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inter is upon us, and there is something truly magical about this time of year. It brings with it a crisp chill in the air, the cozy allure of gathering with loved ones, and the comforting embrace of warm food and drinks. Twinkle lights adorn our homes, festive gatherings all around, and a sense of community spirit fills the air. As we approach the Winter Solstice on December 21, let us pause to appreciate the beauty and wonder that this season brings. In this issue, we embark on a journey through time to explore the rich history of the Saddle Creek Area and its remarkable 50-year legacy. It’s a tale of a thriving equestrian community and a gathering place where friendships were forged and families grew together. Hidden Hills was founded on the principles of creating a close-knit community where neighbors became lifelong friends, sharing in the joys of life while raising their families in this small horse-centric community. As the holiday season approaches, we understand the importance of finding that perfect gift for your loved ones. That is why we have put together a selection of local gift ideas that go beyond the holiday season, ensuring that your thoughtful gestures leave a lasting impression while you are supporting locally owned businesses. With New Year’s celebrations just around the corner, we have also curated some delightful cocktail recipes to help you toast to the season in style. Whether you are hosting a festive soirée or enjoying a quiet evening by the fire, these libations will add a touch of merriment to your winter gatherings. As we bid farewell to this year and step into the new one, it is a time for reflection and renewal. A fresh start awaits, filled with endless possibilities and opportunities for growth. Whether you are setting goals for your health, career, family, or personal development, the new year reminds us to hit the reset button and strive to become the best versions of ourselves. As we venture into 2024, our sincerest wish is that all your aspirations come to fruition and that your life is enriched with health, wealth, and happiness. May this new year be a canvas upon which you paint the most beautiful and fulfilling chapters of your life. From all of us here, at Hidden Hills Magazine, we extend our warmest wishes for the Happiest of Holidays and a joyful New Year. Thank you for being part of our community and we look forward to sharing more stories, insights, and adventures with you in the coming year.

16 | H IDD E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E

CO-PUBLISHERS Hayley Mattson Lonna Weber Editor-in-Chief Hayley Mattson Business & Product Development Nicholas Mattson Layout & Graphic Design Evan Rodda, Neil Schumaker Jen Rodman Editorial Assistant Kaylie Carafelli Copy Editor Michael Chaldu Contributing Writers Gracie Bellissimo, Lori Brezerin, Barbara Burke, Elyse Glickman, Jacquline Cleaveland, Lauren Carr Reed Contributing Photographers Gracie Bellissimo Advisory Board Joe Bellissimo Steve Weber Inquiries Advertising: lonna@longvalleymedia.com Editorial: editor@hiddenhillsmag.com

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CONTRIBUTORS Gracie Bellissimo is an aspiring filmmaker and photographer born and raised in Hidden Hills. Pursuing a degree in Cinema at San Francisco State University, Gracie is a true lover of the arts and is always creating her own original content.

Jacqueline Cleaveland is a writer who was raised on a ranch community in Simi Valley. She is currently studying Creative Writing and English at Pepperdine University. In her free time, she enjoys horseback riding, painting, studying the French language, and writing poetry and novels.

Elyse Glickman, a versatile journalist and editor, covers diverse subjects worldwide such as gastronomy, wine, wellness, business profiles, interior design, and fashion. She was a Senior Editor for C-Suite Quarterly magazine, focusing on food and travel.

Lauren Carr Reed is a talented musician, and a member of the band Violet Saturn alongside her brother. She has a strong affection for fashion, animals, and writing. She moved to Hidden Hills following the loss of her family home in Malibu during the Woosley Fire.

Your heart is important to us; we support you at every step. Visit our website for more tips and subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

Lori Berezin brings decades of writing experience, working with such stellar media companies as Condé Nast, Hearst Magazines, the Los Angeles Times, and Calabasas Style Magazine.

Barbara Burke, a seasoned journalist with a BFA in Broadcast Journalism and experience as an attorney, specializes in investigative pieces on local and policy issues in Malibu, particularly those related to climate change and beach erosion, striving to address community concerns and interests.





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JEFF JEWELER Crafting Brilliance Amidst Adversity




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NEW YEAR’S EVE WITH MARTINELLI’S Cocktails and Mocktails for Family and Friends


TIDES REACH RESORT Where Luxury Meets Nature on the Island of Taveuni


SPANKY'S PET PIC Easy and Archie: The Enchanting Miniature Donkeys

54 O N T H E C OV E R Crossroads Cocktails Photo by Gracie Bellissimo

65 20 | H IDD E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E

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Hidden Hills

SADDLE CREEK ARENA A 50-Year Equestrian Legacy and Community Gathering Place

By Jacqueline Cleaveland With a Special Thank-you to Greg Klein and Steve Sullivan


estled within sagebrush hills and draping, fragrant California pepper trees, the Hidden Hills’ Saddle Creek Arena is an important piece of the city. It serves as a place for equestrian activities and neighborhood gatherings. The arena was created with much hard work, planning, and sacrifice by founding community members who were seeking to facilitate and nurture Hidden Hills’ equestrian essence. The Saddle Creek Arena has a rich history of being used for gymkhanas, vaulting, and Cowboy Polo games. In the 1970s, the Saddle Creek Arena was constructed out of necessity. Greg Klien, who spent his childhood living in Hidden Hills, said that sharing backyard riding rings was becoming a hassle because of the growing number of community members involved in equestrian activities. He remembers that for his fourth birthday party, his parents, John and Judy, had to drive 20 miles away from Hidden Hills to host a Western-themed party at an actual arena. This immediately drove John Klien to realize that Hidden Hills needed its own arena for the community to share. So, in 1972, with the help of the City of Hidden Hills, the Hidden Hills Horsemen Association, local contractors, and many more residents, John Klien made his vision a reality. Constructed off of Saddle Creek Road, Greg remembers that the arena “required the owner of some of the land, supposedly it was the Calabasas Saddlery, which was owned by Bob Eubanks, to work with John and make it all happen. John said that Bob was passionate about Hidden Hills, saw the vision, and a key in making all of this come together. Bob was a great partner.” Bob Eubanks was a television personality famously known for hosting the iconic “Newlywed Game” and “Card Sharks.” But he was also an avid horseman and prominent figure in the local Western community. He was known to participate in rodeos in Calabasas, and after the construction of the Hidden Hills arena, he rode horses there as well.

