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President’s Message

The “Off-Season” Celebrate the joy you’ve given to others Fellow PGA Professionals,


ne of the many wonderful things about Colorado is that we typically get to enjoy four distinct seasons - five if you consider the “off-season.” You know that time of year when those we serve inquire, “What do you do during the winter?”, somehow believing we take five months off. Regardless of your role, the off-season, conveniently coinciding with the holiday season, allows us to better reflect on what was and what may come. This may be more needed in 2020, as work, with all the hoops to jump through just to safely open the doors, may have taken more time, energy and effort than ever before. Each of us could dwell on the trials and tribulations, that is the COVID-era, and its effect on our businesses because there were ample. Instead, I would rather look at the amazing stories and successes that were a result of golf being the “only game in town.” How many of us heard the great number of positive statements from those we serve? Did you hear the parent who stated, “PGA Jr. League was a saving grace for my kid?” Countless others said, “Thank you for being open. I don’t know what we would do if there wasn’t golf.” Many commented, “I haven’t played in years, but I now remember why I love this game. Why did I ever quit?” Jim Hajek, PGA President Colorado PGA Head Professional Fossil Trace Golf Club jhajek@cityofgolden.net P | (303) 277-8752 C | (303) 746-7416

The one that had the greatest impact for me is, “Golf is the only normal in my life.” There is no question about it, golf was a safe-haven, a muchneeded escape for those we serve. Our facilities and the game allowed for a sense of calm, comfort and familiarity in a time when none of these were commonplace. We must not take what we do lightly as we have a far greater effect on people’s lives than we can possibly imagine. In 2020, whether we serve members, players, customers or guests … what we have done has, and will continue to have a profound impact on their lives … and ours, as well. During this holiday season, my hope is that you are able to enjoy time with friends and family and relax, recharge, renew and refresh. All of them continue to count on us to help bring stability to their world. Sincerely,

Jim Hajek, PGA Head Golf Professional President Colorado PGA Section 303-277-8752 (Work) 303-746-7416 (Cell)



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