’93 and Darrell Winkler

FRANKLIN LAUNER COLLEAGUE $500 - $999 Mary Aikens and Ronald Aikens EdS

Tabitha Kehde Julie Schilb Kirtley ’86 and Curtis Kirtley Greg Lauman Sarah Laupp

Deborah Russell and Lyndon Russell

Amy and Kevin Sprouse ’04

Randy Timmerman Sarah and Randy Tyree ’84 John Utley Teresa Vandover EdD and Marc Vandover

Lana M. Le Mons ’09

Gail Walker and Col. Robert Walker ’87

Andrea Hunting and Mike Arendall ’06

Sandra Logan PhD and Gregory Logan ’79

Joann Wayman and Hugh Wayman

Sara Winkler Botts ’41 and Van Botts Jr.

Anthony Marshall PhD

Priscilla and David Wightman

Ronald McGee

Sarah and Rev. Dr. John Yonker

Barry Bowden

Thomas McGuire Michael McMahon

Amber Zykan-Finkelstein ’04

Rev. Raymond Bowden

Dorothy Jungmeyer and Paul Jungmeyer PhD

Gwen Crane Cockrell ’58 and Frank Cockrell

Julia Moore and Nollie Moore Jr.

Beth Kane

Timothy Cornell

Carol Connery Murdock ’69

Michael Kateman

Jill Ehrman Craig ’75 and Jacques Craig ’77

Constance Nichols ’05 and Bob Nichols

Allyson Presley and Eric Cunningham PhD

Katie Snell Patton ’06 ’09 and Jerry Patton ’04

Gail and Michael David ’91

Ellen Lohnes Paullin ’39

Robert Delorme

Rebecca Perkins

Raelene and George Derrieux

Linda Duckworth Peterson ’99 and Jim Peterson

Richard Harris Bruce Hentges Marilyn Hughes Hoecker ’70 and B.W. Hoecker Sally Hubbard ’57 MD Janice and Bill Johnston ’82

Gustav Lehr William Mason René White Massey ’87 ’98 ’01 and Gary Massey ’85 DMgt Carla McFarland Col. Charles McGee ’78 Kurt Miller PhD

Dana Alderman

Carole and Joseph Duncan

MARY DORSEY BASS COLLEAGUE $100 - $499 Marilyn Abney-Warner ’00 and Ronnie Warner William Ackerman Jr. Anne Spearing Adam ’66 and John Adam Gregory Adank ’94 Dr. Steven Adelman

Vicki and Terry Dunscombe

Jane Pickens

Sally Swim Ahrberg ’50

Martha Eberhard ’00 and Dale Eberhard

Barbara and Paul Poehlein

Kenneth Akers

Cynthia Fotti Potter ’05 ’06

Catherine Akridge

Thomas Elliott DDS

Paul Prevo

Sudha Alapati

Cindy Enright and Kelly Enright

Angie Randolph and John Randolph ’94

Jordan Alexander

John Frerking

Greg Raper ’76

Joyce Johnson Allen ’49 and Thomas Allen

Joseph Gogel

Lisa and Timothy Reed

Ashley Allen Brown

Karen Ryabchenko

Jeanette Rose Gold ’01 and Brandon Gold ’05

Jo Buchanan Richardson ’65 and Mike Richardson

Shirley Amend and Jerry R. Amend ’76

Barbara Sanborn and Ranza Boggess

Norma Wright Gray ’51 and Ray Gray

Cheryl A. Ritchie ’78

Nikeya Anderson

Julia Drescher Sharpe ’64

Katie Skibiski ’03 DPT and Drew Grzella ’01

Diane and Jim Robinson Lynette Roebuck and David Roebuck PhD

Sonya Andreassen-Henderson ’93 and Kyle Henderson

Wayne Pratt Peggy Lamke Price ’43 Mary Fritz Ralph ’70 Carole and Mike Randerson Hon. ’14 LuAnn Browning Redman ’58* Marilyn Henderson Robbins ’43*

Teresa and Keith Simpson Wendy Mertz Slifka ’90 and Douglas Slifka

William Halsey Darin Hand

Stacy Rowlett ’07 and James Rowlett

Mary McFadden Applewhite ’47 and Joe Applewhite Christopher Aquilina ’13

Columbia College Annual Report 2015

Rotshak Dajup receives the Andrew J. Bass, Jr. Leader Award from Stephanie Sanders Cagle, an award given to students selected by Student Affairs in their final semester of the Emerging Leaders Institute. At the 2015 Honors and Awards Convocation, 97 scholarships provided 155 awards to 128 students totaling more than $150,000. of the philanthropic dollars awarded.

Lisa Robb Armstrong ’11 ’15 and Phillip Armstrong ’12

Sarah Bereiter

Darnell Braggs Deward Brake ’75

Nancy Hamilton and Jim Butler ’78

Marilyn Atamian

Connie Bernal Beverly Brown Bernitsky ’49 and Anthony Bernitsky

C. Leslie Brandt*

Melissa Butler

Marjorie Vickery Brandt ’41

Stacey Bybee

Peggy Berry

Blaine Bredeman

David Byland

Jerrell Brenner

Tammy Calhoun

Betty and James Broadus ’78

Susan and Douglas Callahan

Matthew Brock

Lisa Callisto ’05 and Anthony Callisto Jr. ’94

Mary McKevitt Atchison ’52 and Robert Atchison Mike Atkinson

Barbara Bickford

Priscilla Bacon Atwell ’71 and Rex Atwell

Suzanne Martin ’59 and Robert Bidwell

Sandra Suggett Axon ’64 and David Axon

Gwendolyn and William C. Bigby ’76

Avery Babineaux Jr. ’85

Brian Bilderback ’03

Mary Nischbach Brooks ’95

Barbara Hunt Bailey ’58 and Duncan Bailey

Mary Kovacs Biskup ’74 and Kenneth Biskup

Michelle Green Brooks ’03 Vicki Brooks

Peggy Baker

Rita Wetzel Bissell ’58

Audrey Brown

Maury and Garry Banks ’83

Eddie Bittner

Joann Brown ’62 EdD

Sally and Edgardo Cardetti ’86

Retha Barron ’02

Denise Black and Jason Black

Mary Brown

Jeffrey Barrows

Gwen Blotevogel

William Brown*

Sonya Carney and Bill Carney PhD

Chris Bartels

Elizabeth and Chris Blumhorst

Lisa Browning

Martha Bartholomew ’49 and William Bartholomew

Ronald Bolander

Alisa Buck

John Bolin

Paul Burgan

Samuel Bartlett

Michael Burkhead

Cinda Chapman

Marcella Barton PhD

Jacqueline Wright Bonney ’57 and Dr. Charles Bonney III

Donald Burleson

Judy Chapman

Col. Duane H. Bartrem ’76

Benjamin Boone

Jay Burnham

Matthew Chrenka

John Bauer

Marilyn Barron Bosso ’49 and Louis Bosso

Donald Burrows

Gay Christy ’08

Richard Bursh ’97

Lucy Church ’69 and Bob Zuvanich

Jean Beard Alice Angle Beattie ’47

Benjamin Boutty

Karen Beckstrom and Edward Beckstrom

Trevyn Bowden Benjamin Bowman ’13

Jeffrey Benson

Todd Boyd ’11

Bradford Brockmeier

Tammie Busch ’06 and James Busch Misty Phillips Bush ’13 and Scott Bush ’13

Caitlin Jenkins Campbell ’10 and Michael E. Campbell ’08 Elaine Campbell Robert Carden

Neal Carter Toni Carter Penelope and Tom Cason

Cynthia Shutt Cirome ’60 and Alfred Cirome Jeffrey Clark



2015 Columbia College Annual Report

Sara Clark

Francis DeLaTorre

Camille and Mark Foster

Sue Myers Clowe ’55

Michael Demarea

Michael Foster

Barbara Payne Coakley ’55

Kimberlee Demary

Bonnie and F. Sutter Fox

Donald Guthrie II

Christopher Coakley

Denise Demps-Rollins ’06

Vera Jacobs Coats ’47 and Russell Coats

Rebecca DeNeve PhD

Karen Francis ’10 and Larry Francis

Mary Lynn McCormick Guyot ’46

Thomas Franz PhD

William Guyot*

Herbert Cohen

Steven Freenor

Barbara Haas

George Colangelo

Mary Laughlin Deskin ’53 and Robert Deskin

Brenda Cole PhD

Michael Deslongchamps

Quanna Speake Hafer ’99 and Jeremy Hafer ’99

Carla and Frank Conley Jean Conley ’94

Debora Ledet Dillard ’79 and Aaron Dillard

Sara Russell Frickenschmidt ’98 ’05 and Daniel Frickenschmidt

Lisa Conner ’15

Stephen Ditman

Tracey Connor

Nikki and Sean Dooley ’02

Susie Wrinker Cox ’61 PhD and Ronald Cox

Suzanne Dooley

Karen and Dean Cox Jr. ’99

Jordan Dressler ’13

Vicki and Jim Coy Kimberly Craig ’12

Ola Hedrick Dry ’45 and Robert Dry

Dr. Albert Crawford

Dianna Duffey ’62

Betty Crawford and Carroll Highbarger

Richard Dunbar

Randall Crawford Carole Goldsmith Cromer ’56 Jane Canedy Crow ’57 Janelle Crowley ’99 and Wesley Jost Timothy Cruise Donna Daggett Culler ’62 and Allan Culler Ronald Curry Ashley Curtis and Bryan Curtis Jackie Curtis MD Amy Darnell PhD Eric Davis John Davis Jr. Jonathan Davis ’78 Mary Hunter Davis ’47 Patricia Davis ’59 Clanton Dawson David De Ryke ’84 Sharon Dearman

To be a part of the “We Are CC“ employee giving campaign, visit

John DeNigris PhD

Jeanie Douglas

Marjorie Thomas Gutelius ’69 and Jay Gutelius

Karen and Bob Fry

Patricia Philippi Hagenbuch ’62 and Leroy Hagenbuch

Mary Dalton Futter ’47

Melissa and John Haggerty ’79

Tyler B. Galloway ’14

Charlotte Clapp Halbert ’46

Jessica A. Gamet ’98 ’06

Gary Hall

Debra and Gregory Gapinski ’84

Audrey and Lester Halmrast ’77

Janis Nienhaus Garavaglia ’03 and Thomas Garavaglia Jr.

Judge Robert Hamilton

Dorothy Eib Garrain ’53 and Joseph Garrain

John Hammill

Sandra and Bruce Garrett

Rochelle Hamm ’11 James Hanken

Scott Duncan

Paula Hornsby Garrison ’55 and Harold Garrison

Coleen Grant Hardin ’41 and Richard Hardin

Susan Dunham

Michael Garver ’03 ’13

Lawrence Hardwick

Satya Dutta PhD

Tony Gaskew

John Hardy

Catherine Eatherton

Glenn Gelman

Coolidge Hargrett

Steven Eberharter

Jeffery Gentry

Alan Harris ’77

Paul Eckstein

Joyce Gentry PhD

Althea Harris

Robert Edwards

Deborah Gerhart ’07

David Harris ’05 ’12

John Ehler

Patricia Bowman Gibbs ’47*

Kathleen Hoehns Eichholz ’61 and Garry Eichholz

Linda Gifford and Wayne Gifford

Julie Lutz Harris ’52 and Donald Harris

Judy and James Elliott DDS

Mary Giovannini

Mark Elliott ’78

Winnette Glasgow and Bobbie Seuling

Charles Hashek ’98

Sarah Goeke and Drew Goeke

Gordon Hasse Jr.