24 | H IDD E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E

In its early years, one of the most vibrant gatherings the Saddle Creek Arena hosted was the Fiesta Gymkhana. These Gymkhamas were day events where competitors participated in Western riding events such as barrel racing, keyhole, and pole-bending. One event that was always an entertaining crowd-pleaser was called the “Dollar Bill Ride.” This involved riders sitting on a dollar bill as they fast trotted and cantered on horseback around the arena. The last person to lose the dollar bill from underneath them won all the other participants’ dollars. At one of the first Fiesta Gymkhanas, circa 1973, Greg Klien recalls the surreal feeling of seeing the whole city gather in one outdoor space. The sheer magnitude of being somewhere as a small child with so much excitement around was a memory he will never forget, especially when he saw his father, John, in a wooden booth announcing the gymkhana with his voice echoing across the soft dirt into the rolling hills.

Bob Eubanks participating in a local rodeo at Donny Brook Farms, 1965.

In 1969, resident Marcia Sullivan, began the Hidden Hills Vaulting program and used the Saddle Creek Arena for practices and championships. She took that team to a national championship competition in 1972. That following year, in 1973, the Saddle Creek Arena hosted the American Vaulting Association Na t i on a l C h a m p i on s h i p s . Vaulting is essentially contortion and gymnastics while moving on horseback, which requires many years of practice and coaching. The Saddle Creek Arena was an ideal learning spot for young people to develop their skills.

Vaulters show off their abilities performing handstands and acrobatics in the 1980s. Photos from Jennifer Webb Walton. (Top right) Residents gather at a vaulting event in 1978. Photo from Jill Hartman.

H I D D E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E | 25

During the 1970s, the Saddle Creek Arena was used as a makeshift polo ring for local “broomstick polo” games. This activity earned its title simply because the unofficial polo mallet was a kitchen broom. But community members took this activity seriously. Steve Sullivan (son of Marcia Sullivan), an early Hidden Hills resident who played polo during this time with his father, Bob Sullivan, says that the players tried out many different types of brooms to find the most effective and durable one for polo playing. In the end, the polo players ended up crafting their own brooms to suit their needs. The players often used a schoolyard ball instead of the much smaller ball that is required for regulation polo. Cowboy Polo was the more intense counterpart of “broomstick polo” played at the arena. Cowboy Polo conformed to standard polo more than “broomstick polo” as it used a traditional mallet and ball. But the game still had plenty of American twists to garner the “Cowboy” addition to its title. Ranch horses, the American Quarter horse breed, were used instead of Thoroughbred horses. The players also rode on a Western saddle, used by ranchers and rodeo athletes, instead of the English saddle. But the quality that gave Cowboy Polo its wild and wooly reputation was the level of aggression with which it was played. The game lacked the number rules as standard polo, so players often made up their own rules or improvised in the moment. Steve Sullivan remembers the Hidden Hills Cowboy Polo team expanding to compete with many Southern Californian teams up and down the coast, saying, “The Hidden Hills Horsemen cowboy polo players actually hosted a competition and invited a ‘real’ cowboy polo team from the San Diego area, I believe it was in 1975. It was a great game. We learned a great deal from the pros and actually scored a point against them.” In all, gymkhana events, vaulting, and polo show the distinct equestrian lifestyles many community members lead.

Cowboy Polo at the Saddle Creek Arena, 1977. Photo by Steve Sullivan

26 | H IDD E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E

A young Greg Klein at one of the Saddle Creek Arena’s first events circa 1972.

“It is a gathering place, not just for major horse shows and birthday parties, but for friends to get together and enjoy Hidden Hills’ truly unique equine lifestyle.”

Broomstick Polo at Saddle Creek Arena, 1970s. Photos from Bob Sullivan’s Collection

H I D D E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E | 27

During the holiday season, residents used to go caroling on horseback near the Saddle Creek Arena. They would pass through each street of Hidden Hills, getting to see white picket fences and mailboxes bedecked with garlands, wreaths, and red bows. Carolers would hand out glossy candy canes to every person they passed and share hot cocoa together at the end. This holiday spirit continues today. Currently, Hidden Hills hosts a Winter Social at the Saddle Creek Arena, where real snow is brought onto grassy portions of the place for sleigh rides and more. There are also food trucks, hot cocoa, and additional games for the community to participate in. Of course, the Saddle Creek Arena is still a central spot for a myriad of equestrian activities and events, which is made possible from its grassroots founders and passionate residents throughout the years that kept the arena in vibrant use. Greg Klien reflects that in the beginning years of the arena’s existence, his father John said that it was going to be “a part of Hidden Hills everyday life. It is a gathering place, not just for major horse shows and birthday parties, but for friends to get together and enjoy Hidden Hills’ truly unique equine lifestyle.” The Saddle Creek Arena would not be standing today without the people who were endlessly generous with their labor, funds, time, and talents to create a lovely equestrian oasis for all community members to enjoy. The construction of the Saddle Creek Arena is a testament to the unconditional love that those Hidden Hills’ residents had for their community, which is why their names lay proudly upon the new memorial sign placed on the arena grounds. 28 | H IDD E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E

The construction of the Saddle Creek Arena is a testament to the unconditional love that many Hidden Hills residents had for their community, which is why their names lay proudly upon the new memorial sign placed on the arena grounds. Photos by Lonna Weber.

Jeff Jeweler By Lauren Carr Reed Photos courtesy of Jeff Jeweler

Crafting Brilliance Amidst Adversity 32 | H IDD E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E


n the world of jewelry, where opulence and allure often take center stage, a local name that showcases unwavering dedication, and extraordinary resilience is Jeffrey Abed, also known as "Jeff Jeweler." I recently had the privilege of visiting the Hidden Hills home of Jeff and his beautiful wife, Monica Mikhael, an experience that not only unveiled the story of the man behind the artistry but also revealed the breathtaking jewelry masterpieces he creates. Stepping into their lovely home, I was welcomed with warmth by their charming French Bulldog, Icey. I was quickly overwhelmed with the display of blindingly surreal work that Jeff has completed. Sparkling displays of necklaces, watches, charms, and rings had my jaw on the floor. Jeff showed me some of the stunningly magnificent work he has created.

