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COLORADO PRESERVATION, INC. ANNUAL REPORT 2016 Building a Future with Historic Places

1420 Ogden Street, #104 Denver, CO 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org

Staff Jennifer Orrigo Charles

Board of Directors

Jennifer oversees the organization’s Most Endangered Places Program and was appointed Interim Executive Director in March 2016. Jennifer received a Master’s Degree in Urban Affairs and Public Policy with a Historic Preservation Concentration from the University of Delaware. .Prior to moving to Colorado she served as the Director of Preservation Services for the Historic Annapolis Foundation in Maryland. She works closely with site advocates to meet the goals of one of CPI’s signature programs.

Megan Concannon OFFICERS Chair Elizabeth Hallas, Golden Vice-Chair Eastern Slope T. Drew Notestine, Greeley

Vice-Chair Western Slope Robin Theobald, Breckenridge Treasurer Alan Matlosz, Denver Secretary and Chair Emeritus Rebecca Goodwin, La Junta

BOARD MEMBERS Heather Bailey, Durango Julie Johnson, Denver Jim Kroll, Denver Karl Kumli, Boulder Robert E. Musgraves, Denver Bill Nelson, Denver Bentley Rayburn, Colorado Springs Dominick Sekich, Denver

Megan joined CPI in June 2015 from the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado. She manages the organization’s Events, Development and Membership program. She is a Colorado native and graduate of Colorado State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Cindy Nasky Cindy joined CPI in January 2015, serving as Events & Development Manager before moving into her current role as CPI’s Preservation Services Program Director. Cindy has a Master’s Degree in Public History & Historic Preservation from CSU and over 25 years of preservation experience. She also works part-time for the Colorado Historical Foundation as the Easement Administrator.

Lauren Rieke Lauren joined CPI in August 2016 as the Endangered Places Program Director. Lauren has a Master’s Degree in Historic Preservation from the University of Oregon. Her preservation experience includes writing National Register nominations, performing historic resource surveys and completing historic tax credit applications in multiple states throughout the Midwest.

Nancy Rogers Nancy Rogers joined CPI as a contractor in February 2015. She comes to CPI from Taylor Roth and provides bookkeeping services.

Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2016

Greetings CPI Supporters! What a year 2016 was for CPI!

2016 brought the 50th Anniversary of the National Preservation Act, which allowed us to reflect back on where we have been, but more importantly chart our course for the next fifty years. We have learned that the success of preservation in the future means that we need to be seen as collaborators rather than obstructionists, we need to be inclusive and recognize all aspects of our shared history, and we need to be well versed in how to make the financial case for preservation if we are to remain relevant. 2016 also brought the Centennial of the National Park Service. While many of us understand what a crucial part our historic buildings and cultural resources play in the quality of our communities, we had a wider audience this year with this milestone. A light was shined on the NPS maintenance backlog which helped to educate our stakeholders that our historic resources do require regular maintenance and care and need the funding to support them.

Closer to home, highlights for CPI in 2016 included:       

Governor Hickenlooper joined us to kick off our 2016 Saving Places Conference Our keynote speaker at the conference, Kimber Lanning, shared direct actions we can all take to support our communities and promote preservation Dan Love, a true CPI champion, was honored as our 2016 Dana Crawford Award recipient at a fabulous evening at Wings Over the Rockies Our board traveled across the state to meet with local preservation groups to share tips and tricks from Greeley to Montrose Broad advocacy efforts by dedicated volunteers which included a very successful “Day at the Capitol” Our continued strong partnership with History Colorado, under the leadership of Steve Turner, our newly appointed SHPO in 2016 And Jennifer Orrigo Charles took the reins at CPI as our new Executive Director, bringing her creativity and enthusiasm from her successful leadership of the Endangered Places Program to benefit CPI as a whole

We have had the opportunity to celebrate many successes together and look forward to even more in 2017. Thanks to all of you who support CPI, both with your time, talents and dollars. All of it makes our work across the state possible enabling us to Build a Future with Historic Places. Thank you!

Elizabeth Hallas 2016 Board Chair

Julie Johnson 2017 Board Chair

1420 Ogden Street, #104 Denver, CO 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org


Colorado Preservation, Inc.