Jan Huffman Goodson ’54 and Bill Goodson

Elizabeth Hastings

Thomas Elliott ’89 William Eppright III Ann Esarco Charolette Farr ’12 and Kent Farr Frederick Ferrin Colleen Field

Joseph Govednik Renee Graham ’89 and Gerald Graham ’90

Rachel Branch Hartman ’15 and Eric Hartman ’08 George Hasler ’86

Tanya Heath and David Heath ’80 Terry Heaton Rhea Helmreich ’70

John Finafrock ’79

Susan Keyes Gray ’65 and Robert Gray III

Jeannette Fischer ’97

William Green

Casey Henage

Nathan Fleischmann

Willie Green

Alison Flieg-Hemmer ’00 and Eric Hemmer ’00

John Griesser PhD

Dawn Henderson and Daniel Henderson ’03

Tara Harmon Griffin ’00 and Scott Griffin

Edith Herd and Kevin Herd Idolina Hernandez

Daniel Groveman ’96

Patricia Hernandez

Polly Sipp Ford ’73 and Rusty Ford ’72

John Hemmer

Columbia College Annual Report 2015

Brandi Herrman

and William Jens

Julian Hertzog

Christine Johansson

Linda Frye Hess ’93

Ellisha Jones

Diane Schindler Hibbs ’08 and Michael Hibbs

J. Paul Jones

Therese Higgins PhD

Gregory Karavanich

Todd Higgins Angelia Smith Hilbert ’69

Manuel Juzon David Karr PhD

Alissa Hill

Patricia Sadler Karst ’90 and Don Karst

Christine Hillery and Christopher Hillery ’14

Margaret Rohlfing Kasmann ’75 and Bill Kasmann

Peter Hiltner ’95

Donald Kateman

Susan Himmel and Michael Himmel ’86

Robert Kateman

Lora Hinkel and Myles Hinkel

Russell Keevy

Dr. Irl Hirsch

Jessica Keller

Kathryn Hobbs ’78 and David Peoples

Megan Kelley

Janet Moore Holden ’69 and Wayne Holden

Erin Kendrick

Karen Cavanah Hollen ’57 Lind Hollingsworth Brad Hornberger ’00 Paul Houdayer Andrew Howard Jr. David Howlett Helga Huang PhD Karen Hudson ’97 ’01 and Stephen Brownlee

Sue Kay

Warren Kelly ’84 Nancy Kennedy Ron Kercheval David Kerfman Alice and George Kerner ’77 Laura King Robert Klausmeyer Julie Klein and John Klein Kimberly Kliegel Kathleen Knabb ’67

Richard Huling PhD

Derek Knight ’87

Adele Rohrs Hummell ’49

Marjean Knokey

David Humphrey PhD

Leat Kodua PhD

Kathleen Fitzpatrick Humphrey ’01

Andrew Koepke

Debby Ferguson Hutton ’06 and Randall D. Hutton ’98

Amanda Johnson Kossuth ’09 ’12 and Jared Kossuth

Timothy Ireland PhD

Julie Krause and Ted Krause ’04

Virginia Jacob Itschner ’55 Ruchelle Jacobi

Santosh Krishna and Gopal Krishna

Gregory Jacobs

Elda Kurzejeski

Mary Lee Jahn ’67

Lin Yang and Robert Lang ’73

Nancy Gorman James ’97 and Richard James ’97

Catherine Larson ’70 PhD

Michael Jenkins ’96

Sherry Simpkins League ’58

Sarah Ferguson Jennings ’66 and Stephen Jennings PhD

Naomi Lear

Helene Schubkegel Jens ’51

James Koshar

Thomas Latuszek Jr.

Kena Lederle and Mike Lederle ’10

Nancy Rohrbach Lehman ’69 and Tom Lehman

Kimberley McHale PhD

Remy Leonard Alan Lester

Mercy McKinnon and Bruce McKinnon ’01

James Levicki

Kathleen McNamara

Nancy Owen Lewis ’50 and John Lewis

Barbara and Frank McQueen ’15

Robert McKinley Jr.

Mary Loggins

Beth McWilliams and Blake McWilliams

Lindsay Young-Lopez and Anthony Lopez

Leasa Richards-Mealy ’90 and Gerald Mealy ’03

Ronda Lowe

Joe Mertzlufft

Megan Lucas and Elias Lucas ’13

Janet Meserve DVM and Peter Meserve PhD

Jane Bennetts Luchies ’52

Lizbeth Metscher

Vicki Luna PhD

Elizabeth Norris Metts ’57 and Julian Metts Jr. DDS

Joan Luttge ’50 Jane Adams MacKenna ’53 Kim Gundaker Magaletta ’81 Carol Mahurin and Robert Mahurin

Cynthia Meuchel Kenneth Meyer Cindy Miller Joe Miller

Margaret Mangum ’06

Lois Adams Miller ’45

Willa Mann

Mary Miller ’58

Susan Miller ’60 PhD and Ken Mannila

Nancy Miller ’57

Mary Lu Jones Mansur ’47 and George Mansur PhD

Marcia Brummitt Mills ’68

Jenny Maples

Maryon Moncrief

Marjorie Barnes Marberry ’67 and Jim Marberry Ruth Poss Marr ’53 and Mike Marr Jill Jacobson Marron ’92 Robin Marsh Bruce Martin ’92 Donald Masden ’03 Stacy Maskey ’05 ’11 Joy Schiffman Masterson ’65 Ramona McAfee Elizabeth Hill McAlmon ’49

Nathan Miller PhD Adolf Mizzell Justi Montague ’12 Noel Montano Arcelia Sanchez Moore ’03 and Dale Moore Donald Moore Jr. ’82 James Moore Jr. Maureen Morales Bozovich Thomas Morgan PhD Ronald Moser Ann and Joshua Muder ’99 Jillian Glenn Mueller ’72

Stefanie McCollum

Courtney and Matthew Mueller ’06

Bruce McDaniel ’99

Lisa Mull and David Mull ’81

Jean and Brian McFerron ’85

Marilyn Byler Mundell ’55

Sara Trigg McGee ’60 and Robert McGee

Jerry Murrell MD

Yvonne McGee Sara Kianmehr McGerald ’07 and Kyle McGerald ’05

Cinda Muruato Frank Musial ’92 Carolyn Montgomery Myers ’63



2015 Columbia College Annual Report

Helen Cates Neary ’38

Leslie Grigg Phillips ’03

John Nelson

David Pituch

Sandijuen Nesbitt-Williams ’98

Sheila Scott Placke ’72

Mary Netzler

Michelle and David Poire

Raymond Newman

Susan Pool ’60

Brenda Nicholls ’67

Melissa Poole

Douglas Nickelson

Eunice Dixon Poore ’49

Paul Niedermeyer ’79

Dorothy Wood Potter ’45

Melissa and Scott Nietzel ’00

Mary Kinninger Powell ’98 and Rick Powell ’86

Phyllis Norton-Towers ’63 Norma R. Nyberg ’78 and Ivan Nyberg

Grace and James Proctor ’74

Renee O’Daniel

George Psaras

Terry Obermoeller

Anna and Donald Quisenberry ’80

Margaret Oedewaldt and Gary Oedewaldt John Oilar

Richard Pryor ’77

Kim and Joe Reardon ’93

Nina Duren Oliver ’50

Lollie Zander Reed ’68 and Edwin Reed III

Lloyd Olsen Jr.

Cassandra and Ronald Reed ’10

Mark Ondrake

Peggy Gibson Regan ’44 and William Regan MD

Diane Ooton David Opdycke Margaret Young Osment ’47 Darin Oswalt James Page Jr. ’07 Robin and Paul Parker ’98 Laura Parker-Barua Kenneth Parrett ’96 Arthur Pashi

Michelle Hunsicker Reimer ’08 and Christopher Reimer ’02 ’09

Ongoing campus improvements to enhance the student experience are a priority. Students can be seen enjoying the fire pit, picnic area and listening to CC’s own rock band, Providence Road, throughout the year.

Raschel Relford ’15 Clyde Remmo

Adam Rutherford

John Schwarm

Vanetta Ferrel Renz ’51

Kimberly and Paul Ryan

Judy and Richard Schwentker

Mandy Reynolds

Cassandra Ryder

Myrtle Laughlin Scott ’54

Barry Richardson ’96

Diane Samsonavicius

Joseph Sebek

Janet Karrenbrock Richter ’55 and Robert Richter

Amy and Chris Sanders ’97

Kenzie Selk Bryan Shaw PhD

Karen Mueller Pasley ’01 and Jim Pasley ’87

David Roberts Jr.

Luella Sanders and Curtis Sanders ’02

Christine and Steven Passen ’91

David Robinson ’97

Sheryl Sandhaus

Mary Kleis Shaw ’66 and Dallas Shaw

Diane Wendt Robinson ’08 and Jim Robinson

Bryan Sappington ’09

Benny Shriver Shannon Silvey

Dana Patrick ’00 Mary Paulsell and Michael Polley PhD

Gary Robinson ’97

Gayle Perry Saunders ’54 and Fred Saunders Morris Savage

Theresa Rich Pax ’05 and Douglas Pax

Deborah Robison ’72 Zachary Rockers ’15

Lindsay McAtee Scheib ’05 and Andrew Scheib

Stan Payne Carol Peck Phyllis Snyder Pendery ’50

Evelyn Rogers and Brett Rogers Sandra Hoeltge Romay ’77 and Val Louis

Stephen Scheller Randal Schenewerk ’99

Jean Carter Simmons ’02 Kenneth Simms Leah and B. D. Simon III Barbara and Curtis Simonson ’75 Virginia Jones Sinclair ’49

Kenneth Rose

Marjorie Schlesinger Chris Schneider

William C. Pfeiffer

Suzanne Rothwell and Jim Rothwell ’93

Duong Pham ’15

Nancy Macpherson Roy ’67

Joyce Schultz ’68

Lavelle Smalley

John Phillips

Tonya Ruffin

Colbey Schuster

Bonnie Smedley

Michael Perkins ’89

Louann Schraffenberger

Ellen Skinner-Bowen ’67 Kasie Sly

Columbia College Annual Report 2015

Justin Thomas

Nancy Webb ’54

Airika Barnett Thompson ’01 and Chuck Thompson

Natasha Webster

Denise Thompson

Jon Weimer PhD

Laramie Thompson Ruth and Russell Thompson PhD Jerry Timke Joanna Todd Mary Humphrey Tompson ’51 and Clifford Tompson Karinna Topete Rhonda Travland and David Travland PhD Jean and John Tromans Jr. ’00 Stephanie and David Truetzel Ralf Trusty Elizabeth Tudor ’64 Charlene Mertens Twiehaus ’82 Michael Van Duser ’01 Mary Clevenger Van Orden ’99 Pete Veros

Lori Wegner Elizabeth Weise ’14 Carolyn Crockett West ’53 Katherine Zumwalt Wheeler ’07 Jessica Whitcomb David White ’85 Titus Whitehead ’93 Janice Cordray Whiteside ’86 and Barry D. Whiteside ’84 Cathy Whitfield ’95 and Dean Whitfield Felicia Wider Roger Wiebusch Steven Wiegenstein PhD John Wiggins Linda Melton Wiggins ’66 Lynn and Herbert Willbrand Carol Ridings Williams ’60 Stephen Williams

Dalna Price Smith ’63 and Clifton Smith

Terri Steffes ’89 and Robert Steffes

Eugene Smith*

Stephen Stephany

Dr. Heather Smith

Carolyn Miller Stern ’47

Joseph Smith

August Stieber

Paula Smith

Nancy Eastman Stiles ’49 Clifford Stock

Laura Vits Vogel ’78 and Denis Vogel

Harrison Winters

Ramona Lucas Smith ’88 Julie and Robert Smith

George Stone

Pauline Von Hoffer

Scott Woodard

Shirley Manion Smith ’54

Jeffrey Stone PhD

Paula Wager and Brian Wager

Mary Jane Worstell

William Smith Jr.