If you have never had the chance to witness such an assemblage of spectacular gemstones, it is nothing short of breathtaking and surreal. A highlight of my visit was the opportunity to behold a custom-made $450,000 watch, a true masterpiece created for renowned recording artist Jason Derulo. This exceptional timepiece not only underscored Jeff 's exceptional craftsmanship but also stood as a testament to his burgeoning influence in the realm of high-end jewelry. The next part of our jewelry tour, one that held deep significance for Jeff, led us to a box brimming with uncut gems. If you have never had the chance to witness such an assemblage of spectacular gemstones, it is nothing short of breathtaking and surreal. This invaluable box of precious “treasures” was once in possession of Jeff 's grandfather. It served as the catalyst that propelled Jeff to forge his own legacy—a legacy that is undeniably extraordinary.

One of Jeff’s many celebrity clients, recording artist Jason Derulo

H I D D E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E | 33

Jeff Jeweler @JeffJeweler

Jeff 's journey has not been without its share of challenges. A lifealtering car accident that took his leg, thrusting him into the necessity of adapting to a new way of life. Remarkably, Jeff reframed this loss not as a hindrance but as a testament to his faith, hope, courage, and unyielding endurance. His unwavering determination in the face of adversity stands as a testament to his remarkable character. On the fateful evening of June 7, 2019, at approximately 8:20 p.m., Jeff faced a near-fatal accident that forever altered his life. As he headed home from downtown Los Angeles on the 101 freeway, the unthinkable occurred—a devastating accident that resulted in the traumatic severing of his leg. Swiftly rushed into surgery, doctors valiantly attempted to reattach his severed limb. Regrettably, due to the severity of the injury and contamination, their efforts proved futile, necessitating the amputation of his leg just above the knee. In that dire moment, a compassionate stranger stepped forward, using his belt as a makeshift tourniquet, a heroic act that the paramedics affirmed had saved Jeff 's life. This Good Samaritan, whose name remains a mystery, departed the scene as quickly as he had arrived, leaving an indelible mark as the silent savior of Jeff 's life. The sequence of events surrounding that traumatic night borders on miraculous, a testament to Jeff 's strength and the wonders of modern technology and medical advancements. Jeff 's unwavering determination and commitment to his craft have remained resolute, regardless of the circumstances he's encountered. His character shines through in his ability to stay true to himself and his passion, demonstrating that resilience and dedication can triumph over even the most daunting challenges.

Despite boasting an illustrious list of celebrity clients, including luminaries like Kevin Gates, Lamar Odom and Whoopi Goldberg, Jeff rarely, if ever, touts his clientele. 34 | H IDD E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E

The industry was initially hesitant to embrace a young, driven talent like Jeff, who brought a fresh perspective and celebrity-endorsed designs into the mix. His rise was met with turmoil and skepticism, and some bitter and envious competitors sought to exploit any perceived weaknesses. However, their attempts to undermine Jeff 's success ultimately proved futile. One of the most remarkable facets of Jeff 's character is his humility. Despite boasting an illustrious list of celebrity clients, including luminaries like Cardi B and Whoopi Goldberg, Jeff rarely, if ever, touts his clientele. He firmly believes that the jewelry industry transcends the glitz and glamour it often exudes, emphasizing that reputation and respect are forged through years of unwavering dedication and hard-earned respect. Jeff 's rise to prominence in the world of jewelry serves as an undeniable testament to his unmatched work ethic, unwavering dedication, and rare innate talent. Beyond being a gifted jeweler, he personifies qualities of humility, kindness, and an unwavering commitment to his craft. Jeff 's resolute devotion to his art and his remarkable resilience in the face of adversity serve as a radiant source of inspiration for those who aspire to overcome obstacles and emerge as true luminaries in their chosen fields.



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With nearly all drinks on the menu named in honor of songs, Crossroads’ specialty smoked cocktail is named after Blink 182’s “First Date.” Modeled after a traditional Negroni, Crossroads instead uses mezcal to really play on the smoky flavors. The bartenders then use a smoker at the bar (as pictured), put a little record over the top, and then, for presentation, remove the record to pour the sensational drink in front of the guests for a full dramatic effect. A key ingredient in the cocktail is traditionally Campari, but since gelatin is in the ingredient list, they had to go the extra mile to find a vegan substitute. Originally, Campari used to color their liquor with beetles, and now, they use gelatin in the processing of the drink. If you favor a drink on the lighter side, try the refreshing and delicious “Blackberry Fields.” Although it is a gin-based drink, the blackberries and basil that are muddled together mask it to create a delicate and delightful combination. Rather than the egg white foam used in traditional bars, the layer of foam on top is made using Aquafaba, a substance derived from chickpeas. Also using Aquafaba is the “Free 33,” a drink on the secret menu that utilizes local resident and basketball legend Scottie Pippen’s bourbon, Digits. Scott Montgomery, who looks after the bar, created the special drink as a take on a Manhattan sour, which traditionally includes a red wine float. Using a vegan wine created by Unshackled Wines, the collaborative name of “Free 33” was born, playing on the Unshackled label as well as Pippen’s iconic jersey number. Although the item is on the secret menu, anyone who comes in and wishes to try the drink is welcome.

36 | H IDD E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E

With nearly all drinks on the menu being named in honor of a song, Crossroads’ specialty smoked cocktail is named after Blink 182’s “First Date.”



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The Hidden Hills Zombie is Pedalers Fork’s version of a classic tiki cocktail, with prickly pear and passion fruit purees, lime, agave, Los Siento reposado, absinthe, and dark rum. While the weather may be cooling down, the tequila reposado and dark rum will surely warm you up!

H I D D E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E | 41


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Introducing Powder River Apparel—classic denim reimagined with original, handprinted sketches by late Western artist and Hidden Hills resident Arch Bacon. With just the right amount of yee-haw and timeless Americana style, each piece is a work of wearable art.

