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Building a Future with Historic Places

1420 Ogden Street, Suite 104 | Denver, CO | 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org

The mission of Colorado Preservation, Inc., founded in 1984, is to promote historic preservation in our State by providing information, education, training, expertise and advocacy. We achieve this mission by partnering with historic property owners, non-profit organizations, educators and local governments throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

2013 Board of Directors Chair Rebecca Goodwin - La Junta Vice Chair, Front Range Ron Thompson - Greeley Vice Chair, Western Slope Dave Lively - Grand Lake Treasurer Karen J. Jonas - Denver Secretary Elizabeth Hallas - Golden Sen. James Isgar - Denver Julie Johnson - Denver Mike Metcalf - Eagle Greg Movesian - Denver Robert E. Musgraves - Denver Sen. Patricia Pascoe - Denver Marie Patterson - Greenwood Village Dominick Sekich - Denver Arianthe C. Stettner - Steamboat Springs Linda Towle - Cortez

Staff Jane V. Daniels, Executive Director With Colorado Preservation since 2008, Jane has helped to build partnerships with private and public agencies to enhance historic preservation across the state, providing technical assistance on preservation tax credits, real estate and finance, fundraising, volunteer coordination, and project planning and design. In addition to supervising staff and working with the Board and related committees, Jane also directs the strategic planning, visioning, financial and business administration, and overall programmatic initiatives of the organization.

Michelle M. Chichester, Projects Manager As the Projects Manager, Michelle oversees several projects and assists communities, other non-profit organizations and individuals with grant and preservation program management. In addition, Michelle coordinates rehabilitation and adaptive use projects including a large documentation and interpretation endeavor centered on homesteading in southeast Colorado, the Amache Barrack Relocation Project, and the restoration of the Montezuma Bank Building in Cortez.

Kelly L. Merrion, Conference Manager Kelly manages the development and execution of one of CPI’s signature initiatives, Colorado’s annual historic preservation conference, Saving Places. She is responsible for securing event funding, coordinating conference logistics, and directing staff and volunteers. Additionally, Kelly oversees the Dana Crawford and State Honor Awards and other events throughout the year. Along with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors, Kelly is also implementing a comprehensive development plan to advance the mission of CPI.

Rachel R. Parris, Programs Manager Rachel serves as Colorado Preservation, Inc.’s lead advocate for sites on its Most Endangered Places List, working with communities, site advocates, and property owners to advance the mission of Building a Future with Historic Places. Rachel educates communities on the importance of historic preservation while advocating for endangered resources. In addition to serving as the lead for the Colorado’s Most Endangered Places Program, Rachel works on preservation policy issues and preservation projects fundraising.

Board and Staff Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2013

On the Cover: Fort Lyon

Dear Friends and Supporters, For Colorado Preservation, Inc., 2013 was a year marked with successes, challenges and re-evaluation of our roll in the preservation of Colorado’s remarkable historic resources. Having come through difficult challenges which threatened the very survival of our organization, CPI’s dedicated board and staff have refined our focus and strengthened our commitment to preservation, our supporters, and our many partner organizations and entities. While CPI continues its efforts and commitment to retire our debt, we also look forward to our 30th anniversary in 2014. Thanks to the vision and commitment of our founders, and past and present board and staff, Colorado Preservation, Inc. has assisted communities and individuals throughout the State. Through our Annual Saving Places Conference, the Most Endangered Places Program, the Dana Crawford and State Honor Awards Event, grant writing and management, project management and technical support, CPI has successfully demonstrated that Building a Future with Historic Places is more than a slogan. Some of the highlights for 2013 include: •

Development of a coalition of preservation, economic development, job creation and other organizations to advocate for the expansion of Colorado’s historic preservation tax credit

Establishment and adherence to a strict debt-reduction plan with the goal of discharging our debt, and insuring that CPI can continue to be relevant and a leader in the preservation of Colorado’s historic resources

A “Save” designation for Handy Chapel, a site listed on Colorado’s Most Endangered Places List in 2011 and later a project managed by CPI to ensure successful rehabilitation

Throughout 2013, several historic structures throughout Colorado have been affected by natural disasters, namely fires and floods. Colorado Preservation, Inc. partnered with the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the History Colorado State Historical Fund to quickly and effectively assist property owners in need

Fort Lyon


As CPI enters our 30th year in 2014, we ask our friends, supporters, and former board members and staff to help us identify what preservation challenges will be faced in the future, as well as a vision and solutions for meeting those challenges. During 2014, we will be reaching out and inviting our alumni and supporters to join us for a 30th Anniversary Celebration which will include an opportunity to help us define CPI’s next thirty years. For the past three decades the generosity of supporters like YOU have made it possible for Colorado Preservation, Inc. to continue our mission and provide positive support and assistance to all areas of our remarkable State. I hope you will continue your commitment to helping us build a future with historic places. Sincerely,

Rebecca Goodwin 2013 Board Chair

1420 Ogden Street, Suite 104 | Denver, CO | 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org


Dana Crawford

Dana Crawford, Evan Makovsky & Rebecca Goodwin

There is a significant body of evidence that suggests that historic preservation spurs downtown revitalization, creates jobs, promotes tourism, increases property values, reduces carbon footprints versus new construction, connects people with places, strengthens communities and much more. Preservationists have done an admirable job researching and documenting these benefits, yet historic preservation is often cast in an unfavorable light in the eyes of the public at large. The 2013 Saving Places Conference, The Language of Preservation: Building a Relevant Message for the 21st Century, focused on deconstructing the misunderstandings surrounding historic preservation and shaping messages that more clearly articulate the positive benefits of preservation efforts.

