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COLUMBIA HOMES LIVING ON LAKES AND RIVERS In the Midlands, There’s Something For Everyone

Faith and Service Drive Homebuilders to Help Those in Need of Repairs

PORCH LIVING Choosing the Right Builder and Architect 2019 AWARD WINNERS AN OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF | 2019 Columbia Homes Magazine



2019 Columbia Homes Magazine |

Where is your heart?

home is where your heart is. It’s where ours is too. In fact, we’ve been putting our heart into every home we build since 1954. put your heart in a mungo home. we have. | 2019 Columbia Homes Magazine


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or over 60 years, the Building Industry Association of Central South Carolina has continuously provided support for the local homebuilding and development community. Covering the Midlands of South Carolina, the Association has worked to promote homeownership through networking, education, and advocacy. As citizens of the area, we strive to Build a Better Community by supporting charities and participating in community outreach programs because our members are concerned, caring professionals who believe their involvement makes the communities where they love and work better places. The Association has contributed over $217,000 to local charities in 2019. Donations and grants were made by the Building Industry Charitable Foundation. Recipients were both within and outside the realm of the home building industry. Over the past nineteen years, the Building Industry Charitable Foundation has awarded $579,250 in scholarships to children of Association members and other students who meet criteria set for the program. This year, the Building Industry Charitable Foundation awarded an additional $57,000 to students. As you consider purchasing decisions for your home, please utilize local businesses that support our community, including those featured in Columbia Homes. When you make the decision to buy or build a new home, or renovate your present home, choose a professional — a member of the Building Industry Association of Central South Carolina. Find out more at Best wishes,

Jennifer Harding President, BIA of Central South Carolina


Choosing the Right Builder and Architect


Faith and Service Drive Homebuilders to Help Those in Need of Repairs

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Porch Living

Living on Lakes and Rivers: In the Midlands, There’s Something For Everyone

2019 Custom Building Awards 2019 Remodelers Awards 2019 Home & Garden Show Exhibitor and Innovation Awards

ON THE COVER: Gallup & LaFitte Design Build

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Gallup & LaFitte Design Build......................7 Great Southern Homes..................................2 Home Advantage............................................33 Mungo Homes.................................................... 3 National Home Builders Association..........................................25, 43 Palmetto Construction & Renovations..............................................5

Paradime Construction.................................16 Red Shirt Guys................................................. 29 Saluda River Club.............................................17 Square One Design Service......................33 Synovus Mortgage..........................................13 Tailored Living of Columbia/ Lake Murray................................................33 | 2019 Columbia Homes Magazine


Choosing the Right Builder and Architect


eterans of Central South Carolina’s residential construction industry agree that experience is vitally important when you choose the architect, designer or builder who is going to help you realize the home of your dreams – but they also point out that there are several other factors to consider as well.

Finding professionals with the experience to understand exactly what you are looking for in a home and the knowledge to match their talents and skills with your vision for what your new home should look like when its finished is critical, according to Mark Bostic, the owner of Square One Design in Columbia. “You want someone who can take your vision and prepare drawings so you and your contractor know what you’re going to get,” said Bostic, who has been in the building business for 35 years. “The biggest stumbling block is that people go too far and too fast. You really want to build your house on a piece of paper before you start.” Stan O’Brien, president and chief executive officer of Paradime Construction in Columbia, said experience is important whether you are looking for an architect 6

or a builder, but he added that knowledge of the local building industry is critical as well. During his two decades designing and building homes in the Midlands, he has encountered a few issues while working with architects from outside the Palmetto State. “They need to understand the codes. I probably would pick someone local,” he commented. “You want them to come and visit the building site. They need to see and walk on the site.” One issue he’s seen from architects who haven’t put their own eyes on the lot where a house will be built is that the garage is designed for the low side rather than the high side of the home. In other cases, a side door has been placed in a spot “where you need a set of stairs because the ground is eight feet below the door.”

2019 Columbia Homes Magazine |

“If you know the site, you wouldn’t put the door there,” he said. Wayne Rogers, with Catalyst Architects in Lexington, agreed that talent, expertise and knowledge all are important characteristics of a good architect. He added, however, that humility also is critical. After all, your house is not about the architect. “You want someone who is humble enough to guide you through the process,” Rogers said. “The story is about you. It’s not a monument to the architect. We have a wonderful field of professionals in the business, but, at times, they have huge egos. You have to have an enjoyable relationship with your architect.” “Communication skills are huge,” Rogers added. “Your architect has to listen to you, get your ideas on paper and make a house for you.” According to Rogers, besides going online to take a look at the work your potential architect and builder have completed, you should also ask about how your contractor will manage the job site. He said it’s best to hire a builder who plans to spend a lot of time supervising the work being completed on your house. “There are lots of trades involved, from carpentry to masonry and plumbing, and there can be confusion among the trades,” he said. “There needs to be constant management. The complexity is just huge. If you get a project without much on-site supervision, it’s not going to be a good project.” He went on to say that you should ask if the builder and his subcontractors have worked together as a team before. Do you have to like your builder and architect? Maybe not, but your personalities at least have to match and not clash, according to O’Brien. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time with both of them, before your house is built and during the construction process. “Issues will come up in construction that the owner and builder will need to work through,” he said. u

Designing and building award-winning homes throughout the Midlands.

