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City Welcomes New Interim Assistant City Manager Public urges City to release the investigative report regarding Council Member Bruce Silverstein

Frustrations grow over slow permitting

By SAMANTHA BRAVO Of The Malibu Times

During the City Council Regular meeting on Monday, Jan. 10, affordable housing, an update on the city’s maintenance and repairs, and the announcement of the new Interim Assistant City Manager was introduced. The public also urged the city to release the investigation report against Council Member Bruce Silverstein. One of the public speakers, Georgia Goldfarb, requested the city to release the report and move forward. “We had paid for the investigation, and we would like to know the outcome,” Goldfarb said. “Since council members, Silverstein said all communications are in writing, and no action was taken against him, as I understand this, I assume that he was exonerated; however, I think it is important that we clear the air on the interactions and the conversations and not hide the proverbial smoke in the air.” Alivia Jolly said she hopes she will receive support from the city council to enforce reducing the use of gas power leaf blowers and encourage additional patrols when they are being used.

Malibu’s Building Officer details hurdles in rebuilding process Los Angeles County Waterworks District 29 and SoCal Gas repair a water-main leak and a gas leak at 25328 Malibu Road caused by a landslide at 25330 Malibu Rd. around 10 p.m. on Thursday, January 7. A crew from SoCal Gas arrived after midnight and gained control of the blowing gas from a damaged gas meter and riser, no evacuations or other emergency actions were necessary. Water service was temporarily interrupted to 27 customers and three fire hydrants, and gas service was interrupted for two customers. All effected customers were directly notified. Malibu Road was reduced to one lane alternating for both directions from PCH to Puerco Canyon. Service was restored the same day. Photos by Julie Ellerton/TMT


“I Have a Dream.” Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

By JUDY ABEL Special to The Malibu Times

The question has been asked many times by those frustrated with the rebuild process after the Woolsey Fire: why are so few families back in their once burned-out Malibu homes? Of 488 homes completely destroyed in the 2018s massive blaze, only 63 have been rebuilt. Of 18 apartments, 12 are habitable—four ADU’s (additional dwelling units are complete). 152 homes are currently under construction. “I wish I had a more-simple answer for you. It’s a lot of variables,” Yolanda Bundy, the City of Malibu’s Environmental Sustainability Director/Building Official, said. Bundy, who was hired by Malibu more than two years ago after shepherding the rebuilds in Ventura after the Thomas Fire in 2017, spoke to the Rotary Club of Malibu by Zoom last Wednesday with empathy and explanations. Clearing the parcels of hazardous materials and debris was the first hurdle. That took roughly a year. 59 homeowners received temporary trailer permits to stay on their land once it was cleared. 150 partially damaged homes received repair permits. CONTINUED ON PAGE A8

INSIDE t h i s w e e k ’ s pa p e r

Santa Monica College building. Photos by Julie Ellerton/TMT

‘Santa Monica College—Malibu Satellite Campus’ and Sheriff ’s substation complex enters final stretch Construction scheduled for completion in October, classes begin January 2023 By JIMY TALLAL Special to The Malibu Times

Since the official groundbreaking in September 2018, the construction project to build the Malibu Campus building of Santa Monica College (SMC) plus Sheriff ’s substation has contended with a weeks-long Woolsey Fire evacuation and power outage, the pandemic, supply chain issues,

and engineering problems created by the shallow water table. It’s probably 20 months behind the original schedule due to those unforeseen events. At long last, though, the light is at the end of the tunnel—as anyone driving past the construction site on Civic Center Way can now see. An official annual update on what’s happening with the local SMC campus was given on Dec. 8 at the Malibu Public Facilities Authority meeting. Facilities Director Charlie Yen said the current activities on the construction site include CONTINUED ON PAGE A8

By HAYLEY MATTSON Of The Malibu Times

“I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.’ I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, sons of former slaves and the sons of former slaveowners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.

I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice. I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today!” Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered the iconic “I Have a Dream” speech to a crowd of thousands at the March on Washington, Aug. 28, 1963. King’s most important work apCONTINUED ON PAGE A8

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was a new all-metal Monoplane that had a 950-mile range.

75 Years Ago in Malibu In honor of The Malibu Times turning 75 Years old last May, we are bringing back the original publisher Reeves Templeman’s “25 Years Ago in Malibu.” Rebranding it to “75 Years Ago in Malibu” to honor the legacy of the newspaper and the dedicated teamwork that goes into each issue. The front page of The Malibu Times for Jan. 10, 1947, featured an image of “Start of the New Road.” The view was of the first section of the new Malibu Road looking in a southeasterly direction from the top of the hill back

In Case You Missed it The top stories this week from

of the Malibu Inn, which would soon become the “cut through.” A call to action for residents to write Congressman Donald Jackson to demand a Post Office in Malibu after the community signed a petition with 356 names requesting the establishment. Malibu Sherriff ’s office launched a “Clean-up” drive to crack down on violators of “No Dumping” laws. Douglas Aircraft tested a New Twin-Engine Five-Place Plane named the “Cloudster,” which


2021: A Year in Photos Legendary entertainer Dick Van Dyke presented with a medallion that celebrate his lifetime contributions to American culture.

New California Laws This year’s new legislation and policies (770 in all) will likely be noticed sooner than later in many matters.

Malibu-based Athletics Slicing through defenses is one thing the Sharks hope to do in 2022 as well as they did in 2021.

City Council Public comments regarding Councilmember Silverstein voice concern and support after report was released

The parking lot on Las Flores Inn hosted So. Calif. Edison in servicing the community residents who wished to have their running clocks cycle change set for Jan. 16. First Malibu fire of 1947 unearthed by Capt. Cheney. While en-route home the Friday prior, Capt. Tom Cheney’s trained nose detected smoke when he stopped to purchase lobster at Marinos Seafood Market and Cafe near Topanga Beach. Initiate 7 Legionnaires into Malibu Post 605, swelling the total to 93 in all to the American Legion in the Malibu Courthouse.

Housing Battle Heats Up in Signature Season

THOMAS ELIAS Parties of the Year! A-listers emerged from their P.J.s and slippers and slipped into those slinky little somethings and satin bow ties.

Malibu’s Award-Winning Community Paper Since 1946

Even before a proposed homeowner-inspired measure aiming to restore full zoning powers to local governments hit the streets looking to qualify for next Fall’s ballot, the battle over who would control housing decisions in California began heating up. Proponents will need just short of 1 million valid voter signatures to put their plan on the ballot, but because many non-voters also sign petitions, they’ll likely need to gather almost 1.5 million names to be certain. That should not be too hard; once most homeowners understand how fully state legislators attempted last year to usurp the most basic powers cities and counties have long exercised. As long as California has been a state, the most basic function of local governments has been to decide where housing will be placed, where it won’t go, and how much to allow. Voters have passed countless ballot initiatives instructing their local governments on how to do that. But with two strokes of a pen wielded by Gov. Gavin Newsom in September, that all may have ended. When he signed new laws known as Senate Bills 9 and 10, most city council members might as well have gone back to being ordinary citizens. The two new laws allow at least six times as much building as before in areas formerly zoned for one home per lot. The ratio goes much higher for properties anywhere near rapid transit stops or “major transportation corridors.” All without any requirements for either new parking spaces, water, schools, or even a single affordable housing unit. If ever there’s been a plot to let developers get rich quick, this is it. In fact, many of the liberal Democratic lawmakers who voted for these two bills see their election campaigns at least partly funded by developers. Homeowner groups view these new laws as a license for unbridled development at a time when almost everyone believes California has a massive housing shortage. This perception is furthered by the homeless encampments that abound in almost all parts of the state. When he ran for office in 2018, Newsom vowed to spur the build-

ing of 3.5 million new housing units by 2026, eight years later. But new home construction lags far behind that pace, and units that do get built often languish unsold for many months, even if they are supposedly affordable. One reason is cost. The average affordable housing unit now runs more than $450,000 to construct, and most families with income below California’s median of $75,200 per year (half the households in the state earn more than that yearly, the other half do not) can’t afford so-called affordable housing. There’s an illusion in the public consciousness that the unhoused will somehow benefit from new affordable housing. But almost none of them have the cash to buy-in. Meanwhile, state officials do nothing to promote and speed the conversion of vacant office space into residences, many of which would cost far less to create than today’s supposedly affordable units. Into this picture now come developers with large bankrolls offering to buy up existing onehome lots and build as many as six units on each, with no new amenities for the surrounding community. The same developers are behind another initiative that would completely counteract the one aiming to save single-family zoning. The way this one is written, whichever measure gets more votes will govern, period. No compromises here. Many homeowners now getting behind the initiative to cancel SB 9 and 10 and give land-use decisions back to local officials appear unaware of the competing initiative, but both will almost certainly make the ballot. This promises to be a battle unlike anything since 1978 when Proposition 13 clashed with another measure known as Proposition 10, a softer version of 13’s property tax limits. Both passed, but 13 got more votes and has governed ever since. Meanwhile, websites and organizations are popping up regularly with names like “Our Neighborhood Voices” and “Liveable California.” The upcoming competition is vital because so much of California’s character would change if SB 9 and 10 were allowed to let developers proceed without concern for either anything aesthetic or the infrastructure they have traditionally had to provide when erecting new subdivisions. Thomas Elias is an independent opinion columnist for The Malibu Times; you can email him at

HAVE AN OPINION? Deadline is every Friday for possible placement in Thursday’s paper depending on space available. Letters can be up to 300 words. We do not publish anonymous letters, and we reserve the right to edit for clarity and style. Limit one per month. Email:

From the publisher

Hayley Mattson Take care Malibuites. I will return with a pub letter next week.

Vitamins: How Much is Enough? carries oxygen to the cells. • Some Good Sources: Include red meat, liver, eggs, enriched grains and cereals, green leafy vegetables.


“Vitamania” is running rampant in the country. They claim to cure everything from cancer to heart disease, promote stronger bones, lowered stress, reduced fat, increased muscle, and live a longer life. Hard to swallow? According to the National Institute of Health, Americans spend approximately $30 billion a year on vitamin and mineral supplements. The list of claims seems nothing short of miracle drugs. More and more people are stock piling their cupboards with bottles of these little, amber-colored pills - in doses up to 20 to 30 times the RDA’s (Recommended Dietary Allowances). How seriously should we take these claims? NAVIGATING THE MAZE Many adults agree, “all the information I see about vitamins confuses me.” Most don’t know what the major vitamins are, much less why we need them. It’s almost as bad as navigating the Net. But with a little nutrition savvy, it’s possible to discern myth from reality. Here are some of the major players:

Antioxidants: • Vitamin A/ The Carotenoids: • What It’s Good For: Promotes healthy eyes and aids in the development of bones, glands, hair, nails, and skin. Needed for growth and reproduction. • Some Good Sources: Include liver, egg yolk, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, red peppers, squash, and butter. • Vitamin C: • What It’s Good For: Plays a major role in the healing process. It helps repair tissue and can be beneficial for smokers and those taking oral contraceptives and steroids. It helps absorb iron and may help decrease the severity of infections and colds. • Some Good Sources: Include greens, broccoli, citrus, tomatoes, green peppers, cauliflower, kiwi, cantaloupe, and cabbage. • Vitamin E: • What It’s Good For: Has been shown to be effective in offering protection against heart disease and cancer. Helps form new red blood cells. It plays a role in boosting our immune system and reducing damage from illnesses such as AIDS and hepatitis. • Some Good Sources: Include vegetable oils, nuts, whole grains, and wheat germ oil.

SUPPLEMENTS: TAKE ‘EM OR LEAVE ‘EM? Vitamins aren’t magic bullets. But it’s worth asking, “Am I getting enough?” Frankly, it depends on what you eat, your age, sex, and your lifestyle. If you’re one of those who skip meals, grabs a donut for breakfast or fast food for lunch, drink soda instead of juice or milk, you may benefit from a one-a-day multivitamin/mineral supplement with 100% of the RDA. Mega-dosing is not necessary and can be harmful. Even if you take a supplement, still eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables for antioxidants, phytochemicals, and vitamins and minerals in their natural form. Food is still the best multivitamin of all. For all their benefits, vitamins are not omnipotent. The real key to health simply isn’t found in any one pill. But a multivitamin combined with a balanced diet, a fitness program where you move your body, Minerals: plus a positive attitude pack the best disease preven• Calcium: • What It’s Good For: Helps prevent or slow oste- tion wallop and still remain the best bet for longevity oporosis (frail bones). Helps make blood clot and and health. Cindy Maynard, Ph.D., RD, is a health psychologist, delay fatigue by helping tired muscles recover. registered dietitian, and health and fitness writer. Dr. • Some Good Sources: Include milk and dairy Maynard is passionate about the topic of health and wellproducts and leafy greens. ness and motivating people towards better health. You can • Iron: • What It’s Good For: Makes hemoglobin which contact her at

Vitamins: • Vitamin D: • What It’s For: Called the “sunshine vitamin” because it’s manufactured in the skin with the help of the sun. Plays a major role in calcium metabolism and bone density. • Some Good Sources: Include eggs and dairy products fortified with vitamin D, fish liver oils, and fatty saltwater fish. • B complex vitamins: • What It’s For: Helps release energy from protein, fats, and carbohydrates during metabolism. Important for healing nerves and muscles. • Some Good Sources: Include whole grain and enriched cereals and breads, meats, dairy, legumes, and nuts.


Hayley Mattson


Hayley Mattson


Nic Mattson


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Teresa Gelbman

“I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.” — Abraham Lincoln 24955 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite A102 • Malibu, CA 90265 Editorial: (310) 456.5507 | Advertising: (310) 456.5507 | | © 2022 The Malibu Times • A 13 Stars Publication Periodical postage paid at Malibu, CA 90265. Postmaster: Send address changes to: The Malibu Times, P.O. Box 1127, Malibu, CA 90265


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The following incidents were reported between Dec. 21 - Dec. 22  Tue. 21 | Burglary

A home on PCH was burglarized, and a purse containing $2,500 in cash, miscellaneous gift cards totaling $2,000, and the keys to her 2016 Toyota Tundra were stolen. The victim said her purse and car keys were on her kitchen counter, and the suspects were able to gain access through the front door she usually keeps unlocked. The victim was unable to locate her vehicle and noticed it was missing as well. The vehicle is estimated to be worth $50,000. There were no security cameras available for evidence.

 Tue. 21 | Card theft

Various credit cards were stolen from a vehicle parked on Westwood Beach. The victim noticed her cards were missing and said her Chase card was used for $842 at a Target and $868 at a Tily’s. The bank charges did not specify what location. There was no sign of forced entry or damage made to her vehicle.

City of Malibu in recognition of its City budget The Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) has given its Distinguished Budget Presentation Award to the City of Malibu in recognition of its City budget. “The entire community can be proud of this important recognition of the City’s many years of excellent financial management by its skilled, dedicated staff,” said Mayor Paul Grisanti. “Malibu’s topnotch budgetary and financial management makes us less vulnerable to future disasters, economic downturns, and other challenges.” The award recognizes the commitment of a government body and its staff to meeting the highest principles of governmental budgeting. In order to receive the award, Malibu had to satisfy nationally recognized guidelines for effective budget presentation. These guidelines are designed to assess how well an entity’s budget serves as a policy document, a financial plan; an operations guide; and a communications device. A government agency’s budget documents must be rated “proficient” in all four categories and in the 14 mandatory


criteria within those categories to receive the award. Malibu was selected for this recognition from among 1,700 participants in the Budget Awards Program. The most recent Budget Award recipients, along with their corresponding budget documents, are posted quarterly on the GFOA’s website at budget-award-winners. According to the GFOA, recipients of this award have pioneered efforts to improve the quality of budgeting and provide an excellent example for other governments throughout North America.


Brian Oppenheimer passed away peacefully in his California home of thirty years after a long, heroic battle with cancer. He was surrounded by his loving family: his wife of fifty years, Kathleen (McGowan) Oppenheimer, son Sean Oppenheimer, son James Oppenheimer, daughter-in-law Katie Michel, and grandsons Fin and Wyatt Oppenheimer. Brian was the son of West Point military parents Lt. Col. Hugh Clifford Oppenheimer and Teresa (Dunkley) Oppenheimer, Army Registered Nurse. An “Army brat” (and proud of it),


In Loving Memory A resident of Malibu for almost 40 years, Campbell Katz was born in Great Neck, New York, on Jul. 8, 1948, and grew up in Port Washington, Long Island. She attended Stuart Hall High School in Virginia, Sweet Briar College in Virginia and graduated with a B.A. from USC in 1969. Campbell was happily married, for 38 years, to Marty Katz, a Feature Film Producer, and Production Executive. Working together, as Marty’s Assistant at The Walt Disney Studios, from 1986-1996, where

surfing, and playing in ocean waters: • Mother’s Beach in Marina Del Rey • Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica • Inner Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro • Topanga Canyon Beach in Malibu • Herondo Storm Drain at Redondo Beach The warnings have been issued due to bacterial levels exceeding health standards when last tested.

Warnings have been lifted for the following beach areas where recent sample results identified water quality levels The GFOA, founded in 1906, within State standards: is a professional association Leo Carrillo State Beach in whose mission is to advance Malibu excellence in government fiDockweiler State Beach, nance by providing best pracWestchester Storm Drain tices, professional development, Imperial Highway Storm resources, and practical research Drain at Dockweiler State for more than 21,000 members Beach and the communities they serve. Learn more at Recorded information on beach conditions is available 24- hours a day on the CounOcean Water Use ty’s beach closure hotline: Warning Continues 1(800)525-5662. To view map of impacted locations and for for Los Angeles more information please visit County Beaches Beach/. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health City Hall continues to caution residents who are planning to visit the Temporarily Closed below Los Angeles County beaches to avoid swimming, Malibu City Hall will be temporarily closed to the public effective Jan. 5 through Jan. 28, in response to the rise in COVID-19 cases and community transmission in Los Angeles he was born in Pasadena but grew County. Aside from in-person up and received most of his edu- services in City Hall, the City cation in New York City, where staff and departments will conhe became a Fordham University tinue to work and offer all services normally. Communications Graduate. At Fordham, Brian was a star water polo player and captain The City Manager and Public of the varsity team, as well as Safety Manager will assess the an All-American long-distance situation on a daily basis, and if swimmer. He was an avid out- conditions improve sufficiently, doorsman who could be seen will re-open City Hall earlier biking up the treacherous Piuma than Jan. 28. Any changes will be Road, swimming at Pepperdine announced on the City’s website, pool or skiing at Mammoth or social media, and e-notification system. To sign up to receive June Mountain. A prolific writer and producer, COVID-19 e-notifications via Brian shared his knowledge and text and/or email, visit Maliskills, faithfully devoting his time and scroll to to Catholics in Media Associates “COVID-19/Coronavirus.” and The Humanitas Prize, helping new writers hone their craft. Staff is available to assist anyBrian was a kind, generous soul one with City business by phone, who was happy to meet anyone. email, or video call, including He had an amazing memory and plan review, permit issuance, and always had a story to tell that he help with Woolsey Fire rebuild would embellish with a twinkle in projects. Building Inspection operations will remain the same. his eye. He touched many lives. To make virtual appointments A funeral mass will be held on Jan. 15, 2022, at 2 p.m. at Our with City staff and Departments, Lady of Malibu Church, where please call or email: Building Safety Department he volunteered for many years. (including Environmental Health, Coastal Engineering and Marty was Executive Vice Presi- Geotechnical Engineering) Call dent, Motion Picture and Televi- (310)456-2489, ext. 390. Email sion Production, Worldwide, they supervised the production of many films, like “Down and Out in Beverly Hills,” “The Dead Poets Society” “Who Framed Roger Rabbit, “The Little Mermaid.” Together, they formed Marty Katz Productions in 1986, where Marty was President and a Producer, and Campbell was both his assistant on all projects, as well as serving as Vice President of Development and Production. Together, they worked on Titanic, The Four Feathers, Imposter, Reindeer Games, The Great Raid, JAN CURREY Love Ranch, and many other active 1930 - 2021 development projects. Sadly, Campbell passed away on Fashioned in her signature orDec. 25, 2021, from complications ange attire, Jan Currey was a womdue to inoperable throat cancer. She an of style and grace and a true is survived by her husband Marty, artist. Surrounded by her family their three sons, Duane, Charles, and closest friends, she passed and David, granddaughter Chaya, peacefully on Dec. 30 at the age and grandson Samuel. A link to of 91 in Malibu. Campbell’s Memorial Service will Born in Glendale, California, soon be posted on martykatzpro- she was proud to be a eration Californian. Jan attended Hamilton High School and


 Wed. 22 | Break-in at the pharmacy

Super Care Drugs Pharmacy on PCH and Webb Way was broken into, and an estimated $45,000 worth of narcotics were stolen. The victim said he received a text message of a break-in of the store at three in the morning. Upon arrival, the victim noticed the window to the property was shattered and noticed the stolen inventory. The victim had security cameras inside the facility and said the suspect was described as a male wearing a black jacket with green details, a blue face mask, and black gloves entered the business and filled two small trash cans with narcotics from Morphine, Oxycontin, Percocet, Adderall, and Ritalin. The victim said that the business has had burglaries before. The shattered door was estimated to cost $1,200 to replace.

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Malibu’s Award-Winning Community Paper Since 1946 Planning Department Call (310)456-2489, ext. 485. Email Public Works Department Call (310)456-2489, ext. 391 . Email All other City business (310)456-2489, ext. 392. Email All Brown Act public meetings, including City Council and Commissions, will continue virtually as scheduled. The Senior Center is closed, but Senior Center staff are available to assist any seniors in the community that needs help, and the DialA-Ride program will continue to operate. For assistance, call the Senior Center at (310)456-2489, ext. 357.

Malibu Rebuilds— Planning Consultation and Rebuild Resources The Fire Rebuild team is available Monday through Friday at City Hall for complimentary one-on-one consultations about any fire rebuild project. Contact Aakash Shah at to set an appointment for phone or online meeting. For ideas about how to get started with your project, as well as numerous handouts, forms and resources, visit the Rebuild webpage.

COVID-19 Response Update City staff continues to monitor and respond to the pandemic by participating in regular briefings and conference calls with partner agencies and issuing alerts and notifications regarding changes to the situation. On Jan. 6, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LADPH) confirmed 30 new deaths and 37,215 new cases. Other key updates from the County’s COVID-19 Dashboardas of Jan. 6, 2022 include the following: • 1203 confirmed positive cases and 13 deaths in the City of Malibu to date • 1,806,828 confirmed cases and 27,698 deaths in LA County to date • 2,240 current hospitalizations in LA County, an increase of 1,499 since Dec. 20

Community Volunteers Needed in Malibu for the 2022 LA County Homeless Count

Malibu community members are invited to volunteer to join the annual Homeless Count taking place in Malibu on Jan. 26, when thousands of volunteers will help the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority to

studied Art at UCLA. She married Sam Currey in 1953 while pursuing a successful modeling career. Jan’s artistic talent, eye for colorant passion for design led to a noteworthy career designing homes for some of LA’s celebrity crowd. Jan loved her family, dogs, travel, chocolate, and of course, the color Orange! She found inspiration in Mother Nature’s beauty. Whether a rock or fallen leaf, there was always room for one more treasure in her pocket. She also loved Palm Trees; her license plate read “Plant Palms make Malibutiful.” She came from a family of collectors; as a toddler, her parents Mimi and Frank would bring Jan and her brother Ross out to Malibu to collect tiles on the beach in front of the burned Malibu Potteries Factory. Jan became a regular in Malibu in 1953 when her in-laws

conduct the annual street count of County of Los Angeles’s homeless population. Learn more or sign up to volunteer at TheyCountWillYou. org. Volunteers under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. For more information, contact Public Safety Liaison Luis Flores at LFlores@ or (310) 4562489, ext. 236.

PSPS Power Outage Preparedness Training for Seniors and At-Risk Adults The City will provide free virtual training to help seniors and at-risk adults be prepared for Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) on Thursday, Jan. 13, at 3:30 p.m. A free backup battery is available to participating Malibu residents who complete the training, a quiz, and provide a copy of their photo ID. Limit one per household. The training is open to all, but the backup batteries are available only to residents who live within city limits. RSVP online for this free virtual training. If you have any questions or would like to schedule training for you neighborhood or community group, please email

Schedule Your Home Wildfire Hardening Asessment The City continues to offer its no-cost Home Ignition Zone Assessment Program for homeowners. The Fire Liaisons will visit your home and give you a checklist of simple, often inexpensive steps you can take to harden your home against flying embers, a major cause of homes igniting during wind-driven wildfires like the Woolsey Fire. To schedule an appointment or for help with wildfire preparedness, email or call (310)456-2489, ext. 387 or visit the Fire Safety webpage.

Malibu Country Inn Project Public Hearing

On Monday, Jan. 24, the City Council will hold a virtual public hearing on the Malibu Country Inn entitlements and code amendments, as well as the Planning Commission’s recommendation for the project. Should the City Council approve the project, the Local Coastal Program (LCP) amendment will be submitted to the California Coastal Commission for certification review. The project will not be effective until the LCP CONTINUED ON A10

Sam and Agnes Currey built their home on the Old Road. In 1982 those saved Malibu Tiles were put into service; Jan and Sam remodeled then moved into the house on Malibu Road and enjoyed four more decades of life on the beach. Beyond generous, Jan’s homes are a refuge for friends and relatives visiting from afar or anyone needing a place to land and a good meal. Farewell, dear Jan, you were one of a kind, a true iconoclast. Gone but never forgotten, your memory will be a blessing to us and all the people you touched along the way. Jan is survived by her daughter Elisabeth and her husband Mark; their children Samantha, Patrick, and Madison and her son Matt and his wife Aly; their children Hannah, Cameron, Matthew, and Jack. In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to the Alzheimers Association at

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Submission deadline is Monday at noon. Please email submissions to: The Malibu Times

c/o Calendar Editor, to Only events with a connection to Malibu will be considered. Calendar events are scheduled in advance and subject to change.


harnesses a dynamic of contemporary taiko, music, storytelling, and choreography to connect with ancient Japanese tradition and modern innovation for a powerful percussive experience. Tickets range from $20 to $40 for adults and $17 for youth and under. Receive a 10 percent discount when purchasing four or more shows. For more information, visit



The Optimist Club will host its weekly speakers series on Thur, Jan. 13, from 7:30 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. The speakers series are hosted virtually. Zoom meeting ID: 258 573 2373. The passcode is 2AHHiE. For more information, visit

“Tales by the Sea” opens 2022 with six tellers at Malibu United Methodist Church. Featuring Dorothy Randall Gray, Annie Korzen, Antonio Sacre, Xaque Gruber, Dylan Brody, and Susie Duff. The theme is “Havin’ Mercies.”The concerts are hosted virtually. Zoom doors will open at 4:45 p.m. Pacific Ocean Time. Zoom ID: 88364785046. For questions, email:


Malibu’s Award-Winning Community Paper Since 1946

roundings during a full moon at Charmlee Wilderness Park on Mon, Jan, 17 from 5:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Participants should feel comfortable walking on uneven terrain for 90-minutes. Hiking boots or sturdy closedtoe shoes are recommended. Bring water and dress in layers. Led by community services department staff. Ages 14-yearsold and older. Pre-registration is required. For more details and how to regisåter, visit,

 FRI,. JAN. 21 PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY CONCERT Acclaimed composer and violinist Jenny Scheinman will be performing sights and sounds of the Great Depression in the multimedia performance Kannapolis: A Moving Portrait at the Smothers Theatre at 8 p.m. For more information, visit arts.

  The Lisa Smith Wenglar Center for the MON,. JAN. 17 SUN,. JAN. 23 PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY CONCERT Arts resumes its 2021-2022 season with FULL MOON HIKE AT CHARMLEE WILDERNESS PARK several performances throughout January. TAIKOPROJECT begins on Jan. 14 at Experience one of Malibu’s best-hiking The Four Freshmen have continued to 7:30 p.m. in Smothers Theatre. The group venues and learn all about the natural sur- tour worldwide with their unique blend of

harmonic jazz arrangements and big band vocal group sounds. At the Smothers Theatre at 2 p.m., Tickets range from $25 to $55. Receive a 10 percent discount when purchasing four or more shows. For more information, visit:


niously transferred the physical ideals of ancient sculptors, visualized the spectacle of imperial occasions, rendering the intricacies of mythological tales, and delineated the character of gods and heroes in his drawings, paintings, and designs for tapestries. Admission is free and requires a timed-entry reservation. The museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. closed Tuesdays.

Joan Osborne and the Weepies will join FARMERS MARKET forces at the Smothers Theatre at 8 p.m. for an intimate evening of passionate music. Shop for fresh fruits and veggies, preThe Queen’s Cartoonists, Gabriel Martins, pared food, and more at the weekly Malibu and Collision of Rhythm will have their Farmers Market. Sundays, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. own performances to close out the month. 23555 Civic Center Way Tickets range from $22.50 to $50. Receive a 10 percent discount when purchasing SENIOR STRETCH AND STRENGTH four or more shows. For more information, visit: Organized on Mondays from 1 to 2 p.m. and Wed and Fri from 11 to 12 p.m., participants will focus on flexibility, balance, ONGOING THE GETTY VILLA circulation, muscle tone, and breathing techniques. The class will be held outdoors The Rubens: Picturing Antiquity exhi- at Malibu Bluffs Park, from 11 to 12 p.m. bition is hosted now through Jan. 24 at Register for the month or pay a $5 drop-in the Getty Villa. Inspired by the art and rate. For additional information, contact literature of classical antiquity, the dynamic 310.456.2489 Ext. 357, or visit, Malibucity. Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens inge- org/seniorcenter.

Poetry Workshop for Adults with Malibu Poet Laureate Ann Buxie


Staff Report

oin Malibu Poet Laureate Ann Buxie for two complimentary virtual poetry workshops for adults, Caffeinated Verse on Jan. 15 and The Write Time on Feb. 19. The Caffeinated Verse series of workshops include a featured reader followed by an open mic format for poets to share their work. On Saturday, Jan. 15 at 11 a.m., the Caffeinated Verse workshop will feature reader Doug Rucker. Rucker, a longtime Malibu resident, is an architect, artist, and author who has designed dozens of homes in Malibu and elsewhere and has published several books. The Write Time workshop takes place on Saturday, Feb. 19, at 11:00 a.m. During The Write Time workshops, the Poet Laureate provides prompts and examples for participants to explore different forms of poetry and encourage new works. Online RSVPs are required for both workshops at malibucity. org/FormCenter/Parks-and-RecForms-8/2022-Poetry-Programs-

RSVP-Form-Januar y-t-228. Those who RSVP will receive an email with the Zoom link the day before the program. The City of Malibu’s Poetry workshops are organized by the Malibu Poet Laureate Committee and supported by the Malibu Arts Commission. For more information about the City of Malibu Poet Laureate program or other cultural programs, visit or Malibu Poet Laureate Malibu Poet Laureate Ann Buxie was appointed by the City Council on Aug. 23, 2021, to serve as the 2021-2023 Poet Laureate. Ms. Buxie has hosted Tales by the Sea since 1995, a program for literary artists to share their stories, and shortly thereafter expanded the program to include poetry readings as By the Sea events. Her passion for community engagement led to the creation of the City’s Malibu Poet Laureate program, and she has assisted with other successful poetry programs such as Caffeinated Verse, Poetry Stones

at City parks, and Verse About Town while serving on the Poet Laureate Committee. During her term, Ms. Buxie plans to generate interest in poetry by focusing on Malibu’s mission to preserve its ecological relationship with the land by calling on local poets to help foster that mission. In addition, she plans

to enhance the Arts and Education program while focusing on various collaborations with visual and literary artists. Questions related to the Poet Laureate program or arts programming may be directed to Kristin Riesgo, Community Services Deputy Director at


January 1, 2022 after the rain at Surfrider beach and channel is flooded; no access to the Malibu Pier. Photo by Cliff Waeschle

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Public Safety Commission Reflects on Events of Last Year


5 in 1:

Insurance, Mortgage, Real Estate, Taekwondo & Author of Debut book “The Matador & The Mustang Part 1” Serving Malibu for 30+ years

Commission reviews public safety activity and provided progress updates By SAMANTHA BRAVO Of The Malibu Times

2021 was a year of resilience and achievements for the Malibu community. Last Wednesday, Jan. 5, the Malibu Public Safety Commission reviewed public safety activity for the past year, provided updates on the progress with wildfires, evacuation, and proposals on how they can better inform the community during emergency situations. The commission emphasized the importance of home defensibility, generators for traffic lights, raising parking fines, and continuing to educate the public on the importance of fire safety. Malibu’s fire safety liaison, Chris Brossard, gave a brief report on the fire activity. With the few wildfires that occurred, Brossard said only five acres burned in the city limits last year. As for the hazard tree removal grant, Brossard said they have visited 18 properties, removed 38 trees, and have used $88,000 of the $300,000 budget. The Public Safety Expo date has not been determined. Committee member Brent Woodworth recommended suggestions on what the city can do better to be prepared for evacuations and emergencies. “As far as the fires are concerned, with the rain that we’ve had, [we’re] obviously going to see a lot more growth and that growth is going to continue and as such our luck,” Woodworth said. “I hope it holds through in 2022. The more we can do to prepare for the eventuality of

additional fires, the better.” Woodworth said he hopes homeowners will be more assertive in preparing their homes, maintaining their properties as well as receiving support from Los Angeles County Fire and commission groups in addressing the risks. “I would encourage the LA County Fire Department to be as aggressive as possible in citing properties as they come into that time of the year that have not done the proper level of clearance,” Woodworth said. “And whatever can be done in supporting LA County and encouraging agricultural departments within the county to follow through on enforcement.” Woodworth said they’ve experienced challenges with trying to provide information to some of the folks who are in the frontier and hopes to provide better communication to the community on emergencies during power shut-offs. “I’m trying to see if we can get better information from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon—any of the communication providers, as to the impact of power outages on their capabilities, and what they’re doing to ensure their side of the equation is up and running,” Woodworth said. “And they provide the best information for us in advance when potential events occur.” Woodworth hopes to work with companies such as oil service companies who have operations for better evacuation routes and ensure they have generators and the ability to remain open and operational during an evacuation.

“Their services are critical for not only refueling, but bathroom facilities and food services facilities,” Woodworth said. “I think we should push a little harder on that this year.” As for the water district and the water companies, Woodworth said he hopes to get better information on billing issues. “People are wondering, ‘I’m using a lot less water than I did the previous year, I did all of the ranges the water company said, I should be at for minimal usage, and I’m still getting charged a penalty fee,’” Woodworth said. “I think there’s some confusion and an opportunity to get some explanation from the water district as to why that is happening or at least a better understanding on those charges.” To end his report, Woodworth asked if there were ways they could better prepare for potential mudslides, such as the Leo Carrillo flood evacuation that occurred the week prior to the meeting. “Is there more information that we could have gotten from NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) or from another agency that could have given us a better heads up on that, or did we get as much of an early warning as we possibly could?” Woodworth asked. “It’s just an unforeseen event as to how that occurred, and there are things we should do to prepare for potential mudslides like that in the future.” “I just hope this is a year of an aggressive approach to resiliency in Malibu, and I’m sure willing to do anything I possibly can to con-

tribute to that,” Woodworth added. Commissioner Daphne Anneet said she hopes the city will continue with educating Malibu residents of home defensibility in terms of protecting their own properties. “If we can continue the education and the commitment and the enforcement of property owners maintaining the defensibility of their own properties, that would be a big plus if we have a major fire event,” Anneet said. Public Safety Commission ViceChair Doug Stewart recognized Commissioner Chris Frost for receiving the first Public Service Award at the Malibu Association of Realtors event in December. For communication, Stewart recommends a better cell service system, radio, and communications, whether that’s someone communicating with someone on the ground in the city or outside the city. “In the case of Thanksgiving the city lost power, lost communication and it was almost a trial run for a soft big emergency, whether it be an earthquake or a fire or whatever it might be a major storm,” Stewart said. “First off, more generators for the traffic lights, more generators, and more people to help put them in place whether it be CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) or whoever, but the idea of getting those generators up to have the traffic lights work is critical.” Stewart said there needs to be a more efficient way to inform residents when road closures occur. “We also need to realize that we CONTINUED ON A10

310-877-0306 cell CA Ins. Lic. # 0828783 DRE # 01237482 NMLS # 336491 Go With Smith

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LOCAL NEWS SMMUSD Superintendent’s Message: Homeless Task Health and Safety on Campus Force Meeting Ended Staff Report

On Jan. 5, Dr. Ben Drati, Superintendent of Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District (SMMUSD), released an update on the school district’s health and safety measures on campuses. Drati noted that he had compiled considerable information following the return from winter break. The update went over the following: • Information about the new and adjusted safety protocols for K-12 schools adopted on Jan. 1 by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH), including those related to isolation and quarantine • Masking update impacting staff and students • Planning in progress for the use of antigen test kits provided by the state • Overnight trips • Attendance rates, staffing concerns, and an increase in positive cases • What is needed to work toward in an effort to keep schools open as much as possible New Safety Protocols The LACDPH published new requirements and recommendations on Jan. 1. In summary, the following are the most meaningful adjustments. Some will require significant coordination to execute, while others are in alignment with what our School Board previously adopted at the beginning of the school year. Isolation The new guidance provides for students and staff who are required to isolate because of a positive test result to be released from isolation and return to school on the sixth day following the initial positive test result, provided that they have a negative antigen rapid test done on the fifth day and are not symptomatic. This is a change from the previous 10-day requirement; however, at this time, SMMUSD is continuing with the 10-day schedule. They are working on the process for recording and approving return to school on the sixth day as this is a significant shift in protocol and will take some time to develop this system.

