Columbia College Affinity Magazine: Summer 2020

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Summer 2020

The Honors and Awards convocation is an opportunity to congratulate students for their accomplishments and leadership during the 2019-20 academic year and recognize the generosity of the scholarship donors who help make these awards a reality. While the in-person event was canceled this spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 135 students received nearly $230,000 through 161 scholarships and awards. For a full list of honorees grouped by school or category and descriptions of the various honors and awards, visit Scholarship recipients shared their gratitude by sending personal messages to donors.



“I am overwhelmed with gratitude to receive the Dr. H. Jane Blackman Lossing ’64 Scholarship. I didn’t think I could take summer classes this year because of unexpected financial-aid problems and being unemployed due to COVID-19. I have spent countless nights awake, trying to figure out what I can sell or do in order to pay for my summer classes. Because of your generosity, I will be able to continue my final two semesters toward a major in biology and minor in psychology.” –Morgan Ballard

“I am incredibly grateful to have received the James and Betty Allen Braham ’42 Music Scholarship. I am committed to following through with my education, and this scholarship will undoubtedly aid me in my endeavors. It is because of people like you that students across the nation can reach their goals.” –Chris Deeken “I am a mother of three, working and studying full time to achieve my master’s degree. As one of the recipients of the Hulett Family Criminal Justice Graduate Study Scholarship, I wanted to personally thank you not only for the award but for your vast support for those involved in law enforcement.” –Tera Palozola

“I am very pleased and appreciative to learn that I was selected for the Dr. Tina Engel Dalrymple Excellence in Nursing Endowed Scholarship. The Bachelors of Science in Nursing Program at Columbia College has taught me more than just the education part of being a nurse, but has shown me the compassion that is needed.” –Ariel Search –KB