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LIVING ON LAKES AND RIVERS In the Midlands, There’s Something For Everyone


2019 Columbia Homes Magazine |


here’s something about the water. It soothes, relaxes, reinvigorates, inspires. No wonder more Midlands residents yearn to live beside it, either to wake up every morning and sip coffee overlooking Lake Murray, or walk each day beside the rippling Saluda River.

Greater Columbia has no shortage of water features that attract residents and recreation-seekers alike. Living on lakes or rivers remains a dream for many, who see it as the ultimate way of adding beauty and tranquility to their day. “It’s really the view and the serenity of it all,” says Joe Jur, owner of Vesta Builders. “It’s nice to be able to look out onto a body of water that’s quiet and peaceful.” Yet living by the water in the Midlands is not a one-size-fits-all prospect. Lifestyles, price points and home design can fluctuate depending on whether you’re near the river or on the lake. The good news is, there’s something for everyone— it’s just a matter of finding it.

Life on the lake Five years ago, lots on Lake Murray could be found for less than $200,000. But the popularity of lake living has made lots harder to find, and increased the price of the those that remain—often to $300,000 and up, builder R.B. Gallup says.

“The availability is very slim, and it’s becoming more expensive,” says Gallup, partner at Gallup & LaFitte. “Lake Murray has a lot of fishing shacks, for lack of a better term—small, cinderblock houses built in the 1950s and not worth renovating. A lot of people are buying those, demolishing them, and building a new house.” Many Lake Murray residences are not connected to municipal sewer and water. That necessitates use of a septic tank and well, which come with regulations—septic systems must be at least 75 feet from the lake, for instance, and wells must be 75 feet apart. “That can start boxing in how much room you have to build,” Jur says. Alternatives like lake-drawn wells and engineered septic systems are more expensive. “All that needs to be sorted out before you invest a lot of money in your lot,” Jur adds. Building a dock on Lake Murray requires 100 feet of shoreline. And homes place a premium on large windows,

along with layouts that place the kitchen, dining, and living areas at the back to maximize views. “A lot of people like the style of house where when they walk in the front door, they’re immediately looking through an open floor plan right at the lake,” Gallup says. “You’ve got the kitchen, great room, dining room, everything pointing out at the lake.” Outdoor areas can include multiple covered porches, often with fireplaces and televisions. “It’s about casual living and entertaining on the lake,” Gallup says. “That’s the name of the game.”

Riverfront living Two miles below the Lake Murray dam, it’s a different world. On the riverfront at Saluda River Club, there’s a walking/jogging trail, sand volleyball court, fire pits, a dog park and more. There are no homes; those are in the neighborhoods winding throughout the development. But the banks of the Saluda are abuzz with activity nonetheless. “The people who are attracted to Saluda River Club are looking for an active, resort-type lifestyle,” says developer Andy White. “They embrace the lifestyle whether they’re actively engaged with the river or not. I would estimate that 75 percent of the people who live in the neighborhood have never dipped a toe in the river. But they use the amenities that we’ve set up to interact with the river and be a part of it.” For the more adventurous, there are canoe/kayak launches and services that arrange kayaks or fishing trips. Many more residents simply enjoy the mile-long path that parallels the river, or amenities at the expansive Chickawa Outdoor Center. Residences at Saluda River Club vary: from executive homes, to neo-traditional homes, to low-maintenance cottages with no yards to maintain. One thing binds

ABOVE AND OPPOSITE: LAKE MURRAY | 2019 Columbia Homes Magazine


The counties on Lake Murray each have flood elevation lines, and flood insurance is required only if homes exceed the line. Otherwise, “you just have to work around county requirements,” Gallup says, “and ensure you’re high enough and far enough back.”

them all—the Saluda River, winding its way by. “The one thing that ties all of our different types of families together,” White says, “is the desire to be in a great location and experience the river.”

Easing flood concerns In 2015, the Midlands faced historic flooding. But homes on Lake Murray escaped the episode unscathed. “We don’t have an issue with flooding on Lake Murray,” Gallup says. “Even in the 2015 flood in Columbia, they released water out of the lake. It didn’t rise up into people’s yards or anything. So it’s well-controlled.” Living along water can prompt concerns about flooding. But some water-adjacent areas of the Midlands are largely free of flooding issues, thanks to builders 10

and developers following local regulations. “The guidelines for developing in or near flood-prone areas are much more advanced than they were even two decades ago,” White says. “A new set of guidelines was implemented in 2007, and as a result we don’t have even a back corner of a lot that gets water in a major event. If you’re doing modern development following current state and county guidelines, you’re not putting anybody in harm’s way.”