Michael Stoner

Dale Wagner

Ernest Wren III Dick Wright

Jeffrey Snider

Dorothy Culberson Stowers ’47 and Richard Stowers

Jana Waits

Nathanael Wright

Sherry Southern

Lou Ann Stringham ’64

Rennie McWilliams Walden ’78 and Dean Walden ’79

Wendy Spratt ’90

Constance Wyrick

Daniel Squires ’06

Diane Suhler PhD and Gregg Suhler

Cathleen Queene-Wall and Randall Wall ’02

Daniel Stallings

Daphne Harwood Sumner ’57

Maurice Stanley

Walter Swartz

Pamela Dolson Starr ’10 and Doug Starr

Meghan Swords and Troy Kateman

Elizabeth Grissom Steele ’51 Gayle Speiser Steele ’65

Mary Allton Sneed ’45

Karen Rhoades Steen ’82 and Randall Steen

Tammy and Thomas Vincenc ’13 Jason Vipond Jane Pittelco Vitkus ’56 Eva Vlachynsky and David Vlachynsky ’09

Billie Wanink ’65 Cheryl Elbe Ward ’57 and Clark Ward

Timothy Williams Elizabeth Wilson Barbara Windt ’48* Carolyn Winterowd James Witten

Melinda Wrye-Washington ’95 Robert Ybarra PhD Chalon Young Jason Youngquist

Jill Maynard Ward ’50 and William Ward

David Yutzy ’09 ’10

LaTriece Tanksley

Marion Warn

Sean Zullo ’15

Angelyn Holz Taylor ’11 and Matthew Taylor ’10

Beverly Watson

Judy Thomas

Makala Weakley and John Weakley ’01 ’04

Terri Zeilenga



2015 Columbia College Annual Report

Cougar Club Honor Roll The mission of the Cougar Club & Scholarship Fund is to support Columbia College’s dedication to studentathlete excellence both on and off the field and court of play. Established in 1998, the Cougar Club & Scholarship Fund raises financial support for Columbia College’s 10 varsity sports: women’s volleyball, women’s softball, men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s cross country, men’s and women’s basketball, and men’s and women’s golf. The following contributors made gifts within the fiscal year. Atkins Inc.

Cunningham PhD

Nathan Fleischmann

Tommie Atkinson ’92

Ashley Curtis and Bryan Curtis

Fresh Ideas, Llc

Paul Benson ’04

Tina Dalrymple PhD and Scott Dalrymple PhD

Karen and Bob Fry

Raelene and George Derrieux

Glenn’s Pools & Spas

Kathi and L’Mont Betz Matthew Brock Faye and Bob Burchard Jan Burk and Steve Burk Eduardo Clemente ’12 Kathy and Matthew Clervi ’96 Cynthia Cole Columbia Orthopaedic Group, Inc. Tonia Compton ’99 PhD Lisa Conner ’15 Jane Canedy Crow ’57 Allyson Presley and Eric

Michelle Porter ’00 and Brett Dicus Tery Donelson

Jean and Charles Gibbens Daisy Willis Grossnickle ’66 and Skip Grossnickle

Nikki and Sean Dooley ’02

Katie Skibiski ’03 DPT and Drew Grzella ’01

Carole and Joseph Duncan

Rochelle Hamm ’11

Crystal Peterson Elliott ’02 and Tim Elliott ’01

Karen and Warren Harms

Thomas Elliott DDS

Tanya Heath and David Heath ’80

Cindy Enright and Kelly Enright

Kellie Holsinger and Bhisham Perti Jr.

Mary Epperson and Arlin Epperson PhD

Brad Hornberger ’00 Jeanne and George Hulett Jr. Linda Sublett Hutton ’69 and Robert Hutton The Insurance Group, Inc. Timothy Ireland PhD Lindsey Jenks ’09 and Brad Jenks ’00 Jessica Keller Kingdom Operating Company, LLC. Julie Klein and John Klein Kimberly Kliegel Gene Koepke


Cougar Club Fans cheer on the Cougar’s Women’s Volleyball team at home against Park University. The Cougars won 3 – 2 over Park.

Beth McWilliams and Blake McWilliams Lizbeth Metscher Courtney and Matthew Mueller ’06 Quintin Norris Eric Oglesby Sheryl Phillips Vern Pierce Mary Jane Potrafka ’56 and Richard Potrafka Cynthia Fotti Potter ’05 ’06 Rona Schwintek Prater ’08 ’11 and Joseph Prater Amy and Chris Sanders ’97 Bryan Sappington ’09 Randal Schenewerk ’99 Darlene and Joseph Schroeder Judy and Richard Schwentker Shiloh Bar and Grill Teresa and Keith Simpson Wendy Mertz Slifka ’90 and Douglas Slifka Wendy Spratt ’90 Denise Stanowski and Gary Stanowski ’12 Carolyn and Ben Thomas John Utley

Julie Krause and Ted Krause ’04

Tammy and Thomas Vincenc ’13

Sandra Logan PhD and Gregory Logan ’79

Paula Wager and Brian Wager

Kim Gundaker Magaletta ’81 Mary Lu Jones Mansur ’47 and George Mansur PhD Gabriel McClung

Joann Wayman and Hugh Wayman Paxton Welch Carol Winkler ’93 and Darrell Winkler

Columbia College Annual Report 2015

Alumni by Class Years 1938 Helen Cates Neary Mabel Lohnes Thompson 1939 Ellen Lohnes Paullin 1940 Margaret Johnston Vogt 1941 Sara Winkler Botts Marjorie Vickery Brandt Betty Bralley Drake Barbara Graham Edwards* Coleen Grant Hardin Jane McNab Nuccio* 1942 Betti Friedel Saunders 1943 Peggy Lamke Price Marilyn Henderson Robbins* 1944 Erma Bruckmann Betty Pollard Morris Peggy Gibson Regan Harriett Stoker Summers 1945 Mary Cannon Sue Marshall Daulton Ola Hedrick Dry Lois Adams Miller Dorothy Wood Potter Mary Frances Allton Sneed 1946 Dorothy Molzahn Bennett Carolyn Duley Dodd Lynn McCormick Guyot Charlotte Clapp Halbert Mary Whitaker MacLeod 1947 Mary McFadden Applewhite Alice Angle Beattie Vera Jacobs Coats Mary Hunter Davis

Mary Dalton Futter Patricia Bowman Gibbs* Nancy Ellis Grobmyer Patti Ruoff Knisley Mary Lu Jones Mansur Margaret Young Osment Lois Flege Pulliam Carolyn Miller Stern Dorothy Culberson Stowers Kathleen McConnell Taylor 1948 Patricia Larkin Fore Barbara Windt* 1949 Joyce Johnson Allen Martha Bartholomew Beverly Brown Bernitsky Marilyn Barron Bosso Sally Potter Hahn Adele Rohrs Hummell Florence Larsh Elizabeth Hill McAlmon Eunice Dixon Poore Ginny Jones Sinclair Gloria Gould Smith Nancy Eastman Stiles Ann Wilkerson 1950 Sally Swim Ahrberg Marjorie West Bartow Nancy Simmons Benfer Sue Millhorn Gabe Nancy Owen Lewis Joan Luttge Nina Duren Oliver Phyllis Snyder Pendery Jill Maynard Ward 1951 Nancy Witten Austerman Norma Wright Gray Helene Schubkegel Jens Vanetta Ferrel Renz Elizabeth Grissom Steele Mary Humphrey Tompson 1952 Mary McKevitt Atchison Florence Palmer Buzbee

Julie Lutz Harris Janie Bennetts Luchies Ida Horn Monroe 1953 Dona Sue Black Cool Mary Gay Laughlin Deskin Dorothy Eib Garrain Jane Adams MacKenna Ruth Poss Marr Marjorie Burget Nauman Carolyn McWilliams Nelson Peggy Stevens Schuetze Carolyn Crockett West 1954 Anne Benjamin Gallagher Jan Huffman Goodson Mary Agnes Starr McQuinn Gayle Perry Saunders Alice Laughlin Scott Shirley Manion Smith Kay Webb 1955 Barbara Daugherty Best Sue Myers Clowe Barbara Payne Coakley Lorinda Mathew Dodge Paula Hornsby Garrison Suzanne Howard Gay Hoyt-Weston Virginia Jacob Itschner Judy Cone Johnson Marilyn Byler Mundell Billie Smith Pace Janet Karrenbrock Richter Carol Beem Smith 1956 Judith Ragsdale Brazell Laura Pace Crane Carole Goldsmith Cromer Martha Leslie Harlow Carol Haley Holt Ceil White Lindsey Mona Fraley Mitchell Virginia Goldsmith Munster Mary Jane McKee Potrafka Margaret Gibson Tessler Jane Pittelco Vitkus 1957 Mary McKemy Aslakson Jacqueline Wright Bonney Jane Canedy Crow Verna Hahn Douglas

Sondra Grant George Phyllis Whitesides Hardin Karen Cavanah Hollen Sally Old Houdayer Evelyn Carpenter Howk Sally Hubbard MD Elizabeth Norris Metts Nancy Miller Joyce Murphy Robbins Daphne Harwood Sumner Cheryl Elbe Ward Kaye Williams Yarbrough 1958 Anita Abbott Timmons Barbara Hunt Bailey Rita Wetzel Bissell Gwen Crane Cockrell Eva Graves Frances Naxera Hall Sherry Simpkins League Mary Denton McCoun Roylynne Duhrsen Miercort Sue Miller Carolyn Gore Moore LuAnn Browning Redman* 1959 Patricia Davis Julie Bowdish Dickinson Harriet Peel Foiles Beverly Marburger Mace Julia Marberry Marsden Suzanne Martin Sharon Holland Meyer Diane Berry O’Hagan Ann Holland Youmans 1960 Cynthia Shutt Cirome Sara Trigg McGee Susan Miller PhD Susan Pool Carol Ridings Williams 1961 Suanne McDaniel Comfort Susie Wrinker Cox PhD Kathleen Hoehns Eichholz Dian Murray Guthrie Diane Haffner Oilar Mary Houser Patton Sharon Niday Ronchetto 1962 Barbara Bilger Jo Brown EdD



2015 Columbia College Annual Report

Margaret Brandt Burfeind Donna Daggett Culler Dianna Duffey Judith Carter Ely Susan Bentley Franklin Patricia Philippi Hagenbuch Megan Chester Pickett 1963 Frances Dittrich Jean Griffiths Carolyn Montgomery Myers Phyllis Norton-Towers Linda Ridgeway Renee Price Smith Jacqueline Cupp Stefango 1964 Sandra Suggett Axon Lynne Stuver Baker Sharon Sielert Brown Judy Cunningham Louise Teixler Epstein Sara Fleming Leslie Julia Drescher Sharpe Mary Smith Lou Ann Stringham Elizabeth Tudor 1965 Susan Keyes Gray Joy Schiffman Masterson Jo Buchanan Richardson Gayle Speiser Steele Billie Jo Wanink 1966 Anne Spearing Adam Carole Kubach Butts Sally Miles Dickinson Cecelia Allen Gosting Daisy Willis Grossnickle Nancy Brown Harrison Sarah Ferguson Jennings Connie Beal Lohr Murphy Weitman Romano Janice Carpenter Schweikert Mary Kleis Shaw Linda Melton Wiggins 1967 Mary Lee Jahn Kathleen Knabb Marjorie Barnes Marberry Mary Oates Nesladek Brenda Nicholls Nancy Macpherson Roy Ellen Skinner-Bowen