42 | H IDD E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E

Shine bright like a diamond with exquisite 18-karat white gold hoops. These 1.5” stunners feature 9.14 carats and are the epitome of elegance.

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STUDIO CT THE CHER CHAIR 28873 Agoura Rd., Agoura Hills | studioctdesign.com hello@studioctdesign.com | IG: @studioct.design

This quintessential French club chair features overstuffed arms and a gently contoured seat. Its perfect proportions are accentuated by its sculpted, winged back and deep seat, flanked by plush, padded rolled arms. Price: $4,850 Available configurations Overall height: 37.75 in. Seat height: 16.5 in.

CHANDELIERS AND TULIPS TRAVERTINE INCENSE ORB 28857 Agoura Rd., Agoura Hills | 818.584.5343 chandeliersandtulips.com | IG: @chandelierandtulips

This beautifully carved travertine dome is made of solid travertine and used for burning incense cones or palo santo. Price: $104 Dimensions: 2.5 in./6.35 cm x 3.5 in./9 cm

CHANDELIERS AND TULIPS MATCH HOLDER TRAVERTINE 28857 Agoura Rd., Agoura Hills | 818.584.5343 chandeliersandtulips.com | IG: @chandelierandtulips

This beautifully carved travertine match holder is made of solid travertine. Price: $88 Dimensions: 2.5 in./6.35 cm x 3.5 in./9 cm

46 | H IDD E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E


STUDIO CT, JOHNNY CASH THANKSGIVING HENDERSONVILLE, TN, 1974 28873 Agoura Rd., Agoura Hills | studioctdesign.com hello@studioctdesign.com IG: @studioct.design

Jim Marshall | Limited Edition Estate Prints Price: Unframed $1,250 | Framed $1,875 Size: 16 in. x 20 in.

STUDIO CT, MICK JAGGER AT AIRPORT, ROLLING STONES 1972 TOUR, CALIFORNIA 1972 28873 Agoura Rd., Agoura Hills | studioctdesign.com hello@studioctdesign.com IG: @studioct.design

Jim Marshall | Limited Edition Estate Prints Price: Unframed $1,600 | Framed $2,225 Size: 20 in. x 24 in.

CHANDELIERS AND TULIPS TALKING TAPERS CANDLE HOLDER SET 28857 Agoura Rd., Agoura Hills | 818.584.5343 chandeliersandtulips.com IG: @chandelierandtulips

Price: $185 Height: 7.87 in. Diameter: 3.86 in. Weight: 5.07 lb. Material: Eco mix

CHANDELIERS AND TULIPS, TRAVERTINE CONCAVE BOWL 28857 Agoura Rd., Agoura Hills 818.584.5343 chandeliersandtulips.com IG: @chandelierandtulips

Price: $234 Dimensions: 8 in. x 8 in. x 2 in. Color: Beige

H I D D E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E | 47

Harnessing the exquisite beauty and power of Mother Earth


atural diamonds take nearly a billion years to form miles below the earth’s surface. Labcreated gemstones, on the other hand, are worth less than they cost to create and are never as good an investment. Under the watchful eyes of founder Gillian Caine, Significant Stones jewelry store in Calabasas channels the power of natural phenomena to offer genuine diamonds and colored gemstones that continue to grow in value.

Photos courtesy of Significant Stones

by Lori Berezin

48 | H IDD E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E

Gillian brings decades of experience to Significant Stones. She notes, “Every diamond we carry is 100-percent conflict-free and ethically sourced. We focus on sustainability, supporting communities, and helping the environment.” Her company also ensures that all their diamonds have gone through the Kimberly Process, an international trade procedure dedicated to improving oversight in diamond supply.

Actively involved with diamonds and gemstones for years, Gillian followed her passion to open a concierge-style, appointmentonly brokerage in 2012 to provide clients with the finest diamonds, gemstones, and craftsmanship. Her extensive background as a diamond and gemstone investor and collector sets her apart from dealers less experienced in the field. “Utilizing our vast network of suppliers, we’re able to skip the middleman and turn profits into savings for our customers,” explains Gillian. “They, in turn, feel secure knowing they’re receiving the best value for their one-of-a-kind gemstone or piece of jewelry.” Gillian loves creating custom pieces that stand the test of time. She ensures that the entire process runs smoothly, from initial concept and sourcing to design and manufacturing, collaborating throughout with both client and in-house designer. Their exclusive “Significant Strands” line reveals they’ve perfected the art of laser-drilled diamonds so that they appear as if magically floating. With minimal metal in the setting, each piece illuminates a charming display of pure diamond essence.

“When buying a diamond, most people do not consider its energetic properties.”

Experts at sourcing rare and exotic diamonds and precious gemstones from around the world, they continue to receive recognition for their integrity, discretion, and outstanding customer service. As a personal jewelry concierge, Significant Stones offers private showings at their Calabasas location as well as professional appraisals, diamond and gemstone cutting, estate jewelry purchasing, and special events. Visit their website to learn more. Gillian educates her customers to help them better appreciate a gemstone’s value. She explains, “When buying a diamond, most people do not consider its energetic properties. In recent years, its conductivity and electrical properties have been scientifically proven. We help people understand how the energy amplified by these powerful gems can affect one’s own energy and physical body. Only a natural gem made by Mother Earth will

possess this respective energy.” Significant Stones also recommends that clients only buy pieces accompanied by a gemological report from a respected lab, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Those purchasing diamonds or colored gemstones from Significant Stones can rest assured they’re getting the finest, most-genuine, conflict-free gems along with appropriate documentation. When looking for extraordinary fancy-colored diamonds, gemstones, or custom-made fine jewelry, Significant Stones is clearly the place to go.

Significant Stones 23622 Calabasas Rd. Calabasas (888) 992-4367 significantstones.com H I D D E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E | 49

Transforming Your Backyard Design-to-Build Approach


ith Vitoli, design-to-build is an experience—it’s not just about moving a few things around; it’s about completely transforming your outdoor space into a functional, user-friendly environment. Vitoli project manager and Cornell University graduate Oz Tzalalihin regularly witnesses firsthand how backyard remodels turn a dull area into a private resort, managing various large-scale landscaping projects for Vitoli. In order for clients to best execute the design-to-build approach, Tzalalihin shared some insight and expertise with Hidden Hills Magazine.