Colorado Preservation, Inc. promotes historic preservation statewide by providing advocacy, education, outreach and preservation services to communities and individuals. Our vision is to engage citizens statewide to honor and protect their heritage, to lead them to build a sustainable future with historic places and to inspire them to prioritize the past as legacy. CPI was founded in 1984 as a 501(c)3 donor-supported nonprofit organization guided by a dedicated Board of Directors and managed by a full-time staff of four. We are best known for five key programs: • • • • •

The annual Saving Places Conference Colorado’s Most Endangered Places Program The annual Dana Crawford and State Honor Award celebration The Preservation Services Program providing grant writing/administration and easement management Statewide advocacy efforts

We achieve our mission by collaborating with local leaders, county officials nonprofit organizations, and by engaging historic property owners and interested citizens. We have a diverse portfolio of successes including hands-on development and extensive surveys which serve as models for preservation statewide. We are proud to help Coloradans save the historic places that matter to them.


Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2016

Colorado Preservation Inc. collaborates with other organizations through the Preservation Policy Committee to bring preservation to the forefront at the Colorado State Capitol. CPI’s Board and staff worked to educate Colorado’s state senators and representatives on the economic benefit and community strength historic preservation brings to all of Colorado’s 64 counties by meeting with State Legislators one-on-one, participating in the annual advocacy day at the Capitol, highlighting Endangered Places sites and State Historical Fund grants. In the 2016 legislative session alone the Preservation Policy Committee: • Reviewed more than 25 bills introduced by state legislators, providing input on potential impacts to preservation. • Drafted, secured bipartisan sponsorship, and introduced SJR 010: Concerning the 50 th Anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act. • Actively engaged in a handful of bills including: o SB16-073: State Auditor Authorized to Audit State Historical Fund Distributions. The legislation, brought by Cripple Creek, authorizes the auditor to perform audits of the limited gaming funds that are transferred to the State Historical Fund for preservation and restoration of the gaming cities of Central City, Black Hawk and Cripple Creek. The bill passed the House and the Senate with the sign off of all gaming towns and was signed by the Governor. o SB 203: Evaluation of the State’s Tax Expenditures. SB 203 requires the state auditor to evaluate the benefit of each state tax expenditure, including the residential and commercial historic preservation tax credit. The bill was signed by the Governor. o HB 1411: Ft. Lyon Residential Community Study. HB 1411, sponsored by the Joint Budget Committee, requires a longitudinal evaluation of the Ft. Lyons program to be conducted to specifically study its costs, benefits, and outcomes. The evaluation doesn’t include an evaluation of properties on the complex. A report is due to the General Assembly by August 1, 2018. The bill was signed by the Governor. Legislative education efforts included: • Hosting a “Preservation Advocacy in Action” Day at the Capitol during the 2016 Saving Places Conference. More than 20 preservation enthusiasts came together to learn about critical preservation issues at the local, state, and national level. Attendees were provided with information and one-pagers about the commercial historic preservation tax credit, Endangered Places sites, and state historical fund grants, to use during individual meetings with state senators and state representatives. A session attendee raved that their favorite part of the session was “being introduced to the legislative issues around preservation and enjoyed meeting the representatives – very informative and worthwhile.” • Presenting legislators “Big Checks” to State Historical Fund grant recipients at the Saving Places Conference. The event gave legislators an opportunity to have lunch with their constituents, learn about preservation projects in their districts, and contribute to the celebration in honor of historic preservation projects throughout Colorado. • Continued education on the commercial historic preservation tax credit through project updates and announcements to legislators.

1420 Ogden Street, #104 Denver, CO 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org


The 19th Annual Saving Places® Conference focused on the theme, “Past. Present. Future.” The conference celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act and highlighted work accomplished since the act, the state of historic preservation today, and what is necessary to improve preservation in the future. Governor Hickenlooper kicked off the opening plenary session, which was followed by keynote speaker, Kimber Lanning (founder and director of Local First Arizona Foundation). Kimber discussed the importance of preservation in economic development and on public policy that enables local businesses to thrive.

“I’m a member of a Historic Preservation Board, and things I learned here have a direct result in my ability to be an effective leader.” - Conference Attendee


Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2016


As always, the Conference provided attendees with four days’ worth of high-quality educational content and networking opportunities. The event kicked off on Wednesday, Feb. 3 with in-depth workshops, led by CPI partners including the History Colorado State Historical Fund, DOLA, and Downtown Colorado, Inc. Attendees visited the capitol and participated in advocacy training. Thursday featured the Endangered Places Program Luncheon followed by a full day of sessions led by experts and leaders in the field of preservation. Friday’s Western Heritage Luncheon celebrated the announcement of Steve Turner as History Colorado’s new Executive Director. The luncheon also recognized Dan Corson as the recipient of the Ann Alexander Pritzlaff Preservation Leadership Award for his dedication to the field of preservation. The conference concluded Saturday with the traditional tour of LoDo by Dr. Tom Noel as well as new workshop opportunities including a teacher training and a class for historic homeowners.

