2012 Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report

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Building a Future with Historic Places

1420 Ogden Street, Suite 103 | Denver, CO | 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org

The mission of Colorado Preservation, Inc., founded in 1984, is to promote historic preservation in our State by providing information, education, training, expertise and advocacy. We achieve this mission by partnering with historic property owners, non-profit organizations, educators and local governments throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

Board of Directors

Staff Robert E. Musgraves, Executive Director - Interim (December 2011 - October 2012)

Jane V. Daniels, Executive Director - (October

2012 - Present)

With Colorado Preservation since 2008, Ms. Daniels has helped to build partnerships with private and public agencies to enhance historic preservation across the state providing technical assistance on preservation tax credits, real estate and finance, fundraising, volunteer coordination, and project planning and design. In addition to supervising staff and working with the Board and related committees, Jane also directs the strategic planning, visioning, development, financial and business administration, and overall programmatic initiatives of the organization.

President Arianthé C. Stettner - Steamboat Springs Vice President, Front Range Ron Thompson - Greeley Vice President, Western Slope Mike Metcalf - Eagle Treasurer Rebecca Goodwin - La Junta Secretary Marie Patterson - Greenwood Village Jason Dunn - Denver Friday Green - Denver Elizabeth Hallas - Denver The Honorable Jim Isgar - Durango Karen J. Jonas - Denver Greg Movesian - Denver Robert E. Musgraves - Denver Cynthia Neely - Georgetown The Honorable Pat Pascoe - Denver, Linda Towle - Cortez Advisory Members Ann Alexander Pritzlaff - Denver Steve Turner - Denver

Michelle M. Chichester, Outreach Coordinator Michelle manages several projects, including a large documentation/interpretation project centered on homesteading in southeast Colorado, the Amache Barrack Relocation Project, Dana Crawford Awards Celebration, as well as grant adminitstration and fundraising. Michelle also coordinates the Membership program, and Colorado Preservation’s website. As Outreach Coordinator, Michelle has the opportunity to travel across the state of Colorado sharing the benefits of Historic Presevation.

Nicole E. Moore, Conference Manager Nicole manages Colorado Preservation, Inc.’s annual Saving Places Conference, the second largest preservation conference in the Nation. Additionally, she coordinates the Preservation Easement Program, and works with the Preserve America Youth Summit Program.

Rachel R. Parris, Programs Coordinator Rachel serves as Colorado Preservation, Inc.’s lead advocate for sites on CPI’s Most Endangered Places List, while working with communities, site advocates, and property owners to advance the mission of Building a Future with Historic Places. Rachel educates communities on the importance of historic preservation while advocating for resources that are endangered. In addition to serving as the lead for the Colorado’s Most Endangered Places Program, Rachel works with preservation policy issues, and preservation projects, fundraising.

Board and Staff Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2012

On the Cover: Hangar 61

Dear Friends and Supporters, For Colorado Preservation, Inc. (CPI), 2012 marked a productive and successful year of re-building and re-structuring, thanks to the vision, commitment, and considerable efforts of our statewide Board and Staff. We worked together as a team to face unique challenges with dedication and imagination. At the end of 2011, it became painfully evident that CPI was over-extended, and had taken on too many worthy projects without developing the resources to support them. The lingering effects of the 2008 economic crisis and real estate downturn severely affected our organization. We were at a turning point: restructure or go under. After months of research and deliberation, the Board, working closely with Staff, made the decision to continue, for the long haul, its committed efforts to “building a future with historic places!” We hope you agree that it was the best choice for grassroots historic preservation efforts in Colorado, and for Colorado Preservation, Inc. A very special thank you and recognition goes to Bob Musgraves, who volunteered to serve as full time Executive Director pro bono for eight months during this challenging time. Without his knowledge, commitment, and extraordinary generosity, Colorado Preservation, Inc. could not have survived. What did we change? These are the highlights from 2012: •

We tightened our staff and budget to run leaner, stronger, and more efficiently.