Starting with a clear vision

The first step to transforming your backyard is imagining precisely what you want. “Maybe you dream of a cozy dining area under the stars, a calming water feature, a pool, or a vibrant garden. It is crucial that clients understand what they want as it relates to how they live before diving into a project,” remarks Tzalalihin. Your backyard should feel like an extension of your home. Some homeowners like to entertain large groups of people, while others prefer to have a place they can go to relax and hang out after a long day. Whether it’s a cozy fire pit or a shaded lounge area, designing a space that you love and that suits your lifestyle is crucial.

Planning makes perfect

Careful planning is key. It involves figuring out where things will go, choosing materials, setting timelines, and making sure the design fits the existing space. “This stage is all about combining creativity with practicality. I approach every project with the 90/10 rule. In order to have a successful project, 90 percent of my time is spent in planning, followed by 10 percent in proper execution,” Tzalalihin says. Vitoli brings significant local expertise to homeowners, gained from managing over 1,500 projects across the greater Calabasas

area and surrounding neighborhoods. Their understanding of these areas uncovers valuable insights. For example, in Thousand Oaks, they’ve noted prevalent bedrock in property soil, while Woodland Hills often faces challenging alluvium and poor soil conditions. Additionally, North Ranch and Agoura Hills pose distinct challenges as high fire zones. Deep local roots in Calabasas allow the Vitoli team to offer homeowners invaluable, location-specific knowledge, hillside expertise, and in-house design, engineering, and landscape architects. “We can foresee issues that city inspectors and city plan checkers are after since we’ve formed close relationships with them, and we submit documentation with their in-house expediting teams,” Tzalalihin notes. This closeness ensures that clients are well-prepared and informed about the unique challenges these areas can present, building confidence and trust with tailored solutions.

Landscaping is an art

Landscaping isn’t just about plants. It’s about creating a beautiful picture using nature. Tzalalihin says, “Selection and placement of the right plants for your area and crafting pathways that catch the eye are all part of making your backyard a work of art.”

additions also help transform your backyard into a luxurious retreat, blending seamlessly with the natural landscape.

Why professionals matter

Vitoli has in-house experts, such as engineers, landscape architects, designers, and skilled craftsmen, who can take your vision to the next level. They have the know-how to make your dream backyard a reality.

It’s a transformational journey

Revamping your backyard isn’t just about changing how it looks—it’s about changing how you feel about your home. It’s a way to connect with nature and improve life at home. With planning, creativity, and help from Vitoli, you can create a magical space that reflects your style and brings joy to life. As someone passionate about landscaping and helping homeowners create amazing outdoor spaces, Oz Tzalalihin has seen the difference these transformations can make. It’s not just a job—it’s a chance to create a special place where friends and family will make lifelong memories.

Form and function go hand in hand

It’s not only about looking good—it’s about working well, too. “Making sure your backyard has proper drainage, smart irrigation systems, phone automation systems, and sustainable features means it will stay beautiful and useful for years to come,” shares Tzalalihin.

Building beyond expectations

The team at Vitoli specializes in more than just hillsides. “We tackle large-scale projects, such as building stunning pools, elegant patios, and sturdy retaining walls,” notes Tzalalihin. These

Oz Tzalalihin Cornell Graduate and Project Manager Vitoli Builders


Complimentary 3D package With any contact of 25K or more.

• Complete Designs • Pools • Walkways • Masonry • Turf • Decks • Irrigation • Retaining Walls • Ponds • Patios • Fences • Water Features • Hillside Specialist


Call for a FREE estimate | 818.618.5141 | 866.575.5795 23586 Calabasas Rd., #209, Calabasas



seedlandcare.com (323) 968.1117 info@seedlandcare.com

RINGING IN THE NEW YEAR with Martinelli’s Cocktails and Mocktails for Family and Friends

by Elyse Glickman and Hayley Mattson


s the countdown to midnight on New Year’s Eve begins, there’s no better way to usher in the upcoming year than by celebrating with loved ones. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a lively party, one thing is certain: beverages are an essential part of the festivities. And what better way to do so than by crafting a selection of cocktails and mocktails featuring the exquisite flavors of Martinelli’s sparkling juices? We’ve consulted experts and compiled a collection of delightful recipes that are guaranteed to infuse elegance and festivity into your New Year’s Eve celebration. Martinelli’s Sparkling Juices: A Time-Honored Tradition For more than 150 years, Martinelli’s has been a trusted name in the world of sparkling juices. Renowned for their exceptional quality and taste, Martinelli’s sparkling juices are the ideal choice for crafting refined and invigorating beverages that appeal to both adults and children alike. Whether your palate leans towards the timeless allure of classic apple or seeks the excitement of more exotic flavors such as sparkling cider and pomegranate, Martinelli’s boasts a large range of options to cater to your unique preferences. 54 | H IDD E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E

SPARKLING WINTER SANGRIA Apple brandy, red wine, cinnamon, fresh lemon, Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple-Cranberry, fresh winter fruit (persimmons, pom seeds, apple slices, cranberries) and rosemary SINGLE SERVING .75 oz Apple brandy (or calvados) .5 oz Fresh lemon juice .75 oz Spiced simple syrup 2 oz Red wine 4 oz Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple-Cranberry 1 oz Seltzer Preparation: Add all liquid ingredients in a goblet, add a generous amount of ice, stir, and garnish Glassware: Opting for wine goblets for your New Year’s Eve celebration is a choice that combines elegance and sophistication. Garnish: Rosemary sprig and fresh winter fruit such as pomegranate seeds, persimmons, cranberries, apples

BATCH RECIPE (50 SERVINGS) Apple brandy, red wine, cinnamon, fresh lemon, Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple-Cranberry, fresh winter fruit (persimmons, pom seeds, apple slices, cranberries & rosemary) 4.75 cups 3.25 cups 4.75 cups 12.5 cups 25 cups