Many thanks to our sponsors and supporters! “This was my first conference, after just moving to Colorado. The conference was invaluable for me, from learning more about my new state, my new city (Boulder -- I loved the talks!), my new colleagues in the field.” – Conference Attendee The Saving Places Conference is funded in part by a History Colorado State Historical Fund grant.

1420 Ogden Street, #104 Denver, CO 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org


The Dana Crawford & State Honor Awards Celebration honors individuals and organizations that have made a significant contribution toward preserving Colorado’s built environment. The award’s namesake, Dana Crawford, is a nationally recognized preservation pioneer. The 2016 celebration honored Dan Love. A passionate advocate for heritage tourism, Dan has held board positions with History Colorado and Colorado Preservation, Inc. where he served as Board President. An expert in destination tourism and marketing, Dan was a founder of Frontier Airlines and served as the organization’s first VP of Marketing. A historic railroad enthusiast, Dan currently serves as Governor-appointed Colorado Commissioner of the state-owned Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad.


Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2016

1420 Ogden Street, #104 Denver, CO 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org


Colorado’s Most Endangered Places Program (EPP) began in 1997 to highlight significant historic resources in danger of being lost. Each year, nominations are solicited from the public. The program brings awareness and assistance to threatened sites, buildings, structures and cultural landscapes statewide.


Southeast 20%

Northwest 9% Statewide 1%

Southwest 14%

Northeast 10%

Central 24% Denver Metro 22%

This project is paid for in part by a History Colorado State Historical Fund grant.


For 78 years the Glen Huntington Bandshell has been a fixture in downtown Boulder’s Central Park; a place of community pride, public gatherings, and civic events. It stands as a rare example of Art Deco architecture in Boulder and is one of only two Colorado bandshells from the early to mid-1900s. (The other is the 1938 bandshell at the Mineral Palace Park in Pueblo.). Today the future of the Glen Huntington Bandshell remains uncertain. A new Master Plan calls for moving or demolishing the structure, removal of the seating, and altering DeBoer’s designed landscape. Concerned local advocates strongly support keeping the structure in its original location, reincorporating and redefining it as a community asset integrated with planned events in Boulder’s Central Park.


Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2016

Financed by one of Colorado’s best-known mining entrepreneurs, Horace Austin Warner Tabor, the Tabor Opera House opened on November 20, 1879, a mere 100 days after initial construction began. The three-story building included two retail stores on the first floor, an elegant theater on the second floor, and a pathird floor that connected to the adjacent Clarendon Hotel via passageway. The ornate interior boasted 72 gas jets (the first gas lights to illuminate Leadville), richly painted walls and ceiling frescoes, custom carpets, and hand-painted stage curtains. Oscar Wilde, Harry Houdini, John Philip Sousa, and Buffalo Bill were among the famous entertainers and speakers who performed at the Tabor Opera House. The property survives today thanks to those who recognized the significance of the building and remained dedicated to retaining this iconic monument of Colorado history. Evelyn Livingston Furman purchased the building to save it from demolition in 1955. The Tabor functioned as a seasonal entertainment venue under the ownership of the Furman family which has continued through three generations. Finding a new buyer for the property who will maintain the building’s integrity while restoring and rehabilitating it to a new use is essential. Ultimately the Tabor Opera House can serve as an economic catalyst for further investment in downtown Leadville, a National Historic Landmark District and a newly selected Main Street Community.

Located at the south end of Main Street in Central City’s National Historic Landmark District stands the famous Belvidere Theatre. Few buildings in town incorporate such a strong sense of place and community as this imposing structure. Now vacant and suffering from years of deferred maintenance, the building only hints at its former grandeur… and what the community hopes the Belvidere will be again. The Belvidere was constructed after the great fire of 1874 destroyed many of the early Central City buildings. After 2000, the property quietly slipped into a period of neglect and disarray. However, the draw and community memory of the Belvidere Theatre remained strong. An opportunity arose in 2015 when Gilpin County acquired the building. Today the City and the County are committed to the redevelopment of this historic property and Central City’s new status as a Main Street Community presents new prospects for this resilient and cherished building.