2019 Columbia Homes Magazine |

Living large It’s just another benefit that helps make for easy living on metro Columbia’s lakes and rivers, where sunset vistas and recreation options are never in short supply. Lake Murray is also renowned for its cleanliness, making it perfect to swim in, or even pull drinking water from. And those are the same cool, clean waters that flow through the dam and down the Saluda River, calling the residents of the Midlands home. u

Customize your home with reclaimed wood, shiplap, custom millwork and more. Come see us at 205 Wattling Road in West Columbia, or call us at 803-939-9290. CHARLOTTE • GREENSBORO • GASTONIA • MEBANE • ROCK HILL • COLUMBIA • | 2019 Columbia Homes Magazine


Faith and Service Drive Homebuilders to Help Those in Need of Repairs BY BARRY WALDMAN


t takes construction skills, business acumen and project management abilities to build a house. Add talent and vision, and an understanding of how people live to build a home. But it takes a heart and an appreciation for the world beyond oneself to build a community. There are dozens of homebuilders in the Midlands who contribute their talents beyond the marketplace to make their community – and the entire globe – a better place. They recognize the great good fortune to make a living practicing their craft, and want to employ those skills and connections to help those who need shelter but can’t afford their services. Bryan Clifton, owner of Clifton Custom Homes is moved by his faith to repair homes of families in need. St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Irmo asked him to help one couple whose house was taking

“I’m used to building custom houses and then I go to people less fortunate to do basic repairs. It grounds us and gives us perspective.” — PAT DUNBAR, DUNBAR BUILDERS, INC.

on water. The husband, a military veteran, is battling cancer and the wife is confined to a wheelchair. While the couple was away, Clifton stealthily led a team of volunteers to repair the leaks and landscape the yard, a $12,000-$15,000 value, Clifton estimates. Clifton could have basked in the glow of his good work, but he left before the couple returned. He knew the husband would be embarrassed by his charity and wanted to spare his feelings. “I’ve got some talents and I see needs so I use those talents to give back,” he said. For Pat Dunbar, of Dunbar Builders, Inc., it’s the contrast of wealth and poverty that drives him to 12

2019 Columbia Homes Magazine |

contribute. “I’m used to building custom houses and then I go to people less fortunate to do basic repairs. It grounds us and gives us perspective,” he said. Dunbar donates materials and labor to restore homes to working conditions through Goodworks in and around Chapin. He likes using his connections to get the job done. “A lot of subs have been working with me for 25 years. When I ask them for help they are always eager to do so,” he said. Wayne McGuinn, owner of McGuinn Hybrid Homes, is a founding board member of Central South Carolina Habitat for Humanity, serves on the board of Harvest Hope Food Bank and led the building of a home for a disabled veteran through the Building Industry Association of Central South Carolina. Yet much of his charity is directed to whole nations of need. For 25 years he has volunteered through the United Methodist Church to rebuild houses following disasters around the world. He has been to Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti — to which he has returned numerous times. McGuinn and his wife built and manage an orphanage in that impoverished island nation. “It’s not very logical,” he admits. “We didn’t want to go and we didn’t want to stay but we’re called to. We’re Jesus followers.” McGuinn and his team also spent eight days in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence and rebuilt 250 homes. Spreading philanthropy locally and internationally is likewise the blueprint for John Covert of Covert Homes. He has contributed his company to various home building programs for families in need, including Home Works of America, constructing 250 houses across the state. He helped found Christian Assistance Bridge food pantry in Blythewood, which served 541 families in the first half of 2019. Covert has visited Puerto Rico seven times since the hurricane, but not once for vacation. He and his church have repaired 20 houses and built a facility to house other relief teams. “For me it’s a faith-based decision,” he said. “I’m blessed beyond anything I deserve and I wake up each day and think there is so much to be done. It’s wildly humbling.” u | 2019 Columbia Homes Magazine



Porch Living


n the days before air conditioning people congregated in the breezy air of their front porch, sweet tea in hand, refugees from the searing heat of their indoor space. Rocking chairs were the lounge chairs of their day and many a young love had their first kiss in a porch swing, just out of family earshot of the open house windows. 14

Then came electricity and air conditioning, which cools air and lowers humidity. Houses were spaced further apart for privacy so there was less connection to next door neighbors. Front porches became a greeting space for entering the house and back porches took over the connection to the outdoors, giving us access to the pool, the grill and the patio. “It’s more of an architectural enhancement to the façade of a house,” says Jim Evatt, owner of Palmetto Construction

2019 Columbia Homes Magazine |

and Renovations. “We’re not asked to build lot of front porches.” The word porch derives from the Latin “porticus,” the columned entry to a temple. Porches were absent in European architectural traditions but were added in the U.S., particularly in warmer climates. Designer Andrew Jackson Downing popularized porches in an 1841 book linking houses to the landscape just as industrialization was giving people free time and a burning desire to reconnect with nature. | 2019 Columbia Homes Magazine


Celebrating 20 Years Building in the Midlands!

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Stan O’Brien

President and CEO

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2019 Columbia Homes Magazine |

While front porches can still be seen in many new subdivisions, they are more decorative in nature. But back porches, patios and decks have morphed over the years into “outdoor living spaces.” Serving now as living room extensions, they can be simple decks or large, complex, semi-enclosed areas that serve as a transition from indoor to outdoor. Andy White is managing partner of Lifestone Companies, the developer and builder of Saluda River Club, an upscale development in Lexington. His luxury Venado model home features a 420-square-foot covered outdoor living space integrated into the design of the house, with disappearing doors, continuous flooring and consistent architectural features. Many residents add a fireplace, large-screen TV, outdoor kitchen and other amenities, so that the “porch” is no different from the living room, except that it’s outdoors. “It’s a gathering place and spot to hang out to watch football games in the fall, sit


by the fire during the winter, and enjoy shade in the summer,” he said. Porches that serve as outdoor living areas bring back an average of 88 cents for every dollar invested. Clearly, lifestyle, not resale, is the reason people love their porches.

