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Preparing For What Comes Next Life after the sale of your business

Provided by: Stephen W. Davis

Where you are today is the result of your passion for the business you’ve built—and a lifetime of work.

But what is your vision for life after you walk away from your business? What you do next is critical for you and your family. It’s a time when you need to shift your focus to personal fulfillment, wealth planning and more.

You. Your family. Your employees. Your business goes to the heart of who you are and what you do. Even for family members, your decision to sell your business may represent a significant change in wealth and status. Some owners have a clear separation between family and their business. However, communicating with those who could benefit the most may be important to a successful plan.

Many owners assure employees that a sale will have no practical impact on them. However, once the sale has gone through and you are no longer involved in the decisions, it can be hard to know. This may mean a period of tension and uncertainty— which can have an emotional impact on you.

Here’s what we heard from business owners: “It’s sad and hard when you sell because you’ve not only invested time and money, but also a bit of your soul.” “A part of me was delighted but another part of me was sad. The office was like a second home.”

Prepare for your exit

In the February 2018 issue of UBS Investor Watch, we found that 48% of business owners don’t have a formal exit strategy

in place. Here are three key tips for getting started.

1. Plan ahead

Long-term planning is key to any successful sale, because it helps you focus on what’s important. Starting planning conversations early with your financial advisor, tax professional and estate planning attorney will help you be confident about your future. Be certain that advanced income, legacy and tax planning are a part of these conversations.

2. Define what you want

Spend time thinking about what you want after the sale. Reflect on your passions and plan for what you want to accomplish. UBS Investor Watch research found that 48% of business owners look forward to traveling more, while 26% plan to give back to their community or causes.

3. Break the silence

UBS Investor Watch research shows that only about 25% of former business owners engaged their children and heirs in a conversation about family wealth. Communicate early about what you expect or hope for. This creates a clearer picture and gives everyone involved a chance to contribute.

The power of emotions

Selling your business is about letting go. This can be a profound change with powerful emotional impacts. For some owners, it’s confusing. For others, there’s a sense of elation. Many talk about feelings of depression and a lack of purpose.

Here’s what we heard from business owners: “I felt very muted. I didn’t know

how to process it. I had to figure out how to deal with a new reality.”

“I had been working hard for a long time. At the beginning, I did nothing, and it was great. People say you get bored, but I didn’t—it was wonderful.”

Planning for life after the sale: the six stages

As business owners contemplate a transition, they wonder what life will look like after the sale. We’ve identified six stages that most owners go through. Think through these questions well before your transition.

1. Recharge. Is a vacation or dream purchase needed? Do you need some space to think? Is an escape and recharge needed?

2. Self. How much money do you have and need? Is your wealth life-changing or life-enhancing?

3. Enabling. What professional advice do you need? Do you have the right advisory team?

4. Family. How should you support your family? Should you set money aside for home purchases and education?

5. Legacy. What do you want to leave for future generations and your employees? How should it be left?

6. Opportunity. How do you find personal fulfillment in the future? How can you best contribute to others?

Whether your transition is a few months or a few years away, it’s important to start planning for how you want to live your life after selling your business.

Source: UBS Business Owner Insights Report, Preparing for what comes next: life after the sale of your business, November 2018 This article has been written and provided by UBS Financial Services Inc. for use by its Financial Advisors. UBS Financial Services Inc. and its affiliates do not provide legal or tax advice. Clients should consult with their legal and tax advisors regarding their personal circumstances and before they invest or implement. This report is provided for informational and educational purposes only. Providing you with this information is not to be considered a solicitation on our part with respect to the purchase or sale of any securities, investments, strategies or products that may be mentioned, including estate planning strategies. In addition, the information is current as of the date indicated and is subject to change without notice.

As a firm providing wealth management services to clients, UBS Financial Services Inc. offers investment advisory services in its capacity as an SEC-registered investment adviser and brokerage services in its capacity as an SEC-registered broker-dealer. Investment advisory services and brokerage services are separate and distinct, differ in material ways and are governed by different laws and separate arrangements. It is important that you understand the ways in which we conduct business, and that you carefully read the agreements and disclosures that we provide to you about the products or services we offer. For more information, please review client relationship summary provided at ubs.com/relationshipsummary, or ask your UBS Financial Advisor for


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BULLETIN BOARD Summer Beach Bus is Back; Upcoming Events 18 LIVESTOCK HEALTH Outbreak of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Warning 20 SUMMER KICK-OFF PARTY Unleash the Fun, Summer Has Arrived 22 MOVIE NIGHT, FOOD & FUN Community Unites for Summer BBQ Extravaganza 26 LENKOVS’ GRAND CHARITY EVENT Raises Record Funds for World Housing 34 HISTORY: THE FIRST HOUSE From Leo Gorcey to Powers Boothe 38 JULY 2023 in this issue MASTER THE ART: PERSONAL STATEMENTS Expert Tips for Crafting a Distinctive College Application Essay 42 HIDDEN HILLS RESIDENT SPOTLIGHT Cathy Spencer has Devoted Much of her Life to Helping Animals 44 FAR WEST FARMS June Summer Camp Session Great Success; Spots Still Open 32 HIDDEN HILLS TRAILS Discover the Enchanting Trails 46 SUMMER RECIPES Perfect Poolside Treat: Citrus and Avocado Salad 48 CONRAD LOS ANGELES The Future is Now 50 14 The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide | July 2023

Summer Spectacular

Summer is finally here! The 2023 summer solstice graced us on June 21, marking the official commencement of the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere. At precisely 10:57 a.m. Eastern Time, we bid farewell to shorter nights and welcomed the longest day of the year. It’s a time of warmth, vitality, and endless possibilities.