We moved into the newly rehabilitated historic Emerson School.

We focused on our signature initiatives: the Annual Saving Places® Conference, the Most Endangered Places Program, the Dana Crawford and State Honor Awards Event, and affirmed our commitment to provide technical support to preservation projects across the state.

We completed the exterior restoration of the Mathews-Gotthelf Mansion.

We redefined our role in the Share in the Care initiative to restore the State Capitol Dome.

We changed the scope of the multi-year “Home on the Range” documentation and interpretation project in southeastern Colorado.

We agreed that two initiatives we had been incubating for several years, HistoriCorps and the Colorado Preserve America Youth Summits, were ready to be independent.

We mothballed our “On the Road” program and the print version of our magazine “The Preservationist.”

We launched our monthly e-newsletter.

It was a memorable year, indeed! Thanks to the generosity of supporters like YOU, Colorado Preservation, Inc. will continue to save our treasured historic resources, to empower citizen preservationists throughout the state, and to “build a future with historic places.” Sincerely,

Arianthé Stettner

Jane Daniels

Board President

Executive Director

1420 Ogden Street, Suite 103 | Denver, CO | 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org


Saving Places Conference 2012 February 1-3, 2012

23rd Annual Dana Crawford Award Celebration May 22, 2012

Colorado Preservation, Inc.’s 15th annual Saving Places Conference S AVING PLACES CONFERENCE®

February 1-3, 2012 Heritage and Place

The Power of

At the Colorado Convention Center

Dana Crawford

David and Stephanie Tryba

22nd Annual

Dana Crawford Award Celebration and

State Honor Awards

The Dana Crawford Award & State Honor Awards honor individuals and organizations that have made a significant contribution toward preserving Colorado’s built environment. The award’s namesake, Dana Crawford, is a pioneer in successfully saving historic buildings, many that were viewed as eyesores. David and Stephanie Tryba were awarded with the Dana Crawford Award for excellence in historic preservation at the event held at the Denver Botanic Gardens. David and Stephanie’s inspiration to improve communities through civic engagement, design expertise, and leadership can be seen in all of their projects and philanthropic initiatives. The State Honor Awards recognize the efforts of those whose work demonstrates excellence in historic preservation. Rhonda Maas of Building Restoration Specialties and Lake City, Colorado were chosen for State Honor Awards, with a special youth recognition to Matthew Prythero.

Events 2

Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2012

As the largest statewide preservation conference, the This project is paid for in part by a State Historical Fund2012 grant from Saving History Colorado. Places Conference focused on the newly completed Colorado Statewide Preservation Plan: The Power of Heritage and Place, A 2020 Action Plan to Advance Preservation in Colorado. The Plan identifies six goals that are intended to help guide regional, statewide, and local preservation effort over the next ten years. Goals include: Preserving Places that Matter, Strengthening and Connecting the Preservation Network in Colorado, Shaping the Preservation Message, Publicizing the Benefits of Preservation, Weaving Preservation Throughout Education, and Advancing Preservation Practices. The 2012 Endangered Places luncheon featured keynote speaker James Loewen, sociologist and author, who discussed his recent publication, Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your High School History Textbook Got Wrong and Lies Across America: What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong. The featured keynote speaker for Friday was Estevan Rael-Gálvez, Ph.D., Vice President of Historic Sites, National Trust for Historic Preservation. Additional popular events of the Conference included tours such as that of Hangar 61 and the Cherokee Castle; the Ski Town Forum; a local preservation advocacy roundtable; discussion of using linseed oil paint to preserve historic wood; a timber framing workshop; a session on how to write and manage a State Historical Fund Grant, and a social media workshop. The Preservation Marketplace is the largest exhibit of preservation related products, services, and trades in the Rocky Mountain region. Exhibitors included commercial, craftsmen, nonprofit, and government agencies.