23nd Annual

Dana Crawford Celebration and State

Honor Awards

The Dana Crawford Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation recognizes individuals and organizations that have made a significant contribution toward preserving Colorado’s built environment. The award’s namesake, Dana Crawford, is a pioneer in saving historic buildings, many of which were viewed as eyesores. Evan Makovsky was presented with the 2013 Dana Crawford Award at the event held at History Colorado on May 8, 2013. Evan was honored for his notable achievements within Colorado’s architectural and preservation communities. The State Honor Awards recognize the efforts of those demonstrating excellence in historic preservation. 2013 State Honor Award awardees included Dick Beardmore

In coordination with the Conference theme, the Western Heritage Luncheon featured keynote speaker George Lakoff, Professor of Cognitive Science & Linguistics at the University of California at Berkeley. Professor Lakoff is one of the world’s best-known cognitive scientists and linguists and has worked with hundreds of progressive advocacy groups on issues ranging from the environment and health care to civil liberties and international relations. The 2012 Endangered Places Luncheon featured a keynote address by Terry Richey, Chief Marketing Officer for the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP), discussing a recent NTHP study on local preservation organizations. Additional popular events at the Conference included an advocacy and outreach training session at the Colorado State Capitol; a roundtable focused on advancing the preservation trades and recruiting a new generation of crafts people; workshops addressing the principles and techniques necessary for the assessment, stabilization, preservation and maintenance of historic masonry structures; a session on how to write and manage a State Historical Fund grant; and a special screening of four episodes of the series The Colorado Experience by Rocky Mountain PBS.

for preservation leadership, Bill Mansheim for the rehabilitation of the Rex Gym, and the City and County of Denver: Parks and Recreation, Civic Center Conservancy, and Historic Denver, Inc. for their stewardship in the rehabilitation of Civic Center Park.



Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2013

HistoriCorps Demonstration

2013 Saving Places Conference

2013 Preservation Projects Services Available at Colorado Preservation

A Home on the Range - Las Animas and Otero Counties Community Radio Project - Cortez Como Depot - Como Granada Relocation Center (Amache) - Granada Handy Chapel - Grand Junction Mathews-Gotthelf Mansion - Denver

Preservation Services Colorado Preservaion, Inc. offers a variety of preservation-related services for individuals, organizations and communities, including grant writing, grant management, and National Register nomination writing. Colorado Preservation has been successful in attaining grants from a variety of funding agencies such as History Colorado’s State Historical Fund, the Colorado Department of Transportation, the Colorado Department of Local Affairs, the National Park Service, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, private foundations, and many others. Colorado Preservation also has decades of experience managing grants to keep projects on time and on budget. In addition, Colorado Preservation also has experience writing State and National Register Nominations. These processes are made simpler with the experience of Colorado Preservation Inc.’s staff. Community Radio Project - Sunflower Theater

Community Radio Project In 2013, Colorado Preservation, Inc. assisted Community Radio Project, Inc. in writing a successful grant to the State Historical Fund in order to repurpose the Montezuma Valley Bank Building. The building was historically the center of the community and through its restoration and adaptive reuse it will continue to be. This grant is for the final phase of the project, which will complete the interior preservation and rehabilitation of the original 1909 building which houses the radio station and the 1910 building addition which will be a community and performance space. The scope of work also includes a maintenance plan to ensure that the building is properly cared for in the future. Montezuma Valley Bank Building

1420 Ogden Street, Suite 104 | Denver, CO | 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org


Most Endangered Places

Sites added to the Endangered Places List in 2013 included: The threat of demolition, neglect, natural forces, land value fluctuation, and unsympathetic owners led to the selection of five diverse and significant • Fort Lyon - Las Animas Most Endangered Places sites in 2013. The purpose of this list is to raise • Homesteading Resources of Escalante Canyon awareness of and build support for significant historic sites in Colorado Delta that are in danger of being lost. Each year we become aware of sites • Hotchkiss Barn - Hotchkiss across the state that are threatened. Colorado Preservation, Inc. devotes • Kennedy/Mancos Grain Elevator - Mancos considerable staff time and resources to raise funds and rally concerned • Sundial Plaza/Cranmer Park - Denver citizens so that listed sites can be saved.