The rationale for this is because the CDC has determined that the contagiousness of a person is not a threat by the fifth day, and an antigen test is the best mechanism for this detection. With a PCR test, on the other hand, a person can continue to test positive for three months after the initial infection because of the sensitive nature of a PCR test. The PCR test is still the recommended test for surveillance testing, but an antigen test is the best test for return to school release. Currently, SMMUSD is working on a process to coordinate the tracking of isolation cases and designating staff members for this task. In addition to the testing requirement, students/staff have to wear a mask indoors and outdoors for an additional five days upon return to school. This requirement for masking indoors and outdoors is already a part of the district’s protocol and will not need additional implementation. Other districts are not as fortunate, particularly in regard to outside masking. Quarantine - home or in-school Quarantine is required when a person is exposed based on the following criteria: in close contact for 15 minutes or more and within six feet during the interaction. A student or staff member who is fully vaccinated and asymptomatic does not need to quarantine at home. This protocol was in place before and will continue. Elementary Schools: They are currently considering how we address the potential for classrooms that may have a combination of vaccinated and unvaccinated students. In this likely scenario, a classroom will be split by (vaccinated) in-person learners and (unvaccinated) students who are required to quarantine and learn through short-term independent study— more information to be provided. Students who are unvaccinated must quarantine at home. Students and staff may also quarantine on campus (modified, in-school quarantine) when the following guidelines are followed: the contact with the positive case had to have occurred on campus,

both the positive case and person who came into close contact were both properly wearing masks indoors and outdoors. This protocol has been followed since August. Also, effective Jan. 1, students who are required to quarantine at home can come out of quarantine and return to school on the sixth day, with a negative antigen test as described in the isolation section above. Mask update LACDPH has directed that within two weeks of the start of school, LA County districts must require students and staff to wear masks outside as well as inside. As mentioned, SMMUSD previously adopted a board policy for wearing masks outside, so, fortunately, they do not have to make any adjustments to the current health-protective measures. Students: Students are strongly recommended to wear well-fitting masks, non-cloth masks of multiple layers of non-woven material with a nose wire. Staff: Within two weeks of the start of school, all staff must wear a surgical mask at a minimum. Higher-level masks, such as KN95 or N95, are also acceptable. The district will be providing staff with the appropriate masks, or staff may provide for themselves. Antigen Test Kits The first allotment of antigen test kits from the state for students arrived Monday, Jan. 3, and the second allotment was expected later in the week. These test kits were ordered by Governor Gavin Newsom and distributed to us through the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE). SMMUSD is considering how to best utilize the antigen tests to further expand safety protocols. District COVID Dashboard SMMUSD is currently constructing a new COVID dashboard for the district that they can manage successfully and accurately. It will focus on the number of positive cases they have each week by school site. SMMUSD expected to have it up and running with last week’s data by last weekend to re-

flect positive case numbers. Stay tuned for more information. Overnight Trips Overnight field trips are not prohibited but highly discouraged until the case rates are greatly reduced. SMMUSD will continue to monitor our situation and will be discussing a possible plan to implement trips based on the conditions in our district as well as outside the district. An example of a positive move by the community is to get students vaccinated, as that may influence decisions for future trip planning. We understand that limiting overnight trips is very disappointing for many of our students who look forward to these special trips; however, health and safety continue to be their top priorities. Attendance rates SMMUSD is monitoring student and staff attendance rates at all schools. They are currently facing some staffing shortages due to staff/teachers/administrators who have tested positive and are in isolation. Student absence rates are a combination of positive cases in isolation and families who choose to keep students home until all students are tested through the weekly testing program. SMMUSD offered the excused absence option to parents who are concerned about an immediate return to school, awaiting testing, or just returned from a trip recently and are playing it safe while seeking testing. SMMUSD encourages students and staff to stay home with any sign of illness. In conclusion SMMUSD is aware of the surge in progress right now in both Santa Monica and Malibu and across the nation. They recognize that this month and February may be very disruptive and stressful with students and staff moving in and out of school due to increased cases, and they potentially face staffing and teacher shortages, with substitutes not readily available. The contact tracing and work that will be done to release people from isolation and quarantine is a huge undertaking by SMMUSD’s health and admin staff.

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with an Unsettled Strategic Plan

Plan is intended to enhance the use of existing resources for homeless individuals By SAMANTHA BRAVO Of The Malibu Times

The homeless strategic plan and potential solutions in regards to homelessness and public safety was in discussion during the Homeless Task Force meeting on Dec. 21, 2021. In efforts of balancing the protection of public safety with humanitarian issues, the strategic plan is in collaboration with the public, private stakeholders, the Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl’s office, The People Concern, Pepperdine University, Las Virgenes-Malibu Council of Government (COG), Malibu Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles Sheriff ’s Department and more. The strategic plan is intended to enhance the use of existing resources for homeless individuals. Public Safety Liaison Luis Flores began with mentioning The Greater Los Angeles Homeless Day Count, which is taking place on January 25, 26, and 27. The annual census counts neighbors experiencing unsheltered homelessness and hopes to direct and advocate for vital services to support the needs of unhoused neighbors. “We’re currently in the process of recruiting volunteers,” Flores said. “We’ll be working with our team here to get the word out and get some folks recruited so we can have a strong team on the morning of the 26th so we can have another great homeless count this year.” According to The Count Will You, Los Angeles has the largest unsheltered homeless population in the nation. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority (LAHSA) did not conduct a countywide homeless count in 2021. The City of Malibu, with the assistance of the Sheriff ’s Department, outreach workers, and local resident volunteers, conducted a count on Jan. 20. According to the City of Malibu website, the homeless count last year was approximately 157; there is currently no full report published online. The first item on the agenda was the Homelessness Strategic Plan—which includes seven goals, have not yet been reviewed and approved by the City Council. Members of the task force, which is an independent organi-

zation of community volunteers, were wording and rewording the seven goals of the strategic plan. “All seven goals deal with reducing the number of people experiencing homelessness, so I would let that [first] goal focus on the housing aspect,” Task Force Member Paul Davis said during the December meeting. On the strategic plan draft, some of the goals mention services, programs to prevent homelessness and increase community awareness. While members of the task force were recommending changing the wording of the first goal, some members we’re listening and giving suggestions. After spending about 30 minutes on the first goal, members in the meeting were saying it was taking longer than it should have. “I think we all generally get what the goals are, and maybe we can table this whole thing and move forward,” member William Winokur said. “These are just the goals that were established, and we all kinda get that reducing homelessness, helping people and public safety are really the underlying goals of what we’re trying to do here.” Members agreed to change the wording of the first goal and move forward. “For the rest of this, I don’t think this was a very efficient way of going about it,” Homeless Task Force Chair Ian Roven said. “I do like the wording. We’re taking this from another group that has been working on this for a long time and have provided the report to the city, and apparently, this is going to be a reflection of our task force now.” Roven motioned to form an ad hoc committee to no more than five task force members to provide recommendations by redlining the draft homelessness strategic plans goals by the next meeting. The members that are a part of the committee are Ian Roven, William Winokur, Paul Davis, and Public Safety Manager Susan Dueñas. As far as the public engagement, task force member Theresa Davis said that would follow as soon as they have a proposal to present and receive feedback from the public. The next Homeless Task Force meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 28. Location is to be determined.

January 13 marks six-month search for local 25-year-old Jack Stein has been missing since the night of Tuesday, July, 13

By SAMANTHA BRAVO Of The Malibu Times

Jan. 13 marks six months since the disappearance of Jack Stein, who has been missing since the night of Tuesday, Jul. 13. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff ’s Department, Stein, 25, was last seen around 7:45 p.m. at his residence in Agoura Hills. He was last seen wearing a navy blue hooded Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt, black shorts, and a gray t-shirt. His sister Zoë Kustritz said the areas that he knows well in Los Angeles are Malibu, Venice, Agoura Hills, Newbury Park, Westlake, and Thousand Oaks. “It’s been so long that he could be anywhere at this point, but I

think it’s unlikely that he has left the LA area,” Kustritz said in an email to The Malibu Times. “He doesn’t have any ID or money. We drove every inch of Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks, and Westlae; we looked all over Malibu and Venice.” Kustritz recalls the night of his disappearance. “The first night Jack went missing was very intense with the LASD. Many deputies and sheriffs converged on the house where Jack was staying, and my mom and I tried to provide as much information as we could; we stayed there late into the night.” Kustritz said. “Malibu Search and Rescue went up the mountain to try and find a trail. I particularly remember the compassion and heart of the leader

of the Malibu volunteer search and rescue team, who advocated on our behalf to the fire department to send up the second helicopter.” Stein was described by his family as an incredibly talented artist, conversationalist, athletic, who loved to surf, skateboard, snowboard—anything that moved fast. “I miss talking to him on the phone and his sense of humor. We have really different interests, so he always taught me new things. He showed me things I never would have pursued on my own, like TikTok, meditation, surfing, and Yerba Mate Tea,” Kustritz said. “The three most salient parts of his personality for me are his love for moving fast on any type of board, surfboard, skimboard, skateboard, snowboard, his ambition and cha-

risma, and his artistic side.” In hopes of bringing awareness to his disappearance, they’ve created an Instagram account, a website “,” and recently added a billboard on Venice Beach. “If people want to help, the biggest thing they can do is share the missing poster with their network and ask people to keep an eye out,” Kustritz said. “The most important thing is for people in the LA area to watch out for him. I would especially like to encourage people who are in the LA area to join the Facebook group for updates.” Kustritz said Detective Shannon Rincon was assigned to the case the following day. “Detective Rincon has been great to work with and took the

case seriously from the beginning. She was the one who sent up a helicopter for a third search of the Kanan Road-Agoura Road-Lindero Canyon Road triangle the day after Jack went missing and also sent the bloodhound. She has renewed the BOLO [be on the lookout] order for Jack a few times,” Kustritz said. “She added him to all the local and national databases and made sure to check the John Does at hospitals and other institutions. Every time we’ve gotten a tip, Rincon has immediately taken action. She follows up on every tip, no matter how tenuous.” “What I miss the most has to be the support, love, and conversations we shared. He makes ev-

JACK STEIN erything more fun,” Kustritz said. “Not being able to talk to him has been excruciating.” Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff ’s Homicide Missing Person Unit, Det. Shannon Rincon at (323) 890-5500.

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Los Angeles County Assessor Jeffrey Prang released 2021 Annual Report Data Reflects Growth; $17 Billion for Public Services Los Angeles County Assessor Jeffrey Prang released the 2021 Annual Report, reflecting growth and increases in the assessed value of taxable real property despite the enduring pandemic. The report also includes an updated listing of the County’s 88 cities, including the highest valued cities and those with the highest percentage change from the prior year. The 2021 Annual Report is available online at “The 2021 Annual Report helps the public easily access information about the Office of the Assessor, including how property values in each area of the County changed during this last, most challenging year,” said Assessor Jeff Prang. “The dili-

gent work of our staff during these difficult times saw us find new ways to produce and complete our vital functions that ultimately serves as the foundation of the property tax system which generates $17 billion in revenue for vital public services, especially now when the County needs it the most.” The 2021 Annual Report is broken down into categories and chapters, providing a comprehensive view of the strength of the Los Angeles County real estate market. It reveals that last year nearly every city in Los Angeles County recorded an increase in assessed valuation compared to 2020. The report also highlights the total net value of $1.76 trillion for the entire County, indicating the 11th consecutive year of growth, an increase of $62.9 billion (or

The LACoFD and Flagler families greatly appreciate the outpouring of heartfelt messages, condolences, and support. Information on the celebration of life for Fire Fighter Flagler will be shared at a later time. Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger released the following statement regarding the on-duty death of Flager.

“Our LA County Fire Department has tragically lost one of its brave firefighters today. While we await to learn more, my heart is heavy, and I’m deeply saddened. He has made the ultizzmate sacrifice while serving in the line of duty. I send my most sincere condolences to his family and Fire Department colleagues. His bravery will not be forgotten.”

Staff Report

LACOFD Fire Fighter Jonathan Flagler Dies in the Line of Duty Flagler, 21-year veteran, transitioned to the LACOFD in October 2020 Staff Report

Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACOFD) shared the unexpected passing of Fire Fighter Jonathan Flagler. At approximately 2:49 a.m. on Jan. 6, Fire Fighter Flagler sustained fatal injuries while engaged in firefighting operations at a single-family residence in Rancho Palos Verdes. Fire Fighter Flagler was a 21year veteran of the fire service, having served 19 years with the Vernon Fire Department before

transitioning to the LACoFD in October of 2020. He is survived by his wife and two sons. “I join with the Flagler and LACoFD families in mourning the sudden passing of Fire Fighter Flagler,” said Interim Fire Chief Anthony C. Marrone. “It is always a tragedy to lose one of our own in the line of duty. Fire Fighter Flagler made the ultimate sacrifice; his bravery and courage will never be forgotten.” A solemn procession from the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center to the Coroner’s Office was held in his honor. To ensure the proper care and support of the family and friends of Fire Fighter Flagler during this extremely difficult time, Chief Marrone has activated our Department’s Memorial Management and Peer Support Teams.

3.7 percent) over 2020. That value places $17 billion in the hands of the County to be used for those public services just mentioned. The Report also includes the latest information on the new Constitutional amendment Proposition 19 as well as the Office’s many legislative advancements, the many tax resources and tax savings’ programs available, a detailed explanation of California’s property tax system, and the new joint-venture with community colleges that provides a pathway to jobs, among other chapters. Moreover, as the Report does every year, it lists the top 20 highest valued cities in the County for 2021. The top five highest valued cities for 2021 remain the same, with the City of Los Angeles at No. 1 with an assessed valuation

of $723.6 billion (4 percent increase); Long Beach ($65.7 billion, 3.5 percent increase); Santa Monica ($43.834 billion, 3.7 percent increase); Beverly Hills ($40.6 billion, 4.1 percent increase); and Santa Clarita ($38.3 billion, 1.1 percent increase). The top three fastest percentage growth cities in the County in 2021 were Cerritos at 9.1 percent growth, Hidden Hills at 8.9 percent growth, and Vernon at 7.1 percent. Assessor Prang also reminded residents that the average growth does not mean property owners will be subject to a corresponding increase on their annual property tax bills. Nearly 9 out of 10 property owners will see only the modest 2 percent adjustment prescribed by Proposition 13.


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Solemn procession from the Harbor UCLA Medical Center to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office honors fallen firefighter Jonathan Flagler on Jan. 6. Photo by Doug Morrison

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“Just in terms of the noise, the pollution, there are health-related problems with the use of these gas blowers, so we really wanted to speak to that and additional support enforcing those not being used in Malibu,” Jolly said. Another public speaker also requested to release the report against Silverstein. “Where is the transparency?” Rosemary Ihde said. “I really urge you to open it up for public viewing, and then, whatever happens, we can make up our own minds.” Speaker Jamie Francis Wendell said he hopes the city council passes the housing element resolution ordinance. Wendell said he hopes to move to Malibu for a safer environment and cleaner air quality, but that has been prevented due to the pricing. “There is no affordability; when you go on-sites, it shows that the City of Malibu has zero affordable housing,” Wendell said. “I don’t understand the concept and feasibility when you have a Metro station access to places people who should be living in a beach home community should be at all income, not just multi-millionaires, and AirBNB that allow travelers to live in your city.” According to the City of Malibu website, “​​the State of California Housing Element Law mandates that local governments adequately plan to meet the existing and projected housing needs of the community at all economic levels. The State also requires that Housing Elements be updated and certified every five years to reflect the most recent trends in demographics and employment that may affect existing and future housing demand and supply.” Interim City Manager Steve McClay provided an update on the current state and county public health regulations, along with the consideration to resuming in-person meetings was pushed. McClay introduced the new Interim As-

sistant City Manager Ruthie Quinto, the current city treasurer, and the council said their goodbye to Lisa Soghor after almost six years. “Ruth has a stellar background, and I am very pleased to introduce her here to the city council,” McClay said. “Of course, with the warm welcome we are giving Ruth, unfortunately, we have to say our goodbye to Lisa Soghor, our current assistant city manager. Lisa, it has been a pleasure of mine to work with you these past eight months; your dedication to the job, your dedication to the employees, your ability to connect with the staff, as well as the public is amazing, you certainly made my job Lisa on my behalf I just want to thank you for everything you have done with the city.” Soghor thanked McClay for the kind words and said it was an honor working with the rest of the staff for the past five and a half years. “I just want to say I appreciate the opportunity I’ve had to serve this community and work with a truly outstanding staff at city hall,” Soghor said. “We have become a family over these past years, and I hope I have done everything I possibly can in this short time I have remaining.” After Soghor shared her comments, Mayor Paul Grisanti opened the floor to the council to provide comments and updates. Council member Mikke Pierson addressed public speaker Wendell’s comment on the affordable housing crisis and said state mandates have made it difficult to govern these issues. “You’re not wrong; it’s a tricky issue, tricky world, I don’t have all the answers, but we have actually tried to pass our housing element; it’s been returned for more details [and] more definition,” Pierson said. “It’s very tricky for a city like ours; yes there is a huge lack of affordable housing here, we’re aware of it, especially for people who work here, it’s just almost impossible.”


installing underground utilities, retaining walls and footings around the building, and HVAC, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Construction is scheduled for completion in October 2022, and classes at the new campus are supposed to begin in January 2023, at the start of the Spring Semester. Dr. Bradley Lane, VP of Academic Affairs at SMC since last July, confirmed the list of facilities being built for educational programs at the Malibu Campus: an art studio, a computer classroom, a multi-purpose physical activity space, a lecture hall, a flexible science lab, and two general education classrooms. The two-story campus building will also include additional spaces like study areas, an interpretive center, a conference room, offices, and 179 parking spaces outside. The Los Angeles County Sheriff ’s Department substation will occupy a one-story wing of the building, which includes jail facilities, a helicopter pad outside, and a multi-purpose room to be shared by the Malibu community, the Sheriff ’s Department, and SMC. The project employs various sustainability features, including low water consumption fixtures, the use of reclaimed water for irrigation, and green building materials, and is anticipated to receive LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification.


The next step in rebuilds is planning, and that’s where many homeowners get hung up, according to Bundy. Regulations change along with “minimum code requirements of the State of California that city officials cannot just minimize or take away. On top of that, you put a global pandemic that has stalled a lot of what we were doing. The city went back to electronic submittals at least for the month of January due to the recent COVID surge. This complication adds to the process that already took a long time.” In plan check, Bundy oversees mountains of construction documents that include creating parcels, architectural features, interiors, insulation, and roofing requirements, just to name a few. “The majority of parcels in Malibu are located in a terrain that requires more in-depth, technical geology studies. It adds more time to the process,” the building officer reminded. The environmental

Malibu’s Award-Winning Community Paper Since 1946

Pierson thanked Soghor for her time at city hall. “I just want to say thank you as well to Lisa, it’s been amazing working with you, you’re an amazing professional, and I’m happy for your short commute, but I’m not happy for us,” Pierson said. “But at the same time, welcome Ruthie.” Pierson also addressed to public comment regarding the report by stating, “there is some misinformation out there, we have not tried to block the report going out that is not what all, I wanted the report out from day one, and I am making a motion right now and hoping to get a consensus that we vote on releasing the HR report.” Council member Karen Farrer chimed in right away and seconded the motion. City Attorney John Cotti informed the council that since it is not an agendized item, it would have to come back to the next meeting as an item on the agenda. Council member Steve Uhring said his farewell to Soghor and addressed public comments about releasing the report. He also hopes to release information that was discussed in closed sessions that depth with the harassment to the public. “Lisa, we’re going to miss you, you’re going to miss us. I’m sorry to see you leave; it’s been a joy working with you; I wish you the very best; think about us every night and then, just for the heck of it.” Uhring went on to say, “Mikke, if you would agree to add to your request that we take some of the information we got from lawyers during our closed session, session I would like to vote for that. I’d like to have that information made public because I think it displays the kind of discussions we’ve had,” Uhring said. Pierson agreed by stating, “I have no problem with that.” Council member Farrer addressed public comments on the housing element and thanked the Public Works Director, Rob DuBoux, and his staff for responding to the

Lane’s initial thoughts on the course offerings or “Educational Programming” for the Malibu Campus include a mix of credit-based courses that would allow a student to complete an Associate’s degree, and the for-credit courses would be organized to allow transfer to UC and CSU campuses. Non-credit “community education” courses would also be offered, including personal interest classes for all ages, arts, crafts, languages, lecture series, lifelong learning for older adults, writing, computers, and fitness/wellness. Santa Monica College hopes to begin surveying the residents and businesses in Malibu to collect input on what courses they should offer and community uses for the facility. They want to do this through a direct mail survey, public virtual meetings, advertising, social media outreach, regular reports to the City Council, and communication of survey results. Two other SMC officials were introduced— Maral Hyeler, director, instructional services and external programs; who administers the current educational program in Malibu; and Shari Davis, project manager, special projects, the faculty co-lead for SMC’s Public Policy program and representative to the Malibu Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Kathryn Jeffery, superintendent and president of SMC since 2016, expressed her continuing enthusiasm for the Malibu Campus project, which is SMC’s first remote location.

health portion for septic systems and water drainage is also burdensome. Adding to the planning department’s work is an increase in remodeling construction permits filed in Malibu over the last two years. It appears while working from home; many residents decided to upgrade or add generators and solar panels. Bundy’s staff of only three inspectors has made a whopping 25,000 inspections in two-and-ahalf years. Bundy acknowledged she could use more support and predicts another inspector will be hired in 2022 as construction picks up. While the city contracts some inspections to outside employees, it can’t move fire department inspections any quicker. “That’s out of the city’s control. They work directly under the county. They’re not only reviewing Malibu properties. They review all the rest of the county,” Bundy explained. The fire department has two steps—a vegetation review along with an occupancy review.

flooding on Dec. 30. “Affordable housing is something that Mikke Pierson and I in particular, have been working on since we got elected; it’s complicated; obviously our property values are very high here, we’ve been working with the community core of Santa Monica… but we’re still working on it,” Farrer said. Council member Bruce Silverstein addressed the council and public comments regarding the report. “On Mar. 8, 2021, the following item appeared on the City Council Agenda, at the request of Mayor Pierson and Councilmember Farrer, consider whether to hire an outside firm to investigate the allegations of harassment contained in the Jan. 16, 2021 letter from Cannata, O’Toole, Fickes & Olson,” Silverstein began with. He continued, “I was recused from the decision on that item, but I publicly proclaimed that I did nothing unlawful or violative or any existing City Policy and that I was confident that an investigation by an independent employment lawyer would confirm that to be the case. The City Council voted to commission an investigation by an independent employment lawyer of the now-former City Manager’s claims that I engaged in gender-based discrimination in the form of harassment and/or creating a hostile work environment in violation of applicable state and federal laws and/or City of Malibu policies. The vote was 3-1, with Steve Uhring opposed.” “When the [HR] report was first provided to me in July, I asked that the result of the investigation be publicly disclosed, I was told that doing so would violate the terms of the separation agreement with the now-former city manager [Reva Feldman], and I was told the report was privileged and could be disclosed only by a vote of the city council,” Silverstein said. “Tonight, multiple residents have called for the City Council to vote to release the report of the independent investigation. Because I was recused from the vote to

“SMC is incredibly excited about this opportunity, and to see it reach this stage, where we are now discussing [the specifics of ] what will be in the building,” she said. “This is our first remote setting, and we’ll be learning and flexible about what goes into the community spaces and what courses are offered,” she continued. “Establishing a relationship with Malibu High School will be critical, as well as connecting with the Malibu community…I’m truly looking forward to our relationship in this center.” The SMC satellite campus has been a longtime coming—it’s been 18 years since bond Measure S was approved by Santa Monica and Malibu voters in 2004, allotting $25 million for the facility. Since then, bond issue measure “V” was passed by voters in November 2016 for the Santa Monica Community College District, authorizing a debt increase of $345 million. Costs for the Malibu facility are now estimated to be close to $50 million, which includes not only construction but other costs like contributions to the city of Malibu for clean water improvements and prepayment of rent. The Malibu campus is located on approximately three acres of a nine-acre parcel owned by LA County, directly across the street from Legacy Park. A decommissioned 16,603-square-foot sheriff ’s station building on that site was demolished in order to make room for it.

“Working with the fire department at the beginning before COVID, we were able to have a representative from the fire department here or in the Calabasas office. Now those reviews are being conducted electronically.” Once permits are issued, construction has its own challenges. “We are seeing people who started building a year-and-a-half ago are barely finalizing the exterior and interior. The back and forth with the design professionals is time-consuming. They have other projects…too. I wish I had a more-simple answer for you. It’s a lot of variables.” Bundy is concerned that 143 properties have not submitted anything to the city. “I’m hearing that 77 parcels have been sold. We have families that possibly were underinsured. Some families don’t have time to rebuild.” Bundy surmised, “Some families members maybe are not healthy, or families decide it’s too much stress.” The shortage of materials and skyrocketing prices also contribute to slowing the process. “What the fam-

conduct the investigation of the legality of my conduct, I will recuse myself from any vote on waiving privilege to release it,” Silverstein stated. “If the report is released, however, I am hopeful that it will be without redaction, and that the City Council also will waive privilege respecting any legal advice obtained the city’s lawyers prior to the time the City Council voted to commission the independent investigation of the legality of my conduct.” After about fifteen minutes of Silverstein’s response to the report, the city attorney asked that he move to the next subject, which at that time he addressed public comment on affordable housing. “Jamie, I’m sorry I found those comments about our residents insulting, we’re not a town of only a bunch of millionaires, and I’m sure a lot of the people who are struggling to rebuild their homes that were burned in the fire would take substantial issue with that comment,” Silverstein said. Mayor Paul Grisanti followed Silverstein and thanked Soghor for all her dedication and hard work with the city, and welcomed Quinto on board. City council discussed the adopted resolution in terminating the State of Local Emergency declared as a result of the risk of fires associated with individuals living unhoused and otherwise engaged in unpermitted and unregulated camping. Farrer asked if this resolution could be revisited when it comes in season. Grisanti motioned to terminate the local emergency by adopting the resolution. Motion carries 3-2. To end the almost six-hour meeting, DuBoux gave an update on the current projects, the fiscal year of the 2021-2022 update, and disaster project updates that are in the process of being completed. The Planning Commission is scheduled to be on Monday, Jan. 18. The next City Council meeting is on Monday, Jan. 24. To watch the City Council meeting, visit youtu. be/K9HaHJTDicU.


plied America’s Founding ideals to the cause of civil rights. The last best hope for true racial progress, King realized, was solidarity: For people to see and treat one another as equals, they had to feel the tugs of a bond far stronger than either race or politics, and for King, that bond was America. After all, there are two words in the phrase “civil rights,” and King grasped that both are crucial. Civil rights are about the fair and equal participation of all citizens in the American community. For those rights to have any power, the bonds of that community must be close-knit and resilient. “I criticize America because I love her,” King said in a speech about the Vietnam War, “and because I want to see her to stand as the moral example of the world.” All American’s alike can learn from King’s example. “In the United States of America, every citizen should have the opportunity to build a better and brighter future. United as one American family, we will not rest, and we will never be satisfied until the promise of this great nation is accessible to each American in each new generation.”

The premise and promise of King’s dream is that we don’t need to replace or transform our nation’s shared ideals to make our country a better place. We simply need to live up to them. Martin Luther King Jr. lived an extraordinary life and left the nation yearning to do better. At 33, he was pressing the case of civil rights with President John F. Kennedy. At 34, King galvanized the nation with his “I Have a Dream” speech. At 35, he won the Nobel Peace Prize. Then at the young age of 39, he was assassinated. King left a legacy of hope and inspiration that continues on today. Monday, Jan. 17, will mark America’s 37th celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr., life. Honoring King with the sacred status of a federal holiday, of which there are only ten, none other named for a 20th-century figure, is a testament to the unifying power of his legacy. “I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality... I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Malibu residents present certificates of occupancy during Malibu Rotary’s January 5 virtual meeting. Image courtesy Judy Abel

ilies estimated was not enough. A lot of families had to minimize plans. Insurance claims and Edison claims took a lot of time. Some homeowners are still dealing with insurance. There’s a backlog of gas and electrical hookups,” Bundy added.

Bundy says one of her goals after COVID wanes is to have Malibu families who have finished rebuilding meet with those in construction in an effort to share helpful information.

“Families still need a lot of help,” and Bundy always says she’s available if people reach out to her. “The reality is I can’t change what they [fire victims] have been through, but it’s a blessing to be able to serve.”

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Malibu’s Award-Winning Community Paper Since 1946

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Malibu’s Award-Winning Community Paper Since 1946

Malibu high-dollar and celebrity real estate transactions According to “Variety,” “Dirt,” the LA Times, and other publications, there’s a lot going on here By Jimy Tallal Special to The Malibu Times

the Detail Garage chain, with dozens of locations.

Malibu architect Ed Niles’ 1992 futuristic ‘Milton Sidley An heir to Levi Strauss jeans company purchases vacation home in Point Dume for $15.5 million House’ sells for $9.5 million A famous piece of Malibu architecture located on Winding Way recently sold for $9.5 million. Described by some as one of local architect Ed Niles’ most imaginative creations, the two structures of the space-station-like glass and steel domicile are connected by a sky bridge. The house was built in 1992 for real estate investor Milton Sidley and his wife, who lived in it until Milton’s death in 2019. The Sidley family elected to sell the two-acre property earlier this year with a $20 million price tag. But, because the pool of buyers for such a unique design is small, the final sale price was less than half that. The new owner, Paul Schneider, is the co-founder of Chemical Guys, an Inglewood-based brand of popular car detailing products, and co-founder of

Prominent San Francisco philanthropist Daniel Lurie, founder of the nonprofit Tipping Point Community, recently added a Malibu vacation home to his portfolio. Lurie is a son of billionaire Mimi Haas, Levi’s largest individual shareholder, and a stepson of the late Peter Haas, former Levi’s CEO and great-grandnephew of Levi Strauss. The landlocked house he purchased on a Point Dume cul-de-sac for $15.5 million in an off-market deal has had six different owners over the past eight years. The 1.23-acre property is just a short walk to Little Dume Beach and includes an updated main house with all-white interiors built in 1949, a substantial guesthouse, two two-car garages, and outdoor living spaces.

24-year old buys $17 million oceanfront house in the The couple almost immediately bought another guard-gated Malibu Colony Point Dume estate just a few blocks away in another off-market deal, getting a smaller house but Coming from one of LA’s richest families, Cath- a larger and more private lot with a key to Little erina Gores, 24, is the eldest child of multi-billion- Dume Beach. aire Tom Gores—founder of leveraged buyout giant Martin also owns several other Malibu properties. Platinum Equity, real estate tycoon, and owner of the NBA’s Detroit Pistons. Tom owns property within In yet another shift in the neighborhood feel of Malibu, walking distance of Catherina’s on the 24000 block Pacaso buys its first Malibu home for $15 million, offering of Malibu Road. 1/8 fractional ownerships (timeshares) to prospective Catherina’s 1992 Colony house is an updated buyers 5,000 square foot traditional tri-level purchased from one of the executive producers of “Seinfeld,” Just east of Point Dume on PCH, Pacaso recently George Shapiro. bought a $15 million property on two acres in the vicinity of Escondido Beach and Geoffrey’s restaurant. Coldplay frontman Chris Martin continues playing mu- They are now selling off 1/8 fractions of the property sical chairs with Point Dume properties for $2.2 million each as “vacation homes” —good for a total of 44 nights per year, with stays of two to 14 Fourteen months ago, shortly after tying the knot, days at a time. The 12,500 square foot house offers singer/songwriter Chris Martin and actress Dakota almost every kind of room and amenity. Johnson bought a one-acre $12.5 million estate on Pacaso is a California-based real estate startup Point Dume. They recently flipped it in an off-mar- founded by former Zillow execs Austin Allison and ket deal for $14.4 million to Florence Azria, wife of Spencer Rascoff. fashion magnate Serge Azria.

On December 3, ocean front home on Malibu Colony Road sold for $16,950,000 according to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Sale history of this home per public record lists the home sold for $4m back in July 1995 and then listed for sale in August 2021 for $19m with a reduction in sale price to $17m in November 2021 then sold in December. Photos by MLS listing


amendment is certified by the Coastal Commission. The staff report, viewing, and commenting instructions will be posted prior to the meeting on the website. For more information about the project, visit

New Format for Special Events Report

There are currently no permitted upcoming events. The City of Malibu Planning Department posts a weekly report of approved event permits on the website. In order for members of the public to be informed of pending event permit applications and to provide an additional opportunity for public input, the City has changed the Event Permit Report format to include all event permit applications deemed complete for review for consistency and compliance with the requirements of the Malibu Municipal Code and the Planning Director’s action on each application. The updated Event Permit Report has been posted to the City’s website. To sign up to receive an email or text message when an updated Event Permit Report is posted, visit the e-notifications page (scroll down to the “Special Event Permit Report” category).

As of Jan. 1, 2023, in order obtain an STR permit, property owners will need to either: (1) have obtained a valid Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) operating permit for the property that is to be rented as a STR or (2) have entered a compliance agreement with the City. If a property is not in compliance by Jan. 1, 2023, the STR permit will become invalid. Obtaining either of these requirements can take six months or longer.

Edible Food Recovery Requirments Starts for Malibu in 2022

Starting in 2022, Malibu’s grocery stores must donate edible food to food recovery organizations with other food service businesses starting in 2024 to comply with a recently enacted state law. This will help feed the one in seven people living with food insecurity in LA County. Using food recovery to address food insecurity is the best use for surplus food and a vital way for California to conserve resources and reduce food waste thrown in landfills, where it releases methane, which contributes to climate change. To learn more about the Edible Food Recovery program, including which businesses are required to participate, and other information, visit the webpage at

Short-Term Rental Permit Program Free Rain Barrel Program Limitations in Effect West Basin Municipal Water District is launching its STR Permits are issued for one year from the date of issuance and must be renewed annually. As the City enters the second year of Short-Term Rental (STR) Permit Program, property owners should be advised that there are two important limitations on STR permits beginning in 2022. For more information about the STR program, including regulations and deadlines, visit

Hosted Short-Term Rental Ordinance

In November, 2020, the City’s Hosted STR Ordinance (Ordinance No. 472 ) was adopted to regulate short-term rental of property citywide including requiring the presence of an onsite host during short-term rentals, primary residency requirements and multifamily restrictions. The Hosted STR Ordinance is intended to supersede the short-term rental regulations and permit program currently in place. The Hosted STR Ordinance regulations cannot go into effect until the associated amendments to the City’s Local Coastal Program and Land Use Plan are certified by the California Coastal Commission (CCC). In September 2021, the CCC voted to extend the time limit to schedule the public hearing and take action on the City’s proposed amendments until Jun. 29, but may act earlier. Current STR permits will no longer be valid once the new STR Ordinance becomes effective and a new permit will need to be obtained.

New Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Requirements Effective January 2023

2022 free Rain Barrel Program on time for rainy season. Rain barrels, valued at $80 each, are a great way to save water and reduce stormwater runoff by collecting and reusing rainwater. A rainwater capture feature, such as a rain barrel, is also a requirement for West Basin’s grass replacement rebate program, which starts at $3 per square foot of grass replaced. In addition, Malibu residents can register for free home delivery, which began on Dec. 10. For more information and to sign up, visit the webpage at westbasin. org. Barrels may also be picked up at a drive-through event on Saturday, Jan. 29, 8 to 11 a.m. at Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility in El Segundo; or Saturday, Feb. 5, 8 to 11 a.m. at West Basin Municipal Water District Headquarters in Carson.

Holiday Operating Hours for City Parks and Facilities

important part in keeping the field in safe and playable condition throughout the year. The park’s other facilities will remain open.

Updated Masking Rules for Mega Events

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LADPH) Responding Together at Work and the Community Health Officer Order has been updated. Updated definitions for mega-events effective Jan. 15. The masking requirements are effective no later than Jan. 17. Changes are highlighted in yellow on the order: Masks must be worn at all times while indoors at Cardrooms. Patrons may remove masks only when actively eating or drinking in designated dining areas and may not consume food or beverage while playing or gaming. As soon as possible, but no later than Jan. 17, 2022, employers are required to provide their employees, who work indoors and in close contact with others or the public, with and require them to wear a well-fitting medical-grade mask, surgical mask, or higher-level respirators, such as an N95 filtering facepiece respirator or KN95, at all times while indoors at the worksite or facility. In alignment with the State Public Health Officer’s Dec. 31, 2021 Order, beginning Jan. 15, 2022, attendance thresholds are lowered to 500 attendees for Indoor Mega-Events and reduced to 5,000 attendees for Outdoor Mega Events. Recognizing the protection provided by masking while indoors and in crowded settings, there is a strong recommendation that at Mega-Events, Performance Venues, Movie Theatres, and Entertainment Venues, food and drink only be consumed where possible, in designated dining areas. Mega Events, Performance Venues, Movie Theatres, and Entertainment Venues are responsible for messaging, signage, and compliance with masking requirements unless spectators/customers are actively eating or drinking.

Updated Infection Control Requirments for Employers in LA County

The COVID-19 Ongoing Requirements for Employers document has been updated as of Jan. 5, now updated to reflect that the County Health Officer Order requires employers, effective Jan. 17, to provide and require employees to wear a well-fitted medical-grade mask, surgical mask, or higher-level respirator, such as an N95 filtering facepiece respirator, or KN95 at all times while indoors at the worksite. Malibu Bluffs Park Multipurpose Also updated to add recent changes to the Cal/ OSHA ETS requirements, effective Jan. 14. Other Field Closed Dec. 13 to Feb. 2 pertinent information and resources can be found The Multipurpose Field at Malibu Bluffs Park will on the Los Angeles County Department of Public be closed for its bi-annual rest and renovation Monday, Health website at Dec. 13 through Feb. 2. The rest and renovation play an Coronavirus City Hall and the Malibu Community Pool will be closed on Monday, Jan. 17 in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. All other City parks and facilities, including the skate park, will be open from 8:00 a.m. to Sunset. For additional information, visit MalibuCity. org/Facilities or call (310) 317-1364.


need to talk to the public; we can’t forget that at all,” Stewart said. “Whether it’s about trying to avoid the road problem at PCH because if the communication system isn’t working, they don’t know what’s there. They drive up to it, and they have to turn around and cause even more problems.” Stewart suggests implementing a better FM Alert System as soon as possible. ​​Public Safety Manager Susan Dueñas said all the topics they discussed are on the radar for the City Council Meeting that occurred on Monday. The last item on the agenda is parking citations, and while Dueñas suggested raising the price of parking citations, City of Malibu Finance Manager Renee Neermann said they have been receiving calls—mostly tourists, in regards to the price of the ticket. “I caution against higher fines and would encourage us to focus on better signage and making those signs less confusing, etc,” Neermann said. “The other concern is, by law we do have to offer a payment plan for low-income people, and we do get a request for those at least two a week that we do have to put people in a payment plan if the fines get higher and more people can’t afford to pay those, you’re really losing that fine anyway because of the amount of processing and tracking it takes to monitor,—you’re really losing the fine anyways.” Commissioner Joshua Spiegel disagreed with Neermann’s proposition in not raising fines, saying raising parking fines should be implemented. “If someone wants to come and park on my sidewalk and park on my highway and create unsafe situations, they’re going to need to pay for that,” Spiegel said. “We’re not Las Virgenes, we’re not Santa Monica, we’re Malibu California, and if people want to come out here and be crazy, they’re going to need to pay for it.” To watch the Public Safety Commission Regular Meeting visit

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Malibu’s Award-Winning Community Paper Since 1946

Malibu’s Award-Winning Community Paper Since 1946

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The Malibu Times

Malibu Life THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 2022

Section • $.50 • WEEKLY

Malibu Search and Rescue Makes Harrowing Rescue

Photo Above: Fith Rescue of 2022 involvimg three hikers stranded on a boulder in the rock pool at the water feature at Malibu State Park. Photos Right: Third call in the first three days of 2022 involved treacherous conditions. Malibu Creek State Park is always a challenge during or after significant rains and last night was no exception. Photos courtesy of Malibu Search and Resue Team

Two helicopters in a narrow gorge, rushing water and below-freezing temperatures just one of five rescues in the first six days of 2022 By JIMY TALLAL Special to The Malibu Times


fter finishing 2021 with 148 callouts, 2022 has started out with a bang,” Malibu Search & Rescue (SAR) Team Leader David Katz said. That’s actually an understatement—the all-volunteer group of Reserve Deputy Sheriffs has already been called out on five rescues in the first six days of 2022. The group’s third call on the third day of 2022 involved a treacherous rescue at Malibu Creek State Park’s rock pool that very easily could have turned into a disaster on several levels. Just days after receiving nearly seven inches of rain that turned Malibu Creek into a raging torrent, Malibu SAR received a dispatch to rescue four hikers ages 16 to 21, “strand-

ed on a large boulder in the middle of a rushing river of rapids,” according to Katz. The urgent call came in at 7 p.m. when it was already pitch dark at the rescue site with below-freezing temperatures. Two of the hikers were brothers that had finally succeeded in texting their parents in Agoura Hills despite spotty, intermittent cell reception. The parents called 911; the mother later said her sons were very familiar with the park. Once Katz and a dozen members of the SAR team reached the site by vehicle, they still had a 10-minute hike to the rock pool. The roar of the creek was so deafening that even honking their horns and yelling at the tops of their lungs, they couldn’t hear or see anything of the hikers. “We climbed a cliff to the gorge and peeked around, and one of the guys saw either a flashlight or a light from a phone [in the distance],” Katz said in a phone interview. The hikers had now been located. “So, in a dark canyon full of rushing water, we used our inflatable boat to get six rescuers across the water. After an hour, we still couldn’t get rescuers any closer than 75 feet. It was too dangerous to get

any closer, but at that distance, we were at least able to yell back and forth to the hikers.” SAR then requested assistance from California State Parks and LA County Fire Department Air Operations. Two helicopters - numbers 14 and 19 – responded. Initially, neither helicopter was able to reach the victims directly, because they were too deep into the narrow gorge and the hoist cables weren’t long enough. The helicopters then lowered a medic as far down as possible, who climbed down to the hikers and got them to climb up to a higher place. That put the victims in a position to be hoisted out. The helicopters alternated evolutions, hoisting one hiker at a time until all four were brought to the safety of waiting fire department vehicles at the entrance to Malibu Creek State Park, in an operation that took 15 minutes—from 11:10 to 11:25 p.m. However, it took SAR until 1 a.m. to gather up all the equipment and close out the operation. The hikers were uninjured but extremely cold. In a second, similar rescue on the night of Jan. 6, at 9:40 p.m., SAR received an almost identical call

for help—three people ages 24 and 25 were stranded at the rock pool at Malibu Creek State Park after dark, only this time conditions were much better, with less flowing water and an outside temperature of 50 degrees. The three were stuck on a rock in the middle of the pool after someone removed a board they had used to get across earlier that day. This time, the boulder the victims were stranded on was much closer, and SAR was able to accomplish the rescue by boat. Founded in 1977, the Malibu Search & Rescue Team is an all-volunteer organization made up mostly of LA County Reserve Deputy Sheriffs as well as civilian volunteers—a unit of the Los Angeles County Sheriff ’s Department based at the Lost Hills Sheriff ’s Station. The free rescue service covers 187 square miles of the Santa Monica Mountains. “We have a very committed team, which is one of the busiest in the state,” Katz said. “We average one call every two days, and we all have regular jobs.” Most SAR volunteers need to have an EMT certification and attend Sheriff Academy. For more information, go to

Nearby Country Club chosen to host US Women’s Open in Four Years


Drone photo of The Riviera announced as the site of the Women’s Golf championship. Photo by Steve Brener

The nearby The Riviera Country Club will be the host of the 2026 US Women’s Open. By MCKENZIE JACKSON Special to The Malibu Times


he Pacific Palisades club was selected by the United States Golf Association to host the championship tournament on Jan. 7. The club’s hosting of the top women’s golf event will also mark its centennial celebration. The Riviera Country Club President Megan Watanabe said the country club is honored and thrilled to be selected to host the open, which

will feature the best women golfers on the globe. “We will be celebrating our 100th anniversary, and having the opportunity to work with the USGA to showcase a spectacular championship will certainly add to the special year we are planning to have,” she said. “We would like to thank the USGA for the ongoing partnership and look forward to a long and beneficial relationship in the years ahead.” The Riviera Country Club was designed by George C. Thomas Jr. and William Bell. It opened in 1926. Golf great Ben Hogan captured the first of his four US Open Championships in 1948 at the Pacific Palisades club’s par 71 course, and 50

A Happy, Healthy, Safe and Prospe

This photo is taken from the deck of our home on Malibu Road, at sunrise December 26, 2021, with a seagull enjoying the beautiful weather. Photo by William SLoan MD FACS

To submit your Best Shot, send a high resolution (300 dpi) jpeg photo by email to, along with information indicating where and when the photo was taken, what the subject is and the photographer’s name. Please indicate in the email subject line: Best Shot submission.


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Entertainment Editor PAGE B-2 • Thursday, January 13, 2022

PAGE B-2 • Thursday, December 16, 2021

Actor Alec Baldwin

Malibu’s Award-Winning Community Paper Since 1946 Malibu’s Award-Winning Community Paper Since 1946

rifying lightning storm. just smell the scented pinecones and always the “Grinch who stole ChristO Christmas trees, and you will know mas,” “Acome Charlie Brown So, when they say dreams true Christmas,” in Hollywood, the since @AlecBaldwln____ / Twitter it’s the most wonderful time year. “Home Alone,” “Jingle All the Way,” can turn out to be ofnightmares, too. is a ba Before you know it, you’ll be rocking and of course “It’s a Wonderful Life” around the tree. these holiday pics never go out of•style Chan 8-Bit Christmas can be seen on and are just for you! Califo Submitted by Burt HO!Ross HO! HO! HBO-Max.


A Little Safety Goes a Long Way Island P t is said many times that Malibu is an industry town, home Sneak preview Th to gaffers, focus pullers, make-up artists, actors, producers, until t the Malibu Film and more. ART EXHIBIT By Kim Devore neutr Society preview here only much bad news I can absorb. The Center On location, be sure to tiesneak your gear and tieis it upsoSubmitted good. CONTINUED FROM B1 by Burt Ross Entertainment Editor for Disease Control and Prevention recently added four took thecause critically acclaimed Heavy equipmentofcan terrible damage. But that’s not European destinations to its highest-risk category for travelhotrods, and muscle cars my whole life. I“Belfast” paint Depe film last Saturday, MALIBU SEEN SEEN PERSPECTIVE PERSPECTIVE THE MALIBU the only danger on set. Hungary, Iceland, the Czech Republic and Guernsey. I can what I enjoy.” Th By Editor By Column the film’s ByBurt Burt Ross,Contributed Contributed Column ByKim KimDevore, Devore,Entertainment Entertainment Editor accept not beingthe able to Ross, travel to Hungary, Iceland or the Of course, most recentwriter/direcdisaster comes from movie Some vintage car owners the who enjoy Fritz’s herds tor, Kennenth Czech butpracI don’t know how I am going to survive work“Rust,” drove Sneak their collectibles to Alec the show. The starring Baldwin. TheBranagh, scene hadRepublic, Baldwin preview touris not being able to go to Guernsey. parking lot was filled with classicappeared cars from the for antown, in-perticing int aalso dusty, dirty old Western on a set where twoI always here isme only so but much badthought news IGuernsey can absorb. Forgive CDC, was a The Center theincluding Malibu Film 1940s through 60s, a 1930’s era becau son the Q&A with Executive him innobody a straightwho jacket. Paul slept four 24-year-olds handled props. Duesenberg. TheSociety oil painter has brought allammunition and kindfor of cow, not a Control destination. I know hasAsbeen sneak preview Disease and Prevention recently added Director Scott out Tallal. continued to fight the sensa- Jersey these cars and life with impressionistic to a Guernsey, and itscecertainly is its notsoundly, on myI list of travel destinaofmore thetocritically acclaimed In Baldwin’s case, it turned to British be worstdestinations case European to highest-risk category for traveltion of sliding down a You hill in a straight he apologize other day I was to a went something this: could wante brushwork on display, althoughlast what you’ll see actor/filmmaker Branagh tions. (I totalking the 63,000 people wholike call Guernsey film “Belfast” Saturday, nario. Baldwin’s gun went off and cinematographer Halyna jacket. I don’t know if I ever fell asleep Hungary, Iceland, the Czech Republic and Guernsey. I canTh friend of mine back east. He pick two items from column A and in Malibu are Giclée prints. writer/direcWhen Guernsey is linked with three well known counthe film’s hasand been nominated forhome.) fiveinjured that night. Hutchins was shot killed. The shot also director is getting up there in age (as one from column B, but if you chose accept being able to Sesame travel song, to Hungary, Iceland or the “I try to get all the emotion, excitement, and tries, I not can only think of the “One of these things tor, Kennenth Branagh, Thefrom next day we to more it”Gu different Academyof Awards we all are),and and he was planning on one item Column C,awoke you could dramaJoel and the danger. That’s what I’m addressSouza. Commotion followed, course, turned the is not like the others; one of these things does not belong.” Czech Republic, but I don’t know how I waddled am going to surviv appeared for an in-perand choose onewhen fromIcolumn A, to andthe ca- restric meeting his estate attorney to go onlycarbs, during his career, and iswithnow ingathere,” heson shared. Okay, I have to find out what and where Guernsey is, Q&A with Executive film set into the worst in Hollywood. Malibuites enjoy the masterpieces the Getty Villa Photo courtesy Getty Images. whodunit Photo by Getty Images noe, I was that I might not being able go toorGuernsey. if you chose anconcerned item from Column D, sink We over his Will. He has to no children always ted tha Fritz has quiet moments, too,Tallal. inwidely his paintings. since it is apparently more than a breed of dairy cows. Guernsey expected to receive Malibu’s Scott (left) interviews Kenneth Bran Director Scott British nrelatives these unusually sad times, weTallal allthat it.was The lake was beautiful, a large so by emailin Ammo may be the scariest arsenal in Hollywood, but all it unless you were willing to buckwas close but wants to make cerForgive me CDC, but I always thought Guernsey a “Just standing around cars. That would have is a need bailiwick, whatever anew bailiwick is,“Belfast.” and it is located inlake thein front good so quickly across the actor/filmmaker Branagh directed a hopefully, more for “Belfast.” kind payswam more. tain that hisa estate islaugh, not passed on to film, dangers pop been kinds me in theof mid-70s standingcan around a Ca-up in tinseltown. of cow, not a destination. I know nobody who has been my favorite story will put a smile We of us, and all was good but for the fact Channel Islands off ofof England. who live here infirst Southern has been nominated for five My date looked at the item in several distant relatives, none whom maro in a parking lot. The stories are coming “I have had many close calls,” said Paul Laufer, who that IA desperately needed to get a gooddestina on your face are to begin theitnew year. California apparently not only ones who have Channel to Guernsey, andshowed certainly is not my list of travel different Academy Awards he especially likes. He me a the Column andon announced she did not from my life experience and things I’ve seen at Many years ago, when I was probnight’s sleep. Islands on our horizon. worked himself up the from focus puller toonone during his career, andladder is sheet that and onof listing all 63,000 like that selection. I immediately had aGuernsey tions. (Iwent apologize tothe the people who call the racetrack.” ably The in my 50’s, I and tookthe a three-day When explained tothis Paulisland that I nevFrench Brits played tug ofIan war with widely expected to receive those relatives; he wants to make cersneaking suspicion that this was going Malibu’s Scott Tallal (left) interviews Kenneth Branagh, actor and filmmaker wro hottest photography directors and cinematographers around. home.) When Guernsey is linked with three well known This was the first art reception at City Hall camping trip with my bride’s brother er really got any sleep, Paul uttered thewhocoun until a“Belfast.” Pope a Papal bulltoinbe1483 Guernsey directed a new film, tain never partakeissued of his inheritance. the firstdeclaring and only date between us. more for “Belfast.” and its Malibu City Gallery since March of Paul films, Gavin. We hiredLaufer a guide who was words whichsong, I will remember thethese rest He worked on first-class commercials and but tries, I can only the Sesame “One of thin neutral. The neutrality a century when English I suggested him thatthink thereonly wasof anlasted When she continued thatthe she detested familiar withtothe Adirondack Mounof my life, “I have been on camping 2020. said the most horrific scene he remembers took in awith tertook itlike As aothers; bailiwick, Guernsey is one of three Crown isinfinitely notin the one of these things does not belong.” easier way deal this the trips second selection, knew that our tains upstate Newto York. He brought before. TheIfirst night is always “We couldn’t give the love [a reception] to the Dependencies run by a bailiff, whatever a bailiff is. days together were extremely limited. matter, especially since his attorney lightning storm. now have findtough, out what where Guernsey is “8-Bit Christmas” is set in 1980s Chicago, a 10-year-old sets out on a quest to get the twoOkay, canoes, the food,Iand someto campbut the and second night you will artistsrifying in the last group showing “Eye to the FuBefore she went on, I interrupted her, charges by the hour. The weather is temperate there with fields of tomatoes and Christmas gift of his generation: the latest and greatest video-game system. File photo inginequipment, and awaythey themore three ofthan sleepalike a baby.” Those were exactlyGuern ture,” whichSo, closed last month, saidsay Arts Comwhen they dreams come true Hollywood, since it isdairy apparently breed of dairy cows. “There overcows. 7 billion people hundreds of selections on herds The island“There actually hosts a great many the are words I had wanted to hear. us went.ofare @AlecBaldwln____ / Twitter Sparkle missioner Fireball Tim Lawrence, who helped can turn out to be nightmares, too. isinhabiting aWebailiwick, ait bailiwick is, and isfuture located Earth,” Iwhatever started. this menu. Wouldn’t beitconsiderably tourists although I will not be one for the foreseeable That night I itgot into my sleepingin the set up two tents, and“Isn’t the guide Actor Alec mount the show along with Arts Commissioner is the Baldwin season for movies, But not all holiday movies are easier to to listIprepare those few people whom if you were to telllive me what you and snow because can see tomato fields and Guernsey cows in New Channel Islands off England. We who here in Souther started our first of meal. Heeasier bag, waiting to sleep like a baby. I was Julia Holland. “We’re trying to brand Malibu especially December mov- Christmas movies. ‘House of Gucci’ do like, not what you don’t?” you want to be your beneficiaries rathwas definitely intoapparently carbs. In fact, I Iexhausted. onlyeven had Iifnot slept the Jersey. And are because of the CDC, can’tonly goNot there I have @AlecBaldwln____ Twitter City Gallery. We have a functioning gallery. I’m California not the ones who Channe ies. Things kicked off with starring Malibu’s Lady Gaga is /the er than listto, all those on Earth She didbefore, not appreciate my just tone,canoed and have never seen so people many carbs—peanight but I had forparishio wanted which I don’t. Young Actor Alec Baldwin A Little Safety Goes a Long Way a merry, merry little flick that goes by dramatic saga of the famous Gucci happy people are here,” Holland added. Islands our horizon. whom youon don’t to French partake of I did notisappreciate her. guessed nut There butter, pancakes, fries, many miles. I waited for Mr. Sandman Our Lady of M is a want street in Malibu which namedyou clan and is getting plenty of Oscar “Hishome stuff is the best,” commented artist and the name of ‘ A Boy Called Christmas.’ t is said many times that Malibu is an industry town, your largesse?” So why do I bring up these two and MilkyFrench Ways.II assume somehow had the toplayed do his thing, but I was beginning to Churc The and the Brits tug of war with this islan Catholic it”Guernsey.” I can still go there despite COVID actor Tony Dow of “Leave it to Beaver” fame. In A thisLittle one, you’ll find anGoes odd combo of buzz. Likewise, Malibu resident Stem Safety apullers, Long Way distinct feeling that he was trying to experience deja vu all over again. (No seemingly different tales—the one All of this reminds me of a blind to gaffers, focus make-up artists, actors, producers, a “snow fight” until a Pope issued a Papal bull in 1483 declaring Guernsey restrictions, and I have an infinitely better chance of being spot“He has a good eye for color, and his brushwork mild violence along with lots of laughs. phen Spielberg’s colorful “West Side t is said many times that Malibu is an industry town, home fatten us upover like50 what the witch longer am I capable of saying “deja vu” my friend preparing his Will date had years withdid a toabout the annual tree andstoryline more. ted Ithere than on theago bailiwick, whatever that is. is really good.” The involves that age-oldmake-up Story” is getting good fan producers, base. The neutral. The neutrality only lasted a century when the at to gaffers, focus pullers, artists,a actors, poor Hansel and Gretel. without adding “all over again.”) outsideEnglis the chu woman whom I took to a Chinese and the other about the girl with the The Tom Fritz “Deliver Me” exhibit closes question, is Santa Clause the one we Broadway classic-turned-iconic film On location, be sure to tie your gear and tie it up good. Saturday evenin Paul and I retired to our tent not Maybe I was missing something, but and more. took it over. Asthought a bailiwick, Guernsey is one Crown menu? I think thereof is athree lesrestaurant. (I bet you I had Chinese Submitted by Burt Ross on Jan. 20. all know andlocation, love or something more getting the full Spielberg 4. The longit,after sunset since there was notsonittoseemed to here. me like night two wassnow—m On be sure tocause tieis your gear and tie it treatment. up good. be learned It is far easier, lost and the title “The Chinese Heavy equipment can terrible damage. But that’s not Dependencies runthebymiddle a bailiff, whatever a bailiff is. fitting for the times, something like a terrible The storydamage. has romantic teens like the foam—made a much to night in eerily similar to nightand one—make that efficient, enjoyable, positive Menu” wasdoforatanother column.) I do ofmore Heavy equipment can cause But that’s not the only danger on set. The weather is temperate there with fields of tomatoes an wintry wonder non-stop video game? fantastic Maria (played by newcomer nowhere. Our guide hung the remainidentical. Again I had the sensation of O not remember my date’s name, nor can to declare what you want rather than the only danger on set. forhelpthese South most recent disaster from the movie We Of won’tcourse, know untilthe the incomRachel Zegler) as well comes as Tony (Aning carbs high up between two trees soto enumerate sliding down anhosts inclineand while herds of dairy cows. The island actually a great many I visualize her. What I do remember is what you dislike, this Of course, the most recent disaster comes from the movie Californian kid therestaurant’s bears wouldn’t them. As far asadvice lessly twisted in a straight jacket. parable Maggie Smith narrates as sel Egort.) The The twoscene fall in love despite “Rust,” starring Alec Baldwin. had Baldwin practhe menu.get It was gargantufrom somebody who loves to Howfuture em tourists although I will not be one for the foreseeable “Rust,” starring Alec Baldwin. The scene had Baldwin praccould this possibly be since Paul had I was concerned, the bears could havecomplain. Go figure. only she can. The series can beofseen theirTrust different backgrounds. It doesn’t an. You needed strength merely to lift Calydonian bear hunt. Photo courtesy j. Paul getty ticing in a dusty, dirty old Western town, on a set where two ticing in a dusty, dirty old Western town, on a set where two IThe can seea large tomato fields and ofGuernsey cows in New all thethe carbs they wanted since I could that on the second here is only so much bad news I canbecause absorb. Center on Netflix. take long to see why West Side has it, and menu offered variety Iassured bet noneme you realized that in night, y 24-year-olds handled the ammunition and props. he turkey has been made into own impressive collection. and the British Museum and places far and barely move after our first meal. I would likego a baby? 24-year-olds thebecome ammunition and props. ‘B-Bit Christmas’ ishandled another one to such a longtime classic. Many Jersey. And because ofinto theaddition CDC, Isleep can’t there of selections which werefour divided to being a humor writer, I ameven if I for Disease Control and Prevention recently added InSanta’s Baldwin’s case, it turned out to be worst case sce-off with a magnif- wide. They join three major paintings and The New Year kicks Paul entered the tent carrying a It was now around midnight, and sandwiches and casseroles long put into Stocking. It’s about a turned early releases areaAFI winners or nomIn Baldwin’s case, it out to be aFlemish worst casePeter sce-Paul anatomical Columns A, B,for C, and D. The menu also a philosopher! wanted to, which I don’t. European destinations to its highest-risk category travelnario. Baldwin’s gun went off and cinematographer Halyna ago, the stuffing and veggies have icent exhibit by artist bottle meant for urine. “Why are you Paul seemed to be asleep. Then about studies in brown ink from the folksy family living in a folksy town. inees, including “Tick, Tick…Boom!” nario. Baldwin’s gun went off and cinematographer Halyna There is a street in Malibu which isasnamedyou bringing that in here?” I asked with an hour later, I continued toguessed toss been gobbled filling fat theshot Rubens looked to classical Hungary, art for in- Getty’s own collection. Hutchins shot killed.and The also who injured director Iceland, the Czech Republic and Guernsey. I can Then, the state was ofup this little,and tinybellies, town “Bruised” starring Malibu’s Halcandy canes and chocolate bars have disYou’ll also come across an outstanding alarm in my voice. His explanation and turn, Paul said simply, “Maybe it’s spiration. Send itorto editorial by email editorial@ Joel Souza. Commotion followed, course, andalso turned the director shot Home and killed. shot injured it”Guernsey.” Ithe assume I can still gotothere despite COVID le BerryofThe working both sides of the isHutchins changed when was the Nintendo accept not being able to travel to Hungary, Iceland appeared one by one. You’ll be mesmerized by masterworks piece called Peter Paul Rubens’ “Self-Pordid not comfort me, “When I take my the third night.” There was a moment film Souza. set intoCompany the worst whodunit in Hollywood. Then there’s King Richard. Entertainment moves in. camera. Joel Commotion followed, of course, and turned the trait With abut and I athave an infinitely sp You can alsobetter drop chance one offofof being Czech I of don’t how Irestrictions, going to survive like “The Calydonian Bear Hunt” circaRepublic, Group Friendsknow in Mantua.” contacts out, I cannot see all.” Unless of silence followed by the two us Now it’s time for a little breather as we Ammo the may be the scariest arsenal ina Hollywood, butin-all Itfilm is considered ultimate prize for It’s based on true story that will into thecan worst whodunit in Hollywood. than on the bailiwick, whatever that is. scared It is the artist’s takenot on abeing 3rd Plus, findto theGuernsey. Getty’s impressive ted I wasthere missing something, Paul’s lack laughing so hard we probably ring inset 2022. Which makes it the perfect 1611-1612. ableyou’ll to go kinds dangers up in tinseltown. which theof crew vied. And it pop was for spire audiences everywhere. Most of at The Malibu Times office, located at 24955 time Ammo for a little exercise, walk on the beach, permanent collection. of vision was all the more reason he all the wildlife for miles around. century Roman Sarcophagus. Itbut depicts may the scariest arsenal in Hollywood, alla “I have many close calls,” said Paul Laufer, who good reason It was abe contender all, these films can’t compare with the brave warriors, Forgive but I always Guernsey wasouta of our tent. The next morning the guide asked if or a trip to too. thehad museum. Inme 1600CDC, Rubens traveled to several thought cities should leave the urinal wild scene of lions, horses, Pacific Coast Hwy,Suite A102. kinds of dangers can pop up in tinseltown. King. It’s the familiar tale of a deterfor the best Christmas movie of the worked himself up the ladder from focus puller to one of the in Italy, including Venice, Florence, and Apparently, Paul wasbeen concerned that the two of us had been laughing hysEven many Malibuites don’t know that and colorful maidens. kind of cow, not a destination. I know nobody who has year for years in a gardens row. mined father who happens to beLaufer, hottest photography directors and cinematographers around. there isseveral ahave gem ofhad lush and masterThere soaked the techniques heDuesenberg. ventured outside relieve him- terically around one in morning. It’s not the type ofa dad thing one would ex-was Rome. “I many close calls,” said Paul who Original photos should be dropped offtheor The parking lot filled with vintage cars from theup40s including 1930sifera Photosdestinabyto Julie Ellerton/MT to Guernsey, and ithelike certainly isto 60s not on my list of travel “Christmas movies are a good way to two of pect the greatest tennis stars of Villa, He worked on first-class commercials and films, but Laufer pieces right in their own back yards. to find at the Getty but you’ll of the masters Titian, Raphael, Leonself, he might get lost in the wilderness. Paul and I looked at each other, and worked himself upsays the ladder fromand focus puller to one of the tions. (I apologize to the 63,000 people who call Guernsey to said get your foot in the door,” notall time—Venus Serena Williams. emailed as a high-resolution file (200dpi). If the most horrific scene he remembers took place in a terbe glad they made this Flemish Baroque ardo da Vinci, and Caravaggio. I thought that was a small price to pay both said, “Maybe it’s the third night,” It’s the Getty Villa. hottest photography directors cinematographers around.When ed local director ofyou’ll photography, a storyand of grit, determination, the As you enter, encounter lushIt’s greenexception. This isGuernsey the museum’sisthird Ruben’s re-three compared toknown his accidentally shower- and started laughing again. rifying lightning storm. Paul home.) linked with well counyou have any questions, call 310.456.5507 My Rose Colored decision never to give up. Laufer. But whether they are goofy, ery, a reflecting pool, and colonnades that lated show. Baroque paintings and ancient As planned, we ended ourGlasses trip on of thefilms, exhibit is “Rubens: Picing me. He So, worked on first-class and but Laufer when they say dreams commercials come trueThe in title Hollywood, they tries, I can only think of the Sesame song, “One of these things But for all those tree trimmers and sentimental, or just plain traditionturing Antiquity.” The collection is vast sculptures can be found with books and I got into my sleeping bag and tried the third day, and back home again, I take back toto thebe days of old Pompeii. canone turn out nightmares, too. By Kathryn Willis, Malibu said the most horrific scene he remembers took place in a teris not like the others; one of these things does not belong.” You’ll venture across 44,000 Greek, Roengravings; many come from the Getty’s as hard as I could to get comfortable. did sleep like a baby. For the past twenalmost two dozen Rubens al with Santa and his reindeer, you ornamentcomposed hangers outofthere, there’s rifying lightning storm. man, andthe Etruscan antiquities as well oil sketches have Okay, been vast Research Institute. tent was Guernsey situated on a slight years or so, when Paul and I get just smell scented pinecones andhoused alwaysinthepaintings “Grinch who stoleas Christnow I have to find out what andThewhere is, grade, ty-five My rose cracked an ancient villa. Now you can relax from the holidays and and I had the distinct feeling my sleeptogether, allcolored we haveglasses to say are is, “Maybe put together. Christmas and they you willsay know mas,” “Acome Charlie Brown So, trees, when dreams true Christmas,” in Hollywood, they since it is apparently more than a breed of dairy cows. Guernsey And I can see through your Step into the recreated villa that will take Loans came from the world over and take in some incredible art in a grand and ing bag was going to slide down the it’s the third night,” and we just lies. start it’s the most wonderful time of year. “Home Alone,” “Jingle All the Way,” can turn out toofbe nightmares, too.some of the world’s top museums, you back to the days Pompeii before its from hill with me in it. I tossed and turned laughing.I By the way, concluded soothing environment. is a bailiwick, whatever a bailiwick is, and it is located in the finally knowI have the truth; Before you know it, you’ll be rocking and of course “It’s a Wonderful Life” thepics Louvre from from Islands Rubens: Picturing Antiquity is open tightlyin confined and somehow that camping is not meant devastating volcano wiped out the these Will this be an myactivity demise? around the tree. never go out France, of style the Prado Channel off of England. We unwho and livefelthere Southern Spain, the Uffizi from Italy, as well as til Jan. 24. Reservations are required. For understood how the great escape artist for me and have not slept in a sleeping Explore 4,000 years of seen ancient from I’m taking off the rose colored glasses8-Bit Christmas can be on art and are just for you! Californiamore areinformation apparently not the only ones who havefelt Send itChannel to they editorial Princely Collections from Liechtenstein call (310)440-7300 Harry Houdini when locked bagby to editorial@ around be the world as well as the Getty’s Submitted by Burt HO!Ross HO! HO! HBO-Max. Everything is grey and black Islands on our horizon. Should I have left them on? YouEven can also drop one of The French and the Brits played tug of war with this island though they were cracked? My rose colored glasses are until a Pope issued a Papal bull in 1483 declaring at TheGuernsey Malibu Times office, located atoff,24955 The world is dim and bleak. neutral. The neutrality only lasted a century when the English here is only so much bad news I can absorb. The Center I can see your A102. sickness Submitted by Burt Ross for Disease Control and Prevention recently added four took it over. As a bailiwick, Guernsey is one of threePacific Crown Coast Hwy,Suite In the way you treated me. European destinations to its highest-risk category for travelDependencies run by a bailiff, whatever a bailiff is. PERSPECTIVE are affected. The rose colored glasses I want to off repair or Original should be dropped Hungary, Iceland, the Czech Republic and Guernsey. I can reunite if separated. Talk to your children about howphotos The weather is temperate there with fields of tomatoes and My heart simply cannot handle By Burt Ross, Contributed Column accept not being able to travel to Hungary, Iceland Are or youthe prepared? their phones will not work and how all of you must This typefile of despairof truly dairy cows. The island actually hosts a talking greattomany emailed as (200dpi). I OK,to that’s a bit flippant;herds no one can be prepared be prepared to go several days without one a high-resolution Czech Republic, but I don’t know how I am going survive So I look for a solution, for what the Big One could bring. But although we can take steps another. it happens at school, where will they head tourists I will notIfbe one for the foreseeable future not being able to go to Guernsey. eyeglass doctor. to better position ourselves. Accept that natural disasters after the immediate event is over? Will theyhave have theany questions, An you call 310.456.5507 here isme only so but much badthought news IGuernsey can absorb. Center Forgive CDC, I always was a The because I can see tomato fields and Guernsey cows in New Is it in retribution? a constant threat. awareness to empty their backpack of schoolbooks and Send it to editorial by kindfor of cow, not a Control destination. I know nobodyare who has been Disease and Prevention recently added four And CDC, I can’t go there if I stuffthe anything useful—coats, first-aid supplies,even food, waIf there is one constantJersey. when it comes to because natural di- of Or what you had to offer? to Guernsey, and it certainly nothighest-risk on my list of travel destinaEuropean destinations toais its category travelemail to editorial@ sasters, it’s that wefor cannot control them. Anwhich earthquake ter—into it before heading off on foot? If your spouse he other day I was talking to went something like this: You could wanted to, I don’t. I put back on the rose colored glasses tions. (I apologize to the 63,000 people who call Guernsey could hit anytime … and if not an earthquake, what is at work, where will he/she go? Assume roadways will Hungary, Iceland, the Czech Republic and Guernsey. I can friend of mine back east. He pick two items from column A and Though through the crack I can see, There is live, a street Malibu which namedyou guessed home.) When Guernsey is linked with three well known or fires? No matter where we we face in be inaccessible and publicis transportation not operating. isnot getting up there in ageto (as travel one from column B,about but ifflooding you chose The world that I’m in is still beautiful accept being able to Hungary, Iceland or the tries, I can only think of the Sesame song, “One these possibility things ofit”Guernsey.” I assume I can still theretodespite COVID theofconstant natural disasters. In fact, the These are not easygo scenarios work through, but if we all are), and he was planning on one item from Column C, you could Even in my misery. is not like oneIDIGIOVANNA of these know things does not belong.” Czech Republic, don’t howprevalence I am going to survive Bythe FIREothers; CHIEFbut SAM and intensity of weather-related and eventsIare you an do soinfinitely as a family—and not once, but several a spotrestrictions, have better chance oftimes being meeting with his estate attorney to go only choose one from column A, and Okay, now I havego to find out what and where Guernsey likely to increaseis,due to climate change. Since there is year—it can provide reassurance when the Big One hits. You can also drop one not being able toorGuernsey. if you chose an item from Column D, over his Will. He has to no children always accept poems consideration welcome our readerswhatever to share their contributions. If you are interested in submitting a poem for possible inclusion in The Malibu Times’ print edition, you may do ted there than on theandbailiwick, that is. are nearing the than anniversary we Guernsey can’t predict orWe prevent, weit to must beforprepared. Review your organization’s relevant policies. since it is eapparently more a breedofofthe dairymuch cows. so by emailing or mailing it to The Malibu Times office at 24955 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite A102. was it unless you were Guernsey willing to closeForgive relatives butme wantsCDC, to make cerbut that I always thought was a kits for yourself and Most organizations develop detailed response plans off at The Malibu Times Build and maintain emergency Northridge earthquake, which is a bailiwick, whatever a on bailiwick is, occurred and it is located in the pay more. tain that his estate is not passed to on Jan.not 17, 1994. Earthquakes arewho from your family. for Covid-19, weather, and other related events. You kind of cow, aofdestination. Ifarknow nobody who has been Channel Islands off We live here in Southern office, located at: My dateviruses looked at the first itempreparedness in several distant relatives, none ofEngland. whom and most of our minds as the COVID-19 other Emergency surveys indicate 40 to 80 should review these on a regular basis, especially beCalifornia are apparently not the only ones who have Channel to Guernsey, and it certainly is not on my list of travel destinahe especially likes.unrest, He showed A and announced not are unprepared to face emergencies. cause events like earthquakes are not seasonal. Do you percentshe of did people emerge, political crime,me costa of Column living, and other Islands on our horizon. sheet that went on and on listing all like that selection. I immediately had tions. (I apologize to the 63,000 people who call world events take center stage. It is easy to forget that You should haveaGuernsey emergency supplies in your vehicle, at know what is expected of you if you are at home when The French andtothe Brits played of warthat with this island Chabad VISIT of Malibu hosted its third those relatives; he make cer-is sneaking suspicion thisand was going another threat is wants looming underneath us andtug can strike work, your home. If the prospect seems daunting, disaster strikes? If you must evacuate your work, what 24955 Pacific Coast home.) When Guernsey linked with three well known counfinal Chanukah celebration of the until atime Pope issued a Papal bulltoinbe1483 Guernsey tain never partake of his inheritance. the firstdeclaring and only date between just start about being stuck somewhere critical facility operations should be conducted before at any without warning. season on Sunday, Dec. 5 at the P tries, I can only think of the Sesame song, “One of these things neutral. The neutrality century English Hwy, Suite A102. ITwenty-eight suggested to him that there was she continued that she detested years ago,only Jan.anlasted 17When wasa when thewhen for anthe extended period. What would you need? Items evacuating, and who is responsible for them? Are your at Cross Creek for the seventh nig took over. As to aothers; bailiwick, Guernsey is people one of to three Crown isinfinitely notitlike the one of these things does not easier way deal withkilling this the second selection, Iconsider knew that our belong.” Northridge earthquake struck, fifty-seven include a first-aid kit, nonperishable food, generators serviced and ready to go? the eight-night festival. The outdo Dependencies run aattorney bailiff, whatever alived bailiff is. where andOkay, causing $44 billion in ofout us whowhat bottled water, medicines, flashlights, days together were extremely limited. matter, especially since hisdamage. now I by have toThose find and Guernsey is, and blankets. Do As you did in your family planning, walk through festivities included music, arts and Stay up-to-date with news through willhour. neverisforget the chaos and destruction. not forget how important our smartphones and other some scenarios. If you are building you work at was deBefore she went on,of I interrupted her, charges byitthe The weather temperate there with fields tomatoes and Original photos should crafts, dreidels, doughnuts, hot la since it is apparently more than a breed of dairy cows. Guernsey Though we have had this was the“There last “significant” gadgets “Thereof are over 7 others, billion people are hosts hundreds of selections on have become to us — invest in spare stroyed, what would be the best way for you to stay safe herds dairy cows. The island actually aelectronic great many and happenings community spirit. and inOther andCha quake thatalthough has caused and We are batteries keep them isinhabiting a bailiwick, ait bailiwick is, and isand located incharged the and ready to go in all but still be useful? What does “risk a lot to save a lot” be dropped offplace or at Trancas Earth,” Iwhatever started. “Isn’t thisdeath. menu. Wouldn’t it beitconsiderably tourists Isuch will damage not be one for the foreseeable future parties took Coun mean when coming up on a residential high-rise building overdue for an earthquake, and we cannot let our guard your emergency kits. around Malibu! easier to list those few people whom easier if you were to tell me what you Market and Point Dume Village. because I Islands can see tomato and Guernsey cowslive in New Channel off offields England. We who here in Southern emailed as a highthat has suffered a pancake collapse? Note: The point down and be your unprepared. Prepare your family emotionally and strategically. do Ilike, not what you don’t?” you want to be beneficiaries rathJersey. And because of the CDC, can’t go there even if I have Channel California are apparently not the only ones who Andlist yet,allexperts consider Northridge moderate Allmy families should create and practice disaster plans. of these exercises is not really to produce a specific plan erwanted than those people on Earth Shea did not appreciate tone, and resolution file (200dpi). to,—at which I don’t. it and/or to editorial by anticipate emailthetoexacteditorial@ earthquake 6.7-magnitude, it fell below what seisbecause you cannot circumstances In an emergency, you may have toSend stay at work Islands on our horizon. whom you don’t want to partake of I did not appreciate her. Therewarn is acould street Malibu which namedyou guessedfrom family. Is your family emotionally you will face. Rather, as with the planning you do with be separated mologists be in coming. In late 2017,isseismolyour largesse?” So why do despite Itug bringof up these with two this island The French and the Brits played war it”Guernsey.” I assume I can still go there COVID you feel you could per- your family, such exercises to develop the mental ogists stressed that Southern California is overdue for a prepared for that? Are you? Do You can help also drop one offIf you have any questions, seemingly different tales—the one All of this reminds me of a blind until a Popeand issued bull in 1483 declaring Guernsey restrictions, I along haveathe anPapal infinitely better chance ofyour being spotform job while worrying about the safety of your and emotional resilience you will need to successfully 7.8-magnitude quake 800-mile San Andreas myAngeles friend preparing his Will date I had over 50 an years with ahit about whenoffice, a disaster hits.located at 24955 loved ones? Fault. While such event would the Los ted there than on theago bailiwick, whatever is. call 310.456.5507 neutral. The neutrality only lasted athat century when the English at The Malibufunction Times woman whom I took to a Chinese and the other about the girl with the We have a responsibility to be prepared. Do not be It will never be easy, but it can be a little less difficult area the hardest, experts say it would be felt throughout took it over. As a $300 bailiwick, isif one ofis athree Crown menu? there lesrestaurant. (I bet you Ibillion had Chinese the state, causing upthought to in Guernsey damages. TheI think you prepare them. Show your family members how part of the problem. If we cannot take care of ourselves, Coast A102. son to whatever be Itbailiff is off far easier, lost it, and thespread title run “The Chinese effects would nationwide, business andlearned travel here. to ashut utilities. you might we are going toHwy,Suite have a tough time taking care of others. Dependencies by a asbailiff, is. Identify places where Pacific Menu” was for another column.) I do more efficient, enjoyable, and positive The weather is temperate there with fields of tomatoes and Original photos should be dropped off or not remember my date’s name, nor can to declare what you want rather than herds ofher.dairy Theis island actually a great many I visualize What Icows. do remember to enumerate what youhosts dislike, and this