As we bask in the glory of summer, we eagerly anticipate the approaching Fourth of July, a day of immense significance for our nation. On this day, we come together to celebrate the birth of our beloved country. It’s a time for family gatherings, delectable barbecues, vibrant parades, soul-stirring concerts, and, of course, the awe-inspiring sight of fireworks illuminating the night sky.

As we revel in the joyous festivities, let us also take a moment to reflect on the essence of this celebration. Let us remember the historical journey that led us to this point

and the values that our great nation stands for. Let the colors of red, white, and blue evoke a sense of patriotism and unity within us all.

Here in our wonderful community of Hidden Hills, the spirit of summer is alive and thriving. Week after week, we have exciting events lined up to make the most of this season. With Summer BBQs and movie nights under the stars, we have something for everyone. Indulge in delicious food, groove to captivating music, and create lasting memories with your friends, loved ones, and neighbors.

On behalf of the Hidden Hills Community Register, we extend our warmest wishes for a safe and joy-filled summer. May your days be filled with sunshine, laughter, and cherished moments with loved ones. Let us embrace the spirit of camaraderie and make this summer a season to remember.


This community publication is created exclusively for you and all of our Hidden Hills neighbors and is made possible with the generous support of these local businesses.































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Published by your friends and neighbors, exclusively for our community
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Summer Beach Bus Is Back

The Calabasas Summer Beach Bus is back! The bus provides easy public transit for Hidden Hills residents to and from Zuma Beach all summer long. The bus stop will be in front of the ball field at Round Meadow School. Service will run Monday through Friday from June 19 thru August 18. There will be no service on July 4.


Riders pay a $5.00 fee round-trip or can purchase a 2023 season pass for $51.00. Tickets & Passes must be purchased in advance at Calabasas City Hall, located at 100 Civic Center Way in Calabasas, or by emailing PWPermits@CityofCalabasas.com. Tickets will not be sold at the shuttle.


Before boarding the shuttle, riders under the age of 18 will be required to present proof of residency from Calabasas or Hidden Hills OR show an ID from one of the following Calabasas-based schools: AC Stelle, AE Wright, Calabasas High School, MUSE School, or Viewpoint Academy. Adults will be required to show proof of residency from either city.

For bus route and ticket information, call the City of Calabasas Transportation/Transit Department at (818) 224-1600 or visit cityofcalabasas.com.

The Buzz On Leaf Blowers

Effective since 1994, the use of gas blowers has been strictly prohibited within the confines of Hidden Hills. This restriction was enacted due to concerns regarding the excessive noise, air pollution, and exposure to particulate matter associated with the use of gas-powered leaf blowers. Consequently, the use of gas leaf blowers is entirely forbidden throughout the city. However, non-gasoline-powered alternatives such as electric or batterypowered leaf blowers are permitted, but solely for use on private property, such as residential front yards and backyards. Notably, the utilization of leaf blowers is strictly prohibited on parkways, roadways, streets, as well as pedestrian and equestrian trails.

The city expresses its gratitude to all residents who have actively contributed to the successful implementation of these regulations. If you happen to observe the use of a gas leaf blower or witness improper utilization of an electric or battery-powered leaf blower, you are encouraged to report the violation to City Hall. Please call (818) 888-9281 or send an email to staff@hiddenhillscity.org to inform the appropriate authorities.


7/4 OFFICE CLOSED | Happy Independence Day! 7/6 Hidden Hills BBQ #3 | 5 p.m to 8 p.m. 7/7 First Fridays with the HOA Staff | 9 a.m. - 10 a.m. 7/7 Food Truck | 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. 7/7 Movie Night in Theater: The Royal Tenenbaums | 7 p.m. 7/10 Theater Committee Meeting | 10 a.m. 7/10 Board of Directors Executive Session | 4:30 p.m. 7/10 City Council Meeting | 5:30 p.m. 7/10 Gates Committee Meeting | 6:30 p.m. 7/11 Farmers Market | 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. 7/11 Food Truck | 3 p.m. - 7 p.m. 7/12 Parks and Recreation Committee Meeting | 11 a.m. 7/13 Hidden Hills BBQ #4 | 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. 7/15 Hidden Hills Charity Musicale | 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. 7/17 Town Hall | 6:30 PM 7/18 Farmers Market | 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. 7/18 Food Truck | 3 p.m. - 7 p.m. 7/18 Board of Directors Open Session Meeting | 6:30 p.m. 7/19 Equestrian Services Committee | 6:45 p.m. 7/20 Hidden Hills BBQ #5 | 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. 7/21 Food Truck | 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. 7/25 Farmers Market (City sponsored Mr. Softy Ice Cream)| 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. 7/25 Food Truck | 3 p.m. - 7 p.m. 7/26 Architectural Committee Meeting | 6:30 p.m. 7/27 Hidden Hills BBQ #6 | 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. 7/28 Food Truck | 4 p.m. - 8 p.m.
18 The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide | July 2023

Outbreak of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus in Livestock Strict Prevention Measures Urged

Vesicular Stomatitis Virus, or VSV, is a viral disease of horses, donkeys, mules, cows, pigs, llamas, and alpacas. There is currently an outbreak in Southern California, and it has been confirmed in Los Angeles County.