1968 Katrina Harry Cochran PhD Marcia Brummitt Mills Lollie Zander Reed Joyce Schultz Deborah Hook Wheat 1969 Lucy Church Camille Pepper Foster Marjorie Thomas Gutelius Angelia Smith Hilbert Janet Moore Holden Linda Sublett Hutton Nancy Rohrbach Lehman Carol Connery Murdock Barbara Gibbs Ostmann 1970 Gail Earley Rhea Helmreich Diane Herman Hill Marilyn Hughes Hoecker Susan Laitner Cathy Larson PhD Brenda Howard Meyer Linda Garner Poehlmann Susan Fritz Ralph Glenda Busch Riekhof 1971 Priscilla Bacon Atwell 1972 Russell Ford Robert Lang Jillian Glenn Mueller Sheila Scott Placke Deborah Robison 1973 Chris Edwards Steven Fishman Polly Sipp Ford Linda Stowers Jasurda Robert Lang James Proctor Charles Schwaller* Curtis Simonson Sara Grills Simpson 1974 Mary Kovacs Biskup Barbara Berkley Cornell Chris Edwards Barbara Balyeat Fishman Steven Fishman James Proctor

Charles Schwaller* Sara Grills Simpson 1975 Jerry Amend William Bigby Nathaniel Bohannon Jr. Deward Brake Jacques Craig Jill Ehrman Craig Mark Elliott Robert Florence Sr. James Girdner Phyllis Whitesides Hardin Diana Constantine Hart Margaret Rohlfing Kasmann Bob Lemons Raymond Letson William Miller Robert Rybacki Jerry Screeton Curtis Simonson 1976 Jerry Amend Duane Bartrem William Bigby Fred Crawford Cleo Degraffenreid Lawrence Fogel Lester Halmrast Penny Rafferty Hamilton PhD James Hardin Jr. George Kerner Edward King Valerie Tempel Lewallen Armand Marinaro Greg Raper Jerry Screeton 1977 Wayne Bair Nathaniel Bohannon Jr. Michael Lawrence Coffin Barbara Berkley Cornell Jacques Craig Jonathan Davis Debora Ledet Dillard Lawrence Fogel Julie George Garner John Haggerty Lester Halmrast Alan Harris Nancy Slaten Holtzclaw George Kerner Ernest Lyon Jr. George Ousley Jr.

James Parker Richard Pryor Sandy Hoeltge Romay Robert Schmitz Sheri Walls Scott 1978 LeRoy Allen Jr. Wayne Bair Charles Barton Howard Brandes James Broadus Jim Butler Donald Raymond Carey Bette Conrad Jonathan Davis Mark Elliott Bette Filby David Heath Richard Hernandez Kathryn Hobbs Charleen Doxley Jones Mark Jones Robert Knapp Cleve Martin Col. Charles McGee Norma Nyberg George Ousley Jr. Cheryl Ritchie Kenneth Tohill Laura Vits Vogel Rennie McWilliams Walden 1979 George Barry Leslie Birenbaum Harold Brewer Lisa Duemmel Brunstrom Leo Collier Debora Ledet Dillard Judy Smith Dwyer John Finafrock Julie Sponaugle Gamble Julie George Garner Charlotte Gilliam John Haggerty Nancy Slaten Holtzclaw Mark Jones Gregory Logan Paul Niedermeyer Donald Quisenberry John Saxton Craig Schroeder Sheri Walls Scott Diane Andres Spieker Edward Vincent Jr. Dean Walden

Columbia College Annual Report 2015

1980 Clyde Barton Lester Bealmear Harold Brewer Leo Collier Daniel Eskesen Bette Filby Greg Gapinski David Heath Charleen Doxley Jones Cleve Martin Rue Miller Joseph Ostuni Donald Quisenberry Kenneth Tohill Charlene Mertens Twiehaus Joyce Johnson Walker 1981 June Viner Hurdle Azor Jones Warren Kelly Josephus Lovelace Kim Gundaker Magaletta RenĂŠ White Massey Dave Mull Craig Schroeder Karen Rhoades Steen Titus Whitehead Larry Wooten 1982 Avery Babineaux Jr. Andrea Medina Barr George Barry Web Bixby III Edgardo Cardetti Robert East Ronald Hart Bill Johnston Donald Moore Jr. Karen Rhoades Steen Charlene Mertens Twiehaus James Whittle Larry Wooten 1983 Garry Banks Daniel Eskesen Heidi Friedman Gloria Czerchawski Fulmer June Viner Hurdle John Kuykendall Gary Massey DMgt Brian McFerron Thomas Samsonavicius Craig Schroeder B. J. Stringer

1984 David De Ryke Greg Gapinski Retha Howell Azor Jones Warren Kelly Julie Schilb Kirtley Sandra Kruse John Kuykendall Rick Powell David Southern Randy Tyree Vicky Stanislaw Wheeler Barry Whiteside Janice Cordray Whiteside 1985 William Andre Avery Babineaux Jr. Jim Echoff Blair Foley Donna Hennigh Thomas Hudson Vicki Johnson Sandra Kruse Bruce Martin Gary Massey DMgt Brian McFerron Mary Beth Mueller Michael Perkins Thomas Samsonavicius Napoleon San Agustin Robert Walker David White 1986 Edgardo Cardetti Stacie Schilz Collette Adams Dari Dunathan Cranford Jim Echoff Thomas Gossett George Hasler Michael Himmel Tim Hunter Julie Schilb Kirtley Robert Pieper Rick Powell B. J. Stringer Janice Cordray Whiteside 1987 Donald Raymond Carey Blair Foley Peter Hiltner Derek Knight RenĂŠ White Massey Gary Meader Kay Mills

Jim Pasley Robert Pieper Pauline Szabelak Robert Walker David Ward Robert Wilson 1988 Renee Graham Connie Hawkins Larry Hickam Curtis May Kay Mills Mary Beth Mueller Linda Orscheln Oligschlaeger Cynthia Creasy Ruffolo Ramona Lucas Smith Beverly Phillips Thomas John Walker Margaret Traylor Zrebiec 1989 Charles Cooke Thomas Elliott Jane Shook Floyd Renee Graham Robert Heitkamp George Holmes Sr. Wayne Knapp Ernest Lyon Jr. Alan Meyer Geraldine Saddler Owens Michael Perkins Peggy Reed-Lohmeyer Leasa Richards-Mealy Terri Steffes Dianne Wilson Robert Wilson 1990 Jack Cruise Sean Curry Debra Eischen Gerald Graham James Haaf Robert Heitkamp Patricia Sadler Karst Louis Longo William Lucas Jr. Linda Orscheln Oligschlaeger Leasa Richards-Mealy Wendy Mertz Slifka Wendy Spratt Charles Stephenson B. J. Stringer Shauneen Creel Unis Dianne Wilson James Wright

1991 Michael David Diane Nellessen Etten Linda Bentley Hord Greg Johnston Geraldine Saddler Owens Steven Passen Melinda Reisenleiter-Hawkins Lisa Autenrieth Schnieders Tresa Keel Swindle Joan Truelove Llona Paul Weiss 1992 Tommie Atkinson Rose Esce Bailey Steffon Collins Herbert Conner Jr. Terry Cordia Mark Fowler MD Jill Jacobson Marron Bruce Martin Curtis May Frank Musial Sherri Pelzel John Randolph Beverly Phillips Thomas Edward Vincent Jr. Carmel Walker Cathy Whitfield 1993 Sonya Andreassen-Henderson Tessie Leona Ballard Darrell Bonine Judith Goshorn Linda Frye Hess Charlie McGee Michael Quandt Joe Reardon Jim Rothwell Karen Taylor Joan Truelove Michael Wagner Titus Whitehead Carol Willoughby Winkler 1994 Gregory Adank Brenda Streit Bader Anthony Callisto Jr. Thomas Comiskey Jean Conley John Cook Carolyn Harrold Alta Himstedt Linda Bentley Hord Bryna Wolfson Quandt John Randolph



2015 Columbia College Annual Report

Mona Russell Carmel Walker David Ward 1995 Mary Nischbach Brooks Melody Rosson Carrier Arval Cogdill John Cook Reginald Doctor Nemiah Dozier Peter Hiltner Karen Hudson Judy Cone Johnson Mary Kinninger Powell Glen Swem Cathy Whitfield Melinda Wrye-Washington 1996 Lisa Robb Armstrong Rose Esce Bailey Richard Bohnen Matthew Clervi Michael Lawrence Coffin Arval Cogdill Thomas Comiskey Herbert Conner Jr. Tim Driskell Daniel Groveman Nina Hampton Michael Jenkins Julie Wiecken Kirchhoff Velda Kossuth Marcia Bunten Machens Carol Greenhoe McBride Robin Miltimore Shirley Turner Mosley Kenneth Parrett Barry Richardson Sarah Grossnickle Swindle Shirley Tempelmeier Watkins PsyD Dianne Wilson 1997 Marilyn Abney-Warner Karri Cull Amelunke Thelma Byrd Arthur Vernon Arthur Daniel Brogan Richard Bursh Reginald Doctor Jeannette Fischer Charles Hashek Karen Hudson Randall Hutton Nancy Gorman James Richard James

Joseph Johnson Gwendolyn Morrison Shirley Turner Mosley Ken Nakanishi Linda Duckworth Peterson David Robinson Gary Robinson Chris Sanders Judith Szonn John Tromans Jr. Angela Hemmer Wagner 1998 Linda Henderson Arman Andrea Medina Barr Ann Campanella Robert Felton Jr. Sara Russell Frickenschmidt Jessica Gamet Amy Swenson Gregory David Harris Charles Hashek Randall Hutton Velda Kossuth René White Massey Sandijuen Nesbitt-Williams Paul Parker Mary Kinninger Powell Sherry McClain Regot James Russell Charity Caskey Snell Glen Swem 1999 Louise Pucino Blafield Tonia Compton PhD Dean Cox Jr. Janelle Crowley Kimberly Mahler Dotson Robert Edmonson Thomas Gossett Jeremy Hafer Quanna Speake Hafer Kimberly Jordan Maureen O’Hara Keener Bruce McDaniel Joshua Muder Lisa Salzman Oswald Karen Mueller Pasley Jill Salzman Perrigo Linda Duckworth Peterson Jim Robinson Lisa DiCenzo Rodgers Mona Russell Randal Schenewerk Shirley Bruemmer Talken Leslie Toalson Mary Clevenger Van Orden Jeffrey Wagner John Weakley