Photos courtesy of Martinelli’s

6.25 cups

Apple brandy (or calvados) Fresh lemon juice Spiced simple syrup Red wine (approx four 750 ml bottles) Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple-Cranberry (approx eight 750 ml bottles) Seltzer (approx 4.25 12-oz cans)

Preparation: Add all liquid ingredients (except Martinelli’s and seltzer) into a large punch bowl. Right before serving, add Martinelli’s, seltzer & ice. Stir to make sure all ingredients are incorporated. Garnish the bowl by adding lots of fresh winter fruit and herbs directly inside. Add more ice to each glass when serving. Serve using a large ladle & be sure to scoop up fresh fruit & herbs in each serving. Glassware: Use Wine Goblets or glass punch for your New Year’s Eve celebration to add a classic and timeless touch to your cocktail and mocktail presentation. Garnish: Rosemary sprigs, fresh winter fruit, such as pomegranate seeds, persimmons, cranberries, blood orange slices, apple slices NOTE: Try freezing your cranberries ahead of time to help keep your punch cold without over diluting; however, this is not a substitute for ice. It’s in addition to. You must have some dilution to make a balanced cocktail. H I D D E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E | 55

SPARKLING APPLE CIDER MIMOSA 2 oz champagne 2 oz Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider Fresh orange slices for garnish Preparation: Pour the champagne into a champagne flute. Top with Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider. Garnish with a fresh orange slice. Serve immediately. Glassware: Champagne Flute, ideal for the Sparkling Apple Cider Mimosa, as it highlights the effervescence of the drink. Its tall, narrow shape helps maintain the bubbles and showcases the orange garnish.

56 | H IDD E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E

24 ‘CARROT’ GOLD A refreshing new start made with fresh carrot juice, Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider, maple syrup, ginger, lemon, topped with fresh dill and edible gold dust 3 oz .5 oz .5 oz .25 oz .25 oz 4 oz

Fresh carrot juice Fresh lemon juice Fresh orange juice Fresh ginger juice 100% maple syrup Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider

Preparation: Use a juicer to juice carrots and ginger. Add liquid ingredients to the glass, add ice on top, and stir. Garnish & sprinkle generously with gold dust. Glassware: A Collins glass is a good choice. Its tall, cylindrical shape is perfect for layering the ingredients and garnishing with lime wedges. Garnish: a HUGE handful of fresh dill, a slice of Cara Cara orange slice, edible gold dust

RED CARPET SPARKLER Martinelli’s Sparkling Blush, lemon, rose water, raspberries, rose-shaped ice cube (using a small mold), garnished with fresh rose petals, dried rosebuds and edible pink glitter 4 oz .5 oz ⅛ oz 1 oz

Martinelli’s Sparkling Blush Lemon Rosewater Seltzer

Preparation: Pour liquids into coupe and stir. Add rose ice cube and garnish. Glassware: Extra-large coupe, chilled, is a stylish and versatile choice for serving cocktails and mocktails at your New Year’s Eve celebration. These wide, shallow glasses offer a touch of elegance and sophistication to your drinks. Garnish: Rose cube, raspberries on a skewer, dried mini rose buds, fresh rose petals, and pink edible pink glitter. H I D D E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E | 57


We take a holistic comprehensive approach to financial planning. We look at the big picture. We listen to what you want, analyze your situation, and make recommendations that address your needs. Our goal is to build long term relationships based on trust and confidence. Founded by Andrew Wyatt, Certified Financial Planner, we are fiduciaries who acts in your best interest. If you do well, we do well.

Our focus is on high net worth individuals and families: • Wealth Management* • Retirement planning • Tax-free income • Guaranteed lifetime income • Wealth transfer and legacy planning • Long-term care solutions • Business succession planning • Employee benefits Call today at (818) 710-3820 for a free 30 minute no-obligation evaluation to see if we can help you achieve your financial goals. *Wyatt Wealth Advisors, LLC 58 | H IDD E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E


A full service law firm specializing in legal representation of business owners, executives, professionals and high net worth individuals and families:

AREAS OF PRACTICE: • Asset protection • Estate planning • Tax minimization planning • Franchise Tax Board & Internal Revenue Service issues • Business law consulting and litigation • Real estate law consulting and litigation Call (818) 710-3821 for a free 30 minute initial consultation.

Photos courtesy of Tides Reach Resort

Where Luxury Meets Nature on the Stunning Island of Taveuni


Fijian Paradise at Tides Reach Resort By Barbara Burke

60 | HIDD E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E


ijian hospitality warmly embraces visitors entering Tides Reach Resort on the stunningly gorgeous Fijian island of Taveuni. Steps away from pristine beaches, visitors are soon enjoying a oneof-a-kind exclusive resort experience that is worlds away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Designed for family and group getaways, Tides Reach’s personally styled luxury beachfront suites and villas, designed by owner Eytan Levin with his magical curating touch, are set amongst a backdrop of beautifully lush mountains and also offer expansive views of the warm Pacific’s crystal clear blue waters. Levin’s brilliant design expertise exudes in the property’s open, bright, and impeccably curated rooms and common areas that feature hand-picked decor and select artwork from Levin’s Malibu Design Center, which provides the ultimate lifestyle experience decor that encapsulates the Malibu lifestyle and its coastal vibrations. The resort offers all the amenities that one could desire. Deluxe beachfront villas are ideal for a family of four and offer a private deck with beach access. The master bedroom features one king bed, and a second bedroom hosts twin beds and one couch bed. Visitors indulge in beds with Belgian linens, and they luxuriate in the finest of bathrobes. The spa-like deep soaking bathtub provides a sanctuary where one can relax thoroughly. Each guest is assigned a personal staff member who is available to them at the 24/7 front desk to ensure that guests enjoy an unforgettable experience. The full-board rates include roundtrip transportation from Taveuni Airport, non-motorized water sports, including snorkel equipment, and three meals a day. The chef uses all organic ingredients picked from the resort’s garden. Healthy and flavorful, the gourmet meals highlight traditional Fijian cuisine. Guests thoroughly enjoy a true farm-to -table experience that delights the pallette. The resort gladly accommodates special dietary needs or requests. Enjoy the fine selection of wines, and make sure to have at least one Fiji Gold beers. H I D D E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E | 61