The virus causes blisters on the lips, muzzle, tongue, ears, sheath, and coronary band. VSV is transmitted by insects such as flies; however can also be transmitted from direct contact, shared water or feed, or other objects (including people) that have been contaminated by VSV from another horse. VSV is transmissible to humans by direct contact with an infected animal. Symptoms in humans are flu-like symptoms. VSV is rarely fatal in horses and usually resolves in 14 days. However, painful oral lesions can make affected horses reluctant to eat or drink, which can cause secondary issues. Signs to watch out for in horses are ulcers or blisters on the lips, muzzle, nostrils, coronary band, or tongue. These horses often have difficulty chewing feed. There is no specific treatment for VSV, besides for pain relief, antiinflammatories, and supportive care.

Prevention is the best measure. If an animal is sick, isolate them from other healthy animals. Insect and fly control is crucial to reduce transmission. Make sure to reduce fly breeding areas by practicing good manure management and removal. House horses indoors or in the shade during daylight and dusk when

insects are most active.

Promote air circulation in stables and apply insect repellants, including to the inner surfaces of the ears. Make sure your horses are wearing

fly masks with ears, and consider a fly sheet for increased protection — additionally, limit travel (both of horses and humans) between barns and equine facilities. If you or others

are traveling from facility to facility and are in contact with multiple horses, make sure to wash hands well between facilities and disinfect any tools and shoes as well.

LIVESTOCK HEALTH WARNING 20 The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide | July 2023


Unleash the Fun Summer Kick-Off Party makes a huge splash!

Summer has arrived, and we ushered it in with a spectacular KickOff Party! The air filled with lively music as we swam, frolicked in foam, and raced on go-karts. Thrilling waterslides and tempting ice cream awaited us, alongside the refreshing treats from Kona ice and mouthwatering delights from food trucks. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Parks and Rec for this incredible celebration.

22 The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide | July 2023
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Golf N Stuff Ventura 5555 Walker Street  Ventura, California 93003 golfnstuff.com  (805) 644-7131 July 2023 | The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide 23
COMMUNITY HAPPENINGS 24 The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide | July 2023

Movie Night, Food, and Fun! Hidden Hills Community Unites for Summer BBQ Extravaganza

On June 22, our community came together to celebrate the summer season with a delightful Summer BBQ party. The event, hosted by the gracious Olivia Plouffe, was a resounding success, bringing joy and laughter to all who attended.

The highlight of the evening was the Parks and Recreation Department’s community movie night, featuring the highly anticipated film “Top Gun: Maverick.” Residents gathered under the starry night sky, enjoying the perfect weather and the excitement of watching the thrilling aerial maneuvers on the big screen. The movie added an extra layer of entertainment to the already lively atmosphere.

Of course, no BBQ party would be complete without delicious food, and the residents were not disappointed. Fatburger, a renowned local eatery, catered the event, serving up mouthwatering burgers, sizzling hot dogs, and a variety of delectable sides. The tantalizing aroma of grilled delights filled the air, whetting everyone’s appetite and creating a festive ambiance.

The Hidden Hills BBQ Party marked the first of many such gatherings planned for the summer of 2023. It served as a wonderful opportunity for neighbors to come together, strengthen bonds, and create lasting memories. Laughter, conversations, and shared experiences filled the air as residents of all ages reveled in the spirit of community. The event was a testament to the vibrant and inclusive nature of our Hidden Hills neighborhood.

26 The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide | July 2023
Text “enjoy” to (818) 600-7630 for a FREE quote July 2023 | The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide 27
COMMUNITY HAPPENINGS 28 The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide | July 2023
COMMUNITY HAPPENINGS 30 The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide | July 2023


COMMUNITY HAPPENINGS 32 The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide | July 2023

Hidden Hills Pony Rides Day was a delightful and triumphant event that brought joy to children and adults alike. Nedra, the organizer, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to its success. With the support of the community, the second Pony Rides Day turned out to be a fantastic experience.

A total of 70 kids and five adults had the opportunity to participate in the event. The highlight of the day was the presence of six horses and ponies that catered to children of all ages. Their gentle nature and well-trained demeanor ensured every rider felt safe and comfortable throughout their equestrian adventure.

Nedra took the opportunity to inform the attendees about the upcoming summer camp and lessons being offered through neighboring Far West Farms. For those young riders who couldn’t wait to saddle up again, the summer camp and lessons provided an ideal opportunity to continue their equestrian journey. Nedra encouraged parents to consider this exciting opportunity for their children, guaranteeing an experience filled with learning, fun, and a deep connection with horses.

Hidden Hills Pony Rides Day left an indelible mark on the community, bringing smiles, laughter, and unforgettable memories. It served as a reminder of the profound joy and wonder that horses can bring into our lives.