2000 Marilyn Abney-Warner Retha Barron Martha Hostetler Eberhard Alison Flieg-Hemmer Tara Harmon Griffin Eric Hemmer Brad Hornberger Brad Jenks Doris Hicks Jordan Julie Wiecken Kirchhoff Scott Nietzel Dana Patrick Michelle Porter Michael Reddick James Rowlett Jeanie Carter Simmons Charles Stephenson John Tromans Jr. Frederick Van Den Abbeel Michael Van Duser Anthony Thorn Vrba Tamara Price Vugrin Hugh Wayman Jason Ziegler 2001 Leah Perrin Allen Thelma Byrd Arthur Steph Wright Davis Tim Elliott Jeanette Rose Gold Kenneth Gold Emily Gourley Drew Grzella Karen Hudson Kathleen Fitzpatrick Humphrey Dennis Lemma René White Massey Bruce McKinnon Ken Nakanishi Karen Mueller Pasley Leslie Grigg Phillips Trevor Quig Mona Russell Shirley Bruemmer Talken Airika Barnett Thompson Michael Van Duser John Weakley Olga Price Williams 2002 Leah Perrin Allen Crystal Spears Aulbur Retha Barron Dorae Sheen Block Dara Bradley Booth Kristi Donald Burk Marie Celestin

Sean Dooley Crystal Peterson Elliott James Giannettino Judith Goshorn Vicki Johnson Michael Lee Mary Crosby Lott Gerald Mealy Betsy Murray Stephen Perkins Sr. Cindy Fotti Potter Michael Reddick Christopher Reimer Curtis Sanders Jeanie Carter Simmons John Smith Carmelitha Maria Starr Anthony Thorn Vrba Michael Wagner Randy Wall 2003 Brian Bilderback Kimberly Bonine Michelle Green Brooks Kim Ballard Driskell Janis Nienhaus Garavaglia Michael Garver Daniel Henderson Donald Masden Gerald Mealy Arcelia Sanchez Moore Rhonda Thomas Myers Michael Natale Jerry Patton Sherri Pelzel Leslie Grigg Phillips Diane Wendt Robinson Joseph Savopolos Katie Skibiski DPT 2004 Jacob Amelunke Paul Benson James Borders Sheila Carroll Ann Cross-Fleury Denise Demps-Rollins Lorraine Holland Ted Krause Christopher Palmerone Steve Pappas Jerry Patton Katie Snell Patton Leiann VonAllmen Scee Kevin Sprouse John Weakley Jason Ziegler Amber Zykan-Finkelstein

Columbia College Annual Report 2015

2005 Thelma Byrd Arthur Philip Brooks William Burak Lisa Callisto Sara Russell Frickenschmidt Brandon Gold David Harris Lori Henry Stacy Maskey Kyle McGerald Sandra Moran-Kitchen Constance Nichols Michael Otte James Page Jr. Theresa Rich Pax Cindy Fotti Potter Stacy Rowlett Lindsay McAtee Scheib Kelly Stanphill Sharp Charity Caskey Snell Leslie Toalson Judy Davidson Wesselmann Justin Williams PhD Jim Young 2006 Mike Arendall Dara Bradley Booth James Borders Mary Brooks Tammie Busch Marie Celestin William Cook Denise Demps-Rollins Jessica Gamet Keith Heckman Lori Henry Debby Ferguson Hutton Rosalind Johnson Margaret Mangum Kristen Mihevc Missy Montgomery Carberry Matthew Mueller William Nungester Katie Snell Patton Cindy Fotti Potter Rona Schwintek Prater Megan Ramsey Stacy Floyd Robinson Joseph Savopolos Raymond Shadow Daniel Squires Kara Vedum James Wesselmann 2007 Stacy Blakley Philip Brooks

Allen Butler Deborah Gerhart Ashley Bonine Gosseen Amanda Hall Theodore High Keith Jaegers Tamara King Amanda Johnson Kossuth Dennis Lemma Sara Kianmehr McGerald James Page Jr. Blair Pickard Stacy Rowlett Richard Turner Katherine Zumwalt Wheeler 2008 Scott Bernstein Donte Bland Michael Campbell Gay Christy Charolette Farr Karen Francis Mandy Hagedorn Valerie Combs Hale Lisa Harris Eric Hartman Diane Schindler Hibbs Tamara King Rona Schwintek Prater Darrick Prichett Michelle Hunsicker Reimer Diane Wendt Robinson 2009 Roxy Antonio Donte Bland Richard Boucher Mary Brooks Philip Brooks Scott Bush Terry Gordon Ashley Bonine Gosseen Diane McFadden Gray Lisa Harris Kristen Hartmann Lindsey Jenks Amanda Johnson Kossuth Lana Le Mons Kristen Stevens Lines Neal Lines Katie Snell Patton Anne Porter Chrissy Porter Christopher Reimer Bryan Sappington Heidi Stuckenschneider Saylor Jeremy Thompson Richard Turner

Jason Valentine David Vlachynsky Katherine Winningham Wooldridge David Yutzy 2010 Phillip Armstrong Scott Bernstein Terry Bocklage Caitlin Jenkins Campbell Amanda Guigli Claudio Joan Cotton Deboe Karen Francis Eric Kuersteiner Phillip Lederle Kristen Stevens Lines Steve Pappas Ron Reed Debra Robinson Matthew Shuff Pamela Dolson Starr Matthew Taylor David Yutzy 2011 Lisa Robb Armstrong Dorae Sheen Block Todd Boyd Scott Bush B.J. Donaldson Diane McFadden Gray Jonathan Griffin Kent Griffiths Rochelle Hamm Velda Kossuth Stacy Maskey Harold Pierce Rona Schwintek Prater Rande Richardson Debra Robinson Michelle Ardoin Shults Angelyn Holz Taylor Mary Flickinger VanHouten 2012 Phillip Armstrong David Bales Terry Bocklage Richard Boucher Eduardo Clemente Kimberly Craig Charolette Farr David Harris

Rachel Branch Hartman Amanda Johnson Kossuth Mindy Mackay Levin Kristen Mihevc Justi Montague Tara Plemmons Orozco Janet Schnell Gary Stanowski 2013 Christopher Aquilina Christina Baker Benjamin Bowman Misty Phillips Bush Scott Bush Betty Cary Jordan Dressler Susan Batley Fisher Michael Garver Elias Lucas Matthew Meininger Ikaterina Fourman Merriman Kevin Miller Steve Pappas Stacy Floyd Robinson Thomas Vincenc Caleb Wilson 2014 Jacob Amelunke Katherine Barnes Tyler Galloway Dieke Gosseen Christopher Hillery Shonda Ireland Stephanie Ciuffa Mallory Kelly Stanphill Sharp Steven Turner Elizabeth Weise 2015 Lisa Robb Armstrong Lisa Conner Rachel Branch Hartman Frank McQueen Kevin Miller Tara Plemmons Orozco Duong Pham Harold Pierce Mary Posner Raschel Relford Zachary Rockers Steven Turner Sean Zullo

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2015 Columbia College Annual Report

Loyal Contributor Honor Roll Columbia College expresses gratitude to longstanding philanthropic partners by recognizing those contributors who have given for 10 or more consecutive years. Their generosity provides invaluable support to our programs and students and directly aids in our long-term success.

Mary Epperson and Arlin Epperson PhD

Carole Goldsmith Cromer ’56

Jane Shook Floyd ’89 and Joseph Floyd

Allyson Presley and Eric Cunningham PhD

Alan Harris ’77

Ronald Curry

Paul Houdayer

Daniel D’Alesio Jr.

Linda Sublett Hutton ’69 and Robert Hutton

Mary and Jerry Daugherty

Sarah Ferguson Jennings ’66 and Stephen Jennings PhD

Timothy Cruise

Carolyn Duley Dodd ’46 and W. Stanley Dodd, Jr. Carol Dorn

Gene Koepke

Jeanie Douglas

Roylynne Duhrsen Miercort ’58

Steven Eberharter

Phyllis Norton-Towers ’63

Maurice Egeston

Barbara Gibbs Ostmann ’69 and Wilfred Ostmann

Thomas Elliott ’89

Mary Paulsell and Michael Polley PhD

Thomas Franz PhD

Carol Peck

Jean and Charles Gibbens

Patricia Larkin Fore ’48 Karen and Bob Fry

Eunice Dixon Poore ’49

Linda and Wayne Gifford

Grace and James Proctor ’74

Joseph Gogel Jan Huffman Goodson ’54 and Bill Goodson

25 +

Joyce Keitel

Sharon Niday Ronchetto ’61

Beverly Brown Bernitsky ’49 and Anthony Bernitsky Mary Kovacs Biskup ’74 and Kenneth Biskup Erma Bruckmann ’44 Faye and Bob Burchard Carole Kubach Butts ’66 and James Butts Penelope Cason and Tom Cason Lucy Church ’69 and Bob Zuvanich Gwen Crane Cockrell ’58 and Frank Cockrell Jane Canedy Crow ’57 Judy Cunningham ’64 Sue Marshall Daulton ’45 Patricia and Lawrence Fogel ’77 Joan and Mark Foreman Daisy Willis Grossnickle ’66 and Skip Grossnickle Donna Hennigh ’85 and Gary Hennigh Jeanne and George Hulett Jr. Mary Lee Jahn ’67 Janice and Bill Johnston ’82

Florence Larsh ’49

Sandy and Daniel Scotten

Gustav Lehr

Jill Maynard Ward ’50 and William Ward

Carol Hake

Ida Horn Monroe ’52

Llona Paul Weiss ’91 and Garry Weiss

Phyllis Whitesides Hardin ’57 ’75 and James Hardin Jr. ’76

Carol Connery Murdock ’69

Lynn and Herbert Willbrand

Julian Hertzog

René White Massey ’87 ’98 ’01 and Gary Massey ’85 DMgt

Audrey and Lester Halmrast ’77

Helga Huang PhD

Helen Cates Neary ’38 Brenda Nicholls ’67

15 +

Richard Huling PhD

Diane Berry O’Hagan ’59 and David O’Hagan

Marilyn Abney-Warner ’00 and Ronnie Warner

Beth Kane Julie Krause and Ted Krause ’04

Terry Obermoeller

Gregory Adank ’94

Sandra Kruse ’85

Steven Allen

Robert Ludwiczak

William Anderson

Joan Luttge ’50

Ellen Lohnes Paullin ’39 Peggy Lamke Price ’43 Richard Pryor ’77 Peggy Gibson Regan ’44 and William Regan MD

Peggy Baker Robert Balenton

Cheryl A. Ritchie ’78

Kathi and L’Mont Betz

Leah and B. D. Simon III

Barbara Bickford Elbert Bolsen

20 + Lynne Stuver Baker ’64 and Douglas Baker Cynthia Shutt Cirome ’60 and Alfred Cirome Barbara Payne Coakley ’55

Carol Mahurin and Robert Mahurin Susan Miller ’60 PhD and Ken Mannila Ruth Poss Marr ’53 and Mike Marr

Kimberly Bonine ’03 and Darrell Bonine ’93

William Mason

Kristi Burk and Charles Burk

Col. Charles McGee ’78

Sonya and Bill Carney PhD

Thomas McGuire

Elaine Crawford and Fred Crawford ’76

Leasa Richards-Mealy ’90 and Gerald Mealy ’03

Carla McFarland

Columbia College Annual Report 2015

Lizbeth Metscher Elizabeth Norris Metts ’57 and Julian Metts Jr. DDS

Cathy Whitfield ’95 and Dean Whitfield Roger Wiebusch

Kurt Miller PhD

Anna Wilkerson ’49

Lois Adams Miller ’45

Carol Winkler ’93 and Darrell Winkler

Ronald Moser Lisa Mull and David Mull ’81 Mary Oates Nesladek ’67

10 +

Margaret Oedewaldt and Gary Oedewaldt

Dr. Steven Adelman

Eric Oglesby

Susan Alexander and David Alexander

Mark Ondrake

Jordan Alexander

Margaret Young Osment ’47 Laura Parker-Barua

Joyce Johnson Allen ’49 and Thomas Allen

Karen Mueller Pasley ’01 and Jim Pasley ’87

Sharon Allen Ashley Allen Brown

Stan Payne

Shirley Amend and Jerry Amend ’76

Mary Jane Potrafka ’56 and Richard Potrafka Mary Kinninger Powell ’98 and Rick Powell ’86