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the restaurant’s menu. It was gargantu- advice from somebody who loves to

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years later, it hosted the US Senior Open. The Riviera hosted the 1983 and 1995 PGA Championships. The 2012 US Amateur was also held there. US Women’s Open will be at Pine Needles Lodge and Golf Club in North Carolina this year and at Pebble Beach Golf Links up the coast between Monterey and Carmel next year. In 2024, the event will be at Lancaster Country Club in Pennsylvania. The open will be at Erin Hills in Wisconsin a year before it is in Pacific Palisades. The Riviera Country Club is regarded as one of the best championship venues in all of golf. It is the current home of the Genesis Invitational on the PGA TOUR. The venue will also host men and women golfers from around the world in the 2028 Olympics and Paralympic Games in Los Angeles.

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Jo Giese, local bestselling author, alongside her new Little Free Library in front of her Broad Beach house. The idea is to Take a book, Share a book. Part of a worldwide network the mission of the Little Free Library is to be a catalyst for building community, inspiring readers, and expanding book access. How this library works. Take Books. Anyone may take a book—neighbors, friends, passersby—the books are always free. Share books. Book donations are welcome at this Little Free Library. Jo started by stocking her Little Free Library with copies of her current book—Never Sit If You Can Dance. Giese says, “I’m looking forward to the Little Free Library over-flowing with books. Stop by, and take a book.”–ww

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Malibu High School Girls Basketball

The Malibu High School Varsity Girls’s Basketball team lost Friday’s home conference game against Santa Paula (CA) by a score of 43-16. Q1 7-10, Q2 17-0, Q3 7-5, Q4 12-1. Photo by Devon Myers/TMT

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PUBLIC NOTICE SUMMONS (CITACION JUDICIAL) CASE NUMBER: 21BBCV00722 NOTICE TO DEFENDANT: (AVISO AL DEMANDADO) JESSIE HENDERSON YOU ARE BEING SUED BY PLAINTIFF: (LO ESTA DEMANDANDO EL DEMANDANTE): HIGHER EDUCATION LOAN AUTHORITY OF THE STATE OF MISSOURI, an individual: NOTICE! You have been sued. The court may decide against you without your being heard unless you respond within 30 days. Read the information below. You have 30 CALENDAR DAYS after this summons and legal papers are served on you to file a written response at this court and have a copy served on the plaintiff. A letter or phone call will not protect you. Your written response must be in proper legal form if you want the court to hear your case. There may be a court form that you can use for your response. You can find these court forms and more information at the California Courts Online Self-Help Center ( be, your county law library, or the courthouse nearest you. If you cannot pay the filing fee, ask the court clerk for a fee waiver form. If you do not file your response on time, you may lose the case by default, and your wages, money, and property may be taken without further warning from the court. There are other legal requirements. You may want to call an attorney right away. If you do not know an attorney, you may want to call an attorney referral service. If you cannot afford an attorney, you may be eligible for free legal services from a nonprofit legal services program. You can locate these nonprofit groups at the California Legal Services Web site (, the California Courts Online Self-Help Center (, or by contacting your local court or county bar association. NOTE: The court has a statutory lien for waived fees and costs on any settlement or arbitration award of $10,000 or more in a civil case. The court’s lien must be paid before the court will dismiss the case. Tiene 30 DIAS DE CALENDARIO despues de que le entreguen esta citacion y papeles legales para presentar una respuesta por escrito en esta corte y hacer que se entregue una copia at demandante. Una carta o una llamada telefonica no to protegen. Su respuesta por escrito tiene que estar en formato legal correcto si desea que procesen su caso en la corte. Es posible que haya un formulario que usted pueda usar para su respuesta. Puede encontrar estos formularios de la corte y mas informacion en el Centro de Ayuda de las Cortes de California (, en la biblioteca de leyes de su condado o en la corte que le quede mas cerca. Si no puede pagar la cuota de presentacion, pida al secretario de la corte que le de un formulario de exencion de pago de cuotas. Si no presenta su respuesta a tiempo, puede perder el caso por incumplimiento y la corte le podra quitar su sueldo, dinero y bienes sin mas advertencia. Hay otros requisitos legales. Es recomendable que llame a un abogado inmediatamente. Si no conoce a un abogado, puede llamar (a un servicio de remission a abogados. Si no puede pagar a un abogado, es posible que cumpla con los requisitos para obtener servicios legales gratuitos de un programa de servicios legales sin fines de lucro. Puede encontrar estos grupos sin fines de lucro en el sitio web de California Legal Services, (, en el Centro de Ayuda de las Cortes de California, ( o poniendose en contacto con la corte o el colegio de abogados locales. AVISO: Por ley, la corte tien derecho a reclamar las cuotas y los costos exentos por imponer un gravamen sobre cualquier recuperacion de $10,000 o mas de valor recibida mediante un acuerdo o una concesion de arbitraje en un caso de derecho civil, Tiene que pagar el gravamen de la corte antes que la corte pueda desechar el caso. The name and address of the court is: (El nombre y direcciÛn de la corte es): BURBANK COURTHOUSE 300 East Olive Burbank, CA 91502 The name, address, and telephone number of plaintiffís attorney, or plaintiff without an attorney, is: (El nombre, la direcciÛn y el n˙mero de telÈfono del abogado del demandante, o del demandante que no tiene abogado, es): LUKAS SOSNICKI(SBN 295895) ALEXANDER CARNEVALE(SBN 332875) Tel: 310-282-2500 Fax: 310-282-2501 THOMPSON COBURN LLP 10100 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 500 Los Angeles, CA 90067 DATE: 8/13/21 Sherri R. Carter, Executive Officer/Clerk of Court William D. Stewart, Judge of the Superior Court Publish in The Malibu Times 12/30/21, 1/6, 1/13, 1/20/22 MALIBU 15 NOTICE OF PETITION TO ADMINISTER ESTATE OF: BOJAN VELJKOVICH CASE NO. 21STPB11986 To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors, and persons who may otherwise be interested in the WILL or estate, or both of BOJAN VELJKOVICH. A PETITION FOR PROBATE has been filed by ROBERT VELKOVICH in the Superior Court of California, County of LOS ANGELES. THE PETITION FOR PROBATE requests that ROBERT

Malibu’s Award-Winning Community Paper Since 1946


VELKOVICH be appointed as personal representative to administer the estate of the decedent. THE PETITION requests the decedent’s WILL and codicils, if any, be admitted to probate. The WILL and any codicils are available for examination in the file kept by the court. THE PETITION requests authority to administer the estate under the Independent Administration of Estates Act. (This authority will allow the personal representative to take many actions without obtaining court approval. Before taking certain very important actions, however, the personal representative will be required to give notice to interested persons unless they have waived notice or consented to the proposed action.) The independent administration authority will be granted unless an interested person files an objection to the petition and shows good cause why the court should not grant the authority. A HEARING on the petition will be held in this court as follows: 01/26/22 at 8:30AM in Dept. 29 located at 111 N. HILL ST., LOS ANGELES, CA 90012 IF YOU OBJECT to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing and state your objections or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney. IF YOU ARE A CREDITOR or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your claim with the court and mail a copy to the personal representative appointed by the court within the later of either (1) four months from the date of first issuance of letters to a general personal representative, as defined in section 58(b) of the California Probate Code, or (2) 60 days from the date of mailing or personal delivery to you of a notice under section 9052 of the California Probate Code. Other California statutes and legal authority may affect your rights as a creditor. You may want to consult with an attorney knowledgeable in California law. YOU MAY EXAMINE the file kept by the court. If you are a person interested in the estate, you may file with the court a Request for Special Notice (form DE-154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition or account as provided in Probate Code section 1250. A Request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk. Attorney for Petitioner CHRISTOPHER M. LENZ - SBN 327976, PAUL A. LENZ, INC. 16130 VENTURA BLVD., STE. 660 ENCINO CA 91436 12/30/21, 1/6, 1/13/22 CNS-3541103# MALIBU TIMES MALIBU 18

NOTICE OF PETITION TO ADMINISTER ESTATE OF BANNER, PETER SAMUEL Case No. 21STPB10422 To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors, and persons who may otherwise be interested in the will or estate, or both, of BANNER, PETER SAMUEL A PETITION FOR PROBATE has been filed by Donna Gilbert in the Superior Court of California, County of LOS ANGELES. THE PETITION FOR PROBATE requests that Donna Gilbert be appointed as personal representative to administer the estate of the decedent. THE PETITION requests authority to administer the estate under the Independent Administration of Estates Act. (This authority will allow the personal representative to take many actions without obtaining court approval. Before taking certain very important actions, however, the personal representative will be required to give notice to interested persons unless they have waived notice or consented to the proposed action.) The independent administration authority will be granted unless an interested person files an objection to the petition and shows good cause why the court should not grant the authority. A HEARING on the petition will be held on March 2, 2022 at 8:30 AM in Dept. No. 9 located at 111 N. Hill St., Los Angeles, CA 90012. IF YOU OBJECT to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing and state your objections or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney. IF YOU ARE A CREDITOR or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your claim with the court and mail a copy to the personal representative appointed by the court within the later of either (1) four months from the date of first issuance of letters to a general personal representative, as defined in section 58(b) of the California Probate Code, or (2) 60 days from the date of mailing or personal delivery to you of a notice under section 9052 of the California Probate Code. Other California statutes and legal authority may affect your rights as a creditor. You may want to consult with an attorney knowledgeable in California law. YOU MAY EXAMINE the file kept by the court. If you are a person interested in the estate, you may file with the court a Request for Special Notice (form DE-154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition or account as provided in Probate Code section 1250. A Request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk. Attorney for petitioner: R KEVIN FISHER ESQ SBN 131455 PRAXIS LAW 2121 PARK DR LOS ANGELES CA 90026 CN981924 BANNER Dec 30, 2021, Jan 6,13, 2022 The Malibu Times


by written statement setting forth the grounds for appeal. An appeal shall be filed with the City Clerk within ten days NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING following the date of action for which the appeal is made CITY OF MALIBU and shall be accompanied by an appeal form and filing fee, as specified by the City Council. Appeal forms may be found PLANNING COMMISSION online at or in person The Malibu Planning Commission will hold a public hearing at City Hall, or by calling (310) 456-2489, extension 245. on MONDAY, February 7, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. on the project identified below. This meeting will be held via teleconference COASTAL COMMISSION APPEAL – An aggrieved person may only in order to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and appeal the Planning Commission’s approval to the Coastal pursuant to AB 361 and the County of Los Angeles Public Commission within 10 working days of the issuance of the Health Officer’s Safer at Home Order. All votes taken during City’s Notice of Final Action. Appeal forms may be found this teleconference meeting will be by roll call vote, and the online at or in person at the Coastal vote will be publicly reported. Commission South Central Coast District office located at 89 South California Street in Ventura, or by calling 805How to View the Meeting: No physical location from which 585-1800. Such an appeal must be filed with the Coastal members of the public may observe the meeting and offer Commission, not the City. public comment will be provided. Please view the meeting, which will be live streamed at IF YOU CHALLENGE THE CITY’S ACTION IN COURT, YOU MAY BE LIMITED TO RAISING ONLY THOSE ISSUES YOU and OR SOMEONE ELSE RAISED AT THE PUBLIC HEARING DEHow to Participate Before the Meeting: Members of the pub- SCRIBED IN THIS NOTICE, OR IN WRITTEN CORRESPONlic are encouraged to submit email correspondence to plan- DENCE DELIVERED TO THE CITY, AT OR PRIOR TO THE before the meeting begins. PUBLIC HEARING. How to Participate During the Meeting: Members of the public wishing to speak or defer time to another speaker during the meeting must participate through the Zoom application and must be present in the Zoom conference to be recognized. The City requests that you sign up to speak before the item you would like to speak on has been called by the Chair. For those wishing to defer time, you are not required to sign up to speak. At the start of public comment for the item, the Chair shall ask members of the public wishing to defer time to raise their hands in the Zoom meeting using the reactions button. Each person will be called to verify their presence in the Zoom meeting and their intent to donate time. Please visit and follow the directions for signing up to speak and downloading the Zoom application. COASTAL DEVELOPMENT PERMIT NO. 19-086, NEIGHBORHOOD STANDARDS NO. 19-001, VARIANCE NOS. 21-020 AND 21-021, SITE PLAN REVIEW NOS. 19-125 AND 22-001, MINOR MODIFICATION NOS. 19-017 AND 19-018, AND DEMOLITION PERMIT NO. 21-029 - An application to allow the construction of a new, two-story, 3,312 square foot, single-family residence, 1,636 square foot subterranean garage/basement (318 square feet of which is included in the Total Development Square Footage) of the total project, hardscape, landscape, grading, retaining walls, and onsite wastewater treatment system; a follow up approval of the slope repair, retaining walls, and demolition of the previously existing single-family residence completed pursuant to Emergency Coastal Development Permit No. 18-009; including a neighborhood standards request to increase the maximum allowed total development square footage, variances for construction on steep slopes including retaining walls and a generator with propane tank and for retaining walls to exceed six feet in height, site plan review for construction up to 28 feet with a pitched roof (and 24’-0” for a flat roof section), a site plan review for 1,525 cubic yards of remedial grading and minor modifications to reduce the required front and side yard setbacks Location: 31697 Sea Level Drive APN: 4470-024-031 Zoning: Single-family Medium (SFM) Applicant: Domicile Design Owner: P & C Partners, LP Appealable to: City Council and California Coastal Commission Environmental Review: Categorical Exemption CEQA Guidelines Section 15303(e) Application Filed: December 13, 2019 Case Planner: Jessica Thompson, Associate Planner (310) 456-2489, extension 280. Pursuant to the authority and criteria contained in the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the Planning Director has analyzed this proposed project and found that it is listed among the classes of projects that have been determined not to have a significant adverse effect on the environment. Therefore, the project is categorically exempt from the provisions of CEQA. The Planning Director has further determined that none of the six exceptions to the use of a categorical exemption apply to this project (CEQA Guidelines Section 15300.2). A written staff report will be available at or before the hearing for the project. All persons wishing to address the Commission regarding this matter will be afforded an opportunity in accordance with the Commission’s procedures. Copies of all related documents can be reviewed by any interested person at City Hall during regular business hours. Oral and written comments may be presented to the Planning Commission on, or before, the date of the meeting. LOCAL APPEAL – A decision of the Planning Commission may be appealed to the City Council by an aggrieved person


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Richard Mollica, Planning Director Publish Date: January 13, 2022, The Malibu Times MALIBU 20 ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME Case No. 22SMCP00006 Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles Petition of: RONIT WERTHEIM TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Petitioner RONIT WERTHEIM filed a petition with this court for a decree changing names as follows: Present Name: RONIT WERTHEIM Proposed Name: RONIT HEIMANSON The Court orders that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objection that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. Notice of Hearing: Date:3/18/2022 Time: 8:30am, Dept.:K Room: The address of the court is: SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES Santa Monica Courthouse 1725 Main Street ROOM 102 Santa Monica, CA 90401 A copy of this Order to Show Cause shall be published at least once each week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation, printed in this county (specify newspaper): The Malibu Times Date: 1/4/2022 Hon. Lawrence Cho, Judge of the Superior Court Sherri R. Carter Executive Officer/Clerk of Court M. Young II, Deputy 1/13, 1/20, 1/27, 2/3/22 MALIBU 21 2022001967 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT THE FOLLOWING PERSON IS (ARE) DOING BUSINESS AS: 1.JAMA JOY PRODUCTS 23777 MULHOLLAND HIGHWAT SPC 163 CALABASAS, CA 91302 Los Angeles COUNTY Registered Owner(s): 1.AVRAHAM MALKA 23777 MULHOLLAND HIGHWAT SPC 163 CALABASAS, CA 91302 This business is conducted by an Individual. The registrant has not commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name or names listed above. I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows to be false is guilty of a crime). Signed, AVRAHAM MALKA, OWNER. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Los Angeles County on JAN 5, 2022. NOTICE IN ACCORDANCE WITH SUBDIVISION (a) OF SECTION 17920, A FICTITIOUS NAME STATEMENT GENERALLY EXPIRES AT THE END OF FIVE YEARS FROM THE DATE ON WHICH IT WAS FILED IN THE OFFICE OF THE COUNTY CLERK, EXCEPT, AS PROVIDED IN SUBDIVISION (b) OF SECTION 17920, WHERE IT EXPIRES 40 DAYS AFTER ANY CHANGE IN THE FACTS SET FORTH IN THE STATEMENT PURSUANT TO SECTION 17913 OTHER THAN A CHANGE IN THE RESIDENCE ADDRESS OF A REGISTERED OWNER. A NEW FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT MUST BE FILED BEFORE THE EXPIRATION.THE FILING OF THIS STATEMENT DOES NOT OF ITSELF AUTHORIZE THE USE IN THIS STATE OF A FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME IN VIOLATION OF THE RIGHTS OF ANOTHER UNDER FEDERAL, STATE, OR COMMON LAW (SEE SECTION 14411 ET SEQ., BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONS CODE). Publish in The Malibu Times 1/13, 1/20, 1/27, 2/3/22 MALIBU 22


FEATURING PETs CARE CARE To place your ad in Poppy’ Pet Pourri FEATURING PET & ANIMAL SERVICES &ANIMAL ANIMAL SERVICES call 310.456.5507 & SERVICES To place ad in Poppy’s Pet Pourri emailyour PAGE B-5 • Thursday, January 13, 2022 or Toplace placeyour your ad Poppy’ssPet PetPourri Pourri To ininPoppy’ 310.456.5507 callad 310.456.5507 call call 310.456.5507 or email oremail or B5 B5 The The TheMalibu Malibu MalibuTimes Times Times B5 The Malibu Times B5 B5 The Malibu Times December December 9,9, 9,2021 2021 2021 December 2021 December 9,



December 9, 2021 fur baby services

Poppy’s Poppy’s Poppy’s Poppy’s Poppy’s Pet Pet Pourri Pourri Pet Pourri Pet Pourri Pet Pourri FEATURING FEATURINGPET PETCARE CARE FEATURING PET CARE FEATURING PET CARE FEATURING PET CARE FEATURING PET CARE & &ANIMAL ANIMAL ANIMALSERVICES SERVICES SERVICES & ANIMAL SERVICES & ANIMAL SERVICES & & ANIMAL SERVICES To Toplace place placeyour your yourad ad adin in inPoppy’ Poppy’ Poppy’ sPet PetPourri Pourri Pourri To place your ad in Poppy’ Pet Pourri To place your ad in Poppy’s Pet Pourri To sssPet To place your ad310.456.5507 in Poppy’s Pet Pourri call call 310.456.5507 call 310.456.5507 call 310.456.5507 call 310.456.5507 call 310.456.5507 or oremail email or email or email or or email B5 The Malibu Times




Pets Pets & & Business Business Business Dirctories Dirctories Pets &Pets Business Dirctories & Dirctories

H POPPY’S PAL H Pets & Business Dirctories H POPPY’S PAL H

Is your favorite furry, feathered or scaley friend pupp-tacular H POPPY’S H POPPY’S PAL PAL H H or divinely purr-licious? Is your favorite furry, feathered or scaley friend pupp-tacular Is your your favorite furry, feathered or scaley scaley friend pupp-tacular Do theyfavorite love thefurry, limelight and being the center ofpupp-tacular attention? Is feathered or friend or divinely purr-licious? or divinely purr-licious? Do you want the whole world (or at least Malibu) to marvel at their or divinely purr-licious? Do they love the limelight and being the center of attention? magnificence? Do they love the limelight limelight and and being being the the center center of of attention? attention? Do you theywant love the the Do whole world (or at least Malibu) to marvel at their Do you you want the whole world (or at at least leastaMalibu) Malibu) to marveltoat at their their Then submit athe photo ofworld them (or along with cleverto caption Do want whole marvel magnificence? magnificence? for a chance to have them featured magnificence? Then submit a photo of them along with a clever caption to in Poppy’s Pals! Then submit a photo of them along with with a clever clever caption caption to to Then submit a photo of themfor along a chancea to have them featured for chance to to have have them them featured for aa chance featured To submit a Poppy’s Pal photo of your pet, please email to: 200DPI as jpg in Poppy’s Pals! in Poppy’s Pals! or pdf file. Include pet’s name along with a clever caption, and/or their name, breed and age. Poppy’s Pal in Poppy’s Pals!

Poppy’s DecemberPourri 9, 2021 Pet FEATURING PET CARE & ANIMAL SERVICES

Pets & Business Dirctories

Poppy’s Pet Pourri

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photos areapublished in the order in which areemail received. To submit Poppy’s Pal photo of your pet, they please to: 200DPI as jpg Topdf submit Poppy’s Pal photo your pet, please emailto: to: 200DPI asjpg jpg or file. Include pet’s name along with a clever caption, and/or their name, breed and age. Poppy’s Pal To submit aaPoppy’s Pal photo ofofyour pet, please email 200DPI as orpdf pdffile. file. Includepet’s pet’s name along withaathey clever caption, and/ortheir theirname, name,breed breedand andage. age.Poppy’s Poppy’sPal Pal photos areInclude published in name the order in which arecaption, received. or along with clever and/or photosare arepublished publishedininthe theorder orderininwhich whichthey theyare arereceived. received. photos