Hidden Hills Pony Rides Day Gallops to Success Delighting Kids and Adults Alike EVENT
Photographed By Lonna Weber
contact for pricing and other info. Thank you so much!

Lenkovs’ Grand Charity Event Raises Record Funds for World Housing

A Night of Philanthropy, Entertainment, and Unforgettable Hospitality

In a display of generosity and compassion, Hidden Hills residents Peter and Audie Lenkov staged a grand charitable event to support World Housing.

As indicated on their website, worldhousing.org, “World Housing offers homes to the families most in need across the globe. The organization’s efforts aid communities to flourish, allowing families to live in dignity and safety and providing access to resources that forever transform their lives.”

Throughout their lives, Peter and Audie Lenkov have consistently extended their support to others through various charitable actions and kind acts. Despite their significant contributions, they remain remarkably modest about the extensive number of people they have assisted over the years. It was evident from the hundreds present at the event that each one had a tale to share about Peter and Audie’s goodwill and friendship. Their support of this World Housing event was a profoundly generous endeavor. Months of planning went into preparing the venue, organizing food, decor, seating arrangements, stage setup, music, and more.

34 The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide | July 2023
Event Photos by Sam Lenkov
July 2023 | The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide 35

The event was truly breathtaking. The well-curated entertainment lineup featured live performances from Grammynominated John Ondrasik, the band Five For Fighting, and the gifted singer-songwriter Kristin Diable. Yours truly, accompanied by Sam Lenkov, played some acoustic numbers as well. In addition, a DJ filled the air with music during the transitions between acts.

The atmosphere was magical, fairy lights draped from tree to tree and orchids adorning each seating area. The cuisine included Asian fusion and flatbread pizza, all gorgeously and tastefully garnished and plated. There was an ice cream stand, the famous beignet food truck, along with a bartender in every corner of their prepossessing backyard.

Alongside the array of exciting activities, a live and silent auction was held, which featured a guitar signed by Maroon 5. This spurred the attendees to partake, leading to an impressive total of over $300,000 raised towards constructing homes in Cambodia. The participants zealously vied for items such as luxury vacations, artwork, live concert tickets, and sporting events. All these items were meticulously selected and arranged by the Lenkov family.

The master of ceremonies frequently brought the guests’ attention back to the fundamental reason for the gathering. Poignant visuals depicting underprivileged living conditions were strategically displayed throughout the event, alongside presentations and testimonials that highlighted the significance of the cause. Overall the night was a resounding success. The auction was fervent, with attendees actively bidding on enticing items, and, as a result, a record-breaking amount of funds was raised for World Housing.

Every attendee enjoyed themselves immensely, all while contributing to a noble cause. The Lenkovs’ event served as a reflection of their exquisite taste, meticulous attention to detail, tremendous generosity, and exceptional hospitality. Their hosting skills are, without a doubt, extraordinary.

36 The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide | July 2023
World Housing offers homes to the families most in need across the globe. The organization’s efforts aid communities to flourish, allowing families to live in dignity and safety and providing access to resources that forever transform their lives.




5 Beds, 3 Baths | 3,073 sq. ft. | 1+Acre

This single-story ranch house sits on a flat 1+ acre lot and presents a prime opportunity to live in the prestigious community of Hidden Hills. The property boasts a rich history, as the first model home ever built in Hidden Hills. The sprawling, flat lot and original architecture offer endless possibilities. The current structure boasts 5 bedrooms and 3 baths spanning 3,073 square feet. Great entertainers home with three fireplaces, wet bar and french doors, which open to a large yard. The spectacular grounds contain mature fruit trees, a pool, horse arena, stables, feed room and a detached 4-car garage, that could be reutilized as an incredible bonus space. Step into this timeless property and imagine the possibilities!

President’s Circle

The First House From Leo Gorcey to Powers Boothe

In 1949, Hidden Hills was an open valley of bright grass, sparse oak trees, tall sunflowers, and overgrown nettle weeds. Upon the surrounding hills of Calabasas, there were flocks of sheep with their shepherds, and there was barely a home in sight. At dusk, the hooting of lone owls and the bleats of restless sheep painted the backdrop of the otherwise silent nights of the valley below. There were no roads, no popping car exhausts, no dull hum from bright street lights. To many Los Angeles city-dwellers, Hidden Hills was considered to be desolate and far-away, often referred to as “the country,” which was something to avoid.

Despite the popular consensus to turn up a nose at the vacant land, developer A.E Hanson saw its potential. In 1950, while living at the Leonis Adobe, A.E Hanson took a tractor and carved out Long Valley Road. Shortly after, along this road, the first two homes of Hidden Hills were constructed. They were referred to as “model homes” because they were constructed to entice more people to come into the area and build their own places to live. These two homes were 23704 Long Valley Road and 23629 Long Valley Road. Officially, the first home built on Hidden Hills soil was 23629 Long Valley Road. Though it has gone through phases of renovation, the “first home” still stands today

38 The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide | July 2023

and carries a remarkable history.