Andrea Hunting and Mike Arendall ’06 David Arieti

Carole Randerson and Mike Randerson Hon. ’14

Thelma Byrd Arthur ’01 ’05 and Vernon Arthur ’97

Angie Randolph and John Randolph ’94

Mary McKevitt Atchison ’52 and Robert Atchison

Judith and Richard Rhodes

Janet Bagby

Joyce Murphy Robbins ’57 and Earl Robbins

David Bales ’12

Gary Robinson ’97

Tessie L. Ballard ’93 and Joe Ballard

Nefeli Schneider PhD

Retha Barron ’02

Jerry Screeton ’76

Jeffrey Barrows

Virginia Jones Sinclair ’49

Margaret A. Barry and George Barry ’82

Jane Smith and Terry Smith PhD

Col. Duane Bartrem ’76

Jeffrey Stone PhD

Toby Belcher

Lou Ann Stringham ’64

Kenneth Bentele

Walter Swartz

Tracy and Web Bixby III ’82

Sarah Grossnickle Swindle ’96 and Jason Swindle

Gwen Blotevogel

Jerry Timke Alan Traverse Sarah and Randy Tyree ’84 Laura Vits Vogel ’78 and Denis Vogel Ludmilla Westling Deborah Hook Wheat ’68

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Ronald Bolander Kimberly Boucher Barry Bowden Rev. Raymond Bowden

Lisa Ford-Brown PhD and Bruce Brown

Colleen Field

Margaret Brown

Sara Russell Frickenschmidt ’98 ’05 and Daniel Frickenschmidt

Paul Burgan

William Fuchs DDS

Michael Burkhead

Steve Fugitt

Donald Burleson Donald Burrows

Paula Hornsby Garrison ’55 and Harold Garrison

Tammie Busch ’06 and James Busch

Tony Gaskew Randall Gibbs

Tammy Calhoun

Sharon and Stephen Gilmore

Lisa Callisto ’05 and Anthony Callisto Jr. ’94

Jeanette Rose Gold ’01 and Brandon Gold ’05

Ann Campanella ’98

Rebecca Gordon-Bocklage and Terry Bocklage ’12

Joseph Carrier PhD Chip Chesnut

Timothy Hamilton

Vera Jacobs Coats ’47 and Russell Coats

Coolidge Hargrett George Hasler ’86

Herbert Cohen

Donald Hayden

Brenda Cole PhD

Edith Herd and Kevin Herd

Thomas Comiskey ’94 ’96

Patricia Hernandez

Herbert Conner Jr. ’96

James Herndon

John Cook ’95

David Howlett

Betty Crawford and Carroll Highbarger

Karen Hudson ’97 ’01 and Stephen Brownlee

Randall Crawford

Raymond Hune

John Cruise ’90

Edward Hunter

Scott Cushion

Debby Ferguson Hutton ’06 and Randall D. Hutton ’98

Eric Davis Robert Delorme Rebecca DeNeve PhD John DeNigris PhD Kathryn and Charles Digges Frances Dittrich ’63 Christina Dolan Tery Donelson Matthew Doran Susan Dunham Satya Dutta PhD

Judith Ragsdale Brazell ’56

Martha Eberhard ’00 and Dale Eberhard

Jerrell Brenner

Michael Evans

Vicki Brooks

Frederick Ferrin

Timothy Ireland PhD Maher Jaafari Mark Jahnke Nancy Gorman James ’97 and Richard James ’97 Bradley Jones Anthony Jordan Manuel Juzon Katherine Kennedy Ron Kercheval Julie and John Klein Wayne Knapp ’89 Santosh and Gopal Krishna Lin Yang and Robert Lang ’73



2015 Columbia College Annual Report

Barry Langford

Terry Rigsby Jr.

David Largent

Lisa DiCenzo Rodgers ’99

Remy Leonard

Evelyn and Brett Rogers

Louis Longo ’90

Kenneth Rose

Jane Bennetts Luchies ’52

Stacy Rowlett ’07 and James Rowlett

Marcia Bunten Machens ’96 and David Machens Kenneth Maddox Marie Main Willa Mann Mary Lu Jones Mansur ’47 and George Mansur PhD Bruce Martin ’92 Mary Kay Stiles McDowell ’56 and Leslie McDowell

Karen Ryabchenko Morris Savage Joseph Savopolos ’03 ’06 and Kathleen Savopolos


Chris Schneider

In Honor of Ryder Baker Rebecca and Doug Baker

Myrtle Laughlin Scott ’54 Joseph Sebek Benny Shriver

Kimberley McHale PhD

Daniel Slais

Gary Meader ’87

Lavelle Smalley

Michael Meyerhoff PhD

Bonnie Smedley

Robin Miltimore ’96

Joseph Smith

Maryon Moncrief

William Smith Jr.

James Moore Jr.

Nancy Spaeder and Nicholas Spaeder

Julia Moore and Nollie Moore Jr. Mary Mueller ’88 Russell Nemecek Sandijuen Nesbitt- Williams ’98 Mary Netzler Rae Newstad PhD Diane Ooton Linda Palmer and Kevin Palmer Garnet and Charles Payne Michael Perkins ’89 John Phillips Jane Pickens

Maurice Stanley Lee Stanton Pamela Dolson Starr ’10 and Doug Starr Stephen Stephany Diane Suhler PhD and Gregg Suhler Judy Thomas Linda Thorne Mary Humphrey Tompson ’51 and Clifford Tompson Melinda Treftz Dawn Valdes-Wagner

David Pituch

Shailendra Verma PhD

Karen and Bill Pragman

Cathleen Queene-Wall and Randall Wall ’02

Wayne Pratt Ronald Pridgin Greg Raper ’76 Kim and Joe Reardon ’93 Lollie Zander Reed ’68 and Edwin Reed III Vanetta Ferrel Renz ’51 Janet Karrenbrock Richter ’55 and Robert Richter

Tribute Honor Roll

Shirley Tempelmeier Watkins ’96 PsyD and Chuck Watkins Katherine Zumwalt Wheeler ’07 Gary Wilson Harrison Winters Ida Cockrill Yuille ’51 Terri Zeilenga

In Honor of Bonnie Brouder Hon. ’13 and Gerald T. Brouder Hon. ’13 PhD Dona Sue Black Cool ’53 Duong Pham ’15 In Honor of Bruce Brown Alisa Buck In Honor of Scott Dalrymple PhD Priscilla and David Wightman In Honor of Dennis W. Geisler Amanda Johnson Kossuth ’09 ’12 and Jared Kossuth In Honor of Daisy Willis Grossnickle ’66 Kathryn and Charles Digges In Honor of Kristin Harris Richard Harris In Honor of William Heath Tanya Heath and David Heath ’80 In Honor of Barbara Hirsch ’15 Dr. Irl Hirsch In Honor of John Keeney II PhD Shirley Tempelmeier Watkins ’96 PsyD and Chuck Watkins In Honor of Joyce Hoberecht Kuechler ’45 Lois Adams Miller ’45 In Honor of George Lucas Megan Lucas and Elias Lucas ’13

In Honor of Bradley Meinke ’14 Ramona Lucas Smith ’88 In Honor of Gayla Miller ’90 Daisy Willis Grossnickle ’66 and Skip Grossnickle In Honor of Jane Peterson J. Paul Jones In Honor of Col. Mike Randerson Hon. ’14 David Humphrey PhD In Honor of Suzanne Pomeroy Ready ’81 Missy Montgomery Carberry and Joseph Carberry In Honor of Hilman Stricklin Kimberly Jordan ’99 In Honor of John Warner Janette Ruess In Honor of Lindell Widger ’07 Cheryl Mothes In Honor of Columbia College Softball Players Wendy Mertz Slifka ’90 and Douglas Slifka MEMORIALS In Memory of Martha Estes Baker ’39 Nancy Kennedy In Memory of Jackolyn Barnhouse Carla McFarland In Memory of John Barnhouse Carla McFarland

Columbia College Annual Report 2015


Col. Mike Randerson was the guest speaker at the April 28, 2015, Columbia College Chapter of the SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society induction. At the induction Col. Randerson was presented with an honorary membership into the CC Chapter. Pictured: Col. Mike Randerson and Honor Society inductees Jennifer Boyt, Richard Ferrari, Jeffery Pitts, Chrissandra Porter and Belinda Thompson

In Memory of Jessica Lee ’12 Michael Lee ’02 In Memory of Priscilla Thies Lind ’52 Julie Lutz Harris ’52 and Donald Harris In Memory of William J. Marshall III ’77 Louann Schraffenberger

To support military students and their dependents, visit In Honor of Anita Lisbona Beal ’40 Connie Beal Lohr ’66 In Memory of Charles Bobbitt Wendy Mertz Slifka ’90 and Douglas Slifka In Memory of Lucy Bowden Barry Bowden Rev. Raymond Bowden In Memory of Molly Thomas Bowden ’02 Karen and Dean Cox Jr. ’99 Joe Miller Beverly Phillips Thomas ’92 and David Thomas Blue Knights MO II Chapter In Memory of Gwenneth Brown Lisa Ford-Brown PhD and Bruce Brown Mindy Mackay Levin ’12 Heidi Stuckenschneider Saylor ’09 and Aron Saylor In Memory of Sheila Brynjulfson ’94 Barry Bowden Rev. Raymond Bowden Faye and Robert Burchard Angie Randolph and John Randolph ’94

In Memory of Mabel Bondurant Culpepper ’56 Martha Leslie Harlow ’56 and James Harlow Richard Harrison In Memory of Dorothy Daugherty Kathryn and Charles Digges In Memory of John Davis Jr. Mary Hunter Davis ’47 In Memory of Hortense Davison Lucy Church ’69 and Bob Zuvanich In Memory of Julia Dooley Judith and Richard Rhodes

In Memory of Allean Lemmon Hale ’33 Verna Hahn Douglas ’57 and William Douglas Daphne Harwood Sumner ’57 Edna Williams Yarbrough ’57 and Ralph Yarbrough In Memory of Heath Harrold ’93 Carolyn Harrold ’94 In Memory of Georgia Hollywood Mary and Bob Mace In Memory of Carolyn Jones Timothy Ireland PhD

In Memory of Mason Feese Kathryn and Charles Digges

In Memory of Georgia Kateman Elizabeth and Chris Blumhorst Michael Kateman

In Memory of Juana Owens Forrester ’54 Sue Myers Clowe ’55

In Memory of Carol Kennedy Carol Peck

In Memory of Florence Ramseyer Gilmore ’40 Sharon and Stephen Gilmore

In Memory of Sidney Larson Hon. ’01 Barbara Hunt Bailey ’58 and Duncan Bailey

In Memory of Frances Glenn 1917 Jillian Glenn Mueller ’72

In Memory of Elyjah Lee Michael Lee ’02

In Memory of Pamela McClure PhD Sara Kianmehr McGerald ’07 and Kyle McGerald ’05 In Memory of Richard Metscher Andrea Hunting and Mike Arendall ’06 In Memory of R. Marvin Owens Kathryn and Charles Digges Central Bank of Boone County In Memory of Marilyn Henderson Robbins ’43 Meredith Black Marsha Eaton In Memory of Jane Froman Smith ’26 Murphy Weitman Romano ’66 and Edward Romano The Murphy and Ed Romano Family Foundation In Memory of Joe Smith MD Stephanie and David Truetzel In Memory of Susan Dickerman Twomey ’59 Sharon Holland Meyer ’59 Mary Miller ’58 In Memory of Barbara Willis Kathryn and Charles Digges In Memory of Camilla Woods Wright ’57 Dick Wright


2015 Columbia College Annual Report

Businesses, Churches, Foundations & Organizations Airport Advertising, Inc. AmazonSmile Foundation Ameriserve Inc. Anthony W. Rollins Trust Assistance League of Mid-Missouri Atkins Inc. Auto Tech of Columbia Automatic Controls Equipment Systems, Inc. The Bank of Missouri Big K Enterprises Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust

Columbia College State of Missouri Student Teachers Association Columbia Insurance Group Columbia Landcare LLC Columbia Orthopaedic Group Inc. Community Foundation of Central Illinois Datalink Corporation Dimensions in Wood Engineering Surveys & Services Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Blue Knights MO II Chapter

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Missouri Colleges Fund

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Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance Company

Kent’s Floral Gallery

Outdoor Solutions LLC

Kingdom Operating Company LLC

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Kiwanis Clubs of Columbia

RE/MAX Boone Realty

Kozy Korner Daycare L.C. Betz Associates Jewelers LaCrosse Lumber Company Landmark Bank LaRose Enterprises Lincoln Financial Advisors Maly Commercial Realty MBS Textbook Exchange Inc. Meyer Electric Inc.