James Loewen

2012 Saving Places Conference

Weekend Workshop 2012 This year’s Volunteer Preservation Weekend Workshop took place at the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Station, constructed c.1890, and more commonly known as the Antonito Depot. Volunteers from across the state helped to weatherize and remove debris from the volcanic stone building. A new (temporary) roof of ashpalt shingles was added to protect the building while funding for a rehabilitation project is secured.

Antonito Depot

2012 Weekend Workshop

Colorado’s Most Endangered Places Program

Central Platoon School

Lizzy Knight’s Cabin

The threat of demolition, neglect, natural forces, land value fluctuation, and unsympathetic owners led to the selection of six diverse and significant sites in 2012. These special places define our communities and form the foundation for our collective identity as Coloradans in the future. Colorado Preservation, Inc. devotes staff time and resources to raise funds and rally concerned citizens so that listed sites can be saved. Sites listed to the 2012 Endangered Places List included:

Crossan’s Market

Historic Eastside Neighborhood

Moffat Road

Sullivan Gateway

Central Platoon School - Brush, CO

Crossan’s Market - Yampa, CO

Historic Eastside Neighborhood - Pueblo, CO

Lizzy Knight’s Cabin - Dolores County, CO

Moffat Road / Hill Route - Boulder, Grand, and Gilpin Counties, CO

Sullivan Gateway - Denver, CO

Most Endangered Places Program

1420 Ogden Street, Suite 103 | Denver, CO | 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org


Villareal Homestead

A Home on the Range Colorado Preservation, Inc. is engaged in a multi-year project to document and interpret the homesteading heritage of the Purgatoire River Region entitled, Home on the Range. Hundreds of homestead sites in the region have been recorded, most having been settled in the 1910s-20s and abandoned during the Dust Bowl and Great Depression. Through field work and research, Colorado Preservation has found a variety of resources, including buildings often constructed of local sandstone, adobe, or vertical wood posts, water/irrigation features, livestock pens and corrals, historic material culture, prehistoric rock art and artifacts, as well as schools, cemeteries, and community buildings.

Villareal Homestead

The project is projected to finish in 2014, with the completion of five National Register nominations, a Multiple Property Documentation Form, podcasts complete with oral histories from local residents, an interpretive brochure on homesteading in the region, three driving tours, and three roadside kiosks. Padilla Homestead

Coy Homestead


Como Depot The Como Depot is one of three surviving structures, also including a hotel and roundhouse, from a major Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad complex, in Como, Park County. In 2012, a State Historical Fund Grant was awarded to complete the exterior and interior restoration of the site. Strong partnerships have been built as a consequence and the property will most likely be named a “Save� in 2014. Como Depot

Preservation Projects 4

Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2012

2012 Preservation Projects A Home on the Range - Las Animas and Otero Counties Arkansas Valley Fairgrounds Adobe Stables - Rocky Ford Cherokee Ranch and Castle - Sedalia Community Radio Project - Cortez Como Depot - Como Granada Relocation Center (Amache) - Granada Handy Chapel - Grand Junction Hayden Ranch - Leadville Mathews-Gotthelf Mansion - Denver Murdock Building - Eads

Handy Chapel Handy Chapel was built in 1892 on land deeded to the “black citizens of Grand Junction.� A dwindling congregation and lack of funds have made maintenance and improvements virtually impossible. The roof of the Chapel House has failed, leaving the Chapel with only a temporary tarp in place to prevent additional damage from the elements. Building conditions prevented the Chapel House from fulfilling their mission as a place of rest and recovery for the destitute. Colorado Preservation, Inc. was awarded a grant from the State Historical Fund to complete an interior and exterior rehabilitation of the building. The project is projected to be completed in 2013. Handy Chapel

Granada Relocation Center Fear of espionage led the United States government to exile thousands of Japanese-American citizens to internment camps during WW II. In 1942, the Granada Relocation Center (Amache), was built and closed two years later in 1944. The site was designated a National Historic Landmark in February 2006.

Amache Water Tank

2012 was a year of work for Amache, with work beginning on the project to reconstruct a water tower and a guard tower. CPI was also awarded a grant from the National Park Service Japanese-American Confinement Sites Program to relocate an original barrack building, found 80 miles south of Granada, back to the site for interpretation.