Character actor Leo Gorcey was an unlikely first resident for a place so rural as early Hidden Hills. From the heart of Brooklyn, Leo began acting in theater productions in New York, with his talent taking him to sunny Los Angeles, where he became a movie star. He was known for being part of the 1930s “Rat Pack,” which was a group of popular New York actors who appeared together in many stage plays, movies, and television series. Leo Gorcey garnered national fame for his stage play “Dead End,” which was then turned into seven films between 1937-1939, in which he also starred in. Leo Gorcey went on to star in a television series “The Bowery Boys” from 1946-1955. During this time, he purchased the first parcel of land and the first model home within Hidden Hills.

To the developing community, Leo Gorcey was an unforgettable neighbor. He was notorious for marrying his co-stars after a project wrapped, then having quick divorces. Leo also had some additional odd habits. One of those being he would get on a tractor in broad daylight, with a gleaming flask of alcohol in his pocket, drive down Long Valley Road and mow people’s lawns. Instead of being delighted by Leo’s gesture, the early Hidden Hills residents would grit their teeth in frustration because, along with mowing their lawns, Leo would also destroy their sprinkles.

Though Leo Gorcey’s internal life was rumored to be quite unstable, many early Hidden Hills residents remember his generous heart. On Halloween, Leo was known to give children multiple full-sized candy bars and would greet kids in the Calabasas market when he was recognized. He would give kids rides in his tractor down the road and was known for his humorous personality. Leo Gorcey’s son, Leo Gorcey Jr., grew up in Hidden Hills with many of the other early Hidden Hills kids. Early residents remember waiting at the Twin Oaks bus stop with Leo Jr. at just 6 years old.

Around 1957, Leo Gorcey, along with his son Leo Jr., moved out of Hidden Hills. After this, the “first home” passed through different owners. Then in 1989, native Texans Powers and Pam Boothe moved in. With Powers reaching stardom from his 1980 Emmy-winning performance in “Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones,” the Boothes enjoyed the oasis of a rural horse community within the crowded Los Angeles area. Pam enjoyed getting involved with the community, notably making the preservation of the Hidden Hills Quilt possible, which still hangs proudly in the community center. The Boothes shared a comfortable life in their ranch-style home, only making slight amendments to the home, such as modernizing the kitchen and the master bath.

Slowly, the Boothes began to hear more about the history that lay inside the walls of their home. Pam recalls learning that Leo Gorcey used to host grand parties with “people

dressed to the nines,” with the centerpiece of Leo’s event being a big roulette table in the living room. Knowing that gambling was illegal, Leo crafted an escape plan for his guests in case of a police bust. The back of Leo’s house had a wall of long glass windows that faced the backyard. But with one of the last windows, Leo crafted a secret door. So if the crowd inside heard sirens and saw the red glow of a police car in the front windows, the party goers would hop out the hidden door and escape to the 5 acres of open land in front of them. With a laugh, Pam remarked that she thought for certain she would “find a fallen poker chip or something buried in the backyard from their escapes.”

Pam then recalled a time when she and Powers were standing on their front lawn in the coolness of night when they noticed an unrecognizable man walking up their driveway. Pam remarked she was put off guard because “nobody sort of wanders in Hidden Hills.” To the moving stranger, Powers asked, “Can we help you?” In which the man replied, “My name is Leo Gorcey Jr. I used to live here.”

Leo Jr. then asked the Boothes if he could walk inside his childhood home just one last time. So the couple let him inside. Leo Jr. began walking down the hallways of the home, remarking to the Boothes that “he did, yet didn’t recognize the house.” Leo Jr. then spent some time scanning the home up and down until he finally stopped at one room. He grew quiet, and tears filled his eyes. He then turned to the Boothe’s and said, “this was my bedroom.”

Right then, the previous lives of the Gorceys that had always been seen as whispered legend within the walls were humanized. To Pam, this moment made her realize that the instability of Leo Gorcey’s life, while seen as wild and largerthan-life from a distance, had its effect on Leo Jr. So walking up the familiar driveway, smelling the fragrance of swaying California Pepper Trees, and stepping on the flooring of his childhood bedroom, all made for an evocative homecoming for Leo Jr.

Along with the Gorcey history, to Pam Boothe, the familial memories inside the home made the lasting impact. The Boothes moved into the Long Valley home only two days after their son, Preston, was born. They raised both of their children, including their beautiful daughter Parisee, in Hidden Hills. Powers found the location of his home to be perfect because he could be filming movies all day and be home in time for dinner with his family. Before his passing in 2017, Powers was noted to appreciate his close proximity to the filmographic history of Los Angeles as well as the history his home held, with Powers himself adding to that legacy. This year in 2023, Pam Boothe returned to her home state of Texas to be with her beloved children. Still carrying the vibrancy and love within its walls, this first house of Hidden Hills is now ready for another story.

July 2023 | The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide 39

Master the Art of Personal Statements

Expert Tips for Crafting a Distinctive College Application Essay

One of the most adventuresome journeys of the college applications process is the personal statement — a 650-word essay sharing with the admission folks: Who are you … and what makes you so distinctive compared to other high schoolers applying?

Your personal statement is a crucial component of college admissions. It requires deep self-reflection to actualize the key success factors of a successful personal statement which include:

1. Demonstration of your distinctive core values, supported by your life examples that resonate with what is super important to you.