“Pour a glass of wine and listen to some music,” says Kim O’Quinn, vice president of marketing for Mungo Homes. “In your living room you can see dishes in the sink or the load of laundry you need to fold, but out on the porch, you can just listen to nature and smell the outdoors.” u

Simplify your life. Multiply your fun. Easy living lifestyle, great location, exciting new homes. South Carolina’s best new home community the river is calling you home

is nestled along the banks of the Saluda River with parks, walking trails, private clubs, pools, a fitness center, and so much more.

New Neighborhoods Now Selling Villa Homes from the $200s Cottage Homes from the $300s Napa Inspired Homes from the $500s Call to schedule your visit today! 803-358-3969 | Sales and Marketing by Saluda River Club Realty, LLC. | 2019 Columbia Homes Magazine


Custom Building Awards


his is the second year of the Building Industry Association of Central SC’s (BIA) Custom Building Awards (CBA) program. Custom Builder members are invited each year to enter their best work and to showcase what they have to offer. Winning for Best Custom Home in the $350,000 to $400,000 category is Gage Construction’s Lakeside Retreat. The design was used from combining two iterations of an Allison Ramsey plan. The plan needed to be modified further to accommodate the intended use the family would have, yet keep the low-country/farmhouse architectural style. It was important to maintain an open concept on the first floor that naturally transitioned to the outside through a large quad-slider. This would accommodate large gatherings and help the space not feel confined, as well as keep the area naturally lit and maintain the view of the lake and woods. The upstairs was designed specifically for the kids. Each child was to have his and her own room and bathroom, with a common space for games, friends, and hanging out.


2019 Columbia Homes Magazine |

Additionally, the home is built to meet the Energy Star standards. The home is rated at 53 on the HERS index – a rating it received when brand new and during re-testing 10 months later. That HERS rating means this home is 47% more energy efficient than a similar home built to code. Spending time and effort to increase efficiency during construction helps reduce energy bills over the life of the home.



n the $500 to $600,000 category is the Burwell

Reborn by Blythe Building Company.

This adorable one and a half story home pops with personality, style, and color, starting with the exterior. The spacious living area features built-in bookshelves and a fireplace with marble surround. The shiplap accent wall evokes the sense of one being in a cottage by the sea. The kitchen has marble countertops, a tile backsplash and brushed nickel hardware. Blythe Building Company turned the cute-meter up to 10 with a playhouse built in under the stairs complete with porch light and flower box. In the $600 to $750,000 category, the winner is Gallup & LaFitte, Design-Build with their Killian Craftsman lake home. Dick Gallup included an angled garaged design to maximize curb appeal and fit the lot on this walkout base-

ment home. The lake-facing rear of the home provides ample views to the lake and makes for a great entertaining space. The great room features a coffered ceiling and stacked stone fireplace while the adjoining dining room is angled





to look out towards the big water views. The kitchen is also open to the great room and the large island is the focal point. Adding to the entertainment abilities at the lake level is the poolside bar in the basement. Other features include a large finished room over garage suite and a lake-level wine cellar.


nd lastly, in the $750 to One Million Dollar category, the winner is

Blythe Building Company with Fine City Living. This

home has a timeless sense of Southern elegance with its broad circular driveway, hand-made brick sidewalk, mahogany double front door and hanging gas lantern. The entrance is welcoming with heart pine flooring in the foyer and dining room. Continue to the spacious kitchen and take in the brick accents and high, wooden beam ceiling. The formal living room has rich, dark blue walls and an elegant chandelier, coffered ceilings and crown molding. Bathrooms are spacious and feature walk in showers and soaking tubs. Head out to the back porch to take in a game on the mantle-mounted television or have a meal at the large table in the outdoor dining room. Congratulations to all of the winners! See the floorplans and more photos of all six entries in the Custom Building Awards at u 20


2019 Columbia Homes Magazine |





BUILDING & REMODELING HOMES ACROSS THEby MIDLANDS O Pictured is a whole house remodel Pictured is aiswhole house remodel byby Gage Construction. Pictured a whole house remodel Gage Construction. Gage Construction. BUILDING & REMODELING HOMES ACROSS THE MIDLANDS OF SOUTH CAROLINA BUILDING & REMODELING HOMES ACROSS THE MIDLANDS OF SOUTH CAROLINA


803.931.6143 803.931.6143 803.931.6143 Pictured is a whole house remodel by Gage Construction.

Pictured is new construction by Gage Construction.