Is Isyour your yourfavorite favorite favorite furry, furry, feathered feathered or orscaley scaley scaleyfriend friend friendpupp-tacular pupp-tacular pupp-tacular Is your favorite furry, feathered or scaley friend pupp-tacular Is your favorite furry, feathered or scaley friend pupp-tacular Is furry, feathered or Is your favorite furry, feathered or scaley friend pupp-tacular CONTRACTORS DIRECTORY CONSTRUCTION GLASS DECKS LANDSCAPE PAINTING TREE CARE or ordivinely divinely divinelypurr-licious? purr-licious? purr-licious? or divinely purr-licious? or divinely purr-licious? or CONTRACTORS DIRECTORY CONTRACTORS DIRECTORY or divinely purr-licious? is Poison Free. Are You? ofand Do DoMalibu they they love love the the limelight limelight and and being being the thecenter center centerof of ofattention? attention? attention? Do they love the limelight and being the center of attention? AFFORDABLE TREE CARE CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION GLASS DECKS LANDSCAPE PAINTING TREE CARE Do they love the limelight and being the center attention? Do they love the limelight the RAY being HEPINSTALL PAINTING Do they love the limelight and being the center of attention? CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION GLASS DECKS LANDSCAPE PAINTING TREE CARE CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION GLASS DECKS LANDSCAPE PAINTING TREE CARE Certified Arborists Do Do you you want want the the whole whole world world (or (or at at least least Malibu) Malibu) to to marvel marvel at at their their Do you want the whole world (or at least Malibu) to marvel at their Do you want the wholeDo world at the least Malibu) to marvel at their you (or want whole (or at &least Malibu) toAFFORDABLE marvel at their Residential Commercial Malibu is Poison Free. Are You?world TREE CARE Do you want the whole world (or at least Malibu) to marvel at their Family Owned Business Malibu is Poison Free. Are You? RAY HEPINSTALL PAINTING magnificence? magnificence? Custom Specialist magnificence? Malibu is Poison Free. Are You? AFFORDABLE TREE CARE magnificence? AFFORDABLE TREE CARE GLASS & MIRROR magnificence? Certified Arborists RAY HEPINSTALL PAINTING Poppy’s Family-owned business with 25 + Years Experience magnificence? RAY HEPINSTALL PAINTING Residential & Commercial Certified Arborists Reasonable Quality Certified Arborists Then Then submit submit aphoto photo photo of ofthem them them along along with with clever clevercaption caption caption to to Business Then submit photo of them along with clever caption to 20+ years of experience. We are Family Residential &with Commercial of them alongaaa with a clever caption to Then submit of along aaaaRates clever to Custom& Specialist Residential Commercial Palm Owned Tree Specialist, Workmanship GLASS & MIRRORS MIRROR Then submit a photo Then submit a photo of them along with a to clever caption to Pet Pourri fullyFamily-owned Family Owned Business H H business with licensed, bonded, and insured. POPPY’S PAL 25 + Years Experience Custom Specialist Family Owned Business d CUSTOM for for a a chance chance to have have them them featured featured I Heal the Soil Custom Specialist for a chance to have them featured GLASS & MIRROR for a chance to have them featured for a chance to have them featured Reasonable Quality GLASS & MIRROR Citrus Pruning for high yield, Family-owned business with 25 ++featured Years Experience Experience Let usfor a chance to have them Family-owned business withare 20+ years of experience. We Home Remodels and Additions, 310-456-6841 25 Years Since 1970 d SHOWERS Reasonable Quality FEATURING PET CARE PalmClearance, Tree Specialist, Rates Reasonable in inPoppy’s Poppy’s Poppy’s Pals! Pals! friend pupp-tacular in Poppy’s Pals! giveWorkmanship youQuality the DECKS Is favorite orPals! scaley 20+ years experience. Weare are Brush Disease, in your Poppy’s Pals!furry, feathered in 20+ years ofofbonded, experience. We fully licensed, insured. New Constructions, and ADUs. d MIRRORS I Heal the Soil Organic Consultant Palm TreeSpecialist, Specialist, Rates Workmanship in Poppy’s Pals! Palm Tree custom Rates Builders of Fine Homes dd CUSTOM DOORS Workmanship & ANIMAL SERVICES Citrus Pruning for high yield, fully licensed, bonded, and insured. FENCES Let us Pest & Tree Removal CUSTOM MIRRORS fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Home Remodels and Additions, 310-456-6841 I Heal the Soil or divinely purr-licious? d CUSTOM MIRRORS SincePal 1970 I aaaHeal the Soil FREE ESTIMATES ~ d ~Constructions, home Citrus Pruning for highyield, yield, 310.457.4438 landline To To submit submit aPoppy’s Poppy’s Poppy’s Pal photo photo of ofyour your yourpet, pet, pet,please please please email email to: 200DPI 200DPI as as jpg jpg To submit Poppy’s Pal photo of your pet, please email to: 200DPI as jpg &310-456-6841 Commercial Real Letusyou usyouemail Citrus Pruning for high give the DECKS dd SHOWERS WINDOWS Brush Clearance, Disease, Home Remodelsand andand Additions, To submit a PERGOLAS Poppy’s Pal photo of your pet, please email to: 200DPI as jpg To submit Pal photo of to: 200DPI as jpg 310-456-6841 Let Home Remodels Additions, Since 1970 New ADUs. SHOWERS deserve! Since 1970 Organic Consultant d DOORS SHOWERS To place your adof inFine Poppy’ s Pet Pourri To submit aInclude Poppy’s Pal photo of your pet, please email to: 200DPI as jpg give you the or or pdf pdf file. file. Include Include pet’s pet’s name name along along with with a a clever clever caption, caption, and/or and/or their their name, name, breed breed and and age. age. Poppy’s Poppy’s Pal Pal DECKS custom or pdf file. Include pet’s name along with a clever caption, and/or their name, breed and age. Poppy’s Pal Builders Homes d Brush Clearance, Disease, Do they love the limelight and being the center of attention? give you the 323.800.0445 DECKS Estate since 1989 or pdf file. Include pet’s name along with a clever caption, and/or their name, breed and age. Poppy’s Pal or pdf file. pet’s name along with a clever caption, and/or their name, breed and age. Poppy’s Pal 805.612.7321 cell Brush Disease, NewConstructions, andADUs. FENCES dd SKYLIGHTS PestClearance, & Tree Removal New and OUTDOOR FURNITURE or Organic Consultant FREE ESTIMATES Organic Consultant 310.496.9073 custom Builders ofFine FineHomes Homes DOORS ~Constructions, ~ADUs. home you pdf file. Include pet’s name along with a they clever caption, and/or their name, breed and age. Poppy’s Pal photos photos are are published published inin in the the order order inin inwhich which which they they are are received. received. photos are published the order which they are received. custom 310.457.4438 landline Builders of d WINDOWS DOORS call 310.456.5507 FENCES & Custom Commercial Real photos are published in thewhole order in which they are received. photos are published in the order in are received. d Pest&&Tree TreeRemoval Removal Quality FENCES PERGOLAS Pest FREE ESTIMATES Do you want the world (or at least Malibu) to marvel at their d WINDBREAKS ~ ~ H H home you POPPY’S PAL deserve! FREE ESTIMATES photos are published in the order in which they are received. 310.457.4438 landline ~ ~ home you 805.208.5918 &Commercial Commercial Real WINDOWS & Real 323.800.0445 or email Lic#1072498 Estate since 1989 dd WINDOWS PERGOLAS 805.612.7321 cell • Construction d • 310.457.4438 NOT a gardeninglandline service PERGOLAS deserve! & Surrounding OUTDOOR FURNITURE deserve! 310.496.9073 Malibu areas dd SKYLIGHTS SCREENS magnificence? 323.800.0445 Estate since 1989 805.612.7321 cell feathered 323.800.0445 Estate since 1989 SKYLIGHTS 805.612.7321 cell Custom Quality OUTDOOR FURNITURE Is your favorite furry, or scaley friend pupp-tacular d SKYLIGHTS Lic# 569337 OUTDOOR FURNITURE 310.496.9073 d WINDBREAKS 310.496.9073 805.208.5918 Custom Quality Lic#1072498 Custom Quality www.rayhepinstallpainting. Construction d WINDBREAKS • NOT a gardening service • Then submit a photo of them along with a clever caption to 3547 WINTER CANYON RD d WINDBREAKS 805.208.5918 or divinely purr-licious? Malibu & Surrounding areas d SCREENS 805.208.5918 310.456.6564 Lic#1072498 Contractor Directory Construction Lic#1072498 NOTPAINTING gardeningservice service•• CONTRACTORS CONTRACTORS DIRECTORY DIRECTORY Construction CONTRACTORS DIRECTORY ••NOT aagardening Lic# 569337 Malibu&&Surrounding Surrounding areas SCREENS CONTRACTORS CONTRACTORS DIRECTORY MALIBU, CA 90265DIRECTORY LIC #837611 com Malibu areas dd SCREENS for a chance to have them featured CONTRACTORS DIRECTORY Lic#569337 569337 Do they love the limelight and being the center of attention? www.rayhepinstallpainting. Lic# 3547 WINTER CANYON RD ELECTRICIAN 310.456.6564 310-456-1844 www.rayhepinstallpainting. Pals! www.rayhepinstallpainting. 3547 WINTER CANYON RD in Poppy’s CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION GLASS GLASS DECKS DECKS LANDSCAPE LANDSCAPE PAINTING PAINTING TREE TREE CARE CARE CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION GLASS DECKS LANDSCAPE PAINTING TREE CARE PAINTING 3547 WINTER UCTION CONSTRUCTION GLASS DECKS LANDSCAPE PAINTING TREE CARE CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION GLASS DECKS LANDSCAPE PAINTING TREE CARE MALIBU, CACANYON 90265 RD Do you want the whole world (or atcom least Malibu) to marvel at their 310.456.6564 LIC #837611 310.456.6564 WWW.MALIBUGLASS.NET PAINTING CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION GLASS DECKS LANDSCAPE PAINTING TREE CARE PAINTING ROOFING MALIBU, CA 90265 LIC #837611 com ELECTRICIAN MALIBU, CA 90265 LIC #837611 com Malibu Malibu Poison Poison Free. Free.Are Are AreYou? You? You? Lic. #396181 Malibu Poison Free. Are You? 310-456-1844 To submit photo your magnificence? pet, please email to:Free. 200DPI as TREE jpg AFFORDABLE AFFORDABLETREE TREE TREECARE CARE CARE Malibua Poppy’s is PoisonPal Free. AreofYou? Malibu isisisis Poison AFFORDABLE TREE CARE ELECTRICIAN AFFORDABLE CARE AFFORDABLE ELECTRICIAN 310-456-1844 iscaption, Poisonand/or Free.PAINTING Are RAY HEPINSTALL PAINTING 310-456-1844 RAY HEPINSTALL RAY HEPINSTALL PAINTING AFFORDABLE TREE CARE or pdf file. Include pet’s name along withMalibu a clever theirYou? name, breed and age. Poppy’s Pal WWW.MALIBUGLASS.NET Certified Certified Arborists Arborists Certified Arborists ROOFING Certified Arborists CertifiedtoArborists Then submit a photo of them along with a clever caption RAY HEPINSTALL PAINTING Residential Residential Commercial Commercial Residential Commercial WWW.MALIBUGLASS.NET Lic. #396181 photos are published in the order in which they are received. WWW.MALIBUGLASS.NET Residential & Commercial Residential &&&&Commercial Certified Arborists ROOFING ROOFING FENCING Family Family Owned OwnedBusiness Business Business Family Owned Business Residential & Commercial Lic.#396181 #396181 Custom Custom Specialist Specialist Custom Specialist Family Owned Business Family Owned Lic. for a chance to have them featured Custom Custom Specialist SinceSpecialist 1965 GLASS GLASS & & MIRROR MIRROR GLASS & MIRROR GLASS & MIRROR GLASS & MIRROR Family Owned Business Family-owned Family-ownedbusiness business businesswith with with Family-owned business with 25 25++++Years Years Years Experience Experience 25 Years Experience Custom Specialist Family-owned business with Family-owned 25 + Years Experience 25 Experience GLASSFENCING & MIRROR Reasonable Reasonable 1st Place AIA Awards Quality Quality Reasonable Quality in Poppy’s Reasonable Reasonable Quality Pals! Quality Family-owned business We with 25 + Years Experience 20+ 20+ years yearsofofofofexperience. experience. experience. We Weare are are 20+ years experience. We are ® 20+ years of experience. We are 20+ years Reasonable Quality Palm PalmTree Tree TreeSpecialist, Specialist, Specialist, Rates Rates Palm Tree Specialist, Workmanship Workmanship Rates Since 1965 Workmanship FENCING Palm Tree Specialist, Palm Rates Rates Workmanship Workmanship 20+ years of experience. We are CallaHan FENCING fully fully licensed, licensed, bonded, bonded, and and insured. insured. fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Interiors • Exteriors d d CUSTOM CUSTOM MIRRORS MIRRORS Kitchen Bath,and Pool d CUSTOM MIRRORS I I Heal Heal the the Soil Soil fully licensed,/bonded, insured. fully licensed, bonded, and insured. I Heal the Soil Palm Tree Specialist, Since 1965 Rates Workmanship d CUSTOM MIRRORS d CUSTOM MIRRORS


Pets & Business Dirctories


Malibu Malibu Malibu

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Competitive prices | Quality work Do you want the whole world (or Quality at leastReasonable Malibu) to marvel at their www.rayhepinstallpainting. www.rayhepinstallpainting. www.rayhepinstallpainting. DECKS LANDSCAPE PAINTING www.rayhepinstallpainting. www.rayhepinstallpainting. 310.456.0409 310.456.0409 Palm Tree Specialist, Rates 310.456.6564 Workmanship www.rayhepinstallpainting. PAINTING PAINTING PAINTING fully 310.935.8385 licensed, bonded, and insured. PAINTING PAINTING magnificence? com com com I Heal the Soil LIC #837611 comFree. Are You? com Malibu is Poison Citrus Pruning Let us PAINTING com for high yield, Home Remodels and Additions, 310.935.8385 ELECTRICIAN Since 1970 Senior Discounts 310.935.8385 310-456-1844 310-456-1844 310-456-1844 *New Constructions, and ADUs.* 310-456-1844 Then submit a photo of them with a clever caption to give youalong the Brush Clearance, Disease, OPENDECKS DAYSAAWEEK WEEK OPEN 77DAYS 310-456-1844 Organic Consultant Residential & Commercial custom WWW.MALIBUGLASS.NET WWW.MALIBUGLASS.NET WWW.MALIBUGLASS.NET Lic##1061118 WWW.MALIBUGLASS.NET FENCES Jeff Turner 310.457.2139 Pest & Tree Removal for a chance to have them featured ROOFING ESTIMATES ~ * ~ FREE Discounts home you Lic. Lic. #396181 #396181 WWW.MALIBUGLASS.NET Lic. #396181 Custom Specialist Lic#965437 310.457.4438 landline * Senior Lic. #396181 Jeff Turner 310.457.2139 GLASS & MIRROR Jeff Turner 310.457.2139 PERGOLAS Senior Discounts Discounts deserve! Lic. #396181 in Poppy’s Pals! cell Lic##1061118 ** Senior 323.800.0445 ** Reasonable Quality 805.612.7321 OUTDOOR FURNITURE 310.496.9073 Lic##1061118 Lic#965437 Lic##1061118 Rates Workmanship FENCING FENCING FENCING FENCING Lic#965437 d CUSTOM MIRRORS To submit a Poppy’s Pal photo of your pet, please email to: 1965 200DPI as jpg 805.208.5918 I Heal the Soil Lic#965437 Since Since 1965 Since 1965 Lic#1072498 FENCING PROFESSIONAL & SERVICES DIRECTORY Since 1965service • Since 1965 • NOT a gardening Let us 310-456-6841 or pdf file. Include pet’s name along with a clever caption, and/or theirareas name, breed and age. Poppy’s Pal Malibu &Since Surrounding 1970 Since 1965 d SHOWERS 1st 1st Place Place AIA AIA Awards Awards 1st Place AIA Awards 1st Place AIA Awards 1st Place AIA Awards give you the DECKS New Constructions, and ADUs. photos are published in the order in which they are received. 1st Place AIA Awards Organic Consultant custom Builders of Fine Homes d DOORS PROFESSIONAL & SERVICES DIRECTORY www.rayhepinstallpainting. FENCES 3547 WINTER CANYON RD Interiors Interiors • • Exteriors Exteriors Interiors • Exteriors Kitchen Kitchen Bath, Bath,Pool Pool Pool Kitchen Bath, Pool HOME CAREGIVING ACCOUNTING BEAUTY DIGITAL SERVICES GARDENING OPTOMETRY Interiors • Exteriors Interiors • Exteriors FREE ESTIMATES ~ Kitchen ////Bath, 310.456.6564 ~ home you PROFESSIONAL & SERVICES DIRECTORY 310.457.4438 landline & Commercial Real PROFESSIONAL & SERVICES DIRECTORY d WINDOWS PAINTING Interiors •& Kitchen / Bath, Pool PERGOLAS Marine Marine& & &Exteriors Custom Custom Marine Custom MALIBU, CA 90265 LIC #837611 com deserve! Tile Tile ///Flooring, Flooring, Flooring, Additions Additions Tile Flooring, Additions Marine & Custom Marine Custom Tile / Additions 323.800.0445 since 1989 805.612.7321 cell Marine & Custom ELECTRICIAN d SKYLIGHTS Finishes Finishes HOME CAREGIVING BEAUTY DIGITAL SERVICES GARDENING OPTOMETRY Finishes Tile Estate /ACCOUNTING Flooring, Additions OUTDOOR FURNITURE MIA’S MOBILE SPA Johnson, Foster, 310.496.9073 Finishes Finishes 310-456-1844 Siding, Siding,Stucco, Stucco, Stucco, Siding, Stucco, DIGITAL Wood, Wood,Chain Chain Chainlink link link Vinyl VinylFencing Fencing Fencing SENIOR IN-HOME Wood, Chain link Vinyl Fencing Gregory805.208.5918 M. Siding, Custom Quality HOMECAREGIVING CAREGIVING ACCOUNTING BEAUTY DIGITAL SERVICES GARDENING OPTOMETRY Wood, Chain link & Vinyl Fencing Wood, &&&&Vinyl Finishes HOME ACCOUNTING BEAUTY DIGITAL SERVICES GARDENING OPTOMETRY d WINDBREAKS Siding, Stucco, Wood, Chain link & Vinyl Fencing CONTRACTORS DIRECTORY WWW.MALIBUGLASS.NET Fitzgerald & Brenes, LLP For BEAUTY & HEALTH Licensed Licensed••••Bonded Bonded Bonded••••Insured Insured Insured 24 24 Hrs Hrs Service Service ••Hourly •Hourly Hourly Rates Rates Licensed Bonded Insured Painting, Painting, Decks Decks 24 Hrs Service Hourly Rates Painting, Decks CAREGIVING SERVICES Lic#1072498 Custom Custom Gates. Gates. Entry Entry Systems Systems Windscreens. Windscreens. Custom Gates. Entry Systems Windscreens. ARCHIVING ROOFING Licensed • Bonded • Insured Licensed 24 Hrs Service • Hourly Rates 24 Hrs Service • Rates Painting, Decks Construction • NOT a gardening service • Custom Gates. Entry Systems Windscreens. Entry Systems Windscreens. MIA’S MOBILE SPA Custom Johnson,Decks Foster, Malibu & Surrounding d Gates. SCREENS O'Connor, Lic. #396181 Serving ServingMalibu Malibu Since Since 1965 1965 Serving Malibu Since 1965 Licensed •Malibu Bonded • Insured DIGITAL 24 pampered Hrs Service • in Hourly Rates Painting, SENIOR IN-HOME • Windscreens. VIDEOTAPE Gates. Entry Systems Gregory MO.D. .areas Calvin’s Serving Malibu Since 1965 Serving Since 1965 Accountants and Advisors Get your home. Snake Snake Fences Fences &&&Corrals. Corrals. Corrals.Wrought Wrought Wrought Iron Iron Lic# 569337 Snake Fences Corrals. Wrought Iron MIA’S MOBILE SPAIron Custom Johnson, Foster, Reliable, Reliable, No NoShort Short Short Cuts. Cuts. Reliable, No Short Cuts. STATE LICENSED • BONDED • INSURED MIA’S MOBILE SPA Johnson, Foster, Snake Fences & Corrals. Wrought Snake Fences & Iron • 8MM FILM Serving Malibu Since 1965 DIGITAL Reliable, No Cuts. SENIOR IN-HOME Gregory M DIGITAL CONSTRUCTION GLASS DECKS LANDSCAPE PAINTING TREE CARE Fitzgerald & Brenes, LLP For BEAUTY & HEALTH SENIOR IN-HOME Gregory MO.D. ..Rd. CAREGIVING SERVICES In home toning/inch-loss & relaxing ARCHIVING Snake FencesWINTER &prices Corrals. Wrought www.rayhepinstallpainting. Reliable, No Short Cuts. • PHOTOIron 15200quality Sunset Blvd. #203LLP 3547 CANYON RD 3840 Cross Creek Specialty Gardens Custom Custom quality Construction Construction 310.456.0409 310.456.0409 Custom quality Construction 310.456.0409 Fitzgerald & Brenes, Competitive Competitive prices | | Quality Quality work work O'Connor, For BEAUTY & HEALTH Competitive prices | Quality work Custom quality Construction CAREGIVING SERVICES 310.456.0409 310.456.0409 SLIDE Fitzgerald & Brenes, LLP For BEAUTY & HEALTH ARCHIVING • VIDEOTAPE Competitive prices | Quality work Competitive prices | Quality work Calvin’s CAREGIVING SERVICES massage. Detox & anti-aging facials for Accountants and Advisors ARCHIVING Get pampered in your home. Pacific FENCING PAINTING Custom qualityPalisades Construction 310.456.0409 STATE LICENSED • BONDED • INSURED Malibu is Poison Free. Are You? O'Connor, O.D. prices |CA work MALIBU, •90265 FILM comTREE O'Connor, O.D. AFFORDABLE CARE •8MM VIDEOTAPE Calvin’s Since 1965 • INSURED Accountants and Advisors VIDEOTAPE Get pampered in your home. Competitive Calvin’s men &pampered women. References ———————Local LocalMalibu Malibu Malibu Co. Co.for for forQuality over 26yrs 26yrs In home toning/inch-loss &available. relaxing Accountants and Advisors Local Malibu Co. for over 26yrs 310-456-7464 Get in your home. ••over PHOTO STATELICENSED LICENSED •BONDED BONDED Local Malibu Co. for over 26yrs Local Co. over 26yrs 15200 Sunset Blvd. #203 • 8MM FILM 3840 Cross Creek Rd. Garden & ELECTRICIAN Specialty Gardens STATE • • INSURED • 8MM FILM 310.935.8385 310.935.8385 310.935.8385 Y • SLIDE Certified Arborists CERTIFIED HCA & CPR 1st Place AIA Awards 310-456-1844 In home toning/inch-loss & relaxing (310) 454-6545 310.935.8385 Local Malibu Co. for over 26yrs Contact Milly 562.419.1340 • PHOTO massage. & anti-aging& facials for In homeDetox toning/inch-loss relaxing 15200 Sunset Blvd.#203 #203 •WEEK PHOTO 3840 Cross Creek Rd. Pacific Palisades Specialty Gardens Landscape Design 15200 Sunset Blvd. 3840 Cross Creek Rd. Residential & Commercial Specialty Gardens OPEN OPEN 7 7 DAYS DAYS A A WEEK WEEK OPEN 7 DAYS A 310.935.8385 • SLIDE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK ———————— • SLIDE massage. Detox &Licensed anti-aging facialsfor for Y TRANSPORTATION Fully&References men & women. available. PacificPalisades Palisades WWW.MALIBUGLASS.NET massage. Detox anti-aging facials ———————310-456-7464 Pacific Family Owned Business OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Custom Specialist Garden & Interiors • Exteriors Your Full Service Interior & Exterior GLASS &References MIRROR Y CERTIFIED HCA & CPR men & women. available. Lic. #396181 ———————Lic# 569337 CONSTRUCTION 20+ years of experience. We are Custom quality Construction Custom quality Construction

CONSTRUCTION 3547 WINTER CANYON RD d CUSTOM MALIBU,MIRRORS CA 90265 ELECTRICIAN ELECTRICIAN ELECTRICIAN ELECTRICIAN d 310-456-1844 SHOWERS ELECTRICIAN 818-259-4055 • 805-497-7711 d DOORS WWW.MALIBUGLASS.NET Lic. #396181 d WINDOWS 818-259-4055 805-497-7711 Family-owned•business with d20+SKYLIGHTS 818-259-4055 805-497-7711 818-259-4055 ••805-497-7711 years of experience. We are d WINDBREAKS FENCING fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Remodels and Additions, dHome SCREENS

GLASS 3547 3547 WINTER WINTER CANYON CANYON RD RD 3547 WINTER CANYON RD Competitive Qualitywork work OPEN 7prices DAYSCANYON A| Quality WEEK 3547 WINTER RD Competitive Local Malibuprices Co.CA for| 90265 over 26yrs 3547 WINTER CANYON RD MALIBU, MALIBU, CA 90265 MALIBU, CA 90265 MALIBU, CA 90265 Local Malibu310.457.2139 Co. for over 26yrs Local Malibu Co. Jeff Turner MALIBU, CAfor 90265 OPEN 7 DAYS A over WEEK26yrs

Lic##1061118 Lic##1061118 Lic##1061118 fully licensed, andfor insured. Lic##1061118 Serving Malibu Yourbonded, Full Service Accounting Firm Your Full Service Lic##1061118 Over 54and 24————————Hrs Service •Years Hourly Rates Home Remodels Additions, Accounting Firm Accounting Firm New————————Constructions, andfor ADUs. ————————Serving Malibu

Milly 562.419.1340 menContact & women. References available. Jeff Turner 310.457.2139 Contact Milly 562.419.1340 Fully Licensed Contact Milly 562.419.1340 818-259-4055 818-259-4055 805-497-7711 805-497-7711 818-259-4055 ••Licensed 805-497-7711 Fully 818-259-4055 ••MIRRORS 805-497-7711 Fully Chain link & Vinyl Fencing d Wood, CUSTOM 818-259-4055 •Licensed 805-497-7711 Lic#965437 Custom Gates. Entry Systems Windscreens. d SHOWERS Snake Fences & Corrals. Wrought Iron d DOORS prices | Quality work dCompetitive WINDOWS BOOKKEEPING d Local SKYLIGHTS Malibu Co. for over 26yrs d WINDBREAKS BOOKKEEPING BEAUTY BEAUTY BEAUTY OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK DIGITAL SERVICES BEAUTY BOOKKEEPING 24 Hrs Service • Hourly Rates BEAUTY d SCREENS BOOKKEEPING

Lic# 491492 Lic# 491492



(310) 454-6545 ———————Family-owned business Accounting Firmwith Senior Senior Discounts Discounts Senior Discounts (310) 454-6545 ———————— Senior (310) 454-6545 * * *** * 20+ years ofDiscounts experience. We *are **818-259-4055 ————————Senior Discounts ———————— Your Full•Service 805-497-7711 ———————— *

Lic# 491492



Lic# 569337





Lic# 491492

RAY HEPINSTALL PAINTING Lic# Lic# 491492 491492 Lic# 491492 Lic# 491492

Lic# 491492

Jeff JeffTurner Turner Turner310.457.2139 310.457.2139 310.457.2139 Jeff Turner 310.457.2139 Jeff Jeff Turner 310.457.2139 424-255-8994 ESTSIDE WFENCING Lic#965437 Lic#965437 Lic#965437 Lic#965437 424-255-8994


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Lic#794969 Lic#794969 Lic#794969 Lic#794969 Lic#794969

ne Homes UCTION

I Heal the Soil To submit II usHeal the Soil 1st Place AIA Awards Since 1965 ® insured. Citrus CitrusPruning Pruning Pruning for forhigh high highyield, yield, yield, Citrus Pruning for high yield, a Poppy’s Pal photo of your pet,Let please to: 200DPIfor as jpg Let fully licensed, bonded, and CONTRACTORS usus email Citrus Pruning for high yield, Citrus We Build Joy. Home Home Remodels Remodels and and Additions, Additions, d MIRRORS DIRECTORY 310-456-6841 310-456-6841 Home Remodels and Additions, 310-456-6841 Heal the Soil Let LetLet usus Marine & Custom Since Since 1970 1970 Since 1970 Home Remodels and Additions, Home Remodels and Additions, 310-456-6841 dddCUSTOM SHOWERS SHOWERS 1st Place AIA Awards Tile / Flooring, Additions SHOWERS Since 1970 Since 1970 Citrus Pruning for high yield, 1st Place AIA Awards d SHOWERS d SHOWERS or pdf file. Include pet’s name along with a clever caption, and/or their name, breed and age. Poppy’s Pal give give you you the the DECKS DECKS Let us give you the DECKS Brush Brush Clearance, Clearance, Disease, Disease, Brush Clearance, Disease, Home Remodels and Additions, 310-456-6841 give you the give you the Clearance, Disease, DECKS DECKS New NewConstructions, Constructions, Constructions,and and andADUs. ADUs. ADUs. New Constructions, and ADUs. Brush Brush Clearance, Disease, Since Interiors •1970 Exteriors Kitchen Bath, Pool Finishes d SHOWERS Organic Organic Consultant Consultant NewSiding, Constructions, and ADUs. New Organic Consultant custom custom Builders Builders of of/Fine Fine Fine Homes Homes dddWood, DOORS DOORS Organic Consultant photos Organic Consultant you the custom DECKS Builders of Homes DOORS Stucco, are published inExteriors the order in whichgive they are received.CARE Brush Clearance, Disease, ChainDECKS link & Vinyl Fencing custom custom Builders of Homes d DOORS d DOORS FENCES FENCES FENCES New Constructions, andManage. ADUs. CONSTRUCTION GLASS LANDSCAPE PAINTING TREE Interiors • Exteriors Pest Pest Tree TreeRemoval Removal Removal Kitchen /Fine Bath, Pool Pest Tree Removal FENCES FENCES Interiors • Organic Consultant Marine & Custom Kitchen / Bath, Pool Pest & Tree Removal Pest &&&&Tree FREE FREE ESTIMATES ESTIMATES Dream. Design. Build. FREE ESTIMATES ~ ~ ~ ~ home home you you Tile / Flooring, Additions ~ ~ custom home you Builders of Fine Homes d DOORS FREE ESTIMATES FREE ESTIMATES 310.457.4438 310.457.4438 landline landline 310.457.4438 landline ~ ~ ~ ~ home you home you & & Commercial Commercial Real Real & Commercial Real FENCES d d WINDOWS WINDOWS Licensed • Bonded • Insured d WINDOWS 24 Hrs Service • Hourly Rates Painting, Decks 310.457.4438 landline 310.457.4438 landline Pest & Tree Removal &Tile Commercial Real Custom Gates.PERGOLAS Entry Systems Windscreens. PERGOLAS PERGOLAS Marine & Custom Custom PERGOLAS d~ WINDOWS d WINDOWS ® ESTIMATES ~ FREE Marine & /Flooring, Flooring, Additions deserve! deserve! Finishes home you deserve! Builders Company A Stradella Tile /Siding, Additions 310.457.4438 landline deserve! deserve! &Estate Commercial Real favorite furry, feathered or scaley friend pupp-tacular MalibuPERGOLAS is Poison Free. Are You? Serving Malibu Since 1965 Stucco, d WINDOWS 323.800.0445 323.800.0445 Estate since since 1989 1989 323.800.0445 Chain&link & Vinyl FencingIron Is your Estate since 1989 AFFORDABLE310.496.9073 TREE CARE 805.612.7321 805.612.7321 cell cell PERGOLAS 805.612.7321 cell d SKYLIGHTS SKYLIGHTS 323.800.0445 323.800.0445 ddWood, SKYLIGHTS Estate since 1989 Finishes deserve! 805.612.7321 cell 805.612.7321 cell OUTDOOR OUTDOOR FURNITURE FURNITURE OUTDOOR FURNITURE Snake Fences Corrals. Wrought Reliable, No Short Cuts. d SKYLIGHTS d SKYLIGHTS Finishes 310.496.9073 310.496.9073 OUTDOOR FURNITURE OUTDOOR FURNITURE Siding, Stucco, Wood, Chain link VinylWindscreens. Fencing or OUTDOOR 310.496.9073 310.496.9073 323.800.0445 Siding, Stucco, Estate since 1989 805.612.7321 Wood, Chain link &&Vinyl Fencing Licensed • Bonded •cell Insured Office: (424) 24 Hrs Service •664-0806 Hourly Rates d SKYLIGHTS Painting, Decks Custom Custom Quality Quality Custom Quality divinely purr-licious? Certified Arborists Custom Gates. Entry Systems FURNITURE Custom Quality d d WINDBREAKS WINDBREAKS 310.496.9073 d WINDBREAKS 805.208.5918 805.208.5918 d WINDBREAKS dCustom WINDBREAKS Custom quality Construction 805.208.5918 310.456.0409 Residential & Commercial Competitive pricesSystems | Quality work Licensed Bonded •Insured Insured Serving Malibu Since 1965 24 Hrs Service HourlyRates Rates Painting, Decks 805.208.5918 805.208.5918 Custom Quality Lic#1072498 Lic#1072498 Gates.Entry Entry Systems Windscreens. Lic#1072498 Licensed •• Bonded •service 24 Hrs Service ••Hourly Painting, Decks 1CONTRACTORS Cell: (310) 924-275 Construction Construction Custom Gates. Windscreens. •••NOT NOT NOTaaaagardening gardening gardening service service Construction NOT gardening Lic#1072498 Lic#1072498 d DIRECTORY Snake Fences & Corrals. Wrought Iron Do •they Lic# 491492 Construction Reliable, No Short Cuts. NOT love a gardening service • •and service ••••of attention? 805.208.5918 Family Owned Business Malibu Malibu &&&Surrounding Surrounding Surrounding areas areas d SCREENS SCREENS Malibu Surrounding areas ddWINDBREAKS SCREENS Serving Malibu Since 1965 Custom Specialist the limelight being the center Serving Malibu Since 1965 Malibu & Surrounding areas Malibu & areas Lic#1072498 d SCREENS d SCREENS Construction GLASS & MIRROR • NOT a gardening service • Snake Fences Corrals. Wrought Iron LocalFences Malibu&&Co. for over 26yrsIron Lic# Lic# 569337 569337 Reliable, Nobusiness Short Cuts. Lic# 569337 Corrals. Wrought Family-owned with Malibu areas dSnake SCREENS Reliable, No Short Cuts. 25 &+ Surrounding Years Experience Lic# 569337 Custom quality Construction 310.456.0409 Lic#794969


Malibu Malibu Malibu



Garden & Landscape Design Garden &Reasonable Quality Plant Maintenance Landscape Design Landscape Design Rates Workmanship Interior & Exterior Interior Exterior Call Randy & Casey Interior &&1965 Exterior Maintenance Let us Plant Since PlantMaintenance Maintenance give1st you the Plant Place AIA Awards

310-456-7464 PERSONAL TRAINER 25310-456-7464 + Years Experience

TREE CARE 310.456.6564 310.456.6564 310.456.6564 310.456.6564 LIC LIC #837611 #837611 LIC #837611 310.456.6564 LIC #837611

AFFORDABLE LIC #837611TREE CARE Certified Arborists


ROOFING ROOFING Family Owned Business ROOFING 25 + Years Experience Palm Tree Specialist, Citrus Pruning for high yield, Brush Clearance, Disease, Pest & TreeTHERAPY Removal PHYSICAL


Gregory Beaton, PT, OCS Malibu’sS. Only Board Certified Gregory Beaton, PT,OCS OCS Gregory S.S.&Beaton, PT, Orthopedic Sport Specialist Malibu Rehabilitation Center

310.456.6564 Malibu Rehabilitation Center Malibu’s Only Board Certified Malibu Rehabilitation LIC #837611 Center 310-456-9332 Malibu’sOnly Only Board Certified Orthopedic & Sport Specialist Malibu’s Board Certified Orthopedic&&Sport SportSpecialist Specialist Orthopedic 310-456-9332

ROOFING 310-456-9332 REAL310-456-9332 ESTATE AGENT



NEYS wyers



Serving Malibu for OverESTIMATES 54 Yearsfor Serving Malibu FREE Kitchen Bath, Pool Over/54 54 Years Over Years ATTORNEYS