1420 Ogden Street, #104 Denver, CO 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org


Sugar beets were cultivated in Colorado as early as 1869. Farmers quickly identified many aspects of Colorado’s plains that were conducive to growing beets such as the high number of sunny, frost-free days that fit well with the growing cycle of the sugar beet. Sugar beet factories were vital to Colorado’s agricultural-based economic development and provided an essential way of life to communities throughout the state. Few of these sugar beet complexes remain. Those still standing do so in a variety of capacities—some intact, some partially adapted to a new use. The Great Western Sugar Company (GWS) operated as many as 13 beet sugar processing factories in Colorado. Today only six remain. The Brighton facility is owned by Amalgamated Sugar Company and is threatened with demolition.

SAVED IN 2016 Three sites have been classified as “Saves” in 2016. The decision to categorize a location as a saved is site specific and considers the initial threat, and current condition.

Amache Prowers County Threat: Lack of Maintenance/Planning When it was listed in 2001, the site was underutilized despite its exceptional national significance. In 2007 a preservation team organized two plans that outlined the interpretive and educational goals for het site. Today it retains tangible reminders of its history, including building foundations, reconstructed buildings, trees planted by former internees and a cemetery.


Ralston Cemetery Jefferson County Threat: Vandals, Lack of Maintenance The 2011 listing for the site brought awareness to the damaged and neglected cemetery. Partnerships with multiple organizations enabled grave marker documentation and repair work tobegin in 2013 and continue in 2014 with restoration of the cemetery entrance began in 2014. The final phase of work is underway and involves restoration of the gardens that once graced the entrance.

Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2016

Hahn’s Peak Fire Lookout Routt County Threat: Vandalism, Natural Elements Listing in 2014 brought much-needed awareness, and credibility to the project, helping secure grants, partners and volunteers to make the work possible. Restoration work on the building began in 2014 and was quickly completed. The site was declared SAVED in 2016 as a result of the significant collaboration between multiple agencies.

Weekend Workshops provide CPI and the Endangered Places Program the opportunity to introduce individuals to our listed endangered sites. Each year volunteers participate in hands-on restoration projects under the guidance of trained professionals. In 2016, CPI partnered with HistoriCorps and Hinsdale County to stabilize and put a new roof on some of the historic mining structures associated with the Ute Ulay Mill and Town Site. Funding for the Weekend Workshop is provided through the State Historical Fund. Hinsdale County provided additional funds to extend the workshop from three days to a week.

In 2016, CPI collaborated with Curtains Without Borders, a nonprofit organization based in New England, and local sites to identify, assess, and restore historic painted stage curtains throughout the state. CPI received a Cynthia Woods Mitchell Fund grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation to move forward with the project. Colorado painted curtains have been identified in 31 communities; 58 curtains to date located in granges, theaters, museums and private collections statewide. As part of the grant, CPI produced a small pamphlet on the history of Colorado’s curtains.

1420 Ogden Street, #104 Denver, CO 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org


Colorado Preservation, Inc. offers a variety of critical historic preservation services to non-profit organizations, municipalities, counties, and private property owners throughout the state. Services offered include project planning, development, grant writing, grant management, and National and/or State Register nomination assistance. CPI has been successful in attaining grants from a variety of funding sources including: History Colorado’s State Historical Fund, the National Park Service, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the Colorado Department of Transportation. Highlighted 2016 Projects: • Economic Benefits of Historic Preservation Report - Statewide • Huerfano County Courthouse – Huerfano County • Byers Peak Ranch – Grand County • Amache – Prowers County

Economic Benefits of Historic Presevation Study This project examines the economic benefits of historic preservation in Colorado and is based on earlier studies prepared by Clarion Associates on behalf of the Colorado Historical Foundation. The initial study was completed in 2001, with updates in 2006 and 2011. This new effort builds upon earlier reports by updating findings in the areas of rehabilitation, heritage tourism and property values; resulting in a nationally-unique long-term statewide analysis of similar issues. The project rethinks how preservation benefits Colorado, especially in terms of economics, and how that message is communicated to a wide variety of stakeholders statewide. The grand reveal will be at the 2017 Saving Places Conference, which is themed around the economics of preservation. Colorado Preservation, Inc. serves as the lead project manager in close collaboration with Clarion Associates and the Colorado Historical Foundation.

Huerfano County Courthouse As the government seat of Huerfano County, the courthouse in Walsenburg stands as an excellent example of the Romanesque Revival style. Designed by Pueblo architect C.A. Henderson, the two-story courthouse was built in 1904. Colorado Preservation, Inc. is working as grants administrator to support the Huerfano County Administrators in their efforts to keep the building in service.