Pictured is a whole house remodel by Gage Construction. | Saint Peters Church Rd., Chapin SC 29036 | Saint Peters ChurchRd., Rd.,Chapin ChapinSC SC29036 29036 | Saint Peters Church | 2019 Columbia Homes Magazine




Remodelers Awards


here is a lot of variation when it comes to houses. Different shapes, styles, sizes are the most basic of differences. When, where and how they were built are factors that add more dimension and contrast. But perhaps the most important variable in the life of a home is the inhabitants. Needs may change over time due to family size or other circumstances, new priorities arise, and trends evolve and fall away. the many decisions you’ll have to make along the way. The 18th annual Columbia Remodelers Awards is a showcase of various remodeling projects in the Columbia area that demonstrate the best of what can happen when a need to remodel turns into a great experience for those involved.

If you’re in a location you love, but your home doesn’t fit your current needs or desires, remodeling is the answer. It’s a daunting task that requires research, planning, packing and possibly relo-

cating temporarily, but the end result is certainly worth the effort. Hiring the right team to help you through the project is key to minimizing the task of remodeling and professional remodelers can help guide you through



ur first entry is a small bath remodel by Wise Guys Home Improvement, LLC. The homeowner wanted a larger master bathroom and had a thought to combine the existing master bath with a nearby hall bathroom.

Wise Guys Home Improvement took both bathrooms down to the studs, rearrange existing closets to make more space for the Master Bath, and developed a unique swinging glass partition between the two bathrooms for a new space that could be used as one large space or divided and used as two separate bathrooms. The WISE GUYS HOME IMPROVEMENT: BEFORE 22

2019 Columbia Homes Magazine |

The Building Industry Association of Central SC’s Remodelers Council received 19 entries in five categories including bathrooms, kitchens, additions, renovations and outdoor living. Let’s take a look at the twelve winning projects from this year. Visit BIAofCentralSC. com to see all of these projects and more, with before and after photos and more details.

new bathrooms have a spa-like feel thanks to a frosted window providing a lot of natural light in the space.


ur second award winning bathroom was submitted by Capital Kitchen & Bath. The homeowner had an existing Master Bathroom that would be used by visiting parents who use wheelchairs. The original space had to be updated to accommodate this need and be safe and easy to use by the parents. Capital Kitchen & Bath designer Michelle Hannon opened up the space and employed many features to increase accessibility and safety in the new bathroom. Features include a curbless-entry shower with wide out-swinging door, a raised toilet with surrounding grab bars and plenty of clearance. There is plenty of lighting to help visibility and they are controlled by rocker switches for ease of use. All fixtures in the space are lever-style, the tub has a hand held sprayer and the towel bars and accessories are reinforced with blocking and are easily accessible.



BEFORE | 2019 Columbia Homes Magazine





he kitchen is an important space in any home, and one that has lots of options when it comes to functionality, layout and design. Understanding the needs of the homeowner, current design trends, and construction techniques help professional remodelers completely transform these spaces and bring them up to date.

Capital Kitchen & Bath

took the award for Best Small Kitchen Remodel (up to 149 square feet) and Best Kitchen Remodel (150 to 399 square feet). The small kitchen is in an historic Rosewood area home that was built in 1926. The small space was opened by removing two adjacent walls, creating an open-concept kitchen. Capital Kitchen & Bath designers put together a beautiful plan and the homeowners


chose indigo blue cabinets and white subway tile for the space. One of our judges said after leaving the kitchen, “blue cabinets – so refreshing not to see white!” The end result is a completely different kitchen that is ready for the growing family and perhaps another 90+ years of service. The larger kitchen submitted by Capital Kitchen & Bath could not be more different than the last. This kitchen is on the second floor of a log cabin in a rural area. The cabin was built from a kit and the kitchen was poorly configured and while very sturdy, not very well built. The


2019 Columbia Homes Magazine |

new owners of the cabin recognized the need for an overhaul and called in the Capital Kitchen & Bath, who they have worked with on other projects in the past.


Wanting to update a space while keeping an “old world” and country feel is a bit of a challenge, but nothing these designers can’t handle. The old cabinets and flooring were removed and the kitchen was taken down to the studs to correct plumbing and electrical issues. The space was rebuilt with red brick tile flooring, alder wood shaker style cabinets and quartz countertops. New cabinets with chicken wire fronts, built-ins and hidden storage all work to make the space functional and have the look that it belonged in the home from the beginning.

Why safety Why safety Why safety Why safety Why safety safety matters matters matters matters matters matters New homes are built with modern

New homes are built with modern New homes are built with modern floor plans, energy-efficient systems New homes are built with modern New homes are built with modern floor plans, energy-efficient systems floor plans, energy-efficient and theplans, latest safety featuressystems tosystems floor energy-efficient floor plans, energy-efficient systems and the latest safetysafety features to to and the latest features and the latest safety features protect your family. and the latest safety featurestoto protect your family. protect your family. protect your family. protect your family.

New homes are built with modern floor plans, energy-efficient systems and the latest safety features to protect your family.

LearnLearn more more at at Learn more Learn more at Learn more at

Learn more at | 2019 Columbia Homes Magazine




ur third kitchen award is for Best Large Kitchen Remodel (400+ square feet) and was submitted by Palmetto Construction & Renovations. This home belongs to a growing family and the space had elements they didn’t like such as the washer and dryer in the kitch-


en and an open stairway to the basement. That, and the cabinets and overall layout were not functional for their needs. Jim Evatt and the team at Palmetto Construction & Renovations redesigned the space to enclose the basement staircase and relocate the washer and dryer to their own room near the kitchen. The new kitchen features custom cabinets, granite countertops and a tile backsplash. A large, central island makes a more functional space, and new stainless steel appliances including wine cooler and ice maker make it ideal for entertaining.