LAUNDRY Serving Since 1965 Brush Clearance, Disease, •460•&8760 Organic Consultant (805)Malibu 424-1140 310Randy Casey customCall Pest & Tree Removal (805)REMOVAL 424-1140 Call Randy Casey (805) 424-1140 ~ ~ home you VIDEO SERVICE.COM Call Randy &&more Casey ESTSIDE W Interiors • for Exteriors EDUCATION 310.457.4438 landline See classified ad info 310.456.0409 JUNK ESTSIDE W PERGOLAS Professional DIRECTORY PROFESSIONAL PROFESSIONAL & & SERVICES SERVICES DIRECTORY DIRECTORY PROFESSIONAL & SERVICES DIRECTORY • • deserve! COM VIDEO SERVICE. PROFESSIONAL & SERVICES DIRECTORY SERVICES 310 •460 8760 VIDEO SERVICE.COM & Marine &DIRECTORY Custom Tile / 323.800.0445 Flooring, Additions PROFESSIONAL cell PROFESSIONAL SERVICES DIRECTORY OUTDOOR FURNITURE & 805.612.7321 •460 ••8760 310 460 8760 310.496.9073 310 EDUCATION See classified ad for more info Finishes JUNK REMOVAL Siding, Stucco, C: 901.831.2663 Billy Moss Wood,EDUCATION ChainSERVICES link & Vinyl Fencing EDUCATION ATTORNEYS See classified ad for moreinfo info 805.208.5918 HOME HOME CAREGIVING CAREGIVING ACCOUNTING ACCOUNTING DIGITAL DIGITAL SERVICES GARDENING GARDENING OPTOMETRY OPTOMETRY PHYSICAL PHYSICAL THERAPY THERAPY JUNK REMOVAL HOME CAREGIVING ACCOUNTING DIGITAL SERVICES GARDENING OPTOMETRY PHYSICAL THERAPY See classified ad for more JUNK REMOVAL HOME SERVICES CAREGIVING HOME CAREGIVING BEAUTY OPTOMETRY PHYSICAL THERAPY PHYSICAL ACCOUNTING GARDENING OPTOMETRY THERAPY Lic#1072498 A BOOKKEEPING DIGITAL • NOT GARDENING a gardening service • O: 310.457.6550 Licensed • Bonded • areas Insured ATTORNEYS Painting, Decks CAREGIVING ACCOUNTING DIGITAL SERVICES GARDENING OPTOMETRY PHYSICAL THERAPY Custom Gates. Entry Systems Windscreens. HOME Malibu & Surrounding ATTORNEYS Serving Malibu Since 1965 Lic# 569337 C: 901.831.2663 Malibu Moss Fitness Billy Jeff Turner 310.457.2139 SERVICE Snake Fences & Corrals. Wrought Iron SENIOR Reliable, NoFoster, Short Cuts. MIA’S MIA’S MOBILE MOBILE SPA SPA Johnson, Johnson, Foster, Foster, counts MIA’S MOBILE SPA Johnson, Foster, C:S. MIA’S MOBILE SPA MIA’S MOBILE SPA DIGITAL A BOOKKEEPING Foster, * Johnson, Billy Moss DIGITAL www.rayhepinstallpainting. Gregory Gregory S.901.831.2663 S.29178 Beaton, Beaton, PT, PT,OCS OCS OCS SENIOR IN-HOME IN-HOME MENTAL HEALTH C: 901.831.2663 Gregory S. Beaton, PT, OCS SENIOR IN-HOME Gregory M . Gregory M . O: 310.457.6550 Billy Moss 3547 WINTER CANYON RD We remove DIGITAL Gregory S. Beaton, PT, OCS Gregory Beaton, PT, Heathercliff Rd #3 SENIOR IN-HOME Gregory M . Gregory M . MIA’S MOBILE SPA Johnson, 310.456.6564 In home training 818-259-4055 •Foster, 805-497-7711 A BOOKKEEPING DIGITAL Custom quality Construction 310.456.0409 Gregory S. Beaton, PT, OCS SENIOR IN-HOME A BOOKKEEPING O: 310.457.6550 Gregory M . Competitive prices | Quality work Fitzgerald Fitzgerald & & Brenes, Brenes, LLP LLP Quicken, QuickBooks, For For BEAUTY BEAUTY & & HEALTH HEALTH Fitzgerald & Brenes, LLP Malibu, CA 90265 1118 PAINTING For BEAUTY & HEALTH Malibu Fitness O: 310.457.6550 CAREGIVING CAREGIVING SERVICES SERVICES CAREGIVING SERVICES 310.566.0010 ARCHIVING ARCHIVING Brenes, LLP Fitzgerald & Brenes, LLP For BEAUTY & HEALTH For BEAUTY & HEALTH • Furniture • Appliances MALIBU, CA 90265 LIC #837611 com Malibu MalibuRehabilitation Rehabilitation Rehabilitation Center Center CAREGIVING SERVICES CAREGIVING SERVICES Malibu Rehabilitation Center SERVICE ARCHIVING Malibu Rehabilitation Center Malibu Center R E A LT O R O'Connor, O'Connor, O.D. O.D. O'Connor, O.D. Fitzgerald & and Brenes, LLP Malibu Fitness For BEAUTY &inyour HEALTH Lic#965437 CAREGIVING SERVICES MENTAL HEALTH Malibu Fitness •VIDEOTAPE VIDEOTAPE O'Connor, O.D. VIDEOTAPE Calvin’s Calvin’s Calvin’s We remove Accountants Accountants and Advisors Advisors Malibu Rehabilitation Center SERVICE Get Get pampered pampered inin your home. home. ARCHIVING Accountants and Advisors Get pampered your home. 29178 Heathercliff Rd #3 • VIDEOTAPE Malibu’s Malibu’s Only Only Board Board Certified Certified Excel. QuickBooks Calvin’s Calvin’s Local Malibu Co. for•••••VIDEOTAPE over 26yrs Malibu’s Only Board Certified • Yard waste SERVICE nd Advisors Accountants and GetELECTRICIAN pampered in Advisors your home. Get pampered in your home. STATE STATE LICENSED LICENSED •BONDED BONDED •INSURED INSURED In home STATE LICENSED •BONDED •INSURED CaRE # Certified 02114825 Malibu’s Onlytraining Board Certified Malibu’s Only Board 310-456-1844 O'Connor, O.D. •8MM 8MM FILM FILM 8MM FILM STATE LICENSED • BONDED •FILM INSURED STATE LICENSED ••remove BONDED ••INSURED MENTAL HEALTH Jeffrey Titcher, PsyD • VIDEOTAPE 310.935.8385 • 8MM FILM 8MM Calvin’s We Quicken, QuickBooks, Malibu, CA 90265 MENTAL HEALTH Accountants and Advisors 29178 Heathercliff Rd#3 #3 Get pampered in your home. We remove In In home home toning/inch-loss toning/inch-loss & & relaxing relaxing Malibu’s Only Board Certified 310.566.0010 Inhome hometoning/inch-loss toning/inch-loss•&PHOTO &relaxing relaxing • Furniture • Appliances 29178 Heathercliff Rd ••8MM •PHOTO PHOTO Orthopedic Orthopedic & & Sport Sport Specialist Specialist In home training PHOTO Orthopedic & Sport Specialist STATE LICENSED • BONDED • INSURED 15200 15200 Sunset Sunset Blvd. Blvd. #203 #203 In home toning/inch-loss & relaxing In 15200 Sunset Blvd. #203 3840 3840 Cross Cross Creek Creek Rd. Rd. • Construction debris Specialty Specialty Gardens Gardens In home training • FILM 3840 Cross Creek Rd. Specialty Gardens PHOTO Orthopedic & Sport Specialist Orthopedic & Sport Specialist Pro Advisor. Honest, Blvd. #203 15200 Sunset Blvd. #203 RMalibu, E A LCA TCA O90265 R OPEN 7 DAYS••A•PHOTO WEEK WWW.MALIBUGLASS.NET 3840 Cross Creek Rd. Quicken, QuickBooks, Specialty Gardens Specialty Gardens 90265 •SLIDE SLIDE Quicken, QuickBooks, SLIDE Malibu, Clinical Psychologist 310.566.0010 ROOFING In home toning/inch-loss relaxing •Furniture Furniture •waste Appliances massage. massage. Detox Detox &&&anti-aging anti-aging anti-aging facials facialsfor for for massage. Detox anti-aging facials for Orthopedic & Sport Specialist 310.566.0010 •&SLIDE SLIDE • • Appliances Pacific Pacific Palisades Palisades 15200 Sunset Blvd. #203 Excel. QuickBooks Pacific Palisades 3840 Cross Creek Rd. • Yard Specialty Gardens massage. Detox & anti-aging facials for massage. Detox & facials LTTOORR lisades Pacific Palisades CaRE #AL02114825 Lic. #396181 •trash 310-456-9332 310-456-9332 310-456-9332 RREEA • SLIDE Jeffrey Titcher, PsyD 310-456-9332 310-456-9332 Detox &References anti-aging facials for reliable, discreet. men men&&&&women. women. women. References Referencesavailable. available. available. Lic#PSY20442 men women. References available. Excel. QuickBooks ——————————————Yardwaste waste ———————310-456-7464 WINDOW SHADES PROFESSIONAL & SERVICES DIRECTORY 310-456-7464 Excel. QuickBooks men———————&Pacific women.Palisades References available. massage. men CaRE 02114825 ••Yard ———Jeff Turner 310.457.2139 310-456-7464 310-456-7464 •CERTIFIED Construction debris Garden Garden &&& PsyD 310-456-9332 Garden CaRE ##02114825 Jeffrey Titcher, PsyD Pro Advisor. Honest, Garden & Garden & Senior Discounts Home & Garage Y Y Jeffrey Titcher, Y men & women. References available. CERTIFIED HCA HCA & & CPR CPR CERTIFIED HCA&&CPR CPR Clinical Psychologist (310) (310) 454-6545 454-6545 ———————Contact ContactMilly Milly Milly562.419.1340 562.419.1340 562.419.1340 (310) 454-6545 Contact Milly 562.419.1340 310-456-7464 Y CERTIFIED HCA & CPR Y CERTIFIED * Contact HCA 4-6545 (310) 454-6545 •Construction Construction debris Milly 562.419.1340* Contact Garden & Landscape Landscape Design Design Local references. Landscape Design Pro Advisor. Honest, • debris (310) 589-1969 •trash Landscape Design Landscape Design Pro Advisor. Honest, 818-259-4055 • 805-497-7711 Y Clinical Psychologist CERTIFIED HCA & CPR clean-outs ———————— ———————— (310) 454-6545 ———————— ContactFENCING Milly 562.419.1340 Y Y Y Clinical Psychologist Fully FullyLicensed Licensed Licensed TRANSPORTATION TRANSPORTATION Fully Licensed reliable, discreet. TRANSPORTATION Lic#PSY20442 ———— ———————— Lic##1061118 Y Y WINDOW SHADES Fully Licensed Fully Landscape Design TRANSPORTATION TRANSPORTATION •trash HOME CAREGIVING •trash NTING BEAUTY DIGITAL SERVICES GARDENING OPTOMETRY PHYSICAL THERAPY REAL ESTATE AGENT REAL ESTATE AGENT REAL ESTATE AGENT 22761 PCH, Suite 232, Malibu Your Your Full FullService Service Service ———————— Your Full Service Since 1965 Interior Interior &&&Exterior Exterior Exterior Y Home & Garage Interior Exterior reliable, discreet. Fully Licensed TRANSPORTATION Lic#PSY20442 REAL ESTATE AGENT REAL ESTATE AGENT Service Your Full Y Y WINDOW SHADES reliable, discreet. Y Patti 310.720.8004 Interior & Exterior Interior & Lic#965437 EXERCISES EXERCISES & & Lic#PSY20442 EXERCISES & PERSONAL TRAINER PERSONAL TRAINER WINDOW SHADES PERSONAL TRAINER Y Y EXERCISES & EXERCISES & Local references. 310.924.0132 PERSONAL TRAINER PERSONAL TRAINER REAL ESTATE AGENT Accounting Accounting Firm Firm (310) 589-1969 Your Full Service Home & Garage Accounting Firm Interior & Exterior 1st Place AIA Awards Home & Garage clean-outs ng Firm Accounting Firm Y LAUNDRY LAUNDRY EXERCISES & Plant Plant Maintenance Maintenance LAUNDRY Plant Maintenance PERSONAL TRAINER Local references. LAUNDRY LAUNDRY Plant Maintenance Plant Maintenance 424-255-8994 (310) 589-1969 Local references. ————————————————Accounting Firm SPA 424-255-8994 424-255-8994 ————————(310) 589-1969 clean-outs 22761 PCH, Suite 232, Malibu ————————————MIA’S MOBILE Foster, LAUNDRY Plant Maintenance clean-outs DIGITAL Patti 310.720.8004 424-255-8994 Gregory S. Beaton, PT, OCS SENIOR IN-HOME Gregory M .Malibu Serving ServingMalibu Malibu Malibufor for for ————————Interiors • Exteriors Serving Malibu for th, Pool 310.924.0132 22761 PCH, Suite 232, (805) (805) 424-1140 424-1140 (805) 424-1140 alibu for Serving HANDYMAN Call Call Randy Randy & & Casey Casey Call Randy & Casey 22761 PCH, Suite 232, Malibu (805) 424-1140 (805) 424-1140 ESTSIDE ESTSIDE W Patti 310.720.8004 ESTSIDE W HOME PROTECTION Call Randy & Casey Call Randy & Casey Patti 310.720.8004 W ESTSIDE ESTSIDE W Brenes, LLP For BEAUTY & HEALTH Over Over 54 54 Years Years Serving Malibu for Over 54 Years 310.924.0132 CAREGIVING SERVICES Marine & Custom ARCHIVING (805) 424-1140 310.924.0132 PROFESSIONAL & SERVICES DIRECTORY Years Over 54 Years Call Randy & Casey Malibu Rehabilitation Center Additions COM COM VIDEO VIDEO SERVICE. SERVICE. COM VIDEO SERVICE. ESTSIDE W COM VIDEO SERVICE. COM VIDEO SERVICE. O'Connor, O.D. Over 54 Years • VIDEOTAPE Calvin’s • • • • • • nd Advisors Get pampered in your home. Finishes COM VIDEO SERVICE. Malibu’s Only Board Certified 310 310 460 460 8760 8760 • • • • 310 460 8760 HANDYMAN STATE LICENSED • BONDED • INSURED 310PROTECTION 460 8760 310 8760 cco, • 8MM FILM HOME Wood, Chain link & Vinyl Fencing •460 •forCreek In home toning/inch-loss & relaxing 310 460 8760 HANDYMAN • PHOTO Orthopedic & Sport Specialist Blvd. #203 HANDYMAN 3840 Cross Rd. HOME PROTECTION Specialty Gardens EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION See See classified classified ad ad for for more more info info HOME CAREGIVING ACCOUNTING BEAUTY DIGITAL SERVICES GARDENING OPTOMETRY PHYSICAL THERAPY See classified ad more info JUNK REMOVAL JUNK REMOVAL DENTIST JUNK REMOVAL HOME PROTECTION Licensed •REMOVAL Bonded Insured 24 HrsDetox Service • Hourly Rates EDUCATION EDUCATION Decks See classified ad for •more info See classified ad for more info JUNK REMOVAL JUNK Gates. Entry Systems• SLIDE Windscreens. massage. & anti-aging facials for Custom lisades BOOKKEEPING BOOKKEEPING ATTORNEYS ATTORNEYS BOOKKEEPING ATTORNEYS EDUCATION H A N D Y M A N S E R V I C E See classified ad for more info JUNK REMOVAL Serving Malibu Since 1965 BOOKKEEPING BOOKKEEPING NEYS ATTORNEYS 310-456-9332 menATTORNEYS & women. References available. Finely Crafted ———Snake Fences & Corrals. Wrought Iron 310-456-7464 hort Cuts. BOOKKEEPING • Traditional weight training Providing Garden & SPECIAL HOLIDAY LIGHT DENTIST David C. Niebergall, MIA’S MOBILE SPA Johnson, Foster, Y Pool fireIN-HOME pumps CERTIFIED HCA & CPR The Green C: C:901.831.2663 901.831.2663 901.831.2663 -6545 Contact Milly 562.419.1340 C: 901.831.2663 DIGITAL Billy Billy Moss Moss Gregory S. Beaton, PT, OCS Automated Shading SENIOR Gregory M . C: 901.831.2663 C: Billy Moss Landscape Design H A N D Y M A N S E R V I C E onstruction 310.456.0409 DENTIST Competitive prices | Quality work INSTALLATION! D.D.S. DENTIST ———— AAFor A BOOKKEEPING BOOKKEEPING C: 901.831.2663 BOOKKEEPING Y TRANSPORTATION Billy Moss ••REAL Body Sculpting & Toning Fully&Licensed O: O: 310.457.6550 310.457.6550 Gardeners Dr. Sherri Nader Fitzgerald Brenes, LLP A O: 310.457.6550 Providing Finely Crafted A BOOKKEEPING BOOKKEEPING BEAUTY & HEALTH HAANNDDYYHOLIDAY MAwindows ANN SSEERRLIGHT VIdoors ICCEE Fire hoses, nozzles CAREGIVING SERVICES O: 310.457.6550 O: 310.457.6550 Traditional weight training ARCHIVING Orly Janiga 310.866.8311 H M V Best Lawyers Malibu Rehabilitation Center Specializing in & ESTATE AGENT SPECIAL Service AGet BOOKKEEPING David C.Co.Niebergall, Interior Exterior Pool fire&pumps Providing Finely Crafted O'Connor, O.D. O: 310.457.6550 Local Malibu for 26yrs Malibu Malibu Fitness Fitness Y EXERCISES & • VIDEOTAPE Malibu Fitness David Sturgeon D.D.S. Finely Crafted •Competing Traditional weight training Providing Automated Shading Licensed ClinicalFitness Psychologist PERSONAL TRAINER Calvin’s Malibu • Traditional weight training Accountants and 2017 Advisors pampered inover your home. SERVICE SERVICE SERVICE SPECIAL HOLIDAY LIGHT Malibu’s Only Board Certified 8385 David C. Niebergall, Niebergall, Water cannons g Firm 2020 of SERVICE America INSTALLATION! D.D.S. • Bodybuilder SPECIAL HOLIDAY LIGHT SERVICE installation & repairs. Electrical, STATE LICENSED • BONDED • INSURED Pool fire pumps Adjunct Faculty, USC David C. • 8MM FILM Malibu Fitness Pool fire pumps LAUNDRY Automated Shading Plant Maintenance • Body Sculpting & Toning MENTAL HEALTH MENTAL HEALTH MENTAL HEALTH Dr. Sherri Nader We We remove remove Automated Shading We remove 424-255-8994 3225 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica Fire hoses, nozzles 29178 29178 Heathercliff Heathercliff Rd Rd #3 #3 MENTAL HEALTH MENTAL HEALTH SERVICE 29178 Heathercliff Rd #3 RESIDENTIAL In home toning/inch-loss & relaxing OPEN 7D.D.S. DAYS A WEEK INSTALLATION! Orly Janiga We We remove D.D.S. ———Best Lawyers • PHOTO Orthopedic &310.866.8311 Sport Specialist InInInhome home training training 29178 Heathercliff Rd #3 29178 Heathercliff Rd #3 home training INSTALLATION! 15200 Sunset Blvd. #203 Specializing inremove windows &garage doors 3840 Cross Creek Rd. Rosalie Friis-Ross, R.D.H. Specialty Gardens low/high voltage lights, •Body Body Sculpting &CAToning Toning In home training MENTAL HEALTH Custom systems Dr. Sherri Nader Quicken, Quicken, QuickBooks, QuickBooks, Malibu, Malibu, CA CA 90265 90265 • Sculpting & Quicken, QuickBooks, Wehoses, remove Malibu, CA 90265 Fire hoses, nozzles David Sturgeon D.D.S. • SLIDE Southern California Dr. Sherri Nader 29178 Heathercliff Rd #3 Licensed Clinical Psychologist 310.566.0010 310.566.0010 Orly Janiga 310.866.8311 GARDENING SERVICE 310.566.0010 Quicken, QuickBooks, Quicken, QuickBooks, Malibu, 90265 Malibu, CA 90265 Fire nozzles • • Furniture Furniture • • Appliances Appliances Best Lawyers • Furniture • Appliances libu for massage. Detox & anti-aging facials for In home training Orly Janiga 310.866.8311 Specializing in windows & doors Best Lawyers 6.0010 310.566.0010 Pacific Palisades (805)&in424-1140 •Specializing Furniture • Appliances • Furniture • cannons Appliances Water 2020 of America 2017 • Competing Bodybuilder Call Randy & Casey windows & doors installation repairs. Electrical, TO O LTLTTO O Adjunct Faculty, USC doors/gates. Basic household Weekend Appointments Quicken, QuickBooks, ESTSIDE 310-456-9332 Malibu, 90265 David Sturgeon D.D.S. Licensed Clinical Psychologist R E A LT O R RRRR EEEE AAAA LLCA RRRR 310.566.0010 David Sturgeon D.D.S. Jeff Turner 310.457.2139 • Furniture • cannons Appliances Years Licensed Clinical Psychologist 3225 Pico Blvd., Super Lawyers men &W women. References available. Sue Pierson, R.D.H. Excel. Excel. QuickBooks QuickBooks ———————Excel. QuickBooks •••Yard Yard Yard waste waste Water cannons 2020 310-456-7464 ofAmerica America 2017 Yard waste •Competing Competing Bodybuilder counts installation &repairs. repairs. Electrical, Available Landscaping, mowing, Adjunct Faculty, USC CaRE CaRE 02114825 02114825 Water R E Santa A###L# T O Monica R 2020 of 2017 Excel. QuickBooks Excel. QuickBooks CaRE 02114825 VIDEO SERVICE. COM • Bodybuilder • Yard waste • waste Garden & Rosalie Friis-Ross, R.D.H. installation & Electrical, low/high voltage lights, garage Adjunct Faculty, USC repairs, painting and more. CaRE # 02114825 CaRE 02114825 * Jeffrey Jeffrey Titcher, Titcher, PsyD PsyD Custom systems Jeffrey Titcher, PsyD 3225 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica Y Southern CERTIFIED HCA & CPR Jeffrey Titcher, PsyD Jeffrey (310) Excel. QuickBooks Contact Milly 562.419.1340 3225 Pico Blvd., Monica • Yard waste • • 818-259-4055 • 805-497-7711 2007454-6545 -California 2017 2007 — 2020 CaRE Santa # 02114825 Rosalie Friis-Ross, R.D.H. turf, tree trimming, • • Construction Construction debris debris low/high voltage lights, garage 310 460 8760 • Construction debris (310) 459-6350 Landscape Design Rosalie Friis-Ross, R.D.H. Pro Pro Advisor. Advisor. Honest, Honest, Custom systems low/high voltage lights, garage Pro Advisor. Honest, Titcher, PsyD • Construction debris doors/gates. Basic household • Construction debris Weekend Appointments 1118 Family owned/operated. Custom systems Southern California ProSouthern Advisor. Honest, Pro Advisor. Honest, Clinical Clinical Psychologist Psychologist Clinical Psychologist ———————— California Y Fully Licensed TRANSPORTATION Super Lawyers Clinical Psychologist Clinical Psychologist 29350 Pacific Coast Hwy, #3 Sue Pierson, R.D.H. Malibu* Pacific Palisades • Construction debris Sprinkler systems, Available Pro Advisor. Honest, doors/gates. Basicand household Weekend Appointments •trash •trash •trash Lic#965437 EDUCATION doors/gates. Basic household See classified ad for more info Weekend Appointments repairs, painting more. REAL ESTATE AGENT JUNK REMOVAL Clinical Psychologist •trash •trash Your Full Service Interior & Exterior 626.410.7101 Super 310.457.9292 reliable, reliable, discreet. discreet. Sue Pierson, R.D.H. reliable, discreet. Lic#PSY20442 Lic#PSY20442 Lic#PSY20442 Contact Avi 818.292.0573 Y EXERCISES WINDOW SHADES WINDOW SHADES Super Lawyers WINDOW SHADES & Sue Pierson, R.D.H. Available reliable, discreet. reliable, discreet. 2007 -Lawyers 2017 Lic#PSY20442 Lic#PSY20442 PERSONAL TRAINER WINDOW 2007 — 2020 •trash Available WINDOW SHADES SHADES drainage. (310) 459-6350 BOOKKEEPING NEYS repairs, painting and more. Accounting Firm repairs, painting and more. Home Home & & Garage Garage Family owned/operated. Home & Garage reliable, discreet. Lic#PSY20442 Home & Garage Home & Garage WINDOW SHADES LAUNDRY Plant Maintenance 2007 2017 2007 — 2020 29350 Pacific Coast Hwy, #3 (310) 459-6350 Malibu* Pacific Palisades 2007 - 2017 424-255-8994 Local Local references. references. 2007 — 2020 Local references. (310) 459-6350 (310) (310) 589-1969 589-1969 ————————(310) 589-1969 Familyowned/operated. owned/operated. Local references. Local references. Home & Garage Fences, Walls, Family clean-outs clean-outs (310) 589-1969 (310) 589-1969 clean-outs 626.410.7101 310.457.9292 29350 PacificCoast CoastHwy, Hwy,#3 #3 clean-outs clean-outs Malibu* Pacific Palisades Contact Avi 818.292.0573 C: 901.831.2663 Billy Moss 29350 Pacific Local references. Malibu* Pacific Palisades (310) 589-1969 Serving Malibu for (805) 424-1140 22761 22761 PCH, PCH, Suite Suite 232, 232, Malibu Malibu clean-outs 22761 PCH, Suite 232, Malibu Gates & more. Call Randy & Casey 626.410.7101 310.457.9292 Contact Avi 818.292.0573 818.292.0573 22761 PCH, Suite 232, Malibu 22761 PCH, Suite 232, Malibu ESTSIDE W 626.410.7101 310.457.9292 APatti BOOKKEEPING PROFESSIONAL SERVICES DIRECTORY Patti Patti 310.720.8004 310.720.8004 & Contact Patti 310.720.8004 Avi O: 310.457.6550 310.720.8004 Patti 310.720.8004 Over 54 Years 310.924.0132 310.924.0132 310.924.0132 22761 PCH, Suite 232, Malibu 310.924.0132 310.924.0132 VIDEO SERVICE.COM Patti 310.720.8004 Malibu Fitness 310.924.0132 FREE Estimates! • • SERVICE 310 460 8760 MENTAL HEALTH We remove HOME CAREGIVING TING BEAUTY DIGITAL SERVICES GARDENING PHYSICAL 29178THERAPY Heathercliff Rd #3 HANDYMAN HANDYMAN Nacho Sanchez HANDYMAN InOPTOMETRY training HOME HOME PROTECTION PROTECTION HANDYMAN HANDYMAN EDUCATION HOME PROTECTION Seehome classified ad for more info JUNK REMOVAL Quicken, QuickBooks, HOME PROTECTION HOME PROTECTION Malibu, CA 90265 6.0010 • Furniture • Appliances HANDYMAN BOOKKEEPING ATTORNEYS HOME PROTECTION R E A LT O R Excel. 714-336-9159 • YardIN-HOME waste MIA’S QuickBooks MOBILE SPA oster, CaRE # 02114825 DIGITAL Gregory S. Beaton, PT, OCS SENIOR Gregory M . Jeffrey Titcher, PsyD C: 901.831.2663 Billy Moss • Construction debris DENTIST DENTIST ProBEAUTY Advisor. DENTIST renes, LLP For & Honest, HEALTH CAREGIVING SERVICES DENTIST DENTIST Clinical Psychologist ARCHIVING A HBOOKKEEPING Malibu Rehabilitation Center O: 310.457.6550 YMMM O'Connor, O.D. •trash ADENTIST N D Y M A N S• VIDEOTAPE ERVICE HHHHAAAANNNNDDDDYYYM AAAANNNNSSSESEERERRRVVVVIICICICECEEE Calvin’s d Advisors Get pampereddiscreet. in your home. reliable, Lic#PSY20442 Providing Providing Finely FinelyCrafted Crafted Crafted Malibu’s Only Board Certified Providing Finely Crafted Malibu Fitness WINDOW SHADES H A N D Y M A N S E R V I C E STATE LICENSED • BONDED • INSURED • • Traditional Traditional weight weight training training • Traditional weight training Providing Finely Crafted Providing Finely • 8MM FILM SERVICE • Traditional weight training •• Traditional weight training SPECIAL SPECIAL HOLIDAY HOLIDAY LIGHT LIGHT SPECIAL HOLIDAY LIGHT David David C. C. Niebergall, Niebergall, David C. Niebergall, Home & Garage Pool Pool fire fire pumps pumps SPECIAL HOLIDAY LIGHT SPECIAL HOLIDAY LIGHT Pool fire pumps In home toning/inch-loss & relaxing Providing Finely Crafted David C. Niebergall, David C. Niebergall, • PHOTO Orthopedic & Sport Specialist Automated Automated Shading Shading MENTAL HEALTH Pool fire pumps Pool fire pumps Automated Shading Traditional weight training Blvd. #203 3840 Cross Creek Rd. We remove Specialty Gardens Local references. Automated Shading Automated 29178Shading Heathercliff Rd #3 SPECIAL HOLIDAY LIGHT (310) INSTALLATION! INSTALLATION! D.D.S. D.D.S. DavidINSTALLATION! C. Niebergall, INSTALLATION! D.D.S. InSculpting home training • SLIDE Pool fire589-1969 pumps clean-outs INSTALLATION! D.D.S. massage. DetoxD.D.S. & anti-aging facials for •Body Body Sculpting Sculpting Toning Toning Body Sculpting Toning Automated Shading sades Dr. Dr. Sherri SherriNader Nader Nader Quicken, QuickBooks, Dr. Sherri Nader Malibu, CA 90265 Fire Fire hoses, hoses, nozzles nozzles • Body Sculpting & Toning ••••Body &&&&&Toning Fire hoses, nozzles 310.566.0010 Dr. Sherri Nader Dr. Sherri Orly OrlyJaniga Janiga Janiga310.866.8311 310.866.8311 310.866.8311 •22761 Furniture • Appliances Orly Janiga 310.866.8311 Best BestLawyers Lawyers Lawyers 310-456-9332 INSTALLATION! D.D.S. Best Lawyers Fire hoses, nozzles Fire hoses, nozzles Specializing Specializing in in windows windows & & doors doors Orly Janiga 310.866.8311 Orly Specializing in windows & doors PCH, Suite 232, Malibu wyers Best Body Sculpting Toning R E A LT O R men & women. References available. Specializing in windows & doors Specializing in windows & doors ———Dr. Sherri Nader 310-456-7464 Patti 310.720.8004 David DavidSturgeon Sturgeon SturgeonD.D.S. D.D.S. D.D.S. David Sturgeon D.D.S. Fire hoses, nozzles Licensed Licensed Clinical Clinical Psychologist Psychologist Licensed Clinical Psychologist Orly Janiga 310.866.8311 Garden & Best Lawyers David Sturgeon D.D.S. David 310.924.0132 Licensed Clinical Psychologist Licensed Clinical Psychologist Excel. QuickBooks Specializing windows & doors • Yard waste Water Water cannons cannons 2020 2020 of ofAmerica America America 2017 2017 Water cannons •Competing Competing Bodybuilder Bodybuilder 2020 of America 2017 Competing Bodybuilder installation installation &&&repairs. repairs. repairs. Electrical, Electrical, Y installation repairs. Electrical, CaRE # 02114825 Adjunct Adjunct Faculty, Faculty, USC USC CERTIFIED HCA & CPR Adjunct Faculty, USC 6545 Water cannons Water cannons Contact Milly 562.419.1340 2020 2020 ca 2017 of 2017 •Jeffrey Competing Bodybuilder Bodybuilder David Sturgeon D.D.S. installation & repairs. Electrical, installation &in Electrical, Adjunct Faculty, USC Adjunct Faculty, USC Licensed Clinical Psychologist Titcher, PsyD ••••Competing Landscape Design 3225 3225 Pico PicoBlvd., Blvd., Blvd.,Santa Santa SantaMonica Monica Monica 3225 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica Water cannons 2020 of America 2017 Competing Bodybuilder 3225 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica 3225 Pico installation & repairs. Electrical, Adjunct Faculty, USC • Construction debris Rosalie Rosalie Friis-Ross, Friis-Ross, R.D.H. R.D.H. ——— Rosalie Friis-Ross, R.D.H. low/high low/high voltage voltage lights, lights, garage garage Y low/high voltage lights, garage Fully Licensed TRANSPORTATION Pro Advisor. Honest, Custom Custom systems systems Custom systems Rosalie Friis-Ross, R.D.H. Rosalie Friis-Ross, R.D.H. low/high voltage lights, garage low/high voltage lights, garage Southern SouthernCalifornia California California 3225 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica Southern California Clinical Psychologist Custom systems Custom systems California Southern REAL ESTATE AGENT ervice RosalieHANDYMAN Friis-Ross, R.D.H. low/high voltage lights, garage Interior & Exterior doors/gates. doors/gates. Basic Basichousehold household household Custom systems •trash Weekend Weekend Appointments Appointments doors/gates. Basic household Y Weekend Appointments HOME PROTECTION EXERCISES & Southern California PERSONAL TRAINER doors/gates. Basic household doors/gates. Basic Weekend Appointments Weekend Appointments reliable, discreet. Super Super Lawyers Lawyers Super Lawyers Sue SuePierson, Pierson, Pierson, R.D.H. R.D.H. Lic#PSY20442 Sue Pierson, R.D.H. gawyers Firm WINDOW SHADES Available Available Super Lawyers Available Sue Pierson, R.D.H. Sue R.D.H. doors/gates. Basicand household Weekend Appointments Available Available LAUNDRY Plant Maintenance repairs, repairs,painting painting painting and andmore. more. more. repairs, painting and more. Home & Garage 424-255-8994 repairs, painting and more. repairs, Super Lawyers Sue Pierson, R.D.H. ———Available 2007 2007 ---2017 2017 2017 2007 2017 2007 2007 — — 2020 2020 2007 — 2020 (310) (310) 459-6350 459-6350 (310) 459-6350 Local references. 2017 2007 repairs, painting and more. —ibu 2020 2007 — 2020 (310) 589-1969 (310) 459-6350 (310) 459-6350 Family Familyowned/operated. owned/operated. owned/operated. Family owned/operated. clean-outs Family owned/operated. Family for 2007 - 2017 29350 29350 Pacific Pacific Coast CoastHwy, Hwy, Hwy,#3 #3 #3 2007 — 2020 29350 Pacific Coast Hwy, #3 (805) 424-1140 Malibu* Malibu* Pacific Pacific Palisades Palisades Malibu* Pacific Palisades (310) 459-6350 Call Randy &Palisades Casey 29350 Pacific Coast Hwy, #3 29350 Pacific Coast Malibu* Pacific Malibu* Pacific Palisades ESTSIDE W Family owned/operated. DENTIST 22761 PCH, Suite 232, Malibu Years 626.410.7101 626.410.7101 310.457.9292 310.457.9292 626.410.7101 310.457.9292 29350 Pacific Coast Hwy, #3 Contact ContactAvi Avi818.292.0573 818.292.0573 Contact Avi 818.292.0573 Malibu* Pacific Palisades Lic# 491492


Lic# 491492








Lic# 491492

310.420.4199 310.420.4199

PSY 22116 / LCS 22848



Individuals /PSY Couples Families 22116 //LCS 22848 / Parenting Children / Adolescents / Teenagers

PERSONAL TRAINER PSY 22116 / LCS 22848 PSY 22116 / LCS 22848



Individuals / Couples / Families / Parenting Children / Adolescents / Teenagers Individuals/ /Couples Couples/ /Families Families/ /Parenting Parenting Individuals Children/ /Adolescents Adolescents/ /Teenagers Teenagers Children


®®® ® ®



David C. Niebergall, D.D.S.


David Sturgeon D.D.S.




hort Cuts. e Homes Construction al Real e 1989 .8385 uality NTING tion

Patti Contact 818.292.0573 H310.457.9292 AVIDEO N D310.720.8004 YAvi M ASERVICE. N S E R V ICOM CE 310.457.9292 SPECIAL HOLIDAY LIGHT


Specializing in windows & doors Contact626.410.7101 Avi 818.292.0573

Contact Avi 818.292.0573

Pool REMOVAL fire pumps JUNK HANDYMAN Fire hoses, nozzles

PSY 22116 / LCS 22848

PSY PSY 22116 22116 / /LCS /LCS LCS 22848 22848 PSY 22116 22848 PSY 22116 / LCS 22848

Individuals / Couples / Families / Parenting Children / Adolescents / Teenagers

Individuals Individuals //Couples /Couples Couples //Families /Families Families //Parenting /Parenting Parenting Individuals Individuals / Couples / Families / Parenting Children Children //Adolescents /Adolescents Adolescents //Teenagers /Teenagers Teenagers Children Children / Adolescents / Teenagers Individuals / Couples / Families / Parenting Children / Adolescents / Teenagers

626.410.7101 310.924.0132 626.410.7101 •460•8760 310

See classified ad for more info

HOME PROTECTION Dr. Sherri Nader PSY 22116 / LCS 22848

310.420.4199 310.420.4199 310.420.4199


PSY 22116 / LCS 22848

310.420.4199 PERSONAL • Traditional weight training TRAINER • Body Sculpting & Toning

Providing Finely Crafted Automated Shading Orly Janiga 310.866.8311

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The Malibu Times B6 December 9, 2021

PERSONAL TRAINER Billy Moss Malibu Fitness In home training

Traditional weight training Body Sculpting & Toning Competing Bodybuilder


Protect your home and property using your pool water. Professional equipment and HONDA powered pumps.We stock water cannons, fire hose, nozzles, and more. You can help firefighters by owning professional equipment they can use.

Save your cash Barter your excess time and merchandise | 310-457-6020

Est. 1971

Windows & Doors Showers & Mirror Railings & Skylights Replacements & Repairs

Call or email for a custom review of your brushfire defense options. (626) 410-7101 or email us Brushfire specializes at: in pool fire pumps and water cannon systems. Call or email us. info@brushfi Locally owned science (626) 410-7101 Askbyfor Davidteacher. Whitman PROTECT YOUR ASSESTS! info@brushfirebattlesystems. com

Raquel Santos Dressage Trainer

Training - Lessons- Sales

Main Base: Brookview Ranch (Agoura Hills)

Cell Number: 310-293-3682 E-Mail: raquel_santos_dressage

HELP WANTED Seeking friendly, skilled, mature, savvy person for our great office, centrally located in Malibu. Monday-Thursday, 28hrs per week, long term, starts immediately

Must be a team player with very good computer skills, fast learner, willing to do a number of different tasks in the office.

 Local candidates strongly preferred. References will be required.  Background check will be performed by certified employment service.

Please forward letter and resume to


Has $1Mil $1Mil to to lend lend on on California Real Real Estate* Estate* California DEED COMPANY COMPANY V.I.P. TRUST DEED




(818) 248-0000 248-0000 Broker Broker (818)

WWW.VIPLOAN.COM *Sufficient *Sufficientequity equityrequired required--no noconsumer consumerloans loans WWW.VIPLOAN.COM RealEstate EstateLicense License#01041073 #01041073 Real CADepartment Departmentof ofReal RealEstate, Estate,NMLS NMLS#339217 #339217 CA


PrivateParty Partyloans loansgenerally generallyhave have higher higherinterest interestrates, rates, Private points& &fees feesthan thanconventional conventionaldiscount discountloans loans points

Organic Consultant


Contact Teresa at 310.456.5507 | Classified Ads are posted on The Malibu Times website @

“NOTICE READERS: California California “NOTICE TO TO READERS: law requires that contractors taking law requires that contractors taking jobs that jobs thatortotal or more total $500 more $500 (labor and/or materi-(labor als) be licensed by the Contractors State by and/or materials) be licensed License Board. State law also requires that the Contractors State License contractors include their license numbers Board. State law also requires that on all advertising. Check your contractor’s contractors include their license status at or 800-321-CSLB numbers on allpersons advertising. (2752). Unlicensed taking jobsCheck that total less than $500status must stateatin www. their your contractor’s advertisements that they are not licensed or 800-321-CSLB by the Contractors State License Board.” (2752). Unlicensed persons taking ALL REAL advertised jobs that ESTATE total less thanherein $500 are subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act must state in their advertisements and the California Fair Employment and that they are not the Housing Act, which makeslicensed it illegal to by advertise Contractors License Board.” any preference,State limitation or discrimination becauseREAL of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, ALL ESTATE advertised familial status, national or herein are ancestry subjector to the origin Federal intention to makeAct suchand preference, limitaFair Housing the California tion or discrimination. We will not knowingly Fair andforHousing acceptEmployment any advertisements real estate Act, in which violation makes of the law.itAllillegal personsto areadvertise hereby informedpreference, that all dwellings advertised are or any limitation available on an equalbecause opportunity basis. discrimination of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, THE MALIBU TIMES reserves familial the right ancestry to refuse theor publishing of origin or status, national any advertisement(s) to delete any intention to makeandsuch preference, objectionable word(s), phrase(s) and/or limitation or discrimination. We image(s) from such advertisement. If there will not knowingly accept any is an error or omission in the printing and/ advertisements for real estate or publication of an advertisement, The in Malibu Times’ to are violation of theliability law. isAlllimited persons only one incorrect insertion omission. hereby informed thatorall dwellings advertised are available on an equal ADVERTISING PACKAGES opportunity basis. DO YOU WANT YOUR BUSINESS THE MALIBU TIMES We reserves the KNOWN IN MALIBU! can make ittohappen withthe ourpublishing SPECIAL of any right refuse ADVERTISING PACKAGES. Our low advertisement(s) and to delete any discounted rates will save you up to 50%. objectionable word(s), phrase(s) *Billing on monthly basis. *Get in 2-3 sections and/or image(s) such of the paper + online. *Your adfrom will be seen advertisement. thereat is an error weekly in print & 24/7If Online MalibuTimes. comomission Call 310-456-5507, Ext. 108. or in the printing and/or publication ofANIMALS an advertisement,The Malibu Times’ liability is limited AGOURA ANIMAL SHELTER 29525 to one incorrect or Westonly Agoura Road, Agoura, CAinsertion 91301 (west of Kanan Road) 818-991-0071. omission. Adoption by appointment only, lacodacc. Advertising Packages DO YOU WANT YOUR BUSINESS .