2. The revelation of vulnerability, as beyond your intellect, what is your heart about as that will demonstrate your human character. After all – you are not a robot!

3. Sharing of insightful connections – those 'a-ha' moments that have defined and then inspired you to go beyond even what you think you can accomplish.

4. Dedication to the crafting of your story, which is interpreted not only through the logic but also the details are interwoven in your essay that delights the reader such that they want to keep on reading and learning more about you.

Your personal statement process is like the hero's journey. There are ups and downs – unexpected dangers and surprising triumphs. And you might falter, but once we get back up again – amazing things can happen … and they usually do!

Pivoting to the 'nuts & bolts' of the crafting. After working with hundreds of students who have earned admissions into top 20 universities such as Brown, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Wellesley College, and others, starting earlier versus later is essential as introspection and connecting the dots from the 'a-ha' revelations takes time. Essential steps include:

“Through the deep-dive of owning your distinctive core values and demonstrating your growth journey in all of its authenticity, you can captivate the admission folks and genuinely increase your chance of admission into your goal school. “
42 The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide | July 2023

1. Brainstorming

Take the time to reflect on your life experiences, especially your leadership activities, inside and outside of school. List your accomplishments, challenges, flashbacks, and meaningful moments that have impacted you and revealed your core values. What are the ones that truly resonate with you where you can easily talk for hours about what happened, how it impacted you, what changes it actualized within you, and how you grew from this process? These reflections demonstrate your distinct core values and are fundamental to your personal statement.

2. Choosing Essay Structure

There are (2) types of personal statement structures as shared by #1 Amazon Best Seller "College Essay Essentials" by Ethan Sawyer:

a. Narrative – this format is helpful if you've faced unique challenges. It involves describing (3) things:

i.Challenge you've met and the effects upon you

ii. What did you do to overcome the challenge?

iii. What you learned.

The purpose of Narrative structure is to describe an experience that changed your life or perspective in a meaningful way that led you to develop skills/qualities/values (i.e., demonstration of growth) that you'll bring to college.

Montage – a series of moments or story events connected by a common theme, such as:

a. Career, identity, home, what you love, skills, or extra-curricular activities.

The purpose of the Montage structure is to demonstrate the several different sides of you that display your 'wholeness' as an individual.

Narrative enables depth into your topic, discussing a challenge that changed your life in a big way. In contrast, Montage facilitates that you go wide by examining various experiences that have changed your life or perspective.

Neither one is 'better' than the other. The chosen essay structure is a function of your experiences and comfort level with the structure crafting.

3. Show, Don't Tell

After the essay structure is set, as well as the stories you plan to share, given brainstorming, write up the framework of your statement –laying out the content of each paragraph so that you can see the visual 'connecting of dots.' Furthermore, laying out each section beforehand will prevent you from going 'out-of-scope' and keep you focused.

As mentioned above, dedication to the craft of your story- interpreted not only through logic but also the details are interwoven in your essay – means demonstrating through storytelling versus listing your accomplishments. You want to share your story that will evoke emotions. Thus, descriptive language is encouraged to help manifest a lasting impression.

4. Be Genuine and Authentic

Authenticity is key. If you can put yourself in the shoes of the admission folks, you will be able to empathize that they read many essays. On average, admissions folks at top universities may read several thousand to tens of thousands of applications in a given application season. Thus to differentiate yourself, you need to be 'all of you' as writing what you think they want to hear will come across as less-than-genuine. The personal statement is all about you. Embrace it by sharing your values, vulnerabilities, and insights. Authenticity will make your personal statement distinctive and set you apart from other applicants.

5. Editing, Revising … and Editing


Writing a stellar personal statement requires multiple rounds, as sometimes there might be a change in the course after more revelations surface. To prevent tunnel vision, seek feedback from your trusted teachers, counselors, or mentors who can pull back and provide an objective point of view. Consider their feedback and continue revising until you are aligned with your personal statement such that when you read it, you can unequivocally say, "It's Me."


- Yours accomplishing your personal statement for college applications is a challenging yet rewarding task.

- Given your self-reflection, you will come out of it a more confident individual. Through the deep-dive of owning your distinctive core values and demonstrating your growth journey in all of its authenticity, you can captivate the admission folks and genuinely increase your chance of admission into your goal school.

- Seek the advice of trusted teachers, counselors, and mentors to proofread your masterpiece.

- Complete your personal statement (or at least complete the framework and initial draft) over the summer of the year you intend to submit your college application so that you have one less item to be concerned about entering the fall season.

As an Education Coach and Hidden Hills resident, Margie integrates her leadership coaching experience and marketing savviness to guide middle and high school students in successfully navigating college applications and life.

Her students have earned admissions into the Top 20 universities, such as Brown, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Wellesley College, and others.

Feel free to reach out to Margie by email at margiechiang@126.com

July 2023 | The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide 43

RESIDENT Cathy Spencer

Ihad the privilege of meeting with Cathy Spencer to talk about her amazing work at animal shelters. Cathy, a passionate animal lover with four rescue dogs of her own, shared her experiences and insight regarding volunteering. Cathy has devoted much of her life to helping animals. Currently, she volunteers at a variety of shelters. Many of which are large establishments with low adoption rates. Cathy shared with me how volunteering at these shelters is bittersweet. It’s equally painful as it is rewarding. She explains it is difficult to see so many sweet, deserving dogs be euthanized only because of their inability to find a forever home. Nevertheless, it’s fulfilling to see dogs find a home with a family that loves and adores them.