2019 Columbia Homes Magazine |






here are two awards for additions this year and both were won by Palmetto Construction & Renovations. The first is a bathroom addition in an existing, unfinished basement. The homeowners are growing older and there are some mobility concerns moving forward. Taking this into account, the remodeler presented solutions that could make the space useable for years to come. The new space includes a zero-threshold walk-in shower with bench seating, multiple shower heads and an accent tile wall. Grab bars were included for added safety and many towel bars and hooks were added. Wall-mounted sinks allow ample clearance underneath for wheelchairs and special towel bars mounted around the sinks can act as grab bars if needed. The end result is a beautiful bathroom with built-in features that will keep the homeowners safe and happy come what may.


Each bedroom now has a dedicated bath with custom vanities, tile flooring and tile showers. The kitchen features all new custom cabinets, granite countertop and all new appliances. With all of the changes and improvements, this classic weekend retreat will be home to many future generations. PALMETTO CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATIONS: AFTER


he second addition award for Palmetto Construction & Renovations takes us to a classic 1950’s lake house on beautiful Lake Murray. This old house served the family well over the years, but it was time to expand as the family was growing. The 1,600 square foot addition features three new bedrooms, five bathrooms, an office, laundry room and a full garage. The existing space was also renovated so the final product would have a nice flow from old to new sections.

BEFORE | 2019 Columbia Homes Magazine


Full Renovations




e’ll stay on Lake Murray for our next award, Best Full Renovation (up to 1,799 square feet). This project was submitted by Capital Kitchen & Bath and features a whole-house renovation for a young family. The original house had an extremely open floorplan and a lot of dark wood in the main space and kitchen. The overhaul would serve to better define the area and lighten up the space. The designers at Capital Kitchen & Bath redesigned the kitchen, and added columns and a coffered ceiling to define the dining area in the main space. The Living Room was lighted up with new trim and refinished hardwood flooring. New cabinetry, under cabinet lighting and quartz countertops transformed the kitchen. The Master Suite was also redesigned and redone to include refinished hardwood flooring, a new master closet and a new Master Bath featuring a mosaic shower floor and glass shower door. Everywhere you looked in this home was redesigned or touched in some way by the remodelers and is a great new home for this family.


2019 Columbia Homes Magazine |

Full Renovations




ur next renovation took place in a condominium that is listed as a Commercial Space by the county, and required commercial licenses and permits for the job. The condo was built in 1984 and it needed to be updated, but a small kitchen fire provided the perfect excuse to do the work. At 1,100 square feet, this two bedroom, two bath unit is great for a small family or roommates. With an eye towards ease of use and maintenance, Precision Property, LLC updated all of the plumbing, lighting, flooring and cabinets along with receptacles and switches throughout. Both bathrooms feature floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall tile. Extra time and effort was spent on porcelain tile flooring throughout the unit and removing the dated popcorn ceilings to update to flat ceilings. The end result left the unit looking brand new, not 35 years old and no trace of fire damage. | 2019 Columbia Homes Magazine


Full Renovations


apital Kitchen & Bath won for Best Full Renovation (1,800

to 3,999 square feet) with what started as a kitchen remodel and turned into an entire first-floor renovation. In this example, the homeowner knew his kitchen needed to be updated, and “maybe some other areas as well.� Sometimes it takes a professional eye to see the potential of an existing space. A fresh perspective and technical know-how goes a long way. The designers and contractors of Capital Kitchen & Bath saw a lot of potential for this home and got to work as quickly as possible. This project is a full first-level home renovation meant to brighten up the space and make it more modern. Areas remodeled included the kitchen, dry bar, wet bar, laundry room, den, stairway, hallway, living room transformation, powder room, master suite and exterior doors. The entire space has refinished hardwoods or luxury vinyl plank flooring, paint and trim. The result is much lighter spaces with modern appliances and updated design elements giving this home a new lease on life.



2019 Columbia Homes Magazine |


Full Renovations



ur final Full Renovation award takes us to Forest Acres for a whole house renovation by Gage Construction. The owners of this 5,600 square foot home wanted to open the central area and update the remainder of the home. They had specific needs and desires for the home, and Matt Gilpin of Gage Construction worked with them all along the way. In order to make a more open space from the kitchen to the great room, a section of load-bearing walls had to be removed and replaced with an engineered load transfer. The entire kitchen area was taken down to the studs and brought back up with high-end appliances and a large island. Specially-sourced Calcutta Gold countertops and a beautiful backsplash finished off the space. More of the Calcutta Gold countertop material can be found in bathrooms throughout the home, along with new fixtures and marble tile throughout. A new half-bath was added in the garage to allow easy access to the facilities from the pool and outdoor entertaining areas. The exterior of the home was updated and includes a new pool-side pergola and tool shed to match the home. | 2019 Columbia Homes Magazine