KNOWN MALIBU! ALLWe can GERMAN IN SHEPHERDS make happen with our SPECIAL COLORS,itALL AGES, RESCUE, DONATION REQ’D WWW.GSROC.ORG ADVERTISING PACKAGES. Our low discounted ratesand will save up to GREAT DANES other largeyou breed dogs for*Billing adoptionon & foster. From basis. young *Get 50%. monthly seniorsections dogs. All spayed/neutered/ into 2-3 of the paper + online. vaccinated. Non-profit. For more info in print *Your ad will be seen weekly email: & 24/7 Online at HELP OUR SOLDIERS & THEIR Call 310-456-5507. BUDDIES.Operation Baghdad Pups. No dogs, cats or donkeys left behind! http:// Animals AGOURA ANIMAL SHELTER 29525 Use Happy Jack® DD 33 to kill fleas & ticks on dogs & cats on contact. At Tractor Supply® ( (Cal-SCAN)

Contact Teresa at (310) 456-5507 | | Classified Ads are posted on The Malibu Times website @

West Agoura Road, SHEPHERD Agoura, CA WESTSIDE GERMAN 91301 (west of Kanan Road) RESCUE adopts quality dogs to quali-818991-0071. Adoption byyou appointment fied homes. We want to help find just the right German Shepherd for your family. only, 310-202-7283 php?calendarID=3980254 . www. ANNOUNCEMENTS DID YOU KNOW 144 million GERMAN SHEPHERDS ALL COLORS, U.S. Adults a Newspaper ALL AGES, read RESCUE, DONATION print copy each week? Discover REQ’D WWW.GSROC.ORG the Power of Newspaper GREAT DANES large Advertising. For aand free other brochure breed dogs for adoption foster. call 916-288-6011 or email& From young to(Cal-SCAN) senior dogs. All spayed/neutered/vaccinated. MALIBU RUGBY CLUB Want to Non-profit. For more play a fun and interesting sport,info Malibuemail: Rugby is inviting you to come and join, please e-mail at www.maliburugbyclub. HELP OUR SOLDIERS THEIR com, if interested 310-980-3328,&Alex. BUDDIES. Operation Baghdad MEALS ON WHEELS is looking for volPups. No dogs, or donkeys unteer drivers to delivercats here locally in Malibu. left behind! Call Joanna Vasquez @ 310-394-7558. baghdad-pups.html. NEW AUTHORS WANTED! Page Publishing will help you self-publish WESTSIDE GERMAN SHEPHERD your own book. FREE author submis-dogs to RESCUE adopts quality sion kit! Limited offer! Why qualified homes. We wait? wantCallto help now: 1-855-667-0380 (Cal-SCAN) you find just the right German RECYCLING CENTERS: Shepherd for your family.www., 818-886-0800 x 7283 100. E-waste, batteries, lamps and more, drop offs or Announcements pick ups. Allan Company, www., 626-962-4047. Or U.S. DID YOU KNOW 144 million visit, www.recyclingAdults read a Newspaper print copy,, each week? Discover the Power of for more locations and information.

Newspaper Advertising. For a free Become a Published Author. We brochure call 916-288-6011 or email want to Read Your Book! Dorrance Publishing-Trusted(Cal-SCAN) by Authors Since 1920 BookCLUB manuscript MALIBU RUGBY Want tosubplay missions currently being reviewed. aComprehensive fun and interesting sport, Malibu Services: Rugby is inviting you to come Consultation, Production, and join, please e-mail at Call www. Promotion and Distribution. for Your Free Author’s if Guide, interested 1-877-538-9554Alex. or visit http://dor310-980-3328, (Cal-SCAN) MEALS ON WHEELS is looking for DID YOU KNOW 7 IN 10 Americans or volunteer drivers to deliver here 158 million U.S. Adults read content from locally in Malibu. Call Joanna Newspaper media each week? Discover Vasquez @Newspaper 310-394-7558. the Power of Advertising. For a free brochure call 916-288-6011 NEW AUTHORS WANTED!or Page email (Cal-SCAN) Publishing will help you selfENJOYyour 100% guaranteed, publish own book. FREE author delivered–to-the-door Omaha Steaks! submission kit! Limited offer! Why Get 4 FREE Burgers. Order The Griller’s now: 1-877-8821-855-667-0380 wait? Bundle - Call ONLY $79.99. (Cal-SCAN) 4248 Use Code 63281PAM or www. RECYCLING CENTERS (Cal-SCAN) The difference in winning and, ing market share is how use 818-886-0800 x businesses 100. E-waste, their advertising dollars. CNPA’s Advertising batteries, lamps and more, drop offs Services’ power to connect to nearly 13 ormillion pickof the ups.state’s Allan Company, readers who are www., 626-962-4047. an engaged audience, makes our services an indispensable marketing solution. For more info call Cecelia @ (916) 288-6011 or

Or visit, www. ATTORNEYS, search. OLAN LAW Personal Injuries, Auto, locations Accidents, Wrongfulfor Death,more Uninsured Motorist, Premises Liability, and Product Liability. Call and information. David Olan 310-566-0010 Become a Published Author. We want to ReadAUCTION Your Book! Dorrance 2 DAY FIREARMS AUCTION LIVE Publishing-Trusted by Authors & ONLINE. December & 11th Since 1920 Book10th 2pm manuscript 10am. 1500+ LOTS. currently Military, Sporting being submissions & Modern Firearms. www.montroseaucreviewed. Comprehensive Services: 478-376-4559 GAL2006 Consultation, Production, Promotion AUTOS WANTED and Distribution. Call for Your Free DONATEGuide YOUR1-877-538-9554 CAR, BOAT Author’s or OR RV TO HELP HOMELESS PETS. visit PETS ALIVE IS A CALIFORNIA, 501-C-3 (Cal-SCAN) NONPROFIT. GUARANTEED TAX DEDUCTIONS. PAPERWORK EXPERTS, QUOTE AND or DID YOU KNOW 7 INFREE 10 Americans PICKmillion UP. ASK ABOUT FREE 7 read DAY VACATION 158 U.S. Adults content OR $200 VISA GIFT CARD. LAPETSALIVE. from Newspaper media each week? ORG 1-833-772-2632 (Cal-SCAN) Discover the Power of Newspaper BEAUTY Advertising. For a SERVICES free brochure call MIA’S BEAUTYorAND HEALTH 916-288-6011 email cecelia@ MOBILE SPA: Get pampered in your (Cal-SCAN) home. Anti-stress/relaxing massage, toning/ ENJOY 100% guaranteed, inch-loss massage, couples, anti cellulite & delivered–to-the-door Omaha detox massages. Anti-aging skin renewal facials for men References availSteaks! Get& women. 4 FREE Burgers. able. Contact 562-419-1340. Order The Milly Griller’s Bundle - ONLY $79.99. 1-877-882-4248 BOOKKEEPINGUse Code 63281PAM or www.OmahaSteaks. H A BOOKKEEPING SERVICE. com/family06 (Cal-SCAN) Quicken, QuickBooks, Excel. QuickBooks Pro Advisor. Honest, reliable, discreet. The difference in winning and losing Local references. market share is Patti how310-720-8004. businesses use their advertising dollars. CNPA’s Advertising Services’ power to COMPUTER SERVICES connect to nearly 13 million of the COMPUTER NEED HELP? Call state’s are an engaged Jason of readers Calabasas who Computers. Home or audience, makes our services Office, PC & Mac. 310-570-8256, www. an Serving Malibu indispensable marketing solution. and surrounding 2003. @ (916) For more infoareas callsince Cecelia 288-6011CONSTRUCTION or Attorneys OCEAN VIEW DECKS. We specialize inLAW decks, pergolas, fencing Injuries, and OLAN Personal outdoor furniture, using the most upDeath, to Auto Accidents, Wrongful date low maintenance products availUninsured Motorist, Premises able. We have 30+ years’ experience and Liability, and Product Liability. are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Call David OlanGuaranteed! 310-566-0010 Satisfaction Call today forwww. a FREE Estimate 805-600-1108. Bookkeeping Kitchen/ LA Home Construction. ABath, Pool, BOOKKEEPING Tile/Flooring, Additions,SERVICE. Siding, Stucco, Painting,QuickBooks, Decks. Reliable, No Excel. Quicken, Short Cuts. Custom Construction. QuickBooks Proquality Advisor. Honest, Call 310-935-8385. Lic##1061118 reliable, discreet. Local references. CONTRACTOR www. Patti 310-720-8004. KANEROY and ASSOCIATES has

been proud to serve Malibu & the Westside for Services the past 20Computer years, and look forward to putting COMPUTER NEEDcreativity HELP?and Call Jason it’s broad experience, craftsmanship to work for you on your next construction project. Kane Sickner 310-456-6841, www. Lic.#569337-Bonded/insured.

ofWEST Calabasas Home or 503-791-9939. CONEJO VALLEY ELECTRIC. POINT Computers. BUILDERS. FamilyOffice, PC & Mac. 310-570-8256, owned business with 20+ years of experiLighting & electrical solutions. Full service Donations ence. We are fully licensed, bonded, and electrical contractor & lighting specialCALIFORNIA WILDLIFE CENTER insured. Home Remodels and Additions, Serving Malibu and surrounding ist. We also install all wall mounts, flat NEEDS YOUR HELP! The following New Constructions, and ADU’s *Free screen TV’s, speakers & network sysareas since 2003. Estimates* Phone - 323-800-0445 Lic# are needed on an ongoing tems.items Familyare owned. Call 818-259-4055 1072498. or 805-497-7711. Lic#922260. Construction basis: Gift cards for pet/grocery OCEAN VIEW DECKS. We specialize stores, COUNSELORS Bleach, Canned dog food, EMPLOYMENT WANTED in Hdecks, pergolas, fencing and Raw unsalted nuts, Dawn dish MEN AND WOMEN available everyARE YOU TIRED OF outdoor furniture, using the like most Fragrance freeNonprofit laundry day at Labor Exchange of Malibu. Tired of feeling a up detergent, RELASPING? charity for 22 years, 6:30 am - 1:00 pm Drop to failure? date Feeling low maintenance products like you’ll never get this detergent, Paper towels. Monday - Saturday. 310-317-4717 thing? Let me help you...its processyears’ off available. We have a30+ address: 26026 Piuma Rd, and I’ve beenand whereare you-are at. Allow me experience fully licensed, Calabasas CAFENCING Drop off times: 10amintroduce you to a New World-New Lifebonded and insured. Satisfaction 2pm, 7 days a week. COASTLINE FENCE CO. Wood, New Experience. Sobriety. I am not with Chain link & Vinyl Fencing * Custom Gates Guaranteed! Call Itoday for 40yrs. a FREE an agency or rehab. have nearly I GOT AN OLDER car, boat or RV? Do & Entry Systems *Windscreens * Snake know the 805-600-1108. value of trust and confidentialEstimate the humane Donate it *to the Fences & Corrals.thing. Competitive prices ity. If you need help -Contact me- Glitt@ Home Gary Construction. CallCo.1-for 800-743Quality work.Society. Local Malibu over L. 818-636-1825Kitchen/ Humane Bath, Pool, Tile/Flooring, Additions, 1482 26yrs (Cal-SCAN) Jeff Turner 310-457-2139 coastDr. Sherri Nader PSY 22116 / LCS Siding, Stucco, Painting, Decks. Lic#965437 Elderly Care 22848 License Reliable, NoClinical ShortPsychologist Cuts. Custom FINANCIAL SERVICES / Adjunct Faculty, USC. Individuals *Couples Looking for assisted living, memory quality Call*Adolescents 310-935MONEY TO LOAN *FamiliesConstruction. * Parenting * Children care, or independent living? A Place 8385. Lic##1061118 *Teenagers. Malibu & Pacific Palisades. for Mom simplifies process of Over $10K in Debt? the Be debt free Weekend Appointments Available. 310in 24 to 48senior No upfront Contractor finding at fees no tocost to 459-6350, enroll. A+ BBB rated. National Debt CallaHan, We Build Joy. Dream, your family. CallCall1-844-741-0130 Eva Ackerman - Consultant, Relief 1-888-231-4274. (Cal-SCAN) Design. Build. Manage. A Stradella today. (Cal-SCAN) Coach, Mediator, Lighthouse. Se habla Builders Office:train424- Struggling With Your Private español. Eva Company. blends psycho-spiritual Electrical Student Loan Payment? New relief proing, transformational leadership and Sacred 664-0809 Cell: 310-924-2751 grams canELECTRIC, reduce your payments. Learn of COUCH Inc. All phases Commerce consulting to provide loving KANEROY andreflection ASSOCIATES your options. Good credit not necessary. Construction, Remodels support, insightful and effective has Electrical Call the Helpline 866-305-5862 (Monbeen to and serve Malibu the and tools forproud grounding executing your & vision Repairs.Eastern) 33 years of experience (Cal-SCAN) into physical reality. Call 503-791-9939. Westside for the past 20 years, inFri 9am-5pm the Malibu/Agoura area. Free and look forward to putting it’s Estimates.FLEA DONATIONS CallMARKET Randy Couch broad experience, creativity and CALIFORNIA WILDLIFE CENTER 818-706-1869 or RATTAN 818-571-4453, 3 PIECE INDOOR SET craftsmanship forareyou NEEDS YOUR HELP!toThework following itemson Lic#514622 are needed ongoing basis: Giftproject. cards your nexton anconstruction C-10, B. for pet/grocery stores, Bleach, Canned Kane Sickner 310-456-6841, dog food, Raw unsalted nuts, Dawn dish Lic.#569337- CONEJO VALLEY ELECTRIC. detergent, Fragrance free laundry detergent, Lighting & electrical solutions. Bonded/insured. Paper towels. Drop off address: 26026 Full service electrical contractor & Piuma Rd, Calabasas CA Drop off times: Counselors lighting specialist. We also install 10am-2pm, 7 days a week. Dr. Sherri Nader PSY 22116 / LCS all wall mounts, flat screen TV’s, GOT AN OLDER car, boat or RV? Do 22848 License Clinical Psychologist speakers & network systems. the humane thing. Donate it to the Humane Adjunct USC. (Cal-SCAN) Individuals Family Call Society. CallFaculty, 1- 800-743-1482 3-pieceowned. indoor rattan set 818-259-4055 available. 4’ *Couples *Families * Parenting * or loveseat with extra two wide chairs. 805-497-7711. Lic#922260. ELDERLY CARE Available for pick up near Trancas. $95 Children *Adolescents *Teenagers. Looking for assisted living, Wanted for all 3Employment pieces. Email frumke26@gmail. Malibu & Pacific Palisades. memory care, or independent living? A Place com if interested. Or call 310-293-6450. MEN AND WOMEN available Weekend Appointments Available. for Mom simplifies the process of finding everyday at Labor Exchange of 310-459-6350, senior living at no costwww.SherriNader. to your family. Call TO PLACE YOUR FREE FLEA Malibu. Nonprofit charity for 22 1-844-741-0130 today. (Cal-SCAN) com. MARKET ADS CALL 310-456-5507 years, 6:30 am - 1:00 pm Monday Looking for assisted Eva Ackerman - living, Consultant, X 108 OR EMAIL CLASSADS@ MALIBUTIMES.COM 310-317-4717 memory care, or independent living? A PlaceSe Saturday. Coach, Mediator, Lighthouse. for Mom simplifies the process of finding FOR SALE Fencing habla español. Evato your blends senior living at no cost family.psychoCall COASTLINE FENCE CO. Wood, spiritual training, 1-844-741-0130 today.transformational (Cal-SCAN) BEAUTIFUL 2008, 34ft Grand 717 link 5th & Wheel! Vinyl Only Fencing * leadership ELECTRICAL and Sacred Commerce Chain Junction hours on the generator. 4 POP-OUTS, Gates & Entry Systems consulting to provide loving support, Custom granite counter tops, private commode, phases COUCH ELECTRIC, *Windscreens * Snake Fences insightful reflection Inc. andAlleffective TV’s in living and bedroom, good -sized of Electrical Construction, Remodels and & Corrals. Competitive prices * tools for grounding and executing closets & storage throughout, spacious Repairs. 33 years of experience in the work. Local your vision intoarea. physical reality. Call Quality living area and more! We Malibu purchasedCo. this for Malibu/Agoura Free Estimates. Call Randy Couch 818-706-1869 or 818-571-4453, couchelectric. com. Lic#514622 C-10, B.

so we could live on our property during rebuild from 2018 fire. 23K, located in Malibu. Contact 310-721-3075.

over 26yrsgutter Jeff cleaning Turner 310-457Eliminate for2139 ever! LeafFilter, the most advanced debris-blocking gutter protection. Schedule Lic#965437 a FREE LeafFilter estimate today. 15% off Financial Services / Money to Loan Entire Purchase. 10% Senior & Military Over $10K Debt? Be debt free in Discounts. Callin1-855-424-7581 (Cal-SCAN) 24 to 48 months. No upfront fees to FURNITURE enroll. A+ BBB rated. Call National SOFA COMPANY SOFA Debt Relief 1-888-231-4274. (CalSCAN) Struggling With Your Private Student Loan Payment? New relief programs can reduce your payments. Learn your options. Good necessary. Call the 7ft 4credit inch Sofanot Company sofa in xlnt Helpline 866-305-5862 (Mon-Fri condition. Pick up in western Malibu. $400 OBO.Eastern) Contact Frumke26@ 9am-5pm (Cal-SCAN) if interested.

Flea Market 10 GALLONGARDENING AQUARIUM FOR SALE. Perfect Home/SchoolComplete Office. DUARTEfor LANDSCAPING. Gardenfilter, Service.lights, Yard & Hillside Clean Up.input Has air/bubble Tree *REAL TrimmingSeashells. * Topping * Shaping *Palm on and Located *Cleaning *Sprinkler Work. Insurance. Kanan, prefer local. Asking $95. Bonded. Free Estimates. Jose Duarte, Call 310-967-9729, leave message. Owner. 323-733-2699 or 323-333-7003 FREE FILL DIRT! come and get it! I HANDYMAN mile from PCH off Las Flores, MANNY’S THE HANDYMAN. bring your truck including and shovel. 213Construction, demolition.Call Carpentry, plumbing, electrical, masonry/concrete, 220-9800 to arrange pick up. retaining walls, drywall, tile, roofing & FREE FIREWOOD.Easy painting,SEASONED framing, finish carpentry. Power access, Pointdriveways Dume area. washing: decks, & roofs.Call 25 yrs310experience. Call Manny: 323-445-9622. 927-3124 TO PLACE HAULING YOUR FREE FLEA MARKET CALLCOMPANY. 310-456THE JUNKADS REMOVAL Our crew will junk from any5507 ORremove EMAIL CLASSADS@ where on your property then give the MALIBUTIMES.COM area a thorough sweep up. Call or text 310-924-0132 rates. ForforSale

Gardening DEPUTY CITY CLERK. City of Malibu THE GREEN Full-time permanent positionGARDENERS. (plus excellent benefits) Salary Range:$67,059-$87,495 Residential Gardening Service. (subject to probation) Application turf, Deadline: Landscaping, mowing, tree Open Until Filled. Under general supervision, trimming, Sprinkler systems, provides administrative and program supdrainage. Walls, Gates port to the CityFenceS, Clerk in the preparation of &agendas, more.minutes Contact Nacho and City Council Sanchez actions, in the maintenance of official 714-336-9159. FREEdocuments Estimates! and records; assists with various City tion processes; provides varied, technical, complex and specialized office administrative Handyman and secretarial support City Clerk; MANNY’S THE to theHANDYMAN. coordinates assigned activities with those of Construction, including other City departments; acts fordemolition. the City Clerk Carpentry, electrical, on a relief basis;plumbing, and performs related work as required. Applications retaining will be accepted on masonry/concrete, walls, a continuoustile, basis roofing until the position is filled. drywall, & painting, Applicants must submit a completed online framing, finish carpentry. Power City Employment Application and Resume washing: & roofs. by the filing decks, deadline.driveways Visit 25 Manny: 323jobsyrs for experience. more informationCall about this position, benefits, and to apply online. EOE/ADA 445-9622.

e-COMMERCE DATA MGMT Hauling POSITION: Excel skill sets we need are: THE JUNK REMOVAL Vlookups, Concatenation, NestedCOMPANY. IF Functions, Our junk from Use ofcrew filters / will sorting,remove Basic mathematical formulas. F/T, Email: kim@ anywhere on salary yourBOE. property then 310-617-6339 give the area a text thorough sweep up. Multi-Media Sales - Work Call or textAdvertising 310-924-0132 foratrates.

your own pace. Earn $$ promoting and Health Care real and selling advertising for California’s trusted news sources. Self-Starter, Motivated, ATTENTION: OXYGEN USERS!Experience The NEWin Advertising Inogen Sales Onea plus. G5.1099 1-6 Commission Based. Send resume to ceceflow settings. Designed for 24 For more info www.cnpa. hour com. Nooxygen phone callsuse. please.Compact (CalSCAN) and

Lightweight. Get a FREE info kit HOME & BUSINESS SERVICES today: 1-844-359-3976. (Cal-SCAN) Brushfire Bearcat Fire Pump Brushfire BattleHelp Systems. Brushfire Bearcat Wanted is a complete turnkey system designed for e-COMMERCE DATA MGMT easy operation by homeowners and first POSITION: skill sets we responders. TheExcel system has a 2-1/2 fire need Vlookups, hydrantare: output, professionalConcatenation, fire department grade hoseIFsplitter with valves, (2) of 100-foot Nested Functions, Use filters hoses and 2 nozzles. David Whitman /fire sorting, Basic Callmathematical 626-410-7101

EXERCISEHEALTH BIKE SCHWIN CAREAIRDYNE AD7 exercise bike. In great ATTENTION: OXYGEN USERS!condition, LikeOnenew! The NEW Inogen G5. 1-6Asking flow set-$599. formulas. F/T, salary BOE. Email: tings. Designed 24 hour oxygen use. Local pick up.forCall 310-962-3189. Malibu is POISON Free are You? text 310Compact and Lightweight. Get a FREE info Don’t Panic It’s Organic! Organic Consultant: 617-6339 kit today: 1-844-359-3976. (Cal-SCAN) water management, All Organic: native lawn replacement, rose,Advertising veg garden, tree,Sales fruit tree,Multi-Media HELP WANTED disease,atpestyour control, ant, gopher, spraying Work own pace. Earn $$ ACCOUNTING CLERK. City of Malibu services, fertilization, rock dust. Since 1972. promoting and selling advertising Full-time permanent position (plus excellent Call Invisible Gardener 310-4574438 or visit benefits) Salary Range:$48,026-$62,663 for California’s real anduse trusted news the inquiry (plus excellent benefits) Application Deadline: form to set upSelf-Starter, a house call. $100Motivated, per hour. sources. Friday, January 14, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. Under Experience in Advertising Sales The difference in winning and los- a direct or general supervision, the accounting plus. 1099 Commission Based. Send ing market share is how businesses use clerk performs a variety of accounting and their advertising dollars. We deliver the For resume to office support work related to the processing Eliminate gutter cleaning forever! largest consortium of trusted news publishof financial transactions, record keeping and more info No phone ers in California and beyond. For more info LeafFilter, thereconciliation most advanced the preparation and of financial calls please. (CalSCAN) on multi-market solutions call Cecelia @ debris-blocking gutter protection. and accounting records and reports; performs (916) 288-6011 or related workaasFREE required. Applicantsestimate must Home & Business Services Schedule LeafFilter submit a15% completed online Purchase. City Employment UPDATE YOUR HOMEFire with Beautiful Bearcat Pump today. off Entire 10% Brushfire Application and Resume by the filing deadline. New Blinds & Shades. FREE in-home Brushfire Battle Systems. Senior & Military Discounts. Call Applications will not be accepted after the estimates make it convenient to shop Brushfire Bearcat installation. is a complete 1-855-424-7581 (Cal-SCAN) filing deadline. Resumes will not be accepted from home. Professional Top in lieu of a City Employment Application. Visit for more information about this position and to apply online. EOE/ADA

quality - Made in the USA. Call for free consultation: 1-877-438-0330. Ask about our specials! (Cal-SCAN)

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Malibu’s Award-Winning Community Paper Since 1946


Builders of Fine Homes & Commercial Real Estate since 1989


S TAT E L I C E N S E D • B O N D E D • I N S U R E D

• We specialize in decks, pergolas, fencing Quality Custom Construction, Y CERTIFIED CAREGIVERS and outdoor furniture.New & Remodels 310-456-6841 Y TRANSPORTATION • Call us today for a FREE estimate Y BATHING Traditional Styles Serving Malibu and the to Cutting Edge Y EXERCISES & LAUNDRY 805-600-1108 Westside for over 25 yrs B7 Malibu Times B7TheThe Malibu Times Contemporary December 9, 9, 2021 December 2021 (805) 424-1140 or email Lic# 1079443

Lic# 569337


Builders of Fine Homes & Commercial Real Estate since 1989


S TAT E L I C E N S E D • B O N D E D • I N S U R E D






Wood, Chain Link & Vinyl Fencing Custom Gates • Entry Systems Windscreens Snake Fences & Corrals • WroughtDesign. Iron Dream.

Build. Manage.

424-255-8994 W ESTSIDE Office: (424) 664-0806& | Cell: (310) 924-2751 B Business Services Business & Services VIDEO SERVICE.COM WORD SEARCH DIGITAL DIGITAL ARCHIVING ARCHIVING

COMPETITIVE PRICES | QUALITY WORK ® Local Malibu A Co. forStradella over 26yrs

B7 The Malibu Times December 9, 2021 Lic#965437

Builders Company



B7 The Malibu Times December 9, 2021

Lic# 569337

We Wespecialize specializeinindecks, decks,pergolas, pergolas,fencing fencing and andoutdoor outdoorfurniture. furniture. Call Callusustoday todayfor foraaFREE FREEestimate estimate 805-600-1108 805-600-1108 ororemail

Lic# 1079443 Lic# 1079443

® W ESTSIDE CallaHan





Wood, Wood,Chain ChainLink Link&&Vinyl VinylFencing Fencing Custom Gates • Entry Systems Windscreens Custom Gates • Entry Systems Windscreens We specialize in decks, pergolas, fencing Snake SnakeFences Fences&&Corrals Corrals• •Wrought WroughtIron Iron

424-255-8994 424-255-8994

and outdoor furniture. COMPETITIVE C O M P E T I T I V EPRICES P R I C E S | | QUALITY Q U A L I T YWORK WORK Local LocalMalibu MalibuCo.Co.forforover over26yrs 26yrs Call us today for a FREE estimate

Lic#965437 Lic#965437

Lic# 1079443


Builders ofof Fine Builders FineCONTINUED CAREGIVING SERVICES Homes Homes S TAT E L I C E N S E D • B O N D E D • I N S U R E D && Commercial Real Commercial Real dollars on social media where you W/D, full kitchen with appliances, Estate since 1989 Estate since 1989have an audience? For fireplace, views galore of Pt. Dume already



805-600-1108 or email VIDEO COM VIDEOSERVICE. SERVICE.COM 310.457.2139 310.457.2139


(805) 424-1140

Serving Malibu and the Westside for over 25 yrs

COMPETITIVE PRICES | QUALITY WORK Local Malibu Co. for over 26yrs



Custom Quality Construction, New & Remodels • Traditional Styles to Cutting Edge Contemporary

Wood, Chain Link & Vinyl Fencing Custom Gates • Entry Systems Windscreens Snake Fences & Corrals • Wrought Iron


We specialize in decks, pergolas, fencing and outdoor furniture. Call us today for a FREE estimate 805-600-1108 or email