“I’ve had over 15 rescue dogs, and all of them were beyond sweet,” Cathy shared. During our conversation, Cathy corrected the misconception that rescue dogs are bad and misbehaved. “Most rescue dogs are loving, playful, and friendly. It’s important to recognize that rescue dogs do not end up in shelters by any fault of their own. In addition to rescuing a wonderful, sweet, and thankful dog, you are also saving a life.”

“Every dog that is purchased from a breeder is another dog at a shelter that gets put down,” Cathy stated. I asked Cathy what the animal shelters need if anyone is interested in donating, to which she replied, “any unopened food or dog beds/ blankets, and they are always in need of money so they can save more animals.”

Thank you, Cathy, for your dedication to advocating for animals and assisting in finding loving homes for these adorable and defenseless dogs. Your immense compassion and selflessness truly exemplify the characteristics of an extraordinary individual. We sincerely hope that you will contemplate the option of adopting a rescue pet. It’s important to note that rescues encompass a wide variety of breeds, so you can find virtually any breed as a rescue.

44 The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide HH


Discover the Enchanting Trails of Hidden Hills

A Celestial Symphony of Hiking, Horses, and Hollywood

Hiking … it’s a form of exercise that has an enchanting LA ring to it. It’s one exercise that is slightly less dreading and much more visually interesting than a run on the treadmill or a 45-minute session on the peloton. Living in Hidden Hills, I consider myself fortunate to be surrounded by endless hiking opportunities. There is a trail entrance on nearly every street and the inclines are shockingly steep.

Hidden Hills is a place of breathtaking scenery and equestrian wonders. What makes hiking truly special for me here is seeing horses. Their ethereal beauty creates a tranquil and meditative atmosphere that most hiking trails can’t offer. With this being said, it’s crucial to understand horses and be respectful of their magical beauty and sensitivities. Keep a safe distance from horses as they are “spooked” easily. It is important to stay back, allow them the right of way and avoid loud noises or sudden movements when hiking around them. Being in the presence of horses is a gift that makes hiking in Hidden Hills magical and therapeutic.

Their presence is calming even in the madness of daily commutes and construction. Nature, paired with cardiovascular exercise and Vitamin D, is a great way to release endorphins and uplift your spirits.

There are a few ways people prefer to hike. For some, the sounds of leaves crunching underfoot and birds chirping is plenty enough to enjoy the experience. Others, like myself, love to pop in their earbuds and listen to music. I have a dedicated Spotify playlist called “Walks” that I listen to on my hikes. I’ve also heard that many enjoy listening to podcasts on their walks/ hikes. Ultimately, however, you prefer is how you should do it; there’s no wrong way. As long as you are aware of your surroundings, of course.

Personally, I find that hiking early in the morning sets a positive tone, and I follow it up with a coffee or matcha to start my day. If you ever lack motivation to go on your morning hike Google “celebrities who hike.” You will find an endless list of your favorite celebrities who enjoy partaking in the same physical activity as you. “If she can do it, so can I,” I tell myself as I dream of laying in bed for just 10 minutes longer.

Celebrities have an impact on our lives that doesn’t necessarily manifest in the most positive ways, so when they do, you should take advantage of it. The real celebrities in Hidden Hills are the horses and nature. As residents, we should do all we can to protect both. Being aware and understanding of horses will make your hikes that much more special. Hiking in Hidden Hills is an experience I recommend to everyone here.

The peace and happiness it brings me is truly addicting. If you haven’t taken advantage of the natural incline treadmill opportunities of Hidden Hills, I strongly encourage you to do so.

SPOTLIGHT HIDDEN HILLS 46 The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide
July 2023 | The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide 47

The Perfect Poolside Treat

Beat the Heat with a Locally-Sourced, Summer Citrus and Avocado Salad from Hidden Hills Farmers Market

Locally grown produce stands out at the Hidden Hills Farmers Market, taking advantage of the area’s favorable climate. The abundant availability of avocados, citrus fruits, and almonds makes for an array of fresh, delectable, and healthful snack options. Here is a recipe for a refreshing Summer Citrus and Avocado Salad accentuated with a Honey-Almond Vinaigrette, the ideal poolside treat for a hot day.


For Salad:

2 large ripe avocados, sliced

2 oranges, peeled and sliced into circles

1 grapefruit, peeled and sliced into circles

1 cup of baby spinach or mixed salad leaves

1 small red onion, thinly sliced

For the Honey-Almond Vinaigrette:

1/2 cup olive oil

1/4 cup white wine vinegar

2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 tablespoon honey

2 tablespoons almond butter

2 Salt and pepper to taste


Arrange the spinach or salad leaves on a large serving plate or bowl. Place the sliced oranges, grapefruit, avocados, and red onion on top.