Completed Barracks - Exterior


Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2016

The project involves preparation of construction documents and rehabilitation activities to include roofing and waterproofing, extensive interior rehabilitation, a new elevator and public restrooms.

Byers Peak Ranch The Byers Peak Ranch began as a working cattle ranch that later served as a wilderness camp and later a private retreat of President Dwight Eisenhower. This preservation services project will allow for the preparation of an Historic Structures Assessment and a National Register Nomination for the property, which is located centrally in the Fraser Valley. Within the proposed four-acre district there are eight contributing buildings deemed eligible for National Register listing. The buildings represent examples of Mid-Century Modern and rustic log architecture.

Amache (Granada Relocation Center) Colorado Preservation, Inc. continues to support and lead efforts at the Japanese American Relocation Center, informally known as Amache. To date, CPI has spearheaded reconstruction of the water tower, guard tower, and most recently a barrack building based on blue prints and historic photograph. In 2016, CPI proudly completed an interpretive trail to guide the visitor experience at Amache.

Byers Peak Ranch

Partners in the project include the National Park Service, the Town of Granada, Amache Preservation Society, Friends of Amache, Amache Historical Society, former WWII Japanese-American internees and their relatives.

Amache Barrack, Guard Tower and Water Tower

1420 Ogden Street, #104 Denver, CO 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org


The Preservation Services Program works specifically to further CPI’s mission by working with non-profits, public and private agencies to envision and manifest historic preservation projects. We do this by providing technical guidance, ideas, connections, coordination and information regarding project planning, funding options, historic tax credits and adaptive reuse possibilities. In addition to free project coaching, CPI Preservation Services Program specializes in three main areas of either grant-funded or fee for service assistance: • Grant writing for historic preservation projects • Project management and administration through which CPI remains involved for the duration of the project and serves as the main point of contact between the granting agency and project participants • Nominations to the National and/or State Register of Historic Places. *Projects identified through our Endangered Places Program take priority.


Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2016


Temple Aaron, Trinidad CO Windsor Hotel, Del Norte CO

Shenandoah Dives Mill, San Juan County

Hugo Roundhouse, Hugo CO Rehder Block, Steamboat Springs


Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2016

McElmo Creek Flume, Endangered Site 2011

4 Bar 4 Ranch, Endangered Site 2014

Antonito Depot, Endangered Site 2007


Funding Sources


Membership Dues Restricted Donations & Matching Funds Unrestricted Donations Grants Third-Party Grant Management Fees Other Earned Income Other Income In-Kind Donations


22,275 39,318 24,787 594,404 164,642 193,908 29,008 27,642




Grants In Kind Membership Dues Other Earned Income Other Income Restricted Donations & Matching Funds Third Party Grant Management Fees Unrestricted Donations

1420 Ogden Street, #104 Denver, CO 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org



Brown’s Sheep Camp, Endangered Site 2010

Walsenburg Power Plant, Endangered Site 2009

Foxton Post Office, Endangered Site 2002

Operating & Restricted Expenses

2016 $

Direct Program Expenses Payroll Facility Grant Based Consultants Communications Marketing & Publicity Other General & Administrative Interest Third Party Grant Admin Fees

Total Assets Liabilities Equity

$ 1,046,037

Communications Grant Based Consultants Direct Program Expenses Facility Interest Marketing & Publicity

Miscellaneous Expenses Other General & Administrative Payroll Third Party Grant Admin Fees


Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2016

157,626 186,755 64,160 381,619 9,452 5,363 48,051 34,300 158,562

844,025 815,868 28,157

$10,000 and Above History Colorado’s State Historical Fund National Park Service JAC

$5,000 - $9,999 Anderson Hallas Architects City of Black Hawk Robert Musgraves & Joan Prusse Newmont Mining Corporation

$1,000 - $4,999 620 Corp, Inc. Sue Anschutz-Rodgers Atkinson-Noland & Associates Bessemer Trust Breckenridge Heritage Alliance City of Cripple Creek Clarion Associates, LLC Clear Creek County Commissioners Colorado Railroad Museum Bob & Georgi Contiguglia Dan Corson Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad Cathey Finlon HDR, Inc. Hendricks Financial Services Inc. Historic Fraser, Inc. Sally Hopper & Colonial Dames Hord Coplan Macht Humphries Polis Architects Julie Johnson JR Harris & Company JVA, Inc. Jim Kroll Dan Love & Cameron Wolfe Martin & Martin Consulting Engineers Alan Matlosz Metcalf Archaeological Consultants, Inc. Kathleen Meyers Milender White Construction Company Moye White LLP Murphy Constructors Old Greenwich Builders Melanie Roth Roundhouse Preservation, Inc. Michael Schuller Dominic Sekich Spectrum General Contracting St. Charles Town Company Arianthe Stettner SWCA Environmental Consultants Robin & Patty Theobald