1420 Ogden Street, Suite 103 | Denver, CO | 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org


Mathews-Gotthelf Mansion The exterior restoration of the Mathews-Gotthelf Mansion was completed in 2012. The Mansion will soon be on the market, awaiting an owner eager to complete the interior rehabilitation, completing the rehabilitation project. Colorado Preservation, Inc. purchased the neglected architectural gem in Denver’s Curtis Park neighborhood at the height of the real estate market in 2007. The goal was to restore the building’s 1880 exterior, preparing the building for a preservation-minded buyer. White Construction, Slaterpaull Architects, and Tom Thorpe of Townscapes, LLC, were integral in the completion of the restoration project. The project would not have been possible without a construction loan from the Colorado Historical Foundation and multiple grants from the State Historical Fund.

Mathews-Gotthelf, c.1890s

Volunteer Workday at Mathews-Gotthelf

Mathews-Gotthelf, 2007

Mathews-Gotthelf, 2012

Special Initiatives There is no more potent symbol of the past, present and future aspirations of the people of our State than our venerable Colorado State Capitol Building and its magnificent goldplated dome. In 1908, miners donated 200 ounces of 24-karat gold to gild the cast-iron, copper-clad dome. Regrettably, the dome of our Capitol had fallen into serious disrepair. The cast iron enclosure of the dome and drum had deteriorated over the past hundred years, and engineering experts have declared the deteriorated condition of the structural metal fasteners holding the enclosure together to be a significant hazard to the building and its occupants. In 2009, Colorado’s elected leaders passed legislation tasking CPI with the responsibility to lead Share in the Care Colorado, a public/private initiative to fund the majority of the work required to restore the dome. 2012 was a year of great progress for the project. The white, plastic scrim is now covering the entire drum, with only the gold dome peeking out above. The project is expected to be completed in 2014. Colorado State Capitol Building


Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2012

HistoriCorps® had a busy and successful season in 2012, with eighteen projects in Colorado, Wyoming, California, New Mexico, Utah, South Dakota, and Texas. The program started in 2010 under Colorado Preservation, Inc., acting as the incubator for the program’s long-term sustainability. HistoriCorps works through partnerships to mobilize volunteers to save and sustain our nation’s special places while providing educational and outdoor experiences. Big steps were made in 2012, when Towny Anderson was hired as the organization’s first Executive Director. Anderson will lead HistoriCorps in spinning off into their own 501(c)3 organization in 2013. With a staff of three, HistoriCorps is using the 2012 winter to plan a busy 2013 project season.


Meeker Ranch

Pratt Cabin

Baehrden Lodge

The Colorado Preserve America Youth Summit began in 2007 with the goal of creating an opportunity for young people aged 13 to 18 to get out of the classroom and into the field to learn about history, archaeology, heritage tourism and preservation.

Rocky Mountain National Park Youth Summit

Washington DC Youth Summit Trip

The only program of its type in the country, the Colorado Youth Summits have received national attention for the accomplishments of the experiences offered to over 500 students and their teachers in its first five years. The Summits work to achieve four primary objectives: connecting youth and teachers to historic places; involving students in historic preservation activities; expanding tools to support teachers’ efforts in heritage and preservation education; and bolstering local preservation and heritage tourism efforts. There were three separate Youth Summits in 2012. The students kicked off the year at the 2012 Saving Places Conference, then headed to Washington D.C. shortly after for the second summit. The third and final summit of 2012 was at Rocky Mountain National Park, as the Park engaged the students in planning events for the Park’s Centennial in 2015.

Special Initiatives 1420 Ogden Street, Suite 103 | Denver, CO | 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org


2012 Film Tour

Rachel Parris

Stonington Farm

Funding Sources Membership Dues

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Third-Party Grant Management Fees Earned Income Other Income In-kind Donations


* Colorado Preservation, Inc. served as an incubator for HistoriCorps, which will become a separate 501(c)3 organization in 2013.