R.G. Mongler Investments LLC Red Weir Athletic Supply Reinhardt Construction Co. Schindler Elevator Shiloh Bar and Grill Show-Me State Games Simon Oswald Architecture Smith Lewis LLP Spellman Brady & Company

MFA Foundation

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Mid-Continental Restoration

The Walton Family Foundation

Mid-Missouri Electric

Williams-Keepers CPA

Cougar Sports Zone


Hall of Fame


One team, two athletes and two contributors inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame

The Columbia College Athletic Hall of Fame was founded in 2003 to recognize those individuals who have made significant contributions to Columbia College Athletics. Since its inception, 51 individuals or groups have been honored for their achievements. On Sept. 25, 2015, the Columbia College Athletic Hall of Fame inducted its 13th class into this prestigious club.

L’Mont & Kathi Betz Contributors

1999 Men’s Soccer Team The 1999 Columbia College men’s soccer team is one of the most accomplished teams in school history. With a roster full of experienced players, the team set the school record for number of wins in a season, posting a 20-5 record. The 20-win season eclipsed the previous record of 17 set during the 1998 campaign. The 1999 team was known for its physical defensive play and its athletic and skilled offensive style. The squad’s smothering defense held opponents scoreless in 14 games, while scoring 73 goals — an average of three goals per game. Leading the way for the Cougars was 2011 Hall of Fame inductee Coach Dan Hogan, who was named American Midwest Conference Coach of the Year while coaching four NAIA All-Americans.

The Betz family has been attending and supporting Cougar Athletics for more than 20 years. In 1994, they were first introduced to Columbia College Athletics and started attending basketball games with their neighbors. Many of those neighbors, along with the Betzs, were instrumental in the founding of the Cougar Club & Scholarship Fund, and in turn, serve on the Cougar Club steering committee. They have been honored previously with the Athletic Director’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to Cougar Athletics and also served as Honorary Coaches for the 2006 and 2007 NAIA National Volleyball Tournaments. Their support of the department and its mission is second to none.


Volleyball During her four-year career at Columbia College, Luana Branco Fields was honored with several individual conference and national awards. She was named First Team All-American Midwest Conference (AMC) as well as AMC Setter of the Year each of her four seasons at Columbia College. In addition, Luana was AMC Freshman of the Year in 2005, and AMC Player of the Year in 2007 and 2008. In her first season with the Cougars, the team advanced to the National Championship game, ultimately losing to California Baptist. Following the tournament, Luana was named an NAIA Honorable Mention All-American. During her final three seasons in the navy and silver, she was able to take home First Team All-American honors. She currently holds the career record in total blocks and number of sets played at Columbia College. She is second in career assists, seventh in kills and third in digs.

Rachel Oswald Hurt ’10 Women’s Basketball As a transfer student, Rachel Oswald Hurt’s impact on the Columbia College women’s basketball program was felt immediately. In her first game as a Cougar, she scored 24 points and corralled 13 rebounds in a victory over Park University. She showed amazing consistency throughout her career, averaging 15 points per game and grabbing nearly nine rebounds per contest. Because of her steady play, she garnered many individual honors. She was named to the First Team All-Conference team three times; named AMC Newcomer of the Year in 2008, and named AMC Player of the Year in 2010. Rachel was listed as an NAIA Honorable Mention All-American in each of her first two seasons and finally as a Third Team AllAmerican following her senior campaign. Her teams made two NAIA National Tournament appearances during her career and advanced to the Sweet Sixteen during the 2008-09 season. She currently holds the career mark for rebounding (890), is third in career scoring (1,560) and third in career blocks (143).

Cougar Sports Zone

Luana Branco Fields ’10

Cougar Sports Zone


From left to right: Head Golf Coach John Utley, Andrea Lee Paul and Kasey Nichols, a current member of the women’s golf team

The Andrea Lee Paul Scholarship helps Columbia College golfers stay the course

Supporting Collegiate Athletics BY SAM FLEURY

Columbia College was honored to receive a $110,000 gift from Andrea Lee Paul, an avid supporter of women’s collegiate sports. Paul’s gift establishes the endowed Andrea Lee Paul Golf Scholarship fund, which supports female golf student athletes. To recognize Paul, the college hosted a leadership gift announcement on campus at Dulany Hall. “We are so very grateful for Andrea’s generous gift and support,” said John Utley, head men’s and women’s golf coach. “As a newer program, the scholarship will help us to continue building the solid foundation we need to be successful. We look forward to having a long relationship with Andrea and making her feel a part of the Cougar family.” A softball player in college, the Jefferson City, Missouri, native turned to golf when her


husband, Seth, introduced her to the game. Paul’s many rounds on the golf course led her to meet Utley and learn of the unique opportunity to help the fledgling Cougars golf program grow by supporting student athletes with scholarship opportunities. Paul worked for the Missouri State Auditor’s office for nine years before becoming an account manager for GFI Digital Inc. “I wanted to create an opportunity for a female in higher education,” said Paul. “I think it’s important to support your community and create opportunities for other women.” Men’s and women’s golf were added to Columbia College Athletics in 2012. There are currently 10 men and eight women on the roster.


No Problem!

Coach Darren Munns is in the midst of reviving Columbia College’s baseball tradition BY SAM FLEURY AND DREW GRZELLA ’01

Earlier this year, Columbia College Athletics Director Bob Burchard officially announced the appointment of Darren Munns as head coach of the Cougar baseball team. At the introductory press conference Burchard quipped, “Normally at these events you take a picture with a jersey or at your baseball field, well … we don’t have a uniform and we don’t have a field to show you, but at least now I can proudly say we have a coach.”


Munns comes to Columbia College from fellow American Midwest Conference (AMC) institution William Woods University. Munns had served as the head coach of the Owls since 2005. In his 10 seasons with the Owls, he has put together a record of 333-183, averaging just more than 33 wins per season, and has finished in the top three of the AMC standings each year. Munns led William Woods to five consecutive AMC tournament championship games and seven

“Through the interview process, it became clearly evident Darren is the right choice to lead the Cougar baseball team,” Burchard said. “He is a person of integrity, character and experience. Darren is a positive and likeable person who will fit right in with the values and mission of our institution.” Munns will spend the entire 2015-16 academic year recruiting and preparing for the team’s arrival in fall of 2016. The Cougars will begin competition in the spring of 2017, which will be the first baseball team Columbia College has fielded since 1982. Munns, a native of Mexico, Missouri, received his undergraduate degree in physical education from Missouri Western State College (1991) in St. Joseph. He received his master’s degree in athletic/activities administration from William Woods University in the fall of 2009. Munns and his wife, Sarah, reside in Columbia and welcomed their first child, Mary Ellen Munns, in July.

Coach Darren Munns and Scooter the Cougar

Cougar Sports Zone

No Field? No Uniform?

total during his tenure. The Owls made four National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) National Championship appearances under his guidance and were equally as successful in the classroom, earning NAIA Scholar Team accolades in three consecutive years.

On the Web


On the Web:

Scootergraphs Check out where CC alumni have taken Scooter this time! To submit your own Scootergraph, email them to or send to Alumni Relations, 1001 Rogers St., Columbia, MO 65216.

Crystal Hutton Holt ’12 took Scooter to the Natural History Museum in Oxford, England.

Cris Conner ’76 and Yvonne Goelz Conner ’76 snapped a Scootergraph during a tour of main campus. The couple met at Columbia College as Day students in 1975 and have been married for 35 years. Scooter enjoys gelato in Paris with Gena McCullar, Paige Carlyle ’16, Ashley Brouder ’16 and Lauren Guillory ’16.


On the Web

Brittany Moss ’15 (far left) and Devon Davis ’15 (left) celebrate graduation from the nursing program at Columbia CollegeLake of the Ozarks.

Rachel Verslues ’09 represents her employer, Mediacom, at a business showcase in Columbia, Missouri.

Students at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia, show their Cougar Spirit.

Ramon Barreto ’07 represented his alma mater at a college fair in Okinawa, Japan.

Terry Rowland ’11, Kacie Mahan ’15, Millie Nelson, David Nelson and Kristen Hartmann ’09 snap a picture at the Jefferson City Alumni Networking Social.

swithscooter! View the digital Post, tweet and email your #selfie oter. photo gallery at www.columbiac

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a f f i n i t y

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Mary Pittman ’48 continues to stay active as much as possible. She enjoys playing golf, card games, Mah Jong, singing and swimming. She currently resides in Walnut Creek, California.


Dr. Jo Brown ’62 was honored in 2014 as an Outstanding Distinguished Alumna of Lincoln Southeast High School in Lincoln, Nebraska. After her retirement from teaching, she continued to work as a producing artist and her work has been featured in many public and private collections. Brown resides in Lincoln, Nebraska.


Theodore “Ted” Fafinski ’79 was presented with the New York State Senate Liberty Medal, the highest civilian honor that an individual can receive from the state. He was recognized for his 25 years of service in local government and the successful completion of numerous projects including the expansion of a wastewater treatment facility, development of a state-of-the-art highway complex and the construction of a 7,000-ton capacity salt barn. Fafinski resides in Farmington, New York. William Andy Thomas ’79 retired from the Missouri Division of Probation and Parole

Larry Young ’76 inducted into Missouri Sports Hall of Fame Larry Young ’76 was inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame on Nov. 15, 2015. After graduating from Columbia College, Young won bronze medals in the 50-kilometer walk at the 1968 and 1972 Olympic Games. He also retains the U.S. record for the 100-mile race walk, set in 1971. Young was inducted into the U.S. Track and Field Hall of Fame in 2002. Larry and his wife, Dr. Anne Cartwright Young ’73, currently reside in Columbia, Missouri.

in August after 28 ½ years of service. He recently became a substance abuse counselor with Reality House in Columbia, Missouri. He and his wife reside in Columbia, Missouri.


Karen Daciek ’96 was recently hired as a Payer Strategy Operations Contract Coordinator for Catholic Health Initiatives, part of Prominence Health. Her new job requires her to engage in business development as well as


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communications and project management. Daciek is also pursuing a certificate in project management. She currently resides in Parker, Colorado.