Get Out There Explore the Island and the Ocean

Visitors excitedly participate in many water sports, including fishing, diving, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and kayaking. Whether spearfishing or deep sea fishing, guests may be lucky enough to catch a variety of tuna, marlin, wahoo, walu, and mahi mahi from the island’s flourishing reefs and dense underwater ecosystem. Adventures continue on land. Known as “the Garden Island of Fiji,” Taveuni, a cigar-shaped island, is Fiji’s third largest, with a total land area of 168 square miles. It had a population of 19,000 in the latest census, with many indigenous Fijian residents. Take a thrilling tour on 4-wheelers. Explore the area near the island’s massive shield volcano that rises from the floor of the Pacific Ocean. Visitors discover that nearly all indigenous plants native to Fiji are found on Taveuni, which has suffered much less devastation from land clearance than other areas of Fiji. The island is an absolutely heavenly venue for ornithophiles. Avian enthusiasts may view a total of 22 regional, endemic bird species that have been recorded there. Hikers strive to view the Fiji parrot finch, orange doves, the maroon shining parrot, the Australian magpie, as well as the intriguing but elusive Fiji silk bat. Some lucky visitors also spot the critically endangered Fijian monkey-faced bat, which is found only on Taveuni and is a species only discovered by scientists in 1977. Bushwalks offer a wonderful way to spend part of a day, where hikers can also enjoy gorgeous waterfalls and panoramic views and may get to see the Taveuni land crabs, the Fiji banded iguana, and unique species of frogs. No wonder Hollywood has found Taveuni to be a great venue. Fantasy Island was filmed here, and both Avengers of the Reef and Return to the Blue Lagoon were partially filmed amidst the island’s unique environs. “Taveuni is truly an unparalleled paradise,” Levin says. “Tides Reach is the ideal venue to enjoy this bliss as my boutique property is the gem of the island and is popular with guests from all over the world.” One is convinced that he is in heaven on earth at Tides Reach. Consider booking your next getaway at Tides Reach. View all that the resort has to offer at tidesbeachresort.com. Email reservations@ tidesreachresort.com or call (888) 466-0740. 62 | H IDD E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E

“Tides Reach is the ideal venue to enjoy this bliss as my boutique property is the gem of the island and is popular with guests from all over the world.”

H I D D E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E | 63

Spanky's Pet Pics

Eazy and Archie The Enchanting Miniature Donkeys Who Found Their Forever Home in Hidden Hills Written by Lauren Carr Reed


ntroducing Eazy and Archie, the latest sensation in town! These two rescue miniature donkeys have recently joined the Hidden Hills animal family, and their journey to their new home has been quite an adventure. It’s been just two weeks since they became a part of the CicioneEyal household.

new life in Hidden Hills, and their devoted caregiver, Maria, shared some insights with me about these remarkable donkeys. She emphasized the intelligence of donkeys and the unfortunate misconception that surrounds them. These two are incredibly insightful, curious, and remarkably calm. As I spent time with them and Maria, their unique personalities became increasingly evident.

Their journey to Hidden Hills was filled with twists and turns, taking them from Oklahoma to Texas and finally to Thousand Oaks. Along the way, they underwent quarantine, received health clearances, and got their vaccinations. Despite the challenges, they have now settled into their loving forever home in Hidden Hills.

The personalities of these miniature donkeys are absolutely charming. Eazy and Archie form a dynamic duo that is both endearing and enchanting. They possess a wonderful blend of curiosity and mischief, yet they are remarkably calm and obedient. Their reserved yet affectionate demeanor is sure to leave you intrigued, possibly prompting late-night searches like “rescue miniature donkeys near me” at 3 a.m .

Eazy and Archie are quickly adapting to their

H I D D E N H I L L S M A G A Z I N E | 65

25315 Prado De Los Suenos $15,499,000 Nestled within the prestigious Estates at The Oaks in Calabasas, this remarkable residence is discreetly positioned beyond the secondary gates, offering unrivaled security in a guard-gated enclave. Built with meticulous precision in 2009, this custom estate boasts six bedrooms and eight bathrooms, ensuring the utmost in comfort and convenience. Privacy is paramount, as the estate affords sweeping views of mountains and canyons, complemented by an unwavering commitment to top-tier quality and opulent living. Upon entering through the grand foyer, graced by double-height ceilings, you'll be drawn into an open and inviting floor plan. The main level of this home is a haven for entertainers, featuring an expansive formal living area, a distinguished formal dining room, and a lounge entertainment wing that includes a game room, a fully equipped wet bar, and a private theater. At the heart of this home lies the gourmet chef's kitchen, a true masterpiece equipped with Viking professional-grade appliances, soapstone countertops, a cozy fireplace, and an expansive island. Upstairs, you'll find the expansive and luxurious primary retreat that includes a fireplace, a generously sized walk-in closet, and a private viewing balcony. The primary bathroom is a sanctuary unto itself, boasting a soaking tub, a glass-enclosed shower, dual sinks, and an elegant vanity. Outside, the meticulously landscaped grounds provide a private oasis. A sparkling beach entry pool and spa beckon you to unwind, while extensive grassy areas offer space for outdoor activities. Challenge your friends to a putting contest on the green or engage in some friendly competition on the sports court. An outdoor barbecue pavilion, complete with a smoker and pizza oven, awaits culinary enthusiasts; while two fireplaces and a fire pit provide the perfect setting for evening gatherings. This residence leaves no stone unturned in providing the anticipated amenities of an estate of this magnitude. Enjoy movie nights in the 10-seat theater, or explore your passion for wine in the temperaturecontrolled 1000-bottle wine closet. Stay fit in the gym, complete with a massage room, and take advantage of the convenience of an elevator. Elevating its uniqueness, the home features a climate-controlled, fireproof 8-car garage, truly a car collector's dream. This distinctive property is tailor-made for the discerning buyer in search of their dream home within the exclusive Estates at The Oaks of Calabasas. Don't miss the opportunity to call this exquisite estate your own.