Outdoor Living


othing says Southern living like being outside in your screen porch, patio or backyard watching college football and firing up the grill. Remodeling and building outdoor spaces is a big deal and we received four great entries in this category this year. The winning Outdoor Living project is not lavish or over the top, but it is a wonderful extension of the home, and according to our judges, “the porch looks like it was part of the original home, a seamless transition.� Palmetto Construction & Renovations was hired to remove the old, ground-level patio and create an outdoor living area that would offer a nice relaxing retreat adjacent to their kitchen and den. The


new screened porch features tongue and groove exterior hardwood floors that were stained and have a semi-gloss polyurethane applied. The ceiling is cypress tongue and groove with a clear polyurethane. Finally, an addition of can lights and two ceiling fans in black work well with the natural ceilings. The removal of two windows, with the addition of a French door unit, created easy access and flow into the main house. With the addition of a small table and TV, the family has a place to gather for meals and an additional space to relax in the evenings. u


See all 19 entries with before and after photos and more detail at Find inspiration, ideas and examples of what professional remodelers can do to transform your living space in the greater Columbia area.


2019 Columbia Homes Magazine | | 2019 Columbia Homes Magazine



Home & Garden Show Exhibitor Awards


he Carolina Classic Home & Garden Show awards exhibitors for excellence and a limited number of awards are presented to exhibitors in the show who meet the criteria. Some of those qualities are that the booth positively adds to overall Home Show experience for attendees and demonstrates creativity and planning. These booths were also excellent at customer service with knowledgeable staff on hand.


2019 Columbia Homes Magazine |


Aquatic Solutions Our booth was designed to show potential clients what could be installed to enhance an outdoor living space with water. We provided a cascading stream with large and small stones to replicate a mountain stream. We also installed a small cascading stream into a koi pond and provided koi fish to allow clients to interact with fish. We also added plantings that will enhance the water feature and become more beautiful with age. The Aquatic Lifestyle is a way to come home and forget the everyday stress from work and enter an area at home that can appeal to the senses of sight, sound and motion.

CHW Cabinetry & Outdoor 1819 Two Notch Rd. Lexington, SC 29073 803-520-6837


General Contracting Remodeling Kitchen & Bath Design Cabinetry

Countertops Tile Lighting Interior Design

Simply Beautiful Results

The one stop solution for any size remodeling or new construction project.

CAPITALKB.COM • 1720 Dutch Fork Road, Suite H, Irmo • 803.345.5888 • 1801-B Gervais Street | 2019 Columbia Homes Magazine



Cool Care Heating and Air We make sure you will always see our booth by building a large, metal duct structure, wrapped in lights. We begin designing our booth set-up a year ahead. A couple months prior to the show, we begin to plan and develop what services and products we feel consumers will benefit from the most. Our show stopper every year is our fully operational ductless system.


Saluda Hill Landscapes Saluda Hill Landscapes provides comprehensive design/build services to residents of the Midlands. Our custom-built,

Home and Garden Show exhibit showcased plush landscaping, and high-tech outdoor lighting to achieve a beautiful outdoor living paradise. The display featured a raised paver patio, seat walls, a fire pit, and an inviting outdoor kitchen. Our design/build team provides homeowners with a turnkey experience that is second to none. Visit our website at and follow us on Facebook to view our recent projects.

help you create your dream kitchen from the floor to ceiling, then we can help you decorate the rest of your home with furniture, rugs, artwork, pottery, and just about any home decor you can imagine, maybe even some you haven’t. Shopping with us is like shopping the world without leaving your hometown.


Tranquil Escapes, LLC

Southeastern Salvage Southeastern Salvage is a place where you can buy almost anything … almost. We brought some of those unique items to showcase in our booth. We travel the world looking for the eclectic items you can’t find anywhere else, then we bring them home so you can find them all in one place. From building materials to home décor, we can


2019 Columbia Homes Magazine |

OUTDOOR EXHIBITS We include a paver patio surface to start and add things like seating walls, a small outdoor kitchen area, a fire feature and a water feature as well as a pergola. We include all the things people are dreaming of for their outdoor area and show how it can be done in a small space. Most people don’t know what they want exactly. They just know how they want to feel when they walk outside.





2019 Columbia Homes Magazine |

Home & Garden Show Innovation Awards


nnovation Awards are given to exhibitors with a product or line that shows the best combination of design, functionality and innovation, as well as its usefulness to consumers and/or home builders.


Samsung 4-Door Flex Refrigerator, The Nest Our display consists of plumbing, lighting and appliances because that is our three areas of expertise. We won with the Samsung refrigerator that has a computer embedded in it that creates a family hub through cellphones. It also has convertible compartment that can be either a freezer drawer or refrigerator. To find out more about our products visit


Walk-in tub, Re-Bath of the Midlands We are strictly bathroom remodelers, and our goal is to showcase a variety of our products so that the people passing our booth are compelled to stop and look at what we have displayed. We are sure to have a walk-in tub, and different fullsized showers and tubs with the newest wall materials that we offer. Each display showcases a variety of plumbing accessories, safety bars, and shower seating. We have vanity and flooring samples as well. We want to present Re-Bath as the premier bathroom remodeling company. For more on our company go to columbia. THE NEST — ­ BEST KITCHEN PRODUCT | 2019 Columbia Homes Magazine



