Columbia College Affinity Magazine: Summer 2020

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Perseverance is defined as “persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.” This steadfast commitment is what Columbia College students bring to the table each and every day. Classes are taught in state-of-the-art college facilities and through virtual classrooms led by faculty across the nation. Scholars may study where they serve their family breakfast in the morning, between shifts or alongside peers at the library. They do what it takes to succeed.

Seymour, Missouri Attending: Columbia CollegeSpringfield Major: Human Resource Management “My time at Columbia College means success to me because I am so close to graduating with my bachelor’s degree. As a single mother working two jobs, Columbia College has helped me by allowing me to take six courses a semester while juggling life, work and school. I feel accomplished after every semester because that means I am that much closer to accomplishing my goal. The amazing staff and instructors are so nice and understanding. They know exactly how hard you have to work to accomplish your goals, and they are with you the whole way.”

Summer 2020

Each applicant is asked to describe what their time at Columbia College means to them and/or how they benefit from Columbia College. Here’s what our 2020 scholarship recipients have to say.


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The CCAA recognizes the personal sacrifices and determination it takes to earn a college degree, and each year we are honored to award financial assistance through the CCAA Scholars Program. From more than 90 applications, the selection committee of the CCAA Advisory Board chose nine students to each receive a $1,000 scholarship toward the 2020-21 academic year.