Hotckhiss Barn This structure is a unique 19th century eclectic masonry barn. It is the oldest major building in the North Fork Valley surrounding the Town of Hotchkiss and reflects the agricultural nature of the area. It was built by Enos T. Hotchkiss, who led a group of settlers into the area in August 1881 and, as a result, became the town’s namesake. The barn itself is unique because of its twelve-inch thick walls of brick (about 100,000 bricks) and its tranverse timber frame structure. In 2010, a microburst left the building with 25% of its roof demolished and its brick walls shattered. In addition to being the oldest major building in the area, the Hotchkiss Barn provides an important visual connection to the original homesteaders who settled the area.

Hotchkiss Barn

Fort Lyon Fort Lyon, located near Las Animas along the Historic Santa Fe Trail, was completed by the U.S. Army in 1867, with a period of significance extending to 1956. The historic preservation issues at Fort Lyon are the result of decades of changing economics and public policy decisions at the state and federal levels. Today, the Fort is owned by the State of Colorado and managed by Bent County. Thanks to legislation passed in 2013, the Fort has been repurposed to house and provide training to homeless citizens of Colorado under a program administered by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.

Fort Lyon



Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2013

Sundial Plaza/Cranmer Park The land for Cranmer Park in Denver was acquired in 1908, with the first recorded reference to any site development occuring in 1923 when construction began on the terrazzo terrace. The original sundial, installed in 1941, was bombed by vandals in 1965. This incident prompted a community-wide effort to reconstruct a replica of the sundial, which was installed in 1966. Today, its current condition can be best described as disrepair to the point of near destruction. The sundial, the most distinct feature of the plaza, is stained and showing the ill-effects of time and weather. There is a great deal of community and local support for restoring this important East Denver landmark.

Sundial Plaza

Kennedy/Mancos Grain Elevator The Kennedy/Mancos Grain Elevator in Mancos was built in 1934 by Grady Clampitt. The structure is a square stacked silo with a pitched metal roof and sits on a poured concrete foundation with a small barn addition attached. The Elevator is in a prominent and highly visible location and is considered a landmark within the area. Although agriculture still plays a large role in the economy of the Mancos Valley, there are few structures reflecting the historic heritage of farming that once made the Valley famous. Unfortunately, the Grain Elevator is deteriorating due to a missing roof, and drainage issues are causing portions of the iconic stacked plank construction to fail.

Grain Elevator

Homesteading Sites

Walker Homestead

The homesteading sites of Escalante Canyon near Delta consist of the Walker Homestead, Captain Smith’s Cabin and the Waterwheel and Gunnison River Tract. These three homesteading sites are all unique to the Canyon area, not only for their manner of construction, but also for the historical elements attached to them. All three of the sites present themselves as community resources through which local citizens relate to their history. The homesteading sites have experienced severe deterioration due to a lack of maintenance, weathering, and vandalism.

Captain Smith’s Cabin

1420 Ogden Street, Suite 104 | Denver, CO | 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org


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Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2013

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* Effective as of January 1, 2013, CPI spun off its volunteer preservation program, HistoriCorps, into a new non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization (also called HistoriCorps). As a consequence, CPI stopped including the HistoriCorps financial results in its own financial statements as of that date. To provide better comparability between years, the HistoriCorps revenues and expenses for 2012 have been removed. “Other Income� for 2013 includes $494,350 associated with a 10-year, zero interest promissory note given by HistoriCorps to CPI for the value of the assets received by HistoriCorps from CPI in connection with the transaction.

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1,024,081 ††


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†See footnote on page 6 † † As of December 31, 2013, CPI had negative equity of $123,330. This negative equity balance was accumulated over a number of years prior to 2012, primarily the result of CPI’s failure to adequately respond to the economic downturn of 2007-2011 in a timely manner to reduce fixed costs and programming and also due in part to its purchase of a historic building (MathewsGotthelf Mansion) shortly before the real estate market downturn. During 2012, staff was reduced to four full-time employees, CPI moved to less expensive office space, reduced its other fixed costs wherever possible, and several programs were discontinued. A strict debt reduction plan was implemented and is being adhered to. As a result of these changes, CPI reported net positive additions to its equity account of $85,272 in 2012, and $531,383 in 2013 (including $505,780 for the value of the note receivable from HistoriCorps, as previously described). CPI feels that it is on a solid path to ensure its overall long-term viability.

Direct Program Expenses

Direct Program Expenses

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1420 Ogden Street, Suite 104 | Denver, CO | 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org


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Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2013

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Each year, at the Saving Places Conference, we present the annual Endangered Places List and hold a Silent Auction to raise funds for Colorado’s Most Endangered Places Program. This Silent Auction offers items and services of unique interest from around the state and the proceeds help sustain our dedicated efforts in preserving Colorado’s historic built environment. Smokey Anderson

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2013 Endangered Places Silent Auction Donors Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2013

Building a Future with Historic Places

Amache Water Tower

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2013 Annual Report  

2013 Annual Report