Business & Services DIGITAL ARCHIVING 424-255-8994



December 9, 2021


B7 The Malibu Times

Lic# 1079443





Builders of Fine Homes & Commercial Real Estate since 1989

CopyeditingWe&specialize in d and out Proofreading Call us today 310-456-6841

S TAT E LEsystem I CL EI CNESNESDEdesigned • B• OBNODNEDDEfor • I •N ISNUSRUERDE D S TAT D D turnkey Insurance SCAN) • easy operation by homeowners SAVE BIG on HOME INSURANCE! • • Moving & Storage Custom Quality HOME CARE ROOFING and first responders. The system Compare 20 A-rated insurances more info call Cecelia @ (916) 288& Zuma Beach. New paint, window DIRECTV - Switch and Save! FREE PERSONAL ADS!! 20 words or Quality WANTED MISCELLANEOUS Custom Quality Custom MOVING & STORAGE Construction, less, Tell someone something special. Construction, Email $39.99/month. Select Thinking aboutfire installing has a 2-1/2 hydranta new output, companies. Get a All-Included quote within 6011 or coverings, & granite countertops. THOMAS MURRAY, WATERPROOFING Y CERTIFIED CAREGIVERS Construction, CALIFORNIA WILDLIFE CENTER SPECIALISTS . . .310-618-8120. New & Remodels YY CERTIFIED CAREGIVERS CERTIFIED CAREGIVERS shower? American Standard makes it grade minutes. Please Package. 155 Channels.savings 1000s of of Shows/ SPECIALIST. Seamless gutters, slate, professional fire department Average $444/ them to Fenced pets/smoking. NEEDS YOURyard. HELP! No The following are items New Remodels New && Remodels Y TRANSPORTATION Real Estate Loans • easy. FREE design consultation. Enjoy Y send something I can publish. Thanks! Movies On Demand. FREE Genie HD DVR Y TRANSPORTATION TRANSPORTATION are needed on an ongoing basis: Gift cards decks, shingles, copper, hot-mop, hose splitter with valves, (2) 100- year! Call 1-844-410-9609! (M-F Near shopping & restaurants. • •RETIRED COUPLE Y BATHING Traditional Styles $$$$ for your Y shower again! Call 1-866-945Upgrade. Premium movie channels, FREE for for pet/grocery stores, Bleach, Canned Call Serving Malibu and the YBATHING torch. All types of Roofing and Repairs. BATHING Traditional Styles Online Advertising Traditional Styles foot fire hoses and 2 nozzles. Call 8am-8pm Central) (Cal-SCAN) Serving IMMACULATE. $4,700/month. REAL ESTATE Malibu and theLAND to Cutting Edge Malibu and the 3038 today to see how you can save Y business purpose Real Estate 3 mos! Call 1-888-641-5762. (Cal-SCAN) Serving dog food, Raw unsalted nuts, Dawn dish EXERCISES & LAUNDRY Westside for over 25 yrs Cutting Edge Commercial* Industrial. “Lowest toto Cutting Edge IS WEB SITE IN Residential* Y David Whitman 626-410-7101 310-494-8072. Y EXERCISES LAUNDRY && LAUNDRY Westside over yrs LOST The YOUR difference in 25 winning and Contemporary $1,000 onEXERCISES installation. (Cal-SCAN) Westside forfor over 25 yrs detergent, Fragrance free laundry detergent, Language Services loans. Credit unimportant. Lic# 1079443 Contemporary Calif.” Call 310- V.I.P. Contemporary MOVERS CYBERSPACE? Getbusinesses LINKED to residential rates in So.(805) losing market share is how 424-1140 Paper towels. Drop off address: 26026 BRIGHT & CLEAN MOBILE STUDIO Lic# 569337 LOVE FRENCH? WANT TO LEARN? Trust Deed Company www. HOME THEATRE (805)424-1140 779-5265. #1067954. Bonded/Insured. (805) 569337 use their advertising dollars. Mark and Twain get Lic#Lic# 569337 LONG DISTANCE MOVING: Call Piuma Rd, Calabasas CA Drop off times:grass Malibu is POISON Free are You? on gated property w/trees, FUN, EFFECTIVE & CREATIVE Call 1-818-248-0000. ** CREATIVE SOUND** Custom 10am-2pm, 7 days a week. said, “Many a small thing has been madeOver today for a FREE QUOTE from America’s Most NOTICED! 45,000+ Visitors. SEPTIC TANK It’sInstallation. Organic! Organic Integrative Don’t Panic Joelle Broker-principal DREPUMPING 01041073. No & views. Trancas area, 1 blk from Home Audio / Video Pre-Wire. large by the right kindViews of advertising”. So Trusted Interstatemethod. Movers. Let us take thehas 250,000 Page per month! WINDOW CLEANING Consultant: water management, All been PCH. Furnished: queen bed, sofa, ELY JR.’S loans. PUMPING & Septic System TV Installation. Audio/Video, Network teaching Trained why spend your hard-earned dollars on consumer (Cal-SCAN) stress out of moving!since Speak 1993. to a Relocation CAREGIVING SERVICES Call 310-456-5507. MR. CRYSTAL & Pressure Troubleshooting. B & lawn O Specialist. “Wild Installations. Install, Repair & Service. Organic: native replacement, 2 TV’s, stereo, WINDOW chairs w/ottomans, at L’Alliance Française,(Cal-SCAN) teaching social media where you already have an Specialist, call 844-857-1737 S TAT E L I C E N S E D • B O N D E D • I N S U R E D Real Estate Wanted cleaning.table Free estimates, friendly service, Ideas Welcomed”. One Toptree, Shopping! Residential & Commercial Pumping. 24hr rose, veg garden, fruit tree, at Total, Cartier, L’Oréal, hotels, audience? For more dining w/chairs. Stove, oven, info call Cecelia @ Painting seasonal discounts, local references. Call MOVING & STORAGE KC BUYS HOUSES -FASTEST CASHWe can design, deliver & install your (916) 288-6011 orQUALITY disease, pest control, ant, gopher, privates and on Skype. 310-905- AFFORDABLE fridge. All utilities, PAINTING. Service. Free Estimates!. Call 805-483-2000 microwave, Gary 310-828-1218. Lic/Bonded/Insured. new system! Serving Malibu for over Any Condition.Lic#746011/C-42 Family owned & internet MOVING & STORAGE or 800-876-6332. spraying services, fertilization, & TV included. No pets/ Commercial, residential. Interior 0125 REAL ESTATE LOANS 15 years. Chuck Johnson 818-612. . .310-618www Operated. Same day offer! (951) smoking. $1,350/month. First rock Since Call Invisible SPECIALISTS & exterior. Reliable, fast & clean. HOME1972. CARE ROOFING SOUND SYSTEMS 9683. dust. DIRECTV -Lost Switch and Save! FREE PERSONAL 20 business words or WANTED MISCELLANEOUS RETIRED COUPLEADS!! $$$$for Y CERTIFIED CAREGIVERS 8120. & Found 777-2518 WWW.KCBUYSHOUSES. months Gardener 310-4574438 or visit rent & security. Call 310Call 805-797-6885. Lic.#879583. Tell someone special. Email $39.99/month. Select All-Included Thinking about installing a new purpose Real Estatesomething loans. Credit unimportant. THOMAS MURRAY, WATERPROOFING ** CREATIVE SOUND** Home theater INSURANCE CALIFORNIA WILDLIFE CENTER Y TRANSPORTATION RAYBAN GLASSES FOUND less, COM (Cal-SCAN) ONLINE ADVERTISING 494-8072. Bonded. shower? American Standard makes it use them to Please Package. 155 Channels. 1000s of Shows/ V.I.P. Trust Deed Company SPECIALIST. Seamless gutters, slate, design, installation, networking and whole NEEDS YOUR HELP! The following are items 122/31/21. Prescription GLASSES SAVE BIG on HOME INSURANCE! Y BATHING easy.inquiry FREE design consultation. Enjoy the form to set up a house IS send something I can publish. Thanks! DRE Movies On Demand. FREE Genie YOUR WEB SITE LOSTHDINDVR Call 1-818-248-0000. Broker-principal Rental Office Space are needed on an ongoing Gift cardsON Servi shingles, copper, hot-mop, home audio video. We give you the best ser$600/month 2-CARbasis: GARAGE E.B.PAINTING, Interior & exterior, decks, Compare 20 A-rated insurances companies. IN THEIR CASE. Email description your shower again! Call 1-866-945Upgrade. Premium movie channels, FREE for Y EXERCISES & LAUNDRY CYBERSPACE? Get LINKED to www. 01041073. No consumer loans. (Cal-SCAN) call. $100within per hour. for pet/grocery stores, Bleach,2-car Cannedgarage Commercial SPACE LEASES Wests torch. All types of Roofing and Repairs. vice from design, to sales, to installation, over MALIBU RD. A secure Mr. Crystal REAL ESTATE LAND Get a quote minutes. Average savstucco repair, plastering, excellent to claim, 3038 today to see how you can save 3 mos! Call 1-888-641-5762. (Cal-SCAN) and get NOTICED! 45,000+ dog food, Raw unsalted nuts, Dawn dish Residential* Commercial* Professional Bldg. @ 21355 25 years experience, 24/7Industrial. access to“Lowest owner ings of difference $444/year! Call (Cal-SCAN) 1-844-410-9609! The in winning and Visitors. Over 250,000 Page Views per available to rent& on Malibu Rd. REAL ESTATE WANTED prep & cleanup. satisfaction Window Pressure The difference in100% winning and $1,000 on installation. (805) 424-1140 detergent, Fragrance free laundry detergent, *FREE LOST & FOUND ADS.* Have residential rates in So. Calif.” Call 310(M-F 8am-8pm Central) (Cal-SCAN) upon completion. Easy to use remote with MOVERS PCH. Unit 100 w/PCH frontage, losing market share is how month! Call 310-456-5507 Ext. 108. Features include storage26026 lockers, a Cleaning losing market HOUSES share isCall how-businesses guaranteed! 310-550KC BUYS FASTEST Paper towels. Drop off address: HOME THEATRE lostDISTANCE a pet or found an article? 779-5265. #1067954. every system connected to internet, andfloor trouapprox. 1000 sq. Bonded/Insured. ft. ground use their -advertising dollars. Mark Twain Free door Estimates businesses use their advertising you secure withoffautomatic LONG MOVING: Call Piuma Rd,garage Calabasas CA Drop times: CASH Any Condition. Family LANGUAGE SERVICES 8077. Lic#746011/C-42 Vasquez @ 310-394-7558. PAINTING Please Classified Dept.Most at said, bleshootbuilt existingout systems. The big box com-an 10am-2pm, ** CREATIVE SOUND** Custom 7 days a week. w/6 offices and “Many a small thing has been made today for acall FREEour QUOTE from America’s Service owned & Operated . Same day offer! dollars. We deliver the largest opener Friendly and a flat driveway, perfect SEPTIC TANK PUMPING Lic.#585488 LOVE FRENCH? WANT TO Home Audio / Video Installation. Pre-Wire. panies cant do what we do! Chuck Johnson 310-456-5507 and we will be glad large by the right kind of advertising”. So Trusted Interstate Movers. Let us take the Seasonal Discounts AFFORDABLE QUALITY 951-777-2518 (Cal-SCAN) open conference area, $3600/ for sports Sound Systems Wanted Miscellaneous consortium of trusted cars.CLEANING 16ft.6in wide x award-winning graphic designer WINDOW LEARN? FUN,Audio/Video, EFFECTIVE & CREATIVEnews ELY JR.’S PUMPING & Septic System PAINTING TV Installation. Network 818-612-9683. why spend yourROBERTS hard-earned dollars on stress out ofyour moving! Speak residential. to a Relocation to take classified ad at NO MISTER PAINTING. Commercial, Local References month. Unit 202 -second fl. 3 ** CREATIVE SOUND** Home CALIFORNIA WILDLIFE CENTER Integrative method. Joelle has been teachpublishers in California and beyond. 18ft.6in deep. Text or call David at KC BUYS HOUSES -FASTEST CASHMR. CRYSTAL WINDOW & Pressure Troubleshooting. B & O Specialist. “Wild Installations. Install, Repair & Service. COMPANY. Faux/specialty finishes, social media where you already have an Specialist, call 844-857-1737 Interior & exterior. Reliable, fast(Cal-SCAN) & clean. Call CallFree Gary 310-828-1218 ing since Trained at L’Alliance room space with private or24hr shared cleaning. theater design, installation, NEEDS YOUR HELP! The following TREE SERVICES Any Condition. Family owned & Operated. For more multi-market CHARGE. 818-692-4501 estimates, friendly service, Ideas Welcomed”. One on Top Shopping! Residential & Commercial Pumping. Licensed/Bonded/Insured audience? For more infoVenetian call CeceliaPlaster, @ Tuscany Washes, 805-797-6885. Lic.#879583. Bonded. Française, teaching at Total, Cartier, entry and aTree shared area, seasonal discounts, local references. Call Same day offer! (951) 777-2518 WWW. MOVING STORAGE networking and whole home audio are items are needed on an We can design, & install solutions calldeliver Cecelia @ your (916) 288Service. Free Estimates!. Callwaiting 805-483-2000 Medical&Supplies Affordable Care. Certified (916) 288-6011 or Stucco, Plaster, Drywall repairs, L’Oréal, hotels, privates and on Skype. Gary 310-828-1218. E.B.PAINTING, Interior & exterior, stucco KCBUYSHOUSES.COM (Cal-SCAN) WINDOWLic/Bonded/Insured. COVERING new system! Serving Malibu for over approx. 550 sq. ft.,Business, $2750/month. video. We give you the best service ongoing basis: Gift cards for pet/ 6011 or MOVING & STORAGE or 800-876-6332. Lic#746011/C-42 ATTENTION DIABETICS! Save Arborists, Family Owned 25 + 310-905-0125 Deck REAL Restorations more. Call ESTATE&LOANS repair, plastering, excellent prep & cleanup. 15 years. Johnson 818-612For more info email Kim, kim@ Providing Finely Crafted Automated Shading SPECIALISTS . . .310-618from design, to sales, to installation, grocery stores, Bleach, Canned RENTAL OFFICE SPACE Years Experience. Palm Tree Specialist, Citrus money on your diabetic supplies! UPDATE YOUR with Beautiful 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Call 310-550- 310-456-0409. Lic#491492, SOUND SYSTEMS 9683. LOSTHOME & FOUND RETIRED COUPLE $$$$for business 8120. or Call/Text/ * Motorized Shades * Custom Drapery * over 25 years experience, 24/7 dog food, Raw unsalted nuts, Pruning for high yield, Brush Clearance, home shipping for Commercial SPACE LEASES New Blinds & Shades. FREE in- Convenient 8077. Lic.#585488 bonded/insured. Fabric Walls * Security Shutters * Exterior purpose Real Estate loans. Credit unimportant. Email ** CREATIVE SOUND** Home theater INSURANCE *FREE LOST & FOUND ADS.* 917-831-6358 Giancarlo @ access to owner upon completion. Dawn dish detergent, Fragrance Disease, Pest, and Tree Removal. Call 310Professional Bldg. @ 21355 PCH. Unit ONLINE ADVERTISING monitors, test strips, insulin V.I.P. home estimates makean it convenient Awnings * Automatic Bug Screens. Orly Trust HEPINSTALL Deed Company design, installation, networking whole MISTER ROBERTS PAINTING RAY PAINTING. Have youBIG lost aonpetHOME or foundINSURANCE! article? 456-6564. West Coast Tree. LICand #837611 Easy to use remote with every free laundry detergent, Paper SAVE 100 w/PCH frontage, approx. 1000 sq. ft. HEALING/OFFICE SPACE pumps, catheters and more! To Janiga 310-866-8311, Orly@bayscreensinc. to shop from home. IS YOUR WEB SITE LOST Call 1-818-248-0000. Broker-principal DRE Please call20our Classified Dept.Professional atcompanies. 310home audio video. We give you the best serCOMPANY. Faux/specialty fin- IN Residential &built Commercial, Custom Compare A-rated insurances ground floor w/6 out offices and an system connected to internet, and towels. Drop off address: 26026 com. 3225 Pico Blvd Santa Monica. AVAILABLE. Shared office in Point learn more, call now! 1-855-702CYBERSPACE? Get LINKED to www. ENVIRONMENTAL TREE CARE, 01041073. No consumer loans. (Cal-SCAN) installation. Made Top 456-5507 108 andquality we will be-glad to in ishes, Tuscany Washes, Venetian Plaster, vice from design, to sales, to installation, over Mr. Crystal Get a quoteExt within minutes. Average savSpecialist. We’re painting open conference area, always $3600/month. Unit a troubleshoot existing systems. The Piuma Rd, Calabasas CA Drop off and get NOTICED! 45,000+ Dume professional building, quiet 3408. (Cal-SCAN) INC Complete Tree Care Service, Trimming, take your classified ad at NO CHARGE. for free consultation: the USA. Call Stucco, Plaster, Drywall repairs, Deck years experience, 24/7 access to owner ings of $444/year! Call 1-844-410-9609! REAL 202 -second fl.ESTATE 3 area, room space withus private home in your soWANTED call today! 25 Window & Pressure big box companies cant do what we times: 10am-2pm, 7 days a week. Visitors. Over 250,000 Page Views per Sculpting, Removal, Organic Trees office setting, month to ofwith month more. Call 310-456 Ask about our Restorations &Miscellaneous 1-877-438-0330. (M-F 8am-8pm Central)SUPPLIES (Cal-SCAN) upon completion. Easy to useFeeding remote or shared entry and aor shared waiting area, MEDICAL Cleaning 310-496-9073 805-208-5918. KC BUYS HOUSES - FASTEST month!Lic#491492, Call 310-456-5507 Ext. 108. Rentals to Share do! Chuck Johnson 818-612-9683. & Plants, Diagnosis of Unhealthy Trees, Brush 0409. bonded/insured. or long term, 140sqft. Available every system connected to internet, and trouspecials! (Cal-SCAN) approx. 550 ft., $2750/month. Free Estimates The difference in winning and CASH - Anysq.Condition. Family For more LANGUAGE SERVICES ATTENTION DIABETICS! Save SHANGRA-LA SHARE OCEAN Clearance for fire Regulation. Arborist on THE MALIBU TIMES is as healing space for massage, PAINTING bleshoot existing systems. The big box cominfo email Kim, or RAY HEPINSTALL Friendly Service Window Cleaning owned & Operated . Same day offer! money your diabetic supplies! Convenient losing an election isPAINTING. how campaign Lic#794969. HomeWANT Care TO LOVEonFRENCH? VIEW HOME 1 small bedroom w/ staff. 310-456-5969. Lic#725258 acupuncture, etc or as your private Call/Text/Email Giancarlo @ 917-831-6358 panies cant do what we do! Chuck Johnson Residential & Commercial, Custom Seasonal Discounts AFFORDABLE QUALITY home shipping forEFFECTIVE monitors, test strips, insulin Tree Services MR. CRYSTAL WINDOW & Pressure award-winning graphic designer dollars are spent. Get the best ROI 951-777-2518 (Cal-SCAN) LEARN? FUN, & CREATIVE KRISTIE JO’S CARE GIVING. ocean Local view, References on mountain near looking for motivated 818-612-9683. Specialist. We’re always painting a home office. Contact 310-428-0369. Party Services PAINTING. Commercial, residential. JOHNSON TREE CO. Fruit pumps, catheters more! learnteachmore, ENVIRONMENTAL TREE CARE, cleaning. Free estimates, friendly HEALING/OFFICE Integrative method.and Joelle hasTobeen by using our deep relationships KC BUYS HOUSESSPACE -FASTEST CASHSenior in-home caregiving service. Pepperdine. Quiet, serene location. in your area, so callReliable, us today! Interior & exterior. fast310& clean. Call call now! 1-855-702-3408. (Cal-SCAN) Call Gary 310-828-1218 KEEP THE Family PARTY ROCKING tree care, brush clearance & removAVAILABLE.Shared office Point with ing since 1993. Trained at L’Alliance INC freelance Complete Tree Care Service, service, seasonal discounts, local TREE SERVICES Condition. owned &inOperated. everyorcommunity inBonded. California. Any Rentals 12-24hr & live-in care. Certified in Licensed/Bonded/Insured writers toCall 496-9073 805-208-5918. Long term tenet preferred. $1,950/ 805-797-6885. Lic.#879583.www. HOME CARE ROOFING als, pest control, pruning, preservation, Gold Dust Entertainment. Voted Dume professional building, quiet office Française,MISCELLANEOUS teachingHOME at Total, CARE Cartier, DIRECTV Switch and Save! FREE PERSONAL ADS!! 20 words or ROOFING Same day offer! (951) 777-2518 WWW. Trimming, Sculpting, Removal, references. Gary 310-828DIRECTV Switch and Save! FREE PERSONAL ADS!! 20 words or WANTED MISCELLANEOUS LARGE 1 BEDROOM GUESTHOUSE on-the-ground knowledge FREE PERSONAL ADS!! 20 words or Affordable Tree Care. Certified caregivers, transportation, bathing, Our HOMEand CARE ROOFING Lic#794969. month, utilities, internet & DirectTV DIRECTV Switch and Save! L’Oréal, hotels, privates on Skype. Tree surgery, trimming & feeding. Call setting, month to month or long term, WANTED MISCELLANEOUS less, Tell someone something special. Email $39.99/month. Select All-Included Thinking about installing a new LA’s Best Wedding DJs. Also THOMAS MURRAY, WATE E.B.PAINTING, Interior & exterior, stucco KCBUYSHOUSES.COM (Cal-SCAN) WINDOW COVERING less, Tell someone something special. Email w/full $39.99/month. Select All-Included Thinking about installing new Organic Feeding oflocal Trees & Plants, 1218. Lic/Bonded/Insured. THOMAS WATERPROOFING The difference in winning andalosis$39.99/month. indispensable toAll-Included campaigns 140sqft. bath, kitchen, office, Arborists, FamilyMURRAY, Owned Business, 25 Standard + den, makes CALIFORNIA WILDLIFE CENTER interest, exercise, laundry and more. 805310-905-0125 less, TellAvailable someone something special. Email Select included. Furnished/unfurnished. Thinking about installing a new as healing space forevent. shower? American it them to Please 310-393-5700. Johnsontreecompany. Package. 155 Channels. 1000s ofcover Shows/ THOMAS MURRAY, WATERPROOFING PARTY SERVICES repair, plastering, excellent prep & cleanup. available for any type of SPECIALIST. Seamless gutters, s CALIFORNIA WILDLIFE CENTER shower? American Standard dollars makes it them to Please Package. 155 Channels. 1000s of Shows/ Providing Finely Crafted ing an election is how campaign SPECIALIST. Seamless gutters, slate, Diagnosis of Unhealthy Trees, Providing Finely Crafted Automated Shading NEEDS YOUR HELP! The following are items RENTAL OFFICE SPACE Years Experience. Palm TreeOn Specialist, Citrus private entry &easy. more. a beautiful that want results. For Call more info massage, Mr. Thanks! Crystal Window & Pressure 424-1140, kristiejoscaregiving. shower? American Standard makes it them to something Please Package. 155 Channels. 1000s of Shows/ acupuncture, or1999. as your FREE design consultation. Enjoy send something I can publish. Movies On Demand. FREE Genie HD DVR Owner has friendly dog. First, last com. Lic#924238/Insured SPECIALIST. Seamless gutters, slate, 100% satisfaction guaranteed! 310-550NEEDS YOUR HELP! The following are items easy. FREE design decks, shingles, copper, hot-mop send canetc publish. Thanks! Movies On PARTY Demand. FREE Genie HDwith DVR Serving MalibuI since Please LOST &consultation. FOUND Automated Shading * Motorized Shades * Custom Drapery * are spent. Get the best ROI by using Enjoy our are needed on an ongoing basis: Gift cards KEEP THE ROCKING decks, shingles, copper, hot-mop, Brush Clearance for fire Regulation. Pruning forPark high yield, Clearance, Malibu $4,000/month on multi-market ethnic and non- Commercial easy. FREE design consultation. Enjoy send something I can publish. Thanks! & Cleaning fast-breaking Movies On Demand. Genie HD DVR your Brush shower again! Call 1-866-945private office. Contact 310-428-0369. SPACE LEASES Upgrade. Premium FREE for com. Bonded/Licensed & Insured. are needed anrequired. ongoing basis: cardsmovie decks, shingles, Estate. copper, hot-mop, 8077. Lic.#585488 & forsecurity Contact Bill channels,government your shower again! Callcommunity 1-866-945Upgrade. PremiumFREE movie channels, FREE for visit torch. All types of Roofing and Re Fabric Wallson * Security Shutters *Gift Exterior pet/grocery stores, Bleach, Canned deep relationships every our website at www.malibudj. Gold Dust Entertainment. Voted LA’s Best REAL ESTATE LAND torch. Pest, All types ofTree Roofing and UPHOLSTERY *FREE LOST &inFOUND ADS.*in Orly Janiga 310.866.8311 Arborist - on staff. 310-456-5969. REAL ESTATE LAND Disease, and3038 Removal. Call how 310-you canfor your3038 shower again! Callhow 1-866-945today to Repairs. see save Upgrade. Premium movie channels, FREE for ethnic solutions call Cecelia @ furnished. Call 310-924-9697. Professional Bldg. @ 21355 PCH. Unit 3 mos! Call 1-888-641-5762. (Cal-SCAN) pet/grocery stores, Bleach, Canned today to see you can save torch. All types of Roofing and Repairs. 3 mos! Call 1-888-641-5762. (Cal-SCAN) Awnings * Automatic Bug Screens. Orly dog food, Raw unsalted nuts, Dawn dish 310-317-1997. Residential* Commercial* Indust California. Our on-the-ground knowledge RENT REDUCTION from $1,200 REAL ESTATE LAND Thinking about installing a new Wedding DJs. Also available for any type of com. MISTER ROBERTS PAINTING Residential* Commercial* Industrial. “Lowest Have you lost a pet or found an article? 3038 todayonto installation. see how you(Cal-SCAN) can save The difference in winning and $1,000 onLIC installation. (Cal-SCAN) 456-6564. West Coast Tree. #837611 Lic#725258 3 mos! 288-6011 Call 1-888-641-5762. (Cal-SCAN) dog food, RawFragrance unsalted free nuts, Dawn dish 100 w/PCH frontage, approx. 1000 INsq.and ft. IDEAL UPHOLSTERY. Sofas *“Lowest The difference in winning stories. Experience with $1,000 (916) or cecelia@cnpa. Janiga 310-866-8311, Orly@bayscreensinc. detergent, laundry detergent, Residential* Commercial* Industrial. isPlease indispensable to campaigns that want to $1,100! 1 OFFICE AVAILABLE QUIET 2 BD/1.5 BA GUESTHOUSE residential rates in So. Calif.” Ca event. Serving Malibu since 1999. Please MOVERS call our Classified Dept. at 310shower? American Standard COMPANY. Faux/specialty finresidential rates in So. Calif.” Call 3103225 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica The difference inout andan MOVERS $1,000 on installation. (Cal-SCAN) losing market share is how businesses detergent, Fragrance free laundry detergent, ground floor w/6 built offices and Roofing losing market share iswinning how businesses Chairs * Antiques SeatCalif.” Covers Boats THEATRE com. 3225 PicoDrop Blvd Santa Monica. Paper towels. off address: 26026 com Personals HOME results. For Ext more infoandonwe multi-market ethnic JOHNSON TREE CO.advertising Fruitdollars. Mark Twain residential rates#1067954. in* So. Call*CARE, 310ENVIRONMENTAL TREE POINT DUME COMMERCIAL BUILDING. 779-5265. #1067954. Bonded/ visit websiteWashes, atMOVERS APARTMENTPT. DUME. 1200 456-5507 will be gladdesign to HOME THEATRE ishes,ourTuscany Venetian Plaster, losing market share is how businesses 779-5265. Bonded/Insured. makes it 108 easy. FREE use their Paper towels. Drop off address: 26026 LONG DISTANCE MOVING: Call openuseconference area, $3600/month. Unit theiroffice advertising dollars. Mark Twain LONG DISTANCE MOVING: Call Piuma Rd, Calabasas CA Drop off times: THOMAS MURRAY, *779-5265. Carpets*. NEW MALIBU LOCATION! HOME THEATRE daily/weekly or community and solutions Cecelia @ ADS!! 20 words sqft. Downstairs approximately 346 sqft, #1067954. Bonded/Insured. INC Complete Tree Care Service, Trimming, care, takenon-ethnic your classified adSOUND** at call NOyour CHARGE. ** CREATIVE SOUND** Custom Stucco, Plaster, Drywall repairs, Deck Unfurnished, hardwood floors Piuma usesaid, theirPERSONAL advertising dollars. Mark Twain LONG DISTANCE MOVING: Call Most FREE Rd, Calabasas CA Drop off times:QUOTE fromtree said,clearance “Many a small &thing has been made today for a FREE America’s Most brush ** CREATIVE Custom consultation. Enjoy shower Miscellaneous For Sale 202 -second fl. 3 room space with private 10am-2pm, 7 days a week. PERSONALS “Many a small thing has been made SEPTIC TANK PUM today for a FREE QUOTE from America’s (916) 288-6011 or SOUND** FREE PICK-UP & DELIVERY. Call WATERPROOFING SPECIALIST. SEPTIC TANK PUMPING w/lg walk in Tell closet/extra office space. Sculpting, Removal, Organic Feeding Trees or less, someone something ** Home CREATIVE Custom Home Audio / 310VideoofInstallation. Pre-Wire. 7 days aTrusted Restorations & more. Call from 310-45610am-2pm, week. said, “Many a small thing has been made today forInternet. a Interstate FREE QUOTE America’s Most large by thepruning, right kind of advertising”. So Audio1-866-945-3038 / VideoSUPPLIES Installation. Pre-Wire. throughout, Large great room Interstate Movers. Letremovals, us take the pest control, or shared entry and a shared waiting area, SEPTIC TANK PUMPING MEDICAL again! Call today AT&T large by the right kind of advertising”. So Starting at $40/ Trusted Movers. Let us take the 317-9490, CHRISTMAS ISbonded/insured. COMING the $1,100/month, includes reserved parkSeamless gutters, slate, decks, preservation, WINDOW CLEANING newspaper helpful. ELY JR.’S PUMPING & S Home Audio / VideoAudio/Video, Installation. Pre-Wire. TVofInstallation. Audio/Video, & Plants, Diagnosis Unhealthy Brush 0409. Lic#491492, them to classads@ ELY JR.’S PUMPING &Trees, Septic SystemNetwork large by550 theEmail right of1advertising”. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE Treespend your surgery, TV Installation. Network Trusted Interstate Movers. Let usto take the 1 special. why hard-earned dollars on stress out of moving! Speak to a Relocation approx. sq. ft.,kind $2750/month. For So more includes fireplace, full kitchen, why spend your hard-earned dollars on stress out of fat! moving! Speak a Relocation CLEANING to how you can save $1,000 w/12-mo Includes ATTENTION DIABETICS! Save on month goose is getting Putagmt. another penny ELY JR.’S PUMPING &Arborist Septic ing spaces, basic utilities and shared TVsee Installation. Audio/Video, Network Troubleshooting. B System &- on O Specialist. “WildWINDOW Installations. Install, Repair & Ser shingles, copper, hot-mop, torch. trimming Clearance for fire Regulation. THE MALIBU TIMES is MR. CRYSTAL WINDOW & Pressure why spend your hard-earned dollars on Troubleshooting. B & O Specialist. “Wild Installations. Install, Repair & Service. social media where you already have an stress out of moving! Speak to a Relocation Please send Specialist, call 844-857-1737 (Cal-SCAN) & feeding. Call 310-393VOLUNTEER info email Kim, or social media where you already have an AT&T Internet. Starting at $40/month call (Cal-SCAN) RAY HEPINSTALL dining area w/open ceiling. money on your diabetic supplies! Convenient installation. (Cal-SCAN) TB ofold data month. 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Trust Deed Company PARTY SERVICES ** design, CREATIVE SOUND** Home theater design, installation, networking a V.I.P. Trust Company Providing Finely Crafted INSURANCE easy. FREE design consultation. Enjoy installation, networking and whole Schools / Instruction Movies On Demand. FREE Genie HD DVR ing an election is how campaign dollars utilities paid including internet and don’t know. MEALS ON WHEELS is looking for vol- INSURANCE! SAVE BIG on HOME thinksONLINE for the umpteenth time. But it ADVERTISING month, utilities, & DirectTV included. * Boats * Carpets*. MALIBU BIG on HOME INSURANCE! andOentertainment anywhere. More top No Calls Please. massage, acupuncture, etc or as your $39.99/month. Select All-Included IS YOUR WEB SITE LOST INyour com. Lic#924238/Insured V.I.P. Deedinternet Company Call NEW 1-818-248-0000. DREPremium Bnews &SAVE “Wild Ideas IS YOUR WEB SITE LOST IN design, installation, networking and whole CallTrust 1-818-248-0000. 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Joelle has been teachLEARN? FUN, EFFECTIVE & CREATIVE in the library bookstore for 3 hours losing market share is how Integrative method. Joelle has been teachgoose is getting fat! Put another penny Specialist, call 844-857-1737 (Cal-SCAN) KC BUYS HOUSES -FASTEST CASHing spaces, basic utilities and shared KC BUYS HOUSES -FASTEST CASHLONG DISTANCE MOVING: Call Horses Shades * Custom Drapery * Fabric 818-612-9683. Interior & exterior. Reliable, fast & clean. Call VOLUNTEER PAINTING. Commercial, residential. Local References Interior & exterior. Reliable, fast & clean. Call Ideas Welcomed”. One Top Shopping! Call Gary 310-828-1218 AT&T Internet. Starting at $40/month System Installations. Install, ing since 1993. Trained at L’Alliance Integrative Joelle has been teaching sincemethod. 1993. Trained at L’Alliance TREE SERVICE in the old for mansahat,FREE if you don’t have a from businesses Condition. Family & Operated. restroom. Call HOUSES Monica 310-429-3343. 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Let us take the stress out MEALS ON WHEELS is looking for Orly Janiga 310-905-0125 joelle.claret@gmail.comWINDOWrepair, Base: Brookview 310-905-0125 L’Oréal, hotels, privates andRanch(Agoura on Skype. 310-866-8311, Orly@Owned Busines SHANGRA-LA SHARE OCEAN SPECIALISTS . . .310-618plastering,Shading excellent & cleanup. E.B.PAINTING, & exterior, stucco KCBUYSHOUSES.COM (Cal-SCAN) repair, plastering,Interior excellent prep & cleanup. teers to work in the library bookstore COVERING FreeCrafted Estimates!. Call prep Providing Finely Automated RENTAL OFFICE SPACE Years Experience. Palm Tree Spe Arborists, Family Owned Business, 25 + Citrus Service. by the right kind of advertising”. 9683. SAVE! Geo & svc restrictions apply. Call RENTAL OFFICE SPACE Years Experience. Palm Tree Specialist, of moving! Speak to a Relocation 310-905-0125 volunteer drivers to deliver here THE FEELING OF BEING STUCK VIEW HOME. 1 small bed w/ocean view, 8120. Hills)ContactLOST 310-293-3682 3225 Pico 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Call 310-550repair, plastering, excellent prep & Call cleanup. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! 310-550for 3 hours a week. Contact Harriet LOST & FOUND & (SCAN) FOUND or 805-483-2000 or 800-876-6332. * Motorized * Automated Custom Drapery * Providing FinelyShades Crafted Shading us today 1-855-397-7909. Pruning for high yield, Brush Cle RENTAL OFFICE SPACE Years Experience. Specialist, Citrus Attention: Editor. Pruning for highPalm yield,Tree Brush Clearance, why spend your hard-earned in 8077. a bad B movie overwhelming. No (Cal- So Commercial SPACEBlvd LEASES on mountain near Pepperdine. Quiet, serene Specialist, callisguaranteed! 844-857-1737 Commercial SPACE LEASES locally in Malibu. Call Joanna 8077. Lic.#585488 INSURANCE 100% satisfaction Call Lic.#585488 Santa- Monica. 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No Calls Please.

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PAGE B-8 • Thursday, January 13, 2022

Malibu’s Award-Winning Community Paper Since 1946


Pepperdine Men’s Volleyball Beginning Season Ranked one of Country’s Best Teams Waves ranked third in the AVCA’s preseason national poll By MCKENZIE JACKSON Special to The Malibu Times

The Pepperdine Waves men’s volleyball team will start their season in the next few days unless the coronavirus powers an undefendable kill across the net into their schedule. The Waves ranked third in the AVCA’s preseason national poll, are scheduled to host Erskine on Friday and Princeton on Jan. 17. This comes after Pepperdine’s first four matches of 2022 were canceled because of a COVID outbreak. Waves head coach David Hunt said his players are ready to play volleyball. “We are excited to get out there and compete,” he said on Jan. 7. Pepperdine had a productive 28 days of preseason training, but their play was halted last week because of the virus. Instead of taking on Mount Olive and Barton—two matches apiece—the Waves’ unaffected volleyballers practiced in small groups with Hunt and this coaching staff, while others quarantined. “Our coaching staff is really experienced and knowledgeable, so we have been able to work in groups of six to eight athletes,” Hunt noted. “We are teaching really well right now. Our guys are getting better, and they feel it’s a beneficial use of their time.” Pepperdine is set behind Hawaii and UCLA in the AVCA rankings. The rest of the top 10 are Long Beach State, Penn State, BYU, Loyola-Chicago, Lewis, Grand Canyon, and UC San Diego. The preseason ratings, Hunt said, aren’t something the squad thinks much about since it based on last year’s successes. Entering the 2021 season, the volleyball world didn’t know what to expect of the Waves since they had a bevy of new players. “Last year, no one knew how good we would be, but we had some talented freshman in their gym doing good things,” he said. “Other programs will be in that position this year. For us this year, people have set the bar pretty high for us in terms of expectations, but we have to play good volleyball and get better over the season.” Hunt said good volleyball for Pepperdine will be determined by how physical they are on the court. “We were very much predicated on ball control


Pepperdine men’s volleyball player Spencer Wilkins. Photo by McKenzie Jackson

last year,” he said. “This year, we have some more physicality, specifically at the pins. We will make some upgrades there. We have always done a good job of understanding the level we have to play at to compete for a championship. Every group does that a little differently. I think this group is understanding where they can take risks, where they can be more conservative, and how their strengths complement each other. When I say, ‘play good volleyball,’ it is meeting the standards we need to play at to win a national championship.” Pepperdine’s 28-member roster is composed of versatile players. Hunt said that is a plus because the bunch will need to be adaptable due to the coronavirus’ heightened spread recently. Some players may not be available for contests. “We don’t know who is going to be in the gym from day to day, so we have to be able to adapt,”


Hunt said. “As coaches, we have to train as guys just to be volleyball players because if we have to take an opposite and put him outside, he has to be ready. We have to put him in a position to be ready. COVID has taught us to have a good plan in place, but how we react to the situation at hand is important.” A quartet of Waves—graduate students Austin Wilmot and Spencer Wickens and sophomores Trey Cole and Bryce Dvorak—were named to Off the Block’s preseason All-American squads. Wilmot, a middle attacker, was named to the first team, and the libero Cole, the setter Dvorak, and Wickens, an outside attacker, were placed on the second team. Additionally, graduate student Jaylen Jasper, an outside hitter, was named the nation’s top transfer. He was a three-time All-American at Stanford and has two years of eligibility with Pepperdine.


CROSSWORD The New York Times Syndication Sales Corporation 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10018 For Information Call: 1-800-972-3550 For Release Thursday, January7,13, 2022 For Release Friday, January 2022

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Two year old Rocco A5418602 is one dreamy pittie! We swoon daily over this pretty boy who loves to survey the kennel activity from the A-Frame in our play yard, is in heaven when he receives head scratches, walks nicely on leash with a harness, and is fun to play with when he has a toy. (keep away is a favorite game but he’s always happy to trade a toy for a treat!)

Rocco would do best with children middle school age and up. He should be the only fur face in the household. To meet our stunningly gorgeous guy please self schedule an appointment or email for more information.

The Agoura Shelter is at 29525 Agoura Rd., Agoura Hills. Occasionally pets have already been adopted. To check availability, call 818-991-0071 or visit


Hunt said Jasper is acclimated with his new team on the court. “I’m excited to see what he can do with this group,” Hunt stated. The coach also said sophomore middle blocker Anderson Fuller is a player that “continues to impress me.” Pepperdine hosts UC Santa Barbara on Jan. 21 and Lewis seven days afterward. The squad’s first road game is on Feb. 4 at UC Santa Barbara. Hunt said all of Pepperdine’s players got better in the offseason and is group that can play exciting volleyball—jumping high above the net and smacking the volleyball hard. “We are designing an offense that showcases the talents the guys have,” Hunt said. “I get excited for the athletes to get out there and show what they can do.”












56 Reverent The duck, in 54 “Peter and the 55 Pirate’s Wolf” activity 56 Guys 59 “Five Pizzeria order ___” 60 Named Skin-care (1992 Broadway application musical) 61 … a movement 57 Back-combed to make invoices illegal? (2003) 58 Oh, to be in 65 France! Prefix with system 66 In a daze DOWN 67 Biblical progenitor while of the 1 Challenge Edomites sitting 68 ___-coreto(punk 2 Answer the offshoot) old riddle 69 “What’s “Absolutely, will round do”the ends on highsad in the 70 and Feeling middle?” 71 Govt.-issued ID 3 Play with fire 4 Blanks DOWN

5 1 Out-of-office ___ friends 2 procedure? One on the case? 6 72 answers 34 black 3 and High-heel shoe squares, for this attachment 4 puzzle Presidential middle name 7 Hankering 5 Pop singer__, ___ 8 Quintana Max Mexican state 6 that’s Brookshome with to Emmy, Grammy, Cancún Oscar and Tony 9 Spot for the awards night 7 Home to the largest Goya 10 Covering some collection in the ground? world 11 Vertical 8 dimension Tranquil of a 9 flag Geology interval 10 Bops “Catch my drift?” 12 11 Getting the job 13 “___ done are …” 16 12 Longtime You might have a newswoman stake in this Ifill 20 13 Gender-neutral Experimental, say possessive

Edited by Will Shortz 1




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51 Completely Surpass in 44 strength bomb 52 Clarkson with the 45 Fuzzy 2004 hit “Since U Been 46 Not coolGone” — not at all! 36 Louisville is in it, 53 cool Set certain Thingstowith hooks 35 Kid 25 Gets in brief underwater 47 Some Twittertraps 26 Many a Guinness 38 Firmly 54 postings Makes out Like fixed Hyatt alternative Book record 55 Brand [What that a joke!] 48 40 Offerer John, abroad 39 of fresh 27 “Warm” “Leg 27 Shade akin to cuts 56 offers Sign off on Mask” 41 Dogs in Tibetan 30 royal Quality of a products blue monasteries, 41 Made last night, 57 Hold tight playful kitten 29 6-0 set, in tennis 49 nine for once say 58 One One’sofparents, aslangily, traditional 31 slang Something to with 42 Sleekly designed, Baha’i chew on 42 Its participants “the” temple 30 “Whatever!” informally are in for a wild 51 62 Pro See 34-Down 32 Pet Playwright 31 that’s mostly 48 ride Cell membrane William makeup black with a 52 at Grand 63 Org. Cousin of equichest 43 up Terminal 33 white Cracked a bit 49 Pop Iniquitous 64 Central “Yer wrong” 34 Ellie HomeKemper’s of the 32 62-Down role on “The hummingbird, Office” the world’s smallest bird 33 ___ money

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