Thomas & Tyler, LLC. Union Station Alliance USDA Forest Service Wattle & Daub Contractors White Construction Group Noel Winkler Winter & Company

$500 - $999 Mary Lyn Ballantine Denver Art Glass Gerald Dziedzic JoVonne Fitzgerald Ginn Mill Rebecca & Keith Goodwin Elizabeth Hallas & Rich Riddle James Havey HistoriCorps Karen Jonas Karl Kumli Lincoln Community Hospital and Care Center Dave Lively Carla McConnell Blair Miller Ann Mulilns Christie Murata Bill Nelson Ed Nichols Peter & Kristin Park Phelps-Tointon, Inc. Renee Putsche Frances Taylor Stephanie & David Tryba

$250 - $499 Russell Atha, III Roger Baer Philip Barlow Rachel Barnhart Paul Boat Hannah Braun Kathleen Brooker Jennifer Buddenborg Steven Burke Rich Casford Jennifer Orrigo Charles Paul Cloyd CoBiz Wealth Julie Coleman Andrea Collins Colorado Sash & Door, Inc. Colorado Division Reclamation, Mining, Safety Martin Concannon

Greg Connor Dana Crawford Anne Cutrell Michael Davenport Peter & DeeDee Decker Robert & Maryjo Downey Erin Drake Christine Driver Alison Dunleavy Mary Ellis Deborah Fahey Christy Fockler Jacqueline Giles Ian Glaser Gail Gray Peter Grosshuesch Karen Hardy Valerie Harlan William Hartman Susan Hayes L. Michael Henry Karen Hinkel Historical Society of Idaho Springs Kristine & Tim Hoehn Lynn Horner Mary Humstone Robert Joseph Elizabeth Kellums Nicole Lane David Lingle Andy Love Alan Lubow Mac & Melanie Jones Family Shannon Maginn Sharon Malloy Jason Marmor Andrea McGimsey Emmeline Morris Tom Noel Lisa Northup Sherri Page Robert & Barbara Pahl John & Camille Palmeri Sally Pearce Perry Peine Gary & Jean Petri Amy Pulver Ann Alexander Pritzlaff Casie Radford Mick Randall Susan Raymond Red Mesa LLC Chrissy Roe Sarah Russell Dave Scaaf David Sheldon Michelle Slaughter Barbara Stocklin-Steely Peter Stewart

1420 Ogden Street, #104 Denver, CO 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org


Rosemany Stoffel Paula Sutton Carolyn Thomson Lisa Thompson Thomas Thorpe Lawrence Todd Linda Towle Steve Turner Marion Vance Katrina Waechter Jane Watkins Byron Williams Richard Woods

$100 - $249 Jacqui Ainlay-Conley Jennifer Andrusin Marilee Anneburg Aurora History Museum Linda Balough Samantha Belding Simone Belz Eric Bernauer Holly Boehm Jerry & Karol Breen Lee Ann Buniger Wade Burkholder Shelly Catterson Cherokee Ranch & Castle Foundation Joan Clinefelter Cindy Cosmas Jim Cox Elizabeth Denson James Dickinson Sandra Doran Ronda Dorchester Douglas County Historic Preservation Board Amanda Downes May Engquist Christopher Erskine Linda Evans Ruth & William Falkenberg Dan & Marcia Ferguson Ben Fitzpatrick Peggy Forney-Matthews Peggy Gair Brent Ganzer Nikki Garshelis Karen Gerrity RJ Glantz Terry Glaze Friday Green & Harold Shatsoff Janet Greiner Dudley Gretchen Katherine Grether Nancy Hale Joseph Halpern


Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2016

Elizabeth Hamilton Linda Hamlin Judy Hammer Joe Havey Reif & Judith Heck Sarah Hite Lane & Ellen Ittelson Lynn Janeway Eric Karnes Libby Kirkpatrick Laurie Kjosness Alyssa Knutson Nancy Kramer Natalie Kuhlmann B. Kay Kullas Chapin LaChance Cameron Lindsay Susan Livingston Mary Jane Loevlie Katherine Loo Stephanie Lowe Kevin Lyles Trevor Mark Tara Dawn Marshall Mark Mathewson Christie Matthews Robert McHugh Jim McNally William Moon Greg Movesian Kevin Murray Cynthia Neely Julie Noble Larissa O'Neil Ron Otsuka Pat Palmer Mike Pelletier Susan Philip Nathan Pillatzke Shawn Plett Tyrus Poxson Janelle Pringle Julia Puester Kimberly Redman Beverly Rich Julia Richard Nancy Richards Susan Richardson Mark Rodman Al Rohr Steve Ryals Veronica Sanchez Carl Sandberg Barb Sandick Carl Sauerland Jon Schler Sandra Scott Gary Shea

Amy Simon Andrew Spencer John B Stark Carl Steidtman Marvin Strait Jennifer Stricker Timothy Stroh Janet Sutterley Dixie Termin Aron Thomas Greg Thompson Thomas Thorpe Town of Crested Butte Town Of Saguache Marl Truckey Gordon Tucker Meg Tully Deborah Wagner Richard Wallner Katy Welter Chris Wertheim Jessica White Noel & Chris Winkler Henry Woods Nancy Woodward Brian Woodyard Abby Yellman Jan Zellmer

Under $100 Mary Adkins Mary Lee Anderson Martin E. Anderson Deborah Andrews Eugene Baber Suzanne Barr Ruth Barreto Rhonda Beck R. Michael Bell Mary Ann Best Harvey Beyer, III Steve Blitz Mary Blue Bennett Boeschenstein Nicole Bopp Melissa Bradley M. Patricia Brown Judy Brown Amber Brown Maryanne Brush Alysha Burney Jan Burton Kathleen Butler Patrick Caldwell James Cameron Carolyn Carder

Staff Elaine Carr Carl Christensen Nathan Church Denise Ciernia Ellen Cinchock Christian Citron Linda Clark Dene Clark Richard Clemmer-Smith John Coleman Norman & Nancy Colglazier Amy Cook Kathleen Corbett Kevin Corwin Eve Courson Margaret Coval Richard Cronenberger Denis Cyrus Linda Dahl Jennie Dahlberg Lori Denning Roxie Devers Susan Donaldson Martyann Donovan Bruford & Patricia Doyle Garek Druss Robert E. Durack Ben Eastman Roxanne Eflin Linda Eldridge Thomas Elliot Donald & Glenita Emarine Jane Engle Grace Erickson Laurie Erwin Ronald & Diana Everhart Mary Everitt Kathleen Ewing Judy Firestien David Ford Joe Fox Richard Gambino Camille Gash Alan Gass Nancy Gauss Andrea Gehrett Robert & Karin Gibbs Lee Katherine Goldstein Charles Gray George Greenbank Shannon Haltiwanger Danna Hamling Kathy Hansen Linda Hargrave Steve Harris Thomas Hart Tom Hawkey

Iris Hawkins Kathleen Heicher Bev Hiller Will Howell Lori Hunter Christiane Hyde-Citron Sherrill Ice Sandy Ingrassia Victoria Jacobson Ben Jencks Greg & Sean Jeung Lavern Johnson Bret Johnson Deborah Johnson Christopher Jones Larry & Margaret Jorgensen Leslie Karnauskas Kathleen Katra Gail Keeley F Walker Knight Corrine Koehler Janet Kowalski Keith Krebs Robin Kring Matt Krupa Mike LaMair Alan Lamberg Richard Laue Annie Levinsky Laura Libby Manzanola Trading Company Douglas Marek Julia Marshall Charles Martin Robert Mather Sara Mattes Brianna McCormick John McKinney Paula Mentor Kelly Merrion Mike & Sally Metcalf Jocelyn Mills James Milmoe Bill Mitchem Ann Moore Deborah Mueller-Hruza Paula Muir Darrell Munsell Lyle & Dororthy Nelson Carolyn Newman Dale Nimz James Nussbaum Maureen Oja