Super-Sod with Soil3 Compost Super-Sod is a family-run lawn care store that employs turfgrass and horticulture professionals in locations throughout South Carolina. They sell lawn care products and specialize in sod that’s available by the individual roll, full pallet, or truckload. It’s available for delivery or pick-up fresh from their farms to landscapers and directly to DIY homeowners. One of their most popular products has been their Soil3 organic compost, which they make partially from composted grass clippings from their sod production. It’s OMRI Listed for organic gardening peace-of-mind and sold in a ½ cubic foot small bag and in full cubic yard BigYellowBags at all Super-Sod stores. Visit the to order and to learn about their composting method and the benefits of using compost in lawn care (topdressing), ornamental bed preparation, and vegetable gardening. SOIL3 — BEST GREEN BUILDING PRODUCT


Garage Storage Lift, Midlands Storage Systems Our booth this year featured our new motorized overhead rack that is controlled by your smartphone using Bluetooth technology. This innovative design by Monkey Bars is just one of the many products we offer to help eliminate clutter and organize storage spaces and garages. Locally owned and operated in Columbia, we specialize in shelving solutions, storage racks, cabinets, organizers, work stations and beautiful show-room quality garage floors.


Tempurpedic, Michaelis Mattress Company


2019 Columbia Homes Magazine |

We proudly had shown Tempurpedic as they are the most highly recommended bed in America. Tempurpedic’s proprietary formula that responds not only to weight, but temperature, makes it the best at pressure point relief while still providing proper support. We are the only local company

that has earned Elite Retailer status and it is our belief that a great night’s sleep will lead to a healthier life. For more information go to


Adirondack Outdoor Bar with Built-in Cooler, CHW Cabinetry & Outdoor We brought our Adirondack Outdoor Bar with Built-in Cooler. It is the perfect addition to your outdoor entertaining space. It’s great for guests to gather around with a drink in their hand. The cooler with drain it has additional interior storage and a few hooks for your barbeque accessories. CHW began in 2005 with a simple, clear view to build quality outdoor furniture and custom cabinetry. Our complete line of outdoor furniture is based on the classic Adirondack style and is constructed of Western Red Cedar. The bacteria and fungal resistance of the wood ensures long life and is the most desirable wood for outdoor furniture. For more information go to MICHAELIS MATTRESS — BEST INDOOR LIVING PRODUCT


Antique Bronze Door, Southern Custom Doors & Hardware We brought several of our custom wood door selections. All of our doors are a collaboration between our customers and our designer. We want to reflect a customer’s personal style so we help them select their finish color and then we hand apply the stain to achieve a perfect finish. We also and put a penny in each door to remind our customers of the year their beautiful entry was created.


Southeastern Underdeck Systems Southeastern Underdeck Systems is your source for underdeck rain carrying systems. Our unique line is designed to create a dry usable space under your elevated CHW CABINETRY & OUTDOOR — BEST OUTDOOR LIVING PRODUCT | 2019 Columbia Homes Magazine




deck, while also creating the soothing ambiance of your dreams with our dimmable LED lighting products or a pest-free area with our screened products. Our products and services combine to provide you with the perfect patio area for your family to enjoy year-round. Contact us today to experience the unbeatable benefits of Southeastern Underdeck systems.


Landscapes Unlimited We design for a living, so using the space at the Home and Garden Show was just one more challenge for us. Our company transforms the exterior space on your property with top quality hardscapes that extend your home to the outside. We then plant the space according to your needs. In this space we used a variety of materials to create the fountain and an inviting place to sit. For more information like us on Facebook and see rave reviews of our work. u 42


The BIA of Central SC and Burgin Roofing present the 54th annual Carolina Classic Home & Garden Show March 13, 14, 15, 2020 at the SC State Fairgrounds in Columbia, SC. This is the biggest and only locally-produced home show in the Midlands. All proceeds stay in Columbia and help the association work to keep housing affordable and the local building industry healthy and prosperous. We appreciate your support and hope to see you in March! Visit for more.

2019 Columbia Homes Magazine |

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Learn Learn more more at at Learn more at Learn Learn more more atat | 2019 Columbia Homes Magazine 43 Learn more

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10 | Tri-Springs - $190’s Final Phase! 11 | The Manors at White Knoll $190’s Final Phase!

NORTHEAST 12 | Woodcreek Farms Crossbridge COMING SOON! Club Ridge - $200’s The Crest - $400’s The Mill COMING SOON! Northside Model Open! Woodcreek Crossing - $300’s 13 | Kelsney Ridge - $200’s New Phase! 14 | Abney Hills - $200’s 15 | Ashley Oaks - $300’s 16 | Summer Pines The Meadows - $170’s 17 | Saddlebrook - $170’s New Phase Coming Soon!

2019 Columbia Homes Magazine |

18 | Essex at LongCreek Fox Meadow - $300’s Closeout! Heritage Forest - $270’s Final Phase! 19 | Essex at Lake Carolina Elliot Lake - $250’s Pinnacle Ridge - $170’s Final Phase! 20 | The Falls - $300’s 21 | Haigs Creek - $260’s Model Open!

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