To make the vinaigrette, combine olive oil, white wine vinegar, lemon juice, honey, and almond butter in a bowl. Whisk well until you get a smooth consistency. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Drizzle the vinaigrette over the salad just before serving. If you’re serving this at a pool party, you could also serve the dressing on the side and let your guests add as much as they want to their individual portions.

Serve the salad chilled. Enjoy this refreshing, nutritious snack by the poolside!

48 The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide | July 2023
50 The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide | July 2023
All photographs courtesy of Conrad Los Angeles



The Future is Now

The revitalization of notable historic hotels (such as The Figueroa and The Miyako), the reinvention of Grand Central Market, and the emergence of the Downtown Arts District have played a part in Downtown Los Angeles’ “glow-up” over the last couple of decades. So has architect Frank Gehry, who is synonymous with design that has pushed Los Angeles architecture into this century and beyond. Even with many high-rise luxury properties adding life to the downtown skyline, the 305-room Conrad Los Angeles opened in July 2022 expands upon the mark he has made on downtown Los Angeles and ties together nearby cultural and culinary highlights into a cohesive whole.

The Gehry-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall, The Broad, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and The Music Center make “DTLA” a destination for the city’s residents as well as visitors, reflecting how far the downtown area has come over the past two decades — from a business hub that shuts down after 6 p.m. to a lively epicenter of culture, history, and food. The reception and lobby spaces are enlivened with artwork has been curated in collaboration with Judith Tatar of Tatar Art Projects, showcasing prominent local artists such as Mimi Jung, Ben Medansky, Brian Wills, Casper Brindle, and Jon Krawczyk that capture Los Angeles’ multicultural history.

The lobby deepens the property’s sense of place through form and function. An undulating ceiling in the lobby echoes Gehry’s architectural signatures to floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the building. The arrival bar, forged from polished and glazed 11,000-year-old molten lava, juxtaposes Ceppo di Gre stone imported from northern Italy. In the public spaces, rooms, and upper-floor suites, interior designer Tara Bernerd follows Gehry’s structural flow through her own use of curves and layers that seamlessly bind indoor and outdoor areas and Los Angeles’ urban and natural attributes. Bernerd’s biggest statement is arguably the open-air 10th rooftop walkways that connect the pool area, terraces, and outdoor seating of some of the hotel’s bars and restaurants with a creative mix of materials (terrazzo, wood, stone, tiles, and a variety of textiles) and chandeliers, sconces, and customized pieces that adjust the lighting to adjust to different times of day and night.

July 2023 | The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide 51

Other amenities include high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, pet-friendly policies, EV charging stations, bath amenities from Byredo, and covetable home-like settings in the premium rooms. Downtown’s vibrant culture often comes right up to the hotel’s front door through a plaza made up of open, landscaped terraces with open-to-the-public arts programming all year round.

Internationally renowned chef José Andrés, meanwhile, provides the backbone of the hotel’s culinary program, with destination restaurants San Laurel and Agua Viva front and center as representations of Los Angeles’ gastronomic underpinnings. San Laurel presents recipes from Andrés’ native Spain filtered and shaped by ingredients sourced from Southern California farms and the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market for its breakfast and dinner service. Menu highlights include Sanchoku Wagyu Coulotte; Gambas al Ajillo; Jamón Ibérico de Bellota Cinco Jotas; and Beefsteak Tomato Tartare.

On the roof, Agua Viva takes full advantage of California’s outdoor/al fresco lifestyle with craft cocktails and share plates that combine Latin, Asian, and Mediterranean influences — as seen in such popular dishes as Grilled Octopus, Grilled Ribeye, Chilled Maine Lobster Roll; and Gazpacho Estilo Algeciras. Airlight, at the pool deck, offers creative, original cocktails and elevated lunch and bar snacks, while The Beaudry Room Bar, near the lobby, boasts an evocative petrol-blue pyrolave countertop and custom tiles, adding extra spark to timeless cocktails.

While our area is awash with fantastic spas and wellness centers, the Conrad Spa Los Angeles is noteworthy for its collection of exclusive hyper-personalized treatments, tech-forward modalities (Gharieni Spa Wave Table, Infrared Sauna, and Microjet Streaming and Infusion Technology), and other progressive approaches to wellness and health. Carefully selected practitioners demonstrate their proficiency in physiology when applying therapeutic massage techniques, including Ashiatsu and Thai. The spa menu also offers prescriptive treatments integrating alignment techniques and functional approaches to bolster one’s focus, creativity, and relaxation. Post-treatment recovery cabins put a finishing touch on a spa experience through and wellness treatments such as a “NuCalm Recharge” meditation that organically diffuses the stress response and improves quality of sleep. The hotel fitness center, likewise, features state-of-the-art equipment by Peleton and relaxing spaces.

Whether one’s planning a staycation or looking for the perfect lodging with visiting friends or relatives, the Conrad Los Angeles is both a gateway and an embodiment of the downtown area’s exciting landscape today and its future evolution.

Rooms at Conrad Los Angeles begin at $450 per night. For more information, visit hilton.com/en/hotels/laxavci-conrad-los-angeles, or call (213) 349-8585 for reservations.

52 The Hidden Hills Community Register & Resource Guide | July 2023
Downtown’s vibrant culture often comes right up to the hotel’s front door through a plaza made up of open, landscaped terraces

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