Rachel Parris Pat Palmer Chris Pedersen Helen Pendill James Phelps Deborah Pool Jackie Powell Rodney Proffitt Matthew Prythero Radhika Ramara Robert Renfro Albert Richey Michael Ritchie Alexa Roberts Hugh Rohrer Lunda Ryan Janet Scheevel Sandra Scherer Maggie Schlundt Robert Schoppe Jill Seyfarth Pam Shaddock Brian Shaw David Sheridan Jim Sidinger Joseph Sinisi Gillian Skokan Lindsey Smith Joann Sorensen Alan Staehle Brad Stark Eula W Stayer Ariel Steele Tyrone Steen Don Stott Joan Strobel-Mclean Vincent Szafranko David Thomas Ron Thompson Don Thompson Gladys Tolbert Terry Tomsick Donald Treants Lauren Trice Linda Trzyna Marne Tutt Eric Twitty Cynthia Vaida John Venhoff Elizabeth Vinton Jennifer Wahlers Karen Waligorski Dyacet Wallace Carol Warner Barbara Wasko

1420 Ogden Street, #104 Denver, CO 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org


Karen Waters Lysa Wegman-French Lyn Wickelgren Jamie Wilms Michael Wilson Ernest Witucki York, The Red Lion Rob Zuccaro

In-Kind Ace Eat Serve Alan Matlosz Aramark Mesa Verde Arae Arkansas Valley Fair Aspen Historical Society Aspen Music Festival & School Aspen Skiing Company August, Inc. Bandimere Speedway Banshee Press Bessemer Historical Society/Steelworks Museum Brown Palace Black Cat restaurant Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra Box Canyon Lodge and Hot Springs Bramble & Hare Breckenridge Heritage Alliance Brewers Association, Denver Canyon Wind Cellars CBS4 Central City Main Street Central City Opera Central City Visitor Center Century Hotel & Casino Jennifer Orrigo Charles Cherokee Ranch Clyfford Still Museum Colorado Chautauqua Colorado Dept of Personnel & Administration Colorado Railroad Museum Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Colorado Symphony Orchestra Crawford Hotel Creede Repertory Theatre Crow Canyon Archaeological Center CU Presents at CU Boulder Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad Danielle Dascalos Dan Corson Dana Crawford Denver Broncos Denver Firefighter's Museum Denver Zoo Dostal Alley Casino & Brew Pub


Durango & Silverton Railroad Roxanne Eflin Eldorado Springs Resort Elway's Restaurant Enstrom Candy Fawn-Amber Montoya General Palmer Hotel Georgetown Loop Railroad Gilpin County Arts Association Gilpin County History Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park Grand Lake Historical Society Greeley Historic Preservation Happy Cakes Havey Productions Hidee Gold Mine Tours High County News Historic Denver Historic Georgetown Inc. Historic Pueblo Historic Routt County History Colorado Hotel Boulderado Hotel Denver iFly Denver Interpretive Association of Western Colorado Iron Mountain Hot Springs Jim Jordan Jim & Joan Kroll Judy E. Gaughan Julie Johnson Kit Carson County Carousel Association K-Sauce Latka Studios Life Cycle Balloon Rides L'il Hotties Salsa Lodge Casino Main Street Brush Main Street Central City Main Street Steamboat Springs Mark Barnhouse Merfs Condiments Miriam Rosenblum Mountain Goat Gallery Cindy Nasky National Preservation Institute National Trust for Historic Preservation Niyol Jewelry Tom Noel Older Than Dirt Construction Otero County Oxford Hotel Perfect Tin Pickett Brothers Beverage

Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2016

Pike's Peak Cog Railway Pink Fog Plant Inspiration Postino Wine CafĂŠ Prost Brewing Puzzah! Queen City Architectural Salvage Range Restaurant Rebecca Goodwin REDCAMPER Redstone Castle Relish Catering & Events Renaissance Denver Downtown Hotel Reserve Hotel & Casino Revelry Kitchen Richard Cronenberger Richard Hentzell Ridge at Castle Pines Golf Ada Van Roekel Nancy Rogers Roselawn Cemetery Foundation Royal Gorge Bridge & Park Rusted Poppy B&B Save The Site: Drone Photography Schlayer Design Smart Cookie Dog Treats Solar Roast Coffee Spicy Heart Stanley Hotel Stoic & Genuine Storytelling Strands Strater Hotel Taspen's Organics Tattered Cover Bookstore The Kitchen Restaurant Tom Noel U.S. Forest Service Vineyard Wine Shop Watkins Stained Glass Windsor Hotel Woodhouse Day Spa WPA Horseshoe Lodge Wynkoop Brewing Company Yampah Caves & Day Spa


Profile for Colorado Preservation, Inc.

2016 Annual Report  

Colorado Preservation Inc.'s 2016 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report  

Colorado Preservation Inc.'s 2016 Annual Report