Don Trentham ’99 recently joined the University of Missouri women’s soccer team as associate coach. While at Columbia College, Trentham played forward and midfield. He went on to coach at Montana State University Billings and Metro State in Colorado. He currently resides in Columbia, Missouri.

in business by the National Association of Professional Women. Price resides in Mountain View, Missouri, and serves as the executive director of Agape House Inc. Joseph Konrad ’03 accepted an exciting position as the executive director of the Schauer Arts Center in Hartford, Wisconsin. After completing his undergraduate degree at Columbia College, Konrad went on to complete a Master of Science in Organizational Management at Chadron State. He and his wife currently reside in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


Ellie Grace ’01 successfully defended her thesis in May and completed a two-year teaching fellow appointment to receive a Master of Fine Arts in Dance Performance and Choreography from Smith College. She currently resides in Northampton, Massachusetts. Tressa L. Price ’01 was inducted into the VIP Woman of the Year Circle for her leadership

In June 2015, Bill Leeper ’04, a Nassau County sheriff and immediate-past president of the CCAA Board of Directors, completed one of the toughest challenges available for local law enforcement officers: the FBI National Academy. Leeper resides in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

Mark Hammel ’08 inducted into National Ski Jumping Hall of Fame Columbia College alumni Mark Hammel ’08 was one of 12 people recently inducted into the National Ski Jumping Hall of Fame in Red Wing, Minnesota. Hammel earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Lake County campus in Gurnee, Illinois. Hammel grew up in the Minneapolis area where he began downhill skiing at age 6 and ski jumping at age 8. His father was a ski jumper, as were several people in his neighborhood. Hammel’s first hill record was at 10 years of age: 53 feet on the Coleraine 15m jump, winning the competition that day. His first U.S. Junior National Championships was at 13 years old, and he first made the U.S. Ski Team while in high school. Hammel won many U.S. competitions over his career and represented the U.S. in international competitions across Europe, Japan and Canada. He moved to Illinois in the ‘90s where he currently resides with his wife and son in the north suburbs of Chicago.

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Jennifer Foxworthy ’12 will be featured on the cover of Gospel4U magazine. A veteran, motivational speaker, television host, domestic abuse survivor and advocate, Foxworthy works tirelessly to share her story and help others achieve their goals through hard work and belief in a positive support network. She and her husband reside in southern Maryland.

Douglas McIntosh ’07 earned a master’s degree in systems engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School. He and his wife reside in Monterey, California. Chloe Pickle ’07 completed her college degree via correspondence courses so she could move to Washington to work for Sen. Kit Bond of Missouri. Pickle now serves as administrative director for Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma.

Gene Spaulding ’07 was named the Florida Highway Patrol director in August 2015. A graduate of the NAS Jacksonville campus, Col. Spaulding brings 22 years of law enforcement knowledge and experience to this position. “He brings a field perspective to the Patrol while continuing the traditions that make the Florida Highway Patrol, quite simply, Florida’s Finest,” said Terry L. Rhodes, executive

director of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Lauren Little ’08 was selected as a 2015 Veteran of Influence by the Jacksonville Business Journal. Among 25 recipients, Lauren was selected to receive this honor based on her talents, philanthropy and leadership within the Jacksonville business community. She owns two Edible Arrangements franchises in the Jacksonville area. Little and her husband also reside in Jacksonville, Florida.

Mitch Gosney ’13 graduated from the University of MissouriKansas City in 2015 with a Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration. He recently accepted a position at Middle Tennessee State University as an athletics marketing associate. Gosney, a member of the CCAA Board of Directors, resides in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Carleen Pensero ’14 has accepted a position at Crouse Hospital as director of provider services. She will be responsible for providing leadership and financial management to multiple divisions within the hospital. She currently resides in Baldwinsville, New York. WHAT’S NEW WITH YOU?

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Louise Sowers Sitton ’55 and her husband, Thomas Sitton, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on June 30, 2015. They currently reside in Eolia, Missouri.

Karissa Scott ’06 married Sean King on July 25, 2015, in Columbia, Missouri.


Bryanna Cerveny Wise ’15 married Eric Wise on June 20, 2015. The couple resides in Ellendale, North Dakota.

Jeff Barringer ’12 and Amber Groves Barringer ’12 welcomed their son, Logan Christopher, on Aug. 8, 2015.

Ryan Yager ’05 and Amber Hardaway Yager ’07 welcomed twin boys last October.

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Memoriam In

Florence Voigt Koengeter ’37 June 8, 2015

Dorothy L. McMillan Miller ’38 November 25, 2014 Gladys E. Spencer Hogg ’40 January 29, 2015

Jane Froman ’26 inducted into Boone County Hall of Fame PHOTOS PROVIDED BY COLUMBIA COLLEGE ARCHIVES

World-renowned performer and Christian College alumna Jane Froman ’26 was one of three inductees recently instated into the Boone County Hall of Fame. Since 1995, the Endowment Trust Board of the Boone County Historical Society has honored one inductee in each of three categories: a business or organization, posthumous recognition for a deceased individual, and a living individual. Posthumous recognition was given to Froman, who was a very popular singer and star of stage, radio and television from the 1930s to the 1950s. Froman moved to Columbia, Missouri, at age 12 and after graduating from Columbia High School in 1924, attended Columbia College (then Christian College), graduating in 1926. After her death, many of Jane Froman’s personal collections were given to Columbia College and the Boone County Historical Society. Several local fans are still active members of the Jane Froman Fan Club today. The 2015 induction ceremony took place Oct. 8 at the Walters-Boone County Historical Museum.

Virginia “Ginny” L. Harmon Owens ’40 October 16, 2015 Jane Hines Walker ’41 April 3, 2015 Betty Allen Braham ’42 February 17, 2015 Corinne Wade Eichhoff ’42 October 14, 2015 Jean Duvall Watson ’42 October 7, 2015 Patricia E. Trout Johnson ’43 June 8, 2015 Anita Begneaud Minter ’44 April 15, 2015 Stella Melton Davis ’45 May 24, 2015 Patricia A. Kelvie Roberts ’48 April 3, 2015 Patricia Bowman Gibbs ’47 April 2, 2015


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Barbara Ann Windt ’48 April 8, 2015

Samir B. Salem ’71 March 29, 2015

Mary L. Alvis ’94 May 5, 2015

Margaret Walker Cook ’49 July 31, 2015

Roy T. Gallemore ’76 April 12, 2015

Jennifer L. Herborn ’95 April 19, 2015

Patricia Ann Fowler Hoefer ’50 March 15, 2015

Marvin C. Johnson ’76 February 14, 2015

Marcella M. Camp ’97 August 20, 2015

Juana R. Forrester ’54 April 25, 2015

Aileen G. McCarter ’78 February 16, 2015

Barbara A. Blair Toepfer ’99 June 27, 2015

Sylvia M. Finley Ashman ’55 July 21, 2015

Donald D. Heroux ’79 June 14, 2015

Stuart E. Samsel ’03 July 2, 2015

Judith K. Gowing Bailey ’57 May 24, 2015

James W. Smith ’79 April 15, 2015

Amy E. Call Bacion ’07 June 26, 2014

Nina Hansbrough McCosh ’57 April 22, 2015

Robert L. Masters ’80 May 23, 2015

Sandra K. Gregory Dossett ’58 June 21, 2015

James T. Peden ’84 January 23, 2015

Ann C. Luxon Durham ’58 April 2, 2015

Coleen J. Thompson ’84 May 5, 2015

John A. Schiffman Jr., Honorary ’08 August 5, 2015

LuAnn Browning Redmon ’58 May 18, 2015

Donald P. Alexander ’88 April 20, 2015

John L. Locicero ’11 June 7, 2015

Suzanne G. Long Larson ’59 August 14, 2015

Robert E. Eccles ’88 August 6, 2015

Ellen M. Caswell ’12 August 16, 2015

Susan Dickerman Twomey ’59 April 21, 2015

Russell E. Bentch ’93 July 30, 2015

Philip G. Mentink ’13 June 12, 2015

Diane Stevenson Paradis ’63 May 24, 2015

Gregory K. Hefner ’93 May 1, 2015

Virginia Lee Horn ’14 June 22, 2015

“Tootsie” Gayle Crick ’68 November 10, 2014

Gary D. McBride ’08 June 15, 2015 Donna Jo Mozingo ’08 December 20, 2014

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Virginia “Ginny” Lee Owens ’40 died Oct. 16, 2015, at the age of 94.

Corinne Wade Eichhoff ’42 died Oct. 14, 2015, after a prolonged illness. She was 93.

Lee Owens was born on Nov. 6, 1920. After receiving her Associate of Arts from Christian (Columbia) College in 1940, she continued her education at the University of Missouri and received a bachelor’s in education. In 1942, she accepted a teaching position in Sullivan, Missouri, where she met her husband, Marve Owens. Upon her return to Columbia, Missouri, in 1954, Lee Owens became an active member of the Cecile Circle of King’s Daughters and served a term as president of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumni Association.

Eichhoff was born April 2, 1922. She earned her Associate of Arts from Christian College in 1942. During her time at Christian College, she met her husband of 70 years. She supported Darrell throughout his 35-year career while also raising three daughters. She volunteered with many charities and was passionate about her work with the San Diego chapter of the Assistance League. Eichhoff and her husband eventually retired in San Diego’s North County.

Lee Owens will be remembered by her family and friends for her strength, generous spirit and great love of family. She was preceded in death by her husband, R. Marvin Owens, an honorary alumnus and distinguished trustee emeritus of Columbia College. She is survived by her daughters Susan Lee Dasta and Leslie A. Owens; her grandchildren Brittany Elizabeth Marten, Casey Lee Pletz, Vincent Paul Dasta and Sara Virginia Howard; as well as five great-grandchildren.

Eichhoff will be remembered by her friends and family for her selfless nature, pure devotion to her family and her insistence on correct grammar and propriety. She is survived by her husband, Darrell Eichhoff, a former trustee of Columbia College; her daughters Gay Bergmann (Tom) ’68, Sue Eichhoff and Kim Belgarde (Mark); and her grandchildren Ryan Stewart (My-Phuong), Lauren Stewart, Brian Belgarde and Graham Belgarde.

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Remembering former Columbia College President W. Merle Hill PHOTOS PROVIDED BY COLUMBIA COLLEGE ARCHIVES

Known for his strong, decisive manner and focus on student success, Columbia College’s 13th president, Dr. W. Merle Hill, died on Oct. 1, 2015. He was 89. He dedicated his career to education, starting as an assistant professor at Purdue University, where he was a Fulbright Scholar and received a Danforth Teaching Grant. Hill then became dean of faculty in 1963 at Christian College and was inaugurated as president in 1965. With the college facing financial hardships and dwindling enrollment toward the end of the decade, he

transformed Christian College to Columbia College in 1970, while also converting the college into a fouryear coeducational institution. “We simply would not be the institution we are today without Dr. Hill’s decisive leadership,” Dr. Scott Dalrymple, Columbia College president noted. “Today we boast more than 25,000 students, excellent facilities, an endowment in excess of $150 million and no long-term debt. None of that would have been true without the courage of Dr. Hill and his faculty, staff and trustee colleagues.”

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community service Award Demonstrated outstanding contribution in serving his/her community.

jane froman courage Award Demonstrated perseverance to overcome personal obstacles while continuing to better him/her personally or professionally. Displays a spirit of courage in daily life.

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