In-Kind Donations Other Income Earned Income Third-Party Grant Management Fees HistoriCorps Project Fees Grants Unrestricted Donations Restricted Donations & Matching Funds Membership Dues

Revenues 8

Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2012

Como Depot †

Negative Fund Balance from Years Prior:

As of 12/31/2012, Colorado Preservation, Inc. (“CPI”) reported a negative fund balance of $609,837. This negative fund balance is accumulated from years prior to 2012. In 2012, CPI reported a net positive addition to the fund balance of $88,898. The negative fund balance from prior years was primarily from investing in the preservation of a historic building shortly before the real estate market downturn, not responding to the economic downturn in a timely manner by reducing staff, rent and other fixed costs, and not cutting programs quickly enough in response to the economic downturn in mid-2007 through 2010. By the end of 2012, staff had been appropriately reduced to 4 full time employees, CPI moved to less expensive office space and several programs were discontinued. CPI does continue to hold the historic real estate but is currently in purely a maintenance position requiring minimal cash outflow and is in the process of completing the sale of the property to a third party. In addition to these changes, CPI restructured its accounting procedures to more accurately track its financial condition for more timely and accurate reporting. A strict debt reduction plan has also been implemented. The changes in staff, programming, expense reductions and greater focus on our core mission and values have put CPI is a much better position of reaching its goal and ensuring its overall long-term viability.

Weiser House

Michelle Chichester

Operating Expenses


Direct Program Expenses




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Miscellaneous Expenses Marketing & Publicity Communications Consultants Facility General & Administration Payroll Direct Program Expenses


1420 Ogden Street, Suite 103 | Denver, CO | 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org




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Ralston Cemetery

Adobe Stables

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Consultants, Inc. Robert Musgraves and Joan Prusse

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Moye White LLP

Paul and Arianthé C. Stettner

National System of Public Lands

Walden Mills Group, LLC

National Trust for Historic

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Preservation Phelps Tointon, Inc. Phoenix Window Technologies Southeast Colorado Power Association Spectrum General Contractors St. Charles Town Company SWCA Environmental Consultants Ruth and Vernon Taylor Tryba Architects Wattle and Daub Contractors Nancy Woodward

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$250 - $499 620 Corp., LLC Jacqui Ainlay-Conley Aller-Lingle-Massey Architects PC Atkin Olshin Schade Architects Richard and Mary Lyn Ballantine Sheila Bisenius Tina Bishop Kathleen Brouilette Rex Brown

John Powers Professional Restoration & Repair Rocky Mountain Chapter - APT Everett Shigeta Superior Product Home Development The Donning Company Publishers Wattle & Daub Contractors White Construction Group Zink and Associates Inc.

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Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2012

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Adobe Stables

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Under $100 Carly-Ann Anderson Lewis and Jean Archer William Arndt Mike and Susan Assenmacher Eugene Baber Karen Berkner Bessemer Historical Society Mary Ann Best Harvey Beyer, III Mary Blue Melissa Bradley

Colorado Preservation, Inc. thanks all of our donors for their generous gifts of money, goods, services, and more to support our mission in 2012. We sincerely apologize if we missed your name.

Thank You!

1420 Ogden Street, Suite 103 | Denver, CO | 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org


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Colorado Preservation, Inc. Annual Report 2012

Emma Store Outbuilding

Small Bottle

Murdock Building

Each year, at the Saving Places Conference, we present the annual Endangered Places List and hold a Silent Auction to raise funds for Colorado’s Most Endangered Places Program. This Silent Auction offers items and services of unique interest from around the state and the proceeds help sustain our dedicated efforts in preserving Colorado’s historic built environment. Smokey Anderson

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2012 Endangered Places Silent Auction Donors 1420 Ogden Street, Suite 103 | Denver, CO | 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org


Building a Future with Historic Places

Alta Lakes

1420 Ogden Street, Suite 103 | Denver, CO | 80218 www.coloradopreservation.org