Dana Olmes & Jeff Biebuyck 747.888.0508 | danaandjeff@frontgaterealestate.com | DRE# 00944676 | 01383921 Frontgate/Side is a licensed real estate broker and abides by Equal Housing Opportunity laws. All material presented herein is intended for informational purposes only. Information is any description. All measurements and square footages are approximate. This is not intended to solicit property already listed. Nothing herein shall be construed as legal, accounting or compiled from sources deemed reliable but is subject to errors, omissions, changes in price, condition, sale, or withdrawal without notice. No statement is made as to the accuracy of other professional advice outside the realm of real estate brokerage.

9361 Farralone Avenue $8,995,000 The Farralone Residence is an architectural masterpiece designed by renowned architect William Pereira, F.A.I.A. This iconic mid-century gem seamlessly combines the timeless elegance of mid-century design with modern comforts. Situated atop an exclusive half-mile private road, this architectural retreat is sited on nearly four pristine acres, surrounded by majestic pines and offering breathtaking city light views, as well as sweeping vistas of a lush 1300 acre Nature Reserve. Upon entering through the pavilion glass door, you'll be greeted by a grand parlor with soaring 16-foot ceilings and floor-to-ceiling glass walls that frame views of the serene lounge terrace, a spacious pergola, and a classic 50-foot pool. The seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces creates an ideal setting for both grand-scale entertaining and intimate gatherings. The west wing of the residence comprises a formal dining room, a sunlit chef's kitchen, and three en-suite bedrooms, all connected by a cozy sitting room. The east wing is dedicated to a spacious primary suite, offering garden views and an abundance of soothing natural light. Beyond its architectural significance, this residence holds a storied place in Hollywood history, having hosted numerous luminaries, including the legendary Frank Sinatra. Notably, it has been a sought-after filming location for decades, making it one of Los Angeles's most frequently featured structures. For those seeking additional possibilities, there is an adjacent 9.5-acre parcel available for separate purchase. This parcel features a guest house with private pool and offers discreet privacy from the main residence. Additionally, it comes with a tentative tract map for a small enclave development, presenting an enticing opportunity for those looking to expand their real estate portfolio. Experience a one-of-a-kind property that seamlessly marries midcentury allure with contemporary luxury.

Dana Olmes & Jeff Biebuyck 747.888.0508 | danaandjeff@frontgaterealestate.com | DRE# 00944676 | 01383921 Frontgate/Side is a licensed real estate broker and abides by Equal Housing Opportunity laws. All material presented herein is intended for informational purposes only. Information is any description. All measurements and square footages are approximate. This is not intended to solicit property already listed. Nothing herein shall be construed as legal, accounting or compiled from sources deemed reliable but is subject to errors, omissions, changes in price, condition, sale, or withdrawal without notice. No statement is made as to the accuracy of other professional advice outside the realm of real estate brokerage.

25010 Thousand Peaks Rd $7,250,000 Stunning French-inspired Chateau situated on 10+ acres of serene park like grounds within the exclusive gated Calabasas enclave of Cold Creek Estates. Enjoy breathtaking and unobstructed canyon views from this remarkable residence, surrounded by the magical and unparalleled natural setting of the Santa Monica Mountains. This custom-built estate spans over 11,000 square feet of luxury craftsmanship meticulously designed and constructed to perfection. As you enter the double iron gates and stately motor court, this palatial storybook residence welcomes you. Throughout the interior, discover artisanal details such as intricately designed beamed ceilings, hand-distressed white oak flooring and custom solid wood doors and French imported hardware. Upon entering, the grand foyer flows seamlessly into the dramatic garden room conservatory providing a precursor view of the extraordinary gardens beyond. With 6 well-appointed bedroom suites, 11 bathrooms, subterranean stone wine cellar with tasting room and media/poker room, gym with private sauna, and a distinguished formal library, every corner of this home exudes refinement. The culinary chef's kitchen is well equipped with top-tier appliances including a La Cornue range, full size Sub Zero refrigerator and freezer, two dishwashers, warming oven, double wall ovens and two walk-in pantries. The expansive center island has a dedicated baking station, prep sink and breakfast bar. Enjoy the start of your day with coffee or tea in the sun-lit breakfast nook and end your day with a nightcap and Netflix by a warm fire in the adjacent den. Atop the floating staircase sits the impressive primary suite complete with private entry, three fireplaces and sitting room. The luxurious sleeping quarters are accentuated with volume coffered ceilings, fireplace and a private balcony that overlooks the expansive estate. The sumptuous primary bathroom offers dual vanities, spa soaking tub and warming fireplace plus a dressing room with dual walk-in closets and large makeup vanity. Additionally, the second level offers three en-suite bedrooms, ensuring ample space for your family and guests. The lush grounds are a true wonder, featuring an infinity-edge pool with waterfall grotto, spacious covered poolside pavilion with BBQ station, stone surround fireplace and a dedicated 3/4 bath plus changing room. A colorful English rose garden and vinecovered gazebo flank the meticulously manicured lawns, a serene koi pond and mature landscaping. Meandering pathways lead down to the greenhouse and citrus orchard and invite exploration throughout the property. An elevator provides easy access across all levels, ensuring both luxury and accessibility. Other notable features include a caretaker's guest cottage, a rooftop observatory, ten uniquely designed fireplaces, imported slate roof and a four-car garage. This residence offers a truly extraordinary opportunity to own an estate that seamlessly blends luxury, craftsmanship, and the serene beauty of its natural surroundings.

Dana Olmes & Jeff Biebuyck 747.888.0508 | danaandjeff@frontgaterealestate.com | DRE# 00944676 | 01383921


$9,500,000 5 Beds | 6 Baths |6,800 Sq. Ft.

$6,300,000 5 Beds | 7 Baths |6,520 Sq. Ft.

Frontgate/Side is a licensed real estate broker and abides by Equal Housing Opportunity laws. All material presented herein is intended for informational purposes only. Information is any description. All measurements and square footages are approximate. This is not intended to solicit property already listed. Nothing herein shall be construed as legal, accounting or compiled from sources deemed reliable but is subject to errors, omissions, changes in price, condition, sale, or withdrawal without notice. No statement is made as to the accuracy of other professional advice outside the realm of real estate brokerage.

$5,995,000 5 Beds | 4 Baths |4,206 Sq. Ft.

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